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Random Stories

Hello. I just wanted to say that I bumped into this site by accident. I have a few stories that happened to me when I was younger. In case if anyone is interested, I am currently 29, slim, blonde and 5'10.

Story #1

One day when I was 12, I was taking my school bus back home and I had to poop very badly. As soon as I got off, I hastily went to the front door and tried to unlock the front door. All of the sudden, a fart came shooting out of me, then that's when it all happened. A turd started to come out and I couldn't hold it. I stood there crying because I was messing myself right there. It took me several minutes before I was finished and as soon as I was, I went in and waddled to the bathroom and cleaned myself up as well as I could and threw away the panties I was wearing.

Story #2

When I was 15, I was spending the night with my best friend at my place. We were so close that we even talked about how often we used the toilets everyday, so we pretty much are very comfortable around each other about anything. Anyways, while we were chatting, we both had to poop and apparently she told me she was constipated and knew a lot was going to come out. The problem was we only had one working bathroom because the other one was being renovated. We decided that I was going to go first because we thought I was going to be quick. I sat down on the toilet and started a steady stream of pee for like a minute or so, then that's when I started pooping. After a few plops my poop was making in the toilet bowl, she looked very uncomfortable and very desperate.

I felt bad because I knew I am not going to be finished for another few minutes, so I told her that there's a few plastic bags underneath the sink and asked that if she wanted, I could hold the bag while she goes into it if she was desperate. She hesitated at first but soon agreed, then went to find the bag. She passed me the bag and bent her knees a bit while her butt aimed towards me. As soon as I was ready, I told her to go whenever she is. Without much time had passed, she let loose a very stinky fart and it was followed by a long poop. As soon as it started to come out, she said: "Oh my god here it comes". The longer and longer it had gotten, and eventually finished with a long one. She stood there and eventually dropped a couple more but they were small when compared to the first one.

Eventually we had both gotten the bathroom smelling very stinky but we both felt relieved, especially her.

Story #3:

When I was 22, I was driving home and I knew I was going to have massive diarrhea because I haven't had a chance to go since the night before and I ate something bad. While I was driving I tried to find a public washroom that I could go to but the only gas station I bumped into said their washroom was out of order. But then all of the sudden I bumped into this pharmacy and I decided to take a shot at asking if they had a washroom I could borrow for like 5 minutes. As soon as I got in, before I asked, I looked around to see if they had one but all they had was a couple of offices and they all looked too small to have one I could use. Before I left, I noticed they were selling these large pads. I was in a desperate situation and I decided to buy it so I could use it because the urge was getting almost too unbearable. As soon as I made my purchase, I quickly went back to my car. I had to stop walking for a few moments because the urge had almost been unbearable. By the time I got to my car, I quickly got into the backseat and that's when it went downhill. I made the worst mistake by pulling my pants and panties off and getting into squatting positions first before I had set up the pads. I tried to get it ready but before I could, I immediately felt a bowel movement and this sudden urge came along. Due to my current position, it immediately overpowered me. A violent fart came shooting out that I couldn't control and a little bit of diarrhea rushed out as well onto the seat. My body froze and my bowels was in discomfort, and soon another wave of diarrhea came out and I managed to stop it but it only lasted 5 seconds before another wave came out.

At that point I gave up because I just couldn't hold it in any longer. A massive wave came out, followed by another and eventually the entire seat was covered by it. By the time I was finished, the odor in the car had gotten so bad that I almost gagged because of it. I wiped my butt and drove back to my place as fast as I could so I could clean it up. I got rid of most of it but there was still a bit of a stain and it had taken me about a week to get most of the smell out. Eventually I just decided to cover the seat up with a few blankets for a few months before eventually replacing the entire back seat after saving the money up for it.

Guess the pad eventually went to waste (no accidental pun intended).

Story #4:

When I was 25, I was working for a full 12 hour shift and by the time I got off, my bladder was very full. My boyfriend had picked me up and I told him to step on it because I had to pee very badly. He tried looking for a place for me to piss at before hitting the highway but no luck. He saw how desperate I was and he suddenly said something that kinda surprised me a little bit. There was a little bit of junk in his car and he said I could try to find something to piss in if I wanted. I declined at first but after several minutes I decided to do it because I just don't know how much longer I could hold on. Anyways I found this plastic bag and I decided to use this. He asked me to hold on for a few minutes so he could find a place for him to park after getting off the highway. By the time he did, he hopped out of the car and had his back faced towards the window and not peaked so he could give me some privacy. I immediately hopped onto the seat in a squatting position and placed it under my vagina and I immediately started peeing a steady stream of pee. I sighed of relief because it felt really good finally emptying out my bladder. After I finished, I tied the bag up and gave my bf the signal that I was finished and eventually tossed the bag of pee into a garbage bin.

