Some time back there was a posting here from a Canadian newswoman who told of how she had a poop accident while she was in the middle of her live TV newscast. I was wondering if anyone knew of any other situations where someone had a poop emergency while they were on live television. The only example I know of is Julie Moss, who crapped in her pants while running in the 1982 triathalon, which was televised. She had gotten severely dehydrated and disoriented, and she ended up crawling toward the finish line with poop smeared all over her legs. The announcer even made a point of mentioning how she had lost control of her bowel functions due to her condition. That was pretty dramatic, but I was thinking there must be other cases where someone got the urge while on camera and either had an accident or came close to one while on camera. Does anyone know of cases like this?

I was just wondering, why is that every time in a movie there is a bathroom related situation, it is always the male character who does that role? Why can't a female actress do the bathroom related scene for once???? Bt the way this is a very interesting site.

Jeff A.
Hi all, The desert was gorgeous! about 100-105 degrees, a little cooler than a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, I did witness a forest fire which burned up acres of sage, deadwood, and sparse trees. The sand was blackened and it was truly devastating. A sad note to the end of a good trip. Donna: I'm not the person who asked the question about "people having the shit scared out of them". I think you have me confused with someone else. I did comment on your rape story, and it was just a comment. I realize that you were quoting from something you'd read, as I would do myself. I'm sorry if you took it wrong. I sometimes choose my words incorrectly, which could be the case here, but in no way was I criticizing you or your story. I understand that we all live in the real world. I was nearly a victim myself when I was in my early 20's, and came closer than I ever want to come again to real horror. There were 4 guys involved, but fortunately, I was much bigger, and was able to dissuade them, after punching the first guy in the face, and kicking another. At that age I couldn't fathom the idea of men raping other men, and that was my first experience with aggressive gays. So yes, I understand about the real world. I'm sorry I seemed more like a lecturer, than a fellow reader. I have size 13 feet, and can somehow manage to get both of them in my mouth at once. If we ever do have our "Toilet Conference", I'll let you hit me in the face with a pie. (Please make it blackberry). I, with you, do hope that fashion trends roll around to appreciating larger ladies more. I know I do, and always have. Nicola: I like the word "stone". I never knew what it meant before, and the first time I ever heard it was in a song by the Kinks. I accidentally barged in on some guy in a restroom in a ghost town. He left the door ajar, and I thought it was empty. He was standing there peeing, and when I came in, he got so startled, that he peed all over the wall. There were times later that afternoon when I was peeing off to the side of the road, and was in full view of oncoming traffic. I should've set up a sign that read "Caution: flagger ahead." I hope everyone is having a great summer. Bye.

Well, I got back from a short trip to Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois. Unfortunately, I had nothing special in the dumping arena except for 2 items. While I was driving thru Kansas and coming back several days later in Kentucky, I had to shit real bad. It start with a lot of gas and cramps. This is the kind of "shit" that had to be taken care of quickly or else........ Both times, it felt great after I got done but unfortunately, I had no one to share it with. When I got done during the episode in Kansas, it was in a single room bathroom with just a toilet and sink. I had to flush 3 times especially right after the last drop came out of my butt. Right after I walked out, an old man went into the bathroom but it wasn't an appropriate time to leave a "trophy" which includes the smell.

Good site this - didn't realise so many people have similar interests. Being a boarder at college provides quite a few memorable stories - like the time the dining hall gave everyone the shits and there were queues of boys doubled up in agony waiting for the next available cubicle. Not much fun that one - and the stench! There was one incident when one of the guys gave birth to this massive turd that would not flush away. We don't know how long it was because it went way down the S bend. Anyway, one of the other guys started charging those who hadn't seen it 10cents for a look. He was caught by the prefects who made him get rid of it. The guy who produced the mammoth monster was reduced to tears of embarrasment. In one of dormitories you could see the reflection of the guy in the next toilet by looking through the outside window. SOmetimes if you were lucky you could catch someone having a wank. Most of the time taking a dump was a good time to catch up with the person next to you, talking in between grunting, farting, splashing and crackling noises.

