Pooping dare

Yesterday my friend and I were hanging out, playing Truth or Dare. During the game she mentioned she needed to take a dump. I told her I kind of had to poop as well, and that I had a crazy idea. I suggested that we poop somewhere other than the toilet. She was hesitant at first but ultimately said that she would, if I'd do it too.

She then asked what I had in mind. I thought for a second and then went to grab a big bowl from the kitchen and a garbage bag and I brought them to my room. I lined the bowl with the bag and said that was our 'toilet' for now. My friend still wasn't sure, but she seemed as though she was on the verge of pooping herself anyway, so she lowered her jeans and panties and squatted over the bowl.

I watched as she peed fiercely, and thankfully none of it got on the carpet. She was still peeing when her hole opened up and a dark brown turd started to emerge. It broke off and made a weird slapping sound as it hit the side of the bowl. It was really stinky too, I hadn't considered that. She stopped peeing and released two more long dark chocolate snakes. She then started walking to the bathroom to get some toilet paper and told me it was my turn.

When she came back I was squatting over the bowl, but I had waited to actually start until she was there. I started pushing out a turd and was dribbling pee as I pushed. A turd crowned and broke off almost immediately. I let out a ton of little pebble like turds and a few short logs towards the end.

Between the two of us we had made a large pile in the bowl. We wiped our butts and then tied up the bag. I took it out to the dumpster and then we thoroughly washed the bowl, just in case any of our poop contaminated it.

Greetings fellow posters. My name is Matt and this is my first time posting. I am in college. I want to tell you about a weird experience I had last semester. I used to have this really weird roommate. I'll call him Jeff. I kinda felt bad for him because he was overweight and really shy and awkward. He had never had a date and only had two friends. Even though I felt bad for him, after living with him for a while, I began to see why he had so few friends. He was disgusting! he always made our room a pig stye. There were dirty clothes, pizza boxes and soda cans everywhere. I was constantly having to clean the room to keep things in order. However, it made no difference because jeff would simply mess it up again. One thing that particularly annoyed and confused me, is that every time I went home for the weekend, and jeff was in our room alone, I would come back and our room would mysteriously smell like shit. This happened for about 4 weekends before I finally worked up the courage to ask jeff why. I went to him one day and in the nicest way possible, I said "do you have any idea why the room always smells like a toilet when I come home from my weekend visits?" Jeff just gave me an embarrassed look and said he did not know. I let the matter go but the situation kept getting worse. One day, I opened the door to my room only to have it immediately shut in my face. I heard jeff yell "Hold on a second, I'm getting dressed. You can't come in yet." I thought this was odd, because we are both guys but I waited anyway. Finally jeff opened the door and let me in. As soon as I walked in the smell of fresh poop hit me right in the face. I said phew! "did you poop in here?" Once again, Jeff gave me the embarrassed look and said "no." Then another time, I was in the communal bathroom while jeff was taking a shower. I was washing my hands at the sink and all of a sudden, I smelled shit. It was coming from Jeff's shower. After he left, I went over and inspected. The shower stunk really bad but amazingly, I didn't see any poop. I was beginning to think I would never solve the mystery until one day, I was talking to this guy who was a resident in my dorm. He asked me what I thought of Jeff as a roommate. I said I thought he was nice but kind of weird. Then the guy looked at me and said " do you know that he poops in your room when your not their." I said "what?" Then the guy told me how he was walking outside the building one day and he saw into my window even though the shade was pulled halfway down. He saw Jeff pull down his pants and drop a huge steamer right into a bucket. Then he put the bucket under his bed. I didn't believe him at first, but he told me to go back to my room when Jeff wasn't there and look under the bed. I went back into the room and looked under the bed. I saw a bucket and pulled it out and looked inside. There was a huge,stinky load of poop just sitting there. I nearly threw up. I decided then and there that I was moving out. I could not stand another day thinking that this dirty fat ass was going to be dropping a plop in my own room. So I moved out, but I never told Jeff the reason.

