Crimson Flash

These girls were desperate

I kept telling a certain friend of mine that she should join me on a popular day hike along a portion of the Appalachian Trail, which involves a 3 hour one way hike to the summit of a mountain revealing amazing scenic views. I warned ahead of time she might have to pee outside because there's no bathrooms anywhere. She said she never went to the bathroom anywhere but a toilet and didn't intend on going anywhere else and that she'd be fine. About half-way to the top she inceasingly slowed down and soon became fidgety and squirmy. I asked her what was wrong and she admitted she had to pee but still refused to go outside and said she could hold it. And because it was getting warm, she still kept drinking her water bottle. We reached the summit and enjoyed the scenic view but was cut short due to her need to pee. On our way back down the mountain, I had to pee and told her now would be a good time for her to go as well. I can't imagine how she must have felt waiting there desperate to pee while I peed! About an hour away from the trailhead she finally gave in and abruptly grabbed my arm and said if she didn't go now, she'd pee her pants. We went off the trail and I found a suitable spot for her and since it was her first time tried to explain how to squat facing a slight downhill on something soft like leaves and plants and nothing hard like rocks to avoid splashing pee. She asked me to move away for privacy. I was a distance away, but was able to hear the gushing and hissing sounds her of peeing which sounded like it went on forever! She held it for several hours. She was able to master peeing outside and didn't get any on her. Afterwards she was embarrassed but thanked me for helping her out and making her feel better about it. I want to add that originally she was also going to invite two of her girl friends along that I never met before, but for whatever reasons, they couldn't join us that day. Imagine how interesting that would have been with three girls getting desperate to pee or poop on the mountain.

I think I may have posted this next event here before, so I apologize if this may be a duplicate. I was talking to a girlfriend at the time on the phone and somehow her bedroom door lock broke and she became locked in her room until her parents could get home. She kept saying how she really had to pee and she's gonna pee her pants because she really has to go. I joked she better hurry and find a cup to go in. She said she was going to, and that she didn't think it was funny and got off the phone. Later, she told me she peed in a fast food cup she had from the night before. I wonder what she would have done otherwise?

My last desperation story for now involves me hanging out with an ex-girlfriend. We ended up at a department store to get some things for us individually. While we're waiting in the check out line, she started kind of bouncing up and down and I said "What the heck are you doing?" and she said she has to poop and she was holding it for a while. I asked her why she didn't go at the store and she said she was going to, but there was a guy she thought was cute standing near the restrooms and she '"didn't want him to know she pooped" in her words. I said that's the craziest thing I ever heard. As we're out in the parking lot about to get in the car she starts her little bouncing dance again and said oh no, she can feel it sticking out now. She quickly sat down in the car and pressed her butt against the seat to hold it back and I asked her if that helped and she said normally but it feels like the end still is sticking out. As soon as we got back to her apartment, she ran straight to the bathroom and pooped. She said her panties were stained from when she sat down in the car.


Few days ago + update(?)

Hiiiiiii Charlotte again!!!!!

So a few days ago I got sudden urge to crap real bad. I quickly went to my bathroom and pulled my pants and panties down to my ankles. I let my rectum relax and a long crap quickly came out. It felt really good and was about 6" long. ???? still felt bad so I stayed seated. I let out a few farts then suddenly some mushy crap came out. I had spicy food earlier maybe that what was causing this. I've never really noticed spicy food causing issues but I've also never really payed attention!

Have not crapped since then ???? feels a bit tight but mainly may be gas. I let out a long fart earlier and it felt a bit better but still tight. I ate a bunch today so you know kinda waiting to crap. Will see how many days I can go without going! When I go again I'll make sure to post!


Pooping Into The Sea

Hi, guys, Tim here with another childhood story, this time from when we were 11 years old. It was the summer holidays and Sally's family were coming with my family on a trip to the sea. On the first day there, Sally and I left our parents at the beach and walked up to a pier that was hidden from view on the beach by a sort of rocky formation, giving total privacy to anyone on the pier. We were somewhat surprised by what greeted us on that pier. Boys and girls of all ages, from 8-15, were sitting on the rail, peeing and pooping into the sea. The toilets were far away, so we didn't blame them, in fact we decided to join them. Sally jumped up on the rail, lifted up her white dress, dropped her red panties to her knees and hung her bum over the edge. I dropped my jeans and undies to my knees also and sat beside her, our bums almost touching as the jutted out over the water. Sally began with a hissing fart and a crackling sound of the first turd emerging. I started peeing while waiting for the urge to poop to return to me. With a long, soft fart, Sally's first turd slid into the water without any pushing at all, making a big splash upon hitting the water. I pushed and dropped a sausage-shaped poo into the sea, but Sally was nowhere near done. She straightened up and I though she was done, but she told me, "Hang on, Tim, there's still more to come." She started to grunt and a massive turd splashed into the water. The girl pooping next to Sally said, "Your poops are massive!" Sally blushed and replied, "Thanks, yours are pretty big too." With that, a final snake-shaped turd worked its way out of Sally's bum into the water. She released some gas, then peed for about 10 seconds, before saying to me, "I'm done, what about you?" I replied that I was also done, so Sally borrowed some toilet paper from the girl next to her, wiped her vagina and bum, gave some to me to use, then we said goodbye to the girl, pulled up our clothes and went on our way, taking care to throw our toilet paper in the bin as we left the pier. On the way back, we found a private spot and stripped naked for a good swim, where Sally peed standing up, like a boy. Not a bad day, I thought to myself.

Bill F

School friend

Tim: I'm glad you found the one to be with in Sally at such a young age (funny for me to say that, I'm not much older), and in one of the best ways possible! I wish I had your luck. Don't get me wrong, my girlfriend Anna is gorgeous, but I've only been with her for six months, having met her at a New Years Day party. Hopefully that wasn't too off-topic!

