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I cannot comment on how a man feels about a woman using the bathroom - it seems that many on this forum find it attractive, while others (many probably do not visit the forum) find it repulsive to think about.

However, the polite thing to do would have been for your friend to invite you both to step out of the room while your wife was using the toilet.

As a woman, it does put you in an awkward position to have a bowel movement when you are in a social situation. It happens and many times, when a woman has to go, she has to go - at least that is the truth for me.

Most guys probably don't think of what a bathroom ought to look like if company, especially female, is coming but these are a few particulars:

1. Privacy
2. Extra rolls of toilet paper in plain sight
3. Air Freshener (A candle already lit is preferred, but I can't imagine many men's apartments having such)
4. Soap
5. Fresh hand towels
6. A small waste basket near the toilet
7. A plunger nearby

Too, I am sure that it was awkward for you, but if you ever find yourself in that situation, probably the best thing to do is to ask the host if you both can move to another room. I am sure you love your wife, and sometimes you have to do the uncomfortable to protect her privacy :)

But, it was we



Love your posts. I found some pictures online of one guy chatting with another who is on the can. Nothing sexual. Just the ultimate in being good friends. Really puts the "buddy" in buddy dump. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

I'm traveling. If I can get a morning off I may have some new experiences to tell about...


Manager taking a good dump at work

Went to the toilet yesterday for a pee and was followed in by one of the managers. I went to the urinal and he went into the first cubicle. He is a good looking guy, probably in his early fifties with a full head of grey hair.

I heard him undo his belt and take down his trousers and pants, then the clunk as he sat down on the toilet seat. I started to have my pee and heard a loud fart come from his cubicle, followed by a series of very quick and loud plops. Then a short break, then more plops - probably about 10 - 12 in all. He must really have needed a good shit. I looked through the gap under the cubicle door and his trousers and pants were pulled right down round his ankles with his belt resting on the floor. The angle of his legs suggested that he sits on the toilet with his legs wide open. It's great to know that the managers sometimes have to give into nature and have a good shit at work.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hey everyone. I'm sorry for not posting in so long. Things got really busy for me and a lot has happened since I last posted. But in any case, I'm going to try and post more often again.

On with my story, then. Last weekend, I went to a music festival with some friends from school. We got there early, but still there was a bit of a queue to get in. I had been starting to need a wee and a poo before we arrived and after queueing, my needs were fairly urgent. I told my friends I wanted to use the loo before the event started and they all agreed that was a good idea.

We went to find some toilets, but all they had were portaloos. I don't normally like to use them, but when you gotta go... We found a row of portaloos and they were mostly empty. All five of us were able to go right in.

Surprisingly, the portaloo I was in didn't smell too bad. I guess it was early enough that not many people had used it yet. By the end of the festival it would probably be awful. Anyway, I sat down and started to wee. I weed for a while and then did a few farts. I could feel my poo almost ready to come out. I gave a slight push and was able to drop a few pieces.

There was more in me though. I managed a few more farts and pushed again and felt a big poo creep out. It was a long one too. I finished with a few smaller bits and then wiped my front and my bum. The portaloo had waterless hand sanitiser that I used and then I left. My friends were all waiting for me and we had a great time at the festival.

I did need a wee towards the end, but it was a mild urge and I really didn't want to use the portaloo again, so I held it and had a relieving wee when I got home, in my clean bathroom.


For Catherine


Thanks for sharing again. That was a great story. Sorry about the break-up, though. So looking back do you think you really could have made it to the toilet but subconsciously wanted to have an accident and soil yourself?

As to your question: "Yet, there's this one thing - why does it feel good to have an accident? And, why am I so obsessed with bowel movements, defecating, and everything that goes with it? I look back and wonder if that is something I do not want a significant other to find out."

I don't know. Maybe there was something deep in your childhood to cause the "obsession", maybe not. Maybe it just feels good because it feels good! I know that's how it feels to me!

Then you said, "And, that's why I never decided to stage an accident until the other day. But, for now, I have to go (yes, to the bathroom!) and will write about that later."