Eves dropper

Another time listening when i shouldn't

Hi folks. Just wanted to tell you of an experience when I was about 16. I think i've mentioned in a previous post that I spent time at mixed boarding schools, and whilst listening oppertunities weren't that often, they did come along occasionally. I the house we used to stay at, there was a separate wing where some older kids lived. It had a kitchen where they could cook for themselves and where people were supposed to put cans of drink and stuff like that. we weren't supposed to have them in our rooms for some reason. And as I found out, the toilet in there was the one used by the member of staff sleeping on that floor. Anyhow I went in to get something from the fridge, and as I did I heard the door in to the wing open. Having got my drink I walked back to the door and saw that it was the duty staff lady. I won't say her name but she was around 50, irish, and usually ok if you kept on her good side. We said hello, and i grabbed the door to go out. She walked passed me and went straight in to the toilet which was straight infront of you as you walked through the main door. She shut and locked the door and I, never one to miss such an oppertunity let the main door close as if i'd gone out, at the same time moving to stand as close to the toilet as i could. There was a squeaky floor board but she mustn't have noticed. I listened, and almost at once she did a really long fart which i think must have had some wet poo in it. It actually sounded like water going down a bath plug whole. Then, a little silence. then, plip, plop, plop plop, ploom! By this time i was transfixed, and far too excited. I heard her pulling toilet paper from a dispenser with rhythmic tugs. I thought that was it. But, 30 seconds ... Plop, plop, plop plop. She'd obviously just pulled the paper so as to be ready. Truthfully, I think I stood there for about 10 minutes, while the wonderful sounds kept going on. I never heard her strain or sigh or anything. Just the magical plops which would carry on for 10 seconds or so then stop for a bit, then start again. By this time i pretty much had my ear on the door. Occasionally she would pull paper, but never seemed to wipe. I was so gratefull that nobody came in and i could just listen to this wonderful thing. I found out by chance later on that she had colitis or something like that, so I guess when she had to go, she had to go, and staying nights on the premisses it was obviously going to happen. I felt bad when i found out, because it must have been bad for her, but I never could help myself. Anyway, to finish the story, eventually she started to wipe, and I prepared to make tracks, but after she stopped wiping, she sat there a bit longer and the plops started again. However at that point i heard someone coming, and being extremely grateful for the experience, i made tracks back to my room. I was lucky enough to hear a couple of her toilet trips, but never so long, and never so close up. Although I wouldn't have said she was sexy as such, that experience stil turns me on to this day. Well as i said before, i'm not proud of it, but I can't deny how awsome it is to me. Well if I haven't offended anyone I might post some other experiences in the future. Thanks for reading.


Latest news

Hi everyone, Abbie here again with a few comments.
Megan- glad you had a good poo at the shops, it sounded like quite a big load! Sorry though that you had a log that was reluctent to come out, hope you didn't have to strain too hard.
Imogen- I enjoyed your live poo and also your latest story, its good to hear that teachers are human beings! It must have been really embarasing for her though to have that happen in front of a class, I hope she made it to the loo in time. It makes me feel better to know that you've had the same problem with skidmarks in your knickers and have also ended up having to buy new ones, just like you I was too embarased to put really dirty knickers in the wash as I knew my mum would see so I tried to wash them myself, I waited till everyone was out and put them in the machine on a really hot wash. That did fade the marks quite a bit but unfortunately they also shrunk meaning that I then ended up with a constant wedgie and so the marks were even worse next time round! Last week I went and bought a load of cheap granny pants which I knew would be too big for me, pretty grim but at least if I shrink them or have to throw them out it won't matter, and actually they're really comfy!!
I think Ellie and Beth would like this site but I'm still plucking up the courage to tell them about it, I'm not sure whether they're just really open about going to the loo or are fascinated by it like me! Have you ever used the loo with a friend?
Anyway, I can feel I'm steadily getting more constipated and am annoyed with myself for not being able to get up early in the mornings, I think everyones suffering with the really cold weather at the moment. As a result I've been missing out on my early morning sit on the toilet when I get to school and that has disrupted my routine. Today I started to need a poo at lunchtime, I went to the toilets and after I'd queued for ages finally got a cubicle, I lifted my skirt, pulled down my black tights and white knickers and sat down, I weed for a bit and then started to push, I managed to get the tip out but it kept getting sucked back up and I was running out of time so I gave up and wiped, I put some paper in my knickers in case it ended up poking out later so hopefully they wouldn't get marked. When I got home I went straight up to my room, took off my skirt and tights and went into my ensuite, I pulled down my knickers and sat on the loo and started to push , I knew there was a big log inside me that I had to get out. I felt the tip coming out and knew I would have to bear down really hard so I took a deep breath and pushed as hard as I could, at least I didn't have to feel embarased about grunting as I was on my own. After struggling like this for about 10 minutes I'd finally got the log out far enough for it not to be sucked back up, at least then I could have a bit of a breather. I started pushing and felt it slide out really slowly, after another few minutes it dropped with a plop and then I felt some mushy poo coming out after it, that happens when I get really constipated. I spent a while wiping my bum to make sure it was definately clean and then I pulled up my knickers and went back into my room to get changed.
Thanks for reading this, will post again soon, bye for now!


