My 20th birthday was two days ago. I eat a tonne normally, but I ate even more than usual at the party. And of course afterwards, there was cake. I was absolutely stuffed by the end of the evening. After everyone had gone home, I had a relaxing bath and then went to bed early. As you can imagine, when I woke up the next morning I really needed to poo.

I shuffled off to my bathroom, lowered my pyjama bottoms, and got settled. I grabbed a periodical to read and relaxed, letting nature take its course. I felt my bum open and a fat log begin to emerge. I weed fiercely at the same time. My log slid out effortlessly into the loo, with only a faint plop. I followed up with a few nuggets of poo and then I was finished. I wiped my bum three times and flushed. As I was washing my hands, I noticed that my log didn't go down. I flushed again and it looked as though it might be blocked, but it got sucked down after all.

Later that day, during my lunch break at work, I was feeling full and knew I needed to poo. I headed to the ladies' toilets and took the cubicle furthest from the door. I sat right down and began unloading a long rope of poo. It felt like it might never end. When it did end, I gave a few pushes to see if any more poo was in me. I managed two short logs and that was all. My bum was very messy that time and I needed seven wipes total. The toilets at my work have very powerful flushes, and I was glad, as I had done a massive poo that would likely have blocked up my home toilet.

Surprisingly, I even had to poo one more time yesterday. I came home from work and had dinner. I watched a bit of telly and was farting a lot. Soon though, I knew I had to do more than fart. I hurried off to the bathroom to avoid pooing my self. No sooner did I get my pants down was my bum opening to pass a fat log. I read my periodical whilst pooing out three more turds. I flushed the toilet then so as to be sure not to block it, and started evacuating a rope of poo. It was long, but not nearly as long as the one I did at work. However, I followed it up with another almost just as long, so maybe if it all came out as one, it would have been about the same. I flushed again, then wiped myself five times and flushed the paper.

So, that's my story of my three huge poos I did yesterday. I almost always poo twice every day, but three times is unusual. However, when I consider all that I ate at my party, it makes sense. As the saying goes, "What goes in, must come out."


At the gas station

Hi this is my first time posting on this site. I love to hear about people's pooping stories so here's mine .
My name is Tiffany I am 14 with blonde hair. It was after school and the luch was burritos with beans. My stomach started to act up with cramps and grumbling. It was then that I knew I had to poo . I went to the nearest gas station as I walked home. The thing is, it was unisex. I would never ever use one in my life time, but it was ergent. I went in there, and there were three toilets and a urinal. Did I also tell you there were no stalls or doors!! I sat on the middle toliet, and unleashed a huge fart!! Nobody was in there, but I spoke too soon. I was in the middle of pushing out a small turd when a little boy (about seven)and his sister(about my age) comes in. The little boy goes to the urinal to pee while his sister sits on toliet right next to me. I stared straight forward and tried not to notice him . My stomach felt constipated until I unleashed an even bigger fart than before. A big long fat turd pushed out of me which felt great!! The little boy walks outside after he is done to his mom at the door. The girl beside me grunts and makes a fart sound while I push out three medium size turds. I wiped my bottom and flushed the toliet. As I got up, the girl that sat beside me makes a sound of dirreaha. I washed my hands and got out of there
Thanks I hope you enjoyed


Some stories from my vacation

Hi everyone! I have a few stories to share with you. Last winter, my older sister Claudia, my friend Alexis, and I went on a skiing trip together. My friend and I are 17, and my sister is 18, by the way.

So anyway, it was mid December then, about a week and a half before Christmas. We had rented a cabin near the slopes, and rented all our gear so that all we had to do was show up and everything would be ready. On the way, we made several stops for bathroom breaks. Despite that, when we were getting close to the cabin, Alexis was starting to get desperate to poop.

When we pulled up to the cabin, Alexis hurried ahead of us to get to the bathroom, but the door was locked and she had to wait that minute or so for us anyway. We went in and she ran off to the bathroom so fast she even forgot to close the door. She threw herself on the toilet and started pooping nearly the instant her clothes were out of the way. She was letting off lots of loud splashes.

Her poop was fairly quick, taking just a few minutes. I had to piss by then so I went in to the bathroom after her (And yeah, I remembered to close the door). She had really stunk it up bad so I tried to be as quick as I could. Once I was done peeing, we wanted to get straight out on the slopes, so off we went.

After we had been skiing for a few hours, Alexis said she had to go the bathroom. She went off to the public toilet block and came back like ten minutes later. I asked if she was alright, and she said she was, just had a dodgy stomach. She blamed it on something she had eaten that morning.

A few more hours later, and we were feeling done for the day, and I was getting desperate to piss again. Claudia said she was as well, so we went to the toilets. There were only two stalls and both were available, so we didn't have to wait. I went in my stall and peed for what felt like a long time, but she was peeing well after I had stopped. Finally, she ran dry and then we headed back to the cabin with Alexis.

Artiss called Arlene yesterday to see how she's doing, she's been doing well since her accident at the Elks Lodge, except she's embarrased and ashamed at the thought of going to her next month's ladies meeting-she said that she doesn't know i she can ever ace the ladies there again. Artiss told her not to be absurd, of course she can, i they're really her friends, they'll be understanding and won't mention a word about the incident. Arlene did admit that the ladies group is one of her few social outlets as she is a widow and lives alone. Artiss then called officer Clarissa up and then called Arlene again, and the 3 ladies are going to meet for shopping and lunch together. Arlene started cying in the phone and once again thanked Artiss for helping her with her poopy mess, and Artiss said "Noroblem, I'm sure that if had been the other way aronnd, you would have helped me."

desperate to poop

walkin in the park and poop queue

Lovely day today I went for another nice walk in our favourite park. I felt I would prob need a pooh when I finished, but I like doing them there as the toilets are nice and clean and I can often watch a queue and see how desp people are lol.

After a really lovely walk I went for cake and coffee and knew as I finished I'd need a good clearout. I was on my own today so I went and joined the queue which today was 6 deep for 2 toilets. Very busy with the lovely weather.

THere was 4 ladies and 2 gents waiting. In front was 2 ladies and they got to go in quite quickly and both peed so were out in 2-3 minute. This let the first gent and another lady in. The gent was out quite quickly and this let the other lady in. SHe had been looking a little nervous and I reckoned might need a poop

There was now 2 ladies who were both pooping and they spent 5 minutes each in there, causing a big backlog. Finally a lady came out and the gent went in. Shortly after that the other lady came out and I was able to go in. I was now ready for a nice poop. I pulled my cargo pants and pink knickers down and nestled my butt on a warm seat in a pungent toilet. I started to push out a nice log. Next door the gent was poohing too and for a few minutes we hogged the toilets. The gent then finished up and flushed. I had now been in 4 minutes and felt nearly done. I evacuated some final mush, dribbled another bit of pee and then wiped up a relatively clean backside and a moist front, flushed and let another attractive young lady take my place.

