Mr. Clogs

New container to try out.

I was at the junk store (second hand store). I happened to spot this glass container I guess to try out. Someone asked me a while ago why I don't try peeing into a urinal instead of cups. Well folks the container that I picked up was a vintage glass hospital urinal that I got for $2.04 which included tax. I was planning on selling it online to make some extra cash which I'm still debating. After doing some thinking, why not keep it since it is a rare piece and I got it really cheap. The container looked clean and smelt clean coming from a second hand store and didn't appear to have been used in quite sometime. I cleaned it up a little and had it in my bedroom for a couple of days.

This morning I took the plunge and decided to give it a try. I didn't get up to pee like I usually do and this morning I was ready to pee. I was curious to see how much my morning urine would be. So I grabbed the urinal and whipped out the morning wood and peed a nice healthy rich slightly foamy pee into the urinal. It took a good 20 seconds to fill the urinal about 18oz of golden color clean urine. I put the morning wood back in my pj shorts, went to the bathroom to pour the urine filled urinal into the toilet. Rinsed out the urinal 4 times with water and brushed my teeth and have some coffee.

Shelbi: I know what you mean because we weren't potty trained as children to squat instead we were taught to sit, therefore don't have the strength to stay in a squatting position for a long time. Plus weight might be a factor too with pressure on the knees. if you're outside, squat up against a building or tree to balance yourself. Maybe try practising squatting in your room against a wall or your bed for leverage and to build strength in your legs and knees. Hope my advice helps.

Scarlet: Yeah that sucks let alone embarrassed by the mess at the office bathroom and having to explain to your spouse what happened at home. Wonder who clogged up the toilet at work.

Annie: You're welcome and enjoyed the mushy Thursday post. I have to stay on track with my bowels or I'll be clogged up again. I was messed up for about a week. Keep up the good work and keep us posted if anything.

Well that's all for now. Take care and happy peeing and pooping everyone.

--Mr. Clogs


Hi Esteban!

Hey Esteban! Glad to see you posting here again. I liked doing my recap as well.

I haven't had too many new experiences lately. I did go back to the swap meet/flea market and used the toilets with the high partitions again. Nothing too special about using them, except that the partitions are kinda high off the floor. I took the one that was the first one visible as you walked in the door. Everyone else was a it modest and had all their clothes up around their thighs. Except for me of course. I had my tighty whities and shorts all the way down at my ankles. Lots of leg visible. And I stood to wipe. All in all, a good dump!

Kung Poo
Hi Shelbi,

As an Asia, I grew up squatting to poop. I'm male though so I stand to pee but the a squat is a squat so I think I could help. Your knees might hurt because of your upper body position. Try to keep the upper body as upright as possible to relieve the weight off the knees. This will cause your bum to rest against your calves which gives you a stable and comfortable position. If you can't keep your body upright due to an inflexible hip, you can hold on to a wall or tree.


For Fernando

Fernando in high school where you been missed your dumping stories how is it going?


Pissin' outside again

Hey all. I had another outdoor pee a few nights ago.

I got off the late night bus, and was about to walk home. I had to relieve myself. Usually when I take that bus home, and have to pee on the way home, I sneak behind the local stores. there's a big dumpster behind the stores, and I will sometimes pee behind that. This time, though, since nobody was around to see me, I decided to go to a slightly closer place - between a tree and a fence. It was slightly more exposed than the dumpster, but it had the advantage that it was on the grass, as opposed to the dumpster on the pavement (if I have to pee outside, I generally try to choose to go on the grass whenever possible.)

I squatted behind the tree, pulled my pants forward on my legs, and let go of the piss I'd been holding in. A puddle started pooling onto the grass below me, getting bigger all the time. I felt really good after that!

Anonymous College Guy

Very... 'interesting' bathroom experiences

Yo! Since I've got a few hours til work I figured I'd kill some time on here and write another post. Unfortunately I haven't had any buddy dumps as of yet, it's very tricky finding a bathroom (like the one at that college) that is constantly busy with guys my age. The gym toilets sometimes get used but they're mainly guys who are 60+ years old which isn't my thing.

