Pretty Woman

First Date

Hello everyone! So, this past Saturday evening, I went out on a date with one of my roommate's brother's friends, and he is really handsome, and very sweet. He is only a couple of years older than me, and he is pretty muscular. I enjoy looking at him, that's for sure. Well, we started the evening at 8 at a really nice restaurant, and then after dinner we went back to his place. We sat on his couch for a couple of hours just talking about life, and I quite enjoyed the talk. Well, somehow we got on the subject of pooping, and he said that he enjoyed girls pooping. Something about it made him excited, and that was all that was said about that, and he quickly moved on to something else. While we were talking, he was fidgeting a bit. After a few more minutes of talking, he said, "Would you excuse me for just a minute? Just make yourself at home." He slipped off into his bedroom, and closed the door. I made my way to his guest bathroom to check my hair. As I was checking my hair, I could hear a noise on the other side of the wall. I listened closely, and it was him grunting. I got excited at the thought that he might be pooping and I could hear it plainly through the wall. He was taking one breath right after the other. He sounded like he was trying to rush his poo along, probably so he wouldn't leave me alone too long, but I was enjoying hearing him. After about 2 minutes I heard a floomp. He rolled the toilet paper, but instead of wiping he blew his nose. Then I heard what sounded like him repositioning himself on the toilet. Then he again started the breathing and grunts one right after the other. He was really trying to make his turd come out fast. Poor guy. I just wanted to tell him to relax, and take his time with it. Then he let out a long sigh and whispered, come on. He was struggling to go fast, but his turds were coming slowly I guess. He then started grunting and pushing again. After 3 minutes, I heard a floomp, then he took a deep breath and grunted again and a minute later I heard another floomp. After being in there probably 12 minutes or so, he started rolling the toilet paper and started wiping. I was going to reward him with a show since he just did for me. Luckily I hadn't pooped since early that morning, and I knew I could go. He flushed and washed his hands. He came out and saw me standing leaning my back against the sink. I said, "If you wouldn't mind keeping me company, I need to use the toilet. " He smiled really big, and said, "Of course!" He sat on the edge of the tub, and I pulled my panties and skirt all the way to the floor, and I leaned forward a bit with my butt kinda hovering over the toilet, so he surely would be able to see what was going on. I released a small amount of urine, and then once that stopped, I tensed up as I began my first push to get the turd moving, and with only just a couple of pushes, my hole was forced open by the tip of what felt to be a large turd. As I gave a few pushes every little bit the turd moved slowly out stretching my hole to its limit. Only a couple more pushes and it fell with a floomp, and then I felt my hole open up again, and I gave a push and another one started working its way out slowly. I looked at him and smiled, as my hole stretched as the turd slowly made its way out. Then after it landed with a floomp, three medium sized turds quickly slid out one right after the other making ploop sounds. Then I felt done, and I started wiping, which took 3 wipes to clean up. Taking a risk on our first date, I know it was, but it was a risk well worth it. We ended the night well, and are going out again this weekend. I will let you know if there are anymore poop stories. Bye!


Odd pooping experience

Im not so sure what happened. Today I was in my 6th period class and had really bad stomach cramps. I went to 7th period with them even worse then before. I went home after that period and felt really weird so I started letting out some farts and then realized I had to poo it was pretty fast I had 2 soft turds. I was feeling a little better so I went back to my room. I farted a few more times and felt something in my underpants. I ran to the bathroom and looked and I pooed my pants a little so I sat on the toilet and had a wave of diahreeah and then felt amazing so then me and ronnie went on a run and a bike ride. Im still not sure what happened or what I ate. Has anyone else ever had an odd experience like that?

I am a 15 year old spanish girl and I have a story from this morning. I had to poop very bad this morning, but my sister Carmen was in the bathroom pooping too. She always takes a long time to finish, and when I asked she said she had barely started going poop. I had to poop and could not wait for her to be done. Mama and Papa have their own bathroom which is only for them, but we can use if it is an emergency.

I went to ask Mama if I could use their bathroom and she said I could but it would be very stinky because she just finished going poop. I ran as fast as I could to their bathroom. Phew! Mama was right, it was very stinky! I did not care though because I had to go very very bad!

I sat on the toilet released out several long soft chocolate snakes. If the bathroom smelled bad before I started, well now the smell was otherworldly. I tried to breath as little as possible and flushed to help. I still had more inside me though and squeezed out two more shorter turds. I finished with a smooth rope that was really long. I wiped and flushed again, then washed my hands and left the stink box.

