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Response to the Anonymous Inquiry

Sorry to the Anonymous Inquirer. I posted a story last night before I read the other posts so I didn't get around to answering your question until this morning.

I don't rightly know when Tanner had a dump previous prior to having the massive one I described. I do know that we were both coming off a pretty vigorous soccer game that had a lot of intense running more than usual. I've had it happen to me more than once that that can really get the bowels moving if you haven't pooped in a couple days. So your theory about Tanner having a lot of waste backed up inside him could very well be correct. I've heard somewhere that the average adult male has enough shit backed up in his system that if he ever actually got it cleaned out of him he would drop enough shit to destroy the toilet a couple times over. Sorry to say but I really don't know what his poop looked like so it's hard to tell if the initial stuff coming out had sort of acted as a virtual plug or not. Your theory could be correct since he sort of had to grunt to get started, then the rest seemed to come out of him pretty easily.

As for me, you asked me when I myself had dumped prior to this... Well I could be mistaken, but I generally have a pretty good after-lunch dump at school about 3 to 4 days a week, and I THINK that was the case on this particular day. And I don't think Tanner was wondering about me. Like I said in my post, he's already seen me at work riding the bowl several times this year and I believe he spotted me having a dump earlier that week at school as well. In fact, now that you have me thinking about it, we even started chatting about our 3rd period Geometry class as I was pushing out a rather sizable turd. I generally need a dump twice a day, and many days I need to sit down and relieve myself three times. I'm a really active young guy who eats like a horse so my body really makes a lot of poop.

And, before that I saw that you even asked, I posted the story of Tanner standing guard while I had MY big dump at the Boat and RV show. In fact, I CAN tell you MY circumstances leading into that nightmare..... You are correct to surmise that I had not gone for a couple days and really had a lot of crap backed up inside me. It was either something in the breakfast I ate that morning or in the lunch at the food court (or a combination of both) that really got my bowels worked up. I remember thinking that something was a little "off" and that the food had given me a minor stomach upset, but it wasn't bad enough to really bother me until I was hit with that big dump.


To Kristina...and Catherine

Kristina, Awesome Story! you should receive an award for as long as you held it! How does one "Hold It" for that long without an accident? I can Hold my BM for about an hour max when the urge hits and on most occasions don't even do that,as i am usually near a restroom be it public or at home and will go when i have to. my first accident happened to me in school, unfortunately (story on page 1576) and have had a some more throughout my life mostly due to the fact of having to Hold it and not having a restroom to my avail. but I cant Lie on Rare occasion i have kinda messed myself on purpose over the years. not often though but there is a rush that comes from this.

Catherine, Shame on that woman for getting sick we are All human...and Have Stinky Poops,,sick or not. As for having a "Planned Accident" I say...Go For it! Who are You bothering with it? Believe me you are not alone in having this kind of Interest There are many of us! ( don't make a habit of it and do it all the time) Let me know if any of you want to hear of more of my experiences with an accident.


What Happened; Sabine?

Sabine.....did you finally have a decent bowel movement?

You said that you had cheer-leading on Thursday; were you able to go before that?

Your stomach must have been super-bloated by then.....not having had any bowel movement at all for so many days. I was thinking about 17 you probably eat a lot.....and all those meals getting packed in there....with nothing coming out! Our bodies really are amazing when you think that we can do that.

Cheer-leader costumes fit so tightly; could people see your distended stomach.....and maybe realize that you were constipated?

Please tell us how you found a solution to the problem. Once you get cleaned out you can start eating better....and have soft easy BM's. I really like my BM's now...I go like every two or three days and it feels great.


For Steven A.

Hiya Steven.....thanks for the recommendation on dulcolax. I don't get constipated now like I did as a kid.....I usually go every 2-3 days; my poops are big still (I clogged the toilet mighty nicely this morning; thank you very much!....) but at least I go.

