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Here's my story I guess. So my i live in a apartment in NYC, and one day I was heading to my apartment when I needed a poo. I haven't gone in 4 days btw. So at the time I was on the top floor and I had just left a friends apartment. (The friend went to buy done groceries so I had to go) and my apartment was on the bottom floor. At the time the elivators were not working. I knew I couldn't make it to my apartment. So, I found a corner, undid my belt, pulled my pants down and squatted on the corner, with my panties still on. I do this so Ican make sure nobody is around to see my bum. Then, once I made sure nobody was around, i pulled my panties down ( while squatting) peed a little bit, then, pooped 3 logs. Then I pulled my pants up went back to my apartment. The end.

Punk Rock Girl

Happy July to everyone. Long time no poop stories. However, I have one to share after all this time. Nothing too spectacular, just funny and embarrassing.

I went to a family reunion given by my in-laws in Pennsylvania. It was held at my husband's aunt's farm. At one point, we all went down to the river to go swimming. So, I a city girl, in my polka dot rockabilly bikini, go jumping into the river with my country cousins-in-law. We were having fun when whatever I ate for lunch rushed down to my ass and demanded to be let out.

I have no qualms about shitting in the woods, but there was an outhouse handy (a real one, with the moon cut into the door) so I decided to be a real sport and take a dump in the outhouse. I ran up to it, knocked, got no response, and entered. It was fairly clean, the seat had some dirt on it, otherwise it was acceptable.

Not one to be very picky about what my bare buns touch, I pulled down my bikini bottoms and sat down. I unleashed a massive load of crap into the cavernous compost heap underneath me, then went to wipe my ass with the torn sheets of newspaper hanging from a clip on the wall. They spare no expense around here. I ripped one sheet off and from underneath it crawled a gigantic black spider. It darted right onto my wrist and stopped.

I am ashamed to admit it, but I am terrified of spiders. I have a pet tarantula, but he doesn't count. He's fuzzy and cute and very mellow. This thing was black and scary and fast.

I shrieked, kicked open the door and rushed out of the outhouse with my bikini bottoms down around my knees and my ass and lady parts on display for the world to see. I was flailing my hand which caused the spider to fly off and land in my hair! I freaked. My hubby came rushing up and I screamed that there was a spider in my hair as I stood there frozen in terror. By this time my bottoms had slipped down to my ankles.

He located the spider and flicked it out of my hair. I calmed down and asked him to please check the paper for any more creatures. He assured me it was safe, so I went back inside to wipe my ass.

I went down to the river and was greeted by quite a chorus of laughter. I apologized to them for the impromptu striptease and we went back to swimming. I doubt I will ever live that one down, but at least I have a good sense of humor and little shame.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July and don't blow your fingers off.



Hey. I haven't posted in a long time. I been kinda busy. But I had a good experience with Michele the other day. She was over at my place and she had to poop. So as usual, we went into the bathroom. But this time I had an idea. I asked her if she would dump on some newspapers on the floor instead of the toilet. She said she would. So I got some newspaper and put it on the floor. Michelle pulled down her tight jeans and underwear. Her huge round brown badonkadonk was just starin me in the face. Then she started pushin. I saw a long thick log push its way out her butt and plop onto the newspaper. After it came out, sshe said whoo that felt dam good but I got more. So she pushed again and another long, thick log inched out and fell on the newspaper. It stank so pretty! I looked at the log on the paper. It had to be like 7 inches long and the smell was really strong. Dam that girl knows how to poop!

Hi everyone. I'm Aubries friend Katie- the girl she posted about. When Aubrie first told me about this site, I didn't want to post. I've met a lot of judgmental people in the past when I told them about my families bathroom habits and I was afraid of that happening. After reading some of the old posts and seeing everyone's reception of Aubrie, I decided that this seemed like a safe place to share. Like Aubrie said, growing up my parents didn't believe in using toilets, except sometimes to poop. They were major hippies who not only wanted to save money, but save the environment/ water as well. This is why even in public places we were not supposed to use the toilet. As a kid, I did as I was told and found other places to pee. As I got older, I started to question their methods and rebelled by using the toilet, which is the opposite of a lot of you on here! Now as an adult, I will use the toilet most of the time, especially in public places. At home sometimes I'll squat and pee in the shower. I have a daughter who I do let pee in different places than the toilet but I don't make her. Growing up I often felt embarrassed and ostracized because of my bathroom habits and I don't want her to feel that way. It is funny how now Aubrie is the one who likes to pee different places. When she first found out she hated it. Whenever she was at my house she would hold it until she was bursting. Finally when she couldn't hold it anymore she would reluctantly pee into a jar or in my closet privately. I just wanted to say hi today, but I can post more childhood stories later if you guys are interested. Let me know if you have any questions or specific things you want to hear about- I'm sure I'll have a story for it.


