Question and Camping Story

Hi All

Just a quick question before my story
How often do you poo generally?? And how soft are your stools generally (Use the Bristol chart if you wish)

Anyway onto my story from this may bank holiday. I went on holiday in my caravan with my family and my girlfriend. She is a medium height, slim girl who has generally been shy about talking about toilet habits, however this weekend she changed.

My family slept in the caravan and me and my gf slept together in the tent on the next pitch along as there wasn't enough room for us both in the caravan. This gave me the opportunity to witness her toilet habits first hand as we had our own porta potty outside the tent, just for us two. Anyway, one night about midnight she let out a really long but almost silent fart, one where i could just here the hiss of gas from her butt and it really smelt bad. I didn't want to make a fuss of it so she didn't feel uncomfortable but also because I liked it, the fact she would openly fart in a tent with me. She quietly whispered to me that she really had to go and poop and that she didn't want to go outside on her own, so I went with her to the porta potty outside just behind a large bush.
She quickly took down her pajama bottom and then her blue knickers before planting herself on the seat and immediately letting off a much louder fart which was amplified by the plastic bowl of the loo. She then settled down and began to push out a relatively hard poo, I could tell as she was staining quite hard. This poo then got much softer and eventually turned to something that almost resembled melted chocolate. After this she just got up off the porta potty and pulled up her knickers and bottoms without even wiping and walked towards the tent saying that she would sort it out in the morning. So before i went back to the tent I admired her creation for about 5 seconds. A bowl with a hard/soft poo about 8 inches long surrounded by much softer and almost liquid poop, in all a complete mess.
The next morning she got up with me and we decided that allowing the poop to go into the bottom of the porta potty was a bad idea so she got a plastic bag and I began to scoop out her poo from the porta potty before putting it in the nearest bin.
The smell was ridiculous but we left that day so it didn't really matter to us.

If you have any more camping stories please let me hear them as I think some of the best stories come from when your on holiday camping

Thanks and Happy pooping

I took my first dump at my high school today. I'm a junior, but ive got pretty good bowel control so I've never needed to go at school before. But this time, I hadn't gone in a couple days, so I started to really get an urge around halfway into the day. I went to the bathrooms at break time. The one I went to is very small, only two stalls, with one of them being a large handicapped-style. This was the one that was open, so I went in. Right as I went in though, the occupant of the other stall left. This was the first time I'd even seen the toilets at school (I have a very strong bladder too, I make it through the day with rarely any problems, and enjoy a LONG piss when I get home) anyway, the toilet was alright, decently clean, but kind of nasty on the inside. I didn't have much of aal choice though, so I lowered my panties and sat. I'm pretty poop shy,so it was lucky there was nobody in at the moment. Just as my first turd started to come out though, someone took the other stall and started peeing fiercely. I tried to hold back for a while, but after a minute it was too painful and I let go. A huge log flew out of me imediatly followed by 2 medium sized ones. My neighbor left in a hurry while I released a final log. All in all, this huge dump only took about 1 was pretty amazing. Despite being poop shy, I always have the best cleanouts in public...go figure. Someone else came in and I tarted to get self conscious so I quickly flushed and left without wiping. I was kind of uncomfortable the rest of the day.

Jasmin K

Survey answers

Just thought I would complete this survey.

1.Do you enjoy pooping? Enjoy? well its more of a necessity really but yes its ok.
2.What is your favorite position when passing a BM? I sit up or slightly forward. If its a difficult poo I like my legs raised up and also lean forward to pull my bum open more
3.Do you get stomach aches before you poop? Are they severe? If I havn't done a poo for a couple of days I get stomach ache and it can be severe if Ive been constipated for ages
4.How many times a day do you poop? Once if Im lucky often not at all.
5.What is the longest poop you ever did? I spend between 20 mins and hour and half on toilet if you mean timewise. length of poo varies I suppose a good one would be 8 inches.
6.Do you find pooping relaxing? Yes after its out.
7.Do you make grunting noises when pushing? Yes when pushing hard or when it really hurts and you just have to keep pushing to get it out.
8.How often do you get constipated? Very often and when not actually constipated my poo is usually hard and lumpy.
9.What was the longest time you were constipated for? Just over a week, but also when I do finally get it out I can continue being constipated again.
10.After being constipated or just having a difficult poop, and finally comes out, do you ever yell of relief? No.
11.Do you get stomach aches often when you don't have to BM? Sometimes if I eat too much I do.
12.Are you gassy when you poop? Occasionally I am gassy when straining.
13.Do you look forward to taking a dump? Not exactly look forward,but thankfull for the oportunity to have a poo and relieved when I do.
14.What are two signs that you have to go (besides a stomach ache)? Feeling full in my bum and when I am constipated my bum really hurts.
15.Do you ever lie down after taking a long dump because you feel weak or tired? No.
16. Do you ever have to catch your breath after pooping? Not really after but sometimes during if I am straining really hard for a long time.
17. Do you like taking as long as necessary on the bowl, or do you get it done as fast as possible? I often stay on the toilet untill I do it, I dont particularly like doing it but sometimes have to get it out.
18.When you are constipated or are having a tough time getting it out, what do you think is the best way to relieve yourself w/o taking a laxative? Strain really hard and pull my bum open.
19.Has a BM ever hurt so much that you started to cry? I did that sometimes when I was younger especially if my bum was very sore from straining alot and being on the toilet ages. It used to really hurt as it started to come out and I would cry from the pain but had to keep straining.
20.How often do you have diarrhea? I cant actually remember the last time - It was ages ago and we all had a stomach bug after eating out.
21.When on the bowl taking a dump, what do you think is the most comfortable position (i.e. Leaning Back, head between your knees, straight up with your hands on the side of the bowl, etc.) This Question was previously answered
22.Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? Yes and sometimes it helps if someone else does it.
23.Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or help yourself poop? Yes as above.
24.How do you feel about someone poop with you, like to keep you company? I have had someone else in the bathroom with me.
25.How do you feel about someone talking you through constipation, a rough poop, diarrhea, etc.? Would depend if they were helping or being annoying.
26.After a long, hard poop, diarrhea, constipation, or even when you have the stomach flu/bug, would you enjoy a stomach massage? Yes but only during or after constipation
27.Do your stomach aches continues even after you have pooped? Yes especially if Ive been constipated for a few days.
28.How often do you get off the bowl, and then realize as you walk away from the bathroom that you weren't done? Sometimes especially if I just got rid of my constipation it sometimes feels like my bum is still full so I go back and start straining again untill I do more.
Ok Jas K

