Megan - young waitress in cafe

Hi Megan - liked your story about the young woman employee in the cafe urgently releasing a big crackling load. Thought I'd mention what was likely happening from the "physiological" viewpoint. It sounds as though she had an increasingly large build-up of formed but soft poop (i.e. type 4 on the Bristol stool scale) in her rectum during her shift. This would have started to give her the urge to go but she would probably have been able to hold on easily - at first.. As her rectum got increasingly swollen with poop this would stimulate more and more gas further up in her bowel to be propelled towards her anus - a known physiological phenomenon.
Usually, she could release this gas by farting since nerve endings in the rectum can distinguish between gas and solid etc. However, she was probably holding on to her gas out of consideration for the customers/ occupational hazard for a waitress I guess. The gas trapped in her rectum under increasing pressure would then have been forced into her poop to form lots of gas bubbles or "pockets". Unfortunately this would have increased her "urge" considerably and made it increasingly more difficult to hold on.

When she finally got to the loo the poop stored up in what sounded like her extremely full rectum would have been softened/weakened by
the gas within it - so it likely came out as a pretty much continuous
load - an event some people term as "laying cable". The crackling sound was caused by gas escaping from the pockets described above as her poop emerged. Once she emptied out her rectum there must have been more (less gassy and hence somewhat more solid) poop further up
in her sigmoid colon hence the two further pieces she released. A further indication of her huge load was that she peed only after finishing her poop. Like you said she must have really needed to go - she was probably relaxing her sphincter as she was sitting down on the loo seat!

Just wondered if there was much of a smell coming from her cubicle as a result of all that gas - depends on what she had been eating I suppose.

Would like to hear of any more stories of women needing to poop big loads in public toilets - especially store/cafe employees etc.


Panty girdle

Hi im Jenny I'm 35 from Kent
I'm a rep so I'm on the road a lot and have to dress smart
So to help with my look I wear control knickers/panty girdles
And over the last year I have been finding skid marks in them
Anyone else have the same problem
When wearing control knickers or panty girdles


janna and guy who saw indian guy farting

Janna great story tell me more stories I love when guys take gassy poops too. To the guy in college tell me more about the Indian farting or more males who shamelessly fart in public.

Today, I had lunch with a friend at a cafe. When we were done, my friend Nicole said she needed to use the toilet before we left. I said that I did as well. But we found there was quite a long queue waiting for the toilets. We decided we would be better off just walking to her place, rather than waiting.

The walk to Nicole's place took only a few minutes, but even so I could tell she was getting quite desperate by the time we arrived. She unlocked the door and practically sprinted to her bathroom. I followed close behind and when I walked into the bathroom, Nicole was sitting on the toilet, her jeans and knickers bunched around her ankles. She said "Oh that's much better. I only just made it."

There was already a quite noticeable poo smell in the air, and it grew worse as she continued pooing. There were several pronounced splashes in quick succession and then she sighed and started wiping her bum. When she was done wiping, she stood up and I got a glimpse of a very messy toilet before she flushed.

She sprayed some air freshener and washed her hands, as I undid my belt, and lowered my jeans and knickers. I weed fiercely for a short while and began to push out a large turd. It fell with a splash and then I farted loudly twice. I then let out a long ropelike turd. Three more similar turds followed and then I felt like I was done. I wiped my bum thoroughly and then I flushed.

Anatomy student

To blue orb

I am very fascinated by the human colon. My ex left me, but she let me see her work a few times. She was a gold digger and I'm broke for those wondering. She also farted a lot. Chick fil e went straight through her, and her crap would usually clog the toilet and she was always constipated.
I would love to hear about you and your girl. Especially tips on meeting a girl that isn't grossed out or shy about it.


Easter Poop

Well this is my first post but I've read everyone elses for years and years. Yesterday was Easter, and I had to to do Easter Dinner at both my parents and my husband's parents house. Well I definitely ate way too much food which resulted in me spending the ENTIRE night on the toilet, pooping my guts out. Don't think I've had the runs so bad in my life. Soon as I'd finish, wipe and get up, I'd be sitting right back down. It started out liquidy and then then turned to green mush. I was going bout every 15 minutes all night, well today I'm going every few hours, but it's still very creamy, looks like soft serve ice cream. I ate goose, fish,brisket, coleslaw,mashed and scalloped potatoes, wild rice, stuff mushrooms, corn dip, chips & salsa, garden salad, ceaser salad, fruit salad, asparagus,????, rolls, ice cream, cherry pie, blueberry pie,chocolate cake, lots of deviled eggs lol, chocolate candy and wine and ALOT of grape juice. This resulted in my having quite possibly the worst belly ache of my life. I just laid on the couch moaning, my husband massaged my belly, i passed gas and it was a wet fart, so i sprinted to the toilet where all hell broke loose. I was in there for over 20 mts, my husband knocked on the door, said are you okay? And i said no, holding my belly and moaning while the molten poop just poured out of my very skinny little bottom. Not sure where i was able to put all that food honestly lol. I came close to clogging the toilet about 4 times. the last time i went (about 10 mts ago) i pooped so much it came up over the water line. Well gotta go again, belly is cramping!! Happy pooping!


to Kristina and Catherine

Kristina- Great story! You held on for dear life quite a while before succumbing. One other thing you might try is putting a paper towel in the back of your panties when you poop them. Unlike toilet paper, you don't have to worry about it tearing if it gets wet. I almost always do that when I go in my underwear, and it's so easy to just reach in and scoop out.

