Melissa K

Saturday morning poo

I woke up at 9:30 Saturday morning with an intense urge to evacuate my bowels. It felt like a big weight was sitting in my intestines because I hadn't pooped in 5 days. I got up and walked into my bathroon, pulled down my panties, and pushed. A long, hissing fart accompanied my first thick, crackling turd as it slid down into the bowl. I flushed to avoid a clog, and as soon as the water refilled, I pushed out two more thick turds into the water. I felt like I was done, and I wiped my bum and flushed. The two turds swirled down, leaving a huge skidmark on the side of the toilet. I still felt like I had to go more. I sat down again and strained to push out a thick, brown turd that fell with a thud into the water and side of the bowl. Another smaller turd followed and I flushed again. Gosh, how much more could I have in me? I pushed out a smaller pile of turds, which I flushed, leaving a massive brown mark on the bowl. My belly still was aching, so I grunted and let out a fart. Another brown sausage oozed out of my butt and splashed in the bowl, and I strained to push out another turd that fell in the water across the other one followed by a huge fart. I tried wiping but my butt was so dirty I had to flush again before wiping. When I was finally done, I had flushed seven or eight times and felt five pounds lighter. Wow it felt amazing!

Im leaving for vacation on Thursday, and I'm already storing up a big, nice poo to take. So i might not post for a bit.

If anyone wants to know about my past pooping experiences, feel free to ask me. And also I wouldnt mind answering a few surveys :)

Love, Melissa <3

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

John H

reply to Imogen

Hey all, just a reply to Imogen in this post as I'm busy with college at the moment.

@Imogen, hope you enjoyed my live poo. When it comes to putting some toilet paper down the toilet to help reduce splash back it only takes a small amount to help.
You must have put a little too much down and that's why the toilet got blocked.
Thanks for your answers.
I have the same issue as you when it comes to bits of poo sticking to pubic hairs around the ass so its not to personal.
Many people experience this problem and for me the best solution is a long hot shower but sometimes even that can't help.
Now to ask you a personal question if you don't mind?
Do you find that your menstrual cycle affects your poos in any way?
My girlfriend thinks it does but I'm not sure in what way.
If you are not happy answering this I understand.
When it came to cleaning my ass with the cardboard it was not pleasant but had to be done lol

That's all for now.
I would love to respond to more comments but I haven't time at the moment.

Take care all,

John H



To use your expression, I've just been sitting on the toilet, doing my plops! It's an onomatopoeic word, where the sound describes the action. My teenage buddy used it, but some youth hostels we stayed in had chemical toilets. In those, and in the old waterless toilets, it wasn't plops but thuds. In those circumstances, we called it 'thudding' or 'doing our thuds'. (We were very studious teenagers, but enjoyed a daft half-hour sometimes as relaxation!)

I like the deep British toilets. The sound of a plop is like music. (Handel's Water Music?) A sign of a healthy bowel. But when is a plop not a plop? When it hits the side of the toilet pan. That means my bottom isn't in the right position, and there's cleaning up to do afterwards.

Some toilets in British supermarkets and in motorway service stations have music playing, so you don't hear the other kind of music which I have just described.

You mention the 'shelf' arrangement in Holland. Many German toilets are like that.

Happy plopping!

Anatomy student

To Jcurt

Drinking water in general helps constipation. Not sure how drinking while on the toilet works though. Keep your fluids up and it will help prevent issues in the future though


first time i saw a girl poop

This happened last year when I was 16. I took a girl I liked out to a surfing spot that was really hard to get to one morning. We stopped for breakfast and then had to walk across a long space of rocks, and down a little path around the cliff to the beach. It is such a nice place but so hard to get to. We were at the spot by 8 am and no one else was there. We surfed a long time but soon I noticed she did not try to catch any waves. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me she needed to go to the bathroom. I assumed she had to pee, so I laughed and said everyone goes in the ocean. Her face turned red and she looked down and said she couldn't use the ocean for this. I felt bad and I told her we can get out of the water but there isn't any bathroom near here. We got out and she apologized and told me she didn't mean to be gross by telling me. I assured her that it wasn't gross and I was here to help. She told me that if she didn't go soon, she was going to mess her bikini, and she got very upset. I had an idea and I told her to wait a minute. I ran over to the rocky part of the beach. In Hawaii it is really annoying that all the garbage washes up on our beaches, but this time it was going to be useful. There was a small pile of garbage, with mostly driftwood and cans and stuff, but there was a larger-sized mason jar with the lid on it. It had a faded label on it and I think it was an empty whiskey jar. I grabbed it and ran back to our spot where she was really getting upset. I took the label and lid off the jar and told her to do her business into the jar. She was very shy at first and said it was too disgusting and girls don't do that kind of stuff. I told her it was either that or try to wait 20 minutes at least to get to a bathroom. She knew she didn't have much of a choice and made me promise to not look. Of course I said I wouldn't and I put my hands over my eyes, and she stood up with the jar. I opened up my fingers to see. She turned and faced the ocean and slid her bikini down to her knees, and I saw she had a really really nice ass. She bent her knees and squatted only a little bit, just enough to make room. She lifted the jar under her legs and let out a short hissing fart, and she quickly said she was sorry. I pretended like I didn't hear it to make her feel better. As she was about to start her poop she suddenly moved the jar closer to the front of her body and a long stream of yellow pee started filling it. It didn't make much noise hitting the side of the jar. It filled the jar about a quarter way by the time she finished. She moved the jar again and pushed out a long, dark brown turd that crackled its way out. It did not break off until it touched the bottom of the jar. It was really thick and I couldn't believe she squeezed it out! She started to push another one, just as thick, that broke off a little earlier and it was shorter. Then three or four smaller rock turds fell out into the jar with a thudding sound. I saw her try to push one more time but there was no poop left. She brought the jar up to look at it and she sighed when she saw it. She screwed the lid on and put it on the sand. She said "I don't have anything to wipe with, I hope that's not too gross." I told her it didn't matter since we were just going to go back in the water. But I saw her secretly use the inside of her bikini bottom to wipe up her butt. I guess she didn't want me to know, but also didn't want a dirty butt. She dug a little into her butt hole and it was pretty messy. She pulled up her bikini and when she started to turn around I re-covered my eyes. She said "done" and I opened up my eyes to see her hiding the jar behind her back. I laughed and asked if she felt better. She smiled and said yes, and asked what to do with the jar. I offered to carry it back to the pile of junk by the rocks but she refused to let me see it. She decided to just bury it in the sand. That was the first time I ever saw a girl poop, and it was pretty cool.


constipation problems

For JCURT and anyone constipated "Miralax" safe laxative and used daily it prevents constipation. cheap at Costco!!


