Bloated Butt
Well I had an embarressing experience with my boyfriend. I just got back from vacation so i havent been able to post. We were gone for a week, from last Saturday until today, and all during that time I never pooped. The last time I had pooped was the day before we left, Friday August 9th. During our vacation I ate and ate since I have a big appetite, and I felt the urge to poop on Monday, but I hate pooping in unfamiliar places so I held it off. Then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday went by and I still didn't poop, and the urge would come and go, all while I continued eating. I've never had a problem with losing my appetite and I enjoy eating, so even when I've got a ???? full of turds I don't skip meals or alter my eating habits. Unfortunately i've been overweight for most of my life, but I've got a very pear-shaped body so most of the weight goes to my butt, hips, and thighs, so I'm pretty lucky there.

Anyway, I kept eating all during the vacation (we were at Panama City Beach, in case anyone was wondering), and not pooping, and finally this morning it was time to make the six hour drive home. I sat in the passenger seat, both hands holding my distended belly, feeling a massive load of poop sitting right in my butt, and trying not to pass too much gas. We had a heavy meal at a buffet right before we left, and I could feel it pushing against the poop that was already inside me. Anyway, I think you can predict where this story is going, so let me cut to the chase. Around three hours into the drive I suddenly cut loose with a loud fart, immediately followed by a powerful urge to take a dump.

"Oh God, honey, I need to poop. We have to stop somewhere."

"Okay hold on, I'll stop at the next gas station."

"Hurry hurry hurry", I gasped, as fart after fart erupted out of my rear end. "You need to drive faster"

"I'm driving as fast as I can, just calm down. Why didnt you go this morning before we left the hotel?"

"You know I hate pooping anywhere but home, just DRIVE FASTER. Oh my goodness", I clenched my butt as tight as I could, but I couldn't control my flatulence. All I could do was keep the main load from coming out, but farts kept erupting out of me. "I'm so sorry"

"Its okay, just hold on."

"MMmmmmmmokay. Oh my goodnesssssssssnnnnnnnnnngggggg...."

I continued passing these really nasty farts and my poor boyfriend had to roll the windows down. I seriously thought I was just going to poop right there in the car, I can't describe how badly I needed to go. For the next ten minutes I just kept repeating "I need to poop, I need to poop, I need to poop" while my boyfriend sped down the highway. FINALLY we saw a BP gas station and he pulled in and I speed-waddled to the restroom, plonked down with my big round butt engulfing the toilet seat, and moaned in pleasure as a week of immense turds plopped and splashed out of me. It took about 30 minutes of near-constant pooping before I felt like I was done. I wiped and flushed three times before it all went down, then washed my hands and went back to the car.

"Feeling better?" said my boyfriend as I collapsed into the car and sighed.

"Yeah. I might have to poop again later, though. But for now...yeah, I'm okay."

We continued our drive and made it home three hours later, and I immediately went to our bathroom and took another large dump. My boyfriend sat on the edge of the toilet seat and kept me company while I pooped. He actually told me I was pretty while I was sitting there in mid-dump! "Awwww you're sweet" I said, and then broke the mood by grunting out a thick heavy log followed by an explosive fart. Finally I was done and we went and cuddled on the couch. Later y'all. ;)


To "celebrating seventeen years"

You asked for posts from China Girl. I found some on pages 1781, 1783 and 1785. U might like to look. I love her posts.

I can identify with her. I'm Asian too, actually Korean, I also pass huge odorous turds -usually in quantity - and after reading her posts I too began to feel sorry for the poor toilet. But, uncharitable as I am, I stay longer than she does. and do more and more and more poo until I'm empty.


Post Title (optional)Advice for smell

This is not my first post as I have put several in the past. If you are like me, do you feel uncomfortable leaving behind a smelly bathroom after just finishing a big one? Or what about those who intentionally try to smell up a bathroom by not flushing until they're finished, etc? Well, I discovered this years ago while staying in motels? The best way to get rid of shit odors is to run the shower while doing your thing. Normally by the time you are finished the shower has had time to steam up the bathroom and the steam eliminates all odors. I even do this at home at times. Not to mention the shower sound can drown out your grunting and farting noises, etc. (if you are uncomfortable with them) I love watching other guys shit, having other guys watch me shit, the male bonding, etc. But I can do without the nasty odors. Just a tip. Well, let me get goin,I feel a foot long whopper comin.


First Post!

Hey everyone! I'm a long-time lurker, first-time poster. I'm a 23 year old, male, athletic build.
I've been infatuated with relieving myself anywhere that would be considered taboo and watching girls go just about anywhere but mainly in taboo places. I don't know what is, but I think it started when I was a child.

I've got tons of story from when I was a kid, but I'll tell you one today. If you're interested maybe I'll post the rest.

When I was 10 or 11 I used to have a spot that I would take my friends to outside and we would all poop together. I used to live on a small cul de sac and there was a house at the end of the road with bushes all around the front and the people were never home. So I would stop up at my friend Andrea's house and ask if she had to go. If she did we would ride our bikes down the road to our spot. There was a spot in the bushes that I cut the twigs so it was like a fort's doorway. We headed into our little fort and I would watch as she pulled her pants down and she allowed me to get up close to her butthole so I could see clearly as she pushed out some of the thickest turds I have ever seen. I even convinced her to touch her poop so she could see what it felt like. Then she would watch as I would go. Then I'd wipe her and myself, and we would go back to playing outside. I have more stories with Andrea and from college and high school as well. Ya'll want to hear them??