Catherine- Like lots of other people have said, if you feel like you'd enjoy having an accident on purpose, go for it! I worried about it a lot at first, but for me it's just an occasional thing that I do when I want to do something different or even to relieve stress. You may have mixed feelings at first, but you'll come to realize that it's nothing bad at all.

Mavis- Looking forward to reading your story!


Beach Toilet Peeping

Hello everyone! I know my last story didn't actually have much pooping going on, so I will make it up to you with this one. I love watching men shit because of how much they fart when they do it. That is why I posted my experience in my previous story, because that was the most I've heard a man fart while he tried to go, but this experience I am about to share was the biggest dump I have witnessed. And yes, there will be farts.

A few years ago I was on a vacation with a few of my friends. It was at an all inclusive resort including a beautiful beach. After we had settled in to our room in the hotel, we decided to get a few drinks and head to the beach to work on our tans. I changed into a cute red bikini I had packed that I was sure would turn heads. I slipped on a pair of sandals and grabbed some sun tan lotion before joining my friends on our way to the beach. There weren't many people out but there were a few hot guys. I had stopped at the bar for a vodka and pineapple before I went to lay out. My friends and I had talked for awhile about how beautiful a location this was and also about some of the guys around since we were all single at the time. After finishing my drink I wanted to test out the water so I went for a swim. The water was perfect but my friends weren't too interested so I swam alone. A short while we had decided to freshen up in our rooms and prepare for a night out. I wanted to hit the shower first to get the sand and ocean water off me before heading back to my room so I separated from my friends and went to the shower area.

I saw the entrances for the shower, women on the left and men on the right. As I went inside I was a little surprised as to the layout and the total lack of privacy. There was a slight corridor to shield some of the interior from view from the outside. On the other side were the sinks. There was a changing area on the left and two toilets on the right. Each toilet was wide open in full view with only a partition between each other so you couldn't see your neighbor but everyone else would have an unobstructed view. They also looked like they hadn't been cleaned for some time. I wouldn't want to take my chances using these so I just made my way to the back where I could see the shower area against the back wall. There was a semi transparent shower curtain to give some privacy while showering at least. As I got to the back of the room I noticed the wall on the right had stopped after the second toilet and was wide open. I stopped to look and saw another filthy toilet on the other side of the wall and realized that was the men's side with an identical set up. From in front of the showers there was a full view of both of the women's and men's rooms. I was currently the only person on either side however so I continued on into the shower. There were two showers on the female side and another two on the male side but they were all separated by walls at least. I was a little apprehensive about this situation so I just went inside the shower, closed the curtain, left my bikini and sandals on and rinsed myself off with warm water for a couple of minutes. I turned off the shower when I was finished and began trying to dry my hair when I heard someone coming. I stood still and listened and then I heard footsteps coming from the men's side. I could hear some sticking with each step so this man must have been barefoot. As the footsteps stopped it sounded like he was very close, but I do not believe he could see me. I was a little nervous so pressed against the side wall and pulled the left side of the shower curtain open to take a look.