Low Flow Toilets vs. Backed Up Teenagers

It was when I was about 15-16 when my childhood constipation issues started to reverse....and I **FINALLY** started to have normal urges....with poops every 2 or 3 days.

The house we were living in then had one of the early designs of "low flow toilets".....

Those were some of the most glorious poops of my life....still very wide and long (hold-overs from when my colon was enlarged as a kid...) I remember getting my urge; and what an amazing feeling it feel that massive hunk of poop sliding down inside of me....waiting not so patiently at my back door.

I would often enjoy the urge for extended periods.....the feel was so incredible; and was such a pleasure compared to when I was impacted. But; at some point I would plant my butt on the toilet and start "the push". And that too was an amazing feeling. I would "get it started"...and then my colon would take over....and kinda slide that monster out of me.

Wide enough and hard enough to hurt a bit....but **very** pleasurable overall. It would land in the bowl.....and I would stand up and have a look. I felt awesome after having a loose and empty....and sort of "warm" up in there. Tough to describe.

But that toilet; one of those "low-flow" designs.....just wasn't up to the task of dealing with a teenager who hadn't pooped in three days. The toilet would flush....and the turd would just stay there....kinda laying across the pipe.....firm and knobby enough that the flush couldn't break it up. Sometimes I would flush 2 or 3 times and just look at it.....sort of sparkling from the water flowing over it.

The only solution was to get a knife and cut the poop up into 3 or 4 sections....and try again.

Man; those were the days; I just don't have poops like that now.


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Stephanie. It sounds as though you were caught short a little unexpectedly. Had I been you if I'd been that desperate I'd have quit searching for the toilet paper and headed straight for the toilet on the grounds that the results could have been dealt with later. However I think your story proves the point that if any of us are desperate enough we will have accidents regardless of whether we're 14, 30 or some other age. One of the inconvenient laws of nature is that what goes on one end must eventually come out of the other and the more we eat the more we'll need to poo. My eating habits are fairly austere during the week but I let my hair down a bit at weekends and I can always tell the difference because I end up doing some massive poos.

Yvonne. Thanks for the information regarding military toilets which I also enjoyed. The ones you describe sound pretty basic to say the least but I expect they were designed to be purely functional. If the fittings were pre WWII they'd be pretty ancient by the time you encountered them.


Spring Clean-Out

Hey guys! It's Syndey here :D. So, I just finished my Junior Year of High School, and boy, was it a big one! I had my first boyfriend, and my first break up. I also took the SAT, and I'm starting to realize that I'm really getting to the end of High School. However, even with all these changes and hustle and bust, I still take some time to have some wicked diarrhea poops... Okay, maybe it wasn't on PURPOSE like last time, but I guess it still counts :D.

So this one takes place back in April. My Spring Break had just started, and I think we were about three days into the break when we decided to go to the Beach. I don't wanna say WHERE I live, but we're close to a very nice beach with a lot of good Sun and Surfing. I don't participate in the latter, but I sure do like to soak up sun. There's also this restaurant at the pier called "Georgie's Seafood Shack."If you guys don't see the problem here yet, you don't know me very well =P. Basically, I had a Shrimp Quesadilla thingy, which had Salad Dressing, Tomatoes, Onions and Lettuce in it. It was pretty much a Salad in a Taco Shell. After that, I laid out in the sun some more.

Now, before that, I hadn't pooped in a few days. We had dinner at Agi (the sushi place from my sweet 16 story) the first day, but I decided to try and go light on that. I was surprised to know that I didn't get a mean case of the Sushi Poops. The next day was a barbeque. My dad cooked Skirt Steak, and Red Meat messes me up! I'm pretty sure I'm Red Meat Intolerant, because I normally get a legendary case of the runs after eating just one steak. Still, I hadn't had to poop in a few days! I was eating all sorts of Poopy foods, and yet for some reason, I wasn't making any poopies! I was getting kinda worried.

