Mr. Clogs

I'm really clogged!

Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing well. Hence the name and the title of this post because I'm really clogged up. I went away to visit family this past weekend and I ate cheese steak sandwiches, hoagies, you name it! I haven't really taken a good dump in a week and I've tried to clean out with a laxatives, lots of water drinking, even a brisk walk to the post office to no avail. I'm full from eating all of that beef and that could be why I can't take a dump. For dinner tonight I had some vegetables with rice, crab sticks and a shrimp egg roll from the Chinese restaurant that I usually go and get my food from. I hope the vegetables help my bowels out. Anyways I'm going to give myself an enema for some relief and I'm hope it works, man I need to take a dump!

I'll let you all know how it goes.


Annie: It's great news that you were able to take a good dump, keep up the good work with the exercise and water routine.

BloatedButt: I really enjoyed your story about coming home and having to stop at the gas station to take a dump. Keep the posts coming.

Jas: Damn! Wow I know what you mean, I don't know what people eat to produce such nasty smelling poops that lasts for that amount of time. Hope you didn't get sick from breathing in that toxic odor.

???: I enjoyed all of your posts so far and your latest one about you and your guest having to use the bathroom at 2 in the morning.

"celebrating seventeen years": Thanks for the memories! My favorite was Camelita's posts. I wonder what she's up to know.

That's all folks hope all is well with you pee and poop land. Take care.

--Mr. Clogs

Hi guys! Earlier today, I had to poop and I decided to record myself on the toilet. It's kind of weird watching the video of me pooping, but also cool at the same time. I'll tell you all about it.

I developed the urge at about 11:30 this morning and I headed off to the bathroom. I got my cellphone positioned so the video would have a good angle of me, then I sat on the toilet, ready to begin. I started off by peeing a little and then my face got all scrunched up as I began to push out a turd. I remember the first one felt really thick and it hurt just a little bit when it first came out. I could hear myself on the video giving little grunts but I don't actually remember doing it.

The turd came out real slow at first but sped up later on. It hit the water with a loud splash. A bit after that, there was another turd coming out. It was nearly as thick and not long at all. It splashed down right away. I let out a long low buzzing fart and began working on my third turd. It was much less thick and sort of long. A part of it broke off and the rest came immediately after, making two distinct plops. Then there were three rapid fire plips from small balls of poop coming out.

I peed a little bit more as another thick turd like my first one crowned. I continued to pee in spurts while the turd eased out little by little. At one point, I put my hands on my knees and bent forward to help push it out more. According to the video, I was working on that one turd for nearly two minutes. When it finally stopped coming out, it rested gently in the toilet and made hardly any noise. At that point, I could still feel a little more poop inside me.

I sat back more upright and massaged my stomach in circles for a while. I was able to push out two more somewhat short banana like turds. Then I started to wipe. I wiped myself four times and showed the camera each time. The first time, the paper was nearly really messy. Second wipe was cleaner and by the third, it was almost clean. One last wipe and that was that. I stood up and filmed my turds in the toilet.

All I could really see was two short turds floating and the mammoth beast like turd. I could see parts of my other turds beneath it, but not totally. The turd was really thick, like probably two inches and curled up to form something sort of like the letter G. When I flushed, the toilet was definitely clogged. Thankfully, it didn't overflow. I used the plunger and broke the turd into smaller pieces, which all went down with two more flushes.

Alright, that's my story. Hope you enjoyed it. Bye everyone.

Bloated Butt
To Alex:

Thanks, it certainly felt like the dump of the century. I was able to hold it becayse, like I said, I'm very pear-shaped and have a large pelvis for my height, so I guess I just have a lot of room in my bowels. Plus I've been doing this for pretty much my whole life, so I'm used to holding large amounts of poop. I usually only go about once every two to three days (about 2 to 3 times per week), and they're always pretty big. A typical BM is about three large logs, each about 2.5-3 inches in diameter and about 8-10 inches long, plus a large mound of softer poop. That's normal for me. If I skip a session, obviously it builds up pretty quickly, and this time I skipped about three sessions!

As for how large my turds were during THIS dump, I really can't say because frankly I didn't bother to look. My BMs always stretch my anus really wide, but there were a couple which were unusually large even by my standards. Those were the first to come out, probably because they had been building up the longest and were "plugging" me up. If I had to guess I'd say the biggest were 3.5 inches, and I had to grunt to get them out. But that was only the first couple of logs; after that, it was back to my typical logs (which are still huge, but not record-breaking for me), and there was still lots of smaller turds. Its just that there was so MUCH of it. I didn't bother to count how many actual logs there were, but it was more than three, and I still crapped out a ton of softer poop. It just kept coming out of me.

