Shannon M.


Hi guys,
I have 4 kids, a 14 year old girl, 10 year old girl, and a set of boy/girl twins who just turned 5. They are all pretty good eaters, especially my oldest who can eat a ton, and they eat pretty healthy as well. But they all take very big poops. With the twins, they usually ask me to come into the bathroom and help them so i have noticed that their poops are almost the size of mine. But the one with the biggest poops is my 14 year old daughter. i have been in family restrooms with her when she poops. They can be as long as 2 feet and only take about a minute to come out. First she lets out some gas, then pushes out a huge snake-like poop and then she's done. Is this a good thing or are they not pooping enough? Should kids have poops that are this big?
Just wondering.

Elisabeth s.

a bit embarresing

Hey, I know I don't write here very frequent, but I must say I like to post here and the most of your posts . On Friday night happened something embarrassing for me. My dad and me drove back from a shopping tour for music equipment. It is a two hour ride with the car. It was evening and a calm traffic. We were half hour away from home an I felt an urge to pee. We passed a parking place with toilets but I did not say that we should halt there because I don't like the highway toilets and I thought we would be in no time at home. I couldn't be more wrong. after ten minutes we came in a traffic jam and then we stood on the left lane . First I thought it would. be only some minutes , but nothing moved . so I mentioned that I need to pee. He said I could go behind some bushes on the edge of the street. I would have done this, but we were on the left lane and I feared if i went peeing the traffic jam could clear off and I would never reach our car again . It was the pure horror. My bladder was so full, it felt it just could burst . After over a hour we drove again . My dad drove as fast as he could to our house. As. we were in the street I opened the car door and jumped out and ran to our house . I took the keys out of my pocket and turned them in the lock. By the last turn the door should open, but instead I had just had the half key in my hand, the rest was in the lock . My face must be made a grimace in this very moment . With the last bit of control over my body i ran behind our house in the garden. i quick went under a tree opened my pants and while squatting I felt the big relive of the pee stream . My whole body shook. I dunno how long I peed but it felt like eternity. After I was done we dialed for a key service .
@ Emma: nice story but I find. it to strict from your mum.
@ April: also a nice short story


To Car MOM

Great story I love hearing about mom's peeing(that's a lie I love Hearing about ladies peeing regardless of if they are mom's or not). So I had two questions about a topic I know you are much less interested in but want to ask anyhow. First have you ever had a lady poop in your car as well? I know you said you have had two kids do it reluctantly because you are not into poop but I was curious if you ever let one in an emergency or if one did it without asking. Also as far as your new car I know you let a couple of people poop in your old car reluctantly, would you let any of them poop in your new car or is it completely off limits?? Lastly(and back on the topic you prefer) have you let anyone pee in your house lately, besides the toilet?


Huge soft-ish poop and reply to Lauren

I just went to the bathroom after a really strong urge. It was bursting to come out but I'm waiting for my superintendent to come back and fix my kitchen sink (upstairs people clogged it with all their food, grease and other nasty stuff and caused it to overflow twice). I was doing my best to hold on but I was dying to go so I figured I better take care of that need now. I got the toilet paper and something to read and gave a gentle push and a huge log came out. The difference is it didn't hurt this time. Yesterday when I went it was smaller and painful causing my butt to bleed. This one came out easier and there was a lot of it. It felt softer and only took about a minute for all of it to come out. I stood up to wipe and I even took a picture of it with my phone to show my husband later. He can't believe the size of the monsters I do and he gets jealous because he can't do any that size. He doesn't know where all that poo comes from or how I can do such massive dumps for a woman that skinny. But I've been doing poops this big since I was a little girl. Guess it's my colon or something. This poop was pretty big, about a foot to foot and a half long. Let's just say I feel a lot better. My stomach isn't bloated and clogged anymore.

This is a reply to Lauren: What happened outside to Bella was horrible. If it was my daughter I would let her pee outside in an emergency. Anything is better than her being in agony and having to hold it or peeing her pants. I would rather she go outside than to make her hold it because "she's a lady". I don't agree with the way Morgan dealt with that. That double standard of boys can do it and girls can't is unfair. I feel bad about what happened to poor Bella.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Emma first welcome to the site and great story your shouldnt have punished ou though accidents happen and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Lauren her mom should have been understanding maybe one she well be in the same situation and then she wil know what daugther was going through and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jamal as always another great story about Michelle it sounds like she really had to poop and alot to I bet she felt pretty great afterwards and I look forward to your next story about her thanks.