As for school bathrooms.....I have a theory. You're from a big family; right? My friends from big families are typically not shy or inhibited about pooping in public.....and have no problem with the bathrooms at school. They actually like them because (1) Yes; they are clean and (2) They have powerful flushes that don't get messed up with large teen-age poops!

So many kids though never poop at school.....and I rarely ever have because when I was constipated it was just waaaaay too embarrassing to sit there straining moaning and groaning.....and lots of time crying....with a rock-hard boulder stuck at my butt.

It's too bad when a constipated kid finally feels an urge (which for me was like a miracle and wouldn't likely be repeated for a long time)but holds it in because he's not comfortable pooping in school; but that was me.

Back to the ducolax; You've said that you poop regularly and easily.....what's up with you and dulcolax?


Skype pic

Esteban-yeah, you need to be careful and make sure you don't send a Skype msg when taking a dump, although that could be fun. I don't think my friend would send the vid out anywhere. It is just in his Skype inbox and he can delete it. It is just really silly, though. You can see that I definitely have my bare butt on the seat because it is a view from an angle. But my cock and balls aren't visible, and you just see my briefs and shorts at my ankles. We've been friends since the early 90's, and I pretty much trust him.

Anonymous guy-no we don't get to post pics here, but there ae other places online where that is possible, I'm sure. The Skype message cut off part of the top of my head, so I'm not as easily identified. But still kinda visible. I wrote in an earlier post how I sent a pic to a buddy when I used a squat toilet last year in Europe. That one did show my face fully. He also didn't send it out anywhere. He liked it though. We were talking about squat toilets before I left and when I had the opportunity to use one, I sent him a pic.

If you are constipated then first make sure you will have 3-5 hours at your house. Then drink as much DILL pickle juice as possible. I learned this by a mistake but it works very very good. If you are constipated i suggest you try it



Last night, I peed my pants in my sleep, thankfully I was by myself. The end

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Desperate to poop

Japanese filled toilet


This is an old Story I remember about 5 years ago. I'd been travelling n Japan and the japenese food and the beer the night before made me need a serious poop. I heard her moaning and seemingly not liking something but didn't know what.

Anyway I waited for five minutes very desp to poop as I heard this lady farting away. After a few minutes more a Japanese lady in her 40's came out. She was in traditional japanese wear and she tried to apologise in bad english.

When I got in I realised why the toilet wouldn't flush and the squat cubicle was filled full of pee and poop! It smelt awful but my bowels need were far greater so I stripped down my bare bum squatted and exploded a soft hot poop into the already very full squat toilet. I was in for a good 10 minute and halfwya through someone knocked and muttered something in Japanese I assume are you finished.

Anyway I finally finsished wiped and came out not able to flush. I apologised but not sure she understood me.

I left feeling might relieved.

Happy Pooping


My other accident story and request for Catherine

Mavis - thanks for the comments and encouragement. I hope you share your story of trying it on purpose soon! :)

Catherine - I understand how you feel and can certainly understand not wanting to try soiling yourself on purpose, but I decided that a) it wasn't harming anyone at all, and b) I enjoy it so what was the problem? Once I got past that point I was able to "let go" and just have fun with it whenever I feel like it, which is not all the time. I still use the toilet like a normal person 99% of the time. I only poop my panties a few times per month at most, depending on how much truly alone time I have.

I forget who mentioned lining their underwear with toilet paper before doing it - that's a great idea! I don't know why I hadn't thought of that. I will have to try it next time! Would certainly save time on laundry! haha :)

As for my other accident story caused by my own holding it:

I knew my husband was going to be out for at least six hours or more one Saturday playing golf so I had avoiding having a BM on Friday so I could hold it for a nice, big load on Saturday. After hubby left on Saturday morning I lounged around for a little while longer and then decided to go do a little shopping while he was out. I threw on a tank top and a knee length skirt and headed out to the mall. After spending a couple of hours at the mall I drove over to a different shopping center with a few stores to check out. By that point I really had to go but I kept holding so I could enjoy soiling myself at home in the privacy of my own bathroom.