Later when Carmen and I were walking to school, she mentioned that she did a huge turd that wouldn't flush. She told me about how big it was. She says it was huge around and like two feet long, but I think she's exaggerating. She did say she needed to flush three times before it went down though, so maybe it was pretty big.


my ex

my ex moved out a few months ago, but we still talk. She's really into peeing her pants, and tonight she held it for a few hours to try and have an "unplanned" accident. She said she went upstairs to her room, and was going to change and then go pee. But as she was changing her foot got caught in her pant leg and she started peeing her pants. She said she peed halfway and tried to get to the bathroom but ended up peeing her pants all the way before she got to the toilet. She said it made a wet spot on the carpet in her room, and a puddle in the bathroom. All in all, a pretty damn good story. It's too bad she's my ex now =(


Still here, for now

Thanks for asking, Teetee. Yes, I am still around, though both my wife and I have been dealing with health issues that keep us going to doctors' offices, hospitals, and laboratories. She has cancer that has grown in spite of three massive chemo treatments, and we are headed to the radiologist today to see if radiation might help. I had a heart operation last fall that, indeed, helped with my arrhythmia (atrial fibrillation), but left me weaker, slower, with less energy. Nonetheless, we both persevere, and thanks to strong religious faith, we expect to live out our lives in reasonable happiness.

As far as pooping is concerned, I have been doing quite well. So far in 2013 I have been having just over two bowel movements per day on average, most of them nice, normal, solid logs. Yesterday's first movement was unusual in one way: I had two distinct waves or impulses of poop. When I first sat down, the urge to poop was quite strong, but the lumps were slow to come and stubborn; three solid hefty chunks of about 4" 3" and 2" in length (I could tell because I was watching myself do it by means of a large hand mirror). That would have made a moderate-sized movement, so I waited to see if the pressure in my rectum would persist or go away. It persisted, so I tried to push out some more turds; no go. After about 3 or 4 minutes, though, the urge became still stronger, so I pushed some more and watched as six more pieces slowly left me: 5" 5" 4" 4" 4" 3". I took paper and wiped, and there on the paper was another 1" piece that had stuck to my bottom and not dropped; so that complete movement had two definite and separated segments, of 9" and 26" respectively including the hanger-on I noted on the toilet paper, for a grand total of just under three feet in length in two distinct waves. It took a while, but I felt much better when I was done.

To Karen: I was a teacher all my adult life until retirement, and I worked in several schools that had cafeterias, most recently a small Christian school. You are wise to be careful about what combinations of food you eat at a cafeteria, since producing lunches on a mass scale for hundreds of students and faculty is not an easy job to begin with, and accommodating everyone's individual needs and tastes is impossible. Nonetheless, some cafeterias are better than others, and yours sounds like it could use improvement. I was very fortunate at my last school, where the cafeteria meals were actually good, and I even got some recipes and food ideas from it. While I did very rarely have diarrhea or other complications after eating the lunch there, I am quite sure it was not from the cafeteria food; contagion of various bugs from students, or stress, can bring about such symptoms, and sometimes teaching was stressful, though I enjoyed it more than any other work I ever did. Do continue to watch the effects of what you eat!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jason great story about seeing you sisters friend on the toilet.

To: Annie it sounds like your body cant decide what it wants to do.

To: Melissa K as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jennygreat story it sounds like you had a really great poop I bet you felt really good and probaly a little lighter to once you were done and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hotring Girl interesting experience.

To: Lucy I hope you feel better soon.

To: Abbie as always another great story it sounds like you and your friends had great poops and also had fun as usual and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like that other girl pooping helped you overcome your shyness about using a doorless stall and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Rhianon as always another great story it sounds like your friend was beyond desperate to poop at least she made it without having an accident and hopefully she is feeling better and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Huge dumps lately

I have been eating a lot more fiber lately and find that I have been having these huge dumps. Yesterday I went to the gym in the morning and almost couldn't make it. I was cramping up from holding it in. Of course, someone was using the toilet and I had to wait. He was there a least 5 minutes. And when he left he didn't wash his hands! Disgusting. I've seen that a few times at the gym. Crapping and not washing up. We are all sharing the same equipment!

I really unloaded a ton of crap! It was one of those where you have to flush before you are done just to make sure you don't clog the toilet. But it felt great. I like using the gym toilets because they can whoosh everything away quickly. I also get dumping neighbors that are in pretty good shape. There was one very handsome guy in great shape that took the stall and first pulled his black shorts down then his white Calvin Klein briefs. I like the contrast between colors. He would go up on his toes to push out some crap, then back on the soles of his feet. And it looked like he stood up to wipe as well. Just the way I like it! Lol.