To: April first welcome to the site and great poop story please share anymore you may have thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great poop story it sounds like your getting over your poop shyness slowly and pleas post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Meagan as always another great story it sounds like you just made in time without peeing yourself and it sounds like you had a great poop to later on and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Car Mom as always another great car peeing adventure it sounds like your new van is getting a good welcome and it sounds like she really had to pee and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Steven A

School Poop

When I got to school, I developed a slight urge to go to the bathroom, but, I waited until I had time to go. But, it wasn't until the end of Math class when the urge came back stronger. I held it until the bell rang. When the bell rang, I went to the bathroom, and I took a while. (I take my time going poop) When I was finished, I went to a room that was like Study Hall to finish a test. I was supposed to go somewhere else, but the bell was going to ring soon, so I decided to stay. Luckily, I had the same class in the same room. And I went on with my day.


Sixth Grade

As i moved from elementary school to my middle school, I was detemined to not have any more embarassing poop related incidents. For the first semester of 6th grade, that was true, however early in the second semster right before gym class i had to take a major dump. The gym locker room was the last place you would want to go if you wanted privacy as their were just 4 toilets lined up in a row just past the lockers. I knew it was either go now or in my pants, so right in front of everyone else changing I walked over to the toilets with my head down. People looked over since rarely did anyone have to use those toilets. I heard chuckles coming from the other guys but i kept walking and took the toilet that was the most out of view from the others , which sadly was still exposed. I pulled my pants and underpants just past my ass and sat. I then unleashed a massive messy loud stinky dump into the toilet in the form of huge turds splashing loudly 3 seconds apart. The smell was unbelievalbe as the chuckles had grown into full scale laughter. The other kids tryed walking over the toilets but had to stop because of the smell, i continued to poop while getting heckeled about the smell, and every time a splash was heard, they just said "damn you must have been desperate" it got worse, they wouldn't leave so i was forced to wipe infront of all of them and they glanced at my shit and they just roared with laughter at me wiping my messy ass and the massive dump i had just taked. I was burning red as i finally flushed it and walked out with them but sadly for the rest of the year no one let me forget that dump in the locker room.

problem at the motel

I was a salesman and often stayed at motels. One night I checked into a motel and after eating at a small diner nearby I started to feel a Little sick. My stomach started to roll around and I could feel a lot of movement in my bowels. I knew what that meant and after laying down for a few minutes watching TV I knew that I was going to have diarrhea. So I went to the bathroom and promptly delivered several Follies of liquid goo into the toilet. When I finished I flushed and quickly left the bathroom because the smell was bad. I went back to watching TV but a bit later I thought I could hear water running in the bathroom . I got up and went to the bathroom and was shocked to see that the toilet had plugged up and was over flowing and my diarrhea was all over the floor. It looked very gross to say the least. I called the fro mt desk and told them that the toilet was overflowing and they sent a young women to clean up the awful mess. So she was in the bathroom for a long time getting the toilet unclogged and cleaning up the mess on the floor. I was laying on the bed in the next room watching TV. I think she was almost done when I realized that I had to go again. I tried to hold it but knew I could not hold it very long. Now I was feeling really nauseous as well and knew that I might have to also puke soon. I went to the bathroom door and told the girl that I was sorry but really had to use the bathroom RIGHT NOW. I think she could see looking at me that I was about to be really sick so she grabbed her mop and left very quickly.I lunged to the toilet and as my bottom hit the seat the Diarrhea gushed out and at the same time I was able to grab the wastepaper basket and vomit all of undigested supper into the basket.There were chunks of brown and white vomit as well as volumes of stomoch acid in my puke and it smelled and tasted awful. I sat there with both ends active for maybe a half hour. Then flushed(it worked fine this time) went back to bed and slept thru the night and went on my way the next morning. I really felt bad for the girl that had to clean up my mess but there was nothing I could do about it.