Pooped twice in one afternoon

Today I did two #2's in the space of probably about two hours, which is not unprecedented but slightly unusual unless I have the runs. This time I didn't--- it was a bit on the soft side but really nothing like diarrhea. The first time was pretty big and a bunch of it stuck to the back of the bowl even after I flushed twice. The second time I was about to take a shower, but I felt the urge to poop again. I sat down and let out a longish, squeaky fart that was pretty satisfying, and then a medium-soft turd. Now it's a few hours later and I almost feel like I might go again. That's a lot for one day, but my schedule is generally pretty variable. I think the spicy, somewhat oily Thai food I ate for dinner might have gotten things moving even more.

Hi, my name is Sabine and this is my first post. I'm 17, Canadian-French and I think Ive got nice features.

Anyway I haven't pooped for a week. The last time I tried it was so painful. My shit was so huge, it hurted my anus. It was the biggest dump I ever took. Yesterday I got this cramp in my ???? but I'm afraid to push my shits out since my anus is still hurt.

My ???? is kind of bloated now. It is so painful.. I will have a cheerleading competition on Thursday, it won't be pleasant to hold my shits til it comes. What should I do? I'm not gonna take laxatives, my anus will only get worse.

Mavis, please, let us know if you tried having another accident and tell us how it went.

Catherine, please tell us about your latest experience too.

I'd like to hear about your experiments as well Kristina.


Skyped a vid message on the toilet

I was texting with a buddy of mine yesterday for quite a while. I had to take a dump, so I went in and sat on the can. I asked my buddy if we had Skyped before, or did we use FaceTime on our iPads. He didn't remember, and I mentioned that if we were skyping, then he would just see me on the toilet. I said, I'm gonna send you a message while I'm here. Apparently, you can record a vid message which the person can view later. I did it as a joke, and ain't going to send it, but I hit some button or link and it went to his Skype, bak a home.

I texted, oops, I accidentally sent you a vid of me on the toilet! I logged back in and right clicked, then hit the delete button. Whew!

I then recorded another message for him to see later.

Today, he sent me a text message saying he saw my Skype message and it was funny. I asked if it was the one where I mention my dog and I'm walking through the rooms, and he said, no, on the toilet. Apparently, I didn't delete it after all! It still went through. I just LOL and said "as you see, I still wear the same tighty whities"! He texted back, "yes, I see that". It was just a 30 second video, but he seemed pretty cool with it. I did try to delete it, but oh we'll, he's seen me completely naked before and he's brought me tp into the bathroom when I've run out. I now have this video of me out there on the toilet! Good thing I'm not trying to be a politician.

Scott US Soccer Fan

Friend's Big Dump

My buddy Tanner and I are both in 8th grade in our final year of middle school, but we are already on the High School's junior varsity soccer team because we turned 14 before the beginning of the season and we've already played a long time since we were little kids so we're more advanced than other kids our age.

After playing a recent away game, we had to stay there and watch the varsity game since we all rode in the same bus. Tanner and I were sort of half paying attention to the game and half talking about other stuff. After a while Tanner stated to shift around uncomfortably but he tried to keep talking. However, the wincing look on his face and the anxiety in his voice and body language gave away his obvious discomfort. Finally after a while Tanner just gave up and admitted, "I have to go to the bathroom." Since Tanner usually came out and said that he needed to pee when he had to pee, I immediately suspected that he really needed to have a great big dump. His actions and his anxiety certainly suggested he had a big massive shit gestating in that butt of his!

We got up and started walking towards the school, hoping it would be open since there were no portable potties on the grounds or a concession stand with bathrooms. I told Tanner I really needed to pee myself to give myself an excuse to accompany him into the bathroom. He's already seen me taking a dump like 6 or 7 times this year so I figured it was about time I got my turn to see him! Luckily for Tanner, we did find the doors unlocked. As we went in Tanner farted real loud and started walking rigidly with his butt cheeks clenched really tight to hold his shit and said, "I need to take a crap really bad." I really didn't need to go to the bathroom, but I really wanted to see what he would be like when he was pooping, especially with the great big load he was apparently about to unleash.

Tanner didn't look real comfortable with me joining him in the bathroom since he was about to really let loose on the toilet something fierce, but fair is fair. Finally finding the boy's restroom, Tanner desperately rushed in to the first stall and hurriedly dropped his pants and sat down while I took a spot at the urinal across from him. Luckily, the stalls had no doors on them so Tanner was forced to sit there on the toilet with his pants down around his ankles while I saw everything. I knew Tanner really felt vulnerable and exposed being forced to sit there like that, but I wasn't going to do anything other than to enjoy a nice big noisy poop from him!! I acted like I was really peeing for a long time to see what Tanner would do. I think Tanner may have wanted to wait until I was done to let his shit out, but apparently that was just not an option available to him. Just as I was zipping up, Tanner finally gave up and let nature take its course. I heard Tanner groan, fart, then a massive wave of soft shit began crackling out of his body and falling into the toilet with real loud splashes and plops. Tanner moaned again and a whole lot more soft shit rushed out of him and splashed into the water.

