Reply to Connor and question for Car Mom

Connor: thank you so much for your kind words. I love hearing that someone missed me while I was gone and enjoys my stories. My chair is a dark grey color so while there was a stain, it really wasn't visable unless you really look. My office is pretty old so a lot of the chairs are stained anyway- from coffee and general overuse. If anyone did see the stain I don't think they'd question it. How fun that your cousin peed in your car. Do you think you'll make this a habit? I do keep a thing of baby wipes in my car. Sometimes my girls will use them and other times they will just sit there and dry off, especially if we still have a ways to go.

Car Mom: you said Kaylee is losing interest in peeing in the car. She is a little bit older than my girls, so I look to you for what's to come. Do you think she just outgrew it or maybe is self conscious about her body? She is that age. Does she still pee in the car or does she hold it? I started car peeing out of convienence. With little kids its hard to stop in time for them to relieve themselves. I do feel likes kids are getting to an age where they can hold it better (with the exception of my little ones.) I'm wondering if one day car peeing will stop all together.



Hey, I wouldn't worry about it unless there are problems like diarrhea or constipation. Constipation can be the most worrysome as it could lead to intestinal blockage which can be dangerous. It sounds as if they are in fact eating healthy. If you have ever watched Dr. Oz, long snaking poops are a sign of of a healthy diet and bowels.

High School Graduate- In college go when you need to go.
Most buildings on campus have decent bathrooms.
Sometimes the ones in the classroom buildings, library or student center may be nicer than the dorms

Also when you start college you might eat a lot at the beginning at the dining hall with the all you can food and might have to go more.

Everybody you go to college with will have to shit at some point on campus. You don't need to have a set schedule with your roommate.

Tonight at 5:30 I had a burger with lettuce & tomato for dinner.

At about 10:30 I sat on the toilet and piece of lettuce came out in my shit which was little loose.

I wonder if my whole burger and fries came out along with the lettuce or if the lettuce made its way through me faster in 5 hours.

I remember learning in school that food took a day to make from mouth to toilet.

I was able to turn the burger into shit quickly.


First post

Hi, this is my first post here. I happened to find this site when I was looking for online therapy articles about having accidents in pants. I found it some months ago and read many posts, but never thought of posting anything. Some time back however, my therapist said it'd help if I share my experiences with people. So here I am.. I'm 31 years old now, single. I'm from Pune (a city in India). Since my school days, I've had a lot of accidents (which is why I took to therapy 3 years back). My motions are fairly normal, and I go about 4 times a day, but I can't hold it longer than a few minutes, and I get scared very soon about things. To start, I'll just share a story about an embarrassing accident I had..

This was when I was 17, and we were going to my cousin brother's wedding. Marriages in India are a big, crowded affair. The marriage was in another state in India, and was around 500 km drive from home (takes 9-10 hours). There were many of us, so we decided to hire a bus to the wedding. We left in the evening, so as to reach the place some time after midnight (the wedding being the next day). Such arrangements are typical in India..On the bus, I sat with my other cousins as we meet only on such occasions. I was wearing grey jog pants and a t-shirt for the ride. About 4 hours into the journey we stopped for dinner. Since it was an inter-state highway and it was night, the restaurant was not very good, and I had doubts about the food quality. Anyway, it tasted good, and I had a heavy spicy dinner and we then continued on our way. Some time later I felt sick in the stomach and felt the urge to poop. The long travel also aggravated the pain in my abdomen. I was just chatting with my cousins and was having a hard time holding it in. I was releasing farts frequently , but they were silent and smelt of poop. No one suspected it was me, since there were other 5-6 year old kids in nearby seats and people just blamed one of them..but I knew my time was up. I decided to go up to the driver and ask him to stop, so I could relieve myself outside. As I stood up, a sudden pressure released and a thick, solid log rolled out into my pants. It happened so suddenly, I was shocked. It came out slow, but I felt a big hot pile form in my seat. I went pale and was so scared, I didn't know what to do. I immediately sat back down to cover up what I had done, since I didn't want to be caught pooping my pants in front of so many people. There were other families in the bus, along with mine ,and people at weddings gossip and I was afraid it would be very embarrassing.

