Bloated Butt
Tyler: Hey, I'm the "late 20s female" who asked you about enemas. I forgot to include my name in my last post, sorry ;)

To "relaxing poop outside":
I loooooooove pooping outside. It feels amazing, doesnt it? I actually pooped outside yesterday (Sat). I am having problems with my septic tank and am having a plumber come out later this week to take care of it, but for the past few days I havnt been able to use my toilet for fear of water coming up through the shower drain. I hadnt pooped Wed., Thurs., or Friday, despite eating large meals every day. On Friday I had actually eaten at a buffet with some friends, and ate so much that I was practically waddling. All that food turned to poop inside of me and just built up for three days, by Saturday I was going to burst. It was yesterday afternoon that I broke down and decided, toilet or no toilet, I gotta take a dump. I'll explode if this continued.

So wearing nothing but a long t-shirt that came down to just below my butt, I went out to my backyard (my backyard is really secluded with lots of trees, plus my neighbors werent home, so I wasnt worried about being seen), found a nice spot, hiked up my shirt and squatted down. Almost immediately a huge fart exploded out of my big butt and I grunted as I bore down involuntarily. Fortunately the poop wasnt very hard and it all came out within a minute. I was pleasantly suprised because i'm often constipated and have to really push and strain, but this BM was ready to come out immediately. I think squatting helped, too. After laying a massive pile of soft turds I enjoyed a nice pee and just crouched there in the warm sun, my fat white thighs and butt exposed to the breeze. Finally i decided i was done, wiped with some TP I had brought, stood back up and went back inside.

Going to the bathroom outside is really wonderful when the weather is nice, as it was yesterday. I've pooped outside when it was really cold and during those times I'm just pushing to hurry up because my butt's freezing!


For Nick

Cool Nick....thanks for doing my survey. I'm really glad you started posting.
It would be so great to have a dump-buddy like you. If only; If only; If only..... I guess it will never happen.
I've never given myself an enema; is it hard to do that by yourself? I've never had my dad give me one either; eeeeeewwwwwww......that was always mom's job.
If we were dump buddies we could keep track of each-others pooping.....give belly rubs if we couldn't each other through difficult each other with enemas.....all that in addition to just being great friends. It all sounds so cool.

The other thing about you that's VERY much like me was when you got a fever from being badly constipated. I DID TOO! Quite a few times...and; like would go away almost immediately after an enema and being able to go. Hardly anyone ever mentions getting sick like that from constipation. I sure did....and so did you.

That was when I was much younger.....I call that phase One of my bowel issues. I'm in Phase Four now (I poop good now). Someday I will post about my 4 phases. I think a lot of kids kinda grow out of being constipated all the time.

Cool Dumper

Fraternity Toilets

Hello. I have not been on this site in many years, but I just thought of something which might be of interest. Back in the mid 1970's when I was in college, a friend joined a fraternity (I cannot remember which one). I visited him several times at the house, and once had to use the men's room. What I saw inside were several urinals along one wall, and along the other wall, two toilets with no stalls or partitions. I could tell there used to be three toilets, but the center one had been removed and replaced with a table. The location of the toilets was such that a person standing in the doorway to the room could see and converse with someone sitting on the toilet (I saw that happen once). Since the fraternity owned the building, this arrangement was obviously the choice of the members. I always thought it a bit strange that guys would actually want such an open design, although, once everyone was over the initial squeamishness, it probably had its advantages. I would be interested in what everyone here thinks. BTW, this was in the Rocky Mountain area of the US.



I was baby sitting a little girl that told me that when your but burps some times poop comes out. (she just found the cider)


Squat Poopster

Oh well..
It's been a while, and my poops have been pretty much the same lately.

But I do have quite a story to tell about my friend Deborah.
Deborah is a bit younger than me.

She's 15 years, petite, and blonde.

A few days ago, we were hanging out together at my place, watching a DVD movie, when she started to fidget a bit.

I asked her if she was allright, and she explained she have had an uncomfortable feeling in her lower belly for the better part of the day, and that she tried to poop several times before she came over.

I asked if she felt like trying again, and after some hesitation, she replied: "Yeah, I think I do.. Are you coming along?"

I was a bit surprised by her, inviting me in, but the prospect of see´ng her pooping turned me on a little..

So we went to the bathroom, and Deborah lowered her pants to her ankles, sat down, and peed for a good 30 seconds.

After that, it became silent, and she started to lean over quite a bit.
For about 5 minutes, not much was happening. We were just talking girl stuff, but as I was next to her, I noticed her anus was puckering out more and more.

After 5 minutes, she let out a very long and loud fart.
I think it lasted about 15 seconds, and it ended very wet.

This long fart was followed by many more small, but wet farts in another 3 to 5 minutes.

All the while Deborah kept leaning over, with a puckering anus.

Then Deborah said: "I can still feel the pressure, but it just won't come.

She straightened herself, and then she started to rip off toilet paper, but just after her second wipe, she leaned over again, and her anus came out like it did before..

After a few seconds, another wet fart followed.

Then she wiped three more times, and leaned over again!
Her anus puckered, and this time some big, mushy turds slid out of her, for about 30 seconds.

She sighed in relief, be´ng a bit sweaty.
"Oh, I needed that SO much!", she said..

She flushed, wiped four times, and flushed again.

After that, we washed hands, and went back to the movie. :-)

On The John

I have not posted in a good while. I check the site every once in a while but have not contributed in a bit. Recently I had a good experience to share with you all.
I was heading out for a backpacking trip while I had a few days vacation. I camped the first night in an an actual campsite; albeit rather primitive. There were what were referred to as "pit" toilets where I stayed and then closer to the main area real flush toilets. As I was preparing myself for several days in the back country my goal was to be as far off the grid as possible. I wanted to hike trails and be as self sufficient as I could be.
I seldom deviate from my usual diet but the food I had to pack was essentially lacking in any form of fiber. I had to double up on psyllium for this reason and because I am accustomed to a high fiber regimen. I may have overdone it a bit because the morning after my first night I awoke to a serious need to poo. I had to go badly right after boiling and drinking my first cup of coffee. I rambled over to the facilities and there were two outhouse style toilets available. I had arrived as another young woman did. We walked into the ladies side and there was only one hole. I asked her if she really had to go badly to which she replied yes. I decided to use the other side in hopes that no one would bother us. It was a good decision because I passed gas before I even sat down.
I could hear everything as she probably could as well. I sat on the john and began to have a huge bm because of the fiber. The lady next door was having a massive bowel movement as well. The pit toilets had signs on the door about keeping the lids closed on the inside doors to keep the smell to a minimum. I groaned a bit as I had four waves of loose poop which left about every two minutes. My neighbor was also having what sounded like near diarrhea but not quite so bad. I heard her pull up her shorts and head out while I was pushing out my last load. She quickly came back in and sat while doing one more bm on the john.
I exited and met her outside. She looked somewhat embarrassed but I said hey we all have to go. I then asked about local trails and she took out a map of the area. I will keep you posted about the events that follow ;-)


My best friend

Hi, My name is Shaun. I am 17 years old and I am a junior in high school. Julie is my best friend. I have known her since 1st grade and she knows me better than I know myself. In the USA, today is Memorial Day and me, Julie, and some other friends went to our state park to have a cookout. Since I race cars in my free time, my dad trusted me enough to let me borrow his new Mustang convertible. It got damaged, but not how you'd think.