On another note though, I've accidentally encountered males much younger in the bathroom recently. It was probably 3 or 4 days ago and I went out to eat at a restaurant. Not a super fancy one but it was decent I suppose, on the same level as Applebee's and Chile's. It was mid-meal when I got some cramps in my gut and knew I had to unload in the toilet right then. So I excused myself, went to the men's bathroom and took the big handicapped stall. I took care of my business squeezing out a couple sloppy noisy logs when the door opened. I figured that person was just going pee when I then saw smaller feet wearing sandles walk up to the stall next to mine and close it. It was obviously a 8 or 9 year old which was uh... interesting since I always see adults use public bathrooms. I just decided to finish up and wipe since I honestly don't want to listen to a kid take a dump! It would just feel too weird for me. So I pulled up my boxers/pants, flushed, and headed out while he sat on the toilet and pulled his shorts to the ground.

Ah man, I just took the most relieving dump while typing that! Anyways back to the story, sorry.

It was the same exact day and I was headed to work an hour after that had happened. I had to take a leak and figured I'd do it real quick before I clock in. To my surprise I open the door and the only stall is cracked open, a little kid (same age as earlier) gave me a frantic look like he was in a hurry and didn't expect anyone. I felt so bad for the little guy, but that's what happens when kids eat the greasy junk that my work sells! Anyway as I approached the urinal he slammed the door shut and locked it. This kid literally ran to the toilet, pulled down his pants, and sat on it with his bare bottom. I guess it's not uncommon for kids not to lay out TP first but it still made me feel uneasy. I just decided to focus on taking my leak and letting the guy do his thing. However the moment he sat down, it had already started. Out of nowhere roaring echos of bowel movements filled the bathroom, and I kid you not(no pun intended) it was LOUD. If I didn't know any better it was a husky rugged guy who eats Mexican food making those noises. Shockingly the noises didn't end and it was one explosion after another. The only possibilities I could think of is that he was sick or got food poisoning. Anywho I finished up about 10 seconds in, washed my hands, put on my cap, and headed straight for the kitchen. What shocked me about that day was that I ran into kids 2 times in a row in the bathrooms! I definitely wouldn't say it's something I enjoyed, but since I've never had my own kid or a younger brother it gave me a broader view on bowel movements I suppose.

While I'm still rambling about my work bathroom, I went in just yesterday to take a leak in the middle of my shift. When I was done and zipped up I saw one of my co-workers, a black guy who's fairly thick, run into the bathroom stall. I didn't want to linger around but kinda hoped I had came in after he did. The idea of a fellow co-worker pooping just a few feet away from the rest of us was really intriguing. But I just let him unleash his load alone and went back to work.

I know this post might not be up everyone's alley (especially compared to my previous ones) but perhaps the moms of this forum will appreciate it. :)

Now time for the replies.

@Dominic: Yeah I can see that being awkward now, even with a complete stranger it's weird when there's total silence. I usually enjoy some kind of muffled background noise to break the ice.

Oh man I know exactly what you're talking about with walking into a smelly stall. There was this one time at my college bathrooms when I walked in and was instantly bombarded with the nastiest thickest stench of poop. That guy must've had a protein shake or something but after he left I was loving breathing it in. It's too bad though how quickly the smell dissipates once flushed.

If you have any questions or anything else you wanna talk about feel free to, we have very common interests.

@Esteban: Haha, that story reminds me of a post a girl made on Facebook earlier this year. The picture was literally of her sitting on the toilet with a mirror in front. I'm surprised she didn't get reported.

@PN: Nice post dude. Just yesterday I had the worst constipation I've had in a couple years. The turd was super dry and sticky so there was absolutely no leverage to push it through my rectum. It was miserable sitting on the toilet straining it out, only to have it get sucked right back up.

@Zip: I absolutely love the descriptive words you use in your posts, it always paints a vivid picture in my head of the guys you see. I really hope to one day have dorm experiences like the one you shared.

Just curious... when you wipe in front of guy who watch, do you stand or sit? And if you stand, do you ever flash the wiping process to the audience who's watching? Sounds like quite the show. :)

Well that's it for now, I'm going to start going to the gym regularly so hopefully I'll have new stories for you soon. I gotta say though I really miss writing about the college experiences. Pretty soon I'll have to change my name to Anonymous Gym/Work Guy lol.

Take care everyone.

