To Sydney!

I once had a conversation with my mom in a pretty embarrassing situation: stuck on the potty with a poopy butt and no paper!

Bad weather had hit and we were right in the middle of a snowstorm. Everything had closed down and the roads, save for about a foot of snow, were empty. I was at home with my parents, eating dinner when I felt that well-known need to empty a very full bottom. I had been trying to hold it while we were eating, but expressions of strain on my face and finally a loud fart gave my need for a BM away. After sheepishly answering my dad's question of whether I needed to be excused with a "yes," I stumbled off to the bathroom, one hand rubbing my belly, the other holding my two cheeks together.
I finally got to the bathroom and saw what awaited me or anyone else who's ever spent time on a toilet in cold weather: an open seat that seemed inviting, but would soon be biting my bare behind with bone-chilling cold. Taking several deep breaths, I decided then and there that it was going to be me or the toilet and I wasn't going to let a piece of porcelain make me go in my pants! Shivering, I "faced" the toilet with my butt cheeks and pulled my sweats and panties down to my knees before taking a seat. It, as predicted, greeted my naked bum like a block of ice. I would need to make this a quick one to not be turned into a human popsicle, but my gut, the electricity, and the empty toilet paper holder had other ideas!

Pushing as hard as I could helped me finish my pee right away (the pee always comes first when I go poop). It was on to the bigger fish I had to fry! I took a deep breath, farted and pooped my first turd. It was too long to make any splashing, but was hard and stung my frigid buns on the way out. I winced and leaned further back against against a lid that was just as cold as the seat! I normally like to use as much of the seat as I can, but here I was forced to stay towards the middle and spread my thighs instead. Back to business! My second poop splashed its way into the bowl, getting my chilled, sore butt nice and wet. At this point I was thinking one more log until I could wipe up and flush all the evidence. I started pushing my third turd when the power suddenly flickered off! The snow, like my poop, had piled up and knocked a power line out. Here I was, pants down on the toilet, in the middle of a poop in pitch black!

I'd been gone for awhile so my mom, flashlight in hand, went to check and see what was up. She knocked on the door and said "Hey! Is everything all right?" My answer sounded something like this, "I, ugh, hold *plop!* on a sec." My last log had waited until I had company before I pooped it! My mom continued, "Gosh, that sounded like a big one, sweetheart! Are you okay?" I said that I was fine and answered her next question by saying that I was done. Only, I wasn't!

I reached over for the toilet paper, still unable to see much of anything, and was greeted only by what felt like an empty roll. My dad at work! I didn't know if there was a replacement roll in the bathroom or even where to find it in the dark room! A search of the cabinet revealed nothing and I sat back down, dejected, on the still frozen toilet. Desperate, I stalled for time by trying to make small talk with my mom about the weather to try and cover up my dirty tushy. It didn't work and she, knowing something was wrong, again asked if everything was okay. I reluctantly admitted my problem, already on the edge of tears. "Do you need me to help?" You could say so! My cold, sore, wet, and poopy butt was in desperate need of the relief on a cardboard tube that a new roll of toilet paper could offer.

So she came into the bathroom after giving me some time to cover my private parts. Kind enough to not point the light at me or the full bowl I was sitting on she said "I'm sorry, honey! This happens to all of us every now and then. It's okay!" She bent over and we hugged. Having calmed me down, she pointed the flashlight into the cabinet and found the last remaining roll! She handed it to me and my smile finally returned. I put it onto the holder and waited for her to leave the room so I could wipe my bottom (she knows I wipe standing up). I grabbed a handful of paper, got off the toilet, and got to work. It took forever and probably half of the roll, but my butt was finally clean! I pulled up my pink and white striped panties and my sweats and went to push the flush when disaster struck again! I've always been a terrible toilet clogger and here of all times it happened again that my wonderful power put me on the business end of a plunger! But that's a story for another time...

Hi everyone! As I said in my last post I'm on holiday in New York this week and so I have some stories to tell! On the flight I didn't need to poo, which surprised me; a wee was sufficient for me! To the anonymous poster who asked about 4th of July stories, I do have one and will start with it.

