First Desperation!

Hello, everyone! My name is Taylor, first time poster. I'm a nineteen year-old girl with brunette hair and green eyes. Anyway, here is my first ever story!

So today, I was going on a little road trip with my friend, Christa. She brought her daughter Madelynn with us and we took a trip out of state to a small town in the state over. It was about a four hour drive there and on the way, I had a piece of this very rich vanilla cake. I stopped eating about half of it because it made my stomach upset, but that feeling went away after awhile. Then we had a breakfast-lunch in the town we spent the day in and spent about three and a half hours just being tourists.

Once it got to around 9:00pm, we were heading home. On the way, we stopped by the store and bought an eight pack of soda, the small bottles. I downed about three in the first hour and a half or so. This was the longest car ride I had actually had since I was about twelve, so I started getting a little motion sickness. As we were taking the back roads back home, I started feeling nauseous and my stomach started to gurgle and I felt like I was going to be sick, but I held it back for about fifteen minutes. I thought I could wait it out until the next town, but by the time we reached a town, everything was closed. I felt like I was going to have an accident, I was almost in tears.

Christa obviously noticed I was in distress. "What's wrong?" she asked.
I looked at her with whatever pathetic look was on my face. "My stomach hurts really, really bad. I need a bathroom soon!"
What she told me next made my heart sink. "There isn't another rest area for about twenty more miles," and almost like a curse, the pressure in my stomach grew and I hunched over in the seat of the car.
My voice trembled and I just told her "I won't make it." So she pulled over to the side of the road and I immediately jumped out into a grassy ditch.

I ripped my jeans and thong down, crouched into the grass and just released the pressure in my stomach. Immediately, I just started pooping on the side of the road. It was dark and I hoped no one would see me, but passing cars had their headlights flash on me for a second and one car nearly stopped to see why the car was on the road, but it passed. I stayed hunched over for about two minutes before I was done. I called to her in the car and had her pass me Madelynn's baby wipes out of the diaper bag. Thank God we brought her with us. I wiped my butt, threw the wipes into the ditch and we continued home.

We had been driving for about fifteen minutes, my stomach had settled and I thought I was in the clear. Then while we were going down the very rocky back roads, out of nowhere, the pressure hit me with full force and I shouted desperately to Christa to stop the car. Again, we stopped by a ditch and I got out to do my business, but as I was getting out, I felt myself start to go before I could undo my jeans! As I pulled my jeans and thong down again, I felt a lump on my butt and I almost started crying again. Christa came out to make sure I was okay and I couldn't believe she was seeing me like this. She said that she had to pee, so she got next to me, undid her jeans and underwear and started relieving herself with me. It felt good to know that she didn't judge me.

After I did my business, I took of my pants and thong completely, threw the dirty thong into a ditch, wiped my butt again and put my jeans on, praying that I would make it home. It was another twenty-three miles before we got home, but we got back without another "incident." I immediately went into the bathroom, sat on the toilet, and continued my business for what felt like forever, even if it was about twenty minutes. Then I took a long, hot shower just so I could feel completely clean. I was so embarrassed, but I was just glad that I didn't have a 'complete' accident in my pants.

So that's my story! Hopefully an incident like tonight's never happens again!


Boat Toilet Dare

Hi, Tim here, another story about Sally and I, this time involving a boat. In another post, I told everyone about the squat toilets at the beach and the big poops we both did. Well, while we were staying there, down the road from our hotel was an old sailing ship, moored at the dock. It was open for visitors, so we decided to check the boat out. While looking around, we came to the front of the ship, and saw the "heads", or ship's toilets, which were no more than two wooden seats with holes in them above the waves. Sally said, "Tim, I'm doing a poo on these toilets, and I dare you to join me." How could I refuse? I undid the belt on my jeans, unzipped my fly and undid my button, dropped them to my ankles and did the same to my undies. Sally unzipped her fly and dropped her white skinny jeans and pink bikini panties to her ankles before sitting down next to me. Suddenly, she cut a massive fart and her face turned red and she began grunting, straining and squirming and I said, "Sally, what's wrong?" She replied, "My poo is stuck inside me and won't come out", to which I said, "So is mine, but, you know what, together we can both get it out." We grabbed each other's hands and held them tightly as we pushed together on the count of three, encouraging each other by saying, "Nearly there, come on, push harder." Finally, two loud splashes were heard in the water beneath the boat. There was nothing to wipe with, so we just pulled up our undies and pants and went to the beach. We swam naked together later that day and Sally peed standing up like a man in the water. We shared a kiss while naked. The best holiday ever!