Secret pooper

Painkiller poo

Hi everyone, sorry it's been a few weeks since I last posted but I haven't been well :( I've had a very bad back which has restricted me a lot in the things I can do and also taking painkillers were making me feel really whoozy and spaced out at the best of times ... Which kind of leads me on to why I have titled this post "Painkiller poo" I have noticed significantly that taking strong meds be it they be antibiotics/anti-imflamatories/normal painkillers has had such an effect on my bowel habits. I'm usually a once (or sometimes twice a day girl) and I do big bm's anyway. But since taking these meds (which range in strength) I can have up to at least 3 or 4 poos a day which are very smelly, mushy and sometimes gloopy or hard to pass causing some straining. I'm also passing a lot of very smelly wind which is very embarrassing as it's flatulent and then I know I do have to rush to sit on the loo and really let rip making my loo visits very noisy to say the least. The feelings I feel are unpleasant at the best of times, the cramps followed by wet farts mean that if I'm not careful in rushing to the loo when these signs occur then I could seriously mess myself.

One Wednesday a week ago, I felt particularly bad due to taking meds for my back. Before I left for work that morning I woke up with a gurgling stomach and I could feel that something wasn't right. Before I slept on Tuesday night I had taken a painkiller tablet to get me through the night and it was taken on a full stomach as it was a strong one and would've seriously irritated my stomach had I have had nothing to eat. I got up and made myself a cup of tea and while I was doing that I was passing smelly gas which was unpleasant and rather eggy smelling. I finished making a cup of tea and brought it into my room and got back into bed for half-an-hour before I had to start to get ready for work at 7am. I was suddenly hit by what I can only describe as such an urgent need to poo, I felt my stomach getting tied up in knots sort of feeling (that's the cramps!) and I had to be extremely careful as one wrong movement or a wet fart could mean I totally lose control & poo myself. Everything from getting up from bed to making the three or four steps to my en-suite bathroom were like in slow motion (pardon the pun), I let out another wet fart which stunk bad, switched on the light and slammed the door shut walk to the loo, pulled down my black shorty shorts and white panties and plonked my big bum onto the loo ... Within 3 seconds I let out such a loud, smelly wet fart (BRRRRAAAAPPPPTTT!) and then just followed through with a torrent of warm, brown sludge dropping from my bum in rapid fire succession .... Plop! Plop! Plop! Plip-plip-ploooop-splooooop, splopslopslop, plip-plip-plip-plop-plop! The smell was hurrendous but I was emptied but still the cramps persisted. I could feel another wet fart coming and just let one rip .... BRRRAAAAPPPPTT! No more poo came out but the relief I felt having such a massively smelly poo was immense! I quickly ripped off a rather big wodge of loo roll and before I went to wipe my bum I had a quick look behind me to what I did in the loo and it was foul, smelly and very sludgy there were so many chunks, no logs at all and it was a rich light brown colour. I went on to wipe my bum and then again a further 2 more times as my bum was very messy.
I got up off the loo pulled up my panties and shorty shorts and flushed the loo and sprayed some air freshener in the air.

Oh my god! I'm glad I got all that out of me, I really don't know long I could've held that huge poo in me ... NOT LONG! That day I had a few more trips to the loo but only to sit and let rip with some smelly farts. It wasn't till I got home after work did I have another really big poo. I quickly tell you about that one before I go.

Well I got home at 5:30pm extremely tired and worn out after a day at work, my legs and feet were achy, so I kicked off my heels and crashed on the recliner for a while with a well deserved cup of tea to unwind. I wanted to sleep for a bit so I closed my eyes and was out of it...for over an hour I didn't know where I was until I suddenly woke up at 7:15pm, I put my heels back on and walked into the kitchen to wash my mug and started to prepare my dinner when I could feel I really needed a poo again and I broke wind which smelt a bit but nothing too hurrendous. I then stopped doing what I was doing and took myself to the loo.... I pulled up my black skirt and pulled down my panties and sat on the loo with my arms crossed and pushing on to my belly. I took a few deep breaths before I could feel a huge mass of poo beginning to race inside my rectum and hurry itself out of my bum. This wasn't going to be an easy poo like I did before going to work this was a bit more normal now (as I reduced my painkiller intake during the day). I was letting out some soft grunts and then let rip with a fart and then I was dropping turds out my bum .... Plop! Plop-plop-plop-plip-splipslopslop-plop-plop. Spoodooosh! I could still feel that there was more poo in me. It wasn't moving so I had to let out some more grunts by this time I was getting a bit red in the face but I needed to push as this big brown beast needed to be unleashed. I quickly slipped my poor, tired achy feet out of my heels (as they were aching bad) and go barefoot but my hot, sweaty cheesy feet filled the air and the 2 odours mixed together! I then let out a couple of smelly farts and then I could feel a big brown log begin to turtle head out of my bum, I needed to push a bit more to try get it out as it was poking out my bum hole. I then pushed and grunted and then this brown log was hanging out my bum and then with a loud PLOP! It fell into the water below and that was it I was done and another smelly poo - hey who says girls poo smells like roses - no way! lol Looking behind into the loo bowl there was this big thick brown log which was the last thing I dropped overlapping all the other smaller chunkier pieces and again it was a healthy brown colour quite smelly. It took about 5 wipes to get my bum clean.

