Reply to Connor and a story

Connor: you are too sweet! That's so nice of you to feel bad about my accident at work. I am an account for a very demanding legal firm. My boss is kind of a jerk and likes to put things off until the last minute. On that particular day I was trying to finish expenditure reports for the entire fiscal year. It was something I thought the other accountant had taken care of and was dumped on me that day. You asked if it was hot where I lived. Yes! I live in Arizona. The other day it was 118 degrees out! Let me know if you have any other questions.
Now for my story: last night I took my kids to go see fireworks. There is a canal we go watch them by evey year. It's by a big festival going in but not part of it she because of that there aren't any port a potties or really any private spots to relieve yourself. We had been there a few hours when my daughters needed to pee. Like I said, there is no where to go so I was very happy we had my van. My husband stayed to keep our spot and I headed with my kids to the parking lot to pee in the car. While we were waking there, we passed a woman and her daughter. The daughter was probably around 5 and was clearly desperate to pee. I heard her mom say she would have to hold it or miss the fireworks since there was no where to go. I immediately thought of car mom and how she would offer use of her car. Quickly, before I lost the nerve, I approached the woman and told her that her daughter was welcome to come pee in my car with my kids. At first she said no but her daughter begged. Finally she gave in and we walked to my car. My kids climbed in the very back and I told out new friend she could go wherever. She climbed into the front passenger seat and immediately pulled her pants down and starting peeing. She must of really had to go. She had a huge smile on her face. When she was done her mom thanked me and went to walk wear, but I stopped her and asked if she had to go. Reluctantly she answered she really did. I told her she could use my car as well and she agreed. She pulled her pants down and sat where her daughter sat. Unfortunately she couldn't get her pee stream started she eventually gave up. I guess she had to hold it all night. Car mom: has that ever happened to anyone you let use your car? I imagine it would be difficult for someone used to only peeing on the toilet to let go in someone's car. The rest of the night was very uneventful. We did see some nice fireworks but I wasn't wondering where everyone peed at.
That's all for now!

Bill F

A couple comments, and more about myself

Car Mom: You've mentioned on several occasions that you don't like poop, but you've also told about how if Kaylee has to poop, she would have to poop her pants. Instead of having to clean a pair of dirty panties later, try having a plastic bag or other container for her to go into, then just throw the bag out later. I'm not sure if other people have said the same thing, but you won't have to clean any panties, and Kaylee won't have to sit in a mess. You could also try this with Kaylee's friends, should the occasion ever arise. Take care, and Happy 4th of July!
Tim: I've really enjoyed your stories about Sally and yourself. They remind me quite a bit of when I was that age! Do you have any other stories of when you and Sally were around 8 years old? Age 8 was my favourite year with regards to my treehouse. Take care, and Happy 4th of July!
About a year after that first experience with Lisa, we had a new addition to our family; a baby sister named Samantha. Ever since she was a baby, she had an odd, but VERY regular bowel routine. I first noticed this when she was 8 months old. She was crawling around, playing whatever imagination game in her head, when all of a sudden I heard quite a loud fart, "BRRRRRRRPPPPPPPT", I knew right away it was her, because I had never heard a fart like that before. Before I could point a finger, there was another one, just like it. Then she put on her bug eyes, as I call it, stuck her tushie in the air, and started pooping. 5 minutes later, she was getting her diaper changed.
From then on, every time I heard one of those 'per-poop' farts, the whole house knew what was coming. This routine was very helpful during potty training. As soon as one of us heard the signal fart, she was rushed to the toilet. It was almost a game, really. If the second fart, the 'no going back' fart came before she got her pants down, she lost. If she got them down before the second fart, she won. This period between the signal fart and the no going back fart was what I called the "bowel survival zone". By the time she was potty trained at 2 and a half years old, the bowel routine had stuck. Even after getting potty trained, she would have to dash to the nearest toilet after the first fart. This became a bit of a problem when we were somewhere without any toilets around, for example on a road trip. Most of the time, we were lucky to finish the trip before the signal fart. There were a few times when the signal fart had come during the trip.
For example, we were heading up to our grandparents' house in Utah. She must have been 5 About halfway there, there it was. "BRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPT" came the first fart, which always sounded the same. It can smell different, depending on what she's eaten, seafood seems to smell the worst coming out. After that fart, she had a very worried look on her face. For the next 10 minutes, she tried desperately to hold it. Despite her trying to hold on, the second 'no going back' fart came out. This was the sign of defeat, and she couldn't hold it any more. Very quickly, the back of her pants ballooned out. A third fart came out, signalling she was finished. My dad found a spot to pull over, and we threw the panties out, they were beyond repair.
To this day, the routine holds. Though her holding time has gotten better, she still has a max. of 20 minutes to get to the toilet after the first fart. It seems she can only poop in this routine, and her bowels are "strict", if that's the right word. She's tried pooping at other times, but never succeeded. Luckily, she can fart without dashing to the toilet, and these farts are nothing compared to the pre- and after-poop farts, though she has cleared out rooms on several occasions after seafood.
This bowel routine can become the rage of the house when it strikes, and we should be glad it happens regularly. At least we don't have to deal with any constipation! Happy 4th of July, everyone!
See ya next time!

