Using Buckets

Hi, Tim here, this time with an interesting story from my childhood. One time, when Sally and I were about 10 years old, I was playing over at her house when a massive snowstorm hit. It got really cold, the phone lines were cut and the toilets stopped working. So Sally's Mum (her Dad was stuck at work) got buckets and said, "If anyone needs the toilet, go into the front room and use the buckets." So after a while, Sally told me she was going to use the buckets, so I followed her into the front room, where 8 buckets were setup. Sally had 6 siblings, and there was one for her mother. I found her mother, who was about 30, sitting on one of the buckets pushing out a very long turd, while her 12 year old sister was tinkling like a horse. Sally grabbed one of the buckets, pulled up her skirt and dropped her panties down and sat to begin to move her bowels. I grabbed the bucket next to her mother and nervously pulled down my jeans and undies. Her mother looked at me, and saw I was feeling uncomfortable, and asked me why. "I've never used the toilet in front of the mother of another kid", I said, "and I don't know if it's right." A smile appeared on her beautiful face, and she stroked my hair and said, "It's alright, it's perfectly natural, I don't mind, though I understand how you feel. Tell you what, after you pass the first poo, you'll find it easier. Go on, do it now." So I summoned up all my courage and pushed, feeling my hole pucker as a turd emerged from my bowels and slid past my bum cheeks into the bucket. After that, I felt less self-conscious, and I ended up passing three more turds while chatting to Sally's mother. When I was all done, she gave me paper to wipe with and finished her turd and we went back to playing. She helped me when I was feeling nervous, I liked her a lot.

Brandon T

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To: J-Girl as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty great poop and pee in that drawer I bet it felt good and kinda fun to and as always I look forward top your next post thanks.

To: Lauren as always another great story it sounds like your neice really had to go and it may happen again by accident with someone else since the mucsles tend to relax its natural to some people to start pooping while peeing and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Samantha great peeing story it sounds like you really had to pee really bad and at least you were able to laugh about it in the end and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Carina first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a pretty rough day probaly a 24 hour stomach bug or something you ate but im glad your feeling better and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: LaLa great sory it sounds like you were pretty desperate it sucks you had an accident but at least no one saw it and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Rachypoo great pee story I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jackie great story about you and your friends pooping contest it sounds like you both really had to poop and had alot of fun to I look forward to reading about your next contest and any other stories you have thanks.

To: Natasha as always another great story and have you tried anything to help you poop easier besides laxatives like fruit or more fiber etc and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Angelina first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you were very desperate and luckily didnt have an accident and it sounds like you felt really good afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop as always another great story it sounds like that bathroom was pretty busy with alot of poopers I bet you all felt pretty good when you were all done and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends pooping and peeing together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tim great stories about Sally it sounds like you had some great times with her and I look forward to your next stories about her thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Unknown Dumper

Naked Dumping

Has anybody ever took a dump while in the nude? I hear it's quite comfortable and I have done it a few times. Most recently, on Saturday morning, I was just about to go for a shower when an urge to poop hit me. I took my pajamas and underwear off completely and sat on the toilet naked. I excreted a big load that took two flushes to go down, then I wiped my backside several time with soaked and dry toilet paper. I flushed, washed my hands, had my shower and got on with the rest of my day.


An afternoon shift at the Hospital

Before I start my experience I would like to just say since I have had the courage to post on here I have become more a wear when I'm at work or using a public ladies Toilet of how other ladies use the toilet. I like to use the term number 2's ( #2) , I always have a cigarette where possible,when I'm doing #2's regularly go at work mainly in the visitors ones , I don't very often use the staff ones, occasionally I have used the toilets in the changing room.I am interested to read any observations from any other ladies re the same as above.

On Friday last I worked a 12:00 - 20:00, it was around 18:45 I was cleaning the staff changing room toilets the are 4 cubicles, I had cleaned the cubicles , replenished the paper etc, moped the floor. I had done my#2's earlier on,around 14:30 ish ( my usual time ) not much just some small pebbles. I herd some foot steps coming along the corridor, someone operated the coded lock, in came a lady called Pat she is around 60ish, although she does not look it. Pat had an unlit cigarette between her fingers, we just acknowledged each other , Pat lifted her arm pointed to her cigarette looking for approval, I said yes , I always do,with that Pat entered cubicle 2 , bolting the door, she spoke saying I'm going to give your nice clean toilet a christening, I had moved outside cubicle 2 replying with I have replenished the paper. I could hear Pat taking off her white laboratory coat, I lit a cigarette as I entered 3,doing the same as Pat rustling down my undies, dropping the seat down I sat on, relaxing en hailing on my cigarette I heard pat peeing she was doing loud and powerful drilling like pee which went on for a while , it was ones those that dribbled off and came back loud and hard, pat coughed and doped two plops, I began to pee , I was straining a little, Pat spoke, apolgising for the smell, it was quite strong, she carried on chatting as she dropped another couple which made loud splashes,I dropped a large one as I was ex hailing on my cigarette which went with aloud splash,Pat complimented me on the cleanliness of the toilets in the changing rooms , asking do you use these ones much, yes was the reply, coughing again Pat dropped four pices in quick succession, followed by more pee, I was peeing, I strained again another large piece hit the water with a splash. Pat was saying she'd only been here a couple of months, she works for Serco ( contractors in the NHS ) and had come from another Hospital about 20 miles away. Pat began to wipe , I sat just finishing my cigarette, wiping my self , Pat flushed unbolted the door, she came out before me, i flushed etc , went over to the sink, where Pat was drying her hands, she or that fells better agreeing , Pat said she was off to Asda to do her shopping wished me a good weekend and left.


Re: My Accident

To Samantha, I read your story. That was quite adventurous what you did holding your pee for that long. Great story by the way! Have you had pee accidents before that one or was that your first? Please write more stories if you have them. Welcome to toiletstool by the way, Sam :)


Abbie- Sounds like you both really needed to go. Glad you both made it in time and I look forward to your next story!

John H- Like you I will also often need to poo if I get nervous over a presentation etc. I posted a story like that not long ago- not sure what page though.

