Bill F

Treehouse Toilet Tales, part 1

When I was 6 my dad built a treehouse in the woods behind our house. It was everything that I needed in a house, including a fridge (bag of ice) a bed, though I never used it, and my pile of comic books, which I avidly read. There was one thing missing: a toilet. Without my day's knowledge, I asked my (then) 15-year old cousin to install one. Not long after, I had a toilet seat jutting out of the back window, facing away from the actual house. My parents never knew, but always wondered how I could stay in the treehouse for 8 or 9 hours on end without coming home to use the bathroom. If I had to pee, I would simply get up and pee out the window, though I got the seat wet more than half the time! If I had to poop, the seat was rigid enough for me to sit down and go. I had also dug a hole directly below the "toilet", on the ground. This was my life from when I was six to thirteen years old, if the weather was nice.

I was raised to believe that girls don't poop or fart, my parents were old fashioned like that. I believed that until I had my first female visitor to the treehouse. (It would have been a working hotel, had I charged people for it!) Most of my friends lived near me, and we all played in the woods. My treehouse was a popular rest stop, and restroom. I never imposed a "no girls allowed" rule, but no girls really came around. Many of my friends would stop by and play board games, read comic books, or piss out the window! None were brave enough to poop there, so I was the only one in that department.

About seven months after my treehouse was built, a new family moved into the neighbourhood. They had a daughter a couple months younger than me, named Lisa. She was the first girl to be in what was, until then, known as the Guys Group. Now it was Guys Group+Lisa, but that name didn't stick for very long. She came into my treehouse one day, and asked to read one of my comics. We sat there reading, talking, and eating. Eventually, she stood up and said "I have to use the toilet. I'll be right back." I said to her, "There's a toilet right here. Look out the window." I knew that girls sat to pee, as I witnessed my mother peeing several times. Anyway, Lisa said "It looks like I might break it if I sit down." With that, she lifted up her skirt, pulled down her panties, and tried to pee standing up! She obviously wasn't one of the girls from the Old Posts who could pee standing up! (I've been a lurker for a long time.) At this point, I was very shocked, because I thought girls ONLY peed sitting down. Instead of out the window, her pee shot pretty much straight down into her panties. She screamed, "Aah!", then she stopped. At this point, I assured her that the seat was strong enough to sit on. After hearing that, she resumed her pee, this time sitting on the seat, which gushed out quite quick. I didn't stare, having only just met her, but I could hear a very strong hiss. I said "Boy, you really had to go!" Lisa replied "Yeah, another minute or two and I would have wet myself!" I pointed at her drenched panties, and she said "Oh yeah, I guess I did." We both burst into laughter at that! Soon after, she finished. She used the driest part of her panties to wipe herself, then stood up, letting her skirt fall.
I had a growing need to pee myself, and I took her place, only standing up. As I started peeing, she said "You're gonna have to teach me how to pee standing up!" I said still peeing, "If only I could. Maybe if I knew how the pee comes out?" I said that, not expecting her to lift up her skirt and show me. That was the first time I'd ever clearly seen a girl's pussy. I won't tell too much about my reaction to this, but it's suffice to say that I'm glad I had stopped peeing by that point. I said to her, "Maybe you could cover that with a paper towel roll or something?" She said " Alright, I'll bring one the next time I come over." As if on cue, I heard a voice in the distance. "Lisa! Lisa!" She said "That's my mother, I think i'ts dinner time." She hopped down the tree, hid her soaked panties in the bushes, and started walking back when she noticed the huge puddle we had left beneath the toilet. I told her, "Don't worry, that'll dry up!" She laughed, then walked back to her house.

To quote multi-part sitcom episodes, To Be Continued...
See ya next time!

Observant Guy

New Observations

Hello everyone,

I have three new stories about my observations that occured this week.

My first was my 40 year old sister inlaw. I was away on a camping trip over the past weekend when my wife sent me a text on Sunday morning at 6am to let me know that my sister in law had stayed the night to do laundry on Sunday. She just didn't want me to be surprised if I came home early. Well my sister in law has a history of leaving a mess for my wife & I to clean up. We learned this after she lived with us for a year just after we got married. Yeah she's a slob, but she is still family.

I drove home to check on things because I was camping 45 minutes away from home. When I got home my sister inlaw was sleeping on the couch. I asked her to walk and feed my dog while I headed to my master bathroom to take off my shorts which were under my camo pants. As I was in there I heard her enter the other bathroom start and the laundry. Just after the machine started I heard the obvious tinkle of pee. I sat and waited to see if there would be more. About 10 minutes later there was a flush of the toilet and the sink running. As I left my room she had the bathroom door opened a crack which let out the smell of a very healthy stinky poop. I went in to check after she stepped outside to smoke and walk my dog. She left a few small flecks of poop in the toilet.

Then on Tuesday this week I caught up with an old friend named Anne. Anne had recently had a baby and was going through custody and child support litigation. We had some wings and a beers at Buffalo Wild Wings. On the ride home I got called into work on emergency and as she dropped me off she asked to use my bathroom. She slipped in and 5 minutes later she left, but she forgot to flush. She left in a hurry because she and my wife don't get along. I checked the bathroom to be met by the funky smell of another healthy poop along with 2 long turds in the toilet. One was about 6 inches long by 1 inch thick and the other was about 5 inches by an inch thick. I flushed it away and it left a few small skidmarks in the bottom of the toilet bowl.

As normal my wife came home later and actually took a dump that had some funk to it. Normally hers don't stink really bad at all.

Happy pooping and peeing to all,

Observant Guy


Reply to John-on-the-John

Hi John-on-the-John. Like you I rarely went for #2s at school during my schooldays, although I too was a frequent visitor to the urinals. My dislike of public toilets for #2's carried through into adult life and it's still with me in middle age! I will use a public or semi public loo for #2 if the situation's absolutely desperate and I don't foresee lasting until an alternative such as my loo, my GF's loo or the one at work becomes available.

Anonymous College Guy
@Lurker from 2003: Hey dude, glad to see someone is still interested in my kinda stuff. I'm not a big fan of childhood stories either which is why I'm usually visiting older posts and reading those instead.

I'm sure if I think hard enough I can dig up plenty of experiences I've had this past semester. That's the problem though... there's too many to keep track!

If there's any personal requests that you'd like to throw at me (There are still plenty of places to crap such as my gym) I'm definitely open minded and willing. There doesn't seem to be many 'outgoing' male posters on here about their dump experiences so looks like I'll be the one contributing. Not that I mind; I enjoy a good amount of writing to keep my brain fresh.

Anyway, get back to me on what exact kind of stories you like to hear and I'll definitely try to dig up something good.

