Stev Van

Awkward Toilet Stories: Nasha

Well my first story is about a girlfriend i had when we were 16 and her name was Nasha as we were on the highway on the way home from a Chinese food restaurant. The amount of food she ate was unreal, and she was probably stuffed. "I'm so glad we got to eat I love Chinese food" she said. "Thanks for coming" I said. We were about to kiss but i heard some stomach gurgling."Its nothing" she blushed. Another stomach gurgle followed by a small fart. She was silent. More gurgling followed, and more wet farts soon came out. "Find a bathroom!" We drove down the highway trying to find a restroom luckily we found one. She let out farts all the way to the restroom as i watched. She came running back to the car holding her butt and stomach saying she can't hold it much longer saying the girls' was closed. I had to follow her into the boys. She looked for a stall but they were all closed. She said "You'll see me at my worst." She got up onto a sink and blasted diarrhea into the sink. It looked like a shotgun was being shot out of her ass. After the initial explosion she then let out liquid poop all over the sink while farting. After that she had to wipe with a towel. We never spoke of it again.

I have a story I'd like to share with everyone here. It involves my twin sister, Meredith, and me. It happened two years ago, when we were twelve years old. Being twins, Meredith and I were much closer than other brothers and sisters were. There was nothing that we wouldn't talk about with each other, including peeing and pooping.

One evening, we were in our room. It was what our parents called "wind down time", meaning it wasn't quite our bedtime yet, but we were supposed to stay in our room, getting ready for bed and getting tired. It didn't usually work, but they tried.

Anyway, we were changing into our pajamas, and her bare butt was pointed towards me, and she blasted a loud fart. It was kind of smelly, but not too awful. She realized what had happened, and we both laughed and she apologized, saying that it wasn't on purpose. But seconds later, she said "But that one was" as she cut another fart, quieter but much smellier.

Once we were both dressed for bedtime, we continued talking and occasionally she'd fart. At one point, she got quiet and appeared to be concentrating, then she let out a really long loud blast. After that, I could hear she stomach growl and then a series of wet farts, starting kind of loud and getting a bit quieter each time. After maybe six or seven, she clutched her stomach and exclaimed "I gotta poop and BAD!"

She walked quickly to the bathroom attached to our room, holding her stomach with one hand and her butt with the other, all the while leaking a constant stream of toxic fumes. She didn't close the door, because we almost never do, and sat on the toilet, yanking down her pajama bottoms seemingly just in time.

I heard a ton of loose plops and splashes right away, and if the room didn't smell bad before from all her farts, it definitely did then. I saw her rub her stomach in circles as she was pooping. There was some farting throughout and every so often, there would be a splash as a turd dropped into the bowl.

After a while, she was finished and invited me in to look at it. The toilet was full of mushy poop of many different colors. There was a couple pieces that almost looked like logs, but that's it. She wiped standing up and I could see the first few times that the toilet paper was nearly totally stained. Gradually, less and less was on the paper until finally, she was clean after like ten passes. She was just about to flush when she doubled over and quickly plopped her butt back on the seat and shortly there was another plop. "Guess I wasn't quite done", she remarked.

One more small plop and then she wiped a few more times before flushing. The water turned brown and swirled around, rising up a little, worrying us that it was overflowing, but we breathed a sigh a relief as it got sucked down and the bowl refilled with crystal clear water.

