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More Emily

I'm going to continue Emily's story today, which I started on page 2300, I think.
So after than gargantuan poop she made on the trail, Emily didn't go again for a while after. On the third day after, was when she told me that she would probably have to poop. I asked her "How bad do you have to go?" She said "Pretty bad, I've had the feeling since school started." I couldn't hear any farts from her, so I thought she was letting out silent ones. I hovered my hand over her butt like last time, but I couldn't feel anything either. She said "I don't have any gas this time, my lunch was a sandwich. I'll let you know if anything happens, as long as I don't poop myself trying to push it out!" The rest of that class was uneventful, and our next class started, where we had a test. Naturally, the room was really quiet. During the test, she tapped me on the shoulder, and winked at me, which meant she had a fart coming. Her face tensed up as she bore down, and she pushed out a long, loud fart that broke the silence. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT. The room was silent once again. I was waiting for her to do the thing most girls would do, which is blame it on me, but she said, in between giggles, "Excuse me." This got the whole class laughing. Even the teacher chuckled a few times before shushing the class back down again. I whispered to her, "Nice one." She said "Yeah, I wish I had more so I could do it again.... Oooh..." Her expression changed as she held her stomach, the need to poop had obviously returned. "On second thought, maybe not." Luckily, it was last period. Emily was finished her test, so she could focus more on holding her poop.
The concentration seemed to have paid off, because she seemed fine when the bell rang. I asked her "Do you want to come by my treehouse for a while?" She said yes, and so off we went. On the way, I asked her "Have you ever had any accidents, besides three days ago?" She said "Pee or poop?" "Pee first." "I can remember four pee accidents. When I was 5, I had three of them. The first one was at home, when I wanted to test how long I could hold it. I drank a lot of water to speed things up, and I had to go really bad after about six hours. Soon after that, a few spurts got out, and I headed to the bathroom before I lost it all. But of course, my dad was in there, so I had to hold it. I couldn't make it, and I started peeing my pants. While peeing myself, I had a brilliant idea to pull my pants down and finish peeing squatting on the floor. The next time was on a road trip, where I started peeing my pants. Somehow I managed to stop peeing, pull my pants down, and finish in a bag. Then at my last school, I couldn't hold it in time for the lunch bell, which was the first time I did the whole pee in my pants. Everyone at school teased me about it, and that's why we moved to this school. The last time was last year, when I was swimming. I had to pee for a long time, but I didn't know where the bathroom was. Eventually I thought it would just be easier to pee in the water, so I did. No one knew, and now the lake has my pee in it!"
I said "Wow, that's a lot. What about poop accidents?" "I've had two poop accidents. One time when I was 6, I had a diarrhea attack out of nowhere. I thought I had to fart. So I pushed to fart, and the fart felt very weird. Suddenly, my pants felt warm where I farted, so I went to a mirror, and there was a big stain on my pants. Before I could freak out, my stomach started hurting really bad, and I 'farted' again. Only it kept coming and coming for a long time. Then I heard dripping on the floor, but I knew I wasn't peeing. i looked at the floor, and there was a brown puddle at my feet, and it got bigger and bigger. I realised I was 'butt-peeing' myself, as I said back then. I tried to stop it, but I couldn't so I ran upstairs, leaving a trail of 'butt-pee', and got into the bathroom. I pulled my pants down, still going, and sat on the toilet with never-ending 'butt-peeing' and farts for the next half-hour. I had to hold my shirt over my nose, it smelled so bad. Once I finally felt done. Me and my parents spent the next two hours cleaning the puddle trail, bathroom, and my pants. I'm lucky that's the only time I've ever 'sharted' as my mom said. The other time was when I was four. All I remember of this one is that I felt a lot heavier than usual, and I was having a lot of fun with my toys. Then I felt the need to poop, but I didn't stop playing, I started squirming and grunting, sometimes farting. My dad came in and could tell I had to poop. He asked me "Emily, do you need to go?" And I said "No!" And went back to playing. Then I really had to poop, and I sat on my foot to keep the poop in. I lifted my butt off my foot to stand up, and I couldn't hold it. It felt really weird, I was pooping without pushing until the poop touched my underwear, then it stopped. It hurt really bad like that, so I pushed as hard as I could and it all came out at once. Then all of a sudden I had to pee, so I ran to the bathroom, where I peed and got cleaned up. Now that I've told my accidents, what about yours?"
I said "You won't believe me, but I've never had an accident not in diapers." She said "Well that's not fair." Then she stopped walking. "Uh oh. I have to go again." I said "Must be all these accident stories." We continued walking, though much slower. I asked her "Can you make it to my treehouse?" She said "Yeah, I think so..." Then I heard a wet fart, and she changed her answer. "Nope, not anymore!" She then turned to go into the dense trees. I followed her and asked "Where are you going?" "To a place where I can squat!" We found a place, and she pulled down her pants and squatted all very quickly. She started peeing first. When she was done, Emily bore down and pushed, and a long fart came out. But nothing after that. She said "Oh no... Is it stuck? She pushed her hardest, but all I could see was a gaping hole. I said "It's stuck, alright." She looked like she was in a lot of pain, so I guessed she wouldn't be able to finish walking to the treehouse. Instead, I told her "I'll see what I can do to get it out."
I told her to lie down on her belly, which she did. I asked her "Can you try pushing now!" She responded with a grunt. I spread her cheeks apart to get a better look at the compacted poop, which looked to be two and a half inches wide. "Wow! That's huge!" Her witty response was "My butt's not that big, is it?" "No, silly, the poop! No wonder you can't push it out!" I asked her to roll onto her back, and she did. I started massaging her stomach. "My mom used to do this when I gto constipated. Let me tell you, it sure helped me. Once I'm done you shouldn't even have to push." As I was massaging her stomach, I heard and felt an immense growl, with a big change of expression from Emily, which told me it was working. I continued massaging, and anither growl came, followed by a fart. She said "It's coming out!" Still massaging, I could then smell it. As she was laying down, her butt was flat on the ground, so her poop couldn't make it very far. She said "My poop is touching the ground, but it's still pushing! It hurts..." So I stopped massaging and told her to roll onto her belly. Doing that freed her poop to keep going, which it did, almost upward. It looked like she was growing a very thick tail. Her poop started curling before it broke in half. Soon the other half hit the ground and she started peeing again. Then she said she was done, and stood up to see her tail. The two halves were each six inches long. Emily then farted again and small ball of poop fell to her feet. After a long silence, she said "Excuse me." And we both laughed. I remembered that I had to pee, so I stood against a tree and went. When I was finished, she hugged me and said "Thank you for helping me again. I'll have to tell mom to massage my stomach instead of those horrible enemas. Hopefully my next poop will be normal and not need any help." I added "And be at the treehouse." "Agreed." And with that, we walked to the treehouse.
See ya next time!