Story #5 (Last story):

About a week ago, I was constipated for like a little over a few days. As a worrier that I am, I decided to go to a local clinic to see what I could do. After being admitted and eventually gotten sent to the office, I told the female doctor what my problem was. The doctor said that she could help me do a few exercise moves to try and get me unplugged if I wanted. I hesitated because of what she suggested, but I didn't want to be blocked any longer then it was necessary so I decided to try it. She stepped out for a few moments and came back with a bedpan because she said the washroom was occupied and probably won't be available for a while so I could use that just in case. Anyways, I started doing some exercise moves she showed me that she said could help my digestive system and bowels a little bit. After doing it for 10 minutes, I immediately felt a slight urge. After a couple minutes, the urge grew and I told her what was happening, she said I should not hold it in any longer then I had to so she brought the bedpan over to me and asked if I needed her help or if I preferred some privacy. I told her I wanted some privacy so she stepped out and closed the door on the way out.

I immediately placed it on the chair and as soon as I slid the panties and pants down, I sat on it. Without much hesitation, I relaxed my body and that's when this thick solid turd started to slowly emerge. It had gotten so thick that I had to strain a lot for it to slowly come out. After straining for 10 minutes, the turd was finally dropped out and it was followed by a couple of small poops that was much smaller in size when compared to the first one. Anyways, I wiped my butt with some wet wipes and waited a few more minutes for the doctor to come back in and eventually helped me get rid of my load.

Anon E. Muss

Babysitter's poop

I don't know how or why it started, but I've had a love of girls pooping for as long as I can remember. One experience in particular is seared into my brain, despite it happening several years ago.

I was six years old, turning seven very shortly, at that time. During the summer, I had a babysitter who would watch me during the day while both my parents worked. My babysitter was a teenaged girl from the neighborhood. One day, she had taken me to the park close by my house to play. After a while, not sure how long, she called me over and said she needed to "go potty".

I was too young to stay by myself, she said, and I had to come with. We went to the bathrooms and she took me in the ladies' room with her. It was a room with a toilet, a sink, and a lock. She locked the door and instructed me not to look. I turned away at first as I heard her sit down on the toilet, and adjust her clothing. When I thought she wasn't looking, I peeked.

She was sitting on the toilet, with her dressed positioned such that it covered her lady parts, but I guess she was able to pee and poop without staining it though. In any case, she caught me looking and scolded me. I looked away, not daring to peek again, for fear she'd tell my parents.

Shortly, I could hear her pee streaming into the toilet quite loudly. When it died off, there was silence for a long time. I was bored and asked if she was done. She said no, she needed a few more minutes. A bit after that, I started to smell the distinct odor of poop. Most people find it repulsive, but I couldn't have been happier, knowing that my babysitter was pooping, just inches away from me.

The smell grew in intensity, but still there was no plops, or splashes, or farts even. Finally, I heard a very faint plop. She let out a low, bassy fart and a bit later, I heard a more pronounced splash. At this point, I said I had to go potty too. She told me she'd try to hurry. With one final plop, that was all, and I could hear the toilet paper rolling off.

She wiped a few times and then said she was done. I went over to the toilet and for a brief second, I saw her unflushed poop. I only wished I could have looked for a lot longer. I sat on the toilet and peed and produced a few logs of my own before wiping and getting one last glimpse in the toilet before flushing. Then we washed up and I went back to play for a bit longer.

Jay Bee

To Yvonne

I really enjoyed your story about the music festival with Carol & Jenny. Did they eventually return the favor & wipe your bum.
Your posts are always my favorite & I look forward to many more. Keep up the great work.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Yvonne great story about your guys outdoor pee and poop it sounds like you guy had fun.

