Hi everyone. My name is Margaret but everyone calls me Maggie. I stumbled upon this site online and wanted to introduce myself. I'm a 16 year old girl and up until last weekend I've never given much thought to peeimg. Except when we went camping, I had only ever peed in the toilet. I had never wet my pants or been forced to hold it or anything like that.
Last weekend I went to visit my brother Matt. He lives in a different state and I was going to spend the weekend with him. The first night I was there he took me out to dinner. It's hot where Matt lives and I wasn't used to it so I was drinking a lot of water. I also had a couple glasses of iced tea and then a cup of coffee with dessert. As we were leaving, I kind of had to pee, but Matt lived really close by so I figured I would just wait until we got back. Matt lives in a really old, historic apartment complex which is really cool, except things don't always work right, like the elevator. We were on our way up when the elevator stopped. After a few minutes of it still not moving, Matt pressed the call button and they assured us someone would be on their way shortly. Because it was night time, they said it would take longer than normal since no one was on call at the moment. I began to panic. I really had to pee at that point and wasn't sure how much longer I could hold it. My bladder felt like it weighed a million pounds and my crotch was all tingly. Math assured me that this happened all the time and they were usually really quick so I shouldn't worry. I tried to look normal but after awhile I found I couldn't keep still. I was fidgeting and crossing my legs. Matt asked me if I needed to pee and I told him I did. He said to just hang on and we would be rescued soon. Like I said, I have no history of accidents or not being able to hold it so he wasn't very worried. I was though; it was getting harder and harder to hold. I thought about just squatting in the corner but there wasn't any carpet in the elevator to soak up the pee. It was a laminent floor and pee would have spread everywhere, including onto Matt where he was sitting. The elevator was pretty small. Soon I was full fledge pee dancing. I had my hand in my crotch and was wiggling around. I never had to pee so bad in my life. I was afraid if I moved my hand away I would pee my pants. Matt tried to distract me by making plans for the next morning but I couldn't concentrate on anything but not peeing. Finally someone came over the intercom and said there were guys there working on it. I was so happy I must have relaxed a bit because a spurt of pee shot out. I clenched all my muscles and was able to cut it off, but I knew the end was near. I tried to move and lost another spurt, this time wetting my pants as well as my panties. I knew if I moved anymore I would pee myself, so I stayed totally still with both hands in my crotch. I had no idea how i would get out of the elevator and walk into the bathroom. I lost another spurt and I realized it was all over. There comes a point where you just can't hold it anymore, no matter how much you want to. Your body just isn't able. I moved my hands away and the pee starting gushing out. I couldn't believe I was peeing my pants like a child. Even as a child I never did this. I started to cry and looked down as my pants turned dark with urine. There was a huge puddle forming underneath me and spreading out, covering the whole elevator. It made a loud splashing sound. I felt like this went on forever but it was maybe a few minutes if that. Matt kept telling me it was okay and tried to comfort me, but I was so embarrassed. I was soaked in pee and poor Matt was now standing in it. I also felt very relieved and intrigued at what just happened. Maybe 5 minutes later the doors opened at there stood very surprised repairmen at what they saw. Matt glared and them and warned them not to say anything. Then he took my hand and led me up the stairs to his apartment. I took a shower and went to bed, but couldn't stop thinking about what had happened. I think I would like to try to pee my pants again, but this time in private where I can enjoy it. I'm also thinking about peeing in somewhere other than the toilet, but am not sure what to try. Any thoughts on what is the most enjoyable thing I should try?


Going Potty by the Roadside

Hi, Tim here with another story from my childhood, this time from when we were 7 years old. Sally and I were in the car and my Mum was driving us home after going to the supermarket. It was a long way from the supermarket out to our farm, and Sally suddenly said, "Excuse me, Mrs My Surname, but I need to poo." Mum nodded and asked me if I needed to go as well. I said I did, so she told us, "I'll pull up here, get out and go in the bushes together." So she stopped the car and we both got out, and we went together down into a clump of bushes which hid us from view. My Mum stayed in the car because she trusted us. Sally pulled up her skirt, dropped her red and blue undies to her ankles, and squatted down with feet wide apart, taking care to remove her sandels before she squatted. I also removed my sandles, dropped my pants and undies to my knees and squatted next to her with my feet wide apart as well. She peed a long stream for 1 minute, before her face scrunched up and she started grunting. I finished my pee about the same time, and a long brown log slid out of my bum onto the ground without any pushing at all. Sally was still grunting, so I asked her, "What are you doing, Sally?" "A really tough poo!" was her answer, and a hard, knobbly turd slid out onto the ground, followed by more pee and a loud fart, so loud that my mother called out, "I heard that, Sally! Have you finished your poo yet?" "Yes!" she called out. "Good!" Mum said, and she came down to the bushes, dropped her pants and knickers, squatted next to Sally and peed for about a minute, quietly farting, but not pooping. Sally found some leaves to wipe with and gave me some, and Mum took some more leaves and wiped her vagina with them. "Listen, kids, there's a nice stream down there, and it's a really hot day. I've parked the car safely, so why don't we have a skinny-dip?" We both thought that was a great idea, so we went down and stripped naked for a swim, and Mum showed Sally how to pee standing up.

Crimson Flash

Friend admits taking huge dump

Hey everyone, I have a recent story to share. I met up with a friend for a walk. She's not into bathroom related stuff as we are on this site, but she's not afraid to talk about it. On this trail, they allow horses so occasionally you'll see piles of horse poop. We saw a big pile and I said "Imagine taking a crap that big" and she said actually, she took a huge dump earlier. I said "Really?" and she said yeah, she explained she didn't poop at all the day before and today she went and said it was twice as big as usual and laughed. I left it at that though because I didn't want to seem weird by asking any details about it. Obviously a huge dump though!

Car owner

Finding a place to poop

I have a friend who is homeless and travels everywhere around and about the country. He called me to say he is coming to my area. I let him stay at my place, but I didn't want him to sleep in my apartment with me, because he was smelly - doesn't wash himself much. So I let him sleep in my car for the night. It wasn't until a few days later that I could smell something in the rubbish bin area at the front of my place. I noticed a large poop next to one of the rubbish bins, and I realized that my friend must have needed a poop in the middle of the night, so he pooped next to the rubbish bin.