My second poop (after we got home) was only a little smaller, and more similar to my typical BMs. I think I laid about three 2.5-inch-thick, 10-inch-long logs, along with a few mounds of semi-soft turds. I eventually went a third time that evening (after I posted) but it too was more like a typical dump (about two 2.5 or 3 inch-thick logs + lots of smaller, softer logs) that I usually do, except it happened to be the third one in a day.

To MasterBlaster:

Thank you! Yeah the toilet bowl was pretty full by the time I was "done". Thank God I didn't do that at home or it might've clogged and my boyfriend would never have forgiven me. He's usually pretty sweet about these things, though. He's well aware of what my stomach and butt can do!

To Brandon T:

Thank you so much! Yes, that was probably the most desperate I've ever been in a good while. And right in front of my boyfriend, too. When I first met him I was extremely shy about my bowel habits, but eventually I learned to loosen up because when I gotta go, I really gotta go! The story that I've just shared certainly isn't the first time that I've had to go that badly in front of my boyfriend, so over the years that we've been together I've learned to stop being so coy and start being more frank about when I need to poop. I still don't like going in unfamiliar restrooms, though, and this time it cost me bigtime.

I cant say how much lighter I was after I had my BM, but I did feel better for the time being and was able to make it the rest of the way home. It wasn't until two dumps later that I felt like I got it all out. There have been times when I would come back from a particularly large dump and my boyfriend would joke about how much flatter my stomach was, though. Once he picked me up and said "Oh wow, you feel a lot lighter!" I wanted to deck him!

Thank you all so much for the encouragment. I like sharing my stories and its good to hear that people enjoy reading them.


Weighed my poop

Recently, I was curious about how much my poop weighed. I tried weighing myself both before and after pooping and noting the difference. But that was not totally exact. I figured that I'd have to weight the poop itself if I wanted to know for 100 percent sure.

So one day I took a mixing bowl from my kitchen and put it on the scale. I zeroed it out with the bowl on it and then pooped in the bowl. That gave me the answer of 557 grams, or 1.22 pounds. But then I got to thinking, if that's what my normal poop weighs, then what would an absolutely gigantic poop weigh?

So, I ate a lot of high fiber foods and practiced holding it. When I did the test, I had managed to go almost six full days without pooping. I knew I had a whole lot of poop inside me, but how much? I was about to find out. I got my setup ready and squatted over the bowl. I pooped out one turd after another for several minutes, filling up the bowl beneath my legs.

As it turned out, I may have wanted a bigger bowl as by the time I was finished, it was up to the rim and one turd fell onto the scale. I looked at the readout and it read 1184 grams. I figured out that's about 2.61 pounds! That's amazing that I could poop that much.

Now I just wonder... there are posters here who talk about now pooping for 8 days, ten days, or sometimes more. One teenaged girl posted a story about going on vacation with her family and holding her poop the whole time she was there, for 19 days I believe she said. Assuming that's a real story, that poop would have to have been unbelievably huge. Perhaps 7 or 8 pounds. I guess I'll never know, but at least I know how much mine weighs.



I have a few questions I'd like to get some answers for. If you would do different thing for pee and poop mention that.

1) If you had to pee or poop very badly and you had only two choices: go to opposite sex bathroom, or go in your pants, which one would you choose?

2) Have you ever pees or pooped your pants purely out of convenience?

3) If you were on a phone and you had to pee or poop, would you:
a) Make an excuse to finish the call and go to bathroom
b) Tell whoever you're talking to that you have to go to bathroom and call back later.
c) Tell that you have to go to bathroom and keep talking while doing your business
d) Don't say anything and go in your pants

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Annie as always another great story and it sounds like you had a really great poop hopefully they stay like that for awhile and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bianca hopefuly your ear clears out soon.

To: ??? as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Patricia D great story your boyfriend is very caring and your lucky to have him.

To: PN great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Little Mandi
Today I bought this tea called slimming tea. I bought it to cleanse my body. Has anyone ever tried detox tea? I'm a bit nervous about taking it cause I've never touched a laxative ever. I'm thinking about trying it before bed so hopefully when it works itll be in the morning and I won't be pooping myself. I'll post results.

Heres my boredom kicking in. I'm doing the survey that Dominic posted.

(1) How long has it been since you last pooped?
I actually pooped this morning. It came out nice and soft for once and my stomach felt good after it.

(2) Do you have daily "sit times" when you sit on the toilet and try; even if you haven't gotten an urge?
\No I've never done that before
(3) What is your definition of "constipated" ?
I say I'm constipated if I sit on the toilet and I have to push a lot to get it out or I can't go at all.