As I sat down, the poop spread all around my but and I could also feel it moving slightly up my back and coming out of my panties. It was gross sitting like that, but I had to try to hide my mess. However the pain did not subside and I felt more poop coming out. It started smelling of fresh poop now and I was afraid of letting out a loud fart and thus letting know that I was the culprit. I felt the urge to poop more and if I kept sitting I was worried it'd come out as a loud fart. So I stood up again, turning my back toward the window, so no one could see my rear. I just stood there and let the remaining poop come out. It was another big log and I could feel my pant bulge out at the seat. Then the urge subsided and I quickly sat back down again. The mess spread again and now it even got to my upper thighs a little. I was sweating out of panic and my face was pale. My cousins noticed my discomfort and asked if I was fine. I whimpered something and convinced them I was okay. I was thinking at the next halt for a break I'd go to the washroom and throw my mess down some toilet, but I didn't know when that would be. I was very scared, when I felt a warmth between my legs. I looked down and noticed that I was peeing my pants. I didn't even have the need to pee,but the panic caused me to lose control. I tried to hold back the pee, but then my sister sitting next to me noticed the pee spot. She was shocked and immediately asked out loud if I peed my pants. Everybody nearby heard that, and looked at me. I panicked so much I lost full control and emptied my bladder. Those sitting close were grossed out and immediately moved away. My parent, who were sitting some seats ahead with other parents came to my seat and noticed what I had done. My parents are very strict, god-fearing people and were appalled that I had another accident in public. I started crying. The some elders came over to help. Initially they thought I had only peed my pants. When they started walking me out of the bus, my mother noticed I had pooped my pants too. She was frustrated and shouted at me for soiling myself at 17. The driver halted the bus, and I then emptied my pants at the side of the road, under a tree. There was no toilet nearby, it was a highway. Some family members covered me in a circle so I could change my pants.

The rest of the trip was horrible. I was sitting silently and embarrassed. My mom's behavior got worse. She kept coming to my seat to check if I had pooped my pants again, which was more embarrassing than the original incident.

That's it for therapy is going well and I've had only a few accidents recently which is an improvement. My mom also understands now, as the therapist also advises her on how to handle such situations. I live with my parents now..I had worked for some time, but lost those due to similar accidents.. Anyway, more on that later.

Thanks for reading,


Post Title (optional)Question for the ladies

I was wondering something girls - was there a particular decade of your life when your turds were the largest? I would guess that the teens would be up there with all the eating that teens do plus the metabolism being off the meter. But being that a women becomes really fully grown in her twenties, are those the most bountiful years? Does childbirth play a role, either before, during or after? I wish I knew why this fascinates me but judging from reading this forum for years, I am not alone. Hope to hear from you.


The Dook

Steven A

To Tyler

Tyler, I'm OCD about wiping and I make sure that I feel clean back there. Sometimes, I don't feel clean back there, but I usually am, but it doesn't feel right to me, so, I continue to wipe until it feels clean. It's just a normal BM feeling to me. My parents buy Fiber Plus Bars because they taste good and they're a healthy snack for all. They don't buy them to help me poop. You should try some of those Fiber Plus Bars the next time you go to the store.

- Steven A

Hi again. I didn't mean to post so soon but I had lunch with an old friend today who reminded me of a story I have to share. I bet a lot of you would never guess that as a kid, I was pee shy! I never wanted to tell anyone I had to go of go in public. This led to a lot of issues, but this was one of my more memorable ones.
When I was six or seven, I went to Girl Scout camp for the day. It was a two hour bus ride to a outdoor camp area, where we stayed and played games most of the day, then a two hour ride home. The bus on the way there had bathrooms, which only a couple girls used. I didn't really have to go so I didn't. When we got off the bus, the leader immediately took us to the bathroom, which was just an outhouse. I still really didn't have to go so I hung back. My friend Eileen went and told me it was just a hole in the ground. I of course thought this was really gross and refused to use it. Again this wasn't really a problem until maybe an hour later. We were making bracelets when I realized I had to per pretty badly. I concentrated on my bracelet and it wasn't too bad until I stood up and realized I really had to go. Still I didn't want to use the outhouse so I went off to the next craft, painting. I sat on the edge of the picnic table to do that which seemed to help. Next was lunch where we all sat in a circle on the ground. I pressed my heel into my crotch which helped and I began to feel like I could hold it all day. That was until lunch was over and again I stood up. The leader took us to the bathroom again and I thought about using it but I really didn't want to, so I stayed back again and held myself. For the next hour or so I alternated between sitting on my heel, holding my crotch when no one was looking, crossing my legs, and pacing in little circles stopping to bend over and get control. Finally the leader noticed what I was doing and asked if I needed to pee. I denied it. At the time I thought I was being really cleaver but looking back it must have been really obvious I needed to go. Eileen, after returning from her third trip to the bathroom, asked if I needed to go since I haven't went yet. Again I denied it but at this point I was in agony. I couldn't stay still and kept hoping around and holding myself. Finally it was time to pack up and go. I figured I'd just pee on the bus since that bathroom had to be better than the outhouse. We climbed onto the bus and I looked around for the bathroom, I realized pretty quickly that we were I'm a different bus than before and this one didn't have a bathroom on board. I should have asked the driver to stop but again I was really shy. I had to go so bad I didn't know what to do but start to cry. I was crying and rocking back and forth and shaking my leg when again the leader asked if I needed to pee. Again I told her no. We still had about and hour and a half to go when I realized I might not be able to hold it. Never in my life had I held it that long. I leaned over and whispered to Eileen who was me to me that I really needed to pee. She asked why I didn't go at the camp site. I told her that the outhouses were gross and suddenly embarrassed, said never mind I don't have to go that bad. Suddenly we hit a bump and a squirt came out. I knew then it was either admit my problem or pee my pants which seemed more embarrassing. I raised my hand and announced "I need to pee." "Can you hold it?" The leader asked. "There isn't really anywhere to stop." There might have been more dialogue in between but all I remember is suddenly yelling " no I can't hold it. It's coming out. I'm peeing now." The bus driver pulled over and the leader quickly rushed me from my seat as I chanted "I'm gonna pee I'm gonna per it's coming out." She rushed me into a diner and into the bathroom as I slowly lost squirts of me. I just managed to get my pants and underwear down in time before the floodgates opened. I peed for what felt like forever. My panties were damp but I managed to keep my pants pretty dry. The way back to the bus I was lectured on listening to my body and going when I had the opportunity. Bladder empty, I now realized how embarrassing that was and got back into my seat without meeting anyone's eye. I learned my lesson that day, but still held my pee much longer than I should have. Eileen and I had lunch today and she reminded me of this story. Looking back it's funny but I was so upset at the time. Anyone else like this as a kid or was it just me?