Buddy Dumping

To PPG. Glad you liked my story about having a shit next to the good looking guy at work. Since then I've posted another about a department manager having a good long shit, hope you liked that one too. Will try to post about any future good experiences I have about my work colleagues having a shit at work. I love to hear their sighs and heavy breathing as they sit on the bog squeezing out their logs, and hearing the loud plops as they drop them.

Jasmin K

Tylers Survey

(1) From this moment; when was your last BM. Was it "normal"? What is normal - my normal BMs are hard and take a lot of straining to get out. The last good BM I had was 2 days ago and it was 2 long logs instead of the usuall pebbles.
(2) Typically....are you "regular"? Naturally no, I have to make myself go or it just doesnt come out.

(3) Have you ever had an enema, suppository or laxative? No.

(4) Over your life....has a parent ever questioned you about your BM's....or asked you not to flush so they could be observed? Yes quite often. Not flushing was normal practise at home so it could be checked. Since I started going at school recently it has only happend at home a couple of times when Ive been very badly constipated.

(5) If you miss a day or two...try extra hard to get it out

(6) Do you typically think about your BM's? ie: Do you keep track of at "trying" if you notice you haven't gone for a while....or is it just natural and "let nature take care of it"? Yes I work at trying to go every day. I was brought up that I HAD to do a poo every day and had to sit on the toilet trying untill i did one or had to get off as it was time to go school, bed etc. It wasnt always sucessfull due to me witholding and getting constipated alot.

(7) Other than the actual "urge" you feel just prior to evacuation....can you feel your bowels at all? If you miss a few you feel "full" or uncomfortable in any way? I used to withold alot when younger and used to feel very full after a few days. The same happens when I get constipated. I get a swollen belly when its really bad.

Jas K

Hope you dont mind me answering your survey, just seems constipation and school are hot topics on here at the moment

(1) This morning; were you able to have a bowel movement at home prior to leaving for school? No

(2) Is is part of your morning routine to sit on the toilet and try to have a movement; even if you're not feeling an urge? Yes and Yes - every morning

(3) Where were you when you felt your last urge....and did you hold/ignore or poop? During maths yesterday. Held it untill lunch.

(4) When you have a it pretty much just relaxing and having it slide out....or do you have to push a lot? Push a lot

(5) Is anyone in your family "openly constipated"....where they can be heard straining....or where there's talk of laxatives, size of stool etc? all of us get constipated. talk is about sise, amount , when you last went etc. we dont use laxitives.

Thats all for now

Jas K

Rylee- wow, what a great story! I loved the detail you put in and the banter with Emily! Hope you can post again soon, I think everyone loves your stories here.

Abbie- Sounds like all three of you had big poos in your last story. I know what you mean about not wanting to get up- I've been staying in bed late too, only getting up when I really have to do a wee!

At the weekend I went shopping. After 3 days since my last poo, and eating lunch, needless to say I had to make a stop in the ladies to take care of things. I went to the ladies in the department store I was in. There were two cubicles, one taken. A woman in her early 30s came in behind me and I held the door for her, then took the free cubicle. I pulled down my jeans and black knickers and sat down on the loo. I did a wee and then settled down to poo.
It wasn't urgent so it would take some time for it to come out. I gave things an initial push and then relaxed to try and let it happen naturally. I could see the shadow of the woman waiting outside to get her turn on one of the loos. After a minute or two the other loo opened up and she went in. Under the cubicle I saw her put her bag on the hook, pull down her trousers and knickers (also black-snap!) and sit on the loo. Then she pulled her trousers and knickers, which had been just below her knees, to her feet. I heard her weeing and then it went quiet. I assumed she was needing to do a poo too since she was still sitting. Sure enough I could see her feet tense up slightly as she pushed out her first log which I could hear crackling out of her bum and plopping into the bowl. My first was not far behind and followed with a similar plop. She did another log and then so did I. After a third smaller plop she went quiet. I managed two more turds. She was having some trouble finishing off her bowel movement; her feet were tensed and I heard her quietly sigh a couple of times as she strained to push out her poo. I did two more small logs and then had a similar problem. I could feel a bit more poo but it was reluctant to come out. I started pushing as she managed to pass another piece with a grunt and a plop.
Someone came in then and stood waiting. I was nearly done and so, after another quiet plop, was the other woman. She started wiping her bum. There was a moderate smell from our poo by now. I did another two logs while the woman left and was replaced. I wiped myself and left feeling lighter and having enjoyed my company while on the loo!

