Third Grade

In third grade for most of the year i was able to poop in the comfort and privacy of my own home. sadly when one day i had the familier stomach cramps of a poop fast approaching, I decided to ask to go to the office to save me from the embarassment of my peers watching me defecate. My teacher allowed me to go to the office but when i got there their were sadly many students and parents there signing their kids in and out of school. My stomach was about to pop so with no choice left I entered the office bathroom, i prayed for it to be a quiet dump and one that didn't stink. I was wrong on both accounts, as soon as my butt hit the seat loud farts started for force their way out of me, follwed by some wet long logs that hit the toilet noisily and started to stink up the small office bathroom, at that point i was thankful the bathroom was sound proof and i decided to just let everything out. More soft logs and a little dirreah made its way out of me. I looked in the toilet and to my horror it was clogged pretty bad. I didn't even bother flushing i just opned the door as quickly as possible since the bathroom lacked air freashener and bolted out. Though instantlly i heard the coments of the people in the office about the smell, a truely horrible experiance next week fourth grade.


In response to Kristina's post

Hey, Kristina. I just wanted to thank you so much for telling that story; it was interesting to hear of someone having the same feelings that I did after my incident a few months back, and hearing how it's not weird or impossible to act upon those feelings at least once, just to try it. To answer some of your questions in your post; as far as I know, the nurse and I are the only ones who had any knowledge about my accident. As I said in my story, the accident occured during a class transition period; when I had lost control in the halls, I knew there were people there. But, I have yet to hear from anyone, or ever pick up the sense that anyone knew about my accident, and if they did they were being very kind in not mentioning it. Since I had changed in the bathroom attatched to the nurse's office, and, though I didn't mention it, that my brother was out at a friend's and my sister at the gym in preparation for the upcoming track season (my parents work during the day, so the thought of them possibly being home never crossed my mind) no one in my family had a clue about my accident. I also do my own laundry, so there would be no reason for my siblings to know about it by seeing my clothes.

Thanks to you, Kristina, I think I'm going to attempt to act upon the feelings I had about my accident; I'm going to poop my pants under my own control to see if I would enjoy it. Thanks again for replying to my post! Stay safe and God bless :)


Another Questionaire for STEVEN and others

Some more questions for Steven (and everyone else)

(1) This morning; were you able to have a bowel movement at home prior to leaving for school?

(2) Is is part of your morning routine to sit on the toilet and try to have a movement; even if you're not feeling an urge?

(3) Where were you when you felt your last urge....and did you hold/ignore or poop?

(4) When you have a it pretty much just relaxing and having it slide out....or do you have to push a lot?

(5) Is anyone in your family "openly constipated"....where they can be heard straining....or where there's talk of laxatives, size of stool etc?


Rylee's story about Emily

Rylee, that was an amazing story! I hope you keep posting more.

Melissa K

Pooping at night

Last night, I had a dream that I was straining and pushing really hard in. I woke up at maybe 5 in my bed, and realized that my butt was stretched wide with a giant turd! I had actually been pooping in my sleep. I panicked and got up to go to the bathroom. The only issue was the turd was only out about 2 inches and it was so thick I couldnt pinch it off. I pushed really hard to get it out, and it broke off and made a huge splash in the toilet. I flushed, and it went down luckily.
On the way to the bus, I had to poop really bad again. I knew there was no way I could hold it till I got to school. Since it was relatively dark out, and I was early for the bus, I squatted in some bushes and pushed three long, thick turds out and some smaller sausage-like turds. There were no leaves to wipe with, but it felt clean, so I pulled my panties back up. It felt amazing too.

This weekend I'm gonna eat a ton of foods that make me poo and hopefully make a huge pile after school next week.