Totally fascinated by all this, I made my way to the sinks and washed my hands while keeping my eyes and ears peeled on Tanner's stall. I then told him I would wait for him outside. Tanner just grunted "Yeah," To acknowledge.

However, I only pretended to make my way out opening the door and letting it close while staying inside the bathroom. This was just too good to miss!!

Thinking me to finally be gone, Tanner finally gave up completely and began REALLY taking a MAJOR dump!! Tanner moaned loudly as he began unleashing a monster pile. Tanner was really pooping big time now and you could really hear the shit as the stools crackled out of his body. The poop was really falling in to the toilet quite rapidly too. Tanner was grunting and farting a lot too as he sat there pushing that huge load out of his body. Looking under the stall, I could see Tanner's soccer warm-up pants nearly all the way down to his ankles over red boxer briefs nearly covering his soccer cleats. I would know those shoes anywhere since Tanner and I went shopping together for them and bought the same kind. I could see Tanner going up on his toes every time braced he pushed to push more shit out of his body. Tanner was really moaning a lot too as all the shit came out of him and I could tell a huge sense of relief was finally washing over him. After Tanner had pooped and pooped for quite a while, he finally finished. When he did, Tanner slumped forward on the toilet and just exclaimed "Wow!!" I couldn't believe how much shit had come out of the guy and it took Tanner numerous wipes for him to finally get his butt cleaned up. Eventually Tanner was again able to stand and pull his pants up while exhaling a massive sigh of relief at the same time. At this time, the door opened, and another boy came in to use the bathroom, so I was able to leave without Tanner knowing I had been there watching and listening.

When Tanner came back out he looked super relieved and much calmer and happier. I asked him if he felt better. Tanner rolled his eyes and responded, "*Whew!!* I needed to shit so bad, I really thought I was going to crap myself. I think I must have crapped for five solid minutes in there!"

I then told Tanner to consider himself fortunate. He could have been hit with his big dump either earlier during OUR game or later during the bus trip home, both of which would have been much worse situations. We laughed and Tanner agreed. Tanner was probably pretty close in his pooping estimate. For the record, Tanner is about 5'5 and 125 pounds, be he definitely crapped out a king-sized shit worthy of a much bigger guy!!

Basketball poo

One night not long ago after eating dinner I sat down to watch some basketball on TV. It wasn't long before I felt a few rumbles in my stomach and then felt the need to poop. I had not had a BM that day so I went to bathroom and sat down. Shortly there after I started to go. A Little more gas and not quite as solid as normal but I thought nothing of it, finishing up and getting back to the ball game. Later my stomach began to rumble again just a little but it was a really exciting game and I ignored the rumbles. They became more frequent as the game went on and I knew that I was going to need the bathroom pretty soon. It was really an exciting game and near the end so I figured that I could see the end and then go. Wrong!! Just then I got a sharp stomach cramp I knew that there would soon be a explosion in my lower regions. But still I really wanted to see the last minute of the game as it was tied. Another cramp and I knew that I had to make mad dash to toilet or suffer the consequences. I just made it my butt gushed out volumes of liquid crap. A minute or so passed and I could tell there was more building and more rushed out. I must have spent 10 or 15 minutes on the pot before I was done. but I had missed the end of the basketball game. The game had gone to overtime and ended in a last second long shot. A really great game ending that I had totally missed.

Little Mandi
I'm bored so i'm do this survey I came across.

How many times a day do you pee?
It depends how much I drink. I guess on average I'll go at least 4 times in a day.

How long can you hold it in till you find a toilet?
I'm really good at holding it. I can for a long time if I have to.

How long do you pee for?
Depends how long I've been holding it for. Usually on average I'd say I pee for like 30 seconds.

How often do you poop?
I don't poop very often. I think I go every 3 days.

Is your poop solid, mushy or liquid?
Rock solid usually.

How long does it take you to poop?
Less than 5 minutes unless I'm constipated or sick.

Do you fart a lot when you poop?
No not really. Only if I'm sick.

When you need a poop do you always have pre poop farts?
I almost always have pre poop farts.

Would you let someone of the same sex see you on the toilet?
I've peed in front of family many times. Poop I'm more shy about.

Would you let someone of the opposite sex see you on the toilet?
Maybe for pee if we're really close.

I have a question. What is a natural way to clean out your system? I've thought about taking a laxative for a cleanout but I'm a little nervous about that. I've never taken a laxative before. I just always feel bloated no matter how much I eat. I'm trying to eat more healthy and drink nothing but water.

Welcome back Catherine! Yes, please do post about your most recent accident and please also most other stories as well!

I remember before you saying that you always take two big dumps each day. Do you still poop this much? Have you ever estimated how much weight your typical dump is? I'd be curious for someone like you who goes a lot!

Any changes in your BM's since you last posted here as well??

Thanks and great to see you back!


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby it sounds like you had a pretty great poop.

To: Cici I bet you felt good after that poop.

To: Desperate To Poop it sounds like that bathroom got alot of busness and I bet you felt good after.

To: Amy good story

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Donnie C.

To Odd Character

The clip you ask about is available on a certain popular Internet video under the movie's Spanish title, "Laberinto de Pasiones."

The "victim" is an attractive, short-haired Spanish woman in a blue business suit. She's in some sort of warehouse/factory while others rush in and out, asking her questions (I speak very little Spanish, so I can't tell you what the questions are). She keeps telling them "Que me cago" (I have to poop), but they keep her away from the door to the lavatory. Suddenly, there's a couple of fart sounds, followed by a shot of runny poop on the floor and dripping down her right leg.


Anyone ever purchase a Squatty Potty?

Ever since I went to France last year and was able to use a squat toilet, I've thought about getting one of those Squatty Potties, which is basically a stool that you can squat on so you are in a squatting position when you take a dump into the toilet. I like the idea, but it doesn't look like it puts you in a full squatting position. It just brings your knees up a bit higher. I've actually squatted on the bowl at home a few times, and I like it, although I find it a bit difficult to pee like that.

