Cross Country

I am in grade 10. One day earlier in the year, I had a CC meet at my school. The little kids ran before us so I volunteered to help for service hours. I needed to shit buy their was no time. I worked some more and as I tried to make it too the bathroom. It quickly got worse and worse. I was told to redo the cones on the opposite side of the court. I did that ASAP then I sprinted. I was sweating in panic. My coach asked me to deliver a message but after seeing the urgency on my face he sent someone else. I sprinted into the bathroom. Their was a handy apt stall in use and a small stall available. I opened the door to fresh piss on the seat but I didn't care at the time. I ran in, locked the door, and released some of the loudest noises imagineable. The other kid quickly ran out. After 5 minutes of constant dumping, I looked down to see what looked like cement filling half the toilet. I'm 6ft 1 in and extremely thin (runners body). It's hard to imagine how I could store that much inside me. At this time, another runner had occupied the stall next to me. I looked down to see shit covering the bowl, part of the wall, and even some on my abs. After another 10 good minutes of random explosions. The person next to to me gagged a time or too. It was a pain cleaning myself. After a few minutes, the kid next to me started to wipe, only it was too late. I stood up, looked at the damage, and make the mistake of flushing. It was a hurricane of muddy shit. All over the walls, toilet, but that's not the worst part. It oozed under the stall divider and destroyed the other kids pants and soaked into his gym bag. I sprinted out after many swear words and frantic screaming. Later on the start line, I saw someone with my cement crap caked into all their cloths. The stall I used remained of order for a little over 3 months. That bathroom will never be the same...

Abbie- Sounds like you just made it in time! Yes, I'm still going most days which I'm glad about. Hope you can keep going more frequently!

Stan- I can't really remember what the girl who was waiting looked like, other than she was blonde. I think my plops were louder!

On the bank holiday weekend since it was lovely weather for a change I went back to the national park nearby where the doorless loos are. After a walk I needed to head there to do a poo.
Going in I could see someone's feet under the first cubicle. I walked over to the cubicles and saw that there was a girl about my age sitting on it. She had her jeans and knickers pulled down just far enough to go and was pulling off some toilet paper. In the second cubicle was a chubby brunette of about 15. She had her tracksuit trousers and black and purple knickers nearly at her feet. She looked a little embarrassed at being seen with her pants down! I sat on the third and final cubicle next to her. Judging from the smell my neighbour had just started doing a poo of her own. This was confirmed a minute later when I heard a plop from her cubicle. I did two big logs of my own to start my poo off. The other girl flushed and left and then my neighbour did another piece. I did two more and then we both farted, almost in unison! I did one final piece and I was done. I wiped, flushed and walked to the sinks, seeing the 15 year old still sitting on the toilet finishing her poo.
All in all, another enjoyable trip to the doorless loos!


Girlfriend's predicament

Both me and my boyfriend had been dating for the past few years now. We're both 17 and a senior at our local high school. Last night, my girlfriend and I were at this park not too far from our houses and enjoying the stars while suddenly I heard her making these discomfort noises. I asked if she was okay and she said she were, but about 10 minutes later, she told me she had to poop really badly. I asked if she could make it back to her place, which she immediately replied that she didn't think she could because the urge is getting very bad. I looked around and said she should just do it here because no one was around. She hesitated because she never did this sort of thing before but she didn't seem to have much of a chance to decide, so she quickly got up and slid her panties off and bent her knees down, then told me to stand guard.

She suddenly stiffens while she lets out a loud one, which immediately followed by this thick poop that came out somewhat slowly. She continued to grunt while she pooped, then this hissing sound came as she started to pee a little bit. While she was relieving herself from both parts of her bodily functions, she told me she feels really good because she's been holding in her load since she woke up late this morning and was having a really busy school day earlier. After 10 full minutes, she was finally pooping, and she expelled 1 long turd and 1 shorter but still kind of large turd. I handed her a left over napkin from the burger joint we were at a few hours before.

She showed signs of relief but she started to get embarrassed about what happened because she never had to do this in front of me. After all that, we just went on home and whatever happened later that night is all open for speculations.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hi all,

Recently I had a very interesting experience on my way home. I shall recount it, with some alterations to names etc in the interests of privacy.

The other day I was waiting at a bus stop at about 10.30pm in the nearby town. I had been waiting for about 15 minutes when two girls I vaugely knew arrived. They'd been to the pub with friends and were heaving home. They were lived a few streets away from me in the village and I had seen them around a few times. Maddy was about 18, tall with long dark brown hair, quite curvy, and wearing a figure-hugging white dress. She was naturally talkative even when sober, so when a little tipsy became even more so. Ella was mixed-race, skinnier and shorter than her friend.