Love, Melissa K :)

Bloated Butt

To Tyler, Rob, I.L., and BrentC

Oh my goodness, you poor things. I can totally sympathise with constipation. As a child I don't think I ever had a bowel movement two days in a row. It was always at LEAST a few days between poops, and many times it was over a week. Like you guys, I remember quite well the bloating, the straining, the cramping and the heaviness. Sadly it also kept me away from sports, because there was NO way I was going to do anything athletic. I'd just waddle around awkwardly, my stomach distended and sagging heavily, my colon packed to the brim. There was no way I was going to be useful at sports, and I was quite helpless physically. I still get like this very often: it's never quite gone away! I can go almost two weeks without pooping, and by the end I'm pregnant with poop (if I may be so crude).

I remember being at the mall as a kid, after having not gone for about 8 days straight (not even pebbles), and finally being hit with an overpowering urge to "go". My dad took me to the restroom and waited while I went into a stall, plonked down, and proceeded to try my hardest to poop. I felt like a chicken about to lay a huge brown egg. Unfortunately I couldn't go, and my dad started getting irritated with me and I had to get off the toilet, pull up my pants, and waddle on out.

Later at home I was given a suppository, plus my mom soaping up her fingers and deeply probing my anus, massaging my colon around the "plug". This went on for ten minutes before suddenly the soap started slightly burning and the suppository softened my poop to where I could feel it start to come out, and I quickly waddled to the toilet and sat down. My mom watched while I pooped, the sounds of plops and farts interspersed with my grunts and groans. My anus was stretched to almost three inches to accommodate the thick, dense logs, and I gripped my buttcheeks so I could lay them easier. The whole time my mom was standing there as I gasped in relief, happily plopping and splashing and farting away. My stomach flattened as feces and trapped gas was released, the bowl beneath me echoing with explosive farts and heavy plops. Finally I was done and weakly got off the toilet and was sent to bed. I still farted throughout the night but it subsided after a couple more hours as it all came out of me.

I honestly don't know if the toilet took my bowel movement in one flush because I never stuck around to see. The above scenario was just one example. Other times when I got too full my parents would feed me things to induce a bowel movement. I remember my parents cooking a big pot of beans and basically feeding me bowl after bowl until I felt like I was going to burst. Then I was carried (because I could barely move on my own, after being stuffed silly on top of being incredibly constipated for 10 days) to the toilet, then everyone would wait until the tell-tale gurgle and BRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPTTTT PLOP PLOP PLOP BRRRRPPPPPTTT PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP. This method stopped being used after a while, though, because while it was VERY effective (oh my goodness was it ever effective...) it was also very, um, violent. It was scary how loud and explosive my BM was during this time. I thought my farts were going to send me flying into the ceiling!

To this day I have issues like this, and I poop massively regardless of what I eat. I make sure to eat plenty of fiber and drink water, but even so if I'm not careful I can VERY easily build up a lot of poop. Unfortunately the fiber also makes me gassy if I eat too much, so I get even more bloated. I enjoy a nice big bowel movement but sometimes it's just too much!

John H

Sometimes having only one toilet can be a good thing.

Hey all.
I have another story to share but some comments first.

@Imogen, Hey and thanks for your live poop story. It was very well written and I really enjoyed it. Sounds like you did to.
I appreciate the dedication. I shall return the favour for you with a live post of my own when I post next.
How many days did you hold that one for?
I hate when lumps of poo cause splash back also, especially if there is pee in the water already.
If you want to prevent this from happening then try putting some toilet paper in the bole before you sit on the toilet. This prevents splash back and also reduces the sound of the poo hitting the water if you don't want people to hear you in a public bathroom.

@Rylee, hey, another very well written story as always. It sounds like both of you are really great friends and hope you will have many more experiences to share.
You should ask Emily to post here also.
You really did put on a nice show for her but its not surprising given the amount of food you had lol.

Last night I finally got to share the toilet with my girlfriend.
We were out doing some shopping and it was late when we got home.
Both of us were bursting for the toilet and we were not prepared to let the other go first.
When we got inside we both headed straight for the bathroom.
I dropped my zip before I got through the door.