If anyone has used one of these, give me a review of it.

I'm heading out to the public toilet at he park this morning to take a crap in the doorless stall. Maybe I'll have some company or someone to talk to while dumping. Too bad we can't post pics here and everyone can enjoy what I'm enjoying this morning!

Old observer
Catherine, welcome to this board. You say you want advice--I say don't worry if you have a deliberate "let-out" in your pants every so often. It's part of who you are, since you say you enjoy regular pooping and the accident experience. In the last 20-45 years, I must imagine that I have had 35 of them and have found them stress relieving. You're not abnormal. Enjoy your functions and your life. Many of us who have enjoyed such experiences are good people who come from all walks of life.


Constipation memories

Rob and Bloated - obviously your message reminded me very much of my own experience, except that I don't remember feeling any stomachache - or other real pain - during my constipation. But my parents were hyper-aware of it, and their usual response was suppository or soap insertion. On a handful of occasions I got enemas which were worse. Anything going up my dooey-chute was a horror to me, it was painful, it was a violation, and knowing full well what it was for (and why they didn't use normal medicines) didn't make it any easier to live through.

The trouble is inefficient colons run in the family - any food or supplement that's meant to fix it only works "some of the time". And I've had the misery of seeing my own daughter suffer with it, and have to suffer all the same treatments - as Voy Forum readers may know, I'm one of those "doo-doo inspector" mums, recording and rating my daughter's bowel movements (and my own, of course!)

Monday, March 25, 2013


Colleague shitting at work

Went to the gents for a piss this morning at about 10 o'clock and was followed into the toilet my a young, slim, dark haired good looking colleague. I went over to the urinals and he went into the first cubicle and locked the door. As I started to piss I heard him pull his trousers and pants down and heard the clunk as he sat on the bog seat. Almost immediately I heard him start to piss, and as was actually still pissing I heard three loud plops, so he was pissing and shitting at the same time. He then stopped pissing and there was one more even louder plop.

By this time I had moved to the basin to wash my hands and I heard the sound of a long piece of paper people pulled from the bog roll and then the sound of this young wiping his arse very noisily.

So unlike the other guy who I posted about recently who sat on the bog for at least fifteen minutes, this young guy just had a good shit very quickly, but it was still great to hear him.


Constipation and water

My PCP has just started me on a pain med that's administered thru the skin rather than orally by pill. It's called a Fentyl Transdermal Pain Patch that sticks on like a bandaid. Only problem is that the type and quantity of the medicine causes constipation. BIG TIME Constipation. I guess that's why they call them "wonder drugs"...... You take them and wonder what they're going to to you. Anyway, today was a refill of my pills plus day #1 of 3 for a new patch. Really strong stuff. Virtually no pain and able to work in sub-freezing cold for most of the day. At home later I realized I hadn't pooped in three days. I sat on the toilet for 2 hours after taking a strong laxative. I hung onto the bathtub with everything I had and pushed like crazy and still couldn't get the monster out. Finally my wife of 45 wonderful years came in and handed me an ice cold bottle of Deer Park Water. I joked with her about being in Jurassic Park instead of Deer Park. She insisted I try drinking as much as I could while sitting on the stool and pushing. It came out and clogged the bowl! This is the second time her water idea worked to solve my constipation problem. Perhaps one of you medical or pre-med students can enlighten me as to why drinking water while sitting on the toilet helps with constipation.


to A Guy

The assistant principal is sadistic.

I got up for work this morning and I was running late and didn't have time
to take a dump. I stop at the store and got a monster energy drink. I got to work then I got to work. I went to the bathroom and all the stall was all full I figure if give them about five or ten minutes. I could go in well after two minutes two ladies came and I went and sat down then I was passing gas like NASCAR pit crue. The first turd came out it was 14 inch long then two more came out they were 9 inches long it stunk in there really bad after I was done went back to work.


Huge Poo.

It has been a few days since I have posted. Sadly my boyfriend had to go back to Orlando. Today I had a huge urge to poo so I went and sat on the toilet for about 2 minutes lightly pushing and a huge poo fell in the toilet and then 2 more after that with no effort... It was a normal poo for me!


morning poop

Right on schedule - just after my first cup of coffe !!! Had a real good poop, about a 16 incher, and floater too !! Really felt good comming out!! I enjoy the feeling of a good poop ;-))

Brandon T

comnents & stuff

To: Girl Camper great story about you pooping outside it sounds like it was good one.

To: Ashley great story it sounds like you and your friends had a good poop.

To: Kyra great story about you and Annes big poops I bet you both felt good to get them out of you both and hopefuly her hemmeroids go away soon to.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Little Mandi
Have you ever gotten that feeling where you thought you had to pee only to sit on the toilet and have nothing come out? That happened to me last weekend.
I spent the weekend at my friend Nate's house. We were in the kitchen baking a cake when I felt like I had to go pee. We put the cake in the oven and before we went back to the living room to watch some tv and play board games. I told him I was gonna pee real fast. He said ok and walked with my upstairs which I thought was funny. I went in the bathroom and he stayed outside. I sat on the toilet but nothing came out. I gave a small push to try and get a stream started,but I just couldn't go. The urge to pee completely went away. I pulled my pants back up and went back out to my friend. He asked why I didn't flush the toilet. I told him I didn't go and that it wouldn't come out. We both found this very weird and funny. We laughed about it. I never had a time where I couldn't go pee. I didn't even get the urge to go till the next morning when I woke up.
That was an interesting one. I went pee with Nate in the bathroom with me. That morning,we were both up early. We were getting ready to go out before he took me home. I was in the bathroom just getting changed and doing my make up and hair when I heard a knock at the door. I was already dressed and all so I opened it and it was just Nate. I let him in and finished my hair and was about to leave him to finish getting ready. I told him when he was finished I had to pee before we left. He suggested I could go just then. His bathroom is big and has like two parts. The sink in the front then the area where the shower and toilet are. If your in the front of the bathroom,you cant see the area where the toilet it. I thought for a second. Even though he couldn't see me I was embarrassed about it. I thought what the heck. We're really close anyway. I asked to shut the door then walked to the toilet. I sat down and slowly started to pee. Then I heard the water go on which helped me not be so shy about it. I started going full force. It lasted long probably cause I had been drinking a lot of water and didn't go all night. I finished up and that was that. It was the first time I ever had a guy in the same bathroom as me.

