My family went on a weekend camping tri one time. I knew we wouldn't have flush toilets, so I was prepared to use the outhouse. But what I didn't plan on was a four-hole outhouse without an outside door, stall doors, or even partitions for privacy. It just wasn't enough privacy for me to do my bowel movements. I peed there (what choice did I have in that we werethere for 2 days), but I just held in my bowel movements. I went that Friday after lunch in school and when I flet the need againon Saturday morning at the campsite, I just clamped it shut and tried to put my bowel needs out of my mind. By Saturday afternoon, I felt really desperate and holding it in was becoming a struggle. I longed for the moment I'd be home and on my nice, clean PRIVATE toilet, letting out the built-up load of poop. Unfortunately, by the time I did get home, my stystem was all clogged up. I had held it in so long that I was constipated and couldn't go at all. The next morning, I felt all bloated, but trying as hard as I did, I couldn't go at all. It wasn't until that Monday afternoon towards the end of gym class, that my bowel function seemed to be returning to normal. I guess it took some excercise to loosen things up, and by the time gym class ended, I headed over to the toilets in great anticipation of dropping this much delayed load. I was not disappointed. Immediately, upon sitting down, this huge log made its way out - effortlessly and painlessly pushing through my ass and into the toilet. I could feel that the log was big and hard, but it passed without struggle and boy did it feel great to finally get unloaded. I couldn't tell howlong the single log was (it was definately the longest that I'd ever done), as the end had slid directly down the toilet drain. Standing there looking at my masterpiece, I could see the huge, thick log sticking out of the drain - I had no way of knowing how far down the other end was, but I could feel that I'd just laid something huge. Two wipes didn't even produce a single spot on the toilet paper. It was an absolutely perfectly laid bowel movement and it felt great to have done it. Then, of course, I flushed the toilet. The toilet did manage to suck down the rest of the bowel movement, but the water didn't swirl and go down in the usual manner and the toilet paper was still in the bowl. I didn't realize that the huge log had clogged itself somewheredown in the drain. So I flushed it again and this time the water came straight up in the bowl and some of it even spilled out over the top and onto the floor. Of course, by now, the locker room was crowded with girls and the spilling toilet made quite a commotion. The teacher came running over and naturally she was annoyed with the little flood on the floor. There had been an on-going problem with sanitary pads being clogged in the locker room toilets and the teacher just assumed that this was the case here. She started screaming at me for flushing one and that she was "sick and tired of you girls being too lazy to dispose of these things properly." I tried to deny it, but what chance did I have? The toilet was clogged with a bowel movement that nobody could see and the only thing in the bowel were two pieces of toilet paper that didn't have a speck on them. It certainly didn't look like someone had just done a bowel movement and being quite a petite girl (5'0 and under 100 lbs. at the time), it would seem unlikely that I could lay a bowel movement capable of clogging a toilet all by itself. The teacher didn't believe me and consequently made me serve a 2 hour detention that afternoon. She also said that if I did it again, I'd have to serve a Saturday School detention. So for months afterward, I was paronoid about clogging the toilet again and scrupously avoided doing bowel movements in the locker room bathrooms. Then, a while after that, I really had to go and didn't think I could wait until next period to use a different bathroom. Well, I laid another huge load - this time two thick logs that both curled in the bowl and with quite a lot of toilet paper to wipe myself clean. Not wanting to risk another clog, I simply snuck out of there and left the whole thing in the bowl. When the teacher saw it, she was furious and yelled at us for "being immature" at leaving the toilet unflused. But she never knew it was me (I think she suspected some of the larger girls, given the size of the movement) but never suspected little ol' me. It served her right, though, that punishing me for something I didn't! do, she get stuck with a huge dump unflushed in the toilet. Funny thing, though, was that when she did flush it, it all went down without any problem.

Jay (of Jay & Paige)
Ahhh, so sorry to hear of your troubles, pooping are such a dear sweet young woman...and though I haven't posted in what seems like forever, your dilemma was of interest to me (which I'm guessing has been solved by now) and can be remedied with conventional over the counter agents...both those administered by mouth and suppositories. Personally I like Fibercon, but for faster action, the Ducolax suggestion may be the best. I would personally stay away from enemas. I'm wondering if something has caused you to become dehydrated...I'd also recommend drinking lots of water...and one of those times when you're having a wee, you may just get lucky! One final word, pg, regarding something you mentioned months ago that I didn't forget but never pursued as a separate thread on here. It relates to your wondering whether those of us who have this affinity for knowing the details of other's bathroom habits also may perhaps be bottom fetishists or voyeurs. In my opinion, I don't doubt this for a minute. But since this thread runs counter to the purpose of this forum, I'll stop at that. Good luck with restarting your normal rhythm--let the jobbies begin!