I am one of those people who likes to be fairly relaxed when I need to dump. I don't like interuptions and more importantly the place where I go needs to be clean. On the occasions where I have needed to go and the toilet has been bad, my system shuts down automatically and stores it til later. Once I stayed with my girlfriend at her brothers place in the country. He was a bit of a hippy and the place was not well kept. The toilet was outside in a shed and the seat was broken, it was not very clean and there was no door. That was it - the system just shut down as usual for the whole 3 day stay. We were travelling by car which I find also makes me irregular and after driving for 2 days to get there and 2 days to get back, I had a fair load on board. Part of the journey was between islands (I live in New Zealand) and the only way to take a car involves a 3 hour ferry trip. I got on the ship and immediately had to go. I found the mens room and by now the urge was overwhelming. Fortunately the place was up tp my expectations as I don't think I would have been able to hold on. The only problem was the bowl was tiny with a small outlet. With what I had on board there ws no way it would all go down. Anyway I sat down, opened up and let go. The first turd just kept coming and coming and I knew if I didn't stop I would end up with it going all the way to the top of the bowl, and there was no way I would get it down. I quickly closed my sphincter muscle and cut it off, which made my gut go into cramp. I stood up and looked down at this 12 inch monster. I flushed and fortunately it broke up and was pushed down with the force of water. I sat down again and let go. The same thing happened - another monster which I had to cut off midway through. I flushed again, although this time the water in the bowl rose up and nearly overflowed onto the floor. I realised that further down the system I had blocked things up. I still hadn't finished though, and needed to get rid of what was left, so sat down again and carried on. Again another monster was given birth to and at last I was starting to feel relieved. I finished off with a round of smaller ones and finally after about 15 minutes was rid of the biggest dump I have ever had. There was no way I was going to risk flushing so covered what was left with TP and made a hurried exit. I sniggered when about an hour later I saw the cleaning staff put an out of order sign on the room I had used earlier.

A few years ago I was involved in a car accident which injured my left arm. I had 40 stiches and required a big dose of pain killers while in hospital. Having heard what nurses did to you if you hadn't had a BM, I always said yes to their daily question, not realising that these drugs can bind you up something shocking. The hospital stay had made me late for the start of school, where I was a boarder. By the time I arrived at school I must have had about a weeks worth of crap in the system, but as I had not felt the urge didn't think much of it. Soon the thought of it inside me made me try to do something about it. As I was off sport due to the injury I returned to my dormitory during a PE class where I could have a good dump in peace - so I thought. I sat down and tried to coax out my first dump in over a week. After a considerable amount of straining I began to push out a horrendously hard turd which was making my eyes water. Then everything stopped and there I was in absolute agony with this huge shit stuck half way out my arsehole. Nothing I could do would shift it. I had thoughts of being stuck there and having to somehow get my self down to Matron to ask for a hand! Or having my mates banging on the stall wall and having to be carried away in an ambulance with this tree trunk wedged firmly up my date. (Anyone spending longer than 5 minutes in the stall was obviously having a wank and I could hear the sniggers and gibes starting to flow when the guys returned) After what seemed like a year but was probably about 10 minutes I decided to give it one last push before trying to dig it out. The old sphincter muscle must have started to expand and with one giant push, which I feared would blow a hernia valve or whatever it is that you blow in these circumstances, the log began to move again. The relief when it finally made it's exit was just so great I let out this huge groan. I looked down and there was the biggest turd I had ever seen. I had to break it up with the brush before there was any chance of flushing away. There was nothing to wipe this thing was so hard. I opened the door and there to my embarrasment was half the dorm waiting to applaud my exit! My ring was so sore for the rest of the day I had to sit sideways! A dump I will never forget.