Unfortunately, it rained today, and our cookout ended early. On the highway, there was a 4 car pileup that had traffic at a standstill both ways. Two cars were upside down, one of them even flipped and landed on the other side of the barrier. Nobody was seriously injured, but traffic was gridlocked in both directions.

After about 15 minutes, Julie started fidgeting in her seat and placed her hands on her stomach. I could hear her stomach churning, and she said that her stomach hurt really badly. Julie quietly moaned, then "pppfffftt". Julie ripped a little fart that had a big smell. She blushed and excused herself. I knew that she would have to use to bathroom soom

I asked her if she had to use the toilet and she silently nodded her head. Unfortunately for her, traffic still hadn't moved, and when I questioned a cop when we would get back moving, he said that they had to shut down the other end of the highway so tow trucks could come the opposite direction, which would take at least 1 hour.

Julie began to pass gas. Her farts smelled like a combination of expired eggs, sour milk, and kielbasa. Even with the convertible roof down and the windows open, Julie's gas made me gag. I could tell that she was very embarrassed about it

Mysterious Man
To Girl who poops:

Your best bet is to eat plenty of fiber rich foods, things like bread and other stuff that are good for bulky stools. If you are able to, hold it for however you wish to, though be mindful holding too long can have drawbacks if you're not careful.

Hi everyone, Abbie here again with a quick update which I'll get on to in a minute after some comments.
Natasha- glad you're posting again, I was missing your news. Sounded like you managed alright with using the loo at the music festival you went to and glad you managed to have a poo at the shops. I hope you and your friends are managing to stay constipation free.
Millie- sounds like you had a satisfying toilet visit at school, you're lucky you've got a more private toilet you can use if you want a poo during the school day, wish we had that!
Megan- Just typical that when your dying for a poo the toilets are being cleaned! You must have been relieved when you finally got on the loo and could get started, sounded like you were quite close to pooing your pants and the other girl seemed to be bursting too. I've been having exams lately too but luckily they don't seem to affect my bowels, I guess that is one advantage of being constipated. I do get worried about not being able to hang on if I need a wee though. Hope that your other exams go well and that if you need a poo you're able to hold on.
This is a story from a couple of days back, I was on my way home from school and was bursting for a wee, I thought I probably needed a poo as well but I had to wee so badly I wasn't sure! I went straight up to my room, took off my skirt and blouse and went into my ensuite in my underwear, I've been quite badly constipated and knew I'd probably end up straining and getting hot and bothered. I pulled down my white pants and sat on my loo, I relaxed my bladder and felt a stream of wee starting to flow out, it rapidly gathered pace until it sounded like a high pressure water jet! I couldn't help moaning as I sat there weeing like crazy, I realised I'd been quite close to letting a few spurts go into my pants but luckily had managed to hold it in until I was safely on the loo. After what seemed like forever my wee stream slowly died away and I stayed sitting to see if I could sense an urge for a poo. I pushed hard but nothing seemed to be stirring in my belly so I wiped my front, pulled up my pants and went back into my bedroom where I put on some leggings and a tee-shirt. I did some revision, watched telly and had tea and it was as I went back up to my room after the meal that I had a heavy feeling in my belly and shortly after I could feel a poo coming. I thought I'd get ready for bed so I took my tee-shirt and leggings off and changed into my nightie (really an overlarge tee-shirt which my Gran keeps insisting on buying me so I wear them to bed as it saves buying pyjamas!) I went into my ensuite, pulled up my tee-shirt and dropped my pants to my knees and then sat on the loo. I squeezed my thighs together and took a deep breath before bearing down hard, as I released my breath I grunted loudly. After a few more hard pushes and accompanying grunts I could feel the tip of a hard dry log starting to come out of my bum, I'd already been straining for 5 minutes so I knew I was in for a long session. I felt the log coming out painfully slowly as I carried on pushing, by now I was screwing up my face with every push and knew I'd gone red but I just wanted this log out. I normally enjoy having a poo but when its this hard work I just want to get it over with. The log was getting fatter and really stretching my bum, I reached round and pulled my bum cheeks apart and did a massive push with an equally massive grunt and luckily that got the widest part through and I was able to relax a bit. A few minutes later after a bit more pushing the huge log dropped, it was so massive it didn't make a sound! I could feel more up inside me so I pushed again and some mushy stuff came out, this sometimes happens when I get constipated. I stayed sitting until I knew I was done and then took some loo paper and started to wipe my bottom, it was quite messy so needed quite a few wipes. I looked in the bowl to see a mass of paper, some floating chunks and the end of a huge snake like log sticking up out of the water! I pulled up my pants and let down my nightie and then flushed, the water level began to rise and for an awful moment I thought I was going to flood the bathroom but suddenly it all got sucked away and I breathed a sigh of relief! Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!

On Saturday as it was a really sunny day, my whole family went to the beach. My parents and aunts and uncles sat in the cafÚ up the hill, but even although im 19, im a big kid at heart, so I played on the beach with my little cousins Kieran(10) and liam(12).

Liam is about 5ft and quite slim for a boy with gelled up brown/blonde hair. Kieran(his and my cousin) looks similar but with more blonde hair.

We had just come out of the ocean after playing with a ball and sat down on the seaside on our towels. About 2 minutes past and Liam said that he was off to the bathroom. I watched him walk towards the shed which was the bathrooms. He disappeared into the boys room and I picked up my book snd started reading.

within a couple of seconds later, I looked up to see him walking back towards us. He slumped himself down on the sand and said "there aren't any toilets, there are just these holes on the floor where they used to be." I thought this was odd as I had seen other boys go in there and take suitably enough time to do the toilet.

5-10 minutes had passed and Kieran was building a sand castle and Liam was sitting next to me playing his Gameboy, I was still wondering about this toilet scenario and I said to him softly "couldn't you have just pee'd in the hole or gone in the sea?" he moanily replied "its a poo I need".

For a minute I was kinda shocked as you just don't imagine your best cousin who you are quite close with having needs to poo. He seemed quite embarrassed to tell me about it and as I was sort of looking after and responsible for him, I felt I had to help him.

I walked up to the boys room when it was quiet and had a peak round the door, I saw the holes in the ground that liam was talking about, then I made my way into the girls room and it had those holes in the ground too. It clicked and I realised that because this was quite an old beach, those were the toilets and you had to squat over them.

After making my way back down to liam, I asked him "do you still need a poo?" I assumed he did as he was moving his legs around a lot. he just looked at me with his rosey cheeks and nodded.

I had an idea as I didn't like seeing him distressed. I explained to him that the holes in the ground were the toilets and said to him that I would help him go if he wanted. I don't think he knew exactly what I proposed to do but he said "okay then" We told Kieran where we were going and he went back to sit with the parents.

I walked up the beach with liam and we went into the girls room, he said "ohh I cant go in here" I told him that sometimes mothers bring their sons in and for all they know, i could be doing the same thing.
He reluctantly came in and stood, I took both his hands and told him to bend down over a hole until he felt that his poo would go down it. He did so as far as he felt comfortable. His arms were shaking and I think he was embarrassed that he was doing this (as I would be too).

