to Tammy

Welcome. First you probably want to find something to poop in with a lid like a trash can or bucket. Try doubling up a plastic garbage or grocery bag inside you won't have to keep cleaning it out, and if you put two it won't leak. If you have access to trash pickup, you can tie them up and throw them in the trash when you're done. If not empty the contents into a hole outside. away from the house. Where are you pooping now? Do you have kids too?

Hi! I had a minute so I thought I'd share how I got started peeing in places other than the toilet. When I was younger, probably 9 or 10, a new family moved into the apartment across from ours. They had a daughter about my age so of course we became friends. Her name was Katie and her parents were very concerned with the environment. I guess you could call them hippies. They felt the toilet was a waste of water and preferred to pee in other places. This was an apartment complex and we didn't have patios so they couldn't go outside and had to get more creative. The first time I was over at Katie's, I walked into the kitchen and saw her mom squatting and peeing into a jar. I remember being mesmerized by the dark yellow urine filling it. I also noticed Katie and her brother would pee into jars as well, or the couch or on the floor or in a plant. The first few times I was over I would hold my bladder until I got home, but one day I really had to go. I asked Katie what I should do and she led me into her closet. She told me that it was her private pee spot and I could just squat down and go. It took me a minute but once I went I found I really enjoyed it. I would make sure to drink a lot of water before I went over to her house so I would need to pee a lot. We began looking for weird and fun places to go. When she came over to my apartment, I noticed she would never pee. I caught her one day holding herself and dancing around when she thought I wasn't looking. She explained that she was taught toilets were wasteful and didn't want to use mine. She ended up going in the trash can in my room. I have lots of stories about us peeing together and what Katie would do when she was at school or at the store, but this is getting pretty long so I'll have to share them later.

Just Some Guy

Weird Accident

I had a weird sort of accident happen yesterday. I had to pee after a movie on a date with my girlfriend. We both went to the bathrooms after the film was done. I waited in a short line and then had my turn at a urinal. I unzipped, pulled out my penis, peed until I felt like I was done, and then pushed my penis back into my pants and boxers, but when I did, I let out a long spurt of pee that lasted a second or two and ran down my left thigh. I had no idea it would happen. Never felt it coming, it just came out even though I thought I was 100% done peeing. I looked down to check for damage but I was wearing dark blue jeans so nothing really showed on my jeans even though the wet spot was pretty big and I felt wet from the top of my left thigh where my penis was pointing down halfway to my knee and then a few smaller wet spots from there to my knee. The main wet patch felt about the size of a baseball.

I tried to act normal and pretend like nothing happen but I was really self concious about it. It was weird having "peed my pants" without having a true accident.

I tried to hide it from my girlfriend but when we got to the car she pressed up against me to kiss and make out and moved her hand down to my crotch and felt the wet spot before I could stop her. I had to confess what happened but she just thought it was funny and cute and said she had leaked in her panties sometimes, too, so it was nothing to be embarassed about. I still felt weird.

J-girl: Great story! Keep them coming!
Connor: I'm still not a huge fan of puic bathrooms and outhouses but I'm much better than I was as a kid. Eventually I just got tired of always holding it I guess. I would still rather squat in the woods than use a outhouse though. When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter Maysa I went on a weekend camping trip with some friends. It was my plan to just go in the woods, but I was very pregnant and I was afraid of losing my balance and falling. I ended up having to use the outhouse and realized it wasn't all that bad. Still not my favorite but I didn't really have any other choice. As far as port a potties go, those I hate and would rather pee anywhere else. Let me know if you have any other questions! I'm an open book!
Now for my story. This one isn't about me or my car, but something I witnessed yesterday. I was at a store waiting in line for a fitting room to try on some clothes. The woman in front of me had a little girl with her who was maybe about 6 or 7. She obviously had to pee by the way she kept grabbing herself and crossing her legs. Finally she told her mom she had to go but the mom said to hold it because they were next in line and she didn't want to lose her place (I should mention the restrooms were right next door to the fitting rooms.) two rooms opened up next to each other. I took one and the woman and daughter took the other. I could hear the little girl complaining about how she really had to go and was about to pee her pants. Finally I heard the mom tell her to just pee on the floor. These fitting rooms are tiled and the walls don't go all the way to the floor. I could see this kids butt as she squatted down and soon heard and saw pee splattering all on the floor! It spread out into my room and into the hall. She asked her mom what to wipe with and her mom gave her a shirt she had tried on but didn't like. The girl threw it into the puddle when she was done. I was shocked at what I saw! What kind of lazy mom won't take her kid to the bathroom first off and second, what a disrespect of the store and customers. Needless to say I left as soon as pee spread into my room. I alerted the attendant but I don't know what happened next.
That's all for now,

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: J-Girl as always another great story it sounds like you had alot of fun peeing outsinde and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tammy if you have a garden you could fertilize it with it or put it in a garbage container.

To: Someone great poop story.

To: Sara interesting story it may have been the shape of the poop that made it feel bigger then it was and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shweta another great story I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: RachyPoo as always another great story it sounds like you were having a cleanout poop just your body doing some late spring cleaning I bet you felt really great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lily-May it sounds like you were having a really rough night but at least you made it to the toilet in time without any accident hopefully you felt better quickly and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: tim as always another great story about Sally.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerky Brandon T

PS. I love this site



To Greg,
Being a military guy. I can answer your question. The style of toilets with no stalls in the military is a thing of the past. Those kind can often be found on older bases weapons ranges as permanent structures. They do get used but normally just for peeing due to their lack of cleanliness. The government now places porta potties at all the ranges for more privacy and sanitary conditions.

Car Mom,

I like your stories though I am a fan of poop stories. Perhaps we could hear about more farting from you. ;-)


Great story! I have had a few similar experiences like that too.

