Hi again. It seems once I started I can't stop posting. I wanted to get everyone's, especially those of you with kids, opinion on something. Yesterday evening I took my four year old Story to the park to have a play date with her friends Bella and David. They are twins who are in her class at school. Their mom Morgan and I have always gotten along and it was nice to sit and chat with her and only have one kid to keep an eye on for a change. We were there about an hour when Story came up to me saying she needed to pee. There are no bathrooms at this park. I asked her if she wanted to walk back to the car and pee there. The car was parked at the other side of the park. She was holding herself and jumping up and down. "No mommy," she answered " I have to go right now!" I figured she couldn't hold it until we walked back to the car and decided the best option was to have her go behind the bush we were sitting by. I should mention that there was no one else at the park and we were far away from the play area and drinking fountains. I told Story to pull down her pants and squat behind the bush. She did and peed for a long time, then pulled her pants up and went back to playing. Morgan was just looking at me with disbelief. She told me it was gross to let your kids pee outside and they need to learn to hold it. I responded that Story couldn't hold it and was going to wet her pants, plus there wasn't another option. We didn't have too long to debate the issue when David came up to us and told Morgan he needed to pee. She sighed and told him she guessed he could go behind the bush as well since Story already made it unsanitary. About 30 minutes later Bella came up to us and said she needed to pee and asked if she could go behind the bush like Story and David had. Morgan told her no, that ladies don't per outside and she could just hold it until she got home. She looked really desperate but went back to play. I asked Morgan why Bella couldn't use the bush like her brother had and she told me it was okay for boys to pee outside in desperate situations but never girls. I disagreed. I think it's unfair and unhealthy to ask any child to hold their pee for long periods of time but Morgan wouldn't listen. She called the kids to pack up their stuff and we began to head back to the parking lot. Bella was still complaining she had to go and I noticed she could barely walk without stopping to hold herself or cross her legs. We were almost to the parking lot and I told Morgan that if she wanted, Bella could pee in my car and it would be more private. Morgan said no, Bella was a lady and needed to act like one. At this point Bella was crying. "Please mommy I'm going to pee my pants. Please can I go in the car?" I felt so bad for this little girl but her mom still was saying no. She unlocked the car and told the kids to get in. Bella was just frozen there holding herself. "I can't get in the car." She told her mom "I can't move. I'm going to pee myself." Morgan told her if she did she would be in a lot of trouble. I put story in our car and was driving away when I looked back and saw Bella standing very still, pee running down her legs and puddling beneath her. I hoped she wouldn't get into trouble for it but I haven't talked to Morgan since and I don't know what happened. What do you all think? Would you let your daughter pee outside in an emergency? I can't be the only one who thinks what happened was horrible.



Hey Nick....

Hope finals are going OK for ya; it must be a bitch to deal with your IBS at times when stress is hitting you from all angles.

It's interesting how stress affects us physically; anyone who thinks otherwise just needs to talk to someone with IBS.....I've always felt that I tend to get constipated more easily when I'm stressed.

Anyway...just wanted to say hello in case you happened to pop on here between finals; hope you find time to post after June 9th....


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lauren first welcome back and as always great peeing stories it sounds like Noah knew which car was just right and gave her seal of approval of sorts lol and great story about you desperate pee at work in you chair and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: J-Girl another great peeing story it sounds like you an your friends had alot of fun and I look forward to reading your next post thanks.

To: Pat as always another great story aout you and Artiss is sounds like she was beyond desperate but at least made it with just seconds to spare from the sound of it and as always I look forward to reading your next post thanks.

To: Melody first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a really great pee and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Rachypoo as always another great story it sounds like you were pretty desperate but at least you made it to the toilet both times and chances are your body was just having a cleanout or it was a quick stomach thing and it went away quickly and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Adelle great story it sounds like your friend really had to poop and I bet she felt pretty great afterwards and I bet you did to after your pee and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tim as always another great story about Sally it sounds like you are a true friend to her by helping her out those times and great story about the boat pooping and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natasha as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop I bet you felt pretty great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Taylor first welcome to the site it sounds like you had a pretty rough night but at least you had a friend there to help you out and I bet you felt pretty good later on once it was all over andplease post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Shanon as always another great story it sounds like you and that other woman both really had to poop and I bet you all felt pretty good afterward and it alsom sounds like you both just made it in time to and as always I look forard to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster great story it sounds like you both really had to poop and had a real good cleanout to and it sounds like you both felt pretty great afterwards and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Diane great pooping stories it sounds like you and those other women had really great poops and i bet you all felt great afterwards to and I look forward to reading your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.
Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Mr. Clogs

Reply to Yvonne

Yvonne: Thank you for your response to my buddy dump question. I've always been curious how people do these buddy dumps. At least I have a better understanding how that's done. I really enjoyed your post about pooping in the restroom and making a new friend Pamela. It seemed that you both enjoyed each others company. Thanks again Yvonne and keep the post coming.


