Where I met Sally

Hi, Tim here, this time with a story about my first girlfriend, Sally. At the Kindergarten I went to when I was 6, the toilets were in long rows with no privacy whatsoever, but we didn't mind at that age. So, one day after lunch, I was sitting on one of these toilets, pants and underwear around my ankles, talking to another person next to me while doing a really hard poo (I remember difficult poops well) when suddenly a new girl comes in, sits on my left, with her skirt up and panties down at her knees, and I ask, "What's your name?" to which she replied, "Sally". So then I asked her what she was doing and she said, with a grunt and a push, "A really tough poo", and I said, "Me too". To think my that I met my first girlfriend while slightly constipated!

Hi, it's Tim again, this time with another childhood story about toilets. As I've said in previous posts, I built a toilet at the back of our shed to use. Well, one weekend when I was about 12 years old and my parents were at work, a girl called Sally, who's been my friend since Kindergarten, when we met while doing poops together, called and asked me if she could come over as she wasn't feeling too well and wanted the company of a friend. I said sure and she was at my house about 30 minutes later. We just hung out for about an hour, walking around outside (my house is like a small farm, in the middle of nowhere), when suddenly she gasped, said, "OHHH!" and grabbed her stomach. I asked what was wrong and she replied, "Tim, I really need a poo, right now!" I asked, "Can you wait till we get back to the house?" and she just shook her head as another massive cramp hit her. I said, "Follow me, we'll use the outside toilet." So she followed, hands held tightly to her bum. We arrived at my toilet, which had four seats side by side over a pit. I told her I needed one too, and she just nodded and dropped her slacks and white bikini panties to her ankles, before sitting down while I dropped my pants and undies and sat next to her. Almost at once, she dropped a load of muddy water with some solid bits combined with farts, moans and pee. I just dropped a single hard turd and waited till she was done before handing her the toilet role to wipe with. She kissed me and thanked me for being so understanding.



To: female, late 20s, "Question for Tyler"

I don't mean to usurp Tyler's answers but you asked some good questions about enemas a since I'd had MANY as a kid so I thought I'd share some thoughts.

> can you describe what the enemas were like when you were really
> constipated?

I always found them to be an EXTREME relief. I still had to strain and struggle to get the out but at least something moved every time I pushed, unlike before the enema when I'd need to go BADLY but nothing would happen.

> How did your mother get the nozzle in if your anus was so plugged up?

My mother would put her finger up me and push the poop out of the way before she put the nozzle in me.

> How did it feel as the water filled you up, even though were were
> already bloated and heavy with poop?

By the time I was given an enema the poop would have been very dried out so it would absorb the soapy enema water very much like a sponge. The only feeling I can remember is that of my insides getting warm higher and higher into my belly. People often talk of cramps, but I don't remember them, just a spreading warmth.

> And what was the resulting bowel movement like?

Its pretty much a unique feeling. You alternate between passing water like diarrhea while having the most intense urge to bear down that you can imagine, and struggling with all your might to pass a rock hard piece of poop. Once the poop piece passes its back to diarrhea again until your plugged with another poop "cork".-- JW

Brandon T

tales from the bookstore heard a woman poop

About 3 hours ago I was at the bookstore again heading to the bathroom but a woman got in it first so I had to wait well she went in sat on the toilet then let a kinda loud burst of diarrhea it sounded like a big wet fart but with splats then she wiped flushed and came out then I went in the bathroom stunk a little but not to bad and then I looked in the toilet and saw skidmarks and a small flake of diarrhea then I did my poop so over all a good catch I may get more later.


Enemas--to Nick


you said that you've been using enemas a lot lately to get rid of all the clogged up stuff in you. What kind do you use? do you give them to yourself or have someone else give them to you? Do you use them alot? I'm a little older than you all are LOL but I'd love to get to know you and swap enema experiences because I've had constipation trouble all my life and it hasn't really eased up as I've gotten older--in fact it seems to be getting worse as I get older.

Today after school, I met up with Bethany. We had planned to stop by my house to change out of our school uniforms, and then go to the shops to look for swimwear. She told me straightaway that she would need a poo as soon as we got to my house. Luckily for her, it was just a few minutes walk away.

As soon as we arrived, Bethany went straight for the bathroom. I headed to my room and began to change out of my school uniform. Afterwards I did a bit of homework whilst waiting to her to finish pooing. As it turns out, I got a fair amount done, as she ended up taking almost fifteen minutes.

She came into my room, already changed and asked if I was ready. I said yes, but I had to wee first. I went to the bathroom and immediately I noticed she had left it stinking. I braved it and did my wee and then we were off to the shops.

We spent a long time looking and trying on various items, but we both were able to get what we wanted, which was nice. Before we left, Bethany and I both headed to the toilets, although that time I needed a poo and she needed a wee.

When we got to the toilets, I saw a girl a few years older than us entering a cubicle. Bethany and I took the remaining two cubicles. I could hear the other girl weeing fiercely and lots of loud splashes from her pooing. It took me a while to get started, and my poo was just one long piece that felt good coming out. Interestingly enough, I finished up at about the same time as the other girl. We washed our hands together, and she looked very relieved, but clearly embarrassed.


Buddy Dump 1

All the check out girls had a week-end get together at the week-end. Cathy and my were regular buddy dumpers by then, even when were at each others home we went to the bathroom together, it has become so natural to us that it has become noticeable to our husbands. In fact my husband, James, asked me about it, saying it was noticeable that we always went to the bathroom together. When I told him he blushed and told me that it wasn't odd, that to him it seemed more friendly, since then he has twice been in the bathroom with me when I have been going to the toilet, something that simply hasn't ever happened, at least not when I am doing a poop. I am looking forward to some home buddy dumps soon.

This week-end Cathy picked me up for our regular meal and drinks with our mates. A girls out night we try to have monthly. In the gang there are six regulars, Cathy, Ruth, Debbie, Joan, Carol, and me. Cathy is the oldest at fifty-five, I am two years younger, the others are all in their thirties, Carol is the baby, just thirty. Last Saturday we decided to go to Ilminster, to the Shrubbery Hotel, just outside the village. Apart from Cathy and me none of the others knew we deliberately went to the toilet together, at least they hadn't made any mention of the habit as my husband had. One thing we have always done is go for a wee together. I don't know about men, but as a girl I always went to wee with my mates and as an adult it has always seemed so natural. It's always noticeable that when a woman wants to poop and she is with somebody she tends to move to a cubicle away from her friend, and she always bolts the door. This has been my experience and until reading about buddies going to poop together here I was the same, never dreaming of going to poop with somebody near by, and never ever talking when I was going.