Not much to tell. Haven't been listening for Evelyn or Adrianna. My wife took a stinky poo a few weeks ago, but it was barely a blip on my radar. Amy took a shit or farted yesterday at work in the front bathroom. I kinda smelled it but there wasn't much more to go on to confirm if it was pooping or farting

Happy bathroom trips to all.



Railing Poop

Hi, Tim here with a good story from my childhood. I was 11 years old and Sally and I went for a walk to the local dam. There was a walkway next to the water that was heavily covered with bushland. That part was where all the river water flowed in before it was treated. Sally said to me, "Tim, I need to do a poo." I asked, "Can you hold on?" and she shook her head. "Why don't we sit on the railing and do it into the water, since it's just river water?" I said and Sally replied, "That's a great idea!" So we checked nobody could see us, and went over to the railing. The railing was just the right shape and size for us to sit on and Sally dropped her short shorts and red G-string panties to her ankles and jumped up and hung her bum over the edge. I dropped my shorts, no underwear, to my ankles, sat next to her and hung my bum over the edge. She took a small book out of her pocket and began to read it. "What are you doing" I asked, a bit perplexed. "Reading", she said, "I do it all the time when I'm on the toilet." Just then her stomach tensed, she began grunting and pushing, though never once taking her eyes off the book, and suddenly she released a long snake shaped turd, which dropped into the water, followed by my own liquid diarrhoea as Mum had given my laxatives that morning when I hadn't needed them. She tinkled, let some gas out, and she was done. My own trail of liquid didn't stop for another 5 minutes. We sat there for about 30 minutes, talking about life, school, how much we liked each other, when suddenly another girl, wearing jeans and a belt, came running up to the rail where we were sitting, undid her belt, dropped her fly, pushed her jeans and red thong panties down and jumped up on the rail next to Sally before letting loose a rush of diarrhoea. "Sorry, you don't mind do you?" she said and we both shook our heads. "I felt really ill and was about to go in my pants!" I kept looking the entire time, even while I found some leaves for the three of us to wipe with. Her name was Sam, and she lived just up the street from us. On our way back home, Sam, Sally and I stripped naked and went for a swim in the dam, where Sam showed Sally how to pee standing up.

Friday, June 21, 2013


Pee flashback

Hi All!

So here's a little story for you from when I was younger. I know that I posted on here a few weeks ago about what my friends and I would do when we were swimming and we had to pee. However, when my parents were outside and it was just myself, things had to be a little different. I couldn't let my parents see me pee outside because to me that was (and still is) awkward and something that you just didn't do. So, on to the actual story part. In order to get to my pool, you have to go through the garage and vice versa if you wanted to get into my house. We don't keep cars in my garage so we have a table and and a rug and whatnot. It's not a nice rug because it's pretty much outside and so we get a new one every year.

When I was younger, around 8 or 9, since I couldn't go outside because my parents were out there and I didn't want to go all the way into the house tracking water everywhere, I had an idea. Since the table in my garage was on the rug (which was black) and there were chairs surrounding the table, I decided I would just go under the table and pop a squat. I looked around and made sure no one was coming, crawled under the table, and got ready to have my pee. One last look around and I started peeing into the rug through my bathing suit. There was a small hissing sound and a little bit of patter as my pee hit the rug. It felt good to finally release my pee and it kept going for about a minute. The rug soaked everything up and there wasn't any kind of a smell. I crawled back out and went back outside and into the pool and no one ever knew. I did this every time I had to pee for the rest of the summer and it worked great. The rug was black so you couldn't see anything either. My own personal pee spot.

Well that's all for now!



Hi, my bathroom has not been working for almost 4 weeks now. I can handle getting rid of pee but, the poop is collecting, what can I do so we can not only breath but, have a clean home? The bacteria is one of my main worries.


Questions for Car Mom

To: Car Mom:
Car Mom, I love how relaxed you are with your kids and their bodily functions. My parents were exactly the same, minus going in the car! I remember when I was about 6 or 7 and we were at the beach and my sister and I both needed poops, they told us to just go behind the sand dunes like all the other kids were doing! We loved it, pooping on the beach, one of the best times of my life was squatting behind a sand dune with 6 other kids dropping a log and competing to see whose was biggest. Great way to grow up, and I'm sure your kids will remember their childhood with as much fondness as I do.

The embarrassment

So I was in 3rd grade and I had too pee really bad . I was taking an
Exam at the end of the year .i was embarrassed to say I needed to use the bathroom
.well finally I rased my hand .my teacher asked what I needed
, I said I needed to use the bathroom .she said go ahead .it was to late I was going in my
Pants . I said I went on myself . And all of a sudden everyone said ''eeeeeeeeeeww''.the teacher told everyone except me to leave the room.mrs.back got gloves and a wipe and
Cleaned it off the flore and my desk . She asked me if I had my PE clothes .lucky for me I did . She said go change clothes luckily I had panties I changed clothes and called my mom and went home .i was so embarassed .


To Car Mom

Hi everyone! I don't really have anything new to post but I wanted to reply to car mom. Of course I look to you for guidance! There aren't really many people who understand the concept of peeing in your car. We are a lot alike in that sense and the sense that unlike a lot of people on this site, we both don't like poop. If my kids decided they no longer wanted to pee in the car, that would be fine. Like you said, it started off as conscience for me too. My girls will always be welcome to go in the car if they need to but i would never make them. Maysa prefers not to and I always try to find her a bathroom when she needs it. I doubt I'll ever stop though. Let us know if you decide to go in your house. I've never done that or allowed my girls to but I always think it sounds fun. That's all for now- hopefully I'll have something to say soon.