And lastly if anyone wants a refresher of what I look like... I'm light skinned, 5' 11", slim build, and athletic (minus these past couple weeks lol). So pretty much I look like a typical white college guy, although people say I look like a skater/surfer with my wavy hair. I typically wear a plain t-shirt and jeans, nothing fancy.

Just figured I'd describe myself a little for those who weren't sure how to picture me.

Now... time to stuff my face with pizza and watch some TV. I'll be reporting back when that bad boy passes through my system. :)

Christian R
Hey guys I'm new here my name is Christian. I have a few stories to share with you but first I'm going to tell you a bit about me. I'm 16 years old. Youngest of six brothers. A boy obviously umm I have IBS I get diarrhea very often I sometimes throw up. I play football for my high school I'm a Quarterback I'm not bad I'm avaregae at it nothing special. I love reading on this site it's good to know I'm not the only person who has accidents anyways I finally decided I will post some of those for y"all

Ok so this one happend last year during practice it was like end of August. I had been feeling like crap all day I had diarrhea twice in the morning but it had stopped but my stomach still hurt so bad and I just. Wanted to lay in my bed and not move but the practice was mandatory and I was starting QB so I hadto go or I would loose my position my coach didnt know at the time I had IBS. Anyways I wanted to skip but my dad is one of those pearents who push you too much. So I ended up going I was good for the first few drills and then we had to run I was running and my stomach gurgled and I got this horrible cramp I knew I had to go or it was going to be bad I quickly raced of the fields holding my stomach I was just about to into the stall and I took a step and liquid came rushing into my underwear it was seeping threw and it was smelly I quckliy hurried into the stall practically ripped of my pants poop was all over my underwear. One of the assailant coaches came in to make sure I was ok I said no I really don't feel good he ended up calling my dad I was in that bathroom probably for at least 20 minutes. It smelled horrible. I pooped agin on the way home my dad felt really bad for making me go he was really nice to me a few days after that. Later when I was talking to my friend he said when they went in the locker room were there is bathrooms he said it smelled so bad. I was a little embarrsed

I have more stories that are worse then this but I will post them later


Good Boat Toilets

Hi, Tim here with another story about boat toilets. When Sally and I were both 13 years old, for our school camp, our entire class hired a sailing boat called the "South Seas Flyer" and our class would sail the ship for 5 days under the guidance of some sailors. Anyway, the toilets were very basic, they were located at the front of the ship and were nothing more than 6 holes in the deck with wooden seats built above them with a hole for your bum. They were totally open to the waves and weather, and no privacy at all. Strangely enough, this never bothered anyone. The busiest time was at 2 in the afternoon, when everyone would be sitting down doing a poo and chatting away like nothing was wrong. I remember one girl, Mary was her name, she fell sick during the trip with diarrhoea, and I saw her rushing to the front of the ship but she didn't make it. Just as she pulled down her pants and undies, diarrhoea splashed all over the seat and she sat down in it to release even more diarrhoea into the sea. I helped clean her up and nobody else ever knew about it except for Sally and I. At one stage, when seasickness was rife and all the toilets were being used for vomiting, Sally and I had to hang our behinds over the side of the ship to do poo because of how desperate we were. We stopped at an island just before coming home, and the whole class stripped naked for a swim. Sally said during the swim, "I don't feel well, I'm off to find a bush," before putting her bikini back on and walking off. She meant she was going to do her business in the bushes. I followed her to make sure she was alright, but I lost her for a while. Just then, I heard a scream and I ran in the direction of the scream. It was Sally. I found her, bikini bottoms at her knees, squatting over a puddle of diarrhoea. She was screaming because of the stomach cramps. I hugged her, rubbed her stomach and her bum, told her, "It's alright, Sally. It's all natural, nothing to be embarrassed about. Let it all out, there you go." Then I squatted next to her to do my own poo. I found some leaves for her to wipe with, then I wiped my own bum. She pulled up her bikini bottom and we started to walk back to the beach. Suddenly, without any warning, Sally grabbed her stomach with one hand, put her other hand on her mouth, and burped before puking into a bush. I gave her a hug and told her not to worry, and sat her down until she had finished vomiting, then we walked back to the beach. She kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for helping her. Not the best camp by a long way, but it did bring Sally and I closer together!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mr. Clogs

Thank you Aubrie for your reponse

Aubrie: Thanks again for your response, I was curious if they had to poop, thanks for clarifying for me. I guess their parents were onto something about saving and conserving water especially when going to the bathroom. That water bill can be sky high, none the less in some ways good to conserve. I appreciate the story you shared of your childhood with Katie using the playhouse as a toilet since she didn't like using the toilets at school and probably for obvious reasons. Like you I like peeing in things too like jars, cups and other stuff. Feel free to check out my posts from the past. Hopefully Katie will post here soon and thanks again for the response. Take care Aubrie!

Ultra Dad: First and foremost, I applaud you for being a great father and understanding your daughter's situation and wanting to help out. She probably felt that maybe you was going to yell at her and embarrassed to see what she did. At least you tried to help out and reassured her that you were okay and don't feel bad.

Car Mom: I really enjoy your stories you post and one of the coolest moms I've ever met on this site. Keep the posts coming.

Carina: Welcome back and I enjoyed your post about stuffing yourself and taking the laxative to clean out. Good thing you had the house to yourself.

Maritska: I enjoyed reading your post about you and your friend at the mall enjoying a pee and poop break together.

Anonymous College Guy: AKA Anonymous Guy, thanks for the shout out man. I doing okay just checking out the posts here on this site. Again thanks for the shout out and all the best to you in your future endeavours.

That's all for now, take care and happy peeing and pooping to all wherever and whatever you do your business in. Enjoy yourself and have a great day.