We all went to pee upon arriving at the Shrubbery and even peeing was exciting in a way as I listened to all my friends taking their panties down. It's something that's never I've never even thought about before. We had a lovely dinner, Cathy and me had Dover Sole and it was lovely meal. After I was chatting with Cathy and Debbie when I heard one of the waitress's telling another that she had to go to the toilet and that she would have to go to the public toilets she didn't have time to get to the staff toilets upstairs. I wasn't sure if Cathy had heard what the waitress had said but I excused myself and hurriedly followed the gorgeous young waitress from the dining room to the ladies.

In the ladies I was just behind the waitress as she went into the first cubicle and bolted the door. I went to the next one and lifted my cocktail dress and slid my panties down. The waitress was already on the toilet and peeing rapidly. I started to pee and, for a brief moment, I thought the waitress had finished, her pee had trickled to a halt and I could see her red shoes under the partition, feel very relaxed, not fidgeting. I thought she'd just damp her vagina lips with toilet paper and flush. Instead as my pee tricked to stop she did a poop, it was loud, the empty toilets, we were alone, magnified the splattering sound, but it was obvious to me that she had been desperate to go, she hadn't dare to risk a fart, she'd have pooped her panties for certain. Then I heard the outer door opening and somebody enter the cubicle next to mine, take their panties down and start to pee. As she did she tapped the partition between our cubicles and asked for toilet paper. It was Cathy. I said yes give me a second. I ripped off some toilet paper and reaching down handed some to her under the partition Cathy gripped my hand instead and said: "I'm so glad you're here Yvonne, I noticed your shoes under the cubicle door."

I realised that Cathy had heard the waitress as well as me and that it was her way of letting me now. Meanwhile the waitress had pooped twice more, both bursts were very loose diarrhoetic sounds. Then she started to wipe her bum and wiped twice then she tapped my partition and asked me if I had any paper to spare. I ripped some and handed her some saying: "If that's not enough I can get some from another cubicle as I had finished on the toilet. She took the paper from my hand and said she would need more paper and would be grateful if I would get some more for her. Whilst this was happening I heard sever more women coming in and when I left my cubicle all the other five cubicles were occupied. I tapped on Cathy's and she opened the door to tell me she had just enough on the holder. Tapping on the next cubicle door it opened and I was surprised, and pleased to see it was Debbie, she had her panties right down and was actually pooping as I entered and asked her for paper. She reached up and ripped a large bundle from the roll to give to me then she whispered: "I bet she'll be glad you were here," referring to the waitress. I took the paper to the waitress and she took the paper gladly. I was washing my hands and titivating my make-up after when Debbie, who hadn't bolted her door, opened it to say, "I wish more people would be as kind as I was to help." It was then that Cathy said a , hear, hear.

To cut a long story short all the gang now now about our buddy dumping and all have agreed it is much nicer than being so reserved about it. I hope to be able to write more of my experiences soon.


Post Title (optional) To Yvonne

Hello Yvonne:

I loved your story.
We used to have a certain Amylee posting office buddy dump stories until recently. She then disappeared. perhaps you can substitute for her by posting more about your office buddy dumps, which you say is now quite frequent?


Live poop post

Hey everyone. I'm a 19 year old brunette girl from Canada. And right now I have to poop very badly. But my sister is in our only bathroom, so I'm having to hold it. She's taking forever though. I needed to go over twenty minutes ago and she was in there then. I'm trying to do anything to avoid thinking about how badly I need to poop, but it's not working. I can feel the turd poking out and getting sucked back in repeatedly. Oh, I hope she finishes really soon.

I just heard a flush, so I think she's finally done. I'm typing this on my phone so I can keep going while I poop, by the way. I'm in the bathroom now. She really left it stinking, but I don't care. Fan's on, helps a bit. Okay, jeans and plain white panties at my ankles, sitting on the toilet now. The seat's plenty warm, as expected.

Peeing furiously and letting my turd go. It's shooting out really fast. Plop. There, it broke off. Following it up with another. It's a skinny, really long log. Done peeing now. The log barely made any noise when it came to an end. Splash Splash Ploop. Three turds one after the other. Prrrrrrrrrrrrt. Whew. That was a long fart. My sister hadn't already stunk up the bathroom, but I'm not helping either.

Fffffffrrt. Fffffffffffttttt. Pfffrrt. Lots of gas right now. Sploonk! Just let off a turd. I can feel a bit more inside me. Giving a slight push. Nnh. A turd is rocketing out of me right now. It's super long already and more is coming out still. Plip. Just the slightest sound as it finally tapered off. Ploop. One final little turd nugget and I'm finished.

Gonna put down the phone while I wipe. Brb. Okay back now, hands all washed and ready to flush. Closed the lid and flushed. All done in the bathroom. And with that, I'll finish the post. Bye guys!

alright guys hows it all going! ive been reading this site for years! its fun!

i have a question for megan..

im at university as well in the UK... near london..

do you have any stories about living in university accommodation? i have a few to share (both male & female)! (poo stories) haha

also do you ever poo at home? you seem to be out all the time haha

take care everyone :)



He everyone!

This is my first post here so let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am a japanese american girl, I'm 17, and I'm really petite. I have long dark brown hair. I used to look at the posts a lot on here months ago but I haven't been on lately and never posted before. I don't really like using public bathrooms it's easier for me to go to the bathroom at my home. I've never pooped in a multistall bathroom before and I've only peed in a few and that's when I'm insanely desperate. I have crapped in a few different single toilet public bathrooms tho. I guess I should post a story with this introduction so here I go

One time I was at this park and I got the sudden urge to go take a dump. I expected the bathrooms to be dirty so I tried holding it but there was no way, I had to go then. I went to the single toilet bathrooms. Surprisingly they were very clean. I pulled my skirt up and my pantyhose and panties down to right underneath my knees. I started peeing. I then sat there to let my poop come out on it's own, it feels so much better this way then pushing it out. It slowly started to crown but then stopped. I had no choice but to slowly push it out. It felt really good pooping it even tho I had to push hard. Then it was out. It was a wide crap and was about 5 inches long. After I wiped I tried flushing it and the toilet clogged. There was no plunger but thankfully it didn't overflow.