My girlfriend dropped her clothes and sat heavily on the toilet and immediately let out a loud strong stream of pee.
This only made my need to go worse and I told her that I was going to pee myself if I didn't get on the toilet.
I told her to open her legs and I would pee between them into the toilet.
She protested but I already had dropped my trousers and positioned myself over her knees.
For the next 30 seconds all that could be heard was the sound of our pee hitting the water in the bottom of the toilet.
My girlfriend finished first as she had a head start on me so I cut off my flow and let her get up before continuing on with my pee.

Afterwards we both laughed about it and I feel that she may not protest the next time we both are stuck for a pee.

That's all for now.
Take care all,

John H


random girl a.k.a katie

to anonymous chick - constipated girl friend poops

hey all, my name is katie and im 25, this is a story about my best girl friend cassie who is 24 and her being constipated. cassie has always had big dumps and usually poops every 2-3 days and it takes her 10-15 minutes to go and she has hard poop pretty much every time. but sometimes she goes 4-5 days without going and this causes her bigger problems and can take her up to an hour to a whole day of trying before she goes. we usually just go to the bathroom together when we are hanging out and its no big deal for us. i have had to help her out on a few occasions. this story is from a couple years ago at her house when we were hanging out after school. cassie told me on the way home she had to poop and was constipated. we had just gotten back to cassies house and changed into some sweatpants and comfier clothes when cassie went into her bathroom in her room. i followed her in and she sat down on the toilet. she told me that she had tried to poop before school but it wasnt coming out and she ran out of time. she started pushing and going red in the face. after a few minutes of pushing she started wincing in pain and saying 'ow' with each try. she told me it was huge and really dry and that it hurt badly and she hadnt gone in 4 days. she leaned forward and strained as hard as she could. i could see her hole opening to its limit and the head of the turd poking out but when she stopped to catch her breath or relax, her turd would go back inside. after about 10 minutes of this she told me she needed help going. i asked if she wanted a suppository and she said yes. she got off the toilet and we went back into her room and she layed on her bed. i got a suppository from her bathroom and she told me to put it in for her. i carefully inserted the suppository into her butt with her moaning in pain the whole time. after i got it in her butt we started to watch a movie. about an hour later she said she was going to try again so we went back into her bathroom and she sat down again and leaned way forward and started pushing. she strained and strained for about 10 minutes with the turd stuck at her hole when it finally began to move a little. "omg katie it hurts SO BAD"!! cassie was nearly in tears. i knelt down in front of her and she rested her head on me and i hugged her. "keep pushing cass, its coming out a little" i told her. cassie bore down and told me her poop was coming but very slowly and painfully. her turd slowly was crackling out of her butt. about 5 minutes later she pushed it out and it splashed loudly into the toilet. "omg, owww, finally!!!" cassie said.we both got up to look at her poop. it had to be 2.5 inches across or bigger and was probably 15" long. "jeez girl!!" i told her. "i know, but im not done" cassie told me. she sat back down and started pushing again, and after 5 minutes she had another 15" turd out that was about 2" thick and hurt alot less. she got up and wiped. she tried to flush but it wouldnt go down. she plunged the toilet and got it down. she thanked me for the help and we finished our movie before i headed home for the night. i have a couple more stories i will post later about my b.f and cassie. bye for now!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Imogen great live reporting and great poop by poop coverage to.

To: Rylee great story it sounds like u had a great poop and became closer to emily to I look forward to your next post.

To: Annie I bet you felt great after that big poop.

To: Coughing Fit interesting story hopefuly its something that will cause you trouble.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T


To: Rylee

You really are one of the best writers on here. I have what I'd call an abnormal interest in woman pooping, particularly when they are constipated. I hope you get to share a constipated poop with your new friend Emily...just so we can all read what you write about it!!!


It just came out

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, been busy. Artiss came back from visiting her sister, and she just LOVES her refurbished bathroom, she says that she looks forward to many relaxing hours sitting in there with her bodily functions.