So does that mean you DID "stage and accident" the other day and deliberately soiled yourself? So excited to hear about it! :)



An Unpleasant Toilet Experience

As a few of you might recall, I have cerebral palsy and I post on this web site occasionally although, truth to tell, this is one of my favorite sites as I have had a lifelong fascination with all things bathroom/toilet related. I don't post that often because most of my bathroom visits are fairly mundane, but a few days ago I had a doozie of a problem in the bathroom. Warning,: this is pretty gross so read on at your own risk :)

A few days my wife and I were going to an afternoon concert and late in the morning I took a bath and got cleaned-up to go out. Shortly after getting out of the tub, I felt the need for a BM; it wasn't
an urgent need, but I figured I'd better go then as I didn't want to deal with this away from home if it got to the point where I'd have a difficult time holding it. We were going to be away for about five

I got situated on the toilet and began pushing and within a few minutes I pooped. Sometimes when I have a bowel movement I can tell that it hasn't completely cleared the area between my cheeks and
so I typically wait of few minutes for gravity to take over before I attempt to wipe myself. However, it seemed like I only did a little bit in the toilet and it didn't feel like there was any poop remaining
between my cheeks. So, since I was a little pressed for time I began wiping myself right away (I usually procrastinate before I start to get wiped). I didn't pull off much toilet paper (more by accident than design), but since I had only a small BM, I didn't think it would matter.

Wrong. Because of my disability, I usually shift to the left on the toilet seat and try to raise my right buttock off the toilet seat to gain accesses to that area for getting wiped. As I reached
under myself and started to get wiped, I had this awful sensation on my fingers and I immediately knew what was wrong. I removed my hand to discover that my thumb and several fingers were covered with
poop (I warned you this was gross). This isn't the first time I've had this kind of problem and I always hate it when it happens. The smell was horrible and I quickly reached over to the sink (which is
immediately next to the toilet), and began running hot water over my hand. Once I got the poop rinsed off, I then got the soap and did a good hand-washing. Of course, I wasn't finished wiping myself and now I was worried that I had more poop to remove from down there. So I unrolled a large length of toilet paper and folded it into a wide, thick swath to totally protect my hand as I resumed wiping myself. Much to my surprise, although the toilet paper was dirty, there was no
poop on it like there had been on my hand. So, I wiped myself one more time and at this point I knew I was fairly clean.

As I said earlier, I can usually tell when I have poop stuck between my cheeks, and I pretty much know how to deal with. The surprise was that it seemed liked everything was in the toilet (and not much at that) but it wasn't as I soon found out.



Alyssa: I was just reading your post and can totally relate. I'm 32 now, but played volleyball, basketball and softball all through high school, and played college volleyball. Like you, I have two bowel movements daily - then and still do - and when I miss one, the next one comes on strong. I shared a story about this on p. 1817 I think, if you are interested. My first post was p. 1811. Thanks for posting!

To Kim H: Hi! I am 32, still single, and have had three solid accidents in my post potty training life. I have to admit that it was strange that it felt good. Would love to hear more about your experiences, as I am still trying to understand it myself. That's why I came to this forum :)


For Steven A and others

This happened years ago. I ate a big sandwich and it had cheese in it well I felt a blockage in me for a few days and I took some of that Phillips lax and it help. I filled the toilet up half way.

Car Mom. I'm glad to here from you, I thought something might had happened to you.

Anatomy student

Strange bowels and an interesting observation

I have ibs. I can't deny it. Somedays I have the runs, some are hard marbles. There is a "sweet spot" when my poop is in the upper middle of the Bristol stool scale though. I average about 1 week of perfect poo per month. Today I got off work and turtle-headed at home. I went and sat on the toilet and had a large, hard chunk come out all at once. This has only happened once before about 2 years ago, so I'm dubbing it the "Haley's Comet" turd, since it is so rare. Anyone else have similar schedules?
Now what I found interesting. I read the FAQ page since there were never stupid comments and realized they get filtered. Keep up the great work moderators, this site stays clean and that is how a toilet should stay, clean. ;)

I'm on the toilet right now :) hehe
I just got home and I'm sure my body knows when I get home because all of a sudden I will get this feeling that I need to have a bm.
Anyway, I sat down and one big log came out nice and easy, it was nice and firm too, I have done a few smaller logs, usually I wipe and get straight off the toilet but this time since I'm home alone I thought I would just sit here and see what happens :)
So I'm sitting here and there is actually more coming out right now, nice, I'm glad I stayed in the toilet. It doesn't smell bad so that's good hey :)

Anyway I thought I would tell you all another story.
Me and my sister were driving along the highway when we saw a car pulled over and the lady who was driving was squatting next to the door with her bum facing the highway!
There was a long poo hanging out her bum and coming out quite fast, she must have been really desperate to have to pull over.

Anyway, people keep posting more about buddy dumps please!

Bye for now,
Rachypoo :)

Older Guy

Welcome back Car Mom

Funny I have just been re-reading some of Car Mom's posts lately, and wondering if she'd ever be back, and suddenly there she was! It's so great to have you back, I absolutely love hearing you relate your experiences. Please keep up the peeing, in your car and wherever else takes your fancy and I hope you find lots of others to share the enjoyment with you. Looking forward to your next post.