Pooping at work

Hi everyone,

My work's been really busy lately. People are constantly walking into my office or calling me, so I hardly have any time to think, even. So recently I've been taking my daily constitutional at work just so I can get a few minutes of peace and quiet during the day. Normally, I'll hold it until I can get home so I can enjoy the much better toilet paper that I have in my bathroom. (I'm a bit of a toilet paper snob- I'll pay a premium price for good TP)

I'm curious, does anyone else do this? It makes for a great break that no one can question you on.

Esteban-always great to see you here. Heard from another poster on a different site that the Washington Park restrooms were no more. Darn! I would have liked to try their open layout at least once!

Anonymous guy-I'm glad you enjoy my posts. I also wonder how some guys can be so bad with their aim. What the heck is going on? I have a urethral opening that is a bit on the larger side and I will ocassionally have a split stream, but that is kinda rare. I will try to use a urinal or maybe even sit down if I know I will likely make a mess. I think it is disgusting and disrespectful to leave a mess for someone else to stand in/sit in/clean up.

Nick- glad to hear you enjoy my posts. I am lucky to have a few buddies that don't mind seeing me take a dump. The last one I posted about, I thnk he kinda likes that, because we have talked about how great a good crap can be. We are pretty open about a lot of stuff, so I knew he wouldn't mind when I told him I had to take a crap. And my other buddy who has been around me a few times when I've dumped was in the army for over 20 years. Including several trips to Afghanistan and Iraq. He's seen plenty of guys dumping, so he probably didn't think a thing about it. Once I do remember, a very long time ago, we took a dump side by side. I think we were still in High School, maybe college. We did talk a bit, and I remember peeking under the stall and seeing that he was wearing green briefs. Most guys are uptight about dumping around others.

Need to gp

No paper...

At work yesterday I really had to go so I headed to the men's room as luck would have it there was no paper! There was nobody around so I checked out the lady's room again nothing... I went to the main building, no paper in the restrooms there, checked out where it is stored nada.... There was no paper anywhere. I am hairy down there and go commando so not using a paper is not an option! I held out for a while but really couln't concentrate on work so decided to make a trip to a gas station to have a seat. Of course it was occupied and had to wait... The urge was great at this point so couldn't just stand there so I was pacing in front of the door! The door opened and lets just say I my pants were down before the door was fully closed. Dropped a huge load and headed back to work.


I was at an orientation for a new job the other day. At the building it was held at, there was this young Hispanic kid who was a janitor. He looked kind of hip hoppy. He had on baggy jeans, a red echo shirt and a backwards hat. He also wore a gold chain He was very tan skinned and had a goatee. I watched him as he was pushing his cleaning cart down the hallway. I noticed that he was holding his stomach as he walked. He was talking on one of those phone thingies that you don't have to hold in your hand. When he got to the end of the hallway, I saw him scrunch up his face. Then he pushed out a nice juicy one right out the back of his sagging jeans. He sighed with relief after he let it out. then I heard him say to the person he was talking to on the phone, he said, that was a good fart that I just did, but it smelled nasty as hell.
Later that day, I was sitting on a bench in the hallway taking a break. He came and sat on the bench next to me and started checking his phone. All of a sudden, he let out another juicy fart. The smell wafted over to me. He looked at me and said, sorry man, that was an accident, my stomach really hurts. I looked at him and said, If I got paid for every time I ripped in front of someone, i'd be rich. He laughed at this and then we started to have a conversation.He told me his name was Miguel. A few minutes later, I asked him where the bathroom was because I had to take a dump. He said, i'll show you man, I need the bathroom too. So I followed him through the hallway. On the way, we passed a bathroom. I stopped in front of it, but miguel kept on walking. He turned around and said, No no man you don't want that bathroom, its nasty. I'll show you the really clean one. He took me to the bathroom that all the janitors use. We went in and I could see that it was really clean. I walked over to the middle stall and tried to go in but Miguel said, oh no man, THAT IS MY TOILET! I laughed and said sorry your majesty, didn't mean to take your throne. So I went into the right hand stall and Miguel went into the middle. I heard him pull down his baggy jeans and boxers. Than I heard a fart that sounded like ketchup squeezing out of a bottle. It was loud and long. Miguel yelled out from the stall: Damn! I got a major dookie situation here. I laughed. Then I heard plop after plop of poop go into the toilet. I heard heavy grunting and sighs. My dump was just one small log, but Miguel sounded like he had an avalanche coming out of his butt.Everytime I thought he was finished, I heard more poop splash into the toilet.Finally he was done and began to wipe. Than he pulled up his jeans but didn't flush. He came out of the stall and told me that I just had to see his creation. So I went into his stall and looked in the toilet. I couldn't believe what I saw. It was like a mountain of soft, mushy poop! It was light brown and had a very foul odor. It almost filled up the bowl! Damn Miguel, what did you eat? I asked. Miguel smiled from ear to ear and said I don't know man. I had some dairy today and i'm lactose intolerant, so that stuff just goes right through me. Then Miguel said, whoo this shit stinks! ima flush the toilet before you pass out from the smell. I laughed and Miguel flushed the toilet. Then he went to the janitors closet and started spraying flower scented air freshener all over the bathroom. This was a cool experience.

My better half-AKA Artiss, has taken to wearing wearing lovely summer dresses with this lovely spring weather we've been having here-I don't know which is lovelier, the spring weather here or her. Anyhow, we went on a nice picnic together in a lovely little park-like area that we know of by a stream-it is a very lovely little place that we go to often. She had packed a nice basket for us, complete with a red-checked tablecloth-type of sheet to lay everything out on. She looked so lovely wearing a straw hat to complement the sandals made of the same material-very summery-looking indeed.

We got there and had our lunch and were just sitting there with our heads on each others shoulders, looking at the stream. Suddenly, like she has done so many times in the past, she clutched her stomach and leaned forward, her teeth gritted. I looked her in the eye and said "Oh lord, Artiss?" to which she replied "Oh lord, Patrick. OH lord!!!!" "Quick Artiss, the bushes!!!" I cried as she sprinted towards them, lifting her skirt as she went, revealing the flare-legged briefs she's also taken to wearing with the warmer weather so as to be more comfortable. She got behind the bushes, which were high enough so that only her head and shoulders were visible, then she did something that I totally did not expect her to do. She took the hat off and threw that on top of the bushes, and then she pulled the dress right over the top of her head and hung that on the bushes also. I could see her bare shoulders and her bra straps. She bent down out of sight, then her arm came up and threw the briefs right on top of the dress. Then the loud gushing sound of her bowels releasing their contents, mixed with a very loud "OH LORD-UGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" from Artiss. "UGGGHHHHHHH-oh lord, Patrick, oh lord!!! BAAADDD, Patrick, real bad!!!. "What can I do for you Artiss, dear?" I asked. "Just keep a look-out for anyone coming, and just be here for me darling-I'm literally pooping my guts out-UUUUUUUUGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! Oh, Patrick, oh!!!!"