Happy Pooping

Elisabeth s.
Hey I posted a bit ago, but now have time. On monday I was for a short pee at the toilet. Then there came another girl in the bathroom and went in a near cubic, she pulled pants and underwear quick down. As she sit on the toilet I heard the pee and it didn't seem to fade away. I did not look on the time, but it must be over a minute. I waited at the sinks to look who she was. I think she is in 6th. grade,but never talked to her. Do you think it is ok to pee or poop outside , even if it is not only for emergency ?



Found an old questionaire on here, thought I'd complete it

Here's a questionaire to fill out to see how many people poop like u!!!
1. Do you enjoy pooping? yes
2. what is your favorite position when passing a BM? either leaning forward, or else leaning back, massaging stomach
3. Do you get stomach aches before you BM? Are they severe? sometimes I do, and sometimes
4. How many times a day do you poop? usually once, sometimes more, depends
5. What was the longest poop you ever did? an hour
6. Do you find pooping relaxing? yes
7. Do you make grunting noises when pushing? Do you yell in pain when it hurts? yes, and i grown
8. How often do you get constipated? quite a bit :-(
9. What was the longest time you were ever constipated for? 9 days
10. After being constipated or just having a difficult poop, and it finally comes out, do you ever yell of relief? yes, i groan and cry
11. Do you get stomach aches often when you don't have to BM? If so, are they severe and how long do they last? yes, after my 9 day one i had the worst belly ache, couldnt eat at all til i pooped
12. Are you gassy when you poop? oh god yes
13. Do you look forward to taking a dump? yes
14. What are two signs that you have to go (besides a stomach ache)? usually I fart and get that urgent feeling
15. Do you ever lie down after taking a loooong dump because you feel week or tired? no.
16. Do you ever have to catch your breath after pooping? yes i've had to a few times from straining
17. Do you like taking as long as necessary on the bowl, or do you get it done as fast as possible? long as necessary
18. When you are constipated or are having a tough time getting it out, what do you think is the best way to relieve yourself w/o taking a laxative? prune juice, or black coffee or watermelon or a lot of spicy food
19. Has a BM ever hurt so much that you started to cry? yes.
20. How often do you have diahrea? depends on what I eat. Not too often
21. When on the bowl taking a dump, what do you think is the most comfortable position (i.e. Leaning back, head between your knees, straight up with your hands on the side of the bowl, etc.) leaning forward, elbows on knees, feet off the ground. or else if i have diarrhea, leaning back
22. Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? yes i do, i knead and push
23. Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or to help yourself poop? yes, or i have someone massage it for me on the toilet
24. How do you feel about having someone poop with you, like to keep you company? sure, i don't mind, my husband does alot
25. How do you feel about someone talking you through constipation, a rough poop, diahrea, etc.? I realy enjoy it, it helps make it better. If i'm constipated or having the runs, my husband will sit in the bathroom and talk to me, or i will to him
26. After a long, hard poop, diahrea, constipation, or even when you have the stomach flu/bug, would you enjoy a stomach massage? yes, it helps immensley
27. Do your stomach aches continue even after you have pooped? if i have an upset stomach it'll go untill all the bad food is out
28. How often do you get off the bowl, and then realize as you walk away from the bathroom that you weren't done? Has this ever happened to you more than twice in a row (for the same dump)? sometimes, and not more then twice lol.

desperate to poop

cafe poop

Hi All

Popped to the cafe at lunchtime to meet an old friend. Had a lovely time, coffee and cake. At the end I needed a poo, I said good bye to my friend and said I need to use the ladies.

As I had been saying goodbye another lady , in her 40's had gone by to the ladies and when I got in both toilets were in use. One lady was plopping away and the other side was quite quiet but there was a poop smell eminating.

I waited 3 or 4 minutes as the one side continued to plop away and the other lady was deadly but silent making quite a stink.

The one cubicle the flushed and the 40 yr old came out. I went in and sat on a nice warm seat but stinky toilet and had a good clean out. The other lady continued to shit up a storm for a few minutes before finally finishng and wiping up and leaving. I had a few more farts and then felt done myself wiped, flushed and left feeling very relieved

Happy Pooping


Beach experiences

What do you do when on beach, and here are no restrooms anywhere close? I assume most folks would go into the water to pee, but I have seen people trying to find some secluded spot or even leave to go to a distant restroom. I personally just pee my swimwear. Try not to be obvious, but at the end I just don't care.

Amy M

Friend's big poop at the library

This afternoon, my friend and I went to see a movie together. After it was over, we started walking back to her house, which was about a twenty minute walk from the theater. Well, when we were maybe half way there, my friend said she needed to "use the toilet, very badly". I asked why she didn't go at the theater. She replied that the line was very long and she thought she could hold it and go at home, but she was wrong.

Problem was, there wasn't anywhere very close with a public bathroom, nor any place where she could go, without exposing herself to passing drivers and other people walking. She had no choice but to keep going. It was clear she was desperate to go, and from the way she was farting, she definitely needed to poop. But I knew it was bad when she stopped farting, and told me her poop was turtleheading.

By that point, we weren't too far from the public library, so we hurried as best we could without her pooping her pants. By some miracle we made it, and we went to the bathroom. It was a single occupant whole room to its self style toilets, and we went in together. I locked the door while she yanked down her jeans and green panties in one swift motion and sat on the toilet.

She couldn't help but moan with relief as her poop started to come out. I heard it crackling as it came out. It was all over no more than a minute after she sat down. She needed to wipe her butt just two times, so it must have been a fairly clean poop.

She looked in the toilet when she was done and she said I had to see it. I came over and looked as well. Her turd was a really long, sandy brown whopper. It was kind of shaped like the letter 'J', with some of it hiding behind the bend. It stretched to the front of the toilet, and most of where it curved was outside the water too.

She flushed the toilet and it must have a very powerful flush, as it turned the turd into a brown liquid and sucked it all away in just a matter of seconds. She washed her hands and we left the library and continued to her house.


Hello Steven A.

Hiya Steven....I haven't seen you post in a while. I thought I'd ask you a couple of questions about your school bathrooms.

(1) Do they have Stalls? Do the Stalls have doors?

(2) You have said that you regularly get urges and poop at school. Would you still do that if there were no stalls with doors on them?

(3) Do you encounter "exhibitionist" types of kids in the bathroom? Kids who purposely leave the door open and stuff?