I'm normally having a bm 2-3 times a day, sometimes more sometimes less, never been constipated but always like hearing constipation stories.
Never have to push, I hate it, hate pooping but love hearing my husband poop ;)
It can get very frustrating having to poop so often, only small amounts but after I eat almost every time, any suggestions on how to change this??

For some reason. Was just thinking about the crapping habits of guys I have known.
The guy who lived across from me in the dorm in college used to only pull his clothes down to his knees, and he was the first guy who I noticed would be up on his toes while dumping. He would go up on them a it more each time he pushed one out.

My best friend from high school would also go up on his toes, but he would take off his pants and underwear (colored briefs, always) when he dumped.

A roommate in college who would get up,in the morning and the first thing he would do was take a crap. And he didn't mind if anyone saw him. There was many a time when I was already up and shaving or brushing my teeth and he would say hi and walk past me to the toilet and have a seat. He always wore white Jockey brand briefs and would just let them sit around his ankles as he dumped and talked to me.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Hi Megan

I really love your stories.

Whose plops were the loudest, yours, or the other girl's

What did the girl that came in and had a listen whilst you did the last few plops look like?

John H

Some quick comments

Hey all.
Its been a long time since I posted.
I've been busy with one thing and another but I have been enjoying reading all the posts.
I hope to start posting more regularly again soon.
Just some quick comments for this post.

@Hopa, hey, I enjoy reading pee stories also. I post mainly about poo related stories but that is just because I have more poop related stories to tell.
I am looking forward to reading some pee stories from you in the future.

@Kristina, hey good to see you posting again.
I enjoyed your latest storey.
Maybe you could use your next sneezing fit to let out some poop and pretend it was an accident.
If your husband doesn't like it you can use the sneezes as an excuse.
Did you try lining your panties with kitchen towels yet by the way?
I would be interested to hear how you found the experience if you did.

That's all for now.
Take care all,

John H


pooping survey/ questions

Hello every one its tawnie i have a survey for all the girls in here and would like relpys to each question so here i go:

(1) when usin the bathroom are your pants at your ankels or where?
(2) do u spread your legs if so how wide?
( 3)on a scale 1-10 how hard do u have had to push to get your poop out?
(4) when pushin hard have u ever had your legs spread wide n pushing your toes hard to the floor n having your face all stunched up n red ?
(5)when usin school or public bathrooms hav u seen other girls with thrrr pants around ankels n pressing toes hard to the floor?
(6) how loud hav u had your plops n wat kind are they are they plops massive plops or ka plunks or splashes n wat other girls have u heard ?
(7) when constpated n workin on hard stubnorn poop have u ever had to dig it out ..i kno it sounds gross but it works... if u hav how do u dig..wat position u use the best and or have u ever had to or teach other girls help n hav to dig?

(8)do u grunt or are u quiet ?

Well thats my survey/ questions please relpy bac with awansers
Happy pooping

Welcome to the site Shelbi. I can sympathize with you regarding your shyness, however you just need to think, everybody does it. Most the people that go to the bathroom has gone there to have a pee or a poo, so why should you suffer and hold back? It'll only leave you uncomfortable and possibly even constipated and I don't think constipation is really worth the pain instead of just going into a bathroom with people you may never talk too or see again and having a poo? It's easier said than done I know- but once you do it once, you'll become more comfortable next time around. Maybe you could use that philosophy for question 3 too. Or maybe try and find how the college toilets routine goes and maybe there will be 'quiet periods' where you could get in and out without anyone around until you feel more comfortable going whilst people are there. As for your second question, eating fruit and fibre should make things easier, or I find a coffee does the trick, especially in the morning. Hope this helps a little.