Intro and a story

Hi everyone. This is my first post, though I've been reading for a long time. I'm 19 years old, 5'7", about 135 pounds, with hazel eyes and shoulder-length jet black hair. I find that shitting is one of life's least appreciated treasures. I love nearly everything about it, from the beginning urge, to pushing out a brown sausage, to the incredible empty feeling after I'm done. The only thing I hate is the smell, but I can live with it.

I usually have to shit every day or every other day. It's not a strict schedule - I just go when I need to. I'm not really gassy, except right after eating. About an hour or so after I eat, I start farting a lot. They're mostly quiet and normally only stink a little bit.

Anyway, that's all for my introduction, so now on with my first story. Last week, I was on the bus to the store when I started to need to shit. When I have to go, I can't really hold it for very long. Maybe half an hour, if I really try hard. Well, since I had needed to shit while on the bus, by the time I got to the store, I was very desperate.

But just my luck, the bathrooms were being cleaned. I sat on the bench outside the bathrooms and waited for a few minutes. They still were not done, and I was on the verge of filling my pants. It was then that I noticed that the "family restroom" wasn't closed. With no other option, I went in and locked the door behind me.

It was a room with a sink, a diaper changing station, and two toilets, one adult and one child sized. The toilets were out in the open, no stalls or anything. But I guess if you're a mother or father with young kids, that setup would be ideal. But that day, it was just me. I sat down on the adult toilet and got my pants down and started pumping out a log. I peed quite a bit while pushing, though I hadn't really noticed that I needed to pee, beforehand.

The log snapped off and made a big splash. There was a bit left hanging and when I gave a push, more eased out of my butt. It was a soft, creamy turd. It too plopped in the water. My stomach was still feeling full, though I wasn't feeling an immediate urge to pass a turd. I sat for a bit before another log was knocking at my back door. It shot out of my butt like a smelly brown torpedo, and was followed by two more just like it.

I was really stinking up the bathroom at that point, and I felt like I had just a bit more in me. I pushed just a little and one final turd came out. I then wiped myself thoroughly in the back and the front, then flushed the toilet. I washed my hands and exited the bathroom.

There was a mother and her two kids waiting for the bathroom. I started to apologize, saying I just really had to go. But she cut me off, telling me it was okay, and that she had seen that the other bathrooms were still being cleaned. She went in with her children and I started to leave the store, before remembering that I hadn't actually bought my groceries yet. Boy I feel silly.

Well, that's all I got for today. Bye everyone, and thanks for reading.

unknown person

2 simple questions for the MEN who visit

1) would you be willing to let someone watch you taking a dump

2) would you let that person wipe you

Hi guys. Haven't posted in a bit because there hasn't really been anything new, but I had something happen last night I wanted to share. It goes with not letting kids use the bathroom that we were discussing before. First some comments.
Sarah and Sage: great per stories! Keep them coming this site needs more!
Amy: as a runner, I know exactly what you were going through. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I have similar stories and definitely know the feeling of needing to poop now! Good for you for getting back into running though. Hopefully this doesn't stop you and your body adjusts soon.
Bill F: I enjoy your stories about Sam. You sound like a great older brother. Growing up I was very close to my older brother so I appreciate reading about you and your sister.
Now on to my story. Last night my husband decided to invite his boss over for a barbecue. He brought his wife Maya and their daughter Claire who was 7. I was talking with maya in the living room while the men were outside cooking and the kids were upstairs playing. They had been over for a few hours already when Claire came to find her mother. She told her that she needed to pee. I was about to tell her where our bathroom was when maya cut me off and told Claire to go back and play. She explained to me that their family does not use the bathroom anywhere but in their house. While she was sure my bathroom was clean, Claire would not be allowed to use it. I thought this was strange and asked why but maya didn't want to talk about it. I dropped the subject and we continued talking. Maybe 30 minutes later Claire came back and told her mom she really had to go. She was fidgeting a lot and pulling on her shorts. Again maya said no and sent Claire back to play. I was getting worried about Claire but didn't know what to say to this woman we just met. I was about to go find her and offer her the bathroom anyway when my husband said dinner was ready. We gathered the kids and want outside to eat. I noticed Claire was very fidgety and kept bouncing up and down in her chair. She wasn't touching her food. I mentioned to maya that she could always go anywhere in the yard but she said no, she will have to hold it until she got home. Her fidgeting only got worse throughout dinner and by the end she couldn't sit still. She kept grabbing herself and crossing her legs and stopping when she walked to bend over and wiggle. It was pretty hot out so maya kept making her drink water so she wouldn't get dehydrated. The poor girl must have been in agony. She came up to her mom again and told her she was about to pee her pants she had to go so bad but her mom still said no. We were cleaning up dinner when I looked over at Claire and saw her standing in the yard, pee gushing from her shorts into a puddle. I have never seen anyone pee that much. Her shorts and legs and shoes were completely soaked. I thought maya would be really mad but when she saw she just said, "oh well accidents happens." I couldn't believe it! I just don't understand this woman at all. Soon after that they left and I talked to my husband about it. He said he had noticed you but didn't know what to do in a situation like that either.


To Amy

Amy, I feel your pain.The same thing almost happened to me in a very similar situation wearing white running shorts
.(see my story on page 2282) It sucks that you could not make it to a pottie :(

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Amy great story it ounds like you had a pretty rough day and I look forward to your next post to thanks.

To: Bill F as always another great story it sounds like Sam had some good poops even if they werent in the toilet and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mrs. Girl first welcome to the site and great set of stories it aounds like in your first one you really had to go and couldnt quite make your body has a countdown it knows your near a bathroom so it starts getting ready to go but then sometimes that timer gets ahead of itself thats when accidents happen hope that made since its just my opion of how our bodies work and it sounds like you and your friend both had really great poops even though hers was in bag but at least you being a good friend helped her out by holding the bag and I bet you both felt pretty great afterwards her im sure from the sound of it and it sounds like you were very desperate sure it ruined your seat but its better then you having a nasty accident and great pee story and finaly great story about your giant poop in that bedpan I bet you felt so much better afterwards and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Anon. E Mus great story about you getting to see your babysitter poop it sounds like she had a really great poop.

To: Tim as always another great story about Sally it sounds like she really had to go and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abby great story about you and your sister stinking your boss out in that elevator becareful she may get you back one day and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Yvonne as always another great story.

To: Jem first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you were pretty desperate but at least you made it to the toilet without having an accident and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Yeaterday at the bookstore I heard a woman have diarrhea so I was waiting to use the bathroom a woman had just gone in and a couple seconds I heard her having diarrhea lots of wet farts and then silence then one final wet fart then she wiped and flushed then I went in there was a slight smell and a small streak in the bowl.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Observant Guy

3 wipes & a flush

Here is another 2 for 1 story for you all.