I'd like to know if anyone of you have had bad experiences of taking painkillers and it effecting your poo/bowel habits. How long did it take for your bowels to get back to normal again. It took me nearly 2 weeks on and off. I'm thankfully alright now.

Ok everyone take care and more from me soon xx

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Squatting advice?

Hi guys, I'm hoping you would be able to help me. Sometimes I'd be outside and need to pee, so I'd squat. But the problem is it REALLY hurts my knees after only a few seconds. Is it my technique and can somebody please suggest another position I could use instead?

Thanks, Shelbi.


Porta potty exposure

I was walking through Manhattan's East Village yesterday when I had to take a crap. I was by Washington Square Park, where the former repugnant public toilets are being renovated, but there are porta potties set up. I entered one and immediately realized there was no lock for the door. I held the door shut with one hand and unzipped my jeans and pushed them down with the other. Layered toilet paper on the seat with my free hand and sat. Had a huge dump, then took my hand off the door for ONE SECOND to roll off more TP. The door opened. A very cute young woman peered inside and saw me. She said, "Oh, Jesus!" and slammed the door shut. Then from outside the door she yelled at me, "Why didn't you lock the door?" I yelled back at her, "There's no lock on the door, I was holding it shut!" "She quietly said, "Sorry." I wiped my ass, pulled up my pants and exited. The woman was standing there looking totally embarrassed. Surprisingly, I wasn't too embarrassed, more amused. She averted her eyes and waited for one of the other porta potties which apparently had locks. An interesting experience.

Paul from Germany

Pooping in the Woods

Some of you might remember me. The news is that my girlfriend Claudia ( we are together again) has just pooped an enourmous pile behind a tree while camping in the mountains. Ten minutes ago she went away with a roll of t.p. and told me she needed to go big time. I followed her and saw her squatting behind a large spruce. She pushed a bit and immediately her turd appeared. It fell down, she saw me and waved at me. Then she concentrated again, and out came the second turd. A bit later she did a third turd, about half as long as her two first turds. Then she pissed for about half a minute and wiped with a lot of t.p. Now she has gone back to the tent to prepare dinner and I'm just looking at this enormous stinking pile. Those are really large turds, even her last one. We have been camping here since Thursday, and she has pooped every day behind a tree. I really wonder how much such a slim girl can poop. From Friday to Saturday her sister Nadine camped with us for a night, and on Saturday morning did her business together with Claudia behind a bush. That was really an amazing sight, these two piles next ot each other. Anyway, dinner is waiting. Bye.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Kassie great story it sounds like you had a good poop and you have the video to prove it to and I bet you felt pretty good to afterward and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jane great story it sounds like you poop alot which is good it means your body is doing its job right and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story it sounds like you and Katie both had really great poops and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards to I know she did from the sound of it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Preschool Toilets

Hi, guys, Tim here with another story from my childhood. This one is my very earliest toilet memory, from when I was about 5 years old. I hadn't gone to school yet, so I didn't know Sally at the time, and I was in my last year of preschool before I started kindergarten. There were about 40-50 kids at the kindergarten, all aged 5 years old, strangely. There were only 3 proper toilets, which was not near enough for 40-50 five year old boy and girls who are not vey good at holding on. So, as a solution, they got two benches and cut circular holes in them for seats. Underneath the seats they placed pots to catch whatever you did. Once you used the toilet, you took your pot outside and dumped it in a septic waste pit. So, one day I urgently needed a poo, so I went inside and found all of the seats on the benches occupied except one. I quickly pulled down my pants and undies and sat. A girl was next to me, she was dark-skinned, with long black hair and dark black eyes. She had her shorts and pink undies at her ankles and appeared to be concentrating intensely on pushing. I said, "Hello, my name's Tim." She turned, smiled and said, "My name's Mai-Ling." I started peeing, and she replied with a quick tinkle. I was curious, so I looked between her legs and saw that she had no penis. "Where's your willy?" I asked, fascinated. "Haven't got one." She said, and that was the day I found out that women do not have penises. I had dropped my turd by now, and she told me, "I'm done now, can you pass me the paper?" I nodded, wiped myself, and gave her the roll. She wiped from front to back, and passed it down the line to the other people using the toilet. She stood up, and I noticed her pants and undies were still down. "Um, you know your pants and underwear are not up, right?" I reminded her. She blushed, pulled them up and said, "Thanks, I forgot." We took our pots outside to empty. While we walked, we compared the turds. Hers was largest, and she won by a mile. As punishment, I had to kiss her. Which, considering that I liked her a lot, was not really punishment at all.

