Bath Poop

Hi, Tim here with another story from my childhood about Sally and I, when we were both 10 years old. In the forest where we often played, there was a guesthouse owned by Sally's family, who sometimes put up people on holiday in it. It was well away from their house, surrounded by trees and bushes and a 30 minute walk to the town. Sally and I decided that it would make a good place to play in, and often spent our days there. One day, when we were playing husband and wife, Sally suddenly sat down and went very quiet, hand held over her stomach. "What's wrong?" I asked her, as I hated to see her in pain. "I need the toilet", she replied, "because Mum gave me sodium picosulfate to make me poo." I remembered my own mother only that morning pushing soap up my bum because I too was suffering from constipation. "Well, use the toilet in the bathroom", I said and led her into the bathroom. "It's broken, it doesn't flush", she said, "and I can't make it to the bushes outside." I had an idea and said, "Let's poop in the bathtub and wash it down, that way, we can both go." Sally thought this was a great idea, and pulled up her dress, dropped her yellow panties to her ankles and sat on the edge of the bath. I quickly followed, pulling down my shorts and underwear and sitting next to her. We both held hands, said, "One, two, three, release!" and let our bowels empty themselves, brown water, mush and pee flowing into the tub without stopping for 3 minutes. Sally farted, her pee stream stopped and she said she was done, I answered her with a fart, and we were both empty. We wiped our bums well with paper, turned on the taps to flush our business down the drain and went outside and burned the paper on the rubbish pile.

Mr. Clogs

My emergency pee in my truck just not on my car seat

Hello everyone, hope all is well with all of you. I'm not sure why my last post of accidentally pooping in my undies, oh well. Here's something for all of those who love pee stories, this one's for you. I had an job to do today (Thursday) at a clients location. As soon as I pulled into the parking lot I had to pee. I was getting really desperate and about to pee on myself. Luckily I had my emergency (pee-pee) bottle handy. I reached in the bag that I keep my GPS holders in and unscrew the lid. I didn't care if anyone saw but it was raining really hard outside so I gave me some extra privacy to do my business. I unzipped my pants and slid my briefs to the side to let out the woody a bit. Put the bottle up to the woody and leaned back, relaxed and started filling the bottle half way with a light yellow urine. I felt relieved and not embarrassed to ask the client to use their bathroom. Once I got home, I poured the piss filled bottle in the sink and rinsed it out with water and letting it dry out.

That's all for now. Take care.

I'm a shy pooper when I'm around women and I work with about six girls in my office which makes it very awkward when I need to poo at work. To make it even more awkward we have a unisex toilet at work so I have to hold it untill I get home and sometimes I get so desperate I'm almost pooing myself by the time I get home. I had a near this yesterday at work. I was running late for work and had to leave the house without having a poo even though I was dying to go. When I got to work I was worried I wouldn't make it all day and not wanting to risk having an accident I bit the bullet and went straight to the toilet. The problem was Angelica was in there and by the smell and the sound effects she was having diarrhoea in there. I had to wait a while for her to come out and I was close to going in my pants by the time Angelica came out. She was embarrassed and red faced as I went in after her and I was met by the smell of her poo. The toilet was destroyed and had bits of her poo floating around. I sat down on the warm toilet seat which was a little sweaty, so I guess Angelica had been here for some time. I relaxed and started peeing while a long poo slid out into into water. It felt so good and when I felt done I wiped and flushed the toilet and went into the office to start work feeling self concious but relieved.

Brandon T

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To: Car Mom as always another great peeing story it sounds like they all really had to pee and all had pretty good pees to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Claudine first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you have good stories to share I look forward to reading them thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story abou you and your friends it sounds like you all had great poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mishy first welcome back and great story about your big poop it sounds like you really had to go alot and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and that woman im sure she will learn respect maybe from sme karma and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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The Painful Poo

after me tea yesterday I had the feeling I needed to go so I tuk of my trackies and boxers the tip came out of my hole so pushed to help get it out it was painful and a bit of blood came out well after I got the big log I have a few smaller logs and bit more blood it. so after I felt empty and was hungery .

to Shweta

Hi Shweta, I just wanted to commend you for having the courage to be more open about your problem and share it with people who have had similar experiences and can relate. It is a very therapeutic thing to know that you're not alone and that people understand. It's hard to be an adult who has accidents, I can imagine the daily anxiety that would cause not just from the event of having an accident but the fear or worry about having one. I have a few questions: was your mother always hard on you about it or did she eventually realize it was a reoccurring thing you couldn't control and do more to help you? What are some of your more memorable accidents? You said you lost jobs because of accidents- what happened? What kinds of things to you do to prepare in case of an accident/how do you handle it when you have an accident? When you're accident prone in the way that you are do you have some accidents that don't bother you and just feel like not a big deal? For pooped your pants on a bus full of family and friends, which is obviously humiliating... but if you poop your pants like during a drive home from work by yourself do you feel just as bad? Thanks.

Car Mom
Hey everybody! I've actually been fighting a cold the last couple weeks. Lauren and Aubrie and Emma, I like your posts, keep posting! Also to all who like my posts thanks so much! If I remember right I think the only question someone had was would I ever let anyone poop in my new minivan? The answer is definitely NOT. As I said in the past I don't like poop at all. Pee and poop are two very different things to me. I see pee as water with part of the person who made the pee mixed into it, but poop I see as just someone's spoiled food, their dinner from the day before. That's just the way I see it so I will do all I can to avoid it especially in this new car. Its funny though, I don't mind when pee has a certain smell to it. I remember Laura was a big coffee drinker and so her pee usually had a coffeeish smell to it which was nice. I also don't mind when people let farts. I think most people fart while they pee and I don't mind that at all. But I never liked poop and so I will avoid it as much as possible.