Maddy, I noticed, seemed to be crossing her legs and fidgeting. They needed the number 42 bus, and our village was about a 20 minute ride away. The indicator showed the next bus to be 4 minutes away, the one behind that was half an hour away. Maddy turned to her friend and pointed at a McDonalds opposite the stop, and said "Right Ella we can go over there and have a wee before we get on the bus!". Ella replied that they couldn't, as the bus was due in 4 minutes time and they wouldn't get back quick enough. Maddy seemed to accept this although she looked uncomfortable. The bus duly arrived and for once was pretty quiet. The girls sat at the front upstairs, I sat a few rows behind. Ella, who was a little more sober, was saying that they needed to get off the bus and then go to the off-license before going on to the house. The other girl, Maddy, was complaining very loudly that she was "busting for a wee!". She turned around and asked me if I knew if the public toilet was still there behind the shops. "Yes, there is, but it shuts at 6pm!". She looked worried, and said "Oh I hope it's still open, I can't wait while you go in the off-license, I'd wet myself!". Ella said they had no choice, if they went home and returned to the off license it would be shut. She was rolling her eyes and apologising for her friends drunkenness. Maddy wailed "I need a wee, I should have gone before I left the pub, I broke the seal and I'm bursting!". Ella looked bored and told her to cross her legs, which of course she was already doing.

About five minutes later, we pulled into the village that we were all getting off at. The bus stops next to a row of shops including an off-license, post office etc. Where the girls live was probably another 15 minutes walk from here. Ella firmly told Maddy that they needed to go to the off-license first. Maddy was, by this point, crossing her legs and hanging off her friend's arm, saying that "I'm almost about to wet myself, seriously, I can't wait!". Ella seemed fed up with this and was determined to go into the off license, "Look you wait outside I'll be done in a few minutes". Maddy shouted after her "I'll have wet myself in a few minutes!".

She turned to me, who had just watched this argument, and said "Please, show me where the toilets are, just in case they're open, pleeease?". I told her I doubted very much that they were open, but we could go and see if she wanted. She was doubling up and holding herself as we walked down an alleyway to the back of the row of shops where there was an asphalt carpark. The toilets were situated at the end, in a concrete pre-fab building. "Sorry" I said, noticing the lights were off "looks like they're shut". "We don't know, maybe they are open, we have to try!" said Maddy who drunkenly started to hobble towards the building "Oh god I have to wee so badly, I'm sorry, I've been drinking and I can't hold it in!".

Maddy reached the building, and found the stout wooden door to be locked. She whimpered, and said "No, no, noooo!". Then she looked at me and said "I'm sorry, I'm going to find somewhere to do a squat, I just can't wait". I suggested we go around the back of the building where there was a bush she could squat in. She started to walk awkwardly towards the back of the building, and then shreiked "Oh my god it's coming out, no, I'm sorry!". She stopped underneath a street lamp with her back to the wall of the toilet block, dropped her handbag on the floor, lifted her skirt up revealing a pair of pink knickers, which she swiftly pulled down and squatted on the floor. As she squatted a long, hissing stream could be heard splattering down onto the asphalt floor. She sighed, heavily, and continued pissing for about a minute and a half. She stopped pissing and sighed, then said "I'm so sorry, I really couldn't wait any longer". I said it wasn't a problem at all. She continued "I just want to make sure I've got it all out" and grunted as she pushed out another smaller stream. She farted loudly, then picked up her handbag rummaged around, presumably looking for a tissue, then looked at her knickers which had a small wet patch on as well as a skidmark, before pulling them up and pulling her skirt down. She stood up and then seemed to realise what had happened. "Oh my god, I actually just pissed in a car park! Please don't tell Ella, she'll think it's disgusting, if she finds out I pissed on the floor, please?".

I agreed I would keep quiet, and we walked back around the front of the shops, where Ella was waiting. By this time Maddy was calm and not crossing her legs, so it would be obvious to any observer that she had been relieved, and indeed Ella said "Oh, you didn't wet yourself did you?!". Before Maddy could say something drunken and stupid, I explained that the toilets had been left unlocked and she'd been able to go in there. I did worry for a second that Ella would decide she needed to go and find the toilets locked, but luckily she didn't. Maddy was still quite tipsy on the walk home, and talked about how she had meant to go before they left the pub in town, but got side-tracked and didn't, and then realised what a mistake it was. We reached the end of their street and I said goodnight to them. As we left Maddy said "thank you, I'd have wet myself otherwise!". And I said it was no problem. It really wasn't!.

-- UKNGuy.

Blind Guy

To LaLa Regarding Adult Briefs

Greetings. If you found the diapers you tried to be uncomfortable and unable to hold anything, you probably tried one of the horrid brands like Depends or Attends. If you want to actually use diapers, your best bet is to buy decent ones from internet shops or medical supply stores. These brands, like Abena and Molicare and Dry 24/7, are more expensive at first glance. However, one must take into account that the cheap crappy ones, if you will pardon the pun, end up mneding to be changed more often, making them just as pricy if not more so, not to mention their leakiness. I could give you places on line to look, but the moderator would probably not permit me to mention specific internet shhops. And in case you wonder how I know about this, I dealt with enuresis in college and needed to be discrete until I was able to find a way to cure the problem. I also love peeing in unusual places though, and wish all those who share this interest good luck.