Hi guys!

Last weekend I was at the beach with several of my friends as an end of the school year celebration. So, on one of the mornings, I woke up earlier than everyone else to go on a run (I'm a runner). So I got my spandex running shorts on and went out the front door and started jogging. I didn't know my way around the place so well, so I tried to remember where I was going and where I had already been. Well, about 30 mins into my run, I started getting slight cramps, and had a little gas as well. This happens very often when I run. Running makes me have to poop often. Soon enough, I felt a huge load in my butt and it really wanted to come out. I was also passing slot of gas. So, I started to look for some restrooms. In about five mins, I found a restroom next to a shrimping store. It was separate from the building. I was starting to get very desperate, and my farts were getting VERY juicy, so I went right into the ladies room. As soon as I walked in, I was a bit surprised, because the stalls had no doors! There were walls on either sides of the toilets, but no doors! This isn't very common where I come from, and even though I'm not a shy popper at all, it still seems a bit unsettling for me to do my business where anyone can see me. Well anyways, there were about six toilets, and as I walked along, there was one woman at the first toilet, she seemed about forty-ish, and she looked up at my and waved as I walked by. I waved back. I'm pretty sure she was going number two. So I took the toilet right in the middle, and both toilets on either side of me were not occupied. I pulled my spandex shorts to my knees and slowly sat down. When I did I had a really bad stomach cramp. Then I remembered how much seafood I ate the night before! I guess seafood makes me gassy. Well, after the cramp was over, two younger gi by me and looked at me, then quickly looked away. She took the toilet at the very end, furthest away from me. The other girl took the toilet at my right. She took a deep sigh, then I heard her push. The girl furthest away from me started a strong jet of pee. I think she really had to go.
Well, I let out a very deep fart. This seemed to lose. Up the two women that were pooping. I heard a plop from the first lady, then the girl closest to me passed gas as well. Then the girl that was peeing got up and left.
Now I was feeling a bit more comfortable. I farted once more, then i had some MAJOR diarrhea. For some reason, I often get diarrhea after I run.
Soon after, another girl came in, and she was in quite a rush. She was a larger girl, and she really had to go. When she walked by me, I looked up and waved, then she waved back, and right when she did, she farted. Im pretty sure it was wet, because her hand dropped down and she grabbed her butt. She said "oh excuse me..!"
So she took the toilet to the left of me. Right when she sat down, she passed some gas gas. It was very deep and wet. She had diarrhea as well. I continued as well; I had some pretty bad gas! I pushed out a few solid turds, then some more diarrhea. The girl on my right began to wipe, then left. I farted one more time, and I felt much better, so I got up and left as well. The forty year old lady was still poopig as I walked by. I smiled and waved.
While I was washing my hands, the large woman that was very desperate to poop flushed and went to the sink next to me. She said "I'm so sorry about that, seafood just makes me so gassy, and i guess it just gives me diarrhea!" I replied "oh no problem, seafood really makes me need to go to the restroom as well! I was very gassy myself!" she smiled back, and then I left the bathroom and continued my run.

So I was wondering, how many of you have used the restroom in a place with doorless stalls? I would really love to hear stories about that!