So, here's some basic math for you guys. Sun + Exposed Stomach + Shrimp + Sushi + Steak + Sydney = POOP. Seriously. We got home at about 9:30, and the whole Car Ride I was cramping up. I seriously felt like I was being punched in the gut. I didn't tell my family to pull over or stop, since we're only like 30 minutes away from the house, but it felt like an hour. I let out a few farts, but they were few and far between. About the third of fourth time, my dad turned back to me and asked "Hey, Syd, you feeling all right?" I told him I was, despite the fact that loose poops were bulding up in me and ready to explode! My dad said "okay!" and then quietly chuckled to himself. I knew he knew, I just didn't care to say anything. My dad is probably the one I get my stomach from, but he's been much better about avoiding foods that make him sick.

I got back home and ran to the nearest Bathroom, the Bathroom by my room with the fuzzy Pink toilet seat and the Fishy wallpaper! I always feel so relaxed even in that Bathroom. I pulled my shirt off so I could feel the back of the Toilet Seat on my back and just let loose. I shivered a little bit, and like clockwork, I just started pooping up a storm. Loose Poopies were flying out of me like crazy. Eventually, they got stuck. The worst thing ever is when your having a liquid poop, and then it gets stuck. I groaned in pain, and started pushing on my stomach.

My dad came upstairs and knocked on the door. I was a bit startled, and it jarred a bit of my shrimp poops loose. He said,"Squiddy (that's what he calls me) how you feeling?" I answered him honestly this time. I said "I feel terrible." He laughed and said "should've protected your stomach better! I was getting annoyed at my dad, since he just came here to make fun of me. My poops wouldn't come out, my butt hurt a ton, now my dad was heckling me from outside the door! However, my dad just suddenly said "I'm not hearing anything on your side... are you consptipated?" I yelled back to him. "No dad! I'm just backed up!" My dad just said "rub your stomach... it'll help it come out." I started massaging my stomach and within a few minutes, my poop pain disappeared as a jet of Sushi Poops, Steak Poops and Shrimp Poops rushed out of me at mach 4. I moaned in relief, though the stinging poopy missile that I was letting loose in the toilet made my eyes water. I felt like I was expelling fire from my rump. After a few seconds of liquid pooping, it turned into a sputtering poop, then "farty diarrhea" (bubbly poop, which literally just builds into a Wet fart then bursts. I pioneered the technique XD) until eventually, I felt better.

I knew I wasn't done, but I thanked my dad, who told me that it was actually an old family secret. The weird part? My MOM figured it out. While I pooped, he comforted me by telling me an embarresing poop story about my mom after having Bread Pudding. When my mom and dad were in Italy, she spent a whole night with the poops after having too much Bread Pudding. It helped me get my mind off the fact that three days of meat were exploding out of my booty. Finally, my shrimp poopy ordeal was over. I wiped like, 100 times, and flushed the toilet. Of course, it clogged D: I just used a Plunger and the whole thing went down after a few seconds. Weird, my poopies rarely clog the toilet. I guess three days of Red Meat will do it!

I walked downstairs and my dad was sitting on the couch. I joined him and we both watched a movie together (Evil Dead II, one of my favorite films ever.) The rest of the week was uneventful, but my second week of Spring Break was pretty crappy due to some bad Thai Food. But, that's a story for another time! If you guys wanna hear that, let me know! Oh, and if you have any stories about times your family talked to you while you pooped, feel free to tell it! I can't be the only one!

See ya!

- Sydney!


Embarrassing moment caught on tape......

Hi, I'm 18 years old and just finished my last year of high school a few days ago.

The night during my graduation, I was with my boyfriend celebrating and we both had gotten kinda drunk and such but my boyfriend had apparently recorded me doing something unbelievable while we were at the park nearby our house.

While we were both very drunk, he started recording me and after several minutes, I started to pull my panties off and squatted on the grass field. A loud fart coming out and followed by a exploding diarrhea. I shouted how good this feels. Waves after waves of it and after a few minutes, I stopped and wiped myself as best as I could at the time.

After watching myself do that on the camcorder my boyfriend had shown me, my face turned red and felt this has got to be the most embarrassing moment ever. Luckily he promised not to show this to anyone though.