I've posted on here before but using either another name or this one, but I'll stick with this one because there are several people on here with my first name. I remember seeing my sister pee one time, and she peed while wearing a bikini. I was in the swimming pool and she walked down the steps leading into the pool, when she got to the last step she started peeing through her bikini bottom, a stream of yellow pee came out from the crotch of her bikini bottom and splashed into the water, leaving a small trail of pee below and behind her, she peed for about 30-40 seconds and was done, that's all for now.


bad stay at a hotel

we went on weekend getaway so we got checked in the hotel and the hotel manager was rude so we got our room key and went on to the rooms we got there it was a mess it wasn't what we expedited but it was kinda clean but any way we had it planed to leave a little surprise for them well it was the last night and we ate Mexican food that morning everyone had to poop so we took turn pooing in the toilet until it got full then Joyce said I wont to clog the sink she poop but it wasn't enough I finish it off so I started pooping a log 10" long 4"wide then kimmy wanted to poop in the trash can she said she hasn't pooped in a week she first started farting then she started poop out monster turds then she said I fell much better we went and turn our key and told the manager the rooms was a dump and we gave him the finger

Mr. Clogs

My bowels are okay (some what)

Okay I didn't have to use the enema just yet. I cut back on the beef and just had some fish and fries for dinner. I was able t go to the bathroom the next day. After I had my two cups of coffee I was ready to poop. I made my way to the bathroom, took off my pajama shorts and undies off and without hesitation I pooped into the toilet with little effort. I made a nice load in the bowl forming a mountain of poop. I wiped, flushed, and washed my hands and left the bathroom.

Kassie: I enjoyed your post about you pooping and filming yourself. I never tried filming myself but it would be interesting. Keep the posts coming.

Bloated Butt: I enjoyed your posts thus far and keep the posts coming. Thanks.

Jane: Interesting post about weighing your poop, I enjoyed reading your post and describing each details. Thanks.

That's all for now. Happy peeing and pooing to all.

--Mr. Clogs


Office Toilet was plugged all day!

Hey guys! I haven't posted in forever, I used to be a regular years ago! Nothing eventful really happened in awhile, but yesterday, that all changed.

I work in a private office, where I'm the only one there during most of the day. My coworkers do field work, so I'm left alone. It's a very small office, with a tiny bathroom, just a sink and toilet.

Yesterday, about 2 hours into my shift, I felt the urge to pee, so I went to the bathroom...there was poop in the toilet. I flushed it, not wanting anything to splash up on me...and quickly realized why it was unflushed as the water rose to the top of the bowl. In a panic, I took the lid off the top and stopped more water from flowing in. Sometimes, when a toilet is plugged, if you give it time, the water will go backdown. So I left it for a few minutes, and went back to use the plunger on it. That seemed to help, so I flushed again.

WRONG! The water rose over the top, and poop water flowed out of the tiny bathroom into the office. I couldn't find a mop....couldn't find anything but a crusty old sponge mop and a few paper towels. Great. I did my best to get that cleaned up, but the toilet was still plugged. I couldn't fix it.

I decided to just hold it, with 5 hours of work left. This is an office in the middle of nowhere in a shop, not even a gas station for miles. I don't get breaks, since I can eat or go to the bathroom during downtime and wouldn't have time to go anywhere anyway. For te first couple of hours, I was ok. With 3 hours left to go, I started checking the toilet every 15 minutes...maybe it unclogged didn't.

With 2 hours left to go, I thought about calling my boss....but considering his work for the day, he was unreachable. I thought about my other options....Outside? No, somebody could pull up and catch me. Sink? Not sure I had the balance for that. Cup? My only cup was my drinking cup, and it was my favorite. Trash? The trashcan is wicker. There were NO options....

I kept holding on, and I managed to make it to closing time, miraculously. My boss stopped me as I was leaving, asking for the day's calls. I rushed through it, and thought I should probably tell him about the problem so I didn't look guilty. He acted like he already knew, nodded and said it happens all the time. Which I found odd, as it hasn't happened to me in 2 years at my job....