Third Solid Accident

I have not had a chance to share this yet, but I wanted share the story of my third solid accident. In the spring of 2011 I broke up with a guy I had been dating for several months. It was a mutual, amicable separation as far as the relationship, but devastating for me, being, at the time 30 years old and never able to hold down an intimate relationship for a long time. It's not getting a date that is the problem, but allowing someone to get close, if that makes sense.

However, I went to the beach that weekend with some friends. We stayed in my parents condo. We talked and they consoled me, and then we just had a good time, to take my mind off of things. We ate a lot of seafood and other things. As for my bowel movements, I was regular all weekend, accept Sunday morning when we were packing up to return home. I drove, and was going to take the others home. We took our time, ate a big lunch at a Chili's and then we were on our way. About two hours away, I knew a bowel movement was coming on, but I just do not like to do that at gas stations or rest areas (though I have in emergency situations).

After I dropped my friends off, I headed back to my condo. I began crying again, but then also could feel a huge urge to go to the bathroom. My stomach was tight and bloated, not cramping painfully, but I felt a lot of pressure. I knew my rectum was full, and felt the load pressing against my anus. I thought it could give way at any moment. I was wearing short, but not necessarily tight fitting white shorts with some simple Hanes Her Way panties and so I was worried that if I lost control my clothes would not contain my mess.

However, I made it to the condo, parked and got out of the car grabbed one of my smaller bags and headed up the stairs. The "gotta go" feeling got worse standing and walking (more like waddling). I hurriedly opened the door of the condo, dropped the bag and shut the door and locked it. The pressure was intense, but it was making me forget my sadness and depression, if that makes any sense.

And so, I set my keys down on the counter and slowed my urgency to get to the toilet down. Now, I think all of this happened within seconds to a couple of minutes. I had to go so bad, my heart was beating rapidly because of hurrying up the stairs and fearing that I would not make it to the condo.

Maybe I could have made it to the toilet or maybe I could not but I defecated a massive firm solid load into my pants for only the third time in my life. Everything just came out with one large push, involuntarily. I did pee a little while this was happening, but not much.

Now, for a few moments I had forgotten everything and felt a feeling of euphoria. But, of course, the thought of cleaning up made me come down from that feeling.

After that, I took a pharmacist position in my home town and moved home with my parents. Thankfully, I sold the condo within a year and am starting over with my life.

Yet, there's this one thing - why does it feel good to have an accident? And, why am I so obsessed with bowel movements, defecating, and everything that goes with it? I look back and wonder if that is something I do not want a significant other to find out. And, that's why I never decided to stage an accident until the other day. But, for now, I have to go (yes, to the bathroom!) and will write about that later.

Most of my friends I wouldn't want to see taking a dump, because it would just be a bit weird.. But I do have this one buddy who is part Middle Eastern and part Eastern European who is very attractive. I've never had the chance to see him crap, but I thnk it would be hot to see him pushing out a log with his briefs and jeans down around his ankles. I wonder if he has everything down at his ankles or keeps is clothes up at thigh level. If he stands to wipe or stays seated. He has talked about pooping with me before, though. We just didn't get into details. He knows I stand to wipe though.

A few weeks back I was taking a dump in a restroom with no doors on the stall. A buddy of mine was with me and watched me drop a load. I was back there recently and sent my friend a picture of me on the can. He texted me back and said, nice legs, nice cock, nice briefs, but where's the crap? Heheh.... I guess I have to send him a more detailed pic next time!


Response to RU

Raging urophile:

There are two scenarios that could have been happening here. The first like you suspected was some type of foul play. Don't be afraid to just stand in the bathroom at all, you could be that girls lifeline from abuse. If this man had nothing to hide or was not doing anything wrong he will just go about his business. Never feel bad about stepping up when you feel a child is in danger.
The other scenario could be the girl was special needs and the facility did not have one of those bathrooms special for families.
From what you described though it sounds very shady, don't be afraid to report this to a manager at the theater or call the police in the future to with your gut,it's better for you to feel "embarrassed" than have a child be abused.

And it's not too late to report the incident


Powerful Shit by Wife at friend's

Me and my wife were at a friends house. Had to do some paper work. My wife is 24 very attractive, slim but curvy and this guy is already quite impressed by her. Anyway, so suddenly my wife whispers in my ear that she has to use the bathroom. Now she has strange bathroom habits. She is not bathroom shy at all in front of ladies. She can shit with stall door open and ladies waiting in line in front of the door. But in front of guys, she usually does not even want to say that she has to use the toilet. On the other hand she either does not know that bathroom noises exist or once she decides to go at someone's place she completely ignores all shame and just concentrates on the task.