This last Sunday, we were out for a drive in the country, enjoying the scenery and she was looking out the window, half asleep, when suddenly she sat up wide awake in the seat and her eyes were wide-open with her face beet-red as she hollered "PATRICK!!!" I slammed on the brakes as we were on a back road with no other traffic. I knew what had happened. "Artiss----did you?" I asked. She just nodded her head and said "It just came out-no warning whasovever........I think it's solid, though. pulled over to the side of the road and she got out and pulled her dress slacks and underwear down to mid-thigh, and sure enough, there was a big brown log in the seat. Sighing, she pulled everything down past her knees and simply turned the underwear insiside out, dumping the turd onto the ground. he was hardly a streak in her undies as it was rather dry. think 've got some more, Patrick. she said as she squatted down. Sure enoungh, two more big logs of like size dropped out of her rear, followed by a smaller turdlet. She wiped herself with the roll of TP that we keep handy in the car for her emergencies, pulled up her pants, got back in the car, and we continued on with our drive.All in the day of a woman with irritable bowels.


Latest news

Hi everyone, I've got a bit of spare time tonight so thought I would post and do some replies before updating you on my latest story.
Jasmin K- glad to hear things are going a bit better with your sister now, and it sounds like you did pretty well last week if you were able to have a poo before class every day. Sorry to hear though that sometimes you've run out of time, it must be really annoying if you've been straining for ages and you feel a poo coming but you just don't have enough time to push it out, as you said you're then really uncomfy and also you can end up with dirty knickers. I've had to buy new underwear recently as some of my knickers have been marked so badly the stains just won't come out, I like to wear white or pale coloured pants so the marks are really obvious. I'm being really rubbish at getting to school early enough to use the loo before lessons, I was late again this morning and never got time to go. If I keep doing this I'm going to end up struggling big time with my constipation so I know I've got to improve, I'm just feeling really tired and its really cold at the moment so I want to stay in bed! Anway, on to my story from today, fortunately I didn't feel a poo coming until it was almost time to go home, so luckily I wasn't too desperate. Ellie and Beth were coming back to my house so Ellie and I could do some work together, as we were on the way home they both said they were dying for the loo as they hadn't had chance to go at break or lunch. I said I needed a poo but I could wait as my urge wasn't too strong. The other two both wanted a poo as well and by the way they were walking when we got close to my house it was clear they were pretty desperate! As we went upstairs they were arguing about who was going to go first, Beth said "I'll have to go first, its poking out into my pants already" and Ellie said "Well mine isn't far off either and you'll take ages, I'll have pooed my pants by the time you're done!" I said one of them could use the main bathroom but as we went past I could hear my sister in there having a shower, she has PE last lesson on Friday and likes to have a shower at home afterwards. We all went into my room and Beth took off her skirt and tights at top speed, she started to pull down her green knickers as she walked into my ensuite and sat heavily on the loo, groaning as she did so. Ellie and I started to get changed as Beth started to strain, she gets constipated too so I knew she might be a while and hoped Ellie would be able to hold on that long! Ellie took off her skirt and tights, she was wearing white knickers which she pulled down away from her bum. She went into the bathroom holding her belly. I heard a few grunts and then a plop coming from Beth and then a minute or so later some more plops. Beth stood up to wipe so Ellie could sit down, she released a volley of plops and splashes a few seconds later and sighed with releaf. Beth came back into the room looking releaved and changed into jeans and a tee-shirt as Ellie started to wipe her bum. It was my turn next, I was waiting in my room wearing just my shirt and pink pants, as soon as Ellie was done I went over to the loo, pulled down my pants and sat down. I had a wee and then pushed and started to feel a log slide out, quite soon it was poking out of my bum but it then started to get fat and knobbly and I knew I'd have to strain harder. I went up on my toes and pushed as hard as I could and luckily I only had to do that for a couple of minutes before I could feel the widest part was through and the log seemed to slide out faster. It dropped with a plop and then I passed a few smaller pieces before I felt empty and could start to wipe my bottom. After I'd finished wiping I flushed, went back into my room and changed into leggings and a top. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!