I went to see the fireworks on the Hudson river which were amazing, but as you probably no there were no toilets down there. I was sat right by where some policemen were standing and people kept asking them where the bathrooms were. They said there was a shop up the street that people were using but it was outside the security cordon. Just before the fireworks began I needed a poo. I knew I'd have to hold it, though! A girl asked the cops where the toilets were and they told her but said she woulsn;t be let back in. One of them said, 'you can go or you can hold it for like an hour,' which she chose to do. Then a girl of about 18 and her boyfriend asked one of the cops where the toilets were. He told them and they asked if they would be able to get back in after and he said probably not. The girl said, 'but it's really urgent, it's really dangerous if I don't get to a toilet right now.' The cop said again they could go but might not get back in. They left to find the loo but I didn't see them come back so I don't know if she made it or if they were let back in!
I managed to hold on until I got back to the hotel but I was pretty desperate by then!

On Wednesday I went to the Guggernheim museum to look at the psintings. I had eaten lunch and soon needed to find the toilets for a poo. I was surprised to find there were no ladies loos, only unisex single-occupancy toilets, two per floor. There was a considerable queue for the first one I saw which I joined, not realising there were others. A member of staff called out to the crowds there were more toilets upstairs. I went up but the next floor was busy too. I heard a woman talking to her boyfriend and she seemed desperate. 'Maybe it'll be quicker upstairs?' he said to her. I agreed and went up two more floors. There I found a slightly shorter queue, only 3 people. At the front was a girl of about 16, then a guy of about my age, then in front of me s woman in her early 30s. She seemed impatient for her turn to sit on the loo- as was I by now since I really needed to poo and also wee! I figured that she needed to do a number two.
The girl just weed, and so did the guy, so the queue moved quite quickly. The woman in front of me quickly went in when the guy came out. Standing by the door waiting I could hear a couple of plops and farts over the sounds of the crowds, so I knew she had been holding a poo like I was. I waited nearly ten minutes for her to do her business. I can't really complain since I usually take that long to go and I know lots of other people do too, but it's rather annoying when yiou really need the loo and there's only one cubicle!
Finally I heard her pull off paper and then flush. She came out looking relieved and I took her place. I could smell her poo quite strongly, but the bowl was clean. I sat on the warm seat and two easy logs quickly slid out, followed by a short but loud fart. I did two more turds and then a wee before a final piece of poo slowly came out. I was done in just over 5 minutes, but only because I had tried to hurry, knowing other people were waiting!

I will post more of my stories soon since I'm here for a few more days. Bye for now!

Migraine Loverer

poop books and questions

Does anyone know any good books about poop? I only know one. It's called Confessions from the Bathroom. I picked it up at a yard sale. Which works better for lubricating: Vaseline, soap, enema, Ky Jelly? how does each work to ease the pain of the poop? I would also like to know if there are words or sayings you use for when you are straining to pass a turd. Thanks for reading,
Migraine Loverer


To Lauren

Thanks so much for your complement! I am always nice and try to make people feel special.
I really want you to feel welcomed and special because I'm so glad that you're back after all that time! I always enjoy your posts and enjoy talking to you even more. I really missed you and now that you're finally back, I don't ever want you to feel unappreciated and have to leave. Please pardon me if I sound too nice sometimes!

Wow, a whole years report in one day! No wonder you were so busy that day. I live north of Arizona and it's getting really hot here, I can't even imagine what it's like where you are!
Good story about watching the fireworks. Since you were there for a few hours, was there anything else to do besides watching fireworks on the Fourth of July?

Take care, Connor

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lauren as always another great car peeing story it sounds like your minivan is getting a good welcoming lol and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bill F good story at least she has an early warning system.

To: Natasha as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and it sounds like that other woman was pretty desperate and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amelia as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop I bet you felt prety great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie it sounds like your body is trying to ajust itself maybe to something new its hard to say.

To: Karen first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you were having a rough time luckily your friend Jade was ther to help you shes a true friend and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Tim another great story.

Well thats all for now.

sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

@BloatedButt @Tyler - I have poops like that even without withholding. That seems to be the norm for me; I'm sure it has something to do with the amount of fiber I eat, but I swear, even though I poop once a day, each time it's very large and "full". Not constipated or anything most of the time (although that does happen to me), just overall large. I do prefer it to small thin poop...