Glad I was finally able to start posting! I love everyone's stories!


For Lauren

Lauren: So glad to hear that you're recovering from the bladder infection! Thank you so much for your reply - I enjoy reading your posts too! Sorry for the late response, my computer encountered a problem and I could not get access to it until recently.

You sound like a really great mom who really cares about your kids. I wish you continued success in finding a job so you can continue to support your girls!
I'm sorry about your accident at the dart league. At least you are no longer constipated and I hope the liquid poop cleared up soon and you are regular again.

I do have some tips to share with you that can help you to full recovery and prevent another infection. Some of them you may have already heard before, so I'm sorry if it sounds redundant because I'm not sure which ones you know.
So here it goes:

1. Get lots of rest. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. That will get your immune system up and guard you against another infection. It works better to go to bed early and wake early rather than late.

2. I think you're already good at this, but drink 8 glasses of water each day. Try putting 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of water and see if it helps with your infection. Lots of water will help, but please don't drink to the point that you feel light-headed as that will rush salts out of you and make the immune system weaker.

3. Try to drink 2 to 4 glasses of cranberry juice a day. Pure cranberry juice may be hard to get and it tastes bitter so cocktail is fine too. But be careful with the amount of calories in it.

4. Do not drink alcohol, soda or other drinks that can irritate you bladder. If you really need to drink coffee, limit it to what you need.

5. Get some fresh air every morning, that will help your body fight of the bacteria.

6. If you are still taking antibiotics, continue to take them until you finish.

Hope these will help. Let me know if you have any questions about anything!

Sorry again for the late reply! Take it easy and get lots of rest. All the best on your recovery,




1. How far do you pull down your pants and underwear? Take it all off - "round tha ankles" si a recipe for straining and opening fissures, the last thing I need

2. Do you sometimes soak toilet paper before wiping? Yes, I thouhht everyone would've

3. Did you run out of toilet paper while seated upon the toilet and had to get a new roll yourself? It's in the bathroom at home

4. Was there a time when you fell asleep on the toilet? Never.

5. If you had a devoted and uderstanding boyfriend/girlfriend, would you let him/her wipe your bottom for you? No

6. Do you sometimes talk to people while on the toilet? Not since the age of about 4

7. Did you get walked in/barged in on while sitting on the loo? When I was a kid, certainly - not now

8. When you were potty-trained, did somebody use to wipe your bottom for you? Probably..don't most kids need help with that?

9. Did you get a picture or video taken of you on the toilet? No.

10. What do you like to do while sitting on the toilet? Read, write "intimate entertainments" on a databank

And now TYLERS

(1) Does your family like to take long car trips? When you guys do that.....are you like me.....where you get off your schedule and get constipated?
When I was a kid any long journey seemed to result in constipation (at least in my parents' opinion)

(2) Assuming that you do go on long car your parents ask or check somehow to make sure that all the kids are pooping? How do they do that?
On holiday it always seemed to be first or second priority on arrival at the hotel

(3) At the motel....does mom make sure that each kid sits on the toilet before leaving in the morning? Or; does she at least ask everyone if they've been pooping?
Yes, my mother used to do that - and (in my memory anyway) she was never satisfied with the results or with our general health/demeanour and would always make use of the hotel's "medication" (i.e pieces of soap!)

(4) Have you; as an older teen .....had to go to mom or dad and "confess" that you haven't been able to go to the bathroom?
No because by then I had mu own hidden stash of medication

(5) As the older it ever your responsibility to see to it that your younger siblings are successful in the bathroom? No

(6) Have you ever had a friend along (someone Else's kid) when that kid got constipated and had to go to your parents for help? No

(7) Have you ever traveled along with another family on a long trip....where you got stopped up and had to go to your friend's mom or dad...and explain that you couldn't go and needed help? No


kmd- You've really given some thought to my last couple of posts! Glad you enjoyed them. Regarding my poo in the restaurant, the first turd did start to come out as I was weeing, but not much. I don't know how thick it was because I was more impressed by the length! The other pieces were only a few inches long but they all ended up in a pile in the toilet so I couldn't really see the thickness of them.
And for your other questions, her farts did smell but not that strongly. There was a cafe but I don't know if she had been there or not, but like you said that would explain why it came out the way it did!

???- Sounds like you had a long wait for your poo with your family showering. Was it one of those poos where the urge actually gets less after you hold it for a while?

Today I ended up pooing in a different store, where the toilets were like the ones Desperate to Poop describes in her stories- two fully enclosed unisex cubicles. I was in town and ate some fast food at lunchtime. Walking round town I started feeling a bit of an urge for a poo. It wasn't strong so I carried on. About half an hour later I went in to the department store. After looking around for a while I was getting quite a strong signal to go to the toilet, because by now I clearly needed to have a poo and now I also needed a wee. I went to the loos.
There were 4 people waiting; a man at the front, then a woman of about 70, a woman of about 40 with a young boy and then a girl of about 12. I joined the queue.
A man came out and the other man went in, followed by another guy who was replaced by the woman. A guy of about my age joined the queue behind me. The man was out quickly and replaced by the woman and her child. The old woman came out a minute later and the girl went in. She started having a poo and the woman and her child were taking their time of course, so I had about a five minute wait. I was wondering if the guy behind me needed to have a number two as well. He didn't show any signs of being urgent or needing to poo, but then I suppose neither did I!
The girl came out having finished her poo and I got to go in to have mine. I could smell her poo noticeably in the air and the seat was still warm when I sat down. I weed and as my first turd came out the guy went in replacing the mother and child in the other toilet. I knew that, unlike with women, I could tell if he was going to poo just by whether I heard him sit down or not. Sure enough he did need the same thing as me- I heard him lower his jeans and then sit down. After 30 seconds I heard a fart and a plop. I joined in with my second turd, wondering if he could hear me. I heard two more plops and then he left. I had two more to do and then I was done too, and I left feeling much better!