Bill F

School friend, part 2

The next day, at lunch, Emily told me that she relieves herself on that trail almost every day, but that was the first time she had pooped there. She said "Now that I've tried it, I think I could do it more often." It seems that her experience with me the day before really opened her up to me, which makes sense as there's not much more private than having someone physically hold their poop for them. The gas attack she had was the first time she farted around me, but after that, she never held back. We would end up having fart contests to see who could fart loudest, longest, and smelliest. I often won the loudest, but she always won the longest and smelliest. Her record was eight seconds, but was so quiet I had to put my hand behind her butt like before just to be sure she wasn't faking it.
So later that day, I led her to my treehouse, but I kept the toilet part quiet until we got there. We brought our math homework with us, and when we got up there, I got us both a snack and we sat on the floor and started homework. Much less homework than talking and board games, truthfully. Eventually, we got to work. 5 minutes in, a tough question came around. Emily read it out loud, thinking she had the answer. "60 divided by 5 equals..." PRRRRRRRT. "Uh oh, I have to go. i'll be right back!" I stopped her, and said "I don't think that's the right amswer." "Right. The answer is 12, but I have to go!" She said, crossing her legs. I told her "No need to do that. There's a toilet here." "Really?" And I showed her the toilet. "Your treehouse just has everything! I tried making a treehouse toilet on the trail, but I ended up just peeing from the branch of a tree!" We both laughed at that. She walked over to the toilet, pulled down her pants and panties, and plonked down on the seat. I heard strong hissing, and a sigh of relief, but nothing else. After hearing that sudden fart, that was surprising. "Where's the pooping?" I asked. "I'm not pooping. Pushing that fart out made me have to pee all of a sudden. There's no way I could poop after the enorm-moungus poop I took yesterday! But I can still fart quite a bit, my butt's filled with nothing but air!" She let out a long airy fart to accurately prove her point. By this point, she was done her pee, and I brought her toilet paper. "I might not have it it my backpack, but I sure do in the treehouse!" She laughed at that, and I took her place and sat down on the warmed seat, as I had to poop. I only peed a little bit, because I went at school. I let out a loud fart, which startled Emily! "Woah! I didn't know you could fart that loud!" I let out my usual two short logs, and asked Emily for the toilet paper. She held it back. She said "If you can fart again, I'll give it to you." Lucky for me, I usually fart after I poop, and I let out another 'butt burp'. She gave the toilet paper to me, and after wiping myself, I pulled everything up and walked back to our homework. Emily stopped me and said "Aren't you going to flush it?" "This treehouse has a lot of things, but it doesn't have plumbing. I can't flush it!" "So where does everything go? It doesn't just pile up, does it?" "The pee gets absorbed into the soil, and I have a shovel to scoop the poop." "Good, because when I can poop again, and I stop by here, I don't want anyone else seeing my poop, especially now that I know what I'm capable of!" We finished our homework, and Emily skipped off home.
As I packed up my homework, who else would come by but Lisa! She sadi "Wait! Don't pack that up! I haven't done the homework yet!" "Tsk Tsk!" Amd I reopened my bag and helped her along with her homework, she wasn't the best at math. Lisa finished quickly with my help. That's when she revealed that she had brought a paper towel roll. I asked "What's that for?" She said "Don't you remember? You told me to bring this so you could teach me to pee standing up!" "Oh right!" "I have to go now, so I thought it's a good time." She took off her pants and panties and showed me where her pee comes out. I told her "Try putting the end off the roll against your slit so that it covers it." She did that, and I said "That's it. When you go, you can aim it like I aim my penis. I wish I could show you, but I just went." She said "That's OK. I think I can figure it out." And she went over to the toilet, and started her pee standing up. Sadly, she didn't have the roll positioned right, and her pee went straight down, norrowly missing her chlothes. She stopped her pee, and she said "It didn't work!" "Try spreading your legs, so I can see more clearly." She spread her legs, and I saw that the slit was longer than I thought. She said "Hurry up! I can't hold it very long once I stop." I took the roll and placed closer to the centre of her slit. I told her "You keep that like it is now, then go." She did this, and this time her pee exited out the roll. She was able to aim the roll higher up to get her pee through the seat. "I'm doing it! I'm peeing standing up! If only I had more pee, I want to do this forever!" Soon after she said that, her stream slowed down, and stopped. I told her "Keep that, in case you have to use it again." She said "I will! I think I have to get going now." As I was goving her the toilet paper, I heard her stomach grumble, then an unusually wet fart from her butt. "...Uh oh!" And she turned around to sit, but turn around was all she was able to do before a small turd shot out of her butt, followed by quite a bit of mushy poop. It went out so far, it landed on the toilet seat. She said, still shooting out mushy poop, "That frightened me! I guess bananas don't agree with my stomach all of a sudden!" Eventually, her poop stopped, and was replaced by a bunch of farts in quick succesion. BPPT BPPT BPPT BPPT! "I'm done now. No more bananas for me!" I handed her the toilet paper,and once she finished wiping, she saw the poop that landed on the seat. "Sorry about... That." And she went to wipe the seat. She pulled her clothes up, and left. I packed up my books, and headed to my house for dinner. I returned to my treehouse, Home, the next day.
See ya next time!