A few months ago, I went on a trip to London. I think I pooped at home before heading to the airport, but I can't remember. I got to the airport around noon and waited for the rest of our group to arrive. Our flight to New York was supposed to leave around 3:30 but was delayed an hour. Finally we were able to board and arrived in New York a few hours later. However we had to go to the other side of the airport for our flight to London. The plane was about to start boarding by the time we got there, so we all had time for a quick trip to the restroom. I didn't need to poop, so I just peed and then got on the plane. It was an overnight flight and I was sitting next to a stranger and didn't want to bother him for me to get up and go to the bathroom during the flight, so I just rested and held everything in, nothing got too urgent. Then we landed in London. We all got our bags and waited around while the group leader got in touch with the tour guide meeting us. I decided to visit the restroom again. I peed and felt the need to poop but I didn't want to because there were a lot of people in the restroom, and most of them were from our group. I didn't want them to hear me. I heard the girl in the stall next to me pooping, though, and nobody said anything about it, so I probably should have just gone then. But I didn't. After we were all finished, we headed to customs to get our passports stamped, etc. Then we met our tour guide and started a bus tour of the city. By that point I was so excited that I'd forgotten all about pooping. We drove around for an hour or two, stopping at Buckingham Palace and other sites. Then we stopped for lunch. Our tour guide took us to a fish & chips restaurant. The food was extremely good, but as soon as I was done eating, I needed to poop again. We walked around the city some more and wound up in some sort of market/square. There were street performers that we were watching, but all I could focus on was my need to poop, but I didn't know where any restrooms were. I farted a few times to relieve the pressure and they smelled really bad. People looked around, but I don't think anyone suspected it was me. Our group leader bought us all cupcakes, but I could only eat half of mine because I was so full of poop. Finally we headed to our hotel. We took a while to get all checked in. We got to our room finally and I told my roommate that I wanted to take a quick shower since my hair felt gross from not being washed that day. She said okay. I went in the bathroom and turned on the shower. While the water was running I was finally able to poop. What a relief! I felt so much better after that and had no further poop issues during the trip!


Military women's toilets

I would love to hear from any women who presently are or have been in the military, what are the toilet facilities like? How are the women's toilets set up, are they just several toilets in an open room with no dividers between them? Do they have stalls, with or without doors? Please describe in as much detail as possible what it is like going to the bathroom, especially taking a dump. Do several women go at the same time? Is it like a female bonding ritual? Also please feel free to share stories. I look forward to your replies.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Heidi as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and it sounds like your cousin was having a pretty rough time and was beyond desperate but at least she made it and hopefuly felt better soon after and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Julia great story it sounds like you and your friend Alice both had really great poops and felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Michelle first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and it sounds like you really felt great and refreshed afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Tim another great story about Sally.

To: Some Guy great story it sounds like she really had to poop.

To: Jessie great story about your poop outside it sounds like you really had to go alot and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Justine great story it sounds like you had a good buddy dump and it sounds like you both really had to go alot and I bet you both felt pretty good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop as awlays another great story at least you made it to the toilet each time without having an accident as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natasha as always another great story.

To: Megan as always another great pooping story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Rachypoo as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Had a turd :-)

I've posted a few times before. I've been trying to produce a real turd for a while now. The past month I've been working out at the gym and eating lots of fiber. Takes some planning and I bring a box to uni almost every day to get some healthy food. But my ???? only wants to produce soft droplets that come out quickly.

Today was a break through! I went to the gym in the early morning and went to spinning pass. I started to feel an urge during the pass but wanted to get home first. After the pass I realized I had to go at the gym. They have superfresh toilets and there are no stalls, so thats nice! I went to the toilet and sat down, but nothing was coming. I could feel my body tensing up back there. I usually start going as soon as I sit down and finish within a minute or so. This took some time, but finally it started to come out. And it stretched my hole and it felt really good. After it splashed in the toilet I realized someone might have heard me. The horror! But I think I was ok. I sat waiting to see if anything more wanted to come out, but nope. It stinged a little bit when I wiped. When I looked in the toilet I was disappointed - The turd was supersmall! Haha, only about 2cm across. I guess my body is not used to pass turds, thats why it felt so large. Definately going to keep this healthy schedule if I can come. Also lost some weight as a bonus ^^

Next week some my friend Stina and some friends that have not yet left our uni town for their home towns are going hiking in the woods. :)



Thanks Brandon!

To the one who posted "To Shweta": Thank you so much, for trying to understand..the fear of having an accident often stops me from being very social. My mother was hard all the time. It was only during the therapy, that she tried to understand, and "help" but even that did not come easy..and it still isn't. To prevent accidents, I have stopped eating spicy and fibrous food, and I've to go to the toilet immediately. But sometimes it just comes out..that happens when I'm usually focused on something, and I've to poop and all of a sudden it comes out into my pants, it's those types of accidents that worry me. When I've an accident in public, I usually try to hide it or escape being noticed, but most of the times, it doesn't work out well. The smell is really and I normally get found..When I'm alone ,and have an accident, I don't feel bad, but I do get worried since it could easily have been in someone else' presence or someone at home might notice..I've had way too many accidents to remember all of them, but the one that got my mom really upset was when I was 15. This was I think the first one that she caught, and she really flipped out.

My mom was helping me with some Math homework. I really had to poop and was farting really bad. My mom was in the middle of explaining a particularly long sum, so I thought I'd go after that. Well, in the middle of that she got a phone call from work, so she went to attend that. So I got up to go the toilet, and as soon as I took a few steps it all just came out into my jeans. It was soft poop and smelt really bad. I touched my butt, and could a small bulge and it felt wet. I went some more in my pants. That's when my mom returned. Seeing me in that awkward position, legs slight apart and bent at the knees , she asked me what I was doing. I lied that I hurt my back and was just stretching. I immediately sat back down at the desk so she doesn't notice the back of my pants. She said fine and came back at the desk to resume where she left. About 5 mins later, she found the smell unbearable and asked me if I pooped in my pants. I said no. She forced me to stand up and checked my pants. She found and she started yelling at me. I cried and explained that I couldn't hold it. She helped me clean myself up. She then made me sit on paper wherever I wanted to sit, for the entire week. She put rubber mattress on my bed, and when I woke up she would touch my back to see if I had pooped in my pants again. It was hard for a week..but then she let go..