First post

Hi everyone, i've been reading this site for about a month and figured it was time to post something. I'm a 6 foot 2 19 y/o ginger male, very slender build. I'm studying engineering at university and have a diploma in justice. I currently live in a large apartment/penthouse with my best mate Zach, his girlfriend Bella and my girlfriend Jessica. Given that my BMs are average in every way and Zach is out of town at the police accademy (police training) and so is Bella my stories are going to be about the exceptionally unusual BMs Jessica has.

My first story takes place a couple of months ago when Jess first moved in. At the time Bella was with Zach in the city having a 3 day vacation. We'd just finished dinner and were watching a movie (Transformers 1986) when Jess started to squirm a lot. I sat up a little and moved my arms as to say "move if you want to get more comfortable" (she was lying on top of me on the lounge) Yet she didn't seem to want to so i forgot about it. A few minutes later she stood up looking a little phased i asked her if she was ok and she said she just needed to freshen up. I paused the movie and she walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her and i started playing with our cats marky and krieg. It was maybe 5 minutes before Jess shouted to me asking for her phone so i figured she was just taking a selfie or something. I got her phone and knocked on the door she told me to come in and so i did and to my surprise she was on the toilet, panties and jeans on the towl racks. I stood still slightly shocked at first, not that it worried me, i just figured she would have said "im on the toilet". She leaned forth beconing for her phone. I held her phone up and made it look like i was taking a picture. She asserted "**** off Dante". I chuckled to myself and she snatched the phone off of me. Her face cringed a little and i asked if she was alright. She said she was really constipated and wanted me to stay with her in the bathroom. I got my Surface Tab from the living room and laid down in the empty bathtub. A few minutes and several levels of angry birds passed when a loud rumbling indicated the coming storm. She leaned forward and handed me her phone. A short fart echoed from the bowl and suddenly a crackeling sound. It stopped for a moment but i knew something big was coming. Jess leaned over holding her stomach, almost immediately a big splash and a long deep fart came. She stayed in position and farted again. She then leaned forward and raised her butt in the air. From where i was i could see her anus pulsating half open, there was a momentary pause and a surge of diareah followed. It seemed to be endless, occassionally a couple of solid bits would come out but Jess is only 5 foot 4 and only weighs 45kgs (90 lbs) and she seemed to be literally shiting her guts out. It just went on and on until the toilet bowl had a coating of brown and Jess' bum was equally as bad. She wiped and she told me how she

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tim (and Sally)

Helping Sally Go

Hi, guys, Tim here, sorry I haven't been posting regularly, been very busy. Anyway, here is a story from when we were 14 years old. One weekend, Sally called me up and asked me to meet her at the treehouse as she had a problem and needed my help. I said that I would be right over and set off. When I go there, I found Sally sitting on a chair holding her stomach. "What's the matter?" I asked her. "I haven't been able to poop for 7 days straight, and nothing seems to work and I feel all bloated and horrible. I said, "Let's go for a walk. I think I can help you." We walked for a bit and I asked her some questions like what she ate, how she pooped, how hard she pushed, all that stuff. So, once we had found a private spot with bushes, I said, "Let's go behind the bushes so I can help you." When we were out of sight, I said to her, "Take off your pants and undies and lie on your back." Once she did this, I told her to start pushing. She heaved, grunted and squirmed, but it was no use. So I started pushing down on her stomach in a sort of firm massage. She cried out a couple of times from the pain, but it started to work. "PUSH!!" I told her, and a turd began to emerge from her bum hole. It was still not all the way out, though, so I said to her, "Right, now, on the next go I want you to take a deep breath and push very hard. Got it?" She nodded and took a deep breath before pushing out a massive 2-metre long turd , along with some smaller balls and brown mush. She kissed me and said I was the best friend ever. We joked that a baby had just been born, a very large one. We finished the afternoon by stripping naked for a swim in the creek. Before we did, though, we shared a standing pee together against a tree because Sally still needed to pee and I did as well. A pretty good time, I thought to myself.

Just went poop and it smelled like last night's dinner-fajitas! It was nasty.