I felt quite awkward myself as I put my hands at either side of his stomach and allowed him to pull his shorts down, I think he was desperate to poo by now as he didn't hesitate too much. He gripped the top of his shorts at his waist and slid them down over his bum and thighs until his mid-leg. He had said later that he felt bad for me having to watch him. He left his shorts at his knees. I said "liam, as I am a girl, I have a lot more experience of sitting on toilets than you, so I would take them off fully". He did so and slid them down off his feet.

I grabbed his hands again and said "start going then" he said "im sorry, I don't want you to see this" to make him feel better I said "you can keep me company while I pee afterwards then" I think this made him feel abit better.

his body put a little bit of extra pressure on my arms as he pushed his bum and a few pieces of poo slid into the hole. Between loads I could see he felt awkward and embarrassed and didn't say much, I noticed that he was trying to push his thighs together to hide his boy-part.

He moved his legs apart so that he could do a pee, this came out in a few light spurts. He did a watery fart followed by some liquid poo which ran out of his bum like water from a tap.

He almost seemed to get more comfortable with the arrangement as he just accepted that I had seen him naked, he began to loosen off his thighs and release poo easier. I always knew when a piece was coming though as he would squeeze my hand alittle tighter, I thought that was kinda cute.

As he was mid-squeeze, a woman of about 40 came in and sat over the furthest away hole, using her arms for support. this made liam seem abit fazed. I shifted my body around slightly to protect his modesty as much as I could. I saw between his legs that a piece of poo was hanging out his bum. I think that as the woman was down quite low that she perhaps saw it hanging there too. Although I don't know for sure, I think the woman may have stayed for a poo but as liams piece of poo slid off, she quickly pulled up her shorts and left.

By this time I remember thinking to myself 'I could do with a poo now'. After two more sloppy pieces of poo, he pushed a few times and said "Im done now, how will I erm...clean myself?". situated next to each hole was a small hose and a roll of toilet paper. I pulled him up until he was standing and suggested that he may want to use a piece of toilet paper then the hose. I had avoided seeing his bare bum so far but he bent down over the toilet giving me a view of his small, tight rear end coated with brown-ness on the inside and barely standing out from his thighs. He wiped twice and then sprayed a hose all over the outside and aimed it inside aswell. he quickly went for his shorts and pulled them up with his left thigh facing me pulling them up until his waist and until they showed leg from the knee downwards. He thanked me and seemed to be relieved.

It was my turn now, being abit taller, I found it easier to lean over the hole and I took off my bikini bottom before I began. to make him feel useful, I asked liam to hold my hands as I lowered myself down but then I held myself up.

Liam stood infront of me and found it a little difficult not to take a look at my girly-part as I tinkled solidly, although to be fair I had a look at his bits too as its only natural.

The first bit of poo slid out of my bum, followed by several small bullet like pieces. Liam said "I didn't know you needed a poo as well" I said "its just a little one, I thought I might aswell while im here"

I asked liam to hold one of my hands as I wiped my bum with the other and subsequently stood up to use the hose. I pulled my bikini bottom up and we both washed our hands at the sink.


My First Enema

Hi, Tim here, this time with my first enema. I was 10 years old and I hadn't pooped for 4 days. I even squatted on my toilet outside, to no avail. So I went and told my Mum the problem, who told me to go lied down on my bedroom floor. I did and she told me to remove my pants and underwear, which I did and lay back down. Then she got the enema tube and started the water flow up my anus. I felt full, but waited until she was done. She said to me, "Tim, go get your potty and go into the lounge room", so I did and once in there, she said, "Wait until this timer goes off, then squat over the potty and let go." The pressure was indescribable, like being pumped up inside. I was just about ready to go on the floor when the timer went off and Mum said, "OK, Tim, you can go now." I ran over to the potty, squatted low over it and let go, poo and pee gushing out of me while my mother encouraged my by saying, "Push it all out, there's a good boy. Come on, push really hard." I pushed as hard as I could and got it all out. When I was done, she congratulated me for pushing so hard, gave me paper to wipe with and dumped the potty's contents into the toilet. I felt much better


To J-Girl and Car Mom

First off I would like to say welcome back Car Mom I have really missed your stories, please don't leave us again ;-)

secondly to J-Girl I loved your story of peeing in the trash can but had a couple of questions if you don't mind. Do you live at home or have room mates or something? I was trying to figure out who you where worried would catch you. Also do you plan on doing it in your trash can again or are you going to expand and find another place in the room to go? And last have you ever done one of your unusual pees with someone watching?

Good job ladies hope to read many more stories soon from the two of yall.

To BrentC:

I remember getting enemas from a red bag as a kid, but since adulthood, I have not had an old fashioned bag enema, unless I count the barium enema I had to investigate my bowel problems. That was an ordeal. I didn't know it was possible to cram two liters of that heavy chalky stuff in there.

The worst I've gone was a full week without a poop. It was a business trip without much down time for me to take care the problem. I was so full that my jeans felt two sizes too small. I bought a fleet twin pack on the drive home, and used them consecutively in the knee-chest position. It hurt a lot, but it worked. Had to flush half way into the massive (and rank) bowel movement to prevent the toilet from getting backed up.

I learned that it's much better to shove a suppository up there before it gets to that point. The docusol enemas I now use are at least as effective as a Fleet.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Spanish beech toilet

Hi all,

thank you for the good comments you left about my previous post about my Auntie pooping on the toilet.

Anyways I was on vacation in the summer of 2011 when I was 31 and I'm White with short blonde hair and athletic body. I stayed in a English town of Fuengirola which has nice beech's, bar's restaurant's and quite a good nightlife from what I can remember aswell.

I was at the beech pretty much every day, swimming in the sea and lounging on a hired sun lounger in the baking sun, anyways one afternoon a group of four or five pretty ladies hired some loungers situated behind me and when I turned over to my stomach I could see them talking, reading ladies mags and sipping on San Miguel.

I remember one of them was blonde and a real beautiful looking lady and probably about the same age, she was average size not skinny and not ???? and she was eating Lay's Crisps and also drinking San Miguel. I could occasionally hear her saying to her friends that she need to number 2.

A few hours passed and she didn't move off her lounger, so I just thought that she was acting or waiting till they go back to their apartment/holiday home. I did notice that some of her friends would say that's disgusting it smells bad, so she must have farted silent but deadly ones, then about half an hour later she got up and went to the little beech toilets which were situated near the entrance to the beech.

One of her friends must have had their eyes closed, because she leaned upwards and looked around and asked her friends where's ... gone, oh she's gone for a poo! A bout ten minuets later she came back from the toilet and her friends embarrassingly gave her round of applause and she said that it was a reel messy stinky one and that the beach toilet flush isn't the best.

Thanx for reading my story and take care.


Late night room pee

Hi all!