(4) Enemas: Are they given by a parent or do you do them yourself?
I've never had an enema before.

(5) Does your stomach get distended when you haven't been able to poop for a long time?
Yes it does. My stomach feels pretty bad when I don't go.

(6) Do you know any other kids that are constipated a lot?
Not really although the girls I work with say they don't poop either.

(7) Do you bleed after a large hard poop?
That's happened to me before. I always try not to push hard to avoid it.

(8) Do you often clog the toilet when you poop?
I've never clogged the toilet but sometimes I fear I'm gonna cause my poops are always big cause I don't go often.

(9) What does it feel like when you get badly backed up?
The longest I've ever been constipated was 7 days and it was awful. My stomach felt so bloated and I constantly felt like I was sitting on a rock.

(10) If you could "have a wish come true"...would you like it better if our bodies were designed so pooping wasn't necessary?
Yes. I don't like pooping. I mean sometimes my stomach feels good after a poop but I get really embarrassed by it.

(11) Do you sometimes ignore urges and hold your poop?
If I'm out i'll hold it but I try not to hold it often.

(12) Either now or when you were younger; does a parent ask to see your poops or check with you to see if you have gone?

All I want is a boyfriend whom I can help take his dump and someone who can help me in my time of need...


Patricia D

liked your story about your accident in the movie theater with your boyfriend.I am so glad he was kind and understanding love to hear about your other accidents you had were they poop or pee? congrats on the marriage.



Great recap of your posts. Thanks. I remember reading every one of them.

When I first found this forum I hated to take a dump in a public men's room because of some humiliating experiences in school. (I posted about one of them.) So I decided the best way to get over it, was to use - not just any men's rooms, but ones with doorless stalls or even no stalls.

With encouragement from you and some other guys I not only got past my shyness on the john, I actually enjoy it.

I've had guys talk to me while I'm shitting, I've even had a guy come into my stall for some TP. And of course, great times watching other guys. Even sitting right next to another guy before they demolished the men's room in Wash Sq Park.

So thanks for the memories... And the encouragement.

Ladies you have to take a shift rely rely bad you walk in to the bathroom, and the stalls have no doors ,do you just go ? Do you hold it ? Go home and go

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Poo round Katie's

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted for ages, I've been really busy!
Natasha- Sorry to hear your friend Brooke has been constipated- glad she was finally able to have a successful poo even if she did have to go twice to get it all out. I know how she's feeling being constipated like that, I'm only just starting to feel a bit better this last week or so. In answer to your question I think going camping or on holiday in general definitely makes my constipation worse, I always seem to find it harder to use the toilet in a strange enviroment and as soon as I start to put off my urge to have a poo I know I'm going to suffer for it. Does Brooke often struggle with constipation or was that a one off, I know its something I have to deal with on a pretty regular basis although fortunately not all the time.
Anyway, the other day I went round Katie's house, I'd felt a slight need for a poo since just before I got there and after lunch we were up in her room chatting and I realised I was going to have to go for a poo sooner rather than later. At that moment Katie said "I've got to use the loo, I'm bursting!", she went into her ensuite leaving the door open and pulled down her blue shorts and pink spotty pants before sitting on the toilet. All at once I heard a loud wee stream hitting the water and Katie moaned with releaf. She weed for ages and finally her stream died away to a few trickles, as she was finishing off she farted which made us both giggle. I was hoping she didn't want a poo as I was getting steadily more desperate, I said "Do you want a poo as well or was it just a wee, its just that I'm starting to get quite desperate for a poo!"
"Well I thought I did need a poo but now that I've farted I'm not so sure, you might as well go, I can always go back on the loo once you're done," replied Katie, wiping and pulling up her pants and shorts.
I said "Thanks, I don't think I can wait too much longer," and eased my denim skirt and yellow and blue stripey pants down to my knees before sitting on the warm seat. I had a quick wee and felt the tip of my poo starting to come out of my bottom, I tried to relax and see how far it would come out before I had to start pushing. Katie was sitting on the side of the bath and put her hand on her belly, she said "I did want a poo after all, its starting to get quite urgent now!" and I said "Sorry, I'll try to be as fast as I can." By now I had a couple of inches of my poo poking out of my bum, I could feel it getting fatter and a bit knobbly so I took a deep breath and bore down. I felt my bumhole stretch wide but luckily the log kept moving slowly and after a couple of minutes of hard pushing it dropped into the toilet, it was really long so didn't make much of a plop. "I'm nearly done" I panted as I started to push out my second log, again it took a bit of effort but not a huge amount, that one made a loud plop as it was a lot shorter. By now Katie was standing up and pulling her shorts and pants down, she said "Its poking out into my knickers, please hurry!" so I stood up and shifted over, I said "Sorry, I'm done now, I can wipe standing up." Katie said "Thanks, I haven't got any clean knickers left so I didn't want to get these ones dirty!" as she sat down on the toilet. I took some toilet paper and started to wipe my bottom, it didn't take many wipes for me to be clean and Katie shifted forward so I could throw the paper away. I pulled up my pants and skirt and sat on the floor, by now I could see Katie was having to strain, she was red in the face, pushing hard and couldn't help grunting a bit, she said "Sorry about this, I'm still a bit constipated," and I said "If it makes you feel better when I last had a poo it was a real struggle to push it out " as Katie continued to strain. After a really hard push and a loud grunt she relaxed and said "Its coming now" and shortly after I heard a sploosh and big moan of relief from Katie. She finished off with another couple of logs which were still a bit of a struggle but a lot easier to pass than the first one and she then wiped her bottom and pulled up her pants and shorts. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!