Hi guys. I've been so busy with work and other stuff and haven't had time to post lately- don't worry, I'm back :) Nicola, thanks for your comments about your "barbecued" poop. Drew, I also would feel funny about flushing the toilet if I knew someone in a nearby stall was talking on the phone, especially a business call. If it was just pee (and some toilet paper), I'd probably not flush the toilet and just leave the stall. I don't know if I could leave shit in the toilet , though. JS, I don't know the name of the woman (I believe she's German), but I know the female winner of the Boston Marathon a couple of years back had visible diahhrea and menstrual bleeding stains upon crossing the finish line. I have something to tell you, guys. In about three weeks, I will be fulfilling a lifelong dream and spending a semester (I will be a Junior, or third-year, in college) studying in France. Although I've visited France a couple of times, I don't have any intimate experience with French toilets. I've been lucky to have always been able to have found a public toilet with seat when the need arose; I've heard "squat" toilets are still quite common in France. Can anybody confirm this? I hope to never have to squat to pee, but I'd rather do that than go in my panties. Tout l'amour (Lots of Love), Alex :) P.S., I won't be checking in as often once I get over there, but I promise to update you about the "toilettes"...

Kevin L
There is a great picture of Peta Wilson, of La Femme Nikita, sitting on the toilet. It is in the Premiere issue of Gear magazine. It is a great shot of her sitting on the toilet in a stall with the door open and smoking a cigerette. She is topless with her hair in front of her breasts and black panties pulled down to her knees, with high heels. It is a very sexy picture, much better then the Jenny McCarthy one. If anyone enjoys seeing beaufiful women sitting on the toilet as I do, then buy the magazine. Guys lets here more stories of girlfriends and wives taking a big one. Later, Kevin L

Nothing like a good dump. After feeling rather uncomfortable since arriving at work this morning, I finally found time to get rid of what was bothering me during a break for lunch. I went down to a local shopping mall and walked into the mens room. Found a vacant stall, dropped my pants, sat down and released the air brake (farted). Produced one of my favourite types, one which went twice around the bowl and was pointed at both ends. Sat there for a few minutes listening to the music noises being emitted from my neihbours which made me realise no one else was having the same effortless movement I was. Cleaned up - only 2 wipes, and flushed. My contribution remained easily visible so being content that it was meant to stay for others to enjoy, I left to go and find some lunch, with a spring in my step!

Wednesday, August 19, 1998

Anyone have any experiences with cellular phones in public restrooms? When I was in the U.K last month, I was taking a dump in a shopping mall. The restroom was very quiet, meaning no background music or noisy hand dryers, both of which I hate in public toilets. Therefore every sound could be heard from all the adjacent stalls. A guy entered the stall next to mine and proceeded to take a fairly noisy dump; lots of plopping and splashing sounds. I finished up and left my stall. As I did so, his phone went off and he answered it. While I was washing and drying my hands, I heard every word of his conversation which apparently was with his travel agent as he was talking about flights and resorts. I began to think to myself whether the travel agent had any idea that he/she was talking to someone in the middle of their dump. Then I thought, what if I had still been in my stall? Would I have flushed and made it obvious to the caller that they were on the phone to someone i! n a toilet? Or would I have waited until the call was finished? Maybe the rules of toilet etiquette will have to be rewritten to take cellular phones into account!

This is my second posting. I lost the address of this site after my computer needed repairs a few months ago, and only accidentally found it today. Good timing, because now I can tell of a near disaster which happened to me just yesterday. I had taken the day off to take my wife to an appointment at a medical centre, and the doctor said to give them at least a couple of hours. I didn't want to hang around the waiting room so I decided to drive home. By now it was 8.45 am and I was started to feel a growning urge in my bladder, and the traffic on the motorway was stop-start. After about half an hour [the trip the other way had taken 20 minutes], I reached the toll gates, still about half way home. I then felt that I didn't only need a pee, but also a crap. I had eaten a Thai meal the previous night and it was starting to make its way down, giving me the cramps. After the toll booths, the traffic was a lot faster, so I drove as fast as possible within the 90 kph limit. By the time I exited, I was struggling to keep control. I didn't have time to park in our garage, so I parked in the street and as I got up from the car seat, I could feel an uncontrollable emission from my ass. Then another as I opened the security door downstairs. When I finally reached our apartment I ran into the bathroom and pulled down my pants and underpants [I just had to be wearing white ones yesterday!!!]. The sound was atrocious, and it was a mud-like consistency. Luckily the underpants were only slightly stained, but the crotch had also a wet patch about two inches across, which I had not felt. I guess the poop had been pressing against my bursting bladder - it certainly felt that way. By the time I'd washed my underpants and changed, it was time to go and pick up my wife. She thought it was amusing. Sorry it's been such a long story, but this sort! of thing has happened to most of us from time to time. Hope to hear of similar experiences.