Don't eat the yellow snow

Hi everyone I am 29 years old now and I have severe urinary issues. So I have many embarassing stories to share. This one goes back to when I was just 13. It was winter, and snowing out so me and my friend Stacie decided to go and play in the snow. We wandered down the street a ways, and then found ourselves in a park. We played there for hours, making snow forts and snow men. But after a while I had to pee. I told my friend and she, being my friend since we were babies knew about my problem and said ok come on ill take you to the girls room. We walked around looking for the bathrooms. We played at this park a lot year round and knew where they were. So Stacie walked over to the building and tried opening the door. It didint open. She tugged harder. It didint open. She turned around and said I'm sorry Sarah it's locked. Then I felt a huge urge to pee. I fell down in the snow. Stacie ran over. "Sarah are you ok?" She asked. "Stace, I have to go real bad." I said. She frowned and said " come on let's go look around for another bathroom." We walked around for maybe 5 minutes, and since I have a bladder issue I can't hold it for long. So I crossed my legs and put my hand on my part. Stacie turned around and saw me. She said " Sarah, it's ok... " she hugged me. She said " come on, squat down undo your pants and go. Ill guard you." I said " stace if I move my hand ill pee my pants." She understood. She told me to hold it in while she undid my pants. Just as she undid my pants zipper a spurt of pee came out. Then another. And then my bladder burst. Pee trickled down my pants and onto the snow. Stacie hugged me and said "it's ok Sarah, we've been through this before, we can get through it." I redid my wet pants and we walked home. Stacie is still my best friend and to this day she still helps me with my problem.

Whoever says that woman can't pee everywhere has never met my stepmom. She says she is a real outdoor girl and can pee anywhere. Once I was swimming in the water next to our boat and she was sitting on the side of the boat with her back to me. At first I thought she was just sitting there because she had her shorts on and wasn't even hanging over the side, but then I saw a yellow stream of pee running down the side of the boat into the water. She must have been peeing through the leg hole of her shorts, because there wasn't a wet spot on them at all. Another time we were on the way to Adventure island and she had to pee. When we were pulling into the gate she said that she couldn't hold it anymore and there was no way that she could wait for us to buy tickets and wait in line. She was sitting in the passesger seat and my dad was in the driver seat. She pulled out the mason jar that she kept under the seat just for this. I couldn't see anything because I was in the back seat, but I could hear her peeing forever. When she was done she put the lid back on and said that she filled the whole thing up. No wonder she couldn't hold it any longer, she really had to go. She is never shy about peeing off the back of the boat. I'm not shy about pulling it out and peeing in front of her because I have done it so many times, I wouldn't even pee in front of my real mother. I know some people aren't as casual about peeing. What are you opinions?

little mandi
Hey guys,
Its been forever since I posted. I really have no interesting bathroom stories.
I do have a question though. Is there anything I could do to make me poop more?
I don't feel like I go enough. I could go 5 days or more without getting the slightest urge. I don't think I'm constpated cause when I go it comes out normal.
I just feel that if I was regular my body would feel better.
Anyone have suggestions for me? I'm a pretty healthy eater and I try to drink a lot of water.


Post Title (optional)State Fair

In the 1970's I visited a state fair in a certain Midwest state. At the building where they had the arts and crafts exhibit, the restroom set-up would have been pure heavenfor guys who like to dump in front of each other. The urinals were open and the toilets were four or five on one side with no doors and the exact same on the other side of the small room. The toilets on both sides were facing each other. You could sit there and take a shit and talk or just watch the guy across from you. Like I said, it was like pure male shitting and bonding heaven. I could have sat there for hours but didn't. Doubt that restroom has a set-up like that now.