@ Esteban-yeah, that is gross. I imagine if you really have to go, then stepping in someone else's pee isn't the worst that can happen. I've had to do that, but I am always wearing shoes or flip flops so I am not directly in it. Hope you are able to find more restrooms like the ones that were torn down.

Abbie- I started pooing less frequently not that long after starting secondary school- I think it was simply because I wasn't a huge fan of pooing at school (like most people!) and so I would hold it in when I could, and over time this led to me only going every few days rather than every day. Hope you can continue having easier poos once you're back at school.

Yesterday I needed a poo during my morning lecture. As usual I waited until the end, and as usual it was pretty urgent by then! I went to the nearest loos. One cubicle was taken but one was free, so I went in. I saw the bowl was full of poo and paper- obviously someone had neglected to flush! I flushed it but found the water just started rising. It was clearly blocked by all the poo so I quickly backed out! Instead of waiting for the other cubicle I left and went upstairs to another set of loos. All three cubicles were free this time, so I took the middle one and quickly got seated. After a wee my poo started coming out, with three pieces making loud plops.
Someone came hurrying in then and took the first cubicle, on my right. She pulled down her jeans and knickers and then started lining the seat. As she did so I heard her let a fart slip out- it seemed she really had to poo! She sat down and I heard another fart and then a big plop, followed immediately by three smaller ones. I joined in with a plop of my own. I heard two more plops from the other girl, and then a couple more quiet farts. I had one final piece to push out and then I left her to finish her poo in peace!

Today I was working in the library in the evening to get some work done. I hadn't pooed yet today and sure enough I started feeling the urge while I was working. Pretty quickly it became one that I couldn't ignore and really had to go take care of. I went to the ladies loos but found there was quite a big queue- as it turned out lots of people needed to poo in the evening, too! I didn't fancy waiting so I went to try the unisex loos on the other side of the building.
There used to be two on each floor but one of them is now disabled-only, and the other one was occupied. I waited, and didn't have to wait long before a Chinese girl came out, having done a poo in there. I sat on the still warm seat and settled down. I didn't have to push much before my first log came out with a plop. Not long after two smaller turds followed. Someone came out into the corridor and tried the toilet door, then stood outside waiting. I was a little embarrassed about pushing out my next two pieces, not knowing how much could be heard from outside. Then I farted quite loudly, which I'm sure could be! After wiping my bum I flushed, washed my hands and opened the door. Sure enough there was an attractive guy waiting who I just knew had heard me pooing! I imagine I turned even redder than my hair as I walked off- even if he hadn't heard he would definitely smell it when he went in!


Question for Melissa K

You said you like questions so. Other than the Ski trip have there been other times you pooped your pants with a massive load? What was the biggest smelliest poop you can remember taking?


To : Liz F

I'm curious, how old are you? The use of enemas seems to be a thing of the past. My mother used them on me well over a half century ago. Nowadays, even in the hospital they seem to be a bad word. Did you have many as a kid?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Response for Kmd

Hi All!

Hope you are all OK.

Love all your posts as ever.

I thought I'd delurk as Kmd recently raised the question of pooping waitresses in restaurants

I have been within earshot of two when they were using the toilet, both of which have I have already posted about to this forum.

However the other day I was on business in a city in the north of England, when I had a meal in a restaurant
which I had used before.

There are two unisex toilets at the back and I noticed before that the walls between them are very thin and you can't avoid hearing what the other occupant is up to.
I had a meal during a quiet period mid afternoon, and was served by a young woman.She was rather bad-tempered and decidedly ????, with jet black hair tied in a bun.
She was still attractive in a Rubenesque way - and her black trousers showed off a large curvy bottom.
I finished my meal and needed a pee, but I noticed the ???? waitress speak to her boss and run out of the back of the restaurant.
I noticed the female toilet was occupied (there was no-one else about) so the waitress was on the throne.
I got into the male toilet and heard a lengthy outpouring from the other side of the wall as she peed furiously for at least ten seconds.
I thought that would be it, but she stayed seated.
There was then a few seconds of quiet followed by sighing and grunting sounds as she strained, followed by nothing.
I heard another another "UGHH_UGHH_UGHHHH" followed successfully by a loud PLONK! as she started pooing.
There was few seconds of quiet followed by a heavy PLOOOP!and no straining noises.
She then farted noisily with a SPLUUUUURRRRUUMP!(the sort of sound someone makes when blowing a loud raspberry).
I thought she'd finished as there was a period or quiet, suddenly followed by a UGH_PLOP-PLOP_PLOP as she grunted and rapidly
did three little poos.
There was another period of quiet followed by a UGH-UGH_SPLUUUUUUURRRUUUMPPP-PLOP_PLOP-PLOP-PLOP_PLOP!
as she farted and did five quick plops.