Gerald: I too have had the "retained turd" effect on many occasions, and the feeling of having to go more can be anywhere from a few minutes to about an hour or so later...It reminds me of a time that I was working the graveyard cashier duty at a gas station (no pun intended), when I got the urge to go and take a dump...The first time I went in, I passed a turd about 10 inches long, but I still felt like I needed to do more but couldn't pass anything, so I wiped and got up and flushed...It wasn't more than about 45 minutes later, I got the urge again, so I went back in and passed a couple of 6 inch long turds, but it still felt like I hadn't gotten everything out of my system, so once again, I wiped, got up, took a look at the 2nd movement as it was just as big a diameter as the first one 45 minutes earlier, and flushed...Finally, about an hour later, I had to go again for a 3rd movement...This one looked like a carrot in shape, starting with a large blunt end and tapering of! f to nothing after about 8 inches...At that point, I didn't have anymore feeling of fullness, and it felt good to have that load off my mind... As for my latest dump, I took it last night, and it was about 6 inches long, along with a smaller 3 inch turd, which, once it exited my anal sphincter, dropped into the bowl with a very loud splash, as this movement was very firm and about 2 inches in diameter as well...

To pooping girl...........If it is true that "misery loves company" then you should know that I too am constipated and starting my third day of being unable to have a movement of any kind. I just got off the toilet after an extended sit during which I tried really hard to go but couldn't. No matter how hard I grunted and strained I was unable to pass anything. Not even a fart, and I am feeling full too. I will probably make a few more attempts at work today and if I haven't produced a stool by tonight will get some sort of laxative to take. Probably a Dulcolax suppository. What do you use as a last resort? Keep trying PG, and I will do the same.

I was interested in what Crimson said about conservatism in toilet design. A lot of the problem is that people are not prepared to spend money on a really luxurious toilet. How silly that attitude is! After all people will spend a small fortune on going out for an elaborate meal, but grudge the investment to provide themselves with comfortable facilities for having a shit, facilities that will last for years. All the technology and design know-how is there for a really innovative toilet set-up, but people are mean. The days when you sat over a stinking hole in the ground are now over, so really, we should make more of what is probably the third most enjoyable physical experience.

Hi everyone! I discovered this site by accident, but I have to tell you that this is exactly what i was waiting for. I live in Guadalajara, Mexico, I think i'm the first mexican who sends any post. Weel i have to tell you that in this country most of the people, women specially,consider this kind of talk as rude. Considering this you can be sure, it's almost impossible to find any squatter, man o woman, getting rid of his/hers shit. But I remember one time, about 20 years ago, I was about six and I join may family to a big picnic. Once my brother and I got bored, we decide to explore that place, as we were walking, we saw a very large line of women wating for something. When we get to that place qe realized that they were wating to use an improvised bathroom, that didnīt have a door, just the 3 usual walls. Considering we didn't have any more interesting to do, we decided to sit under a tree and take a good look at all those women shitting a peeing. I can tell thait was a very interesting experience

This is a true story that happened to my wife about 5 months ago and I can't get it off of my mind. We had taken my mother in law out for dinner for her birthday for an all you can eat buffet. My wife made two trips to the buffet. On the way home she asked me to drive faster because she has an upset stomach and needs the washroom. I told her I would try my best but if I went too fast and got stopped for speeding it would not do her any good. We were only about a mile from home when she says come on hurry up just get me home. She was really squirming in her seat by the time we got into the driveway. She asked me for my house keys so that she could run into the house as I parked in the garage. As I was fumbling for my keys I dropped them (not on purpose) and it was dark so I could not find them easily. I was running my hands along the floor of the car trying to find the keys while she was yelling at me to find them. Finally I found them and she was out of the car but she was walking to the house in little baby steps. When I got inside I noticed her purse and her jacket were just thrown on the floor. I knocked on the bathroom door and as I did I noticed a small brown wet spot on the hall way floor. I asked her if she was okay and she said "no". I asked what was wrong and her answer was "I didn't make it". When she said that I got rock hard and thought I was going to burst through my pants. A few minutes later she emerges from the washroom with her skirt and panties off holding her panties and panty hose by two fingers. Her bum was covered with poop right around the crack and her panties were more brown than white. She threw the panties and panty hose n a plastic bag and through it in the garbage and went upstairs and showered.