So I tell her to just ask and go but she refuses. But after about 15 minutes she thought she couldn't hold it any more so asked the guy "can I use your bathroom" and of course he is all like yah sure and opens the door for her. Now we three are sitting in a small bedroom (the only room in his apartment) which is super quite and the bathroom is all tiled up and of the kind which seems to have been installed with an automatic megafone. Even the slightest sound is heard where we are sitting. You can say it was just like the person in the bathroom is sitting by your side and is just invisible.

So she goes in and we both hear her lower her panties and sit on the toilet. After a few seconds she produces a heavy gush of pee straight into the water in the toilet. She always pees with a strong force and at that moment it feels like a water hose is turned on. She has this incredible ability to pee gushing amounts for a long time. So while she is peeing, I look at the face of the guy and his color is all changed and he is feeling uncomfortable. I tried to talk to him and even the words come broken from him. After about a minute she stops and the guy is relieved a bit but she starts again with same force for about 30 seconds more.

But there is more to come. After finishing with peeing, she starts moaning and farting. And we hear many bloops. She must have about 5 rounds of shit and it takes her about 5 minutes of constant grunting and some farts which we can hear all loud in the room. Meanwhile I tried to talk to the guy but he was almost lost and over powered. So at last she wiped (which of course we could hear again) and comes out after flushing washing etc. and sits down as if nothing happened. And starts talking and all as if we nothing happened. But that guy is not able to look in the eyes of either of us. Probably it was the power of shameless shit of a beautiful woman.

Do comment.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Alyssa first weclome to the site and great story about your big poop it sounds like you really had to go alot and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Jamal great story about you getting to watch your friend Michelle poop it sounds like she gave you a good show and really had to go to and please share anymore stories you have about her thanks.

To: Megan as always another great poop story.

To: Quinn great story it sounds like she really had to poop alot.

UKNGuy great catch.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


For Steven A.

Hiya Steven....

Sure; I'll answer your questions.

Cheese. I'm sure it would plug me up if I ate enough of it....but I don't really do that so I can't say for sure.

How long have I been constipated: I had my worst constipation when I was younger. There were times I would go two weeks with no poop at all. And; even when I could go.... my poops were very hard and small.....and I had to push real hard to just get anything out. I've grown out of it though.

Laxatives: I used to sneak them from the store because I was too ashamed to purchase them. But; they wouldn't really work for me; I was just too plugged up. About the only thing that would work was an enema.

Now....a question for you:

(1) After the ham and cheese sandwiches....were you aware that you weren't pooping? Like....would you purposely sit on the toilet and push? Or; did the days just go by without you really thinking about it?

(2) When you finally went.....was the poop hard? Longer? Wider? Did it hurt or did it feel good?


More comfortable way to dump

I was at the gym this morning and had to drop a deuce. I remembered the way a high school buddy of mine used to take off his pants and briefs while on the toilet. I went into the stall and took off my shorts, placed them n the tank, then took off my briefs and placed them back there as well. I sat down and lifted my heels, placing them against the toilet. I brought my knees together, a little push, and bam, a nice log pops out. I did it a few more times and everything came out nicely. I wipe from the front first and there were no clothes in the way. Then I stand up to finish, and that was quite easy too. The guy n the next stall must have known I was butt naked because I had to step back into my clothes before I left the stall. Hmmm..... I may need to try this more often.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Being in a relationship with a much older woman than myself has brought back a memory from high school involving another much older lady who was filling in as a substitute teacher for one of my classes one day when I got the shits really bad and had to ask to be excused to use the restroom "before it was too late" to quote my exact words. The class was in a portable classroom outside the building and it was more like a study hall for kids like me that were having difficulty with some of our classes and needed special tutoring. There were only a couple of kids in the class during the period when I was there, and that day none of the others was there, so it was just me and this elderly sub who was filling in for the regular teacher who was sick-probally with the same bug that I was suffering from that day.

It was my second class after lunch, and I had stasrted feeling uncomfortable in the math class before it and had to ask to be excused to use the toilet. I remember the cramps as being excruciating, literally doubling me over as I rushed down the hall to the bathroom and sat down in the stall just in time before some really watery diarrhea gushed out in wave after wave. Felt better after siting for almost 10 minutes and went back to class, but had to go again very urgently between classes, so I rushed to the boys room again and dropped my jeans just in time to sit and let out more wAtery waves. I was trapped there for another 10 min, and now I was late for the special class. Nothing to do but go and tell the teacher the truth that I was not feeling well with diarrhea.