Bill G

Toilet paper prank

I don't know if anyone else has fallen victim to this prank, but I did twice growing up. Once in elementary school and once in junior high.

Boys would pour water on the toilet paper rolls in the boys' rooms until they were completely soaked. If you just quickly glanced at the paper, it looked normal, but when you went to use some, your hand sunk into a soft wet mass of mush. These pranksters eventually figured out that if you did it on a Friday afternoon, then by Monday the paper would have dried and become a solid round brick. Pretty much unusable either way, forcing the unfortunate user of the toilet to forgo wiping his ass.

The first time was in elementary school. Having suffered mild IBS my whole life, I had no choice but to crap in the boys' room pretty often. Most boys avoided doing to as if their life depended on it, but after one day having to run into the bushes and take a dump while walking home, I decided to just swallow my pride and go when I had to.

On that day of my 10th year, I entered the tiny, doorless stall, dropped my pants as far as necessary and took my usual wet crap. I went to roll off some TP and discovered it to be a crumbly dried lump. I checked the other stalls and all the paper was in the same state. As we had hand dryers, there were no paper towels to be had, so I went back to class with poop smeared between my butt cheeks.

The second time was in junior high. Once again, no doors on the stalls, but this time the boys' room was packed with kids. I entered a free stall, was shocked to find the seat up and clean, lowered it, dropped trou and sat. I suffered through some explosive diarrhea, which led to plenty of hooting and guffawing from my fellow students. Finally I reached for the TP and my fingers sunk into what felt like a wet sponge. I said, "Eeeewwww!" really loud, which then led to a chorus of laughter. Apparently someone had just soaked the paper and the guys were waiting to see if someone would come in and take a dump.

Not only did I have the embarrassment of a half dozen guys pointing and laughing at me on the toilet, I had to get up and leave once again with my ass literally dripping with shit. After that, I made sure I had a packet of tissues with me at school.


Post Title (optional) To Yvonne

Hello Yvonne:

I love your buddy-dumping stories. This is one of the reasons why I check this site frequently.

To Dominic (pooping with Dad in the shower) don't know why you're so embarrassed. Your Dad probably saw you poop plenty of times when you were small and I'm sure he probably wiped your butt on several occasions. don't feel embarrassed. He's your Dad. He's seen all of you.

Steven A

To Tyler (Questions)

Hey, I got some more questions for you.

1. Have you ever been stuck in an amusement park/roller coaster line and you had to go to the restroom? What did you do? (You forgot about the urge)

2. Do you have any friends that have the same condition as you?

3. When you are sick, does it affect your bowel habits?

4. Do any of your family members/relatives/friends know that you go on this site regularly?

Miss D's Lil Sis

Diarrhoea Survey

Hey guys, my sis posted this survey a while ago... I've fille din my answers here. If anyone hasn't filled it in already, please do so, I'd love to see your answers!!

1. Have you ever had diarrhea with no warning at all?
Yes! I once had food poisoning, and I was so sick, I didn't even get any warning when I had to go to the toilet. I ended up messing my pants a few times because I just didn't know when I needed the toilet until it was coming out my ass.

2. Have you ever been sick from both ends at the same time?
Yeah, when I had that bout with food poisoning, I was knelt in front of the toilet being violently sick when runny poo started squirting uncontrollably into my panties.

3. Do you struggle to control your bowels when you have diarrhea?
Oh definitely! As soon as I start to feel the rumble in my stomach I want to go sit on a toilet!

4. Have you ever gone to fart and accidentally messed yourself instead?
Yep, hasn't everyone? When I have diarrhoea I get really bad gas, so I fart a lot and it's usually wet so I end up following through badly.

5. Have you ever had the runs on holiday?
Yeah when I went to Magaluf I drank way too much and ended up having explosive diarrhoea for three days. It was rough. I ended up getting with this guy, but I had a badly upset stomach and couldn't see him much because I was worried in case I needed a poo when he was there. It was honestly like peeing out of my bum. Brutal.