So yesterday Michelle came over to my place. We were watching a movie when she announced that she ate a big lunch today and needed to poop. She walked to the bathroom and told me to follow her, cause she knows I like to watch. But just then, I remembered that my commode was busted and wouldn't be fixed till the next day. I had been eating a lot lately and makin huge, stanky dookie logs. one of them was a monster and it messed up my whole sewer system. What do I do, she said, I really have to go. So I told her to just poop in the bath tub. she just gave me a look that said You trippin. But I told her i'd clean it up later. No big deal. So she pulled down her pants and panties and plopped her beautiful,black booty over the side of the tub. Her face tensed up cause she was pushing the poop out. Michelle let out a few quiet farts and then dumped a long, thick load into the bath tub. Then a smile of relief came across her face. The stench of her poo curled up to my nostrils and I loved it. Then she wiped her booty and washed her hands. When she was done,I stared in the tub and admired her beautiful, brown creation. It was a good sized pile. We started talking about what she ate. she told me she was starting to eat a lot more fiber and it made her poop a lot more. She said sometimes she goes 3 times a day. After that, we went out and continued watching the movie. later on, I scooped up her stinky load and put it in a bag, then dropped it in the garbage. Hopefully my toilet will be fixed soon.

Hi everyone. I have a story to share about what happened just a little bit ago. My sister and I were in our bedroom, and I had to take a dump. I went into our ensuite and didn't close the door, because we're not shy about pooping around each other, and the main door to our bedroom was closed. Anyway, I pulled down my shorts and panties and sat on the toilet.

I played on my phone while I pooped. For a few minutes nothing happened, but then I let out several big logs. And boy, was I stinking it up! My sister was poking fun at my expense, saying things like "Whew, it stinks! How can you breath in there?"

I responded by farting loudly and dropping more bombs and making it stink worse, haha. She likes to joke about how my shit stinks, but she leaves the bathroom smelling pretty awful in the morning when she poops. All jokes aside though, today's poop was particularly stinky even for me. I wonder what I ate that made it so smelly.

Accidental Tourist

New Yorker article

In the May 20, 2013 issue of the New Yorker magazine, there is an article about a nursing home in Arizona, called Beatitudes, focused on caring for people with Alzheimers and other forms of dementia. From some paragraphs in the article describing training programs for the institution's staff:

In the most radical experiment, the staff wore adult diapers. "That was kind of life-changing for everyone involved," Alonzo told me. "We all recognized just how uncomfortable it was to sit in a wet brief. Some of our front-line staff, who really wanted to know how that felt, did not change them for a couple of hours."

Not a very sexy description, but I thought this would interest people on this forum.

-- AT

Accidental Tourist

Weird occurrance

This morning I was especially sleepy when I got up around 5:30 am. My usual, and very regular, habit is to get dressed, go downstairs, make a pot of coffee, go out and get the newspaper. By that time I am quite ready for my morning dump. Today I didn't feel a particular urge but I went into the bathroom anyway, with a cup of coffee and the paper. The cat joined me in the bathroom as usual.

I sat down and was reading the paper, and after awhile I decided that I didn't need to crap after all, so I stood up and pulled up my pants and left the room. I sat down at the computer chair, and realized that I felt sort of "squishy" back there, but thought nothing of it. Then my wife came into the room and asked me in an accusatory tone of voice why I hadn't flushed. Huh? I thought, and I went into the bathroom to discover the toilet full of crap. I realized suddenly that I had been sitting there and crapping, and had forgotten all about it (in my sleepiness, I guess). I flushed and went upstairs to take the shower that I now kind of urgently needed. There was the mother of all skidmarks in my underwear, almost more than a skidmark, more like a really large smear.

Has anyone else ever forgotten that they pooped? Talk about a "senior moment"!

-- AT

Friday, May 31, 2013


Reply to Diane etc

Diane. I enjoyed your accounts of pooing whilst holidaying on the North Norfolk coast enormously. It sounds as though you and Anne - the other lady - were both fairly constipated and had to drop big loads. If you've read through some of the older posts you will see that my much loved Aunt Anne was largely responsible for much of my pooing interest when I was younger. As it happens, Aunt Anne grew up in a rural part of the North Norfolk area and she's no doubt familiar with the resort you were holidaying in.