Jasmin K

School Toilets

Ive been quite busy lately and have a new BF who seems to understand or accept my stomach and poo problems, he comes in the bathroom with me and gives massages my ???? and also squeezes and presses on my ???? especially if its swollen due to hard poo inside.More on that later. When I went in the toilets at the morning break there were a pair of knickers on the floor nect to one of the toilets which were full of poo. It looked quite firm, not a diarrhea accident,and they wernt there before school started. I was on the toilet for about 40 minutes,right up till the buzzer went, they were in the cubical next to the one was in and the girl who went in there only left just before me and I heard her straining and pebbles dropping followed by more straining and a log splashing down. I am assuming it must have been someone who got excused from lessons and did it on the way to the toilets.. If I hear any more I will post.
Ive got bad, really bad constipation again which Ive now had for over a week. I had tried that morning but just had a small log, however on Wednesday evening I had a ???? ache and sat on the toilet straining but It just wouldnt come out,my bum hole bulged down like there was a big lump of poo to come out but even pushing up on eitherside of my bum hole as I strained didnt help. I heard the door bell and my sister answered it letting my BF in who went in the front room. I heard him ask her where I was and she giggled and said shes in the bathroom. I texted his phone and said he could come up if he wanted as my mum was out (he seems to like watching and helps and doesnt get pissed off when I pass wind during straining)I told him I had a belly ache and needed to go before going out. He rubbed on my ???? whilst I strained and strained making my bum really bulge and the inside like a red pipe protrude out. After straining hard again a couple of pebbles came out. I decieded to leave it and used 2 fingers to push the protrusion back up inside and wiped. We went to my room and had fun!! - this BF, unlike previous ones, is not phazed by my ???? or the inside pushing out.. anyway despite my usuall toilet routene i didnt manage to poo untill this morning when it took me about an hour to produce a huge thick hard knobbly log.I had taken the precaution of taking paracetamol before breakfast as I knew this poo was going to hurt. As soon as I sat and strained the tip poked out but as I strained and strained my bum bulged and the tip dissapeared ( i know I was feeling with my fingers as I strained) I pushed up the bulge and strained and the tip and about 3 inches of log emerged which was getting fatter, I strained again and it moved another couple of inches stretching my already sore bum. When the fattest bit came through it made my eyes water. it was about 10 inches long and in the middle it was like my arm in thickness.
Jas K


Massive Library Dump

I had a couple of days this week where I had the feeling I wanted to have a poop then went to the ladies and sat, pushing, resting, straining to go, feeling my anus start to open then, as my effort to push got the better of me and I relaxed, my anus would close again. As usual I tried the soft spot between my vagina and my anus, massaging with my index finger to stimulate a bowel movement, I tried to squat with my knees tucked right into my stomach, bum almost touching the floor of the toilet, all failed. I hate to take any laxative, suppository or other, except when I am menstruating, so the first two days of the week passed with me feeling more and more bloated, constantly in pain, nagging, tormenting ???? aches all day.

Eventually, after two days, in the evening I took a double dose of Lactulose, the laxative I first had in the hospital when I had terrible constipation after an operation to set a broken leg. It had really emptied me in a way cleaner and more thoroughly than any laxative I had ever bought over the counter in the local chemist shop. This was a few years ago and when I tried to buy it I found it could be obtained by prescription only, so I had to get a prescription from my doctor. This bottle of Lactulose was also old and I had not spotted the 'used by' date. So I did manage to sleep that night but at about four in the morning I had to run like never before to the bathroom. Squatting I felt as though my stomach had fallen out of me. My poop, more like muddy water, splattered into the pan. I sat on the toilet, alternatively, clutching my ???? and gripping the sides of the pan. I must have been on the toilet over an hour and a half before I was able to, weakly, wipe my anus clean. I was so sore that just touching my anus was very painful. I crept back to bed and lay there dozing, my knees high, tucked into my ????, arms clenched around my knees, rocking, eyes closed, until at last the pain eased enough for me to drop off to sleep. When the alarm went in the morning my first thought was to phone in and tell my boss I was too ill to work that day. I didn't want to skip work, my company had been reducing their staff and I was afraid I might be one of the check out women to go.

Somehow I got out of bed, stomach still aching, rolling over all the time. At least I didn't go to the toilet again. I drove to work without any problems and actually felt better when I went to my check out post. I forgot how sore my bum was and sat on the chair before the till. Immediately I got up my anus felt as though somebody had run a poker up my bum. I had to stand, I couldn't sit down. I got through the morning and at lunch time I went to the library to see if the latest Mills and Boon was there for collection. Alice took one look at me and asked:

"What's the matter Yvonne, you look ghastly."

"I feel ghastly," I told her. As I was telling her this my stomach churned over again, unmistakeable signs that I had to go again. I excused myself and made a hasty way to the female toilets in the library. Only one of the three cubicles was occupied and she was flushing so that my gasp of pain as I squatted and pooped was drowned by the sound of the toilet flushing. My poop felt a lot thicker now, not the watery poop in the night, now it was like thick sludge, plopping into the toilet. Now the smell was terrible, in the night there hadn't been a lot of smell, but now I almost gagged on the smell, glad that I was alone. Everytime I gave the slightest push, muddy poop plopped into the pan. I heard somebody coming in. I reached behind me and pressed the cistern lever, flushing the toilet as I sat on the pan, hoping the smell would go away.

"Yvonne, are you alright honey?" I recognised the voice of Alice.

"I feel terrible," I muttered.

"Let me in, Yvonne," I heard Alice say, knocking on the cubicle door.

I opened the cubicle door and Alice stepped inside. She closed the door and then turned back to me.

"I'm on my break now, I'll stay with you."

I only knew Alice from playing darts against her in the local league. But I was so glad to have her near me, talking to me. She saw that I was rubbing my stomach and she knelt and massaged my stomach, crouching close to me, comforting me. I'm not sure how long I was on the toilet, I know that I felt really empty inside, weak, but much better, and feeling better by the mminute. Alice took the toilet paper when she saw my hand going for some paper. She told me to stand and bend a little. Then she lifted my skirt right up and started to wipe my bum. When I flinched because her hand was like fire on my anus she understood at once. She took a handkerchief from her own bag and gently, so gently, wiped me clean, folding the handkerchief first in half to wipe me , then again in quarter to wipe me a second time. Her fingers were so gentle, I sighed with relief, as she finished and told me to pull up my panties. She gave me a quick hug as I left the toilet.

I managed to get through the rest of the day without having to go to the toilet again. But I was so grateful for the help and comfort Alice gave me that day. I was almost back to normal the next day, but I have learned my lesson about doubling any dose of medicine again.

I was 12 at the time and I'd been sent home from school because I wasn't feeling well. My mum picked me up in her car and as soon as we drove off I felt a cramp in my stomach. I told my mum I had to poo and she told me to put the floor mat under me in case I had an accident. I held it for a while untill another cramp came on and I felt a squirt of diarrhoea come in my pants. She heard the noise and asked me if I'd had an accident and I felt my face burning red as I admitted I had a bit. My stomach really hurt from trying to hold it and my mum could see by the expression on my face that I was desperate. I doubled over in pain and she told me if it was hurting me to hold it, I could just go in my pants. I really didn't want to do that in front of my mum but the pain and the effort of holding it was overwhelming me. I pleaded with her not to tell anyone and she promised to keep it a secret. I still felt nervous and embarrassed but I had to go so badly I decided to do it. I relayed for a second and felt a big load of hot burning diarrhoea flood my pants before I could stop it. I felt a bit better but I'd only just started and still needed to go very badly. I felt so embarrassed but at least I could control the rest. The journey home took 20 minutes I had to sit in my own mess untill we got there. My mum had to open the window to get rid of the smell and by the time we parked the car on our driveway I needed to go again and urgently. I slowly got out of the car and my mum distracted my sister by asking her to look at her book while I sneaked off to the bathroom. I got in and locked the door behind me and took me my soiled trousers and pants. I then sat on the toilet and released a flood of watery diarrhoea into pan. It was a huge relief and I took a shower to clean up while my mum brought me some clean clothes. Once I was changed I went downstairs and my mum discretely disposed of my pooped on clothes so my sister never found out I'd pood myself.