In 3rd grade, I made a new friend. Her name was Emily, and soon after becoming friends we were almost always partners if we were assigned anything for group work. One day, we were doing a scrapbooking project when I heard her stomach growl. I asked her "Are you ok?" She said "Yeah, but you might want to hold your nose, I've got bad gas." "I'll survive" I said, and as a reply I heard a quiet, low fart. She blushed and said "I hope no one heard that." I said "No one's turning their heads." "Good." she said. "Because I'm not done." and soon after, I heard three more farts, each one getting higher, like notes on a piano. I told her "You're like a musical instrument!" She said " Yeah! My butt is like an orchestra! I just hope no one heard those, either!" I said "No one's looking," remembering that the last one sounded wet "But they might smell that last one." She said "Mom needs to stop packing bean burritos for lunch, but they're so good!" As she let out another fart that was so airy I could barely hear it, I wondered how much of her farts were silent. So I hovered my hand behind her butt when the teacher went to help another group. Pretty soon, I felt a puff of warmth every five seconds or so, but heard almost nothing. Emily soon caught on to what I was doing, and she said "You can put it on my butt if you want to feel it more clearly." I did that, and noticed that the place on her butt where the anus was was pushing out with every fart, and it would vibrate with a fart that I could hear. Emily then looked up from the project, which I had long forgotten, and said "These next ones will be quite stinky." The new puffs were even warmer than before, and I soon caught a whiff of the quintessential bean burrito fart. I started fanning the smell away from everyone else, which was easy because we were sitting in the corner. Soon after that, the gas attack seemed to subside, save for the occasional toot, and we got on with our project.
Later, in our last period, which was coincidentally music class, Emily leaned to my shoulder and said "The gas is back, and this time my stomach hurts!" She confirmed the gas with two farts, both of them wet. I resumed my duty in art class of fanning the smell away, and she suddenly got that look on her face and said "I think I have to poop. Badly!" I looked at the clock and saw there were 15 minutes left in class. I asked her "Can you hold it long enough to get to a bathroom?" She said "I don't know, but whether I make it or not, it's gonna get stinky!" It wasn't already? Anyways, when most people have to poop really bad, they sit on their heels. Poor Emily took it a step further, and sat on her fist with her thumb sticking up, so her thumb would be pressing on her anus. When I saw her suddenly lower down another two inches, I knew her thumb had slipped in. Imagining that, I have no idea how she managed not to squeal. And so began the longest and stinkiest 15 minutes of... that day.
Class dismissed, and Emily was the first one out the door, once I got out, I saw her speed-walk PAST the girls' bathroom, which I found quite odd. I caught up to her, and I asked her "Why did you skip the bathroom?" She said "The bathrooms at school are completely filthy. i never use them." We started walking home on a wooded path. (Our treehouse is on the other side of my house) I knew where she lived, so I decided to walk her home. I asked her "Do you think you'll make it home?" "I don't know. I haven't pooped in four days!" "Four days!?" I asked. She said "I often get constipated like this, but I don't often have bean burritos during those times." At this point, she was walking really slow, with one hand on her stomach, the other tightly clenching her butt. I asked her "What can I do to help?" She said "I really need to hold my stomach with both hands. Could you keep holding my butt?" I obliged, and noticed that with almost every step she took, I felt that familiar puff of warmth. By this time, her farts stopped smelling of bean burrito and started smelling of the imminent poop that was currently trying to get past my hand. Eventually, it went back in, but I kept my hand there to make sure.
She was still farting almost constantly. Suddenly, when one fart came, and something solid came rushing after it, and it met my hand with full force. I stopped it, but Emily stopped walking and bent over due to the cramps. I asked her "Should I let go?" "No, keep holding it there!... Oh no, I'm gonna pee!" And in an instant, she pulled aside the crotch of her panties and let out a gushing stream, all the while her poop was still pushing against me. Once her pee stopped, she resumed walking, her poop still pushing on my hand. I told her" Your poop is still pushing on my hand. Can you hold it yourself anymore?" She said "I'm trying, but my butt isn't listening" Lucky for her, my hand was. Then, the gas came back, this time squeezing around the poop, which was still pushing. It made a really high pitched sound coming out this way, like a chickadee's call. So we continued walking, her butt literally peeping and betraying Emily's control. The cramps got worse, and she bent over again. The poop began pushing harder then ever before, and I began to wonder whether the pushing was from the poop or, uncontrollably, from Emily. "This hurts so bad, but we're almost there!" As she said that, the cramps got even stronger, and Emily was on her knees. Instinctively, she spread her feet apart. "Oh God! I can't take this anymore! When you're ready, let go and yank my pants down as fast as possible." Still holding her poop with a weakening hand, I reached my other hand inside her panties so I could get both her pants and panties down at the same time. In the midst of that, I could feel her anus, which was domed out like never before. Touching her anus must have startled her into pushing, because her poop pushed even harder, I could barely keep it in. "Three, two, one!" And at one, I yanked everything down, and let go. The first log came out at least seven inches immediately, and shot out, almost hitting my hand. Emily didn't like the idea of poop on a walkway, so she crawled over, still pooping, to a nearby tree out of the way. She raised herself into a squat, and then almost yelled in relief as a torrent of small logs and wet poops exploded out of her. The logs turned into small balls, with each one being followed by very loud farts. Finally after about ten minutes of nonstop pooping, she was finally done, with a low sounding fart almost identical to the first one I heard.
The pile of poop was so big, it looked like it could fill a freezer bag. Emily had practically changed the landscape! Not to mention the trail of poop she left on her way to the tree. "Feel better now?" Poor Emily was so tired, she didn't say anything. All I heard was a huff and a sigh. Before she could fall into her pile, I moved her, pants still down, to lay down somewhere cleaner. "Mind if I check the damage?" She nodded yes, but then without warning, she started to pee again! She quickly raised her legs to avoid them getting wet, and soon a trail of pee was flowing down the hill. "Oops..." was all she could say. I pulled her pants back, which were clean, to reveal her panties, which had a visible stain on the back where I was holding her poop, and a small bit of poop in them, which told me I didn't pull them down fast enough. I told her of the stain, and she said "We don't have anything to clean it with." I told her "Your butt's probably dirty from all that pooping anyway. How did you fit that much poop inside you?" "Yeah, I'm all pooped out." We both started laughing, even though I saw that pun coming. She spread her cheeks to show me how dirty it was, and I told her "It's really dirty, so you couldn't make it worse by putting the panties back on." She stood up, and pulled everything back up. She looked at her pile for the first time and stepped back. "I made that?!" She exclaimed. That's what I said!
Emily then said "Now it's your turn!" "What?" "I pooped in front of you, now you have to poop in front of me!" I did have to poop a little bit, but there was nothing to wipe myself with. I told her this, and her reply was "So what? I can't wipe!" So I squatted down next to her pile, and I peed first. Then I felt the first log coming. She said "I can see it coming out!" The first log dropped, then the second and final log came out a lot quicker. I stood up, sans wipe, and looked at my pile. Compared to Emily's pile, it was puny and looked like something had just fallen off of her pile. Emily said "I guess that's what four days without pooping can do to ya. Makes you realise how much you can poop!" Then Emily tensed up again. I heard a short but loud fart. She said "Uh oh, not again... Gotcha! Just kidding!" I said "Looks like you've found a good use for your gas... Tricking me into thinking you were pooping yourself!" She said "You actually thought I had more? I couldn't even imagine pooping more than that pile!" Then Emily took a more thankful tone and said "Thank you for your help, I wouldn't know what to do without you." I said "Anything to prevent an accident." Then I told her "Do you want to stop by my place another time?" She said "Sure, and if we have homework, we can do it together!" I liked that idea! I told her "Won't your parents find out?Ii can smell your 'accident' even outdoors!" She said "Don't worry! i fart a lot at home and they're usually smelly, so they'll think it's that." "What about your panties?" She said "I do my own laundry, so they'll never see this!" And she pulled down her pants briefly, revealing the stain, which looked a lot bigger on stretched panties. The Emily kissed me on the cheek, and started skipping home, stopping a few times to adjust her panties, which I thought was cute as a button. I walked home, but when I say home, I mean my treehouse, which I promise I'll post more about soon.
See ya next time!