About 2 hours ago I heard a woman fart in line for the bathroom at the bookstore it sounded like a quick trumpet note and im not sure if she had to poop couldnt tell.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Constipated from pain medication

I just recently had brain surgery to remove 2 tumours on the 9th. The hospital gave me Oxycodone for the pain which has made me constipated. They also upped my stool softener dose so I can go easier. I've pooped a couple of times since being discharged on July 11th but I'd like to know how to make my poop softer. It doesn't hurt to go but it's not as soft as I would like it to be. I'm not supposed to strain. I have healed well from the surgery but I need to fix the constipation then I'll be just fine. Thanks.

I had really bad diarrhoea at school once. I was 15 and I'd never had to poo badly enough to have to go at school, but this time was different. I had diarrhoea and it was an emergency. I didn't even ask to leave the room. I just got up and went to the toilet. The teacher (who was a woman) just to make it more embarrassing told me to get back to my seat but I took no notice and headed down the corridor to the toilets. I felt a little squirt of liquid poo came out on the way but I pretty much made it to the toilets. I ripped my trousers and pants down as fast as I could and sat down on the toilet just in time to blast the pan with an explosion of wet diarrhoea. I felt my stomach rumble as another wave went through my bowels and a minute later I was blasting the toilet again. I sat there for I while in case there was more and I felt another rumble in my stomach just before some more semi solid poo came out. I felt a lot better after that but as a precaution I stayed seated for a while but I was done. I looked in my pants to find they weren't market, so I wiped and flushed the toilet. When I got back to class the teacher had realised I wasn't well so I didn't get into trouble for leaving the room without permission, but everyone knew what happened which was really embarrassing. I did feel better for it though and I didn't have any more diarrhea so that was good.
The next morning I didn't have to poo like I normally do, which wasn't surprising really but I did have to go when I got home from school which I was worried about. I took no chances and went straight to the toilet but it wasn't diarrhoea. It was normal and solid but it wasn't a lot. I wiped my bum but there was nothing on the toilet paper so I flushed and left the bathroom.

There Is a girl at my work here in the UK,who is quite open about her toilet habits.She will often announce that she is going to "spend a penny". To be fair she does have IBS,so being near a toilet is important to her.Myself,her and one other person all work as Gardener's.One time the two of us were working in some woods and she announced that she needed to pee.There was a large log pile nearby so she went round behind it.She told me to honk the horn of the van if someone came.I sat in the van.After she returned it was my turn,so I peed behind the same log pile.Although neither of us saw anything it was kind of interesting I guess.This girl is amazing and I am very fond of her but that's another story.

Reply to Yvonne

Hi Yvonne. I thoroghly enjoyed reading about your latest buddy dumping exploits with Carol at the Taunton Music Festival. Although I've never attended one myself, all the accounts I've read to date appear to suggest that the portaloos at such events tend to be pretty grim - not least of all on account of the sheer numbers of people (with widely varying levels of personal cleanliness) using them. Frankly I don't blame you for using the woods instead and it doesn't surprise me that other people at that festival had the same idea. It sounds as though Carol did a lot and needed quite a thorough wiping. Did you have some sort of wet wipes on you for cleaning your hands. I make a point of carrying them with me all the time, partly because I mistrust the washing facilities in public toilets.


We've all been here before. Something rumbles in your stomach and you feel that sudden urge for a number two. Finding a toilet, any toilet, is now the utmost priority as your pants are the last place you want to have your BM. Pressure building in your bum, you find or ask to be shown to the bathroom. Having finally gotten to a toilet you feverishly strip below the waist so you can take your reserved seat. Ahh, relief, sweet relief. You sit down and do what you came to do at long last. But just when you've finished and your number two is in the bowl beneath you a new problem emerges: no toilet paper! Too desperate to be bothered with checking beforehand, you're now stuck on the toilet with a dirty bottom. How do you get out of this sticky situation?

Any stories about being placed in the ferociously embarrassing situation of being stranded, cast adrift on the unforgiving water of a toilet bowl with no paper to offer you shore? How did you get out of your predicament? Checking or asking the person in the stall over? Or even more mortifying, needing to pull those pants up or shout from the bathroom (not wanting to snoop or after an unsuccessful search) to ask your friend/family member for a new roll?