(4) Do you sometimes find un-flushed turds in the bowl? Any really big ones?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abbie it sounds like you and all those girls had great poops.

To: Annie thats good u were finaly able to poop.

To: Pat it sounds like Artiss was really helpful and made a new friend in the process.

To: Cici I hope you poop soon.

To: Aisha great story about you watching your friend poop it sounds like she really had to go.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

One-Time Poster, Lifetime Pooper
I am that kind of person that is almost never regular. I am a small young woman, so most of the time, I don't hold much. A while ago, I was really constipated right before school holiday. I figured the problem would resolve itself over the holiday, as it usually does. My boyfriend said that he was gonna take me out to eat at the new restaurant. When I went, I was already constipated for 4 days, but I didn't want to be rude, I tried the food. It was so good, I completely forgot about my constipation and piled my plate up high. There was so much food on my plate that to this day I still don't know how I ate it all. When it was over, I went home, but he decided to go to the new arcade. All night I was moaning and groaning because my stomach hurt so bad because it was so full. Thank God I live alone! I held it until the sixth day, when I couldn't possibly take it any longer. I hadn't slept in 2 days, because it hurt that bad and I just don't handle pain well. I decided that I would completely empty myself the moment I hauled myself out of bed. I got my suppository stuff and my enema thingy. Before I did anything I took a VERY strong laxative just in case. I used, like, 4 of the suppository thingies. By then I was going to die if I didn't go RIGHT NOW but I took the enema anyway to make absolutely sure I had NOTHING left in me. It took all the strength I could muster just to keep from covering everything in the bathroom with poop. I did it, but barely. As soon as I was done with that enema, my butt flew to the toilet and I let loose with a pure wave of liquid brown that lasted forever. I had 2 more waves of poop, the second being almost entirely brown water, with a little bit of slush. The third wave was completely slush. My best friend called me up and told me she was on her way to pick me up for our shopping spree I had forgotten about. I cleaned up fast and put some medicines in a secret part of my purse. They were labeled "STOP " and "GO ". We went to the mall. About 15 minutes later, I was talking to her about a pair of shoes when my stomach gurgled. I assumed it was because I had skipped breakfast. I told her I was hungry and we both had a huge lunch. It stopped. At about 12:20, I had a huge gurgly rumble in my stomach and told her to come with me to the bathroom. There was a line and the whole time I was waiting my stomach was gurgling and rumbling like it was 2012 and I could feel it all rushing to my butt. As soon as a stall opened, I rushed in and practically ripped off my cute shorts. All that hot, sticky, gooey mess spewed out in a rapid torrent of poo. My friend asked if I was okay and I said that I was okay and I felt like it was over. I was wiping when I felt a huge cramp come on and another waterfall of slush near my butt. "NEVER MIND!!!" I said as I clutched my stomach and slammed my butt back onto the seat. 4 waves of this came before I was finally okay. She was glad it was ove and told me that she hoped I felt better. I had to run back to the bathrooms pretty much every half hour to suffer through this and my dear friend, bless her heart understood and waited patiently. After 4 runs to the bathroom, my friend said I obviously wasn't feeling well and drove me home. I watched Tv and ran every half hour until finally my stomach and bowels pulled it together. Then my boyfriend decided to surprise me by picking me up at 6:00 and taking me to my favorite restaurant. I said yeah, and we went. At 6:45, my food didn't go down well apparently, and my stomach was gurgling, rumbling, and complaining like mad! My boyfriend actually heard it and asked if I was alright. I told him I was fine, and we kept on talking and having fun. I knew that I probably wasn't fine, but I was prepared. I had taken a fast-acting but strong constipational agent. So it gurgled on, and it gurgled for the rest of the holiday. At school, it quit, whic
h made me suspicious. At the beginning of 8th block, I started getting HUGE cramps. I


Too D

One time when I was little when me and my mom was home by ourselves. She was on the toilet and there was no more toilet paper in the bathroom. And she told me to go in the closet in the other room to get a roll out.
And then one time on a Saturday morning maybe a year later she said she was going to poopy I said if I can pee first. When I was peeing she was stomping her feet for me to hurry. She was around 29 to 30 at the time.

That's all I can remember. Excluding the times she farts.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Jasmin K

Constipation and School

Hi all,
Back to school this week and today is the first morning ive actually managed to do a decent poo at school, It took me a good 25 minutes to get it all out but wow was it felt good. I took a cubical and it was still clean, lifted my skirt and pulled my blue bikini style knickers down and sat. I pushed and pushed on the log I could feel inside but nothing, so I pushed down much harder making a little grunting sound and a rasping fart then another deep breath and pushed down again much harder and a couple of pebbles splashed into the water. I pushed again and could feel something bigger pushing at my bum but not coming through it so I reached round and pulled my bum open and pushed again, I could feel my bum swelling and bulging outward so I pushed it back up as I strained hard and the tip of a log started to emerge. I relaxed and it went back up so using 2 fingers from each hand I pushed up on either side of my bum hole and strained down really hard and my log emerged beyond the point of no return,stretching my swollen bum hole with its knobbly hard consistency, then another deep breath and hard push and it was in the water,I pushed again and dropped 2 smaller softer logs. I wiped but kept hold of the paper and stood to check what I had done, a solid knobbly log about 8 inches and substantially round which was sticking up out of the water, there were a few pebbles in the water which had taken 15 minutes to come out. The couple of smaller logs were about 3 inches in length, which took 10 to get out. It felt good being empty.

Whilst reading some of the posts someone referred to the Bristol Stool Chart - My sister was referred by our practise nurse to a clinic to do with her still wetting her bed and pooing in her knickers. Apparently her wetting could be because she is always constipated and when it hurts when she poos she witholds, anyway Mum took her to her appointment last week. They gave her this sort of diary to complete of when she wets and when she does a poo,eg date and time, how much she does and what is it like eg hard, soft, lumpy etc. She has to put a number in from the Bristol Stool Chart and was given a copy to compare her poo to. Her poo is usually type 1 occasionally 2 but has like type 4 smeared in her knickers. Mine is a little of type 1 but usually 2 or 3 and if like I said about my poo this morning that I kept straining after the hard bit came out the 2 bits that came out then were like 3.
I attended a similar clinic when I was 10 but just because of constipation and it was all questions and describe to the nurse what it was like and an internal examination and some test to see if the muscles in my bum/insides were working.
It might be of interest to members of the forum to have a copy of the chart available on this forum, Ive tried to copy and paste one from the internet into my post but unfortunatly it wont let me so here is the descriptions but unfortunatly without pictures.
Type 1 -- separate hard lumps, like nuts (hard to pass)
Type 2 -- sausage shaped but lumpy
Type 3 -- like a sausage but with cracks on the surface

type 4 -- like a sausage or snake,smooth and soft
type 5 -- soft blobs with clear cut edges
type 6 -- fluffy pieces with ragged edges, a mushy stool

type 7 -- watery, no solid pieces, entirely liquid.