So my band has recently hit some new strides and now we're playing (really big) festivals. The last one we did was up in Wisconsin and there were so many people, which means there are very long lines for the toilet. I saw so much desperation, guys and girls. Unfortunately I didn't see any accidents, although I'm sure there were a few. I'm hoping I'll get lucky and witness one or two while we're out on tour, that would make it even more worthwhile! Of course I'll keep my eyes peeled, and once I do have a good story I'll post it. In the mean time, here's one my ex girlfriend just told me.

She starts by telling me that she's at lunch with friends, about 7 or 8. They're all laughing, having a good time, and drinking. She said she realized she needed to pee but thought to herself "I'll be fine, just one more drink and then we'll probably leave". Some time passes and her need to go becomes a bit more urgent, so she sits on her heal. She told me she was wearing black skinny jeans and flats, so that may or may not have looked as suspicious but who knows. Then she realized she couldn't hold it anymore and stood up to go to the restroom, but she was kind of blocked in by the people sitting beside her and that threw her off a bit. She said she started to pee her panties right there at the table! She said nobody noticed though, and made her way to the bathroom, but never could stop the flow of pee. She said by the time she got to the toilet, she had completely peed her pants. So she had wet herself while walking to the bathroom! She said she tried to clean up as much as she could but it didn't really help. Then, she made her way back to the table and "accidentally" spilled her water all over herself to cover for her accident. Now she claims nobody knew she had an accident, and that's probably true because they were all drunk, but I'm sure somebody in the restaurant noticed. She said she wore the same pants and panties the rest of the day, even when she went out to the bars that night! I think she may have enjoyed not only the accident, but the aftermath. I have so many stories about her I could keep this forum going all by myself for at least 10 years! Hope y'all like this one.

Lurker from 2003

In response to Anonymous College Guy

I'd love it if you had any stories about a very audible experience. Doesn't really matter where, the college, the gym, ect. It's all about quality, not location :)


To Anonymous College Guy

I'm mostly a lurker, although I've posted a couple of stories quite a long time ago. Just wanted to give a shout-out to Anonymous College Guy and say that I really like your stories and hope you'll keep posting! I know I'm not alone here in enjoying your posts, so maybe we all can rally and comment more frequently to let you know your efforts are appreciated.


Keep Posting A. C. G

Hey Anonymous College Guy-you should definitely keep posting your experiences. Especially if they involve buddy dumping in college. Those are some of my favorite types of posts. I know what you mean about not getting an responses, though. I usually don't get too many responses to my posts, either, but I know that they are being enjoyed because I ocassionally get a shout out by other posters here. My posts usually have to do with using a doorless stall. There seemed to be more of those around when I was in college. I've also posted about taking a dump in front of my fraternity brothers, since we had an open door policy whenever we were using the bathroom.

I post because I like to recount my experiences. Rest assured that there are people out there enjoying your posts.


the trouble with elevators...

Hi, I'm Sage...I live in NYC, in a pretty old high rise in brooklyn. I'm 24 and I have long black hair, light skin, and I work out a lot so I like to think I have a nice body too lol. I hope I do anyway. Well one embarrassing thing about me is that I've historically run into some problems with holding it in from time to time when I really have to go to the bathroom. I actually was a bed wetter on a near nightly basis until I was 16 years old, and even nowadays i wet myself in bed every once in a while like if i drink too much or if i sleep in too late (basically if i sleep past 10:30 am without ever having gotten up at some point that morning to use the bathroom, there's a 90% chance that i'll wake up wet). Other than that I would occasionally have both types of accidents growing up. My bladder has always been small and I must just have weak muscles in thait area of my body because even when I would get strong urges to poop, it wouldn't take very long before I was struggling to contain myself and it would begin turtle heading. Basically, my parents sent me to school in diapers through kindergarten. When I was going to first grade the school was pressuring my parents about getting me out of diapers. So I remember having to see a child psychologist but all I really remember is getting two lollipops, then doing extensive potty training sessions at home, all building up to my first day of first grade where I'd go to school wearing white Disney Princess underpants with light pink trim underneath my school dress- and I pooped myself 15 minutes into class. See, I was so nervous thinking about NOT going to the bathroom in my underwear because it wasn't gonna hold it like a diaper, that I had to go really bad all the sudden, and I didn't know how to handle it because class had just started and we were getting our desks and name tags and introducing ourselves to everyone. So I just tried to hold it in, but before long it was too much to contain, and a pile of soft poop splattered into the seat of my undies, all over those poor princesses...and that was my first ever accident after getting out of diapers. And it would sadly not be the last. Not by a long shot... also it began my reputation for being accident prone among my peers.