Someone posted something about memories from lifeguarding at the beach. I have been a beach lifeguard since I was 16, technically unofficially since you have to be 18, but I was always paired up with a real lifeguard so it was always safe. The beaches around where I worked at all had the same bathroom setup. They are very small buildings with partially open roofs, very sandy floors, and always a huge line. The beach was always packed, and there is only a bathroom every few blocks. Each bathroom had two urinals, two stalls, and one sink. The stalls were more like half-stalls, because they were just that. The partitions and doors were not the normal height. Instead they were about half as tall as normal, and even kids could see right over into the stall if they were standing up. The really awkward part was that the urinals were directly to the right of the stalls, so anyone using it saw right into the stall whether they wanted to or not. I had a few embarrassing experiences in there, but you really do get used to it. Tourists are the ones immature about it.

I remember once when I was 16 and had just started lifeguarding, I went to the bathroom to pee. While I was waiting in line there were three youger kids waiting behind me, probably about age 12 or 13. One was standing funny and kept on complaining to his friends that he was going to shit himself. They thought that was really funny, and told him he shouldn't have eaten hot dogs from seven 11. The left urinal opened up, and I started walking over, just as the stall directly next to it opened up, which I had an awkwardly clear view into. The little kid ran into the stall and barely even shut the door as I got ready to pee. Even though I was looking straight ahead, I could see everything he did whether I was trying to or not. His friends shouted to him "Dont put your ass on the seat dude! Youll get an STD!" He replied "Shut up guys I know that Im not an idiot!" It was so stupid that it was fun to listen too. As my pee started I just saw this kid pull his pants straight to his ankles and stand over the toilet, barely even squatting. A loud, explosive fart erupted from his asshole which made me involuntarily look at him. What I saw looked like a volcano exploding from his asshole, which was a stream of liquid shit shooting to the back of the toilet bowl. Some of it didn't make it in, and landed on the toilet seat. As it came out it sounded like a waterfall, which it also kind of looked like. "Oh shit! Thats nasty dude!" His friends shouted. "Shut up guys you have no idea what this feels like" He weakly replied. I felt bad for the poor kid, because the rest of the bathroom was like an audience to his shit show, and it must have been embarrassing. His shit just kept coming and coming, and he must have realized something very important after the first wave. "God damn! Theres no toilet paper in here!" He yelled. "Now what am I going to do?" He said. His friends laughed their asses off and told him to use his hands. By now my pee was done, and I decided to help the kid out. I was the lifeguard after all, and part of my job was to make sure those bathrooms were in order. I went out to the closet and grabbed some TP, and bypassed the line to get in. I went to the kids stall where he was still shitting furiously, and said "Hey kid" and he looked up. I handed him the toilet paper and he looked very relieved, and thanked me. I asked him to please make sure he cleaned up the shit on the seat. "I will, I promise. Im realy sorry" He said. "Trust me I know what its like kid. Dont feel bad." I replied. Im glad I helped the poor kid out that day.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Unknown Dumper

Hi to Sydney

Hi, Sydney.

As I was looking through all the posts, I loved your pooping stories. They're cute! You should take the toilet questionnaire. I know I did. I had pooping problems when I was a child. I used to sometimes poo my pants, but that's a long story. Anyway, I too hope to hear more of your pooing stories! They're really cute!

Also, I have taken the time to fill in Tim's survey:

How many times a day do you pee? No less than 3

How long can you hold it in till you find a toilet? I sometimes save it up until I get home.

How long do you pee for? Not long.

How often do you poop? Once or twice a day (I hope to lose some weight and calories).

Is your poop solid, mushy or liquid? Mushy.

How long does it take you to poop? Within 5 minutes.

Do you fart a lot when you poop? Only when it's diarrhea.

When you need a poop do you always have pre poop farts? No.

Would you let someone of the same sex see you on the toilet? Never.

Would you let someone of the opposite sex see you on the toilet? Maybe so.

Well, that is all for this post for now.