So I got there, and just outside the door of the classroom, I started to feel another rumble in my lower gut. I went in and here was this older sub that I mentioned above, a very pleasant lady with a kind face and a nice smile. Like I said it was just me and her in there that day. I expl;ained to her why I was late and she became very concerned, she said that if I needed to use the restroom, I could just get up and go, no questions asked. Now as I said, this was in a portable classroom, with the boys and girls bathrooms right there in the hallway between the two classrooms on either end. The other classroom was vacant, so we had full access to the toilet facilities.

This teacher was really worried about me having an accident in school and told me that if I didn't feel any better by the end of that period, I was to stay in there with her and be near the toilet, she
had no more classes scheduled after that period, and she could have me excused from the rest of my classes if necessary.

Well, just about that time, a major cramp hit me big time, doubling me right over like a ton of bricks. I honestly thought tha
t I was about to crap my jeans right there in front of this nice lady. But fortunately, they subsided enough for me to catch my breatn and straighten up. The teacher was was holding the hallway door leading to the restrooms open, saying "Go Patrick, go, before it's too late." I rushed past her into the boys room, and in my haste, I only threw the door half-shut as I wrestled with my belt and zipper and sat my bottom down on the seat, once again, just in time. I heard her gasp, and then I saw her face through the crack in the door as she said "Just stay in there, Patrick, until you feel better" before she shut the door.

She was good to her word in getting me excused from the rest of my classes, and when my stomached settled down enough where she thought I wouldn't soil myself, she walked with me to the school nurse's office and helped explain everything. I'll never forget this dear old lady who was as kind as a grandmother to me when I was having a real bad day.


Poo today at school

Hi everyone, Abbie here again with a story from today, will get to it in a minute.
Megan- glad to hear you're still going more regularly, does that also mean you don't need to spend as long on the toilet when you go for a poo? When I'm able to go every day or every other day its easier to push my poo out and I can get finished a bit quicker, which is good if I'm trying to find the time to have a poo at school. The doorless loos you used when you wanted a poo at the park sound interesting, the girl next to you was probably relieved when she realised you were having a poo as well!
Anyway, back to my story from today, I got to school late again and so didn't get chance to use the loo before lessons. I've been pretty rubbish at getting out of bed lately and because I've missed my after breakfast loo visit a few times I'm starting to get a bit constipated, at the moment I'm going three or four days between poos which means I'm having to spend a while on the toilet straining and pushing hard which is a pain. By lunchtime today I could feel a big poo coming, I wasn't that keen on the idea of trying to have it at school because I knew I was going to need to spend ages on the loo but equally I didn't want to wait until I got home and then lose the urge so I decided to go after I'd eaten my lunch. I went off to the English block loos and started to queue for a cubicle, it was pretty busy and I had to wait a few minutes. Judging by the speed the cubicles were freeing up a lot of girls were there for the same reason as me, I overheard the two girls in front of me talking and one of them said she was bursting for a poo. Eventually I got a cubicle and locked the door, I lifted my skirt and lowered my tights and orange pants before sitting on the warm seat. I was quite desperate for a wee too so I relaxed and felt it starting to flow out and splash loudly into the bowl, it went on for quite a while before I was done! I was in an end cubicle and my neighbour was the girl who'd said she needed a poo while we were waiting, I looked across in her direction and saw her trousers and green pants at her feet, as I listened she farted and made a slight grunt so I knew she was straining to poo. I took a deep breath and bore down, I did a loud fart too and then I felt my poo move down inside me and shortly after start to poke out of my bum, I gasped as I felt this massive hard, dry log coming out. I pushed hard and managed to get the log part way out, I was doing my best not to make any noise but couldn't help letting a few grunts out, luckily my neighbour started to let out some louder grunts as well so at least I wasn't alone! I realised the log was stuck then as I'd been straining for a couple of minutes and couldn't get it to budge so I squeezed my legs together, reached round and pulled my bum cheeks apart and went up on my toes as I did a monster push, I was really embarrassed as I made a loud grunt after that push which pretty much everyone must have heard but luckily it did the trick and got my poo moving again. Next door my neighbour was straining as well, I heard her make some more grunts and then her seat started creaking so I guessed she was jiggling around trying to get her poo to drop, this was confirmed a few minutes later by a loud plop and sigh of releaf. After a few more hard pushes I felt the log starting to move faster and soon after it plopped down into the bowl, I knew there was more to come so I stayed sitting and started to bear down again. Next door my neighbour was done, she flushed and pulled up her pants and trousers and went out of her cubicle. I now had a new neighbour as I was pushing out my second log, which was still a bit hard but not as bad as the first one. I heard her pulling down her clothes and sitting on the seat, she farted loudly and then moaned as a volley of plips and plops fell into the bowl, she was clearly bursting. Just then my poo dropped with a plop and I knew I was done, I took some loo paper and wiped my bottom, it didn't take many wipes as my poo was so hard and dry. I pulled up my pants and tights and let down my skirt, then went out of cubicle as my neighbour was still plopping away and washed my hands. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!