Ok so that my free lesson gone so now back to class - maths yuk all afternoon - hard plastic chairs and a sore piles again.

Jas K

Kmd- Yes, I imagine she just pulled them down first as insurance. Since it's the first thing I do when I enter a cubicle I sometimes find myself performing other actions like wiping down the seat (I don't line it unless it's really dirty and there are no other toilets) or checking to see if there is paper with my pants already down! On your other point, I know we all do it and normally I don't get embarrassed about it but I still do around guys to some extent!

Abbie- Sounds like you were really needing that poo. Glad you made it in time! Like you I usually need to poo at around lunchtime, although for me it's usually slightly after because it's eating lunch that usually gets things moving, although a big breakfast can have the same effect earlier in the day for me.

Like your story, my poo today was one of those ones that became urgent very quickly. I was walking to my next lecture and as soon as I got there I had to go straight to the toilet to take care of my poo. Two turds came out pretty quickly and then after a few minutes I pushed out two more, with a fifth and final one finishing things off. I still made it to my lecture on time!


its been awhile

I used to post on here years ago. I rediscovered the site just a few days ago and the thing I've noticed is that it's mostly poop stories now. I used to love the good pee stories! I love peeing outside and have done so since I was a kid. Think my first post is page 1746. I have a small bladder so desperation hits me often and I am more than familiar with being in "need to pee" predicaments. I figured I would post some new experiences. On a road trip a few years ago, my husband and I were traveling through the Arizona desert. When I tell you there was nothing around, I'm not exaggerating. Just highway and other drivers. We had packed some sandwiches and my husband decided to pull off the highway onto an exit and park on the side of the road to eat. We exited and parked on a dirt road right off the highway. We hadn't so much as taken a first bite when we saw a car exit the highway and stop about a 1/4 mile from us. We watched as an older man (60's or so) got out of the driver's seat and walked around to the passenger's side where an older woman also got out. The woman proceeded to pull down her pants and panties and squat right next to the car and begin to pee. Standing right next to her, the man unzipped and pulled out his penis and started peeing onto the dirt. The man finished first and zipped up, then turned and watched the woman finish her pee. I'm not sure if they were aware we were in the car or if they even saw us but when she finished, she stood right up and we got a show of her wiping and pulling up her pants. They got back in the car and drove off. About five minutes later, an SUV exited and pulled into the same spot as the last car. A man, probably in his 40's,jumped out of the car before it even fully stopped and whipped his penis out and a powerful stream of piss started almost immediately. He peed for quite a while before finishing and getting back in the SUV and driving off. Several minutes later yet another car pulled up. We were in disbelief but realized it made sense as the last restrooms we remembered seeing had been at least 60 miles back. Out of this car emerged a couple probably in their 30's.The woman was looking around a lot, you could tell she was nervous about peeing there. The guy she was with walked over to her and appeared to comfort her. She looked around again and then pulled her shorts and panties halfway down and squatted low to the ground. The guy squatted right in front of her,I'm guessing to shield her from view but with how closely he was to her, there's no way she didn't pee on him. She finished quickly and as she was wiping and pulling up her shorts, he enjoyed a pee right there. They left. At this point we were finished eating and my husband said we should probably pee as well. I had to go at this point anyway. We were towing a travel trailer behind our SUV so we went onto the side of the trailer. I pulled down my jeans and leaned up against one of the trailer tires and squatted very low to the dirt. My husband stood next to me and watered a cactus while making fun of my huge pee puddle forming under me. As we were pulling out, another car pulled in and two guys got out and started to pee. Great pee watching spot.
In a recent trip to a beach at a state park, I had to pee outdoors because there were no facilities between the trail that leads from the parking lot to the beach. The trail however did not provide much coverage, just small bushes. There wasn't anyone else around so I quickly squatted behind a small bush while my husband stood lookout. I peed as quickly as I could but I had to pee so badly it took me a bit to finish. I made it out with no one seeing. I love having the opportunity to pee outside and enjoy when my friends need to also. Anyone else?


easy dump

This morning about 30 minutes after i got up I felt the urge for a poop! Went to bathroom railed toiled seat and squatted over toilet and did not have to push very hard. A log about 10 inches long and 2 inches wide slid out of my butt. sat down and wiped about 2 times and very little stain on th toilet paper, great way to start the day!!!


This weekend

Hi, Abbie here again, back at school now but work hasn't kicked in too bad so have some time for a quick post tonight.
Megan- glad to hear you're still pooing more regularly, hope this continues for you. Your experience of starting to hold in your poo after going to secondary school is exactly like what happened to me and a lot of my friends, at my primary school we had decent toilets and I used to go for a poo there most days. For some reason I've always had a strong urge to have a poo mid to late morning, so I would always use the toilet straight after morning lessons finished as by then I would be starting to get desperate! There were quite a few other girls in my class who I knew needed a poo by lunchtime as well judging by the grunts, farts and plops coming from their cubicles, which helped to make it less embarrassing. However when I started at secondary school the toilets were horrible, dirty and it was hard to lock the doors so I got worried about going for a poo and started to hold it in, gradually over time I started to go less but the problem with that was I ended up getting constipated which still affects me quite often to this day. Luckily some decent toilets opened up when I was in Year 10 which were alot more pleasant so a lot of us used those ones when we needed a poo. In my new school where I am for sixth form the loos are really nice and clean so a lot more girls use them when they want a poo, the only trouble is the 6th form ones are the worst in the school so I have to use different ones which can be a bit more embarrassing if everyone else queing up is younger!
So, back to my story from the weekend- my last poo was on Saturday meaning I'm going to have to try to go at school tomorrow as it will be three days. I probably should have tried today but I didn't feel the urge and it was so busy and hectic being the first day back I only just found time for a wee, by the time I got on the loo I'd dribbled a bit in my knickers I needed to go so badly! Anyway, back to Saturday, I'd been shopping with Ellie and Beth and we were on our way back to their house when I definitely felt a poo coming, it was one of the ones where you start off with a mild urge and before you know it you're bursting and its threatening to poke out into your knickers. I was wearing white granny pants which were embarrassing enough without skidmarks as well, I thought to myself. I clenched my bum as hard as I could which isn't easy when your walking along, Beth must have noticed something was wrong as she said "Are you OK Abbie?" and I mumbled that I urgently needed a poo and couldn't hang on much longer. We got to the house and I stood on the doorstep still clenching my bum, I could feel a big log doing its best to force its way out into my underwear and I was doing everything I could to stop it and praying I would be successful. By the time we got up to Beth and Ellies ensuite I could feel the tip was out, I just hoped I'd be able to get my jeans and pants down fast enough to save them from marks. I dashed into the bathroom, tugged down my clothes and plopped down onto the loo, I couldn't help moaning as I released my tightly clenched muscles and was finally able to relax, which was a bit embarrassing with Beth and Ellie right by the door! I nervously glanced at my pants but apart from a slight mark they were clean. I felt the log getting wider and realised it would need some pushing to get it to drop so I started to bear down quietly and hoped I wouldn't have to strain too hard. After a few minutes of pushing during which I managed to keep pretty quiet I could feel the log starting to slide out faster and shortly after it splashed into the bowl. Back in the bedroom Beth and Ellie were trying on clothes they'd bought, just then Ellie came in wearing just her white tee shirt and yellow pants, she said "I could see how desperate you were so I didn't tell you I was desperate too but I don't think I can hold it much longer!" I could feel my second log about to drop which it did with a loud plop just after Ellie had spoken, I said "There's just one more to come," I could feel it sliding out and I pushed hard to make sure it kept coming, after another few seconds there was a second plop. "I'll wipe standing up" I said, moving over and taking some toilet paper. Ellie had already pulled up her tee-shirt and dropped her pants to her knees so she sat on the loo, screwed up her face and released a volley of plops almost straight away, luckily she moaned too which made me less embarrassed! I was done wiping my bum so I pulled up my pants and jeans and went to join Beth in the bedroom, she was trying on a top she'd bought. Shortly after Ellie joined us, she said "I need to change these, it came out further than I thought" gesturing at her underwear. She pulled open her drawer then said "As usual all my decent pants are in the wash so sorry about these" as she pulled on a pair of pink flowery knickers, at least I felt less embarrassed about mine I guess!
Will post again soon, bye for now.