Well, I have finished my degree now and I'm back home and will be looking for a job soon. Today I went to a show not far from my house. There was a fair, some classic cars and a bit of an airshow. While I was there I needed the toilet three times, twice just for a wee and once to do a poo.
My first stop was right after I got there when I had to wee. I went to the portaloos and picked one and went in. As I went in a mother of about 35 took her young son into the one to my right. I pulled down my shorts and pink knickers and sat on the seat, which was clean. As I did my wee I heard the mother helping her son to wee too. When he announced, 'all done!' she said, 'ok, now mummy needs the toilet too.' I heard her sit down and wee. I pulled off some paper to wipe myself and then I heard a distinct thump. The boy asked, 'what was that?' His mother answered, 'mummy just needs to go number two.' The toilets had a shelf in that would catch poo and paper but let wee just run down into the tank underneath, and one of those levers that you pull to flush it with blue chemicals. Her poo had made a thud as it fell onto the shelf. The boy found this amusing because he laughed and said, 'mummy is pooing!' She said, 'yes, but other people don't want to know that.' I waited to hear her finish her poo before I left. She did two more turds that I could hear. After the first her son asked, 'why are you pooing mummy?' She said, 'everyone needs to poo, even mummy. I just needed to go now.' I smiled at his cute question!

After a burger from one of the stalls it was my turn to need a seat for a poo. I felt a moderate urge so I made my way there. There were a few free and I picked one and sat down since again it was pretty clean in there. With my shorts and knickers at my feet my knees were touching the door! I relaxed a bit and let my poo move.
On one side of me a man was weeing loudly. On the other side I heard a female voice as someone entered. I heard her start to poo as my own first turd thudded onto the shelf. I heard hers do the same. I did another pretty big piece and then a third. I thought I would be done but I had a lot more- two more smaller logs, then four or five nuggets and small pieces. I was pooing for well over five minutes and I felt a lot better after it was all out! I looked at my poo- it was in a big pile on the shelf; there was a lot!
Then I had two scares. Firstly when I was standing up wiping my bum with everything on show someone tried the door. I could see the (plastic) lock bar bending and the door bowing out and I thought it was going to come open and reveal me to the world! I grabbed the door to hold it shut in case, but it was ok and the person took the one next to me. I finished wiping and flushed. My big load barely moved! I was worried it wouldn't go down but I pulled the lever twice more and it all washed away off the shelf ok. I came out feeling much better!

Finally not long after that all the water I had drunk took effect
(plus the fact that I hadn't needed a wee when I pooed and so hadn't gone since I arrived) and I felt my bladder filling up while I was looking at some stalls. I got an ice cream and after eating it went to take care of my now full bladder. The portaloos were busy now and there were only a few free. I took one. As I pulled down my shorts I heard a guy of about my age who I had seen walking towards the loos from the other direction enter the portaloo to my left. I noticed he was a little overweight but quite good looking! I pulled down my knickers and sat as he locked the door. I heard him undo his belt and pull down his jeans, so I figured he was there to do his number two. Sure enough after a wee I heard a soft fart and a thud as he pooed. I emptied my bladder and then waited to listen to his poo (it's not that often I get to hear guys poo after all)! He did three more pieces, then I heard him pull off some paper. I wiped and left and saw him come out after what sounded like a good poo!


Hi people

Hey everyone :)
Just wanted to say you guys are awesome, I love reading your stories and even though I know none of you personally it feels so good to not be judged and to know there are others like me in the world.
Nothing interesting to report for me in the toilet department, just been happy because I have been having some nice firm stools that I don't have to run for the toilet for.
I did a few poos yesterday that were nice and hard and felt a bit prickly coming out, it felt pretty good.
I've noticed something strange about my husband lately, before we lives together and got married 4 months ago he used to only poo every 3 days or so and he take a while to go.
But lately he has been going almost everyday, I don't know if its because I cook him much more nutritious foods than his mother gave him or maybe something else... Who knows.
Anyway, he knows I like poo related things... But doesn't know the extent of it... He won't let me watch him poo... I know for someone who isn't into it the idea could be a bit daunting. Anyway for now I can just use my imagination.
My husband has this theory that the reason he takes longer to poo than me is because it is more pleasurable for boys. Do people tend to agree with him on that one?
Anyways, bye for now, keep those stories coming and take care :)
Love me :)


Pregnant Women

Hi, Tim here, this time with another story from childhood. One time when Sally and I were both 11, our Mums and Dads went out together for the day and we were looked after by a young woman down the street called Mary. Mary was just married and was about 7 months pregnant, but her husband was out working, so it was just the three of us. She was always very open about toileting, so there were no problems. Anyway, we decided to go for a walk in the woods for about 3 hours. About an hour into our walk, Mary said to us, "Guys, I really need the toilet." "What for?" we asked, she replied, "Both pee and poop." We just kept walking until we found an old outhouse. Sally went to look and said, "There are three holes and it's safe to use", so we all went in as we all needed to go by this stage. So Sally was the first to start, lowering her short shorts to her ankles, dropping her by now clean G-string and sitting on the hole. Mary was next, dropping her pregnancy pants, no panties, to her ankles and sitting next on the far side hole. I walked up to the middle hole, dropped my shorts, no undies, to my ankles and sat in the middle between the two girls. It was a warm summer's day and we were in the middle of nowhere, so we just left the outhouse door open. Mary started first, peeing a minute long pee before cutting a loud and stinky fart and letting loose some loose brown poo. I followed, tinkling like a horse with my 11 year old penis, then farting and letting loose a wave of loose poo in about 20 pieces from eating too many plums. Sally ended the time, peeing a short pee and dropping two round turds. We talked for about 5 minutes, then I left to find leaves to wipe with and we pulled up our pants and continued walking. We found a creek and stripped naked for a swim. While we were swimming, Sally and I felt Mary's ???? and listened to the baby kick.

Abbie: I enjoyed your story about you and Lucy, but sorry to hear that you were both constipated. Also, I can't believe what Lucy told you about her school loos. Some of the loos at my school are worse than others, but at least all of them have cubicle doors! I felt so bad for Lucy having to do a poo with no door, but I guess if you gotta go...

Right, on with my story. Today I got to school early to meet a girl from my class called Emma. We were finishing a presentation we were due to give in our first lesson. While we were working, I was feeling a slight urge to poo, and I noticed Emma fidgeting a bit and figured she had to wee, but I didn't want to maybe embarrass her by saying anything.

We finished with a little over ten minutes left before the lesson began. Emma said she really needed the loo. I said I did as well and we went to the toilets by our lesson together. There were four cubicles and one was taken. I heard a loud plop from the cubicle just as we were entering. Emma took the end cubicle and I took the one next to her.

Straightaway I heard Emma weeing heavily. I, however, needed a poo and knew I would have to be fairly quick. I gave a slight push and a poo started to come out. Emma finished weeing and left the toilets, and it was just me and the other girl. I didn't hear any noises though, which I thought was a little weird.