Steven A

To Tyler/Marsisa Apple

Tyler: I did have one before I went to a Church retreat, we were sleeping at the Church from Friday night to Saturday afternoon. I went at my house before I went to the retreat. It was big because I haven't gone in a couple of days. But, it was good to get it out before the retreat.

Marissa Apple: I also like/enjoy farting as well, I look forward to hearing more stories/experiences from you.

Two good pooping incidents with Artiss over the last 24 hours-the first was yesterday afternoon when I came home from work-had had the semi-shits all day with squirty, gassy trips to the restroom about every 2 hours or so-almost shit my pants when I started to push what felt like gas and felt moisture between my cheeks-shut it off just in time, got up from my cubicle, walked somewhat bow-legged to the restroom and sat down just in time for the faucet to squirt from my behind. That was at about 2 PM, was done early and started home at about 3:30. Started getting cramps on the way home, so I stepped on it, pulled into the driveway at home with squealing brakes, then out of the car and rushed in through the kitchen door towards the bathroom. Didn't even to bother to shut the folding door-unbuckled my belt, dropped my dress slacks and white briefs to my knees and sat down just in time. It came in wave after wave of juicy squirts and gassy cramps, just sat there doubled over for a few minutes, then the worst of it eased off and I straightened myself out on the seat. Wasn't done yet, but the initial pressure and urgency had been relieved. Just at that moment, Artiss came in the door from her hospital volunteer stint, she had stopped at the store on her way home and had a couple of bags of groceries in her arms. There I sat, with my trousers and briefs around my ankles, with the tails from my white dress shirt loosly hanging over my upper thighs and butt cheeks, my tie hanging down to my genital region leaning forward with my hands clasped together, a young man who was young enough to be her grandson. I looked up-"Hi dear", just before another cramp hit me and another gassy squirt came out of my rectum. "Oh, Sweetheart, are you not feeling good?" Artiss asked. I told her about my day as I sat there shitting, she just smiled, she really likes the way I look in my shirt and tie, and I'm always "Her handsome young man." She's told me many times that all the ladies in her ladies group are envious of her, they always tell her "how cute" I am, and when they meet at our house, they always like to have me sit in with them in the middle of their group.

Anyhow, the second pooping incident happened in the middle of the night when were both asleep and Artiss suddenly sat up in bed mutterin "Oh lord!" softly under her breath. I knew what that meant as she quickly got out of bed and din't even bother to put her sliipers on or turn on the lights as she hurried against time and her rectum to the toilet. I heard the lid go up, the creak of the seat as she sat down, then the liquidy rush of diarrhea from her rear into the bowl, followed by a loud explosion of a fart. A pause, and then another liquidy rush and a less noisy but longer and more bubbly fart. "Oh lord" she muttered again, and then another rush of diarrhea-she always says "Oh lord" just before she releases another wave. I knew there there was nothing I c ould do to relieve her distress, things would just have to run their course, but I was thirsty, so decided to get up for a glass of water. So I got up and went to the kitchen, and there sat Artiss in the darkness on the seat-she never bothers to turn the light on during her nocturnal toilet visits. Her nightgown was up around her hips and bunched onto her thighs, and she was leaned far forward on the seat. The streetlight from outside shined through the bathroom window, sillouetting her in her distress. "Are you going to be OK Dear?", I asked as I passed the open door where she sat. "Yes, Patrick, you know I will, just don't worry about me and go back to bed." I got my drink and walked over by the open bathroom door. "Artiss dear, I said, I wish there was something I could do to take this away from you, you know that". "Yes I do", she muttered as she squirted some more liquid poo, "But you can't, so there's no sense in you staying up because of this. Now back to bed with you, young man!!!" she said, speaking in her grandmotherly tone. So I went back in and crawled under the covers, and about a half-hour later, Artiss came back in and crawled next to me. "Feeling better now dear?" I asked as she settled herself in. "Yes" she replied, "Now go back to nsleep, and not another peep out of you unbtil morning!!!" With that, we kissed and she put her strong, full-figured arms around me (remember, she was a farm girl!!!), and we both drifted back into the peaceful bliss of slumber, two people of radically different ages, very much in love with one another.

Hi everyone, I thought I'd do the survey that people have been filling in and then tell my latest story.

Abbie- Glad you had a good poo at school and that you and the other girl made it ok while you were both desperate!