Hey everyone! I havent posted in a while, just been busy. I have a story to tell from over the summer. Also, the first paragraph is just some short background story of why we ended up sleeping drunk in a park that night, so if you want to skip right to the bathroom part, its in the next paragraph.

Me and some of my friends went to a big party in town where we did some drinking. This was the night that I found out what alcohol truely does to me. I can hold my liquor well, but not from the other end. During the party very late at night, I would say around 1 or 2 am, someone told everyone that the parents might be coming home to the kids house soon. Most people stayed at the party, but me and my 3 friends plus the 4 girls we had been hanging out with decided to leave. One of my guy friends, Mark, wasn't that drunk and led our group to a park where there was a nice lake and picnic benches and stuff, but far enough off the road that we wouldn't be seen. One of the girls had grabbed some beers from the party so we drank a little more. Everyone passed out at probably almost 4 am after skinny dipping with the girls in the lake.

I woke up only a short time later around 6 am when the it was just starting to get bright. I was under a picnic bench with one of the girls right next to me. I felt absolutely awful and I think I was even still a little tipsy. I was afraid I was going to puke and I turned over, but realized it was my butt that was about to explode. I didn't know where a bathroom was and I didn't just want to squat down right near everyone. I looked around and everyone was still asleep. Mark was passed out in the grass a few yards away from me. I didn't want to wake anyone up but I really was on the verge of shitting myself. Luckily I heard a cough, and looked over to see Mark starting to wake up. He didn't notice me. He sat up, coughed and then burped, and leaned over and projectile vomited! I started to laugh and that is when he noticed I was up. He looked miserable and I went over to him. I told him I was going to shit myself if I didn't find a toilet soon. It took him a minute, but he eventually stood up and I slowly followed him. After a few steps he bent over again and I asked if he was going to puke. He said "No dude I have to shit just as bad as you do." I laughed and said "Well luckily were going to the bathroom." He said "Not really, its a porta potty and one of us is gonna have to wait for the other." I got worried and we argued the rest of the way of who had to go worse. We arrived at this porta potty, and it was one of the big handicap style ones, much bigger than the normal ones. I said "Well its a big handicap one, so one can just wait right there inside and we can trade off." He agreed and we both went in the stinky stall. There was a lot of toilet paper and shit in the blue water below. I sat down first and I had the worst diarrhea by far that I have evr had. It was actually foamy and pure liquid and it hurt. It was only 30 seconds into my dump that Mark said "Okay get up Im going to shit myself." I said "Dude I cant get up right now, I literally cant stop going." He got pissed and we argued for a second, until he shouted "Fine! Then you'll have to watch me use the f***ing porta potty urinal!" If you've been in a porta john before then you know it has the little plastic urinal next to the toilet. He pulled his pants down and sat his ass right down on it, without even squatting. His diarrhea sounded much nastier because it was hitting solid plastic, and it smelled 10x worse. Both of our shits kept coming and coming. I could pee right into the toilet, but since Mark was sitting on a urinal and he couldnt stop his diarrhea, he had to hold his pee. At one point he lost control and it shot all over the floor. We wiped our asses awkwardly together, and we saw that Mark had absolutely destroyed that urinal. We left the porta potty in shame and saw two of the girls come walking over. We asked if they had the "Hangover shits" and they said no but they needed to use the porta potty to puke in. Me and Mark looked at each other nervously and said they probably shouldn't go in there. One of the girls, Kelly, said "Well I need to!" and ran in. She immediately flung the door open and ran back out shouting "Ew ew ew!!" I said "We warned you" and no one went back into that porta potty that morning.

Steven A

Tyler's Questionaire

(1) This morning; were you able to have a bowel movement at home prior to leaving for school?

No, I have no time too, I usually go at school during my study hall period or after school.

(2) Is is part of your morning routine to sit on the toilet and try to have a movement; even if you're not feeling an urge?