About 20 minutes of this and finally she said "There, I think it's finished." I reached up with the roll of TP from the car, and her hand reached up to grab it. LOTS of wiping sounds, then she stood up, shoulders and bra straps visible again. She grabbed the undies and her head bent down as she put them on. Then the dress back over the top of her head, and finally, the hat.The stink from the diarrhea rose to high heaven from behind the bushes, and I handed her her perfume bottle from the car so she could spray herself. Finally, she emerged fro m behind the bushes and straight into my arms. I embraced her and rubbed her belly below the navel. "Oh Patrick, what would I do without you-you're a regular saint sticking with this old lady and her digestive problems". "You forgot one word Artiss, right after old." What's that, Patrick?" "Beautiful" I said as we held each other in continued embrace.

Desperate to poop way

Poop on walk


Went for another nice walk at another nature reserve and on theway back new a nice poop was in order. Before going for a coffee at the cafe I made my to the toilets.

It was a smallish nature reserve with 2 toilets, 1 out of order and 1 engaged. I waited patiently feeling ready for a nice big poop, not desperate but definitely ready. The lady in the toilet was def pooping as you could smell it and hear some audible plops. I waited for a few more minutes when one of the staff came in. I wasn't really desperate so I asked if she wanted to go in front and she said thanks. We both waited for another 5 minutes when the toilet finally flushed and a 40 yr old came out. The young lady went in and was in about 3 minutes so not long. I was now very ready for a poop and I spent 5 minutes getting rid of 2 very nice size and relieving logs. I had a nice long pee too

I wiped a cleanish backside very moist front flushed and left very relieved.

Happy Pooping

Abbie- I would say I spend slightly less time on the toilet now doing my poos, but not that much less, especially at home where I can relax and take my time! Sounds like you had a relieving poo at school. Looking forward to your next story!

Millie- Welcome to the site! Sounds like you had a big poo at school. I'm the opposite to you- I prefer doing my poos in busy toilets or at least toilets where I'm not the only person in a cubicle or the only person pooing!

Today I had my first exam. By the end of the two-hour time limit I was really needing to go to the toilet for a poo. The toilets in the building the exam was in were in the actual hall, so they could only be used by people who needed to go during the exam and asked to go. If you needed to use to the loo after the exam you had to go somewhere else, which I had to do since I was getting desperate to go!
I made my way to the library building nearby and went in. I saw to my dismay the toilets were closed for cleaning! I saw a brunette girl in a purple t-shirt and glasses came from the library looking and seeing they were shut. Obviously she needed to use the loo as well, but we were out of luck and had to wait until they were reopened. My poo was beginning to really push hard and I could tell it was a big one and I was quite gassy (as usual when I'm nervous about exams). I let out a couple of quiet farts while we were waiting. I was conscious now that my bladder was feeling pretty full too- I really needed to get on a toilet! So it seemed did the other girl who was waiting to go. She was moving around a lot and looked like she was quite desperate too.
After we waited around for ten minutes the toilets were finally cleaned. I was dying to poo by now and I was farting repeatedly as I went in. I took the third of the four cubicles and the other girl took the final one, to my left. I pulled down my jeans and purple knickers to my feet and sat.
I started to wee right away, and as the other girl pulled down her leggings and black knickers and sat I let out a very loud, embarrassing fart, which was followed rapidly by my first turd which made a loud splash. I wasn't embarrassed for long, though, because it soon became clear why the other girl had been looking desperate. She grunted quietly and I heard her poo splatter into the toilet. It sounded loose and wet and must have been hard to hold in while she was waiting. I pushed out another piece and then the smell of her poo reached me. It was pretty bad, and I couldn't smell my own poo anymore (and that was none too fragrent either)! Another girl came in and took the first cubicle for a wee as I pushed out a third and fourth logs. my neighbour was dropping a rapid series of small pieces now. I did two more turds and two small bits and another loud fart and I was done. My poo was quite messy and I had to wipe my bum seven times to get it clean- I can only imagine how many times the other girl had to wipe hers!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

First off, we want to take a moment to thank all the people young and uh... not so young who take the time to treat people like people and who treat other posters respectfully. We genuinely appreciate those who want to get together on a prevalent, but under discussed subject and bonus points for those who find bodily functions funny.

...And then, there are the opposites. This should never have to be said, but the number of people doing this just keeps growing. It seems to be a product of the world going away from actual, interpersonal contact and toward social media, and various other terse electronic communications.


Think of how you deal with each other:

Would you want someone to drill you for answer they want from you, the way you drill others?
How about, if they matched your volume, tact and ferocity how would that feel???
How about repeatedly asking that question something someone else might find uncomfortable or isn't interested in sharing? Would you want to be pestered for some detail about your life that you've made less than public?

The general idea is covered in the FAQ, and it should follow, by some minimum standard of human interaction, that this behavior is in extremely poor taste:

"What do you look like?" (in lesser degrees of tact, never including please)
"I want you to"...(give/tell/contact me now dammit 2X a day, every day)
"I need to know _________ about ________ to complete my fantasy"

Why don't we print these kinds of posts? Well, there's never just one. Who's going to read a forum full of this? It looks like a stalker, bully, or domestic violence practitioner wrote it. Besides, who wants to post in good faith only to be a Christmas ornament or a piece of meat?

Forget what the world is telling you. Manners still matter. How you say it is as important as what you say.

Anonymous Guy

Not quite free yet...

Just wanted to write to Zip real quick, keep up the posts dude! Too bad there isn't any way to get in touch on here since I feel we'd get along.

Anyway I should be free to post more after a couple more weeks of school. Sorry about the wait guys.

On a side note, I went to the beach today and literally ran straight into the bathroom after holding in pee (non purposely) for several hours. I was at the urinal for a good few minutes at which seemed like forever. What stood out in this experience though was all the guys the came and peed next to me while I was emptying everything out. In my school most of the bathrooms have 1 urinal so the opportunity never arises.