I woke up this morning having to pee really badly. While I was standing and peeing, I heard Evelyn using her bathroom. What I heard sounded like she dropped her phone on the floor or something heavy and plastic of the countertop. So now knowing that She was on or near her toilet, I decided to stay for a second and listen. What I heard next I wasn't expecting.

She gave the toilet paper roll a good spinning making it produce that thunder like noise. I expected a flush to come next, but another spin of the to roll followed by silence for a minute. So now I suspected she may have pooped this morning when I heard that second pull of paper, but it all became clear when she went for a third pull and I heard her go "whew, pu!" Quietly before she flushed the toilet.

Excited as I was I looked down at my yellow pee and flushed and left knowing my hot columbiana neighbor just had her morning shot.

Till next time.

Observant guy


My brother pooping in the woods

I have a new desperation/poop story related to my brother that just happened.

Last week I've been up in the mountains with my family, mostly for mountain biking, something my brother and I like to do together. I often go by myself, but this time I was with Chris and we were biking in a rural area not far from where we were staying. Nonetheless, we had been out there almost 2 hours and we were pretty far from any civilization. We had already stopped to pee once, i.e. just taking our bikes off the trail a bit, finding a tree, and peeing at the base of it, not a big deal.

Pooping out in the woods is a different story; normally it never comes up because we're not out there that long. We usually end up peeing once, but pooping almost never happens. The only time I did it while biking I was alone and I had supplies and everything because I was out there most of the day. But today we had nothing and while we were biking, Chris said his stomach was hurting. I asked him why and he said he probably had to poop. I offered to just go home right then because it could take less than a half hour to get back the fastest way, but he said he had to go now. So, we took our bikes off the trail, this time very far off because people whiz by on the trail sometimes and I wanted to make sure no one could see us. So we were in a grove of pines and we had set our bikes against trees, and I could tell now that he was getting desperate, because he was walking all awkwardly and really looked like he was trying to hold it in; he also had farted a couple times.

I tried to clear away a little bit of the brush near a big tree so he could poop there, but he rushed over quickly before I could really clear a good spot, and pulled down his shorts and his briefs and immediately squatted over the spot and let out a huge fart. We both kind of laughed at that and hoped no one was on the trail. Then he grunted a few times and his poop started coming out--it was quite soft and it came out quickly along with a lot of farting and I could tell that he had to go really bad. But then I turned to "stand guard" and make sure no one was out there. I did that while he finished pooping (and I also reminded him to spread his cheeks apart to avoid getting anything on his butt because we really had no supplies, no toilet paper or anything).

Soon he was done and we both looked at the pile of soft poop on the ground beneath the tree. It smelled pretty bad and the wind wasn't helping. We both covered it as best as we could with pine needles and brush, and then we got back on the trail and headed home. Unfortunately, although he didn't really make a mess, he ended up with a small poop stain in his briefs and now we ALWAYS bring toilet paper with us, even if we're not planning on being gone long.

Mrs. Girl

Last night's poop

I've always hated using the washrooms at work so I always wait until I get home unless if I was desperate and knew I wouldn't be able to get to a toilet any time soon.

Last night I was coming home from work and I had to poop very badly. While I was driving, a bunch of discomfort and urges kept on coming and it was kinda distracting me. By the time I managed to drove into the garage, the urge had gotten so bad that

desperate to poop

McDonalds desp lady

I was having breakfast at McDonalds when I saw a 60 yr old get out of the car and come into McDonalds. She went straight to the ladies and clearly had her hand jammed down her crotch! Obviously desp for a pee. I decided to follow her in and boy did she need to go, she peed like a racehorse for ages.

That must have been magical relief. I know how it usually feels for me

Anonymous College Guy

Another college buddy dump!

Let me start by just saying, wow... I came on to see if there's any good stories and was overwhelmed at all the responses! I literally thought a couple people breeze through my posts, so this was an awesome surprise. (also apologies for being so late, it's been a crazy busy week)

Thank you to FM, Mr. Clogs, Zip, Whicka, Lurker from 2003, Dominic, and last but not least an anonymous girl for your kind words. Just knowing you guys (and girl) alone enjoy my posts will keep me chugging along from now on. :)

Now that I'm all pumped up how about I tell you about those public stall experiences at this new college I visited?

*To skip to the pooping part, scroll down to 5th paragraph*

Just for privacy reasons I won't give the full details of why I was visiting, but all you need to know is this is a completely new college I've never been to before. You know what that means, new bathrooms. Keep in mind that it's well over an hour out of town so I'll know virtually no one(I don't get out often much). Driving to the school, I didn't exactly have the idea set in my mind that I was gonna take a huge smelly dump in their fancy toilets(this was a private school I was visiting). Actually I wasn't even thinking about that at all. I was mainly interested in seeing a new campus, a new library, and finally some new faces. Still... In the back of my head I knew that I'd eventually get the urge to check them out.

I arrived on the campus fairly early in the morning so there weren't too many students walking around... Just the one's with 8AM classes and such. I parked my car, got out, and started heading over to the main lobby building. Unlike my hometown campus, all of the classes were held in closed-in buildings which is a bit more intimidating in my opinion. I walked inside, greeted the security at the front desk, and walked down the hallway until I approached the library. I was seriously surprised at how small everything was! It felt like a very confined and isolated community. Everyone talked and dressed differently from what I was used to, which in return made me feel like an outcast.

I slowly made my way to one of the couches attempting my best to look like a student who went there. I know they can't kick me out or anything, but pretending made me feel more at home I suppose. After messing around on my phone and getting bored I started looking around the shelves for something that caught my eye. I'm not usually a 'library' kinda guy, but this place had everything: movies, music, magazines, comics, the list goes on. I knew there'd have to be SOMETHING to keep me entertained for the time being. And what did I see? The complete collection of The Walking Dead comic books! I have barely read a comic in my life(aside from the morning newspaper ones) but being a huge fan of the show, I couldn't pass it up.

I slid the well-used comic book out of it's place and plopped my butt back on the couch. Sitting there I had that all-too-familiar sensation of waste passing down to my gut, but it wasn't ripe enough so I figured I'd ignore it. I immediately dove into the comic, reading each page carefully and comparing it to the TV show that I'm so obsessed with. This was probably the first time I've read in years for my personal enjoyment and not for a class. After an hour or 2 had passed I got this huge uncomfortable cramp in my lower abdomen. I have a love/hate relationship with that feeling. I hate the amount of discomfort it gives, but I love the sensation of HAVING to unload all that waste out of my cheeks within a few minutes!