Bill F

More Emily

I'm going to continue Emily's story today, which I started on page 2300, I think.
So after than gargantuan poop she made on the trail, Emily didn't go again for a while after. On the third day after, was when she told me that she would probably have to poop. I asked her "How bad do you have to go?" She said "Pretty bad, I've had the feeling since school started." I couldn't hear any farts from her, so I thought she was letting out silent ones. I hovered my hand over her butt like last time, but I couldn't feel anything either. She said "I don't have any gas this time, my lunch was a sandwich. I'll let you know if anything happens, as long as I don't poop myself trying to push it out!" The rest of that class was uneventful, and our next class started, where we had a test. Naturally, the room was really quiet. During the test, she tapped me on the shoulder, and winked at me, which meant she had a fart coming. Her face tensed up as she bore down, and she pushed out a long, loud fart that broke the silence. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT. The room was silent once again. I was waiting for her to do the thing most girls would do, which is blame it on me, but she said, in between giggles, "Excuse me." This got the whole class laughing. Even the teacher chuckled a few times before shushing the class back down again. I whispered to her, "Nice one." She said "Yeah, I wish I had more so I could do it again.... Oooh..." Her expression changed as she held her stomach, the need to poop had obviously returned. "On second thought, maybe not." Luckily, it was last period. Emily was finished her test, so she could focus more on holding her poop.
The concentration seemed to have paid off, because she seemed fine when the bell rang. I asked her "Do you want to come by my treehouse for a while?" She said yes, and so off we went. On the way, I asked her "Have you ever had any accidents, besides three days ago?" She said "Pee or poop?" "Pee first." "I can remember four pee accidents. When I was 5, I had three of them. The first one was at home, when I wanted to test how long I could hold it. I drank a lot of water to speed things up, and I had to go really bad after about six hours. Soon after that, a few spurts got out, and I headed to the bathroom before I lost it all. But of course, my dad was in there, so I had to hold it. I couldn't make it, and I started peeing my pants. While peeing myself, I had a brilliant idea to pull my pants down and finish peeing squatting on the floor. The next time was on a road trip, where I started peeing my pants. Somehow I managed to stop peeing, pull my pants down, and finish in a bag. Then at my last school, I couldn't hold it in time for the lunch bell, which was the first time I did the whole pee in my pants. Everyone at school teased me about it, and that's why we moved to this school. The last time was last year, when I was swimming. I had to pee for a long time, but I didn't know where the bathroom was. Eventually I thought it would just be easier to pee in the water, so I did. No one knew, and now the lake has my pee in it!"
I said "Wow, that's a lot. What about poop accidents?" "I've had two poop accidents. One time when I was 6, I had a diarrhea attack out of nowhere. I thought I had to fart. So I pushed to fart, and the fart felt very weird. Suddenly, my pants felt warm where I farted, so I went to a mirror, and there was a big stain on my pants. Before I could freak out, my stomach started hurting really bad, and I 'farted' again. Only it kept coming and coming for a long time. Then I heard dripping on the floor, but I knew I wasn't peeing. i looked at the floor, and there was a brown puddle at my feet, and it got bigger and bigger. I realised I was 'butt-peeing' myself, as I said back then. I tried to stop it, but I couldn't so I ran upstairs, leaving a trail of 'butt-pee', and got into the bathroom. I pulled my pants down, still going, and sat on the toilet with never-ending 'butt-peeing' and farts for the next half-hour. I had to hold my shirt over my nose, it smelled so bad. Once I finally felt done. Me and my parents spent the next two hours cleaning the puddle trail, bathroom, and my pants. I'm lucky that's the only time I've ever 'sharted' as my mom said. The other time was when I was four. All I remember of this one is that I felt a lot heavier than usual, and I was having a lot of fun with my toys. Then I felt the need to poop, but I didn't stop playing, I started squirming and grunting, sometimes farting. My dad came in and could tell I had to poop. He asked me "Emily, do you need to go?" And I said "No!" And went back to playing. Then I really had to poop, and I sat on my foot to keep the poop in. I lifted my butt off my foot to stand up, and I couldn't hold it. It felt really weird, I was pooping without pushing until the poop touched my underwear, then it stopped. It hurt really bad like that, so I pushed as hard as I could and it all came out at once. Then all of a sudden I had to pee, so I ran to the bathroom, where I peed and got cleaned up. Now that I've told my accidents, what about yours?"
I said "You won't believe me, but I've never had an accident not in diapers." She said "Well that's not fair." Then she stopped walking. "Uh oh. I have to go again." I said "Must be all these accident stories." We continued walking, though much slower. I asked her "Can you make it to my treehouse?" She said "Yeah, I think so..." Then I heard a wet fart, and she changed her answer. "Nope, not anymore!" She then turned to go into the dense trees. I followed her and asked "Where are you going?" "To a place where I can squat!" We found a place, and she pulled down her pants and squatted all very quickly. She started peeing first. When she was done, Emily bore down and pushed, and a long fart came out. But nothing after that. She said "Oh no... Is it stuck? She pushed her hardest, but all I could see was a gaping hole. I said "It's stuck, alright." She looked like she was in a lot of pain, so I guessed she wouldn't be able to finish walking to the treehouse. Instead, I told her "I'll see what I can do to get it out."
I told her to lie down on her belly, which she did. I asked her "Can you try pushing now!" She responded with a grunt. I spread her cheeks apart to get a better look at the compacted poop, which looked to be two and a half inches wide. "Wow! That's huge!" Her witty response was "My butt's not that big, is it?" "No, silly, the poop! No wonder you can't push it out!" I asked her to roll onto her back, and she did. I started massaging her stomach. "My mom used to do this when I gto constipated. Let me tell you, it sure helped me. Once I'm done you shouldn't even have to push." As I was massaging her stomach, I heard and felt an immense growl, with a big change of expression from Emily, which told me it was working. I continued massaging, and anither growl came, followed by a fart. She said "It's coming out!" Still massaging, I could then smell it. As she was laying down, her butt was flat on the ground, so her poop couldn't make it very far. She said "My poop is touching the ground, but it's still pushing! It hurts..." So I stopped massaging and told her to roll onto her belly. Doing that freed her poop to keep going, which it did, almost upward. It looked like she was growing a very thick tail. Her poop started curling before it broke in half. Soon the other half hit the ground and she started peeing again. Then she said she was done, and stood up to see her tail. The two halves were each six inches long. Emily then farted again and small ball of poop fell to her feet. After a long silence, she said "Excuse me." And we both laughed. I remembered that I had to pee, so I stood against a tree and went. When I was finished, she hugged me and said "Thank you for helping me again. I'll have to tell mom to massage my stomach instead of those horrible enemas. Hopefully my next poop will be normal and not need any help." I added "And be at the treehouse." "Agreed." And with that, we walked to the treehouse.
See ya next time!