So anywho I oversaw the shadow of 2 guys' equipment and the stream coming out while looking down at mine. I even saw a full on view of the second guy's while turning around to leave. It really wasn't anything sexual or obvious, I think almost all men compare every now and then. The dude looked like my age(early 20s) and was the attractive surfer type. Must've been curious about me too since he could've just used the next urinal down.

Also just real quick, I took a dump on campus the other day and as I sat down I noticed something. The ground was literally flooded with urine puddles making my shoes/sweatpants smell for the rest of the day. How the heck do guys have that bad of aim? I admit I enjoy shooting at the wall every now and then but it looked like a bunch of guys had a pee fest in that bathroom. Just thought that was interesting and wanted to know if any of you have encountered such a dirty restroom.

That's it for now unfortunately, got to get some sleep for school in the morning. Hope to hear more from all of you soon though, and I'm always open to questions/surveys.

Take care.


At Work Today

Hi All

I thought I would share something I overheard earlier today at work.

I won't go into detail, but at work there are a large number of attractive young women
employed there who for whatever reason have to poo at least two or three times a day at work.
At least once a day I usually find myself within in earshot, unwittingly or otherwise
of one of my colleagues when they are noisily pooing in the Ladies next to the Gents.

These days I won't "force the issue", as I want to get on with people I am in a relationship of
trust etc with, as well as it being simply impossible to do any work and keep tabs on my female
colleagues "movements" if you get my drift....

Anyway, I was over the other part of the site and saw my colleague Ms X (the one who looks like Scarlett Johansson).
running into the toilet. She did not see me as she looked distracted by being rather desperate for the toilet.

She was wearing her usual short black skirt, black tights and blue blouse.

I needed a pee so I went into the Gents, where I could hear her using the Ladies alongside.

By the time I got there she must already have parked herself on the throne, as I heard

a loud SPPPRAAANNNKKKFRRRRAAAAPP-PLOP_PLOP_PLOP!as she did a noisy raspy wet fart and three poos fell out.

She then did a little pee.

This was followed a by a short period of quiet, followed by another SPPPPRRAANNNK as she did released
another trapped wet fart under pressure.

I heard a sigh and a grunt followed by another explosive decompression as there was a SPPPPPRRRAAANK! as she did a third
wet fart, instantly followed by an urgent and desperate sounding PLOPPLOPPLOPPERTY_PLIPPLIPPLIP_PLIPPLOPSPPPRANNNK
as she did a rapid volley of little poos followed immediately by another wet fart.

I then heard the rattle of the toilet roll holder and made my escape to the other Wing.

Such is a normal day at work for me!

Bye for now, keep all those posts coming as I really enjoy reading them.

Hermes x

i have a couple of friends with crohns and irritable bowels i would like someone to describe to me in detail what happens when an attack comes on i think i would better understand what they go through and i am a bit too emmbarressed to ask them in person


Morning surprise

Last night I stayed up later than usual, had a great time. This morning I found out I had diarrhea during the night. No cramps, I did not wake at all. This is vey unusual for me, it is very rare that I would soil myself in sleep. And even then I would wake up immediately


Latest Story

Hello, everyone! Here is a story from yesterday:
I drove my mom and my brothers to the psychology center. My 17 year old brother has schizophrenia, so he goes to therapy once a week. Anyway, he and my mom went to the therapist's office while my 11 year old brother and I waited in the waiting room. While we were playing games on our DS consoles, a man who was sitting across from us suddenly let out a loud, whiny fart and whispered, "Excuse me."
My brother didn't hear it since he had on headphones, but I was a bit amazed that someone would fart shamelessly like that in a public space, even though it probably shouldn't come as a surprise to me.

The End.

To Tyler

Hey ive posted here before and this is my second post. Before I posted a story about how I used to get so constipated as a child, and one of the remedies my parents would treat me with was to cook a pot of beans and make me eat several bowls. Even if I was already bloated and not hungry, a big steaming bowl was placed in front of me and I had to eat it, then another, and usually a third but sometimes it was only two if I complained enough. By the end my stomach was so bloated and heavy and hard, I could barely move. The idea was to create so much gassy pressure that the poop would be forced out of me, and 9 out of 10 times it worked. It usually wasn't long before I was sitting on the toilet, involuntarily pushing out massive thick logs and bursts of flatulence.

Tyler: can you describe what the enemas were like when you were really constipated? How did your mother get the nozzle in if your anus was so plugged up? How did it feel as the water filled you up, even though were were already bloated and heavy with poop? And what was the resulting bowel movement like?

I'm female, late 20s, by the way.



Holy cow am I constipated. I haven't been able to shit more than just a couple of round turds every other day for the last week. I got a new job with a regular schedule, and I thought for sure that would get me on the pot at normal interviews. I dunno. I'm probably drinking too much coffee and not enough water.

Speaking of the new job, shortly it'll put me on the road fairly often, so I will hopefully start having some good stories of holding it while driving and of using the privacy of hotel rooms to my advantage, and do my business outside of the toilet.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Tim great story it sounds like you got alot of great memorys with that outdoor toilet they will hopefuly last forever.

To: Jamal another great story about you watching your girlfriend Michelle pooping it sounds like she had a really good poop and I bet she felt pretty good afterwards to.

To: Millie first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you really had to poop and alot to I bet you felt pretty good once you were done and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Natasha as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop in that portapotti and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Tawnie's Survey.

(1) when usin the bathroom are your pants at your ankels or where? They are usually at my ankles.
(2) do u spread your legs if so how wide? Yes, I spread them was wide as they can go.
( 3)on a scale 1-10 how hard do u have had to push to get your poop out? Anywhere between 5-8. Sometimes, 10.
(4) when pushin hard have u ever had your legs spread wide n pushing your toes hard to the floor n having your face all stunched up n red ? Yes
(5)when usin school or public bathrooms hav u seen other girls with thrrr pants around ankels n pressing toes hard to the floor? I've never seen girls with pants around their ankles. But I have seen girls/women with their toes pressed against the floor.
(6) how loud hav u had your plops n wat kind are they are they plops massive plops or ka plunks or splashes n wat other girls have u heard ? My plops are not usually too loud. For the most part, just little plops and splashes. I've never heard any any girls have big plops, just small ones.
(7) when constpated n workin on hard stubnorn poop have u ever had to dig it out ..i kno it sounds gross but it works... if u hav how do u dig..wat position u use the best and or have u ever had to or teach other girls help n hav to dig? I've never had to dig a stubborn poop out.
(8)do u grunt or are u quiet ? At home, I grunt. In public, I don't make a whole lot of noise on the toilet.