I shopped for another hour or so when the urge was so strong I was on the verge of losing control. A few times while looking at clothes I had to stop and cross my legs and squeeze for all I was worth to hold it in, hoping nobody would notice. A few minutes after that I was hit by another urge that was so strong that even though I crossed my legs and squeezed hard I could feel my anus open and the poop start to push out. I shook and struggled and finally regained control just as I felt the tip touch my panties. For a few seconds I stood there, poop partially out, hanging on the edge of losing control, before I manage to pull it back up inside. I gathered myself, looked around, embarrassed thinking that somebody may have noticed, feeling my skin flushed and a cold sweat at the same time.

I started walking as best I could without being obvious towards where I thought the bathrooms would be in the back of the store, only to find that they weren't there. I turned left and went to the back corner - nothing. I had to stop and cross my legs again at that point and my butt cheeks felt moist and dirty and I knew I'd have a skid mark on my panties already. I regained control and moved towards the other back corner of the store. I should have just asked an employee. No bathrooms in the other back corner either. By that point I only had a matter of minutes. I saw an employee and asked. She told me the bathrooms were in the front corner near the entrance - the complete opposite side of the store. Of course.

So I waddled off towards the front, praying I could make it, knowing I had cut it far too close for comfort. I was most of the way across the store, passing through an area of dresses and such, when another huge urge hit me. I stepped to the side and pretended to look at a rack of clothes, my bowels pushing hard, my legs crossed, my knees bent slightly. I fought and squeezed and bounced a little, but I knew with 100% certainty a moment later that I was too late. I looked around and thankfully nobody was looking in my direction. I grabbed a dress and spun around so my butt was facing the rack and held the dress up in front of me like I was examining it closely as I lost control and filled my panties with a giant firm load that weighed them down greatly and also lost a long flow of pee that soaked the crotch of my panties and ran down my leg and splashed into a small puddle on the carpet between my feet.

I regained control of my urine, made sure nobody saw what had happened, tossed the dress back onto the rack and waddled as normally as I could with my over-stuffed panties towards the bathrooms, now only a minute away. I passed one woman exiting the restroom as I entered, hoping she didn't smell the aroma emanating from me. I waddled into a stall, locked it, carefully took off my skirt, and then even more carefully lowered my loaded panties. The poop ball was huge, one of the biggest I've ever had in my panties, and was quite heavy and almost overflowing the sides. At least the size of a grapefruit. I carefully tipped it into the toilet and decided the panties were beyond saving. I sat and finished peeing and wiped off as best I could. I had some hand sanitizer wipes in my purse to help with the cleanup.

I pulled my skirt back on and left the stall carrying the ruined panties in my hand. Just as I got to the trash can to throw them away the door opened and a woman entered and did a double take as she realized what I had in my hand as I dropped them into the can. She looked at me and I blushed and she blushed and smiled awkwardly. I waited for her to enter a stall and then I left. It was a little weird going commando - not something I had ever done - but I just drove straight home and took a shower so I wasn't out in public sans-panties very long.




Your stories are great, I hope to hear more!


Toilet on tv

Has anyone saw on Nickelodeon a long time ago where it had an animation show for a few minutes where it had an interview with animals in a zoo and in the background one animal(in which I forgot what kind)Lets out a lot of poop?
And I saw one movie where a man was hiding in a stall he was sitting on a toilet in the toilet water with his pants on and he was going to do something to another man.


Accidental picture warning

I'm sitting on the toilet taking a bug dump while I'm reading this Forum... ON MY I-PAD!
Zip, thanks for the warning about accidental pictures. I do email and text from here, but no SKYPE yet.
I don't mind using open stalls at the beach, but having my picture on the Internet? That's a different story.