Camping Dare

Hi, Tim here with a story about another camping trip. When Sally and I were 16 years old, we decided to go camping for part of the summer. We had already been with our families to a camping park, as I told in a previous story, so we decided to do something a little different. We were heading out into the forest with a minimum of supplies, and we were going to live rough for 21 days, just the two of us, as a bit of a challenge. So we set off and as soon as we arrived, we pitched the tent next to a running river, so that we would be able to swim and wash in it as well as using it as our toilet. For dinner that night, we had tinned corned beef that we cooked over a fire. "You're a great cook, Tim." Sally said, and I felt proud of myself, though in truth it was not exactly high cuisine. Also, I might add here, to make it even more challenging for ourselves, we both wore nothing but loincloths that covered our genitals and most of our buttocks, but other than that, we wore nothing. After eating the corned beef, we both went to bed in the tent, only blankets, no sleeping bags. At about 3 or 4 in the morning, Sally suddenly woke up groaning and holding her stomach. "I'm having hot flashes and I don't feel very well." she told me. "I suggest you drink water, that might help." I responded. After drinking some water from her bottle, she suddenly stood up and said to me, "I have to go to the bathroom urgently." to which I responded, "So do I." as the cramps suddenly hit me and I too groaned and held my stomach. We both jumped up and ran out of the tent as fast as our legs could carry us, down to the water's edge, where we both squatted down next to each other, pulled the back part of our loincloths out of the way, hung our naked bums over the water, grasped each other's hands and let loose. Brown slush flowed out of our bums and we were shaking and moaning softly from the pain. I finished before Sally and splashed water to clean my bum. Sally, however, kept having diarrhoea for another minute, then she told me, "I take back what I said about your cooking skills", before turning around and vomiting into the river. I held her while she puked, rubbing her stomach and pressing down firmly on it from time to time to help her bring up all the vomit. Then I told her, "I'm not much of a cook, sorry I did this to you." She just hugged me and told me she was feeling much better. We walked downstream of where we had pooped and puked, stripped naked an skinny-dipped for about an hour before lying on the grass to dry off. I can't describe it in detail here, but let's just say that we did more than kissing while we lay on the grass. We walked back to camp for dinner, which I took much greater care with, and then we went to bed. There is more to tell about this camping trip, but that is for another time!


For Steven A

Hey still out there? I miss your posts! What have your poops been like? Hope you decide to keep posting.....if only to say that you're still around and pooping LOL!

Today I encountered mu first unisex toilet, in england i have never seen one that is not a single occupancy one. I was playing in a consert and backstage there was 2 dressing rooms. I was in the right one (with members of my band). I needed to pee so i went left and down the corridoor was the toilets. The sign said ladies and gentlemen in it. I persanly thought there would be a little ladies and gents room but through the door was the toilets.
There was 4 stalls that were relatively clean and 4 sinks oposite the stalls. When i entered there was a couple of girls at the sinks, they didnt seem phased by me entering, i went a stall, peed and went out again, there was seperate ladies and gents toilets on the other side of the building and i saw a few girls using them rather than the unisex room. I was wondeing what do you prefer if you have to shit in a public restroom a large one or a small one? I prefer a large one because even though it might be a bit dirty you wont get noticed or embarraced when coming in/ out of a stall (more for men) also if you using the only cubical in a toilet i have noticed some people get impatiant if you take your time.

Lots of people say men have the advantage when using a public toilet, i think men definately have a advantage peeing because they dont have to sit. But when it comes to pooping women have the advantage 1. In lots of mens rooms there is only one stall which means only one person can poo while in the womans room there might be 2-3 stalls meaning if someone is pooping no problem. Also at school girls might stand a chance of not being found to be pooping but boys its pretty obvious what they have just done if they come out of a stall

DJ Splash

Where's Diane?

Where's Diane the NHS domestic? I hope you are still reading these posts because I loved your stories!!!!
Please can you post some more - perhaps about you and a friend having to use a cubicle together, or having to do your No. 2's on two toilets in a place where there weren't any cubicles.
Or how about going together outdoors?
I can't wait!!



Your description in your 'live poop post' would basically fit the experience many of us guys - including the prologue (pardon the pun in this context, but should it be pro-log?).
You obviously enjoy every minute of your morning 'sit' - as I do. I also sometimes mix Number 1 and Number 2 while I sit. And I lift up each buttock to make sure there are no pieces left behind (another pun!). Sometimes I stand up to look at the fruit of my labours, to check that it looks healthy, before it is covered by the paper I will use.
Unlike you, I do sit down to wipe. I've tried standing, but it doesn't work for me. My bottom closes up, and I can't push the paper in. Sitting to wipe I sit again, and I push the paper right in and wriggle it around. I look at each piece of paper I have used, and use more until it's absolutely clean.
It was the way I taught my little brother. In fact, I told him what I was doing for each stage in the process - starting with pulling my trousers and underpants down to my ankles. Then I would ask him what each stage was.
From when he was small, I took him in with me, and he sat on his potty facing me, when I sat on the toilet. With our own sons, we took charge of their toilet training (our wives teaching the girls). They need to know that boys as well as girls sit on the toilet. He learned to wipe well before he was 3, though to begin with he dropped the paper on the bathroom floor.
He was excited when our parents agreed that he could sit on the toilet - it was a kind of graduation. (To begin with, he put his feet on a stool, to push, or I would hold his hand.
We chatted about this recently, and he always says he was glad I taught him to pull his trousers and underpants right down to his ankles, and also to sit down to wipe.


From childhood, my brother and I trained ourselves to have our bowel movement before going to school. I always have wished, but never succeeded, to do that first thing in the morning, before my shower. I don't like doing that function when visiting people's houses, which sometimes I have to do as part of my work.
On the few occasions when I have to sit on a public toilet with no lock on the door (and there are plenty of those in the UK), I still pull everything down to my ankles. If I don't, I can't empty myself properly, and often need to go again during the day. In those circumstances it's better if you can reach with your foot against the door, but that isn't often possible.
I like to fidget, and spread my legs. (Though I have known toilets in English youth hostels where the cubicles were only as wide as the toilet pedestal. Many of these were schools, where things in general were pretty primitive.)