I actually never really described my new minivan. It's almost the same as my former friend Lori's, who my readers will remember. She had a silver Nissan Quest with gray interior and now so do I. I don't remember the year of hers but mine is a 2006. So its not a new car but its new to me and when I got it it was very clean and new looking. As I said in one of my last posts, when I got it I made sure the seats were cloth in case I would ever want to do my business into them and eventually I did and so I made the right decision. Now for those who aren't familiar with a Quest it has a middle backseat and a far backseat like most minivans. So far I have been letting kids pee in the far backseat, and I have been saving the middle seat for adults. So far I'm still saving the front seats but I'm starting to feel like I want someone to pee there too so that will probably happen soon. Anyway that's my minivan.

I actually know why I caught the cold. I found someone else to do a pee in my car but that's who gave me the cold. I was at another store that doesn't have any restrooms and I saw a woman there and I decided that I wanted her to relieve herself in my car if she would be willing. She also had two girls with her and I could tell that the girls needed to have a pee. They were probably 6 and 4. The younger one had to pee the most. The mom was probably 35ish. And so in the usual way I brought up the subject and eventually offered my car to them. To my delight the mom accepted. And so I led them out to my minivan. The mom also said that she had to go too and so I told her that she could and she said "thanks I will." But then I noticed something. I noticed that the girls were sniffling and coughing a little and I could tell that they had colds. I immediately realized that they would be in my car peeing and would be getting their colds all over my car. But I also knew that I had already offered it to them and so I didn't want to tell them that I changed my mind. And not only that but I also didn't want to miss the opportunity to have someone pee in my car. So I continued on.

We continued to walk to my car and suddenly the younger girl said "mom I just peed in my pants." Then she said "but I stopped." The mom said "oh well its ok baby. But try to hold the rest until we get there ok" and she said "ok." By that time we got to the car and so I told the girls they could get in the back which they did. The poor little one couldn't even wait to get her pants down. She just sat down on the seat and let herself go right into her pants. Her sister told the mom but the mom said "its ok they're already wet anyway" and then the sister pulled hers down and got ready to do her pee. Soon she was relieving herself into the seat too.

As for the mom she too began to pull down her jeans and her panties. She smiled and said "thanks for letting us do this." Then she said something interesting. "I haven't done something like this since I was a kid." I was surprised when she said that. I wish I would have asked her to explain what she meant but I never did. I really should have though because I wish I would have heard what she had done. Who knows maybe I'll meet her again someday and then I'll ask her. Anyway she sat down kind of in the middle of the seat where it was still partially clean. Then a few seconds later I heard a little hiss. She was starting to pee. Soon it began to show between her thighs and after that I could see it spreading across the surface of the seat. I also knew that it was soaking through the material and absorbing into the cushion. I was so glad. She was improving it for sure.

I looked back at the girls who were finishing up with their pees. Their noses were also running like faucets. I could smell the smell of pee and also I could smell fart but I didn't know who it came from because whoever did it was silent when she did it. It was probably a combination. My whole car smelled like a bathroom from all the pee and farts. After a little while longer the mom was done. She peed so much and made so big of a spot in the seat too. I knew that the seat got a really good soak and that there was a lot of her pee inside the cushion. .

Well that's all for me for now! Hopefully I will have more soon. Keep posting about peeing! Aubrie please tell more about the places you've been in your apartment. I'm still deciding whether to start peeing in mine again. The guy I was with bought me new furniture (new to me) so I'm not sure yet but I want to. We'll see!

Bye for now!
CM :]

Brandon T

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To: jackie as always another great story about you and your freinds pooping contest it sounds like you both had alot of fun and pooped alot to I bet your contest will be alot of fun to I cant wait to hear about it and other stories you have thanks.

To: Carina great story it sounds like you were having a pretty rough day and if you get alot of diarrhea it may be a good to see a doctor it may be nothing but it could a stomach problem its better to be safe then sorry and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pretty Woman great story about hearing that girl poop it sounds like she really had to go and is a shy pooper and I bet she felt prety grewat after she was done and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Heidi first welcome back and I look forward to reading more of your stories thanks.

To: Melissa K great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and I bet you felt so much better after getting that big poop out of you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Bob great story.

To: Tim as always another great story it sounds like both girls werent feeling really well and I bet Sally was really grateful for you to help her out and i look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lilly-May I hope you feel better soon.

To: RachyPoo as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty great poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kyra first welcome back and great pooping stories it sounds like you and your cousin both had a really great poops and as always i look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Sit times


I know what you mean about sit times. I had constipation issues when I was younger as well, and my mom would have me do "sit times" as well, although they were sometimes multiple times a day, usually after dinner, she'd have me sit on the toilet and see if I could get anything out. And it usually didn't end up working, but occasionally it would.

Anatomy student

Hey Racheypoo

You are intrigued by your husband's bowel schedule? The increase in visits could be less stress, more fiber, consistent eating times, or just more water. The digestive system intrigues me. Poop intrigues me. I study intestinal ailments in my free time, but I'm majoring in music. Some say I have a problem, but when they have a ???? ache they come to me for advice. I just enjoy the topic and I don't know why. My ex was disgusted by this.
Good to hear your stool firmed up too ;)


Brother/Sister poop

Hi everyone, I'm a long-time lurker but 1st time poster. I've been reading a lot of things on this site, and I find it all very interesting about people's perspectives regarding going to the bathroom. I'm 28 now, and up until I was 20, my older brother and I grew up together in the same house and shared a bathroom together. We would always get ready in the morning together starting when we were little kids, it was just more time efficient that way, and part of getting ready in the morning included a morning bowel movement for both of us. And that's just how we grew up, I figured that was normal for everyone to see their siblings, even opposite gender, go to the bathroom, pee or poop. It continued until I was 20 and he was 22 and he moved out on his own. And it was never a sexual thing for either of us, and we were always very modest about it - when I sat on the toilet, I would never pull my pants down further than necessary, and my pubic area would be covered with my shirt. I suppose part of my bare butt was exposed, but no more than if I were wearing a swimsuit. We didn't shower in the morning so there was no undressing in front of each other except pulling our pants down to sit on the toilet. We would stand at the bathroom counter together cause there were 2 sinks, and when one of us felt the need to have a bowel movement it was absolutely no big deal. Even though the counter was right next to the toilet, we never looked directly at each other when one of us was sitting on the toilet - of course we could see each other out of the corners of our eyes, but there was nothing uncomfortable about the process, it felt like privacy was maintained becuase we never stared. I knew it wasn't a sexual thing for my brother either because if I did happen to accidently see his crotch area, he never had an erection. And we would have casual conversation together as though we were driving or sitting at the dinner table. We both tended to fart a lot in the bathroom, whether standing there or on the toilet, and our BMs smell pretty bad, but we never once laughed or made each other feel embarrassed about our bodily functions. And like I said before, it was nothing sexual - however, it was an extremely wonderful and enjoyable experience to be that comfortable and close to someone like that, and to not grow up feeling embarrassed about our bodily functions. Too often when I am in a public bathroom, women are so shy about pooping that they will just sit on the toilet until they are alone, and that must certainly have something to do with the way they were raised - being made to feel that pooping is something embarassing or having someone make fun them for it. Although some people are shocked to hear that I pooped in front of my brother, I wish more siblings could have the relationship we had - it was very healthy. What do you people think about this?