I like reading the surveys, I thought I'd answer Sean's survey:

1) do you enjoy pooping?
Most of the time, yes. Not crazy about it when I'm constipated, but most of the times, yes.
2)when having to poop,Do you go right away or hold it and for how long?
Sometimes I might hold it for a few seconds at first; sometimes just to make sure I really have a strong urge.
3)do you have pre-pooping farts?
A lot of the times, yes. I also tend to fart a lot while I'm pooping. My brother's the same way so it's something we laugh about.
4)how far do you pull your your pants/underpants when sitting on toilet?
I pull them down to my ankles the majority of the time. I don't like my legs constrained when I'm trying to poop.
5)when its time to wipe, Do you fold the tp neatly or bunch & Crinkle it?
I fold it most of the time; more effective that way.
6) do you sit or stand up to wipe?
I do both, honestly. I sit most of the time, but sometimes standing just works better.
7) how often do you get constipated?
A few times a month maybe. It's usually not severe, but it happens.
8) what do you do to relieve yourself when constipated?
Try to eat as much fiber as possible; sometimes I squat to poop.
9) when going pottie in a public restroom and you find that there is no tp, What do you do?
Never happened to me, but I'd go and use paper towels.
10)do you use seat covers on public restroom toilets?
Most of the time, yes.

With the hot weather lately, me and Artiss have been going for a lot of swims lately, namely in the pond on the old farmstead where she grew up as a girl. It's every bit the archeotypical "ole swimmin hole", you have to drive down a brushy, grassy patn through the woods to get there, and when you do, it is about as isolated and secluded as can be. The only thing missing is the tire swing that Artiss said used to be there when she was a girl.

Anyhow, we got there and proceeded to disrobe down to our underwear-Artiss says that there's no point in her buying a swim suit which is basically the same thing as if she stripped down to her bra and briefs and she's right. So she slipped her summer dress up over her beautiful gray head while I removed my jeans and t-shirt, leaving nothing but my white Fruit-of-the-Looms. There she stood in her voluptuous mature full-figure, clad only in her white underegarments. She emoved her glasses, then smiled at me and took my hand as we waded out into the cool water. It was indeed refreshing and we were indeed in love, after both initially cooling off and dunking our heads, we came up together in a very long french kiss, our tongues finding each other as we smooched deeply. Her warm, soft full-figure felt good pressed good against my body.

It was then that she suddenly winced and said "Oh lord, PatricK." "Oh no Artiss" I replied. "Not diarrhea again?" "No Patrick, it's not that-feels like turds, but I've still got to get them out NOW, or they'll in in the seat of my underwear. Excuse me Patrick, I'm just going to go up on shore to poop."

That said, she waded up out of the water, where itead of trying to conceal herself in the tall grass nearby, she just simply dropped her briefs to her ankles an squatted right there on the grassy bank in full view. I Had an excellent side-view of her bare, ???? tush and thighs.

She grunted. Then the tip of what was obviously a VERY large turd started poking it's head out. It was HUGE. When Artiss makes turds-SHE MAKES TURDS. And this one was no exception. Again she pushed, grunting heavily and there was a crackling sound. Again-now the turd was sticking out halfway, and Artiss' face was almost pressed down between her scantily clad D-cup breasts.

More. Artiss's face was purple now with exertion-she didn't say anything as she pushed other than her low "ughs" as she groaned heavily. FINALLY turd no 1 broke loose and dropped from her ass. Now for turd n0 2. This was the same as no. 1-huge and solid and just hanging there, half in and half out of Artiss' rectum. One more big push, and this finally broke loose also. Turd no. 3 was a bit smaller than the first, sliding out quicker, followed by a machine gun of smaller turds as the dam burst.

At last she was done. She kicked her briefs right off her feet, then walked vover to the car to grab the roll of TP that we keep in the glovebox. Lots of wiping, then she fiaally came back into the water bt me again, clad only in her brassiere as she did not bother to put her briefs back on again.

Some Guy

Reply to Tim and Pre-School Story

Hey, everyone!

I've posted here before under the handle "Some Guy," but since there seems to be more than one, I think I'll post under "Some Guy 86" from now on to avoid confusion. :)

Tim, I just have to say that you are one lucky guy to share all those bathroom experiences with girls! The girls you've written about seem comfortable sharing such private moments with you. Girls like that are the exception, I'm sure!