So tonight was the first time I peed in my room. I had a large coffee earlier and about an hour later I desperately needed to pee. I was pacing in my room desperately trying to hold it in but I was feeling lazy and I really didn't want to go all the way down stairs to the bathroom so I figured I would just go up in my room. I already had tissues and my coffee cup. I felt like I was going to pee A LOT so I stuffed some tissues inside the cup. I hovered over my trash can while holding the cup underneath me and slowly started to let my pee out. I was a bit nervous since this was the first time and I definitely didn't want to get caught so it took a few minutes for my stream to start. I went slow, peeing for a second then stopping to let the tissues absorb. At one point, I relaxed a little too much and I peed a hard stream into the cup filling it to the top. I took the cup out from underneath me and tried putting more tissues in while I continued a steady trickle into my trash can. The tissues absorbed some pee and I peed a bit more in the cup. The cup was at its limit but I still needed to pee! I put the cup on my dresser and said 'what the hell' and finished peeing in the trash can. I only peed a strong stream for a couple of seconds before I was done and I wiped with another tissue and put my panties back on. So now I have a wonderfully empty bladder and a cup full of pee to dump out in the morning (hopefully without getting caught).

That's all for now!


Just Random

To Tim. I used to have a club out in the woods near my home too, but there was no girls in it and we had a bathroom in it, but we only used it for peeing.

For everyone. One time I was at a k-mart one bathroom had only one stall and the stall door was knocked down and I was going to it and I walked in on man on the toilet with his pants all the way down. I took one look and go SORRY! My face was red.


Re: Shower Time reply to J-Girl

J-Girl: I liked your story a lot. If you have more, please tell them. Also, welcome to toilet stool! (:


Earliest Childhood Poo

Tim here, this time with my earliest memory of a poo. I was five years old and my Dad was at work and my sister was at a friend's house for the day, so Mum and I went for a walk in the forest near our farm. Suddenly my Mum stopped and said, "Come with me, Mommy needs a poo". So I followed her behind a tree and waited for her to finish and wipe. My Mum had married very young, she was only 25 when I was 5 years old. So later in our walk, I said, "Mommy, I need a poop", and she said, "OK, go ahead", so I stopped, dropped my pants and underwear and squatted down to do my business. It was a really tough turd, and I remember holding onto Mum's hand and grunting. Once I was done, she gave me some leaves to wipe with, I pulled up my pants and we continued walking. That's my earliest memory. Everyone in the town I grew up in was very relaxed about toileting, no problem talking about it at all.

relaxing poop outside

Hi everyone, I'm 30, female, with dark hair and light eyes, slim build. I love doing my business outside the bathroom as often as possible, especially outside. A large field is behind my house and I love to go for walks back there, waiting to relieve myself until I was absolutely desperate.

Today was a beautiful, hot day, so I spent most of the day outside. It was early evening when I felt the urge to have a poo, so I decided it was time for a walk. I ate rather large meals that day, so it didn't take long for the urge to grow desperate. I didn't get far into the field before I could feel my poo start to turtle-head, so I headed to a shady spot near some trees. I removed my shorts and panties, then squatted down, holding onto the tree for balance. Almost immediately my poo started to come out of me, cracking, and I gave into the urge to push.

It was a soft poo, breaking off into five snakes about seven or eight inches ling, and only an inch thick, and boy did they stink! While I pushed out the final poos, I began to pee for about thirty seconds. When I finished, I forgot to bring toilet paper, so I didn't redress. I walked back home, my butt cheeks feeling a little sticky, and I cleaned up inside.

Pretty Woman

I'm Pooping

Hello everyone! I am in need of a good poo right now, so I am just going to tell you about it as it is happening. First, just to let you know, we still have not bathroom door, and my roommate and I have a couple of friends over. They are studying for finals. They are about to get a show! Hope they enjoy! Ok, so I have the computer set out on the tray in front of me, just sat myself down on the toilet. I am hunched forward just a bit so I can type and its more comfortable that way too. Just started my pee now, after a few seconds it trickles to a stop. Just starting to push now, and I can feel my hole opening up. The hole closes back up after I release the push, pushing again now, and the hole opens up and a large log is starting to push its way through. I am making some grunting noises as I continue to push, the log is getting wider, causing me to push a bit harder. It is crackling as it moves slowly along. One last push and it falls with a loud kersploosh. Oh, it just splashed my backside. My hole stays open as another log starts making its way out. It moves slowly on its own, but stops just a few inches out as it has gotten wider, and now I need to give some pushes to keep it moving. Oh, I am groaning as this one is getting much wider than the first. I think my hole is stretched as far as it can possibly go. I know my face must be turning red as I am forced to push hard to keep it coming, and now it is getting a little thinner and sliding out a little faster. Another push, and it lands with another kersploosh. I can feel more in me, but my hole has closed back up. I have been pushing for about a minute now, and can feel something right at the hole. One big push, and my hole is opened up by a log slowly coming out, and just a few seconds and it lands with a ploop, and now my hole stays open as 3 medium logs force their way out making loud ploops when the land. I feel done now, and am going to wipe. Ok, it took 4 wipes, and the toilet is pretty full, so now I am going to try and flush it. Ok, it took 2 flushes, but it all went down, leaving a few skidmarks behind. Hands washed and I feel great now. Happy Pooping ALL!!


Took a huge dump at a restaurant

Today I went out to lunch at a fast food restaurant. After eating, I was feeling an urge to take a dump. I hadn't pooped since last Friday, six days ago, so I knew this was going to be a big satisfying dump. I cleaned up and then went to the bathroom. It was a single occupant style bathroom.

I locked the door and started to undo my belt and lower my jeans and panties as I sat on the toilet. I peed a little bit and then felt my hole open. A fat turd crowned, forcing my hole open wider the more it came out. It quickly reached its widest point and I was loving the feeling of having my hole stretched.

The turd wasn't that long though and it soon broke off. I followed it up with a somewhat less fat turd. It was a long one, touching the bottom of the toilet and continuing to come out. When it ended, two more very similar turds eased out of my hole.

I felt like I was done, so I got up and looked in the toilet. I had pooped a lot and I wasn't sure the toilet could handle it. I flushed and was surprised at the super-powered flush which sucked away all my poop with no difficulty. Suddenly, I felt a cramp and knew I had to poop some more.

I quickly sat back down just in time for another turd to shoot out. After that, a barrage of turds flew out almost all the same time. It was an intense, short burst and then it was over. I began to wipe my messy butt. I needed a lot of paper to get clean. When I looked in the toilet a second time, the paper mostly obscured my dump. I flushed again and then went to wash my hands.

I left the restaurant feeling so much better.

Anatomy student

Mare Needs Help ASAP!

I had the same thing happen and a 4 year relationship slowly died. I had my heart cut out and slowly bled to death emotionally. I'm going to do everything I can to help you fix this.
If she can't accept you for who you are, you might not have been meant to be. Know that there are many girls with open minds to our "unique" interests and fixations. Find out what weird stuff she is into and let her know you are cool with her abnormalities. My ex liked to pick peeling sunburns. She even kept a collection in a box under her bed. That is weird. Being interested in a personal matter that is taboo isn't weird. There is a high rated show called taboo. We all are weird if you boil it down. I hope you can fix this and keep her. Go on a hike or something away from other people and distractions and ask her if she can ever view you the same. My ex left me for a number of things, mostly not having much money. After the initial shock, she warmed up to it and would talk to me through the bathroom door and call me from the toilet on her phone. On occasion she let me see her work. The first day is the hard part. If she loves you, she will look past it. Just don't bring it up too often. Best wishes.