Little Mandi
Today my stomach is being kind of weird.
I was out all day with my friend and all day I felt like I had to go poop. I had that warm feeling in my butt like there was poop right there waiting to come out but I knew if I went and sat on the toilet nothing would come out. It wasn't really bothering me so I just ignored it.
Anyway,the day went on and I was almost home at my house. I swear my body sensed when I was near home. The urge came back full on and my stomach was rumbling a little bit. This time I knew I had to get on the toilet. As soon as I got inside I rushed up to the bathroom expecting to explode with diarrhea cause I had that warm wet feeling in my butt but instead when I sat down what came out was 3 long wet farts and some soft poop. I definitely felt like there was more in me but again all that came out was gas. I came down and drank a little prune juice to see if that will clear me out. I didn't drink as much as I usually would cause I have work but we shall see what happens.

Car Mom

Long Time!

Well its definitely been a while! I don't know how many people missed me but I'm sure some of you have and so here I am! I've been away for a long time. I think a year actually. I was in a couple relationships with guys but I won't get into that. What I will get into is the fact that I got a new car. My Neon finally went out on me. I know its sad for sure! Its like a part of the family especially since it had so much pee soaked in it from so many different people. So many women and girls have relieved themselves into that car which was so wonderful but now sadly I had to get rid of it. And so I did and I decided to get a minivan. Now all this coincided with my relationships so at first I wasn't going to use the van as a pee car. I was actually going to consider living like a normal person hahahaha! Well that didn't last too long and neither did the relationships. And so after all that was over with I decided that I wanted to start peeing in my car again and this time it would be in my minivan. And so I did. I decided that I would limit my pees to the back seats because I wanted the front seats to stay nice at least for now. My minivan has gray cloth seats by the way. When I bought it I close gray cloth just in case I would ever want to pee in them someday. I'm glad I did that because the pee will soak into the seats more and gray is perfect because you can see the pee stains more. So anyway I decided that I would be Car Mom again and so I have already peed in my car a few times and so did Kaylee although I think she might be losing interest in it actually. She is 11 now and peeing in places like cars isn't something she enjoys like she did when she was younger. She also told me that her friends didn't want to do something like that anymore. And so she only does it when she absolutely has to which is fine. As for me I do it whenever I feel like it and I've been doing it for about a month now. But now that I've been doing it again I'm starting to feel like I want someone else to do it with me. By the way I should mention that neither Laura or Lori are in my life anymore and haven't been for a long time. We all had a big falling out which I might tell about in the future. They are both gone for good I think. Especially Laura.

And so I decided that I needed to find someone to do it with. At first I thought of a few of the other women who have done it with me but then I decided that I wanted someone to do it who I've never met before. A total stranger. This was nothing new for me. I had done this with my Neon and it was always fun to get strangers to pee in my car especially when it was someone I knew I probably wouldn't see again. And so I decided to get someone like that to do it.

I decided that the thrift store I always go to would be the perfect place to find someone because there are always people there and they don't have bathrooms there. And so for the next week or so I went there almost on a daily basis. Its usually hard to find someone right away and especially someone who is willing to pee in a car. Then finally two days ago I found someone who I thought would be good and whose pee I would have wanted in my seat. I walked up to where she was looking at some clothes and slowly started a conversation about the clothes we were looking at and then eventually when I saw that she was friendly and liked talking with me I asked her "do you know where the bathroom is?" She smiled and said "no they don't have bathrooms here" and I said "oh that sucks" and she said "yeah I'm gonna have to go and use one somewhere pretty quick." I was so glad to hear her say that. That's when I said "yeah if you want to know the truth I think I'm just gonna go out to my car and use the bathroom there." She looked at me and said "What" and I said "yeah sometimes I just go in my car. Its easier anyway." She was surprised of course. She said "you mean you have a cup or something in there that you use" and I said "no I don't. I just sit on the seat and go." Then she said "you mean you just pee right into the seat" and I said "yeah I do." Then I said something even more bold. I said "you can do it too if you want." She said "What? Are you sure?" and I said "yeah you can. Come on. Then you don't have to leave the store." Of course she said she liked that idea and she also said "its your car if you don't care I sure don't. I don't care where I pee as long as I pee." Then she laughed and so did I.

We walked out of the building and she said "man I really appreciate this" and I thought to myself "me too" and then we got to my car and she then said "should I just get in anywhere" and I told her she could sit in the middle seat on the passenger side where no one had ever peed before. I wanted her to pee somewhere like that so that her pee would be the first to go there. I opened the door and brushed off the seat with my hand for her. Then I watched as she pulled down her pants and sat down on the clean gray seat. She then said "I can just start going then?" and I said "yeah just go ahead and start." Then she said "ok" and she started to relax. Almost immediately I heard a hiss. She was peeing. She was letting herself pee right into my seat. She then started to laugh. I laughed too. I was glad she was liking what she was doing at least enough to have laughed at it. I was even more glad that someone was finally relieving herself into my new car. And it was someone who I never met before and might not ever see again. I didn't even know her name at the time although I found out later before we went back into the store that it was Tamika. She was an African American and probably in her early 40s. And that was all I knew about her.