(3) Where were you when you felt your last urge....and did you hold/ignore or poop?

I went this morning (didn't hold/ignore it) (I didn't go to school because I was sick)

(4) When you have a it pretty much just relaxing and having it slide out....or do you have to push a lot?

It depends on what I eat

(5) Is anyone in your family "openly constipated"....where they can be heard straining....or where there's talk of laxatives, size of stool etc?



Amazing boyfriend!

So it was in mid March and I had been babysitting my cousins that day. It was during spring break so my boyfriend was at his dads house in Miami I was in Orlando. He video chatted me and said I looked really pail. He asked if I was okay and I said yes even though I had a huge stomach ache and I had huge cramps. He said "okay" and we continued our conversation. As we were talking I started to double over. He said "Baby girl whats wrong?" I wasnt answering I was to focused on not crying because of the pain. He said "Baby how many days has it been since you have last pooped?" I bursted in tears and I said 11 days. He said "Do you think you might have to poop?" I looked at him and he said baby you go and I will text you when youre in there. I went in there and I sat on the toilet I was in there for about 40 minutes grunting and pushing really hard. I finally gave up and texted him telling him I was going to bed. The next morning I feel a huge urge to poop again. I went into the bathroom and pushed again for only about 20 minutes I started sweating anc clenching my teeth. I herd a knock at the door thinking it was only my brother/sister/cousin I said go away. Then they walked in and it was my boyfriend. He said "Okay baby its time to get this poop out of you... Okay?" I was in shock and I started crying I gave up on pushing and he leaned me foward as he was rubbing my belly. He looked in my Bum and said "Baby you have to keep your pushing going to get that poop out okay?" I started to push really showly and he said "A little harder now we need to get this out of your ????." I puched with all my might and I had a little turd drop into the toilet I felt like I was about to vomit so I grabed the trash and i vomited 3 times and he too the trash can away from me and said "You feeling better now?" I looked at him with a smile on my face and still straining I said "No Im not help mt squeeze this out of my Bum. Now I realize that this sounds really strange but I was so desperate at this point I would do anything to get this out of me. He said "Stop pushing and we will go watch a movie for a while so you can relax a little bit." I agreed and we went in my room and layed on my bed and I said "I think Im going to poop myself." He carefully removed my pants and my thong and carried me back to my bathroom sat me on the toilet and massaged my belly. A few minutes later I gave a few hard pushes and I grunted a couple of times I was doubled over and about 5 minutes later I had the runs. It was horrible and I started crying I was so embarassed! He hugged me and said "Breath baby its okay it happens to everyone. It was probably just some bad food." I was on the toilet crying for 4 hours and I kept pooping. By 8 am the next morning I looked like a ghost and was in bed all day! I felt fine I just didnt look fine and I didnt want to have the runs again. My boyfriend layed in bed with me all day and that night he said "Baby I told you that you could get it out of you." I looked at him and smiled and we finished watching the movie and we went to sleep.

Sorry that this was such a long story it just had a lot of details and lasted a long time. Oh and all that happened this week!

desperate to poop

pooping at country music festival

hi all went to a country music fest at the 02 in london. wi post a few a stories later bt carrie underwood headlined which reminded me of an awesome story posted by debbie when carrie was exploding in the cubicle next to her. oh that would hsve bern awesome

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: E great story about hearing Rachel poop I bet she felt good after.

To: Meliss K it sounds like you had 2 really great poops.

To: Katie it sounds like Cassie was having a tough time at least you were there to help.

To: Pat great story it sounds like you and Artiss are doing good and she had a great poop to.

To: Abbie great story it sounds you guys had great poops.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T


Pooping today

Today in school I really had to poop badly. So I rushed to the bathroom. I went to the farthest stall, closed the door, pulled down my pants, and sat down. I took a truly gigantic shit, while peeing a little (I had just peed not long ago, so not much piss came out). Unusually, it hurt my ass quite a bit. I did feel better after it, though.


That must have been really embarrassing. i feel so bad;-(

You mentioned that you had already pooped earlier that do. Do you usually have to go twice per day?

How often do you usually have to take a dump?