I ran out of the building an to my car. The drive home is about 20 minutes, and I refused to stop. I wasn't sure I could make it inside the few places I could stop.

I got home, and ran to the bathroom, unzipping on the way and took a toilet paper. I called to my husband to get some from upstairs. I was peeing the entire time it took him to go upstairs and come back, and for about a minute after he got back. He handed me the toilet paper, grinning. "Feel better? Have a good pee?" I told him the story and he couldn't stop laughing, and a day later is still teasing me over it. Good thing I have a sense of humour!


Post Title (optional) A big load

Hi, all of you ! It's Eugen, one more time.

Last night, on early morning (4 a.m.), I waked up with a start. My bladder was really full because of the water and fruit juices, from yesterday. It hurted. So I ran to my toilet and I take a long leak ; then I farted, but it was only a long fart.
When finished, I came back to my bed. I slept again but on 6 p.m., I waked up with a tart one more time. Half sleeping, I realized that my belly hurted and that a poop was building in my bowels. I tried to clench the cheeks of my bum and to wait some minutes, but suddenly I understood I should not be able to hold my poop in and I ran again to my toilet, waddling still half sleeping, undoing my shorts (I often sleep in shorts, one button and a zip, easy to pull down in a situation of emergency) and I dropped my bottom on the seat. I had not to strain : I felt my anus stretching wide and a massive load of hard poop spring outof my body, with three plops in the bowl and I moaned of relief. I wiped my bum, but I felt I was not done yet, and I kept sitting. My bowels became rumbling and I thought a diarreah was coming suun. I felt several aches in my belly during ages and at last, a flow of diarreah squirted out of me. Iy hurted. Finally , I was done, Iwashed my bum into my shower and I Came back to my bed, naked and tired. I slept till 9 a.m., as a recovery after that struggle.

I like your site very much and I enjoy to read your tales and problems and solution to help the desperates. See you later.


Hi, I'm Eugen , a 64 years old Frenchie.

Answers to the questions from Csze.

Q. # 1) If you had to pee or poop very badly and you had only two choices: go to opposite sex bathroom, or go in your pants, which one would you choose?

A. I think I should go to women's room if I had to poop very badly. Usually in France, there is one stand for men and one stand for women in the restaurants and pubs. When in visits, port-a-potties are not distincts. When I have to pee badly, since I am a diabetic man, I cannot hold my pee very longer and I often pee in my pants.

Q. 2) Have you ever pees or pooped your pants purely out of convenience?

A. As I wrote later, I often pee in my pants because I have a weak bladder. When I have to poo very badly, I try to hold my poop in, if it's a solid one. Last year, I catched a diarrhea and I did not find toilets on time. So I tried to get the gas pressure down, but I did not hold all my liquid poo in. Too much pressure in my belly and in my butt !

Q. # 3) If you were on a phone and you had to pee or poop, would you:

a) Make an excuse to finish the call and go to bathroom

At home, I do so. Any excuse is good when I have a urge.

b) Tell whoever you're talking to that you have to go to bathroom and call back later.

I do so if the person is a friend of mine, and a guy . If the friend is a woman, I am shy about talking of my pee or defecation, so see under that line :

c) Tell that you have to go to bathroom and keep talking while doing your business

Usually, I do not dare "I have togo to the bathroom" on phone.
So... I go to the bathroom (portable phone) if I am still on time and I try to make my own business, as silent as possible.

d) Don't say anything and go in your pants

If I cannot hold my pee or poop more longer, I "choose" to let my poo drop in my pants. For my pee, I often have a jar near my sit (solution for diabetics). Outdoor, if there is no toilet nearly, I say nothing and I go in my pants, especially if it is a hard poop. If diarrhea, I'm ashamed to go in my pants.

Sorry for my bad english/american.
I have a story to tell you. I'll post a next mail.

Abbie- Glad to see you posting again! Sounds like you and Katie both had good poos. Will you be going back to school this autumn or have you finished it now?