Niel- I usually poo at home, but I never post about them because they're usually just regular boring poos by myself so there's not much to write about! As for my uni accommodation, I have always had my own en-suite bathroom with my own toilet so I don't really have any stories of that nature except when friends came to vist. Sorry! Would love to hear yours, though!

Today for example I did my poo in my room after lunch. I did three soft pieces and then one large log that slid slowly out with a huge plop in the bowl (my toilet is quite deep and so my poo always makes a lot of noise)!


Beach Poop

Hi, Tim here, this time with a holiday poop story. Over the summer, (I've just turned 13), my family and Sally's family went to the beach for a holiday. One day, while we were at the beach, Sally and I decided to go for a walk together, just the two of us. After walking for about an hour, she said, "Tim, I really need to do a big poo." I has been holding on as well, so I said, "I need one as well." We walked until we found a toilet building, went inside and were amazed by what we saw. It was one large room, with about 20 holes, side by side, to squat over, and no privacy. All but 2 of the holes were filled up with boys and girls our age, all pooping and talking together. So I took one hole and Sally took the other. She lowered her green bikini bottom to her knees and squatted low whilst I dropped my swimming trunks to my knees and squatted down. She began to pee and then a huge turd emerged from her bum, making her grunt and turn red. By now I was pooping a turd of almost the same size. All the chatter had stopped and everyone was staring at Sally and I, amazed at the size of the turds we were doing. We finished, wiped and stood up, pulling our swimming things on and one of them said to us, "Great poops, guys", to which Sally and I blushed.

Girl who poops
I love the feeling of pooping, but my poops are usually disappointingly small. I go two, sometimes three times every day. I guess I should be grateful that I'm very regular and hardly ever constipated, but at the same time I find myself becoming irrationally jealous of the posters here who describe huge toilet-clogging loads that they describe as feeling amazing.

So I decided to try and find a way to bulk up my poops. I went to the drug store and picked up a fiber powder product, and bought some Fiber One bars from the grocery store.

I began my experiment two days ago. I ate my usual meals, but I had a glass of water with the fiber powder mixed in as well. And over the course of the day, I ate five of the fiber bars.

I didn't really notice any major difference in my poops yesterday, maybe they were a bit bigger than usual. I figured it might take a bit longer to really take effect, so I repeated my process yesterday as well.

Then this morning, I woke up feeling very full and knew I urgently needed to poop. I hurried to the bathroom and lowered my pajama bottoms, plopping myself on the toilet.

Instantly, my bottom was opening and a smooth sausage was emerging. It wasn't very long and it came out very quickly. When it finally did break off, another turd was right there ready to take its place. I followed that with a third log, before I felt emptied out.

It felt like I had pooped a lot more than my normal load, and I was eager to see my masterpieces. I saw three muddy brown sausage-like turds curled up in the toilet bowl. Each one was probably four or five inches long. I sat back down and wiped and then flushed the toilet.

Later that day, at work, I had to poop after lunch. I had to wait a bit to get a stall, but once I was on the toilet, my poop proceeded much like the morning poop had. Several smooth logs eased out quickly, one after the other. Unfortunately, I was at work and didn't want to seem weird by standing up and looking at my poop, so I didn't get a good look. By peeking between my legs, though, I was able to see what looked to be a good-sized load.

This experiment proved fruitful. I think I'll stick with it, if I can expect these kind of results every day. Anyway, that's all I've got to say. Thanks for reading.


Really Bad Poo

Hi, it's Tim again, with yet another childhood toilet story. I've already told you about the 4 seat outdoor toilet I made, but I also had another toilet that I used quite often. At the other side of the farm, behind a tree, I dug a hole with a shovel and put two bricks either side of the hole for footrests. This toilet was a squat toilet. I had been potty trained in the squatting position, so it was easy for me. Anyway, one day while playing outside, I massive cramp hit me from nowhere and I needed a poo SO badly. I ran as fast as I could behind the tree, yanked down my shorts (no underwear, most of the boys I knew never wore underwear as we were always peeing and pooping outside), squatted over the hole and let loose a wave of water from my bum hole. It went on for 10 minutes without a break and by the time it was done, I was so weak I could barely wipe my bum and pull up my shorts. I kept playing, but ended up messing my shorts about 30 minutes later as I didn't make it to the toilet in time when I needed to go again!


Massive dumps

I've had a hard time going poop for a while and for the last few days my farts have been stinking like garbage. I did do a big poop a few days ago about a foot long and it clogged the toilet. And then nothing until today.

After I woke up and was making coffee I started getting cramps and a strong urge to "go" to the point my butt was burning. It was hard to hold and I knew this one was going to be a monster. I made my way to the bathroom, got the toilet paper and Garfield comic we keep in there and sat down. It only took one gentle push to get everything to come out and only about a minute to do my business. When I was done I wiped my front and started to wipe my butt but it was too messy so I knew I was going to have to get in the shower with a washcloth and clean myself.

It was another monster dump, about a foot to a foot and a half long but this time when I flushed it didn't clog. I guess it helps that I've been eating a lot of salad with dinner lately and drinking more water :) I feel better now.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: J-Girl first welcome to the site and great peeing story please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Tim great stories about Sally it sounds like constipation brought you each a new friend in eachother and it sounds like she mustve have had an upset stomach that other time and I look forward to hearing more stories like that thanks.

To: Natasha as always another great story it sounds you and Bethany and that other girl all had really great poops and I bet you all felt great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Yvonne another great buddy dump story it sounds like that waitress was beyond desperate and just made it and it was lucky you were there to help out with giving her paper other wise it may have gotten messy and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Arielle first welcome to the site and great live coverage and poop by poop coverage to it sounds like you had a really good poop and please post anymore stories if you have any thanks.

To: JapaneseGirl first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and felt pretty great afterwards to and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Pat as always another great story it sounds like it was lucky you were near some bushes better to do it there then her risk having and accident and of course yu were there to help her through it all which is really great and shows how much love you both have for eachother and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Desperate To Poop way as always another great story it sounds like you had a great poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like you and that other girl both had really great and kinda desperate poops I bet you both felt really good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Responses to Charlie and Tyler