I got up as discreetly and quietly as I could, trying to make it appear I was headed to get a snack at the vending machine in the hallway. I knew that non-fresh fast food breakfast burrito would catch up to me sooner or later, forcing me to take a nasty big dump. I casually opened the men's bathroom door and scanned the floors to see if any of the toilets were being used. Nothing... Just me in there. There was one handi-capped stall in the corner by itself and 2 regular stalls across from it side-by-side. It wouldn't be any fun taking a dump by myself in the single stall, so I chose one of the 2 stalls. I closed the stall door, locked the lock, and started tearing up some toilet paper to lay on the seat. It was a nice clean bathroom- no graffiti or slang anywhere, I was pleasantly surprised. After laying some TP down, I unzipped my blue jeans, tugged down on my plaid boxers, and plopped my butt on the toilet. Once there I fixated everything and pulled my boxers down to my ankles to get ready to unload. I did hesitate for a few minutes, wondering if I should wait so someone else can listen to what I'm about to produce. The time was ticking though and my hole was going to give in any minute. I finally just decided to the hell with it, and unleashed fury. All you could hear in the bathroom was echos of roaring farts bouncing off the walls followed by loud sloshing and crackling of wet poop. It literally felt like I was pushing my guts out of me, the sensation of my bloated achy belly disappearing was great. I gave a sigh of relief with my now red face, and gave one extra push to get those last few small pieces out.

Then, right as I started reaching for some toilet paper, I heard the squeaky bathroom door open in a hurry. I could tell immediately that the dude had to take a dump since he didn't run to the urinals. At first he was walking towards the handicapped stall, but guess what happened? He saw I was using one of the 2 stalls, TURNED around, and took the stall right next to me! My heart stopped for a split second since most guys are poop shy and wanna sit as far as possible. The guy closed his stall, made some cough/grunting noises, and started tearing off toilet paper to lay down. It was very confusing what he was doing over there, he kept laying down TP but kept flushing as well even though he wasn't sitting down. I came to the conclusion that he just likes his toilet seats spotless and was flushing down the paper after wiping it down. This is when I lean forward in nervousness, my heels curl up against the toilet, and I bury my mouth in my hands. I think not knowing what to expect is what makes me anxious. He plopped his big butt down(im presuming it was big given the loud thud) and the real fun begins.

At the point I started hearing groans before even dumping, I knew this guy was gonna be loud. Looking under the stall at his shadow/feet, this guy started his crap by lifting his butt off the toilet seat, squatting in mid-air, and letting the nastiest loudest farts rip! It shocked me how vulgar this action was... He intentionally lifted up his butt, pushed out gas, and grunted in relief as if I wasn't even there. It was probably the most masculine thing I've witnessed in a public bathroom, and he barely even started. He sat his butt back on the toilet and concentrated on solely pooping now. Out of nowhere this huge BLURRRRPPP comes from his toilet bowl, and I'm telling you it was loud. For reference it sounded like when you blow up a balloon and slowly let the opening release, making a high-pitched ripping sound. Following this crazy fart there was several small balls of gas, ya know the ones that last for 0.5 seconds. I couldn't help but to think he was waiting for me to make some noise on my side. I tried pushing and pushing to give him a show too, but my gut was completely empty. So I just figured he'd assume I'm listening in, a quiet pooper, or was waiting for him to finish up and go.

Anyway back to the story, I finally heard some crackling echoing in the toilet. Pieces of the log probably broke off as it came out since I heard both crackling and plopping. This guy was great at making loud noises and was obviously keeping me entertained. Now some heavier sounding crackles come out... KKKKKKKSSSSS! This log was definitely thicker than the last, letting some gas bubbles escape as it slid out into the toilet water. From the sounds of it I bet the guy got toilet water splashback on his bum. :) Keep in mind that while all of this is going on, he's extremely verbal. He made sounds such as UHHHHHHH, HMMMMM, and AHHHHH. After all his smelly waste was pushed out, this guy leans forward and lets out a couple quick farts. 'BRRRRMM BRRRRMPP!' followed by a deep manly sigh.

Sadly this was the end of it, he started tearing off some TP and wiped his butt that had produced so much noise. It sucked knowing I'd never hear this guy go again but I was thankful for what I did get to experience. I waited until he left and then flushed my logs down, which had been sitting there for the whole 15-20 minutes swelling up. I unlocked the door latch and swung it open, coming across a kid around my age RIGHT in front of me. My breath nearly got knocked out of me since I didn't hear anyone come in the bathroom. He was very attractive/hispanic and had good style, but looked extremely embarrassed to be seen going into the handi-capped stall. I'm sure I looked just as red, given he knows I just took a dump and he's about to. I quickly went over to the sinks to wash my hands and looked over at the stall out of curiosity. He was so embarrassed he actually pretended he was using the toilet to pee, waiting for me to leave most likely. I never get why guys do that, if you have to go then go. Either way it was interesting knowing as I left that bathroom, that dude was ripping down his jeans to unload his waste in the toilet.

Anyway that's it for now... I hope you guys enjoyed my little story. I do have one more experience to share but will save that for another time.

And I'll be perfectly fine if I don't get any replies, just happy to share with you guys what I went through. Also if you didn't notice I took a more narrative approach to my post this time, hopefully that makes you feel more like a part of it.

Take care everyone, loving the stories. :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Festival Last Day

First two thank you comments:

Brandon: Thanks so much for your comment, I always look eagerly for any-
thing you have to say. You are like an old friend to me. I
would think the lady in the queue you mentioned had farted
unexpectedly, and it sounded like it must have been a 'wettie.'

Jay Bee: Thanks for your kind words. Yes I did have the pleasure of
wiping Carol and Jenny's bums and [see my last day at the
festival, I had to help Glenda too. Jay to be able to help
really added to my enjoyment of the three days. I'm not
a pop music fan but to be able to help Jenny and
Glenda was wonderful.

Reply to Yvonne: Yes the portaloos were ghastly and I much preferred
going in the woods. I always carry wet wipes, they
are life savers at times.

I had fully recovered from the bad bout of diarrhea by the last day of the festival. I even found time to enjoy some of the music, but I will probably never understand the gyrations of some of the artists. I had two wonderful experiences to relate though.