Anonymous Male

Studio Apartment Etiquette

To Dracula, and to Catherine's response:

It sounds like Dracula's friend had a studio apartment, consisting of the main room (with bed) and a bathroom and kitchen alcove. The layout, in other words, would have made it difficult to move completely out of earshot of those loud and vigorous bathroom sounds emanating from Dracula's wife. That's a good idea, though--do whatever is necessary to divert attention away from that closed bathroom door!

Dracula's friend was probably secretly attracted to this woman--but she was already taken, so to him, that experience, especially the spontaneous intimacy just inside that door just a few feet away, was absolute torture! (I know the feeling, accidentally having heard beautiful women peeing and farting a few times.)

I recall life in a studio apartment, and this would have been my response:

While the female guest is in the bathroom, find some excuse, any excuse, to divert all attention to the kitchen! Ask if you can fix some coffee, tea, or water. (Even if the answer is no, run the water anyway, if only to wash your hands!) Then keep the faucet running a few moments to mask the sounds from the bathroom.

Diverting everyone's focus to the kitchen (where there is food, or at least water) should ease the awkwardness caused by that third party only doing what everyone must do.

Catherine, I like your suggestions, although I suppose my being male tells me that a candle in the bathroom is impractical, but who knows. Anyway, the air freshener spray which I always keep in there is probably more effective in killing odors.


Al fresco piss

Last weekend it was late at night and I was coming home from a party. I took the bus home. As soon as I came out of the bus, I had to pee, and even though it wasn't a long way away from home, I couldn't hold it. So I sneaked behind a store, and found a spot in between two dumpsters. I backed into the spot and squatted. I pulled my pants and underwear forward to about my knees, and let loose with a copious stream of relief. It felt so good! Luckily, it was raining out, so I probably didn't leave a visible puddle.

So today I thought I would post about my first time experiencing a buddy dump ;)
I've always liked the idea but never had the chance... Until the other day, we were on camp and there was one big bathroom for the girls with no stalls, just 6 toilets 3 on one side and 3 on the other... Facing each other!!! Anyway, most girls were ok to pee in front of each other and I think I few had bms but I was waiting till night time. I felt the poo building up in me all day and was really looking forward to sitting alone and letting it all out. We didn't really go to sleep till about 1am but finally I had my chance. I went into the bathroom and to my surprise there was my teacher! She looked up from her book... She was pooping... It was too late to turn around and she told me to come in and that it is all natural. I sat down and pulled my pj pants down to the floor... 2 other girls came in too!!! They were obviously busting and had waited all day. Anyway we all ended up sitting down... I was across from the teacher and the other 2 were next to me. We all grunted and strained a bit but had a conversation at the same time! Eventually the bathroom was smelling soooo bad hahaha the teacher had a few waves of runny poo and was making a mess. It was a bit awkward but I'm glad I had this experience. I think because I was so tired I didn't care that I was in public!! I have never pooped with others before this!

Hey there. Comments :)

To Tyler and Steven A: Realised what you guys were talking about... I'm pretty much the same, gone through (I'm 16 yr old guy) and still going through constipation since young. I remember even when I was getting potty trained, my dad would have to give me an enema (back then I didn't know what it was except that my mom used to call it a 'tuk'.) I didn't like it back then, but now I use it a lot to get rid of all the clogged up stuff in me. Hope to get to know you guys better :)

To Anatomy Student: I get what you mean, I go though IBS quite a lot. I dun get your "Haley's Comet" cos I generally get big poops after few days of constipation. I tend to call the period "Examination Rain" where I get like really loose stools or even diarrhea during the exam periods. Right now I'm having my O levels, and pretty much the IBS has changed my usual 5pm schedule to 9am runs... Hope to get to know you better. Are you a guy or a girl?

Zip: I love your stories man. I admire how you can be so open towards pooping and how your friends get the chance to see you on the can. I like watching and listening to guys poop, but somehow I dun have the confidence to actually go up to a guy and ask whether we could have a buddy dump... Its sad.

Dracula: Great story about your wife's poop. The host must have been pretty turned on! I dunno but I was a bit turned on too when I read it :)

Pat: Wow it must be fun to get to hear and older woman that you love poop daily. Love has no boundaries man :) I have similar experiences, except that I hear my tuition teacher (I think she's 50ish) have her daily poop (probably due to the medications that she takes. She's got a liver problem and it has been affecting her system a lot recently.) It always starts during my lesson around 4:30pm, she stumbles off to her bathroom, which has windows in the house.

Hope to get to know more of you guys :) Happy Poops :D


For Steven A.

Hi Steven!

Wow....12 inches long and 2-3" wide....that is one awesome dump. I'm glad it was soft and didn't hurt....I have a friend like you who doesn't go for like 4 or 5 days....and then just does these huge long craps....but they aren't hard and they don't hurt. You are SOOOOO lucky :)

I wonder if it really was the cheese that plugged you up? You're normally so regular; hard to imagine it being just that.

Did you fart when you finally pooped? With all that poop in would be difficult for the farts to get past it; eh? I love farting when I poop.....but it doesn't happen very often.

Ask me more questions if you want.....I like answering your questions.

National Assembly
So I just found this forum! So cool!

I am a woman who doesn't mind letting out large stinky farts or pooping. Something so natural shouldn't be so taboo?

I happen to need to pass gas at the most inappropriate times. This has been occurring a lot at work. Today I had the farts bad. I went to the bathroom the first few times I got the urge thinking that I needed to push out a bm. No such luck. By the the third time, I just decided to hold in my farts until I went on my lunch break. It was uncomfortable but as soon as I took my lunch break, I headed to my car, sat down on the seat and let out an enormous fart. That felt so good! I went to lunch and came back to the office. I thought I was done with the gas attack but then another wave of pressure hit me. This time, I just decided to pass it quietly at my seat. No smell or sound thank goodness! By the time I got home from work, I was ready to take a much needed dump. I went to the bathroom and proceed to push out a nice solid poop. It was a big one so it made sense that I was gassy all day. I flushed and went back to relaxing.

Oh and question: Do you guys fart in front of friends? I haven't yet. I try to let my friends do it before me so I know that I have the green light to do so. And now since I had one of my friends do it to me, I can to it to them the next time we hang out! Yes, this friend is a guy haha.


Michael S

A while ago at the beach

I used to live near the coast and when I was at secondary school I would often go to our nearest seaside town and swim/sunbathe.