I'll share more memorable accidents from throughout my youth in another post, because I wanted to talk now about what's got me doing a lot of extra loads of laundry recently... this crappy old slow elevator in my building! OK, pretty much since I stopped wetting the bad all the time around 16, the accidents became less frequent in general, and it became less of a problem as I got into my 20s. I basically just began to develop a system of managing well timed bathroom breaks. But then I moved into this old building... I live on the 14th floor, and the elevator is so old and slow that I keep having accidents in my pants trying to get home to my apartment after school and work! It happened to me twice this week and now 6 times I moved hear, all wettings and twice I also pooped. The first one was really embarrassing because it was my 3rd day in the building and I was riding the elevator with some old guy. I was bursting to pee after a long subway ride from uptown. I was trying so hard not to be obviously desperate to pee, but it was so bad I couldn't help but tense up and whimper every few seconds and I'm sure my face showed my desperation as well. The elevator CREEPED past the 9th floor as I told myself I was almost there..but it was too late. I felt a gentle tingling sensation on my crotch and a warm patch began to form on my pants. The gentle tingling soon gave way to a steady stream of pee flooding into my pants, soaking down my inner thighs and the backs of my legs, and trickling into my shoes and socks while making a puddle on the elevator floor. The wetness spread across the seat of my pants as well from peeing so much. I just stood there in a weird cross between complete relief and absolute terror. The old guy was sweet, trying to act oblivious to the fact that the young girl on the elevator with him had just completely wet herself. I had gray slacks on so the wetness was obvious, they turned a much darker gray. There was no hiding my shame. I of course had to get out before him and walk out with the back of my wet pants showing. That was humiliating.... I got better about making sure I didn't have to go so bad when I returned home, but I can't always control nature. A couple weeks later, I peed my jeans in the elevator by myself on my way back from grocery shopping. But things got really messy after that...I returned to my building desperate to pee and poop. I felt fine when I left school, but its like the subway ride gave my body time to process everything and by the time I got home I needed to go. I realized as soon as I got on the elevator that I had absolutely no chance of holding my bladder. In addition to just having to pee so bad, the need to poop was making the pee even harder to hold in. Then just all the sudden I let go and began peeing my pants again, shortly followed by a really loud, wet fart that echoed in the elevator as thick, soft poop filled my panties and bulged out the seat of my pants. It felt big, warm and heavy in the back of my pants, and the warm wetness that also had spread down my legs made it feel sticky. The elevator stunk so bad...I prayed no one would get on before I got to my floor, and luckily no one did. I would die if someone in my building saw me with a mess in my pants at my age... a few weeks later I peed again, that time in had a skirt on and so my panties really only got wet in the crotch and it trickled down my legs onto the floor. I saw an old lady in the hallway when I got off and luckily I had the skirt on and not pants, otherwise she would've seen the wetness. Though it's possible if she was observant enough she could've seen the wet streaks on my skin. Then this week I have had two accidents! On Thursday night I had two drinks with my friend before I came home and they of course went right through me, and out into my jeans in the form of urine as I rode the elevator... but today was just nasty. As I got home to my building i felt a rumble in my gut followed by an urgent need to have diarrhea. I was doomed from the get go. I got all the way to my floor then barely got off the elevator before exploding in my pants. I was so close! But it was so runny and messy that I felt like I couldn't move, I could feel wet poop streaming down my legs. The tightness of my slacks also causes it to spread up the seat of my pants too. It was pretty much just everywhere. I couldn't tell if I peed or not because it was so wet, but my pants looked peed in. That was a long cleanup...

So I can't live like this having accidents all the time again, so I decided to find a new place. In the meantime I found a nice bookstore online hat's two stops before mine on the subway, so i might try going there to see if I can use it as a bathroom stop on my way home.


To: Anonymous College Guy

Hi! Dont stop telling your stories! They are great and very good to read. Look forward to hearing many more. Always nice to hear your detailed dump experiences. I also have stories of my own :)

Mr. Clogs


Anonymous College Guy: Thanks for the shout out man and for interest in my posts. Don't feel bad about people not responding to your posts. I don't always get responses either, it' not the end of the world and don't get discouraged. Thanks again for the shout out and happy peeing and pooping.

SquatSpotter: Thanks for the acknowledgment in your post about peeing around the house. Unless your toilet system is 1 gallon or less then it takes up to at least 5 gallons to flush human waste down the drain.

Pat: Nice story about Artiss and you're one luck guy to be with her. I like how you describe her morning pee being like Niagra Falls, I could imagine the site and sound.

Well I got to go and take a dump now. Catch you all later.

--Mr. Clogs

To tim. I love your treehouse stories. It reminds me of me when I was a kid. I used to build camps in my back garden with mate I used to hang around with. Well one day, Graham said he was busting for a poo and as it happened so was I, so we dug a hole hole in one corner of our camp and took turns relieving ourselves. It felt great but we had nothing to wipe with so we had to go indoors to use the bathroom but it was still fun.

The second time we did it we planned ahead and took a toilet roll with us. We were out riding our bike on an old disused road that had long since been bypassed by a motorway and it came to an end where a railway had been built across it. Under the railway was a large concrete storm drain and we left our bikes behind and walked through it to see where it led. It came out to a river that was flowing nearby. We both needed to poo quite badly so we decided to go in the storm drain. Graham must have needed to go really badly because he had diarrhoea and it was a lot. I pushed out several big turds near his and we wiped ourselves and returned to our bikes to ride home feeling relieved.

I went out for a walk on a large heath in London. As it was a sunny weekend day the grass was covered in people sunbathing. The heath is divided up by lines of thick bushes. Those from outside the UK may not be aware that the present government is busy dismantling the public sector and cutting services, so any toilets which existed in areas like these would have long closed.