Holding Girl

Have to go badly

Hi everyone. I'm new here. I'm a brunette 19 year old girl, 5'8" tall, about 150 pounds. I absolutely love the feeling of needing to poop, and I often hold it until I'm super desperate, like about to go in my pants. Right now it's Tuesday night and I have to poop, but it's not too bad. I can hold it for a while longer.

The last time I pooped was on Sunday afternoon. Sunday I had a huge dinner. I ate a big steak and lots of mashed potatoes. Then on Monday, I had two bowls of Fiber One cereal for breakfast. I had a small lunch, but pigged out that night on my mom's seven bean salad.

I can feel all of that good food that my body has turned into poop just waiting to come out. I developed the first urge to poop around 11:30 this morning and I've been letting it build. Like I said earlier, I can still hold it for a while though. I wanted to post this information now so I can post about my poop while I'm on the toilet doing it. I'll return later when I go.

Okay, I'm back now. It's about 10:00 at night and man oh man do I have to poop! The head of my turd has been poking out and I've been sucking it back in. I'm on the toilet with my iPad now, about to poop. The turd is coming out. It's pretty thick and feels amazing. Still easing out of me. It touched the toilet bowl and it's curling up on itself. It broke off and I pinched off the bit left hanging. Mmmhhh... pushing ever so slightly as another turd appears. Another thick one that's stretching my hole nicely. This one is working out a lot faster. It just snapped off.

Now I'm passing a lot of thinner, short turds. They're coming out one after the other. I just farted, a loud burst. Another quiet fart. One more silent fart. I still feel a bit of poop inside me. Mmmhhh Mmhhh coaxing it out with a few pushes. Almost there. Nnnhh Mmhhhh. It's out now. This turd feels even thicker than my others. I love my hole being stretched. Ohhhh yeah, feels so great. It's barely moving, almost just hanging there like a big brown tail. A bit more has come out now. It fell into the toilet. I think I might be done. No wait... a super long rope like turd just rushed out. Now I'm finished.

I gotta look in the toilet after this dump. I can see my really thick turd laying on top of a pile of messy poop, and the ropelike turd curled around the outside of the bowl. I'm going to wipe now. Surprisingly, it wasn't that messy. Only six wipes needed. Going to flush now. The toilet in my ensuite is very powerful. I think most toilets would have clogged, but this one can handle my big loads with ease. I'm thankful for that.

Anyway, that's all I have. Thanks for reading. Bye!

Dumper Thumper

A good friend

My first post and I have an experience to share with you all about me being the ultimate best guy friend. I was at my school finishing party in the UK after 6th year (So we are all 18 - Legal to drink) We rented out a Club to have a good drinking sess before we all parted ways. One of my best friends got really really drunk (We'll call him Peter). Peter vomited all over the floor so we brought him to the toilet (A two stall set up). As we got him in to the bathroom he walked straight into the first stall and locked the door so we assumed he wanted to be sick by himself. After waiting quite sometime out side the door with supcious noices of liquid hitting the bowel and what sounded like farting I decided to peak over the stall and see what he was doing. As I stood on the other toilet and looked into peters stall I could see he was seated on the toilet! Not only was he taking a dump he had poop all over his white briefs and some on the floor. Peter had passed out on with his trousers and briefs at his ankle's. Being the awesome friend I am I jumped over into his stall and helped him clean up - Yes I wiped my friends ass. His briefs were unsalvaigable so I left them by the toilet. Peter still cant remember this event but thanked me anyway for taking care of him.


To Lauren

Thanks for your answers to my questions, Lauren! So sorry I couldn't reply sooner and thank you.
Since you mentioned in an earlier post that you wear dresses a lot, I wonder if it's really hot where you are? Now that it is July, is it hotter than ever?
And if you don't mind me asking - what area of employment do you work at? It must be intense as you mentioned that your boss gave you just one day to finish such a large project without any time for bathroom. I still feel really sorry for you on that! He should at least have given you more time!


First timer, long timer reader

Hello there my name is Ryan, I wont go into physical features but im a slim and some what strong im 14 also. First off I have been reading this sight for 3 years and im now posting lol. Anyway for my first post I went running today and I went out and ran 4 miles and on my way back I felt the urge for a poop and I run in a wooded area so I got off the trail and went away from sight and went behind a tree and pulled down my shorts and squatted down i let off 2 wet farts and then a long mushy poo came out!! that fell out of my butt hole i then let off 4 more wet farts and a thing of soft poop came flying out with a bunch of farts, after that i felt done and i grabbed some leaves and started to wipe and it was a mess and looked at what i did i let out a pile of mush and one long poop that was 2ft long. Well thats it for my first post i hope i start posting here more soon also im into reading about girls pooping and love to hear from all of them!!