I have been volunteering at my local library on Fridays and some weekends while I am looking for a job, and while there today I needed to do my daily poo. When I had chance I headed for the single toilet. Staff have to share it with customers since it is only a small library. I saw Lis, one of the two other staff, going over there but I didn't know if she was going to the loo or to the staff area. Lis looks similar to the woman I described a couple of weeks ago who was pooing in the next cubicle- mid 30s, brown hair and a nice ample figure! I turned the corner just as she was going in, so I went back to work.
5 minutes later I went back to see if she was out. I could hear noise in the toilet so I knew she was still in there. I assume she was pooing and I went back to work again. After another few minutes I thought she would be done with her poo but when I tried the door it was still locked. I was getting quite urgent now so I was a little miffed at this! After trying the door I heard Lis call out, 'just a minute!' I said, 'oh, ok!' She recognised me and said, 'Megan! I'm nearly done, I'll just be a few more minutes.' I said ok and stood near the door.
I think she was just taking her time and letting her number two take its time rather than being constipated since she didn't know anyone else needed the toilet until I tried the door. I heard a couple of plops as she quickly finished her poo. She came out and said, 'there you go!' I said thanks and went in. Her poo smelt a bit but not too strongly and the seat was nice and warm. I decided to take my time too and did five turds over the next ten minutes. After that we both went back to work!


19 days?

Someone posted that they held their poop for 19 days. They must be superhuman, because I used to work at a sleepaway camp, and a friend of mine would get really constipated. She had to be taken to the hospital after 17 days because she could not take one bite of food without vomiting.


Mushy dump on Thursday

I mentioned that I took a massive crap on Tuesday after coming home from downtown Toronto. I didn't go at all on Wednesday but yesterday (Thursday) I went shortly after I woke up.

I just started my coffee when I got the urge. Not urgent, but it was time to poop. It only took about a minute to go and when I was done there was a pretty big pile of mushy crap in the toilet. Not diarrhea, but kind of just a mass of soft turds. But surprisingly not very messy to wipe up. So far so good. Just have to keep up the walking and water and I should be fine. To Mr Clogs and Brandon T-thanks! :)

I love posting here. I've been posting here since 2006, first story under the name poopy then started using my real name. 7 years! :O

Jasmin K

Surveys and passing time

Hi All

Nothing new to post at the moment but reading through though that I would take this survey..

(1) How long has it been since you last pooped? about 12 hours, i am managing to go every morning at the moment, hence ive nothing to post about..

(2) Do you have daily "sit times" when you sit on the toilet and try; even if you haven't gotten an urge? Oh yes every morning and sometimes in the evening.
(3) What is your definition of "constipated" ? When I dont poo or only a do few pebbles for 3 consecutive days having sat on the toilet trying as in point 2 above.

(4) Enemas: Are they given by a parent or do you do them yourself? Dont have enemas etc.

(5) Does your stomach get distended when you haven't been able to poop for a long time? Yes quite a lot - its a poo belly.

(6) Do you know any other kids that are constipated a lot? Yes quite a few, 2 of my best friends are at the moment.

(7) Do you bleed after a large hard poop? Yes quite often and not just after a large hard poo but also when having sit times as in point 2 above I make my bum bleed from trying very hard.

(8) Do you often clog the toilet when you poop? not usually but have had to flush twice a few times and the waters gone really slowly filling the bowl to the rim sometimes.

(9) What does it feel like when you get badly backed up? My stomach is swollen and hard, it hurts to sit and my bum gets sore from trying to poo.

(10) If you could "have a wish come true"...would you like it better if our bodies were designed so pooping wasn't necessary? Cant see how that would work - cut out eating food? No I dont fance that - I always manage to eat even when constipated for several days - I think that If I keep stuffing it in it will have to come out.- I guess pooing is ok if the choice is that or dont eat.

(11) Do you sometimes ignore urges and hold your poop? Oh yes especially when I was younger - I did it to spite my mum, convincing her I was trying hard to poo but was actually gripping my bum closed.I actually enjoyed the full feeling, unfortunatly sometimes held too long resulting in severe constipation.

(12) Either now or when you were younger; does a parent ask to see your poops or check with you to see if you have gone? Yes then and occasionally now when Ive been constipated for a while incase Iam deliberatly witholding.

Jas K


Csze Questions

1. If you had to pee or poop very badly and you had only two choices? (a) go to opposite sex bathroom, (b) or going in your pants, which would you choose. Mine would be a
2. Have you ever pees or pooped your pants purely out of convince? No.
3. If you were on a phone and had to pee or poop, would you
(a) make an excuse to finish then go to the bathroom
(b) tell who ever you're talking to that you have to go to the bathroom and call back later
(c) tell them that you need to go to the bathroom and keep talking while doing your business
(d) don't say anything and go in your pants? Mine is (b)



PN - interesting story. Was reared on glycerine suppositories (so to speak), am a bit surprised it took so many suppositories to clean you out - maybe you should see a gastro doc?


