Pretty Woman

Two Poop Stories

Hello all. I have been reading this website for some time now, but finally decided to post a story. Both of these stories actually happened last summer, but I'm going to post them anyway. Well, I live in 2 bedroom apartment with my roommate who is pretty cool, and I don't mind at all having a roommate, and we get along great. We are open about our bathroom habits, well I guess we kinda have to be. The bathroom door broke just a couple of months after we moved in there, and we never fixed it, so the door stays open and we can hear and see each other pooping and peeing all the time. She is one of those long poopers. She takes her phone in and plays on it or works on her computer. She normally goes every day but just has lots of big turds that take time and make lots of noise when they hit the water. She has showed me her turds sometime and they are pretty big for someone so small. Anyway, on to my stories. Last summer I had a very trying week at work, and finally it was Friday, and by the time my day had ended, my body was sore from the whole week, so I decided to go stay in my parents cabin by the lake that was free this particular weekend. I normally poop twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening when I come home from work. Well, I hadn't had time to take my morning poop, and I was ready to poop when I got home, but I decided to wait until I was at the cabin which is an hour and a half drive from where I live. I wanted to poop in privacy just this weekend. I just wanted to be alone. So, I left quickly and drove a little faster than what I should have so I got there in about an hour. When I got there, I took my small bag in, and got down into my bra and panties, and made my way into the bathroom. By now my poop was ready to make its way out. I pulled my panties off completely, and sat down with my legs spread wide. Immediately I began to pee and after just a few seconds it trickled off. I could feel my hole puckering as the turd was trying to make its way out. I sat for about 30 seconds seeing if it would come out on its own, but after my hole continuing to pucker open and closed, I knew I would have to help it along. I took a breath and pushed, my toes pressed down hard on the floor. I could feel my hole opening up wide as the head forced its way out of my anus. I held the breath for as long as I could and let go with a grunt. It stopped moving when I stopped pushing. So, again I took a breath and pushed and my hole painfully opened up wider as the turd was getting wider and it was pretty hard too. After that push, it was a good ways out of my hole now, but again stopped moving. I folded my arms into my stomach and hunched over where my back was arched and my toes were turning white from pressing down on the floor. I took a deep breath and pushed and slowly slowly the turd moved along forcing my hole open as wide is it could possibly go. My eyes began to water as the turd picked up a little more speed as I continued to take deep breaths and push with grunts. After several times of forceful pushing it fell with a loud flump into the toilet. My hole closed back up, but just a few seconds later opened back up as yet another turd started coming out. It was softer than the first but just as wide, but I had to do a few pushes and grunts to keep it moving steadily. After a minute or so of that it fell with a sploosh, my hole stayed open as another log started sliding out crackling as it did so. My eyes began to water more, as my urine flow started back up and the log was sliding out at a slow but steady pace on its own. After about 30 seconds or so it fell with a sploosh. I sat for about a minute forcing my hole open and letting it close again, and then with one last push a smaller turd came through and fell with a splish. Now, I felt empty, and began to wipe which took about 5 wipes. I washed my hands and proceeded on with my relaxing weekend.
This next story happened the next day. It was a cooler day, cooler than most summer days, so I knew the beech would be not too crowded, so I decided to go lay out on the beech by the lake. I got into my swimsuit and made the mile walk to the beech front, and laid my towel out in a secluded area by a pier. The sun provided a good amount of warmth so I felt pretty comfortable. I started laying on my belly first. After only about 5 minutes, I heard someone on the other side of the pier. I chose this spot because nobody else was around, and this person must have done the same thing. They had a different thought in mind though. It was a girl probably about the age I am, which is 26. She was average sized. I figured she would lay her towel down like I had done, but instead she pulled her bikini bottoms off, and draped her towel over her knees in front. Her butt was facing me, and surprisingly I could see everything. I heard the splatter of her urine hitting the sand, and then after a few seconds it stopped, and I figured she would put on her bottoms and walk away, but she didn't. I saw her bum hole pucker as her body went tense, and she grunted. She was trying to poop. She did this a few times with no results but a puckering bum hole, then finally her hole puckered and I saw the tip of a log poke out then it disappeared back into her hole. She let out a sigh and started tensing up as she went on pushing. After another few seconds the tip poked out again and the log continued moving slowly as she pushed. She continued to take a breath and push and the log moved slowly with every push, and finally the tip touched the ground and she looked under her and saw that it was touching the ground and had to raise herself up a little higher and she pushed again and the turd started getting longer and longer and then it broke and fell with a thud , and her hole stayed open as the other part started sliding out. It continued to grow longer with every push she made and finally it started getting thinner and a few seconds later it fell on top of the other log. She squatted for a minute with her hole opening and closing and then she tensed up and pushed and her hole opened wide as another log started coming out and then it stopped with the wide tip poking out and her hole was stuck wide open. She bore down and pushed hard but the log wasn't moving. I guessed at least 3 minutes passed with her pushing and pushing and the turd hadn't budged and finally she took a deep breath and pushed and finally the turd forced her hole open really wide and as it moved slowly she grunted and moaned, and after 2 minutes or so of forceful pushing and straining it narrowed just a bit and dropped to the ground with a thud. It was half the length of the other logs, but was very wide . She put her bottoms back on and walked away. That was probably the greatest trip ever. Got to go now. My room mate just had a massive toilet clogging turd and wants me to come help her get it to go down. By e for now!