I then heard the rattle of the toilet roll holder as she finished, and I left the toilet after washing my hands.
It was her, as she accidentally bumped into me in the corridor, in her rush to get back into the restaurant.

I then started my long trip home.
Bye for now

Hermes x


School Cafeteria food problems

Someone asked about school cafeteria food causing digestive issues, well when I was going to school the cafeteria without fail would serve fish squares each friday, it was basically like the breaded fish patties that you find on McDonald's filet-o-fish, that along with macaroni and cheese that had about a half inch thick burned portion on the bottom which was inedible unless you just happen to think paving stones are tasty, usually with english peas, sometimes fries or flat tater tots, sometimes with some stuff they called "ambrosia" which was fruit cocktail with coconut mixed with mayo, and a little half pint carton of milk that left an aftertaste in your mouth similar to ham due to it's being insufficiently refrigerated. I learned quick not to drink the milk with a fish meal because I'd either wind up upchucking it or if not that then I was in for a couple hours sitting on the pot with crampy diarrhea and gas.

The milk was fine with anything else as long as it wasn't fish. I actually liked those fish squares and the tartar sauce they served on the side; just couldn't drink milk with the meal so I'd just get some water from the fountain after lunch.

Learned to avoid milk with lunch altogether during my junior and senior years of high school because I had marching band practice after lunch and a sour stomach is not a good thing to have while marching around in the hot sun. Got my calcium requirement from after school snacks, either yogurt or a hunk of cheese per my doctor's advice. Of course I drank milk at home without any problems too, it's just the school milk that gave me problems.


Saw my sister's friend

A number of years ago, when I was 11 years old, I accidentally saw my sister's friend on the toilet. I woke up early, like 6:00 or something and I had to poop. My bedroom was downstairs, and my sister's room across the hall from me. We had a bathroom in the basement that we shared. Anyway, I noticed that the bathroom was out of toilet paper, so I had to go to the upstairs bathroom.

I went upstairs and pooped. After I finished, I took a few rolls of toilet paper back downstairs to stock the bathroom with. And that's when it happened. As I was walking down the stairs, all I could see was that the bathroom door was open about halfway, but not that my sister's friend was on the toilet at that moment.

I walked right in, not noticing until I heard her shriek. I immediately apologized and left the bathroom, closing the door fully behind me. A minute or so later, she opened the door just a crack and said she'd need the toilet paper I was holding. I handed her the roll and she closed the door. I heard her flush and wash her hands before coming out.

I apologized again, and she told me not to worry about it. She said she had thought she closed the door, but it swung partially open and she was peeing and couldn't get up to close it. All things considered, I think I was more embarrassed than she was, which I guess is a bit weird. I bet it would have worse for her if she was pooping.



Are you still around?


Reply to Claire

Hi Claire. I enjoyed reading your story about needing to poo badly during a lunchtime shift at your cafe. You don't give a deal of background to what had happened previously. However based on the size of the load you described passing and the fact that you were close to messing yourself at the time, I get a hunch that you'd not "done anything" #2 wise for a day or two prior to the event. Would that be right? It doesn't always work but a lot of the time I try to trick my bowels into expecting being emptied at certain times so that I can exercise a degree of control over when I need to poo. It doesn't work all of the time but it's effective up to a point.


For Steven A.

Actually; I can count on the fingers of one hand (and have a couple left over LOL...) the number of times I've eaten food that made me poop. Like; I wish :)

Although.....I remember as a kid the Carvel Malted Shakes kinda did that; they did on a couple of occasions. And; it was a blessing 'cause I was constipated as usual.....and I drank one of those things and before I knew it....I was sitting on the toilet with golf balls blasting out of my butt!

But....on another occasion.....I went there on purpose. I hadn't gone in like at least a I went to Carvel and purposely ordered a Malt. I stood there with my ???? bulging.....barely fitting into my pants......and drank one down. I went home and waited.....NOTHING!

I was soooo disappointed; I thought I'd found a cure. Two days later Mom gave me an enema.

Mr. Clogs

I took a really big dump over the weekend

Hello everyone, I'm back with another post from the toilet. I took the biggest dump over the weekend. It was Saturday morning that I took this massive dump, I've been a bit on the constipated and slow crapping side. I took some fiber from the day before and some that morning with my coffee. I felt really full about to bust, so that morning was the perfect opportunity to unleash my torrent of turds into the toilet. I went to the bathroom, took off my pjs and underwear and sat down on the toilet.