To Dominic

Hi Dominic.....I read your reply to me; thanks....

Yeah....I know the situation you are describing.....where you get an urge to poop.....but it's just so huge and hard that you can't get it through.

That used to happen to me all the time until I got to be about 13-14. But; if the poop was right there where I could feel it.....I would do whatever it took to break it up and get it out.

There's the old mathematician or accountant joke: How did mathematicians manage before they had calculators? They worked it out with a pencil :)

Yup...that was me...except I used my finger.


PS: I need to post sort of a "reference" here to my various "stages" of constipation. There were three....distinctly starting as a very young child and lasting to about age 12.....the second one from age 12-15....and the third...from age 16 to present. I'll get working on that....


For Steven-A

Hi Steven....and thanks for answering my questions about the car trips.....
Urges are sooooo different for me than you (at least back when I was like 8-10-12....
You describe urges as almost the same for pee and poop.....where they are strong and relentless....and **MUST** be addressed.
For me...until I was about 15.....I didn't get much in the way of urges to poop.....I could (and would) just go day after day without going or feeling the need to go.
Maybe; if I was told to sit on the toilet and push...maybe I could go....but somebody had to tell me to do that. Young kids are forgetful....and just need constant reminders.
Only now; as I'm I get urges to poop.....but they aren't the "DO IT NOW OR YOU'RE GONNA POOP YOUR PANTS" kind of the urge to pee. My urges are much more subtle.....and will just go away if I don't make a point to get myself on the toilet.


Anonymous College Guy

Back for now

Whew... sup everybody! Just barely made it in time on the toilet. I was downstairs in the kitchen looking for a snack when the urge hit me out of nowhere, the kind where your anus is pressing to be opened. I ignored it for a couple minutes which was a bad idea lol. I got huge cramps that gave my body chills and I nearly froze while walking like I was about to give labor.. I then waddled up the stairs clenching my cheeks together hoping I could hold this monster in!

Anyway just went and looks like 3 or 4 loose huge logs. Man, you wouldn't believe the dump I took a few days ago though. It was literally the most thickest solid long log I've pooped in awhile, and felt so good slivering out. For some reason though all of my poops have had this faint but musky smell lately, like when you forget to flush and come back to the toilet a few hours later. Ah well I don't mind the smell of my own (or anyone else's non-family) bowel movements.

So sorry I took forever to get back on here, I've been working and it's been taking up all my free time. I guess some good news though is that the stress has made my craps regular again since I'm on some kinda schedule since school ended in Spring.

Now time for some replies:

@Fernando: Hey dude thanks for the acknowledgment! I'll try to cook up some new stories for you soon, just haven't used a public bathroom in a couple weeks. That's cool though that you enjoy using public toilets more than at home like me, in my opinion they're much more fun than being alone. Have you had any recent buddy dumps or witness any loud noises?

@Dominic: Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. Just curious though why was it so awkward pooping next to another man? Was it because you knew who each other were and it was embarrassing hearing farts and plops? Even though I'm really 'outgoing' in public restrooms, I'm sure I'd be shy as well if it was with someone I see everyday.

@Zip: Wow dude that was an awesome post. Your 'fetishes' are right up my alley! That's interesting though how you actually enjoy being watched on the toilet even through the public eye. For some reason I always hunch my back and hang my head so no one can see what I look like. I'll gain some more courage over time I'm sure. Anyways keep up the posts as well, it'd be great if I could have an email pen pal like you who shares the same interests; however these posts will do. :)

Okay I'm not sure who posted it, but someone (a day or 2 ago) talked about sitting in the bathroom being able to see guys in the other stall sit on the toilet and wipe! I'd love to hear more about that if possible since that kind of bathroom set-up is so rare. I've seen reflections of guys wiping but actually seeing it with your bare eyes sounds like a whole nother experience. Hope whoever posted that sees this!

So I was at the gym a couple days ago and went in the lockerroom to take a leak. It was pretty empty except this kid who looked about 18 or 19, a year or so younger than me. His face was extremely startled and embarrassed when he noticed I saw him, and I wondered what exactly his deal was. He wasn't walking towards the toilets or anything, just kinda standing there not sure what to do. To give you an idea he was a VERY attractive hispanic guy, slim figured but not scrawny, had one of those 'tough' cut-out gym shirts on that guys like to wear, some black basketball shorts, long black tube socks, tennishoes, and a dufflebag. To my surprise as I approached the urinal, I saw this guy shyly go in the furthest stall and lock the door. I felt bad for him but at the same time he shouldn't be so embarrassed. I heard him rip off TP to lay on the seat and then a big thud as his butt sat down. I can't tell you how bad I wanted to stay and listen in on this, or perhaps take the stall next to his. But 1. I'd just be sitting in the lockerroom listening like a weirdo and 2. If I took the stall he'd know who it is and would get freaked out, only to pull up his pants and leave.