After a while I felt the need for the loo so I headed into the bushes. I entered at a clearing and walked down far into the bushes, then had a wee against a tree. I zipped up and turned back to leave. Through the bushes I could see a woman in her early twenties, with curly blonde hair, walking towards me. She looked around, then lifted up her dress and pulled down her white knickers, then squatted against a tree. She started pissing a fierce stream. I thought I'd best not embarrass her and stayed where I was. She pulled her knickers up and left. I then walked up towards the clearing to leave, and just as I got to the end found a girl of about 16, wearing denim shorts and pink knickers. She was squatting on top of a tree trunk and seemed to be dribbling. I thought it a bit of an open place to have a wee!


Monday, July 15, 2013


Interesting Poop, Bath, Somerset.

Before I relate this latest experience I would love to say to Brandon that his remarks and enthusiasm are delightful, as he always ends with the words I love this site, his remarks convey that feeling all the time.

Last Saturday, one of the precious Saturdays off, Cathy and Carol and myself decided to spend a day in Bath. Whilst we were in the staff canteen discussing our trip. Alma from the office staff must have overheard us because she asked me if it was a private trip. I told her, of course not, all the more the merrier. She told me with her hubby away on a short golfing holiday and her children going on a school trip she'd love to come.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, sun shining, not a breath of wind, if anything a little too hot, but I've learned not to knock our weather and to take the warmth when it comes, however hot. I have to admit I was also hoping we could all have some fun buddy dumping. Managing to park in one of the cheaper 'all day for a fiver' car parks, we all walked into the city centre and we made a beeline for the lovely old cobbled lanes in the centre of Bath, loving the shops, especially the lovely clothes shops that abound there.

Cathy and Carol were busily searching the shops for sale price undies and Alma and I had joined in. In fact I had already bought a set of briefs each with a day of the week printed on the leg and each day in a different colour. As I went to pay Alma murmured to me that she needed to go the toilet fairly quickly. I wanted to as well and with Cathy and Carol so busy I mentioned to them we had to go to the lav and that we would make our way to the Roman Baths and meet up with them there.

As we headed towards the public toilets in Milsom Street, Alma asked how far was it and when I told her about five minutes away she told me it was too far and she'd have to find somewhere and just squat. Then I had a brainwave, we were opposite the Holiday Inn and I told Alma we'd go in there. I laughed at the surprised look on her face, the place is one of Bath's finest, way out of my pocket. But I told her that there would bound to be toilets in the foyer somewhere for the customers and on a Saturday the place would be packed nobody would know if we were customers or not.

The foyer was busy, people checking in and out, I noticed the sign to the ladies and motioned Alma towards it. The toilets were down a short flight of stairs and opened into a beautifully sort of rest room area, lovely divans and chairs and a bank of dressing tables and mirrors. Alma had spotted the sign that pointed to the toilet area. I was just behind her and watched as she went into the first of a row of six cubicle. I heard her lifting her skirt without locking the cubicle door. I went into the next cubicle and bolted the door. I was about to enjoy one of my favourite poops, the type where I hold it until the last minute, until my stomach takes over and it bursts from me. The feeling I get when that happens is beyond description, the nearest way to describe the feeling that sort of poop gives me is an orgasm. That's how wonderful it makes me feel.

Meanwhile, as I am lifting my pale cream, chiffon, flared skirt and slipping my panties to my knees I could hear Alma. No chance for her to sit and relax. She must have been really bursting because she gave a gasp, I think of pure relief, and her bowels opened with a splattering of poop into the toilet and two long, loud, farts.

"Ohhhhh, heaven, I needed that," Alma said, I'm not sure whether it was to herself or whether she was saying it to me.

"Enjoy, enjoy," I answered lightly as I started to pee.

Almost at once Alma pooped again. Another explosive splattering into the pan. "Oh, Yvonne, oh, shit, I needed that."

I giggled at the pun as my stomach churned over more. I sat squeezing my buttocks tight together, feet planted to the floor, massaging my stomach. We were both peeing now, peeing together, our spurts and splashes almost like we had practiced to time it together. I was aware then of how close the cubicles seemed to be. The dividing walls were about four inches off the floor, probably more, because I could see Alma's pale pink panties at her ankles and her feel, in clear view.

"Yvonne, do you need a poop?" Alma asked me suddenly.

"Yeah," I called back. "Alma, I'm holding it trying to hold it as long as I can."

"For god's sake why?" Alma asked me.

I tried to explain to Alma why I held myself and the feeling I got when I went, how lovely, divine it made me feel. Now it was Alma asking me all the questions. How long had I been doing that? Had I ever messed my panties? What did it feel like when I didn't make it and I did poop in my panties. We must have been chatting for about five minutes, before Alma cried out:

"Oohhhhhhhhhh, hell, Yvonne."

I saw her toes pressing to the floor, I knew she had to go again. By now I was aching almost intolerably. But it was wonderful as my stomach could hold its protest no longer. Alma gasped and pooped, another splattering. "Aghhhhhhh . . ." I gasped in unison and I bent right over as my stomach ripped open and felt a flurry of semi hard turds spew into the pan, splashing the water high and all over my bum. Alma gasped as she pooped again, I followed suit, matching her plop plops, as my almost jelly like poop thwacked against the back of the toilet. We had both finished by then. At least I was and was tearing paper from the holder and standing to wipe my bum. Feeling an empty, void feeling in my bowels. As I wiped three / four times I enjoyed how good I felt, how much a good turnout [my Dads words] made anybody feel after.

"Yvonne, you finished on the toilet?" Alma called.

"Yeah, you okay?" I asked, as I continued to wipe my bum.

"Yeah," Alma said, "but I need help, can you come in with me?"

My heart missed three beats as I pulled up my panties and rather hurriedly smoothed my skirt down. Then I looked into the toilet. There's an old expression in the UK about doing a 'panful.' It means that probably somebody has pooped so much the toilet might be clogged. I flushed and watched a my poop swirled around in the water, I had been to loose to clog the pan, but I did have to flush again, and even then there were skid marks high on the back of the pan. More work for the cleaner I thought.

I went into Alma's cubicle, she hadn't locked the door. I could see at once why she needed help. She had her lovely off white skirt wrapped high around her waist, held there by her elbows. Her panties were right down.