6. Have you ever had an embarrassing moment whilst having diarrhea in a public bathroom?
I've had to try and hold it in mid poop when people have walked into the bathroom. Never fun when you've got the watery squirts!

7. Would you rather have watery diarrhea or be constipated?
I'd rather have the squirts, it's more embarrassing and urgent but less painful than being constipated.

8. How do you feel in between each trip to the bathroom?
Bloated, nauseous, gassy. Intense urge to empty my bowels, my stomach feels really loose and I constantly feel like I'm going to follow through.

9. Have you ever had diarrhea at school or college?
Yeah when I did my GCSEs I had to run out of the exam hall to get my poor bum on the toilet when I realised I was about to have the runs. I just suddenly got stomach cramps and a churning belly and knew I had to dash.

10. Have you ever had diarrhea at work?
Yeah loads of times! I usually manage to keep it a secret but sometimes I've had to tell my hot male manager, so awkward! I just sit behind my till rubbing my belly, then every so often I get a really bad urge to shit and I have to run to the toilet and release some liquidy poop.

11. Have you had diarrhea at the same time as your partner?
Yeah Matt had a stomach bug over Christmas and ended up giving it to me. He'd spent two days moaning and holding his guts, running off to the toilet a lot. I looked after him then started feeling nauseous then came down with full blown shits.

12. What normally gives you diarrhea?
Stomach bugs, alcohol, curry, Mexican

13. Do you take Imodium or let it all flow through?
If I have to go out I take Imodium but if I'm just going to be around the house and can easily get to the toilet I let it all flow through.

14. Does having a runny ???? upset you?
Sometimes, I do't like the bloated crampy feeling in my belly

15. Who would you feel comfortable telling that you had ???? trouble?
Matt, my parents or sister

16. Have you ever take too many laxatives?
Yeah, by accident tho! My mate thought it'd be funny to give us all the shits on a night out. She put high strength laxatives in our fish bowl. Within a couple of hours we all started getting upset stomachs then one by one we ended up having diarrhoea.

17. Have you ever had diarrhea on a plane?
Yeah coming back from India when I was 19. I'd had a curry and my bowels were feeling a bit iffy. About half an hour after the flight set off I felt like I needed the toilet. I went and found myself having noisy wet diarrhoea in the tiny toilet, was so embarrassing! I had to go five more times before we landed, was mortified.

18. Have you ever felt a bout of diarrhea coming on whilst swimming?
Yeah, I had a stomach bug and had had the runs all day but my friends persuaded me to go swimming. I ended up having to jump out of the pool and run to the toilet to release my load.

19. Do you feel empty when you've taken a runny poop?
Nope, not for more than a couple of minutes! I get a full bloated, uncomfortable feeling in my gut all the time if I have diarrhoea.

20. Do you fart a lot when you have the squits?
Really badly, it always comes out as follow throughs!


Split-bottom surprise

Mr Clogs: Thank you for your feedback. Yes, I am indeed lucky to have someone like Artiss in my life. She is a dear-I'd never trade her for a younger girl my age for all the world. And she says that she wouldn't trade me for some bald old geezer her age. An age-different relationship is a beautiful thing.

Speaking of which, Artiss gave me a further education about ladies underwear from her generation. She's not into modern undergarments at all, all her underwear is plain white in color and functional (she's a very modest lady, all of our intimate moments are done underneath the covers, it's the way she was brought up and feels comfortable with) Her brassieres come from a box and her briefs are full-cut. And she DOES NOT wear pantyhose-all her stockings are attached by garter straps to either a garter belt or girdle which go over the undies. And up until yesterday, all I'd seen her wear were open-bottomed girdles. Then she gave me a surprise and I learned a new thing about women's toileting habits from her time.

She had been to a ladies' meeting and came pulling in the driveway quickly with a slight squeal of brakes. That only meant one thing-she had declined to use the toilet at the meeting and wait until she got home. Then about halfway home, she began to get desperate and now here she was-brakes squealing in the driveway, bowels, bladder, or both ready to explode.