My poo broke off and made only a little noise, then I farted loudly. I blushed, even though I knew the only other person around to hear me was also having a poo. It's a conditioned response, I suppose. As I started working on pushing out my next poo, suddenly, there was several splashes from the other girl. I guess she was embarrassed about having a poo and held it in when she heard us come in the toilets, but now that she knew I was also pooing she felt free to just go.

I pushed out that poo and one more smaller one, then I was finished. I wiped myself thoroughly, flushed, and went to wash my hands. As I was washing, I heard the girl tearing off paper to wipe. I left and made it to my first lesson with a few minutes to spare.


Still constipated...

Hi everyone, a quick post from me before I go to bed.
Natasha- sorry to hear your constipated as well, your last poo sounded like a hard one, its pretty much the same for me if I go 3 or 4 days between poos which is what I'm doing at the moment. I know what you mean, its really embarrassing if you end up grunting when your pushing your poo out. Sometimes I've got no choice but to do that at school which is really bad but luckily I sometimes hear other girls straining as well so at least its not just me. I hope that you are able to have an easier poo next time.
I'm still suffering, I had a poo tonight after 4 days as well and it was a real effort to get it all out. I felt a need brewing tonight so I thought I'd go up to my room, get ready for bed and see if I could go, I got changed into my nightie and then went into my ensuite and pulled down my yellow pants before sitting on the loo. I weed for a bit and then started to push, I felt the tip come out and get sucked back up so I knew I was going to have a hard time and after a lot of straining and grunting I finally managed to pass a really fat hard log, I was then able to push out a couple of smaller logs which were still a bit hard to pass but much easier than the first one. I wiped my bottom, pulled up my pants, washed my hands and brushed my teeth and went back into my room to write this. Off to bed now, bye!!


To Shannon - constipated kids?

Inspite of A Mom's optimism, it's quite possible that these kids doing big dooey-lumps may be constipated - it depends on how often they do a dooey, and how hard it is for them to push the filth out.

You should really be keeping a record in your diary of when they do (should ideally be once or twice each day = never more than once every 60 hours), and how much comes out.

This may sound horrible to you but it's the kind of regime I grew up with - try observing your kids (including your daughter) on the toilet as they're doing...and be ready to administer an enema or suppository to them if they're straining too hard, or you calculate that they're not doing enough dooey at the end of it.

A mom

To Shannon M.

Your children are perfectly fine. I think too much emphasis is put on what is or isn't normal for pooping habits. In my experience, "normal" comes in a variety of forms. So long as it doesn't hurt when your children poop, I'd say it's okay.

The way you describe your oldest daughter's poop sounds much the same as my 15-year old daughter's poops, in terms of size. Teenagers eat a ton and are often very physically active, so it is normal for them to poop a ton as well.

I would and will always let my kids of either gender pee outside. I think forcing children to hold themselves like that is cruel and sexist.

Anatomy Student

To Rachypoo

You asked if there is a food that passes through too quickly. Short answer, no, not without having a major problem. Food takes about 24 hours to go all the way through. Your pyloric sphincter (stomach to small intestine connector) only let's chyme (liquid food after digestion) through. I think all the grease in the burger and protein and carbohydrates (all of which are fairly easy to digest) moved into your small intestine quicker than other foods would. Maybe you have ibs like me, maybe you had a small stomach bug. It could have been food poisoning. Diarrhea is caused by the chyme moving into the large intestine and passing through too quickly so it doesn't get much water absorbed. I imagine the food broke down quicker than usual and caused peristalsis to occur more rapidly causing you the runs... Or you just had a ???? flu. Hope you feel better though :)


Poop story

Hi all!

So this is a story from my younger years. I was about 10 or 11 at the time and one day, I was feeling a bit adventurous. We have two bedrooms upstairs in my house but at the time no one was using them because for some reason still unknown to me, I would get freaked out staying upstairs all by my lonesome. Anyways, there was a dresser in one of the rooms and I really started becoming quite desperate for a poo and so I thought, why not go in one of the drawers? I grabbed a trash bag and headed upstairs. My dad was home at the time but he was outside doing yard work of some sort. I went into the room, shut and locked the door, and I opened up the bottom drawer, placed the trash bag inside so it was about half open with it being attached to the corners of the drawer and I pulled my pants down and sat on the edge of the drawer. It was a bit uncomfortable and I knew I was about to do something I wasn't supposed to but I didn't really have a choice in the matter as I could feel my hole open up with poo. I didn't even have to push, it just started easing its way out and it kept growing longer until it finally dropped in the drawer with a thud (it was a pretty deep drawer). I started peeing a strong stream into the drawer and I kept looking around the room, thinking to myself that I am peeing and pooping in the upstairs bedroom, in a drawer, which is clearly not a toilet...what am I doing with my life? I stopped peeing and pushed out a few smaller pieces and then I was done. I wiped with the toilet paper I brought with me and had a look inside the drawer. There was a ton of pee and a long log with a few smaller pieces. I tied up the bag, sprayed some room spray, checked to see where my dad was, and threw the bag away into the outside trash. No one ever knew. It was a pretty fun experience and I want to find somewhere to do it again at some point.

That's all for now!

Thank you all for the warm welcomes. It feels good to be back.
Emma: how awful of your mother. She does sound like Bella's mom. I would never make my child hold it . I'd understand if maybe it wasn't safe for you to go by the side of the road, but she wouldn't even let you in McDonald's!
J: you asked car mom if anyone had pooped in her car. Even though you didn't ask me I thought I'd tell a story of something that happened a few months ago in my car. I don't enjoy poop either and my kids have never popped in my car. A few months ago I had my daughter Jagger and my neice Bridgette in the car with me. Bridgette is 11. Jagger had already peed in the car once when Bridgette announced she really had to go to the bathroom and asked if she could go in the car like jagger did. I assumed she had to pee and told her to go ahead. A few minutes later I glanced back in the rear view mirror and saw her face all scrunched up and she was pushing. A strong smell overtook the car. I asked if she was pooping and she responded with a grunt. She finished up and moved over to the middle seat, revealing a huge pile of brown stinky poop. I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to yell at her or make her feel bad, plus it was my fault for not clarifying if she had to poop or pee. I told her next time to please only pee in my car since that just absorbs into the seat. We got home and the girls went inside to play. I used a bag to pick the poop up but there was still a huge stain ground into the seat. I used the carpet cleaner to clean or the best I could. It was really gross. I now learned to ask kids that aren't my daughters who know better if they need to poop when they ask to use my car.