A good long dump

The other day I was going to the toilet at work for a pee, and as I walked down the corridor towards the gents toilet I was following a good looking department manager who I guess is in his 40's. I was a little way behind him and he didn't turn round so didn't see me. I walked into the toilet shortly after he did, and it was empty apart from the end cubicle door was locked. I stood at the urinal and had a pee, then washed and dried my hands and during this time there was no noise coming from his cubicle. I peered under the cubicle door and saw his highly polished back shoes either side of the bog with his dark grey suit trousers and light grey pants down round his ankles, and also the bottom inch or two of his bare legs.

I opened and closed the outer door of the toilet pretending to leave but stayed inside and immediately heard three loud plops, so he must have been sitting on the bog needing to have a shit, but waiting till his thought he was alone. I then opened the door again and washed and dried my hands, then left.

Now I know that this guy usually takes quite a long time to have a shit so I left it 10 minutes then went back hoping to feel the warmth on the bog seat but the cubicle door was still locked. I looked underneath again and saw the same shoes, trousers and pants so he was still sitting on the bog. I left again and went back about 5 minutes later. As I walked down the corridor to the toilet I met this guy coming the other way and we smiled and said hello.

I went back into the toilet and made straight for the cubicle he had used. Not only was the seat very warm at the back and sides from his bare arse and legs, but there were several skid marks in the bottom of the bog. Not only that but there was a big thick soft log about 6 inches long in the bottom of the bog pan. It was great to think of him sitting there squeezing that out of his arse.

I live in England where we don't have the sort of doorless stalls I have read about in America, but I would love to see another guy sitting on the bog having a good shit, or even buddy dumping with someone. Does anybody have any good stories about that?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Anne's Baby!!!

Hiiiii. This is Kyra, Anne's girlfriend. I want to let everyone know that Anne had her baby this morning. She gave a completely natural vaginal birth to a girl, Emma Rose. Her labor was very long and she is exhausted, but wanted me to announce it to everyone who has been following the details of her pregnancy pooping. We are all very happy here, to say the least!

I was allowed to witness the birth because Jared was out of town (he travels a lot) and I pretended to be her sister. Anne did poop while she was in her final labor, minutes before the baby began to emerge in earnest. A nurse caught it in a bedpan! Also, the birth gave Anne some seriously painful hemmorrohids, she won't want to poop again for at least a few days she says, until they say the swelling should go down a little bit.

I'm glad I saw the birth, not only to be there for Anne, but to give me an idea of what to expect when I give birth to Jared's other baby in another four months. When I saw Anne's beautiful pregnant glow last fall I got very jealous, and decided that I wanted to be pregnant as well. We were in the first stages of becoming a couple (after the first time I poooped in front of Anne we fell in love) and I was sure I wanted Jared to be the father (he's so kind...and handsome!)

I stopped taking my birth control, which I'd been on since high school, and decided to just fling myself at Jared and see if he was interested in me as well as Anne. So one day I walked over from my house to Anne's barn and found Jared working alone. What to do... Well, I pretended to be locked out of my house and stuck around keeping him company. An hour or so in I had to pee, so without annoucing it I just dropped my jeans and popped a squat literally right in front of him. He turned bright red and I could tell he was very turned on by my display. I got up and wiped with my bare hand then wiped my hand on the leg of my jeans. "That's how a cowgirl pees" I said to him while buttoning up my jeans. I stepped forward and kissed him. The rest, as they say, is history.

I hope that wasn't out of line, but I really wanted to tell that story. Since then we have all three of us gone to the bathroom, both poop and pee, with each other all the time. It's so much fun!

I'm going to go back to the hospital now to visit Anne so goodbye for now and I promise to post again if you all like.

Just a quick one today. I was in a coffee shop and went down in the basement where the toilets are. There are two unisex cubicles, both in use. In front of me was a girl about 16, with brown hair and wearing leggings, who was crossing her legs and looked very desperate. Just after I arrived, a young boy about 7 or 8 arrived too and joined the queue.

The two toilets flushed and opened at about the same time so me and the girl went in at the same time. I heard a *snap* as her leggings and knickers were pulled down, then a *thud* as she sat on the toilet, then a *hissssssssssssssssssssssss* as she let go. Her stream lasted about 30 seconds, then died down. She flushed and left.

She was replaced with the boy who locked the cubicle and was breathing quickly as he undid his trousers, so he sounded desperate too. He sat down and released an extremely loud fart, followed by *plop* *plop* then a pause, then a very runny *plopplopplop* *plopplopplopplopplopplopplopplop*. The runny poo continued for about a minute. He wiped, then flushed and seemed to be ready to leave, when he sat back down and had another minute of runny poo. I guess he ate something bad.