So I pretty much just washed my hands and left, trying to imagine what sounds were going on as I was approaching my car. In my own experience, most of my buddy dumps have been with less-than-average looking guys or those kind of guys who are careless about everything(neither are a bad thing). So it's really surprising seeing such a young and attractive dude having to take care of his business in a public place.

I have a question for the guys (and girls if they want) on here: which do you prefer, the smell of a dump or the noises that it makes? I always enjoyed the sounds more until a couple weeks ago at that college I was visiting. There were a couple occasions where I walked in the restroom to the most strongest musky smell ever, only to see a guy sitting on the toilet whos responsible for it. I think that smells can tell you a lot more about the guy and just feel much more personal. Now if you can hear the sounds AND smell it, that'd probably stimulate the senses much more.

Well I'm off to clean the house then going to work, take care everyone! Will be checking back here every other day. :)

Hi again. It's been a while since I last posted. Sorry about that. I have a few stories today to share, in a bit.

Abbie: I liked your story about your recent poo after going to the shops. Sorry though to hear you've been constipated lately. Do you find that happens often after returning from a camping trip?

I haven't really been constipated too bad lately, I'm able to do a poo every other day or sometimes after three days. I wouldn't mind going more frequently, but I can live with this. My last poo was on Thursday, so I'll likely do one later on today or maybe tomorrow.

I was just having a lazy morning that day. It was half ten and I wasn't even dressed yet. I started to feel an urge to poo building, so I grabbed some clothes and headed to the toilet. I sat down and after only a short bit I felt the head of a log poke and I started to wee at the same time. I was surprised at how long I weed as I hadn't felt any need to go before sitting down. Anyway, I let the log ease out and then had another that required a bit more pushing. And I finished up with another log that just slid right out. I gave a few more pushes to make sure I was empty, and then wiped myself and flushed.

Let's see what else? Last week I was staying over at Brooke's house. After we ate dinner, we headed upstairs to her room. She said she needed to poo quite badly. She went into her ensuite but left the door open so we could chat whilst she pooed. She lowered her shorts and pink flowery pants to her ankles and sat on the toilet. We chatted for a while and then I could tell she was really trying hard to poo. I could even hear her grunting sometimes. She said, "Sorry. It's been a few days since I last did a poo."

She grunted some more and then she told me she thought the fattest part was out. I could tell she was still concentrating as she wasn't saying much. Finally there was a loud plop and she sighed. But then she bore down and grunted again. "This one's not as wide, at least", she commented.

Some time later, another splash. After sitting for few more minutes, she said she felt more poo inside her, but it was no use trying to push it out. She only had to wipe once because her poos were so dry, then she flushed. She drank a lot of water and tried again later that night before bed. It sounded like she was still having a hard time, but I heard more splashes and plops so I knew she was at least able to go.

Well, I think that's all for now. I'll try to post again sooner than two weeks next time. Bye!

John H

some comments and a story

Hey all.
Just a few comments and a short story for this post.
I am not sure if many people read or enjoy my posts so I may take a break from posting for a while after this one.

Firstly, thanks to the person that posted a list of their favourite stories over the last 17 years.
It really was an excellent post and must have taken a lot of time to put together. I really enjoyed reading back over the stories and finding some other interesting ones along the way.
I may do a post like that but it would take me a while to put such a post together.

As well as enjoying the stories I also found it interesting to see what this forum was like in the past.
It seems to me that there was more of a sense of community between the posters and there was more detail included in the stories a few years back.
I also noticed that there were less surveys.
I have nothing against the people who post or answer surveys but I think that when the same surveys are answered over and over it can get a bit monotonous for the reader.
Maybe there should be a separate page for surveys or something, I don't know.
Would love to hear what others think about this idea.

@Yvonne, I enjoy all the detail you put into your stories.
I really liked your account of the Tupperware party for example.

@Crimson Flash, Thanks for your posts and looking forward to reading the posts about your ex.

I spent some time at home over the last few days and one day in particular I noticed that the toilet got a lot of action over a short period.
My sister was first up.

I had developed a need for a poo so I went and tried the door only to find that it was locked.
She told me that she was taking a poo so I sat in the kitchen while I waited for her to come out.
We only have one bathroom at home so I had to wait.

As soon as she left the bathroom I went in and locked the door.
There was no smell of poo but the window was open.
I sat on the seat which was still warm and released a very enjoyable batch of logs into the toilet.
There may have been no smell when I got in there but there sure was a strong smell when I left the bathroom.

As soon as I got out my dad went in and dropped a smelly load of poop.
It sure was a busy day all round in the bathroom at my house.
That's all for now,
Take care all,

John H

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bill F as always another great story about Emily.

To: Charlotte as always another great pooping story it sounds like had a really good one and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: ??? as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and I bet the shower helped make it easier and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Some Girl great story it sounds like you both had good poops her mainly from the sound of it it sounds like she was pretty desperate to and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tim And Sally as always another great story.

To: Yvonne as always another great story it sounds like you guys had a pretty good time and it sounds like Luke is a very carring person which is very good and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Survey answers (bit late, sorry!)