Responses and a short survey

To Stephanie, Awesome story. I know the feeling as I have had a couple of accidents of similar nature. it seems that toilet paper is most elusive when wearing white underpants.

To Carina, Nice story too!

Now for a short survey:
1) do you enjoy pooping?
2)when having to poop,Do you go right away or hold it and for how long?
3)do you have pre pooping farts?
4)how far do you pull your your pants/underpants when sitting on toilet?
5)when its time to wipe, Do you fold the tp neatly or bunch & Crinkle it?
6) do you sit or stand up to wipe?
7) how often do you get constapated?
8) what do you do to relieve yourself when constipated?
9)when going pottie in a public restroom and you find that there is no tp, What do you do?
10)do you use seat covers on public restroom toilets?

Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Question for Car Mom and Lauren

I am a big fan of you guys and always wanted to pee in my car like you guys, but I shared a car with my brother. I finally got my own car and decided I wanted to make it a bathroom. I waited until I had to pee and instead of going to the bathroom I went and got into my car. I couldn't go. I sat there for awhile and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't pee. Finally I gave up and went back into the house to pee in the toilet. How do you and everyone else pee in the car? My body wouldn't let me. Also, has any boys ever peed in the car? Would they sit or stand?
Thank you for your answers. If anyone else on here has tips on how to pee not in a toilet let me know!

Bill F

Treehouse Toilet Tales part 2

Back to my Treehouse adventures. Lisa had come to my treehouse many times after the last experience, and peed many of those times, but never quite as much as the first time. I also added some other things to my treehouse to pass the time, like board games, more chairs, and thankfully, toilet paper. Meanwhile, the other boys kept visiting and using my toilet, as they didn't want to go all the way home to use the bathroom. I forgot to describe Lisa, I'm just realizing! Oops! She had light brown, shoulder length hair, and she was quite a bit shorter than me, even at the age of 7. (She was still 6 at this point.) She was also a little on the skinny side.
In part 1, I mentioned how I believed that girls don't poop or fart. That was, until one day when Lisa came to my treehouse. While we were playing Monopoly, I heard Lisa's stomach growl. She heard it too, and she laughed. I asked her "Are you hungry? 'Cause I can grab something from the fridge." She said "Nope, I actually just ate." And we continued our game. A little while later, I smelled something funny. I knew I had not farted, so I immediately thought that another boy was in the treehouse, spying on us. I called out, "OK Chris! I know you're here, I can smell you! You can come out now!" Thinking it was one of my friends, Chris. I looked around the treehouse, and tried looking for him. As I was looking, I heard a loud fart, PRRRRRRRT. That spooked me, and I jumped. Lisa then called out, "Who do you think farted? Me, stupid!" And she let out another small fart. I was dumbfounded, and all I could say was, "No you didn't, girls don't fart!" "Do we now?" She replied, and let out another fart to prove her point. I said, "I didn't know that!" "Well, now you do!" She said back.
With that, she got up to the toilet. When she got there, she let out a huge fart that must have lasted five seconds. PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTHHHHT. It was so powerful it actually blew her skirt out behind her, as if there was a strong wind blowing, from her butt. Something I still have no idea how it's possible.She pulls her skirt up, pulls her panties down, and sits down. She starts peeing, then scrunched her face up. I hear one small fart, then a faint crackling. Now I had just found out that girls poop too! "You poop too?!" I asked. "Obviously! Why else would we fart?" She said. Then Lisa opened her legs, and I see her anus for the first time. Quite frankly, I was expecting her anus to be different from mine, but it was the same. Her anus then opened up and I saw the tip of a hard, dark brown poop poke out. She stopped pushing to catch her breath, then started again. The poop got longer and longer, perhaps eight or nine inches, being one and a half inches wide, before it abruptly dropped into the hole below, making a large splash into the puddle she had made. She stood up, thinking she was done. As she was bending down to pulls her panties up, she suddenly farted and another shorter turd popped out! I did not see that one coming! She stood up for some reason, then another turd of equal size shot out of her! "Finally done... I think." She said. To make sure, she gave one more push, but all she could manage was a low fart. PRRRT. She said "Well, at least I can poop standing up! So how hard can peeing be?" We both laughed at that. She wiped herself, pulled her panties up,and we returned to our board game. After she left, I stayed up the rest of the night wondering, how she was able to poop so much more than me, as the puddle of pee looked quite small compared to the turds Lisa dropped.