Recently I celebrated a significant birthday and we had a bit of a family luncheon party at a local hostelry to mark it. Although she's no longer a spring chicken, Aunt Anne was there, having been driven up by one of my cousins who lives within reasonable striking distance of her. I planned things so that she sat next to me, in a seat which was difficult to leave, during the meal which ran to over three hours. Later on she then came to my house for a good chat which lasted a good hour and a quarter. She wanted a cup of tea and I obligingly gave her a big pint mug, filled to the brim, savouring the experience of watching her drink it and she obligingly drank the whole lot. I was rather hoping that she'd ask to use the loo before leaving but, much to my amazement, didn't do so. In fact so far as I'm aware she didn't go for a loo visit during her entire visit and had at least an hour and three quarters journey home. I've yet to learn whether she made it home without needing a servise station or not. I think I perhaps missed a trick by not offering her a second mug of that tea!

Well, I've been lurking on here for a long time and now I've finally plucked up the courage to make my first post, so here goes!

First a little bit about me... I'm a 23 year old English girl based in London where I work in an office. Nothing exciting! I'm 5 foot 4, quite petite in build and with brunette hair.

So what brings a girl like me to this site, you may ask? Well, I've been interested in the whole concept of the loo for as long as I can remember and I've been fascinated by so many of the stories on here. I have to admit that I do enjoy my (usually) daily poo session even though I'm a little embarrassed to acknowledge it (I'm even starting to blush as I type!) I'm also quite self-conscious about being overheard, so I usually go when I'm at home - I live alone in a tiny flat.

There are times, though, when I just can't wait and I have to go either at work or in a public loo. I think I'm more self-conscious about doing it at work because it isn't a very big company so it's more than likely that I will know anyone who happens to be in the staff toilets at the same time. Also, the staff loos feel almost semi-public because there's a big gap between the cubicle dividers and the floor so if there's someone in the next cubicle you actually get to see quite a lot of them. And the room is quite 'echoey' (is that a word?) so any of your, erm, personal noises tend to get amplified. Hehe!

Anyway, yesterday at work I started to feel the unmistakable urge to 'go' earlier than I usually do - I wouldn't be getting home for hours so there was nothing for it but to use the office loos. When I got there, there was a girl just washing her hands and about to leave, which was good. When she had left I made for the furthest of the three cubicles and hoped that I would remain alone while I did my business. So then it was trousers and knickers down to my ankles, and I sat down.

I started off, as usual, by having a nice satisfying piss. Still no-one in the room, so I just started to relax and I let out a fart. Not all that loud but audible enough and a bit smelly so I was quite glad there was no-one there to share it! Pretty soon I could feel that I was going to start crapping and my anus started to widen. I didn't push or strain, just let nature take its course, and it wasn't long before a fairly big turd was poking out of my bum.

And then, just my luck, I heard someone coming in! And she went straight into the cubicle next to me!

As I saw her pushing her knickers down and sitting down, I was desperately hoping that I'd be able to hold on to my turd for long enough. As I heard my companion releasing a stream of piss into her toilet, I could feel it starting to slide down, and just as she had finished, it dropped with a splosh. I was blushing like mad - she must have heard it, and quite possibly smelt it as well.

Luckily for me, I heard wiping herself and flushing - she was only there for a pee and quite soon I was alone again. Phew! I let out another fart, not as loud as the first, and then dropped a second turd which wasn't quite as big as the first one. Had a quick look in the pan to see what I'd produced, then wiped myself clean - didn't take too much wiping.

Then it was knickers and trousers back up, flush and off to wash my hands. All in all, a satisfying enough crap but a little to public for my liking. Maybe I'll start getting used to it though. Hope you liked the story - will try to post again soon.

Abbie- Sounds like a big poo you had at home! Hope your exams go well for you- mine are done now so I have technically finished uni!

kmd- The pieces I did after my exam weren't that big- a few inches, no more than that. It wasn't a particularly big one, I had been the day before and didn't overeat really. Most of the farts I was doing were silent, but not all! The reason we couldn't use the toilets in the hall was that there was another, longer, exam still going on. As you rightly say, the reason I don't poo during the exam is twofold: firstly I take a while so it wastes valuable time, and secondly people would know I had been for a poo and, although I'm not easily embarrassed by my toilet activities, that would make me blush!

Niel- I do take a book with me sometimes when I'm at home to pass the time! I also fart quite often when I'm needing a poo. I'd love to hear your stories about your housemates!
Today I did my poo at home. I was passing time on my laptop when I needed to go so I sat on the loo. Not long after my first turd emerged- it was quite long and made a big plop, followed by a fart that echoed in the deep bowl! Two more smaller turds came next and I finished up with another fart and two or three little pieces. Hope you enjoyed!