Bubble Butt Boy

To Little Mandi

When I want to bulk up my poops, I find that eating a bowl of Quaker High Fiber Instant Oatmeal for a couple meals in a row, along with a full glass of water, will do the trick.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Farting and Pooping

Hi, Tim here, sorry I haven't posted recently, been very busy. Anyway, this story is from when Sally and I were both 11, and we were alone together in the treehouse one weekend and we were both bored. "Why don't we have a farting contest?" Sally suggested. "Sure." I agreed, so we sat down on chairs facing each other and the battle began. Sally started, letting off a loud fart that stunk incredibly. I replied with a fart that was loud, but odourless. Sally returned another loud but odourless fart, and I replied with a soft but smelly fart. Sally replied with a very wet sounding fart, and as she let it out, she grabbed her stomach and screamed, "Ahhhhh!" I asked, "What's wrong?" she replied, "I have a bad stomach. I need to go!" I replied, "So do I, let's use the toilets." So we ran outside onto the balcony and Sally pulled up her dress, no panties, and sat down on a wooden seat. I dropped my shorts, also no undies, and sat down on the wooden seat next to her. Almost at once, she dropped s soft log, which shot out of her bum and down into the hole. She then started to pee, and kept peeing all the time she was pooping. A gush of liquid was next, then 5 soft round balls of poo, and some more liquid. A final wet fart, her pee stream stopped, and she was done. I dropped a single hard log. "I needed that so badly!" she exclaimed, and wiped her bum and vagina with toilet paper before giving me the roll. I wiped myself, pulled up my shorts, waited for Sally to pull down her dress, and we went back inside to play a boardgame. Not a bad afternoon, I thought quietly to myself.


sticky elevator

it was a usual day at work my boss was being a butt hole well lunch time rolled around me and sister went to Mexican after we ate we got back to parking lot my boss pulled in we all walked to the elevator together got in got half way on the 3 floor then the elevator quit then me and my sister got an mean idea to do to our boss we stared farting loud and nasty and we kept farting until she begged for mercy she said if I dont get out her i got to puke or pass out well elevator stared back we got to 3 floor but before doors open i let one big fart off then the door opened she ran out of the gasping for air and we was laughing at her as she was spray air
fresher every were


Festival 2nd Day

The first time in my life that I had slept in the open air. I don't now if it was the that but when I awoke just after 6am. I wanted to poop, I was hoping to be able to hang on until later, nearer breakfast, so I hunched up, knees pressed to my stomach but the pain was too intense. I had to go and quickly. As I slid out of my sleeping bag and scrambled into my jeans not bothering with my panties or bra, just slipping my blouse on, I could see that Carol was still sleeping soundly, but Jenny was missing.

Grabbing a roll of toilet paper I hurried out of our tent. I was going to the woods but then I thought at this time, early morning there probably wouldn't be a queue for the ladies. I went, not to the row of portaloos nearest but to the permanent block of ladies and gents toilets not far away. They are lock up toilets but during a festival they are not locked. Walking in I passed a row of showers, several women, mostly teenagers were already under the showers. Passing the showers I went into the toilet area. There were two lines of cubicles, I wasn't sure how many were occupied but I did see Jenny in one and I went into the vacant one next to her. I had to hurry by then and just managed to slip my jeans down in time.

"Ohhhhhhhh," I couldn't help a moan escaping from my lips as I felt liquid watery diarrhea spurt from my anus. Clutching my stomach bent forward as a series of stomach churning pains hit me. "Oh sweet Jesus," I groaned, clutching my stomach.

As I was sitting bemoaning my fate, feeling the end of the world had come I heard Jenny making the same moans and I heard her pooping just as badly.

"Have you got the runs Jenny?" I asked.

"Yes, Auntie," Jenny answered. "But its alright."

"Alright?" I said, snappily. "That's silly Jenny, how can having diarrhea be alright?"

"It always happens at the festival, its not very hygienic, but after the first day or so it'll get better."

I heard Jenny wiping her bum then and a few moments later, she was standing in front of me. "Do you want me to stay and wait for you to finish?"

"That would be nice," I smiled, "besides you owe me one," I said, thinking of how I wiped her bum last night.

"Alright, Auntie," Jenny laughed.

I was stuck on the pan for another ten minutes before I was able to stand and then Jenny wiped my bum. It has brought a bigger, wider dimension as to the meaning of 'buddy dumping.' I hope she never tells Luke though.

My answers to Tyler's questions.
1. Yes I have. I tried to hold It in and failed, pooping my panties,
I was a young teenager then.
2. No.
3. Yes.
4. Yes, my son does.