I've been watching and reading and have not posted for some time. Anyway a recent experience at work. I went to the rest room. There are only two stalls and one urinal. I need ed to use the urinal, but the stall adjacent was in use. His pants were down around his ankles. I proceeded to relieve myself right next to the stall, when i noticed I could see his reflection in the ceramic tile. You could see clearly the shape of his bum and his shirt pulled above his waste. Well he didnt't seem to mind me being so close as he continued with his motion. As I was standing there he expelled several farts followed by two splashes one after the other. Well by this time I was finished and went to the sink to wash up. He farted again rather loudly. Sounded like he was going to be there awhile, but I could't wait there any longer. As I was leaving a couple more splashes could be heard.

Donna is dead right when she talks about 'fight or flight' or involuntary defecation. This happened to me when I was a teenager. Just for a lark, me and a friend stole a bike from a boy up the road, but it all became a bit serious when his mother called the police. When I saw a policeman walk down our front path to the door I was absolutely terrified. He asked me one or two questions in the presence of my mum. Shaking like a leaf, at first I just denied any involvement, but soon burst into floods of tears and admitted that it was behind a wall in the rear garden. My mother then started screaming at me and it was then that I completely lost control and messed myself really badly - I just couldn't stop it.. The policeman left and nothing more was said but I'll never forget the sight of my mum standing over me in the bathroom (almost gleefully it seemed) as I cleaned myself and my stained pants.

Toilet seats with too small an opening can cause another problem (at least for me and I suspect for many men). Some toilets seats can be a little awkward to decide how to sit. If you sit too far forward then there is not sufficient room in front to aim your penis into the toilet bowl. If you sit too far back, then you run the risk of soiling the back of the seat, especially if you have diarrhoea or other "spraying" problem. Women will, of course, not have that problem.

Chris Frost
Whats with all of this problem about watching your girlfriend/boyfriend go to the bathroom? I had supposed that a few people were uptight on the subject, but never really taken into consideration that all of the relationships that I have are always very liberal. i've never dated a girl who didn't pee in front of me. No mutering in front of me ever though now that I think of it. Hello by the way to everyone.

Crimson - I also have a small collection of toilet seats, and I too, have a toilet seat that is approximately 20 years old that I liberated from a girls' restroom! I calculated that it had been sat on at least 200,000 times by college girls! It is kind of plain, white plastic, elongated and worn smooth. I always wondered about the cute bottoms that had rested on it. Nicola, in the USA, the open front seats are used in both boys and girls restrooms. For the boys it provides more room for their dicks, and for girls it provides more room for wiping and changing tampons. I'm in school restrooms a lot doing the cleaning and repairs and a lot of kids will wander into the "wrong" restroom after school just to see what it is like. I always oblige and give tours. I also fix toilets and stuff for friends and neighbors. A neighbor girl, who has her own bathroom told me of some problems so I offered to fix up her toilet. The seat was busted and it didn't flush well. We went to a building supply store and picked out a new seat. She watched me in amazement as I attached the seat and adjusted the float in the tank. I announced that I had to test the toilet, so I pulled down my pants and sat on it. I tinkled and tried to push out a poop. After a while, I succeeded and then wiped and flushed. She was just amazed that I went in front of her. We both looked in the toilet while I flushed and now it works a lot better. as I attached a new seat