One time when I was 13 or 14 I went on a great sunny day, only to find I had missed the tide and was just faced with mudflats. Still it was warm so I found a good place at the back of the concrete slope up to the sea wall, changed into my swimming trunks and lay down to soak up the sun.

After an hour or so I felt the need for a pee (I had drunk a couple of cans of cola). The nearest toilets were a long walk so I decided to find another way. There were quite a few people on the beach - but nearly all in front of me and mostly facing the sea.

After a few minutes thought, I slipped my towel from underneath me and draped it over my legs as if I was getting changed. I then took off my swimming trunks under the towel, parted my legs a little and raised my knees to prevent me from getting pee on my towel. I then just reached down and aimed into a small dip in the concrete surface.

Now this had seemed a pretty foolproof plan at first. But I quickly filled the small hole and rather than it draining away as I had expected, it began to overflow and run down the concrete slope. This quickly became very visible on a hot sunny day - but I still needed to empty my bladder.

By now a pair of older girls (perhaps 16 or 17) had noticed the little stream. One of them looked round and saw that it was coming from my direction - I went crimson with embarrassment. She spoke to her friend and then they both turned over so they were looking up towards me and were giggling and whispering to each other...and they seemed determined to stay that way.

Although I had finished by then, I was still sitting just behind a fairly obvious small pool of urine with only a towel covering me and my trunks at my side. I guess they had already seen enough under the towel anyway - so I decided just to reach down and put my trunks back on - they certainly got a good view of "The Source" of that particular little river. Putting my trunks back on was trickier than taking them off had been, as there had been some changes down there by now, but I managed.

The other night, as I was getting ready for bed, I got hit with a massive urge to poop. Like, one second there was no need and then the next, I was at the "find a toilet NOW" stage of desperation!

I scurried to the bathroom and plopped myself down on the toilet and immediately a deluge of soft logs rushed out of me. I was fully emptied out in less than twenty seconds. The smell was atrocious though. I flushed just to cut down on the smell, and then set to wiping my very messy bottom.

Hope you enjoyed my story. Bye.


Town Toilet Poop

I live in the United Kingdom and work for a large multiple store in the center of Newport, South Wales. I have been a reader of for a year or so now getting a lot of fun and excitement from the people that share there experiences here. I was always curious and, to be honest, quite excited by the term often used 'buddy dumping.' I think its fair to say that in the UK generally we are more conservative and private in our toilet habits. I have always liked to be next to another woman as she had a poop, I can't fully explain why I feel the need, I just feel safer, maybe it's a sort of camaraderie, whatever. I decided to show my best friend and work mate Cathy this internet site and then asked her what she thought of 'buddy dumping.' To my delight she said she liked the idea and we agreed to start to go to the toilet together. The first couple of times we both did a pee and there was no time to chat but one morning I had to go for a poop and called my supervisor to tell her I needed to leave my check-out post to go to the toilet. Cathy who had a check-out position three away from me noticed me asking the supervisor and I watched as I headed to the ladies that she was calling the supervisor too. In the staff toilets there are eight cubicles, I saw three were occupied, two next to each other and one two cubicles away. I went right down the line to the last two and waited until I saw Cathy coming through the outer door. I waved to her and then went into the last cubicle. I heard Cathy go into the next cubicle to me as I was lifting my skirt. I called out to her in a low voice, trying to make sure the others in the toilets didn't hear me, "I really gotta have a poop Cathy." As I was sliding my panties down I was delighted and excited to hear Cathy say she had to have a poop as well. My ???? churned over and I pooped and peed at the same time, gasping as my ???? churned and ached. I could hear Cathy unbuckling the belt on her slacks and then pushing them down to crumble around her shoes beside me. She pooped with a sort of squeaky farting sound and she asked me if I was alright. "Yeah," I sighed quietly, "ooh Cathy my bum is burning, I had to go so badly." Cathy was pushing and under the partition I could see her black shoes, toes pressed down, heels raised, straining to go. She giggled and said, "Yvonne, it's great to share with you, so glad you are with me." Her voice was high as she strained to poop and it made me feel so good to have her with me. We could hear a couple of toilets flushing and the others in the ladies leaving and washing there hands. Cathy giggled and said, "I wonder if they heard us talking?" I giggled back and told her, "Got no idea, but I'm glad you're here." We went a bit quiet then as we pooped and sort of rested between straining to go. I finished first and was wiping my bum as Cathy finished. She joined me as I washed my hands and then, suddenly, quite out of the blue, she kissed me on the cheek and said she felt marvelous. I had to admit I felt good too.

That was really my first experience of buddy dumping but since then several of the store girls have joined us, and sometimes we have a big buddy dump rally, three four of us all having a poop at the same time. Somehow buddy dumping has made us closer, better friends. I am wondering if there has been anybody, particularly in the UK, but anywhere else too, that have found that 'buddy-dumping' as a way to forming closer friendships?



Visiting back east. Went to the infamous men's room at Washington Sq park with a row of open toilets - no stalls, no partitions. Just exposure...
But it's gone !!!!!!
Torn down to make room for a "state of the art comfort station"
I don't like their taste in "art."

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Diarrhoea due?

Think I might be coming down with the stomach flu! I just went to the toilet and did a few waves of soft serve poop. I'm sat here now witha full feeling in my bowels, stomach cramps and a fairly urgent need to poo! :( I'll let you know how it goes...

Has anyone else got an upset ???? atm?



For the past 7-10 days I've been battling constipation again - going through my repertoire of foods and supplements that are meant to ease the problem. But still pretty much every time I did a dooh it was either a really uncomfortable struggle to push the evil out, or I can't get it out at all without using a soap suppository.