The better facilities for 6th formers - including toilet paper - than for younger boys is appalling. And there ought to be teachers and prefects on duty during lunch time and mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks when most - if they are sensible - will at least use the urinals.
Having said that, part of our training in life IS to feel comfortable about using public facilities. 'Holding it in' isn't healthy.
You also mention the doorless stalls in New York's Central Park. I have never visited USA, but there seems an ironical difference between America and the United Kingdom in its 'toilet culture'. In the USA, the expression 'going to the bathroom' is used (whereas in UK, we say 'going to the toilet', or 'the loo', or 'the bog'). On the other hand, there are no doorless toilets that I know of in the UK. This suggests that USA is more fastidious about words, and the UK more fastidious about actions.

Pretty Woman

Training Trip

Hello I have two stories to tell from a trip my company sent me on this past week for training. They sent me to training in a state that was about a day's trip from where I live but they were too cheap to fly me there. Oh well, they paid for the gas, and I don't mind to drive. So anyway, I was about halfway through the trip and had made a couple of stops for food and a pee break, but now I could feel that feeling in my gut that it was about time for a poop. I was letting off some silent gas that smelled a little but not too bad, and I stopped at the next rest stop which was just a rinky dink rest stop off the highway. I make my way into the ladies room, and to find that there were 4 doorless stalls. I had never actually been to a bathroom that had no doors. The stalls were two on one side and two right across from the others. As I walked past a stall, there was a lady already sitting there, with her arms folded into her stomach and a face all red from pushing. She immediately stopped when she saw me walk by. I apologized, and walked past, so I took the one next to her so we couldn't see nothing but eachother's feet. I pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees, and sat down, and I let my pee flow out which lasted only a few seconds, and then I could feel my hole opening up as a large log was coming out. I was only doing soft pushes to keep it moving and after only a few seconds it landed with a sploosh. I couldn't hear any noise from my neighbor so I'm not sure if she had stopped what she was doing or she was just a quiet pooper. Meanwhile my hole opened up again after a few pushes and another large log was making its way out, this one a little wider than before for I could feel my hole stretching wider, so I had to push a little more making some soft grunting noises now. As I was pushing it out, the door opened and in walked a girl who looked to be 16 or 17, and she stopped in her tracks when she saw there were no doors, but she headed to the toilet across from me anyway. She just avoided making eye contact with me, but she pulled her shorts and panties only to her knees and sat down, and she began to pee, and as she stared at the floor, I saw her eyes tearing up and her face going a little red, and I knew why when I heard a loud crackling noise and a few seconds later a floomp, then immediately another loud crackling and another floomp then 3 loud floomps right in a row. My second log had just landed in the toilet with a loud kersploosh as it had gotten stuck and I had to push hard to get it to move. I felt like I was done for now, and started to wipe. The girl across from me let out 2 more loud splooshes as I was wiping, and began to wipe as well. I finished and flushed my two large logs down the toilet. As I passed my neighbor her face was still red, and her toes pressed hard on the floor, so she must have just been constipated. I washed my hands and left the bathroom.

Here is my second story, which took place at the hotel. I did not know that I was sharing a room with another member of the same company but from another state, but I found out when I got there. She seemed quite shy and didn't talk much, so I just decided to keep to myself, and 2 days into the week, I had already taken 4 or 5 good dumps and she hadn't had any in the hotel anyway. So, either she was poop shy or she was just pooping at the training. Anyway, the 3rd night into the week, I woke up hearing a door closing. It was the bathroom door. It was very quiet in the room, and I could hear every noise coming from the bathroom even the toilet lid hitting the back of the toilet. I heard a weak stream of pee that only lasted a couple of seconds. Then it was quiet. After 2 minutes of silence I heard grunts and then a sploosh, and then more grunts and another sploosh, and then every few seconds there would be a sploosh along with some grunts as well. My guess was that she hadn't pooped all week. For 20 minutes she was pooping, making grunts and splooshing sounds every few seconds the entire time. Then I hear the rustling of toilet paper, and she flushes 3 times. I'd imagine all her poop was struggling to go down. Then She washed her hands and came out and went back to bed. The next morning I got up to take my morning dump and she was still sleeping, and I went in there and there were skidmarks in the toilet. So, she must have felt very relieved after that.


For Ultra Dad

I have a sister who was born on my last year of high school now she is almost 13. And a few years ago when she was 9 me my Mother and Sister was at a Dollar store. Well it was on a Monday and they was going to close school down for a week because of a stomach virus. Anyway we was at the store and I was looking around and my sister ask my mom something and she told me that we had to leave. I asked why, and she said Mae (which is my sister)had to Fart or her stomach is hurting. I laughed and Mae poked me in the shoulder. But all it was that she needed to go home and poop.
And when she was 4 she was at school pretending to be sick and my Brother had to pick her up. But it was that she needed to poop, and didn't want to poop at school.


in my own home

I had a really embarrassing accident this morning. I turned 30 yesterday and had a lot of food and drink while celebrating..and I woke up to a strong and very urgent need to poop. I quickly sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed and a couple of farts escaped in quick session as I got up. I never had to poop so bad in my life! I clenched my butt and rushed down the hall to the bathroom, turned toward the toilet and reached back to slide my panties down when I noticed there was no to!!! I panicked and quickly searched the bathroom while clenching my butt as hard as I could. I needed tp because it was gonna be messy and I had white underwear on. I quickly rushed to the kitchen to go to the garage and get a roll when I major cramp stopped me dead in my tracks. I held my stomach with one hand and my butt the other while clenching super hard and I hunched over, trying to ride out the cramp without losing it in my underwear. I cut a few pre-poop farts that I couldn't contain and the cramp passed and I had new life..I abandoned the journey to the garage and grabbed a handful of napkins off the table and turned back toward the bathroom, and began the home stretch...I got within 5 feet of the bathroom door when I got another immobilizing cramp...more farts squeezed past my grip and then, the unthinkable happened... I absolutely could NOT hold it in for one more second, and I stood there in my kitchen the day after my 30th birthday and pooped in my pants, 5 feet from the bathroom. It came out really fast and with a loud blurting fart, and formed a loose, wet bulge in my underwar about the size of an orange that caused them to sag slightly. It felt really warm and soft against my butt, then also a little sticky between the cheeks. I was shaking from the shock of what I had done and my heart was racing, and I made my final move for the bathroom, now with cleanup the priority. As I stepped into the bathroom a glob of poop slid out from the leg hole of my underwear and down my inner left thigh and onto the floor. It landed on the threshold between the bath room and hallway, and a little got on the carpet :( just to add insult to injury. It was the worst accident I've ever had, and I've had a couple bad ones. I dropped my messy panties to the floor and proceeded to furiously wipe myself with the napkins. I got as much off of my body as I could and even wet some napkins in the sink. I then turned the shower on and as it got up to temperature I wrapped a towel around myself and went out to clean the poop that came out of my underwear. After that I took my shower then dressed in fresh clean panties and got my clothes on. It felt nice to be clean. I had removed the soiled pair from the bathroom in the plastic bag from the trash can, with all the napkins. Anyway, I felt really bad for pooping myself on my first day of being 30...I figured it might happen to me when I'm old but not now! My husband knew I did it because I stunk up the kitchen and hallway and he saw the poop on the floor before I cleaned it up. SO EMBARRASSING!!!!