After packing our our belongings ready for the drive home I needed to go for a poop and as I went into the woods I heard somebody coming up beside me. It was Glenda, Jenny's schoolfriend and as we walked into the woods she told me that Jenny had enjoyed me wiping her bottom. I hope I didn't blush with embarrassment but I was thinking that if she had confided in Glenda she'd probably be telling Luke, so my worst fear may become a reality.

As I took my jeans and panties down Glenda had gone in front of me and was facing me as she took her jeans down. We were both going to pee almost at once. I couldn't resist looking directly at Glenda's lovely pink vagina lips and her clear yellowy green pee, she looked straight at me and then asked:

"Are you going to poop?"

I nodded. I had intended to have one of my favorite poops, the one where I was able to hold it until it spurted from me. I didn't tell Glenda this but just squatted and as my pee trickled to a stop I looked between my thighs as three/four soft turds slid out of me. Fully formed turds but soft, really lovely to feel them opening my anus and coming out, falling between my feet so softly. I heard Glenda grunting and glanced up at her seeing at once that she was straining so hard, red in the face, her brunette curls covering her face partly as she squatted right over. I didn't say anything but just watched as she fidgeted, her shoes moving unobtrusively in the grassy. I saw her drop one hand to the floor beside her as she strained really hard, she shifted the hand and held her heel as if it was a better way to balance herself. Then she shifted completely and crossed her arms right across her stomach, head right over, grunting hard.

My heart went right out to her, I had had constipation myself and I much prefer to be loose, even having diarrhea like I had the day before. I pushed myself and squeezed one small turd out to accompany the ones before. I wiped my bum, it had been a clean poop so I only needed two wipes. I slid up my panties and jeans, not bothering to fasten my belt I stepped over and crouched down beside her.

"Glenda, honey, are you alright?"

"I can't go, um Aun . . ." she stopped.

"It's Yvonne honey," I murmured to her.

"I can't go Yvonne," she looked at me, "I feel terrible, I want to go all the time, just can't move myself."

"Glenda, relax, stop pushing, let your body relax completely." I murmured quietly. Kneeling beside her I bent my head right down and reaching with my fingers I touched the 'soft spot' between her vagina and anus. I always manipulate this area whenever I can't go, it often works without having to resort to a purgative. Glenda was holding my arm as I gently massaged her soft spot.

"Okay, now push, nice and easy, not harshly," I murmured.

I could see a lightish brown, hard turd starting to emerge from her anus, the point was easing out, but the turd was thicker then, she must have been impacted, really constipated. [She told me after she hadn't been for four days]. She gripped my arm as she had to strain hard as I continued to massage the soft spot before the turd's thickest part pushed out of her and then the whole slipped away like a ship getting launched, slowly then slipping away quickly. I heard her sighing with relief and gripping my arm as she pooped again and again after, four five six turds plopping out of her.

She stayed squatting, holding my arm, until after a pause of possibly half a minute she gave a last push and a tiny turd came away. I took my hand away and ripping paper I reached and wiped her dry. Like myself she was clean not at all dirty she had been so hard bound. After standing and pulling her knickers up she hugged me and thanked me, telling me she felt better than she had for days.

As we all left the festival I was joining in the singing and generally enjoying what had been an exciting three days for me.


Latest news

Hi, its Abbie here again, sorry I haven't posted in absolutely ages, I'm looking forward to giving an update on whats been going on for me in a sec.
Natasha- glad you made it on the loo in time when you were at the shops with Olivia the other day, its a pain having to wait when your really bursting but as you say if all the cubicles are taken you just have to hope one will open up before its too late. If I'm using public or school loos quite often I will have been holding it for some time so its OK if I don't have to queue, but if it does take a while for a cubicle to be free it can be a real struggle, if I need a wee I dribble in my pants a bit or if a poo's coming it sometimes pokes out through my clenched bum despite my best efforts.
Megan- sounded like your trip to New York went well and that American public loos are even less private than ours!
Anyway, I'll tell you some stories from my week away camping, I went with Ellie, Katie, Olivia and Lucy to a campsite not too far from where we live. We were planning to do some walking and spend a couple of nights in the countryside away from the site, without access to showers and loos, so I packed old underwear which I didn't mind getting wrecked as I knew I could always throw it away when we got home. Typically I didn't need a poo for the first couple of nights while we were still at the campsite and there were proper toilets I could have used, I started to feel an urge in the afternoon when we were walking to our first camping spot in some woods. I tried to put it out of my mind as there was hardly any cover at that point and I didn't really fancy squatting in the middle of an open field! I told Katie I wanted a poo and she said that she was starting to need one as well but was going to try to hold on until we'd set up camp that evening. As the afternoon carried on my need got gradually worse but to be honest it still wasn't that bad and before I knew it we were setting up the tents in the wood and cooking tea on the camping stove. After tea we decided to rest in our tents for a bit before building a campfire when it got dark. I was sharing a tent with Katie and Ellie, I noticed Katie jiggling round a bit and she said "I'm bursting for a poo now, do you want to come with me Abbie?" and I said "Yes, I'm getting pretty desperate too, are you OK Ellie?"
"Yeah, I went at the campsite this morning so I'll just have a wee before bed" Ellie answered.
I unzipped my bag, took out the toilet roll and Katie and I went out of the tent. We walked towards a more thickly wooded area, I noticed Katie was walking really stiffly and she said "Its coming out in my knickers, I can't hold it any more!" and I said "I think we're far enough away from the camp, we might as well go here."
Katie dropped her blue shorts and pink flowery pants straight away and squatted down, I saw the tip of a large poo already coming out of her bum. I pulled down my yellow shorts and pink and purple stripey pants down and squatted next to Katie, I needed a wee too so I sent a strong stream spurting down into the grass which went on for quite a while. After I'd finished having a wee I felt a big log starting to poke out of my bum and I groaned with relief. I could hear Katie panting next to me as she strained and I saw a huge dark brown log sliding out slowly. For the next few minutes we both concentrated on pushing, my log was getting wider and was needing me to push harder and from the grunting noises Katie was making it seemed to be the same for her. I gave a hard push, grunted louder than I would have liked but that did the job and my log dropped onto the ground. I could feel another one ready to come so I started pushing again. Just then I heard Katie moan with relief as her poo dropped as well. We both passed another couple of logs and then I reached into my bag for the toilet roll, by then Katie had finished her poo and was having a wee. We both wiped and I pulled up my pants and shorts, as Katie pulled her pants up she said "I'll have to change these knickers when we get back to the tent, I've got a massive skidmark." We made our way back to the tent and went inside, Katie took off her shorts and pants and unzipped the side pocket of her rucksack, she took out a pair of orange spotty pants and put them on before putting her shorts back on. I hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!