hi everyone ! this is my first ever post on this site after reading posts for the last 4 or so years ! im a 22 year old male from the uk!

so on to the story! i and my girlfriend were out birthday shopping at a big shopping centre well known over here ! it got to dinner time and we had pizza which usually doesn't affect me but this time it did for some reason! just about to leave to carry on shopping when the sudden urge hit me ! so there i was off to the toilet whilst holding my bum cheeks together ! it was so obvious for everyone to see what i was going to be doing ! finally after which seemed to be a life time i hit the toilets! i was suprised to see that all four cubicles were free! i chose the end toilet closed the door pulled my jeans and pants down and sat down! as soon as i hit the toilet seat i started dropping log after log! 6 in the space of a minute! i was really desperate! then i splattered a load of mush into the toilet! at this point i was sweating like mad ! i dropped a bit more mush when the toilet door opened ! someone chose the toilet next to mine which made it rather hard for me to carry on pooping ! he sat down and like me dropped some logs and farted a lot ! i had to grunt and push to make my next log come out but as soon as i heard my neighbour drop another mine just fell! finally i felt done and grabbed the toilet paper ! a really messy dump means a really messy bum ! 12 wipes later i was finally clean ! i did my jeans up and flushed! i left several skid marks in the bowl with quite an awful smell ! i left and washed my hands! whilst washing the gentleman in the next stall was still dropping logs ! thanks for reading everyone will post again when i have time :)

this story happened when I was 7, some 20 years ago. I was visiting relatives after christmas and it was about 4 hours from home. They decided that I would take a bus home. There was no bathroom on the bus. It would stop every hour or so for 10 or 15 minites for people to use the toilet. I was to stay on the bus when it stopped unless I had to use the toilet. The first stop came up and I did not have to go so I stayed on the bus. But right after everyone got back and just before the bus was going to pull out, I felt first felt the need to go poop. But since I was only 7 I was afriad that if I got off now the bus would leave without me. I didnot have to go that bad so I figured I could hold it until the bus stopped again. Bad decision as the feeling was growing much stronger even as we left that towm behind. Ater about 20 minutes I knew that I was not going to be able to hold it very much longer. I tried and tried to hold it but it started slowly but surely ooze out and before very long I had completely filled my pants. I felt awful and smelled even worse. first the fear of going in my pants and then the shame of having done it started to make my stomich not feel well. I started to feel real sick. The longer I sat there the sicker I started to feel. Then as we went around a corner and up and down a hill I vomited all over the floor in front of me with some getting on me as well. I just sat there not knowing what to do. Someone nearby saw me throw up and told the bus driver. We were coming to our next stop about then so the bus driver showed me where the bathroom was. He must cleaned up the mess on the bus too as it was gone when I got back on. He asked me if I had a accident and I said yes. I guess he could smell it too. I cleaned my self up as best I could and was in the bathroom stall the whole time the bus was stopped. The bus driver came back and asked me how I felt and I was feeling much better by then. I did not have any additional trouble the last several hours of the bus ride. The driver when we got to my town told my mother that I had been sick on the bus and I told her the whole story.I took a good bath when I got home and she never said anything else about it again.


Finally did a substantial poop

For the longest time I've been constipated and been unable to pass more than just rock hard chunks or little pebbles. I was eating enough fiber, vegetables, fruit and drinking enough water. But I wasn't moving enough/exercising enough. Today my husband and I went downtown Toronto and did lots of walking and that seemed to do the trick. When I got home I drank a nice big bottle of water and that seemed to help my bowels move. I started turtle-heading as I was talking to my friend on Facebook and had to go to the bathroom quite badly.