1) How long has it been since you last pooped? Today. Can't really compare now. I have IBS now due to exams, and that kinda affects my system. But yeah, today it was a small hard poop that sort of acted like a plug, then some soft stuff and really gassy.
(2) Do you have daily "sit times" when you sit on the toilet and try; even if you haven't gotten an urge? Not daily. Rather like once in a while when I know I haven't pooped for like a few days, I just kinda by habit go and sit on the bowl, maybe listen to some other guys plopping away then try to push anything out, even if its just farts.
(3) What is your definition of "constipated" ? Being clogged up for a few days then suddenly taking a really big dump after a few days, or like pooping daily but pooping out really little. I'm a big eater, so sometimes i tend to worry when what i poop out doesn't match what i put in.
(4) You mentioned that you need enemas on a regular basis. Are they given by a parent or do you do them yourself? I do it myself. My parents used to do it when i was younger. Now when it comes to poop, we are all kinda stiff(like awkward) with each other. So I handle it myself and they don't know I still buy enemas... I think.
(5) Does your stomach get distended when you haven't been able to poop for a long time? What does distended mean? I probably know what you're trying to say in different terms...
(6) Do you know any other kids that are constipated a lot? No. Thats the sad part. My friends are all kinda grossed out when it comes to poop. I only have a friend that shares. He says he has 'bullet' shaped poop, but says he doesn't need to push. I only get to hear strangers in public bathrooms, sometimes they have constipation.
(7) Do you bleed after a large hard poop? Sometimes.
(8) Do you often clog the toilet when you poop? A lot man. My dad bought me two plungers which i have beside my toilet!
(9) What does it feel like when you get badly backed up? I get a stomachache, not like the normal "my stomach hurts, not so bad" ache, but it feels like a knife stabbing my stomach. Sometimes I get a headache. There was once i didn't go for a while, then i just suddenly came down with a fever. Once i got the hard stuff then eventually the soft stuff out, the fever went out. Though that only happened when I was 9, that time my dad gave me an enema.
(10) If you could "have a wish come true"...would you like it better if our bodies were designed so pooping wasn't necessary? No not really. If we couldn't poop, some cool friendships would never have developed right? You hear of people falling in love after they have had witnessed a poop accident. I myself like listening to poops, and also like taking part in poops myself. Hahaha :)
(11) Do you sometimes ignore urges and hold your poop? A lot of times man. Sometimes i hold it in to feel that sensation, other times its bcos its during class or I'm watching a really good show and dun really wanna go.
(12) Either now or when you were younger; does a parent ask to see your poops or check with you to see if you have gone? Last time yes. Now my parents believe that I should be more discreet and shouldn't be talking about this stuff. Such a rebel :P

Charlie: Little older is ok. I'd like to make some friends with like minds. Well I use the chemical liquid type (think its sodium something , its called an Wellmex Atomic Enema, which come in sets of two, 10ml for kids, 20ml for adults. I do it myself, and yeah i use it a lot.

I'm a bit busy atm with exams. hopefully by June 9th I can come back online to share some posts.

Thanks for responding.


This one time at summer camp...

This one time at summer camp I really didn't wanna use the toilet. It was awful! The whole outhouse was unusable. One time a kid was bit by a coon that had been hiding in the shithole below the toilet seat. He almost died from rabies and his parents sued the camp but it's still open.

Anyway. I had been holding it in for 3 days and was trying to fall asleep one night in the cabin I was in but I was in too much pain. The pressure kept building up and it was at the point where I couldn't hold it back any longer.

But the outhouse was not an option.

As I laid there wondering if I should go into the woods to do it (but I didnt have a flashlight and was really scared of coons after what had happened to the other kid) my stomach rumbled and a giant bubble of gas shot down through my colon. I felt it slither all the way down and knew this was it. And it was.

Right then and there and with a huge sound I shat in my sleeping bag. Ill always remember the force of it! It was the most satisfying thing ever. But there was shit everywhere!

I had to remove all my clothes inside the sleeping bag and get out and clean myself off. Luckily none of the other kids woke up during any of this! I hid the sleeping bag under the cabin and showered off with a hose, stole someone else's backup bag (the same one Id had, so no one knew it wasn't mine) and was finally able to sleep.

I remember having great dreams that night!

new guy

advice for Marc

Marc being a person who went through this myself recently I can say that if she can't accept every part of you the relationship itself will not work because you are changing who you are and hiding your desires and they will always be with you.
I would say sit her down and openly ex[lain the feelings you have and what it means to you and how you view the subject.
if she still refuses then consider finding someone who will accept you

Pretty Woman

Mall Poop

Hello everyone! So, today I had some time to kill, so I went to the mall to look around. The mall was rather busy like normal, and when I got there, I knew that I would shortly need to find a bathroom, because I had that pressure starting on my anus. Well, I walked around for almost and hour when I knew I could not wait any longer, because the pressure was getting much stronger. I found the nearest restroom, and it was a large bathroom of 10 stalls. There was of course a line of a few girls waiting, like always. I waited for about 10 minutes before it was my turn. The girl in front of me looked to be about 16 or so and we went into the stalls right next to each other at the same time. There was someone in the stall on the other side of me as well. As I walked into the stall, I could smell a fresh poop smell, and there was skidmarks in the toilet. I pulled my pants and panties to my knees, and sat down, hunched over a bit and clasped my hands together resting my arms on my legs. I began my pee, and the lady next to me that had been in there was breathing heavily. The younger girl on the other side of me was also peeing at this time. It seems like we finished peeing around the same time, and I began to relax my hole and could feel it opening and closing as the first log was just about to emerge. The younger girl repositioned herself moving her legs farther back and rested her feet on her toes. It sounded to me like she was straining, but she was trying to do it under her breath, but I could tell she was pushing at that moment. I hadn't began to push yet, but after a minute of just my hole opening and closing, I knew that I would have to help it out. I without caring who was around, began pushing making soft grunting noises. My hole stayed open as the first log emerged slowly. The young girl next to me had her toes pressed hard against the floor. My log had moved about 3 inches out, and continued moving slowly, I took a breath and pushed and it moved a little quicker, and just a few seconds landed with a floomp. The re was a loud kersploosh from the young girl next to me, and she wiped her bottom, and flushed, and pulled her pants up. She left the stall, and right after another occupant entered, and quickly seated herself on the toilet. Immediately, I heard a loud crackling sound that went on for probably 30-40 seconds, and then ended with a ploop, and then another crackling that went on for about the same, and ended with a ploop. Then I heard a stream of pee start, and meanwhile my second log was about 6 inches out and moving faster, and then it landed with a kersploosh. I felt done, and began to wipe. I never heard any other sound from the lady that had been in there before me, except some heavy breathing. The other lady had about 6 splooshes in a row, and then started wiping. I finished up, and flushed and left my stall to wash my hands. It had been a pleasurable experience. I do love a good public poop.

Have you ever drank something while pooping

Old Fart

Been there done that. Isn't much to say you are not already feeling except better to find out now instead of having it be an issue that is part of breaking up a relationship much later

Unknown Dumper


I'd just like to say hello to:

Tim - Cute story; I bet you and Sally both used to date a lot together.
Megan - Great poop story... You were bursting for a poo. I know I was, only it was different. One time, I drank some bottles of Fruit Shoot while visiting my late grandfather, it wasn't long until we were driving still (I was in my brother's car and my mother was there with us) and I had to pee so badly. Even when in slightly-bad traffic, I was really in agony, until we got to the retirement home, I made a bee-line for the toilets at long last and I had a long tinkle. I couldn't help but sigh in delight, but the story doesn't end there - my father was angered by such a display from me and shouted angrily at me. I tried to explain, but he was so furious and roared at me so much that I began to cry. My mother comforted me as I hid my face in my coat. It certainly was a pressing moment for me that I would never live down.
Arielle - Nice post... Don't you just love warm toilet seats? We hope to hear more poop stories, soon.
Shannon - I understand how much your boyfriend has gone through. I too know what it's like to experience such agony, but if I have to go, then I'd just do it and get it over with.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Darts Buddy Dump

Last night was the opening of the summer darts league and it started with a needle match against a team from the local council offices. It had been an odd sort of day for me, I had been to the toilet three times through the day for a poop. I didn't have diarrhea but I was loose and I did have a ???? ???? ache, if it hadn't have been the first match of the summer season and the encouragement of Debbie I think I might have cried off. To cut a long story short I went and fortunately the skipper Joan put Cathy and a new member of the team Sheila Parry on first. Sheila doesn't work for the store but Joan had heard she was a good darts player and somehow got her to join us.

