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My daughter's accident in traffic

Hi everybody! I was a long time lurker, but I finally decided to make my post. I am a single dad, raising my 14 year old daughter, Kristen, by my self. Kristen is a fun-loving girl. She is always happy and always active, mostly due to her having ADHD. Both Kristen and I have had a few memorable experiences over the years, but one happened just tonight.

Today, Kristen and her friends were at an amusement park for one of her friend's birthday party. The party started at 1 pm and didn't end until 7pm. All day long she had been eating all of the junk food available at the concession stands and she had a pretty bad stomach ache when I picked her up. She is a skinny girl. She weighs less than 100 pounds, but she eats so much!On the drive home, there was a huge traffic jam on the freeway, which was unusual for this time of day. There was a crash up ahead. Two tractor trailers crashed into each other and flipped over. Everyone walked away uninjured, but cleanup was estimated for 1 and a half hours!

I lowered the roof of my car, shut off the engine, and reclined my seat. I browsed the internet on my phone and Kristen was listening to music and messaging her friends on hers. I soon hear her stomach gurgling and she says that she doesn't feel good. I suggested that to take a nap because we were going to be stuck in traffic for a while, and maybe that she would feel better when she woke up. She took my advice and dozed off rather quickly.

I could hear Kristen's stomach bubble and churn while she slept. She was also fidgeting around a lot. Suddenly, she woke up with a very strong urge to use the bathroom. unfortunately, we were still stuck in traffic. Kristen had a worried and pained expression on her face. She placed her hands on her stomach and doubled over from a sharp stomach cramp. I heard a wet squelching noise and smelled the strong odor of poop. Kristen had a diarrhea accident in her shorts.

She got very quiet and would ether look down at the floor or out of her window. I could tell that she was experiencing a mix of emotions. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to embarrass her anymore. The smell wasn't too bad because I had the roof and the windows open. We sat in silence for 20 minutes until traffic started to move. I asked her she wanted to stop somewhere to get cleaned up and for me to buy her new shorts and panties before we went home. She just shook her head no. I told her that I wasn't angry at her and that accidents happen to everyone, but that seemed to make her more upset.

We arrived home and she quickly got out of the car, hoping that I wouldn't see her accident. A large brown stain was on the back of her shorts and diarrhea was running down her thighs. Luckily, only a small amount of diarrhea leaked onto the tan leather seat. I doubt that her shorts or panties can be washed. I'll probably take her clothes shopping after I get off of work tomorrow.

I'll talk to you guys later!

Ok so I'm back :)
I have been constipated for over a week and the other day I decided to take a laxitive.

Ok so yesterday I woke up my stomach hurt really bad I was bloated from being constipated. Both my parents weren't home so I decided to walk to the drugstore for a laxitive I bought some laxitives and when I got home I took 2 and went to make breakfast I had a hard boild egg and some chips (I really don't know how to cook and we don't have much food in our house ). I then decided to go over my friends swimming and over there I ate five slices of pizza some ice cream and chips. I still didn't have the urge to go so I took two more after another hour I went home my mom made dinner we had cheesesteaks I ate two and had a huge glass of milk. I went in my room and started watching a movie I my stomach hurt and I was hungry so I ate a cookie with some more milk then about 8 at night I started getting cramps I was sitting at my computer I went to the bathroom sat down pushed and nothing happend I farted a long fart and started pushing again and a huge turd made its way out it plopped in the toilet I farted again and a tiny turd fell out I felt better but not empty and the laxitives were not working so I took one more. I went back to my room shut my computer off and laid on my bed I feel asleep I woke up about 12 and I had to go to th ebathroom bad I was home myself siblings were out my parents go out or have work so. I went into the bathroom sat down I pushed a nice long snake fell out I farted a few more times that was it I went back to sleep I woke up it was like a hour later my stomach hurt now and it was rumbling I had to go to the bathroom I knew I wasn't going to make it so I just laid there my stomach hurt so bad I farted and a little chunk of poop fell into my underwear I farted some more and mush poured into my panties I featured again and more mush came out it was running out of my underware. I was done my stomach felt better I waddled into the bathroom took of my pants there were stained green and brown my poop was all over my underwear I threw them on the floor and got in the shower I turned on the water it was easier to clean this way. I was almost done when I got another cramp and since it was liquid mush anyways I pushed and a stream of yellowish brown liquid came rushing out it went right down the drain I finished shower got changed went gain before bed it was all liquid. I woke up this morning felt ok just hungry so I had breakfast I had two eggs and a piece of toast I finished eating and had to go again I farted and mush came out I then fared and a soft long snake came out I pushed and some soft turds came out. I was done I got up left my friend was coming ver today so I gt ready she came over said she wanted to go for a walk so we went for a walk and we were far from my house I got a cramp I knew I had to poop but there was no where to go and I couldn't hold it I was wearing a thong too so I didn't want to poop in my pants I told her had to go to the bathroom she to just go in my pants and we would start walking home so I agreed we started walking back I was holding it pretty good and then I got a cramp I doubled over and liquid just started filing my pants I actually started getting sick in my stomach so I then started throwing up we were standing on the side of the street I was wearing white booty short and they were turning brown and poop was running down my legs my friend rubbed my back and she helped me get home she then left I didn't threw up anymore however I pooped once more today when taking a shower it was just pure liquid I don't have anything left in me but I'm sure after I eat dinner I will go again



Hi everybody
My name is Maritska. I'm about 5 ft 6, 32 years old and female. Anyway, just want to share my latest pee experience.

My friend (female) and me went to shop at a shopping centre. After that we decided we were going to go have a bite to eat and drink some coffee. When we were done, we decided to go continue shopping. At this point, I wanted to pee but decided that the urgency was not that bad. Anyway we continued shopping for another hour. At this point, my friend needed to pee as well, and so we paid for our things we bought and headed to the ladies' room There was a queue and we both needed to pee badly. Finally we got two stalls that were open. We both started to take our panties off to our knees and sat down. I started pushing and within two minutes started to pee. My friend also peed. I wiped and my friend needed to poop as well. She had more to eat than me so I said I needed to poop as well. Within five minutes we were done pooping. My friend still had to sit because she had more pee coming and by the end we had spend a full twenty minutes in the bathroom.


to Anonymous Guy

That was an interesting story!