Home Depot dump

I always have a dump when I go to Home Depot. Sometimes, the stall door is missing and I get to use that one. But I only use it if the other ones are already in use. Seems weird to use the doorless one if there are ones with doors. But I will stand to wipe in te doorless stall. Might as well do it like I normally do.
There was this HD employee that went into the stall next to mine. He's a good looking guy, probably in his mid to late 20s, about 6'1", with short brown hair. I' wondered if he would drop everything down to his ankles,a nd he did. Mostly. He wears skinny jeans and they only g down so far before bunching up. He was wearing light blue boxers under them, I think he would look great in some tighty whities, though. He crapped very quietly. I don't think I heard anything coming from his stall! No feet movement. Just flat on the ground. Large feet at that.
I was at the sink in front of his stall and could see just a little bit through the crack. He also stands up to wipe. A man after my own convictions. He did appear to wipe quite a bit, so I know the next time I talk to him out in the store, at least he has a clean ass! I used to think staining wipers were rare, but I have noticed more people seem to do it than I previously thought.


For Sabine

Hi Sabine....

You're getting close to like what would happen to me when I was a younger teen. I would always be constipated (like you sure were when you did that huge BM...) and then for whatever reason I would just stop going altogether.

By the time you read this....if you haven't managed to will have 8 days of waste inside you ON TOP OF all the backed up waste left higher up in you after your big movement (the one that hurt so bad...)

Once when that happened to mom could tell from something in my poop that I had two weeks of waste inside of me.

Some people here will probably tell you to try stool softeners; you can do that if you want. They are different from laxatives in that they work to draw water into your poop; thus making it softer and less painful to push through.

Honestly though....that stuff never did squat for me. The only thing that ever worked for me when I was as packed as you an enema.

Have you ever had one? I've had many.....and they're not so bad. And; the results is almost immediate.....the blockage comes out....followed by lots more poop over the next day or so.

You will be empty for the first time in probably quite a while.....and you can then work on eating better and drinking lots of water to keep your poop moving through you.

Good luck. Oh; one other thing: You need to do this NOW. You are very constipated and it is not good for you.

Hi everyone, thought I'd do a quick post tonight as I have a few minutes spare. As I said in my last post my constipation isn't good right now, I'm really tired and just haven't been managing to get to school early enough to follow my successful routine of going to the loo before lessons start. Luckily I'm on holiday next week so hopefully things will settle back down again. Today I did manage to make the effort to get in early, I ate some breakfast in the canteen and then went to the girls toilets next door. I didn't really feel like I needed to go but I knew it was four days since I'd last had a poo so I also knew I should try. Also, I was pretty sure if I didn't try I'd end up wanting a poo sometime during the morning and then I'd be really uncomfy in class. When I got to the loos all the cubicles were occupied and there were two girls waiting in front of me. The one first in the queue looked really desperate, she was squeezing her legs together and jiggling a bit so I hoped that she wouldn't have to wait long for a cubicle. There was a strong smell of poo in the air, most girls using the toilet at that time in the morning need to have a poo, I suppose that reduces the embarrassment factor but if you're bursting and need a cubicle urgently it takes longer for one to be free. Just then a cubicle opened up and the girl rushed inside. By now a couple of girls were waiting behind me as well, I heard one of them whispering to the other saying "Oh God, I really need a poo, I hope I don't have to wait too long." By now the girl in front of me had got a cubicle so I was at the front of the queue, I could feel a slight need developing but I certainly wasn't bursting. I was aware that the girl behind me was looking really desperate so when a cubicle was free a couple of minutes later I offered it to her and she accepted it gladly. Just then the cubicle next door to her was freed up, it was just me and her friend and I asked her if she wanted to go first but she said "No, I'm OK thanks, you go ahead." I locked the door and put my bag down then lifted my skirt and pulled down my tights and pink pants. I looked in the loo just before sitting down and saw some dirty paper and marks in the bowl so I was pretty sure the girl before me had pooed as well. I sat and looked next door, my neighbour had pulled her trousers and yellow pants down to her ankles and just then I heard a few loud plops come from her cubicle followed by a sigh of releaf. I felt sorry for her as I noticed her pants were marked quite badly, her poo must have been poking out as she was in the queue, and I know from experience its not that pleasant getting your pants dirty first thing and then not being able to change them until you get back home. All this time I was pushing, I felt a fat log starting to slide out but it was really slow coming and was going to be hard work. I strained for ages and tried to keep quiet and eventually managed to push the fattest part through, not long after that it plopped down into the bowl. I did a couple more smaller pieces then wiped my bottom and flushed before pulling up my pants and tights and letting down my skirt. I went out feeling better and pleased that I wouldn't end up getting the urge for a poo during lessons and having to sit there holding it in. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!