To Katie

Hi. Welcome. Do you have any stories about pooping in the bucket, growing up?

Where do you let your daughter pee at home?

Mr. Clogs


Alexa: Interesting story considering you're in NYC and you know how they are and can be. When you gotta go you got to handle your business regardless of the consequences.

Punk Rock Girl: How are you? It's been a while, enjoyed your post about using the restroom and big spider coming out from where the paper was. Keep us posted if anything.

Jamal: I enjoyed your story about your friend Michelle and laying some serious logs on the newspapers.

Katie: Hello Katie and welcome! Yes I was the one who asked Aubrie about you and your family on how they went to the bathroom. People can be unfortunately judgmental, but I can see why your parents were concerned about water and the environment. Hopefully you can share some of your posts of your upbringing and what you do in this present time. Thanks for sharing and look forward to your posts.

Holding Girl: I see why you call yourself the Holding Girl. Wow is all I can say.

That's all for now and for folks on this side of the giant pond Happy 4th Of July Holiday to you and happy peeing and pooping.

Mr. Clogs


To: Desperate Jill

I found your post (as well as your stories on "LiveJournal") most interesting. I have always had a great interest in what happens in a girl's restroom. Your analysis is fascinating!
Your "poop shyness" is very much akin to mine, I'm a hard pooper, I too have to bear down A LOT, grunting seems to be a natural part of that. It was the part of college I HATED. Our dorm bathroom had four stalls for about thirty guys. It is important for me to maintain a "regular" poop time or I get REALLY backed up so invariably I would have to sit there struggling to poop, while trying not to making any noise. Those poops always seemed the hardest. I don't know why grunting always helps the process, but for me it surely does.
What I don't understand is how your need to "make lots of grunting noises, [and] really bear down" aligns with desperation to poop? For me, if I don't FORCE myself to poop on a regular basis I just wouldn't poop at all!!! As a child that's what WOULD happen with me ending up over my mother knees with an enema tube up me!!!!

I have good news today - I've not been constipated lately. Quite unusually for me, I've had a poo every single day for nearly a week, starting on Sunday. I'm not sure exactly what changed, but I'll be glad if I can keep it up.

Well, on to my story. Yesterday afternoon, Bethany and I went swimming. We'd been there for a while when I started feeling an urge to poo. I told Bethany I needed a poo and then walked to the changing room. There were two cubicles off in one corner of the room and because everyone was in the pool, both were available.

I went in one, sat down and weed just a little, before I started to poo. A smooth poo came out and made a splash. I had a few more small poos that made small plops. Then I heard someone come in to the changing room and practically run over to the other cubicle and immediately they started having what sounded like a wet, messy poo. It was very smelly too.

I pushed out a fairly long poo and then a soft shorter one and then I felt done. The other girl was still pooing away noisily. I quickly wiped myself, still being thorough, and flushed. I washed my hands and went back to the pool and enjoyed the rest of the swim with Bethany.


My most recent toilet trip

It had been about 5 days since my last crap. My diet for the past five days has been: About 25 shrimp, a little bit of fast food, Middle Eastern Food, 2 loaves of French Bread, ramen noodles, and about 12 slices of pizza. Every day for the past 5 days I've tried to poo. I haven't gotten a drop out of myself. Finally though, today I got the urge to poo. I waited until my household was asleep, and then I crept my way into the bathroom. I kicked off my pants and panties when I sat on the toilet. I got out my Ipod to occupy me while I hopefully pooed. After about 2 minutes, I started pooting. I let out about three poots. They didn't stink that much, and made a soft noise. I didn't pay that much attention to it though, as I was occupied with my Ipod. I opened my butt wide. Finally, I started feeling poo come out of my butthole. I heard two plops, the first louder than the second. And PU, did the bathroom stink after that. It had a musty smell. It was one of the strongest smells of poop I had ever smelled. I wiped myself with 12 different pieces of toilet paper before I was fully clean. The first time I did, a big streak of poo was on it. I stood up to flush, but first I checked out what I had made. I saw a log about an inch wide and 6 inches long on the bottom of the toilet. Above it was a little floating turd. After I got a glimpse of it, I flushed and pulled up my pants. I washed my hands and left the bathroom.

