Coughing fit

I am home from work with a bad cold/flu. A tight cough that just seems to catch and I can't cough anything up; I've been coughing so hard that my throat hurts, and my ribs ache. So this morning I got up right after my husband left for work, to make some coffee for myself and my son. I usually poop right away a few minutes after I get up, so my routine is to make coffee and then walk down to the curb to get the morning paper, and take it in the bathroom with me; by that time I'm usually good and ready. So I went down to get the paper, and walking back up the hill, I really felt like I needed to crap when suddenly I had another coughing fit and I lost control of my bowels and completely pooped my panties. It was a huge load, it just completely blasted into my underwear. What's worse was that it was kind of loose and it started to run down one leg, so I dropped the paper on the stoop and reached down to contain it in my sweatpants, and hobbled upstairs to the shower. On my way past his bedroom I shouted to my son that he needed to get himself up and I jumped in the shower. The cleanup was a chore and I ended up throwing the panties away (after my son left for school). But like Christina and Mavis it also felt kind of good and comforting to feel that big warm load in my pants (after I got over the embarrassment).

Now I'm sitting on the couch watching TV and I have to go again and I got a towel from the closet to sit on, because I think I'm just going to wait until I have another coughing fit and see what happens!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jen it sounds like you and your friend had great poops.

To: Jane it sounds like you had a good cleanout I bet you felt great after.

To: Mavis great story.

To: Crabkid great story bout you helping your girlfriend when she was sick I bet she was very thankful and lucky to have you.

To: Annie it sounds like had a great poop and felt great after.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Anonymous Chick
Random Girl- would love to hear your stories!!

Charlie to Tyler

when I read your story a while back about being plugged up while working as a life guard...I kinda got into that story....I kinda get aroused knowing someone may be able to tell that I'm constipated badly or knowing someone might hear me grunting and straining, at home but especially out in public. I recently brought on one of my all-time worst bouts of constipation because I decided to try Metamucil again, because people have been really on me about fiber fiber fiber lately....I should have known better, that fiber does NOT work for me, in fact it makes me worse....I've been having to use enemas continuously for about four days now to go.


Steven's Questionaire

Hi Steven.....

1. What's the longest you've been constipated?

Constipation has different definitions. I know there have been times when I had no bowel movement at all for like 2 weeks. And; there was more than that in me.....'cause I was already backed up when the two weeks started.....

2. How long can you hold your pee/poop? (Do you have good control holding yourself when you have to go?)

I've never "given in" to needing to poop. I can hold it; no problem. Peeing is another story.

3. What foods give you gas?

I don't get a lot of gas.....

4. Would you wait in a long line to use the bathroom or go someone else to find another bathroom?

I don't "do lines".....I would go elsewhere

5. If you were stranded outside, would you go behind a bush or on a tree, or in your pants?

hahahahaha.......If I was in the water's sooooo cool to feel that warmth from I can completely understand how nice it must feel.....but I'd just find that bush....