Odd character

Post Title (optional) Question about a movie

I have read that the movie "Labyrinth Of Passion" has a really good female pooping scene. However the movie is only on regular video and not on DVD. It would not be legal to have the movie downloaded or copied from one to the other. I was thinking of getting a new DVD and old video player. I can watch other good old videos with it and not just that movie but I don't know if is worth the expense.
If it is okay can I ask some questions about the pooping scene? Is the woman who does it old or young? Is she attractive? What does she wear when she has the accident? I hope to hear from someone on the site.

Migraine Loverer


Hi everyone! How is everyone? I had a weird dream that I was very constipated and was crying. I was in so much pain! I was getting help from someone. The person kept saying "come on you can do it." I kept saying "It hurts too much, owwww I can't do it! It won't come out! It's stretching me too much! ouch! oh god! here comes the hardest part! help me already, it's stuck!" The person finally bent down and grabbed the turd and pulled the rest out of me. The poop was 5 inches in the end. I was panting when I was done. I was so weak afterwords. I can't remember the rest.
Happy pooping all,
Migraine Loverer


To Mavis and Kristina - Having a Solid Accident

Dear Mavis and Kristina,

I used to post on this forum for a while, and occasionally visit to read some of the updates.

If you have the time, your stories are the reason I visited this forum a few years ago - because I had a couple of solid accidents and they "felt good." It was a weird experience for me, because I was embarrassed, even though they were not in public. Yet, they felt really good.

I decided against trying it on purpose, not because I thought of it as gross, but because I did not want to form a habit - though I have always wanted it to happen again. In fact, I have had one more solid accident since I last wrote these posts - and it felt good!!! I will share if anyone is interested.

Anyway, my posts began on page 1811 and I told my story on page 1821. I would love to hear your thoughts and will follow your posts. Thanks :)



desperate to poop

Poops at country festival

Following on from my small post a few stories about the country festival at the O2 I attended

It was very busy and packed full of people and was an all weekend affair. I went for both days and stayed over so I didn't have to rush back.

This lead to lots of eating out, rich food, drinking and a several steamy dumps quite often with huge queues.

The main queues started to form when the actual main acts came on stage from 3.45. At each interval there would be big queues often 10 deep waiting to use the toilets. On the first day after the first act I really needed a pee and a poop so joined a queue of 10 people for 4 toilets. A mix of ladies in their 20's 40's and a few 60 yr olds. Most simply needing a pee following all the alcohol been drunk. One cubicle had a pooper in for 4-5 minutes which slowed the queue a bit. In quite a few you could hear very fast rushing tinkles signifying how urgent peolpe had been. I finally got in and spend five minutes peeing like a racehore and dumping some soft sludge in the toilet

My second experience was Sunday morning. I was in the cafe having a coffee. It was really busy and I knew during my coffee and cake I'd need a serious dump following all the beer and food the night before. I joined the queue for 2 unisex toilets and there was 2 gents at the front and 4 ladies and another gent waiting. 1 gent got in quickly and just peed and this let the other gent in for a long dump. Shortly after he got in the second cubicle became free and a lady came out with her baby, This allowed a 60 year old in who was in for a dump too and for the next five minutes both toilets were taken. The three of us waiting made small talk and it was quite clear the lady in front of me wanted a pooh too. A few others had now joined behind

Finally the Gent came out and the 2nd lady went in for a pee, she was quite a cuty. She soon came out at about the same time as the 60 yr old dumper and this allowed the 2nd lady to go in and the gent. They both needed a pee and soon came out meaning a 40 yr old redhead and the very cute 30yr old I been talking to, to go in. I knew the 30 yr old needed a poop but so did the 40 yr old. Probably same reason as me if they'd been the day before. I had to wait 5/6 minutes and was now really ready to pee and poop. A large queue was again forming behind ne,

Finally the one flushed and the 30 yr old came out. I smiled and rushed into a very warm, smelly but perfumey toilet. I quickly undid my jeans pulled my white knickers down and a racehorse of a pee gushed out at the same time as my back-end exploded with some very soft serve. Ohh the relief was maical. I needed a good clear out and was going myself for five minutes. I felt I could have stayed longer as I felt I needed a really good clearout but I knew there was a huge queue so I got as much as I felt was there withoyt sitting patiently and then exited to allow the others to relieve their own needs

Happy Pooping


Accident while cheerleading

I'm 28 years old. This happened to me 13 years ago back when I was a freshman in high school. I was on the cheerleading squad at the time. It was the next to last football game of the season and it was at this school where the football field wasn't at the high school like most fields are. Consequently they just had port-o-potties at the field since there was no access to the bathrooms in the high school.

Naturally, with my luck, I not only had to pee but I had to poop as well. Hating port-o-potties as I do, I tried to hold it in but by halftime my bladder was really bursting. Reluctantly, I went in there, squatted and peed. I didn't even take the time to wipe myself as I wanted out of there as fast as I could. By then, I also had to poop kind of bad, but somehow I convinced myself that by peeing it would take some of the pressure and I would be able to hold my poop in until we got back to our or at least to gas station or a McDonald's on the way home. The pressure in my bowels and the cramps in my stomach should have convinced me to go then, but there was simply no way I was going to go poop in a port-o-potty. As I fought to hold it in all afternoon, I kept cursing the fact that all season long we had been to games with regular bathrooms and I never had to poop then, but now, at a field without real bathrooms, I had to poop badly.