Shannon M., I would not worry about the size of the poops from the kids, but more so the frequency they have them. These huge poops may be a result of constipation and holding their stools in. I would not worry as long as they are going every day or every other day. Its not uncommon for kids to have large bowel movements, but you should look at the frequency of how often they produce a movement.


my accident

hey everyone. i'm samantha but go by sam or sammy most of the time. anyway i'm a senior in high school and just turned in my last paper this morning. but last night i was cramming trying to finish it because i got a little lazy and put it off to the last minute haha. i was in my room with books and my computer like all day yesterday and didnt take many breaks for anything. i did stop for dinner around 5 but then was back typing. by 7:00 i really had to pee very badly but i didnt want to break my flow on the paper. i sat there and held it and wiggled and bounced and sat on my heel and sometimes had to squeeze with my left hand. in addition to my tea with dinner i had been drinking water all day. (i like to stay hydrated and healthy.) by 8:00 i felt like my eyes were floating but i was doing really good on the paper and was getting close to the required number of pages and didn't want to stop. i had to pee soooooo bad at that point but i couldn't make myself get up to go and stop writing. a few minutes later the urge got so strong i felt a spurt of pee escape. i clamped down and stopped. i grabbed my crotch with my left hand and kept typing with my right hand, promising that i would go to the bathroom after i finished this paragraph. but it was hard to type with one hand. i tried to hurry but kept making typos and then another spurt of pee escaped and my panties felt quite damp but it didnt show on my jeans yet (i checked haha). i bounced faster and squeezed harder and pressed my heel hard and typed with both hands again trying to finish. i was so close! i made it to my conclusion and was about to burst. a bigger spurt started escape and i couldnt stop it for a second. i heard it hissing against my jeans and warm wetness spread across my crotch and part of my butt before i could stop it. i felt it on my heel through my sock. i squeezed it off and grabbed myself and hit save with my right hand. i HAD to get to the bathroom NOW. I jumped up and hobbled into the hallway with my hands hard into my crotch, more pee leaking on the way, starting to dribble down my legs. i made it to the bathroom and shut the door but coudlnt get any farther and couldn't hold it. the pee flooded out of me and totally SOAKED my jeans. like i couldn't believe i could hold so much pee. i just stood there. it felt soooo good to let go after holding for so long i didn't even care. i must have peed for a whole minute or more. my jeans were soaked, my socks, the floor matt, everything. i stipped down, wiped off, wrapped a bath towel around my waist, and carried my wet jeans and panties to the washing machine. my mom caught me walking back to my room and asked what i was doing. i told her i had peed my pants and why and we just laughed about it.


Ok so I'm new here I love reading on this site and I figure why not post I'm 14 I have short ash brown hair I'm chubby but not fat.
Yesterday I woke up and I was hungry so I went ate some chips since no one was home and I can't cook. I watched tv for a bit then I had ice cream and a big glass of ice tea. Soon after i could feel the urge to poop so I got up went to the bathroom sat down and I felt the poop start to slide out I pushed and a soft log came out I pees then went back to my couch for dinner I had three slices of pizza garlic nots and some more chips awhile later while I was sleeping I woke up and my stomach hurt so o went to the bathroom and as soon as I sat down mushy poop came out it was chunky but also like pudding my stomach still hurt so I sat there and farted. I waited about 10 minutes got up and went back to bed and I was getting into my bed and I got a horrible cramp and I made the mistake of bending over and liquid shit poured out of my butt and down my legs I went back to the bathroom changed my pants and washed my legs off and went back to bed sleept the whole night without anymore urges to go to the bathroom. I woke up this morning feeling fine but we will see I have school now so bye :)

High School Graduate

How to Adjust

Well I'm an avid lurker on this site and I have to say the stories are great. However I have a question for those who have gone through college I wanted to know how should I adjust my bathroom habits because I'm shy around new people when it comes to them otherwise I'm fine once I get to know someone however I don't know how open my soon-to-be roommate is with his bathroom habits. So basically I wanted to know how I should get over my shyness and what I should if he's just as shy as me.


Kids' poops--to Shannon M.

Children eat a lot so they can grow. What you describe is typical and normal. A 14-year-old should be having large poops, and you should be thankful that she has an easy time of it. It is good that she is not constipated. Since she eats well, there is always a lot of food material being digested; therefore, ideally she should have large, easy movements, and it is a blessing that she does. As we approach adulthood, the intake of food no longer needs to sustain growth, so normally we tend to eat less as even young adults than we did as teenagers, thus reducing or leveling off the size of our bowel movements. Yes, your children's movements are likely as big as or bigger than your own; but think back to when you were a teenager and see if you can remember some of the very large ones you produced then. I can still slightly remember that phase of my teenage existence, though that is over a half-century ago now; I used to produce very large movements quite routinely and thought nothing of it. Your kids sound normal to me. If you see to it that they eat a good diet including fruits and vegetables as well as protein and a decent but not excessive amount of fiber, you are doing your duty.


To Nick and Steven A. and Shannon

NICK: I forgot to answer your question regarding what a "distended stomach" meant. When I got plugged up really bad I could see and feel my ???? get bigger and sorta hard. My underpants would fit tighter; all the poop inside of me gave me a sort of "pot-belly" that would go away after an enema......

Steven A: I liked your post about ur urges at school. Why does it take you a long time to poop? Can you describe how it feels as the process proceeds from beginning to end? Urges are so wonderful to feel. I really enjoy mine. Sounds like you're back to your regular schedule of nearly daily pooping; eh? Are you still eating fiber bars? Did your parents buy those for you to help you poop better?

Shannon M: I wish I could have done big poops like that when I was 14. Lots of kids purposely hold their poop for the feeling that it gives. If your daughter isn't pooping every day or two...that might be what she is doing. Probably as long as the turds are just long and soft....and not wide and hard and painful.....all is good. Be happy she's not constipated....

Anatomy Student

To Shannon

You say your kids poop the same as you? This is probably perfectly normal. Kids live stress free for the most part and usually live on a set schedule of eating sleeping and potty breaks. If your kids have breakfast lunch and dinner, the 3 meals promote a fast etabolism. If they eat fruit, that bulks up the poop, and green vegetables help peristalsis (intestinal movement of feces) that prevents constipation. Water intake is another factor for the smooth poo. Hard lumpy stool is a sign of mild dehydration. Most constipation and headaches are caused by not drinking enough water (soda is actually worse for this)
Bottom line, if they poop regularly with little pain and strain, they are perfectly normal. No 2 people are alike in their bowel habits. Hope this helps :)
On another note, I'm thinking about changing my name to Dr. Butt...