Bill F
I am proud to say that I have been accident-free since being toilet trained. I will post accident stories, they just won't be about me. That being said, I do have a recent story of myself to tell. Last night, I took my girlfriend, Anna, (also not real name) out to see the new movie, Man of Steel. Anna isn't as interested in the bodily functions aspect of life as I am, but she has had a couple of incidents. This one, for example. I'll try not to include too many details of the movie.

I had already had a small urge to pee before the movie started, and with the large Pepsi in my hand, I knew it would only get worse. Anna had also had an urge, I could tell as she was getting increasingly fidgety as the movie progressed. I am able to hide my need to pee a lot better (I don't know why) and never really fidgeted at all. Anna, however, was progressing from biting her lip, to crossing her arms against her (quite flat) chest, to alternating crossing her legs, to full-on holding her crotch. She knew that I knew she neede to pee, and about halfway through the movie, when we were sure nothing important was going to happen, she left to pee, practically running out of the theatre. Alas, as soon as she left, the first real action scene of the movie popped up out of nowhere, much to her chagrin when she came back.
Meanwhile, I still had not gone to the restroom, and after seeing the first action scene, didn't intend to. My need progressed worse and worse troughout the movie as I stupidly finished the Pepsi. By the end of the movie, I honestly don't think ever had to pee quite bad in my life. Still, I held on through the rather disappointing ending, and found my way to the men's room. Surprisingly, it was empty, so I got out the stopwatch and timed myself. Needless to say, I achieved a personal record: 1 minute, 24 seconds. I took Anna back to her house, and told her of my personal time. Surprisingly, she was impressed! Which made me quite happy.
I hope you like my story, I'll be posting more when I can.

See ya next time!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Wifes Random Wetting good story.

To: Super Desperate Poop At Work great story it sounds like that laxative really cleaned you and it sounds like you just made it without having an accident and plese post any other stories you may have thanks.

To: Janice great accident stories and you mom handled them really well to and I look forward to anymore stories you got thanks.

To: Tim as always anothr great set of stories about Sally it sounds like she and Sam both really had to poop bad Sam probaly more and I bet they felt realy great after and you guys ended up with a new freind to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop as always anther great story.

To: Anne as always another great story and wow I betthat beast felt good to get out after making you sufur that pain and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Jackson on shy teenage boys

It's not just teenagers who will wait rather than use an open stall.

I've seen the same thing with grown men at Penn Station in NY when men were lined up waiting to use two stalls with doors and no one would use the one stall missing its door. I'm not sure it's shyness as much as not wanting to be the first one and being worried about the reaction of the others if you're the first to behave outside the group. If one person had started, I wonder if the others would have followed?

To Dominic

Have you or your brother have any more close calls or accidents like you had a week or so back


Sally and I Camping

Hi, guys, Tim here with another story about camping from when we were both 9. That summer, Sally and I got permission from our parents to go camping in the woods for a few days, our first time away from home alone. We had a nice breakfast and drank a lot of juice before starting the 3 hour walk. Before anyone says anything, where I grew up, kids were independent from a young age. Anyway, about 1.5 hours into the walk, Sally told me, "Tim, I need a pee." I responded, "So do I." So we put our camping gear down, walked over to the nearest tree, unzipped our zippers and peed standing together side by side, competing to see whose stream was the strongest. Sally won, so we zipped up and continued the walk. We arrived late in the afternoon and pitched the tent next to a creek. We both needed poops pretty badly by this stage, so we set off behind a tree. That was when we saw two of our friends, one a boy called James (the same one who I mentioned in my first story) and Sam (the girl on the railing) walking to our campsite. "We've come to join you", they said, "we hope you don't mind." Of course we didn't and we told them we were off for a poop. They asked to come and join us, so we all set off to the toilet area. Our 'toilet' for the trip was a hole in the ground, but three holes were quickly dug with a shovel. Sam was first to squat, dropping creamy poop and a quick pee. James was shy about going around other people, especially girls, so he went behind a tree. Sally and I both peed and dropped two good sized tan logs between us. We all wiped with leaves, then walked to the creek to have a quick swim before dark. "Did you bring your swimmers?" I asked them. "No", Sally said, "because I like swimming nude." "So do I." said Sam. "I do too." I responded. So we got undressed in front of each other, grabbed our towels and walked to the creek's edge. "What are you doing?" asked James, a bit unsure about what to say as the three of us were all standing naked in front of him. "Swimming nude", we said, "com on, you'll love it." James shook his head, but as he did that Sam walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek, saying, "Come on James, it's perfectly natural, nothing to be ashamed about. We're all friends here." James nodded and slowly took his clothes off. Then we had a swim for about an hour, lying on the warm grass to dry off. The next morning, James worked up the courage to go to the toilet in the hole with us rather than behind a tree. Sam was a lovely girl, but I ended up marrying Sally because James married Sam.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Anonymous College Guy

Changing my username

Hey all, this is the former 'Anonymous Guy' with the stories about taking buddy dumps at my college and enjoying listening to dudes. I recently noticed there's a new poster who goes by the same name, which is understandable since anonymous is generic and I haven't posted here for awhile.

So I'll now be posting under the name Anonymous College Guy... Hope that doesn't confuse you guys too much. :P Our opposite 'interests' make it easy to distinguish who is who anyways since I don't usually talk about female dumps.

Anyway I know I've been quiet for a few months and I apologize for that,I did however have MANY toilet experiences during finals at my school that I was eager to share. Unfortunately my short(and long)-term memory isn't too great nowadays. I should've shared them when the details were new and fresh, but sometimes it just isn't possible to get on here in time.

I have to admit the thrill and excitement I used to get from pooping in public bathrooms has declined a little. I was bound to get desynthesized sooner or later, taking dumps at school 5 or more times a week and hearing multiple dudes each time. It's still an activity I really enjoy though, and hope my break over summer rekindles the interest. I would definitely consider it a fetish of mine that'll be sticking around for quite some time.