Thursday, March 28, 2013


To Catherine

Catherine, Welcome Back. I have read your posts and I can relate to how you feel about Your Accidents. I feel the same way. my Post on page 1576 is what did it for me.

Ashley- Welcome back! Sounds like you had fun in your story.

Desperate to Poop- Sounds like you had a couple of relieving poos after the music festival!

Today I was out in town Easter shopping after coming home for Easter from university. I had lunch in a cafe and needed to use the loo before I left, to both wee and do a poo, my first in 2 1/2 days. I looked around for the loos, seeing a woman go in ahead of me. I got up, paid and followed her in. There were three cubicles and she was in the right one so I took the left, pulling down my jeans and green knickers and sitting. I weed first and as I was about to start my poo I heard the woman start to pull off some paper and then after I pushed out my first log someone else came in and took the cubicle next to me. She sat and very quickly I heard her release what sounded like most of her poo in one of those events where it all crackles out as one continuous load! I noticed from her shoes and her black trousers that she was a member of staff at the cafe, I assume the tall girl of about my age who I had seen who was the only woman wearing trousers- the rest of the female staff were in skirts. I guess she had been holding it in for a while and getting quite desperate and had to go on her break!
I did three more turds and I heard her do another two pieces and then wee. After that I was done so I wiped and flushed and was washing my hands when the girl came out. We smiled at each other briefly and then I went back to shopping and she went back to work, feeling much relieved no doubt!

To the write of "coughing fit": I've had that experience, though fortunately I was already sitting on the loo at the time. I suddenly sneezed a very big sneeze, and at the same time an incredible amount of poo just shot out of my bottom very fast. I could feel the heat of it below me so got up to look and make sure I wasn't actually sitting on the poo; but there wasn't as much as that. There was enough to cover all the water though. I decided to risk flushing it, and fortunately again, it all went down because it was really soft. Just a second later I sneezed again, and again, and the second sneeze produced a bit more soft poo. Then I didn't sneeze any more, but about 7 minutes later I passed another large soft poo, so it hadn't ALL come out with the sneeze. Then I was done.


Question for Koa

To Koa, great story about your friend. How close were you standing to her as she used the jar? Was she like right next to you or did she move away a bit? Sounds like you were pretty close and had a good view.

Steven A

Constipation Help and To Tyler and Everyone In School

I think you guys should try Dulcolax. (It's a laxative, you should search it up for anyone suffering constipation problems)

To Tyler and Everyone In Middle/High School: What do you think of YOUR school bathrooms and just school bathrooms in general? Do you use them?

I do use school bathrooms. In my school, the bathrooms are not dirty, they're clean (but I still use Toilet Paper on the toilet because we have no seat covers)

blue orb

giving back

Hello everyone, I have posted here at various points over the past 6 years or so, but most recently under the name Blue Circle in the month of November of 2012. I posted about the moral concerns regarding the voyeuristic tendencies that some of us have who get "excited" about observing someone relieve themselves.

Over the years I have found this site to be a source of inspiration, that I would be able to find someone whom with I could share this interest in the context of a loving relationship, as well as a place of confirmation, that I'm not weird for having this interest. I would just like to say thank you to the toilet stool community for any direct or indirect support. You all seem like a wonderful bunch of people, and my gratitude goes out to all of you. I would also like to report that I have started a relationship with a wonderful lady who I love very much. She is an honest, soulful, funny, artistic, and spiritual person. I would also like to say that she knows about my interest, is quite fascinated by it, and has even discovered that she herself, finds the act of defecating in my company, as well as being with me while I defecate to be exciting.