Mr. Clogs

Post 4th of July dump, it was good.

Hello everybody, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the holiday weekend. Not much really just want to share a quick post of my post 4th of July dump. It's Friday and I had my usual 2 cups of java and I was ready to poop. I had to finish drinking my coffee and get to the toilet before I poop on myself. I made a dash to the restroom and wiped down the toilet seat before I sit down and enjoy my morning poop. I tend to go in the mornings so I ready! While wiping the seat down, I let some poop out while I was getting ready to take off my undies to sit down, just a small stain nothing major. I sat on the bowl and let my bowels flow and filling the bowl with a nice healthy load from the salads and beef ribs I had yesterday on the 4th. I stayed on the toilet bowl for at least 25 minutes handling my business in morning enjoying making poop in the toilet bowl and filling the air in the bathroom with the fresh healthy smell of poop. I didn't really pee that much either towards the end of my bowel movement. It felt good and it help me to alleviate some stress unrelated to the holiday which took care of that issue. I wiped with some toilet paper, put my undies and shorts back on, washed my hands and of course flushed the toilet. I hope everyone enjoyed my post and look forward to your post holiday stories.

--Mr. Clogs


Response to Sean's survey

1) do you enjoy pooping? Yes
2)when having to poop,Do you go right away or hold it and for how long? I wait a few minutes after the first sign, so that I don't have to go again that day
3)do you have pre-pooping farts? Occasionally
4)how far do you pull your your pants/underpants when sitting on toilet? I pull both down to my ankles
5)when its time to wipe, Do you fold the tp neatly or bunch & Crinkle it? I can tell if it's likely to be messy, when I might do any of the alternatives you suggest. I usually pull off 2 squares from the tp roll, and wipe with them double
6) do you sit or stand up to wipe? Sit, every time
7) how often do you get constipated? Never, really
8) what do you do to relieve yourself when constipated? Sometimes I might find it difficult to 'go' if I am leaving the house earlier than my normal evacuation, but I also 'sit' for a few minutes, and push once or twice. I might get off the toilet and squat for a minute or two, and if there are signs of success, I get back quickly on the toilet. Sometimes it works by alternatively lifting my left and right buttock.
9) when going pottie in a public restroom and you find that there is no tp, What do you do? I always carry some tissue in my pocket or in the car, in case ... Also, some wet wipes if there is no soap to wash my hands.
10)do you use seat covers on public restroom toilets? No, but I wipe the seat with some paper.

Steven A

To Tyler

Tyler, I've been busy with band practice. I had to march in town's Fourth Of July Parade. (Which is the 2ND largest in ????) Well, my poops have been regular if your wondering. I've never forgot about this site. I will continue to post when I can.

Crimson Flash

To Desperate Jill

Desperate Jill (and others who are interested), you mentioned you are interested in female desperation. I'm a guy, but if you're interested I can talk about a couple experiences of a few girls I knew being desperate both indoors and outdoors.

Bloated Butt

To Tyler

You can still have big turds if you eat lots of fiber and try to space your BMs to every couple of days. I don't go every day and I regularly produce very large BMs. I also eat a lot every day. Maybe you should try to eat a whole bunch in one day, then hold your poop in when you get the urge? Repeat the process the next day: don't poop, eat lots of fruit and vegetables and fiber. Make sure you really load up! You want to get big and bloated, and hold it all inside of you. If you feel it poking out, clench really tight and suck it back in. Try to do this for, say, three days in a row, and by the end of the third day you're gonna have a massive brown egg just dying to be laid. Assuming you drink lots of water and eat healthily, you shouldn't worry about being constipated. Just sit down and relax as a massive thick log slides out and stretches your anus really wide.