About twenty minutes after the start of the match I felt so bad in the ???? that I decided to go to the ladies, not sure that I wanted to poop, but feeling that it might be better if I tried anyway. The council offices have peculiar staff toilets, two sets of four door-less cubicles facing each other. I say peculiar because I have never seen any other door-less toilets in the UK anywhere. Since Cathy and me have started to buddy dump I am much less self conscious and when I saw a member of the council team on the toilet I went into the opposite cubicle facing her. I knew her, Alice Cooper, she worked in the local library. As I was lifting my dress and slipping my panties down she pooped with a quiet intake of breath and as I sat down I could see that she had one hand across her ????, palm down, massaging slowly. I said hello: "Hi Alice, you playing tonight?"

"I hope not," Alice gave a wan smile, "I've had a ???? ache all day, I keep wanting to go and then just fart and poop a tiny bit."

I had decided to make myself go if possible, there is a spot between my vagina and my anus that I give a massage with finger and thumb and often it makes me empty my bowels, its not a good feeling but it often works for me if I feel sluggish. Not that I had been sluggish today. I told Alice about it and offered to show her. She said she'd do anything if it gave her relief from the ???? ache. I pulled my panties up and walked the few steps to her cubicle, asking her to open her thighs wide I bent and wiggled my finger and thumb in the soft spot between her vagina and anus, asking her to push as hard as she could. After wiggling for about thirty seconds she gripped my arm as she pooped with a loud splatter. I stood up and watched as she pooped several times with loud splashes, but with obvious relief. I went and sat back down on the toilet, maybe it was getting Alice to go, giving her so much relief after a day of pain, whatever, I just sat and bending low, hands across my ????, I pooped. Fourth that day, but ohhh gosh it was so good to feel empty after, no ???? ache. The really great moment for me was helping Alice to relieve her pain. In just a few days I have learnt how good it feels to be with somebody else as they need to poop, to help one another.


In Response to Buddy Dumping

My name is Diane i'm in my late forties, I work as domestic in a NHS hospital. the where I work is quite old and has large grounds , where there are three separate visitors toilets. Part of my role is clean the Ladies Visitors toilets.

I have been reading on this site for a couple of years, I thought after reading with great interest the 2 posts from Yvonne,this is also something that I like, for instance if I use a public Ladies I always go into a cubicle next to someone else, even if there are others free.

I am an afternoon person as regarding my #2's , I always clean the Ladies when I need to use the toilet for a number 2. The time varies from about 13:15 - 14-30. If I go more towards 14:30, I finish doing the cleaning , there is a member of staff called Rosemarie a lady around 53 - 55 years of age, usually arrives , she chats a bit then goes into the cubicle always for a number 2, I've hung around as long as I can listening with out arousing her suspicion.

One day earlier in the week I was slightly later than 14:30, quite desperate to go, so to speak, Rosemarie followed me in, she spoke , I said I must go into the toilet, as I bolted the door I called I need a number 2, me as well , the door bolted in the next cubicle to me ( there are 3 ), I banged the lid as I opened it took off my overall quickly pulled down my knickers and sat on , Rosemarie was doing much the same I dropped two pieces plop plop, before I peed , I herd her bum hit the seat,it was silent next door I was still peeing, Rosemarie called out do you mind If I light a cigarette, no , no I said , she lit up as she exhaled her pee began, I just listening , a wet ripply fart sounded from Rosemarie followed by 3 small plops , and a sigh, I began to drop another couple, I spoke softly saying oh relief, Rosemarie replied in an equally soft voice with , been waiting for that, yes you could say that Rosemarie was en-hailing on her cigarette then her voice became a bit strained, very shortly a large plop, phew she said that stinks and it did , I dropped 3 more in quick succession peeing at the same time , or ah from next door followed by another large plopp and a sigh, peeing followed , I became very brave and asked the question do often come in here , yes was the reply always for a business usually in the after noon, Rosemarie knew I used them from the same , she told me she often used the cubicle I had after I left. I farted and did two more plopp's and dribbled off a last drop of pee. I sat listening to Rosemarie strain and grunt , I said are you having problems , she replied no more than normal, as two large splashes followed. Rosemarie said that is it I'm done I replied me too, we both wiped, both of us using quite a bit of toilet paper. Both of us flushed and came out of the cubicles together, washing our hands we chatted about toilet experiences clearly we are both of the same interested in listening , chatting , Rosemarie told me about another couple of ladies she listens too , when suing the ladies in the changing rooms , she does not think they are listeners , will post meore when Rosemarie meet up again , we have arranged to meet


Survey Answers

My answers to Anatomy Students survey:

Does anyone find pooping easier if there is someone else pooping also? (Yes. I can't imagine going alone since feeling so good going with Cathy and my mates at work).

Do you prefer to drop a log with a friend? (Yes. It's lovely to compare with a friend).

Do you prefer that friend or stranger to be of the same gender? (No. I had no idea how exciting it was to poop with my hubby, John, watching me. I haven't posted that experience yet, so I won't comment further, except to say it was very exciting).

Do you think a 2 Sie is a varnurable position? (I can't answer, I don't understand the question).

How safe do you feel in a new public toilet? (In the UK all the councils are busily closing down public toilets rather than opening new ones. It's a shame, because everybody gets caught short at some time. I would not feel uncomfortable at all in a new one.

Tyler Survey for Nick. My answers are:

1. It's 12.30am I went just over an hour ago.
2. No. But whenever I go for a pee I strain to make sure I am empty.
3. My definition of being constipated is if I haven't been at least
every two days.
4. I give myself an enema if I need one.
5. Yes.
6. My son gets constipated a lot, I put that down to his horrible
diet. He rarely eats at home alas.
7. I have bled a few times after a hard poop, not recently thank
8. I have clogged the toilet but not often.
9. Very bloated, ???? aching badly.
10. No. Taking my panties down and going to the toilet is one of
my every day pleasures.
11. Never. Whenever I get the urge I look for the nearest toilet
at once.
12. Mum always checked as I was growing up until I was about 8/9
years old.

To Phil: Thanks so much for your lovely comments. I too read all
Amylee's posts, in fact it was her terrific experiences and
friendliness that got me to try it with Cathy. We both hope
she starts posting again soon.

To Brandon: Thanks for your nice comment. I love looking for your
posts every day.