Actually, I did make it to the end of the game, but just as we were walking to the bus I was frozen in place by a very intense cramp. I felt a surge in my bowels as the poop was trying to push its way out again and I braced myself to push it back in like I'd been doing all afternoon. But this time, though, the urge was too strong. A big, solid load pushed out into my panties. I can't even begin to describe how awful it felt as I could feel my panties push out in the back and then start to sag from the weight of my bowel movement. To say I was embarrassed to have done this at age 15 is the understatement of the year, but the worst was yet to come.

My butt waddled a little as made my way to the bus and managed to make it there without anyone else finding out, but once on the bus it was the smell that gave me away. When I sat down, I could feel the poop smush out over most of my butt. But the time we got back to school, everyone on the bus knew what I'd done. I felt totally humiliated and was crying my eyes out as they all teased me and called me stuff like "diaper girl", "brown bomber" and "stinko". The coach was none to sympathetic, either. She kept asking me how old I was and telling me that I should be ashamed of myself. I tried to explain about how bad port-o-potty's were and how I just could not go poop in one of them, but she wasn't buying it. As luck would have it, she had used it for pooping and so did several of the other girls. As far as the coach was concerned there was simply no excuse for me not have to have used it, especially when I had to go so bad.

For punishment, she made me write 500 times, "In the future, I will handle my bodily functions in a more mature manner." At home, I had to endure a similar lecture from my mother, before she made me clean out my loaded panties and stained cheerleader briefs. Mercifully, she let me just rinse off the mess in the shower as wiping myself the regular way would have been nearly impossible after sitting in the stinky mess for close to an hour on the bus trip home.

Then I spent the rest of my weekend sitting up in room filling the front and back of 20 sheets of paper with my 500 punishment sentences. When I finally finished Sunday night, I figured I had been writing for close to ten hours. At school on Monday, the coach looked over my punish assignment to make sure it was complete and then put it through the shredder in her office. I wanted to cry when I saw all my hard work get shredded like that. She warned me that if it happened again, I'd have to write 1,000 times.

Always use the bathroom when you have to go is what I learned, even if its a smelly, disgusting port-o-potty.


British toilets for good acoustics!

I consider myself fortunate when I find a good old traditional style toilet to use or hear being used, as I think the dimensions of the water trap and how far down it is from the top of the toilet itself that makes such great sounds when guys sit there to do their plops! Like SL, I too love hearing the huge plop sounds that such toilets produce, and I've heard lots of guys drop some real depth charges in neighbouring toilets. I always like to imagine the guy's pride and satisfaction at producing such sounds, knowing that other guys have heard him and could well be envious of his shitting prowess. I like to imagine him getting a well-splashed bum when it drops too! Lots of toilets in the US look too shallow for a guy's turds to make much impact from pictures I've seen, although I suspect that like us in Britain, there must be some deep toilets that make some loud plop sounds over there. I used to like reading posts from Dazz in Australia who said how good the toilets there are for loud plops and splashback, but when I visited Holland once, most of the toilets I found had that 'shelf' arrangement so that turds would land quietly in a small dip on the porcelain before getting flushed down the front of the toilet. I felt sorry for all those guys who rarely experienced the pleasures of hearing other guys shitting! One thing I'd love to hear more of, is guys grunting loudly when they're trying to drop one, but I once had a friend who would often sigh with pleasure or say "Shit!" immediately after dropping a big one!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Girl Camper

First time I pooped outside

The first time I ever pooped outside was when I was ten. My Dad took me, my brothers and my cousin camping one year. I was the only girl as well as the youngest kid (only by one year). I had peed outside a few times by then, but never pooped. I had simply planned to hold it all weekend, but by the second morning I knew that would not be an option.

The camp we were at had no toilet facilities at all. Not even outhouses. So, while my Dad started making breakfast I grabbed the TP and the shovel and walked down the trail he told me to go. He told me to find a bush, dig a hole, poop in the hole and cover it up. I walked a little ways off the trail and found a good sized bush that blocked me from view from the trail. I dug a hole and positioned myself over it. I looked around to make sure no one was coming and pulled my shorts and underwear down to my knees and squatted.

I peed, then pushed and a huge load came out and plopped neatly into the hole. I was so relieved I actually sighed. I wiped my butt and covered the poop. I pulled up my shorts and walked back to camp, feeling very proud of myself.

Since then, it just doesn't feel right going camping unless I poop in the woods at least once!

do you stay on the toilet?

do you stay on the toilet most of the tiem if you have diarrhea?


One of us?

I've got this friend who I'm fairly sure is one of our tribe, so to speak. I mentioned him in a post a while ago and just called him "C." On the one hand, I think he'd probably enjoy this site. On the other hand, I still like being anonymous here. I generally leave out or slightly alter most details that would identify me or where I live, but it would be hard to point him to the website without telling him who I was, and he could probably figure it out anyway if he was looking. I think it's cool that some people have brought their friends here (like Rylee, or Megan C a while ago) but I guess I don't feel quite ready for that myself. A slight dilemma-- I think I'll keep quiet at least for now.

Latest story about C.: a mixed group of us were at a classical concert and he showed up late, sitting down between the first two pieces. He said "Sorry, I had important business to take care of." I was fairly sure what he meant, but one of the other guys, A. made some kind of joke that I didn't quite catch, and acted sceptical, so he said, "No, I mean I had to take a crap." A. repeated this to the woman next to him, and we all started laughing a bit. C's a bit of a character, and by now we're all pretty used to his saying stuff like that without being too shy about it.

A Guy

Back Again With Another School Bathroom Story

I'm 20 and work as a janitor for a good high-school.

Here's what happened yesterday.

A roadbuilding crew working near the school broke a water main, which caused a complete loss of water pressure in the building about 45 minutes after the day began.