I think having a huge poop is a very relaxing and pleasurable experience. It feels good to get rid of a big and heavy load. I like to let my poop build up over a couple of days. I make sure to eat lots of fiber-rich food, and whenever I feel the tip of a log poking out of my butt I just suck it back in. I love the feeling of just lounging around in my underwear as more and more poop piles up in my colon, building into an immense heavy log of dense compacted feces. I clench my soft globular buttcheecks to keep it from coming out, letting it get bigger and bigger, more and more packed, making my butt feel like its stuffed with potatoes and grapefruits. Once I was laying on my stomach on my bed in my underwear, reading a book, when my boyfriend came and playfully slapped my butt and made it jiggle. I was so full of poop that I farted, and it was all I could do to keep from pooping a gigantic load right then and there. My boyfriend just laughed, he had no idea!

After a couple of days I finally sit on the toilet and let it all out. Since I eat so much fiber and drink so much water, the poop is still somewhat soft yet firm, like clay. It isn't that hard to push it out. Of course, if I waited much longer than two days it WOULD become too hard, but I know my body pretty well. Usually all I have to do is grab my buttcheeks and spread them to accomodate the turds, which are usually very wide and thick. My biggest are at least 3 inches, and I think my record is close to 3 and a half inches. But usually they're about 2 and half inches in diameter. I prefer to go when no one is home so I can grunt and push if I need to, and also because I typically fart a lot after I get the first log out.


Constipation to mushy crap

My stomach has been upset since Thursday. I had a load of mushy crap that morning and since then my stomach has been feeling pretty iffy. I managed to do a giant poop on Sunday about a foot long but since then I've been having mushy crap every day at least once. Not quite diarrhea but kind of mushy/watery. I am not hungry either and have been drinking a lot of fluids.

What's going on with me? I've gone from one extreme to the other.

Unknown Dumper

Hi to Sydney

Hi, Sydney!

Sounds like you have great stories! I'm looking forward to hearing them.

Also, I'd like you to answer a few questions I have, please. This is a questionnaire I've just come up with:

1. How far do you pull down your pants and underwear? Knees or ankles?
2. Do you sometimes soak toilet paper before wiping? It makes cleaning your bottom easier.
3. Did you run out of toilet paper while seated upon the toilet and had to get a new roll yourself?
4. Was there a time when you fell asleep on the toilet?
5. If you had a devoted and uderstanding boyfriend/girlfriend, would you let him/her wipe your bottom for you?
6. Do you sometimes talk to people while on the toilet?

Friday, July 05, 2013

Sorry I forgot to put my name on my last post. It's the one about me being allowed to poo my pants in my mums car.
I nearly did that this morning as I was driving to work. I'm 49 now so there's no way on earth I was going to let that happen and I clenched for dear life untill I got to work. When I got to work I had about 25 minutes to spare before my start time which was good and I went to the toilet with seconds to spare. I sat down and immediately began to push out loads of soft turds. It was a huge relief and everything came out. The toilet stank and I had to wipe a lot. God knows what mess my pants would've been in if I hadn't made it and thank god I did.


Sean's Survey Questions.

Hi Sean, here are my answers to your survey questionnaire:

1. Do you enjoy pooping?
Yes, I do. Except when I am ill. I always enjoy the wonderful feeling that I get when my bowels are completely empty.

2. When having a poop. Do you go right away, or hold it and for how long?
I have always tried to hold my poop as long as I can. I like to sit on the toilet and feel my ???? churning, wanting to go, holding on, and on, and on, until my body takes over and I just explode into the pan.

3. Do you have pre pooping farts?
Yes, often. I have sometimes erred as I blew off and it was a wet one, messing my panties.

4. How far do you pull your pants/underpants down when sitting on the toilet?
I always slip my panties right down Sean. Dow to my ankles because it means I am free to open my thighs, to bend, caress my ???? if I have a bad stomach ache.

5. When its time to wipe. Do you fold the tp neatly or bunch and crinkle it?
Set procedure for me always. First wipe is with padded and folded paper, to absorb as much a possible. Second wipe is where I fold the paper into a point and push it inside my anus to clean thoroughly. Final wipes are always with paper crinkled, sometimes this has to be three or four more wipes.

6. Do you sit or stand to wipe?

7. How often do you get constipated?
Not often, thank god. I try to eat good, wholesome foods, lots of vegetables and fruit.

8. What do you do to relieve yourself when constipated?
I normally use a glycerin based suppository/

9. When going pottie in a public restroom, and you find there is no tp, What do you do?
I always carry wet wipes in my shoulder bag.

10. Do you use seat covers on public restroom toilets?



Since I replied to desperate Jill a few posts ago, here is an old post from PRG that is still around which she asks a question...