Finally pooped

I finally pooped after a week of not going. Last Wednesday and Thursday I had mushy poop/diarrhea but I haven't pooped since last Thursday. I finally went after a week of being constipated. I had 2 cups of coffee to stimulate my bowels and it seemed to work as I got a pretty strong urge.

I managed to poop out a fairly big turd, about a foot long. I tried to flush it but it remained sideways and it wouldn't go down so I had to plunge it. It almost overflowed the toilet but I plunged it and it went down. Hopefully it doesn't overflow again like last Wednesday next time we use the toilet. I feel a bit better but it feels like there's still more in me.


public persona

To answer Teetee's question: I honestly cannot remember a time I ever passed gas loudly in company--except, of course, in a public bathroom, which I have done many times. My daily gas production is, I would say, moderate; it was right in line with a program I saw on "Mythbusters" in which the three younger assistants all kept track of their farts, and all ended up with 14 to 20 per day, including silent as well as audible. I'd say that's about my pace as well, with a range going up or down from that depending on diet, stress, and other factors. This morning so far I've had two farts, both as I was up to pee during the night. I haven't kept good track of my farts, as they are less interesting to me than my poops, of which I keep track carefully, as directed by a doctor a few years ago.

One thing I do note: Since both the pee function and the poo (and fart) function involve sphincters, and both operate with pressure from the diaphragm, my farts as I'm standing to pee during the night actually help me to start to pee. Further, I note that, when I poop, even though I may have urinated during the bowel movement while seated, I often still need to urinate afterward (bladder not quite empty), so I wait to flush until I've had a chance to stand up and pee into the bowl.


A Very Satisfying Poop

I actually got a Saturday off for a change, so I decided to sleep in for awhile. Since on my day off I'm subject to being called in to work, I woke up early and laid in bed, waiting for the phone to ring. Since my work day starts at 7:30 and I hadn't heard anything by 8, I got up, peed, made coffee, took the dog out, and got the newspaper.

By the time I let the dog in, the coffee was done, so I poured a cup and started reading the paper, all the while feeling a growing pressure in my bowels. After reading for awhile, I felt it was time to go lay some cable, so I took the sports section of the paper and headed to the bathroom.

I pulled down my pants, sat on the toilet, and started reading yesterdays baseball recaps, while I peed and farted a couple times. After a few minutes, I began reading an article on the Masters, at which point I leaned forward a bit and began bearing down. The tip of a turd emerged, and then kept going, sliding out inch by inch. I knew it was a long one, as it kept going. Finally, it tapered off and slid out.

After reading a few more minutes, I pulled some toilet paper off and began wiping. Took about 6 or 8 wipes, but then I was finally clean.

I stood up to examine my handiwork, and saw a long, light brown turd, coming up out of the trap, curving around to the left, with the pointed end of it laying over and almost going down into the trap.

Wasn't an epic turd, but was very satisfying, and I felt a few pounds lighter, so I was happy with it.

Happy pooping, all!


epic beer shits

Since you guys post your ages and shit, I'm a 24 year old guy, just a guy really, bout 180 pounds, brown buzzed hair and a goatee. Me and a buddy of mine drank 18 Busch lights each and then had took shots of vodka and I passed out on his couch. Woke up having to shit so I used his bathroom before I took off and dropped about two logs, a bunch of soft stuff and that was it for then so I went and got breakfast at McD's and wolfed it down, hung over and starving. Stopped by a gas station, got a Monster energy drink and chugged that down to knock the sluggish and hung over out, plus a green powerade.

I noticed the weird feeling in my guts about then but it wasn't much and I thought it would go away once the food settled. Other than that and just kinda being tired and shit, I wasn't feeling too bad. I kept driving for a little bit more and all at once it started to feel like everything in my bowels just got a little bit loose and like I might have to take care of that pretty soon. There's a rest area up the way from where I was at and so I decided I'd better stop there when I got there, see if I wasn't really done back at my buddy's bathroom and take care of whatever needed taken care of if not. I ripped a couple farts to let off pressure and decided for sure I was going to stop.

The first serious wave of unmistakable sick with diarrhea hit me about a mile from the rest stop. The cramps had picked up and my guts were in knots and making watery gurgly noises and I had the first wave of pressure in my ass that felt like enough like a real fart that I let off another one , just trying to keep the pressure off until I could get to a toilet As I was pulling into the exit, suddenly I felt like I had to fart again but I didn't really believe it so I didn't risk it I parked and got out. When I stood up, I found out I was going to have to get on the toilet pdq because this was one of those ones that you don't hold in. Standing up made gravity do its thing and a couple of times on the way to the door, I almost had some squirt out in my pants but I clenched my ass shut and just headed inside fast.