A good buddy dump

I work in an office and there is one guy who also works there who is really good looking and in his 30's. Quite often he goes for a shit just before lunch break, and the other day I decided I wasn't desperate but I could do with having a shit myslelf at that time. I went to the gents toilet and entered one of the three cubicles. Only about a minute or two later I heard the outer door of the toilet open and footsteps going into the cubicle to my right. I then heard the cubicle door being locked and the sound of somebody dropping their trousers and pants, then the sound of the guy sitting on the seat.

The walls between the cubicles have a gap at the bottom, so I leaned forward to peer underneath and to my delight I new it was this good looking guy as I recognised his shoes. His trousers and pants were round his ankles with his trousers belt resting on the floor.

I let out a plop, and within a few seconds there was a very loud fart and four or five loud plops from his cubicle, with more farts in between. He was having a really good shit. I let out a few more plops and it was really great to know that we were sitting only about 3 feet apart both doing the same thing.

I wiped my bum and flushed, and as I was washing my hands I heard two or three more loud plops coming from his cubicle. As I was drying my hands I heard him wiping his arse. I then left the toilet but went back a few minutes later and sat on the seat which was still very warm where he had sat on it. It had quite a large cold gap in the middle of the front so he must sit on the toilet with his legs really wide open.

I shall try to catch him again another day.


Comments on the post by I L. and the Shitty Vacation

I. speak for constipated kids everywhere! I can recall so well those road-trips my parents would take me on. Even at home I always had lots of poop inside of I'd leave on day one already constipated.

Day after day in the car....getting no exercise....filling my stomach with junk food at every regular routine and access to a clean bathroom GONE!

For the first two or three days I would get urge after urge.....some of them pretty strong. All that poop would be pushing at my butt.....but what could I do? Sitting there in the car..... At night at the motel....I never felt like I could go.....and the cycle would continue.

Bathroom stops were for peeing. If the place wasn't too filthy I might manage to push out a marble or two.....but that was nothing compared to all the new poop that was building up inside of me.

After the third or fourth day of intestines would be so swollen with rock hard feces....that the urges stopped; the poop no longer pushed threateningly to come had formed such a formidable plug that I couldn't get it out even if I did have toilet time.

I was the kid who walked around Disneyland or some other "vacation destination" with the enlarged ???? pants unbuttoned 'cause my stomach had gotten so huge. I am sure that it someone pulled down my underpants and looked up hole would be open and the massive plug of poop would have been clearly visible.

Still; my 'rents would feed me....and somehow I managed to cram more in....

I can SOOOOO relate to where you say that you knew you were constipated and were diligently sitting on the toilet trying your best to push at least something out.....only to be ordered back into the car.....adding a couple more days of waste to my already packed colon.

At this point....laxatives would have no effect. Nothing. My plight would eventually become apparent to my parents.....and I would get a suppository (rarely worked) or an enema or two or three.

I think that if I ever have kids.....I'm gonna ask 'em every now and then if they've gone to the bathroom today. Or yesterday....or the day before. And; see to it that they sat on the toilet and had a decent bowel movement. I mean; after all.....



thats great! i personally enjoy diarrhea stories more than constipation stories. do u have any particular foods that give u diarrhea?
i hope u keep posting! :)


Live 'poo' for John H and a few comments

15:16 - I've just come home from school and I'm sitting on the toilet desperate for a poo. This live poo is dedicated to John H as he said he loved them so much. I have been holding it in for a few days especially for this 'live' poo so I hope you enjoy it as much as I will.

15:17 - Here we go. Pfffffft.... Pfffffft. I have just let out two airy farts that are quite smelly and I can feel my poo starting to emerge from my bum.... I can now feel a huge piece of poo sliding its way out of my bum.... oh it's a big one and it's got thicker so I'm having to strain a little.... PLOP.

15:18 - It's really starting to smell in here now but too be honest I see it as the smell of success. Another piece is slowly emerging from my bum edging out bit by bit. I'm now let out a steady stream of wee now; it's clear in colour and has a nice hissing sound to it. My poo is still crackling its way out and it's close to dropping.... My wee has now trickled to an end....PLOP, PLOP the poo snapped in half and dropped into the toilet causing two big splashes in the wee filled water resulting in my bum cheeks getting wet.... Gross.