Replies and comments

Lauren: I'll try to get her to do it more whenever we go on trips together. On our last trip, she thought it was just a onetime thing and out of convenience. My plan is for her to do this everytime she needed to pee while we are on a trip. It's partly for convenience, but also because you made it sound so fun that I wanted her to try too! Thanks for answering my questions, by the way. I really liked your last post because I feel much the same way about outhouses. I also find outhouses and some public washrooms not so private and gross and will refuse to use them for as long as I can. This has led to some problems for me too. I want to solve this issue so I thought I'd seek advice from you. Have you ever gotten over the fear of using outhouses or public washrooms? How did you manage it? As usual, I love your stories! Keep them coming!

J: My cousin sat in her seat while doing her pee. She tried to shake the pee off and waited a bit before pulling up her jeans and sitting in a nearby seat. I don't think she would want to wipe herself on the seat as her mom is strict about hygiene and doing that would seem dirty to her. I had to assure her I won't tell her mom and all just to get her to pee into her seat. She didn't exactly enjoy it. This was her first time, so doing this probably seemed awkward for her.


Sit times


Yeah, I have no doubt that my constipation and focus on it plays a part in why I like posting on forums like this. I wasn't constipated all the time or anything, but when it would happen, then there had to be a lot of attention on that bodily function (I as well have had a number of enemas). I also used to hold it in when I was really young, so it goes even farther back than that.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Well I'm on the toilet now and not having a lot of fun to be honest.
I've had a really sore ???? the last few days and yesterday had 3 fairly large bms. I don't know where it is all coming from. After each bm I have felt nice and empty but the feelinghasnt been lasting long.
This time I was about to do some groceries but suddenly got the urge to poop and decided it was best I headed home. I drove home clenching my bum cheeks together and almost ran inside. As soon as a pulled my leggings and pink panties down and sad down a big lose bm fell into the bowl. This was followed by a serious of loud squeeky farts.
I am still sitting on the toilet now feeling like there is definitely more poop on me that doesn't want to come out yet. I might see how I go a bit later.
Hope you're all well :)


Sloppy Poo

I woke up this morning feeling fine and went about my normal day to day routine. I went for a walk and as I was walking I suddenly started to feel bad stomach cramps. I sat down for a few minutes until the pain subsided-I didn't need the toilet yet anyway. I decided to walk home because I felt a bit sick and my stomach wasn't right; it was gurgling and churning.

I got home and had some juice, then sat in the living room for a while. I started to feel some more cramps and then I needed the toilet really badly. I felt a warm sluggish mass moving through my bowels and the nausea intensified. I placed one hand lightly on my stomach, groaning quietly with the crampy bloated feeling in my bowels.

'Lily?' my mum called and asked me to do a two minute job for her! I started to panic as my need to go to the toilet intensified but I didn't want her to know I was desperate to poo so I went to do the job. I tightly clenched my bum cheeks and let a couple of wet farts slips out. I felt really bloated and on the verge of messing my pants.

Once I'd done I hurried out of the kitchen and up the stairs, by now I had one hand lightly resting on my stomach and the other clutching my bum to try and prevent any unwanted mess coming out of my hole. I hurried into the bathroom and pulled my lightweight cargo shorts to my knees, sitting quickly on the toilet.

I could feel a loose load pulsing against my throbbing bum hole. I pushed down and a loud wet fart squelched from my bottom. I sighed as a cramp shot across my guts. I strained again, this time I felt some poo start moving fluidly through my system and appear at my hole. It floomped quickly into the toilet and was followed by another semi solid log which rushed out of my bum.

I pushed again. A wet fart came out followed by some loose poo which rushed quickly out of my bum, splattering the toilet below. The logs I had produced were sloppy and not formed properly.I groaned as some more loose poo flew out. I then started the job of wiping. The first wad of toilet paper turned to mush as I covered it with loose golden brown poo. It took about 12 wipes to get clean but I still felt icky back there so I got in the shower.

As I washed myself, I felt some more poo on its way out so I switched off the shower, quickly dried myself a bit then sat on the toilet where two more semi solid logs rushed out of my bum. I got back in the shower to clean up the sticky mess they'd left on my bum cheeks. I pulled my clothes back on and flushed the stinking mess away. I left the bathroom feeling bloated and nauseous, rubbing my belly.

I belched loudly as I sat on my bed, rubbing my belly and feeling my guts rumbling and churning madly below my t-shirt. I decided to ring my boyfriend to see how he was. He answered the phone quickly..he didn't sound his normal self.'What's up babe?'. He answered quietly..'I'm not very well'.

'What with?' I checked. 'My stomach, I've got diarrhoea and I keep going hot and cold' he groaned miserably. 'I've had a bit of a dodgy ???? this morning' I told him, 'do you think it's that meal we had last night?'.

Just then I got a sharp pain in my guts and I needed the toilet badly.'Gotta go' I yelled quickly, grabbing my stomach and rushing to the bathroom. I ripped my pants down and sat on the much needed toilet, groaning with relief as several semi solid mushy logs rushed out of my sore bum. I did a lot of wet farts, which helped my stomach feel better as I was so bloated.

I heard the doorbell ring moments later as I was wiping my bum. I hurried to get the sloppy mess off my bum cheeks, flushed the toilet, sprayed some air freshener then hurried downstairs. It was Tom. He looked pale and he was holding his stomach.

'Are you alright baby?' he asked concernedly. 'Yeah I just had to run to the toilet' I told him. 'Aww have you got the runs as well?'. 'Not quite, mine's just very loose and messy' I replied..'I've definitely got a dodgy upset stomach though'.