Tamika kept peeing into my seat. She was peeing a lot and it was spreading across the seat and making the gray material yellow. I kept looking over at what she was doing being careful not to stare at her. She was peeing a lot. I knew the cushion was getting a good soak. It needed one. Tamika kept peeing. The smell of her pee was very noticeable. It had been a while since I myself had peed in my minivan and I haven't done it very many times yet. So the smell of pee was very strong. Then after a few more seconds Tamika let a fart as she peed. She laughed and so did I but I was enjoying it too. It was nice having a woman farting and peeing in my car again. After a few more seconds she was done. She smiled and said "I can't believe I just peed in a car!" and then we laughed and went back into the building. Later when I left the store I looked at her spot and was glad I got her to do that.

Well that's it for now I guess! I will start to pee in my car again whenever I get the urge and will also keep looking for more opportunities for other people to do a pee in my car too. When I was dating those guys I also got a lot of new furniture and things so I am still deciding on whether or not I will go back to peeing in different places in my apartment or not. I'm thinking I probably won't for now. If I do it will only be on one or two things and only once in a while. Well I guess that's it for now! Looks like I might post more if I get a positive response!

See ya!
Car Mom :]


Hi Kristina

Recent lurker, first time poster. I'm a 26 year old grad student. I thought I was the only "otherwise sane" person who enjoyed soiling herself. I saw your post where you peed yourself due to allergies, that piqued my curiosity, I went back and searched under your name and found a few more accounts of your experiences and.. well, consider yourself you have a partner in crime. I'm single, but I share the apartment/bathroom with roommate so opportunity for these things really are few and far between. Also I'm a pretty busy person with my graduate work, but I just wanted to write something here and let you know that I love your posts !. In fact, I will write about one or two of my own experiences when time permits.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Ryan it sounds like your girlfriend had a pretty nasty poop but at least you were there to help her.

To: Mystery Poster great story about your big poop at school.

To: Pat great story about you and Artiss.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS I love this site


Strange Childhood Toilets

Hi, everyone, it's me again with another childhood story. At our house when I was ten, we had a large shed at the end of the backyard, with empty space at the back of it. There weren't any close neighbours, so I made that space my toilet area. I dug a hole with a shovel and found a bit of wood with a hole in it and placed it over the hole and put some bricks under the wood. whenever I was playing outside and needed a poo, I'd just go around the back of the shed and sit on the hole. I even brought a book to read and some paper to wipe with. Once, when I had a stomach bug, I urgently needed a number two, but I couldn't make it to my little toilet, so I had to dig a hole with a shovel and squat over it to do my business. It was totally liquid coming out, I didn't even need to wipe!


Post Title (optional) To Blue Orb

You gave the male gentry on this site wonderful pieces of advice, but I do not think I'd have the courage to approach my wife of 15 years on this subject.
Please tell us more about you witnessing your GF's pooping sessions.


Extreme diarrhea

At school on Thursday I had to poop so bad. I was sitting in Spanish class when I felt some bad diarrhea hit me. It was from the tacos at lunch. I asked to go to the bathroom and she thankfully said yes. I ran out of the rum with my hands on my butt because I felt like I was going to expload walking through the halls. When I got to the bathroom all the stalls were all filled up. I then ran to the other one down the hall with my hands still grabbing my butt desperately trying to hold it in. I ran in there and there was already a girl in there. I could tell she pooped because it smelled. There was a girl walking in as I was going on. I quickly pulled down my pants and let myself expload before I even sat down. I sat there for about 10 minutes spraying the toilet with my nasty poop. The bathroom smelled bad but I felt a lot better


In response to Snozberry

Its nice to have some new faces around here. And i prefer per stories, so its nice to have more of those too.

Yes, I'm like you and have enjoyed peeing and even sometimes pooping in places other than the toilet. Mostly peeing though because poop smells and is difficult to clean up. My first memories are of being a young child and just peeing into my panties while sitting over the toilet. I also loved to hold it as long as possible so that I would pee a lot. I'd wake up in the morning bursting to pee, but I'd force myself to wait until lunch time before I'd let myself go. Obviously, I developed an incredible ability to hold my pee and never had accidents.

As I got older, I did become more adventurous as far as peeing out of doors and even once into the carpet of a dressing room. I also loved to sit on the warm curb and pee my pants into the warm concrete.

I am actually an adult now, but I still love to pee in weird places. My favorite right now is to wear a long skirt with no underwear so I can discretely pee outside. I pretty much do it every day when I take my dogs outside to potty.

I also, when I get the opportunity, enjoy the feeling of peeing my pants. Like I said, I've never accidentally done it, but I've done it on purpose more times than I can count. I usually do it outside in the back yard, but sometimes I sit on a folded up towel too. I've tried pooping my pants twice, but it was so gross to clean up that I didn't enjoy it.