To be continued...
See ya next time!

My name is Shely. I am today 22 years old. I want to tell you about somthing that happened to my 10 years ago when I was 12 years old. I went to wolking trip with our house-made and an other women. She was a big and strong woman. After we walk a little while, I felt that I have to make pee pee. I told her that I have to make pee-pee. She ordered me to restrain till we shall return to home and than I should make pee pee. We continued to walk, and my peeing pressure became stronger and stronger and I felt I can not restrain any more. I told the house-maid it. At first she did not want to change her previos decission, and let me make pee pee but when I began to cry then she decided to let me to make pee pee eaven it was outdoors. When we passed near a grove of trees, she, I and the other woman went into the grove between the trees. She took off my pants and my underwear, hold me with her 2 hands where my lags are joined to body, picked me up, with her finger opened my vagina and ordered me to make pee pee.
Because my bladder was very full and very pressed and my vagina was opened, it came out forward with a strong streem like a bow. I peed a large amount, and close to end the pee pee streem became weeker and stoped at last. when it stoped, the house-made brought me down back on my lags. I took my underwear and pants and while wearing them back I heared the house-made lauhing and she said to the other woman "Have you seen ? Shely made pee pee like a boy !"

Desperate Jill

comments and survey

I haven't been active here for a while but now I'm back. Just a few comments on some stories here.

Pretty Woman,
That must've been extremely embarrassing having to poop with several other women in a bathroom with no stall doors. I have only experienced something like this a couple of times. And I am a person who finds it difficult to poop in a public situation even when there's doors on the stalls and everything.

One time I remember going to a bathroom at a park where they had shower curtains instead of doors on the stalls. Thankfully I only had to pee, but that bathroom was really filthy and a severe lack of privacy.

The other time was a couple of occasions. For about 10 days back in 2001 when I was stressed a teenager I spent a short period of time in a psychiatric hospital. I don't want to go into the details as to why, but the set up was they had several people staying in one room segregated by sex. There was one public restroom for the men and one for the women. Generally speaking I try to avoid pooping in a public restroom at all costs and will usually wait until I get home unless it is a real emergency. But it is kind of hard to go 10 days without pooping. I was also little bit sick at the time so I was not eating as much, and that made it a little bit easier. I don't remember how long it was before I finally had to go, but I had been holding it for a while and then one day I had to go BAD! Unfortunately, I guess because the people here had psychiatric problems, they did not apparently trust us to have stalls on the doors. But there was no way I could hold it. I had been holding it for quite a while, which is quite a feat. I generally cannot hold in my poop when I pee. I mean if you really feel like you have to poop bad and you sit down to pee it is almost impossible to just pee and hold back your poop. It's just not possible. But on this day all the timing just happened to coincide to make things extra embarrassing.

Here's what happened. I had not peed for several hours and had not pooped for several days. During the days we had group activities and usually did not get to go to the bathroom by ourselves, meaning that except for designated bathroom breaks you had to either ask permission to go or hold it. By then I had to pee burstingly bad, but unfortunately so did about 10 or 20 other girls! There were four stalls in that bathroom. And set up was just awful. It was much like the situation that you described with the two different stalls facing each other. But in this case it was even worse as they had three stalls on one side, and then one isolated stall and the sinks on the other side. And I was unlucky enough to not be the first one into the bathroom. So guess who ended up getting that one isolated stall. Yep, that's right, yours truly.

So what ultimately happened was that I sat down to pee and really let loose. I peed so forcefully that there was no possible chance that I would be able to hold my poop back any longer. We're talking at least several days worth of poop, so I was really full to bursting. A few seconds after I had peed I started really letting loose. Now one of the main reasons that I am shy about pooping in public restrooms is that I am very loud, I'm embarrassed to admit. I make lots of grunting noises, really bear down and you can hear tons of plopping as though my ass were a machine gun. Plus I have that expression on my face, you probably know what I am talking about, the poop strain face.