"Yvonne, I am so embarrassed, but um . .could you . . .will you help me wipe, please?"

I remembered how patient Mam was as I grew up, how she always helped anybody, old or young, who needed help when they were on the toilet. Alma's plight was something that I have felt myself, many times. Without saying anything I bent across her and ripped toilet paper. Carefully keeping hold of her skirt, Alma stood and twisted her bum towards me. Holding her with one hand, I gently ease the paper between her buttocks for the first wipe. Dropping the dirty paper I ripped more and this time I used my thumb and gingers to open her buttocks and wiped over her anus. The third time I did to Alma what I always did myself, forming the paper into a dart shape and easing it deep into her anus to thoroughly clean her bumhole. Another wipe and her anus was clean, then a last sheet of paper, padded to wipe the moist pee from her vagina lips.

Alma eased her panties up and, smoothing her skirt down, she turned to face me. Our faces inches from each other she softly kissed me on the lips. "Now I now what is meant by a 'buddy dump' she giggled.

Giggling together, holding hands we left the hotel to join up with Cathy and Carol. I guess we both felt a lot closer to each other after that. I am so glad I first read about the joys of 'buddy dumping' here on these

Hi everyone. Sorry it's been awhile since I last posted. I have a story to share though. Bethany's birthday was last week, so her sister Olivia and I went to buy gifts. At first, we weren't having much luck finding something we thought she might like, but eventually we both find gifts. Before we left, I said I needed a wee. Olivia responded, "Yeah, I kinda have to go as well" so we went to the toilets.

The toilets were extremely busy, with all the cubicles taken, and two women queueing. We got in the queue and before long there was a flush and the first woman took the vacated cubicle. She was in and out fairly quickly, letting the other woman go in. I was starting to get desperate by then, but there was nothing I could really do.

A long time passed, and I assumed all of the four women in the cubicles were pooing, though I didn't really hear any sounds to indicate it. Finally there was a flush and a woman came out, and Olivia went in the cubicle. I noticed then that not only did a need a wee, but I also needed a poo. Thankfully it was only a short time before two cubicles came available at nearly the same time. I rushed in and pulled down my skirt and red spotty pants and sat on the toilet.

I weed fiercely for a short time and then concentrated on doing my poo. I needed only a small push for a poo to start easing out. It was a somewhat long soft poo that made a plop when it hit the water. I did a few more shorter poos and then I felt empty. I wiped myself thoroughly and flushed. Olivia was still in her cubicle as I washed my hands. I waited outside the toilets and she came out a few minutes later, and we went home.

Desperate to Poop- I enjoyed your story about seeing the woman going and then doing your own poo on top of hers!

Charlotte- Welcome to the site! Hope you can post again soon and remember there's nothing to be shy about- everyone poops!

Well I'm back from New York now and as promised I have a couple more stories to tell from my trip!

I decided to get the subway to Grand Central station to see the magnificent building, and while waiting for the train I began to feel the urge to have a poo and a wee. Soon enough I had quite a strong need for my number two and knew I'd need the toilet as soon as I got there.
Once I arrived I followed the signs downstairs to the toilets, needing both things quite badly now. Unfortunately there was a long queue of women going to the loo before or after their train journeys, so I had to wait in line. The line was out of the door but I counted at least a dozen women waiting. I hoped it would move quickly because I really needed to do my business!
Most women seemed to be weeing because the line moved fairly quickly. I noticed the doors and cubicle partitions were a long way off the floor and there was a slight gap between the door and the frame, so I could see the feet of the women sitting on the loos and get a slight glimpse of them through the door. I had been waiting about ten minutes when I got a seat.
I pulled down my shorts and pink knickers and sat down. I could see the feet and legs of the women either side of me and through the door gap I could see part of the queue. I can see why some people would feel exposed on these toilets because there was less privacy than in many public loos. It didn't bother me, though, and I quickly emptied my bladder and pushed out my first turd. Three more medium-sized pieces followed. The woman on my left was replaced by someone else who also needed to do a poo. I did one final piece and wiped front and back, leaving her to it!

Anonymous College Guy

Just a quick post

Hey everyone, hope your summer is going good. :) This past week I've had a couple REALLY good buddy dump experiences at this new college... However I'm contemplating on writing and posting them since it takes up so much time. I never get any responses or replies(except from Mr. Clogs) so it brings me to wonder, why even bother? I know this is a posting board not a forum so I'm not offended. It's just that it's not motivating(for me personally) telling stories and putting so much effort into making them sound interesting, only to not get any reactions. Kinda like telling jokes to a serious non-responsive crowd if that makes sense.

Anywho, just wanted to get that out of the way if anyone wonders why I'm not posting much. Again I'm not mad, just informing everyone.

Take care.


Awesome company picnic on the beach !!!

Our company picnic was the Sunday after the Independence Day holiday. It was great ! It lasted from noon to about 8 pm. Since it was held on the beach, they told us to invite whoever we wanted. They set up a great food tent near the parking area for older people who did not want to venture in the sand. The menu was awesome... burgers, foot long dogs, every kind of salad you can imagine, soda, beer, even some boxed wine... They had set up volleyball nets up, and even had a nice firepit lit about 7pm (I don't think it was really allowed, but nobody said anything, it was nice) The bathrooms were close to the food tent (but not too close, lol) and were busy all day. The MENS restroom had 6 toilet stalls, one was huge with handicapped rails, there were small wooden partitions between each toilet bowl, but there were no stall doors on any of the stalls. The toilet paper rolls were mounted on the "endcaps" between each stall, which meant we were sharing our toilet paper with our "poop neighbor" Of course the restrooms were for everybody on the beach, not just our party, so the lifeguards were in and out all day. It was funny seeing all my co-workers sitting on the toilets, most of them shirtless, and their swimtrunks of shorts around their ankles, but the funniest part was reaching out to pull the toilet paper at the same time as your "poop neighbor" It was strange watching the bosses on the toilet pinching their loaves, but by 5:00 everybody was so relaxed, we were just pooping and laughing our asses off. The lifeguards were cool, and they kept bringing in fresh rolls of toilet paper, otherwise it would have been a nightmare. The room smelled of poop, but it was not gross. We figured that the WOMEN had stall doors, cause we could hear them banging them from our side of the building, and fussing with the door latches, as well as their conversations and every fart, which I'm sure they heard every one of our farts grunts and plops as well... It was a great day.... thanks management !!!!