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Latest update

Hi everyone, Abbie here again with a quick update which I'll get to after some comments.
Megan- I enjoyed your story about how you had a poo in the portaloos, looking forward to your next post.
Natasha- sounds like the poo you had at school the other day was a bit easier, hope your not as constipated as you were. I know what you mean, I still blush if I'm on the toilet at school having a poo and I fart or my poo makes a plop when it drops, even when I can hear other girls in neighbouring cubicles pooing too and making similar noises. I bet the other girl was glad you wanted a poo as well, it can be a bit embarrassing if everyone else is just there for a wee and you're the only one who needs a poo. I hope your constipation doesn't come back and you can find the time to go for a poo at school if you need to. I find the only way to keep constipation at bay is to eat as well as I can and crucially for me to use the toilet as soon as I feel the urge, if I hold it in at all the urge tends to go away and so its easy not to get round to going later if you don't feel like you need to any more. The trouble is as I've said before it can be quite hard to go as soon as I feel a need starting, asking to be excused from lessons isn't really an option as I know I take awhile to have a poo and I'd be gone too long and for the same reason morning break isn't really an option either, so that just leaves lunchtime.
I have a story from yesterday afternoon when I was round Ellie and Beth's house, I think my constipation is getting a bit better as I started to feel a poo coming and when I thought back realised it was only a couple of days since my last one which is a big improvement! We were sitting in their room chatting and I started to shuffle around a bit, Ellie said "Do you want the loo?" and I said "Yes, I need a poo." I went over to their ensuite, pulled down my blue shorts and yellow spotty knickers and sat on the loo, I'd been clenching my bum a bit as the need had come on quite strong and I relaxed and felt a log starting to poke out of my bum and slide out gradually, I gave some pushes to help it along but luckily I didn't have to strain really hard, after few minutes of pushing the lop sploshed down into the bowl and I started to push out the next one. I passed three more smaller logs and felt empty, I then weed a bit before taking some toilet roll and starting to wipe my bottom. I was clean after I'd gone through three separate wads of loo paper and pulled up my pants and shorts before flushing and washing my hands. We then went to eat tea and after the meal when we were back up in the bedroom it was Ellie's turn to start jiggling, she said "I'm dying for a wee" and went over to the ensuite hiking up her skirt and dropping her pale green pants before sitting on the loo and starting to wee a loud stream, it went on for ages before finally trickling to a halt. Ellie took some paper and started to wipe her front but she suddenly farted loudly and Beth and I giggled. "Actually I think I want a poo as well" she said and stayed sitting. She strained a bit and did some more farts and then I heard some loud plops as her poo dropped. She dropped a few more logs a couple of minutes after and then took some more toilet paper, this time to wipe her bum. When she was done she flushed the toilet and then looked down at her knickers, she said "I'll have to change these, I ended up leaking a bit" and took them off. She went back into the bedroom, took some red pants out of her drawer and pulled them on under her skirt. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now.


big work poo

hey, havent been here for a while havent had anything really interesting

so to my story i was at work today, and while working at my desk i got the feeling a poo was on the way, given my poos are usually very big i try go at home when i can plus i like to let my boyfriend watch, anyway the urge got stronger as the day went on so just after lunch i knew i couldnt hold it any longer, so i said to Ashley a girl i work a long side i need to use the loo and just a heads up i might be a while, she said all good have a good poo, i said thanks, so i went in one stall was taken by a lady peeing i took the one 2 cubicles away, sat down did a big fart, then a big log came out didnt have to push much it was about 20 inches long made a loud echoing plop, as soon as it ended had 4 or 5 big ones come out one after another, then i was done so i wiped walked out there was a lady waiting outside the door, she said to me excuse me wait till you get home to do that thats very inconsidarat of others, i just ingnored her, went back to my desk told ashelhy waht she said she just said ingnore her i do one a poo at work nearly everyday when ya gotta go ya gotta go, and that she had had run ins with her before,

anyways i finished work got home and guess what i need to do another poo, gonna take my time on this one i think


Pooping contest: The rematch

Hey everybody. I'm back, with the conclusion of my story. A week or two after our impromptu contest, we had set a date for our rematch. I would stay over at her house and we'd have the contest after school on Friday. I started preparing that Monday, eating a lot of high fiber foods. By Thursday, I really had to go, but I knew if I went then, I'd never win with only a day's worth of poop, so I had to hold it.

I don't know exactly how, but I managed. Friday at school I was getting urges all day, and I'd fight it back and they'd go away for a while. I met my friend after school and we headed to her house. By the time we got there, I was barely holding on. We went straight to her room to have the contest.

She got out some newspapers and set them on the floor and then we were good to go. I took off my jeans and panties and she did the same. We squatted side by side and both started pooping. I was birthing a thick snake-like turd. It was really long before it broke off, and then I pushed out four fat turds that fell to the paper with heavy thuds. I finished with a bit of soft serve and then I was done.

My friend had finished just a bit before I did. So then it was time for the comparison. My pile was the huge snake and several fat logs lying on top of it, topped off with some mushy soft poop. My friend had done a ton of turds all combined into one giant pile and it was near impossible to tell one turd from another.