My I.T teacher farted and then needed a poo during lesson

Hi everyone I have just come back from school and I've got a quick story to tell you and a few comments to John H and Abbie.

The story involves a teacher at my school so I won't use her name but I will give you a brief description of her; she's an I.T teacher in her early 30's, thin and has brunette hair. Halfway through the lesson she came round to see how people were getting on our work she had set us and as she sat down on a chair to look through Liam's (Changed his name so people won't know who he is) work she obviously let out a silent fart as no one heard it but it must have been a smelly one as Liam blurted out "Miss, did you just fart". The class went awkwardly quiet at this point and she embarrassingly replied "Yeah, sorry.... But it's natural so just get on with your work". Roughly ten minutes before the end of the lesson I went to put my empty drink bottle in the bin which is located beside her desk where she was sitting and as I turned around to go back to my computer I heard her mutter under her breath "ahh, I need a poo now that I've farted". When I got back to my desk I looked at her and felt quite sorry for her as she looked worried as if she was getting desperate and I've been in that situation before. After a few minutes the bell went and she told us "See you tomorrow" and I could hear the desperation in her voice by this point and she followed us out of the room. As I was walking down the corridor I looked back and saw her heading towards the staff toilets; I began to wonder if she would make it or not and if so the intense relief she must have felt.

John H - Hi, I'm glad you liked the dedication and I look forward to your live poo. I managed to hold it in for 2 days and I must say I came close to pooing myself. You mentioned the idea of putting toilet paper down the toilet to prevent splash back; I tried it once and it clogged the toilet as I put too much toilet paper down.... oops. Regarding your previous post; when the urge to poo gets too strong for me I try to find a toilet as soon as possible as it can become uncomfortable after a while and I need to have full concentration on holding it in or I will have an accident. I enjoyed reading about your story regarding letting some poo out while farting as I can put myself in your shoes and image being in that situation due to doing the same a few times. It's a really gross feeling when it happens as you're not expecting it so when you feel the wetness of soft mushy poo spread between the cheeks it's really weird especially when walking; at least you we able to release the rest in the toilet and prevented getting poo on your boxers. This might be a bit personal but I have recently hit puberty which has resulted in me having a few pubic hairs near my bumhole so bits of poo can often stick to them which is annoying and can often result in skidmarks in my underwear. Having no toilet paper when having a runny poo is the worst thing and like you said pulling your trousers up wasn't an option as that would have led to a very messy situation. I liked your idea of using the empty cardboard tube but that must have been rough on your bum and very tricky to do without getting poo on your fingers although it's better than dirty underwear I suppose. Take care

Abbie - Hi, it sounds like Beth and Ellie were lucky not to poo themselves. I was wondering if either of them has pood themselves before and if they know about this site as it would be good to hear stories from them as they appear to be quite open about needing a poo. I too have recently brought new knickers for the same reason as you. I tried washing the stained ones myself in the sink as I'm too embarrassed to give them to my mum but I couldn't get the stains out so through them away and like you said it's hard to remove brown marks from pale coloured underwear. Take care

Take care and enjoy your next visit to the toilet... BYE XXX


Appreciating a good buddy dump!

I just read the post about a good buddy dump. I'd say it was a perfect one! Sitting on a toilet having a good shit yourself while hearing the guy next door doing his plops and knowing what he looks like, and liking the look of him. I'd have done the same, sat on his warm seat after he'd finished, and note where his legs had been on the seat by the warmth left behind. I was once fortunate enough to sit on a nicely warmed toilet seat straight after a fit guy had been on, and was in time to see the sweatmarks on the back of the seat showing the bow shape of the back of his buttocks before they evaporated. I put my own buttocks hard down where his had been for a good shit myself, all the time thinking of him plopping there. A sort of buddy dump, I think you'd agree!

The Crimson Flash

Girlfriend experiences from the past

Great posts everybody! I read the site regularly but haven't posted in what seems like years (I have posted using various names, including this one, in the past). Today I think I'll post some stories about girlfriends or girls I knew having to go to the bathroom. Their names have been changed, however.

One instance, "Mandy" was at a music concert all day and when we met up afterwards she really had to pee. She went to the bathroom but I couldn't hear anything. Yeah I know, not that exciting.