Mr. Clogs-You are welcome. I'm glad that you enjoy my posts.

This past Sunday,Artiss gave me another show with the split-bottomed girdle. We went to church, then after that, we went out for a drive and wound up at a secluded spot overlooking a river, sort of like "Inspiration Point" on "Happy Days" It was beautiful, we just sat there for a while, my arm around her shoulders, her head on mine, enjoying the beauty of the day. And yes, just like on "Happy Days", we started to neck-pretty heavily. Our mouths were locked together in a deep French kiss, my hands were up her back underneath her blazer, rubbing her through the white blouse she had on, the smell of her perfume was driving me wild, and we were one step away from the back seat. As far as I'm concerned, there is nothing like necking with a beautiful elderly lady such as Artiss.

We stopped long enough to catch our breaths, her face was red from all the excitement, and she was smiling, when all of a sudden she grimaced and her hand went down to her belly. "Poop?" I asked her, and she nodded her head yes. "Of all the things to poop the party!!!" I exclaimed, whereas she started laughing, saying "Knock it off, Patrick, or I'll be pooping my panties-and YOU'LL be washing them for me, right here in the river!!!

With that, we straightened ourselves out, she opened the car door, and got out. I handed her the roll of TP from the glovebox, and she waddled a few step away through the grass on her spike-heels, where she lifted the skirt and half-slip beneath and squatted down. I didn't see any undies come down to her knees and realized that she had her split bottomed panty girdle on again-I had been in the bathroom while she was getting dressed that morning, so I didn't see what type of undies she had put on.

"This is going to be good" I thought as she hovered there, her butt close to the ground, still clad in the white girdle, the garter straps extending away from the clips on it, running along her bare thighs to the tops of her nylon stockings.

A stream of yellow pee with a heavy urine odor came first, streaming out from the white material and splattering into the grass, forming a frothy puddle between the green blades which slowly dissolved away as the stream ended.

Now it was time for the poop. Artiss grunted deeply and sucked in her breath as she STRAINED. Then I saw it. The brownish-yellow turtlehead of an elephant-sized turd staring to slowly make it's way out. Her legs quivered on their spike-heels with the exertion of her push. More-the turd was a quarter of a way out and picking up steam. It was HUGE-somewhat dry with a lot of cracks on the surface. It gave off a strong odor. Artiss was looking right down at the ground between her feet now as her body became like a turd pushing machine-all parts working in unison to get the monster out. She cried out, her butt-hole must have been stretched to the absolute max. She was almost past the point of human endurance when suddenly the turd gained momentum, came out about a quarter to half inch more, and finally broke away, landing in the grass between her spikes. She let a HUGE sigh of relief out, but she was far from done.

Time for the next turd. Again, this followed the same pattern, large and brownish-yellow, with a dry, cracked surface. There was just something about watching these turds come out of her fully-clothed derriere that turned me on.

At last she was done. Now I got to watch her unravell the toilet paper and wipe her butt through the split panel. It was neat. Finally she stood up, dropped the half-slip and skirt back into place and came back over by me in the car, where I handed her the squirt bottle of sanitizer for her poopy fingers from wiping. Her face was pale and flushed from the exertion of it all. She got back in, looked me in the eyes, and just said "Oh Patrick!!!" before settling her head back onto my shoulder-the necking urge was gone now, she just needed to sit quietly for a while, and we did....


Bus Journey Dramatics!

Hey, it's my first time posting so here's a little about myself: I'm 16, Male, From England. Standing at 6 foot, skinny build and currently purple hair!

Anyway, earlier on this evening I was at my girlfriends house, and started feeling the urge to poop. However, I was in a rush to leave, so I ignored it and walked to the bus stop. After getting on the bus I began to get stomach pains and cramping, and started letting off some silent, noxious gas. It smelt really badly, like farts do when you're sick!

Finally we get to my stop and I'm having to clench my butt cheeks to keep it in! I was weighing up the idea of just doing it in my jeans as they were black! Unfortunately they were also skinny and so wouldn't conceal the bulge too well, so I started home, making many stops on the way to clench my cheeks together and fart, loudly now. I was getting more and more desperate by the minute! When I reached the final hill before my house a fart escaped before I could clench and my monster started to slide out! I managed to squeeze it back in and rush home. As soon as I got in I rushed to the upstairs toilet and POW! Mushy poo with chunks flew out of my poopie. I bent over, groaning and clutching my stomach as brownie batter flowed like a waterfall from my sore poopie! I finished finally with a last, shotgun-blast bout of diarrhea.

Now I'm sitting here typing this, and that's all! I'm back to my girlfriends tomorrow though, so I hope this passes quickly!

Bye for now!


More Replies

Anon. It's not unusual to have accidents sometimes - even at 45. However you seem to have had a lot within a short period of time, coupled with 'urgency' i.e. the need to go coming on fairly quickly. This being the case I think it would probably be worth a visit to your doctor, just to rule out any untoward underlying causes. The odds are that nothing serious is wrong but it's worth seeing a doctor just for peace of mind.

Annie. I was sorry to hear about the brain tumours and the necessary operation. Naturally I hope you make a full recovery. The medics are right in advising you not to strain. Constipation isn't uncommon after surgery because the anaesthetic tends to shut down the body's systems for a while. So long as you drink plenty of water and eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg it should resolve itself naturally though in time.

Yvonne. Thanks for your latest story re the 2nd day of the music festival. I'm not surprised your bowels - and Jenny's - were loose. Poor hygiene to one side, the nature of the food on offer at those sorts of events - hot dogs, burgers etc - is likely to produce a certain looseness, especially if it's not something you eat on a regular basis.

desperate to poop

Long Devon Queue

I said I would tell my story last time I was in Devon about the long queue. so here it is,
It was the 3rd day of my trip and I was enjoying a day at the beach. It was very hot and I enjoyed it very much indulging in ice cream and a hotdog for lunch.

Part way through the afternoon that combined with last nights feast decided it wanted out. I needed a pee and a poop so wasn't going in the sea as I won't poop.