When I go to the ladies room at school I usually wipe the seat put a seat cover down sit on the potty and go. My mommy taught me when i was younger since she knew when I pee my stream splits and sprays so she taught me to sit when going toilet. I change my maxi pads and tampons too while sitting. I also ice skate so girls you know its a pain trying to undo the body suit the skirt and pulling down your tights to use a toilet while during ice lessons. I usually try to leave my skates on and put a blade protector on them to walk to the ladies room. I'm a shorter girl but on skates its still hard to sit on a toilet wearing skates so I usually try to use the handicap stall with a higher wall mounted potty. I still have to move myself up onto the toilet with my skates on my tip toes. its hard being short!

A few days ago I really had to take a dump. I went to my bathroom and pulled my panties and pants down to my ankles. To make it feel even better when it came I tried holding it longer but I couldn't take it and started to go. It easily came out without any effort. I looked in the bowl and there was a long 8 inch crap it was soft and kinda twisted up on itself. It felt really good passing it but took a tn of tp to clean up!

Just went to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and farted and shitted at the same time. Not a very large amount tho.


Needing to poop

Earlier today, I had to poo. We were at the store all day but I didn't feel the urge until I got home. Problem was, my family was all taking quick showers. My brother took a shower first. While he did that, I sat on the chair "criss-crossed" with my butt clamped as I could feel the turd poking out. Next my sister showered. Followed by my mother. My father was last, and he had to've taken....40 minutes in the shower. The entire time I was fighting to make sure I didn't poop myself. He finally got out and I went in, hoping to take the dump I had been building up for the past few days. Of course, on my way in, my dad yelled, "Don't lock it, all of us need to brush our teeth!" I listened to him and didn't lock it. I hopped in the shower skipping my long needed poop for now. While I waited for my brother and sister to come and brush their teeth I decided to let a -little- relief out by getting rid of some gas and peeing in the shower. My brother came in along with my sister. While brushing he said, "This room stinks. ??? must've farted." I was embarrassed. Anyways, he left followed by my mother and father who brushed their teeth. After that I was finally ready to take a dump. I locked the door, hopped out of my shower, dried off as no one likes to poop on a toilet wet, and sat on the toilet. It took a second, and my butt had to open wide, but I pushed out a first turd. I looked in between my legs and saw a floater about an inch wide and an inch long. The second turd was similar. The third turd required a bit of pushing, though. The third one was followed by a big plop. I dropped 2-4 more similar turds. I looked at what I made. It consisted of a few floaters and sinkers, all ragged. It didn't stink as bad as it normally does. Anyways, I flushed and hopped back into the shower. I didn't feel completely emptied so I'm going to go try to get the rest out. I'll see what I can do. :)
Love the site :)


Couple of surveys!