My bathroom experiences don't even come close to comparing with yours, Tim. But I do have a pre-school experience to share. I think I was four years old when this happened. At my pre-school, one particular classroom had a bathroom in it. It wasn't a big bathroom at all; just two toilets without stalls, and two sinks. At one time, there was a door to the bathroom; the metal door frame is still there with hinges on it. Anyway, since there was no door and no stalls around the toilets, one could easily see anyone going to the bathroom. I've always had a curiosity about the bathroom that I can remember. Anyway, I looked over to see a girl sitting on the toilet closest to the sinks. I remember that her name was Allie. She was a couple years older than me, probably 6, but no older than 7. Her brother was in my pre-school, which is why she was there that day. Seeing a girl on the toilet was probably the neatest thing for four-year old me! So, I decided to go in and sit next to her. I didn't have to go at all, nor did I while I was sitting there. We chatted a little bit, and I don't think she had any clue how much I was enjoying the sight of her on the toilet.

Anyway, that's probably my only bathroom experience with a girl that comes remotely close to comparing with any experience of Tim's. If I can recall any more, or have any new ones, I'll be sure to share!

Bye for now,
Some Guy 86

1) do you enjoy pooping? not really, its just something everyone has to do.

2)when having to poop,Do you go right away or hold it and for how long? as soon as I feel a poo coming I try to go and do it but if I am out in public I will sometimes hold it until I get home. if there is a queue for the ladies bathroom I wont do it.

3)do you have pre-pooping farts? yeah, they usually alert me to the fact that I need the loo.

4)how far do you pull your your pants/underpants when sitting on toilet? I pull tights and leggings to my knees as they are quite flexible therefore you can still move your legs. if I am wearing jeans or a skirt then I pull it to my ankles so I can move more freely.

5)when its time to wipe, Do you fold the tp neatly or bunch & Crinkle it? I fold it neatly and I use a lot so that my hand doesn't go through it when im wiping my bum.

6) do you sit or stand up to wipe? I kinda stand up slightly with my bum still hovering above the toilet with my knees bent so that I can get my hand inside my bum and so that if im with someone they don't see me totally naked

7) how often do you get constipated? barely ever

8) what do you do to relieve yourself when constipated? I get off the toilet and come back later and try to poo again.

9) when going pottie in a public restroom and you find that there is no tp, What do you do? I knock on the wall of the next cubicle and ask me to pass me some under. If the other cubicle is vacant, I will just scurry round quickly.

10)do you use seat covers on public restroom toilets? no ive never seen one. sometimes I just hover above the seat if its a pee and the seat is dirty.

Sunday, July 07, 2013


Chance Meeting

It's really funny how in life everybody seems to accept that there are different classes in life. There isn't any doubt that in the store where I work on the check out gang, that the office staff tend to think they are a class above the likes of myself. I learn't how wrong that sort of judgement can be. Recently this week I started to get bad ???? ache warnings that I needed to poop soon. My break, well the gang, six of us have to take the same breaks to coincide with the other gang of six, to enable all the check out positions to be occupied all the time. If it's urgent then you have to put your hand up [almost like you were still in school] and ask the supervisor to be excused to go to the toilet. This, of itself is embarrassing, to ask to be excused in front of a queue of customers. This day I had no option, I had to ask the supervisor to be excused. I hurried towards the staff toilets trying desperately not to break wind. I had to go up to the third floor I was trembling in the lift and then I broke wind, bending over, thighs tight together, hoping against hope, then groaning inwardly as I farted three times in quick succession, wet ones, seeping into my panties.

There are six cubicles in the staff toilets and all were vacant. I scrambled into the nearest, frantically working to unbuckle the belt on my jeans. I had no time to close the cubicle door as I tried to push my jeans and panties down together. In this position I heard the outer door open and instinctively glancing up I saw that it was one of the office women, Alma. She walked past looking briefly at me then went into the cubicle next to me. I was sitting on the pan now groaning as my ???? churned over making me feel sick. Alma was peeing fast next to me as I struggled to get my jeans and panties off my feet.

"Are you alright?" Alma asked me.

"No," I muttered, "I've got the runs bad, can you help me please, I've messed my panties?" I asked her.

How on earth I asked a stranger to help me I don't know. I knew Alma ???? as a fellow worker, but that was it. Office staff and blue collar women rarely if ever spoke or were friends. I followed up asking for help, immediately,

"I'm sorry, I'm okay," I added.