A few years ago, I got really brave and bought a pack of adult diapers thinking that I may like to pee into them as well. Despite being horribly uncomfortable I found that they couldn't even hold a full bladder worth of pee. They leaked every single time. I'd be curious to see if others have tried adult diapers and if they've ever had problems with leaking.


New constipation issues

I thought I'd seen it all with constipation, but(t) - late last week while struggling to do a big dooh I had a sudden unexplained bout of "exhaustion". The feeling you get when you're going to faint, you're suddenly sweating, gasping for breath, your heart racing...and my right leg began "jumping" manically. Leaning forward in case I was about to collapse, the "fit" took seemingly five minutes to pass (it probably wasn;t even two). And then when I felt ready to resume the struggle to do my smelly evil my leg continued to "jump" in between "pushes". When I managed to get it out I was amazed I hadn't opened a fissure - but I hadn't, no blood in the bowl or on the paper.

I saw the doctor about it at the walk-in centre. Because there'd been no recurrence of the symptoms all he could suggest was a "mild anxiety attack". Others have suggested it has something to do with the vagus nerve. Well, in the meantime I've been back on the suppositories - using them at the slightest suggestion that it won't be easy for me to do my dooh,

It seems to be constipation season, though. My daughter has been having problems (yet again) for approx. a week - not so dramatic but the usual inability to empty the filth pipe properly - so we're currently draining the reserves of adult and child size suppositories.


Growing Up Holding My Pee

The 4 stands for mom, dad, and my older brother. When I was very young my mom taught me to have a BM every day in the morning. Later my dad showed me how to pee standing up. After I got in school, I would hold my pee all day-5 hours. The boy's room was dirty. I never wet my pants, but sometimes I had to rush home to pee in my bathroom. My pee would gush at least for a minute. Also I guess that I held my pee because my dad never urinated when he was working outside building houses where there weren't any bathrooms. He learned to hold it for 8 hours. Later when I was 12 I changed schools. I went to middle school and then high school. We had to change rooms every hour. We had 5 minutes to do that, but we didn't have enough time to piss. In the middle of the day, the boy's room (and the girl's room too) was always full. Most of us never could go then and held our pee all day-8 hours. Sometimes when some of us walked home we had to follow a trail through the woods. Most of us really had to pee badly and got together to empty our bursting bladders in the forest. My best friend and I always got behind a large tree and peed together. When we were about 14 we showered after gym twice a week with other boys. My friend and I noticed that all the boys including us did not have foreskins but were circumcised. I asked my dad about it. He told me that just about all boys and men in the USA are. So is my brother and dad. Mom and dad helped us grow up. I still poo in the morning and hold my pee for long times. I have a very large bladder. So does my dad.


Latest story

Hi, Abbie here again with a story, I'll get to it in a sec after some comments.
Lara- sorry to hear that your friend Beth ended up so nervous before your show that she had diarhea, it must have been pretty embarrassing for her. Good though that you needed a poo as well so at least she wasn't on her own. I look forward to your next story.
Megan- glad you made it to the loo in time after the presentations, sounded like you and that other girl really had to go badly! Hope as well you're still managing to poo every day or every other day now you're back at uni, you mentioned that you'd got in a better routine during the holidays.
Yesterday I got to school late and didn't get time for my usual sit on the loo before lessons. By morning break I had a heavy feeling in my belly and knew a poo was coming but annoyingly I knew I wouldn't have enough time to use the toilet before I had to be in class again so I had to hold it. Lunchtime was really busy as I had some work to finish off and then a friend asked me to help her so by the time I looked at my watch there was only 10 minutes to go until lessons started back up, and once again I had no choice but to put off my ever worsening need. I just about made it through afternoon lessons, by the time I stood up to go home I was really having to clench my bum to stop my poo from poking out into my pants. I remembered that Ellie and Beth were coming round to my house after school and I hoped that neither of them would be desperate for a poo as well! As we walked home together I casually mentioned that I was badly in need of the toilet and would have to go as soon as we got back, luckily Ellie said she'd been at lunchtime and Beth said she did need a poo but it wasn't too urgent so she would be able to wait. As I unlocked my front door I lost control for a second and felt it starting to come out, I quickly sucked it back up but I knew I was only seconds away from pooing my pants which I didn't really want to do in front of my friends. We went up to my room and I took off my skirt, dropped it on my bedroom floor and ran into my ensuite pulling down my yellow and pink stripy pants as I went. I threw myself down onto the seat and my bottom made a loud slapping noise but I was too desperate to care. I moaned as I felt a big log start to slide out slowly, it felt so good to be able to just relax and let it come. I looked down and saw there was a big mark in my pants from where my poo had poked out so I knew I'd have to change them once I was done. Ellie and Beth came in and sat on the floor so we could have a chat. Its been really warm weather here lately so they were both wearing skirts without tights, I could see their pants as they were sitting cross legged, Ellie's were red but Beth had white pants on so I was hoping I'd be done in time so she didn't get them dirty, I know from personal experience what a pain it is to get dirty marks out of white underwear. I was having to start pushing now as I could feel the log getting fatter but luckily it kept on moving and didn't get stuck. After a couple of minutes of concentrated pushing I felt it moving faster and it dropped with a loud plop which made Ellie and Beth giggle. Another log started to make its way out, I noticed Beth starting to squirm a bit and she said "Are you going to be much longer Abbie only I'm getting really desperate now, its going to poke out into my pants any second." She shifted position and drew her knees up under her chin, I realised I'd have to hurry as her pants looked really tight and were wedged up her bum quite badly. I said "I'll be as fast as I can, I'm almost done" and with that I felt the second log drop, I finished with a quick wee and then said "Right, I'm done, I'll wipe standing so you can get on the loo straight away." Beth smiled and said "Thanks" then lifted her skirt, eased down her pants and sat on the toilet, I saw that she had a big skidmark. I wiped my bottom and asked Beth to move forward so I could throw the paper away. I took off my pants and went back into my room to get some clean ones, I opened my drawer and realised all my decent underwear was in the wash so I had to cram my bum into a pair of pink flowery pants that were about two sizes too small for me, I knew I'd had them for ages. I put on a top and some leggings and went to find how Beth was getting on, she looked a bit pink and was having to strain a bit. Just then she grunted slightly and shortly after I heard a plop and then after passing a few smaller pieces she said she was done. She quickly wiped her bum and then pulled up her pants and let down her skirt, she washed her hands and we went back into my room. I said "Do you want to borrow some clean pants?" and Beth said "Yes thanks, mine got a bit dirty." I opened my drawer and Beth took out some pink and blue spotty ones, I was really embarrassed as there was a label showing which said age 13-14 which I hoped Beth hadn't seen although I know that she and Ellie wear girls pants too. She changed into them and then put on jeans and a tee-shirt, by now Ellie had already changed out of her uniform too. A bit later on Ellie went for a wee but she didn't need a poo. Hope you enjoyed this, will post again soon, bye for now!