Unknown Dumper's Survey:
1. How far do you pull down your pants and underwear? Normally down to my ankles.

2. Do you sometimes soak toilet paper before wiping? Nope, never have.

3. Did you run out of toilet paper while seated upon the toilet and had to get a new roll yourself? I've never had to get up off the toilet to get a new roll. It's usually just beside the toilet and I grab a new roll to put on the dispenser.

4. Was there a time when you fell asleep on the toilet? Never.

5. If you had a devoted and uderstanding boyfriend/girlfriend, would you let him/her wipe your bottom for you? I don't think so.

6. Do you sometimes talk to people while on the toilet? I've texted people on the rare occasion, and when I was in high school, I would sometimes talk to my friend who was waiting for me.

7. Did you get walked in/barged in on while sitting on the loo? No.

8. When you were potty-trained, did somebody use to wipe your bottom for you? Probably..don't most kids need help with that?

9. Did you get a picture or video taken of you on the toilet? No.

10. What do you like to do while sitting on the toilet? Read, play games on my phone
Diarreah survey:

1. Have you ever had diarrhea with no warning at all? Not that I can recall.

2. Have you ever been sick from both ends at the same time? No, thank goodness.

3. Do you struggle to control your bowels when you have diarrhea? No.

4. Have you ever gone to fart and accidentally messed yourself instead? Maybe once or twice.

5. Have you ever had the runs on holiday? Not that I can recall. Most times, I don't go at all when I'm on holiday.

6. Have you ever had an embarrassing moment whilst having diarrhea in a public bathroom? No.

7. Would you rather have watery diarrhea or be constipated? Constipated.

8. How do you feel in between each trip to the bathroom? After the first trip, I'm still pretty icky feeling, but after each trip after that, I start feeling much better.

9. Have you ever had diarrhea at school or college? No. I had the stomach cramps and all, but I managed to hold it all in until I got home.

10. Have you ever had diarrhea at work? Yes...once, I think.

11. Have you had diarrhea at the same time as your partner? I don't have a partner.

12. What normally gives you diarrhea? Indian food, too much dairy, A&W

13. Do you take Imodium or let it all flow through? I usually just let it take its course. I've taken Imodium only twice.

14. Does having a runny stomach upset you? It can.

15. Who would you feel comfortable telling that you had ???? trouble? No one, really. Maybe my best friend.

16. Have you ever take too many laxatives? Never taken laxatives, just stool softeners.

17. Have you ever had diarrhea on a plane? Nope.

18. Have you ever felt a bout of diarrhea coming on whilst swimming? All the time when I was a kid -.-

19. Do you feel empty when you've taken a runny poop? Not right away. It usually takes a couple trips to the bathroom.

20. Do you fart a lot when you have the squirts? Yes.

1) When having diarrhea is it wet/chunkey/watery/or other(please explain)It can be all of the above.

2) Do you get diarrhea or constipation more? Constipation.

3) Does your stomach hurt before getting diarrhea? Yes, very badly.

4)Are you comfortable going diarrhea in a public restroom? Yes. I've done it before.

5) Have you had diarrhea today? No.

6)How do you wipe when you get Diarrhea? Like I would any other poop...just wad up the toilet paper and just go for it!

7)Do you hold your stomach when you get diarrhea? Sometimes.

8)While having diarrhea what do you do? Just sit on the toilet letting it all flow out.

9) What do you do when you have diarrhea in a public restroom? Same as I would doing any other kind of poop.

10)When you get diarrhea have you ever gotten up and relised you weren't done? No.

11)On a scale of 1-10 how bad does your diarrhea stink? 8ish...

12)Does your diarrhea ever clog or overflow the toilet? No.

13)What foods cause you to get diarrhea? Indian food, too much dairy, A&W

14) In public bathrooms, do you ever not flush your diarrhea because you want others to see what you have done? No.

15) On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad does your t??? ache before having diarrhea? About 8.

16)Do you enjoy diarrhea? No.

17) How often do you get diarrhea? Not that often. Every few weeks to a month...


To Dominic

Hi Dominic.....I read your reply to me; thanks....

Yeah....I know the situation you are describing.....where you get an urge to poop.....but it's just so huge and hard that you can't get it through.

That used to happen to me all the time until I got to be about 13-14. But; if the poop was right there where I could feel it.....I would do whatever it took to break it up and get it out.

There's the old mathematician or accountant joke: How did mathematicians manage before they had calculators? They worked it out with a pencil :)

Yup...that was me...except I used my finger.