I put my flipflops om and headed off to the toilets which were about 400 metres away. When I got there there was a biggish queue of 8 people. One toilet was out of order which didn't help. There were if I remember a few young ladies in some very bright bikini's, a couple of 40 yr olds and the remainder in their 50's, 60's. A couple whom felt they looked good in Bikin's

There was no one that showed noticeable desperation but a couple were twiddling their bikini straps and one was shifting a little.

One of the girls needed a pooh but the other 4 that went in just had to pee. This allowed the queue to go down quite quickly but then two of the older ladies went into poop and this meant the majority were pooping. The other two ladies left one in her 40's, one very pretty and in her late 60's I guessed went into Pee and this meant I was able to get in. For a while this now meant all 4 were pooping. The girl had been in ten mins splattering away and the two older ladies for about 5 minutes.

I needed a pooh pretty badly now and I let some hot shit flow out. The relief was immense and I a long gushing pee which was again very relieving. I felt more pooh in there and I let it flow out in it's own time whilst enjoying it in other ways.

The girl was still going strong but the two ladies finished allowing more peers in

I finally finished after 6 mintues and wiped and flushed and left feeling very happy

Happy Pooping

Reply to Yvonne

Hi Yvonne. I thoroghly enjoyed reading about your latest buddy dumping exploits with Carol at the Taunton Music Festival. Although I've never attended one myself, all the accounts I've read to date appear to suggest that the portaloos at such events tend to be pretty grim - not least of all on account of the sheer numbers of people (with widely varying levels of personal cleanliness) using them. Frankly I don't blame you for using the woods instead and it doesn't surprise me that other people at that festival had the same idea. It sounds as though Carol did a lot and needed quite a thorough wiping. Did you have some sort of wet wipes on you for cleaning your hands. I make a point of carrying them with me all the time, partly because I mistrust the washing facilities in public toilets.

If some pervert is really determined to sexually assault a woman, he isn't going to be deterred by a postcard-sized piece of metal with a crude icon of a figure in a skirt -- it's not a magic talisman, for crying out loud. He could already hide in a ladies' toilet in full male mode, with more confidence that the next person to enter would be a woman (as opposed, say, to someone who enjoys beating up perverts) than would be the case in a unisex facility; so why would he even have to pretend to be transsexual?

Besides which, if you look at the figures, serious crimes -- rape and murder -- are almost always committed by someone known to the victim. Even serial rapists usually like to establish some form of connection with their victims. (I suppose it makes it more interesting than committing crimes against some random stranger whom five minute ago, you didn't even know existed.)

On top of that, there are some idiots out there who are (1) convinced that we are "really" men and (2) think that gives them a right, or even a duty, to commit violence against us. Fact is, a trans woman is more likely to be harmed than to do harm to anyone else.

By the way, in a non-bathroom bathroom emergency, I prefer to squat rather than stand. There may be slightly more chance of being seen that way, but I reckon less chance of being read if I do get seen. Until festival piddling sticks become more common, anyway .....

(The RADAR key idea is an interesting one, and I do happen to know where I could get one from. The question is, how much trouble could it get me into?)


Stan- There were a couple of fairly loud plops but the toilets were busy so there was lots of other noise covering most of them up, including mine!

Today I went shopping and while I was out I had to do a poo. The shop had toilets so I went to them. One of the two cubicles was already in use, so I took the other one. I locked the door, pulled down my shorts and black knickers to my feet and sat down. The woman in the other cubicle was having a wee when I came in. As I sat down she finished and pulled off some paper, wiped, and left. As she dried her hands I noticed someone else enter the other cubicle to my right. Under the cubicle I could see her moving around as she lined the seat with one of those disposable liners. Then she puled down her trousers and red knickers and sat on the loo.
I had weed while she got settled and now it was her turn. I figured since she had used a seat cover and her trousers and knickers were at her feet she was probably going to be pooing. My poo was starting to come out now so I relaxed and let the first turd slide out. It was a long one and nearly silent as it fell into the toilet. There was a strong smell, though! My neighbour did two plops. I did my second piece and a short fart and she did a third. She did a quiet fart and then, as someone else entered the toilets, a final piece of poo. The new arrival stood outside my cubicle at the sink waiting. My neighbour sat for a minute or two after finishing her poo before wiping. During that time I heard what sounded like a fart that I'm sure came from the woman waiting for a seat. I figured she had a poo waiting too, and it was either quite urgent or quite gassy. My neighbour wiped and flushed, leaving and being replaced by the new arrival who pulled down her trousers and black knickers (snap!) to her feet and then sat down.
I had been holding my poo wanting to see if she needed one too. After sitting for a minute in silence I knew she needed to poo. A fart came first, quite a loud one that would have embarrassed her had it come out somewhere other than while seated on the toilet. I heard her sigh quietly and as I let my third piece of poo plop into the bowl, she farted again. 30 seconds later I heard her poo start to crackle out of her bum. It made a loud splash, and was quickly followed by a second plop. After another minute she farted again and then I did my final piece. I decided to wait a while before leaving to hear her finish. She farted once more and did another piece of poo, then I started wiping as she finished. She pulled off paper 8 times so she must have had quite a messy bum!
I left as she flushed and stood near the door looking at clothes until she came out. She was a brown haired woman in her 30s and her trousers showed off her ample bum nicely! She must have been pretty gassy since she farted quite a few times!


Stomach Bug

This isn't that recent. Happened about 6 months ago, but since I am 45, embarrasing. Can't remember this happening as a kid, although I did have an unfortunate incident in a toystore while shopping with my grandmother. Pissed myself while in the isle, and saw a yellow puddle by my foot.

Anyway this is worse, my stomach was bothering me, and I was walking to the bus stop. Passed McDonalds, and then 3 blocks later realized I was in trouble. Went to McDonalds and saw bathroom was for customers only. Bought a coffee(which was a mild surprise because I don't really carry cash), and went into the bathroom for 20 minutes, clogging the toilet. Since it was before 6 am, everybody knew it was me. At least they were kind enough to remake the coffee, as I took so long they threw it out.

Part 2 is 3 or 4 days later. In a different part of town, and feel it start. Realize that the closest bathroom that I am aware of is 6 blocks away at Walmart. So I clench and walk, and clench and walk and see stars. Unfortunately, I don't make it and end up walking the rest of the way with log in pants. Make it and clean up(another 20 minute disaster), then buy a sparkling water to settle my stomach. Washed underwear in sink, which becomes more important when you realize that 10 minutes after I left store, I did it again.