The other major reason that I am shy about going in public restrooms, which really makes it worse, is that I am a slow pooper. It is not uncommon for me to take 15, 20 or even 30 min. on the toilet, especially when I really have to go bad, and this was definitely one of those cases. So I was pretty much grunting and straining as I sat on the toilet. In the time it took all the other women to use the toilets across from me I would say that every last one of them got to see pretty much my entire performance. It's like they had three front row seats to watch me. And the women who were waiting in line had nothing better to do than watch the show as well. So I basically had about 10 or 20 women who spent about a half-hour watching me plop out a huge load into the toilet. A few of them even came over to me and asked if I was okay and I just nodded while my face was completely and utterly red with embarrassment. I decided to just wait until everyone had left before I tried wiping myself. And wow did I go a lot. I had been wearing the same panties for several days and they were totally ruined so I just threw them out.

After that I probably only pooped once or two more times, which were fortunately nothing like that time. I made sure not to hold as long to go when I had an opportunity and others weren't using the restroom. Of course because I take so long it's almost inevitable that someone will walk into the restroom during that time. But at least this time only one or two girls came into the bathroom to pee. One just waved at me and I waved back, but luckily those other times I managed to get to one of the other three stalls so I did not have an audience watching me. Although it was still kind of awkward having to sit there pooping while girls passed by me to pee. It's definitely not an experience that I miss, although I can look back on it and laugh now, it was still pretty embarrassing.

It was also pretty embarrassing because we had to shower in open stalls as well. But I only showered maybe once or twice the whole time I was there so I felt pretty disgusting. But that was even more embarrassing because a couple of the girls got to see me naked.

I have to admit that I felt kind of awkward after I went to the bathroom. I definitely heard a couple of girls laughing and pointing at me. And a couple of times when I talked to other girls I couldn't help but blush knowing that they had seen me. But one girl there was really nice and she said there's nothing to be embarrassed about because we all have to shit. But still it was pretty embarrassing, and she definitely looked just like everyone else did. But at least she was nice about it. I saw at least one other girl pointed me as I was going to the bathroom and waved her hand in front of her nose like I smelled or something.

But I just thought I should share that story with everyone. I have to admit it's the first time I actually share that story with anyone. I never even put it in my bathroom blog, although I probably will now. It was definitely one of my most embarrassing stories. Maybe I will share some others. I have extensive journals and a detailed blog full of stories that I could share here as well, if anyone is interested. Most of my stories revolve around pee and poop desperation.

Desperate to poop,
I have to admit that I completely loved your story and relate to it very well. It is ridiculous that they only have six stalls for huge crowds of women. 20 people waiting for six stalls is certainly a lot, although I have been in situations with 50 people waiting for six or less stalls! So I can definitely relate to that.

I have to admit one of the reasons I really like your story is that highlights an important point that I have made in my own blog and in conversations with people throughout the Internet. It is a story where there is only a limited amount of time to use the bathroom, which is a situation that affects women much more often than it does men. I have a couple of stories like that but I will just relate in brief (although I might post more at another time).

I remember one time on a school trip we had a three-hour bus ride into the city and one 15 min. rest stop on the way. Now here is the problem - we had at least two buses full of people, amounting to roughly 60 boys and 60 girls. So we only have a 15 min. break to use the bathroom, and only two stalls in the ladies room. As you can probably guess this resulted in extremely unfair situation. Although EVERY SINGLE ONE of the boys were able to go to the bathroom with several minutes left to spare, only about 20 of the girls got to use the bathroom. That means when it was time to get back on the bus we had 60 boys who had all gone to the bathroom, 20 girls who got to get relief, and another 40 girls would just have to wait until we arrived at our destination to go, which meant another 90 min. that we had to wait. And to make everything worse I was one of those 40 girls who didn't get to go. Unfortunately the girl who was sitting next to me on the bus was the last person who got to go before we had to go back on the bus. So for the next 90 min. she kept asking me every 5 min. if I still had to go. It was a very tense trip. And then when we got there everyone charged towards the bathrooms and it was mostly the same 20 women who got to go the first time who were in the front of the line the second time as well. So basically in the three to 3 1/2 hour trip, all of the boys got to go to the bathroom twice, about 20 of the girls got to go twice, and 40 of the girls had to wait nearly 3 1/2 hours before getting to go to the bathroom. I was about ready to explode when it was finally my turn!