But size-wise, her pile was a bit bigger than me. I admitted defeat, but felt that I had put up a good fight. She was crowned champion pooper. We went to the bathroom to wipe our messy butts, then cleaned up our poops. We put all the poop and newspapers in a big trash bag and took it out to the dumpster. Her parents came home later and no one except us ever knew what we had done that day.

Hey guys it's Carina again :)
These past few days I have been constipated I get like that sometimes so this morning I woke ate breakfast I had a bacon egg and cheese sandwich and a big glass of milk it was awesome anyways I then felt the urge to go to the bathroom my stomach hurt and I was bloated. I sat on the toliet and pushed and the poop just came out surprisingly I farted and pushed and two small turds came out I still felt full but I couldn't go anymore so I wiped and flushed abd began to get ready for school I was just about to leave and felt the urge again I went to the bathroom and I pushed and a soft log fell out my stomach lurched and I farted and mush exploded from my butt. I farted and some more came out I was done I wiped and examed my poop it was light in color and it looked like pudding with some liquid and chuncks in it. I left for school I was in seconded hour and I had to go again so I went and there was two girls in the bathroom they were doing there makeup I went in to the stall and I farted and some liquid came out I herd the girls giggle I farted again and shit just shot out I then pushed and a luiquid stream started after about 1 minute I felt empty I got up flushed and went back to class. I went to lunch had some chips and pizza and half of a grilled cheese I was hungry and I was used to having diarrhea I get it very often I had PE after lunch and we have to run laps I started running and I felt my stomach cramp up and I asked to go to the bathroom my teacher said I have to wait so stated running again and I felt a fart so farted and some poop come out I just kept running and I fared again by accident and liquid just stated to pour out and poop was running down mt legs I quickly ran into the locker room I think only a few people noticed I ran into the bathroom and pushed out some more mushy poop my stomach hurt so bad I changed and my teacher came in and told me to go to the nurse so I went I told the nurse my stomach hurt so she called my dad to come get me. When I got home I took a shower and went in my room my dad left so I was home alone I felt the need to go again but I couldnr get up my stomach hurt so bad so I just took my grbage can and sat on it and pooped it was all liquid I then went back to laying on mt bed and about a hour later my stomach hurt so bad it was starting to make me feel sick my stomach lurched and I threw up all over my bed my mom got home fro
Work help me clean up everything she made me tell her what happen and she said I have to go to a doctor if it gets worse beacuse it happens so much so right now I feel much better and I'm gonna eat dinner so I will post if anything elese happens

Pretty Woman

Camp Poop

Hello, I have a story from last week. I was a dorm counselor at an all girls camp last week. I was in a dorm with 10 girls ages 12&13. Well, the girls were participating in their daily sports activities, and I was starting to feel a bit overheated so I decided to take it easy in the air conditioned dorm room for just a little bit. I had been laying in my bed for about 5 minutes when the door to the dorm room opened. In walked one of the girls from my dorm. She looked around the dorm room, but I guess she did not even see me. She walked into the bathrooms, which consisted of 3 stalls. From where my bed was, I could see the bathrooms clearly, and could see that she chose the very first stall. She was starting to unbutton her jean shorts as she walked into the stall. She whispered to herself, but with the dorm room as quiet as it was, I could hear what she said. She said, "Finally the bathroom to myself." She closed the stall door, and dropped her shorts and panties to the floor and sat down. I heard a loud forceful stream of pee and then it was quiet. Her feet were flat on the floor while she peed but once her pee stopped, she went up on her toes and looked to scoot more toward the front of the seat. She released a pffft sounding fart, and after a few seconds let out another pfft sounding fart. She was making soft grunting noises, and I began to hear a faint crackling noise. After a minute or so I heard a loud floomp. She let out a sigh. She continued making soft grunting noises. There was another faint crackling, but a lot more soft grunts than the first one. After about 2 minutes had passed, there was another loud floomp. She flushed the toilet but stayed in place. She continued with her soft grunts and about 30 seconds later there was 3 loud floomps in a row. She then flushed again, but stayed in place. This girl must not have pooped all week. While she kept up her soft grunts, she let out a weak stream of pee, and while she peed, there was a loud floomp. Then there was 3 minutes of nothing but soft grunts, but her soft grunts seemed to be getting a bit more forceful. After another 2 minutes had passed, she was to the point of taking deep breaths and pushing hard, and her grunts were very forced. Every time she pushed a little spurt of pee would come out. I was to the point of maybe going and checking on the girl, but I waited, and good thing I did, because another minute and it landed with a sploosh. She let out a sigh, and began unrolling some toilet paper. She wiped 3 times, and then flushed. She pulled up her clothes, and exited the stall, washed her hands, and left the dorm room without even knowing I was in there. I got up to look in her stall, and there was a few skid marks in the toilet. That poor girl must have felt so relieved after that. Well, I need to be getting to work, but I need to poop first, so I am getting off of here for now. If it is a poop worth writing about, you know I will. Happy Pooping!!


I'm back

I stopped posting months ago but I'm back with lots of stories to tell. I don't remember which number of stories I had but it was over 80 of them. I'm 18 years old, 5'7", brown hair and blue eyes. I'll have my first new story next time.

To Tessa & Lauren h, I enjoyed reading both stories about holding it. I hate not being able to when I have to.



Last Sunday I went hiking in Scotland. At lunch time I had to go to toilet. I asked our guide when we would come by a toilet. She said that there would be no toilet for the rest of the trip. The only possibility was to go somewhere in nature. I think she understood that it was a bit urgent because she added that she had some toilet paper if I needed it. At the next break the urge was so strong that I just had to ask her for some paper. I went away and climbed over a stone fence and squatted and opened my bowels on the ground. I was not the only one to do so, because later I saw one of the others when she was squatting.