Tuesday, August 18, 1998

pooping girl
Well Ive gone from barely making it to the toilet to being constipated. Im on day 2 of no poop. I usually go at leas twice a day. Starting to feel full. I tried to go to the toilet 3 times yesterday with no luck. I grunted and strained hard the last time and all I got was some loud gas. Hopefully today.

J Curt
Reading the accident stories, both accidental and intentional, reminds me of something which happened to me last year that was both. When I first met Mickey (Michelle) she was standing on a street corner at a busy intersection with her boyfriend Jimmy holding a "Homeless: Will work for food sign" I needed help in my business and, having a vacant room upstairs from my office, I offered them a place to live and a few groceries in exchange for work; he as an installer and she as an office clerk. After a couple of weeks they had an argument and she asked me to move him out. He was a poor worker so I gladly did. Mickey now started to help me on the truck as well and one day, while we were moving a piece of furniture, she was squatting down to pick up one end, and she said, "I need to go to the bathroom.. If I stand up, my bladder is going to explode!" I told her there was no place within two miles. She stood up, walked to the side of the van, her butt facing me, and started peeing her pants. She soaked her jeans all the way around from front to back down to her knees. On the way back she did't see the bulge in my pants from my aroused peener. When she got out to walk into the shop, I stared at her soaking wet ass and exoploded in my pants. She came back out to the van for the trip around to the back warehouse and spotted the wet spot on my pants and said' "What's this? Monkey see, Monkey Do?" I explained to her that mine wasn't piss and what caused it. The next morning we had a very interesting encounter which I will write about in a future post.

To Harry The toilets on the space shuttle are a type of air suction unit - with anything going down it held until landing. The air is filtered for the crew to breathe again. I found this out as I was curious like you. I was interested how they did it as being weightless I imagined everything floating past. However I looked up a Nasa site and it is briefly mentioned in a FAQ area. The astronauts in the earlier space craft used to store it in bags until landing too. Must still have been a messy process though. I haven't found out what happens on MIR as they are up their for much longer and you would think they would run out of room on board. Maybe they eject it which means there could be all these turds up there floating about in space...!? Perhaps someone elso knows.

Well, this evening, I was out and needed to drop some dirt. Usually, college library bathrooms are my favorite places to shit but summer session is done and fall semester starts next Monday. I instead went to a park in the suburbs. I wondered around for a while and then I went into the bathroom and dropped my drawers. I hoped someone would walk in such as a HS or college kid since they have the best sense of humor. The bathroom has a wall between the shitter and urinal but the shitter had no doors. I finally let out a big turd but unfortunately, there was no one to enjoy it with. Get beyond the 20's in age, the sense of humor kind of leaves and people are too serious.

Monday, August 17, 1998

Hi peoples, I'd just like to say that last night's sitting produced a lovely big load of thick poos, and made me feel good for ages. Anyway, Nicola and others, URINETTES: There have been many different kinds of urinette, intended for use in different ways. The first type was devised by George Jennings in 1896 for a London sanitary engineer. The aim was to get the most fixtures into the least space, and to increase the speed of use. Urinettes were fitted in narrow, short stalls with curtains instead of doors. Seats were fitted (slotted at the front) but paper was not provided. The pan was similar to a WC, although flushed automatically in groups of 3 on a timed basis (Note to non-UK people: UK urinals have NEVER had individual flush valves, they flush automatically every hour or so). Regarding poo accidents, I quote from the specification: "...although provided with a small movable grid, if used as a closet they give no trouble, as they admit of this in much the same way as an ordinary closet pan." This coy wording means that the drain was big enough to cope with poos, and if a girl let one out she could take the grid out so it would go down at the next flush. By the 20's, many catalogues listed urinettes, which had evolved distinctive shapes, circular in plan (sometimes with a drip-catching peak at the front) and lower than WC's (11-12"). Seats were no longer fitted, but individual 1-gal. (4.5 litre) flushes were. The movable grid was still there "... to prevent the passage of solid matters..." and the drain was slightly smaller at 2-1/2" - 3". So an average woman's solid accident would flush OK, but big ones might need a helping hand (sic). Note that all early urinettes were designed by men, and tended to lack refinements and features which women really wanted. They were used, more or less, when the stalls were busy or by women lacking change for the door lock (one penny in those days). However there was a type fitted in Portsmouth at the turn of the century which was only a few inches from the floor, with instructions to urinate standing, which so frightened the poor ladies that they were hardly ever used! Modern urinettes are different, and I'll tell about those tomorrow. Until then, try not to flood the bathroom. Crimson.