There is a recent experience I'd like to share though that's different than anything I've written about. I usually talk about strangers taking dumps, listening to them, and looking down at their shoes guessing what they look like. This time though it wasn't a stranger; it was family. My brother actually.

It was a couple weeks ago, my dad and brother and I went to some fancy restaurant. We don't usually go out together much (since I don't live with them) so this was a very rare occasion. Anyway we order some appetizers (typically chips and bread) and I start munching away. My appetite has been unpredictable lately, one day I'll go a whole day with eating a bowl of cereal, while the next I'll spend all day in the kitchen stuffing my face with high calorie foods... which in result produces some FAT dumps! Mid-eating I felt an all too familiar sensation in my stomach. It was that uneasy ache that tells you to get to a bathroom as soon as possible. I excused myself from the table and fastly walked to the men's restroom. Going through the door I saw there was only 1 stall with a urinal on each side. A very unusual set up, given that urinals are usually right next to each other. I rush in the stall and lock the door, hurriedly ripping off some TP to place on the seat. I usually just use 2 long pieces and place them on each side, since I don't care if my butt touches the back of the seat. Immediately as I sit down my butt explodes into the toilet... this was going to be a loud messy dump. I continued (barely) pushing out my waste, followed by loud crackling and wet plops. I was almost done and had pushed out the main load, but still had that little bit of mushy poop in the end to squeeze out. For some reason that's one of my favorite parts, it reminds me of those Playdoh toys as a kid and how you have to squeeze hard to push it through. I finally pinched it off and sighed in relief. I ripped off some TP and started rubbing between my crack to wipe the outer poop. Then, this is something new I've started doing, I spit on a new piece and rubbed it around the opening(or should I say exit lol). This method works great as it's like wiping with a baby wipe to get as clean as possible. I'm not sure why I started spitting on toilet paper but it sure works well. (Anyone else do this?)

I casually flushed, washed my hands, and joined my family to eat some more food. It was a bit awkward returning to the table since they had to know I went poop. But, it's a part of being human. Our meals came (which were quite delicious), we ate up, and it was time to leave. There was a delay though as my brother(a couple years older) now had to go poop too! My dad and I nodded our heads as my bro went off to the restrooms where I had just dropped my own crap. Interestingly enough, my dad and I actually both felt an urge to pee and decided to join my brother. I took the urinal on one side while my dad took the other. While this was happening they both made small conversation, my dad asking if everything was coming out alright. We all laughed together while going, it really was the ultimate male family bonding experience! My dad and I finished and waited for my bro to wipe up and meet us outside.

All in all it was an unexpected and great experience. Never did I think I'd use a restroom at the same time as 2 family members.

If any other guys on here have a similar story then feel free to share, and like always I hope you all enjoyed my post. :)

I'm going to try my best to get a couple stories on here over the summer, but they'll most likely be about solo dumps since I've been in the house most of the time.

Quick shout out to John H, Mr. Clogs, Nick (great post!), Zip (Im a big fan), and especially Brian. I've been going through the older pages on this site and your posts are just great.

There are also some other male posters I'm big fans of, but they posted in the early 2000's and most likely aren't on here anymore... I have to say though, isn't it neat going back to the 90s posts and seeing how little things have changed? Its cool to actually read from a college guy that was my age nearly 15 years ago having the same experiences I'm having now. And how he's in his mid-30s currently. I don't know, I just find that kind of stuff to be very interesting. Not to mention the pop culture references are hilariously out of date. Boy do I wish I lived in that economy right now!

Well, see you guys around. Off to shower then to the gym.



Anatomy student. Although it hasn't troubled me so much during recent years (thankfully) I suffered a lot from IBS i the late 1990s and I know it's no joke. If I were you I'd ask your GP about the possibility of using peppermint capsules. I've certainly found them helpful as a means of regulating the digestive process.

Anne. I'm sorry to hear about your infection and hope you're now much better. Although antibiotics do a good job in certain circumstances they can have certain side effects, appetite problems and constipation amongst them. I'm not surprised you 'did a lot' if you'd not passed anything much for four days. Based on my own experience and the advice of others, I tend to counsel against taking laxatives other than in extremis when the situation's become really dire. Constipation's unpleasant but it's normally self limiting and, in my experience at any rate, usually sorts itself out without any medical intervention being necessary. If you're sore after passing a big load - particularly a solid one - a spot of antiseptic cream such as Savlon can help to ease and lubricate the anal area.

Hope everyone else is well.

I had a difficult time at school today. It began in second lesson, with a small need to poo. It was easy to handle at first, but by the middle of my third lesson, I found it difficult to concentrate on anything but not pooing myself.

At one point, I let out a silent but smelly fart. I don't think anyone need it was me, but it was still embarrassing. The closer it got to lunchtime, the worse it got. Somehow though, I managed to hold it and rushed to the toilets as soon as we were released for lunch.

When I got there, all of the cubicles except for one were taken. I quickly went in before someone else beat me to it. I could tell from the sounds and smells that several others girls were also pooing, so at least I wouldn't be the only one.

I pulled down my skirt and blue spotty pants just in time. A long soft poo rushed out of me. I weed a little whilst it was coming out, then followed it up with several firmer, short poos. After I finished, I started to wipe and found there wasn't much toilet roll left. There was enough for me to use, but that was it.

I flushed and exited the cubicle and someone immediately replaced me. I felt a bit bad about using all the toilet roll, but I really had no choice. I just washed my hands and then went to have lunch.

Lanky Twang

Hotel Maids Reaction On Finding What I've Left

I stay in hotels via work and the nature of my work and its hours mean I am regularly in the room when the maid comes to clean. I like a good crap after breakfast and this is usually just before the maids come. I'm not a non-flusher, but I am a pebbledasher and although there's no huge turds left floating , the poor girl that comes to service the room is usually faced with a good splattering all around the bowl and especially on the back and sides. The rim gets it as well as my arse coughs and splutters my load out all over the porcelain and despite how many times I flush if its above the water jets it ain't moving. A few hotels provide a brush but the majority don't so whatevers left on the bowl when I'm finished is down to the maid to deal with.
I've noticed different reactions from different maids, but they always follow a pattern and wondered why this is.
Of the British maids , the ones 40 and over just get on and do it, the ones late 20's to 40 have a little grumble or pass comment but the young ones really don't like it and I have seen 3 or 4 go and get their supervisor and show them before they are told to just get on with it and clean the toilet. The dirty looks I got from a young maid in Portsmouth were unbelievable and it was far from one of my worst. Eastern European maids seem to have no problems but Spanish ones pull their faces when they open the bathroom door and see the state of the lavvy. Any one else experiance this?