Backyard Toilet

As I said in my other post, I had a backyard toilet that I made myself. I forgot to add that I later made it larger by adding another plank, to make three seats. My friends and I would all go there for a pee or poo when we were outside playing and needed the toilet. It was a great way to bond when you were all 10 and sitting on the toilet, chatting away, laughing and joking about the farts and the smells. I'm glad of the experience.


For Steven A.

Hey Steven A.....that poop you did before the don't often have 2 days worth inside of you; eh? So you like the feeling of a bigger poop? If you had a choice (and it wouldn't affect your health) would you prefer to poop bigger like that?

I know I would hehehe....

For some reason I've been farting a lot more lately. Like in bed. I love lying there on my belly and feeling the pressure build up. Man I let rip with three awesome ones this morning.

I wish you and I could tweet or text our urges as we felt them...where we strong it was....if we were purposely going to hold for a while.....

Anatomy student

Thanks for the advice Blue Orb

Your words are wise and I am greatful that you responded. I was engaged to a girl that would let me see the aftermath before flushing, and would talk to me on the phone during evacuation, but never let me in. She also left me for some other guy... Gold digging skank! Thanks for your help though. I might get back on the market this fall, if I finally get over her.

Hey guys! My name is Shannon and I'm 22 years old. Most of my stories involve my newest boyfriend (we've been dating for a little less than a year) because he is very outspoken about his bathroom habits, but still has a hard time going if there are people around. It's really pretty strange. Sometimes, he will just try to hold it until we're alone, or he'll deny needing to use the bathroom completely and will try to sneak off on his own if possible. I think this is just because he has a hard time relaxing if I'm near him. One of my favorite stories is about when we went to the beach at the end of last summer. We had walked pretty far down and decided to have a couple of beers. Unfortunately, neither of us was sure of the direction that the restrooms were in. I didn't have to pee too badly until I noticed him fidgeting around and thought "We haven't been to the bathroom since WAAAY before we left this morning.. maybe it's time to think about finding one". I didn't say anything because I still didn't have to go that badly, and I was waiting to see if he would mention it. About 30 minutes (and a beer for each of us) later, he started to bounce his legs and seemed to be struggling to hold a conversation with me. I knew these signs oh too well. I was feeling honest because of the alcohol so I blurted out my questions, "J, Do you need to pee, honey?". "Nooo... but I'm tired, Can we go back to the room soon?" This was his way of getting out of peeing in front of me, once again. "No, I don't want to yet, the sun feels nice", I said to him. He groaned and crossed his legs for a second, then shifted around like he was trying to get comfortable. I didn't want to push him too hard, but I thought this was my chance to get him to relax a little. I prompted him to have another beer, and he accepted it. Not long after, I knew he wasn't far from admitting how badly he needed to use the bathroom. When he finally told me, he was moving around like crazy and very close to tears. "Can you wait until we can walk back and find one?" I asked him. "No, I can't hold it much longer, I just didn't want to tell you because you can always wait longer than me", he whined. "Well..." I thought for a minute, "You could just pee where you're sitting.. Your shorts are already damp from swimming around and nobody is really around here anyways". He really didn't want to do that, but I don't think he had much time to think of another solution. He grabbed my hand, closed his eyes, and within seconds I heard his pee hiss through his shorts. A puddle started to form underneath him because he was peeing too quickly for the sand to soak it all up. He kept going for what seemed like a long time. It must have been over a minute! Finally he was finished and we started packing up our clothes to head back to the hotel room. Later that night he revealed to me that he had been holding it on purpose, in hopes of having no choice but to go in front of me so he could get more used to it. I'm glad that he's at least trying to conquer his shyness.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