This bathroom wasn't where I'd ordinarily want to go to take care of a problem like this, but it was there and every step I took towards it made the trip more urgent Everything in the place is stainless steel. Stainless steel toilets with steel partitions in between them and no doors on them across the room from the row of urinals. Also, it was morning and it was crowded. People coming and going to piss and the toilets were ALL occupied! I was sure I was going to shit my pants bad, not some kind of shart that you can fix with toilet paper or something, but my guts were cramping up now and making these watery gurgles and after each wave of cramps and noises, I could feel the mess sliding down farther toward my ass. I clenched it a little tighter and a fresh cramp spread through my guts, more watery noises and a quickly building feeling of urgency.

By now all I had to do was relax my ass even a little to start spraying shit everywhere, so I was backed up against the wall with my ass clamped shut and just hoping like hell that someone would go ahead and get done on one of the toilets. All the while I kept having a fresh cramp roll through me and just about the time I decided to just drop my pants and shit in the trash can, the guy in the middle-right stall got done and left and I started across the room to it. While I was walking suddenly a squirt of completely liquid shit shot out in my underwear and I desperately tried to hold the rest in.

I ripped my pants down, and almost before my ass was on the seat, I started shitting a continuous squirt of watery slimy stuff without a solid bit in it. This jet of ass-piss felt like it went on forever, but it was probably more like 30 seconds and it was incredibly loud in the water in the stainless steel toilet bowl. This kept going on and on, squirts of pure shit colored slime followed by every kind of sick sounding fart in the world lol. It was like jet+loud shart+small jets + shart + shart that ended in one more big rush of what must have been straight up busch light pouring out of my guts. When I had a second to wonder, I checked out my underwear and fixing them wasn't an option, this wasn't just some little tiny shart or something that you could wipe dry with toilet paper. They were gray hanes boxer briefs and what had felt like just a little squirt was actually a half a palm sized sopping wet circle of slimy stuff in the seat surrounded by brown water that had soaked in and ran a little down my leg. I cut them off with my pocket knife and put them in the floor until I could get up and out to the trash can.

About that time I had to shit a lot more and it seriously sounded like someone was spraying something kinda thick out of a squirt gun. Fart, squirt, fart, squirt, stomach cramp and gurgle, long long squirt. In the meantime, people were using the bathroom and since there were no doors on the stalls the whole bathroom smelled like diarrhea that smelled kinda like beer, and anybody walking by my stall could see me w my shitty drawers in the floor and all the rest so I just pulled my ballcap down lower, put my head down and kept shitting. A couple teenage boys cracked up when they heard how all this sounded, can't blame em lol. I finally got done after one more good series of squirts and farts and quickly checked the back of my jean shorts for shit but there were only a couple wet spots so I just threw them back on after I got the mess cleaned out of my crack and off my legs (I'm a pretty hairy guy lol so this took a LOT of tp), stood up and looked in the toilet which was a real mess. There were squirts of the mess all over the back of the seat, a couple had shot out from under the toilet seat and ran down the side to pool by the toilet in the floor and it was allll over the bowl. Did my best by what was in the floor at least with tp, pitched my ruined drawers in the toilet and got the hell out of there, lol.

Artiss had an interesting experience the other day, she was out for her monthly ladies club meeting and luncheon. This month, it was a big meeting of all the groups in town at the local Elks Lodge. As she always is for these functions, she was dressed up to the nines with skirt, high heels, pearl necklace, girdle and stockings etc.

Well anyhow, the meeting went well and luncheon was served. Then after everonehad eaten, there was a keynote speaker, but of course the meal had set Artiss' bowels to rumbling, so she excused herself and went to the toilet. The ladies room was at the end of a little hallway a bit of a walk rom the meeting room. Artiss made it there just fine, lifted her skirt, peeled her girdle and undies down, and sat down on the seat for some well-deserved relief. She was right in the middle of dropping a big load when the entrance door the the restroom came flying open and she heard the sound of high heels clicking rapidly across the floor and a woman's voice saying "Oh dear, oh dear!!!" The heels clicked right into the stall next to Artiss on her left, and she saw them under the partition as the woman hurriedly locked the stall door and kept saying "oh dear!!!" over and over again. That's when Artiss saw a huge glob of shit splatter on the floor between the woman's feet.

"Oh no, you poor thing, did you have an accident?" Artiss asked. "Yes" the poor woman answered in a voice that was almost crying. "I had to go so badly all of a sudden, it was so far here from the meeting room, I only made it as far as the hallway outside......." She then broke down and started to cry.

"There, there dear, it's all right" said Artiss, let me finish up in here and then we'll get you cleaned up. It'll be OK, I promise." she said. The poor woman continued crying, and Artiss pushed out the rest of her BM as fast as she could, wiped herself quickly, re-robed herself, flushed, and came out of her stall, She didn't even bother washing her hands as she knew she'd be helping clean shit anyhow

She knocked on the stall door of the poor unfortunate lady. She was still crying and Artiss said "Now if you'll let me in dear, I'll give you a hand" The woman then unlocked the door and let it swing open. S
he was a full-figured gray-haired lady about Artiss' age. Artiss gave her the biggest smile she knew how and said "All right dear, let's get this little accident taken care of. By the way, my name's Artiss, what's yours? The woman stammered back that it was Arlene."Well Arlene, you certainly have a lovely name and I'm so sorry that this had to happen to you, but everything will be all right, trust me." she said, putting her hand on Arlene's shoulder.

Well the next half-hour or so was spent using A LOT of toilet paper and paper towels to get Arlene cleaned up enough to go home-her girdle and undies were absolutely filled with shit and her half-slip had a huge stain all the way down the back. Artiss washed all these itemsunder the sink while Arlene cleaned herself with wet paper towels. Some of the ladies from Arlene's group came looking for her and Artiss discreetly explained what had happened to them. She told them that she would be giving Arlene a ride home so as to save her save her further embarrassment by having to ride with a carfull of ladies. After they had gotten Arlene good enough to go home, Artiss then discreetly located the building custodian and explined the situation to him as well. She said that he was a nice later-middle aged man in about his mid-50s and very professional. Told Artiss no worries, it was all in a day's work. As her and Arlene exited the ladies' room, he was waiting there with her cleaning cart. Arlene saw him and looked like she was about to cry again, but he just smiled and told her to have a nice day. So Artiss drove her home, and now both ladies are one friend richer. A happy ending to a (literally) shitty day.


Hate constipation!

I went to my friends last night and another friend was there. We are all super close so we have no problem pooping in front of eachother. Me and 1 of them really had to go but as normal I was constipated. So we went in the bathroom my friend grunted for a while and finshed up. I how ever pushed and grunted for 45 minutes. And never did get anything out. I decided to go home and I still havent went.