'Can I use your toilet?' he winced as some stomach cramps overwhelmed him. 'Of course'. I took his hand and led him upstairs, then helped him take his jeans off. He groaned and pulled his boxers down, then sat on the toilet seat, legs apart, pushing on his thighs. As soon as he pushed, a squirt of liquid diarrhoea shot into the toilet bowl, followed by an explosive wet fart.

Wet chunks gushed into the toilet as he sat there moaning and holding his stomach. I gently massaged his guts for him as he had diarrhoea. 'Just let it all out' I told him as he released several uncontrollable waves of runny poo. When he was done I helped him clean up with toilet roll and wet wipes, then I helped him get dressed and go to bed.

I had a few more bathroom visits but my poo is still just loose and sloppy as opposed to full blown diarrhoea like Tom has! We both have bellyache, cramps and bad gas as well... will tell you how it goes..


Camping Trip From Hell

Hi, guys, Tim here with a story about the worst camping trip ever. I was 12 years old, Sally and I decided we should go camping in the woods together for a week over the holidays, just the two of us. Our parents weren't worried because they trusted us, so we set off for our week long adventure. After we arrived, we pitched the tent and dug a pit with a shovel that we could squat over to relieve ourselves, no toilet paper though, just leaves. The first day was fine, we both had a pee and a poo and skinny-dipped in the creek, then went to bed. The next morning, though, Sally was badly constipated. Although her stomach ached, when she squatted over the hole, nothing happened. I told her not to worry, and we went for a walk to try and help her go. That afternoon, her bowels, which had been cramped and constipated only that morning, let loose. Sally hardly had time to run to the hole, pull up her skirt, drop her panties and squat down before she seemed to crap half her insides down the pit. Every half hour or so, she had to go, until I told her to remove her panties and skirt, and just wear a top so the could go more easily, and I got her into her sleeping bag and gave her a bucket to use, because by this stage it had started to rain outside, so we were both stuck in the tent and sharing the bucket. It really did stink for a while, but you got used to it. After spending 2 hours inside the tent, it got so hot that we decided to both go naked, as it was still raining outside so we couldn't open the vents to let air in. Sally spent the rest of the day and most of the night on the bucket, and by morning she felt better. We stayed there for another 4 days, had many pees and poops and swum naked together, then we went home. The camping trip from hell, though we both enjoyed being together in the tent, very 'natural', Sally called it!


Evil mothers following dehumanizing script

Morgan should be in jail for what she did to Bella.
Emma's mother should also !
This "Ladies don't let anyone know they need to pee" is just the MOST obscene thing I've ever heard.
And with the internet ... I've heard/seen some pretty obscene things!

These stories of vicious mothers who force their daughters into agony until they piss themselves and then punish them FURTHER by not allowing them to use the bathrooms just seems like the Devil's Own Master(batory) Tourture!

Reminds me of that movie where a mother figure ties a girl to a piano and gives her an enema as she plays piano and won't stop until the girl pees herself.

Does anyone know the name of that movie?

PS: On the theme that "being a lady" is just code word for dehumanizing women - my grandmother asked me when I was about 10 if I wanted a "nice girl", I thought about it in my lightly aspberger's way ... and said, "No, I want a FUN girl!"


Winter Story

So last January my family including my two brothers along with my thirty year old cousin and fiance all went to a ski resort. The first morning was crazy as I discover an unknown man sleeping on the couch and bottles everywhere. My dad is intoxicated still, in the hotub. I hide in the bedroom with my brothers because I have no idea who the man is. Nobody is waking up and I have to poo, so I get into the bathroom and lock it. 5 minutes later I was just about to poop but I hear the stranger knock on the door saying he needs to pee. I asked who he was and I didn't hear anything. I didn't know what happened and I forgot to poo. I actually wiped and realized I didn't even do it yet. After awhile I pooped a decent amount and washed up. I would find out later that this stranger was a friend of my cousin's fiance. Also, I was nearly done my shower when my now awake cousin came in saying it was an emergancy. She shut the door and I heard her sit on the toilet and a really loud fart followed by diarreah. I was suprised because she always seemed too sweet but I guess nobody can get away from the truth. So she had a loud poo while I was there. I didn't want her there but it was fine. Until next time.

Today my friend Alice and I went swimming. She has a pool in her backyard. So we were in her bathroom getting changed into our swimsuits when she said she needed to go poop. She told me she would be a while and I should go to the pool without her. I said I would wait because I kind of had to go as well.

Anyway, she sat on the toilet and peed for a long time. Once her stream dyed down, I could see her concentrating on pooping. Her stomach was tensing when she pushed and she was grunting occasionally. She apologized, telling me she hadn't been in a few days. I wasn't in a big hurry, I told her to take her time.

It took at least fifteen minutes, but she was able to poop out several turds with big splashes. Once she had wiped, she flushed and then it was my turn. I sat down and was pushing out a turd at the same time I peed. Unlike Alice, I wasn't constipated and took much less time to poop. I had three smooth sausage-like turds and then I was finished. I wiped my butt a few times, flushed and washed my hands and then we went swimming.


response to Claudine's Brother/Sister poop

I can relate to a lot of what you are saying about how you thought it was a great experience to have that kind of relationship where you are open enough to poop in front of your brother, and vice versa. I had a similar relationship with my brother, and I think it's more special than any relationship I've had with boyfriends. What I mean is, with a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, it's like we pretend we don't even poop, and that nothing dirty could possibly come out of us. But with a brother, it's NEVER about physical attraction, it's about having that closeness where anything else goes. We never actually were in the bathroom together, but we did use the same bathroom. I am a couple years older than my brother, and I remember, starting when I was about 14, my brother would come into the bathroom to poop immediately after I had my bowel movements - and at first that kind of annoyed and embarrassed me - it was like "can't you wait a few minutes??" The seat was still warm, and the bathroom still had the strong smell of poop. But after a while, I came to enjoy this, and even be a little flattered by it, because I knew it was intentional. It was just his way of feeling closer to me. Eventually, there were other occasions where he was pooping, and I waited for him to finish and went into the bathroom right after him to sit on the warm seat while I smell his poop and have a bm of my own. I started to feel an amazing connection with him, and I think it all started with going to the bathroom. Who would've guessed!!