Bidet stories? Unfortunately, yes. I have to admit that before I knew what they were, I brushed my teeth in one.

The subject of macerator toilets got me to wondering...Is that the kind of toilet that is used on the United States Space Shuttles? I know I have heard of stories from time to time in the news about it getting plugged up, and the astronauts then have to resort to the plastic bags for storing their waste products in until they can be disposed of when the shuttle returns to the earth...And if so, does being weightless in space cause a person to produce bigger dumps? If anyone knows, please post here...I am curious about why that happens...

Sunday, August 16, 1998

Hi folks! Crimson certainly knows his toilet technicalities and I agree that people are very conservative when it comes to toilet designs, especially here in Britain. I have an amusing story about one of my friends and a bidet. She had never seen one of these before and when we were about 16 at school we gone round to a friend's house where they had a bidet in their bathroom next to the normal toilet. Kathy had gone to the toilet but was quite a while and Sandra asked me to go and see if she was okey or perhaps taken ill or something. I knocked on the bathroom door and when she knew it was me she whispered to me to come in quickly. I soon saw the problem! In the bidet was a big fat jobbie. Kathy had done it in the bidet thinking it was a special type of WC pan. Obviously it wouldnt go away. Kathy was all for trying to force it down the drain hole with the toilet brush but thankfully I stopped her as that would have made a frightful mess. Instead I told her to pick it up and put it down the proper toilet but she didnt want to touch it. I had to pick it up myself (I am not squeamish about such things and I washed my hands well afterwards). Luckily it was a nice solid turd and didnt break up as I quickly dropped it into the pan with a loud "KURPLOONK!" and pulled the flush. When we came out Sandra asked if Kathy was okey and she said her period had started early and that was the reason for her being in the toilet longer than expected. Anyone else have an amusing bidet story?
On this point I could see a problem with Crimson's urinettes. I assume these are like urinals shaped for women. I cant say I like the idea very much as urinals in mens toilets are dirty smelly things and I sympathise with blokes like George who wont use them. On the odd occasion I have had to use mens toilets I have hated the pissy smell and wouldn't want ladies toilets to have a similar stink. Also, often when a woman goes to the toilet for a wee wee she will also pass a motion if she was needing one but didnt realise it at the time. This often happens with me and I have read other woman posting here who have similar experinces. Let's face it, if a woman is sitting down to pee her arse is in the "firing position" to do a jobbie if there is one waiting to come out and the pushing to urinate can stimulate the defecation function as well. Now imagine what would happen if a girl was positioned over the urinette and a big turd started to come out of her back passage. She could hardly make a dash for the proper WC pan and if she let it drop into the urinette how would it flush away down the drain hole? As for the resulting mess if she had an attack of diarrhea at the time, it doesnt bear thinking about. Perhaps Crimson could explain this as I havent actually seen a urinette.
Finally, as regards accidents while playing sports. I have had this happen to me twice. Once playing Field Hockey I was bursting for a number two but couldnt leave the game and did it in my navy blue knickers. Luckily it was a solid jobbie and it didnt make too much mess and the elastics in the leg openings of my briefs kept it in. At the interval I made for the changing room and got clean and one of the other girls loaned me a spare clean pair of her knickers. No body mocked me about this as accidents can happen to anyone. The other accident was a bit more of an embarrasment. I was playing tennis with a friend a few weeks ago and again felt the need to do a motion but as it was a mixed doubles game I couldn't really leave the court. I went for a difficult shot and yes, IT started to come out. Again I was lucky that it was a solid jobbie but I was wearing white panties at the time with my short tennis skirt and the brown stain was quite evident. Obviously I then had to go back to the changing rooms and get clean. My boyfriend was very concerned as were our friends but I just laughed it off.