PS: I need to post sort of a "reference" here to my various "stages" of constipation. There were three....distinctly starting as a very young child and lasting to about age 12.....the second one from age 12-15....and the third...from age 16 to present. I'll get working on that....


Re: Wii Pee

Hi Shelly, that was a great story you wrote! Welcome to toiletstool by the way.

Was that the first accident you've had or have you had more before that one?

Hope you have more stories to come!

Just went poop and it smelled like last night's dinner-fajitas! It was nasty.


For Steven-A

Hi Steven....and thanks for answering my questions about the car trips.....
Urges are sooooo different for me than you (at least back when I was like 8-10-12....
You describe urges as almost the same for pee and poop.....where they are strong and relentless....and **MUST** be addressed.
For me...until I was about 15.....I didn't get much in the way of urges to poop.....I could (and would) just go day after day without going or feeling the need to go.
Maybe; if I was told to sit on the toilet and push...maybe I could go....but somebody had to tell me to do that. Young kids are forgetful....and just need constant reminders.
Only now; as I'm I get urges to poop.....but they aren't the "DO IT NOW OR YOU'RE GONNA POOP YOUR PANTS" kind of the urge to pee. My urges are much more subtle.....and will just go away if I don't make a point to get myself on the toilet.



Recent bout with constipation

Recent bout with constipation

Just wanted to share a bit about my last time being badly constipated, which was just about a week ago. I was on vacation with my family and a couple friends and I tend to get constipated on vacation, as I mentioned in Tyler's survey. But this time it was getting bad because I hadn't gotten an urge in a couple days. Usually when I'm constipated I do get urges.

I could tell that my stomach was getting a little distended because I had been eating a lot those few days, but nothing was coming out. I was going to avoid telling anyone, but on the third day I decided that I had to say something because literally nothing was happening, so I told my mom that I hadn't pooped in a couple days and had a headache (which I sometimes get from being constipated). My mom has dealt with my constipation issues a lot, but we didn't really have any resources this time. I forgot to bring any kind of fiber supplement, which I normally would have. So she didn't really know what to do, but she wanted to make sure I had enough time to go to the bathroom (lots of driving on this trip).

So when we stopped at a rest stop, I attempted to go, but I couldn't get anything out except a few farts. I had to embarrassingly tell my mom that I wasn't successful. But, later that day, I finally felt an urge when we stopped at a CVS pharmacy. I could tell by the urge that it was going to be big and hard, but I had to try. So I went to the mens' bathroom (one stall, one urinal outside it) and sat down on the toilet. I really wanted to make sure I took advantage of this urge, so I started pushing right away, but all I could do was a little pee and some farts. But I was determined so I kept pushing and grunting and I could feel my anus dilating, but nothing was coming out yet. I held my breath and pushed again. This went on for a while, but finally I could feel a big hard turd starting to come out. I wanted to make sure it wouldn't go back in so I pushed hard and made kind of a moaning noise. It took a while, but it moved out slowly and finally that first hard turd dropped in the toilet. I was panting quite a bit after that.

Unfortunately, the next bit wasn't much better and I had to really struggle to get it out. It wasn't as big though thankfully, but it was a lot of small hard turds. Finally, it started getting softer and I quickly pushed out the rest. I must've been in there over 20 minutes and the room was kind of warm so I was sweating too. Someone briefly walked in while I was in there and then walked out. lol

But I looked in the toilet and I saw a huge pile of poop. One giant turd, several smaller ones, and then some soft stuff on top of that. My anus was pretty sore after that but I was so glad to have gotten that out. I didn't want to return to my parents red-faced, though, so after flushing, I cooled my face off with water and then left.

They knew what happened though because I had been gone so long, but I think they were glad that I finally got it out. I hate pooping like this, but I do like the relief afterward.

Crimson Flash

Another ex story

Anatomy student, great story about your ex girlfriend and her habits. Post more stories if you have any. It reminded me of my ex that I have posted about here. (On page 2273, I wrote about seeing her poop in the toilet for the first time and more recently as desperate girl #3 on page 2300 for those interested), only my ex was the exact opposite of yours. She regularly pooped three times a a day- in the morning, later around midday, and again later towards the evening, usually after she ate. She loved to eat, but was not overweight, so I assume that explains it. It was great because she was so open about bathroom stuff.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Christina Is The Name first welcome to the site and great story about your friend Ashley pooping and peeing in your bosses office hopefuluy you both can find better jobs soon and please post anymore stotries you may have thanks.

To: Lauren it sounds like you had the day from hell hopefuly the laxative didnt last to long and luckily it didnt happen in your van but unluckily it happened in your pants and as always I look forward to your next peeing story thanks.