Thanks to all the responses to my post a few weeks ago. It's nice to see more pee stories on here. As I said before, I do prefer peeing and accidental pee stories are the best! Like I said before, I have a huge bladder and have never had a true accident. Except a couple of spurts when pregnant and once when I was drunk and overestimated my capacity. Maybe that is why I like those stories, because I don't know what it feels like to lose control

Probably the closest I've come from a true accident was about two years ago. I left work needing a pee and poo quite badly, but knew I could hold it for the 15 minute commute without problem. Except that once I got into the freeway, I hit traffic. There must have an accident or something bad, because my car did not move for over an hour. My need to use the bathroom became an urgent matter, and I was actually sweating from holding it all in. If I had just needed to pee or poo it may have been ok, but the need for both was unbearable. My stomach ached and my muscles felt fatigued from holding it in.

Finally traffic began to move, but concentrating on driving was nearly impossible. It's a miracle that I didn't have any accident (of any kind). I made it home, and realized no one was there yet, which was strange. But also very convenient. I stepped out of my car, intent on rushing to the bathroom when another thought hit me. I stopped trying to make it to the bathroom. I had to go so badly that the act of "stopping" was all it took to make me start going. I simultaneously began peeing and pooping my panties. In a matter of seconds a massive amount of soft poop filled my panties, and the warm pee spread quickly down my legs and formed a puddle at my feet. My face was flushed hot, my heart pounded, and despite the incredible relief I was mortified at what I had done. I suddenly realized that someone could be home any minute, and I began the horrible task of cleanup.

So after reading all your posts about hard wide poos I took something to harden stools...
I'm finally on the toilet now after not going for at least 24 hours... A long time for me...
As soon as I sat down a really thick one came out which made me kind of gasp... It felt really good. But now I'm sitting here hoping there is more to come.
I'm home alone again so can afford to spend a few minutes in the toilet :)

Anyway, while I wait... Last night I decided to take a bath but then suddenly realised I really had to pee... So as I was letting the water out I squatted and let my pee out in the bath... It felt very free I liked it. A bit later I had to pee again and had this fun idea to take my pants all the way off and straddle the toilet backwards, it felt pretty cool :)

Back to my pooping now... Nothing else to come unfortunately... Think I will just finish up and get on with the day.

Bye people :)


Comments and Short Story

Lauren, so glad that you're back! As always, I enjoyed your posts very much. I feel sorry that the project made you work right thru lunch with no breaks in between not even to relieve yourself. Good for you for being so hardworking! Was there a stain on your chair, by any chance, the next day?
I went on a long road trip with my cousin recently. She has a small bladder and often asks me to stop so she can relieve herself when we're driving. Soon enough after we left, she announced she has to pee and asked me to stop. After reading your posts, I thought I would suggest car peeing to her. I told her to just go on the seat. I have to mention that she's quite open on bathrooms with me and would not mind having me around. She looked confused for a minute. I assured her she can just pee on the seat and I wouldn't mind. She hesitated but then pulled down her jeans and panties and pissed into the seat for quite some time. After she was done, she looked relieved but complained there was nothing to wipe with. I hadn't thought about that. Do you keep anything for your kids to wipe with after they have a car pee?

Also, I think what Morgan did was very wrong. Holding pee in is never good for anyone, especially kids. I agree with you that what happened was horrible. Bella should be allowed to pee outside, at least in a secluded place and shouldn't be forced to hold it in until she got home.



Improptu pooping contest with a friend

I have an experience from a few years ago I'd like to share. I still remember it quite clearly though. It was a weekend and my friend was staying over. She came over after school on Friday and stayed until Sunday. We had lots of fun and of course ate a ton of junk food.

By Sunday afternoon, all the food I had eaten was running its course, and I needed to poop quite badly. I told my friend and she said she had to go as well, though not as badly. So we went to my ensuite together. I sat on the toilet and began pushing out a fat log. It came out rapidly and plopped into the water. I followed it up with three more very similar turds, and then I was done.

I stood up to wipe and I noticed my friend looking in the toilet at my load. She commented that it was quite a big load. But then she got a crafty smile on her face and said that she'd bet me she could do a bigger load. I looked at my load and was sure there was no way she could outdo me, so I said okay.

She got out her phone and took a picture of my load before flushing it away. It took two flushes to clear it all though, which I was sure was a good sign. Then she lowered her pants and thong and sat on the toilet. She blasted some loud farts and leaned forward, with her elbows on her thighs and started concentrating on pushing out her poop.

She was leaned far enough forward that I could see her butthole. She had a fat turd, probably a bit fatter than mine were, poking out. After a few minutes, there a plop and a few minutes later another plop. Then there were a few splashes and she said she was finished.

She got up and let me have a look. She had done two long fat logs and some smaller pieces. It certainly looked like quite a big load, but I wasn't sure if it was bigger than mine. But she got out her phone and we were able to look at our two loads side by side. In the end though, we both agreed that our loads were pretty much the same size and no one was the winner. She flushed the toilet twice to get rid of her load and that was that.

But because no one won the contest, we wanted to have a rematch later to settle it. I'll have to post about that later though, because I'm out of time for now. Bye guys.


Seventh Grade

In seventh grade i played football for my middle school team. I usually took a dump prior to the games however this one game my stomach cramped up badly in the locker room and i didn't have any choice but to use the block doorless stalls in the locker room before the game. My poop shyness had not gotten any less sadly so as i pulled down my pants and underpants and sat on the toilet in front of my teamates my face was still bright red, from having to drop a pretty sticky messy dump that stunk up the locker room as long loose turds shot out of me. It was pretty awful as it took me a good five minutes to finnish off this pre game dump, but despite the heckling from my teamates and the embarassment that i faced taking it afterwards and during gametime i felt so much better. Oh sweet relief!

Bad breakfast sandwich

I started out to run some errands one morning stopping to get a breakfast sandwich. It did not taste very good but I ate it quickly and was on my way. Within an hour I started feeling sick but not that sick so I pushed on. I was getting progressively worse when in a store parking lot a wave of Nausea struck and shortly thereafter I violently vomited. It felt like my stomach muscles were stretched way too far after vomiting I started for home. My stomach was gurgling and my bowels were rumbling but I made it home without incident. Now I tried to lie down to calm my stomach down but things got worse. Besides explosive Diarrhea I also vomited again. Only this time as the nausea grew I could feel the vomit in my throat. Then suddenly I opened my mouth and it just flowed out. Not like before. No more vomiting just almost steady Diarrhea for a couple of hours. I had never felt my stomich girgle or rumble so much or so long. There was some mild stomich cramps so well I felt trapped in the bathroom. I had never felt this awful. Finally it stopped and I took an hour nap before my wife got home. I told her all about my troubles and she made some special food for diarrhea but I did not eat very much as I had no appetite. I took a shower and went to be bed real early. Got about 10 hours of sleep and felt fine the next morning. I don't think I will eat another one of those breakfast sandwiches any time soon!