A few years ago my freinds and I went to a bar/restaurant and right away Joel made a mad dash for the restroom (probably because we were staying at our cabin which has no running water, just an outhouse). This restroom is the only one I've seen which had a spring loaded toilet seat. If you weren't sitting on it, it was up. Not too handy when you're wiping, but I suppose it didn't get peed on that way. Anyway, that's all irrelevent to this story. Joel took his dump and came out and washed his hands (another bit of trivia- there was no sink in the rest rooms, but there was one in the main bar area, right outside the restrooms). Another customer went into the restroom and was in there for a long time. He finally came out and walked past Joel with a grumpy look and said "thanks alot." That's when Joel told us that he had used the last of the toilet paper. Of course, there was no paper hand towels in there either so I don't know what that guy did. We still laugh about that one.

In response to Ross' question re: losing control while live on TV... There is a woman who has one the Boston Marathon a few years in a row (don't know which specific years but it has been in this decade). I think one year she lost control and had an accident while running... but she still won!

Saturday, August 15, 1998

Sorry about last night's mixup. We accidentally copied another forum into this directory, while updating.

Friday, August 14, 1998

Coprologist et al. MACERATORS: I've had quite a few experiences as I used to design sanitary towel disposers, etc. Domestic macerator toilets contain a grinder similar to a conventional food waste disposer, followed by a pump. They are increasingly popular worldwide, are OK, but should only be installed as a second toilet (consider power cuts) and have limited grinding power. They can be had as all-in-one suites or add-ons for conventional toilets. Waste is pumped through 1-1/4" pipe rather than 4", and most will pump upwards 15 feet or so. They handle all BMs and tp fine, but hard or tensile items (including tampons and wet-wipes) cause jams. Some marine and RV toilets have macerators somewhere down the line. These tend to be small bore, low power units (1-1/2" inlet, 1" outlet) and are defeated even by little panty-liners and moist tp. Many times have I had to clear knickers, sanitary accessories and baby wipes out of them. My delightful Janet, who flushed everything away, hated them for this reason, and rarely left one in usable condition after a visit. I made up the mother of all macerator toilets for her, using a slop hopper (a bit like a washdown WC pan but full 4" bore throughout), my fave 2 horsepower commercial sanitary destructor and a 1/2 h.p. pump. It was almost a Janet-proof toilet! Diapers, incontinence briefs, underwear, anything; swallowed whole, effortlessly, no plungers and no flooding. Except hard plastics and metal. I once opened the grinder to find the zipper from a skirt she'd had an accident in. SEATS: Probably the smartest bum rest consists only of two little rubber cups about 2" diameter, under your ischial tuberosities (the bones in your bum cheeks). Try rigging this up, it's the last word in comfort! Tom, you wouldn't believe how frustrating it is, trying to get the public to accept bathroom innovation. Alex Kira at Cornell has been trying for decades, and urinettes have been causing surprise and alarm in the Ladies' for over a century! REDHEADS: Nicola, fun to see you're a full-figured redhead. (Janet was, too.) POOS: Didn't go on Monday. Tuesday I did a lovely satisfying 12" log in the ladies' (gents' was locked) and had to wet some handtowels to get myself really clean. Left thick smears in the pan. Wednesday - lots of sloppy stinky mess, don't know why. Gotta go, bladder's full. Have (moist but firm) fun. Crimson.

your name (optional)Drew
I was at a shopping mall this afternoon and went into the washrooms to take a shit. All four stalls were unoccupied and I took the second one from the entrance. As I often do, I waited until someone else was shitting before I opened up, so that I could share the experience. After a couple of minutes, a teenage guy walked past my stall (remember the gaps between the stall door and wall are large enough to see who is outside in many North American toilets) and entered the last stall, the next but one to mine. He sat down and immediately flushed; I figured he was probably having a noisy dump and didn't want me to hear it!. At this point, I let go and did a rather unremarkable shit; small, quiet and odourless. The other guy's friend then entered the washroom looking for him as he took a quick glance through the crack into my stall and then proceeded to the end stall where he kicked the door. He then entered the stall in between his friend and myself, shut the door, sat down and pretended he was taking a huge dump. He made a lot of exaggerated grunting, groaning and farting noises and the two of them burst into laughter. The friend then jumped up, left the stall and waited outside his buddy's stall. "Boy you stink, give it a courtesy flush" and straightaway the guy flushed. The friend then started talking about some girl in the food court and how they should check her out. "When I finish taking my shit," the guy in the stall said. "Hold it in and let's go" his friend replied. "I've been holding it in all day!" The friend then said "you've held it longer before." The reply was "but look what happened!" His friend said, "Oh yea, I remember telling your mum you needed a shower." Obviously this guy had shit his pants at some point. He must have remembered at this point that I was in the bathroom and asked his friend if anyone else was there. He replied he didn't know and didn't care, knowing full well I was there. He wondered off to the washbasins to let his friend finish in peace. Not in silence mind you, as he had three good long farts before finishing up. I finished at the same time and I was thinking they may say something to me as we stood side by side at the wash basins, but no comments were made. I let them leave first and then took a look in his stall. He must have had a pretty good dump because in spite of three flushes, there were little bits of shit at the bottom of the pan and floating around, plus the water was slightly brown. Even though my own dump was uneventful, it was great to have been in there with those two guys.