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Poo today at school

Hi, I've had loads to do lately so sorry theres been no post from me in a while. I'll get to my latest story in a moment.
Megan- glad you didn't have to wait the other day when you needed a poo after your lecture- sounded like you really had to go!
Imogen- thanks for your response to my comments, I know what you mean, it can be a really good feeling when you have a poo after you've been holding it a while. As you said though, it can make you constipated which is why I don't usually do it as I struggle to poo at the best of times. You said you sometimes get constipated too, how often does it affect you normally? For some reason my poos are nearly always quite hard and dry so I'm used to pushing and straining a lot to get them out, its a bit embarasing if I have to do that at school but I know that if I don't I'm likely to end up with my poo poking out and then my knickers will get dirty. If I'm bursting to have a wee I quite often dribble a bit in my knickers too so your not the only one! I look forward to your next post and hope your eventually able to pluck up the courage to go for a poo at school if you need to.
Anyway, back to my new story, today I got to school late and so didn't have time for my usual early morning sit on the loo which was annoying, especially as I'm starting to get a bit constipated again this last week or so. By the lesson before lunch today I had a strong urge for a poo and could feel it wasn't going to be an easy one, I knew I had time to go at lunch and decided I shouldn't really hold it in and make my constipation any worse so straight after the lesson I went to the loo. I've started to use the Maths ones lately as they aren't as bad as everyone says plus they are really quiet, however today was different as every cubicle was taken and three of us were waiting, and judging from how fast the cubicles were opening up I was far from the only one wanting a poo. I was quite desperate by the time I got a cubicle but luckily it wasn't so bad that my poo was poking out so at least I knew my knickers would be clean. I locked the door, lifted my skirt and dropped my black tights and yellow pants and sat down, I needed a wee as well so shortly after that started hissing down into the bowl. Next to me me neighbour weed too but then she wiped and flushed so I knew she didn't need anything more. I stayed sitting and felt something moving inside me, shortly after following a few pushes the tip of a huge turd started to poke out. My next neighbour was now weeing too, I looked next door and saw her trousers and pink flowery pants round her ankles. As I continued to strain as quietly as I could I heard her wee stream dribble to a stop and she stayed sitting so I guessed she wanted a poo as well, this was confirmed shortly after when I heard some panting and grunting. I kept on pushing and felt my log slide out really slowly, I had to keep up the pressure otherwise I could feel it getting sucked back up so I was finding it hard to keep quiet as well. Luckily I had a new neighbour on the other side who was straining to poo as well so at least there were three of us! Eventually after a few embarasing grunts my poo dropped with a splash, it could have been worse as the other girls were grunting too. I stayed sitting as I knew there was more to come, as I was pushing out my second log I heard some plops coming from my left and then shortly after a splash and a groan of releaf from my right. I passed another couple of poos, the last one made a really loud plop which was not exactly ideal but then my neigbours had done a lot of plops too and then I knew I was finished so I took some toilet paper and started to wipe my bottom, I heard the others doing the same shortly after. I flushed, pulled up my pants and tights and let down my skirt before leaving my cubicle, as I was washing my hands my two neighbours flushed and came out too. I hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon, bye for now!!


Comments to John H and the author of "To Imogen"

John H - Hi, of course I don't mind you asking questions regarding my toilet habits; in fact I love it as it means I can openly discuss embarrassing topics involing going to the toilet; this is why I love this site and like you said it's good I found it at a young age. I'm looking forward to reading your story about letting some poo out while you were farting; it's a weird feeling as you get a sense of relief but it feels gross at the same time especially if it's one of those warm sloppy ones that sticks to your bum. Regarding purposely holding in my poo I started around the age of 11 but I've always had a love of pooing ever since I can remember. The amount of time I can hold it can vary although my preferred number of days is 3 as it means I can enjoy the intense relief when it all comes out although sometimes I can hold it in for too long resulting in constipation which is really annoying. Although like I've said there have been two times when I have pood myself as I have tried to hold it in but not been able to get to the toilet in time... oops. Regarding dribbling wee into my knickers it doesn't happen to often maybe just once a month and it only happens when I am really desperate especially if I have been holding it as I do quite like holding my wee in as well but to be honest I prefer holding my poo. In fact I'm holding my poo in at the moment so I can do another 'live' post which you said you love reading so I hope you enjoy it when I post it, in fact I'll dedicate it to you in the post title ;). Take care

To the person who posted "To Imogen" a few days ago - Hi, to be honest I don't dribble in my knickers too often maybe just once a month and it only happens when I am really desperate. Most of the times it has happened it has been just as I get into the bathroom and I'm about to pull my trousers and knickers down and sit on the toilet but there are a few times when I start to dribble when I am nowhere near a toilet. Take care

Take care and enjoy your next visit to the toilet... BYE XXX

desperate to poop

double poop at dept store

Oh I had to have 2 shits today whilst out in town today.

I'd been out the night before partying and having some fabulous food.

I went into town did some shopping and whist in the dept store really felt the need for a poop. I decided to go straight away and then get a coffee and a cake ss I had planned to.

When I got there 3 people were waiting and my stomach was doing somersaults and cramping. In front one gent and 2 ladies in their 40s. Thankfully the gent only had to pee and the lady after her which then left me waiting for a toilet and another gent and lady behind who had joined. I took the other stall when a gent came out and went into a stinky but clean cubicle. I hurriedly got my jeans down and knickers had a semi soft poop, My stomch was cramping but I was so glad of the relief and had a nice shit for 5 mins.

Feeling done I left and enjoyed a cake and coffee. As I was nearing the end though my stomach cramped awfully again and I had to go again quite urgently. I quickly finished my coffee and went back for round 2.