I could only make out part of the man that was standing on the other side of the opening. He was to my left on the men's side standing with his back in front of the toilet I had seen earlier which I had a clear view of. He was only wearing a pair of navy blue swimming trunks which were moving slightly as I assumed he was untying the knot that held them up. These swim trunks soon started to descend down to his knees and his muscular behind moved to make contact with the urine soaked toilet seat. Before he fully sat down he caught himself and straightened back up as I suppose he saw how messy the seat was and didn't want to risk contact. He then shuffled backwards closer to the toilet giving me a better view and manuevered into a hovering position over the seat. I could now see the back of his head which was covered in thick black curly hair. His skin was a dark bronze of a man whose body had seen plenty of real or artifical sun. His butt and the area around it were several shades lighter. He was also very muscular. His arms and back were swollen with big muscles and his thighs were so big that I could not see his penis or balls. His glutes were also very big and had large dimples in them from the exertion of having to hold the uncomfortable position he was currently in. It was only seconds before I heard a fart ripping out and then I could make out a brown mass starting to emerge from between his cheeks. It was a very thick knobbly mass that moved slowly and had many cracks like it was made up of several smaller pieces. He had pushed this log out about four or five inches and then its momentum had come to a stop. I saw him slide his legs a little further apart and then I heard a stream of pee hitting the front of the toilet. As he continued peeing his pooping had regained his momentum and slowly made his way out from his large behind. As the log reached a length of about eight inches his stream had slowed to a stop and then shortly the large log fell into the toilet with a splat. There must not have been much water in the bowl as it didn't make a usual plop sound. There was a short windy fart and then I could see his anus start to protrude again as another turd was moving on it's way. I saw his hands move from the front where he must have been aiming his penis to behind him so that he could spread his cheeks since he was finished peeing. I could see some poop of a lighter brown color starting to push its way out. As this log inched from inside him I could see that it was softer looking than his previous effort. As this turd was making it's way out I could hear some wind forcing it's way out also in the space between shit and asshole with a screetching sound. The gas seemed to put more pressure on the log as it built up speed. With his anus protruding this poop made it's way out inch by inch without any indication it was going to stop. Soon the start of the turd was hidden from me by the rim of the toilet but it was still continuing to come out. The log then changed position as I guess the end of it had hit the porcelain and then started to coil. I could slightly make out the crackling sound normally associated with a nice long poop but louder were the popping and screetching sounds of the gas that was helping it along. The weight of what was already in the toilet soon became too much and the log broke close to his ass. The end of the turd fell forward toward the front of the bowl. There was still a small portion of the log that was still sticking from his ass which was still continuing to make its way free. In no time this log had the length to hang like a dogs tail barely wagging from his backside. This freight train of shit was running free from its tracks to its destination into the tunnel below. Again I lost sight of one end of the log in the toilet and again it had broken off under it's own weight. If this log had stayed in one piece it would probably reach the length of a person. I could make out some labored breathing from the man and every so often a grunt of encouragement to complete his task at hand. A few winks from his anus and some puffs of gas and the tree stump yet again continued to grow. His legs were still standing strong but he then repostitioned himself which caused his hanging log to swing like a pendulum with the movement and eventually break off from the motion. This break had pulled almost all of his shit down into the toilet as there was only a small amount I could make out from inside his puckered anus. His fingers moved slightly closer to his butthole as he tried to stretch those big buns even further to give his poop an easier exit. I heard him grunt again, a little louder this time and some of that poop pushed its way past the sphincter but immediately his hole closed shut on it pinching this small piece off and dropping it into the toilet. At the same time I heard a loud spurt of piss that sounded like it reached the floor several feet in front of the man. His hands released their grip on his fleshy backside to try and gain control of his penis but he was too late as it was just a short spurt of urine. His hands stayed in front and he released a single duck quack type fart and then followed it up with a longer sputtering fart that sounded a little wet. This must have been the signal he needed that his job was done as he returned to a standing posture and then leaned over towards the partition to unroll some toilet paper. I heard a few rolls and then saw his right hand wrapped with toilet paper slide between his cheeks as he pointed his bum out again over the toilet. The first wipe was not satisfactory. He came back with the same wad of toilet paper which he must have folded over and then reached behind for a second wipe. As he was wiping this time I heard another fart slightly muffled at first and then louder as the paper had passed over his hole. He then dropped the paper into the toilet but remained still. He farted once again, this one sounding very wet like blowing bubbles under water. He repositioned himself over the toilet and his hands went to pull his butt cheeks apart again. I could see some brown glistening around his anus and also some slightly above it in his crack. I saw his anus pucker and then heard a very nasty sounding fart soon interupted by very soft shit that began to cascade out from his now slightly irritated looking red asshole. After changing his position he must not have checked his aim as this shit flowing out of him was not landing inside the toilet but instead hitting and piling up on the far side of the toilet seat. There were only a few waves of this poop that had a muddy consistancy. As this creamy poop exited it was carried out with splattering loud farts. There was enough of this to form a large pile on the toilet seat. I don't believe he noticed where it was landing as he hadn't moved to correct his aim. As the last of this wet movement had slid out he finished with a high pitched fart that echoed through both rooms and must have stung. There was enough shit caked on his ass and stuck in the hairs of his crack that I could not even make out his butthole. He leaned over grabbing a large supply of toilet paper and carefully swept it between those large cheeks. Even I could see the large brown stain. He just dropped this wad into the toilet and then yet again spread his cheeks and started forcing his asshole opened and closed as he must have assumed that there was still a piece attached that caused all of that mess. He only succeeded in letting out a few puffy farts and then one machine gun fart that went on for a time. He then bounced his butt up and down twice to try and solve this problem. I could hear his testicles smack against his legs. After none of this had worked he went for the toilet paper again. He then wiped several more times and was eventually satisfied with his level of cleanliness. He turned as he started to pull up his swimming trunks and I caught a glimpse of his lightly hairy genitals. As he saw the pile he left on the seat he let out a chuckle. He then tied his drawstring and walked away toward the sinks without flushing.