I was right, here she came,clickety-click in her spike heels, hertight skirt making her steps short. As usual, she burst in the kitchen door, threw her purse down on the counter, and rushed into the bathroom, pulling up her skirt as she went. Only this time, as the skirt and half-slip cleared her thighs, I saw that she had on a very different undergarment than anything I had ever seen her wear. It was a foundational girdle-type garment, but instead of having an open bottom, this girdle had legs with garter hooks on it for the stocking straps on it It was like a pair of panties and girdle all in one.

AND here comes the part that surprised the heck out of me. After lifting the toilet lid and getting her skirt hitched up around her hips, Artiss DID NOT pull this garment down. She sat on the seat with it completely pulled up and then.......her bowels exploded. "ARTISSS!!!" I exclaimed. "You just......pooped your". "Did I?" she answered with a smile as another explosion ripped from her bowels. "I don't feel dirrty, but I'm sure starting to feel.....relieved" she said as a liquidy sound of poo came out. I just stood there in shock, my mouth hanging open. Artiss was sitting there, crapping in her underwear as though nothing was the matter.

Then she started to pee. And as she did so, I realized that her stream was hitting the toilet water in a steady flow, not in a drip-drip fashion asthat it would be if it was filtering through her underwear. She smiled at me again as she peed......and then she stood up into a hovef over the bowl, and there was her pee stream, coming out from her backside, strong and uninterrupted. I stepped closer, and there was the toilet water, full of brown chunks of poop. I couldn't believe it.

Her pee stream tapered of. Then she reamained in her half-squat as she unravelled the TP and proceeded to wipe herself with the garment still on, covering her tush . It was weird. Finally, she finished wiping, and smiling once again, she flushed the toilet, then tuned her backside towards me, revealing the split panel with her bung-hole and vag peeking at me loud and clear through the opening.

"You stinker, Artiss!!!" I exclaimed. "You really thought I was a stinker at first, didn't you? You thought I hd pooped in my girdle-I fooled you!!!" she laughed, so hard that she doubled over and the tears ran down her cheeks. "You young people-you've never seen a panty-girdle, have you? Why my mother taught me how to relieve myself through one of these things by the time I was 12-about the time that girls started wearing girdles. It was something every girl learned how to do."

With that, she washed her hands, after which I hastily ushered her into our bedroom, where we shared an intimate moment through the split panel.


Best friend's Mom

My name is James. I'm in my early 20s now and have been a lurker for a while but wanted to share this story.

When I was 16 I had a best friend that I was going to spend the night with before a band trip the next morning for high school. His mom was young - married young, baby young - so while she was around 35 she looked like late 20s with a hot body. I'd had a crush on her for years, and most of our friends did, too, much to my best friend's constant embarrassment.

Well, that afternoon she picked us up from school and we had to make a stop at the grocery store to pick up some stuff for dinner before we could then drive to their house. She seemed agitated but still friendly as usual. By the time we got back into their minivan to drive to their house, she was wiggling a lot and then started to complain about needing to pee. For some reason it made me really interested to hear her say that and I couldn't stop watching her from the back seat. I could see part of her lap from my spot in the second row, passengers side and soon she had a hand pressed into the crotch of her jeans. My friend riding up front just kept quiet. She kept complaining and kept holding herself and I found myself getting excited by the show for some reason. Soon she was saying that if we didn't get back soon she was going to have an accident. My heart was pounding and I started to hope that she would pee her pants. A few moments later she let out a little gasp and tensed up but didn't say anything else.

We finally got back to their place and pulled into the driveway and stopped. My friend and I hopped out with our backpacks and started to grab grocery bags. His mom finally got out of the front seat and started to walk into the garage to go in the back door, muttering to herself, partially bent forward, one hand still pressing her crotch. We were following from behind and I could see a small wet spot at the base of her butt cheeks on her pale blue jeans. She had clearly leaked in the van. A few steps later she stopped and cursed and I saw a dark streak run down her left thigh, then she laughed and seemed to relax a little and suddenly the whole back of her upper thighs and lower butt turned darker and I could hear the hissing sound as she completely peed her jeans, soaking them down both legs, all over her butt, leaving a puddle on the floor of the garage. She just laughed and apologized. My friend was horrified. I was aroused and excited and confused and tried to hide my excitement by holding the bags in front of me.