For the recent holiday my husband John and myself decided we'd go to Bath for the day. Normally we would have our three children with us, but they had all gone for a school sports day in Bridgewater. We did some window shopping and John also bought me a lovely sweater for Jolly's one of the 'posh' stores in the city centre. We had decided to go for lunch at the Brabazon, a small but good cafe where the food is not at an extortionate. I told John I had to go to the toilet before we went for our meal. I went into the ladies in the main street. All six cubicles were engaged and there was two women ahead of me. As I stood waiting feeling the ache in my stomach becoming more urgent I accidentally bumped the woman in front of me, she turned to look at me and have me a lovely smile then whispered,

"I hope somebody finishes soon, I'm bursting too."

"Oh, yes me too," I smiled.

Somebody flushed in the nearest of the cubicles and my companion and me turned towards the line of cubicles. It looked to me as if there was movement in the first three cubicles, one was wiping, the first opened and the feet of the women in the second cubicle were moving as though she too had finished.By this time I was really edgy, I could feel my poop threatening to move, I edged forward a bit, squeezing my bum cheeks tight together.

The first cubicle opened and the first women in the queue went in, at the same time the wiping women had finished and my fried dashed in, slamming the cubicle door. Then the cubicle next to her cleared and I walked, stiff legged, squeezing my bum cheeks tight, to the cubicle she had left. My companion had not been able to bolt her cubicle door and I saw her, panties down, head almost between her thighs as she pooped loudly, farting and splattering as I got my panties down in the cubicle next to her. As I twisted my head to sit on the toilet I could see that it was full of poop, running down the sides and back of the pan, the woman who had just left hadn't even bothered to flush. I was desperate by then and squatted as low as I could without sitting. My bowels seemed to explode as I pushed. I could feel my anus opening as I pooped with a loud plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, I groaned as my turds plopped into the pan and I felt the water splashing over my bum, the poop filled water that the previous occupant had left.

"God, you really wanted to get rid of that," the woman next to me exclaimed.

"Yeah," I muttered, "did you make it in time"?

"Just," she giggled.

We both concentrated on our poops then. Both of us were having massive turn outs. Mine was quite firm, some turds really made my sphincter muscle stretch, making it sting painfully. My companion was squirting more watery poop. We must both have been on the toilet over five minutes, I know how badly my thigh muscles were aching when I started to wipe. I hadn't sat on the toilet seat because of the poop already over it, so moving my legs to wipe was a real relief. I must have sighed deeply because my companion giggled again.

"I know that feeling," she said, such a wonderful relief when the ???? is empty again."

"Yes it is," I almost laughed back to her, acknowledging how well I was feeling, even though my bum was still stinging.

She was wiping as I flushed and walked to the washing area. I was soaping my hands when she came out and joined me washing her hands in the wash-basin next to me. Now I was able to look at her without the tense ???? ache I had before. She was perhaps a little younger than me, not much though, late thirties I thought. She told me her name was Pamela and held out her hand to me. I shook her hand introducing myself to her and she asked me if I had time to join her for a pot of tea. I said I would love to but couldn't, explaining I was with my husband, out for the day.

After drying our hands we both checked our make up and as we were chatting she said, incredibly, she was from Ilminster, or more precisely East Coke a very, very small village about two miles from me. We both worked in Taunton, she worked for Boots the Chemist. We made a date to have a meal in town after work this Friday.

Outside the ladies John was waiting, anxiously, I had been in there almost twenty minutes and he was worried I'd been taken ill. I laughed and introduced him to my new friend Pamela. As we watched Pamela walk away, heading for the shops again John asked me why I'd been so long. I explained and he then said he wished he'd been next to me. Ever since I'd told him about 'buddy' dumping he has been interested. He hasn't had a poop with me in the bathroom yet, its something we've never done before but judging by the interest he is showing I don't think it will be long before we have a 'buddy dump ourselves.

I would not say my poop with Pamela was actually a 'buddy dump' even though we were chatting together briefly, but I also hope to try to have a 'buddy' one with her on Friday.