(1) How long has it been since you last pooped?
Now about 36 hours
(2) Do you have daily "sit times" when you sit on the toilet and try; even if you haven't gotten an urge?
Yes, something I learned the hard way from my parents
(3) What is your definition of "constipated" ?
Infrequent, difficult or incomplete expulsion of excrement (froma 1050s-ish Readers Digest Home Medical Encyclopaedia)
(4) Enemas: Are they given by a parent or do you do them yourself?
Taken by me, not given since age 8
(5) Does your stomach get distended when you haven't been able to poop for a long time?
A bit
(6) Do you know any other kids that are constipated a lot?
No, I don't babysit, the only constipated kid I have to worry about is my little Mel (see many previous posts)
(7) Do you bleed after a large hard poop?
I get not-too-painful fissures fairly frequently
(8) Do you often clog the toilet when you poop?
Yes, very often
(9) What does it feel like when you get badly backed up?
Definite dirt-hole discomfort, occasional stomach pain
(10) If you could "have a wish come true"...would you like it better if our bodies were designed so pooping wasn't necessary?
(11) Do you sometimes ignore urges and hold your poop?
It's necessary at work etc
(12) Either now or when you were younger; does a parent ask to see your poops or check with you to see if you have gone?
Until age 11 they always did.

Tim (and Sally)

Interesting Daycare Toilets

Hi, guys, Tim here with another story from my childhood, this time from when I was 6 years old. During the school holidays, for 3 days, Sally and I had to go into daycare as both our mothers and fathers worked. The daycare centre was pretty nice, but the toilets were weird, something that I have never seen at any daycare centre before or since. The toilets were in a shed outside the main building, with squatting holes, about 30, side by side with no privacy whatsoever. There was also no toilet paper, old magazines being used for that purpose. Anyway, Sally and I both needed a poo, so we got up and walked outside to the shed, we didn't need supervision on the toilet as we were older than most of the other kids there. When we got there, we chose our holes, dropped our pants and undies, and squatted side by side. I began to pee, spreading my legs as I did so in order to aim better, and as I did so, a boy from across the room, also squatting, said, "Look, his snake has a hat!" meaning that I was not circumcised. I was the only boy in daycare who was not circumcised, which made me a bit uncomfortable. Sally by this stage had started dropping a log, and I replied with diarrhoea mush. Sally finished up and said she would wait outside for me as she could see that I was going to be a while. While I was still dropping mush, a young girl, also 6 years old, came running in, one hand on her bum, the other on her stomach. She chose the hole next to me, whipped down her shorts and orange undies, squatted and immediately let loose a flood of muddy water. This continued while she peed, then she finished after about a minute and shook to make sure all the poo was out. "Sorry", she said, "I ate something bad." I just smiled, said that it was OK, everyone has diarrhoea sometimes, and handed her a magazine page to wipe with. I was still going with diarrhoea 5 minutes later when a girl wearing a red skirt came in and squatted next to me, dropping her matching red undies to her ankles "What are you doing?" she asked me. "I'm having diarrhoea", I said. "What about you?" She replied with a grunt and a push, "A really tough poo!" before handing me a magazine page to wipe with. I wiped, pulled up my pants and undies, said "Good luck" to the girl, who just smiled and dropped a massive turd, went outside, found Sally and we went back inside. A pretty good time, I thought to myself.

Mr. Clogs

Last night's dinner seemed to help

My last post I mentioned what I ate for dinner. I ordered the mixed vegetables with rice, a shrimp egg roll and some crab sticks. This morning after I had my 2 cups of coffee, I could feel my bowels moving. I hurried up and finished my second cup of coffee. I was on the verge of pooping in my pajama shorts making some loud funky fart sounds. I wiped the toilet seat, took off my shorts and undies and without any effort started pooping turds into the toilet. The turds slowed down so I peed into the toilet for a good 10 seconds then more plops of turds in the bowl. I wiped with some toilet paper and wet wipes because of the massive load made. I felt somewhat better but not complete. I'll see if I have time to give myself an enema today. Like I said I'll keep you posted if anything.


Some comments

Kassie - Lovely story, I've wanted to video myself before but couldn't find a way to keep my phone up.

Abbie - I liked your story, it's great how hearing somebody else can make you need to go. I'm looking forward to reading more.

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