Very urgent, smelly crap at work

Hi everyone. I've been reading the posts here for a long time, but never posted. I saw a poster by the nickname of "Kmd" ask about store or cafe employees needing to crap at work, and thought this would be a good time for me to make my first post. I work as a waitress at a very popular local restaurant, and two days ago I really had to crap while at work.

I'll go back a bit and explain with more details. It was about 12:35 and the lunch rush was in full swing. All hands were on deck and we were still swamped. I was beginning to notice a slight need to crap, but because we were so busy, breaks were at a premium, and I was sure I could easily hold it for a while.

Holding it was no problem, but as it got closer to 1:00, my need was growing, and the rush was still on. I waited on a few more tables, and tried desperately to hold back an impending fart. Nothing would have been worse than cutting a loud or stinky fart at a table I was waiting on. I managed not to fart (thankfully), but I knew I had better go crap very soon.

As soon as I could, I got away and went off to the bathroom. We have a single user room reserved for only staff to use, though I suppose we could use the public bathrooms, if we needed to. Anyway, to my horror, the staff bathroom was in use. I had to do something, and let off a few silent farts while standing by the bathroom door, hoping nobody would notice.

I went back to work, and every minute that I had to wait felt like hours. I managed to get away after maybe five minutes, though it's hard to say for sure how long it was. Mercifully, the staff bathroom was free that time. I hurried in before any one could get there first. I felt I was less than a minute from ruining my work uniform.

The staff bathroom has a fan that automatically comes on when you turn on the light, something I was glad to have. I yanked down my skirt and panties and practically threw myself on the toilet. Instantly, I began crapping. I let out several turds with big splashes in rapid succession. And I was really stinking it up too. With the immediate need taken care of, I peed a little bit and managed to squeezed out three or four more turds.

I wiped my very messy butt and then dabbed my vagina dry. I flushed the toilet and went to wash my hands. I wished I had air freshener to spray, but alas. I exited the bathroom and another waitress was waiting to immediately replace me. We shared a glance, that seemed to carry an entire conversation with it. It was as if I was apologizing for the horrendous stink, and she was telling me that she was just going to bomb the toilet herself, so it was okay. Or maybe I'm reading too much into it, who knows?

In any case, hope you all enjoyed my story. Bye!


2 days Ex-Boyfriend revenge

Both me and my ex was together since we were 17 and now we're 24 and we just broke up about a couple months ago because of a selfish reason of his. So I wanted to get back at him for what he had done to me.

About a couple days ago, I had a urge to poop after being constipated for the past week and I just had a idea. I decided to poop in his car as revenge. He forgot to get his spare key back from me. I think it was the perfect time to do it because I knew he was away on a trip for a couple days and he wasn't going to be taking his car with him as he is going with his buddies in their cars. So I just went to his car and got in and adjusted the seat to where it's the most comfortable. At this point, I had to poop very badly so as soon as I had squatted over the seat, and without any hesitation, I just relaxed my bowels and just my body do the rest of the work.