"I can tell you're far from okay," Alma said to me. "I have to poop myself, but I'll stay with you after I'm done in here."

It was so strange, and yet so sweet. Alma's two kids go to the same school as my boy, and I had seen her outside work when she was dropping them off at school, but she had never offered me a lift to work even though she was going there. Yet now, she was talking to me in a very kind and friendly way. As we chat I could hear her pooping, she was quite firm, there were maybe one or two harder gasps as she forced her poop out but then she was wiping her bum, two wipes was enough I remembered before she was flushing the toilet and then she was in my cubicle. I just sat open mouthed as she knelt and eased my jeans off then my dirty panties.

"Have you got a spare pair of panties, Yvonne?" she asked me.

"No," I said to her.

"Don't worry, I always carry a spare pair in my bag," Alma smiled at me.

What is it that somehow overcomes barriers of age, of class, of colour? I guess I hadn't known that before, but now this mother, this woman I only knew briefly was kneeling in a toilet cubicle offering me help and kindness. I was totally overwhelmed as she not only took my dirty panties off she cleaned me up after I finished on the toilet, she had me standing turning my back so that my bum was open before her, she wiped me clean even using wet wipes after to finish up, before she actually gave me a light slap on my bum cheek and said there you go clean now.

I took her spare panties, pale pink, real silk ones and slid them on then my jeans. As I was doing this Alma was flushing the toilet and using the toilet brush to make sure the pan was clean, flushing a second time because I had pooped all over the back of the pan almost up to the seat. It was incredible I must have looked so surprised at the way she had helped me that she gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before murmuring that she was sure she'd have done the same for her in similar circumstances.

As we washed our hands after we were still chatting and then she turned before leaving me to head to the offices and suggested that instead of me taking the bus to work after taking my kid to school I take a lift from her.

When I first started driving I went with some friends on a camping trip to Cornwall. On the way there my friends girlfriend, said she needed the toilet and by the way she was doubled up in the front seat of my car she was very desperate. There was nothing but fields and no places to stop so she had to hold it untill we found a petrol station. We pulled in and she jumped out of the car holding her bum. She made it to toilet at the side of the shop and pulled then pushed the door but it was locked. She had to run into the shop holding her bum with both hands in a desperate effort to avoid messing herself. She came running out again with a key attached to a wheel trim and unlocked the door and she went in. She pulled the door to but it didn't lock. The door swung open as she pulled her skirt down and then he's knickers and the rat on the toilet. We saw everything but she was so desperate she just went anyway. The look of relief on her face was a picture and when she was done she wiped and flushed the toilet. She got back in the car with a red face and an embarrassed smile on her face. She said she was sorry we had to see all that but she said she had to go so bad it was better than shitting herself! We drove the rest of the way to the campsite with no further problems and put our tents up.

When I was in the last year of primary school at the age of about 11/12, I remember returning to class after lunch when this girl came back ten minutes late with the smell of poo all around her. As she walked past my desk I noticed she had some brown streaks on the back of her legs and she was walking funny. The teacher thought someone had trodden in dog mess at first and asked everyone to check our shoes. When the girl checked hers some poo fell out of her knickers onto the floor and everyone knew she'd pood herself. She was sent to the office and given some old PE kit from lost property to wear after she cleaned up in the toilets. While she was gone we were told not to say anything about the incident to spare her embarrassment and when she returned to class there was silence.