When the assistant principal found out that the school didn't have water, she decided that all the bathrooms would be locked down. She went from bathroom to bathroom checking for students and closing and locking the bathroom doors. I already knew that there was no water, but I didn't expect a bathroom lockdown. (Our emergency procedure only has them listed for power failures, tornados, fires and violence.) I was surprised when I saw her locking the bathrooms, but I was shocked when I heard her say "BATHROOMS ARE NOT AVAILABLE" to a boy who visibly needed to go and had just arrived at the bathroom she was locking.

The assistant principal decided to dismiss school at noon (over three hours after the bathroom lockdown started). During that time period, I saw one girl nearly crying when she realized that all the bathrooms were locked and another girl panicking saying she was about to wet her designer jeans. I also saw several girls and one boy with wet spots on their pants / jeans. The girl who was panicking ended up peeing her designer jeans and I had to do the darn clean up!

After all the students were sent home, I was told to open up one pair of bathrooms for the teachers, who weren't supposed to leave until 1:00 PM. Strangely, one female teacher who's a germ freak told me that she really had to go, but she wouldn't because the sinks wouldn't run and she couldn't wash her hands!

What do you think of this bathroom policy?


bosses poop too. and it stinks!

I once worked for a company where I had this really arrogant boss. He was from India and disliked anyone who wasn't. Black, white whatever. He made it clear he didn't like you. He always blamed others for what he did wrong and never took responsibility. You would think his crap smelled of roses. Anyway, one day,I had to go to the bathroom real bad so I went to the employee bathroom. It wasn't locked so I simply walked in. Well, nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. There was my boss with his bear backside sitting on the toilet. His eyes were closed as though he was relaxing and enjoying himself. Then He grunted and let out two farts and a loud ker ???? followed by a splash and a sigh of relief. The bathroom was filled with a powerful poop odor. He was enjoying his afternoon poop so much, that he didn't even know I walked in on him. I quickly and quietly closed the door and walked away. There was something satisfying about finding out that this guy who thinks so much of himself makes really stinky poops just like a normal person.

helloeveryone! its Ash! it has been exactley one month since i have posted on this forume! i have been keeping very busy! i have had alot of cool experiences that i will remember for a lifetime! today iam gonna share about my experiences that i had recentley ! on February 23rd i got together with two of my girlfriends after work! we decided to go downtown to Lake Vestia and spend the afternoon and evening down there! my two girlfriends are Emily, and Stephanie ! Now Emily is tall like me! she has light brown hair that is short! she is 5'10" and 145lbs! very slim! she has blue eyes! and my other friend is Stephanie is blond 5"05" 125lbs!that morning i had my usual 3 bowels of raisin branceral for breakfest! and i worked an easy shift! after work stephanie showed up and we all rode in her car! on the way dowtown we decided to stop at one of the fast food places to eat food! we stopped at Chickfila! we ordered a bunch of food we all got large fries and drinks! all three of us are the bottomless pits! so our first stop was Pirates Cove! that is a place where you play mini Golf! when we first arrived i felt a small urge to pee! and Emily needed to use the bathroom also! so we both went to the restroom! we found the ladiesroom i opened the door there were three open stalls! they were all regular stalls! i took the first stall and Emily took the 2nd stall! i pulled down my multi colored underwear and started peeing! my pee stream started off slowly meanwhile Emily was peeing and said to me "ash i dont like the lack of privacy!" " i told her i understand"! a second later i started wiping! then i flushed the tiolet and went to the sink to wash my hands! i was now waiting on emily! she was in the process of taking a good needed shit! a couple mintues later the door opened and in walked two girls one had red hair and was like 15 years old and the other was her younger sister who had sandy brown hair and was like 12 years old! they both said why are these tiolets open? the 15 year old red headed took the stall that i was in! her sister was on the right side of emily! they both began to pee! meanwhile Emily was still continuing to Crap up a storm! the 12 year old girl got up and left the tiolet a mess! she came waited for her sister to finish! she went over to her stall and just stood there! she commented by saying "the women in the stall next to you is making this bathroom smell bad". 5 minutes later Emily said "Ash i will be done in just a second." then emily proceeded to flush the tiolet and then she headed to the sink ! then we both just left the two girls in the bathroom! we then met Stephanie outside! she said " i was getting worried about you two! so then we all proceeded to minature golf! it ended being that Stephanie won the game! after we were done the game of minature golf we all got back in stephanie's car and we continued driving around to go to Lake Vestia! after driving around for almost 45 minutes we finally found a place to park! then we all got out and started walking around Lake Vestia! there shops and resturants to eat at! by this time emily and stephanie were hungry! i felt like that i could use another bite to eat! so we made our way to a mexican resturant! for a saturday evening the place was really busy! i was quickly surprised at how fast were seated! to eat all three of us got large order of nacos and we got a large order of burrtios and yellow rice! this time we all ordered water to drink! 45 minutes later we were all done! but the mexican food seemed to have an affect on me! this time stephanie said " i really have to go to the bathroom". so Emily mentioned that she would meet us outside! so stephanie and i made our way to the ladiesroom we pushed the door opened and was greeted with a foul smell there were 8 stalls alltogether! 4 out of 8 were taken we saw painted toennails and tennis shoes we luckly found two stalls that were open down toward the end! so stephanie went in one and i went in the next one! we both started farted and then we proceeed to shit! surprisingly it didnt take that long! the stall next to me was empty! 3 mintues later we both went to the sink and there were other adults and teenagers joining us!



PS. thankyou for the kind comment Brandon!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Ashleigh great story it sounds like you both had fun pooping.

To: Megan great story.

To: Cici your boyfriend is very caring which is good he helped u in your time of need.

To: Kyra congrats to anne :)

To: Imogene great story.

To: TCF great stories about your girlfriends it sounds like have alot of great memories.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Whittnessed accedent

Where i work there is a unisex bathroom. One day a girl of no older than 18 came in both stalls were being used and boy did she stink. I looked dow and saw a big bulge in the back oc her pants. Her mom came in and helped her clean up.