Punk Rock Girl

Usually when I tke a dump, I just sit down and go. I don't pull my cheeks apart. I've tried it a few times, but have found that it makes no difference at all for me. Plus, I kind of prefer the way it feels coming out from between my cheeks than having it just fall out with my cheeks spread apart. I don't know why. But as far as making it easier to clean myself afterwards, it doesn't make a difference, as I'm usually pretty clean unless I have diarrhea.

Have you ever noticed on TV or in movies when they show a guy sitting down on the toilet, they never show him adjusting his position or tucking his penis between his legs. He just sits and shits. Don't guys usually tuck it between their legs so they can pee at the same time? My boyfriend does. I know I usually pee when I take a dump. How many guys here do or don't do that?




Sean's Survey

1. do you enjoy pooping? Yes because I go 2 times or more
2. when having to poop, Do you go right away or hold it and for how long? I usually can hold it for a 1/2 hour or more
3. do you have pre pooping farts? Sometimes
4. how far do you pull your pants/underpants while sitting on the toilet? At Home all the way down, In Public I pull them to my knee length
5. when its time to wipe, Do you fold the tp neatly or bunch it & Crinkle it? I usually bunch it
6. do you sit or stand to wipe? I sometimes do both
7. how often do you get constipated? Rarely
8. what do you do to relieve yourself when constipated? I usually eat grains
9. when going pottie in a public restroom and find that there is no tp, What do you do? I will check another stall or use my underpants
10. do you use seat covers on public restroom toilets? Sometimes yes or no or else I use tp

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Alexa great pooping and peeing story it sounds like you really had to go and I bet you felt pretty ood afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Punk Rock Girl as always another great story sounds like your gonna to have great story to tell to people and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jamal as always another great story about Michelle it sounds like she had a really great poop and gave you a great show to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Katie first welcome to the site weve heard alot of great stories about you from Aubrie and can wait to hear from you thanks.

To: Sydney it sounds like you were having a rough time at least you made it to the toilet without an accident and I bet you felt pretty great once you were finaly done and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Krista first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a really good cleanout outside and a tape to remember that night just for you and anyone you ever want to see it and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Holding Girl first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you really had to go alot and I bet you felt really great and maybe a little lighter afterwards and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Bill F great story about watching you friend poop I bet that memory will last for ever and I look forward to reading more posts like that thanks.

To: Shely great peeing story.

To: Desperate Jill great story.

To: Tim as always another great story about Sally shes really lucky t have a great friend like you to help her out when she needs it and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jasmin K as awlays another great story it sounds like constipation is getting a little worse for you I hope you are able to find something that can make it easier for you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Yvonne as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty rough time luckily your friend Alice was to help you out the 2nd time and I bet that brought your friendship even closer together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Dug great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Anonymous College Guy
@Tyler: Wow dude great post, sounds like you had some great dumps as a teen. Have you tried eating more to see if those kinda bowel movements come back?

I pushed out the most pleasurable crap in awhile just the other morning. Lately everytime I go poop its been the same; several small pieces and never feeling that 'emptied' relieved sensation afterwards. Its a bit frustrating since the only movements I enjoy having are the thick log ones that stretch out my colon.

Well I finally got an urge and sat on the toilet, and to my surprise a huge, thick, VERY warm mass of poop came sliding out. The pleasure didnt stop though when I finished, my insides still felt loose/warm when all was done and I was loving every moment of it. I especially enjoy that light-weighted feeling you only get after passing heavy duty dumps. :)

I think I may go to the gym today and use the lockerroom's stalls. If I go at just the right time perhaps Ill hear all kinds of bowel movements after the 4th of July which should sound interesting. Will keep you guys posted!

Also quick question, anyone know some good places to have buddy dumps besides school? Nowhere I go ever seems to be busy... Im thinking the mall or library are good options. Anyway if anyone has suggestions lemme know.

Hi I am a 22 year old girl, 5 foot 11" tall with long brown hair.

Yesterday in work after lunch I was sitting at my desk when my rear end began to feel rather heavy as if I had a number 2 coming.

The girls who I sit with and I are quite close and we often talk about our toilet habits and things like that and we often tell each other when we go to the loo. I said quietly and jokingly 'Im off to the loo for a bit'

I opened the door into the ladies bathroom. There were 6 toilets, 3 on one side and 3 on the other. As the building was really old, there were no cubicles on the toilets which always makes it slightly awkward in the workplace.