1.Do you enjoy pooping? Yes.
2.What is your favorite position when passing a BM? I like sitting up straight or leaning forward slightly, with my feet apart and knees together.
3.Do you get stomach aches before you poop? Are they severe? Sometimes yes, especially if I wait for a while before I do my poo.
4.How many times a day do you poop? Once a day or every other day.
5.What is the longest poop you ever did? About half an hour.
6.Do you find pooping relaxing? Yes.
7.Do you make grunting noises when pushing? Sometimes.
8.How often do you get constipated? Not that often severely but sometimes its quite hard to push my poo out.
9.What was the longest time you were constipated for? Nearly a week.
10.After being constipated or just having a difficult poop, and finally comes out, do you ever yell of relief? Not yell, but I often sigh or groan!
11.Do you get stomach aches often when you don't have to BM? Not really unless I've overeaten.
12.Are you gassy when you poop? I usually do at least one fart when I'm pooing, and usually some before I go too.
13.Do you look forward to taking a dump? Yes.
14.What are two signs that you have to go (besides a stomach ache)? Farts and the usual feeling of the poo moving down.
15.Do you ever lie down after taking a long dump because you feel weak or tired? No.
16. Do you ever have to catch your breath after pooping? Sometimes!
17. Do you like taking as long as necessary on the bowl, or do you get it done as fast as possible? I like to stay to make sure I'm done and to listen to otthers if there is anyone else there.
18.When you are constipated or are having a tough time getting it out, what do you think is the best way to relieve yourself w/o taking a laxative? Eat lots of fibre and drink water.
19.Has a BM ever hurt so much that you started to cry? Not cry but almost!
20.How often do you have diarrhea? A couple of times a month.
21.When on the bowl taking a dump, what do you think is the most comfortable position (i.e. Leaning Back, head between your knees, straight up with your hands on the side of the bowl, etc.) See question 1!
22.Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? Sometimes.
23.Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or help yourself poop? Sometimes.
24.How do you feel about someone poop with you, like to keep you company? I enjoy pooing when someone else is going too in public toilets. I have done it with a friend in the room too.
25.How do you feel about someone talking you through constipation, a rough poop, diarrhea, etc.? I wouldn't mind it if it was one of my close friends.
26.After a long, hard poop, diarrhea, constipation, or even when you have the stomach flu/bug, would you enjoy a stomach massage? Maybe, never had one!
27.Do your stomach aches continues even after you have pooped? Sometimes for a little while after.
28.How often do you get off the bowl, and then realize as you walk away from the bathroom that you weren't done? Not very often, but sometimes I feel like I'm not done and have to go back half an hour later or so!

Today I had to give a presentation in one of my classes. As usual I was nervous about it and as usual I got gassy, and right after I finished and sat down I realised I needed a wee quite badly and that I could use a poo as well. I had to wait while other presentations were done and by the end I was desperate for both things and really needed to go to the loo.
I quickly went to the loos in the building but both cubicles were taken and a slim brunette girl was waiting. Like in Abbie's story she farted while we were waiting for our turn, which made it clear what it was she was needing to take care of. I was quite gassy too so I farted as well, which I think made her less embarrassed! Both cubicles became free pretty much together, with neither girl having pooed. Now both cubicles were taken for just that!
I pulled down my jeans and green knickers and sat while next door my neighbour did the same with her pink knickers. I started my wee right away because my bladder was full. I heard the other girl fart again and do two turds. I joined in with my first two. As my wee finished we both did another piece. I had to fart again, this time it was quite a long one lasting for a couple of seconds! I did another small turd and then someone came in and stood waiting. We both did two more plops and then started wiping together. I finished first and as I came out the girl waiting replaced me. There was a fairly strong smell from both of us pooing. The other girl came out as I was drying my hands and she smiled at me. I felt much better after that!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Katie great story about you and Cassie pooping while camping it sounds like she felt better.

To: Kristina great pee story.

To: F great story it sounds like you got a good show she mustve really had to poop.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site



Hi Grace! Oh I'm so happy to have a pee story buddy! That was a great story. When I was younger, I enjoyed peeing in strange places too like cups or garbage pails.
My group of neighborhood friends growing up (all girls), that was really where my thrill of peeing outdoors came from. We were all hanging out at my friend Cara's house, it was me, Cara, and two other girls that lived on my street Ang and Audrey. We were all maybe 7 8 or 9. Cara had a huge fenced in yard with lots of landscaping, tons of trees and thick bushes and this big open tow trailer her dad used for his business. We had been playing in her tree house when Cara said she needed to pee and told us her mom had recently taught her to pee outside on a camping trip. She wanted to show us. At this point in my life, I was no stranger to peeing outside. I pissed in my yard all the time. We went onto the side of her dad's trailer which also offered us cover with surrounding bushes. She pulled down her shorts and panties and squatted but then leaned back on her hands and lifted her hips. It almost looked like she was going to pee in a bedpan at the hospital.I had never seen anyone pee outside like this. She lowered her bottom to the ground a bit and started to pee. Her stream arched in the air before hitting the ground and quite frequently landed on her shorts. She finished up and reached for some leaves from the bush to wipe with. As she got dressed, Audrey said what we were all thinking which was that we had never seen anyone pee that way. Cara didn't understand. Audrey explained that you're supposed to squat, not really lean back. She still didn't understand. Audrey said she would show her. She then moved to where Cara had peed and pulled down her pants and panties. Audrey was the oldest of our group and I was shocked when she pulled down her pants to discover she had a little patch of pubic hair. I had none. I was fascinated. My parents weren't very open about puberty so I had only ever seen my mom's hairy bush and assumed I would get one when I was older. She then squatted down and spread her feet and peed a long puddle onto Cara's pee. Cara was impressed that none of Audrey's pee landed on her feet. She wanted to try but didn't have to pee anymore. Well I did so I squatted down next to Audrey and pulled down my bottoms and peed just like Audrey had. From that day forward, Cara peed like the rest of us outdoors. I wondered when I got older if on a future camping trip Cara's mom ever was curious how Cara learned to pee differently outdoors. This was only one of many pee escapades I would have with these girls growing up.
I had a very short lived desire with peeing my pants. I was maybe 12-13. I enjoyed holding it as long as I could and then going into my yard when my parents weren't home and pissing myself. I used to love the way the warm pee ran down my legs and spread over my butt. It's been a long time since I've peed my pants just for the pleasure of it.