John on the John

I've got some sympathy with you over the lock on some modern train toilets.

I do remember as a young teenager, when we were going on a family holiday by train, that I thought I would like to have my daily bowel movement on the moving train, as an 'adventure', rather than at home before we left for the railway station.

The train toilets had solid, polished wooden brown seats. I always liked sitting on the toilet when staying with my grandparents on both sides of the family - they had wooden seats in their outside toilets.

On the train it was a bit different - quite an art keeping my small bottom in place as the train rattled along. There was plenty of toilet paper fortunately.

There were notices on the door such as 'Gentlemen lift the seat'. If using the train to urinate, I usually sit down, to avoid any spillage.

If I am going out early to catch a train, I am often not ready to plop before I leave the house - though I always sit for a few minutes and push gently, but to no avail. I get to the station early, by which time I am ready, and I am done and dusted before the train arrives.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Megan great story it sounds like you both had good poops.

To: Hopa great pee story.

To: Shelbi best advice is try not to think bout the others and just focus on going closing your eyes and maybe headphone may help to.

To: Marissa Apple great story.

To: Student it sounds like that girl had a great poop.

To: Suzi interesting to know.

Sincerly Brandon T


Train toiet

Has anyone used those toilets on the train that have 5 buttons insted of a lock that you slide across or twist, if you havent (i dont know if they have them in the US ) there a open door and a close door button and a lock and unlock and a help button. One time I was on. a train to london and I needed a shit, as there was half a hour left i thought I might as well do it now to save time. I went to the toilet and closed the door and i pressed the button that i thinked locked it. About 5 seconda later as i was un buttoning my jeans the door was open and a young woman about 20-25 was waiting I walked out pretending to be finished and she went in and clsoed the door I went down the train and there was a toet with a bolt lock i went in but there was no paper, piss round the seat and the toilet was clogged with paper, as I headed back down the train I saw a little boy go to the automated locking toilet i thought this could get interesting so i hung around the toilet until the boy reached it. He pressed the button and the door opened and there was the woman sitting there with a turd between her legs she looked up screamed and huridly pushed the door close button. The poor child started crying and ran back to his parents. I was luckey that the woman opened the door then, that saved me the embarrasement of being in the womans situation, anyway i made it to the toiltets at waterloo fine and the 20 p cost was nothing compared to my dignaty i would put it in more detail but it was a long time ago and i cant remember what happened

My next story was from my childhood oneday when i was in primary(elmentry in us) school i was in year 2 (first grade) and as it was raining we were not allowed out at lunch so we watched a film monitered by lunch supervisors all female at that time, I had to shit and I asked if i could go to the toilet and thankfully one of them said yes. I went to the boys and picked one of two stalls, this toilet lay out was rectnguler down one of the long sides was a stall 2 urinals and 2 sinks the stall was facing the urinal and sinks on the other long side was a door oposite the sinks that were an the oposiye end to the stalls a long bench in the middle oposite the urinals then a stall oposite the other stall facing the same way there was a entrence from the field in between the 2 stalls. When I got seated and started shitting the door opened and someone came in and went to the urinal, about 10 seconds later there was a shriek as a female teacher walked in she said dug (not my real name) are you in here from the door you could see the door was closed but i lifted my feet up and remained silent the poor kidd at the urinal ran out at this point, as ushally people go in a stall lock the door and crawl under the door do this a lot the teacher assumed that that is what happeded i will tell you more on that later. As i knew she was going to get the caretaker i hurridly finished wiped and flushed then crawled under the stall and left hurridly. Then when i got back the teacher asked me where had i been and i told her i got a drink and she belived me.