Tuesday, August 11, 1998

To Jeff A. The information I posted about the woman who was lucky to drive off a potential rapist by the action of soiling her panties (no doubt caused by extreme fear) was simply re telling a fact I had read in a women's magazine article. I, like virtually all women, have a terror of rape as it is the worst thing that can happen to a woman and in my opinion is a crime of violation equal in horror to murder. Im sorry if reading this upset you but unfortunately we all live in the real world and such crimes alas occur. Your question was about people having "the shit scared out of them" and my comments both about this case and my own, although totally harmless, very upsetting and unpleasent experience when I got a fright and filled my underpants was to illustrate the effect of the "fight or flight reflex" in humans as well as other animals and that this can result in an act of involuntary defecation, no problem to animals which are of course naked but an extreme embarrasment to clothed humans. There are plenty of other cases of this happening, soldiers under fire, arrested persons in fear before going into court, even school pupils about to face the headteacher or principal over some breach of school rules have been known to shit their pants. On a happier note, Im glad you like ???? girls, the fashion industry tends to marginalise us in comparison to the skinny, waif like , stick insects who tread the cat walks. I hope that fashions change as they have done in the past and that the voluptious woman with large breasts and buttocks and a curved belly not a flat one become more popular again. Lots of love to all who read and post to this web-site. Donna

Regarding "hysterical bore's" question about the function of underwear. I agree that one of the functions of panties, knickers, underpants or whatever you call them is to protect the outer clothing from soiling by feces, urine, sweat or other bodily fluids. The other functions, (apart from any fetishistic ones) are warmth and comfort as undies are normally made out of softer materials than trousers or skirts and of course to a skirt wearing woman, a pair knickers or panties worn under her skirt preserves her modesty whould her skirt blow up in the wind or she be in a situation where someone can see up her skirt.
Im now 45 and when I was a child in the 1950s and 1960s ordinary "working class" people in many parts of Britain did not have the access to inside baths and showers or to washing machines etc now taken for granted. Personal hygiene was not generally as stringent as now. It was not uncommon for men and boys to wear the same pair of underpants for 3 or 4 days. Girls and women did tend to change theirs every day however. I was fortunate to be brought up from the age of 5 by my Aunt Helen who insisted that I wear a clean pair of knickers every day as she and her two daughters did. She also insisted that we had a shower every morning . As regards skid marks in our knickers this was frowned upon. She always ensured that we took some toilet paper with us in our trousers or skirt pockets to wipe our bum properly if we had a motion in the school toilets as often there was no paper there. Its a personal thing I suppose but I have always tried to avoid making skid marks in my panties and my wife Moira feels similarly. Accidents happen, "touching cloth", a wet fart, some feces not properly wiped away after passing a soft , sticky, stool
but what is to my mind disgusting is when the person just cannot be bothered to wipe themselves and their underpants are therefore disgusting and the person themselves gives off a shitty smell. I have previously posted about my older cousin Nicky who when she was about 11 or so went through an awkward disobedient stage when she deliberately didnt wipe her bum and left brown skid marks in the seat of her knickers to annoy her mother. Aunt Helen soon nipped this in the bud by threatening to hang her soiled panties out unwashed on the line so that her school friends could see them and to put her back into nappies (diapers) if she couldn't be clean like a young lady. Her dirty behaviour soon ended!
In the past of course underwear was not commonly worn, I believe that knickers , panties, underpants are about 100 years old as a generally worn garment. As to developments to protect such clothing there are nowadays many types of "panty pads" "panty liners" etc used (mostly) by women during their periods but also useful to protect the panties if the wearer has diarrhea and is concerned about leakage of liquid stools, ( I have used some of Moira's panty pads on the odd occasion when I have had an attack of the runs myself) and there are plenty of incontinence pads and liners on the market which perform the same function more efficiently.