Hey again, I posted a story last week about my boyfriend having an accident on the beach and I've thought of another that I'd like to share. I'm 22, and a slim, white female. My boyfriend is 24, african american, and slightly solid (I'd say chubby, but he's actually really muscular.) Right after I posted that story last week I was waiting at home for him to come home from work around 3 pm. When he finally got home I was happy to see him so I jumped up and gave him a big hug. He groaned and pushed away, then said, "Don't squeeze me, you'll make me go to the bathroom on myself again!". I then noticed that he didn't seem like his usual happy self coming home from work and he was a few hours early. "Again?" I asked. He nodded and stripped to his underwear. I asked him to see what had happened and he began to cry before showing me the dark stains on his gray boxer briefs. Apparently while he was at work (in a department store) they became really busy and he was unable to use the bathroom for a long time. When the crowd left he tried to go, but somebody had broken the one toilet that there was for the whole store and they had to call somebody to fix it. The whole time he was desperate because he hadn't used the bathroom to pee or poop since the night before. He held out as long as he could before he felt his pee started to leak out onto his underwear. He had it under control and was holding himself until his coworker called for him over the intercom to help a customer. The shock of hearing his name called caused him to lose control. The next thing he knew it, he was standing behind a shelf and peeing full force into his work khakis. Then, his muscles gave out and he started to poop his pants. It was diarrhea so it soaked through. He was too upset to tell me what happened next so I took him to the shower and peeled off his dirty clothes. I got in with him and helped him clean the dried diarrhea off the inside of his thighs and put his pants into the wash, all the while cooing to him and telling him that he was going to be alright. He had to jump out in the middle to have diarrhea on the toilet and I could tell it was going to be one hell of a night. Thankfully, he calmed down enough to tell me the end of the story of his bad day. His coworker came to find him and was less than understanding of his accident. However, once he alerted the boss to what had happened, HE was understanding and allowed J to come home for the rest of the night.
He's not the only one who has these kinds of accidents but I'm still a little shy to talk about myself. I'm new, okay?? Maybe next time. :)


Wood Toilets

Hi there, it's Tim again, this time with another childhood story. Near our house, there was very thick bushland, where all the neighbourhood kids would play after school. For a toilet, we dug 4 holes side by side, which you squatted over to do your pees and poops. Girls would squat next to boys and cut the loudest farts, no shame at all. I remember one time I was doing a number 2 and a girl rushed up next to me, whipped her skirt up, threw down her panties and squatted low over the hole before releasing a muddy river of diarrhoea. All we had to wipe with were leaves, but they worked fine. Another time, a girl wearing jeans and a belt came up next to me when I was peeing, loosened her belt, unzipped her pants and peed standing like a man! I was very impressed, and so was everyone else!

Steven A

To Tyler

(1) After the ham and cheese sandwiches....were you aware that you weren't pooping? Like....would you purposely sit on the toilet and push? Or; did the days just go by without you really thinking about it? I was aware and I just waited until I got my urge to go, and if I didn't go for a few more days, I would have eventually told my mom.

(2) When you finally went.....was the poop hard? Longer? Wider? Did it hurt or did it feel good? It was soft, longer, and it didn't hurt at all. It was as long as a ruler (12 inches), (2 - 3 inches around I guess) it all went down in one flush because I flushed before I wiped.


I had another experience with Michelle yesterday. I got off work and went to pick her up from school. She goes to college. Anyway, while we were drivin in the car, I hear her stomach go brrrggghhhhh. She said "ooh baby, I got to go pretty bad. I told her it was okay cause we were almost to my place and I had to go to. So when we got inside, Michelle walks herself to my bathroom, pulls everything down and plops her booty on my throne. She pushed out a small fart,then released 2 fat,brown logs from between her legs. As the logs were sliding out, Michelle was smiling and saying ahh because it felt so good. This got me excited cause I love it when girls enjoy their toilet time. Its a big turn on.Michelle said, I been holding this poop in all day. I sat down on the side of the bathtub while she pushed out a few more brown morsels. By this time, a nice funky, stench was building up in my bathroom. It was like perfume to me. After Michelle pushed out her last little bit, she said "damn that felt good. I love poopin. It's my favorite thing to do at the end of the day. When I get home from school, I just want to sit on my throne, like an African queen, and poop and fart away. I asked her did pooping in front of guys turn her on and she said yes because its considered unladylike and dirty, so you feel like a bad girl for doing it. I love when girls talk about going to the bathroom. The conversation really turned me on.
Then she started telling me about a white boyfriend that she once had. She said one night, she had to go so bad that she pooped in his toilet and forgot to flush. When her boyfriend went in the bathroom, he was so shocked by how big the logs in the toilet were,that he started calling her his little poop princess. We both laughed at this story. Then, I said "alright girl, its my turn." Michelle wiped, then got up. I looked in the toilet and admired her nice healthy dump. Then I sat my booty down and began to push. A medium sized, deep brown log slid out into the toilet. I pushed a little more, but nothing else came out except for some raunchy gas. So I wiped. But I left the funk soup we made in the toilet. .


I am a 15 year old girl with long brown hair and am 5foot 3inches.

Today at school, I was standing at lunchtime talking to my friends and I farted. It made a sort of popping noise but didn't really smell. It gave me an urge to poo though.

I don't mind doing a poo in public but I object to doing it in a busy toilet.

I told my best friend Hailey that I needed a poo and she just laughed and said she would see me in class. I didn't go into the ordinary girls bathroom as it would be busy and I didn't want people to hear me going, so I went to the private bathroom around the corner. If any of my friends have gone for a poo in the past they went to this one.

There was a younger girl in there so I had to wait for a couple of minutes until she came out.

I entered the bathroom which had a toilet bowl in the right hand side and a sink in front of me.

I sat my bag down and rolled my skirt up to my waist before pushing my tights and pants to just below my knees. I slowly and gently sat my thighs down on the warm toilet seat.

I heard feet walking past the door as I did a quick pee before I started my poo. Once my pee had finished, I began to push a piece of poo out of my bum, it crackled as it was coming out and it quickly slid out of my bum into the water. Another piece the same came out right after.

Someone tried to open the door but thankfully it was locked, it still made my legs jump a little bit though.

a liquidy stream of poo followed and I just kept pushing it out for about 5 minutes. I kept pushing my bum to get more out but I think I emptied myself as I could only produce an airey, squeaky fart.

I pulled off a big piece of toilet roll and wiped my bum. Lots of poo was on the roll as my bum was very messy. I wiped a further 6 times and got a bit further into my bum every time. A little bit of poo must have splashed onto my bum cheeks so I gave the outside a wipe over as well. I wiped my girl part to dry it.

I got off the toilet and pulled my pants up over my bum. I pulled my tights back up to the top of my thighs before rolling my skirt down to mid-thigh height. I washed my hands and ensured my skirt was down properly before exiting the loo.

A girl in my class, Lynsay was standing outside waiting for me to finish and she said "you took your time" in a giggling tone. I told her "youll know why when you go in"

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Rachypoo great stories it sounds like you had a great poop and I bet that woman felt better once she was done.

To: Catherine great accident story.

To: Dracula great story about hearing your wifes friend having a giant poop.

To: Abbie great poop story

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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