Miss D's Lil Sis = Diarrhea Survey

1. Yes. This morning is an example. Went to bed okay, woke with the
runs badly.
2. Yes. Not recently thank heaven.
3. Yes. Had to run as fast as I could today.
4. Yes. Most recently a few weeks ago in a queue for the Nationwide
Bank. I wanted to fart, tried to ease it out without any sound,
managed that, but it was a wet fart.
5. Yes. Being at this festival is a holiday for me and I have the
runs really badly at the moment.
6. Yes. Running to the nearest cubicle actually pooping as I did.
7. Yes. Diarrhea always, although having an aching stomach and
squirting poop its lest painful than being constipated.
8. Like I do today, aching stomach, not wanting to do anything except
lie down quietly.
9. Yes, often.
10. Yes, many times.
11. Yes. But I don't have a partner at the moment.
12. Who knows. I have no idea what has given me the runs today.
13. I always take Imodium.
14. No.
15. Yes. Why not doesn't everybody get stomach problems at times?
16. No.
17. No. I've never been on a plane.
18. Yes.
19. No. Not until I am completely empty, I have been three times today
and still feel bloaty and full.
20. Yes, over and over again.


had the runs at the airport

Hi! I'm new to this but I've been reading posts for a while now.
I'm 26 & last november my girl friends and I had a weeks hol in Magaluf.
I was nervous and excited, not the first time we'd had a girly hol but
I always suffer with nerves.
So got to the airport, our flight was 7am so it was an early start.
Then the nerves got the better of me! I have stress induced IBS
anyway so once I felt my stomach rumble and gurgle I knew what
Was happening.
Told the girls I was going to the loo so 2 of them said they'd join me!
I hate people hearing me poo in public! But this time they had to.
As soon as I squatted before I even got my cheeks on the seat it was
Plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop- plop-plop
I must have had about 20plops all together, then a wet fart, then my stomach
Gurgled again & suddenly without trying it was more plopping!
I felt awful and so embarrassed but the girls were nice about it & offered
Me some imodium they were carrying.
It stank.
I wiped three times and flushed twice which still left loads of skid
My stomach still didn't feel right having had 2 imodium off the girls.
Uh oh I needed to go again. I tried to hold it in as long as possible
But I was fidgeting so much my mate said just go to the loo. Again
I went in but this time there was a queue. 5 people in front of me
I was almost going to poo myself.
Luckily I got on the loo just in time & yet again my bum was hardly
On the seat and I let out a nice big runny poo.
Farted let out some more, wiped 5 times flushed twice again & looked
In the poo stained loo I left. As I walked out a lady even said "r u alright lovey?"
To which I just went red and sighed embarrassingly.
I was mortified it stank my stomach still didn't feel well & loads of people heard me!!
Anyway I had 1 more imodium off my mate & after that my ????
Started feeling better.
So for the first day of our hol in magaluf I was then constipated
From the imodium but by day 2 I could go again though it was still
Quite runny but not as bad at airport.
Anyway hope you enjoyed my story. Bye for now! :)


to Ted

haha it's true, he's definitely seen a lot. I'm just glad that he's okay with me using the bathroom even though he's already in there; a lot of parents probably would never go for that.

Hi Megan

Nice to have you back

Hope you enjoyed your poo in Grand Central station

Did you hear any loud plops, and did you drop some resounding ones?

Mr. Clogs

Comments to Pat and a story to share

Pat: Thank you for your response and the shout out too. I enjoyed reading about Artiss peeing and pooping through her open girdle undergarment. I guess they made them for a reason so in cases like what Artiss went through didn't have to completely disrobe just to go to the bathroom. Can't do that with many modern day undergarments without messing them up. I hope one day tha I get to be lucky guy, but that day will come soon. Thanks Pat for your response and take care.

Here is a story that happened to me the other night. I usually get up to pee at night which is usually 1 time. As you know I pee into a cup that I keep in my room so I wouldn't have to stagger to the bathroom just to pee. Well I had to get up twice that night just to pee, luckily I keep 2 cups in my room just in case the first one filled up. For a man I have a large bladder, even though I didn't pee in one sitting, the cups I have can hold maximum of 30 oz. So I must filled both of them cups of my urine equally which is odd totalling about 50 oz of urine! Wow that's all I can say. Well the first cup of urine was like a golden yellow color and clear like water, the secound cup was a very light yellow and clear like water. I drink a lot of water so that could explain some things. Well got to go and do a #2 now. Catch you all later.