Mr Clogs: Buddy dumping has so far for me been just that. Chatting as I and a colleague had a poop in adjoining cubicles. I have had a poop since with one of my check out mates in the cubicle with me and that is very intimate. It is the same at home, where we both go in turn. I am hopping to be more intimate and 'buddy' like if that is possible soon. Thanks for your interest, its so sweet when somebody does show a genuine interest.


To Megan, Marc and Amanda etc

Hi folks,

I've been reading through and enjoying the recent stories and I had some questions/comments for some of the posters. However, if you'd rather not respond that's ok with me.

@Amanda - liked your story about the restaurant poop especially when you talked about your poop crowning and your enjoyment of that sensation. I like that feeling too - very satisfying. I'm glad it wasn't painful for you. You said that you hadn't been for 6 days. Is that common for you? 3 days has been my maximum. It seems that your first turd probably broke off quickly under it's own weight because it was very hard whereas the rest of your poop was much softer i.e. it couldn't bind very well. I was impressed that even after your second turd had entered the water it hadn't broken off - and then there were two more of a similar size - that was some poop you were having.. Is that a common experience for you?

@Megan - great story about your post-exam pee and poop. I felt sorry for you though because you had to cope with a lot of pressure in your rectum and bladder while you were waiting for the toilet. It must have been great to get to a toilet and relieve all that pressure from both ends. I've been in that situation a few times when I was younger but it doesn't happen much now; don't know why maybe because I'm getting older. It was good to hear you were able to get to a toilet before you "turtleheaded" or worse. I remember reading at about page 328 - 330 of this forum (or thereabouts) about a poor female student who came out of an exam only to find the toilets were unexpectedly locked; she ended up pooping and peeing herself in the corridor and bursting into tears. The poster (who was also in the exam) witnessed this and kindly offered to take her home in his car. Apparently, she had to go so badly she had to lift herself off the passenger seat during the journey and kept on pooping in her pants to get more relief - she just couldn't hold it because there was so much of a build-up. He took her home and she was able to get cleaned up. Still, it must have been a horrid experience for her.

Anyway, I have a few questions about your experience. If you'd rather not answer some or all of them because you're busy with exams or some other reason then that's fine.

It sounds like that was a huge and relieving dump you had. Had you not been for a few days and so there was a "build-up"? Had you been eating a lot of high fibre food or maybe just a lot of food in general? Maybe you can't think of a reason - sometimes these things just happen. I find eating onions or beans make me poop a lot.

I wondered why you didn't poop during your exam but I thought maybe you didn't want to lose exam time or maybe the pressure wasn't intense enough? From my experience in uni any time spent in the toilet during an exam was lost in that you didn't get extra time at the end to compensate. I thought it odd that you couldn't use the toilet in the exam hall after the exam but maybe that's due to a policy at the uni. I can't think of an obvious reason though.

When you were farting continuously (presumably to ease the pressure) as you went into the loo were the farts audible or silent? I presume the latter but I was curious.

Also, from your description it seems as though you did six turds in total - not including the two pieces at the end of your dump. Were they all big turds (by big I mean at least six or more inches in length) or was it a mixture of big and small ones? You probably didn't take much notice but you may have had some idea as you passed each one. Personally I've never done more than two big and two small turds (together totalling about 20 inches) so I was quite impressed by your story - and those of others on this site.

As for the big loud fart you did just before the first log came out I sometimes have the same experience when I'm about to pass a badly-needed poo especially if its quite thick. I used to feel a bit embarrassed when that occurred but now I don't. It's not something you can do much about. It was probably caused by two factors a) your anal sphincters had started to open to let out the first turd and b) the turd was quickly pushing out the remaining gas in your rectum before it emerged. Hearing your big fart probably helped the other girl go i.e. it "broke the ice" so you probably did her a favour.

Anyway, if you read this ...good luck with your exams!

@Marc - I'm sorry to hear about your experience. However, the girl did pressure you into revealing your secret so she can hardly complain about you telling her. I agree with the other posters that an interest in the subject of bodily functions isn't something people choose to have so you can't just get rid of it - and why should you? You can't just change for other people. At lest you were man enough to tell her - I've never had the guts to tell my past partners about my interest.