I had waited until he finished washing his hands before I exited the shower stall. I walked toward the toilet he had used to observe his results. I was hit by the overwhelming smell of his fresh shit. I covered my mouth and nose with my hand and bent over the toilet to see. I looked at the big pile on the seat which was also smeared on the inside of the seat as he hadn't completely missed. I could also see a long turd that lay at the front of the bowl and almost reached the whole way out with the other end coiled with the rest of his movement hidden mostly by brown streaked toilet paper. I couldn't see much of what was underneath of the paper but I could tell that it was an extremely large amount and probably wouldn't have flushed even if he had tried.

I went back to my hotel room with the original plan of taking a nap before I rejoined my friends to experience the night life but I had a more personal task that needed attending to. I looked for this muscular man with the black curly hair when I had joined my friend on our night out but I hadn't run into anyone matching his features. A shame as I was really impressed with his ability to shit!

Monday, April 01, 2013

Desperate to poop

nature reserve poop

I had another good dump today. Last night had been out drinking and listening to a band. This afternoon I went with my G/F for a nice walk around the nature reserve and the walking and lasts night drinking and food got my bowels working. By the end of the walk I wasn't massively desperate but I definitely felt the need for a nice poop.

I mentioned it to my G/F and she said she needed to go to. We entered the ladies which was pretty clean and there was one lady waiting in her 50's. We weren't waiting long when the left hand toilet flushed and she could get in. The other side was pooping as you could hear the occasional plop. The other lady that had got in wasn't in too long but I distinctly heard a little diarreotic spurt I thought. When she finised my G/F went in first
as she was a bit more desperate and needed to poo as well

I waited for a few more minutes when finally the 30 yr old who had been shitting in the toilet came out looking relieved. I went in took my cargo pants and knickers down and had a long gurgling pee and then started to emit some soft serve at first and then finally a much firmer poop. I felt really nice as it came out and I took my time enjoying it.
As I was relieving myself I noticed someone come in and wait for the toilets which were still occupied with myself and my G/F. A couple of minutes later my G/F finished and she got in to have a pee.

I was almost finished and had a very enjoyable poop aided by the walking getting my bowels working :). I wiped a messy backside and wiped my moist front and then flushed and exited about the same time as the 60 yr old lady,

Happy Pooping


Comments to John H

John H - Hi, it's nice to know I'm not the only one who has a problem with poo getting stuck on pubic hairs around my bum.

Regarding your question about how my menstrual cycle affects my poos; of course I don't mind answering it.... It's natural and I love being able to openly talk about things like this without embarrassment. I personally don't think it affects my bowels as much as it does others as I've read that a lot of women can suffer from diarrhea and cramps but I don't seem to although I might have the occasionally soft poo; the type that's mushy and peanut butter looking but other than that my bowels seem to be normal around 'that time of the month'. You mentioned that your girlfriend believes her menstrual cycle affects her bowels; if which way?

Haha, I know what you mean when you said wiping you bum with the empty cardboard tube "Had to be done" I hate it when you have a really dirty bum and there's no toilet paper to wipe with so you look for absolutely anything to wipe with; even if it is a rough piece of cardboard like you did. What's the most unusual thing you've wiped with? Mine was my hand; it may sound weird but I couldn't think of anything else and it was a really messy poo so I had to wipe to avoid huge stains in my knickers so I just used the palm of my hand to wipe the poo away and then washed my hand thoroughly to make sure they where clean although I have to admit my hands smelt for a few hours after that.... oops.

Take care and enjoy your next visit to the toilet... BYE XXX


To Charlie

I've gotten lots of enemas.....always by my mom and always with me lying on my side on the bathroom floor. That was when I was real young though....It's been like 5 years since I had one.

My mom always used the bag....but I didn't pay attention to exactly how she did it.

I really don't think enemas are that bad; like they don't hurt a lot or anything..... I would get so packed that I'd actually ask my mom for one. She was really good about it (privacy and all) and she took time and would stop the flow when i asked so I wouldn't cramp.

The great thing is that when you're really constipated.....they give you results like **NOW**.....sort of like diarrhea but with big chunks of hard poop coming out. I would feel so much better instantly. Sometimes I needed two like you say. The first one would come out just water.

I guess it freaks people out to get stuff stuck up their butt.....but with me I was used to it. My doctor would check how full I was by lying me on the table and pushing his finger up into me.....and would tell my mom how full I was. So....I was accustomed to feeling stuff back there.

I don't know why....but I don't get as constipated anymore. I still do big hard poops...which I guess means that I'm still constipated.....but when I was little I just couldn't go. Like for weeks nothing would come out. So; I needed enemas.