Yes, friends and neighbors, it would seem that a lot of men such as myself are turned on by the notion of, not to mention actually experiencing firsthand, an attractive girl farting and/or pooping. Yet, when I have mentioned this to my girlfriend and other women I've been in relationships with in the past, they all seem to think that it's "sick" or "gross" for a man to want to smell his lady's gas. Has anybody else had similar experiences? Mostly I just fantasize about girls' bowel functions, but I think it can be a real turn-on.

When are we going to get the results of "Sitting on the Toilet Survey" I tried to access this from the link providede but simply got the screen to take the survey again, not the latest results.

Sometime in September for the results. whenever the next issue comes out. The partial results [+/- 25%] are after the survey to prevent coaching answers.

Also the Girl at the top of the screen using the eastern type toilet must have pressure sores by now. Could I suggest that, if new pictures are understandibly difficult to obtain, some of the previous pictures be recycled as many of the newer readers won't have seen these before. I loved Gerald's story about his experience on holiday, did he buddy dump his motion on top of this woman's jobbie as he doesn't make this clear. Also nice to read Nicola's postings. To Paul, why not leave your superb efforts for others to see and admire especially if its in a Public Toilet, I always leave mine as I believe others who write here do. Following on from Ross's point about the sportswoman who had an "accident" during the Triathalon, what do sportsmen and women do if they need the toilet during a competition. I have never seen a tennis player such as Hingis or Graff leave the court for a few minutes for a wee wee or a jobbie yet I havent heard of them wetting or soiling their panties. I suppose team players can ask to come off and be substituted. What a pity David Beckham didnt need a shit during the England Vs Argentina World Cup Match and we could have had a substitute for him. Anyway, if any sports types has stories of accidents while playing or how they avoid such happenings I'd love to hear of them.

Some marvelous posts and nice to hear from new and old friends. Nice to read Nicola and Paul as two new correspondents. Like Nicola I have never been inhibited about my bowel movements and often did a jobbie with some of my school friends watching. I play (Field) Hockey and some of the changing rooms we have to use have doors missing on the stalls but I have never known any of the other players be bothered about this. I suppose if you have to get stripped and changed in front of other women and have a shower with them afterwards then sitting on the toilet doing a wee wee or a jobbie is no big deal. Like Paul I have often passed some really long fat turds which have got stuck in the toilet pan but I dont bother if it gets stuck either in a Public Toilet or at home where eventually it will flush away, (I too throw a bucket or two of water down the pan to shift it if it is really stubborn as Nicola does). I certainly DONT break it up as Paul does nor cut it off as it comes out with my sphincter, perish the thought! What comes out comes out o! f me in its full glory. The only time I have acted over a big jobbie which got stuck was as a teenage schoolgirl of about 16 when I needed a motion at a very snobbish friend's house one lunchtime and knew it would be such a big whopper so I did it in a plastic carrier bag I had in my satchel then disposed of it into a wastebin on the way back to school. On other occassions when I have done one it has been at a friend's house and most of them know that I pass great logs and aren't bothered about it. Once, as I have posted a good few months ago I did such a long fat turd when at a women only party at a business associate's house and it stuck in the pan. I was going to tell her but another woman used the toilet after me and although she didnt know who had passed it I heard her tell the hostess about the "large stool stuck in her toilet". She called her teenage son and scolded him for "dropping another one of his great logs and clogging the pan" and reminding him that he was to! use their other outside toilet when he needed a big motion" . I felt a kindred spirit with this lad and a bit guilty that he was getting the blame for my clogging his mother's toilet, although it seems he too often did such whoppers. Gerald mentions the "retained turd effect". I have often experienced this and I agree with his reasoning that it is fatigue of the rectal muscles after passing a large solid stool which causes the smaller fecal lump to be left unpassed. What usually happens with me is that I will feel there is still something up there and I either pass it when I go for a wee wee an hour or so later or it stays behind and the next time I do a motion I have to pass this small (say about 3 or 4 inch long) hard lump before the bigger jobbies come out after it. It usually makes a resounding "KERSPLOONK!" sound effect louder than the far larger turd which comes out after it. Paul also mentions being constipated in hospital. As a teenager I was in hospital for a week after breaking my leg and being concussed in an accident. I couldn't get out of bed for the first few days and had to ask for a bed pan. The look on the young nurse's face when she took it away with a long fat jobbie in it was a picture!