Took a huge poop this morning

Hi. I'm a 15 year old girl. I have long, straight, blonde hair and brown eyes. I have a story to share with everybody here. The main action happened this morning (Saturday), but it really started yesterday afternoon...

I play on my school's women's basketball team and yesterday evening we had a home game. Right after school let out, I tried to go to the bathroom and poop. I normally poop twice a day, once in the morning when I first wake up, and again in the evening about 6:30 or so. Well, on days when we have games, I usually get the urge to poop during the middle of the game and I'm uncomfortable trying to hold it in until the game gets over and I can poop.

Well, yesterday, as I said I tried to poop after school to avoid having to go during the game. But it was too early and my body didn't have to go. So I headed home and returned in time for the game. I tried to poop again just before starting the game, but like before, I just didn't have to go and my efforts proved useless.

But then something unusual happened. While we were playing the game, I was so busy playing that I didn't even notice that I didn't feel any urge to go. It was a very close game and we barely won. Then afterward, some of my teammates were going out to dinner and invited me. I went along and we had a great time.

Of course, by the time I finally got home, I was exhausted and just headed straight for bed. I didn't have the urge to poop at all and didn't even give it a second thought. So, this morning I woke up and really had to poop. That's not weird, but I had to go much more intensely than I usually do. And then I thought about it and realized that of course I had to go badly, because I hadn't pooped in a full day. There was a lot of poop needing to get out of my body.

I headed to the upstairs bathroom and sat right on the toilet. I peed a long time and was about ready to poop. But suddenly I remembered the upstairs toilet hasn't been flushing well lately and clogs easily, so we only use it to pee. My body didn't appreciate being so close to relief only to have to hold it again, but I managed to hold back my poop long enough to get to the downstairs toilet. The door was closed, but mercifully I only had to wait a few seconds before my brother came out.

I sat on the toilet again and started to poop. It felt so amazing to have my hole opened wide to pass a turd. It broke off after a bit and I followed it with several more big turds of varying lengths. I farted really loudly and let loose a bunch of loose poop. This continued for a while until I passed a very long ropey turd that felt like it went on forever. I finished up with another ropey turd that was maybe even longer, if that's possible.

Surprisingly, I only needed a few wipes to feel clean, and then I stood up and looked at my masterpiece. I had pooped a lot and it was hard to see what was what. It took two flushes to get all of my poop to go down the drain. I washed my hands and left the bathroom, feeling infinitely better.

Brandon T:

Thanks for your feedback, every morning when I wake up with Artiss next to me, I thank my lucky stars to have had such a beautiful (inside and out) lady come into my life. I keep wondering what I ever did to desrve her.

I have been holding my end-of-workday shits until I get home as of late because I know that she really enjoys seeing me sitting on the seat at home in my dress shirt and tie. And I always enjoy seeing her on the porcelain throne as well, she's been busy doing a lot of garden work lately and likes to wear sleeveless blouses and khaki shorts with a belt to hold them up. She also wears sandals and they really make her feet look nice, especially when she come rushing in from outside, unbuckling her belt as she goes, and rushing into the bathroom to drop the shorts and underwear to her knees as she sits down quickly and lets loose a stream of the "oh lords" that I'm sure everyone is familiar with. One time last year, she wasn't fast enough getting inside and had an accident out in the garden.She came into the house with brown rivers of shit leaking out of the shorts and down her leg. I scraped the shit out and threw them in the washer while she showered her dirty bottom clean. I had clean shorts and underwear laid out for her when she came ouf of the shower. And now if she has an accident,she has the bidet to really clean herself up with-she really appreciates and enjoys using the thing.

Steven A

To Tyler And Some Questions For All

Tyler, I knew it was going to be big because I could just feel it inside me. I packed my lunch for school and I made ham and cheese sandwhiches for 2 or 3 straight days (I don't know why) and I always put on 2 slices of ham and 2 slices of cheese and I think all that cheese blocked me and that's why I didn't go for awhile. I also have some questions for YOU and ALL to answer.