So I went to the bathroom, took out the toilet paper and something to read, pulled down my undies and pajama shorts and sat on the toilet. It didn't take much more than a gentle push to get this monster out. It was pretty thick and hurt but it came out within a couple of minutes instead of having to strain. When I was done, I stood up and wiped myself. It was a hard poop but my bum was very messy. I turned around and checked out what I made. It was long and VERY thick. Not everything in my stomach came out but it was pretty substantial, closer to what I used to poop out. I missed having my big poops. I feel a lot better. Now I know that I need to keep up with the exercising and water, etc and I'll be fine.



I'm Chinese and I experience similar dumps every once and a while.


To Bloated Butt

Wow, that sounds like the dump of the century that you took!

How in the world did you manage to hold all that crap inside you for a whole week while continuing to eat??

Since you stated it took you 30 minutes to get rid of it all, I gotta ask, how much did you get rid of? If you remember how many logs do you think you dropped and what was the approximate size of all the poop once it was out of you (like how many inches tall, wide and across......that sort of thing?

When you poop normally how big are your loads and how often do you usually poop on average?

Thanks. What a story!


Love Your Posts

Hey Bloated Butt, I love your posts. Sounds like you really had to go bad on vacation! 30 minutes of near constant pooping huh? God, that pile must have been close to touching your butt! Keep up the great posts!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bloated Butt as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and it sounds like you were pretty desperate to and I bet once you were finaly done I bet you felt great and probaly a little lighter to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: TheAnyWhereMan welcome to the site and great story about watching your friend Andrea poop it sounds like you may have a few other stories to share I look forward to reading them thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story.

To: Dante great story about seeing your friend Jess pooping it sounds like she had to go alot but at least she had you there to keep her company and please shre anymore stories like that if you have any thanks.

To: Tim And Sally as always another great story it sounds like Sally was having a tough time with that big poop but at least you were there to help her out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natasha as always another great story it sounds like your friend Brooke was having a bit a rough time but at least you were there to help and it sounds like you had good poop to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Bathroom Mishap

Hey, I had a bad bathroom incident last september. My ear had been botherin me so ,i stuck a QTip in ther to cleen it.Unfortunately, I pushed moucus deep in my ear and was verry upset. I swear if My ears get clogged Agin ime gunna find away to choke to death. I was upset because I couldn't hear my bathroom noises verry well nor the sweet sounds like my cat lulu purrin. I love to hear myself go too. I'm thinking this week i'll hold back my poop as much as i can so I can make a big one. I loved those days when I was younger!


Early Morning

I was asleep in bed at the same time my Russian friend was spending the night at my house. At about 2:00 in the morning, the urge to poop woke me up. I crept to the bathroom and tried pushing a few times, getting nothing out. I kept doing this for a few minutes, but I guess I passed out/fell asleep on the toilet. At about 2:45, I heard her cuss in Russian, as she walked in on my taking a dump. It was awkward, but we started talking. I kept trying to push out my turds, which turned out to be multiple tiny ones, not overly stinky. I flushed and then she got on while I was washing my hands. She just had to pee. Anyways, we got back to sleep and woke up the morning just fine.
I love the website :)


Today at work.

This morning around 11 am I saw a man late 20's early 30's leave the restroom. He was wearing blue jeans white tee shirt tucked out with a small beard, and a cap. I was going to the hallway where the bathroom is and I smelled rotten eggs. I gone in the bathroom and the toilet had diarrhea in it.
I felt like throwing up. I gone in the stall and closed my eyes and stated flushing it. I kept wiggling the handle until it went all the way down. The whole place smelled like rotted butt for 20 minutes.


Response to Anonymous College Guy

I think it was awkward just because I'm not big on the silence. I like to have some kind of fan going. I'm not embarrassed of sounds, but it is a little awkward when someone can hear every little thing that I'm doing. There was a fan, but it was almost silent.

And to answer your other question, I think I prefer smell as well. I remember one time when I was there, I got to the stall and this guy comes right out as I'm heading in (the other stall was occupied) and I could smell a strong smell right in the stall (and there was a bit of a stain on the toilet bowl as well). That's kind of thing I like.


Random TV show bathroom stuff and update.

Hi everyone. Thank you to everybody who answered my post about my being constipated. To those who suggested fiber, lots of water, etc I do eat plenty of fiber every day, I drink tons of water, I try to exercise every day and I eat as much fruits, vegetables, etc as I can so I'm OK on that front. But my bowels will not co operate. And to Adrian; about the stool softeners, my doctor prescribed it for me to take every day so I will follow my doctor's orders. I will try to exercise more and see if that helps get my bowels moving.