The very thick solid turd started to poke out as it slowly makes its way out. Despite how this was suppose to be revenge, but considering that I was constipated for the past while, this felt so good because I was finally getting relief from this load. This was coming out somewhat slowly, but I decided not to push it out and just let it naturally come out. So I just squatted there, checking my phone while the turd was doing it's job on the seat. As soon as the turd dropped, I just looked at the turd and it looked like it was about half a foot long or so. I could feel there was a lot more that needed to come out, but I decided to hold it in and poop onto the other seat as well.

I tried to hop to the other seat, but before I could, the urge had gotten too bad and when I was over the gearshift panel, the second turd emerged. I just squat there trying to stop it but there was no use. I just used my hands to try and balance myself and before long, it completely covered the gearshift level and panel. As soon as I was finally finished, I still had to pee really bad, so I just hopped onto the other seat and just relaxed my bladder while the seat soak it all up.

By the time I was completely emptied, there was nothing else in my mind except relief and satisfaction knowing that my ex boyfriend will have to clean all this stuff up after he gets back. As soon as I was done, I just wiped and left as if nothing has had happened.

The next morning when I woke up, I decided to redecorate his back seat as well, so I just held in all my load from morning as soon as I got out of bed and at night when I came back, as soon as I got in, the aroma I left the other day was quite bad. As soon as I had gotten to the back seat, I just pulled my pants and panties off, I started peeing at first. I tried holding in my load so I could cover both side of the back. As soon as I finished peeing, the I immediately hopped onto the other side and just hopped onto the seat. As soon as I did that, I just let it ripped and immediately came a turd that was almost as big as the 1st one in the front seat. Then out came this other one and it just piled it on.

After I was done, I just wiped and left the entire thing there.

Hopefully next time he'll think twice before hurting his next girlfriend.

When I was 12, I had a really good friend named Lizzie. We always hang out and always seemed to be there for one and the other when we needed it, especially this one time.

One day when we were at our tree house just randomly chatting away until she suddenly started cramping and stuff. After a few moments, she had to poop very badly and unfortunately for us, we were at least 10 minutes away from any washrooms. Then she did something that shocked me, she just grabbed this box that's almost the size of a shoe box and handed it to me. She asked me to hold it for her while she go. I was still shocked about what was happening at the time, so I just held it for her because I wasn't sure what else I should do.

As soon as she pulled her pants down, she just hovered her butt over the box and immediately this thick turd just slowly started to poke out. She said: "Its coming in a quiet tone". While I was just standing there holding the bag, the turd continues to come and after what seemed like forever, it dropped into the box completely in one piece. She stood there for a moment and said that she felt so relieved because she was constipated for God knows how long.

She pulled her pants up and just gave me a kiss on the cheek and thanked me. As for the huge load, we just dumped the entire box somewhere after we left.

Ashley Ashley
Haven't posted on here in forever so here are a few stories that happened between my last post and now.

A few days ago I needed to take a huge dump. I went to my bathroom pulled my panties down and sat on the toilet. For some reason I had the want to look between my legs as I shit. I spread my legs open and leaned forwards so I could see the best I could. I then stopped holding in my crap but nothing happened. I started pushing (just so you know it was hard to push out due to bending over). I could feel a large crap start to come out. I took a deep breath and pushed really hard. I could start to see my shit hanging. I pushed really hard again (my face was probably red!) and it started to accelerate. It was actually so long I had to raise my butt to let it all come out. I felt so much better afterwards. It had to be around 11 inches long and 3 inches thick.

Maybe around a month or two ago I was out at a park. I got a sudden strong urge to shit so I went to the ladies room. The bathroom was 2 stalls, both of them full of toilet paper. I went in one and quickly pulled my panties down and my skirt up. I sat down and a long really hot soft smelly log quickly slid out without any effort. I then let out a few really long airy farts, each one getting wetter and wetter. I then had a few explosions of a really soft smelly mushy crap. When I was done there was quite the mushy pile of shit in the bowl!

Observant Guy

Twice in one shift.

Amy did it again!