To J

J: I probably wouldn't allow anyone to poop in my car again. We would pull over and find somewhere if the need arose. My daughter did not say anything when Bridgette was pooping. I don't think she realized it until I did and she did not want to be rude. I have peed in my car lots of times (especially when I was pregnant.) I wear dresses a lot so normally I will just pull it up as I drive and pee into the drivers seat, or I will park and sit in the back and pee there. I've had a couple other friends pee in the car too, but mostly it is just my daughters and other kids. I have yet to ask random people like Car Mom. To me, peeing in the car is more of a connivence for my family and those I am driving around. I think I would feel weird offering a stranger my car to relieve themselves. I am just not brave enough.

Car Mom

Just some answers to some questions!

Lauren: I'm honored that you look up to me for guidance! Actually Kaylee still will do it on occasion out of convenience but not really by choice. For example she rarely does it after school when I pick her up because she can use the restroom before she leaves and she never wakes up and asks if she can do it. She just told me she's not really into it anymore but that she doesn't mind it once in a while. So I just left it at that. I'm just letting things happen as they come. This is all new for me too! As I said she still does it sometimes out of convenience which is what it all started out as anyway, until I began to start doing it with other women and it became a fun and exciting thing for me. She also still likes to help kids do it when they come. What do you think you will do if your kids don't want to do it anymore? How will you feel about that? I'm pretty sure I will always do it. I tried to stop for a while but couldn't stop thinking about it and so now I started doing it again, and letting other women do it too.

J: I'm glad you like my posts! Actually the first woman who peed in my van might not have been a mom, at least she didn't have any kids with her. Her name was Tamika and you can read about her on page 2283. As I had said she was probably in her early 40s so if she had kids they could have been in their teens or 20s. The subject never came up, I guess I was just glad she was relieving herself into my seat and so I didn't think to ask. You also wanted to know if women pull their pants down before or after they sit. I would say that they pull them down at least after they are completely inside the car and the doors are closed, because otherwise they would be seen from outside. A couple of people have even left their pants up but that hasn't happened in the van yet, only in the neon. Except for that one little girl the other day who peed in her pants a little and so she just left them up when she sat on the seat. But an adult woman has never peed in her pants in my van yet. As far as menstruation is concerned so far that hasn't happened either, by me or anyone else, but I suppose that could have been the reason that some of the women have declined my offer to pee in my car. I never have asked why they won't do it, I just sort of walk away probably smiling foolishly. Its really not a popular thing to ask someone. I'm actually more surprised when someone accepts than when someone declines. For every yes there are probably 5 to 10 no's. As for my furniture, I'm starting to think I may start doing that again. I don't know when, maybe soon because I think about it so much. I also want someone else to do it too, especially a total stranger. Of course I will keep everyone posted! Those were all good questions! I too hope more people will post about peeing.

Well that's it for me for now. Hopefully next time I will have something to post!

CM :]


Follow up on sit times

JW and Dominic....Well; I'm not the only one who was made to "try" to go to the bathroom. At the time; to my friend who became aware of seemed so odd to him that I would be **made** to sit on the toilet when I didn't need to go.

I didn't really understand then that a lot of kids never really think about their bowels and how long it had been since they'd had a movement. Those kids were never asked "Did you go to the bathroom today".....their stomachs were never pushed and poked by a doctor in an effort to learn how much was clogged up in there.....nobody put enema nozzles or suppositories up their butts....

Most kids just went when they felt an urge and that was that. It was as natural and un-eventful for them as peeing was for me. No attention is paid to whether they go today....because; so what? just means that they'll go tomorrow...or the next day. Who cares?

Maybe that's why I post on this forum now; because so much attention was placed on that one bodily function


My first post

When I was a teenager, I took a camping trip with my girl scout troop. We were camping in a cabin that held all 10 of us and our leader in bunk beds, and there was one bathroom that we shared. There were 2 sinks, 2 shower stalls and 2 toilet stalls, with a door to the cabin. I am a very shy pooper and I try to never go in front of other people. I mainly don't like when people hear the sound of my poop coming out and hitting the water, and the sounds I make when I relieve myself. I hardly even get the urge to go unless I am in the privacy of my own home/bathroom. So we had been camping for about 5 days and I had not pooped the whole time we were gone. We were eating really healthy too, lots of food over the camp fire. I woke up on the 6th day with an urge to go, but there was no way that I was going to let all of that go in front of the whole troop. I tried so hard to hold it in as best as I could, but I knew that at some point during the day I was going to need to let this go. We had a huge breakfast and that just made my stomach feel more full and made it feel like I needed to go even worse. After breakfast, our troop was playing a game in a field by the cabin. As I played, it was getting harder and harder to hold this humongous poop inside. I thought, this is my opportunity to go inside and let go all by myself! I ran up to the leader and asked her if I could go in and use the bathroom really fast. She said OK, but I needed to bring another girl scout along with me for safety. Just then, one of the other girls said she needed to use the bathroom and said she would come with me. My heart sank, I really wanted to do this alone. But I was in desperate need of the toilet at this point and said OK, and started heading back to the cabin. It was so hard to hold this poop back while walking, I was sweating and clenching my butt cheeks as hard as I possibly could. It was so hard not to let this out as we walked but I knew having an accident was not an option. We finally made it to the cabin, and we each went into a toilet stall and shut the door. We both pulled off our pants and sat down. She immediately started to pee, talking to me through the stall. I was not about to let this out in front of her, because I knew it was going to be huge and loud, and I didn't want her to hear. But I was so desperate that I had to use all of my concentration to hold it back, and I could barely talk to her. The beginning of the poop was sticking out and I was using everything in my power to not let it go. Sitting on the toilet made it so much worse because my body was begging for release, but my shyness wouldn't let me. I was sweating and shaking and in a lot of pain, but patiently waiting for my friend to finish up. After she was done peeing and washing her hands, she said, I'm going to get something from the cabin, I'll be right back. I was barely able to get out the words "OK", as soon as I heard the door to the main bathroom close, I relaxed and finally let almost a weeks worth of poop escape from my hole. It was crackling and I was groaning with relief and release as a 2 foot long log escaped from my body. I didn't even have to push, it needed to come out so badly that it was just coming out hard and fast on it's own. It felt so incredible. After that was out, I moaned in relief. I sat on the toilet thinking about what a relief that was and recovering from waiting so long to let it go, and my friend came back into the bathroom to see if I was ready to go back outside. She definitely knew I pooped because of the smell and the time it took, but at that point I didn't care, I was just glad she didn't hear me go.