Hello again and thanks to all for your warm welcome to this web site.
To Crimson and George, I too recall the special type of seats in the school toilets. The Girls had ordinary seats but the Boys had this gap in the front of theirs. I know this because when I was in the Girl Guides (Girl Scouts I suppose you call them in the USA), and we met in the evening at the local school. As the Boys' Toilets were nearer to the Assembly Hall we met in, the caretaker left these open for our use. I didnt like the nasty smell of piss from the urinal, but often there would be a nice big jobbie in the bottom of one of the toilet pans which one of the boys must have done and left there, and I often left my own turd for the lads to see the next day on top of it.
Im glad Drew liked our stainless steel toilet pans. I have used these too in Public Toilets and agree that instead of seats which can be vandalised or stolen, these have the two plastic strips. This also solves the problem of buttock compression making it difficult to pass a fat firm turd, and I have experienced this effect myself and have sat directly on the rim of the toilet pan instead. I congratulate him on the lovely big jobbie he passed and I'd have loved to have followed him in using that toilet and have seen it for myself. His jobbie didnt make a sound but I find that there is usually a resounding "Kur-ploong!" sound from these metal pans which again gives me a buzz.
Regarding the matter of doorless US toilet stalls. I didnt really mind these myself but I am very open about defecation and do not get embarrased about it. Such stalls are uncommon in the UK and British people ( writers to this web site excepted), are usually a lot more prudish and inhibited than Americans and Europeans about such things so they would not be popular here. Many of the Girls' Toilets in my Secondary (High) School had the doors missing owing to vandalism and the caretaker had got fed up replacing them so it was no big deal for me to sit on a toilet with my panties up at the top of my thighs doing a wee wee or a jobbie with others able to see in. Sometimes another girl would come into the stall and have a look at what I was doing and this didnt bother me but most just ignored anyone else and got on with their own business. As I usually do nice big solid jobbies I was actually quite happy for them to see what I had passed.
Alex (and others) might be interested in the motion I passed when I got up this morning at 8.00am British Time. I had been to a barbecue at a friend's house yesterday . This morning I felt the need to do a motion just after I got out of bed and passed a single nice big smooth easy jobbie. It was about 12 inches long and 2 inches fat and curved and floated for a good five minutes or so before sinking and made the crackling sound many writers refer to as it came out of me making a "floomp!" noise as it slid into the water. It stuck when I pulled the flush and its still there as I type this, but it will go away when I throw a couple of buckets of water down the pan later. Anyway, what may be of interest to Alex is that it sure smelt of the barbecue sauce and spices in the food I had eaten and its colour was of a brighter brown than I usually produce and my "ring" burned slightly as it came out again owing to the spices.
To Jeff A. Im not as ???? as Donna. Im about 13 stone in weight (182 pounds), 5 foot 4 inches tall and have big boobs 42 DD and a big butt 42 inch hips and I'm a natural red head. Anyway, Im glad you like girls with the fuller figure. Peace, love and good luck to all :-)

pooping girl
Hi folks, I almost had an accident in my underpants the other day. I had gone to the toilet the day before in the morning and not again all day and didnt go the next day either( except for a weewee). I was driving home in the afternoon and the urge hit, I let a little gas out and was ok, a few minutes later a cramp hit I lifted my fanny to fart and gave a little push and felt ajobbie starting. I squeezed my cheeks and hoped I would get home. As I got home 10 minutes later, I was desperate for the toilet, I started to run but another cramp hit and I had to stop and squeeze my cheeks to keep the jobbie in, I walked and pulled my skirt up still trying to keep from filling my underpants. I finally got the toilet turned around and started to pull down my underpants and sit. The jobbie started out before I had my fanny on the seat. It just kept comming out, After the first one was out I must have farted 7 times loudly then grunted out more jobbies smaller this time but there was alot. I also tinkled. As I relaxed a minute I picked up a magazine to look at. I thought I was finished but wanted to make sure. For those interested I had on purple bikini underpants which were around my ankles at this time. I felt more jobbies comming so I leaned forward and started to push and another big load of poop came out accompanied by more gas. I was finished so I wiped myself wet wipes and dry toilet paper, Pulled up my underpants and lowered my skirt. Pulled my underpants out of my fanny and looked in the toilet. I couldnt believe how much was in the toilet. It took 2 flushes to get all of it down. I felt much better after that.