In the morning at shift change I saw her walking away from the bathroom while fixing her pants and belt in the front of the station. I was Non-Chalant, and checked it out…There was a brown skidmark and the fresh smell of healthy poop. That was the second time in one shift. I believe that Amy is a morning pooper.



one constipated daddy

This is a story that happened on Wednesday.
Generally, I have a movement two times a day, once when I first wake up and once about an hour after dinner. Since Easter on Sunday, though, I'd been having issues. I didn't go at all after Easter Sunday dinner or the morning after (I blame it on all the mac n cheese). Then on Monday, I was able to push out a fairly normal load, but it was all really dry and my stomach was definitely distended. Nothing at all on Tuesday. When I woke up Wednesday, my stomach definitely felt heavy and distended. Whenever I'm having problems going, I usually go for a run at a nearby park. It's pretty cool there, has a playground for kids and a lake and a little house there that is bathrooms and a bike rental, sort of like a bathroom at a swimming pool. So anyway, I got up on Wednesday morning and, after a failed attempt at my morning dump, went out for a run.
I jogged around the lake twice, which is probably about a mile. By then I was feeling uncomfortable, but didn't really have an urge. After a third time around, I still didn't really feel like going, but my stomach was churning a little bit, so I decided to make my way over to the bathroom. There's three stalls in the men's room, so I took the one on the end. I sat down and started pressing on my stomach because that sometimes helps.
I'd been in there for three or four minutes with no luck when the door opened. I heard a little boy say, "Daddy, I want to go play. I don't have to go poo." Then the dad replied, "We'll go play after this. Daddy needs to use the potty." The two then went down to the third stall and I heard the man sit down with a sigh. There was silence in the bathroom for a few minutes, save for the sound of the kid walking, probably pacing around the stall. Then, "Daddy, said you had to go potty." "I do, just give Daddy a minute." "Okay..." Then there was silence again. I continued to press and rub my stomach, trying to finally get some movement. After a few minutes, I became aware of heavy breathing in the other stall. Of course, the child had a comment, "What are you doing?" When the father replied, his voice was strained, "Shhh, Daddy needs quiet. Daddy needs to focus." "Why?" "Daddy's belly hurts real bad." "Okay."
There was silence for a few more minutes, until I broke it. Somewhere along the way, I must've pressed the right spot. I bore down as hard as I could, and slowly but surely, my load began to emerge. It was soft serve, although not really smelly, surprisingly. At some point, the boy must have made a comment, because I heard the father utter a pained 'shhhh'. After a few minutes, I had pushed out a far amount, but the discomfort in my stomach told me there was more to come.
Meanwhile, the father seemed to have no such luck. I could hear him straining distinctly now, even grunting a bit. Of course, that spurred, "Daddy, done yet?" "No, Daddy doesn't feel good."
They said something else, but I didn't really pay attention as my round two had begun, still soft serve. I looked to see it was unusually dark, but still didn't really stink. I had to push to get it to ooze out, but it was worth it to be getting some relief. As I was still working on pushing out more, I heard the father's breathing hitch before he grunted. Plip. Plip. Plip. He groaned slightly. Then the son said, "Did you go poopy, Daddy?" "Yep..." "Done, Daddy?" There was a moment's pause and then an exasperated sigh. "Guess so." The father didn't even bother with wiping, standing up and flushing what could only have been a few pebbles. He washed his hands and the two exited.
I sat there for probably another ten minutes, still just pushing out round after round of soft serve. My stomach was sore by the end, but I was glad I was at least able to get my load out, unlike the poor father. When I exited that bathrooms, there was no one to be seen. I can only hope they went home so the father could get something to help him.


X-Box Urges

On the weekend I was at a neighbor's house....and there was a group of boys playing X-box. Walking in the room....there was the unmistakeable odor of farts LOL! How many of those boys were feeling urges to have a bowel movement......but just kept on playin!

I love hearing about URGES!

Where were you when you felt your last URGE?

How did it feel?

Did you ignore it.....and if long was it before it went away?

Somebody should post their urges on Twitter XD!