I gave a little push and started filling up the toilet with mount full of soft and smelly poop filling up the bottom of the bowl and making a nice mount that went past the water mark! I couldn't believe my latest creation, I peed a little bit and felt great to get all of that crap out my system in one sitting. Felt a bit aroused by the moment, well use your imagination on that. I wiped up, got myself dressed, washed my hands and went back to my bedroom. Now I know what people mean you're full of shit, I was that day literally!

Have a great day and happy peeing and pooping everyone.

--Mr. Clogs

Liz F

Boyfriends enema

Hi guys ...never posted here before but have read many times...this just happened today.
My BF who is 24 has been really constipated since he returned from a ski trip out west..
I live with him most of the time because it closer to my work. Anyway this morning he was feeling really plugged and ask me if I had any suppositories he could use...I gave him two fleet glycerin suppositories and told him to hold them until he felt them working...well an hour later he said nothing was happening and tried to have a BM and nothing...I told him that when I get this way every once in awhile I take a soap enema.He was not too excited about that but after another hour of cramps agreed to let me give him an enema..I got my bag out and mixed a warm soapy water solution and poured it into the bag. He laid on his bed and I slowly gave him all two quarts over about 15 minutes..after holding it for as long as he could..5 minutes..he bolted to the toilet and from the sounds I knew his problem was solved...
He was so relieved and felt 200 % better...So for all you constipated readers..don't be afraid to use the old time tested enema bag for quick relief....


To Karen

Karen, as i well know....Contapational Issues can plague Us...I...Me have had trouble in having to "Shit" from time to time....From what I have seen from your story....You have Used a Laxative that is way too Harsh on you. As For Me...When I am Ocasionally Constapated...Will use "Phillips Laxative Caplets" which will Make you have to take a Massive "shit" within 6hrs...without cramps, stomachache, and Diarreah!

Give It A Try!

Observant Guy - noticed from your last post that your a firefighter. Just wanted to say Stay Safe out there brother. And keep the stories coming, they're awesome.


From one extreme to the other

I've had constipation problems often but starting Wednesday I went from being backed up to suddenly having mushy crap. Not quite diarrhea but urgent like it. Wednesday morning I woke up with a stomach ache so I decided to have a coffee to see if I needed a poop. Yup! The first poop I had clogged the toilet and my poor husband had to plunge the toilet. It was pretty long and thick. I had mushy crap/diarrhea later and the toilet ended up overflowing. Had to plunge the toilet again.

Then Thursday I had diarrhea around the same time as the previous morning when I did that massive crap. I went again later in the day. My stomach hasn't been feeling well since Thursday and I've had no appetite. I haven't pooped since then either.

I always brought my lunch. I hated the school food. I've seen kids get sick at elementary school.

Melissa K

Crimson Flash answer

If I pooped whenever I got the urge, I'd go normally once a day or once every other day. And yes, there would be a lot of it. When I was in Puerto Rico over spring break, I pooped every day and made some huge piles. It might just be all the beans and rice there, but I still can poop a lot after one day.
On Tuesday, I had to poop at 5 pm before I ate dinner. I went into the hotel bathroom and let a thick, long turd fall out and splash in the toilet. I had to strain to get the next turd out, but it ended up being the same size as the other one and it oozed out followed by a bubbling fart. I flushed (luckily the toilet had a strong flush) and it made a big skidmark but went down. Later, I woke up in the middle of the night and my stomach was hurting. There was a ton of gas built up in my normally slim belly, now bloated with poop and farts. I went to our bathroom quietly and farted loud by accident. I pressed some toilet paper to my butt to try and quiet the sound of my gas. Then I started pooping. Another wide turd moved out, hitting the water and coiling around the bowl before breaking off and releasing a huge quantity of gas. I wiped and flushed the toilet, and felt much better.

Love, Melissa :)

Evil Dead Pee Scene

Hey guys! I just saw the New Evil Dead movie. It was obscenely Violent, and I loved every second of it. However, an interesting scene happens in the first third of the film. I don't want to spoil too much, but basically, this girl gets possessed by a "Deadite," and while she is preparing some medicine for a detoxing girl, she freezes, and drops her medicine. But curiously enough, she actually pees herself while standing frozen. You get to see the pee trickle down her leg, onto her Reebok shoes and down into a puddle on the floor. There are few scenes like that in horror films, but that one definitely came as a nice surprise! If you aren't a pervert like me, just go see the movie for some good, bloody fun!