This past week was not good for me, pooing wise. Since my last post, I've only gone for a poo twice. Once on Tuesday, then not again until Saturday. I was just lounging around being lazy when I felt a need building. I knew I hadn't been in four days, so I went straight to the bathroom.

I lowered my trousers and blue spotty knickers and sat on the toilet. I weed a little bit before setting my mind to the main task at hand. I sat for a short while, just hoping my poo would come out on its own, but no such luck. I gave some small pushes and felt the tip of a log poke out of my bum. When I stopped pushing though, it got sucked back up.

I knew this was going to be a difficult one. I pushed harder, letting out a grunt as I did. The rock hard log poked out again, and I kept pushing. I'm sure my face was bright red and if anyone were around to hear me grunting, I'd die of embarrassment.

Finally, the log was out and moving on its own and I could relax. Or so I thought. The log broke off and I could feel more poo inside me. I needed to catch my breath before trying again though. After a bit, I gave a big push and the rest of the log came out and splashed in the toilet.

I passed a couple logs that were somewhat easier to get out, but it was still difficult. When I felt I was finished, I wiped up and flushed. I washed my hands and then I wanted to have a bath after that effort.

So, yeah, constipation is terrible. I was having an okay time with it for a while, but nothing lasts forever, it seems.


The worst moving experience

My boyfriend and I were in between apartments and living with his parents for a couple months. We finally found a new apartment about 3 hours away from his parents home. The day we were moving, we woke up and had breakfast. After eating, my boyfriend put his hand on his stomach and said that the food didn't settle too well in his stomach. We didn't think anything of it, and got in the car to go. He was more quiet than normal in the car, and his hand was resting on his bloated stomach. He sat upright and said we didn't to pull into the nearest gas station immediately because he felt diarrhea coming on. I pulled into a gas station and he quickly walked into the bathroom. He was in there for a good 20 minutes. He then came out, still looking pale. He told me to keep going but be aware we might have to pull over in a little. I didn't think too much of it because when he gets ???? problems unless he takes anti diarrhea pills he'll go multiple times. I reached over to rub his ???? and noticed with was so hard and bloated. "You're not feeling too good are you?" I asked. He shook his head no. He then looked embarressed and rolled down the window. It was the worst smelling fart I have ever smelled in my life. It happened several times more for the next 15 minutes. He then warned me while rubbing his stomach that I need to get to another gas station. I found the closest one I could and he ran in, coming out once again 20 minutes later. When he came in the car he said he still felt pretty terrible. We started drive and only got 15 minutes in before we had to pull in to another gas station. The whole time he sat in the car, stomach rumbling with his hands on his stomach not saying a word. We were only 5 minutes away from our new apartment when he said he had to go again, but I asked him to wait until we were there. The rest of the five minute car ride, he began burping. At first he tried to hold them back, but after awhile he just let them out. They were huge burps and they smelled horrible. I asked if he was going to throw up, but he said no he was just gassy and it felt good for him to burp. We finally got to the appartment, and he ran in. I began moving our stuff in. The whole time he was in there I could hear him burping and moaning. We had to drive back to get the second load, so I knocked on the door and told him I would go run and get some anti diarrhea medicine. He took so long in there I moved the whole load into the apartment, then went to get his medicine. I pulled into parking lot when he called me saying he was ready to leave. I told him to come downstairs. I watched him walk downstairs, looking extremely pale and holding his stomach. I rolled down the window and heard him burping as he was walking down. Right before got in the car, he opened the door but stopped. He let out the biggest burp I have ever heard and then bent over. He began to gag, but nothing came out. He started breathing heavy and let out a series of burps. Finally he began vomiting. A huge amount of vomit came out of his mouth. In between vomits he would retch and burp and then vomit. When he was finally done I asked him if he was okay to drive home. He didn't think he would be able to. We went upstairs, and since we didn't have a bed yet, I layed some towles into a bed for him in the bathroom. He laid on it, shaking and looking so feverish and pale. I sat down beside him and began rubbing his ????. At this point his was too sick to even be embarresed about his gas. He would let out the worst smelling farts and moan about his stomach. I noticed that he would began burping for about 15 minutes before he would start throwing up. The first time he started burping he began to complain about how sick he felt. He would kneel over the toilet, grabbing his stomach. He then jumped on the toilet, having explosive diarrhea in front of him. He was still burping and clasped his hands over his mouth, about to throw up. He leaned into the bathtub and began puking while have explosive diarrhea. At that point I had to leave I was so grossed out! He was so incredibly sick. His stomach was hard and swollen and he had the worst smelling gas. The next 24 hours he would go between diarrhea and throwing up. Poor guy. Luckily I never got it!

Hello. I am a 17 year old girl, and I have a story from this afternoon. I go to a dance studio three days a week to learn dancing. Today during practice I needed to go poop. It wasn't too bad a need so I ignored it, planning to go after practice. But as time went on, it got worse. I knew the teacher probably wouldn't let me go, because in the time it took just to get my dance outfit off, then go to the bathroom, and then put my outfit back on, the practice would likely be over when I returned.

I held it in, but every minute seemed like hours. Finally, practice was over and I hadn't messed myself. As soon as we were excused, I rushed to the locker room, where the toilets were as well. I went into the first stall and began to remove my dance outfit. As I said earlier, that's hard under any circumstances because the outfit is nearly skintight, but being desperate for a poop really didn't help.

I managed to get it off and plopped my butt on the toilet just in time. The feeling of going was euphoric and I savored every second of it. But then when it was over and I went to wipe, I realized there was no paper in this stall. I really should have checked before I went, but I was super desperate!

I looked and saw the shoes of the person in the next stall over - it was my friend Tatiana. I knocked on the partition between the stalls and asked her for some paper. She handed me a bunch and I wiped, but I needed a bit more. I asked her for more and she said something like, "Must be a messy one, huh?"

I blushed and said yeah. I felt clean then and flushed my stinky load down. I left the stall and went to take a shower, then change into my regular clothes and head home.

Hope you enjoyed my story.


Answer for Rachypoo

Hi Rachy,

I'm not a doctor but I wouldn't try Imodium. Peppermint capsules are for people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), if you have this condition, there good to help your digestive system, however you might have got an allergic reaction to menthol, peanuts or soya.

The other reason why you might have had a loose deposit, because the oil in the capsules and the combination of grease and fat in the burger made it travel through your stomach more quickly.

Either way I would recommend you see your Dr.


Pooping in front of sibling

Hey, just joined the site. Seems interesting; I've always been kind of interested in bathroom-related subjects even though no one else in my life knows about it except for my brother.