Crimson Flash

Friend's mom poops

Lately stories from childhood and teen years seem to be popular here, so I thought I'd add one of my stories from when I was younger.
At the time I had a friend who's mom was a "hot mom", she was blonde and had a great body including a nice butt. She was always very friendly too. One day I was hanging at this friend's house and we were in his room. I had to pee so I said I have to take a piss and I'll be back then. He had two bathrooms but the upstairs was getting work done so I had to go downstairs only so find the door closed and his mom nowhere to be found. No one else was in the house at the time.

I knocked on the door and said excuse me and it turns out it was his mom inside. She said she'd be done in a minute. I said alright thanks, and started to move away from the door when suddenly she started talking to me. Not about bathroom stuff, but other things that were going on at the time. I thought she was pretty cool to do this. I couldn't hear any other noises from her though. Maybe that's why she started talking in case she thought I could hear her going to the bathroom. After about a minute of her & I talking she abruptly opened up the door smiled and said "sorry if I took long, if you guys need anything just let me know" and went back to what she was doing. I went in and noticed a light poop odor, not strong at all but definitely noticable. I didn't even notice that I didn't hear her flush till I saw it. There was long log about 10 or 12 inches long and 2 inches thick in the bowl, with corn kernals sprinkled throughout. It was possibly longer, because the leading end was partially down the hole. There was also a tiny piece of poop floating that I assume got pinched off as the log tapered off and ended. A scrunched up wad of toilet paper she wiped with, with a poop smear was off to the side and did not block the view of her poop. I don't think she peed at all though because the water was still clear which I thought was unusual.

I just stood there for a moment looking and wondering why she didn't flush. I guess she figured she'd save a flush because she knew I needed the toilet too. I peed and flushed her creation away which broke up as it flushed down. After I got back to my friend's room he wondered what took so long and thought I probably took a shit. I didn't even bothering explaining the real reason.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bill F as always another great story.

To: Harry great story about you seeing your sisters poop it sounds like she really had to go and I bet she felt pretty great once she was done.

To: Observant Guy as always another great story it sounds like Anne really had to poop bad and just made it to without having an accident and luckily she had you there to keep her company and I bet she felt really great once she was done and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great story about your friend Lauras accident.

To: Yvonne as always another great story it sounds like you got some good help and made a new friend to.

To: Tim as always another great story about Sally and your other friends outdoor bathroom adventures.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Desperate Jill
Crimson Flash,
I'd love to hear those stories about those girls being desperate :).


Pooping at the Beach

Hi, guys, Tim here, glad everyone seems to like my treehouse stories. This one is a bit different, though. It's about when Sally and I were 16 and we were just starting dating, although we'd been friends almost all our lives. For a day out, we decided to go to a nearby town that had a good beach. When we arrived, we went down to a remote spot of the beach where nobody else was, then we went for a swim for about an hour. As we lay on the hot sand to dry ourselves, Sally said, "Tim, I need a poo." I asked, "Can you make it to the toilets?" She just shook her head. "Let's go behind the sand dunes." Sally nodded, so we went behind a sand dune where nobody else could see us, and we dug two holes in the sand. Sally squatted down low over her hole, pulling her thong bikini to her ankles and waiting for me. I dropped my trunks to my knees and squatted beside her. She peed long and hard before farting, grunting and dropping 8 round turds into her hole, one after the other. I replied with 4 similar shaped turds and the same amount of grunting. Sally announced she was done, I said so as well, so we covered up our holes and went back to lying on the beach. Sally said, "Tim, how about a skinny-dip? That would make a great date!" How could I refuse? We both stripped naked and ran into the sea, where we kissed and I had my first sex. I can't describe it in detail, but at that moment I knew that Sally was the girl for me.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I was 15 at the time and I'd been constipated for about 5 days so I took a laxative just before I left for school. I'd hoped it would take around 8 hours to work so I could go when I got home but I started to feel things moving in my bowels just after lunch. I prayed I'd make it home in time as I really didn't want to have a poo at school. By 3:00 o'clock I was dying to go and I thought about asking to go to the toilet but didn't want to embarrass myself by letting the whole class know I was desperate for a poo. I managed to hold it untill 3:30 and quickly made my way to the toilets hoping to find then empty but when I got there they were locked for security reasons. I was about to poo my pants at this point and finding the toilets locked I was devastated. I had to keep still for a while to gain enough control to walk and the moment I took a step I felt my bowels pushing against my clenched anus. I thought I was going to poo my pants for sure but by shear determination and clenching as hard as I could I managed to avoid the most embarrassing moment of my life. I walked upstairs to the toilets there hoping to find them open but alas they were locked as well. I go desperation I tried the girls toilets and they were locked as well. I was sweating by now and I went back downstairs and nearly lost it for a moment. I thought it was unlikely but I tried the girls toilets on the ground floor and my luck was in because they weren't locked. I went in to find 3 girls from my class and they all shouted at me to get out. I was so embarrassed but I was so close to pooing my pants I couldn't risk not using the toilet because I would have pood myself in front of them. I ran into a cubicle and ripped my trousers and pants down plonked myself down onto the toilet. A's room as I made contact with the seat I exploded into the toilet for about 30 seconds and I could hear the girls making remarks and laughing at me but I didn't care any more. The relief was super intense and I just kept on going untill I was empty. I felt a lot better afterwards and turned on at the thought of using the girls toilets. I spent several minutes seeing to my need untill I got relief from that and left the toilets with the girls taking the mickey as I walked out.