New girl.

Hello everyone, this is my first time here but I hope to become a regular poster. I'm a 17 year old girl from the UK and I've nearly finished my first year of college. I have shoulder length blonde hair, green eyes, and I'm 5'6, curvy.

I was hoping you would be able to help me with a couple of questions I have:

1) Do you have any advice for having a poo in a public bathroom, eg a supermarket? I often need to go but I'm always too shy to go. That brings me to my second question

2) Is there any natural laxatives I could take that aren't too powerful. I think I would be too shy to relax enough to go, but I don't want to take something I don't have much control over.

and finally - 3) The toilets at college don't have doors on the stalls because of graffiti. Does anyone have some advice for using these? I sometimes need to go at college and I'd rather not hold it all day but I'm so so shy!

Thank you!

Shelbi <3

Marsisa Apple

Sisters on the couch...

This story takes a little explaining first... I'm a girl and I absolutely love farting, my sister farts about as much as I do...

So anyways, onto the story...

A few years ago, (I was 16 at the time) my sister and I were sitting on the couch and farting together. So after a few minutes I felt this huge fart building up so I started pushing extra hard. I ripped a fantastic fart that day, it was long, loud, stinky, everything, but then I noticed something warm in my skirt... I had pushed so hard I'd peed myself!

At first I was really embarresed but then my sister started laughing as she gave me a hug, making me feel much better. But just because my sister is so awesome, she pulled down her pants and peed on the couch so I wouldn't be alone.
We both had a good laugh, sitting in puddles of our own urine, still farting together for a while afterwards.

I love my sis and I hope at least some of you find my story as funny as I do!


Worst School Toilets

Hi, this is my second post now, again about my primary school. You may not believe this, but the toilets at my primary school were very basic. There was a room with a pit dug beneath and wooden planks placed on top with holes for your bum cut in them, no privacy at all and boys and girls both used the same toilets. The urinals I talked about before were against one wall. It was not so bad, I mean, boys and girls talked to each other while doing their pees and poops, and some girls even used the urinal!


Stories from friends.

Hi guys, I am a longtime lurker and have posted here before by a different alias about a couple hundred pages ago. Yesterday I was hanging out with some of my friends, (for privacy reasons I'm not going to use their actual names), Tyler, Sarah, and Robert. We were talking and as an inside joke we started talking like we were in the library, (telling really gross stories about stuff like periods or masturbation). Sarah brought up the topic of going to the bathroom and told us a story. She told us about the biggest shit she'd ever taken, (I doubt it). In our school we have a bit of a bathroom graffiti problem and our school has decided to, instead of just ignoring it,to ban the public bathrooms. Instead we are to use the small office bathroom. It has a loud fan but it doesn't really mask any sounds of using the bathroom. Sarah told us that she really had to go and, of course, had to use the office bathroom. She went in to see it was already flooded halfway up the bowl which worried her. She said she didn't care because it hurt to keep it in any longer. So she just sat down and let it out. she didn't get into much detail other than it was one turd. Judging by the fact that she exaggerated about it being the biggest shit she'd ever taken, I assume it was probably pretty thick and pretty long. She tries to flush but nothing happened other than the water rising dangerously close to the edge. She told us about how she ran out of the bathroom and the office hurriedly telling them out how the toilet wouldn't flush, leaving before they could discover what she had produced. I have a bit of a crush on her and out of all the times I've been in the infirmary, (where the office bathroom is located and where they send students who are suspended), I miss the one day she was there.I have a bit of a thing for girls using the bathroom, number 2 in specific, so girls if you have any stories share them, I'd love to read them.