I am in college. The other day, I was sitting in the computer lab typing a paper. There was a dark skinned kid from India sitting 1 seat away from me typing his paper. Every few minutes I smelled this funky rotten egg smell and I didn't know what it was. The next time I smelled it, I looked over at the kid and saw him lift his butt slightly off his seat and make an uhhh sound. I realized that he had been letting loose his stinky farts the whole time. I was blown away. I have never seen someone fart like that with absolutely no shame!

Ronnie (Cicis boyfriend)

Cicis little problem.

Last night my girlfriend and I were at her house. She didnt look very comfortable. I asked her if she was okay and she looked at me and smiled and said she was. At around 11:00 pm we went up to her room and went to bed. She still looked uncomfortable. I asked if she was okay and she said she was fine and we fell asleep. Around 1:00 am I heard her get up and run to the restroom (It was in her room.) I woke up and I smelled poop. I looked down and there was a stain on the bed. I knocked on the restroom door and asked if she was okay. I could hear her moaning farting and crying. She finally told me to go away. And I listened to her and went away. I changed her sheets and then she asked me to go amd get her a new pair or underpants and a new nightgown. I went and got her what she needed and she asked me to come in the restroom to help her change. I came and and she was on the toilet she said she was finished pooping. She had thrown her other underpants away cause they were a big mess and we did a load of laundry so her nightgown would come clean. I helped her change and she went to bed. We got up and ready for school this morning and she still wasnt feeling well but she decided to go to school anyways. We will see how shes feeling when she gets home. Oh and my girlfriend is Cici she has posted here a few times before. I believe that her problem last night was from her bowel cancer. I guess we will have to find out. We will keep you all updated.



Hi my name is Danielle!!! I posted a couple weeks ago not sure if it got posted on the forum forget to check back! I had another big accident tonight i'd like to share. So today at work I ate chicken wings, and had 2 icees. and for breakfast I had eggs, toast, and fruit. So I got off work at ten oclock in the night. When I got home I did my usual routine and put on my tight black stretch pants or leggings as some people call them, and a sports bra, and my running sneakers, and went for a run before i took my shower in the night. I started running at 10:30 and I usually run for at least an hour because I do a run thats almost 7 miles. Before I left I was farting alot and I knew I had to poop soon, and I felt a slight urge, but knew I could hold it until I got back home. BAD IDEA. I ran the first half of my run, and I started getting bad cramps, and I was farting alot, then suddenly a squirt of diarrhea came out of butt into m leggings. I wasn't wearing any underwear. So I got really nervous because I was still about three miles from home. I stopped running and started walking, it was pitch black outside nothing but street lights, and I was on a main road, and I was so scared because I am an attractive woman, and there are alot of guys out there that do bad things at night, so I was extra nervous. As I was walking my stomach was tightening up so badly, and I felt like I was going to throw up too. I was about to start exploding. I entered a shopping plaza, and The urge really hit me. I did not want to go in my pants, then I didn't want to go in public either I wanted to make it home but i knew I couldn't I started running to get behind the stores because theres woods and a lake in the back of the plaza and I figured nobody would be back there, So I start sprinting, then all of a sudden my stomach gave way and I started squirting into my pants, then I made it to the bushes, and I pulled my pants down, and I didnt even need to push I made loud violent farts and so much mushy gooey crap came out, then I started peeing uncontrolably, then all of a sudden my stomach came up and I felt all of this saliva coming into my mouth and I puked all over the ground when I felt like I was done I pulled up my pants which were completely ruined already and I started walking home I felt to weak to run. then as Im walking I felt the urge to go poop again but I made it home just in time, I ran to my bathroom and as i pulled down my pants I shot it all into the toilet, I was crying and so scared to tell my dad, I looked at myself in the mirror after I took of my bra and pants, I had mushy green and red poop all over my front and back, and I had throw up on my stomach area, tears all down my face just an absolute nervous hot mess. I showered put on my pajamas and put my pants and sports bra into a garbage bag and put it in the outside trash. I didnt tell my dad, i took a pepto bismal and Im lying in bed typing this now, I just want to go to sleep, I still feel dizzy and light headed maybe its the start of my period? i dont know. anyway thank you for reading -Danielle


To Crimson Flash.

Thanks for finding it. That was the one!

i am going to tell you about when I did the toilet in school.

My last poop beforehand was on the wednesday night and I had done a pee before I went to school.

When I was in the car before school, i had a little bit of a sore stomach, however as I had pooped the night before, i thought it would be a few days until I would need it again. I thought I would forget about my stomach during school.

throughout registration and 1st lesson, my stomach got worse and was really sore. All of a sudden though, my stomach gulped and the pain went away but it was replaced with the urge to do the toilet!

I had to cross my legs and hope that I would survive until I got home. I let out a few light farts but thankfully, no one smelled them.