Anyway we locked the stall doors and crawled under and out was because one day a fat kidd said he needed the toilet as he was holding his butt It was a bit obvoius what he wanted to do. Not many peos liked him because he ste thair lunch so 2 people ran and beat him to the toilet went in both the stalls and locked them and they made farting sounds the fat kidd pounded on the door until he shit himself it was funny when we were 7. The. He didnt say when he needed a shit and he made it a couple of times. As we didnt want to spend the whole of lunch and break sitting in the stalls we did he locking thing, that means if we had to shit we could but the fat kid couldnt fit under the partions, and he had more accidents until he moved away

Anatomy student

Advice for Shelbi

Welcome to the site. You had a few questions I think I can answer. I used to be poop shy also, but at work I have to just drop it and go back to the sales floor. Try listening to your iPod so you can feel alone during. The more you go in public, the better it will get. Avoid laxatives, you can get addicted to them and stay constipated. Stool softeners might help. Best of luck :)

Blue Orb

response to anatomy student

Hey Anatomy Student, I'm sorry I am so late in getting back to you! This goes for anyone else who may be interested to hear about my situation. For those who don't know, I am in a relationship with a lovely young lady who knows about, and is ok with my fascination with observing women pee and poop on the toilet.

She allows me to be with her any time she needs to have a bowel movement and has made a couple of audio recordings for me when I am not around. I also allow her in to the bathroom with me while I am pooping as she has found it is exciting for her to observe me as well.

For those who are looking to include this in a current or future relationship here are some words of wisdom. If the person you wish to experience this with is open about bodily functions on a regular bases then it is more likely that they will be open to the fact that this is a source of excitement for you. Remember, however, it's all in how you explain your excitement. It's probably a bad idea to just come out and say to someone, "I would love to watch you poop," rather this is something that will require a sitdown conversation. Once you feel like you have reached a comfortable level of trust with the person, let them know there is something you want to talk about. Set aside a time to talk about it. Let them know that you have reached a comfortable level of trust with them and that you have something important and revealing to tell them. Request that they keep an open mind, and that they listen to your entire explanation before they react. Also ask them to suspend any knee jerk reactions as you explain yourself. Explain your excitement for exactly what it is. Tell them you would like to observe them peeing and pooping. Let them know that this is as far as your excitement goes. Explain that your fascination has to do with being witness to the most private and natural functions of the human body. Assure them that this a completely sanitary practice as it is not your intention to come in contact with, or ingest the wast, but rather just witness and experience the action of them relieving themselves. . If you are explaining this to a woman, let her know that part of your fascination stems from the common perception that women are prim, proper, and perfect. Tell them that you are aware that all women do in fact poop, and that for some reason the idea of getting to witness such a private and hidden action is attractive to you. Make them aware of the paradox that for a lot of women pooping and farting is so carefully hidden, yet so beautifully natural. It is also important to let them know that you are aware that engaging in something like this involves the breaking down of some strong psychological boundaries and barriers, but that is what makes this so attractive to you. Let them know that you will give them all the time they need to think about it, and that you won't force them in to performing such an action for you. Be open, and willing to answer any questions they might have. Remind them that you value them as a person, and that you value your relationship with them, and so you felt that you should be honest about your desire. Suggest that if the boundaries are allowed to be broken that this could allow for a new degree of trust, honesty, and openness in the relationship. Let them know that if they are open to the idea, you will allow them to move at their own pace. Reenforce the fact that it is not your goal to humiliate or degrade them, but rather that you desire to experience them in one of their most vulnerable
states and that you find it extremely attractive that they could let you in to that part of their existens.
All of the above can be applied to any paring of couples, however, I geared some of the content toward guys asking girls as this seems to be the most common situation. I am well aware that any configuration of gender holds the potential for experiencing this desire, and believe that all of the content can be applied to any situation. One thing that could be specifically applied to men talking to women, is definitely the issue of women being objects of perfection. It is important for you to let them know that you appreciate their bodily functions as part of their "true perfection" as it is a normal and natural process that society has deemed disgusting. he rest of the ideas I feel are pretty universal though.

In my case I got lucky. My girlfriend was already pretty open when it came to talking about peeing and pooping so I felt comfortable bringing up the subject around her. We had been dating for about a month and I felt it was time to let her know about my desire. I spent a couple of days mentally preparing an explanation about my desire, but it turns out I didn't need to have the sit-down conversation with her. It was the wednesday morning just before valentines day, and we were standing in the living room holding each other. I felt a pretty strong urge to take a shit and so I told her,
"I really have to go,"
She responded with, "I know."
I'm still not sure how she knew but what happened next blew my mind. She asked if she could keep me company while I took a shit. I was shocked. I of course said yes, and let her know that her being in the bathroom with me would be a big thrill. She thought that to be really interesting and wasn't freaked out by it. This began the routine of her joining me in the bathroom and sitting on my lap and holding me while I poop. After that first experience I told her all about my interest and have furthered my explanation of it over time. She admitted that at first she couldn't understand why I was excited by being with her while she pooped, but that she was keen to understand it from my perspective. She was never grossed out by my desire, but just curious about it. Now though, she is excited by both witnessing me poop, and being witnessed by me while she poops.

I can talk more about this in a future post.

take care,

The Blue Orb


Potty disaster

me and a couple of Friends along with our boyfriends were in the USA. we bought 9 bottles (bladder busters obviusly) of cherry coke. it was really hot and i had finished 1 and a half bottles in 4 hours. after i had to pee so bad that i almost cried when i went to the toilet to find my underware wet and a long golden stream pouring out of my vagina!

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