If she can't accept that part of you then it may be better to move on. It'll be hard at the moment but it is true that there are "plenty of fish in the sea" i.e. you'll meet someone else who you'll like even more and who will be more accepting about it. However, you can't change her attitude - and there's little point in trying - if she can't accept it then it is probably best to accept that she can't accept it. I'd play it down and keep in touch with her - after the initial shock she may come round but if not then it may be better to part company.

As one of the other posters stated - it's better to find out about her reaction now than later in the relationship when you are more involved e.g. engaged or married. At least you can back out much more easily. Hopefully she'll be mature enough to not run off and tell her friends etc. Let us know how things develop - as long as you feel comfortable doing so of course.

@poster of "on the john" - I liked your story about being able to hear everything that your neighbour was doing in the pit toilet even if seperated by a partition. Where I live such toilets are very rare - sadly.

Lastly, thanks to all the other posters. I have some stories myself that I hope to share.



(1) How long has it been since you last pooped?
About 24 hours
(2) Do you have daily "sit times" when you sit on the toilet and try; even if you haven't gotten an urge?
I try every time I sit
(3) What is your definition of "constipated" ?
Struggling to do a dooh, and/or not doing a dooh for over 48 hours
(4) Enemas
I take them occasionally but mainly I use suppositories and soapsticks
(5) Does your stomach get distended when you haven't been able to poop for a long time?
Probably but then I haven't been flat-???? for ten years
(6) Do you know any other (people) that are constipated a lot?
The entire rest of my family
(7) Do you bleed after a large hard poop?
From time to time, yes
(8) Do you often clog the toilet when you poop?
About once a month
(9) What does it feel like when you get badly backed up?
Stomach pain, sore butt/awkward walking, maybe some other seemingly-unrelated health issues (nausea, headaches)
(10) If you could "have a wish come true"...would you like it better if our bodies were designed so pooping wasn't necessary?
Wouldn't we all, really!
(11) Do you sometimes ignore urges and hold your poop?
Sometimes, I try not to
(12) Either now or when you were younger; does a parent ask to see your poops or check with you to see if you have gone?
All the time when younger - now I am that parent!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Niel those sound like some good stories please post them thanks.

To: Marie first welcome back and great story it sounds like you had a pretty rough time but at least you made it to the toilet in time without having an accident and I look forward to reading your next post thanks.

To: bloated Butt great story it sounds like you had a really great and relaxing poop and pee outside I bet it was really refreshing to and I bet it made you feel pretty good to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shana it sounds like your friend Deborah had a really tough time but was rewarded with a good poop that made her feel alot better and she had you there to help her through it all and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: On The John great story about and that other having really good poops together it sounds like you both had a really great cleanout and felt pretty great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Shaun did you make it to the bathroom so Julie could go.

To: Abbie as always another great pooping story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: J-Girl great pee story it sounds like it was a good pe and I look forard to your next post thanks.

To: Realxing Poop Outside great story it sounds like you had a really great and realxing poop outside and I bet you felt pretty good and refreshed afterwards to and please shre anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Pretty Woman great live reporting and poop by poop coverage to it sounds like you had a pretty great poop and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards to and great story aout your mall poop it sounds like you and that other girl both had really great poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Amanda great story it sounds like you had a pretty good cleanout at least you were still in the bathroom when round 2 came and I bet you felt pretty good once you were finaly done and as always i look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tim great story it sounds like Sally had a great poop.