I am a kind of private person. I dont like talking about my bodily functions. I have witnessed most of my friends say that they need to poop and have seen some of them on the toilet, but they have never seen me. No one has except my younger sister and little brother who walked in on me once. I never even fart if im not on my own. When I do need a poo, I always do it in my house and wipe myself with wipes.

I knew I had to do it in school though, I felt uncomfortable when walking around. at interval I went for a pee with my friends, as we always do, but I couldn't do it there with them in the cubicle next to me. When I was peeing though, I was so desperate to push my other end and releive myself, but it would have been disgusting. If I am ever in a public toilet peeing, and I hear someone pooping, I get disgusted therefore I wouldnt do it myself.

As I was chatting with my friends I had an idea. I said "Oh god I need a pee again" and thankfully no one else did.

I walked to the toilet myself, I picked a cubicle at the far side of the room. There were some girls in there but I just stood inside the cubicle and they all left when the bell wrang, thankfully I had my study time.

once i was sure nobody was in there, I shuffled my skirt up to my waist and pulled my tights and pants to my knees. I reluctantly placed my bottom and thighs on the warm seat. A solid, firm lump of poo splashed into the water and made a huge noise, the water even splashed onto my bottom. Afterwards, a few slimey pieces slid into the bowl and I barely had to push them out.

Then the poop turned to water which was really smelly, I had to push it out because I wanted rid of it all. It tended to come out in squirts as I pushed.

Someone came into the neighbouring cubicle and I simply held my poo in until she left but she went "pfft" as if she had smelled it.

After the poo was all out, I did a little pee and wiped my ladybum. I was ready to get off the toilet, but then i remembered I had a messy bottom to wipe.

the toilet paper was very thin, so I folded it several times. I leant over onto one leg and pushed it far into my bottom. There was lots of poo on it. I wiped alot of times until i saw barely anything on it. I gave the back of my thighs and outside of my bum a run over with it because I hate public toilet seats. I pulled up my knickers and tights before pulling down my skirt.

I flushed the toilet and left the cubicle. Just as i left the cubicle, i had a small urge to do a pee, I thought i might aswell since I was there. I went into a fresh cubicle next door to my "poop one" and pulled everything to my thighs, my bottom was hovering above the toilet because I didnt want to touch it again-that was more like me! I did a small stream for about 7 seconds, gave my ladybum a wipe and pulled everything up again.

I washed my hands thoroughly and felt empty after my poop and several pees


Pooping with no stalls

Hey I'm new here anway my names Ruby 16 year old girl blonde and tall. I had to poo when i was out today and i went to the ladies and there were six toilets no stalls with ome availble so i took that one. I pulled my tight green skirt up and lowered my yellow knickers down the two ladies next to me were also pooping. The girl next to me was about my age and she was dropping logs like crazy and i heard a couple of farts from the girl next to me. i leaned fowards and did a massive fart everyone looked at me then i dropped a log. My poo i just done smelt really bad two girls peeing left. PLOP! I dropped another the girl i heard farting left now it was me and the girl around my age. She told me her name was alicia and she loved pooping with other girls i smiled and continued with my poo. We did a couple more logs each we talked a bit and we ended up good friends ihad finished my poo but i stayed to talk to her. we are now good friends.

westcoast pooper

public poop with my brother

Woke up this morning feeling pretty full and i started cutting some rank farts relieving some of the pressure. I had some oatmeal for breakfast with my brother (I'm 20 he's 18), and then decided it was time for a shave. I went to shave my face in the hall bathroom and could smell in the hallway a horribly fresh poop stink. I pushed open the door and opened the window straight away to start to draw what I only could assume to be the smell of dads morning dump. I quickly shaved and took a piss. During my pee I got a few cramps in my gut and a few farts stormed out of my butt. They stunk super bad and as I was zipping up my shorts I felt a load start to move down towards my asshole, not a big enough urge to justify taking a crap while having to endure the nasty stink already permeated throughout the small bathroom.
Me and my brother went to a local department store later in the day looking for some glass cleaning rubbing alcohol. A few minutes away from the store both of us couldn't stop farting and my bro kinda had his hand on his butt. I kind of laughed and said ya alright bro? he said the oatmeal was kicking in and it was poop time as soon as we got to the store. I told him I was gonna say the same thing and he laughed. I parked and we walked inside the store and both turned towards to stores' restrooms. He walked in behind me into the clean and quiet men's room and saw that there were only three stalls and one was handicapped. We both walked into the adjoining regular sized stalls and we both pulled down our shorts and proceeded to sit down on the nice large bowled toilets which were comfortable even though my bro and I are skinny dudes. As soon as I got adjusted on the crapper a firm, wide poo started to poke and crackle soooooooo slowly out of my ass. It hung out of my hole for a couple minutes at most before plunging like a depth charge into the water below. I hadn't heard anything from my brothers side yet but that was soon changed when a series 2 splashes followed up with a loud fart. There was soon another mass starting to crackle out of my backside, I heard the end of the dump flop onto the front of the toilet bowl out of the water and a foul odor started to rise from between my legs. I folded up some of the single-ply tissue and only needed to wipe twice. As I relaxed for a moment, as I responded to a text message I heard my brother pulling tp from the roll and wipe his ass a few times. I then stood up and turned around in the stall to check out my dump which was light brown in color and filled easily two thirds of the volume of the water in the pot. I had released two separate poo's, the first one coiling around itself slightly in the bottom of the commode and saw that the other turd was resting on top with a good two and a half inches beached out of the water. I heard my bro start to take a piss and I pulled the flush handle to send my load back to the earth. Half of it got lodged in the hole and the other half flushed away successfully. I flushed again and the water carried away the poo plug with a little gurgle. I walked out of the stall and started to wash my hands when my bro flushed and came over to the sinks. We washed our hands and laughed about our dumps before leaving the restroom and purchasing our supplies. That was the most recent and one of maybe only 2 public restroom experiences where I took a poop with a family member.