Shower Time

Hi everyone!
So this is my first time posting but I have been lurking on this site for quite a while. I am 21, female, and pretty tiny. So on to my story. I'm home for the summer a little while ago I hopped into the shower. As I was washing my hair, I felt a sudden urge to pee. Now, the way my bathroom is set up, the shower is against one wall with the sink next to it and then the toilet on the opposite wall. At this point I really had to pee and our drain has been acting up so I didn't want to go in the shower. However, I didn't want to track water all over the bathroom floor to get to the toilet. So I thought, why not go in the sink? I pulled the shower curtain back, sat on the edge of the sink with my feet still in the shower, and let loose. I peed for a good minute. It felt so good! I ran the hot water in the sink for a few seconds to wash the rest of my pee down the drain and then went back to my shower. I really enjoy peeing and pooping in other places than the toilet but those are stories for another time :)

That's all for now!

Anatomy student

Human Hypothesis

Being a scholar of the body and its workings, I am also intrigued about the psychology of toilet chats like this site and casual interactions in public.
My hypothesis is that buddy dumping creates a mental safety net by conforming to what everyone else is doing. There is strength in numbers, maybe there is strength in number 2.
Does anyone find pooping easier if there is someone else pooping also?
Do you prefer to drop a log with a friend?
Do you prefer that friend or stranger to be of the same gender?
Do you think taking a 2-sie is a varnurable position?
How safe do you feel in a new public bathroom?
I would love for you guys to give me feedback and I will study the results to decide a conclusion about why we poo together. It is such a normal thing that we shouldn't feel embarrassed, but being taught to not discuss it in public adds shame to the action. Take care everyone.


The Worst Day of My Life

Hey guys, so I've been on this forum for quite a while, havent posted much, but I read a lot of the posts put on here. I need to say something, because there is no one else out there who will understand what just happened to me. So I've been with this girl for a while, she is amazing, the first girl I've ever been with who hasnt used me or cheated on me. I am in love with her personality, and just her. So a long time ago I had off-handedly mentioned an interest of some kind, but that it was kind of weird. So we briefly talked, she wanted to know but I didnt want her to judge me in my interest in women going to the bathroom, so I said nothing. There were a few moments in our relationship when I tried to mention it, like by subtly asking if I could accompany her to the bathroom, always saying no, and I would of course respect her wishes. Today it happened to come up, and I didnt want to tell her, but she pressured me into telling her, saying it wouldnt affect our relationship. So I told her. What followed was a terrible response. While some women would just shrug it off as weird, she freaked out. She wouldnt say anything for like 20 minutes, then she told me it was straight up weird. She was totally disgusted by it. And I felt terrible, I knew this would happen, and I dont know why I would ever have brought it up. I thought she might have been cool with it, since she is such an amazing person. I apologized and tried to tell her it wasnt a big deal, and I would try and just get over the whole thing for her. But she ended up walking back to her dorm after a long walk back in silence. I am so lost at what to do. I didnt mean to be interested in this sort of thing, I just have been for a really long time. Needed to vent, feel free to tell me opinions or suggestions.


To: female, late 20s, by the way

You Said: "I used to get so constipated as a child, and one of the remedies my parents would treat me with was to cook a pot of beans and make me eat several bowls"

Wow; I've never heard of that as a remedy. I doubt it would have worked for me because by the time I needed an enema I was so backed up that I was nauseous and vomiting..

My god; how your poor little belly must have been stretched.

As for my enemas...I remember them quite vividly. They were no big deal to me; I felt so awful by the time I needed one that I welcomed anything that would give me relief.

The process was pretty much always the same. I would lie on the bathroom floor; on my side. My mom was very gentle and made the procedure as un-eventful as was possible. The water temperature was always temperate and she accommodated my wishes as to the start and stop of the flow.

I don't know exactly how she managed to avoid the fecal mass that no doubt had accumulated inside my anus....although nursing lessons I have read indicate that the person administrating an enema would need to see that the tip of the tube was against the wall of the colon; between the wall and the poop; so to speak....thus allowing flow.

I have read of parents having issues with the enema tube getting plugged by poop...but that never seemed to happen with me; not that I was ever aware of.

Yes; I would feel very very full; I'm sure that my stomach was distended significantly from all the poop inside of the enema water itself.

I would cramp here and there...and would have to ask mom to stop the flow until things could stabilize. I imagine that it took a little time for the water to work it's way around the hardened poop and get up higher in the intestine.

When I'd had my fill.....I could lie on the floor for a bit...or I could get up and sit on the toilet. Of course; I was required to hold the water for 10 minutes or so; mom would tell me when I could release.

During that time there was intense pressure to release; similar to the feeling when you have imminent diarrhea and are trying desperately not to poop your pants.....

The release itself was an amazing feeling. Often there would be numerous golf-ball sized or smaller lumps of poop that would just blast out of me.....

Often after an enema I would go to bed.....and typically would get an urge for another bowel movement after a couple of hours.

I imagine that was the only time I was ever even remotely "empty". I think that even when I was having BM's every day or two that there was always a whole lot more left in there.....I don't doubt that on a given day I would have a week or more of poop backed up in me.

If you have other questions.....go ahead and ask.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Hermes as always another great story it sounds like Ms X really had to poop bad and it sounds like she just made it to and I bet she felt pretty great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pooperlady great story about your desperate outdoor pee and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Rachypoo as awlays another great story it souds like you all had a great group buddy dump experience and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: National Asslembly first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and I look forward to reading anymore stories you have thanks.

To: Toni it sounds like you had a good cleanout.

To: Yvonne first welcome to the site and great story about your buddy dump with Cathy it sounds you both had really great poop and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Lily-May I hope you feel better soon.

To: Suzi I hope your contipation dosent last to long.

Well thats all now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site



Lauren, I so miss you on here! What happen to you? Please start posting again, I miss stories of you and your girls. Your stories are my favorites!



For Mitch

Sorry it took a while to respond to your question. I have not noticed any floating flakes in the toilet bowl after using a duclolax suppository. What I have noticed is an oily residue that floats on top of the water and doesn't go away except after repeated flushes. I think it is just a little of the vegetable oil base of the suppository that has melted but won't mix with the water in the toilet to be flushed away.

Do you ever have to resort to a full-fledged enema for your constipation? They are a bit cumbersome for self administration, but I have to admit that they do work well.



Hiya Nick and Welcome! I think a lot of teens read here...but only a few actually post.

Could I suggest that to let everyone get to know you "quickly" that you do a couple of the surveys that are on here....

Here's Mine if you want: (Customized for Nick but open to everyone...)

(1) How long has it been since you last pooped?
(2) Do you have daily "sit times" when you sit on the toilet and try; even if you haven't gotten an urge?
(3) What is your definition of "constipated" ?
(4) You mentioned that you need enemas on a regular basis. Are they given by a parent or do you do them yourself?
(5) Does your stomach get distended when you haven't been able to poop for a long time?
(6) Do you know any other kids that are constipated a lot?
(7) Do you bleed after a large hard poop?
(8) Do you often clog the toilet when you poop?
(9) What does it feel like when you get badly backed up?
(10) If you could "have a wish come true"...would you like it better if our bodies were designed so pooping wasn't necessary?
(11) Do you sometimes ignore urges and hold your poop?
(12) Either now or when you were younger; does a parent ask to see your poops or check with you to see if you have gone?

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