Another time "Jessica" somehow became locked in her bedroom. I don't remember the exact circumstances but something was wrong with the lock and she had to wait for her parents to come home for help and meanwhile was talking to me on the phone and said that she really had to pee. I joked that she "better find a cup". I remember she didn't think it was funny, and she said she actually was about to use a cup. She got off the phone at this point, unfortunately.

Another girl for now, "Danielle", was not shy at all about going to the bathroom which I secretly thought was awesome. She would openly talk about it and even admitted that she clogged toilets before. I never actually got to see her going but I heard enough to picture it. She would often announce she had to "take a really huge shit" and she would then spend quite a while pooping She would regularly flush two times. One day I was actaully able to see the toilet after she went. I said I had to pee while she was in there and when she was done she said "It's all yours..." with a slight smirk on her face. She didn't even bother to flush! As soon as I set foot inside a strong poop odor hit me. I looked inside the toilet bowl and I couldn't believe it. There was one very long smooth thick snake that curved around the bowl making an upside down U, a log that looked like it probably was the remainder of the snake that broke off when it came out, a bunch of mushy soft serve poop that formed a pile in the middle and the toilet paper she wiped with. All of this in slightly yellow water since she also peed.

I then peed on top of everything and nervously flushed. Needless to say I could see why she had to flush two times most of the time because I had to flush it again to get all of her poop down. A few skid marks remained. She was a very pretty girl of average size so I often wondered how she was able to poop that much.

Most readers here seem to be into the pooping stories more than the peeing, so if any of you enjoyed this story just respond and I can post more.

Till next time

John H

Live poop for Imogen

Hey all time for another live post.
I have been sitting here letting out strong smelling farts for the last hour and I think its time to take the lap top to the bathroom.
This post is dedicated to Imogen, hope you enjoy.

1.34 am.
Sitting on the toilet with my trousers and boxers at my ankles and my computer on my knee.
There is some pressure in my stomach.
Relaxing my hole now as a short but loud fart comes out.
I can feel some movement inside and I am letting out some softer farts now.
1.35 am.
I can feel the first log moving down and pressing on my hole, it feels very nice already.
A short squeaky fart just escaped as my hole slowly opens.

1.36 am.
The first log is beginning to poke out now it feels so good. Its stretching my hole and feels wide but soft and is making a lot of soft crackling noises.
1.37 am.
Its still coming out and some is breaking off and splashing into the toilet. I am not pushing or pinching any off, just letting things move at their own pace.

1.38 am.
All of the first log is out now but I can feel some more poop inside.
1.40 am.
My hole is opening again, as another fart comes out and the next log begins to move out.
I am pushing now and some soft poo and farts are coming out.
1.42 am.
Pushing some more and my hole is opening again.
A 10 second round of soft poop came out and the bathroom is full of a strong poop smell.
I am not a fan of soft poos but I have to say this one feels good.

1.43 am.
I can feel more inside so pushing again.
A loud fart and a 5 second round of soft poop.
1.44 am.
Just releasing a short stream of pee into the toilet now. It didn't hit the water so made very little sound.
1.45 am.
Pushing again but think I am nearly empty now.
1.46 am.
Managed to push out a small amount of soft poo after a lot of pushing.

1.48 am.
Wiped up now it took four wipes to get clean. I expected it to take more as the poo was on the softer side.
1.50 am.
Just flushed the toilet opened the window and washed my hands.
Left the bathroom feeling a lot better than when I went in. I am going to tidy up this post a little bit before submitting it.

That's all for now, I will post some comments in my next post.

Take care all,

John H



My girlfriends name is Rachel, she is 5ft 2 brunette and has a great bod. She is 20 and very shy when it comes to pooping. She will never admit she has to go and will avoid doing it around me if she can. One time though she came to visit me at school for 4 days and I knew she would have to go at some point. We had been out to eat everyday and by the third i figured it had to be close to her needing to go. After lunch we got back and she said she had to pee and told me to just watch TV. She went in the bathroom and turned on the sink, I looked under the door and listened. She pulled down her pants and sat down. She peed for a solid 30 seconds but stayed sitting. Then i heard her let out a fart and i got excited, i couldnt believe it. I saw her go up on tippy toes and heard a big sigh. I faintly heard her pushing and it sounded like she was struggling. All at once a the sound of a big turd plopped into the toilet followed by a huge sigh and a rustle of toilet paper. She came out and told me "sorry it took so long i washed my face too". I just smiled and nodded bc i knew what really happened

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