My Urge at the Supermarket

The feeling of urges are one of the best parts of pooping IMHO....

Yesterday I was feeling an awesome urge while waiting to checkout at the Market. I was standing there all relaxed when I began to feel my waste slowly moving down into my "rectal vault" That's such a cool name for it; don't ya think? "Rectal Vault"....

Anyway....I stood there with this dumb grin on my face....gradually realizing that this was a very sizeable log that my body had made ready. I thought back; I hadn't gone in 3 days...about average for me now. I played with it a bit.....allowing it to start opening my hole....but then I pulled it back up. I must have done that four or five times. It's hard to describe how great it is to feel the movement inside my rectum. Eventually I paid my money....drove the ten minutes home and went and sat on the toilet. It slid right out of me....nice and firm and long....reasonable width to provide great sensation but not the massive painful lumps that I did as a young teen. Just to be safe...I cut it up with the knife before I was stiff enough that it might not have made it down the toilet. Man! I felt great! So empty and loose and WARM up in there. Truly a wonderful dump with an exhilarating urge!

PS: Why does this site substitute ????? for the word belly? The word I just typed rhymes with Jelly.....but starts with a B..... That's not a nasty word; is it?

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Pooing with Anne

Hey it's Kyra again. Anne is home with her baby now, and she is mainly occupied with breastfeeding, napping, and diaper changes. I've taken over all of her chores around here, execpt paperwork. Jared is still on a business trip but he'll be back to meet his daughter tomorrow. Due to the trouble of cancelling travel engagements and the fact that Emma arrived a week early, we thought it best that he finish the trip as planned. But I talked to him and he's excited to see his first child! (And I can't wait to have him put his head against me and try to hear and feel his second.)

I know it's like unusual having two women make babies from the same man and have it not be wierd, so let me explain: Anne decided that she wanted a family very late in the game. She's 40 so we're not sure how many more kids she can have. I'm only 20, so I can have babies for some time yet. So Jared and I decided to work together to make a family for Anne, even if she can't have any more babies. She is honestly the most beautiful person I know. For years and years she tended the farm for her dad. He passed a few years ago and it's now hers. One of the last things her dad ever did was hire Jared. I grew up next property over and have known Anne my whole life. The pieces just all fit together and we love each other very much. It's just, like, fate, if you ask me.

Anne took a big poop this morning, her first since passing a gigantic log while giving birth. I wasn't there for it, I was outside, but she didn't flush it so I saw it when I came in for lunch. It curled around the bowl and was like almost as thick as one of mine. There wasn't any TP in the water, she didn't wipe because the hemmorrohids are still hurting her. Didn't matter, she took a shower right after the poop so her butt got clean anyway.

I took a poop today, too, just before sitting down to write this. I pulled down my jeans (no underwear today) and sat on the toilet. I relaxed and my pee began trickling out getting my pubes all wet. My hole stretched and a fat log began sloooowwwwlllyyy coming out without my pushing it at all. I love so much having a poo a little bit out, so that u begin to smell it, but it's nowhere near done so u get to feel that amazing stretching feeling. Anne then walked into the bathroom, after getting up from a nap. "Oh, Kyra, I've missed the smell of you in the bathroom!" she said, and took a seat on the tub. Nobody likes poop and pee odors quite as much as Anne, and I'm happy to let her smell mine all she likes. "How much is it out?" I opened my legs and let her look. "It's just touching the water." I closed my legs and bent forward, and felt it move. Anne got up and looked into the toilet from behind me. "It's moving, I can see it." It picked up speed and the last foot of it came out pretty quickly and the end silently slipped into the water. I stood up and we looked at it: It must have been two feet long at least and curled around and down into the drain. I pulled my jeans back up and we left the poop to soften up so we could break it up later and not clog the toilet. I know I didn't wipe, but I already had mud all over me so I figured what's a little butt mudd then. Anne likes seeing me pull them up without wiping anyway so I was happy to give her a little show in that regard too. She's really fascinated by butts in their natural state. And, you know what? Over time I've come to understand why. It really does feel great to just go and be free. I don't know why but it does. A mystery of pooping hahaha!

Love xoxoxo

Anne- Congratulations on your daughter's birth! Glad it all went well!

Imogen- Sounds like your teacher really needed to go poo after class! I have quite a few school stories, including about teachers, so I'll post a couple below.

UKN guy- Sounds like the girl and boy were both pretty urgent to get on the loo. So was I today! I got the bus into town to go shopping and really needed a wee when I got there. Luckily the bus station had toilets which were pretty clean so I was able to go quickly. On the way back I had to poo and did so once I got home- 6 turds in total.

I remember once my English teacher found herself in a similar situation judging by the way she was acting towards the end of class, I think she needed to have a poo pretty urgently. She was in her late 20s with brown hair and glasses. I noticed her looking like she was concentrating on something, I assume her need to go! After the lesson ended she went to the staff loos nearby.

Another time my geography teacher, who was in her mid 30s also with glasses and black hair and who the class had a good rapport with, told us how her young son drew all over some classes' work she was marking at home while she went out to the toilet- given that he drew on 30 people's work I assume she had been pooing! Another time halfway through class she was needing the toilet. She obviously couldn't hold it until the end, so instead of saying she had to go get something from the office or such, she said, 'I'll be back soon, I really have to go to the loo!' I assume she only had to wee because she wasn't gone that long.

Andrew, the problem is with your phone and or carrier. Even the oldest Adroid phones (v 1.x) display the full version of this site. There are almost no text only phone web browsers left anywhere in the world. That being said, there are a large number of posters posting from smart phones now. (Phones and wireless carriers both go out of their way to tell the web server what brand they are, like they're flashing gang signs.) At a quick glance, there are people posting from a large number of random Iphones, a few Ipads all kinds of Android phones and a bunch of foreign phones from the EU they don't sell here in the US.

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