Wiping With a Scarf

Hi, Tim, here with another story from my childhood. Sally and I were walking in the fields one very cold winter's day when she suddenly said, "I need a poo, Tim", and I replied, "Isn't it too cold?" and her response was, "It's never too cold to poop outside with you!" Flattered, we both stopped walking, dropped our pants and undies and squatted in-between the rows of vegetable holes that were now empty from harvest. Sally farted, grunted and pushed out a really long tan coloured poo, I responded with 5 short brown balls, she replied with two more tan logs, I with one brown log, we both tinkled, farted, and were done. I noticed there was nothing to wipe with, which was not a problem for me since my poo was very dry, but Sally's, on the other hand, was quite messy. "I'll use my scarf," she said, "as it's only an old one." She then proceeded to unwrap the scarf from her neck, wipe her vagina and bum with it and gave it to me to use, then we both pulled up our pants and walked to the creek, washed the scarf and walked home. Sally told her Mum she had fallen over and got the scarf dirty in the dirt, and she believed her

Some Guy

Saw my girlfriend on the toilet

Around 10 years ago, I had my first and so far only experience relating to a girl on the toilet. My girlfriend at that time is the subject of this story. One day, we were going to a party in the evening at her work. I was getting ready, shaving in our bathroom.

She came in and said she needed to use the bathroom. I asked if she wanted me to leave. She said no, I could stay. She just went over and sat on the toilet. She pulled down her skirt and panties just past her knees.

I could see her reflection the mirror, though I didn't overtly stare. She started peeing, her stream hissing loudly as it hit the water. She must have peed for at least forty-five seconds. It trickled to a stop and she tore off paper and dabbed herself dry. She stayed sitting and after a short while, I heard a faint sound I thought might be a fart.

After that, there was a few splashes and I was noticing it starting to smell quite bad in the bathroom. I once again offered to leave, but she told me it was okay, and just to finish. Over the next few minutes, I heard a variety of splashes, some loud, some not. At one point, she reached for the air freshener and sprayed a lot. It only made it smell like floral-scented shit though.

I finished shaving and left her alone, and she came out a few minutes later. We went to the party and didn't talk about it at all. A few months ago, we broke up. I always suspected my seeing her on the toilet was a part of why, but our relationship had other problems too.

Anyway, that's all I got. Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed it. Goodbye.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Tim another great story about Sally.

To: Shypooper it sounds you both really had to poop especialy her.

Thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Took a crap in the woods

Hi everyone. I have a story from last week. I went to the gym and when I was walking home I took a shortcut through the woods to get home quicker. But as I was walking I felt an urge to take a crap. After a few more minutes, I had a long ways left to go, but my urge was growing ever more intense. It was clear my choices were either crap in my pants or in the woods, and the woods seemed vastly preferable.

I looked around and no one else was nearby to see me, so I just pulled down my jeans. I took one last look around to verify I was alone, and then pulled down my panties and squatted. I let out a long, silent puff of gas and then felt my hole open. A smooth snake eased out and hit the ground with a thud. I pushed out a much smaller bit. I thought I might be done, but I felt a cramp and squatted back down.

Another log slid out. It was a very long one too. I squatted down lower and followed it up with a third log. I farted loudly and that was all I had in me. I didn't have any toilet paper to wipe with. Thinking fast, I came up with a solution. I removed my panties and used them to wipe my soiled ass.

It was better than nothing, though definitely far from perfect. I left my panties next to my healthy pile of crap and continued my walk home.


Post Title (optional)poop

Hello peeps I just wanted to share a funny poop story with. A few yrs. Back when I was 13, I had to go to my cabin in Arizona. And when me and my friends got there, I had the urge to poop and so did my friend so we went into a double toilet outhouse and I pulled down my undies and already I started farting wet ones so I sat down on the toilet quickly and my friend told me that if I was ok and i said ya just peeing sick. When my friend got on the toilet, let a big and noisy fart and just peed while was having very bad diharriha. After my burning poop I otice my phone going off and it was my dad saying dinner was ready, so i just began to squeeze as hard as I can and my friend blew up as well so all I can here is loud and runny carp coming out of us. After that pain me and her shared one toilet roll and wiped. I peed for while, and wiped and when we pulled our panties spans got a flashlight and dared my friend to look down and she told me that the outhouse was cleaned already so i looked down mine and saw huge dump in the middle with green Pee. The end.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

desperate to poop

trio of poops at work

Oh I had Pizza and G bread last night and it gave me the shits at work

I had to go 3 times. First two times I used the handicapped as I wanted a bit of privacy and it was very stinky. It burnt a bit but the relief was amazing as it eased out my bum. Toilet was a mess and left a stink and some floaties. Not really many disabled in our offices so didn't really upset anyone

Final time it was engaged, I couldn't wait so I went into the ladies and a short wait I replaced a lady and let fly with a final hot round of poop and immense relief.