She finished and turned around, red in the face, and apologized again. My friend pushed past to go inside. I just stood there, mouth agape, taking in the vision of this amazing woman in her soaked jeans. She said, "What's the matter, James? Never seen a grown woman pee her pants?" and laughed and I faked a laugh with her.

To this day it is one of the most powerful memories I've ever had.


Unknown Dumper


Hello, guys.

Charlotte - Nice to hear from you!
Tim - You and Sally have good relationship together. I wonder if you both still take dumps together?
Yvonne - Thank you for answering my questionnaire.
Megan - Awesome poop story.
Natasha - Nice story.

Here is my full questionnaire if anyone is interested:
1. How far do you pull down your pants and underwear? Knees or ankles?
2. Do you sometimes soak toilet paper before wiping? It makes cleaning your bottom easier.
3. Did you run out of toilet paper while seated upon the toilet and had to get a new roll yourself?
4. Was there a time when you fell asleep on the toilet?
5. If you had a devoted and uderstanding boyfriend/girlfriend, would you let him/her wipe your bottom for you?
6. Do you sometimes talk to people while on the toilet?
7. Did you get walked in/barged in on while sitting on the loo?
8. When you were potty-trained, did somebody use to wipe your bottom for you?
9. Did you get a picture or video taken of you on the toilet?
10. What do you like to do while sitting on the toilet?

BONUS! 11. Do you use something to help you squat while sitting on the toilet or do you squat on the toilet?

Have fun!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: "Julie" unisex bathrooms would solve so many problems but the only way that will happen is if certain things change mainly sex offenders to them a unisex bathroom is perfect but it also isnt since chances there will be a guy or 2 in there at any one time that would prevent them from doing anything but unisex bathrooms are still a great idea and in my belief will become more active in the years to come as society comes to accept peoples choice of lifestyle hopefuly that made sence.

To: Crimson Flash great story about those desperate girls and great story about seeing your friends mom pooping it sounds like she really had to poop alot I bet she felt pretty good afterwards to.

To: Charlotte great poop story it was lucky you stayed seated and it sounds like you had a really great poop to and always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tim as always another great set of stories it sounds like Sally had a really great poop in the river and at the beach to I bet she felt pretty good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bill F as always another great story it sounds like your friend Emily gave you a really great show and it sounds like she really had to poop alot to I bet she felt so much better once she was done and I bet that memory will last forever and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Musician great story please post more stories like that thnaks.

To: Sage first welcome to the site and great stories hopefuly stopping at that bookstore will help prevent more accidents and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Yvonne as always another great story it sonds like you had a good poop and really helped your friend out to in her time of need and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natasha as always another great story it sounds like you and Olivia both had pretty good poops and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great pooping story.

To: Pat its good to hear you and Artiss are doing good.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I never liked pooping in front of my dad, or him pooping in front of me.

But when I had a younger brother, I helped to train him by letting him see me poop, and wipe. Best way to teach by example, and as we got older, we were never self-conscious about this, and sometimes one of us would be on the loo, while other other was in the shower, or even just sitting on a box containing towels, and chatting away.

An interesting story has been in the news recently, from Israel, when a guy in his thirties was visiting his parents. He was sitting on his parents' toilet - no doubt he had sat on it thousands of times before, with snake-like formations slithering out and plopping into the water below. This time, the action was in reverse. While he was sitting on the toilet, a snake popped up and bit his penis. Fortunately, it wasn't venomous, and he was checked at hospital, and given the 'all clear', but with marks which will probably stay. He was able to have a sense of humour about it. Many of the reports have pun-like headlines.

Esteban - the fact that you were talking to the other guy says nothing about your 'presumed sexuality'. You had seen him and talked to him while he was sitting. Nothing kinkish about continuing the conversation while you were doing your 'work', as you put it. Both of you were guys doing what guys do.