Some Guy

High School

Hey, everyone. Haven't posted in a while. Car Mom and Lauren, I'm glad you're both posting again! Anyway, I've been out of high school for nine years now, so I'm not too sure why I remember this the way I do. But, in reading the posts on this site, I see that people remember things that happened longer than nine years ago!

When I was in high school, I visited the bathroom every morning before school. I had to check my hair to make sure it looked good for the ladies! LOL. But I also used the bathroom for its intended pee and poop. This really became my routine my sophomore year. When I was a junior and senior, though, there was a kid who always visited the same bathroom I did. He came in to to the bathroom, went into a stall (normally the handicapped one), and put paper down over the seat. He would then go and pee in a urinal. He would then come back to the stall, pull down his underwear and blue jean shorts, and poop. I figured out his routine because he would come in as I was at the sink looking at my hair. I would sometimes take a little longer because I was secretly trying to figure out his routine. I would then go, enter a stall, pull down my underwear and pants, and poop. One bathroom we were in had three stalls, so I would pick the stall next to him. If I got there before him, I would pick the handicapped stall, and he would come and poop in the stall next to me. (Again, same routine). In a different bathroom, there were only two stalls. So, we would end up pooping next to one another. One time, before I figured out his routine, I got to the handicapped stall, only to discover that he had put paper down on the seat. I went ahead and sat down to poop, then he came and pooped in the other toilet. We never did speak to one another or introduce ourselves. But, for two years in high school, I had a pooping partner each morning!


Minty :)

So this weird thing happened to me today... I had a cheeseburger for lunch which made me feel a bit yucky so I took 2 peppermint oil capsules (good for ???? problems).
Anyway the day kept going and after tea I felt really sick so I went and quickly sat on the toilet. Little bits of liquidy poo came out, I expected it to smell really bad because it felt so gross. It was stinging soooo much as it came out. I went to wipe and it was bright green. That's when I realised my poo smelt really good... Like peppermint! It was so strange. It was a really strong smell of mint and that would explain why it hurt so much! Anyway I hope you liked my story.

A quick question for all of you... I think my body is pushing food through it too fast, I can eat food and all of a sudden it comes back out the other end...
Should I try Imodium for this? Or do you have other suggestions?? It can be quite awkward when this happens at work/social events etc.

John H

Some comments

@Emma, Hey and welcome. I think it was wrong of your mother to make you hold on to your pee for so long.
The fact that you still remember this after so many years shows how wrong it was.
I don't understand why she didn't let you use the toilet in the McDonalds and the fact that she made you drink more liquid when she knew you were already bursting to go made things even worse.
Also punishing you by not allowing you to use the bathroom was wrong in my opinion.

@Lauren, hey and welcome back. Sounds like that lady was like Emma's mother. I agree with you that its okay to let your child pee outside if they are desperate once they are in a safe place where people cant see them.
If there are no toilets available then that is better then letting a child pee in their pants.

@Jamal, I enjoyed your latest story. the smell of the poo was most likely stronger as the water in a toilet helps to reduce the smell. Did Michelle let out any pee while she was pooping?

@the 23 year old English girl, hey and welcome. I enjoyed your first post. You sound a lot like me in that I also like to sit on the toilet and relax and let nature take its course.
I find letting a nice thick log slide out without pushing is very enjoyable.
I can understand why you would be a little worried about those you work with hearing you in the bathroom as you work in a small office but they will also have to be heard pooping at some point so think of it like that and it might help.
If you want to reduce the splash of your logs hitting the water then try putting a little toilet paper down the toilet before using it.
This will help with keeping the noise down and will also prevent water splashing up on you.
Looking forward to reading more posts from you in the future.

@Megan, I'm glad that I am not the only one that has to poo more around exam time.
I also have to poo more if I am involved in anything nerve racking like making a speech or a presentation for example.
Hope you and Cee get the results you want in your exams.

That's all for this post.
I haven't done a poo yesterday and I can feel pressure building as I write this so I am going to go and sit on the toilet and let nature take its course.
Take care all,

John H.