I had two more exams since my last post, and I have stories about both. In my first one, which was 3 hours long, I found my bladder filling up not long after the start. By halfway it was full and I really needed to use the loo. I very rarely need the toilet for just a wee in exams, certainly not so urgently- usually I need to poo (and often wee) by the end and go after I finish. I was planning on holding it but then I got a sudden increase in urgency and I knew I had to go right away- this time I had to go in the exam. I raised my hand and one of the staff came over. I whispered, 'I need the toilet.' He said another girl was already using them and since they only allow one person at a time to each genders' toilets to prevent cheating I would have to wait until she came back. I did a bit more work and the other girl came back two minutes later. The staff member signalled to me that I could go and I followed him out and to the ladies. I went in and sat in the first cubicle and emptied my bladder which took about 30 seconds. Feeling much better and able to concentrate on my work again, I returned to the exam.

In my final exam yesterday I needed to do a poo towards the end. When the exam ended I left and talked to my friend Cee. As we walked off she said she needed to use the loo very badly, having held on for most of the exam. I told her I was in a similar situation and she said, 'do you need to poo too?' I said yes and we hurried into the loos, taking both cubicles. We sat down and I noticed she had her red knickers at her feet and had hiked up her skirt. I had my jeans and pink knickers at my feet too. We both started to wee and then Cee's first two turds plopped into the bowl, followed by a long fart. I unloaded my first two logs and then a small piece. Cee did another piece then another fart. while we pooed she explained that she hadn't been that morning like she usually does. I told her I always need to poo after exams. We both did another piece and then I did five or six nuggets. By now someone was waiting for a toilet to open up so I finished up and wiped myself. I left and was replaced by the waiting girl. Cee came out a minute later and we went to get lunch, feeling relieved, both about the exam and the toilet visit after!

John H

returning after beeing sick

Hey all.

I haven't posted in a long time but I have been reading all the great stories.
A big shout out to all the new posters and its good to see some people who haven't posted in a long time returning as well as all the regular posters.
The Reason I haven't posted for a while is because I have been sick.
I will tell the story as best as I can remember it.

It all began with a few days of me feeling bloated but I continued to eat normally.
I am slim but eat a lot of food.
I noticed that I was pooping less than normal.
Instead of passing one or two solid poos per day I began to do smaller poops that were not well formed and were on the soft to runny side.
It would take a lot of pushing to get these poos out and I wouldn't feel much better afterwards as there was never a large amount.

After around three days of this I had a large Mexican meal and felt very bloated after it.
Later that night I sat on the toilet and pushed out a large soft poo that came in many soft logs that were not well formed and burned my ass on the way out.
It kept coming and I kept pushing for over 20 minutes before I felt better.
I was sweating after this episode but I put it down to not pooing normally for the previous few days so I suspected that there had been a large build up of poo and now that I had gotten it out that things would return to normal.

That was a big mistake as I was woken later that night with cramps and gurgling noises in my stomach.
I knew something was about to explode so I went and sat on the toilet and released a short burst of pure liquid poo.
It lasted for around 15 seconds and then I wiped my messy bum and went back to bed.
I woke three more times that night and each time I had to run to the toilet and release waves of liquid poo that sounded like pee hitting the water in the bottom of the toilet.
The smell was strong and my bum was hurting from all the pooing and wiping.

The following day I had to make several more trips to the toilet and I didn't feel like eating anything.
I managed to eat some dry toast and drink some water but apart from that I stayed in bed feeling weak and tired.
The only good thing was that I didn't poo in the bed but every time I felt like I even had to fart I went and sat on the toilet to avoid pooing in my boxers.

This continued for 2 days where I stayed in bed and slept, pooped and ate very little.

After the second day I stopped pooing but still felt sick and I didn't feel like eating anything.
I had more stomach pains and it was a few days later before I could eat again.
I had pooped so much that I didn't need to use the toilet for several days.
Then I began to poo small lumps of soft poo that took a lot of pushing to get out.
When I started eating again it took another 2 or three days before I sat on the toilet and produced a solid log that stretched my ring on the way out.
O how I missed that feeling!
I have returned to producing solid logs twice or three times a day now.

I am not sure if the bug I had was from something I ate or if it was just something that was going around but I suspect that it was the latter as I heard of several other people being sick around the same time as I was.

That Is all for this post.
Sorry for it being such a long one.
Take care all,

John H

Car Mom

Me Again!

Hey everybody! Thanks to all who enjoyed my post! Good to hear from you again Lauren! Also like your posts J-Girl! Yes its good to be Car Mom again and I'm glad I'm back into it because to be honest I really like getting into my minivan knowing that someone had used the seat to relieve herself in. I didn't realize how much I missed that. I also decided that I wanted to find someone else to do it again and so I went to the thrift store again since that seems to be the place where I have the most luck. And this last week I was able to get a couple of different women to do it. I had Kaylee with me one of the times so that helped because people tend to feel more comfortable around a woman who has a kid. I mentioned that Kaylee isn't really into doing it so much these days but she still goes along with it and when there's kids she helps them which is great because it gives me a chance to focus on the mom.