And it is definitely true when you go to plays and shows at a theater is very much the same. I have been to numerous Broadway plays and I think it is rather ridiculous that they only have a couple of stalls for performances that have thousands of people! And then you only have a 15 min. intermission. Every single time that I went to a Broadway show I would get in line during the intermission only to wait and wait and not get to go. The sound for intermission to be over would be sounded and I would still be halfway down the lobby in line. Meanwhile, some of my male companions would have been in and out of their bathroom in the same time. And then after the show was over I would be ready to explode only to have to wait another 30 to 45 min. in line. So I think there is no more tense situation to be in and being at the back of the long line during intermission with a few minutes left and a huge line in front of you.

I think this is due to the fact that men's room come equipped with urinals. I have been doing research on this topic and have asked numerous men and women about these matters. The fact is it is often common to have a ladies room with maybe two or three stalls in it, and then a men's room next door has the same number of stalls but also has a half-dozen urinals! You see what that means of course - men have double, triple or even quadruple as many places to pee! It can be rather frustrating. If you have any other stories similar to the one that you have related here I would love to hear them.

Inspired by some of the things I have said in this post I have decided to have a quick survey about some of the things that I have talked about. I would appreciate responses from anyone who can answer, although I have to admit I am more interested to hear from the women because I like to see if their experiences are similar to mine. I also think that bathrooms prove to be more of an issue affecting women's lives than mens. So here are my questions. Please indicate which sex you are when you answer the survey.

1. Women: If you have to poop and want to go pee, is it possible for you to just sit down and pee without having to poop? I often find that I go to the bathroom hoping to just have a quick pee, but then I can't hold back my poop. As soon as I am in a seated position I naturally relax and can't hold it back. I have found that men can often hold it in because they can stand and clinch their butt cheeks together and have a quick pee at the urinal. I think because women have to sit it is much more difficult to hold in poop.
2. Women: How many stalls to you find in your typical restroom? Or if you want to be more specific you can specify how many stalls in specific places (restaurants, movie theaters, airports, theme parks etc. etc.)
Men: How many stalls in your typical restroom? How many urinals in your typical restroom? You can also be specific and specify if it differs based on the location.
3. How long does it typically take you to poop on average? And do you make a lot of noise when you poop?
4. How often do you poop in public on average? I have a theory that women end up pooping in public more because and up having to poop when they sit down to pee.
5. Women: Have you ever been in a situation where due to the length of the toilet line you had to forgo going to the bathroom and hold it in? Or where have you ever had to choose between going to the bathroom or attending to some other activity due to the length of the line? (Example: You have to catch a train or a bus in 10 min. the line as at least a half-hour long etc.). And if any of this was the case, if you had men with you, did they also have to forgo the activity or were they able to go to the bathroom when you could not?
Men: Pretty much the same question. Have you ever been in a situation where due to the length of the toilet line the women with you what unable to go to the bathroom but you are able to. Meaning were you ever in a situation where you've got to go to the bathroom but your female companions had to hold it in because of a lack of toilets are the length of the line?
6. This is kind of a strange question, more of a theoretical thing, but it is a frustrating scenario that I thought up with some people. This is for both men and women. How would you feel if one day the opposite sex woke up never having to go to the bathroom again but you had to go to twice as much to make up for them! That would be unbelievably frustrating I would think.

I hope to respond and participate here more often and if anyone is interested I have tons of stories I can share, mostly about long lines and desperation, which is my primary interest (along with gender differences in going to the bathroom - believe me, I have been in a TON of situations where due to being female I missed out on using a bathroom or had to wait extremely long while male companions did not have to, so it is definitely something I think about a lot).

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Pretty Woman great set of poop stories it sounds like you and those other women all really had to poop and it sounds like a couple of them were a little constipated I bet you all felt really great once you were finaly done and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Stephanie great accident story it sucks just as you make it the bathroom it happens it sounds like your body got ahead of itself letting go just a bit to early and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abby as always another great story I bet those telemarketers wont be bothering you again unless they want an encore performance lol and as always I look forwar to your next post thanks.

To: Observant Guy as always another great set of cathches it sounds like Anne had a really good poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pat always another great story about Artiss it sounds like you both are beyond happy and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends.

To: Tim as always another great story it sounds like you had alot of fun with sally and the others and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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