Your experiences with your twin brother remind me a lot of how my sister Sarah and I are with each other. We're not twins, but we are very close to each other.

We share a bedroom and an ensuite bathroom, so there's nothing we haven't seen about each other. Many times, we'll be talking and one of us will be like "I gotta take a shit" and we go to the bathroom together and keep talking. It's no big deal.

And, yeah, when one of us has done a huge shit that we're proud of, we do show it off to each other. Sometimes, if we do a big one in public or when the other's not around, we'll take a picture to show off later.


road trip

I'm back this time me and friends was going on a road trip we was all in a SUV we was going to conference in Texas we all got up and got started then
about a 4 or 5 hours later we stop at i-hop and ate breakfast the got back
on the road then I heard a fating noise it was Marsha then Beth start to
let a small fart then I said OK girl keep it up and pay back will be sweet
then it 2 or 3 hour we stopped over to the side of the road. Beth & Marsha
was taking a dump and I was peeing well we got finish and got back on the
road it got mi day and I coult the girls a sleep and locked the window lock and let the nasty est loudest and smell est fart that I could let then
it wasn't 5 min. later the girls woke up gaging & cussing and try to put the window down I said that nothing i said smell this i kept on farting until they begging for mercy finally we got 2 hour early they got and smelling the fresh air


Massive dump and my husband's diarrhea explosion

I haven't had a poop for a few days so my stomach felt quite full and bloated. I am expecting a package from Canada Post and I was bursting to go so I decided I better take care of that need now rather than wait around and become more desperate for the toilet. I took out the toilet paper and a Garfield comic and sat on the toilet. All it took was one good push and this MASSIVE shit came out. I could feel it stretching my hole and it only took about a minute to finish. It kind of hurt because it was so big. I think all the vegetables with dinner last night, the bowl of Mini Wheats I had and the bottle of water I had helped. I stood up to wipe and I saw this HUGE dump, about a foot and a half long. It was too messy to wipe so I had to get in the shower and wash my bum with a washcloth and soap. That massive shit clogged the toilet though. My stomach feels soft again but it feels as if I might need to go again. Usually before my period (which is due Monday) my poops tend to be bigger. I wonder why.