1. Does cheese affect you in any way if you eat it?

2. Do you ever use laxatives?

3. What's the longest you have been constipated?

Little Mandi
Today my stomach is being kind of weird.
I was out all day with my friend and all day I felt like I had to go poop. I had that warm feeling in my butt like there was poop right there waiting to come out but I knew if I went and sat on the toilet nothing would come out. It wasn't really bothering me so I just ignored it.
Anyway,the day went on and I was almost home at my house. I swear my body sensed when I was near home. The urge came back full on and my stomach was rumbling a little bit. This time I knew I had to get on the toilet. As soon as I got inside I rushed up to the bathroom expecting to explode with diarrhea cause I had that warm wet feeling in my butt but instead when I sat down what came out was 3 long wet farts and some soft poop. I definitely felt like there was more in me but again all that came out was gas. I came down and drank a little prune juice to see if that will clear me out. I didn't drink as much as I usually would cause I have work but we shall see what happens.

Stomach flu

Last week, I caught this flu and every day I always spend at least a few hours in the bathroom puking my guts out. One night I had a sudden urge to poop, I bolted to the toilet and basically started to have violent diarrhea. After 20 minutes of full throttle of diarrhea, I was finally finished and felt quite relieved but was week. For the following 2 days, I kept having these diarrheas before the entire thing started to get better.

Raging Urophile

Post Title (optional) Man peeing with female child

About a year ago, I observed something that seemed on the shady side, and I wanted to get others impressions of this.

I was standing at a urinal taking a pee in a movie theatre men's room that was empty because it was a weekday matinee.

Just as I am finishing up my pee, a 50ish looking man and a girl who appeared to be about nine years old walked behind me past a series of about four or five stalls.
Nine year old girls are old enough to go to the ladies room on their own, so I thought it strange he was bringing her into the men's room.

At the back of the restroom behind all the standard one toilet stalls,is one large unusual stall. They both entered this stall together.

It is unusual because upon entering the stall, there is a urinal against the right wall and an open toilet to the left. They were therefore intending to pee together in the same stall.

I could not hang around without arousing suspicion, but I noticed that the man had his feet turned towards the door facing my direction. I suspect he was waiting for me to leave before doing anything. He had already seem me, and could peer through the crack in the door and wait for me to leave.

I went behind the partition pretending to leave, but stayed in the restroom behind the partition. I was not brave enough to return to the main area for fear he would recognize me through the crack, but when he thought I was out the door, I heard loud peeing into the toilet.

I was not around to hear or see any details, but it seems obvious that this man wanted to see this girl pee. There was no rational reason this able bodied girl could not have used the ladies room, and there was no reason why they had to use the same stall.

I would be curious to know how they are related.

Is this man a pervert? Were his actions legal? Is it common for adult male relatives to pee with their nine year old female relatives?

I had never seen this before.


flush survey

curious about people who sit and flush please answer

1. did ur parents flush the toilet while you were on it whilst toilet training or did you start flushing while seated as an adult?
2. do you flush while seated to reduce smell or because you enjoy it eg muffled sound or like getting splashed?
3. do you feel the flushing water hit your bum? if so is it a light spritz or quite a soaking?
4. do you enjoy getting your bottom wet from flush and when your done do you wipe the water off your bum or just pull up your underwear still wet?
5. has anyone ever pushed the flush leaver down while you were on the toilet as a prank? if so who did it and did you enjoy having it done?

hope to hear your responses x

Blue Orb

Responses to Phil and Anatomy Student...

Phil: I think many of us are afraid to talk about our excitement about peeing and pooping because of the social conditioning that surrounds going to the bathroom. On top of this, most people equate being excited about going to the bathroom to something much more disgusting then what most of our desires include. I think it comes down too a sociological misunderstanding. I'm not trying to derail your marriage, but I strongly recommend you talk about this desire with your wife. If you don't, it's something that you continue to hide from her, and if she truly loves you she will react logically and patiently. I think we often assume the worse case situation when we invision people's reactions to our fascination. I truly believe, however, that with a careful explanation we can describe it in such a way that people will be more receptive too this interest... Take it slow, but I strongly encourage you to open up to your wive about this desire. I'm here to help if you have any more questions.
Anatomy Student: No problem. I'm glad I could help. I promise I will talk more about me and my girlfriend in my next post, but I just wanted to get these responses out. It's about 3 in the morning, so I will do a heavier post in the next couple of days.

Take care all,

The Blue Orb.