Pooping Accident

I Have wickedly Crapped my Pants on rare Occasion, And Being able to "Hold It" for a "little While only...And Have succumbed to Messing Myself..on rare occasion...Latest being having the water shut off in my building, after not being able to use the restroom at work and Thinking I Can "Hold It" till I Get home....Nope... got stuck in traffic...Got home to My condo and did not have the right key to get in, as I fumbled for my Key..It came loose and Massively Shit My Pants..Uncontrollably Only feet from The Pottie. I Knew my white Calvin's were ruined as I Unmistakeably smelled a load of human shit upon entering my home..I thought and Realized.. Stink...Go Change You.

And I Did....The Mess Cleaning...Sucks!


Sweet Potatoes

I'm back after a long hiatus.

First a little trivia, did ya know Daniel Boone died from eating too many sweet potatoes? It's true.

I ate a lot of sweet potatoes because I thought they were a good source of healthy carbs, which they are, but the bad side of sweet potatoes is that they are a binding food; ate em saturday and have been blocked up since yesterday. I'm trying to quit relying on laxatives anymore so instead I ate a lot of broccoli with dinner hoping it would get things moving. Big mistake. Long story short, constipation makes me nauseous and broccoli makes green vomit on cement by gas pumps --I bet they replay that one on their security camera video, the gasoline vapors caught me off guard. Threw up three times actually before I finished gassing up but did it in the trash can by the pumps the other two times. I broke down and took the laxative after I got home, two doses at once actually, I needed that.

When the laxative kicked in, about six hours, major abdominal pain started, then some gas, sweating, then the first thing that came out was a hardened "plug" of waste, followed by massive blowouts about every hour that were helped by the warm coffee I'd been drinking for that reason. We're talking brown dots on the underside of my toilet seat, even found a few on the bathtub next to the potty as well. I was having such cramps that I was massaging and kneading my stomach like bread dough in an effort to feel better. At least I wasn't queasy anymore. "Like a goose" is the old saying that fits here. Wet and explosive it was, or as my dad used to say, "I could **** through a screen". Took a coffee enema after it was all done, why not.


to jas

Keep the stories coming of your brother and some other males too. Thanks I love gassy men.

Observant Guy

Accidental Observation of Amy

Hello everyone,

I have a fresh story from you about my coworker Amy. If you haven't followed, Amy transferred to my shift a while back. On superbowl Sunday I walked into the bathroom after she took a dump on accident. She looks like Jennifer Esposito (CBS Show blue bloods) only in dirty blonde. Its funny though while watching NBC's Chicago Fire there was a character on the most recent episode who looked like her…

I had a few shifts as the Lt on the rescue squad. One with her, of which I was quietly on watch for her to use the squad's private bathroom for a shit. It didn't happen, or I missed it.
BUT Today...

Amy was assigned to the Engine company today, and I was on the rescue squad again. In this particular fire station the rescue squad has a private bathroom. It was after dinner which was great. Chicken Cacciatore. I was in my office, working on reports, when Amy walked by and asked what I was up to. I said reports, reports and more reports. She walked away, and I didn't know where she was going. When I finished my reports I headed to my locker to change my shirt to our "night uniform" which takes us from dress shirt to Tshirt. I grabbed my shirt and sweater and headed to the rescue squad bunk room, where the private bathroom was. I figured I would stop there and pee while changing shirts. When I got to the bathroom door and gave it a push, it was locked. I immediately appologized and walked away.

I had a feeling it was Amy. I knew it wasnt when my partner Tony passed me in the hall. I waited for a bit, and headed back into the bunkroom. When I got in Amy was just coming out of the Squad bathroom. I said sorry again, and she said sorry for thinking she could be done before I finished my reports. Just as she left I took a glance at her gorgeous round butt, just for fun.

Once she was gone, I checked out the bathroom, and boy did it stink! It was deffinitely fresh too because it was very strong. I wanted to stay and relish the funky smell Amy had left behind but I was worried about someone or something ruining it. Luck would have it that the engine and truck were sent on a fire alarm call.

I inhaled till I couldn't smell it anymore.

Happy adventures to all.