To BrentC --

Yes, the "aftershocks" are a problem. If I used a dulcolax suppository in the morning, I typically need to make a second trip to the bathroom at work. It feels like a fart, but I've been fooled more than once. Typically it's nasty yellowish mucus but sometimes some soft poo also. The chemical in these things (bisacodyl) is really irritating, and the human body tries to get rid of any residue left in your colon. There is usually strong burning of the skin around my asshole too -- I found that cleaning the area with wetted toilet paper helps reduce the burn.

BrentC -- Do you find that suppositories leave a bunch of floating flakes in the toilet bowl after you flush? I usually flush several times afterwards to get rid of them, in case my kids or any nosy visitors ask me why they're there! (My wife obviously knows about my poop problems, but doesn't want anything to do with them and keeps insisting that I should see more GI specialists for a "cure.")

The docusol tubes work exactly in the way you describe the microlax. The urgency builds up quickly, like you're going to poop your pants, but there's no irritation. Several long logs of softened up poo slide out as soon as you sit down, and you're done in ten minutes. I use them once or twice a week. Experience has taught me that using a suppository at night is a bad idea and usually ends up ruining a good night's sleep, but I find that for docusol, it's fine. After the kids are asleep, I lie on the bed on my stomach to administer the docusol. I hold on for 5 minutes before shitting, and then I shower before bed. It reminds me of getting enemas as a kid and being sent to bed feeling emptied out and comfortable. I highly recommend switching from suppositories to the docusol enemas (they're probably available at online pharmacies too) -- they are expensive (around $3 a tube), but it's really a small price to pay for a comfortable, satisfying dump.

As a side note, I used one before my annual physical this year, as a courtesy to my doctor, who started doing rectal exams on me several years ago for hemorrhoids and to check my prostate. I feel bad (and it's embarrassing) when he has to poke around in the turds and the glove comes out smeared with poo.

Sunday, May 05, 2013


Hi Aleysha

So you finally discovered the gelatin-based glycerin suppository.

They're the norm everywhere exccept the USA and (I think) Spain, becauae they hold more glycerin (the active ingredient). Unfortunately Americans are over-cuatious - not only have they thoroughly internalised the now-discredited "laxative addiction" myth, they're over-cautious about medicine in general. (Example - It baffles me that they say don't give glycerine suppositories to babies under the age of 2 - here, I know full well that in hospitals they give them to newborns sometimes!)

In Britain the glycerin suppository doses are much larger. The labels are inaccurate about it but from internet research I believe them to be 1.8g for infant, 2.8g for children aged 4-10, and 4.8g for adults. For better or worse, they're just about all we've ever used to treat constipation in our family, for generations.

What you do is, when youre trying to do a dooey and it won't come out, (or for that matter if your kid is trying) you unwrap a suppository, and you wet it with water from under the tap, just a drop or two, and then...push it all the way up your smeller (or up your kids smeller if theyre the one in trouble). And, maybe the first time you ever put a suppository in, its hard, because the smeller tightens up and rejects it, and you have to push hard, and it does hurt (especially 'cause you have to get your whole finger all the way in), but second time you have to do it, it understands that "it's going in" and it opens itself up. You have to push it all the way in, in amongs the dried up shit, and make sure it stays in touch with the inside wall of the smeller, so that it melts quickly.
And when it starts to melt it feels like you're filling up with hot liquid and you have to really strain to hold it in for ten minutes (that's how long it takes to work properly). (And if you're doing it to your kids when they're constipated they're going to whining a lot about how their bottom hurts, and you have to make sure they hold it in long enough). And then after ten minutes, next time the urge comes, and it's time to let it all out, be ready. The suppository will produce a big flood of smelly evil, guaranteed.