a desperate call from Lorraine

Hi my name is Monica, I have a funny accident story to share about my friend and roommate Lorraine. She works in a department store as a cashier and today while she was supposed to be working, she called me on my cell. I answered and asked what was up and she cryptically said "...Monica, the worst thing in the world just happened to me." I got really scared and said "omg Lorraine what happened??" After a brief silence she softly said "I'm at work, and I pooped my pants." I was stunned silent and after a second she said "are you there?" I burst out with a quick laugh then regained my composure, and said "you WHAT?" She said "I got these really bad stomach cramps while I was on register, and when I finally got a chance to go to the bathroom I had to walk all the way from the opposite end of the front and it got so bad Iike, i couldn't walk, and I had to stop and stand for a minute. It was like my body was paralyzed and the only thing that would heal me was letting, I stood there and started pooping my pants. And now I'm hiding in a bathroom stall with my messed pants and I need you to get me new underwear and black or gurey pants and bring them here..." I was torn between laughing incessantly in the phone for 5 minutes and feeling totally mortified for her. She's a naturally pretty girl who has never tried too hard with her looks even though she's pretty image conscious, so I can imagine how devastating an event such as crapping her pants at work in front of coworkers was for her. So I decided to be compassionate and told her to hang tight. I went to her room and grabbed a pair of light grey panties and some charcoal colored slacks and headed to Lorraine's rescue. When I got there and entered the bathroom the whole room reeked. Lorraine was in the furthest stall and I went down and knocked. She was relieved it was me. I entered the stall and she was bare from the waist down. Her shoes and socks were on the tp dispenser, the toilet was full of wadded up paper towels and she smelled strongly of perfume. She had already cleaned herself up thoroughly but her soiled pants and underwear were still really stinking up the room. I handed her the clothes and she hurried to pull her clean panties up. She breathed a sigh of relief as she did and then pulled her pants up. She thanked me profusely and put her shoes and socks back on. Then she asked me for one more favor. She asked me to put the bag of her dirty clothes in her car on my way out. I reluctantly agreed and took the bag from her and was surprised by the weight of the bag, you could tell she REALLY messed herself. I did as she asked and watched her bravely go back to face her co workers just minutes after such an embarrassing accident.


Learning to Squat

Hi, Tim here with another story from my childhood, this time from when I was 8 years old. By the way, Bill F, this is in response to your request for more 8 year old treehouse stories. So, anyway, like I said in my last story, for a bathroom, we had wooden seats on a balcony hanging over a pit dug in the ground, which we used regularly. However, to use them, we always sat down. Sure, on many occasions, when we were exploring the woods away from the treehouse and we needed the toilet, we would just squat in some bushes or behind a tree, but we had never thought to use the treehouse toilets in any way except sitting down. But one day, all that changed, the reason being that a new girl named Eve had started on our class at school that week, and we thought we would invite her to the treehouse that weekend to help her make friends. So that Saturday, Sally, Billie, Eve, Kevin, James and I all went to the treehouse together. We drank a lot of juice, and played cards for about an hour. After an hour had passed, Kevin stood up and told us, "Guys, as a joke, I laced the juice with laxatives, so you're going to need to poop!" His words rang true, as just he finished speaking, cramps hit us like a punch to the stomach, although Kevin had been silly and he drank the juice as well, so it was payback of a sort. Anyway, we all ran outside, yanked down our pants and, in Sally's and Eve's case, they pulled up their skirts(Billie always wore either shorts or jeans)and sat down on the toilets. We made quite a sound, what with all the moaning and groaning coupled with squirts and splats as the mushy poo hit the hole in the ground, along with copious farting and some peeing. About halfway through, our bums all started to ache from the almost continuous pooping, then James said, "Look, Eve's squatting." And she was, Ever was squatting over her toilet hole. She had both feet either side of the hole, in a wide squat, her shoes were off, leaving her feet bare, and her dress was up high at her waist, leaving her vagina and anus completely visible to us. She wasn't wearing any panties either. We were amazed, being only 8 years old at the time, so we all decided to copy her. We all removed our shoes, then removed our pants and Sally removed her knickers, as did Billie, who also removed her shorts, while Sally simply pulled up her dress up to her waist like Eve before copying her wide squat. Billie also copied the wide squat, while Kevin, James and I adopted a more narrow squat, the reason being that, although Sally and Billie had both seen our penises before, Eve was new to the group and w thought we should hide our willies from her until she was accepted into the group, although we didn't care if she saw our bums, that was a different story. Anyway, we finished our poops, wiped and put our pants back on. While we were doing that, Eve noticed we were still trying to hide our penises from her. She giggled and said, "It's alright, you don't have to hide anything from me. I have 2 brothers, so I've seen it all before." With that we relaxed and we no longer covered ourselves up in front of her. Then, as a sort of induction ritual to the group, we all went down to the pond, where we stripped naked for a swim. Eve stripped along with us, so now she was one of the group. She told us she learnt to squat like that during potty training, because that was the position her parents made her poo and pee in. I said my parents were the same, and she laughed. While we were skinny-dipping, Sally and Billie showed Eve how to pee standing up while in the water.

Does anyone have any Fourth of July stories about being desperate for a bathroom? Between the long waits outside and drinking I would imagine that some of you saw or were in some bad situations.

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