To: Girl Who Poops great story it sounds like you found the secret to having a good poop and it sounds like you had some pretty good ones to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie great story about your big poop I bet you felt pretty good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Yvonne as always another great story it sounds like your friend Alice was having a rough time but at least you were there to help her out and it sounds like she really had to go to I bet she felt really great afterwards to and it sounds like you had a great poop youself and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Diane great story it sounds like you and that other woman both had really good poops and probaly felt pretty good afterward to and I look forward to your next pos thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sicerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


North Norfolk Coast Part - 2

Returning to the mobile home. I made something to eat . I started to read the do's & dont's attached to this was a key, reading on the key was for the shower block , the mobile home had fully facilities. I glanced out of the window I could see a brick building. Putting my coat on grabbing my and the key I took a walk, I unlocked the door let my self in and as in the instructions I locked the door behind me, I was the only person in there . Totally amazed there were 10 toilet cubicles and 8 shower cubicles, all the toilets had full wooden seats and the pull type chains as I was looking around near cubicle 8. Someone inserted a key the door opened, the lady locked it behind her , she spoke straight away asking are you just up for the weekend, yes I am,she said she stayed up all summer shed been here for a week, I noticed that she was smoking. asking my name she told hers was Anne she spoke with a northern accent. Anne went into cubicle 7 banged the door shut put the seat down with a bang, I moved over to the mirror and sinks, lighting a cigarette, Anne was rustling down her undies etc , her bum hit the seat, she spoke saying the weather is not very good, agreeing, I moved towards cubicle 8 went in and bolted the door Anne's pee had started,lifting my skirt & rustling down my undies I sat on the wooden seat, I could hear Anne inhaling on her cigarette and ex-hailing, I still had my cigarette in my mouth I ex hailed. Anne sighed saying she was a bit constipated , I replied like wise , I had already been earlier , but I needed to do some more I felt bloated . We both grunted and strained , I dribbled some pee, looking down at the gap I noticed Anne's wedge type mule sandel rise up, Anne exclaimed or ,or god and large Ker Splunk when her piece hit the water , she peed again, I had a piece starting to edge,it slowly moved out of my bum in hailing a large lung full of smoke, I ex hailed slowly my piece hit the water with a large splash, sighing , Anne apolgised for the smell, I replied mine stinks too , I strained again and four small pieces dropped out , Anne was coughing as she did there was another loud splash , followed by or that hurt. I peed again , Anne strained again, she coughed and farted she released 3 smaller plops in quick succession , oh that fells better. I said yes I do too we both began to wipe I used quite a lot of paper , so did Anne. I pulled the chain, checking it all went , Anne's chain went . we both went to the sink to wash our hands

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Staying on the North Norfolk Coast

A couple of weekends ago i went and stayed in a mobile home in a sea side town. On the Saturday afternoon, as I had not been for #2 for a day or so, probably due to a couple of reasons just finishing my a period and being in a strange place. I went out for a coffee ask for an extra shot, finishing my coffee I took a stroll along the front, having a cigarette awhile I walked. I came upon the public toilets in I went there were 12 cubicles, a few were free I took one that free in between 2 which were engaged, taking off my jacket lifting my skirt slipping down my knix I sat on , the toilet pan was one of those with a built in seat the wooden half type ones. I began to pee, both my neighbors were doing the same, the one om left wiped flashed and left , shortly afterwards the one the right did the same, my dribbled to a finish, I began to concentrate to see I could do a #2, there seemed to be plenty of comings and goings around me mainly every one was only peeing. I grunted a sighed , I really fancied another cigarette , but there were too many comings and goings to do that.
I wiped giving up on doing a number 2 . I walked back towards the park home site, I found another Ladies opposite some amusements. I went in there 6 cubicles , they were all empty I checked every one. Lighting a cigarette I entered cubicle 3 , bolted the door , the toilet was same type as in the previous toilets. hanging my coat up lifting my skirt , as I did this , with my cigarette in mouth it made cough and fart, phew it stunk, slipping down my knix, sitting I took large inhalation on my cigarette, exhaling I just sat , gently straining, a few silent but brup type farts but smelly. I sat just relaxing inhaling large lung falls on my cigarette slowly exhaling the smoke, I dribbled some pee, grunting a bit. Some foots steps approached, she took the cubicle to my right (4). Slam the door bolted , there was a rustling of underwear, then her bum hit the toilet , I herd her remove her tampon wrap it in toilet paper, her pee began quite a torrent I strained some , I could feel the starting of a piece begin to edge out, I lent forward, looking under the gap I noticed she was wear flip flops and that she was a black lady , entailing some on my cigarette my piece had edged out further slowly it was escaping my bum. My neighbor was fumbling in her hand bag , I herd her lighter click, my first piece dropped with a loud splash ,I sighed , my neighbor dropped two pieces plopp, plopp ,, I strained again and another large piece began slowly edging , this one felt quite large , I was peeing again , the soft strains coming from my neighbor, my large piece hit the water and splashing up around my bun, two or three smaller pieces followed. I was about done , I ripped off a large wodd of paper stood up and wiped my wet bum, I ripped off another large wodd of paper and wiped it again, my neighbor dropped about another 4 small plopps. I flushed and came out. I went to the sinks washing my hands my neighbor flushed and came out , sh was a large black lady around 40ish , we smiled at one another.