@Claire - thanks for your story. It must have been a great relief to get rid of such a big load. Pity the toilet was occupied the first time but at least you were able to release some gas and so relieve the pressure a bit - if only for a very short time..

@Hermes - liked your story. Wonder if the waitress was a in a bad mood because she needed to poo.. Sounds like she was a bit constipated but once the "plug" was released there was a rush of softer poo

@Megan - good story as always. Maybe the girl who joined you after the
lecture pulled down her jeans and knickers prior to putting down paper on the seat as an "insurance policy" in case the urge got too strong while she lined the seat - i.e. if that happened she just had to turn
round, sit down and release her load without worrying about unbuckling her jeans etc. first. I've done this myself in a similar situation. As for the fart that slipped out - perhaps she momentarily lost concentration whilst lining the seat - or maybe she just couldn't wait until she sat down. The big plop followed immediately by the 3 smaller ones was probably caused by a single massive turd breaking apart during "delivery". No wonder the poor girl was in a hurry..

As for your experience in the library please try not to be embarrassed about someone (including the opposite sex) being able to hear you pooping/farting or being able to smell it - even if it's a
particularly large and smelly load. I hope I don't sound patronising but everyone does it. He may have secretly enjoyed the sounds/smell -
well you never know...Anyway I look forward to your next post :-)

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Shay first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like the 3 of you really had to poop bad and I bet that bathroom was avoided for awhile after and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Megan it sounds like you had another great poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Scott US Soccer Fan

Synopsis on My Own Big Dump with Tanner "Standing Guard"

Hi everyone. On page 2275, I made a response to an anonymous inquiry about me seeing my best friend Tanner really unload quite the massive shit while I stood watching in complete amazement. In that post, I mentioned a really huge dump I experienced while at the boat and RV show where I asked Tanner to stand guard so that people couldn't see me blowing up on the toilet. I actually posted that story and I THOUGHT I even read it, but I see it's not there now.

Therefore, I'm going to re-post just a shortened version of what I went through since I don't want to go through typing it all over again only to have it struck for being too wordy. So here goes....

1. It was a Saturday morning and I got up early with my dad to go to the boat and RV show with Tanner and his dad. We went to Denny's for breakfast and I made my first mistake by having 3 cups of coffee to try and look more mature. I had not expelled any poop in a couple days so there was a lot crap building up inside me.

2. Later at the boat show, I had lunch with Tanner then took off with him to see some house boats. It was at one such exhibit where I finally and suddenly felt my butt getting all full of poop but I waited to tell Tanner that I needed the toilet so that w could finish looking at one very nice boat. Waiting and trying to hold my shit almost turned into a MAJOR mistake. By the time Tanner was done looking my bowels were churning away something really fierce. I was certain I couldn't hold on any longer and I told Tanner I really had to go to the bathroom quite badly.

3. Finding the restrooms proved difficult and I became very desperate to shit as my butt began really throbbing quite badly.

4. When we finally did reach the bathroom, things got even worse when I discovered there was a small line for the toilets and there were no doors on them. It took every last ounce of willpower I had to hold my shit inside me until I could drop my pants and mount one of the toilets. I'm sure I would have totally filled my pants with a ton of shit had I not put up the most determined fight of my life!

5. Realizing I was about to totally nuke the toilet when I sat down, I begged Tanner to stand guard as I exploded so that people couldn't see me as well. Tanner agreed to do this but not without a good laugh at my expense and not before gaping at me as I yanked down my pants and went down on the toilet in total desperation.

6. The split second my butt landed on the toilet, my rectum imploded and a whole ton of shit came rushing out of me in a rapid fire of splashes and plops, followed by another sloppy wet fart, then even more rapid-fire splashes and plops. I knew Tanner could hear all this shit coming out of me as could everyone else in that bathroom. You would have to be deaf not to have heard it. I got just a brief moment of respite before another big wave of poop went through me. At this time I also started a good strong piss as I sat there with my head down and wringing my hands. I was moaning a lot too, but I couldn't help it. I was just destroying that toilet with all the shit I was pumping in to it.

7. Hearing a nuclear-powered shit coming out of me Tanner couldn't resist turning around and asking me if I was okay although he was probably more fascinated in seeing me suffer through a monster shit than actually hoping I was ok.

8. Despite Tanner's laughter at my expense, it sure felt real good all the same to feel all that poop coming out of me and know that it was all falling harmlessly into the toilet rather than in my pants!! I would be the exact same way if the roles were reversed and he was the one pooping. Besides, he was doing a good job of standing guard which is what I had asked him to do when this whole ordeal started.

9. Despite all this, I STILL wasn't done and I know I was probably moaning and grunting quite a bit as more and more poop kept coming out of my body and splashing into the toilet. I don't thing I've ever had so much shit in my entire life! By now, Tanner was no longer trying to hide the fact that he was watching me crap and just kept on talking about general stuff. I didn't respond since I just wanted to somehow survive this monster of a shit!

10. I eventually did get all that shit out of me and I began wiping as quickly as I could. Since I had taken such a huge dump, it took me a lot of wipes to get cleaned up. When I stood to pull my pants back up, I looked in the toilet as I reached for the handle to flush. I really filled the bowl with a ton of shit and saw a bowl full of poop swirling down the hole. Like I said before, I've never been packed with that much crap before in my life. I felt so relieved to finally have all that poop out of me. I washed my hands then we quickly left the bathroom.

11. Tanner was still laughing at me afterward despite my objections. However with the trauma finally over, I could finally see the humor in it and started laughing with him.

does anyone have any stories of their mom pooping


Watched my friend poop

So the other day, I had my friend Tiffany over for dinner. I made chicken parmesan and it was delicious. Then after we ate, we went out to the patio and talked while we had some wine. We'd been talking for a long time, maybe an hour, the time just flew by, and we headed back inside. As we were walking, Tiffany whispered in my ear, "I have to use the toilet". I whispered back, "So go, then".

She then asked, "Come with me.", and I asked, "To the bathroom?". She replied, "Yeah. I want you to watch". I said okay and we went to the bathroom together. She undid her belt and lowered her jeans and her thong. She sat down on the toilet and she peed a strong stream for at least a minute, maybe longer. "You really had to go, huh?", I asked. She said, "Yes, but that's not all I have to do."

She dabbed her vagina dry and turned to sit sideways, giving me a good view of her anus. I saw her anus slowly open and I could make out the head of a turd, but it disappeared and her anus closed again. She repeated the process a few times before the turd stayed visible. The greenish-brown turd emerged just a tiny amount and hung there, suspended. I heard Tiffany give a push and the turd slid out more. She grunted and the rest of the turd eased out. It broke off and landed in the toilet with a loud splash.