Jackson remarks on the 'shyness' of teenage boys. I don't know which side of the Atlantic he is speaking from, but in the UK, I've never seen a service station with doors off the toilets. It does seem strange that so many of them need to 'drop trou' at the same time. Perhaps great behinds think alike.

I don't think that I, my younger brother, or my best friend from schooldays, would have wanted to sit in all our glory in front of a lot of people - though we would think nothing of it, in view of each other, and were happy to shower together.

At our all boys' school, the facilities left a lot to be desired. Although they were clean, with plenty of toilet paper, the school governors would not allow the headmaster to have locks put on the doors, and the doors had a gap in the side for teachers to peer through to check for 'improper activity'. No doubt they had been there since the school was built in Victorian times.

All three of us have agreed that we sat on school toilets no more than half a dozen times in 13 years, although we stood at the urinals a few times each day. (Most boys took the same view, and on rare occasions when we needed a 'Number 2' we would ask a trusted friend to stand guard.)

That post-breakfast sit at home with our trousers and underpants round our ankles, plopping time and wiping time, washing our hands and adjusting our clothes to look respectable, was a good way to start the day. It still is - none of us have had constipation problems.


more big brother

When I was about 9 years old, my older brother called me from inside the bathroom because he wanted to tell me something. He was nearly 17 and quite handsome. I opened the door and there he was sitting on the toilet taking a big healthy shit. I can't remember what he asked me but I think the point of the whole thing was that he wanted his little brother to see him sitting there with his pants down. I admit I got a little aroused watching him. I had not seen him with his pants down since I was maybe about 4. He then joked with me about what a "big one" he had just done but had already flushed it down. But he proceeded to bend his butt sideways and wipe it so I could see the paper caressing the crack between his two muscular butt cheeks. After that there were numerous times we would shit in front of each other. Sometimes he would come out of the bathroom and whisper to me that "I just did one about this long" and show the measurements like a kid describing the fish he had just caught. Good memories of my loving older brother.

Anonymous Guy

Camping and Emergency containers

I would like to hear responses from women out there as to what is the best container to keep around (that doesn't look suspicious) that we could keep in our car and take camping for my wife and daughters to pee in, because they don't like the outhouses or squating in the weeds. Mainly what do other women use successfully - us guys just use an empty sports drink bottle of at least 500 ml.


Pooping in my backyard

Pooping in my backyard is not something I do often, but every now and then, it happens. Like I said before, we only have one bathroom and once again, it was occupied by someone showering when I really had to go. We have a lot of land on our property (rural area) and a lot of is covered in trees. So I went back to the farthest part in the trees and decided that with the bathroom occupied, I was going to poop there (as I have done before in the past). I had a gardening trowel and I dug a hole beneath one of the trees. I leaned against the tree and pulled back my shorts and underwear a little bit and then started pooping. The first part was kind of hard and I had to grunt quite a bit before it would come out, but the next part was soft and mushy. It filled up the hole and I buried it quickly. My parents would approve of that, but both me and my brother have done it before. I'm always a little bit nervous about someone seeing me, but it's far from the neighbor's view (they all have lots of land as well) and that area can't be seen from my house. Either way, there's something particularly peaceful about pooping in the woods like that :P

It actually reminds me of a childhood experience that I hadn't thought about in a while. When I was in first grade, I had a friend named Mikey who was kind of a troublemaker and a pretty goofy kid. One day he came over to my house and we were playing in my backyard and we started daring each other to do stuff. Nothing weird, but prank-related stuff, like throwing a rock against the neighbor's garden shed and spraying the cat with water--but eventually I dared him to poop in my yard. I didn't think he was actually going to do it, but part of me, even at age 6, was curious to see him do it. I had dug all these holes at the end of the property because a rock collection had been buried there and I had been searching for the buried ones. So I directed him to one of the biggest holes and it surprised me that he actually started pulling his pants and briefs down and then he bent over the hole and pooped right in it. And I had a full view of the whole thing. I had never seen anyone poop up close like that. I was pretty shocked and worried that my parents would find out, but they didn't. Either way, it was one of earliest "interested to see someone pooping" memories. No one ever did anything like that again, though.



Ok have to Report that I am currently standing in the women's line bathroom at the Rolling Stones in Philly. So much desperation! More to come!