pooping when camping

hey everybody, its katie again. i posted about my best friend cassie about a month ago. recently my family and i plus cassie and my b.f went camping. the second night we were there sitting around a fire when i had to poop. i announced i was going to go shower since the bathrooms and showers are in the same building. cassie jumped right up and said she would go with and i assumed she needed to poop as well and i was right. we grabbed our shower stuff and started walking up to the bathrooms when cassie said "thank god you said you had to shower, i have to poop so bad and ive been holding it all day!". i admitted i also had to poop. we got into the bathroom and cassie took the end stall and i took the one next to her. i heard her rip down her shorts and panties and sit down. i lowered my pants and underwear and had a seat too. i could feel my turd pushing against my hole and since i hadnt gone in a couple days it felt pretty hard. i began to push and i could hear cassie doing the same. my poop began to come out but when i stopped pushing it stopped moving. it took a couple pushes to get moving again and after it was out about 8 inches it broke off and fell with a loud splash. i could still feel more inside me, and i continued to hear cassie pushing but nothing coming out. "having any luck over there, cass??" i asked her. "not yet", she said," its soooo hard, i havent pooped in 3 days!" i started pushing out my next log which was hard at first but then got easier and broke off after about 10 inches. i pushed a couple more times and realized i was done. i wiped and flushed. i asked cassie how she was doing and she admitted she was constipated and having trouble going. "come into my stall and keep me company" she said. i walked over and she let me in. her face was all red from pushing. "sorry, katie, but i knew i would be awhile so i didnt want to poop during the day" cassie panted. i told her it was ok and take her time. "its right at my hole but i cant push it far enough out and it keeps going back in!" cassie said. i reassured her it was ok and she started to push again. i could tell she was in pain. i could hear her turd crackling at her hole but when she stopped straining it would go back in. "omg just come out already!" cassie moaned. i told her it was ok and try standing over the toilet to take pressure off her hole. she agreed and got up. she stood up over the toilet and started to push again. she spread her butt cheeks open and i could hear her poop starting to come out again. "there you go, girl, keep it up!" i encouraged her. after a couple more minutes she said "this feels better and hurts a little less, i think its starting to come out a little more". she strained as hard as she could and part of her log broke off and splashed into the toilet but only about 2 inches. it was almost the size of a baseball and looked really hard. her poop kept coming out though, and she stopped to take a break. "thank god i thought it was going to be stuck forever!" she said. she started pushing again and dropped 3 more baseball like turds, when a solid log started to come out. she kept straining but sat back down on the toilet and told me she was almost done. 2 minutes later it splashed down and she stood up and wiped herself. i looked at her log and it was about 14 inches long. "i feel SO much better!" she said. she flushed her poop and we showered and returned to camp. everyone asked what took so long and we just said the warm shower felt good so we each took long showers and just left it at that :). bye for now!


Shit out of Luck (porta pottie Hell)

Just the other day I went out for my run and while running on some trails in a nearby park about 4 mi from home when I felt sudden pressure build up in my gut.I slowed to a walking pace with pressure quickly building in My Butt, I Needed to take a shit really bad and being miles from home and the nearest restroom was about 3 mi on the other side of the park walking and getting nervous about my options,I came across a Porta pottie, at this point I really had no other choice. As I approched the pottie there were a few scattered people milling about. A woman came out,Desperate to Poop I went in,Dropped my shorts and White undies sat on the nearly full pottie and farted uncontrollably. It was then I heard a little girls voice outside yelling There is someone Pooping in the pottie, Three times as all i could do was sit there and poop out massive amounts of soft shit with rounds of farting in between as she chanted away.feeling relief in my Gut, I stood up to wipe only to find that there was no toilet paper. I pulled up My underwear and shorts and left the pottie to see the little girl and her parents Give me a funny look as the girl had a shit eating grin on her face. I just started walking briskly away and I ran the rest of the way to my house and when i got back I took my shorts off to find skidmarks on them and the underpants a stinky mess, I trahed them,got in the shower and went on about my day. that is what I would call a Shitty day!


Allergies caused accident

Hi everyone. Been a little bit since I posted but I do have a new story to share. Still looking for Mavis to share her story and waiting for more from Catherine, too! :)

Anyway, on to my new story. I have bad allergies, which in the spring only get worse. I have drugs to take for them but even then sometimes I get pretty bad with sneezing, coughing, runny nose, etc. The drugs mostly keep me breathing.

Yesterday I was at home with hubby after dinner and we were just watching tv on our couch. My allergies have been acting up lately and as I frequently do I got into a sneezing fit. I start sneezing and it just won't stop. I can go for minutes on end just sneezing one after another before it finally stops.

So there I was, snuggled up next to hubby, minding my own business, when I felt a sneeze coming on. I sat up a little and sneezed. Then sneezed again. And again. "Oh, no, here we go again," I though.

I sneezed at least a dozen times in pretty rapid succession when I suddenly felt a spurt of pee escape into my panties. (I had been vaguely aware of a growing need to pee during the preceding moments before the sneezing attack, but it wasn't approaching desperation and I would have had no problem holding it for much longer if not for the pressure of the sneezing.) I yelped or made a noise when the spurt escaped and I grabbed my crotch with one hand, the other over my nose.

Hubby asked if I was ok. Between sneezes I tried to nodded my head, but after every couple of sneezes I felt another spurt of pee escape and my panties were becoming quite wet and I knew any second I would feel wetness on the outside of my jeans.

I stood up, intending to walk to the bathroom. But the sneezing/peeing made me stop. I crossed my legs to help hold it, and doubled over from the force of the sneezes and to help hold the pee.

Sneeze, sneeze, sneeze, pee, sneeze, pee, sneeze. So it went for a few seconds. Hubby asked again if I was ok. I said, "I'm <sneeze> peeing my <sneeze> pants from <sneeze> sneezing!"

He laughed and I laughed and I sneezed and peed and laughed some more and now could feel wetness on my jeans. I was slightly embarrassed but also somewhat aroused since I've been wetting/soiling myself for fun for quite some time and hubby didn't know I do it on purpose. Being there in front of him made it more exciting and I gave in to the feeling and turned around facing him as we both laughed, I sneezed again, and then I stopped trying to hold in the pee and let go instead and began flooding my pants. I continued laughing, more fake laughter now than real, and instead felt the warmth spread from my crotch, over my butt, down my legs, and watched his reaction as he continued laughing and then pointed at the spreading stain on my jeans and laughed some more. I sneezed a few more times, then finally stopped, my jeans soaked, my socks soaked, standing in a puddle on the hardwood floor.