My brother Chris and I are fraternal twins; we're both 17. And the thing is, we're really "comfortable" around each other, that is, we're not embarrassed to change in front of each other or even go to the bathroom in front of each other. It's one thing to just be in the bathroom when someone else is taking a leak or something, but I've been in the bathroom when he poops, and he's done the same thing with me.

We only have one bathroom and we all have to share it; just this morning I was in the bathroom getting my hair ready (and I gel it so it takes a while) and he said he had to poop, so I told him to just go ahead, and he did. The toilet's right next to the sink and I saw/heard/smelled everything. He even asked me to look at his poop afterward and see how big it was lol

Anyone else done such a thing with their sibling? For us it just doesn't seem that weird; we're used to it. But I'm being a twin has something to do with it.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Shannon M to some that would be alot but to her it may just her normal amount.

To: Elisabeth S great desperate pee story

To: Annie great poop story it sounds like your body is adjusting itself.

To: Rachypoo great story it sounds like you had a really interesting poop.

Sincerly Brandon T

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Desperate to poop.

Seaside Poop

Hi all

Weather has been very good so we went to the seaside today. Whilst we were on our way I got an urge to pee and a need to poop. As we approached the town we got caught up in horrendous seaside traffic and it took us 40 minutes to get parked and that was outside of town.

I was now bursting for a pee and could feel a definite need for a poop. We walked into town and I made straight away for the public toilets and a queue! It was very busy after all and there was a queue of 7 for the ladies. I contemplated going to a cafe but everywhere seemed very busy.

In front of me waiting were 2 blonde 40 yr old who knew each other, a mother and daughter who was a jiggling, a couple of older women prob late 50's early 60's and another lady her in 40's who was looking a little frustrated at the wait.

I was really desperate to pee, my poo was also wanting out but nowhere as much as my pee. I was started to dribble slightly and trying not to visibly fidget but I couldn't help it

There were 3 toilets. The 2 40 yr olds got in quite quickly and one only needed to pee and came out. The other one was in a little longer alongside the other cubicle that nwas still engaged. The daughter replaced the one 40 yr old and she was only in for a few minutes and that let the Mother in who needed to poop! for the next few minutes all 3 continued to be engaged and you could smell the poop in the air. Finally the 40yr old came out and that let the first 60 yr old in to pee. The end cubicle had been engaged all the time but finally flushed allowing the other 60 yr old in. Just as she went in the 60 yr old came out allowing the final lady in front of me to go in. She must have been desperate as she let a real loud gusher of a piss out. The 60 yr old was pooping and the other lady was wiping when then the mother came out.

I was so pleased I was so desperate. I hurried in and had the most long relieving pee I think Ive ever had. The relief was so wonderful. I then started my nice big poop. Not runny this time just a nice couple of long logs that felt so nice coming out as well. All in All felt superb. In the one cubicle a couple of ladies came to pee and in the other cubicle when the 60 yr old left a lady came in and had a quick round of soft almost diarreoh sounding poop.

I finally felt finished, might relieved and very happy. I wiped my quite clean backside and a very moist front, flushed and left feeling very happy.

Happy Pooping


Story from yesterday

Hi everyone, Abbie here again with a story from yesterday, I'll get to it in just a minute after a couple of comments.
Natasha- thanks for your kind comments and glad to hear you had time for a poo before the church service even if you had to go back to the toilet afterwards to finish off! I know what you mean, its really annoying if your on the toilet and trying to have a poo but nothing will come and then you end up really wanting to go a few minutes later when its far less convenient. That happens to me sometimes when I use the loo at school before lessons start, some days I have a slight need for a poo but I sit there pushing and nothing happens, of course by the time I'm 5 minutes in to first lesson I get a strong urge and know I'd be able to have a poo straightaway, but by then I've got no choice to hang on until lunchtime most days which isn't always easy!
Megan- glad to hear your exams are over and that you were able to wait until the exam was finished for your poo, sounded like you and your friend did a big load!
This holiday I've been spending some time with my friend Lucy who I used to go to school with, just like me she is quite often constipated so we have helped each other out on the loo many times in the past and yesterday was like old times! We'd been in town doing some shopping and had decided to head back to mine, as we were on the bus Lucy started to shift in her seat and whispered to me that she needed the loo and would have to go as soon as we got back to my house. After we got off the bus and had started walking I got some rumblings in my belly as well and realised I was starting to want a poo, I thought back over the last few days and realised I hadn't been since Wednesday which was 3 days earlier so I knew it was likely to be a struggle. As we were walking along I said "I think I'm going to need a poo before long, do you just need a wee or is it a poo as well?" and Lucy replied "I'm afraid I need a poo and I'm really bursting, it won't be long before it starts to come out in my knickers!"
"Well I'm not quite that desperate yet so you can go first," I said.
"Thanks," Lucy replied, "I'll try to be as fast as I can only I've been a bit constipated this last couple of weeks so I might struggle a bit."
"Don't worry, I've been suffering recently as well, I usually need the school holidays to sort me out but so far I'm still bunged up" I said. "Are you still able to go for a poo at school?"
"To be honest I hardly ever do, the loos are in a really bad state, the other week I needed a poo really badly and just had to go but I ended up having to use a cubicle without a door which was really embarrassing so if at all possible I hold it in till I get back home which is sometimes really hard. How are your loos?"
"God, a lot better than yours by the sound of it! I didn't know they'd got so bad! I try to get in early, have some breakfast in the canteen and then use the loo after that, theres some pretty decent ones next door to the canteen and at that time in the morning practically everyone using them is trying to have a poo before lessons start so I'm never the only one which is good." By that time we had arrived at my front door and I started to open it, Lucy was hopping from one foot to the other so I could see how desperate she was. As soon as we got inside she started to pull her leggings and pants down away from her bum. "Sorry about this but its starting to poke out and I don't want to get my knickers dirty, it happens often enough at school when I have to hold it in."
"I know what you mean" I answered as we dashed upstairs to my room, "I quite often get marks in my pants too if its any comfort."
As we entered my room Lucy dropped her black leggings to her thighs followed by her white knickers, I noticed they were massive granny pants like the ones I'd recently bought and I felt relieved, I was wearing very similar ones and was feeling a bit embarrassed until then about Lucy seeing them. She shuffled over to my ensuite and sat on the loo, moaning as she was finally able to relax. After a few seconds she started to push and I heard some wee spurting out, I could see she was having to bear down hard as she was screwing her face up and going red. "Sorry about this," she panted, "I've got the tip out but its getting really wide and its hard to keep it moving." She squeezed her thighs together, pulled her bum cheeks apart and continued to strain, making some loud grunts. After about another 5 minutes she said "Its coming faster now" and shortly after there was a plop and she moaned with relief. I started shifting about, my own need was getting worse and I could feel a massive hard poo trying to force my bum open. Lucy was quite clearly working on her next log, I could see she was still straining and didn't seem close to being done, so I knelt on the bathroom floor, hiked up my skirt and pulled my knickers down away from my bum. Lucy saw what I was doing and said "Sorry, I'll try not to be too much longer," and shortly after I heard a few plops close together followed by a sigh. "Right, I think I'm done, I'll wipe standing if you want so you can get on the loo straight away." Lucy pulled the flush and I nodded gratefully, I was already waiting with my skirt lifted and my knickers at my knees so I just sat on the loo and relaxed, at once I felt the tip poke out but then it got fatter so I knew I'd have to start pushing. Lucy was standing next to me wiping her bottom, I shifted forward so she could throw the paper away then she pulled up her pants and leggings and sat on the bathroom floor. The massive log was creeping really slowly out of my bum in spite of me bearing down really hard and I could feel myself going red, I also couldn't help grunting as I pushed. "I've got the same problem" I panted as I pulled my bum cheeks apart just like Lucy had done, that seemed to help a bit as with the next push I felt the log slide out further and knew I'd got the fattest part out. Not long after it splashed down in the bowl and I felt another log ready to come out, luckily that one was smaller so I didn't have to strain nearly as hard. After my second log had dropped I felt empty so I took some paper, wiped my bum and flushed before pulling up my pants and pulling down my skirt. Lucy and I went back into my bedroom to try on the clothes we'd bought. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!