If anyone is interested in hearing more about our relationship and the introduction and progression of these ideas, or would like any advice as to how to approach this issue please let me know. This relationship is very important to me so I would rather get a healthy dialogue going as opposed to just throwing stories out there willy nilly. I am very fortunate, lucky, and blessed to know this person and would like to use this position to help and encourage others out there who are on this journey, rather than to provide your ordinary smattering of boyfriend and girlfriend stories… as romantic as they may be.

Love from the blue orb.


Updates and Something Naughty

Thank you to those who wrote back. I hope to hear from Mavis and Kristina, or anyone else that can relate to the "solid accident" dilemma.

I have been at home for two years now, living with my parents and working at a local pharmacy. It has been really good to reconnect with friends from home, and to be back in a small town. I can be in a big city within an hour for shopping, and such. Too, I still keep in touch with the friends I made in the big city where I used to live.

My routine is still pretty much the same as I described. So, I am still having two bowel movements per day. They still range from 3-5 on the Bristol stool chart - which means that they are rarely lumpy, but mostly well-formed logs. Sometimes they are more loose and mushy, especially around that time of the month, which usually results in a third trip to the bathroom for a poop.

I think that this is kind of weird, but I thought I would try after reading some of the stories about pooping in public restrooms. Not long after Christmas I caught a rotavirus, which is not your normal stomach virus. It can last as long as a week and is characterized by diarrhea more so than vomiting. The first day with it, I felt really bad and was squished up in a big mess. My bowels were emptying massive amounts of diarrhea on that first day. I kept drinking clear liquids and some Gatorade to keep my electrolytes up. Then, I gradually re-introduced solid but bland foods - toast, bananas, rice and crackers, along with plenty of fluids. I was still having diarrhea, but feeling better.

However, after the third day, I felt much better, still weak but not sick. I was eating normally, but still avoiding spicy, greasy foods, and I was still having cramps, gas and diarrhea. However, the movements were more predictable. I would have a couple of diarrheas in the morning, and then pretty good sized diarrheas after each meal. But, my energy was coming back and I felt ok.

So, I thought I would try something. It was a Saturday, and it was day six of the sickness. That morning, I ate my yogurt, cereal and big breakfast like normal. And, I had a massive diarrhea-like bowel movement, so I was not fully better, though the consistency was more mushy than watery. I decided to go into the neighboring city to do some shopping, eat a late lunch and maybe visit a bookstore. They have this awesome Mexican Restaurant there. And, they have some super-nice bathrooms as well. Too, it was an upscale mall, so I thought that it might be funny to get the reaction of some of these uptight, prim and proper women while having a massive diarrhea blowout. I was really hungry, as most of the food was going through me, but my appetite was normal. I loaded up on fajitas, chips and salsa, enchiladas and refried beans. I thought that would do the trick.

It did. I don't think I ever became as sick as I did not long after eating that food. My stomach could not handle it. Not long after paying and walking a little way back into the mall, major gurgling noises commenced, accompanied by a major cramp. The really nice bathroom was in sight, and I picked up the pace and headed there. When I got there, I took the first stall, nearest the exit, shut the door, shoved my slacks down and exploded.

I let out the most fowl smelling, nastiest diarrhea I have ever had. It began with the loudest, ripping fart and continued noisily as the contents of my bowels emptied into the toilet. Being winter, I had a sweater on, so I began to perspire.

I heard the woman next to me, who was also having a bowel movement, a normal one, I think, begin to wretch because of the smell. I continued to have wave after wave, spaced out by a minute or two between each wave. The woman next to me turned and vomited in the toilet. I began to feel bad that I made someone sick. And, I heard other comments from the ladies as well, from how rotten the smell was to how inconsiderate I was. One lady, I think in her 60's took up for me and told the others that everyone gets sick. Then she asked if I was OK. I replied that I was not sure, but I had someone I could call if I needed to, mainly so that she would leave me in peace.