Shit in a Porta-Potty

I went to a barbecue that an organization was having as a fundraiser. To be honest, I don't even know what it was for because my friends had the idea of going, but I'm sure it was for a good cause. I do know that there were a LOT of people there that I guess came from all around. It was held at this nice park by the beach. They lined up about 10 porta-potties for the event which I unfortunately had to use. After eating some of the questionably cooked barbecue food, I got a bad stomach ache and knew that the food was making me sick. I really was hoping that I wasn't going to puke, and I hoped that I could just poop and feel better. I told my friends that my food was making me sick and I have to go to the porta-potties. They laughed and came with me to pee. There was a line about 5 people long per porta-potty and it was moving well. My turn came and by then the line was even bigger behind me. I locked the door and the porta-potty was hot, tiny, and smelled like shit. I looked in the hole and saw a giant mountain of used toilet paper with turds spread throughout. Usually the toilet paper and poop just float around the blue stuff in the bottom, but there was literally a pile protruding from the blue stuff, that reached about halfway to the seat. It was so gross, but I sat down anyway because I had to go so bad. I didn't even put paper on the seat. Before I started to shit, I heard some really loud gurgling diarrhea farts coming from one of the porta-potties next to me. That made me feel better, cause I knew I wasn't the only one. I stopped holding back and muddy poop started pumping out of my ass with similar sounding farts as my neighbor. The violent diarrhea lasted a few minutes, until I was empty and my butthole was pulsing. I stood up and saw that my shit had put a chocolate coating on the mountain of toilet paper. I wiped up and dried my ass and left the porta-potty in much worse condition that I found it. My friends were in line behind me and they were laughing at my loud poop when I came out. The friend that went in my porta-potty after me stepped in and shouted "???? shit man! It looks like a f*cking shit volcano!" to which everyone laughed. I felt proud of that comment, and I am probably one of the very few people who enjoys a good shit in a porta-potty.

Charlie to Tyler

I would have loved to be around you when you were a teenager and see who could get the most constipated between the two of us and look at each other's stomach and see whether or not we could tell the other one was constipated. I would have loved to have someone to do that with back in the day.....I wouldn't have minded being beside you that day when you were working as a lifeguard looking at your butt with the turd poking out LOL. if I was your friend back then I would have dug some out of you and given you an enema to get the rest of it out. BTW how old are you now?

Desperate to poop

coffee poop

I had a good dump at the coffee shop the other day.

Went for a coffee a Costa and could feel the need for a pee and poop. Whilst sipping my coffee my poop became more evident and havingfinished my coffee I went off the two unisex.

One lady in her 50's waiting. We waited for a couple of minutes then a lady came out with her little boy and the 50 yr old went in.

I waited for five minutes and no sign of movement when the toilet flushed in the same on the lady had gone in and shortly after she came out and was surprised to see me waiting. Just then the other cubicle opened and a lady Barrista came out. I smiled at the 50 yr old as I replaced her and went into a warm seat and some streaks on it.

I settled down had a gushing pee and then started a nice poop. I didn't rush it and savoured it as it came out. I Did a couple of nice 8 inchers whhich felt very nice. A couple of minutes in I heard someone go in next door. they were only in for a pee and a minute later left. Five minutes later I felt finished wiped my butt and moist front and left feeling very relieved.