--Mr. Clogs

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Ste Van great story about your girlfriends desperate poop it sounds like she was beyond desperate and about a few seconds away from having an accident at least you were there to help her out.

To: Thomas great story about hearing your sister big poop it sounds like she really had to go pretty bad and just made it into the bathroom without having an accident and I bet she felt pretty great afterwards to and I look forward to more stories like that thanks.

To: Bill F as always another great story it sounds like Emily had an ambush poop one that comes out of nowhere or with little warning and I bet she felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sarah great peeing story.

To: Pat as always another great story about Artiss it sounds like she had alot of fun and I totaly agree age dosent matter im 26 and my girlfriend is 43 we love eachother so much and wouldnt have anyother way and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: James great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Steven A's Questionaire

Hi Steven! I think about you....wish we could tweet about our urges and poops... ..You are regular and I'm not.....It would be cool to have twitter on and say...."'s 11 o'clock....Steven should be getting his urge right about now...".....and then The Tweet!

I might as well ask you: When did you last go? Did it just slide out...or did you have to push?

OK...your questions:

1. Have you ever been stuck in an amusement park/roller coaster line and you had to go to the restroom? What did you do? (You forgot about the urge)

Oh yeah! Normally my urges aren't all that strong; I can hold it....sometimes too long and the urge goes away. But.....this one day I was in line for a boat-ride....and I had to poop sooooo bad! I stood there with my butt cheeks clinched together; my hole sucked-up shut as hard as I could...and I still leaked a little into my undies. Then; the worst of the urge passed...and I managed to hold it for a while.

2. Do you have any friends that have the same condition as you?

When I was younger I thought one of my friends had enco....but I was too embarrassed to ask him about it. I always wanted to ask him when he'd last pooped....I was always curious if he'd been able to go. Otherwise; I was always envious of people (kids) who just pooped so easily; not ever needing to think about it.

3. When you are sick, does it affect your bowel habits?

Yeah; mostly I get constipated worse when I get sick; although I don't get sick much. Of course; I've gotten diarrhea now and then after eating something bad; kinda fun really...because it "blows out" all the hard poop first.....really cleans me out.

4. Do any of your family members/relatives/friends know that you go on this site regularly? about you?


Replies etc

Julie. Although it's not an issue which affects me personally, I've often wondered how transgender people cope with gender specific toilets. Maybe one solution might be for you to get a radar key which would allow you to use unisex disabled toilets whilst you're out.

Yvonne. I enjoyed your account of buddy dumping whilst on the outing to Bath with Alama. From the way you described things, it certainly sounds as though she did a panful. I could be wrong but I can't resist suspecting that she'd not moved her bowels for two or three days - possibly she'd been constipated and things 'got on the move' during the course of your outing.

A couple of weeks ago before going on holiday with my GF, I started with what I thought was a water infection as I had some pain peeing. However the doctor, having tested my sample, assured me that there wasn't an infection and we decided that it was dehydration - courtesy of the hot weather which had recently begun in the UK and is still continuing at the time of writing. I subseqently upped my fluid intake - especially water - considerably and the problem cleared. It does I think illustrate the importance of drinking plenty during heatwave conditions and I'm doing my best to try and stop the problem recurring.


These Feelings

Do anyone get these feelings that if you are wearing loose clothing espeacily under wear, you would sit down on a chair and you would feel a greasy feeling between your butt? But when you cheek your shorts there is nothing in them?
And have you ever farted and it hurt your butt?

And have you ever pooped it a toilet and looked in the toilet afterword and there was nothing there nor on the toilet paper?

And here is some other random stories: This was around when I was 10. My Mom was a den leader in cub scouts And me and my brother was in it. And my Mom would sing at home it would go( I got this cub scout feeling down in my heart to stay)And one night When it was my WIND DOWN TIME I started singing (I got this cub scout feeling up in butt poopie!)My parents looked at each other like I should grow up.

Then the next morning getting ready for school I was on the toilet naked with my shorts down to my ankle. I couldn't really do anything cause It was only gas. My Brother goes in there and pushes me off the toilet. And I go A$$__le and he tries to hit me.

For Thomas: Great story! Keep em coming!

I think the expression "I have to pee like a racehorse" should be changed to "I have to pee like a Blue Whale". Blue Whale's bladders can hold 5.5 gallons. I'm going to start saying that when I have to pee.