When I went to the store I think I saw about 5 women who I felt I would have wanted their pee to be soaked into my seat. I did the same approach that I did the last time. I asked where the bathroom was and then after they said that there weren't any I eventually told them about peeing in my car. Most of the women didn't go along with it and one even had a guy with her so I wasn't gonna go there with her. Then finally one woman actually went along with it. She also had two girls with her which was good because its usually easier to offer my car for the kids first and then when the kids are using it I will offer it to the mom and it usually works out good that way.

We went out to my car and Kaylee helped the two girls get ready to do their pees. If I was to guess I'd say they were about 7 and 5. The older one's name was Tonya I think but I can't remember the younger one. I never got the mom's name but she was probably about 30-35. The girls got in the far back seat and pulled down their pants. Of course they asked the usual questions like "do we just let it go right in the seat?" Kaylee did a great job answering them "yeah just let it go in the seat." Then one of them asked her "does the pee go inside the seat?" and Kaylee said "yeah it does" and then one of the girls said to her "won't it ruin the seat?" and Kaylee just said "yeah it will but its ok." Then one of them said "Do we just relax and let it come?" Kaylee said "yeah just go ahead and go" and they said "ok." Then I soon began to hear a little hiss and then another. The two girls were peeing. As they peed they also started laughing and giggling at what they were doing especially when they began to fart a few times. The mom smiled and laughed a little but then she said "ok calm down back there. Just hurry up and do your pees."

That's when I decided to ask the mom if she wanted to go too and so I looked at her to ask her but then to my surprise she actually asked me first. I liked the way she asked me too because it was like she was expecting me to say yes. It wasn't even a question, she just said something like "I can just go ahead and go too then?" I got so excited but I kept my cool and just said "yeah please. Go ahead and go." Then I said "here you can sit right here" and I put my hand on the middle seat. I wanted her to sit on the driver's side of the middle seat because no one had peed there yet and the material was still perfectly clean. She said "thank you" and then she undid her jeans and pulled them down and after that her panties. Then got herself into position in the seat and I looked at the clean gray material she was sitting on. She made a tiny little grunt. Then almost immediately I began to hear a little hiss. She was starting to have her pee. She then let out a deep sigh. She was peeing.

One of the girls, the older one, asked her "are you going mom?" The mom laughed a little and then she said "yeah baby I'm going." Then the girl said "can I see" and the mom said "yeah you can see. Come on." The mom then spread her legs a little and I was able to see the yellow puddle forming in the seat between her thighs. The girl laughed and of course the other girl also came up and looked and she also laughed. The mom continued to have her pee and her pee continued to flow into my seat. It spread across the surface of the seat before soaking its way into the cushion. The material was getting so yellow because of her pee. I could also smell it.

Finally after a few more seconds she was done. She again said "thank you so much" and we all went back into the store. I was so glad to have been able to do that.

See ya!
CM :]


Felucca ride

On page 2281 Marieke tells about her toilet experiences from a felucca boat ride on the Nile. My experiences are similar. I went there for a three day trip (two nights on the boat). And yes, as there was no toilet on board the boat regularly made stops along the shore so that we were able to relieve ourselves. When in need you just had to take some paper and walk away and try to find some privacy in the bushes. During the day it usually was quite uncomplicated as there were no other boats at the same place and everyone respected the need for privacy when someone walked away alone. But in the morning it was not that easy to avoid walking in on others. Both nights we were staying at the same spot as several other feluccas. Thus there were lots of people around and it was unavoidable to see others around.


I'm back

I took a break from posting on here, but I still read all the time and I saw that Connor was asking about me. The reason i took a break is because I felt like no one liked reading my stories and I also felt judged and criticized by a few people on here. I also saw that Car Mom is back, so I figured why not start posting again? For those of you who don't remember me, I will introduce myself: my name is Lauren and I have five daughters. Maysa is 11, Jagger is 8, Story is 4, Preslie and Noah are almost 2. I, like Car Mom, let my kids pee in the car. When I stopped posting on here awhile ago, Maysa had just discovered her love of peeing outside. While she still does not like using the car as a toilet, she almost never uses the real toilet at home and prefers to pee in the yard. Our yard is very private and often times I will join her. I am potty training my twins right now, so it seems like there is a lot more car peeing than usual. That did lead to some embarrassment recently at the car dealership. My husband and I were shopping for a new car for him- he needs something bigger for all our kids. Jagger, Story, and Preslie were at their grandmas house leaving us with just Noah and Maysa. We were looking at cars in the showroom and the girls were sitting in one to see how they like it. I heard Maysa yelling at Noah and looked over to see Noah, sitting bare butted in the backseat. I knew what she was doing and tried to grab her but it was too late. She had already started peeing. Needless to say the sales person was not very happy and we found our new car. Noah peed in it again on the way home, as did Maysa.
Well that is all for now. I plan on continuing posting this time as long as you guys want me to.