Hubby said he'd get some paper towels. I stood there until he got back, enjoying the feeling, then used the towels to mop up the puddle. I said, "I guess I shouldn't sneeze when I need to pee". Hubby laughed and said, "Obviously". We laughed and he hugged me and I kissed him hard and asked him if he wanted to help me clean up. He smiled and said, "Sure. Just like last time?" I smiled and said, "Just like last time" and winked. Off to the bathroom we went, where he helped me strip off my wet jeans and panties, then we took a hot shower together.

I'm hesitant to let him know that I wet/soil myself for fun now, but we'll see how it goes. He certainly wasn't turned off at all by my last two accidents...



length of bowel movement

I think one of the questions in a recent survey has been misinterpreted. When it asks about the longest poop you've ever had, I think it doesn't refer to time, but to length in inches. Earlier this year I had one that was 36" long (nearly a meter, for those who use that measurement); it curled and spiraled around in the bowl, and I measured it by using a square of toilet paper 4" on a side. It felt like it took a very long time to come out, though I'm sure it was only a few seconds; nonetheless, it came out in one piece, possibly my longest ever, certainly my longest in recent times, and very exceptional. It felt most satisfying.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: European Traveler great story.

To: Abbie great poop story it sounds like it was a good one.

To: Carrie I hope you feel better soon.

To: Pat great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Strage Portugese Suppositories

My husband and me went to Madeira recently for a holiday but before, we stayed with an in-law for a week and his place always gives me constipation. I don't know why - I always had a fairly decent digestion, but that sticky half-baked bread he feeds us (baking being a hobby of his), very little fruit and vegetables, essentially bread with something three times a day - it's catastrophic. I brought some laxative pills along as I know I would need them.

Now I've always had a problem with medications - they have little effect on me. For example, I don't take Paracetamol any more because I need more than a gram to feel some effect, four times the amount most other people need. My bowels are equally unimpressed by one measly little Dulcolax, nothing whatever happens. Though I dont take them more often than, say, two times a year, my dose has increased to three. And three really, really do hurt.

I didn't take them before we arrived in Madeira and had been there for three days, and I hadn't gone for a week at that point. One late afternoon I took three Dulcolax (I had tried two without effect the night before). It woke me in the middle of the night, it was very painful, cramped like hell, and due to the unusual amounts of garlic we had been eating the stench was just incredible. No window in the bathroom, and the fan not working. I had to go several times and was about three pounds lighter afterwards, but rather shaky.

Somehow this didn't put me back on track. Vegetables were a-plenty, great Portugese kitchen, my abdomen grew rather inflated over the next few days, there was a constant pressure there, but - no go! Dulcolax and I were no friends at that point so I went to the nice little island pharmacy and asked for glycerol suppositories. They came in a plastic box like something from a jeweller, no cardboard there! I went back to the hotel toilet and opened the package, and lo and behold - these buddies were giant, like the pad of my thumb. And they were not made of wax like I expected, but of gelatine. It was very hard to get one in. Wax melts at body temperature and becomes slippery, but not these gelatinous buggers - they are sticky and become more so when warmed. Only later I thought I should have used some saliva as a lubricant. As it was, I almost tore myself with these things. But the effect was like rocket fuel. I only made it through half of my breakfast before I got up and waddled really fast to the toilet. It kept me going for a whole day. I know I have an extra loop to my colon which is unusual for Caucasians, but I am always astonished over the amounts of poo I can hold (not nice...).

Of course I brought these suppositories home, though, at home I won't need them. When they are used or too old, I plan on asking an apothecary who's a friend of mine whether she is able to copy them. They are far superior to anything I can buy here.

posting for first time

I have never posted before but wanted to try it. I am a 15 year old boy in high school and love stories about guys pooping and farting. I can remember three good experiences I had on this subject.

The other day in shool,the bell rang for lunch. Everyone was in the hallway. I was walking and I saw this kid in front of me who some people make fun of because he is chubby and has a really big butt(lol)anyway, all of a sudden, the kids face turns red and he says ooh ooooh! He puts both hands on his butt and runs into the bathroom. I followed him in to see what happened. He ran into the first stall that has no door on it, dropped his shorts and then I heard a big explosion. There was a ton of gassy farts, and plops of poop. It STUNK!!!while he was dropping his load, other kids were walking by the stall and could see him because there was no door on the stall. One kid said ew! you stink! But other than that, no one said anything. I don't think he cared if anyone saw him. He had to poop so bad, he was just happy to finally let it out.

Also the other day, I was in a store and there was this big Mexican family. As soon as I walked by them, their hefty 11-13 year old son let out a huge fart. They all started laughing and making fun of him.

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