To: Anonymous Woman great peeing story please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: ??? as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kassie great story it sounds like you had a really good cleanout and I bet you felt pretty good once you were finaly done and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sarah great story.

To: Anatomy Student great story about your girlfriend.

To: Shannon great pee story.

To: Lanky White Kid great story about you hearing your friend Jackie pooping it sounds like she was pretty desperate and had a really great poop to.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Some Girl
This past year at school, I became friends with a new girl in our class. She was born in Germany and her family just recently moved here. She speaks pretty good English, but with a noticeable accent. We became friends fairly quickly and soon she had become part of our circle of friends.

Well, one day I was going to go over to her house after school. When classes got out I met her at her locker. She said she we had to hurry to her house because she needed to go to the toilet bad. The toilets at our school are horrible and we never use them if we can avoid it. It was only a five minute walk to her house, but by the time we got there, I knew she was very desperate to go. I had to go also, but not nearly as badly as she did.

We went straight to the bathroom when we got to her house. She quickly yanked down her jean shorts and blue panties down to her ankles and nearly threw herself on the toilet. Right away, I heard a loud crackling and a plop soon after. Over the next few minutes, she continued to have a very noisy poop. Lots of splashes, plops, farts, and crackling. The smell was also very awful. Their bathroom was tiny so I was just inches from her, and with the door closed and no window, there was nowhere for the smell to go. The extractor fan was not helping even in the slightest either.

Finally she finished and started to wipe. I said something like "Wow. You really had to go, didn't you?" And she said, "Yes. I did not make poop for three days." She wiped a bunch of times and flushed the toilet twice.

It was then my turn. I lowered my pants and black thong to my knees and sat. I peed while she washed her hands. I thought that was all I needed, but I surprised myself by pushing out a single turd. I waited to see if there was more, but that was it. I wiped my front and back and flushed and washed my hands.



Great Story. tell us what happened next. And have you ever tried the poop in the flaming bag trick?

Tim (and Sally)

Answers to Unknown Dumper

This survey by Unknown Dumper interested me, so I thought I'd answer it.

1. How far do you pull down your pants and underwear? Knees or ankles?
Down to my thighs/knees but NO further down.
2. Do you sometimes soak toilet paper before wiping? It makes cleaning your bottom easier. No, I've never done that. Can't see the point in that, as that's what wet wipes are for.
3. Did you run out of toilet paper while seated upon the toilet and had to get a new roll yourself? Yes but only on a very few occasions. I always make sure when I enter a bathroom to go for a poo that there is ample supply of loo roll.
4. Was there a time when you fell asleep on the toilet? Never.
5. If you had a devoted and uderstanding boyfriend/girlfriend, would you let him/her wipe your bottom for you? Maybe.
6. Do you sometimes talk to people while on the toilet? Oh yeah, about a month ago I was with a female friend and I really had a bad stomachache that day that needed me to take my time on the loo to have a really good poo and I gave her a near running commentary of my poo I was having. She didn't mind me talking to her while I was plopping, farting and grunting in between.
7. Did you get walked in/barged in on while sitting on the loo? Yep, a few years ago when I was in the loo at the mall, the lock was kind of busted but I needed a poo so bad I risked it. Anyway while I was on the loo with my shorts down to my knees a lady walks in with her baby wanting to change its nappy. I was really having a noisy, rather smelly poo at the time and she said sorry before closing the door and letting me get on with having a poo.
8. When you were potty-trained, did somebody use to wipe your bottom for you? Yep my mum.
9. Did you get a picture or video taken of you on the toilet? When I was a little kid oh god yeah.
10. What do you like to do while sitting on the toilet? Reading, texting and just basically having a lovely, satisfying poo.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Questions for Megan and Yvonne / thoughts on gassy lady

@Megan - I really enjoyed your recent stories about your pooping experiences when out for a meal with your parents and family friends and the one on page 2303 when you were out shopping and a lady came in and released a really big gassy load. I had a few questions for you in relation to them.

It sounds as though you had quite a big load awaiting release when you were eating the meal. This is quite a common event as eating food stimulates the gut to start contracting more. I can see why things were getting urgent by the time you'd finished dessert.. You said the first turd was about a foot long and was followed by two more logs and two pieces.

Did the first turd start emerging as soon as you started peeing? Was part of it sticking out of the water due to it's length or was it coiled up? How thick (roughly) was it? Also, how long and thick were the next two logs and the final two pieces? From your description I presume they slid out quite easily so they weren't uncomfortable to pass.

I've read your story a few times about the gassy lady with brown hair in her thirties using the shop toilet and I had a couple of questions.