The other day my husband almost had a diarrhea accident in his pants on the way home. We went to the mall to shop and look around. We got hungry and decided to eat at A & W. We both had a Mozza burger combo. I had a hard time finishing my dinner but my husband ate his. He was fine until soon after we got off the bus. We got off the bus about 4 stops before ours because the bus was too hot and too crowded so we decided to walk the rest of the way home. Soon before we came to our intersection he started needing the toilet and the closer we came to our area the more desperate he was becoming and he was starting to kind of shuffle/walk funny and saying he was having a hard time holding it. We stopped at a Coffee Time so he could use the toilet. Then we started heading home again and the urge came back very strongly again, to the point he was afraid he was going to shit his pants. We still had to fax something for Disability (some income/address change form we have to mail out each month by the 7th so we can keep getting our cheque) but I told my husband I can take care of that and he can go to the bathroom at home. As soon as we got home and he got in the bathroom and pulled down his pants and sat on the toilet, he absolutely EXPLODED in the toilet. Explosive diarrhea to say the least. Let's just say he was relieved in more than one way. Physically and mentally. We were both happy that he didn't lose it in his pants on the way home or else his pants, shoes and underwear would have been destroyed and he would have been humiliated walking home. It was very noisy and messy but he felt better. He thinks it might have been the burger that caused it though I didn't get sick after it and I had the same thing. *shrugs*

Jackie - the reason you both pooped the same amount is probably because you were together the whole weekend and ate the same foods your bodies decided to to shit out the same amount of food that you both ate.
It probably also smelled similar.

This afternoon, I got hit with a major urge to take a crap. One second I had no need at all, then BAM - "Get to a toilet RIGHT NOW" style urge. I practically ran to the bathroom and threw myself on the toilet, getting my shorts down just in time.

A chocolate snake emerged from my butt and grew and grew. I wasn't sure if it would ever stop, but it finally did. I only had to wipe once, before standing up to view my creation. It had a bunch of twists and turns and looked like the shape of intestines. I pushed the lever to flush, but it didn't budge.

I decided to let it sit for a while and hopefully soften up. When I returned several hours later for a pee, it was still sitting there in the bowl - I had forgotten all about it. I did my pee and then flushed and the turd went down just fine.


To Connor and Lauren

Conner good story I was curious though when she peed in the seat did she sit in it or hover over the seat? Also after she was done did she change seats to keep from getting her pants wet? If she did sit in the seat while she did her pee why did she not just wipe her kitty on the seat instead of needing something else to wipe with? Lastly has she ever done it again or do you think she will? Did she enjoy it.

Lauren great account and anytime I ask anyone a question if anyone else has an account all inputs are appreciated so not worries. I am curious did you other daughter not say anything when she noticed her friend was pooping? Also would you ever willingly let someone poop in your car in the future or is that strictly a pull over to the side of the road event? Also do you have any stories of you or another adult peeing in the car?


Comments and Updates

Tyler: Hey buddy, sorry to make you wait so long! Erm, to be honest, I'm actually hoping that we do meet up someday. Who knows, maybe one day when I'm in US I'll be straining in the bathroom and you may be next door doing the same haha. Hey its ok to be friends on this site right?

About the distended stomach, I got that once. But I get what you mean, its like having a stone in your bottom half. Oh and you said that enemas were usually a mom thing. In my case, my dad is a doctor, I believed that my mom wasn't sure how to do it, and since my dad was in the profession it would be safer and easier for him.

I actually have a constipation story recently. I'm not sure whether it was the stress (which somehow the ibs didn't give me loose stools) but even though i was eating a lot, i just couldn't poop. Anyway, one day I thought i actually had enough and wanted to take an enema, only to find that i had used up my previous storage and was currently EMPTY!! I was first in disbelief, then eventually decided to take some coffee (not for the poop, but to stay awake for revision) and also go out for a jog to clear my haywired mind. So i'm out jogging when this major major cramp hits me in the guts and i feel like something really big wanting to exit my butt. I was near a food market at the time with the public bathrooms, and i just ran to it. I was literally sweating Tyler, like really needed to go. I went in and there was one stall left, there were some words on the door but i just ran in, locked it and hovered over the squat toilet. At first the massive poop was coming out, then it stopped mid way. I had to really push, and that thing inside me was so huge that my anus was like expanding and expanding and i really wanted to cry. Finally after that huge long light brown monster came out, i was crying a bit i think, and sweating a lot. Then there are knocks on the door and the door swings open (i later found out that the note on the door said that the toilet was clogged and the lock was not working) and this security guard and a few other men are staring at me squatting over the toilet with a huge turd in the toilet, my penis is erected but covered by my shirt, and the smell is awful. The guys told me that they heard shouting coming from my door and they called the guard in case something had happened. Somehow neither one of us seemed to register that i was in the middle of giving births (to all women with children, I think i know how it feels like to give birth...) and i suddenly farted and brown mush comes out. They were like, oh sorry, closed door. Hence my story...

To Steven A: If you don't mind could i hear about your poops too?

To schoolboy: Woahh dude must have been hard for you. I get the embarrassment part since i studied in a school with doorless stalls before and had had many many diarrhea incidents. Like your stories though.

Will be posting over the holidays! Ciao buddies! Oh and Thanks to the Moderator!! :D

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