Hi again!
I wasn't planning on posting again so soon but I just had something happen to me I thought I'd share. Usuallyy stories involve my kids but this one was all me. Today at work I was working on a large project for my boss that was due at the end of the day. It had taken longer than I thought it would and I found myself with more than half the work to do still and only a couple hours left. I had been drinking coffee all day to keep me motivated and had worked through lunch so I hadn't a break at all. I felt the urge to pee but decided I didn't have time for a break and could hold it. About an hour later I REALLY needed to go and found myself fidgeting quite a bit but with an hour left now to complete my work I just didn't have the time. I should mention that I work in a big office and the bathrooms are all the way on the bottom floor due to construction. It takes about 15 minutes to walk there, which meant id be wasting 30 minutes to walk there and back. I figured I was a grown up and could hold it until the end of the day, even though I always tell my girls to never hold their pee. A few minutes later I was having trouble concentrating on the project. All my energy was going to holding my pee in and I realized it was a mistake not to break. My bladder felt swollen and I was afraid if I moved I'd pee myself. After 5 kids my bladder control isn't what it used to be. I had my hand in my crotch and realized that if I left now, is l would never make it in time. Determined to make it anyway, I stood up and instantly felt a squirt escape. I quickly sat back down and crossed my legs again. I didn't know what to do so I just sat there holding myself like a little girl and finished the project and emailed my boss. I was relieved I finished in time and must have let my guard down because I felt another squirt escape. I regained control but had no idea what I was going to do. I thought of going in my trash can but its metal and there were people around that would hear. I realized I had no choice but to pee into my chair. I scooted as far under my desk as I could and pulled my skirt up so I wasn't sitting on it. I thought I'd have some trouble starting to pee since this was so naughty but as soon as I uncrossed my legs my pee stream started. I tried to slow it down but it poured out into the chair, which luckily was very absorbent. I looked down and watched it puddle into the fabric. I was peeing faster than it could soak in. Then I saw my boss approaching my desk, I tried to stop peeing but couldn't. So there I was, being praised by my boss for my work while I sat peering my panties into my office chair. Luckily he didn't notice and no one else did either. I finished peeing, readjusted my skirt and stood up. There was a huge puddle on my chair but the floor underneath was totally dry. I grabbed my stuff and left for the day. I'm sure tomorrow there will be a huge stain!
That's all for now,


Comments and what-not

Hi all!

To J: I live at home with my parents and I haven't really thought about where I'm going to go next. A lot of the time, it's kind of like a spur of the moment thing.

To Car mom: I am a big fan of your stories. I especially love the ones where you let people pee in places in your house. I've always wanted to go in the couch or in a chair but since I don't live with myself, I feel like it would be too risky. But please, keep your stories comin'! :)

Now, for another story.
When I was younger, maybe around 10 or 11, myself and two of my best friends would go swimming in my pool during the summer. Now if you've ever gone swimming, then you know what it's like when you have to pee and you have to drag yourself out of the pool and dry off and go inside and try to strip your bathing suit off, etc. Well one day, my one friend decided to try something different and sit on one of the chairs outside and pee through her bathing suit. My other friend and I were quite intrigued and we asked if we could watch and she said yes. So she sat on the chair like one normally would and started her pee. After a second or two, the pee started falling off the front of the chair and was pouring onto the deck for another few seconds and then she was done. I wanted to try it too as I had to pee so I took her place and started peeing. I had to lift my butt off the seat a tiny bit to get my pee out but it felt so good! My pee filled the seat of the chair and started pouring off and onto the deck and through the wooden boards to the ground. Since my deck is elevated, I could see my street and I thought it was pretty cool yet daring that I was peeing while being outside and in plain site. I finished and dumped what was on the chair onto the deck and washed it off with pool water and that was that. We had to pee in other places when our parents or adults were outside with us but those are stories for a different day :)

That's all for now!