Some years back I went for a canoe hike with my scouting group. It was a joint hike between the boy scouts and the girl guides. We camped in the wilderness and had no access to any toilet. Everyone, even the adults, had to pee and poop in the forest. One morning I happened to see one of the adult leaders of the girl guides when she was squatting in the forest. I could see her white bottom but luckily she did not become aware of me. After wiping she just went away leaving it all on the ground. I went over there and took my dump there too. It was the first time I ever saw anyone take a dump outdoor. I think I was a bit surprised as I had not imagined that even the adults wen to poop in the bushes. She was one of the leaders of our local girl guide group and I guess that she was almost 50 years old.

Melissa K


Hello everyone, I just pooped out the longest turd ever this weekend! I was swimming in a lake near my house, and the cold water made me have to poop soo bad. I tried to hold it, but got cramps that hurt really bad. I kept farting and bubbles floated to the surface all around me.

I tried to swim back to shore, but the urge was overpowering and I knew there was no way I was gonna make it. There were a few other people in the lake, and some people in a boat, so I knew I had to make it discreet. Eventually I just couldnt hold it any longer so I pulled my bikini bottom out of the way and my butt stretched wide, as I started pushing a huge turd out. Wow it was so thick! At least two inches wide. It started sliding out, and then I couldn't get the rest out, and I was swimming around with this giant brown tail sticking out of my butt! Then I had to go again so I went underwater, and pushed while I watched the huge turd slither out of my butt. It just kept coming and coming and it was coiling up in the water, and it finally broke off when it was almost three feet long! Wow it was so relieving. But I got another cramp and pushed as a thick wave of soft poop exploded from my butt, creating a huge brown cloud around me. I swam back to shore quick and got out of there!

Love, Melissa :)

I never did understand the bathroom nazi mentality. Where did anyone *ever* get the idea that if you hurt a child enough he or she will be capable of just generating a magic bladder with infinite room? The parents themselves are incapable of just deciding "needing to go is inconvenient, so I'll just *stop* having basic biological needs."

I don't have kids, but if I ever do, they'll probably not have many decent stories to go on this site, because to me, taking a child to the bathroom when they need to only makes sense. What's the worst that can happen? You lose what, two minutes? If there's no bathroom around, finding a place out of sight for them to go… again, exactly what horrible thing takes place if you do that? (However, making the car a sewer just for fun is not exactly my thing.) If there's no bathroom and no semi-private place around and nature takes its course before one can be found, that's also not the end of the world. Clothes can be washed.

A while back, I saw a dad taking his little girl to pee between two cars in a store parking lot. Maybe some kids do have magic hyperspace bladders, because I don't know if at my most desperate, *I* could have had as much liquid in me as that four-year-old. Loud spraying went on for some time, then stopped. By the time I was close enough to see, she was being zipped back up. They went on about their way, and once they were gone, I went back to see the puddle. I was shocked, I really don't think I could have held that much. I guess all of the mega-bladder cases from pages past were kids once! This does mean the child had surely been holding when they were inside the store and didn't mention anything until it reached the stage where it was a choice between the ground and her li'l pink jeans, just like many little (and not-so-little) kids have done. The dad didn't act like that fact bothered him in the least. I like to imagine in ten years or so, she might show up on a board just like this one saying something like "One time when I was little, I held it for an hour rather than ask to go, and so there I was, half naked between two cars hoping nobody saw me flooding a thrift store parking lot! Dad was really nice about it, though."

To Aubrie: There'll never be more pee stories if all of us with them are waiting for everyone else! Everyone, share away!

When I was a teenager, I had a major crush on my best friend's older sister. She had both brains and beauty, but unfortunately for me, didn't return my feelings at all. She was thin and tall, and had shoulder-length jet black hair. I guess I'd say that she was one of those girls that the saying "girls don't poop" was invented for. But I had an experience that proved that girls DO poop. Even pretty girls. No, especially pretty girls.

Anyway, enough of that. One summer, my family and my best friend's family went on vacation together. We had two hotel rooms with a door connecting them. The adults stayed in one and we kids in the other. So the second day of our vacation, we had just come back from somewhere, I think mini-golfing, and we had an hour and a half or so before dinner. My friend wanted to take a nap, but his sister and I were going to play a board game. She said she had to use the toilet first though.

She grabbed a book and headed off to the bathroom, leaving no doubt as to what she was going to do. She closed the door and it was a fairly thick door, so nothing could be heard, unfortunately. She was in there a few minutes when I started to notice a smell. At first, I wasn't sure what it was, but then I realized that her poop smell was wafting underneath the door. And the bathroom didn't have a fan either, so no help from that.

The smell gradually grew, and then there was a flush, which helped. I expected her to come out, but she didn't. Several minutes went by and the stink was full force again. I heard a flush, and then another flush shortly after. Then she came out of the bathroom and when she opened the door, amplifying the smell. It was awful, but for some reason incredible at the same time. I just couldn't believe that my friend's sister had bombed the toilet that badly.

We played the board game and no one mentioned anything about it. It was as if it had never happened. Later on, before we went out to dinner, I had to pee. I went to the bathroom and when I lifted the toilet lid, I saw the bowl was covered with tons of skidmarks. I did my thing and flushed, washing away some of the skidmarks, but leaving a lot.


Going By The Car

Hi, all, Tim here, this time with a rather embarrassing story about a long car trip when I was 12. Sally's family was going camping with us, so we took two cars. Dad rode with Sally's Dad and 4 of her siblings, Sally's older sister, Sally, our two mothers and myself drove in the other car. We had stopped over at a fast food place and the food was really dodgy, but everyone in our car ate out of sheer hunger. Suddenly, after half an hour's driving, Sally's older sister shouts, "Stop the car, I need to poo NOW!!" So Mum stopped, and Sarah (that was her name) jumped out of the car, ripped down her shorts and panties and squatted beside the open door, letting a flood of muddy diarrhoea out along with a lot of smelly farts. She wiped, pulled up her shorts and we continued on. Later, Sally whispered to me, "I really need to go", so I decided to ask Mum to pull over so we could both go together, but I was too late, as 10 seconds later, she farted a very wet fart that stank. "Who was that?" Sally's mother asked and Sally replied, "Mum, I've pooped my pants and there's more coming", so the car stopped very quickly and we both ran to the woods, behind a tree, and I helped Sally lower her track pants and red panties, before lowering my own jeans and underwear, and we both squatted side by side, holding hands as mud flowed out of our bowels. Sally tinkled, farted, and was done. I did the same, we wiped with leaves and walked back to the car. When we got there, Sally's mother made her remove her pants and panties because they were poo soaked, and since all her other clothes were in the other car, she wore only a shirt for the rest of the journey, though, to cheer her up, I did the same, which earned me a kiss.