Her anus opened again to pass a turd, and then it opened wider as the turd came out. The turd must have been an inch and a half wide, it looked enormous. "Oh god! This feels so good!", she cried. The turd continued to come out, but very very slowly. She pushed out more of the behemoth turd over several minutes until finally there was no more left and it too fell into the waters waiting below.

I saw her anus open and close a few times, but ultimately stayed closed. She reached for some paper and wiped four times. She got up and pulled up her jeans and then we looked in the toilet together. I was amazed to see what she had produced. I knew her turd was big, but it looked even more impressive in the toilet. I'd guess it was a foot long. And her first turd was fairly large as well, maybe four or five inches.

Tiffany washed her hands and then seemed a bit sad to flush the toilet, but she did. I muttered, "That was... wow." and she replied, "I know. It felt so great."

Monday, April 15, 2013



More Farts

Today I was at a K-mart. Me my Brother And Kid Sister. Well me and my sister was in the school supply section and I told her to listen. Then I let a slow warm Fart. It was going bur bur bur bur bur. She looked at me and goes Uh! OK ?She walked around me and twinkles her nose in disgust. She said you are going to sh1t on yourself. We got in the other isle and my brother came. My sister told him to go to my fart isle. He went over there and I heard him go Sheww!

And here was something that happened in 1986. Me, Mom, Dad, Brother, My three cousins which they where siblings the girl one was 8, And the boys 16,19.And we had our Two Grandparents(They where all my dad's side of the family). Well anyway we was on a road trip and dad was out of the car and then he farted, then he bought the smell back in and my Grandpa goes, DID SOMETHING CRAWL UP YOU AND DIED!?

And then In 1990 when I was in cub scouts, my mom was a den leader. One of my other cousins was in it too his name was Markli, And when we was dismissed. We was walking down the hall and I saw the bathroom door opened up, and then closed. I wonder who went In there I thought.Then when me mom and brother was riding home. Mom goes, Markli smelled like Poopy tonight! I asked what happened? She said He asked her if he can go to the bathroom and she said yes. Then he ran down the hall and she said she smelled a fart. I figured Markli was a boy who would never use a bathroom out in public. Markli was usally on the mean side.

Ok and for my finally UGH! I just now farted and it hurt!

B>Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Pretty Woman great story I bet he really enjoyed the show and probaly cant wai for the next one and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Cici as always another great story it may just be your boodys way of getting rid of something bad and once it did it should be back to normal is what im guesing and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Maria first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like the 3 of you all had really great poops and I bet you all felt pretty god after to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Musician great story.

To: Hermes first welcome back and as always another great story it sounds like you got a really great show and it sounds like that waitress really had to poop and I bet she felt pretty great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Anatomy student

To pretty woman

You are perfect. How can I meet a girl like you? I'm just like the guy you described, looking for a lady like you. I just need a few tips about casually slipping poop into conversation.

Liz F


Hey guy....
I'm 25 years mother give me bag enemas for occasional constipation since I can brother got them too but not that often....I never had a Fleet enema....and only once that I can remember did my mom give me suppositories.. I use supp's more now because they are convenient and usually work for me.. I gave my bf his first bag enema as I posted....he had had fleets in college but never a far as out each his own , I guess...



I hope you will get better. Tell me a gassy fart story that you had in public. Have you been a gassy man for most of your life?


Crapping at dunkin donuts

I am a 17 year old year and i just got my lisence. soYesterday I went to dunkin donuts to get a coffee and on the way there I started to feel like a had to take a crap. It took a while to get to dunkin donuts but when I finally did I felt released. I was going to crap before getting a coffe but it didn't work out as I planned. I walked in and headed straight to the bathroom. There was a line and I needed to crap bad. The first to people in front of me peed fast but the two people behind them pooped and spent a while in there. The first girl that pooped didn't take forever but the person after her was in there forever. She was in there for about 10 minutes dropping bombs. The person right behind me asked if I could hurry because she said that she was having diarrhea problems all day and she was about to expload in her pants. I said I'll try my best because I am about to take a big shit. When the girl left the bathroom I hurried in. The smell was awful. There were poop marks All over the toilet but I had to go so bad. I sat down and I exploaded on the toilet. Poop was falling out like crazy. After it was all over I sat there and fated for a while to get all the gas outta me. I then remembered the other girl behind me had to crap so I got up left the bathroom smelling like shit And bought a coffee and left feeling great.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Abbie- I started pooing less frequently not that long after starting secondary school- I think it was simply because I wasn't a huge fan of pooing at school (like most people!) and so I would hold it in when I could, and over time this led to me only going every few days rather than every day. Hope you can continue having easier poos once you're back at school.

Yesterday I needed a poo during my morning lecture. As usual I waited until the end, and as usual it was pretty urgent by then! I went to the nearest loos. One cubicle was taken but one was free, so I went in. I saw the bowl was full of poo and paper- obviously someone had neglected to flush! I flushed it but found the water just started rising. It was clearly blocked by all the poo so I quickly backed out! Instead of waiting for the other cubicle I left and went upstairs to another set of loos. All three cubicles were free this time, so I took the middle one and quickly got seated. After a wee my poo started coming out, with three pieces making loud plops.
Someone came hurrying in then and took the first cubicle, on my right. She pulled down her jeans and knickers and then started lining the seat. As she did so I heard her let a fart slip out- it seemed she really had to poo! She sat down and I heard another fart and then a big plop, followed immediately by three smaller ones. I joined in with a plop of my own. I heard two more plops from the other girl, and then a couple more quiet farts. I had one final piece to push out and then I left her to finish her poo in peace!

Today I was working in the library in the evening to get some work done. I hadn't pooed yet today and sure enough I started feeling the urge while I was working. Pretty quickly it became one that I couldn't ignore and really had to go take care of. I went to the ladies loos but found there was quite a big queue- as it turned out lots of people needed to poo in the evening, too! I didn't fancy waiting so I went to try the unisex loos on the other side of the building.
There used to be two on each floor but one of them is now disabled-only, and the other one was occupied. I waited, and didn't have to wait long before a Chinese girl came out, having done a poo in there. I sat on the still warm seat and settled down. I didn't have to push much before my first log came out with a plop. Not long after two smaller turds followed. Someone came out into the corridor and tried the toilet door, then stood outside waiting. I was a little embarrassed about pushing out my next two pieces, not knowing how much could be heard from outside. Then I farted quite loudly, which I'm sure could be! After wiping my bum I flushed, washed my hands and opened the door. Sure enough there was an attractive guy waiting who I just knew had heard me pooing! I imagine I turned even redder than my hair as I walked off- even if he hadn't heard he would definitely smell it when he went in!

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