Anonymous Guy

Old experience

A story from along time ago. I was dating this girl when we were both 18 and in our Spring semesters of senior year high school. My girlfriend had impressive bladder holding skills - she routinely rode the bus to school, went a full school day, and rode the bus home and didn't pee at school. In fact I knew she could hold a long time, but had never observed her go into a restroom on any date we had. So one day we had an evening marching band practice and her mother was there watching and was to drive us to her house to study. After practice was over we met up with her mother and starting walking to the car parked in an unlighted field across from the practice field. Her mother said she wanted to use the restroom along the way before the 1/2 hour trip back home. Her daughter exclaimed she too was bursting, had not gone since leaving home now 13 hours earlier, but could wait until home. I was uncomfortable, but also could make the 1/2 trip. We reached the bathroom and it was already locked for the night. We continued across the nearly dark field to the car, and upon reaching the car, her mother apologized and said she couldn't hold it to drive safely. She went and crouched by the driver's side bumper next to the row of bushes we were parked near. I announced that I was going too, during the pause and started to pee by the passenger side front tire. My girlfriend waited to the rear of the car for us to finish. I could hear her mother's strong splattering pee in the grass forming a puddle, she wasn't kidding about needing to go. She stopped after about 30 seconds, but it definately was a good amount. I too finished up and we all went on back to their house. While walking into the small one story house I could see my girlfriend was hunched forward and walking very deliberately. We entered to find that my girlfriend's alcoholic father had returned home drunk from bowling and was sick and locked in their only bathroom. We went all went into the kitchen. My girlfriend was obviously upset and shaking, she asked her mother what to do. Her mother recommended going to the neighbors house and asking to use their toilet. My girlfriend responded "Nooo!", and her mother suggested that she could find her a bucket if she could wait a few minutes. My girlfriend, nearly in tears, said to her mom, that it hurt bad and it was coming - she shuffled over to the kitchen sink counter and started to unfasten her jeans. Her mother quickly lead me into the small hallway just outside of the kitchen and began to make small talk and referenced how her daughter shouldn't hold it so long. I could hear not more than 10 feet away around the corner of the doorway, clothing rustling and a thump on the metal kitchen sink. Pattering of droplets in the metal sink started and quickly ramped to a solid hiss drumming off of the metal. There was an awkward pause in the small talk as we both heard this and then we resumed talking about my after graduation plans. The hiss droned on, there was another awkward pause in the small talk. Again more questions and another awkward pause as the hissing continued. Finally after what would be considered as long as humanly possible to pee - her mother paused and stared right at me with an astonished look as the stream continued, then called out to her daughter, "Oh, honey, are you OK!". A chastizing sounding, "moooooom!" came back. Finally we heard the stream stop. The sound of a box of tissues, clothes rustling again, and the sink sprayer running. My girlfriend was clearly embarassed when she appeared in the hallway. I had to be driven home while they attended to their drunken father, but the incident was never discussed. We broke up a few months later.


To Lauren and Tim

Lauren: I hate to disagree with you but when it comes go ladies(not young girls but say 18 and up) peeing in changing rooms I find it real "Interesting". I also find it interesting when a girl is forced to use the restroom anywhere besides a toilet the naughtier the better. My favorites are like in theaters, changing(fitting) rooms, elevators, or pretty much anywhere else a lady isn't suppose to be peeing. It does work better if there is carpet down so it only stays in one stall but that is neither here nor there. I do realize however that it isn't nice for girls to do this because they are inconveniencing someone else but that still doesn't change the fact that I find it interesting. I thank you for posting your story.

Tim: Please tell me you did marry one of these girls when yall grew up? You will almost never find a lady like Lauren or Car Mom who is as tolerant of the public, outside, or openness to bathroom habits. I sure hope this girl didn't get away from you.

wife's random wetting

Just a quick anecdote. My wife came home from work last night and when she got in the house seemed disappointed to see me, and seemed generally flustered. I asked her how she was and she said "I've been better!" And started to head for the stairs. Just then I could see a large dark wet stain on her butt, all over the seat of her pants and back of her thighs. I asked what happened to her and she told me "well I had to pee the whole way home, I got off the freeway and pulled into the shopping center with the Giant (super market ) and was about to park and I just couldn't hold it in anymore, I started to pee my pants when I was parking the car and couldn't stop. I couldn't help but smile a little and she said "shut up! It's really embarrassing! Now how am I supposed to not freak out every time I have to pee when I'm in the car? I've never peed my pants before what if I'm just already at that point in my life where I can't hold my pee anymore!?!" She was being melodramatic and kind of amusing. I also reminded her that it wasn't the first time. When we were first married and had our honeymoon in Barbados, after a night of drinking and dancing she got up in the night to pee, couldn't find the to the bathroom in our sizeable hotel suite due to the darkness and her drunkenness, sat down on a fancy little bench thing near the entrance I guess to take a break during her search and she fell asleep there in addition to completely peeing her underwear and the little bench thing. That's where I discovered her in the morning. She goes back and forth between denying that ever happened and insisting that it "didn't count" as peeing her pants because she was drunk and according to her "everyone" drunkenly pees their pants. So of course when I reminded her of that incident as she walked gingerly up the stairs in her wet work pants, she yelled out "THAT DIDN'T COUNT!" Maybe I'll let her continue to claim that didn't count, since now she's wet her pants in the car coming home from work while totally sober there's no way to write that one off!

Doing the 20 questions survey that Emma & Brooke hosted a long time ago.

1. Were you ever as a child given permission by anyone to go in your pants? Yes. It was during a car ride when the whole family got lost in Switzerland, and my mom told me that I could go in my pants as we were lost and could not find a toilet anywhere.

2. Have you ever as a child went in your pants on purpose as part of a game? (Truth or Dare, Hold it Contest, Playing as the baby or small child while playing house house, etc.) Yes. I was dared to wet myself and I did it.

3. Have you ever as a child went in their pants on accident because you didn't want to stop doing whatever you were doing? Yes. I was having too much fun playing games that I didn't bother to use the loo and went in my pants.

4. Have you ever as a child went in your pants either on accident or on purpose while you were sick? No. I spent a lot of time on the toilet when I was sick :P

5. Have you ever as a child went in your pants either on accident or on purpose while in the hospital? No. I had a near-accident though.

6. Have you ever as a child went in your pants out of fear? Yes. Someone scared me during Halloween and I peed in my costume.

7. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you were locked in a room with no bathroom or locked out of the bathroom? Yes. I accidentally broke my cousin's favorite CD and she forced me to stay inside the storeroom for the rest of the afternoon, and she would not let me out when I needed to use the loo, and I wet myself.

8. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while traveling in a car? Refer to first question.

9. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while traveling on an airplane? Yes. I was waiting in line for the toilet was about to lose it, when the plane hit turbulence and I was asked to return to my seat. After going back to my seat, I couldn't hold it anymore and wet my pants on the seat. I didn't have any spare clothing in my hand-carry luggage, nor did my parents have, so I had to stay in my wet pants throughout the flight.

10. Have you ever as a child went in your pants rather than use a public toilet? No. I wasn't picky about public toilets (mainly due to the fact that over here we keep the public toilets as clean as the home toilets).

11. Have you ever as a child pooped in your bathing suit either by accident or on purpose? Both. I was having too much fun building sandcastles once, that I decided to just poop my one-piece swimsuit. It was blue in colour, so the brown stain made it obvious to my mother(and everyone else), so she made me change into another suit. Another time, I ate something bad and needed to poop badly, so I raced to the toilets, only to find a line there and pooped myself while queuing. It was diarrha-like poop and I was in a one-piece again, so it was very messy and this time my mother did not bring any extras, so I had to was it away in the sea by myself.

12. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you were physically unable? (Broken leg, physical handicap, etc.) Yes. I was confined to a wheelchair for two months after being hit by a car and breaking both legs. It was after school and all the other kids, and my friend, who would help me on and off the toilet when I have to use the bathroom, have left and I needed to pee so badly, I couldn't hold it anymore and peed my jeans through my wheelchair. Fortunately my mother was understanding and did not scold me about it when she saw me.

13. Have you ever as a child gone in your pants because you were unable to get undessed quickly enough? No.

14. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you weren't allowed to go? Yes. I was in detention and was not allowed to the toilets, so I peed myself after holding it for too long.

15. Have you ever as a child went in your pants in defiance? (Just to be a pain in the butt.) No. I was already a pain in the butt by being hyperactive as a child :P

16. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because there were no toilets available or because the toilet was broken? Yes. The only toilet in my old house was broken, and I was bursting to pee when the plumber was fixing it, and peed my pants as I couldn't hold it anymore.

17. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while at the movie theater rather than miss the movie? No.

18. Have you ever as a child went in your pants because you were too tired/lazy to get out of bed? No.

19. Have you ever as a child went in your pants while on stage performing or any other time while a large crowd was focused on you? Yes. I wet myself during a ballet performance. As I was the main character, I was really embarrassed as the wet patch on my leotard and tights were very obvious, but I managed to complete the performance and got an applause for it.

20. Have you ever as a child went in your pants in front of your friends during a sleepover or party? Yes. We were playing the 'hold it' game and I wet myself shortly after winning.

21. Did anyone go in their pants while reading this list because it took them so long to get through all the questions that they couldn't hold it any longer? ;-) Naaaaa

Mr. Clogs

Response to Tammy and question for Aubrie and quick post

To Tammy: That's not good, you need to get your toilet fixed. What do you do when you have to pee? Are you using some kind of container to pee in? Like Fred had suggested, why not poop into a bucket or garbage can with plastic grocery bags lining the bucket or garbage can so you can dump your poop in the trash. Let us know if you got your toilet fixed.

To Aubrie: Do you have more stories about your friend Katie and her parents? You mentioned that they use to pee into jars and you happen to witness the mother relieving herself in the kitchen into the jar. Do you know if they pooped into those same jars or some kind of container? Do you use jars and containers to this day instead of the toilet. Think about it, every time you flush the toilet, depending on your toilet it could take as much as 5 gallons of water to flush let's say 20oz of urine or 2 or more lbs of fecal matter down the drain. So maybe Katie's parents where onto something.

Okay for a quick post, I had to pee in the middle of the night. My annoying neighbors where still outside making a lot of noise. I got my pee-pee cup and relieved myself into it. The urine was dark yellow and only filled the cup half way. I finished and went back to sleep. Since I took a laxative to cleanse out for the season, I woke up again to go to the bathroom to poop.

Take care.

Mr. Clogs

Anatomy student

Life with ibs

The last few weeks consisted of dry nugget poop. None were eventful, just extra large for me. Today, I had an average crap this morning that filled the bowl. Then I had a looser poop later. It was diahrrea. Then at woe today I almost crapped myself and had more diahrrea. I'll probably be constipated again soon. It is really irritating. Anyone else flip from hard to liquid?


To Bill F

Hey there Bill!

I know there are so many teens reading here; I keep hoping more will THANKS!

There's Nick, and Steven A.....and now there's you.....

Sure looking forward to your stories. I love stories about they feel. I love urges!

I also keep hoping that enco kids (kids with encopresis) will find this site and be happy to be able to talk to others who are dealing/have dealt with that.

Super desperate poop at work

I don't want to give my name, but I want to share a story. I've been constipated lately and hadn't pooped in four days. I'd hoped it would resolve itself, but it was clear that I'd need a laxative. I bought one whose box said it was gentle. I was supposed to take it at night and I'd need a poop in the morning.

So last night, I took the recommended dose and went to sleep. I woke up and didn't feel an urge, but I tried to go anyway. No luck, and I had to go to work. Once I had been at work for a while, I did feel my stomach churning and knew the laxative was working. I went straight to the bathroom the first opportunity I had.

I went in the closest stall and sat on the toilet. A mass of soft but solid poop rushed out of me. The whole thing couldn't have lasted more than thirty seconds. I felt amazing not having four days worth of poop inside me any more, but boy did the bathroom STINK! I flushed before wiping, to eliminate some of the smell. I needed quite a few wipes to get clean.

While I was wiping, someone came in the bathroom. I was a bit embarrassed because I had thoroughly stunk up the whole bathroom, but at least whoever it was didn't know it was me. I waited until she was in her cubicle before flushing, quickly washing my hands and leaving before she could see me.

Hey guys. I've been much of a lurker around toiletstool for a while now, and I've decided to share some stories of me wetting or pooping myself. As I'm actually 13, I can only share with you stories of when I was still a child, but as I grow older I hope I can share stories of having an accident on purpose at an older age(I'm too afraid to wet/soil myself now and have stopped doing so since I was 7, so yeah).

Anyways, here's my experience:

When I was around 5, I went with my mother to a holiday in the US (I'm the only child atm, and my father permanently left for the UK to earn money for us). As it was the summer season, a.k.a. swimsuit season as my mother says, we left for America with our swimsuits underneath our clothing.

When we reached the US and checked into a hotel, my mother told me that if I wanted, I could go out in my swimwear. As I saw my mother taking her top off, I decided to join her and took off all my clothing, leaving on a pink one-piece swimsuit with my favorite Disney princesses printed on it (yeah). My mother settled with a Bikini top and jeans and we headed out. As we were in California, I felt that the outside wind was cold at first , but got used to it. As it was about lunchtime when we exited the hotel and found a cab, we went to a place to eat, called 'Taco-Bell'. (At least now I know where NOT to eat if I were to go to the US again.) As I was feeling hungry, I ate 1 and a half; my mother let me eat half of hers as she said she wasn't hungry. After that, we managed to flag down another taxi, which brought us to an outdoor shopping mall. There, my mom passed by a hair salon, and decided to do her hair, while I waited for an hour and a half.