When it felt like everything subsided, I inspected the mess. It was chocolate brown in color with undigested remnants floating in the commode. I proceeded to wipe and flush. My stomach was still churning, though. I decided to remain seated. Good thinking because then I felt that familiar last churn where a load of liquid rushes through the large intestine to the rectum. I was so exhausted that it felt like my anus just opened as brown water poured into the toilet like a bucket water.

This wave felt like the last one, at least for a while. I had been on the toilet for a good thirty minutes. The bathroom smelled horrid. I proceeded to fill my panties with toilet paper for the drive home. I was sure I would have an accident, so I thought I would be prepared.

Fortunately, traffic was good and I made it home as another sharp cramp hit. I did make it to the hall bathroom and had another bout of diarrhea.

I was sick the remainder of the evening, and I think my escapade set me back a couple of days. I thought it would be exhilarating to do what I did - to stink up an upscale mall's bathroom. But, I was just thankful to make it home, get back in bed, and recover. Lesson learned - Mexican and rotaviruses do not mix.



For Scott and Tanner

Wow; Tanner must have gone for days and days without a BM. I wonder; was the first couple of inches big and wide and hard; sort of like a plug? Could be.....from what you describe he had one heck of a lot of waste backed up in him.

But; how about you; Scott? When was your last bowel movement? Maybe Tanner was wondering that too.....his friend was there only to pee? Maybe he was concerned that it had been so long since you'd gone....but was embarrassed to ask?


Mall Dump

First time posting. 27yr old male. Florida.
Was at the mall shopping, and felt the need to use toilet. I entered restroom, and saw one of the stalls were taken. I took one of them and sat down, I let out a small fart and started to pee. The guy next to me farted loud and let out numerous plops. I farted again and started to let out my poop also. I sat for a few to make sure I was done. I started to wipe. I farted once more and let out a few more pieces. I wiped a few times and sat there to make sure i was done this time. I pulled up my shorts and washed my hands. The guy was still farting and pooping in the stall as I left.


Noisy toilet efforts

I'd like to share my experiences of growing up in a family of noisy toilet users. We lived in a small house and my bedroom was next to the bathroom, so I heard a lot. For some reason my mother always left the bathroom door ajar and she made a lot of loud, vocalised noises as she was straining, a lot of long-drawn out 'mmmm-euuugh' and 'nnnyahh' like it was a really big effort to get it out. It always sounded as if she was having a terrible time of it, but then sometimes she'd come out and say 'I enjoyed that', which confused me. When she was really contipated then it was much louder, she would almost shout as she was pushing. My sister on the other hand always shut the door but could still be heard, making quieter straining noises in a kind of regular rhythm. I remember being on holiday in some public toilets and being in the middle of them in a row of cubicles, my mother on one side straining 'euuugh', with heavy breathing, and then my sister grunting 'nuh', 'nuh' on the other side, and wondering what the people in the queue were thinking.

Most peculiar though was uncle Roy. When my mum had to go away for a week to look after my nan, I had to go and stay with my aunt Rosie and uncle Roy. Uncle Roy came in from work at 6.15 every evening and went straight up to the bathroom for his daily toilet session and normally stayed there for at least 20 minutes. Like my mother (his sister) he left the bathroom door ajar and from my bedroom I could sometimes partly see him crouched over the pan, rocking forwards with every strain, then letting his breath out with a loud expulsion of air, and rocking back to take another breath. This seemed to go on for ages without any discernible result. Then towards the end his breaths would lengthen, his audible strains would get longer and throatier, like a long 'aaaarrrghhh' and I could see his hands gripping his knees with the effort of pushing down. The eventual appearance of the bm was normally heard from the thud as it hit the bowl. I only caught a glimpse of his face once, as he rocked forwards, and it was all screwed up and red, staring fixedly ahead and contorted with this huge effort that he had to make. This was his ritual- I was told not to go in the bathroom from 6pm because 'uncle Roy needs it at that time'. I asked my aunt why he needed so long and always at the same time and she just said that was how he's always done it and he 'refuses to take anything' to help him along.