The only other time I ever pooped my pants I was 14...I was at the theme park busch gardens with my family and I had to go pretty bad while waiting in a long line for the roller coaster the big bad wolf. I told my mom and dad I had to go to the bathroom but we'd waited so long at that point they asked me if I could make it til after the ride. I had to go really bad, but we were almost on, so I said I could hold it. We finally got our time to go and i was super nervous that in was gonna have a bad accident on the ride. I held on for dear life in more ways than one, and it actually wasn't so bad. The adrenaline actually made it easier to hold it in and I enjoyed the ride. It was nice. But then at the end, the train came to a stop just before going up to the platform and was just sitting there waiting to go in after the train before us left. That's when the pressure got really intense again, and I felt by cheeks start to twitch a little as if they were prepared to open up to relieve my bowels. I frantically said to my mom "I think I'm gonna poop my pants!" And then I did. It was a firm, solid log that crackled its way out slowly and smooshed into my bikini bottoms and jean shorts against the seat of the ride, and spread all over my butt. I was pretty mortified....I finished pooping in my shorts as the ride came back to the platform but I wound up peeing my shorts too before our harnesses were released. That killed me because my poop flattened out from me sitting, and the material of my bathing suit and my shorts didn't have a stain, so by peeing myself it soaked my butt making it obvious to everyone that I'd gone to the bathroom on myself on the ride. But it wound up being a surprisingly easy cleanup. I went to the nearest bathroom and emptied my bathing suit into the toilet. It came out in one flat pancake. I rinsed my shorts and swimsuit at the sink and dried them at the hand dryers as much as could as I wrapped my moms jacket around me to cover up. That was a much easier cleanup than today's accident .

To Shweta

To Shweta Enjoyed your story... You're definitely not alone here! Please share more if you would like to.


the phone calls

it was Friday and just got home from work and about hour later the call start I hung up and thought it was them telemarketers calling well the keep calling and I tried to be nice but it didn't work then I got tied of them calling the phone ringed they was yaping about something then I got an idea how make stop I pulled my pants down put the phone to my ass and started farting loud and nasty for about 4 or 5 mins then I check the phone they hung up and didn't call back


Greg Military Ladies Toilets

I am answering to Greg's questions about ladies military toilets. Since my posts on 2285/2286/2287 I have posted three times without success. I do hope I can get this post published for Greg's sake.

I was in the W.R.A.C. for four years from 18 years old to 22. I was stationed at several old locations, notably at Oswestry, Knutsfield, and finally at Woolwich. These were pre-war barracks and the plumbing arrangements were to say the least basic. I was in RHQ at Oswestry and the toilets there were two lines of 8 stalls facing each other. They all had doors originally but when I was there in 1997 there were just a few that had doors. I have posted before about buddy dumping, in the WRAC's it was all buddy dumping, if you were shy or nervous and waited for the toilets to clear you poop yourself, you just had to 'muck' in, forgive the pun. Often there'd be a shortage of paper, having to ask for somebody to find some for you soon made you less shy.

Knutsford was very similar to Oswestry except that there was a row of showers and the other side a row of stalls. Again few had doors but the best for me in Oswestry was it was nicer, more friendly, to see the girl you were chatting to as you had a poop, this wasn't possible at Knutsford.

Woolwich, although an older barracks by far was, because of its vicinity to General Headquarters Royal Artillery, immaculate. All the toilets had doors on the stalls, I never went into one that wasn't spotless and with toilet paper on the holders.

I hope I have in a small way answered some of your queries Greg, but if you have anymore please post them and I will try to answer them for you.

Anonymous College Guy

Live poop

Sup everyone, never done a live poop post before so figured it's time. Enjoy :)

Sitting on my bed with a warm runny feeling in my gut

Walking to the bathroom and closing the door

Feeling the urge getting stronger as I approach the toilet

Pulling down my boxers and basketball shorts down my hairy legs

Sitting on the toilet seat now, feeling a lot of the pressure go from my stomach to my anus

Trying to hold back the pressure until it's just right to let go

Letting my hole open up giving way for the poop, the force is very strong as it slides out

Not too much noise except for a little bit of trapped gas and crackles

Log after log is coming out in a continuous motion, looks like I'll get it all out with one push!

The last of my dump gets pinched off and falls into the toilet water

Letting out a stream of pee now that wasn't present before

Sitting on the toilet now gently flexing the opening, deciding if there's anymore waste to push out

A tiny piece gets pushed out into the now urine-filled toilet

Now I feel a tiny urge to PEE! Again...

I quietly concentrate til another stream comes out slowly, lasted a couple seconds

Standing up and looking in the toilet to inspect what I had just given birth to

Several light-brown medium sized logs, can see pieces of food in them from the previous night

Finally getting ready to wipe my butt while standing

Ripping off a medium piece of TP and scrunching it up to wipe the crack

Still not clean so going in with another piece, this time pushing deeper

Almost there! Grabbing another piece to spit on and get wet

Rubbing gently back and forth to make sure it's 100% clean

And... done!

Flushing the toilet watching my product swirl down the toilet

That was pretty fun typing as everything was happening, I may do this again. Hope you all enjoyed it.


Observant Guy

New Observations

Hello everyone,

I have three new stories about my observations that occured this week.

My first was my 40 year old sister inlaw. I was away on a camping trip over the past weekend when my wife sent me a text on Sunday morning at 6am to let me know that my sister in law had stayed the night to do laundry on Sunday. She just didn't want me to be surprised if I came home early. Well my sister in law has a history of leaving a mess for my wife & I to clean up. We learned this after she lived with us for a year just after we got married. Yeah she's a slob, but she is still family.

I drove home to check on things because I was camping 45 minutes away from home. When I got home my sister inlaw was sleeping on the couch. I asked her to walk and feed my dog while I headed to my master bathroom to take off my shorts which were under my camo pants. As I was in there I heard her enter the other bathroom start and the laundry. Just after the machine started I heard the obvious tinkle of pee. I sat and waited to see if there would be more. About 10 minutes later there was a flush of the toilet and the sink running. As I left my room she had the bathroom door opened a crack which let out the smell of a very healthy stinky poop. I went in to check after she stepped outside to smoke and walk my dog. She left a few small flecks of poop in the toilet.