Really bad desperation

So, just thought I'd tell a story that involved pretty bad desperation. I have lots of good stories about me and about my brother. This one's about me. It happened a couple months ago.

There's only one bathroom in my house and with me, my brother, my sister, and my parents, it can get annoying, especially in the morning when everyone's taking showers. And this morning, my sister had gotten in there before me (I had already gone to the bathroom to pee so I think she took that as her cue to get in the shower). But she always takes a really long time in the shower and getting her ready and everything. And several minutes after she turned on the water and everything, I started feeling like I had to poop really bad.

I could tell it was going to be soft/diarrhea like and the urge came out of nowhere. So I was in my room with my brother (we share a room) and he noticed right away that something was wrong and I told him that I had to poop really bad but that Anne (my sister) was in the shower. So I was just standing in the middle of the room in nothing but my briefs, trying desperately to hold it in. My stomach kind of hurt too, so I was groaning and everything. I squatted down which kind of helped my stomach feel better and the urge went away for a few seconds, but then came back badly. I could feel it almost about to come out, but I squeezed my butt cheeks together and tried to make it not come out. I was taking deep breaths and I was afraid it was going to come out accidentally.

My brother kept telling me to just go in my briefs and wait it out, but I told him there was no way I was going to do that. But when I knew that my sister probably wouldn't be out for another 10 minutes and my stomach started hurting more, I started thinking maybe that wasn't such a bad idea. I don't think he actually thought I was going to do it, but I felt like I had no choice. Soon enough, I was bent over pushing and grunting and I was filling up the back of my briefs with really soft poop. And it came out super fast. And my brother noticed the brown in the back of my briefs and kept say "Eww! I can't believe you're actually doing that!" But I kept pooping until it was all out and now I had this big brown mass in my briefs.

Our whole room smelled horrible, but my brother opened the windows and I covered myself with a towel and waited for my sister to get out. My brother just kept laughing and saying "I can't believe you did that, I can't believe you did that..." I went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up (long process--that was not fun). But no one ever suspected anything. That is the only time I've ever soiled myself on purpose. I did have to desperately poop another time when my brother was in the shower, but that time, I did it in the backyard. :P


Sit Times

I like to ask people about "sit times". That means certain times of the day when you sit on the toilet and try....even if you are not feeling an urge. I was very constipated most of the time as a kid....and my mom made me do various things in her effort to help me to go. One of those was sit times. Mine was 10 minutes after breakfast. Rarely could I go then....but nevertheless I was required to sit there and "try" before I could go to school.

Mom liked me to go in the morning. I think she knew that most kids don't like to poop at school.....and if I got an urge in class....probably I would just hold it for hours on end until I got home......but by urge would be gone. Not good for a boy who hadn't pooped in over a week.

So, as instructed by my mom....I would go in the bathroom 10 minutes after breakfast and push. I really did push too.....and if there was anything at my hole....I would do whatever I could do to get it out. Usually; if I could go at would only be a marble or two; but at least it was something.

Mom would come and have a look. Thinking back; it must have been so frustrating for her to know that I obviously had sooooo much more inside of me that I'd be carting back and forth to school.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013



Just had some diarrhoea in my shorts! I was sat at home with an upset stomach and got sudden cramps and all this sloppy poo ran through my gut and out my bum in a matter of seconds, I totally soiled myself! Thought I wouldn't need the toilet for a while but I was wrong as I was back on the toilet with the runs about twenty minutes later. I can feel some more coming on now actually..

Has anyone else got diarrhoea today?
Lily-May x


It is cold in Australia!

So I woke up this morning and it was very cold in my house. I had the urge to poop so I headed to the bathroom and sat on the toilet before a big, warm, sticky log started to slide out my hole. It was just one log npbut a long one for me. I wiped (surprisingly it only took one or two wipes) and looked in the toilet. I couldn't believe it, my poop looked like a cartoon poop, it was in a little soft serve pile on the edge of the water slightly and because it was such a cold morning there was actually little steam lines coming from it. I couldn't help but laugh. I felt good after that poo, I flushed washed my hands and then ate a nice breakfast.
The next day I felt a little nauseated which is normal for me, I was ok all day though but late afternoon I felt the need for a bm. I quickly went to the toilet, there weren't any splashes or noises really but it was a very loose stool with marble like poops mixed in with it. I don't usually like the feeling of loose stools but this one felt nice as it slid out of my asshole nicely and was quite warm and it made me feel better so of course that is good :)
It didn't smell terrible but I wouldn't say it was a pleasant smell so you could definitely say I felt embarrassed when my husband had to pee after that.

Enough poo stories, since I'm new to this site I feel like I have quite a few stories to tell. I hope I'm not annoying anyone by posting too much.

@brandon: I'm glad you are enjoying my stories, hope other people are too.

So I will tell you all what I do when I'm camping. I've always been one to pee a lot at night. In fact I unintentionally wet the bed every night until I was 12... That kind of sucked.
I'm 22 now by the way :)
So when we go camping I've always hated waking up and having to walk all the way to the toilet blocks to pee. Especially when it's really cold. So in the last few years I have taken to just stepping out of the tent, going to the back taking one leg out of my pjs and just standing and letting the wee go between my legs. I'm lucky it always goes straight down and doesn't get me wet. I don't hide but it's dark and I assume no one has seen me yet :)

I have still never pooped outside or anywhere except for a toilet yet but I'd love to try it one day! People should give me ideas??

I do have one poop accident story but I'm going to leave that for another time :)

Anyway, great stories everyone and thanks for making me feel a little less strange.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Tessa great pee story.