Most other people seem to do it quietly, although recently I was washing my hands in some public toilets in town and saw a woman come clacking in on heels, and as soon as she sat down she began some noisy straining and pushing and sighing - it didn't sound like she was constipated, just was normal for her to make a lot of noise when making an effort. I could also hear the noise of her heels as she lifted her feet up and down, and she seemed to be moving the loose toilet seat as she rocked a little with the rhythm of the effort being made. When I walked out of the toilets and behind the building you could still hear these loud 'nnnnneuyuh' sounds through the windows at the back of the conveniences, and I noticed there was a guy standing there under the windows, having a cigarette but probably getting a kick out of hearing this woman being very vocal when pushing out her poo.

So I'm wondering, why do some people make a lot of noise while others are really quiet?

Brandon T

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To: Koa great story about the first girl you saw pooping I bet that memory will last forever.

To: Sabine try eating alot of fruit and drink enough water.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

single guy

respond to amy accident

amy i cant believe wat a b"tch ur coach is thats not rite good story but it happens hopefully no 1 else mess's wit u!


Phone/Toilet Usage

Right, so today at work I went for a much needed wee at lunch. To the men's I went. One stall was taken and I could hear it was a Chinese dude who I've heard before. I think he owns one of the shops in the mall. He was talking on his mobile to someone whilst going poo. I found this weird, he was talking and plopping. Did the people on the other end realise this? Or perhaps it's normal to this particular man and his phone friend.

Anonymous Guy

New stories coming soon

Yo whats up everyone! I apologize for being absent for so long, I've been busy with everyday life and haven't gotten the chance to visit this site much. But be assured, I have plenty of new stories under my belt to tell. I'd say I've had a couple dozen buddy dump experiences since I last posted... this new school's bathrooms are great. :)

@John H: Hey man thanks for the shout out, I skimmed through the posts and am really enjoying yours. Glad you found a way to wipe your butt without toilet paper, the smell from it smearing on your boxers would be embarrassing.

@Zip: Wow I'd really like to see those pictures. Even if we could share pics on here though those kind probably wouldn't be allowed since they violate guy's privacy. Anyways keep us posted.

@SL: Sounds like we have the same exact interests when it comes to hearing other guys take a shit. Good to see!

@PPG: The thought of sitting on a toilet right after a guy uses it hasn't ever crossed my mind. Sounds like an intimate thing to do, I might give it a shot. I remember a week or 2 ago I walked in a stall to pee right after a guy had used it. The toilet seat was drenched in sweat and there was even residue from the toilet protector since it got so wet. I actually was curious about sitting on it, but would probably be unbelievably insanitary for my butt.

@Tyler: Pretty creepy story about the guy pretending to leave the bathroom but staying. I'm not sure why guys do that, if I want to listen I simply stay inside a stall where it won't freak out a guy.

@Ranger: I've never been in a public shower before but I'd say it's normal to pee while cleaning up. I'm not sure why guys would give you weird looks, I mean you are GUYS after all. There's a lot worse that you could do publicly in a shower.

So many great stories since I've last visited, thanks a bunch dudes. I'm on vacation right now so I should be able to post a couple stories soon.

On a side note, who also finds it interesting hearing a guy pee while sitting? I actually find it more intriguing than him taking a dump, which usually happens right after. It just seems like so many guys strictly view peeing as a 'standing' activity and that it's feminine to do so while on the toilet. Yet guys do it anyways on accident while pooping. It's just cool hearing the stream shoot against the toilet bowl instead of the typical waterfall noise.

Anyone else have thoughts on this?

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