Observant Guy (OG)

Tee tee

I am the guy who wrote the story you responded to. I made a mistake in the post I wrote. I said I have never seen someone fart with no shame, but that's not true. I have seen many shameless farters. Most of them tend to be male. I have found that Indian males ( from India, not Native Americans) and Hispanic males (Mexicans,Puerto Ricans etc.)are the biggest shameless farters. They seem to really enjoy it. they also seem more comfortable with their bodies and bodily functions and don't mind "letting one go" around others once in a while. African Americans seem pretty open too but I don't personally know any who are shameless farters. Indians take the cake however. I heard an Indian doctor let go a huge, unbelievably stinky fart right in front of me while he was taking my blood pressure. He just said excuse me, and went on taking my blood pressure as though nothing happened. Then another time, an Indian friend of mine was driving me home from work. He was scrunching up his face like his stomach hurt. He then turned to me and said "can I please fart?" I said as long as I can role down the windows. So he let go and I heard ffffffffffffpppppppp. Then he said ahhhh, now i'm relieved. He really needed to fart. I will try to come up with more fart stories.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Yesterday I was at my cousins wedding along with my Mum, Dad, brother and sister.

We had been to the church and were at the reception. We were sitting at our table before the meal was served.

After gaining abit of confidence from my poo in school, I decided I would drop a little one off before dinner. I didnt need it too badly but i wanted rid of it.

I told my Mum i was going to the loo, she asked me if i could take my brother(9) in with me so he could poo, just really so i could make sure he was ok because like myself he hasnt done the toilet out of the house very often. I figured that while i was asking him if he was okay etc, i could poo and my voice would cover it. My sister(13) came with us and I assumed she would just be peeing therefore she would leave before me and my brother.

Before taking my brother into the girlsroom with us, we waited until it seemed empty from the outside.

My sister and I walked in with my brother between us and were absolutely shocked and appaled to see that there werent any cubicles. There were 7 toilets in a line and the only thing seperating them was a tiny, maybe 1ft high barrier. There was one girl maybe in her late 20s on the toilet furthest away from the door, on her phone, She gave us a glance and didnt seem phased by the fact our brother was with us.

Neither of the three of us really knew what to do. I think my brother thought all girls bathrooms were like this.

I said mumbely to my brother "theres the...toilet, you...use that". My sister whispered to me "are we using these as well" I told her that this must be what they do around these parts and there were no other toilets to use.

I could see that my brother was slightly hesitant to do the toilet with his sisters but he slowly un-zipped his smart trousers and pulled them to his ankles. He then slipped his boxer shorts to his knees and pushed himself onto the toilet seat.

My sister was standing at the toilet closest to the door and had her hands at her hips asif she was ready to pull her clothes down, but she was hesitating. My brother was sitting there but he hadnt pooped yet. I said "are you done, or dont you need one?" he muttered something quietly and replied with a big plop. My sister had a sheepish smile on her face.

I decided I would break the awkwardness so I shuffled my tights down to my knees along with my underwear and sat on the toilet with my puffy dress hopefully sparing abit of my dignity.

After my sister saw me doing it, She bent over as if she was hovering above the toilet and sharply pulled her tights and knickers to her mid thighs before slapping her bottom onto the toilet, she was wearing the same kind of dress as me!

After a few minutes, I never did anything, my sister certainly wasn't pooping but was just sitting there and my brother was producing plops every few minutes and looking awkward as his two sisters were on the toilet at either side of him.

The lady at the other side of the room grabbed some toilet roll and wiped herself once before standing up naked and fixing her dress. She washed her hands and left. My sister said shyly "do you two mind if i go for it now?" we told her to go on. She turned away and stared at the wall and we both heard a stream of pee treakling into the toilet which lasted for a while and came out in spurts, I could see her face going red in embarassment.

I couldn't even bring myself to pee, i felt that it was just so embarassing. Another girl came in, sat on the loo next to me, peed, farted and left without any hesitation. I realised I would have to go.

I could see my brothers ears prickling as I did a pee. But when that was over I needed a poo. I think my brother and sister expected me to finish but instead I pulled a slight face and pushed out a gassy lump of poo, which made a fart sound as it came out.

My brother said "did you poo there?" and I said "yes, i needed one". meanwhile my sister had stopped peeing and asked for a borrow of my toilet roll. I had to stretch over to my brother and he had to stretch over to her. She wiped her front and pulled her pants up while on the loo, then she sat forward to pull up her tights. She stood up and dropped her dress down and smiled as she walked past my brother and I, sat pooping next to each other before washing her hands and saying she would see us outside.