Memorial Day Poo

I wonder if anyone had any poo due to this Holiday? Well today my Mother came over and got the barbeque Grill and started cooking on it. I ate on burger chips and baked beans. Then I had Watermelon. Five minutes later my gut was cramping, I went outside and let a fart a moist one. Then I felt better, and me my brother and sister went fishing. Then when I got back home I went in the bathroom and let a little bit of poo but didn't do much.
Later that day we went for ice cream then an hour later I had me a cup of milk. Then I put a movie on and my gut was cramping again, so I figured to go to the toilet now so I wouldn't half to do it during the movie. I let out a soft one then another and a few minutes later a let out a wet load all at once. Then I couldn't do anything else so I wiped and then I finished the movie then now I posted this.


Post Title (optional)Am posting on Memorial Day evening, Art

Am posting on Memorial Day evening, Artiss had a VERY close call today. She's a member of the American Legion Auxillary of the local Post. Well, today she had to be there for the Memorial Day ceremonies. She was dressed up in full uniform, dark navy blazer with matching skirt and high-heeled shoes and navy blue nylons as well. Also a cap to top off the uniform.Her bowels had been unsettled this morning, she had one watery episode while she was getting dressed for the event, but then she felt better after that. Anyhow, the ceremony was going along fine, Artiss had just finished speaking a short speech and was now standing near the podium as the Post Commander spoke. Suddenly, I saw her face get strained and she started to shift her weight back and forth from one leg to the other. I knew right away what the problem was and hoped and prayed that she could hold it until the end of the ceremony, which was not far away. I was mortified vat the thought of her shitting in her uniform right there, in front of all those people. Oh, she was in agony, I could tell. She just hung on during the end of the speech, and telling mrthen there was the 21 gun salute after that. I thought that she would lose it then, but no, no gush of diarrhea came out from between her legs, she was still clean. FINALLY the ceremony ended, and believe me, Artiss made her way into the school building QUICKLY, making a bee-line for the ladies room. There were a lot of people coming and going, so I followed the rush and went inside the school, waiting in the lobby outside the restroom door. A woman came out of the ladies and glancing in, I recognized Artiss' high heels under one of the stall doors. Well, to make a long story short, there she sat for almost a half-hour before finally emerging and muttering under her breathb "Let's go, Patrick." So homr we went, where I laid her to bed with some Immodium and a hot water bottle for her stomach, before crawling in next to her, where we just snoozed the after afternoon. She told me this evening that another 30 seconds and she would have have soiled her uniform, no questions asked.



Hello, this is my first time posting on here. My husband sparked this interest in me recently. I think it's always been now than before.

I had a big cup of tea yesterday, not long before the end of my day. I usually take the time to go to the bathroom before I leave work because my commute home takes about an hour. My end of the day bathroom break didn't happen. I got caught up into whatwver i was doing and had to run to catch my train. As you can imagine after having had all that tea my bladder was full. I kind of enjoyed it. I think I've always sort of enjoyed that feeling. The struggle and build up to the relief.the first thing i did when i got home was walk briakly to the bathroom and peed. it felt so good. I must admit that I was tempted to go in the bathtub so I could feel the warmth of the pee running down my legs. Would have been a nice way to end a long day. :)


Horrible experience

I had a horrible pooping experience on the weekend.
We had been away for the weekend and were driving home in separate cars but decided to meet at McDonald's for lunch on the way. I had a cheeseburger and fries with sweet and sour sauce :/
For the final part of the trip I decided to go in the car with my mum. She was driving and all of a sudden I had these sharp pains in my stomach, I knew had to find a bathroom quick. I was embarrassed so I tried to put it off but finally I couldn't wait any longer I told my mum to stop where I can go to a toilet, finally we found a petrol station. I quickly went in a did a few really soft poos which were so mushy that it took about 20 wipes to get rid of it! It was so sticky I got in a real mess. I quickly washed up and went out to the car thinking I would be ok.
But not long after the pains got worse and I could feel diarrhoea inside me. I help my butt cheeks together but as soon as my mum pulled up in the drive way I ran inside and sad on the toilet, it poured out for about 15 seconds, it was liquid shit. I cleaned up and came out of the toilet. I was completely fine for the rest of the day.
This was a horrible but really strange experience.
By the way I'm in the toilet now ;)


A memory from a while back

A few years ago, in 2011, I went out to a Halloween party with my best friend. We dressed in costumes that paired together - she was dressed as an angel, and I was a devil. We had an amazing time at the party and it was really late by the time we left, like after 1 in the morning or something.

Her apartment was not too far from where the party was at, so we decided just to walk. But, we didn't get very far before we realized that we really should have gone to the bathroom at the party. We were both quite desperate and didn't think we'd make it even the ten minutes or so to walk to her apartment.

Unfortunately for us, most everything was closed, and we ended up stopping at a gas station. Any port in a storm, right? But much to our surprise, the bathroom was actually pretty clean, not at all like I'd pictured a gas station bathroom.