Happy Pooping

should've pooped at the mall

i stopped by a local mainly hispanic supermarket a couple years ago on my way home from a mall about a half hour away because there was some major pressure building up in my bowels so i thought i would scope out their mens room. i walked around the market for a minute and noted that it was relative busy for a sunday and eventually found a sign that read "banos" in the back. it had been almost 4 days since i had taken a dump and i always drop a pretty large load at least once a day, the pressure brewed intensely in my stomach as i walked across the store to the crapper, letting out small farts as i walked. by the time that i got to the door of the mens room my ass was sweating in anticipation of getting to greet some porcelain and rid itself of the poo beast within me. i pushed open the door to the relatively small restroom and was greeted by the familiar stench of turds and thought to myself that someone must've needed to take a sunday shit as well. there were a total of two stalls with small house toilets (no handicapped which was weird) and two urinals. i went in the right stall and saw that someone had taken a serious crap that had coiled up like a poop python in the bowl. i whipped my unit out and took a quick piss while i started to get my shorts down,i pulled the flush handle because my urge was really kicking in but the damn pile didnt budge. i waddled to the neighboring stall holding my pants around my waist, good thing nobody came in during those few seconds. i took a quick look in the bowl and my heart sank a little bit. there was a turd in the bowl that was wider in circumference than the hole it needs to be flushed down. i knew there was no way my dump could be held any longer so i had no choice but to close the stall door and hope for the best. i got seated on the crapper and my butt started to let out some loud and extremely odorous pre-poop farts as the mass moved closer to the exit. i gave a slight push to help speed things along as i knew this was going to be one hell of a dump and i didn't want to endure the exponentially growing poop stench in the restroom any longer than i had to since i couldn't even flush the toilets to get rid of the previous two users huge craps. i felt a slight wave of relief when my first turd slid into the water and a second poo started to slowly ease out. i heard the door to the restroom being pushed open and a mexican guy and his young son came into the restroom. the older guy quickly started to piss at the urinal and i saw the kid open the door to my neighboring stall and tried to flush. apparently unsuccesfull as i was he backed out of the stall and started talking to his dad. they were speaking spanish to eachother and with my limited knowledge of the language i could pick out a few things that they were saying. i heard the boy say that he really needed to take a poop and that the other toilet was clogged. his dad told him to wait and they both stood by the sinks and quietly talked to give me some privacy i assume. frozen mid-turd i decided to say that i was going to be a while and the dad said back extremely politely but in slightly broken english that it was alright. there was so much pressure finally that the floodgates opened and three 7" turds came crackling out of my ass. the crackling sound echoed in the restroom as the poo's exited my ass. i then let out a couple of farts and my stomach finally felt empty. i wiped my butt quickly with some pretty soft toilet paper for a public restroom and noted that there was hardly anything there considering the 4 day haul of timber i just released. i pulled up my pants and turned around to see what a flush might manage to do the two giant loads now in the bowl. i pulled the flush and all the water dissappeared from the bowl and not a single turd budged. i pulled the handle again and only a small amount of water trickled into the defeated poop-filled toilet. feeling equally defeated but extremely relieved i walked out of the stall towards the sinks and mentioned to the kid (who looked around 8 or 9 if i had to guess) that i was sorry but i really needed to take a dump but the toilet couldn't flush it down. he said that is was okay cause he needed to poop too and started cutting some stinky farts as he closed the door to the stall. i started to wash my hands when i noticed he wasn't kidding when he said he had to poop because he let out a couple more quick tight farts and then i could hear the echo of his turds crackling into the already crap filled pot. as i walked towards to mens room door i gave the father a smile and a nod and he tipped his hat to me and fanned his hand in front of his nose and we both laughed. i left the restroom not feeling too much shame as everyone has to take a big dump every so often and our toilets and public restrooms should be able to handle the loads.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Desperate To Poop as always another great story it sounds like you and that woman both really had to poop and I bet you both felt great afterwards to and I bet that other woman after you probaly waited for another tolet to open or she just added to what was already in it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kristina great accident story.

To: Abbie as always another great story it sounds like you and that other woman both had really good poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like you both had really good poops and felt pretty good afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mina great story it was lucky you didnt sneeze somewhere else im guesing the poop was bout ready to come out and the sneeze just sped it up and i look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Catherine it sounds like you had a rough couple of days at least you made to the toilet and i bet you felt alot better once the sickness was gone and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Denice great story.

To: Melissa K as awlays another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and it sounds like it emptied you out and I bet you felt really great after and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

The Crimson Flash

Question for Melissa K

To Melissa K, since you said you're open to questions... you mention in your stories you usually wait a couple days to build up a really big poop. But if you pooped as soon as you got the urge, how often would you go and would you still poop a lot?

The Crimson Flash

Answer for Jas

To Jas, the claymation short about animals living in a zoo is called Creature Comforts. If you search for it online you can find clips of it.

Charlie to Tyler
Tyler, I think your advice to Sabine was spot on! When I was younger and had more than a few days backed up in me, I always started with the stool softeners, but they always seemed to make me worse and I usually had to have two enemas given back to back to get anything moving. That was before I found that enemas with a bag enema work better than Fleets. What kind of enemas do you use or did you use back then? Do you still have trouble with being constipated now??

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