1. On average, how many times a day do you pee?
About 3-5
2. Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night to pee?
3. Do you ever fart when you pee?
4. Do you ever pee when you poop? If so, is it before, during, or after the poop comes out?
Usually after the first piece, but depends on how desperate I am
5. Is your pee stream loud when you pee?
6. How long does your stream usually last?
10-20 seconds, depending on desperation
7. Ladies, do you ever not wipe after you pee?
8. What do you do when you're desperate to pee?
Jiggle about
9. Are you open to others about peeing (example- telling a friend you have to pee)?
Very open
10. Would you ever let anyone watch you pee?
Close friends and family

1. How far do you pull down your pants and underwear? Knees or ankles?
To my knees if I have privacy, otherwise just enough to go.
2. Do you sometimes soak toilet paper before wiping? It makes cleaning your bottom easier.
3. Did you run out of toilet paper while seated upon the toilet and had to get a new roll yourself?
I always check.
4. Was there a time when you fell asleep on the toilet?
5. If you had a devoted and uderstanding boyfriend/girlfriend, would you let him/her wipe your bottom for you?
6. Do you sometimes talk to people while on the toilet?
I try to avoid it.
7. Did you get walked in/barged in on while sitting on the loo?
Once or twice.
8. When you were potty-trained, did somebody use to wipe your bottom for you?
9. Did you get a picture or video taken of you on the toilet?
10. What do you like to do while sitting on the toilet?
Send text messages.


Response to Tyler + old survey

Yeah, I know about having to use my finger, although I only remember doing that very few times. And I hope you don't mind me pulling up this old survey you wrote, but it seemed really relevant to me, so I figured I'd answer it:

(1) How long has it been since you last pooped?
-Yesterday. Didn't seem to go today (going to bed shortly, so I don't think anything will happen. That could mean I'm constipated -_-)
(2) Do you have daily "sit times" when you sit on the toilet and try; even if you haven't gotten an urge?
-My parents used to make me do this when I was younger. I try this sometimes when I'm constipated. It does work sometimes, but other times it does nothing.
(3) What is your definition of "constipated" ?
-To me it either means I can't go at all, or like I've described before, I can go, it's just really difficult to do so.
(4) Enemas: Are they given by a parent or do you do them yourself?
-When I do need an enema, my parents give it to me. But that's only if it's really bad. I don't need them that regularly, thankfully, and I haven't had one a while. But I do seem to need them occasionally, because there will be times where I don't poop for a few days.
(5) Does your stomach get distended when you haven't been able to poop for a long time?
-I've noticed this a bit, but only if it's been several days. My usual constipated for a day or a couple days isn't going to do it.
(6) Do you know any other kids that are constipated a lot?
-My brother gets constipated sometimes, but not as much as me.
(7) Do you bleed after a large hard poop?
-I have before. Sometimes I'll notice a tiny bit of blood on the toilet paper after a large difficult poop. I've never had hemorrhoids, but I have had an anal tear before...
(8) Do you often clog the toilet when you poop?
-I clog the toilet all the time, even when I'm not constipated. But I usually fix it pretty quickly. I actually clogged the toilet yesterday at my friend's house. It was easy to unclog, but it always gets me a little nervous. I don't want to ruin someone's bathroom...
(9) What does it feel like when you get badly backed up?
-It feels like this big build up of pressure around my butt and in my stomach; I often get cramps too. It's not fun.
(10) If you could "have a wish come true"...would you like it better if our bodies were designed so pooping wasn't necessary?
-Well, sometimes I wish I didn't have to poop, especially when I get constipated and it takes way too much effort (see my last story). But sometimes it's really relieving and satisfying, so I think I would miss it :P
(11) Do you sometimes ignore urges and hold your poop?
-Sometimes I'm guilty of that. Usually it doesn't make me constipated though. It usually just makes me go later.
(12) Either now or when you were younger; does a parent ask to see your poops or check with you to see if you have gone?
-When I was younger they would do this regularly sometimes. Now, my parents have done it recently, but only because I told them I was really constipated. I don't mind it. I am a little embarrassed of the smell sometimes, though. -_-

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Questions for Megan and Yvonne / thoughts on gassy lady

@Megan - I really enjoyed your recent stories about your pooping experiences when out for a meal with your parents and family friends and the one on page 2303 when you were out shopping and a lady came in and released a really big gassy load. I had a few questions for you in relation to them.

It sounds as though you had quite a big load awaiting release when you were eating the meal. This is quite a common event as eating food stimulates the gut to start contracting more. I can see why things were getting urgent by the time you'd finished dessert.. You said the first turd was about a foot long and was followed by two more logs and two pieces.

Did the first turd start emerging as soon as you started peeing? Was part of it sticking out of the water due to it's length or was it coiled up? How thick (roughly) was it? Also, how long and thick were the next two logs and the final two pieces? From your description I presume they slid out quite easily so they weren't uncomfortable to pass.

I've read your story a few times about the gassy lady with brown hair in her thirties using the shop toilet and I had a couple of questions.

Did her gas have a strong smell? Also, was there a café in the shop that you were in (I thought this might be the case if it was e.g. a dept. store)?

The reason I ask is that I have a theory as to what she was experiencing. It seems she had a substantial and urgent load to drop but there was a delay between her sitting on the loo and the farts, splash and then plops that you heard which I find interesting. It suggests to me a certain sequence of events..

My theory is that on a previous occasion such as the day before she may have put off going to the loo - perhaps due to work pressure or some other reason. Due to the natural workings of her gut this would have increased the size of her load awaiting eventual release and also have increased the firmness and width of the "leading end". She probably went out shopping not feeling any urge to go and decided to have a hot drink/snack. After a short while this would have stimulated her bowels to contract more vigorously causing an increasing urge to poop and gas to be propelled into the "fresher" poo further up her colon.