No Poop for 5 days

Little Mandi,

Try Fibre pills(Metamucil) you can buy Generic @ Costco. I do not think it is healthy to go 5 days without a poop. Also a high fibre diet might help. a double bottle of 300 would last 100 days. Happy POOPING!!

Friday, July 19, 2013


Taunton Music Festival

This is the first time that I have ever visited a pop festival in my life. I have always been a fan of classical or at least semi classical music. But Carol's daughter, Jenny, had three tickets for herself and two of her mates. They were both ill so she asked Carol to go with her and Carol invited me. So there we were in Glastonbury surrounded by the biggest crowd I had ever experienced.

I have never been camping before so I was struggling to stay happy in two events totally alien to me. Carol is one of the 'check-out' gang, the baby of the gang but also a very good friend of mine and being with her and also Jenny was good. I found the tent we had rented actually quite comfortable and with a primus stove we were able to have some hot soup in the evenings to complement the usual dose of ham burghers or hot dogs we ate during the day.

Going to the toilet was horrendous with huge queues all the time, but Carol said it would be better if we went into the woods close by. closer in fact than the portable toilets that were dotted all over the festival grounds. Going with Carol was easy, the 'check-out' gang all went with each other at work, but I had never been with Jenny who is just fifteen and still at school. Both she and Luke, my son, are going to college in August so it was nice to get to know her better as well.

After struggling and queuing for the toilets during the day it was Jenny who had suggested the woods, so in the evening after our soup and bun supper we decided to go together and then have an early night. I was surprised to see that lots of girls [and boys] had resorted to the woods to go to the toilet. Carol led the way and I noticed she had picked up a roll of paper before leaving our tent so I assumed she wanted a poop. Finding a pretty secluded spot Carol stopped and dropping the roll of paper to the grass she unbuckled her belt and quickly squatted, sliding her panties as she crouched down. I did the same a little ahead of her but facing her, Jenny had scooted her jeans and panties down beside her Mum. Jenny waved to two girls as they passed by going back towards the tented area, she told me it was Glenda and Doreen, both school mates. As we all started to pee Jenny told me that [unknown to me] Luke had the hots for Glenda.

"Ohhhhhh, god I needed this," Carol muttered to her self.

As I had thought she was having a poop. I realized that in the woods the plops that I loved to hear when we were in a toilet were indistinguishable in the open air. but here I could see her darkish brown turds dropping from between legs, I found it strangely erotic. I must have been staring or something because Carol looked at me and started to grin.

"Hey," she laughed, "stop looking at me like that."

"Looking like what?" I teased with a smile.

"Like you'd like to wipe my bum," she giggled again.

I realized I was blushing furiously, stuck for a reply.

"Would you wipe my bum, Auntie Yvonne?"

"Oh my god," I managed to splutter. I hadn't noticed Jenny was pooping as well as Carol. I couldn't resist looking then, just as Jenny pooped a second time. Her turds were lighter brown than her Mums and seemed to me to be firmer. By then Carol was standing almost right up, just a half crouch, holding the ends of her blouse up and trapping them at her waist with her elbows.

"C'mon Yvonne hurry up and finish please, its so awkward to wipe myself and hold my blouse ends out of the way."

I had finished peeing then and I quickly pulled my panties up and my jeans, not bothering to fasten my belt, they were tight fitting anyway. I bent and taking the toilet roll I ripped a large portion off and as Carol twisted her bum towards me I slid the paper between her buttocks and wiped over her anus. Dropping the paper I had to wipe her several times more. I gave her a playful slap on the bum that brought a strangled, giggly, 'ouch' from her mouth.

"I've finished, Auntie Yvonne," Jenny said, her lovely, bright blue eyes smiling as she stood and waited.

I have to admit that my fingers trembled as I wiped her bum. She had pooped more firmer than Carol and I had to use less paper. We all trooped back to the tent and spent an hour or so deciding which groups to watch tomorrow. I had no idea of what to watch but I think I will enjoy the festival and may even get to like some pop music.

Phil: Thanks for your sweet thoughts. It was such a lovely compliment,
I would adore to hear of your toilet stories.

Julie: I have wished all my life that all toilets were unisex, and men
and women were recognized simply as human beings with a need to
use the toilet. I hate any discrimination. I hope you had a
great time in Manchester.

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