Mr. Clogs


Pretty Woman: I enjoyed your story about pooping at the mall and your live poop on the toilet. Keep the posts coming.

Yvonne: Interesting buddy dump story at the restaurant. Just curious when your at your house or theirs how do you accomplish these buddy dumps? Do your friends take like a extra container or bucket in the bathroom while you use the toilet? I've always been curious about these buddy dumps.

J-Girl: Welcome to Tolietstool and I enjoyed reading about your late nite pee in your room with the coffee cup with tissues in them to absorb the pee and having the finish the rest in the trash can. Like you I enjoy peeing and pooping other places than the bathroom, check out previous posts. Like you I still live at home, you have to be discrete about it and not getting caught. I think my folks know about it, so it's cool. It's time for me to get my own place soon, any ways keep the posts coming. Thanks.

To relaxing poop outside: I enjoyed your post about pooping outside, yeah it sucks forgetting the toilet paper, oh well. Keep the posts coming.

Girl who poops: Thanks for sharing your post, you're right about loading up on the fibre, you're poops would be massive and easy to pass than without.

As far as anything interesting in peeing and pooping, well nothing really to note, just the usual peeing in the cup at night and big poops in the morning. I do miss pooping into containers an cups, but my folks are home most of the day so I have to use the toilet for that. I do notice when I squat to poop, I usually feel a lot relieved than using the toilet. It puts a lot of pressure on my knees so I won't be doing that often. Speaking of taking a dump, well I got to take care of that need. So I'll go and handle my business. Looking forward to all of your extended weekend posts in the US it's Memorial Day. Take care and happy peeing and pooping.



Reply to Megan!

Thank you for replying!

Yeah i understand! I normally go at home also! But during the exam period.. i did get caught short and had use the library's facilities at times

Do you ever take anything in with you i.e. a book? Im only asking because i usually take my ipad if i can get a chance! I live in a very open household meaning that it is never a secret to everyone else to what we was about to do!

Last year i lived with two girls and i although it was never an open subject i do have a few stories about living with them! ahha it's usually the morning after a heavy night of alcohol with them though so i have a few!

I would love to hear a post from you on just your normal poo's which you do at home.. in the detail you post your usual ones!

Like earlier (for me) i was sitting in my room with an obvious need building up on my laptop just chilling, and i was happy for the moment so it wasn't anything desperate so i just waited till i really needed to go! i'm not the most gassiest person but when i need to poo i tend to fart a few times (are you the same?)

After a while i decided to just go downstairs to the bathroom and do the deed etc.. took my ipad and just relaxed aha

I find that as soon as i sit down i fart just as i relax and without pushing everything basically fell out! It wasn't loose or anything but all came out in ball like shapes with made loads of sound! Had a quick look and it was just all sitting their with a few floating..

I wiped a few times opened the window and left..

haha i have few stories that involve other housemates from last year (the girls) if you would like to hear them!

Have a great weekend :)


horror movie?

well hello there! long time no see! here is your Mexican girl again(?)