Thursday, August 13, 1998

Has anyone else had any experience or macerator toilets? I first encountered them on a visit to Holland, but they are widely advertised in Britain as the toilet you can fit into any odd corner of an old house, because they do not use standard toilet waste-pipes. Basically the idea is that instead of the standard 5 inch or whatever waste exit pipe, you can use the smaller 2 inch diameter pipe. (The dimensions are all metric now, and I'm not a plumber, so I don't know the exact dimensions). In order to get turds and TP down a 2 inch diameter pipe, it has to be pulverized really small. That's where the macerator comes in. When you flush, the excrement and TP pass into machine with sharp blades and are macerated into small fragments, which, they say, will easily pass down the pipe. But you can see what a disaster will ensue if a solid object gets into the macerator! The one I used in Holland had a big notice saying explicitly that NOTHING other than shit, pee and TP should be put into it.

Ive been on holiday for a week at a small guest house (hotel) in Bournemouth (a resort on the South Coast of England for US readers). During this time I had some interesting toilet experiences. This building was not a large hotel but just a large 3 floor house converted to take about 15 guests at most. There were not toilets in the rooms but at the end of the hallways on each floor and the builders had put two toilets side by side each had its own door of course as is the British custom but there was only thin plywood wall separating each cubicle. It was therefore possible to hear every intimate sound effect from the one next door. I soon discovered this and had a week of enjoying listening to the loud "ker-plonk!" sounds . One particular incident may interets readers. I had just had lunch and was going back to my room before going out when I saw a ???? blonde woman of about 35 I'd say enter one of the toilets. Although I didnt need to go myself I went in to the cubicle next to hers and listened. I heard her unzip her jeans and pull these and her panties down then sit on the pan. Her wee wee tinkled into the toilet then I heard her go "AH! AH!" "PLOP! PLONK!" then she took a deep breath and went "OH! OH! OH!AH!" and I could hear that she was doing a big jobbie and I could also hear the "crackling" sound as it came out. "OO! OO! OH! AH!" the sounds of straining still came through the thin wall and unde! r my breath I urged her to "try hard". "KUR-SPLOONK!" It certainly sounded big. I heard her wipe her bum and pull her panties and jeans back up then pull the flush and leave the toilet. After waiting for her to get away I left my own cubicle and went into the one she had left. The smell of a good solid motion hung in the air and when I looked down the pan her fat turd had stuck . It was a good 10 inches or so long and about 2 inches fat and very lumpy and a dark brown. I myself did a couple of similar sized jobbies as the change in water and routine had made me a bit constipated. I liked reading Donna's posts and hope she will write some more . To George, I have also experienced the "retained turd" effect. This usually seems to happen after I have passed a really big jobbie and feel that there is still something up there but it wont come down at the time, possibly due to the muscles in the rectum being exhausted by the effort of passing the big jobbie. About an hour later or so I will feel the need to do a motion again and will then pass a small fat solid lump usually no bigger than 4 inches in length which was the lump that was left behind from the previous motion. Have any other readers had this experience too? I havent seen the toilet seeat with the gap at the front and the ones in the Boys' toilet at my schools were just ordinary black plastic seats which went all the way round like the ones in the toilest at home. Are these seats with the gap a particularly Scottish feature?

J Curt
Recently I experienced a post-prandial, upper abdominal distension, leading to an explosive gastric disturbance resulting in the gradual, unregulated, release of a specific amount of intesinal flatulance into the immediate atmospheric environment, causing severe olfactory distress on the part of those in the nearby vicinity! (ENGLISH TRANSLATION: I Farted!)

Wednesday, August 12, 1998

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