Mr. Clogs


Car Mom: Welcome back Car Mom, yes I missed your posts and many of us here asked about you as well. Great story about your latest story about offering great hospitality to the lady at the thrift store to use your mini van's seat as a toilet. I really liked the details you provide and hope one day you get to pee in your own mini van. It sucks that the thrift stores don't offer bathrooms to customers, but you got to do what you got to do for relief. Interesting idea, but I'll use a bottle or cup for that purpose. Sorry to hear about your old neon car you had and your other friend Lauren or Lori. Good to see you back again and hope to read more from you. Thanks.

Tim: Interesting posts of your strange toilet experience. Not really strange but strange by today's standards.

LaLa: Great response to Snozberry's post about going to the bathroom in weird places and things. Hope to read some of stories from you. Take care.

That's all the comments I have have a great weekend and take care.

--Mr. Clogs

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Little Mandi as always another great story it sounds like you had an interesting time false alarm diarrhea feelings can be very annoying and you never want to ignore them doing so could lead to a nasty and messy situation and as always I look forward to yur next post thanks.

To: car Mom first welcome back ive missed and so have a few other reading your great peeing adventures and it sounds like Tamika must have been really desperate for a pee and felt great afterwards to and your minivan can fit alot more peeers lol and as always I look forward to reading your great stories thanks.

To: Isabella great story it sounds like you had a really nasty time at least you made it to the toilet without having an accident and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: LaLa great story.

To: Suzi it sounds like you and your dauther are having a rough time I hope it starts getting better soon.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends pooping together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Hey. my name is Jamal. I am a 24 year old black male who has enjoyed watching and listening to female bowel movements for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately,most women are really uptight about the subject. Most girls don't realize, a lot of us males are turned on by a female pooping and farting. It is something natural that her body does and she shouldn't be ashamed of it. I have a rule. a girl has to take a poop in my bathroom by the third date. If she doesn't than she is too uptight for me and she has to go. I do everything to make my girls feel comfortable pooping in my home so there is no reason she should be embarrassed. One time I went out with this girl named Michelle. She was my type. Chocolate brown skin, nice thick booty,Hair done up in cornrows. After eating a good meal at a soul food restaurant we went back to my place and watched some tv. After a while, Michelle complained that her stomach hurt. I asked her if she needed the bathroom. she said yes but I can hold it. I looked at her and said "Girl, why do you want to wait till you get home? I got a perfectly good toilet right here for you to use. She said, I got to go number 2, I can't do it here. I said, yeah you can. what are you embarrassed about. Its a natural thing. we all make boo boo. Even fine ass girls like you. She looked at me and said "you right. Then she went into the bathroom and closed the door.I heard her turn on some music in the bathroom.I like to listen to R & B when I poop because it has a smooth sound that makes you relax and your poop comes out more easily. So she turned on an Usher cd. that I had in there and I could hear her pulling her her pants and panty's down and sitting down on the bowl. Then I went to the door and said " mind if I join you?" She smiled and said ok. So I went in and sat on the side of the bathtub and started talking to her. She looked at me and said " So you like it when a girl poops?" I said "Yes maam". Then she said "Well get ready then, cause your about to see some poopin like you never seen before. you have no idea what this booty is capable of producing." I said alright girl. just relax and let all that doo doo just slide on out.

She let out a small fart. Then slowly, a log began to poke its way out. Then it came all the way out.The turd was smooth and golden brown. it slid out her booty like a snake and made a big sploosh in the toilet. After she let it out, she said wooo ! I'm so glad I didn't wait till I got home!The bathroom began to fill up with her scent. Me and her just sat there for a while, listening to Ushers "here comes my baby". Then I said to her:

You got any more in there baby?. she pushed and let out a big loud fart. A few little nuggets plunked into the toilet.Then she said "does that answer your question". At that point, she started wiping. I felt some gas in my stomach and realized I had to poop too. When she was done, I sat down on the toilet.
I pushed with all my might. My booty opened up and two large brown stank logs plopped out right on top of Michelles turds. Whoo, I said,That felt good. But I got more in me. I relaxed and released the rest of my load. It was about 3 more good sized poop logs.Then I wiped and Michelle and I both looked in the toilet. That was a lot of poop and Let me tell you,It was some powerful funk we made in that bathroom.So I lit some candles, and put a box of popurri on top of the throne. then I flushed. Michelle and I watched as our brown load swirled around in the bowl and just barely went down.



In one of the university buildings, I was just washing my hands and leaving after peeing in the one urinal when an older, bearded guy came in and went into a stall. The guy who had been finishing up in the other stall also came out. Then from outside the door I heard several exceptionally loud, explosive farts that almost sounded like a pneumatic drill at an auto mechanic's shop. Then I heard a couple more while I was walking up the stairs to the next floor.

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