Sally and I at Summer Camp

Hi, everyone, it's Tim here, this time about the summer camp Sally and I went on last summer. It was a 4 hour long bus trip, not counting the 15 minutes the bus stopped so that we could pee in the bushes. Sally peed, but I didn't need one. Finally, when we got there, we were shown the toilets. They were very basic, wooden planks with holes in them, about 20, all in one room with no privacy at all and boys and girls sharing the same room. I was not bothered by this, nor was Sally, which was a good thing, because the next day, both of us found we had serious cases of diarrhoea. I mean serious, as in both Sally and I spent 4 hours sitting side by side, jeans and underwear at our ankles, holding hands as the waves of brown water flowed out of us. We were both really sick and were sent to the infirmary. Here, they told us to strip naked, before giving us singlets to wear, but nothing below the waist. Then they took us into a room with 2 beds and said we were staying together until we felt better so that the virus didn't spread to the other campers. We would be brought food and meds, but other than that we were alone together. On the first day of our quarantine, Sally had the worst diarrhoea she has ever had, she woke up at 6, sat on the chamber pot and didn't get off it until 7:30, while I sat on the pot at 7:30 and didn't finish my poo until 8, by which time she was on it again. After that, the meds we were given started to help, and Sally didn't do a poo again until 12:00, while I puked a bit, but nothing more. Sally vomited 3 times while she was pooping, because she was pressing down on her stomach to try and get it all out and pressed a bit too hard. So I went over to her and massaged her bum for her, wiped her anus and took her singlet off, putting her to bed naked so she would be more comfortable, before taking my singlet off and sleeping naked as well. Finally, on the second day, Sally began to poo more solidly, though I still had to wipe her bum as she was too weak to do that. Then I put her back to bed, massaged her butt cheeks together and her anus to help her feel better. The next day, we were told we could come back to the camp as we had recovered. So, for the first time in 2 days, we put our clothes on and went back to having fun.

Hi, guys, it's Tim again, this time with a very good story. I was 12 years old and Sally was really constipated, very badly, to the point that even when she squatted, nothing happened. So, I decided to give her an enema. I took her to my bedroom while my parents were out, asked her to get undressed, which she quickly did, telling me, "Do whatever you have to do, just get this poo out of me." Then I gently spread her bum cheeks and asked her to relax her butt hole and to bear down as if doing a poo, while I slowly pushed the enema tube up her anal canal. Once I got it into position, I turned the flow on, telling her not to worry if she felt funny, it would help her in the end. Once the bag was empty, I slowly removed the tube from her anus and told her to stand up. She said, "Tim, I really need the toilet", so I took her, once she got dressed, to my outside toilet, as she said she preferred to use it to the inside one. Once she was comfortably seated on the hole with pants and panties around her ankles, I began to lightly massage her belly and waited for the timer to go off. She began to get more and more desperate to go and began sweating, grinding her teeth and begging me to let her release. Once the timer went off, I sat down on the hole next to her, began my own turd and told her to release. Instantly, brown water, urine, farts and the biggest turd I have ever seen slid out of her bum into the pit below, followed my mushy liquid poo and some more pee. She kissed me, thanked me for doing that for her, wiped her bum, wiped mine for me as a way of saying thank you, then we pulled up our pants and went back to playing.

Hi, Tim here, this time with two short stories from kindergarten, but not involving Sally. The first one goes like this:
After lunch, before we went for our nap, everyone would go and sit on the toilet and try to pee or poo. I was 5 years old, as was everyone else, and there were 15 toilets all in a row without privacy, but that never bothered anyone. So, before we went inside, they had handed out a biscuit each to everyone as a special treat, and I swear the biscuit was laced with laxatives, because almost right after eating it, everyone rushed to the toile. So, I'm sitting there, shorts around my ankles (nobody ever wore underwear at the kindergarten, believe it or not), and one girl, dark-skinned, comes in, pulls up her dress, no panties, of course, sits down, closes her eyes and starts to push and grunt her poo out. Nothing unusual, except she was eating her biscuit while she was going. One of the staff saw this and took the biscuit off her, before leaving to let us get on with our business. I finished, wiped and got up, so did the girl, and she never said anything during the entire time, except to say to me as we were walking out, "That was the hardest poo of my life!"

The second story goes like this:
Once, one of the girls was not feeling very well, so one of the staff asked her, "Do you want a poo or wee?" and she said, "No." But she was told that if she felt sick she should run straight to the toilet. So later we were playing in the sandpit, when this girl suddenly jumped up and ran inside. I followed her, also needing the toilet myself for a poo. When I went to the toilets, I found her sitting with her jeans at her ankle, no panties, shaking and sweating. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "Oh, it's nothing, just a liquid poo." So I sat on the toilet next to her to keep her company, cheering her up and helping her wipe. She was the first girl I saw with diarrhoea, and certainly not the last!

I would and will always let my kids of either gender pee outside. I think forcing children to hold themselves like that is cruel and sexist.

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