I have a new story, but it's just quite embarrassing! I mean, I have been with my boyfriend for over a year, but I'm not quite...used to say "oh hey I have to go to pee" or whatever it is...but it was awful -cries-

We went to the movies to watch the fast & the furious, he was quite excited about me his first formal relationship wanting to go with him to watch a movie not many girls like, I don't like it either pretty much but hey! I have made him see A LOT of Kpop stuff with me xD

Anyways, before we went to the movies I drank a slushie (or "Raspa") and it kind off make my stomach start gurgling and ache a bit, but I didn't take too much attention to it because things too sweet made that effect but with no more secondary effects. So we went to the movies like at 9:50pm and the movie began at 10:20, so we started walking when suddenly I had this HUGE STOMACHACHE with a lot of gurgling noises and that feeling when you know you're gonna have some bad diarrhea, and I became like "Oh God please! not Here!" let's remember I am VERY SHY about pooping in public places, now IMAGINE ME HAVING DIARRHEA IN A PUBLIC PLACE! And let me tell you, here in Mexico people is not that used to poop in public (well at least from what I have seen) and making a poo in public becomes you a "nasty people"; anyways, when this urge hit me like really hard, I stopped in the middle of the mall, sweating cold and my BF just stares at me worried, I definitely didn't want to go to the bathroom and like some times (in my house) this happens and I just wait a little and breath A LOT this urge will pass, so I did and the urge passed away and I started feeling a lot better, so I relaxed. Not to make this story longer, we went in and started watching this movie, I was totally focused on understanding this thing and I was eating popcorn with a lot of hot sauce as if the urge from before hadn't happened. BIG MISTAKE.

In the middle of the movie, my stomach began gurgling more louder, just like a real revolution! I started to sweat cold again, and it became worse and worse so I knew I wouldn't resist without soiling my pants. I whispered quietly into my BF ear that I had to go to the bathroom really bad, but he was more immersed in the movie so he just nodded at me, I stand up and walk really fast though I am quite clumsy, I think I just made it to the toilet in time, because as I walked-half-run- the urge became MORE HORRIBLE THAN BEFORE! Thank God the bathroom was empty, so I could comfortably (almost) enter into a stall, pull down my pants and literally explode into the poor toilet with a horrible wave of pure watery diarrhea that hurt like hell. I really thank God that no one got into the bathroom at that time, it will be like the death for me besides that i was nearly dehydrating with all that diarrhea. Even though for me it feel like ages it all happened in less than 10 minutes, I looked down into the toilet and saw just a full mass of poo, but I sure feel a WHOLE LOT better, I wiped like a thousand times and went back to the movie, and boyfriend didn't mind to ask if I was okay though he saw me a little bit uncomfortable, psh...

see you later with more histories!


Re: Late night room pee

J Girl, I liked your story. Very interesting! :)


To: Girl who poops

Hi Girl who poops,
I recognize much of what you write. I'm also on a journey to having more satisfying bowel movements. After seeing the result after a toilet trip of one of my friends from uni, I've had as a side project get the feeling of passing something wider. I usually have a uneventful bm each day and don't have any problems with my digestion or such, I would just like to try the feeling of passing a real log. Lol, disgusting, but it is what it is.

I've realized that I might never get the feeling of having a bm like the superpoopers of this forum like Megan, etc. But I'm still trying eating fiber and exercising. Cool to hear you little experiment and that it gave something! If you have any more "success" please post about it.


Jas at K-Mart

I use doorless stalls a lot, and guys frequently turn into my stall before they see me there. There's no door, so no big deal. No need to be embarrassed. To me a nice smile and a quick "sorry," when I'm sitting there are better than the guys who hurry off as if they'd turn to stone if they see me.
In fact one of my most memorable shits at the beach was a guy who stood there for a minute and talked to me about the lack of privacy. Then he just smiled and wished me a good day. Another guy even asked if he could come into my stall to grab some toilet paper while I was on the can. Both much more pleasant then a guy who turns away as if I were doing something wrong.
So if someone is taking a dump in an open stall, they can't expect not to be seen, and there's no need for you to be embarrassed.

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