On second thoughts, perhaps the guy who came in when you 'new young friend' was standing there talking to you was disappointed because you were using the toilet for its intended purpose.

Perhaps HE was the one with the 'presumed sexual orientation'. It wasn't the fault of either of you if there were no doors on the cubicles. Perhaps the doors were missing precisely to avoid improper activity.

To Anonymous College Guy...
I am an anonymous college girl.
I have posted here a few times, under a few names, to keep anonymity. I don't like responding to people's posts... just occasionally posting my own. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your posts. I love them, I read them over and over. I wait for your posts to show up. Please don't stop posting. I think that's just the nature of this board--SOOO many people have lurked here for years and absolutely love certain people's posts, but never say anything, they just silently enjoy. Don't get down, you get me up ;)


Buddy Dump

I've been very busy and traveling, so it's been a while since I went to my favorite men's room at the beach. But July 5th I had my chance. I wasn't even sure it was still there since it's been slated for demolition for over a year.
But as I turned the corner, there it was. I parked my car, went for my morning run, and when I got back it had loosened things up. So I headed into the men's room.
This is the one with two doorless stalls opposite two urinals.
I walked to the second stall and there was a young guy sitting there, late teens or early twenties. He jumped when I walked by. I've seen that reaction before, but this time it surprised me- his shirt was unbuttoned and his shorts were down at his ankles, very exposed for someone shy.
I gave him my usual, "not much privacy,"
He responded by telling me he didn't mind as long as it wasn't one of his buddies or they'd tease him mercilessly. I just said "time to go to work next door."
I entered the first stall and dropped the seat with a noticeable bang, pulled down my gym shorts, and let out a big rumbling fart.
Young guy laughs and says, "oh, that kind of work. I thought you meant you worked at the concession stand next door."
I let out another fart and I heard three small plops from his side. As the smell from his stall began to move in my direction, he told me he and his buddies had graduated college up north and were headed to Mexico for a last celebration before grad school. They decided to stop at the big city before heading further south. I told him I was local.
I was grunting, struggling with a fat turd that had a mind if its own, when I heard him pull down and rip off toilet paper a couple of times. He flushed while I grunted. Next thing I knew he was standing in front of my stall talking to me face to face, thanking me for keeping him company etc.
Just then a guy walks in, sees us talking, and turns to leave, muttering an epithet about our presumed sexual orientation under his breath. We laughed, my new friend left, and I managed to push out a long, fat turd. Hope to get back there this week.


response to Anonymous College Guy

Hey, ACG, I actually really liked your last post about the large dump (kind of my thing as well). I'm new so I know that probably doesn't mean much, but still. I'm jealous that you've gotten to do buddy dumps; it's something I'd like to do but I've never really done it. This isn't really a "forum" with nested comments and what not, so it can be harder to respond to people. Either way, I hope you continue to post because I liked your last post.


Transgender-friendly toilets

I was at Sparkle In The Park, an annual transgender festival which takes place in Sackville Street Gardens, Manchester, this year.

As a trans woman, just the simple act of going for a piss can mean taking your life in your hands -- if you get "read" in the ladies' room, people complain (the concept of somebody having a todger and not wanting to rape them seems alien to some people) or if you use the gents', you run the risk of physical violence or at least verbal intimidation. Presumably someone who could stride up to a urinal, hitch up their skirt, aim and fire (which is not always easy, depending on one's underwear, tights / pantyhose &c.) might be afforded a measure of respect; but even in boymode, this is simply Not Me, as I suffer from paruresis and usually have to use a stall anyway.

???? on ????Canal Street (literally just across the canal from the park, which is also where the Alan Turing monument is) have the most trans*-friendly toilets I have ever seen, and the layout is a work of genius.

The doors are simply labelled "Toilets" and "Urinals"; with additional signage to the effect that both may be used by any gender, subject to obvious logistical considerations.

This is an important issue for trans* people in countries where bathrooms are usually segregated by gender, and it's good to see that someone has found a solution that seems to work so well.

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