I pushed out a few small logs and another wedding guest of about 12 or so came in. She sat on the far away toilet but seemed disturbed that my brother was there. She was pooing as I heard it.

I concluded by a few wattery spurts of poo, meanwhile my brother was plopping away and farting-both our poos were really smelly mixed in with that girls.

While brother was finishing off, I pulled off some toilet roll and began to wipe, I leant over onto one leg and wiped in the direction of my brother, rather than the little girl. He couldn't help himself from looking. It took 7 wipes until I was entirely clean.

While I was wiping, My brother stood up and bent over, facing the other side of the room and wiped himself once-not very well! I told him that he would have to sit down to wipe as that was what everyone else was doing, but naturally being a boy, he wasnt very good at it and I didnt want him to get his sleeve dirty.

For quickness, i told him to come to me and bend down beside my toilet, while sitting down, I wiped him 4 or 5 times and deposited the used toilet roll down my toilet. I wiped myself once more and did my front too before standing up to pull up my pants and tights. My brother went "ewwww" when he looked down my pan to see all of my poo and both our used sheets of toilet paper. He pulled up his trousers and we washed our hands.

I smiled at the young girl who was beginning to wipe herself before i escorted my brother from the truly unique bathroom.

It was a strange experience. The three of us had never done the toilet with each other before.

John H

some comments

Hey all.
Some comments for this post.

Hey and thanks for responding. I'm glad you don't mind answering my questions. Its great to be able to discuss these things in such an open manner with you as that is a question I wouldn't ask most girls even though I have talked about many things with some girls, the state of their poos while they are on their periods is not one of them.
I would just be afraid that people would think I was weird to ask or be interested in that.
If only more girls were as open minded as you.
I will ask my girlfriend what changes she notices when she is on her next period and I will let you know if she tells me lol.

Getting back to bits of poo sticking to hairs around the hole, it is a lot more common than people let on.
Once there is a small amount of hair then it will happen at some point and most people have some pubic hair in that area.
I have heard some guys discuss it in a jokey way but never in a serious way and I have deffenatly never heard any girls discuss it at all.
That's not to say it doesn't happen though as I imagine most girls would be embarrassed to talk about something like that given that today's society expects girls to have no under arm or leg hair, never mind some pubic hair near the ass area.
Anyway all I'm trying to say is don't worry about it.

Besides the card board tube I have wiped with a pair of my own boxers, paper towels, and leaves from an outdoor poop.
Worse than any of those things is cheep toilet paper in my opinion as it can end up ripping while wiping and you end up with poo on your fingers and a painful ass from the ruff surface of the paper haha.
Wiping with my hand is something I haven't done yet but I would do it if I had to and there was some water to clean with afterwards.
Lots of different cultures used the left hand to wipe with and the right hand for eating with in the past and I'm sure some still do this today.
A Friend of mine was on holiday in some remote mountains last year and he used his hand to wipe every day and he said it was very refreshing and better than using toilet paper.
Where were you pooing that there was no toilet paper out of interest?
Take care and talk soon

@Janna, I really enjoyed your last post.
It was very well written and that man sure did produce a very large amount of poo.
What a hot experience it must have been for you.
Hope you have more stories to share with us.

That's all I have time for now as I am bursting for a pee.
Take care all,

John H.


Backyard camp out

This happened around when I twelve. Me and my brother which was ten at the time we was at a friend's house(in which he was ten too).His name was Lonnie, and was a preacher's son. We where all out in the tent that night and I was making smart joke about a girl my brother had a crush on. Then my brother goes LONNIE! COVER YOUR EARS! My Brother squats down in my face and go BBBBBRRRRRR BRRRRRRRR. Lets a few farts.
But later that night It started to storm and it ran us in the house.



I went to my favorite men's room at the beach Saturday. But it was afternoon on a busy weekend, later than I usually go, so the men's room was kind of trashed. Both (doorless) toilets were filled with pee and toilet paper and hadn't been flushed in a while.

I decided to just pee in a urinal and find a different men's room to take a crap or just hold it in. While I was peeing, a young guy came in, I could hear him push down the toilet seat in the first stall - he didn't even check out the relative privacy of the second stall like most guys do.