Then on Tuesday this week I caught up with an old friend named Anne. Anne had recently had a baby and was going through custody and child support litigation. We had some wings and a beers at Buffalo Wild Wings. On the ride home I got called into work on emergency and as she dropped me off she asked to use my bathroom. She slipped in and 5 minutes later she left, but she forgot to flush. She left in a hurry because she and my wife don't get along. I checked the bathroom to be met by the funky smell of another healthy poop along with 2 long turds in the toilet. One was about 6 inches long by 1 inch thick and the other was about 5 inches by an inch thick. I flushed it away and it left a few small skidmarks in the bottom of the toilet bowl.

As normal my wife came home later and actually took a dump that had some funk to it. Normally hers don't stink really bad at all.

Happy pooping and peeing to all,

Observant Guy

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Aubrie as always another great story it sounds like you and your friend Katie both had alot of fun going to bathroom in different places and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ultra Dad it sounds like your daugther had a rough day but you handled it really well and im sure she will enjoy clothes shopping she just needed time to herself to settle down and realise it happens to everyone at some point.

To: Carina great story it sounds like you had a really great cleanout of all the poop in you I bet once you were all done you felt pretty good and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Maritka first welcome to the site and great story please share anymre you may have thanks.

To: Tim another great story.

To: Natasha it sounds like you had a really good poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Reply to John-on-the-John

Hi John-on-the-John. Like you I rarely went for #2s at school during my schooldays, although I too was a frequent visitor to the urinals. My dislike of public toilets for #2's carried through into adult life and it's still with me in middle age! I will use a public or semi public loo for #2 if the situation's absolutely desperate and I don't foresee lasting until an alternative such as my loo, my GF's loo or the one at work becomes


Bidet blowout

Hi everyone, it's been a while, me and Artiss have both been busy, planning for our wedding and married life. Speaking of which, we got a good foretaste of it the other day, courtesy of her irritable bowels.

It all started a couple of afternoons ago. I had had a long day of work, and was looking forward to a nice, relaxing bath. Artiss had been busy around the house and out in the garden and came into the house as I started the bath water and got undressed. I had just settled into the tub when she came rushing into the bathroom helter-skelter, yanked her pull-down slacks and underwear down in one motion lifted the lid, and sat down just in time to let loose a torrent of the "Oh lords" from her rectum. It was the typical thing, she was doubled over on the seat, holding her stomach, her eyes all crinkled up beneath her glasses-she was blowing everything out. After a moment, she straightened out and said "WHEW!!!" before kicking her sandals off and sliding her slacks and underwear right off her feet. That's a sign that she plans on sitting there a while. It was also a sign that she planned on joining me in the tub once her bowels settled down.

So she sat like that for a good 20 minutes or so through wave after wave of liquid poop, talking with me between stomach cramps, her poop was more a runny bright yellow that day and very smelly. Anyhow, she finally felt good enough to wipe, which she did before smiling at me as she began to unbutton her blouse, saying "Just let me clean myself properly Patrick, and then I'll be in there to join you", as she got up and flushed before settling onto the bidet right next to the toilet. She started running the water and had grabbed a washcloth and started scrubbing her crotch area when suddenly her eyes scrunched up, she doubled over again, holding her stomach as she hollered "Oh lord, Patrick, OH NOOOOO!!!!!" as her bowels let loose and exploded the yellow diarrhea right straight in to the basin of the bidet.She straightened up for half a second before doubling over again-NOOOOO, NOOOOO!!!!" she cried as more and more of this runny poop came out of her and flooded the basin that was meant for her most personal and intimate cleansing.

Finally, she was done. She just sat there for a moment, her face as white as if she had just seen a ghost. Finally , she was able to speak-"My goodness, Patrick........I can't believe..........I just did.........that. Right in the........"as her voice tapered off to silence. She started sobbing softly as I got up out of the tub, drying myself with a towel. "It's OK sweetheart" I said, rubbing her back as I spoke. We'll get this cleaned up, and then you can join me in the tub. And we did, with A LOT of rinsing of the basin and disinfecting with bleach. And she did, holding my hands and just staring at me from across the tub, the warm water feeling very refreshing on our bodies. "Oh Patrick, I just don't know what I'd do without you, she murmured softly. "You're everything a girl like me could ever want." I smiled before splashing some water her way, and we both giggled.

Hi everyone, you might just remember me (probably not), I posted a few stories last year and have been lurking for a while since then, and feel like jumping in with my own observations on shy teenage boys, since I was one until not long ago (I'm 22 now), and because I saw in Megan's post that she is going to New York next week and I am also going there this weekend, so I might get back to posting a bit more about that. Speaking of New York, does anyone know of any decent public toilets there? I understand they are few and far between so any tips would be useful because I always need to do a poo when I'm out for the day. I remember reading here about doorless ones in Central Park- does anyone know if they are still there?

John says it's a good way to start the day with a poo. Unfortunately for me when I was at school I never needed to go until I has been up and about for a few hours, which naturally meant during school time. Often I wouldn't feel the urge until I was walking home or near the end of last lesson, which just meant a nice relieving sit on the toilet once I got home. But frequently I would need a poo earlier, sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes in the morning, which could often be awkward.
I had no trouble doing whatever business I needed in primary school but secondary school was a different story. At first I wouldn't even go to pee there because older kids were always hanging around etc, so the idea of having a sit down was so far out there I knew I just couldn't do it. But eventually nature forced my hand because one day I was dying for my poo and knew I had to go in school or in my pants. Luckily our cubicles were completely enclosed from floor to ceiling so it wasn't so bad, and while lots of boys used them to pee I never knew of anyone pooing in them, though I'm sure some did. A few times after that I would do my number two if I really needed to, but I would always try and wait if I could. By the time I was in 6th Form we had our own toilets that were nicer and theoretically only we cuold use (although plenty of younger kids did too), and free periods during the day when we could go and do it in peace. I would go and do mine a couple of times a week then. They were clean, the seats were well fitted and unlike the other boys toilets there was almost always paper, although once or twice I had to borrow a roll from the girls toilets opposite. I have seen the odd doorless toilet around, although they have usually been odd ones out in a room with 2 or 3 cubicles with doors, but I have never had to use one.
Now I have quite the opposite view; I have no trouble doing my number twos in public toilets. I think it was just the usual 'school toilet blues' that affect everyone at that age!

Lurker from 2003

In response to Anonymous College Guy

I'd really look forward to hearing your stories about your college dumps that you heard from other guys. There seems to be a lot of stories about childhood these days, which I'm not interested in, so hearing your college stories would be awesome.