To: Lauren H great story about you and your sisters pooping contest it sounds like you both really pooped alot and had alot of fun to I bet you both felt really great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Just A girl as always another great story it sounds like your stomach was pretty upset and you had a good cleanout to hopefully you felt better soon after poop number 10 it may have been a stomch bug or something and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Aubrie first welcome to the the site and great peeing stories you have come to the right place to meet other like you and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Shweta first welcome to the site and great story.

To: Lauren as alwas another great peeing story.

To: Abby great story about you and friends pooping together it sounds like you all had really great poops and then you trapping them in gas chamber in you car they may get you back one day and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie as always another great story it sounds like had a really great poop again and I bet it felt pretty good to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lara great story about your big poop it sounds like it cleaned out good and I bet you felt pretty good and refreshed once you were done and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tim as always another great story about Sally and another great memory for you as well and I look forard to the next story about Sally thanks.

To: Diane great story about you and your friend Pat pooping together it sounds like you both had good poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great poop story it sounds like that woman had a pretty good poop and so did you and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natasha as always another great story it sounds like you and that other girl both had really great poops and you also helped her with her poop shyness a little and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie I hope your constipation ends soon.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site



You and Chris as twins must often have sat on potties together when small, and as you were older no doubt confided with each other on personal matters.

You say that relationship was one which you shared with no other, and using the bathroom together would safe a lot of time.

Not all siblings have that sort of relationship, and it's good that you have.


You had no alternative to sit on the toilet in view of the other guys. Less embarrassment than if you had soiled your pants.

In UK there's a saying 'If you've gotta go you've gotta go.'


Checking in!

Hey everyone...remember me? I'm Anne's best friend and lover, and I want to say HI again and let everyone know we're doing great. Anne's baby is very healthy, is almost 3 months old, and keeps us very busy. I'm 7 months pregnant now and loving every minute of it. I can't tell you how amazing it feels to have a baby growing inside you. I think this is going to be the first of many pregnancies for least I hope so!

Anne says she'll write soon again. Spring is the busy season on her farm, and between that and the baby, her time is stretched to the limit. Like our butts when we poo!

I've been taking some amazing poops during my pregnancy. 2 or 3 a week usually. We've changed our diet to get away from meat and dairy and into a ???? based lifestyle, and it has made pooping so much better! I don't go more often really, but when I do go they are even bigger but much easier to pass. No more straining with a rock hard log halfway out stretched so wide it hurts way bad. I still make enormous elephant poops, but they're softer and slide out fairly easily in less than a minute, which makes the stretching feel good, not painful. My logs are usually about two feet long by two inches wide. They smell less pungent since the diet change, but still leave a noticeable poop perfume behind. Not to mention my skin looks better and I have more energy. Life is good!

My cousin is staying with us for the summer. She's sixteen, and we've always been very close. Her family moved a couple hundred miles away last year, so she and I are going to spend her vacation together. She'll likely be here when I have my baby. She is also very open and we've had some bathroom shenanigans in the past.

She's like way skinny, is tall like me (six feet) but instead of my chunky build she is built like a supermodel. Her legs are long and tanned and just amazing. She has light blonde hair like me, and facially we have most the same features.

So we're hanging out on our patio the first day she's here (this past weekend) and she makes a high pitched "bweeeeeep" fart. She turned red and giggled. "LOL I have to poop Kyra." I said on a whim "I dare you to poop on the lawn like a dog." She said "Oh yeah?" and got down on her knees on the lawn next to our patio. She hiked up her sundress past her butt and whipped off her Victoria's secret bikini panties. Then, she got on all four and began peeing. It shot out backwards from her vagina and then I heard another high pitched fart, and her butthole began to open up. I watched as a poop as wide as mine began it's way out, accompanied by more farts and crackle noises. Her face was very red and she was laughing. After like thirty seconds, her poop had broken off and a nine inch piece was laying on the grass. She pushed and four more inches came out. Then I saw her hole close up. She got up right away and put her panties back on and let her dress down. We looked down at her two piece poop in the grass and laughed like never before. I went and got a shovel and we put the poop at the base of an apple tree for some fertilizer, like we do with manure.

We country girls aren't fussy about wiping, and she never made an effort to wipe, if she even thought to at all. Later that night when she showered before bed she stepped out of her panties and left them on the floor where they lay. Of course I looked. In the rear of them was a good looking thumbprint sized poop stain.

Reading these posts about children being forced to hold it, especially because of their gender, makes me really mad. I believe that is wrong. Growing up, I always peed outside. Often my friends and I would be playing and squat down in the yard to avoid going inside. Sometimes, if we were dirty and came to the door, my mother would encourage us to just pee outside as to not track dirt through the house. I have peed outside many times and will be the first to announce I have to go. I don't think this makes me any less of a lady. I have two kids, Zach who is 8 and Grace who is 5. Both of them have peed outside in an emergency. Just a few days ago we were at Zach's baseball game when Grace announced she had to go. She was holding herself and squirming. I know my daughter. When she says she has to pee pee it usually means she has been holding it for some time already and has to go now. There were no bathrooms at the field and I wasn't going to make her try and hold it; that would result in wet pants. I took her behind the bleachers and helped her pull her pants down. She squatted down no problem and began to go. Other parents knew what she was doing but no one had a problem with it. Lots of kids do it. I could not imagine a mother like Emma's or Morgan showing up and making her kid hold it. That would just be terrible.

Lauren h


Me and my sister had a contest on who could their poop in the longest. A week passed by and we were both dying to poop. We were both hanging out in my room and my sister grabbed her stomach and made a loud fart. She then grabbed her butt and quickly ran into the bathroom. She left the door open and ripped down her pants. As soon as she got them off she letting out huge turds flying into the toilet before she even sat down. Then she said ahhhhhhh. Thank god. I almost didn't pooped all over my skirt. I was happy that I won but I was dying to poop. I asked her to hurry up because I needed poop bad. She was taking her time dropping some wet poop. A half hour went by and she was still on the toilet farting. I said. Carly hurry up. I have to poop so bad. My stomach is killing me. Then I farted and I knew it was coming. Thankfully she started to wipe so I got to sit down. The bathroom smelled so bad but I still pooped. I let out the biggest poop ever. I was on the toilet for 30 minutes pooping. It felt so good. In the end the bathroom smelled so bad and the toilet was clogged for a while. I fixed it and had some diarrhea right after I got it unclogged. I'm never doing that ever again.