Did her gas have a strong smell? Also, was there a café in the shop that you were in (I thought this might be the case if it was e.g. a dept. store)?

The reason I ask is that I have a theory as to what she was experiencing. It seems she had a substantial and urgent load to drop but there was a delay between her sitting on the loo and the farts, splash and then plops that you heard which I find interesting. It suggests to me a certain sequence of events..

My theory is that on a previous occasion such as the day before she may have put off going to the loo - perhaps due to work pressure or some other reason. Due to the natural workings of her gut this would have increased the size of her load awaiting eventual release and also have increased the firmness and width of the "leading end". She probably went out shopping not feeling any urge to go and decided to have a hot drink/snack. After a short while this would have stimulated her bowels to contract more vigorously causing an increasing urge to poop and gas to be propelled into the "fresher" poo further up her colon.

By the time she entered the loo you were using there would likely have been a large firm/hard mass surrounded by gas pressing against her external anal sphincters. I would imagine that at this point there would have been an awful lot of pressure in her bottom and she may have released some gas by accident (causing the audible fart you heard). Especially so if she thought a cubicle was about to become free when she heard your neighbour pulling loo roll and start wiping - anticipation can make the feeling of pressure worse..

It's interesting that she didn't pass more gas as soon she got her knickers down and sat on the loo so fortunately the fart she did whilst waiting must have relieved some of the pressure in her bum. However, I'd imagine the pressure was quite intense and so although there was silence from her cubicle there was almost certainly the head of a very wide turd beginning to slowly emerge. As her anus began to slowly expand around the "head" of this very large turd some gas in her rectum would have escaped under high pressure hence the loud fart that came out a minute after she sat down (that you said would have embarrassed her had she not been in the privacy of a cubicle). The likely reason why you didn't hear gas crackling at this stage is because of the firmness of this portion of the turd she was passing - it was probably like a Bristol scale 2 or a mixture of 2-3. Due to it's firmness the gas would have remained separate.

She probably sighed at this point due to both the discomfort from her anus stretching and the feeling of pressure further up inside her bum. She was probably trying to resist the (understandable) urge to push too strongly/suddenly in case her anal skin got torn while the large turd was slowly emerging (she must have had a good degree of self-discipline). Her anal skin would have continued expanding around the turd and towards the end of the "crowning" process more gas was released from her lower rectum - hence the second fart you heard. There was probably another period of silence as the large turd began to slowly slide out. The crackling that you heard probably heralded the passage of the portion of the log that contained slightly softer poo - e.g. Bristol scale 3-4 then 4. This was soft enough to absorb gas that was then gradually released as the turd continued to emerge.

Shortly after this point it is probable that a foot of poop (perhaps even more) had emerged and a very large chunk (say 10-11 inches)broke off under its own (considerable) weight. The leading edge i.e. the "head" that emerged first was probably only an inch or two above the water when it fell so you may wonder why it made such a loud splash. My view is that the "head" was almost certainly quite wide (probably 2 and 1/2 - 3 inches) and was blunt rather than tapered hence the loud splash it caused.

This would have left a few inches of poo to fall. In the next few seconds more poo would have come out but faster and slightly softer. Although probably not much shorter than the first piece it would have been smoother and a bit less wide and therefore caused a plop rather than the loud splash that it's "big brother"(!) created. In reality what you heard was one huge turd breaking in half during delivery..

It's good that you waited around at this point because she obviously hadn't quite finished. I'd imagine that after relieving herself of such a big load it probably took her a minute or two to start to feel "back to normal" in the "bottom dept.". During this time her bowel would have continued to contract causing her to expel gas and any remaining poo further up hence the two farts and further plop that you heard.

She would indeed have had a messy bum from passing such large and wide turds for a number of reasons:-
a)the "head" and first portion of the first turd stretching her anus
b)the second portion of the first turd was full of gas - hence the crackling you heard as it emerged. As each little pocket of gas escaped it would have taken a small amount of poo with it causing further soiling of her anal area.
c)the second turd although also quite wide would have been softer and would have coated her anus in more poo as it was being passed especially if it too was gassy.

There was probably another reason why she wiped so many times. I would think although not in pain her anus was probably quite "sensitive" as a result of being stretched during the "crowning" process. I'd imagine she used a lot of loo roll for each wipe as extra padding.

I'm glad she got some much needed relief and I thought I'd give my view as to the sequence of events that was occurring. Otherwise it might seem paradoxical to some that a lady who was so desperate to poo took a little while to produce farts/splashes/plops after entering her cubicle. I really enjoy your stories and I hope you keep them coming. Hopefully you could answer my questions about the poo you did during the meal out and the gassy lady I've discussed - that would be great.