Gurgle POOP

For some reason, the need to let out a big fart or do a BM increases more after I eat lunch. Maybe I just eat too fast? For example, today I ate lunch and about 20 minutes later, I start getting gas bubbles. Five minutes later, I ripped a big fart. I only had a turkey sandwich for lunch and some chips. That gave me gas for about an hour. I took a nap and woke up about a half an hour later with a strong urge to poop. I went to the bathroom. I started pushing and a large and stinky poop emerged. It made a loud kaploop! in the toilet. I wiped, flushed, and washed my hands.


forgot about runner's trots

Well I certainly had an embarrassing reintroduction to distance running this week. I am 37 years old and decided to get back into running recently, I did it throughout high school and college mainly as a release for stress. For those who are familiar with distance running, you know about runner's trots, or the fact that distance running is likely to cause you to have an upset stomach/urgent need to poop. This is why running trails often have tons of port-o-potties. Anyway, I did not consider that or plan appropriately for it when I went on my first run in years the other day....and so as I was running along a particularly busy stretch of road through the center of a local park, I felt the ominous rumbling of an impending poop storm in my bowels, and within seconds I was hit with a major cramp and instinctively stopped running. As soon as I stopped my load rushed up to the exit ready to come churning out into my OF COURSE light gray running shorts (which I chose over the much more concealing black). I had to clench so hard to keep it in, but I could barely move. I scanned the horizon for the nearest place I could go to unleash the beast as I silently pleaded with myself in my head "hold it hold it hold it hold it!", but it was no use, as I just stood there in the middle of the trail and noisily pooped in my shorts in front of several passers by. It wasn't liquid, but it was soft and wet, so it stained through my shorts really bad and seeped down the insides and backs of my legs a little. It was sufficiently mortifying... I didn't know how to react so whenever I noticed someone looking at me I said "sorry..." it was sooo humiliating. Anyway, the walk home was agonizing, and by the time I got there about 75% of the poop had made its way down my legs and onto the ground as I walked, leaving lovely brown streaks down my legs and a pretty trail in my wake. The rest remained contained in my panties. When I got home I took my shoes and socks off outside and debated rinsing off my legs with the garden hose, but ultimately I decided enough people in my town had just seen me walking around with pooped pants so I didn't need my immediate neighbors to see me cleaning my own poop off of myself. But yeah, if you get into distance running, just be prepared for an emergency poop. And try not to poop yourself in public like I did, it's not fun.

I went out shopping with Laura today and while we were out, there was a mother with her daughter of around 12 by the customer toilets. There was a smell poo and the mother was telling her daughter to go into the toilets to clean herself up. The girls face was burning red and she had tears in her eyes. I could feel the girls embarrassment as she waddled into the toilets with diarrhoea oozing down the back of her legs. She left a trail of brown spots on the floor as she made her way to the toilet and I think she might have been still going.

Steven A

To Tyler

OK, so I may have some stories in the future when school starts because I'm in the marching band at my school. We go to away football games and we take buses back to our school. The stories may be about me and other people holding it on the bus on the way back from the away football games. (Because some of our trips back to our school may take up to an hour or more at times) I hope you enjoy my stories if I have any to share.

Take Care,


Bill F

Last post... For a week

Hey guys! I'm heading out for a week long trip to see my uncle, so I will leave you (for now...) With a small collection of my underwater experiences, most of them involving my sister. I don't know if I mentioned before, but Sam is quite gassy normally, despite her bowel routine. Luckily, it's easy to distinguish her warning fart, which sounds wetter than usual. This becomes a problem when she's in the water.
When she was about 15 months, I was giving her a bath when I heard her fart. As we both watched the bubbles rise up around her, she started laughing, as babies would. Later, as I was getting her ready to get out of the tub, she farted again. This time when the bubbles rose up, her eyes grew wide. It took a moment for me to realise what was happening, but I figured it out when she farted again. By the time I could lift her out of the tub onto the toilet, it was too late, and she had started pooping. Two small logs floated to the surface, followed by a brown cloud. Sam always pees after pooping, even if she just went, so a yellow cloud started forming as well. I called my parents in and they cleaned it up.
Next time, when she was five, I must have been thirteen. We were wading around at the public pool, and she was playing with her friends. She walked up to me and told me "I have to fart, and I don't know what to do!" I told her "Just fart, and blame it on me if you're embarrassed." And she gave an example of her toddler genius. "I'm scared the gas will get trapped in my bathing suit, and it will make my butt look big!" As I had no reasoning skills, I told her "When no one's looking pull your bikini shorts down, don't take them off, then go." She said "Ok." And we waited for the coast to be clear. Just when she looked like she couldn't hold it any longer, the last person looked in a different direction, and without any hesitation, she pulled her bikini bottoms over her butt and let rip. I couldn't hear it, but I could see the long stream of bubbles rising to the surface. "Better?" "A lot better!" And she walked off back to her friends - with her bikini bottoms still down! I called her to come back, and she walked back to me, her friends pointing and giggling. I told her "Any reason your shorts are down? You're flashing the whole pool!" She said "Oops! I forgot!" And pulled them back up. She went back, while I wondered to myself "How does one forget to pull their pants back up?"
She kept her fear of "ballooning" her bikini underwater, so every time she farted in the pool, it was with her bottoms down. I eventually told her that farting won't balloon your pants underwater, when she got less stubborn. When she was 6, (She was still pulling them down at this point) we spent a weekend at a cottage that was on the coast of a lake. We would often go swimming in it, and quite a few times she pulled her bottoms down to let one go. One time, she farted twice. Her eyes went wide, and three rather fat logs rose up behind her. After her third fart, I swam over to her, took her away from her creations, and onto the shore. I told her "You're not supposed to poop in the water! Next time, can you hold it until we get to a bathroom?" She replied, with tears in her eyes "I'll try. I peed in the water too. Does that mean I'm in double trouble?" The whimsy of kids once more! "Don't tell mom and dad I said this, but it's ok to pee in the water, as long as no one notices and you don't stick around for too long. I'll tell you a secret. I peed in the water too!" I said partly to make her feel better, partly because I actually did. I gave her a hug, and she went back to the cottage to grab a snack, while I cleaned the poop out of the water. I noticed that it had bits of corn in it, leftover from the potatoes and corn she had two days before! I guess some thing really do last forever. It looked clean enough to swim, but I stayed out of the water for the rest of the day. That's it for now, I'll see you all in a week!
See ya next time!

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