I watch this really cool UK car show called Top Gear where they race cars, invite celebrities on to race and they do missions where they go to other countries, etc in the cheapest car they can afford to see if they can make it and endure the weather, conditions, etc. There have been a few bathroom incidents on that show or mentioning of bathroom habits by the three men, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. Quite interesting.

1. In one episode where they go to the Middle East, they went through one of the borders and they had to get out of the cars to get checked for drugs, etc. Richard Hammond was scared of one of the guards and he said "I think I've just had a wee."

2. That same episode, he contracted diarrhea from something and had to make a few pit stops during the episode to go. Once the camera crew stood outside the bathroom where he was going and you could hear a very noisy explosive dump complete with farts and splashing. Poor guy. I wouldn't want a personal thing like that to be on television for everyone to see and hear. He was quite miserable during that episode and I can't blame him. Who is happy when they have the runs?

3. Another episode, they went to the North Pole where obviously it's freezing. They were told that if they pulled out their penises or pulled down their pants they would get wicked frostbite so they were told how to use the bathroom. James May mentioned that he gets diarrhea if he's in a different environment. Jeremy Clarkson made a makeshift toilet on the back of his truck with a toilet seat put on the back of his truck so he could poop. Richard Hammond used an outdoor shed with a makeshift toilet to do his business carrying a shotgun to avoid getting attacked by polar bears and a toilet paper roll to do his business. Or when he had to be on the dog sled he simply wet his pants.

As for my poo habits. Not really anything has changed. I'm going, but rock hard chunks are coming out. Disappointing, but at least it's starting to come out. I miss my big turds :( I pee a lot though because I'm drinking lots (it's very hot and the air in my apartment is really dry. Unfortunately I have to get up to pee at least twice a night. I can't cut off liquids in the evening because I have to take medication and also I will get dehydrated. That's all for now.


Watching a cute guy on the toilet

Ted, thanks for the steam tip. I'm about to try it. I'm with you about the smell. That's why I like the open stalls at the beach. The men's room is large with plenty of ventilation because it's a stand alone building. Really great place to watch and be watched.

I just got back from a trip where for 3 days, I watched this cute guy take his daily dump-- Me! The hotel had a full length mirror opposite the toilet, less than two feet from my knees, so it was a close up view. Not much showed. My junk hung below the rim of the seat and blocked any view of the turds dropping. I didn't realize I lean forward when I'm pushing and I could actually see my abs squeeze when I pushed the turd out.

To wipe, I lift up on the ball of my right foot, pull my junk aside with my left hand and wipe from the front. When I'm done i like to stand and take a final piss and that's when you can see everything in the toilet. I've watched other guys but rarely from start to finish.

Time to try the steam trick. If it works maybe I can get BF to spend more time in the bathroom with me.

Patricia D.
Three years ago, I went to the movies with my boyfriend. We had only been together for a couple weeks at that point. I was late for the movie, so I didn't have time to use the bathroom before the movie. By the time we found our seats, I had to go really bad, but I had heard that it was a really good movie so I didn't want to miss any of it. Somehow, I made it through the entire movie with only minor leaking. As soon as the lights came on, I jumped up to go to the restroom. The sudden movement proved to be too much for my bladder and my pent up pee started coming out full force. The theater was silent except for the music from the credits and a very obvious hissing sound. I stood horrified as I soaked my white shorts in front of the entire movie theater revealing my pink panties. To make matters worse, the sudden release of my pee had made my urge to poop even stronger. I tried to take a step towards the exit, but that proved to be too much for my bowels. I desperately thought for a solution as the poop started coming out. I risked taking another step but again, it was too much. The log continued to slowly slide out of my tired anus creating a loud crackling sound in the now silent theater. The poop nestled itself into a grapefruit sized ball in my panties. My wet shorts made the big poop bulge very obvious to the people sitting behind me. There was a mad scramble as disgusted people tried to get out of the now stinky theater. I whispered to my boyfriend that I still had to poop but I still couldn't move. He gently reassured me that the theater was now empty and that I should just let it all out and that he would help me clean up afterwards. Reassured, I stopped clenching my butt and the rest of my poop came out quickly. I stood there pooping and peeing for about a minute. At one point the janitor came in to clean up but my boyfriend asked him to come back later. By the time I was finally done, my panties had overflown and semi solid poop was now sliding down the insides of my leg. Still shaken, I whispered to my boyfriend that I was done. He gently led my out of the theater and into the family bathroom, all while shielding me from the people lingering outside the theater. Once inside the bathroom, he put rolls of paper on the floor for me to stand on. Then he helped me remove my shorts. He had not seen me naked yet at that point in our relationship so I was feeling really nervous as I stood in front of him in nothing but a shirt and a pair of badly soiled panties, but I was glad that he didn't freak out and still was nice enough to help me clean up. After making sure that I was ok with it, he carefully pulled my panties down while keeping all the poop in. I would have thought that the first time he saw me naked was when we started to have sex. My boyfriend got a couple pieces of wet toilet paper and very gently wiped the poop off the insides of my leg. After repeatedly making sure I was ok with it, he wiped the drying poop off my butt and vagina. When he was done helping me clean up, he dumped the ball of poop in my panties into the toilet. He emptied the contents of a popcorn bag he found next to the sink and put my soiled panties and my still soaking wet shorts into the bag. He then took off his sweatshirt and gave it to me. The sweatshirt was so long (My boyfriend is more than a foot taller than me) that it covered up my exposed vagina. I had to walk carefully though because it didn't cover me up too well. If someone looked really carefully they would be able to see that I was half naked. After flushing the toilet, my boyfriend led me quickly to his car. He offered to wash my clothes for me before driving me home. Still humiliated from my accident, I was hesitant, but with a lot of reassuring from my boyfriend, I agreed. When we got to his house, he rinsed the remaining poop out of my panties and put them and my still soaked shorts in the washing machine. After taking a shower, I sat next to him completely naked (I had decided to wash my shirt and bra too, plus the sweatshirt he lent me) and had a talk with him. I told him that I would understand if he didn't want to see me or talk to me ever again. He reassured me that accidents happen to everybody and that he loved me very much and that just because I had an accident doesn't change that. He then kissed me, and as we kissed, I realized that he was [and still is :)] the best guy in the world and that I loved him very much too. That night we had sex for the first time and I ended up staying at his house all night long. That incident brought us a lot closer as a couple. I've actually had a few more accidents in front of him after that, and he was always really understanding an nice about it. Now, we are engaged and will be married soon (date pending).