Just took a huge dump

Today is Saturday, and I enjoyed being able to sleep in. When I did wake up, I just stayed in bed and relaxed for a bit. After a while, my stomach was rumbling, and I let out a long, loud fart. Over the next few minutes, I blasted some more farts, but soon I was feeling like it was more than a fart coming.

I walked to my bathroom, lowered my panties and sat on the toilet. I grabbed a magazine and started to read as I relaxed and let my poop come. I could feel a turd almost ready to come out. My anus opened and closed several times. I kept reading and didn't push at all. Eventually, my anus domed open and stayed open as my turd crowned. It wasn't very big around at first, but I could feel my anus opening wider as the turd slowly inched out.

Once it reached its widest point, a bit more came out before breaking off and making a floomp when it hit the water. A bit later, another turd was ready. It felt harder than the first turd, but not as wide. After that I had two very soft turds that shot out of my anus back to back. Then the final turd was another ringstretcher. It stretched my anus and hurt a little when it was coming out. I continued reading for a bit to make sure I was completely empty.

I always look in the toilet after I poop, and I had feeling this was going to be a particularly remarkable dump. I wasn't disappointed when I saw five long banana shaped turds in the toilet. It looked like each one was probably 8-10 inches long. The thickest one was about an inch and a half around too. I flushed, then wiped myself six times and flushed again.

Monday, April 08, 2013

a gift for tee tee
Yesterday, I was working out at the gym and I saw this really beefy guy lifting weights. He had a full beard and mustache. He looked really working class, like maybe a construction worker or janitor. The kind of man that definitely enjoys a good fart and dump.
Anyway, he was doing squats. Each time he squatted, he scrunched up his face. On his fith squat, his face scrunched up and I heard some gas escaping through his well toned buttocks. As he was farting, he closed his eyes and pushed. After the fart was all the way out, he smiled and let out a loud ahhhhh. Then he walked away to the locker room with his chest out. He was really proud of his fart.

Hotring Girl
Just felt like I really needed a poo, but when I went and sat on the toilet I pushed, let out a high pitched hiss -like fart, then pushed a bit more and only let out a little ball of poo that made a loud splash and left my bumhole feeling like its been burned. Weird.


I have the runs

I have diarrhea. I've been urgently needing the toilet all day and when I do go it's runny and liquidy. I haven't had a solid bowel movement since yesterday. Has anyone else got a dodgy ???? right now? I'd love to hear how your belly's are feeling! Mine's uncomfortable and loose.


Latest news

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I seem to be even busier during the hols than I am when I'm at school! I'll get on to my latest update after some comments.
Megan- glad to hear the Easter break is helping you to poo more often- I'd love to be able to go once a day, I'm just about managing to go every 2 or 3 days at the moment. You said this was a change back to your old routine, I was wondering when you started to poo less frequently. Hope to hear some more fun stories when you're back at university!
Rhiannon- it sounds like after your toilet experience at that wedding reception you won't be so worried if you want a poo at school again! I do know what you mean, its not ideal if you have to go for a poo during the school day and end up needing to use the toilets there but for me its better than holding it in, feeling uncomfortable, making my constipation worse and ending up with dirty underwear, all of which have happened in the past when I've tried to put off the urge and wait till I get home. I'm unlucky as my normal time for needing a poo is mid morning or lunchtime meaning its right in the middle of the day and so not that comfortable or easy sometimes to keep it in until home time.
Anyway, the holiday has made it a bit easier for me to have a poo and I think I'm a bit less constipated as my last couple of poos have certaintly been easier to push out. Today my friend Katie was round, we had lunch together and then went up to my room to chill out and read magazines. I felt a slight need stirring and thought back over the last few days, I realised I hadn't been for a poo for 2 days so knew I should go on the loo before long. Katie had been shifting about a bit on the bed, she suddenly stood up and said "Abbie, I'm bursting for the loo." As she walked across to my ensuite she said "You can come in and we can keep chatting if you want, I need a poo so I'll probably be awhile." Katie walked over to the toilet, pulled down her jeans and white pants and sat down heavily, her bottom made a slapping noise as it hit the seat. She began to wee and let out some hissing farts as well, as her wee stream trickled to a stop I could see her belly tensing as she started to push. We kept on chatting as Katie worked on her poo, she was having to bear down quite hard and her voice kept going funny as she pushed! After a pause during which she did a couple of really hard pushes and grunted a bit there was a plop and then she sighed with releaf. She finished with a couple more pieces before wiping her bum and then pulling up her pants and jeans. I said "We might as well stay here, I want a poo as well." I pulled down my leggings and pink spotty pants and sat down on the warm seat, there are some advantages to being second. I was just glad I wasn't so desperate that my poo was poking out into my pants which often happens when I'm waiting for a friend, although that usually happens after school when I'm round my friend Ellie's house and Ellie, her sister Beth and I are all totally bursting for a poo after not having had enough time to go at school! By now I was weeing a heavy stream, I'd been wanting a wee since before Katie arrived so I was desperate for that too!! I started to push and let out a few loud farts which made Katie giggle, shortly after I felt the tip of a fat log poking out. I bore down hard and grunted slightly then tried to keep the pressure going as I could feel it was in danger of getting sucked back up, I knew I was screwing my face up but Katie wasn't phased as we've used the loo in front of each other loads of times before. After a few more hard pushes I could feel it starting to slide out on its own and then shortly after it dropped down into the loo with a splosh and I started to push out the next one. After a couple more logs I was done, I quickly wiped my bottom and then pulled up my pants and leggings before washing my hands. We both agreed we felt a lot better after dropping those loads! Hope you enjoyed my story, will post again soon, bye for now!