Hi guys! No Name, my boyfriend (Tom) would have walked me down to the bathroom, but there's almost a 100% chance that he would have waited outside. Since I took a while (about 15 minutes or so) to take that dump, and it was the middle of the night, I didn't want him just standing there outside the latrines waiting for me to finish up. When he had to pee in the woods, I would have loved to walk in with him, but knew he would be uncomfortable with me inviting myself to watch him. Pat, I usually can get myself clean in 3-5 wipes, but then again, my poops are normally on the hard side. I usually wash thoroughly enough to get the smell off of my fingers. Jeff A., have fun in the desert!; perhaps your wife will have to go while you're communing with nature :) Peace, Steph

I'm with Crimson on the pleasures of squatting. The first time I used a "squat plate" type toilet was in the south of France. It was my first visit to that part of the world and I was surprised to be in a unisex public toilet. I really enjoyed the thought of a woman doing her duty in the next stall. Lacking a "squatter" of my own, I, too, like to use a footstool at home, as I've mentioned here before. Squatting is said to be a healthier and more natural position for defecation than sitting. So, Crimson, as a toilet designer, why can't the public be made more aware of these benefits and squat plates made to be the "in" thing? Like Donna, I am sometimes a rim sitter - except in cold weather! I've used public toilets in places such as Ecuador where the user has no choice: there aren't any seats. (Of course, some toilets are designed that way, as others have said, but these weren't. Just no seats.) Speaking of Ecuador, many of the public facilities there are unisex, but with stalls reaching down to the floor. If your timing is good, you can occupy a stall next to the person of your choice. Once, after the young woman next to me had finished dumping and left, I checked out her stall and caught site of what must have been a 16-incher before the automatic flusher did its thing.

It's great to see groups of friends who go to the bathroom together, and have a genuine interest in each others' toilet needs. Janet and I had a few close friends who did, after a while, start to share toilet experiences, and posting about my first squat reminded me of an incident which helped break the ice. Janet got hooked on squatting (maybe I encouraged her), and one of the first toilets I fitted up in our new flat was a Toilette Turque (shallow dished slab with two footrests and a hole under your bum). (Yes, they were sometimes fitted in private bathrooms in Europe until about 1960.) I had to take out our existing loo to do this and while work was in progress, knowing Janet, I put up a big "out of order" sign and left a bucket with a seat in the bathroom for her to use until I came home. That evening, I went into the bathroom to find poo and tp all over the squat (which couldn't yet be flushed) and the bucket was missing. Janet explained; She took the bucket into the bedroom hoping to do her morning BM and make up (both of which were long, intricate processes) at the dressing table at the same time. Angharad (a close friend) arrived, had coffee, said she needed a tinkle. Janet told her "Sorry, hope you're not too grossed out, it's all we got right now" but forgot the bucket was in the bedroom. Angharad thought she meant the squat, and by the time Janet ventured in to find out what was taking so long, Angharad was busy dropping a bumful. They had a laugh about it, and Janet used the squat as well. She thought about flushing with a bucket of water, but decided against it in case the plumbing wasn't finished! A few days later, with our new loo up and running, we managed to coax Diane (another friend), her sister Faith and boyfriend Marc to give it a try (none of whom had used one before). It gave us the confidence to start fitting a urinette (which first appeared in the living room!). This was in 1986, before Kathy Jones created the She-inal/Aqua Lady, and I became something of a specialist in urinettes. So girls; let's hear your urinette stories. Cheers - Crimson.