Around 15 minutes into her session, I felt my lunch piling up at my butt, plus the airplane food that I had during the ??? hour trip, I started to get a little needy for the bathroom, but I couldn't muster up the courage to ask them, so I sat quietly on a bench in the salon.

Speedup to 45 mins later, I started to need the toilet to poop. My stomach grumbled once in a while, drawing my attention that the tacos did not agree with my stomach, and one of the employees who thought it was HER stomach that was grumbling.

Around 25 minutes afterward, I was sitting on my heel, shifting left and right, in a bid to hold the poop it. I then asked mom if they could hurry up, only to receive a 'no' as a reply. An employee who was not working on anybody saw me, and asked if I needed the bathroom. I was startled a little and quickly refused, even though my stomach wanted me to say yes.

When my mom was finally done, I hopped off my seat and immediately clenched on my butt, hoping that my poop won't make it out and into my suit. She saw it, and asked me if I needed to use the toilet, which I readily agreed out of the urge to poop.

However, I took a step forward afterwards- big mistake. I farted a long fart, before wailing to my mother that I was about to poop myself, then it came. The poop rushed out of me, first filling the back of my suit, then some of the poop exited my suit, as it was watery and mushy, and orangy poop streaked down my legs. Some went in-betweeen my legs, while some treaked the back of my legs, and a little of it dropped onto the floor.

I stood there, trembling, then crying. My mother hugged me and consoled me, saying that accidents happen sometimes and it was unavoidable, while one of the salon ladies mopped the floor around me. I had to walk into the bathrooms outside, which made it visible to everyone around me. If they didn't see my suit, or the poop running down my legs, they would've smelled it. A few of them took photos of me and my mom, made distinct by the clicking sound, which made me cry harder and bury my face into my mom's body.

She told me to stay around the restroom entrance and wait for her. It was the most embarrassing 15 minutes ever. People were looking, pointing, staring, commenting and even taking photos of me, which made me cry harder.

Thankfully, shopping malls being shopping malls, she found a nice little pink swimsuit( though it did not have prints on it, it was like this suit; I managed to find an exact copy of it- ), and washed me and my soiled suit up.

I hid behind my mom for the rest of the trip, for fear that I'd see the same people that were looking at me or taking photos while I stood in my soiled swimsuit earlier.

Hey guys, and I'm gonna tell you about an embarrassing moment that happened to me around 7-8 years ago..

I was 5 or 6 then, and I was still attending ballet class then(I don't now, primarily due to the fact that I thought it got boring; I like to wear my ballet clothes though, as I only quit last year, and haven't grown a lot, and that it felt comfy to me). I wore a pink leotard and white tights, like any other ballet student, with the exception of the skirt, as I did not bring them then. I had ate and drank a lot for lunch, which was around half an hour before ballet class.

Then the class started and the instructors gathered all the girls and rounded us up into the dance studio. Around an hour into the class, which was around 2 hours and 15 minutes long, I felt my steak(I loved food and ate a lot, but I was and still am pretty small for my age)and lemonade pass through my system and was ready to exit me. I looked around for the assistant instructor, but she was not in the studio, so I couldn't exit for the bathroom.

45 minutes later, I was getting desperate to go. I would grab my crotch with one hand and my butt with the other, and hoped I would get my instructor's attention, so that I could use the toilet but she didn't see me there, as I was at the back of the classroom. 15 minutes later, I got really desperate to go. I stopped doing the moves and stood there, clutching my crotch and butt to hold the poop and pee from exiting into my leotard and tights, for it would show big time. Finally the assistant instructor entered the studio. I ran up to her, hands clutching crotch and butt, and told her that I had to go bad. She looked at her watch, and told me that I should be able to hold it, as there was only 15 minutes left, and disallowed me from going. I then walked back to the end of the studio, disheartened and now really desperate.

Somehow I managed to hold it in till the class ended, but by then I was on the verge of having an accident. So I ran up to her, the assistant, who was outside and at the receptionist counter, and asked her to lead me to the bathroom. However, before she could turn around and lead me there, my body gave up. First, my bladder. I started peeing uncontrollably in front of her, and in view of other shoppers (The dance studio was in a space at a shopping centre, and the receptionist counter was at the main entrance, facing into the mall), soaking the crotch of my leotard front-to-back, and down my tights, creating a big puddle on the ground, and soaking my leotard's crotch and the fabric of the tights that went in-between my legs. I saw some shoppers, parents and other girls from and not from my class staring at me, and exchanging whispers to each other, while others showed sympathy (and the 'Awww you peed yourself" face that you get when you wet yourself as a child). Before me or she got to react to me wetting myself, I let out a big fart, followed by a crackling noise. The now soaked butt of my leotard started to grow bigger, and bigger as my poop forced its way into my leotard. I pooped so much that some of it went down my tights, showing itself and making some of the people staring at me puke or look away in disgust.

I started sobbing in embarrassment and tears streaked down my face as she brought me into the bathroom, while calling my mom.

Unfortunately, I was on their last class and they were closing for the day, so I could not change into a fresh leotard and tights, but she emptied the poop away and cleaned my butt and my thigh, before sending me off in the wet and poop-stained leotard and tights. I had to wait 25 minutes for my mom outside the studio in the mall as they had to close, and I stood still in one spot, as the cool air-conditioned wind made my wet crotch and my legs feel cold, and I couldn't bear to see the look on the shopper's faces in reaction to my soiled and soaked clothing. Thankfully though, my mother did not scold me, but she gave the same old 'accidents happen' speech, and found a clean garbage bag to put over the car seat, so that I didn't ruin it. I returned back there though, as it was the only dance studio around my district and that the instructors and the assistant instructors were friendly and understanding. They also made up for it by giving me candy for the next few weeks, which I loved :D