Kmd- Yes, there was a bit of a smell coming from her cubicle but it wasn't that strong. Thanks for the interesting explanation of how things work down there!

Rhiannon- I bet you were all embarrassed by those toilets with no cubicles. At least you managed to go when you needed too and I enjoyed reading your story! I actually had to use a doorless toilet yesterday which I will write about below.

Claire- Sounds like you really had to go during your shift! Glad you made it in time.

I've still been pooing every day or at most every other day, so it looks like it will be my new routine from now on!

Yesterday, since it was a nice sunny day I decided to go for a walk in the national park which is not that far from my university. I took some sandwiches for my lunch and set off from the car park. After lunch and a couple of hours' walk I was needing to find a toilet so I could do a wee and a poo. I knew there were toilets at the car park so I headed back there.

Upon going in I was quite surprised, to say the least, to see that none of the three cubiucles had doors! I've not seen many so it was a surprise, but what was more concerning was that I would have to use them- there were no other loos around and I couldn't wait until I got home- I needed to do both things strongly by now. I went over to the loos and was surprised to see a woman of about 40 sitting on the first one. She didn't seem bothered and gave me a quick smile. I returned it and then I moved past her and took the middle one- at least I wasn't alone and she didn't seem bothered by having someone see her. I pulled down my jeans and purple knickers and sat down, having only lowered them to my knees instead of my feet which I usually do when I'm pooing. I rested my hands in my lap, instead of on my knees like usual, so nobody would see my private parts! I did my wee first, but before I could start pooing someone came in. I heard her hesitate like I had, and then walk over and pass the first cubicle.
A girl of about my age appeared in front of my cubicle. I think she was just as surprised to see two people on the toilets as I had been seeing the woman, but I tried to ignore my embarrassment by giving her a quick smile like the woman had. She smiled back and quickly moved to the next cubicle. I heard her sit and wee. The woman started wiping now, leaving me and the girl doing our business. My poo was poking out now but I was really embarrassed about doing it, especially if the other girl was only weeing. I decided to wait and see if she would leave or if she stayed, indicating she needed a poo. Sure enough she wiped herself and left, leaving me on my own. In a way this was good because it meant I could poo in peace, but then if someone else came in I'd be the only person using the doorless toilet which would be embarrassing!

Once she left I started pushing and my first turd came out quickly with a plop. I managed to unload two more before someone came in. I guess she either didn't want to use the one by the door or wanted to see if anyone else was using them, because a woman of about 30 appeared in front of my cubicle, looking surprised to see me sitting on the loo! She quickly moved to the cubicle on my right, farthest from the door, and sat. As it turned out, she needed to do a poo as well. I heard two quick plops from her cubicle. This made me less embarrassed about pushing out my next one since I wasn't the only one pooing anymore! I did another two pieces and then I was done, having spent ten minutes on the doorless toilet which was a novel experience! While I was wiping my bum (sitting down, instead of satanding like I usually do) someone took the other cubicle. On my way out I saw a girl of about my age sitting on it and looking embarrassed about it!
I have to say that, although I was nervous and embarrassed about it at first, by the end I was actually quite enjoying it! I wasn't expecting to, but there was something quite enjoyable about having other women see me on the loo, and seeing them too! I feel like I might return to those toilets and use them again fairly soon, just for the experience!

This is a story from a few months ago.

We were playing a netball match. Before It, my friend Misha and I had something to eat from the cafeteria in the sports centre. Misha had a burger and I had a sandwich.

During the game, she came over to me and farted before saying "I might need to drop one off in your house afterwards" After the game, we were getting our things in the changing rooms and she came over to me, lifted one leg and farted right next to me-it wreaked!