Sunday, August 09, 1998

On the subject of seats... I have many different kinds of toilet with different kinds of seat, my favourites being the Ergosit, a highly contoured type with a small opening, and a 1950's wooden seat from a local girls' school (I often wonder how many girls' bottoms have done their business on it over the years!). When I was living with my late fiancee, Janet, (about whom I shall be posting) we had a wonderful mahogany seat over 3 feet in width, from a stately house. The idea was that a Lady could lift a long dress onto it to avoid it trailing around the toilet. My ultimate seat, however, is no seat at all; I love squatting :) The first time I used a Toilette a la Turque (European style squat toilet) I was on holiday in Bulgaria with my family, aged about seven. I needed a poo, and went into the ladies' with my mum. I went into the first stall, pulled my clothes down, and as I squatted my mum went from stall to stall looking for "a proper toilet for you to sit on". What she didn't notice was that I was thrilled to bits with this new way of doing my BM. I enjoyed the ease with which my poos came out, the way they slipped down the slope and went 'plosh' into the water, the feeling of freedom. As there were no doors, I was a bit embarrassed about being seen by other girls or women, particularly as they could see everything coming out of me, but I got used to that. When I flushed, I watched, fascinated, as all my used TP swirled around and disappeared down a hole in the floor. It was a revelation. BTW, I have been a researcher and designer of toilets and the like, so feel free to ask any questions... I'll do my best to answer them. P.S. I tried the head-between-the-legs posture, which I like, but I prefer the footstool; it's more like squatting :) see y'all Crimson

i am very accident prone because i can usually only hold in my poop or pee for about 5 seconds before i go in my panties. when i feel the urge to go i just have to yank off my skirt and just let go wherever i am. One time, at my graduation, i got the urge to go poop. I held it for a few seconds, then suddenly dierrea just flooded my panties and it just kept coming.. and coming. When i was done there was a huge puddle of dierrea on the floor and totally messing my clothes. i just ran out of there, with a big trail of poop running behind me.

You blew it Stef. You've talked about wanting to see your boyfriend go to the bathroom before and his shyness, and you had a great opportunity to take a big step towards your wish. If, when your boyfriend had offered to accompany you to the bathroom, you had told him you were scared (or whatever) to go by yourself, I'm sure you could have gotten him into the bathroom with you. That would have been a good ice breaker into him loosening up.

When I was in England last month, I spent a couple of days in York. The first afternoon, I needed to have a dump pretty bad. The change in diet etc. had resulted in me not having a decent dump for about four days, so I knew I was in for a big one. I went into the public toilets in the town centre and entered the middle of three stalls. It was one of those stainless steel toilets. There wasn't even a proper toilet seat, just two narrow pieces of plastic fitted to each side of the rim. It was comfortable enough, although I was not too worried about comfort at this point in time. I unloaded a huge log, 12-15 inches in length and about 2 inches thick. It just slid silently into the toilet. While I was wiping, someone tried to open the door, which was locked. He tried the other two stalls, which also were occupied. Then he announced "Can you hurry up in there, I'm touching cloth out here." I was familiar with this expression from this site, but had never heard it actually spoken before, especially not in public! I was the first guy out and a rather scruffy looking guy brushed past me to enter the stall. I said to him, "It's all yours" but he didn't reply. I guess he really was desperate to go, as I had been ten minutes earlier!