Got a brick stuck in my rectum

Haven't posted for a while, but I just got back from vacation visiting friends and family on the West Coast and I had the worst constipation I can remember. I don't get constipated very often, but when I do it's most often on trips. I was with my partner A. for the first part of the trip and then we went separate places for a few days. Anyway, a day or two after we left we were at relatives' house (we stayed somewhere else but hung out with them quite a bit). I excused myself unobtrusively and went to the bathroom at one point in the late morning. I felt a pretty hard poo that seemed like I really needed to get it out or it would be worse later. I already hadn't gone for I think a day or two. It was quite a strain and I had to push pretty hard and it was rather uncomfortable. Through the door I could hear my 11-year-old nephew telling the monkey and cue ball joke, while meanwhile I felt like I was trying to pass a cue ball myself. I finally did get the hardest part out, and I felt much better but still somehow not quite 100% relieved. I hoped that it would start to get easier, that I had gotten rid of the main blockage. There was a pretty impressive long turd in the bowl. The next day at around the same time I had to go again but it was still really hard, and I had to push nearly as hard and it by that time I had a little bit of tearing from the day before. Then I missed a day when we spent the next day mostly on the road and then met another friend for dinner in SF. I didn't feel that much of an urge to go that day, but then the next day as we were walking around the city after breakfast I started to feel a really strong urge to poo. It was a while before we got to a suitable public restroom and both of us needed to go, so I went in and tried to relieve myself. I was really uncomfortable by then. I felt an extremely strong pressure and urge to poop, but it just didn't seem able to come out. When I tried to push it it hurt pretty badly because I was sore from the last few days. The restroom was small and crowded and there kept being noisy small children and people waiting and trying the stall door, and I felt like I really needed to concentrate, but there were just too many distractions. I texted my partner and said "this might take a while." I think I farted once and maybe managed to squeeze off a tiny pebble from the end, but it felt like there was still a massive brick inside and I could just barely get the turtlehead out for a second. Finally I just gave up and went back out to where she was waiting. I said, "I think I'm not getting enough fiber" and she said probably not enough water either. For the rest of the morning my gut felt so uncomfortable that it was hard to enjoy much. I tried a couple more times to use public restrooms without much more success. We're not all that open with each other usually about bathroom stuff (although it's not like we never talk about it either-- I'd say we're somewhere in the middle ground) and I was also feeling a little embarrassed. I managed to eat lunch--- I think it actually distracted me a bit from the discomfort. Anyway, we were planning to split up later that afternoon and go do separate things. She went off to have some all-girl time with some friends. As soon as A. had left, I went to a drugstore and bought some glycerin suppositories (which had worked well for me on previous occasions) and a stool softener in pill form. I then ducked back into the lobby restroom of the hotel and sat down on the toilet again. Same story--- a really urgent need to poop, and for half a second it would feel just like the beginning of an especially urgent BM-- the poo seemed ready to slide right out, with a little bit of gas, but then it got stopped at my sphincter causing me to gasp with pain. I pushed in a suppository only to have it pop right out fairly forcefully with just a tiny bit of schmutz around it-- the main mass seemed only to have transformed into a slightly greased brick, still completely unable to pass.
I gave up for the moment and got in the rental car, clutching my bloated stomach. I was planning to have dinner with another old friend a little ways out of town that evening. I was desperate for some time in a private bathroom, so instead of doing more sightseeing in town I drove for about an hour to where I was heading and checked into a hotel early, with a couple of hours to spare before dinner. As soon as I got into the room I went to the toilet, sat down and let out a slightly wet fart. The brick of turd seemed to launch itself like a missile and slam into the inside of my raw anal sphincter, causing me to yelp with pain. All of my abdominal muscles clenched up so that it was actually difficult to pee even though my bladder was fairly full. Another suppository was not much more successful than the first. I tried to hold it in and let it melt a bit longer, but it came out pretty soon with a bit of a brown coating, but nothing else would come out, and I was more and more afraid and reluctant to push because it kept hurting more when I did. I was starting to have visions of taking myself to an emergency room. I lay face down on the bed for a while and just tried to relax, and after a while I felt a little better and decided to go head off to dinner. I met my old friend E. at a restaurant. I hadn't seen her in ages, and we had a pretty good meal and caught up. I was sort of amazed anything more could fit inside my abdomen, but I managed to eat a regular dinner without feeling too bad. Conversation probably also distracted me a bit. We said goodbye and I drove back to my motel, somewhat dreading the project that was ahead of me. I think I once again went into the bathroom feeling urgent, and it was pretty much like the previous time. I put in yet another suppository and took the recommended dose of stool softener, hoping that if one didn't work right away the other would work overnight. I drank a bunch of plain water too. I had a rather frightening moment again where my muscles were so tightly clenched that I felt unable to pee despite a full bladder. I decided to stop trying for a while, and really wait longer for the suppository to dissolve. I took a hot shower to relax my muscles, and lay face down on the bed for maybe an hour. I was probably a bit more than an hour before I finally dared go into the bathroom again, and this time finally with more success. somehow that hard plug had softened just enough to allow it to pass, and it seemed as if everything just emptied out in a fraction of a second, too fast for my brain to register it. The last little bit that came out was accompanied by an especially nasty smell like rotting meat, and although I was sore, I finally felt empty, and it was such an enormous relief! I can't remember the last time I felt such intense relief. I looked in the bowl and it seemed to be filled to the brim with multiple coiled snakes. I slept and felt a lot better about getting on the road again the next morning, heading of to visit other family with a bit of a scenic drive on the way.