My ring is a bit sore now

Happy Pooping all

Abbie: I'm glad to hear that your constipation has been better lately. I agree that going to the toilet when you feel the urge is important, but it's not always possible when at school, unfortunately.

I don't have much of a story this week, as nothing much has happened lately. I suppose though that sometimes being uneventful is actually good. I'll share a story from this weekend.

I stayed over at Keira's house on Friday night. We left school and caught the bus going to her house. I started to need a wee during the journey, but it was bearable. By the time we arrived though, I did need to go quite badly. Keira told me she really had to poo, but I could go first, as I only had to wee.

I went to the bathroom and weed fiercely upon sitting down. It lasted about a minute and then I was done. I wiped and Keira immediately sat down as I washed my hands. She farted a few times and then there were several splashes right away. She sighed and said something like "almost didn't make it"

I finished washing and went to her bedroom. She came in a few minutes later, looking very relieved.


Abbie- Glad you enjoyed my last story. I enjoyed yours too!

I'm going to be going on holiday to New York in a couple of weeks so hopefully I will have lots of interesting experiences to tell you all about! For now though I have one that happened at the weekend. I was out shopping and found I needed to have my poo. I went to the toilets in the shopping centre and picked one of the four vacant cubicles. A couplee of others were taken and I could hear weeing from some and pooing from others. I sat with my shorts and pink knickers at my feet and began to go.
My first log made a bit of a splash which got my bum wet! I grimaced and did my second log which also made a plop but didn't splash me. After my third log two girls who sounded about 12 came in. They smelled the (quite strong) smell of the poo from me and the couple of others who were doing one, and one of them said to the other, 'someone's done a poo here!' The other girl giggled and said, 'how could you do that? That's rank!'
I had the answer- we needed to go poo and had to go here! Simple. One of them took the cubicle to my right to do her business, which was just a wee, naturally. Looking at her feet under the cubicle I could tell she was hovering, not sitting. Some people really don't like using public toilets!
After they left I did my final piece of poo, wiped, and left, feeling much better than if I'd tried holding my poo in until I got home!

Michael S

beach fun

A couple of weeks ago we had a spell of nice warm weather, so my lady (Wendy) and I headed for a day at our favourite beach. We took a picnic and arrived about 10 in the morning.

There were already a few people around, but it's a long stretch of sand so not too crowded. We changed into our beachwear and put sun cream on each other. Whilst enjoying the sun we kept drinking water and I had brought a cool box with some shandy and lager.

After a while W needed her first wee. As there were still only a few people around, she discreetly moved off her towel, pulled her bikini pants to one side and let her stream go into the sand. I love to watch her doing this - as she is very hairy there it's often possible to see droplets caught in the hairs.

When she had finished, she slipped back onto her towel and wondered when I would need to go.

Pretty soon afterwards I felt the pressure. I was nervous about getting out of my trunks, so I just ensured I was pointing downwards and knelt by Wendy's side to put some more cream on her top. Whilst kneeling, I stopped for a short while and let my wee go through my trunks into a little hole I had scraped in the sand. My girl loves to watch as I do that.

...more to follow

Well I took a really nice dump this morning. I had been having little urges last night but decided to hold it. Anyway, I waited for my husband to go out, by this time I could feel the stool poking the outside of my bum hole, it felt good but I thought he had better leave soon because I was becoming more and more desperate. He eventually left an within a few minutes I had a strong urge. I went and sat on the toilet, I didn't have to push at all but I let out a lite groan as 2 or 3 golf ball poops plopped into the water. They stretched my hole nice and wide. I sat there and straight after a nice log slid out. It was probably the biggest I have ever done because I usually have small bms. I looked into the toilet and saw a dark brown log about 30 cms long and 4.5 cms diameter (don't know inches I'm from Australia) it was sitting with most of it poking out of the water. It felt nice stretching out my tight bum hole. I did a few smaller logs. It was quick to clean up because it was a nice solid bm, the best I can remember. I flushed on only once and despite having a bad quality toilet it still all went down but it left skid marks half way up the bowl. I have never done that before. I cleaned it and flushed the toilet once more to hide the evidence. I felt nice and empty and was quite hungry after this so I went bought some food :)
The end.
Thanks for reading and keep the stories coming :)


Tayler's "Sit Time"

Tayler, are you my long lost brother? Did we have the same mother? My mother's "sit time" was also ten minutes right after breakfast. Only difference was when would often sit with me an watch while instructing me to "Bear down". She always called it that, never "pushing". The rule in my house was if I skipped a BM for three days in a row I got an enema. She used to put the enema equipment in plain sight to "motivate" me to "bear down harder".


More Random stories

To Car Mom: I am getting over a cold too. I also heard a stomach bug going around so everyone stand clear!

Hear is another story. When I was 15 Me My friend Dan his Brother Wayne and their Dad was at a video store. To silly acting men around 19 20 came in there both of them had no shirts. They was around one section and we heard one of them Fart!


To Car Mom

Great story about using your mini van I did have some questions if you don't mind though.
1. Have you ever let a lady who was not a mother pee in your van.
2. When a woman does pee in your car do they usually get in and sit down before they pull down their pants and stuff or do they pull them down before they get in?
3. Have you ever had a lady have to decline peeing in your vehicle due to menstruation or has a lady on their period ever peed in your car/have you ever done it when on your period?
4. Have you yourself or let anyone else pee on any of your furniture lately?

Thanks and I really do enjoy your stories and hope you and others who do these car or public pees can post more frequently.

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