@Yvonne - really liked your story about your friend Glenda who was constipated but really needed to go on the last day of the festival. I had a few questions:-
How thick (roughly) was the impacted turd that Glenda passed? How long was it? Was it hard and knobbly at one end and smoother at the other?
You said she passed 4 or 5 turds after the first big one. How long and thick (roughly)was each one? Were some of them gassy?
Did they pile on top of one another? Were they smelly - or not really?

Did you and Glenda have some privacy? I know you said people at the festival pooped in a special part of the woods but when Glenda was pooping out this big load was she behind a bush or hedge or did she just have a tree for cover?

Finally was this "pooping area" deeper into the woods than that used for people who were just peeing? Did you see a lot of turds left by previous users? Anyway, I enjoyed your stories about the festival - I hope you can answer my questions. I'll look forward to hearing more stories from you.

Thanks also to everyone else who posts on here.

Tim (and Sally)

A Walk in the Park

Hi, Tim here with another story from my childhood, this time from when we were 11 years old. Sally and I were taking a walk together in a nearby national park. We had had lots of water to drink and food when we stopped for lunch. About an hour after lunch, Sally stopped and said to me, "Tim, I need to pee." So we went over to a rock, unzipped our pants and peed standing side by side for about a minute. When we were done, we zipped up and kept walking. After a while, Sally grabbed her stomach and said, "Tim, I need a poo." I asked her, "Can you wait?" and she just shook her head. Then I saw a wooden railing up ahead, and below it was a ditch. "Why don't we sit on the railing to poop, since there's ditch below it?" I asked, and Sally just nodded. So we ran to the pole. Sally undid her belt as fast as she could, unzipped her blue skinny jeans, pushed them down to her ankles, then grabbed her pink undies and dropped them down to her ankles also. I followed, dropping my jeans, no undies, to my ankles. We sat side by side, chatting away. There was no pee, as we had already gone pee about 30 minutes before, so there was only poo inside. Sally splattered diarrhoea, and I dropped semi-solid brown mush. Just as we were finishing up, another girl came racing up to the pole, whipped up her skirt, yanked down her orange panties, and sat between Sally and I, releasing a massive pee which went on for 2 minutes without stopping. We sat there in stunned silence. "Oh, sorry, I just couldn't wait any longer." she said. "By the way, my name's Emma." We introduced ourselves and agreed to walk back with her. On the way back, we found a deserted lake and, because it was a hot day and we had no swimmers with us, the three of us stripped naked for a swim. While we were swimming, Sally and I showed Emma how to pee standing up, as we had had lots of water while walking to the lake and we both needed to go again. A pretty good walk in the park, I thought to myself.


Two occasions when I wish I hadn't been seen on the throne. When I have to leave home very early, the fruit inside me is often not ripe for picking, meaning I have to stop on the way.

1 I know the time when I get the urge, and have half an hour's leeway either side. I stopped for a cup of coffee at a transport cafe, having checked that there were toilets, and afterwards I adjourned to the 'facilities'. There was no lock on the door, but I swallowed my pride, and it was well endowed with toilet paper, and there was soap, hot water and a hand dryer. So I wiped the seat, pulled down trousers and underpants, pushed my penis inside for a wee. Then I clasped my hands, and ... relaxation! The sound of the plops below me was my version of Handel's Water Music.

Then I heard footsteps. So what? Another guy wanting to do the same as me, I thought. But it was a WOMAN, with a mop, to clean the floor. 'Sorry luv', and she went out. I know it must be an awful job for cleaners, and most toilet cleaners in the UK are women. I always make sure that I leave the inside of the toilet clean, with a number of flushes if necessary.

I wiped my bottom properly, flushed, and when I found it was clean inside, I made myself look decent, and then washed my hands thoroughly, dried them, and departed. I made a quick exist from the cafe, not looking at anybody, and resumed my journey.

2 The other occasion was more recent. I had an appointment on a Monday not far from the coast on the east of England. I decided to go early on the Sunday morning, to explore the area, and stop somewhere over night at my own expense. I drove roughly 200 miles without stopping, and when I got to a small seaside resort I decided to stop. I knew it was likely that there would be public toilets. It was a nice day, and a lot of people had taken the chance of a day at the coast. Car parks were full, and I had to park about a mile away. A good walk does me good, after being cramped in the car after a long journey. It also caused an awakening in my nether regions, and I wondered if I could make it. Thankfully, I found the men's toilets near to the harbour. I'd taken my toilet bag with me, and some paper. I didn't know how well it would be endowed with basic necessities. Fortunately there was a vacant cubicle. But no lock on the door. I went in, wiped the seat with one hand, undoing my trousers with the other hand, and had rarely been more glad to sit my bottom on a toilet seat. I had an erection, which meant that my manhood was sticking out.