My friend piped up and asked if she could go first, because she had to poop very bad. I told her it was fine, all I needed to was pee anyway. She sat down and got her costume out of the way and began noisily pooping. She was letting off lots of big splashes and really stinking it up bad.

After several minutes she was finished and started to wipe. She stood up and then it was my turn. I sat on the warm seat and peed fiercely for a good while. I dabbed my front dry and flushed the toilet. We washed our hands and then left to walk the remainder of the way to her apartment.


Sally Messes Her Jeans

Hi, Tim here, again about sally. When I was 11 and Sally and I were walking, she said she wasn't feeling well. By the way, she often had diarrhoea or constipation. Anyway, she said, "Tim, I'm getting cramps', right before suddenly farting a very wet fart. She started crying, "I've messes my pants', she sobbed. I told her not to worry, took her behind a tree, helped her get her pants and panties off and squatted beside her to poo as she let loose a brown river of diarrhoea. When we were done, she put her jeans on without her panties and gave me a kiss, thanking me for helping her.

Mr. CLogs

Post Memorial Day Poop, comments, and a question

Hello everybody, I'll keep this post short and too the point. Nothing much exciting to note, but since this forum is appropriate place to post, I figured why not share so here goes. I just got finished with my first cup of coffee of the day, it's Tuesday morning, I was full from eating festivities from yesterday and taking the fibre (I need to stay regular and reduce the cholesterol numbers for me, at least the bad cholesterol). I felt and heard that familiar sound letting me know it's time to do a number 2. I loaded the chamber pot that we use to keep toilet paper in since we're running out (by the way I live with my parent, that's a whole other subject). Grab my wet wipes to wipe down the toilet set and a robe to cover myself since the house is cold. I went to the bathroom, whip out the wet wipes to wipe down the toilet seat with toilet paper the dry. Took off my shorts and sat down on the toilet. I gave a push and slowly plopping turds in the toilet. I stopped pooping into the toilet then I had to pee a bit, not that much, just only a couple of seconds (might be dehydrated). I wiped up, put my shorts back on, flushed the toilet, washed my hands and got back on the computer to write this post.

Bloated Butt: I really enjoyed your post about pooping outside. Yeah it sucks having a septic system for your sewage, but I live a city and we have a sewer system. Keep the posts coming. Thanks.

I would like to pose a question to my fellow toilet stool posters here if y'all don't mind. I've been reading about people going to the bathroom outside, I'm curious what's a good spot to handle your business? Do you live in country or in the suburbs where there's a lot of secluded spots to do your business at or do you live in city like I do and know of "creative" ways? I've always wanted to try to poop outside but I live in the city, what do you folks suggest.

Take care and happy peeing and pooping!

--Mr. CLogs

Crimson Flash

Outdoor pee in the rain today

Hey everyone, great stories as usual. I have a story for you from today. I went for a walk today to a nearby woods trail. I was drinking a lot of water before I left, and by the time I got to the trail I had to pee pretty bad. There was a light rain falling but it was warm out, so I didn't know if I would encounter anyone on the trail or not. I decided to continue on the trail and go further into the woods just in case. Satisfied that nobody else was around, I unzipped my jeans and took out my "equipment" and immediately started a clear powerful stream that lasted about 20 seconds that I aimed onto a large tree that was partially fallen over. I then continued the hike.

I also peed while out on this trail about 2 weeks ago. The details were basically identical to today's event. These were the first outdoor pees I did in a long time and it felt great to do it in nature.

Till next time

Abbie: Sorry to hear you had a hard time pooing the other day. It's always miserable when you have to strain really hard to do a poo. But, at least you were able to get the poo out of you.

As for my story, things are pretty uneventful lately. I'm having a poo about every other day still and they're not overly hard to pass or anything. I guess I can share a story from Sunday, though.

In the morning, I needed a wee like I do every morning. I was also feeling like I might need a poo, so I sat for a bit longer and gave a few pushes. Nothing was coming out though. I gave up and finished getting ready for church. Of course, whilst we were walking, my urge came back stronger than before. "Oh great", I thought, "Why couldn't I have had to go earlier?"

We had a few minutes before the service began so I went straightaway to the toilets. Both the cubicles were taken, but one became available almost immediately. I sat down and a thin long poo started coming out. After it broke off, I passed two short poos which each made big splashes. I still felt more poo to come, but I didn't have time before the service to finish. I had done enough that I could hold it and finish afterwards. I wiped my bum a few times, flushed, and washed my hands and went to the service.

When the service was over, I returned to the toilets. One of the cubicles was free and I went right in and was able to do the rest of my poo. It was several large pieces that all came out quickly, and I was finished in just a few minutes.

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