For the next few days I kept farting a lot, and pooping at least twice a day, which is just slightly more than average for me, and it kept being pretty hard and also a little uncomfortable coming out, but nowhere near as bad as it had been. I sort of feel like I'm probably finally getting back to something like normal now that I'm home.


Hey ACG!

Hey there Anonymous College Guy. I'm glad you liked my stories. Referencing your most recent post, I have had the opportunity to see other guys wipe when they use public stalls. I posted the stories here several years ago. But a recap:

There was a restroom at the public park that had two stalls on one side, next to each other, and another one across the room, facing the two. There were no doors on any of the stalls. There were several times I would use the toilet and see a guy use the one across from me. Once, there was a jogger who wore only red shorts and no shirt. He was all sweaty, and in excellent shape. He was probably in his mid to late 30's. Hairy chest and legs. He just went right up to the toilet and pulled his shorts down to the floor. Basically naked, in just shoes and some fabric at his ankles. He didn't shave his pubic region and he didn't have anything to be ashamed of in the genital area either. He dumped quickly, wiped while seated, and left pretty quickly.

In the same restroom, I was haing a conversation with the guy on the toilet across the way, and we both wiped at the same time. He was a good looking blonde guy, probably in his 20's, wearing white briefs under his black pants.

In my fraternity, my roommates and I had an open door bathroom policy. Anyone could come in to use the bathroom at any time. If I needed to take a dump while someone is in the shower, or brushing his teeth, no problem. My roommates both wore tighty whities at the time, too. Rob was more shy and I never saw him wipe, but Steve had no modesty and would carry on a conversation, fart, make faces, and wipe with no care if anyone was in the room at the time. He wiped while seated.

Lately, I haven't seen many guys taking a dump, but every now and again, I will use the doorless stalls at the park and I will be seen by other guys. I have had a guy stand outside my stall waiting to use it, and it is a bit odd to dump and wipe while a stranger is just standing there.

Keep posting, bud!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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