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Sally and Circumcision

Hi Guys, Tim here with another story about Sally and I. We were both 13 years old and as I've said before, I had problems with my foreskin and I had to have an operation to fix it. It didn't work and I ended up being circumcised, which solved everything. I was feeling quite sore, so Sally and I went for a walk. We were in the heart of the bushes when Sally said, "Tim, I'm going for a wee, do you want to come?" I nodded, even though I felt sore, and Sally walked up to a tree trunk and we both unzipped our flies and peed standing. Halfway through it became too painful and I started crying. "Oh, don't worry", Sally said, "go and sit on the log to pee." So I went over to a fallen log, pulled my pants down, hung my penis over the edge and peed, and I felt a lot better. Sally came over and sat by me, giving me a hug and saying, "Even if you are circumcised, you're the same to me. Now, let's do a poo, what do you say to that?" I nodded and she smiled, dropped her jeans and white cotton panties, hung her bum over the edge of the log, took out a book and began to read it, not taking her eyes off it once even while she farted. We both dropped mostly pellets as we'd already gone earlier during our walk, we wiped and we were done. Then we went for a naked swim together in the creek. She helped me like I had helped her, she showed me that being circumcised was not such a bad thing after all. She was a true friend to me that day.

Desperate to poop

huge queue at the theatre

Hi all

I went to see a matinee performance in London today. I know there are usually queues but the one today was extremely long. There were lots of people going to see the show and in the upper circle area we were six toilets for far too many people.

I'd felt like I'd need a pooh and tried to go before the show started but It just wasn't happening. However at the interval I felt I was def ready for a small poop and I also needed a pee it was so hot in the theatre I'd been drinking a lot of water.

When I got there and I tried to leave as quickly as I could to avoid the queue building up there was a queue 20 deep! I wondered about going elsewhere but just felt the queue would be the same. I was now worried I prob wouldn't make it in and out in time to do a pee and a poop as we only had 20 minutes.

A lady came up to me in her 50's and asked me was this the line and I said yes. She sighed and we got chatting about not having enough toilets and all that. Looking down the line there were lots of lovely dressed ladies and a few nervous foot twitches. Thankfully most people just needed to pee but with 20 people waiting it still 10-11 minutes for me to get the front of the queue. I was now bursting to pee and felt my poo ready also.

I was very relieved to get into the next cubicle vacated by a very pretty lady in her 60's. The seat was warm and sweaty so I guessed someone had spent a few minutes on it. The hot weather wasn't helping either.

I quickly had a pee and then spent 3 minutes getting a poop out. Not a long one for me. The relief still felt great and I flushed and exited very happy. THere was a 5 minute announcenent and still 15 people waiting!

Happy Pooping


Shameful teens

Why are Teenage boys such shamefull poopers?

Came across a coachload of of about 14/15 year old boys on a school trip a while back at a gas station restroom. 3 stalls, but only one had a door so they all lined up for it. So about 15 boys waiting to drop a load with two perfectly good potties not being used.

Embarrassment? i would have thought it was worse to be standing there looking desperate and then having the whole group hear you farting and the plops when you finally get to go.

What is the cause of this? What makes teenage boys so afraid to be seen pooping?



Got an infection and have been put on antibiotics. I weigh about 9 stone.......I had been a little constipated for about a week, just managing to produce a few hard balls, that really hurt every time I tried to go. Got these antibiotics, have had 3 of them now when I got a really sudden urge to poo. I could feel the first lump trying to force its way out as I was undoing my trousers. The first few lumps were a little hard to get out, even though the first one had been trying to force its self out when it came to it I had to push quite hard and weed a lot before it plonked to the pan. The next two were very knobbly and again required a few hard pushes. but if I had thought that was all. I did not feel empty and in fact realised my bum hole was pretty messy, I was not looking forward to trying to wipe it. I began to try and push the next lump out, god, I could feel my hole beginning to stretch, as it eased itself out, I bore down hard quite a few times and the pain as this poo eased its self out brought tears to my eyes, i almost thought I was going to tear.......It was suddenly gone, bonking into the pan. No tail, it was just gone. I god what a massive poo, very smooth obviously what had eased its passage, easily the size of my wrist and at least 6 inch was also completely round at both ends, solid. It took 3 flushes to get rid of it all and I had to wipe 4 times plus a nice soak in the bath.......feeling a lot better now. Although, I think I will not try and pass anything for a little while,I think it will hurt.


Camping Trip From Hell (Part 2)

Hi, Tim here, forgot to finish the 'Camping Trip From Hell' story. Here goes:
Although Sally felt better by morning, she still needed to go quite often, and it was still raining outside, plus, to make matters worse, the bucket was full. I emptied it outside, getting wet in the process from the rain, but it was too dirty to use. After about half an hour, Sally said, "I can't hold it any longer, Tim, I need to do a poo or else it will come out by itself." This got me worried, but then I had a flash of cleverness. "Just unzip the tent a little bit and hang your bum outside. We're on our own anyway, so nobody can see. "No problem." She said, and went to the entrance, unzipped the tent a short way, hung her naked bum outside, and pushed. The stomach cramps were terrible for her, and she cried the entire time she was pooping. I hugged her, rubbed her bum and her naked back, told her it was okay and it's perfectly natural, and she kissed me. I wiped her bum for her, and we went to sleep. During the night, about midnight, Sally suddenly woke me up with the words I dreaded: "Tim, I need to poop and I can't get out of my sleeping bag." I jumped up, ran over and began to undo the zip, but halfway through doing that I heard a wet fart and knew I was too late. I managed to undo the zip and help her to the hole so she could let the remainder of her poop out, then I told her we were going to have to sleep in the same sleeping bag. That is my favourite childhood memory, sharing a sleeping bag with Sally, both of us nude because of the heat inside the tent. We were doing it purely out of friendship as we were both only 11 at the time. Later on, we both married at the young at of 20, but that's for another time.

Bill F

Welcome back Car Mom! Also, Hi everybody!

I am a 17 year old male, 6'1 and 145 pounds. Bill is not my real name, I won't be posting my real name. I will post more in the future as I have plenty of childhood stories and recent experiences. Again, welcome back Car Mom! See ya next time!


Car Mom

Sorry, Car Mom, forgot the question. Here is my question: Do you let your kids poop in the bushes?

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