By the time she entered the loo you were using there would likely have been a large firm/hard mass surrounded by gas pressing against her external anal sphincters. I would imagine that at this point there would have been an awful lot of pressure in her bottom and she may have released some gas by accident (causing the audible fart you heard). Especially so if she thought a cubicle was about to become free when she heard your neighbour pulling loo roll and start wiping - anticipation can make the feeling of pressure worse..

It's interesting that she didn't pass more gas as soon she got her knickers down and sat on the loo so fortunately the fart she did whilst waiting must have relieved some of the pressure in her bum. However, I'd imagine the pressure was quite intense and so although there was silence from her cubicle there was almost certainly the head of a very wide turd beginning to slowly emerge. As her anus began to slowly expand around the "head" of this very large turd some gas in her rectum would have escaped under high pressure hence the loud fart that came out a minute after she sat down (that you said would have embarrassed her had she not been in the privacy of a cubicle). The likely reason why you didn't hear gas crackling at this stage is because of the firmness of this portion of the turd she was passing - it was probably like a Bristol scale 2 or a mixture of 2-3. Due to it's firmness the gas would have remained separate.

She probably sighed at this point due to both the discomfort from her anus stretching and the feeling of pressure further up inside her bum. She was probably trying to resist the (understandable) urge to push too strongly/suddenly in case her anal skin got torn while the large turd was slowly emerging (she must have had a good degree of self-discipline). Her anal skin would have continued expanding around the turd and towards the end of the "crowning" process more gas was released from her lower rectum - hence the second fart you heard. There was probably another period of silence as the large turd began to slowly slide out. The crackling that you heard probably heralded the passage of the portion of the log that contained slightly softer poo - e.g. Bristol scale 3-4 then 4. This was soft enough to absorb gas that was then gradually released as the turd continued to emerge.

Shortly after this point it is probable that a foot of poop (perhaps even more) had emerged and a very large chunk (say 10-11 inches)broke off under its own (considerable) weight. The leading edge i.e. the "head" that emerged first was probably only an inch or two above the water when it fell so you may wonder why it made such a loud splash. My view is that the "head" was almost certainly quite wide (probably 2 and 1/2 - 3 inches) and was blunt rather than tapered hence the loud splash it caused.

This would have left a few inches of poo to fall. In the next few seconds more poo would have come out but faster and slightly softer. Although probably not much shorter than the first piece it would have been smoother and a bit less wide and therefore caused a plop rather than the loud splash that it's "big brother"(!) created. In reality what you heard was one huge turd breaking in half during delivery..

It's good that you waited around at this point because she obviously hadn't quite finished. I'd imagine that after relieving herself of such a big load it probably took her a minute or two to start to feel "back to normal" in the "bottom dept.". During this time her bowel would have continued to contract causing her to expel gas and any remaining poo further up hence the two farts and further plop that you heard.

She would indeed have had a messy bum from passing such large and wide turds for a number of reasons:-
a)the "head" and first portion of the first turd stretching her anus
b)the second portion of the first turd was full of gas - hence the crackling you heard as it emerged. As each little pocket of gas escaped it would have taken a small amount of poo with it causing further soiling of her anal area.
c)the second turd although also quite wide would have been softer and would have coated her anus in more poo as it was being passed especially if it too was gassy.

There was probably another reason why she wiped so many times. I would think although not in pain her anus was probably quite "sensitive" as a result of being stretched during the "crowning" process. I'd imagine she used a lot of loo roll for each wipe as extra padding.

I'm glad she got some much needed relief and I thought I'd give my view as to the sequence of events that was occurring. Otherwise it might seem paradoxical to some that a lady who was so desperate to poo took a little while to produce farts/splashes/plops after entering her cubicle. I really enjoy your stories and I hope you keep them coming. Hopefully you could answer my questions about the poo you did during the meal out and the gassy lady I've discussed - that would be great.

@Yvonne - really liked your story about your friend Glenda who was constipated but really needed to go on the last day of the festival. I had a few questions:-
How thick (roughly) was the impacted turd that Glenda passed? How long was it? Was it hard and knobbly at one end and smoother at the other?
You said she passed 4 or 5 turds after the first big one. How long and thick (roughly)was each one? Were some of them gassy?
Did they pile on top of one another? Were they smelly - or not really?

Did you and Glenda have some privacy? I know you said people at the festival pooped in a special part of the woods but when Glenda was pooping out this big load was she behind a bush or hedge or did she just have a tree for cover?

Finally was this "pooping area" deeper into the woods than that used for people who were just peeing? Did you see a lot of turds left by previous users? Anyway, I enjoyed your stories about the festival - I hope you can answer my questions. I'll look forward to hearing more stories from you.

Thanks also to everyone else who posts on here.


The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating

Or, the Cleannness of My Underpants is in the Wiping

I know it may be different for different people, but sitting with my pants and trousers round my ankles is best not only for a complete dump but also for an efficient wipe. Being able to fidget about, and lift my legs up alternatively, means I not only can empty everything out, but also push the paper in at different angles.

I rarely have soiled underpants (except of course occasionally after a wet fart.)

Incidentally, on the question 'Do you sometimes talk to people while on the toilet?' I always say 'Excuse me' if I fart during the process, in case a sitter in an adjacent cublicle hears me. That's really the only conversation I have.

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