Just a girl...
My bowel movements for the last couple days are worth mentioning. Yesterday, I woke up with a lot of gas. Before I even got out of bed I got the urge to 'go'. I went to the bathroom and quickly passed a long sticky log. I had to wipe a lot. About 10 minutes later I got the urge to go again - another sticky log. As I was leaving the bathroom I started to feel really full and uncomfortable. My stomach was a little bit bloated. I decided to lie down for a few minutes to settle my stomach. It was churning a little bit. I made it about 15 minutes before I was back on the toilet passing more sticky mess. In total, I went 5 times yesterday morning. All afternoon I felt sick and uncomfortable. I rushed to the toilet a few times but only passed a lot of gas. I went to bed early feeling sick to my stomach. I woke up in the middle of the night with a stomachache. I tossed and turned for a few minutes but eventually fell back to sleep. When I woke up this morning, I actually felt okay. I was up for about 20 minutes before I needed to visit the bathroom. I passed a solid log. I felt okay. About 10 minutes later I had to go again. This time I passed a long sticky rope. I stood up and I felt like I had bricks in my stomach. I was extremely bloated and uncomfortable. I went to lie down. It didn't take long before I needed to go again - another long sticky rope. I ended up going 5 times before breakfast. Finally I knew I had to try to eat something. I had a light breakfast. About 20 minutes later I was rushing back to the bathroom to pass more sticky pooh. My seventh trip I nearly didn't make it. It came out in a rush with a lot of gas. I felt sick all morning. I made several more trips but only passed wet farts. I didn't go again until later in the afternoon. After lunch I got that "uh oh" feeling and went for the 8th time. Number 9 was about a half hour later. After number 9 I realized I had used an entire roll of toilet paper in two days. All of my pooh was really sticky and gross. My stomach was still turning. I thought I must be empty for the day. I kept feeling like I had to go but nothing came out. I went back to work. About 2 hours later I suddenly had to go badly. I flung myself onto the toilet and released a very long sticky rope and another small piece. I still feel bloated and uncomfortable. My stomach is making a lot of noise but as of now I think I'm done with number 10.


To Shannon M.


Hey! It sounds as if your kids have really healthy digestion and that you are feeding them well! The only thing that would be abnormal is if they are having abdominal pain or if they are going infrequently.

Another reason that it may seem abnormal is that what your kids are doing is "ideal" but ideal is not often normal. I struggled with alternating diarrhea/constipation as a child. My parents made a conscious effort to change our diets before my teenage years, and I've maintained that today (I'm 32).


Proton Pump Inhibitors

I've been taking proton pump inhibitors for a while now (omeprazole/lansoprazole) for stomach bleeding. I notice these have strange effects on my bowels and that certain foods disagree with me at times now, particularly meat. When I started taking the omeprazole it initially made me very constipated but when things 'got moving' again it went very much the other way. The doctor switched me on to lansoprazole but it seems to be following the same pattern. Has anyone else had similar problems and does anyone have tips on how to deal with it?

I've never posted before now even though I have been reading awhile. I guess it's because there was only poop stories for a long time and I don't like poop. But now there's all sorts of pee stories so I thought maybe I'd join. I love to pee in weird places. It started when I was a kid I think. We were renting an apartment for about a year when I was a kid while my house was getting remodeled. I think I was 8 at the time and I was terrified of the bathroom there. There was no lights in it and the toilet made a really loud noise when it flushed. I would put off peeing as long as I could, then run to the bathroom and run out. One day I was playing in my room, doing the pee pee dance and trying to hold it in when all of a sudden I lost control and peed my pants. When my mom saw the spot on the carpet, she blamed my cat who sometimes had trouble using the litter box. I realized I had gotten away with it and could just keep peering in the house and my car would be blamed. From then on whenever I had to go, I would find a spot in the house to go. My favorite was behind the couch. The way it was positioned, I could squat down behind it and no one could see what I was doing. This was good for when my parents were roaming about. When I knew they were busy, I got more brave and would pee on chairs and once even in the cats litter box. When the house was finished the bathroom was no longer scary but I realized I still enjoyed peeing in weird places. Eventually I felt bad for the cat always getting in trouble and kind of grew out if it. Last year I moved into my first apartment. I was watching a movie on TV and had to pee really bad but was being lazy and didn't want to miss anything. I was squirming about and holding myself when a flashback of being a kid hit me. I decided just to let go and peed my pants on the couch. It felt great. Now when I home I hardly ever use the toilet. I will often walk around naked and just pee where I am. I usually do my morning pee in bed before getting up and if I wake up in the night I will just pee without getting up. I've lost a lot of friends over my peeing habits so I'm hoping to make some new online ones. Let me know what you guys think!


Concentration and the Urge to Go (Reply to Samantha's post)

Samantha and others,

It was interesting to read about your accident while writing your paper. In my time reading through the forum I've noticed a few posts about people delaying the need to go to the bathroom (pee or poop - or both) because they were engrossed in what they were doing.

I've actually read that having a full bladder can help concentration. I guess it's like when a writer might use cloths pins to pinch their skin. I know sometimes at work, when the pharmacy is busy, I do notice that I am more focused when I have to pee, even though I really don't like the feeling of a full bladder.

However, I wonder if this is true for bowels? In high school, I took the ACT 3 times (the college entrance exam), and during the test that I posted the best score, I had to take a major dump throughout the final two sections of the test. I was running late that morning, in October, as we had a Volleyball match the night before, and it was out of town, so we got in late. I woke up late and did not have my morning bowel movement before leaving. Even during halfway break of the test I did not have to go. But not long after the third section started, I had to go. The feeling never subsided, but there was nothing that I could do but hold it, as we were not allowed to leave.

I did make it to the bathroom and had a really large bowel movement. And, I earned my best score on the ACT!

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