15:19 - I got a feeling I'm empty now but I'm just giving another little push to see if there is a little bit stuck up there.... No nothing there; I'm empty and my god it felt great letting it out. The toilet is filled with three huge logs roughly 10cm long and 4cm thick floating in a pool of relatively clear wee.

15:20 - I'm wiping now and my bum isn't that dirty as it's only taken two wipes to get clean and one wipe of my vagina to dry it. Standing up now and flushing the toilet.... I hope you enjoyed it.

Big Girl - Hi, I loved your live poo and I'm glad you enjoy reading mine. I hope you do a few more and post about the experience. Take care

Danielle - Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your accident. It seems we are quite similar in that aspect as you said that there have been times when you have been very close to a full accident when you have begun pooing yourself while running upstairs to the bathroom meaning half of it was in your knickers and the other half of it in the toilet. I have done that a few times unfortunately so I know how your feel. In fact there has been two times when I have had a full blown accident and completely pood myself since becoming a teenager (I'm 14) because I tried to hold it in but couldn't get to a toilet in time. I hope you post again sometime as I enjoyed reading about it. Take care

Abbie - Hi, I'm glad you were able to poo at school and didn't try to hold it in as like you said it would only make your constipation worse. Regarding the question you asked me I don't get constipated too often; maybe just once a month in which I might not poo for roughly 4 or 5 days and it can be extremely painful to push out although I do occasionally use laxatives to cure to problem. Take care

Take care and enjoy your next visit to the toilet... BYE XXX


Me at 15

I was with my mom and my sister at the mall. I had major constipation....I don't know when I'd gone last...but it was over a week.....and that last bowel movement was barely a marble or two. I knew that if I went much longer without going and I would be getting an enema from mom; that was all that worked when I got this full. I'd push now and then.....but felt nothing down there.

Then; the food court I actually felt an urge. For the first time in days I actually felt stool pushing at my rectum....I would have a chance to get some of it out. I knew that I just could not ignore this urge...I was way too full and needed to make the most of it.

I went into Macys and found the guys bathroom. There was another guy in there....peeing. He washed his hands...and I heard the door open and close....and then it was quiet. I thought I was alone. I pulled down my shorts and underpants and sat on the toilet.

God; I was so packed.....I sat there and relaxed my opening; hoping that it would start to move down. It was waaaaay too fat and hard for that. I pushed a little; it felt like concrete inside of me. I wanted to suck it back up...but I knew that I really needed to try to go.

I started really trying to go. It has always been hard for me to poop is always hard and I have to push really hard to get it out.

I tried pushing again....and it started to come but it was sooooo hard. I strained and grunted.....I felt I had privacy so I didn't worry about the noise. It hurt like hell and I was near tears as it stretched my hole wider and wider.

Finally a little marble of poop fell into the bowl. One freakin marble after all that straining. I bore down and pushed and pushed.....I was groaning and moaning.....pushing and straining. Another marble fell.

I reached under me and started digging at my poop. I managed to break up a couple of pieces and work them out of me. I was moaning the whole time....all sorts of "ohs" and "uuhs" was so painful.

I knew I still had soooo much more inside of me...but it was too high up for me to reach with my finger...and pushing wasn't helping. I figured I had done all I could do; I wiped and pulled my underpants and shorts up over my distended ????. I looked in the bowl at the few scant chunks that came out of me.

I opened the stall....and I was blown away to see the guy who was peeing still in there; at the sink. WTF!!!!!!

He started talking to me.....saying how badly constipated I was....and how it was so important for me to get myself emptied out and poop more often. He talked about how huge people's colons get...and how bad it was for my health. He asked me when I'd had my last normal soft bowel movement. I said I couldn't remember.

I kept thinking how he must have purposely opened and closed the make me think that he left. WTF!!!!!

I was embarassed....but I was also mad that he had done that. I had thought I was alone.

When I got home I told my brother.....and he explained about people who like to hear (and watch) people poop. I guess it's constipation gave him his jollies :)

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