Bad Diarrhea Today

Hi, everyone, it's Tim. I turned 13 ten days ago, while on holiday with Sally like I said in a previous post. Anyway, I've had really bad diarrhoea today, I've done 14 poops in 3 hours. By the way, I hardly ever use the inside toilet, I usually use either my outdoor squat toilet or the toilet behind the shed. Same goes for my sister. Anyway, I felt fine this morning and went outside to play as usual. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a massive cramp hit me and I started running behind the shed to my toilet, but before I could make it, I let out a massive wet fart and poo flooded my underwear. I got to the toilet, dropped my shorts and undies and sat down, letting loose wave after wave of liquid poop. I came in and told Mum what happened and she told me to go to my room, strip naked and stay there for the rest of the day. She was not trying to punish me, she told me that if I was naked, I could poop faster when I needed to. So now I'm in my room naked, sitting on my bed, with a potty by my bed, waiting for my next round to start. Oh no, here it comes. So now, I'm squatting over my potty, farting like nobody's business, brown mush coming from my bottom and pee coming from my penis. I'm pushing really hard to get all the poop out and pressing down hard on my stomach to help in my bowel movement. Except now I've pushed too hard and I feel the need to vomit. I've just spewed into my potty on top of my diarrhoea. I'll be back later. More poo coming!!

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Hi. I'm new to the site but thought I'd post because of reading what car mom and Lauren posted. I love the fact that you guys are so free with where hour kids relieve themselves. Growing up my mom was very strict. This story happened when I was about six or seven. I'm 20 now but I remember it like it was yesterday. Now, I had a great childhood and my mom was a great mom. We are very close, but for some reason she has this weird thing about using the bathroom. She always told me growing up that you never talk about needing to go or show any signs of being desperate. When the time is right you discreetly excuse yourself and go. This especially held true for girls. Girls I guess just aren't supposed to need to go. I got really good at holding it in as a child and never asked to use the bathroom or announced my need. This one time though we were on a road trip coming home from my grandpa who lived six hours away. The drive there was fine because I slept the whole way but on the way home there was trouble. We were on this long stretch of road and we were the only ones driving. It was nighttime. My brother Bruce, who was 9 or 10 at the time said he needed to pee. I had started to feel the need to. My mom pulled over and told Bruce he could go by the tire. I asked if I could go too. I knew the rules but figured a road trip must be different. My mom said no, that ladies never ask to relieve themselves. Bruce went and off we drove. I was getting really desperate really fast. I had drank a lot of soda before we left. I was in the backseat so put my hand in my crotch. If my mom saw she would have been really mad. Soon not even that was enough. I was bouncing up and down and rocking back and forth. That my mom noticed and told me it better not be because I had to pee. I told her it was and that I really had to go but she yelled at me to stop. I don't know how much time had passed but I was in agony. My bladder was fuller than it had ever been and every bump in the road was killing me. My mom announced we were going into McDonald's to grab something to eat. I asked if I could use the bathroom there thinking maybe she just didn't want me to go on the side of the road but again she said no. So we went inside and ordered. I had to stand still and try not to pee myself. My mom would be so mad if I looked like I had to go so I couldn't hold myself. We sat down and my mom yelled at me to eat my food and drink my drink. I didn't want to but she made me finish my soda. We got back into the car and I was crying I had to pee so bad. Even my brother felt bad for me. I tried everything I could think of to hold it in but eventually I realized I wouldn't be able to. I thought maybe if I just let a little out it would be better. I let out a squirt and tried to stop but I couldn't and started flooding my pants and the car seat. At first I was so relieved I didn't care how mad my mom would be but then I realized I was in trouble. Reluctantly I told my mom I had peed my pants and she was furious. When we got home she punished me by not letting me use the bathroom the rest of the night. This was a common punishment in my house and I would often pee in cups in my room and hide them.
Did anyone else experience this as a child? Way to go car mom and Lauren for being great mothers!


5th Grade

Before the big fifth grade graduation I had, I was unbelievably nervous. It was a big deal at the time so when im nervous, sadly it can only mean one thing explosive diarreah. So right beforehand I asked to go to the bathroom with our school's doorless stalls and despite my extreme embarassment i didnt have any choice. I found the furthest stall dropped my pants and let loose. A massive fart ripped out of me followed by incredibly loose plops luckily no one was in there but I wanted to finnish up as quickly as possible. I continued to fart and let out loose turds for another five minutes. It was starting to stink in there. I tried flushing the toilet and to my horror it was clogged so i rn right out of there just as someone walked in. I did not want to be disscovered. Graduation continued and went well.

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