Jeff A.
Movie fan 2: I don't know if this helps or not, but there's a great campy movie called "Caged Heat" directed by Jonathan Demme (circa maybe 1973) which shows a girl on the toilet partly covered by a short stall wall, and she's leaning forward reading a book. You can hear plopping sound effects in the background too. (listen closely, it's with the music, but vey audible, along with peeing!) It's a real cheasy 'chicks in chains' prison flick. Also in the same movie, another female prisoner fakes diahrea, and is barged in on in a toilet stall by a guard. You'll see her from the front. You're going to have to look in your nearest cult video store for it, and you'll more than likely find that it's highly requested. Donna: I do love your stories very much, and the way you describe yourself, you remind me very much of an old girlfriend of mine named Patty who was large, and as lovely as a spring rose. I'm sure you're very much like that yourself. About one of your story items, it's a great thing that a woman escaped a rape by going in her pants, but I find rape to be a horribly ugly, and unforgivable crime. The story would be even better if the perp died during the attempt! No reflection on your story of course, but this is a strong subject for me. I saw the "R" word, and I freaked. Sorry. Alex: thanks for your note, you're a pal. I will give her time, she knows how I feel. My wife is very loving and gentle, and understands me. Actually, the other day she was going, and was announcing it through the door, play by play, plop by plop, and I was too chicken to come in! I need to figure this one out for myself, because I wanted to so badly. I've seen her poop before, at a time when she didn't know of my desires, and it was a more innocent, and mechanical thing, but it seems to me, that now I've mentioned it, we're both like nervous high school kids! I know she'll let me watch if I want, but I'm having trouble with those first steps. Is that crazy or what?! I don't know how to say, "Honey can I come in?". I can't remember if I mentioned this or not, but she's this mid-40ish business type, who's an absolute knockout, with really long legs, great butt, and sensuous face. So what's my problem?!! If anybody even remotely has an answer, I'd love to hear it. Also, Nicola: I'm late in welcoming you, but I loved your first post. You ???? gals are as beautiful as the sunrise, and that is the absolute truth!!! I'm glad you had a test drive with the U.S. doorless stalls, they're weird, but kind of fun in a way. I have many great stories about doorless stalls, since they seem to be in abundance here in my state, and I have used them often. I used to work out in a gym that had only toilets with a small tile partition, and you would have to share your potty experience with another guy right next to you. Those are great male pooping stories on their own. Hi to Bridget, and I'm off to the purgatory of the high desert country again! (thankfully.) This is where I lose myself, in order to find myself again. I love you all. J. Bye all!

While I like to see poop and imagining someone in the process of pooping, I nonetheless don't like to use a public toilet and find it full of shit. I guess the sight of it is not as appealing when it's from someone you have never even seen. I also don't like the smell of poop that remains on my fingers sometimes. Everytime I finish wiping myself, I always smell my fingers to see if there is an odor left on them. When there is, I wash my hands thouroughly with soap and water. This usually takes care of the problem. I have never had any trouble with trying to get rid of the scent. Donny, it's true that padded toilet seats are not durable. The one I have is starting to tear.

Sunday, August 09, 1998

Movie Fan Number 2
Someone asked awhile back about TV shows which depicted women pooping. There was an episode of "The Jenny McCarthy Show" on MTV which featured a skit where Jenny was in a super-hero costume as "Super Jenny" and the skit opened with her sitting on a toilet in the ladies room. A woman and her daughter start arguing outside the stall, so she quickly pulls up her drawers (presumably without having finished her business) and leaves the stall to attend to the problem. I don't remember the specifics, but when she finishes, the younger woman says something like "How can I ever thank you?" and just then Jenny gets this grimace on her face like she suddenly has to poop real bad so she rushes back into the stall with her hand on her butt. She slams the stall door behind her and just as she does you hear this real loud groan from behind the door, as though she didn't make it in time. It's one of the most explicit defecation scenes you'll ever see on commercial TV. By the way, if you read Jenny McCarthy's autobiography, she talks very explicitly about her lifelong problems with pooping, and she describes in vivid detail an experience she had as a child in school where she crapped in her pants and got it all over her uniform. Regarding female poop scenes in movies, I can't believe there are only two movies with such references. There must be other movies with references to girls pooping, but I can't think of any. Anyone got any ideas on this?

Hello all, This is my first post, just wanted to say great site found it by accident and now am an avid reader. A few comments: George, I too prefer peeing sitting down, but only at home, since I don't want to take that chance of missing and later having to clean up the area around the toilet Andy (17): I think wetting the TP before use is great. If I am outside ,I either try to go to the water fountain first and use that to moist the TP or use the spit option as the last alternative. Of course Spit is very sterile and all that. One product that I really swear by is Colon Cleanser you can get it in any health food store in the US ( GNC usually has it )you are supposed to take it with some orange juice. I take about 2 spoons at night and the next two day, I am very regular. Its not a laxative, and thus non habit forming, its some sort of husk that expands...

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