I went to the toilet closest to the door on the left hand side as it had the fewest skid-marks and cleanest seat. I pushed my mid shin-length skirt down and rolled it up at my ankles. I did the same with my jet-black tights before pulling my pants to my knees. (I usually pull everything to my knees but as I was wearing a pencil skirt I couldn't have opened my legs far enough to wee so I pulled everything to my ankles.)

I sat my thighs on the cold seat and screwed my face up at how cold it was. I shuffled around until I was entirely comfy.

I didn't force my bottom and I decided to let it come naturally. After about 5 minutes, nothing had came but a little fart. I began to strain a little bit but still nothing came.

I pushed frantically a couple of times and I thought a little bit may have slid out but I stood up and looked in the loo to see nothing! after a couple more strains I decided that it just wasn't going to happen and stopped trying. As it was my 'lady-time' I changed myself down there before wiping my bum once. I then pulled my pants and tights to my waist and then hiked up my skirt before washing my hands.

I walked back to my desk and jade asked me "everything go ok?" as we often say to each other when someone has been for a poo. I replied to her "I couldn't go". This made me quite grumpy as I sat at my desk as I definitely needed a poo but just couldn't do one.

An hour later though, A fart ripped out itself without control. It made a gurgly noise and stank. everyone around about me smelled it and jade said "i'd go and try again if I were you" I agreed and made my way to the ladies loo again.

I took the same toilet I was on previously and pushed my skirt to my ankles along with my tights, I pushed my pants right down this time too.

I sat my thighs on the loo and didn't even have to push some runny poo out of my bum. I relaxed right away. Several big long pieces fell out afterwards.

Jade walked in and said "I can judge from the smell that youre doing okay?" I said that I was and was so relieved to get it out. She pulled her tights to her knees and sat on the toilet across from me. She was wearing a grey puffy skirt and she just pulled it upwards when she went on the toilet.

Small pieces of poo kept falling from my bum cheeks as I sat and talked to jade across from me. She was really good though as she obviously heard me having a poo but didn't laugh when she heard it plop or when I farted or made a face. I saw between her legs that she was peeing and when that eventually stopped I noticed that she didn't pull her tights up so I thought that she may be doing a poo as well.

she said though "I may as well sit here with you for a bit as my bus doesn't come for half an hour" I asked her "are you having a poo too?" she said "no I pushed a minute ago to see if I did but nothing came so ill just sit here until you're done."

Shortly afterwards, I said I was ready to wipe so stood up ever so slightly and I pulled off a thick piece of loo roll and wiped the runny stuff from the front of my bum. I used another 4 pieces and got quite far inside. Jade wiped her front once before pulling her tights and pants up while sat on the toilet. she stood up, flushed and let her skirt down. I flushed before I stood up. I stood up naked and pulled up my tights and pants together before pulling up my skirt to my waist. We washed our hands and both left work for that day.

I go on holiday tomorrow and I may have a new story over there. I don't poo that much and it is rare that I ever 'go for a poo' it is usually when im on the loo peeing that I will fart and then I get an urge to do a small one, do any other girls get this?


Sally and the Treehouse

Hi, Tim here with a story from my childhood. I think I've told you that when Sally and I were both young, we had a treehouse in the woods that we used to play in. I've been inspired by Bill F's stories about treehouse toilets to tell you my own story. Anyway, for a toilet, we had balcony at the back of the treehouse called "the bathroom" (we were 8 years old at the time, by the way), which was a balcony with a long wooden plank with 6 holes cut in it hanging over a pit dug below in the ground. There was no privacy, of course, but nobody cared about that. My group of friends (myself, Sally, a girl called Billie and my other friend Kevin) would spend hours down there, often sleeping in the treehouse overnight, so the toilets got quite a lot of use. One time, I woke up in the middle of the night with a desperate urge to poo, so I went outside to find Billie sitting on one of the seats, pyjama bottoms at her ankles, sweating and quietly moaning. "Hi." I said to her and dropped my pants and sat next to her, letting out some soft brown poop as I watched her drop liquid. She just smiled back, saying, "I'm alright, just a little liquid poop. Come on, let's go to bed." With that she wiped her bum with some toilet paper, gave the roll to me, pulled up her pants and went back inside the treehouse. I wasn't finished pooping, so I just sat there and continued to drop soft brown poo. Sally came out for a pee and we talked softly for a while, then we finished, wiped and went back inside to sleep. This story is to be continued, another time.

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