Latest update

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't managed to post in a while, I've been really busy lately and haven't had chance. I get you up to date with whats been going on with me lately in a mo.
Natasha- glad you managed to make it to the toilet in time when you were at school the other day and you were desperate for a poo during a lesson. I know what you mean, I've been really really bursting by the end of the lesson before lunch in the past and by that point your just clenching your bum and praying you'll make it to the loo without it coming out in your pants, so with all that going on its a bit hard to focus on what your meant to be learning! It was also lucky that you got a cubicle without having to queue and there was still some paper left when you were done. I've been in the same position as you and ended up using the last of the toilet roll, I know what you mean you do feel a bit bad but as you say theres not really any choice. A couple of times in the past I've also needed a poo so badly its only when I'm part way through that I've noticed there isn't any paper left, one time it was when I was constipated and my poo was really hard and dry so I decided not to worry about wiping and I only had a small skidmark when I checked my pants later on at home, but the other time I knew that I would have to wipe otherwise my pants would be really dirty so I had to ask the girl in the next cubicle to pass me some paper. I remember feeling embarrassed that my poo had been really noisy as I'd made loads of plops and also let some loud farts out but at least the good thing was my neighbour knew I'd had a poo so she passed me masses of paper!!
Anyway I've got a story from last weekend, I got up really late on Saturday and could feel a poo brewing as I ate my breakfast, I massaged my belly through my nightie and knew I'd need to use the loo as soon as I'd finished eating. Just as I'd finished the doorbell rang and it was my friend Lucy, she commented on how I hadn't got dressed and I told her I was bursting for a poo and would have to go to the toilet straight away. We went up to my room and I went into my ensuite, hiked up my nightie and pulled down my pink, yellow and blue stripey pants and then sat on the loo. I farted and weed a bit and then I could feel my poo starting to poke out of my bum. I relaxed and let it come and as it slowed started to push gently, as I felt it getting fatter I had to push harder and started to pant a bit but luckily I didn't really have to strain as my constipation isn't too bad at the moment. I pushed out what felt like a firm, long log which took about 3 or 4 minutes, really fast for me! I could feel more up inside me so I started to push again and I passed some smaller ball like pieces which made loud plops and splashed my bum! I was done then so I wiped my bottom. I took my pants off and went back into my room to put some clean ones on. Hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!!


Sally and I at the Camping Grounds

Hi, Tim here with another story about camping. When we were both 13 years old, a few months after I had my circumcision, my family and Sally's family decided to go to a camping ground at a national park near where we lived for a few days. The toilets were unisex squat toilets with two blocks: One block for children up to the age of 15, the other block for adults and people over the age of 15. The adults' toilets had full privacy, but the children's toilets were no more than 20 holes in the ground with a bucket of water for washing your parts set next to each hole. Sally said as soon as we got there, "Tim, I'm off for a pee, do you want to come?" I said I would and we ran off to the toilets together. About 10 of the holes were occupied, more boys than girls. I walked up to a hole, unzipped my fly and peed a long stream into the hole. While I was doing this, I noticed 3 other boys looking at my penis. I wasn't bothered by this, the reason they were looking is that I am circumcised, which is uncommon around where I live. Sally meanwhile had finished her pee and we went back to camp. Early next morning, Sally and I went back to the toilet, this time for a poo, and I noticed, while chatting to another girl on the hole next to me, that most of the other girls were doing poo that was quite soft compared to what Sally did. The next day, while we were having breakfast, Sally showed me a packet of prunes that she had brought along with her and suggested we eat them together. Not knowing that prunes could give you diarrhoea, I agreed, and we ate half a packet of prunes each. We got diarrhoea within half an hour, and we ran to the toilet block, dropped our pants, squatted down next to each other, held hands (we always held hand when we had diarrhoea, it helped us endure the pain) and released our loads. Two other girls I knew who were camping at the same place, called Billie and Joanna, came running in halfway through our diarrhoea, squatted down opposite us and dropped runny loads. "Got the runs?" Joanna asked. "Yes." we both replied with forced smiles, all the while farting very wet farts. They both laughed, splashed their bums with water and went on their way. Sally and I finished up 15 minutes later and went back to camp. My Mum decided when we got back that she was going to take Sally and I for a hike to give our Dads some 'man time'. We still felt funny, but we decided to go anyway. About halfway through the walk, Mum said, "I need a poo." before suddenly dropping her pants and white knickers, squatting low ( she was 33, so she could still squat well) and releasing muddy diarrhoea. She wiped with some leaves and we kept walking. Just 20 minutes later, she had to go again, but this time we also joined her. We found a fallen down log and we rushed over to it, dropped our pants and underwear, hung our bums over the edge of the log and sat down, Sally in the middle and Mum and I either side of her. We all talked happily as if everything was fine while releasing streams of muddy diarrhoea onto the ground behind the logs. Again we had to wipe with leaves as we hadn't brought any toilet paper with us. On the way back, Sally said, "My bum feels really dirty, can we go for a swim so I can wash it off?" Mum said we would, but we didn't have swimmers with us, unless we wanted to swim in the nude. She said she was fine with that, so we found a creek and all three of us went skinny dipping to wash our bums off. The best family camping trip ever!


Response to Mr. Clogs

Hi! I'll try to answer all your questions. Katie's family had a bucket they kept in the bathroom for pooping but they also allowed the toilet to be used for that. I guess they figured poop is less sanitary than pee and is done less frequently. They also could have been trying to eliminate the smell. I never had to poop when I was at Katie's but I did pee in jars and also in her couch and in her room on the floor. I know Katie's always pooped in the bucket. To this day I will poop in the toilet but I still like to pee in jars and stuff.
I have lots of stories about Katie but I'll share one of the most memorobile ones now. When we were at home (either mine or hers) it wasn't an issue not to use the toilet. The same goes for when we were playing outside. We would just squat in the bushes. The problem was at school. The first year I knew Katie she was homeschooled. Then her parents decided to send her to the school I went to. We were put in the same class which was exciting. The first day, I was in charge of giving Katie a tour. Automatically, I pointed out where the bathrooms were and then remembered that Katie didn't use a toilet. I asked her what she was going to do and she said that she would just hold it. That was fine all morning, but I noticed at lunch that she was squirming and holding herself. She told me she really had to go but didn't know what to do. I told her she should just use the toilet but she refused. We played with the idea of her going on the floor but didn't want to get caught. Eventually we had to leave the cafeteria and go on to the playground with all the other kids. That's when I had an idea. There was a playhouse in the corner that no one in our grade went in- everyone thought it was too babyish. I led Katie inside and shut the door. Inside was totally private and over the grass so it was perfect. Katie wasted no time pulling her panties down and squatting. I decided to join her. We had a uniform that included a skirt, so it was easy to just squat and pee. This became our favorite spot to pee during school. While I would still use the toilet when I wasn't with Katie she would use the playhouse all the time. When we graduated to high school we had to find another spot, but that is another story. I'll try to think of more things that Katie did. I still talk to her so maybe I can get her to post!

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