Then the door opened, and a little girl came in. She went out quickly, but I think the grown-up man she was with should have checked first. I finished, and wiped, flushed, re-trousered, washed my hands and left.

I don't like it when small girls are taken into a men's toilet, which happens quite often if I am standing at a urinal.


Chard Festival

This is one of the best festivals to visit in my area. Its just five miles from Ilminster so easy to get to and not in the least expensive. All the check out girls went as they did every year. John and myself had to use our two cars because we were taking our friends, the holiday makers, Beryl and her husband Ted and their three kids, Tally, Kristi and Rick. John took Luke, Ted and Rick in his car whilst I had Beryl, Kristi and Beth with me.

The festival is a permanent fixture every year, it has everything, a fun-fair for the kids, punch & Judy shows, there are cattle and dog exhibitions and shows, show jumping competitions, something for everybody. Its a great day out for the family. We all met with the check out girls at the show and then seemed to split into groups as people do. Luke and Tally came with me to watch the show jumpers. We must have been watching for a couple of hours when Tally whispered to me she needed to go to the toilet. I was feeling that way myself and we were about to tell Luke when he told me he had to go to the toilet.

The toilets are on the far side of the festival grounds so I suggested we went into the woods, they were so much nearer. Tally blushed a little, she and Luke have seemed to like each other a lot since they met but she was shy about going with him there. Luke seemed to realize her embarrassment and told me he'd go a little further away from us. We all found a nice secluded glade. Luke was about ten feet away from Tally and me as he slipped his jeans down and squatted low. Tally and me both took our jeans and panties down side by side.

Tally gave a gasp and pooped once. I glanced at her and then, looking down, I could see she had stained her panties a little. She looked at me and said she had diarrhea a bit. I was straining hard then, crouching as low as I could, hands pushed into my stomach as I tried to poop. I had been a little constipated for a couple of days and I was really having to push to get anything out. Tally was crouched low but had no need to strain at all. I realized that we were all there with nothing to wipe with.

"Luke, honey," I called out.

"Yes, Mum," he answered glancing over his shoulder at me.

"Can you find something for Tally and me to wipe our bums with when you are finished please."

"Sure, Mum," Luke called back.

As Tally and I crouched pooping together we watched as Luke straightened up and pulled his Y fronts and jeans up without wiping. He tramped away and bending pulled up several large dock leaves. He came over to us and by now Tally had no embarrassment, actually her stomach was so bad I don't think she cared less that it was my son staring down at her. I had finished and taking one of the leaves I wiped my bum. It only took one leaf I was so dry and my turds had slid out without leaving a mess. Tally had to use all the leafs that Luke had left, and then bent and tore some of the grass from the floor to wipe the crutch of her panties.

"Mrs. Harper I think I need to go again soon," she said to me, a sad look on her face.

"Its okay Mum, I'll stay with Tally and look after her." He hesitated then looked at Tally but spoke to me. "Mum, I'll take Tally home on the bus, we can watch the tele at home, if that's alright?"

I smiled and told them both it was. My heart warmed to see the way Luke was holding Tally's hand as they walked back through the woods with me and then left the festival and walked towards the bus station. Back at the festival I found John and Ted at one of those old 'Try your strength' hammer shows. I asked where Beryl and Kristi were and they said they'd gone to the toilets. Knowing how ill Tally was I went to the ladies to find them. There was a long queue as there always is at the festival. I bypassed the queue explaining that I was l looking for a friend and her daughter. Calling out for Beryl as I tapped on all the eight cubicle doors until I heard Beryl calling me and opening one of the last cubicle doors. I stepped inside, Beryl was sitting on the toilet and Kristi was straddling her, holding close to her Mum. Both were pooping. I was right, they both had the runs badly. Poor Kristi was clinging to her Mum took weak to get off her.

I lifted Kristi off her Mum and as gently as I could I wiped the little girls bum. When I had finished I took ere knickers and jeans from the door hook and dressed her. After I did Beryl asked her to wait outside for us. Beryl had several more diarretic explosions before she had finished and then she looked at me. There was no need for any words I just took the toilet paper and as Beryl stood up off the toilet and held her blouse tails out of the way I wiped her bum as I had done a few days before. This time as I did it she turned and kissed me. It wasn't a kiss of thanks but a very sensual kiss. Soft, warm, tender. I was shocked at first then, impulsively, I kissed her back, realizing that I had wanted her to do that since our first meeting.

I'm not sure what is going to happen in our lives, and this site is for pooping experiences only. I just had to explain that it was through helping a woman when she needed help after having a poop, that I felt a strong love for Beryl.

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