When we were walking home, she said that the burger didnt go down well with her and was quite desperate to poo. Her stomach was gurgling abit and little wattery farts were coming out regularly.

All of a sudden, she stopped, held her belly with her hands and squatted onto the ground with her legs pressed together. "Oh No, I need the toilet NOW!" she shouted. Her eyes were wattering.

As I went over to her, there was a smell of poo in the air, I asked her "did you just do it there" she told me "no, it was a bad fart though" And my stomach is aching.

I got her on her feet and we kept walking home. She was almost shuffling with her legs together. I knew that when I got in, I would need to get her to the toilet straight away!

she said she wasn't going to make it and kept saying "omg its coming" and she didn't want to fart as it would come out and she was clutching her bum with her hands.

We got to my house, ran up the stairs and guess what? my sister was in the toilet!

I told her to hurry up but I think she was finishing up anyway, I told Misha to sit on a chair with her legs together and she was almost crying in stress at her sore stomach and urgent urge to poop. Her netball skirt was wedged very high up due to how she was sitting and her blue underpants were showing.

My sister came out of the toilet, magazine in hand and misha sprinted in. She ushered me in with her for some reason. She locked the door over. She pushed her skirt up to her waist and shoved her pants to her shins, on top of her long socks. Her bottom barely touched the pan when pure wattery poo fired out of her bottom. She was breathing very heavily and leaning forward on the toilet. The poo just kept coming out like a tap and she made some strained facial expressions.

A few wattery farts continued along with some more liquedy poo. There was a tiny skidmark on her pants which she inspected. She made one last push and sqeazed out lots more poo. She said "thatll do" and stood up to wipe. I saw the toilet and it was just brown water.

She seemed embarassed and her thighs were red from sweating on the toilet seat. She used up lots of toilet roll and bent over with her bottom over the toilet to wipe. I couldnt believe that that bum could make such a mess.

She pulled up her pants, pulled her skirt down which didnt cover the red marks on her legs and altered her socks. I bet she wished she didnt have to wear a skirt after that poop!

John H

Some Comments

Hey all.

@Scott US Soccer Fan, I really enjoyed your latest post and I have to say you really done well to manage holding all that poop in until you made it to a toilet.

@Blue orb, I remember reading your old post and I am glad to see that you have found someone you love and that shares the same interests as you.
I would like to hear how you approached the subject with your girlfriend and to wish you both the best of luck together in the future. Maybe you can let her know about this site if you haven't already. Take care.

@Anonymous Guy, Hey man, glad to see you back. I am busy with college myself at the moment so know its hard to find the time to post.
Like you I can spend up to an hour writing a post.

The toilet role cardboard was indeed a messy situation but you got to do what you got to do and I didn't want the smell or feeling of soft poop on my body.
Glad that you enjoy my posts and look forward to reading more from you in the future.

@Kristina, Hey and good to see some old posters returning. I wasn't around here when you posted first but I went back and read all your other posts.
It may have been me that suggested lining your underwear with toilet paper first to help keep them clean but it might be better to try using kitchen paper as it is thicker and will be less likely to rip.
Its been many years since I tried this and I would have liked to have used paper towel but I lived at home at the time and my parents would have asked questions if they saw me going to the bathroom with paper towels.
Also if you do try paper towels don't flush them as they may block the toilet due to them being thicker than regular toilet paper.
This is another reason why I used toilet paper at the time as it would have been tricky to dispose of the paper towel afterwards.
If you try this I would love to hear how you found it and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

That's all for now.
Will post again soon
Take care all,

John H.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Pretty Woman first welcome to the site and great story about you and your room mate pooping in front of eachother it sounds like you both really had to go alot her mostly and I bet you both felt pretty great afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Claire first welcome to the site it sounds like you had a pretty good poop at work and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Michelle great story about you getting revenge on your ex I bet he got quite the shock when he opened his cardoor and I bet you wouldve love to see his face and great story about watching your friend poop in that shoebox and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: AshleyAshley as always another great set of stories it sounds like you felt pretty great after pushing that monster out of you and problay a little lighter to and great story about your big dump in the pak bathroom it sounds like you had to go alot and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Karen first welcome back and great story as always it sounds like you had a rough day but im glad your feeling better and as always I look forward to your nex post thanks.

To: Rhianon as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well that all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Steven A

To Tyler / Question

Tyler, I was giving advice to people who had constipation problems. I had ran out of questions to ask and I could only think of this one. "Has anyone ever have problems with school food (that they serve in the cafeteria) that made the sick and they had to use the bathroom?" It never happened to me.

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