As I was walking toward the sink he was sitting there with his head down so you couldn't see his face, and bare feet in the water around the toilet. I was wondering why anyone would do that when I heard a wooshing sound and the unmistakable stench of diarrhea. Poor guy. It must have been a close call for him. I left quickly and decided to forgo the pleasure of an open-stall dump that day.

To Sean

If you have any new accident stories, it would be nice to hear about them :)


Strange toilet design.

I was in a public restroom and came across a peculiar toilet design. It was a commerical toilet, mounted to the wall in a fairly new building. I always inspect the seat and bowl before using public toilets. On this one I noticed something different. On the front-center of the bowl, just below the rim where the bowl turns the corner, there was a bump or protrusion in the porcelain that kind of tapered off to the sides. It kind of looked like it was there to deflect the urine stream or keep it from splattering back. I wondered if that was what it was for of if anyone else had seen this or know anything about it or what the real purpose is. I personally don't had a splatter problem, so I don't know if it helps, but some women really "powerwash" the porcelain (I can hear it neighboring stalls) and must get splattering on their thighs, so it might be there to help them.

Also, I read on here about some mothers here (and on other web sites) using their kids diapers in bladder emergency situations. Has anyone used their kid's potty? I thought about using my daughter's in the back of a van once when I was alone and bursting, but I bit my lip and held it until I got home. Just wondered if it would work (capacity and containing the flow)?


The Reason for Delay

Hey, all. I've been reading all of these comments asking me to share my story, and I want to tell you that I'm not leaving you guys hanging. I just have not had access to my computer for a while. This post is from my phone, which is hd to type on for long periods of time. I should be getting access to it soon, possibly this week, so expect the story soon. Again, sorry for the delay, I hope my story will be worth the wait!

Happy Pooping :)


Abbie- Glad you managed to go at school in your last post. Hope the holiday this week has helped and allowed you to go more frequently.

Desperate to Poop- I enjoyed your two latest stories! Sounds like you had some good poos.

Rhiannon- I know lots of people are embarrassed by having to poo at school but there's really nothing to be ashamed of! Abbie's posts are good examples that show that lots of girls will poo at school if they have to. Like you she, and I for that matter, would rather poo at home than at school, but sometimes you just have to go! Hope you can post again soon.

As for me, I've been pooing almost daily recently, which is a change back to my old routine. For a while I've been going only every few days, but I think a combination of better food (cooked by my mum instead of me!) and drinking plenty of water while on holiday has helped make me more regular, which I will try and continue when I go back to university tomorrow. All of my recent poos have been at home, though, so no stories worth telling! Will post again soon though, bye for now!


I know the feeling of the bag lol....I will get it in me and try to hold it long enough to make the enema work better then all of a sudden my rectum will feel like its jumping or something then all that constipation will start to come out.

I don't know why people are afraid of enemas. I learned a long time ago that when you are as constipated as I get, the best relief is something that works immediately to get you going. It doesn't bother me in the least though to have anything stuck up my butt...even poop stuck up there for a few days and to a certain extent...when I get to the point where it becomes difficult to pass gas is when I can't handle it.

How do you deal with your hard poops now? do you still use laxatives or anything?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Elizabeth great story it sounds like you and Nicole both really had to poop and both had really good poops to and I bet you both felt great after and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: BeautifulGirl first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a rough easter I hope you feel better soon and please post anymore stoires you may have thanks.

To: Desperat To Poop as always another great set of stories it sounds like you both had really great poops at the beach and a great poop at that coffee shop I bet you felt great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ronie (Cicis boyfriend) great story about you helping her out shes lucky to have you.

To: Danielle it sounds like you had a really rough day I hope you feel better soon.

To: rhiannon as always another great story it sounds like you had a good poop at school and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Ruby first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had an interesting time in that stall less bathroom and made a new friend to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Just asking...has anyone else experienced someone in the bathroom who thinks they're alone when turns out they don't know you're in there. Well if you have i'd like to know i'm not the only one, please post. Thank you(;
-Adelynn 'Addi' x

To Beautiful Girl:

I often poop so much that it goes over the water line! I didn't realize that was such a big deal!!

from an ugly girl (but people say I'm beautiful)

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