Wearing Nappies

Hi, guys, Tim here with another story from my childhood. I was a bit unsure as to whether I should tell this, but I decided to do it in the end, so here goes. Sally and I were 9 years old, and we both had very had diarrhoea. It was during the holidays, so our parents didn't know about it because we spent all day hanging out at the treehouse, just the two of us because all our other friends had gone away for the holidays. Anyway, we struggled to get to the toilet in time, and we would be sitting down, just massaging our sore stomachs, when out of nowhere, the cramps would hit us like a punch to the stomach and we would rush to the cubbyhouse window, no time even to go to the balcony where the proper toilets were, hang our bums over the edge and drop liquid poop onto the grass below. Finally, when the 4th wave hit, I lost the battle. I felt a desperate urge to fart, and I let it out. As soon as I got to the window, I yanked down my undies and pants, hung my bum out, and as I released brown water, I saw that my undies had some sort of clear liquid in them, not brown like poo, clear like water. Sally said at that moment, "Tim, there's clear liquid in my knickers." I replied, "There's some in my undies as well. Listen, how about we wear nappies, because we both have bad diarrhoea, and it would be interesting to see what it feels like?" Sally agreed, so we opened a pack we had brought to the treehouse ages ago for emergencies, and we removed our pants and underwear and put on the nappies. We sat and talked about stuff for another 15 minutes, then Sally said, "Tim, I have to go again." I responded, "So do I. Let's go in our nappies." So we both squatted and released our load into the nappies. It felt weird, but so relieving. We put the nappies in a plastic bag, and put on fresh ones. We slept the night at the treehouse. In the morning, Sally woke up to find she had pooped her nappy during the night without her knowing. I helped her change it, and she kissed me, thanking me for being such a good friend. We both felt better, so we went for a skinny-dip in the nearby creek for the rest of the day. Not bad holidays, I thought to myself.


Accident life

1. When I was 10 I was at a pool party at my friends house and there was this really hot girl named Becca there. And as we were play volleyball i saw the back of her bikini had a brown ball in them and thought wtf at 10 year old pooping herself. My friends mom saw it and brought her inside to clean her up.
2. my final story comes from my ex girlfriend. She had moved to New Hampshire and living across from my aunts beach house. Well anyway my crew was on stage singing leave get out by jojo and my ex shit herself when she found out i was throwing the party with my cousin who she had tried to cheat on me with a few mouths eairler back in Massachusetts. Well her stepmom was there and after the show she came over to me and started yelling. I saw then her stepmom rip down her pants to see a 19 year olds poop in her underwear she took her into the bathroom and made her white her ass while she cleaned her underwear. It was discusting to look at I'm glad i wasn't those panties


Pooping in front of my dad (while he's in the shower)

Today was kind of embarrassing because I pooped in the bathroom while my dad was in the shower. Now, don't worry, the shower has a dark curtain, so I couldn't see him at all and he couldn't see me at all. But it was still kind of embarrassing. It started because I was desperate; I had been outside and started getting an urge to poop. And it had been a few days since I last pooped so I knew it was going to be big. I kept feeling it about to come out as I was walking back to the house. But when I got back I saw that my dad had just gotten in the shower and I knew I would have to wait 15 minutes or so, but I had to go bad right then. So I was standing outside the door, pushing my butt cheeks together, taking deep breaths, feeling it right about to come out, but I knew I was not going in my pants this time. Eventually I just couldn't take it, especially when I started to get a cramp, so I decided to knock on the bathroom door and ask my dad if I could use it while he was in there. I had only done that once before in my life (although I've peed while he's in the shower several times, only pooped once, but this was bad).

So I get in the bathroom, and like I said, I can't see him or anything, but he's definitely in there and it made it a little awkward. The fan is going and the water's going so it's kind of loud. I told him, "dad, I have to poop, if that's okay". He said "go ahead", so that's what I did. I sat down on the toilet and I could feel this huge turd at my butt hole and knew it was going to be big. I had to push a bit at first to get the first harder part out and I must have been grunting audibly because I heard my dad say, "You alright over there?" and I embarrassingly told him yes, and then continued pushing and after the hard part had come out, the rest came out really quickly and soft and filled up the toilet substantially. It was the most relieving feeling in the world. I usually go once a day, so not going for a few days makes it that much better when I do go. Either way, I didn't take that long to do it, and my dad was still in the shower after I flushed and left, but he managed to tell me that I stunk up the room >.< Which was true…

So yeah, kind of embarrassing, but also that my dad doesn't care if I do something like that.

Just woke up, my dear, sweet Artiss is in bed beside me, still asleep. I look over at her and wonder what I ever did to deserve someone as beautiful and graceful as her. Many times she is up first, waking up with a VERY full bladder, and I'll wake up to the sound of Niagra Falls pouring out from between her thighs into the toilet water below. If I'm up, she'll often give me a treat by hovering above the toilet so that I can see her pee stream come out, she knows I like to watch her go and she likes to watch me as well. As I've stated in previous posts, her favorite is when I just get home from work and normally have to take a very big shit, she likes seeing me sitting there in my dress shirt and tie, pants and underwear down around my ankles, above my dress shoes. We both leave the bathroom door open, and she'll go about the kitchen work talking with me while I sit half-naked on the toilet.

In turn, my favorite is when she's dressed up in one of her lovely skirts with spike-heeled shoes and matching blouse and blazer, or sometimes just a blouse, usually white. Or her American Legion Ladies Auxillary uniform-she looks awesome in that. She will normally come home from somewhere, her bowels ready to explode. She'll click into the bathroom on her high-heels, grab the hem up her tight-fitting skirt, lift it and the half-slip underneath up, exposing her garter-clad thighs, stick her thumbs into the waistband of her open-bottomed girdle and the underpants hidden away inside of that and pull the whole thing down to her knees, turning it inside out as she goes with it. Then she makes sure the skirt is completely up around her hips, pulling the slack forward, and finally she sits, often just in time, whether she's having a liquidy round of the "Oh lords", which are torture for her, or just a plain urgent poo, whether it's semisolid and explodes from her with a loud farting sound that echoes through the house, or just he plop-plop of her elephant-sized solid turds which cause her to have to labor and push getting them out, sometimes making funny faces as she does so. Her spike-heeled feet will either be spread apart from each other or sometimes on tippy-toe on either side of the bowl's base if she's pushing really hard, or close together if the poo's coming out easy. If they're spread apart, her undergarments will be stretched tighly across her thighs.

We love one another, and are soulmates this lovely woman who is old enough to be my grandmother,soon to be husband and wife, and we know everything about each other, right down to our toilet habits.

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