There was another but just 2 ladies this time both in their 40's again. 2 ladies in there alrady were taking their time but when they came out both other ladies only had 2 pee so I got in very quickly afterwards and was very relieved to have any other stinky poop. I had bad cramps as I was pooping and was very relieved when I got it all out. I was in for about 5 minutes and left feeling finally finished.


John on the John

Over then years there have been discussions on 'Old Posts from the Toilet' about the positions guys are ill for the two relevant functions.
Do we stand or sit to pee, do we sit or squat to poop, do we stand or sit to wipe?
Recently when staying in a hotel in the north of England for 3 nights on business (with a small b!) I had a super room with superb private facilities. The shower, often a problem in hotels, was superb, and I had 2 showers a day, staying in longer than I do at home - at home I am paying for the water I use.
But the toilet seat just wouldn't stop up. So I had to sit down for both operations. Fortunately I wear jogging pants for relaxation in these hotel visits, and they were easy to pull down. I always make a point of 'going' before I put on my best
Anybody else had similar experiences?

Hi again everyone. I'm the guy who posted about seeing a woman on the toilet on the train. Looks like I forgot to post my name! I have another story, from this weekend and also involving a train journey.

I was going up by train for mother's day to see my mum and I went on Saturday, stayed overnight and came back today. On the way there I was sitting next to a woman a few years older than me (I'm 22) and needed to go to the loo for an urgent piss. I had to ask her to move so I coud get up. I did my piss then sat back down. 10 minutes later she got up to go and was in there for a few minutes. She got off at the next station so I guessed she went on the train to avoid having to pay to use the station loos!
I changed trains and had another 2 hour journey to go. I didn't need the loo while waiting for the next train and I got some lunch. A while into the journey I started needing a poo but there was only about an hour left so I decided to hold it. By the time I got off it was getting a bit more urgent so I made my way off the platform. There were toilets in the station but also in the shopping centre attached to it which is where I went to take care of business. Good job I wasn't waiting for the ladies because there was a massive queue! The men's was busy too, though. All 3 cubicles were taken so I waited. Three young boys and their dad came in. One of them said, 'I need to poo,' and another said 'me too!' They queued behind me. In a few minutes a cubicle opened and I went in. I saw there was no seat! I did what the previous occupant had cleatly done and lined it with paper and sat on that. I did a couple of logs before one of the boys took the cubicle next to me and started going too. I did four medium-sized turds in total.
Today I got the train back. This one was direct with no connections. I was sitting in front of two attractive girls of my age, one Asian and one white. They were talking about ex boyfriends and relationships and I put some music on for a while. When I stopped listening an hour later they were still talking about boys, but then the conversation got a bit more interesting! The white girl said how she once farted loudly on a first date but that it made the boy like her more! The Asian girl then laughed and said how she was lying watching a movie with her boyfriend and farted on him and how she hoped he was asleep but he was awake! She then said her farts really stink often. The other girl said hers used to and that 'I was always constipated for ages!' The Asian girl said, 'I've been having diarrhea recently, like a lot.' They both laughed and then she said, 'I think it's my new diet. It's always really wet.' The other girl then said, 'I think that's better than being constipated. Better out than in!' After that interesting conversation they got off soon after.

About halfway through the journey I was starting to need a big poo, having overindulged on my mum's cooking. I planned on holding it at first, but there were still 3 hours in the journey. An hour later it was urgent and I needed to go soon so I knew I'd have to do my business on the train. Trouble was the toilet was in near constant use since the train was nearly full and lots of people were pooing judging by the time they spent in there. Eventually an attractive red-haired girl (also about my age)got up and went to the loo. I decided I was going to go after her for sure, partly because I was getting desperate and partly because I liked the idea of occupying the seat after an attractive girl! The train rattled on as she took care of her business. After a few minutes I went and waited by the loo. I was waiting there for a while because she was in there for nearly ten minutes so I assumed she was doing what I needed to do. Finally she came out and, seeing me waiting, said, 'sorry!' I said, 'No problem,' and she smiled and went back to her seat. I went in.
The toilet was a regular train toilet, not one of the accessible ones I had seen the woman using in my last post, so there wasn't much room. I went in and locked it. The seat was down from the girl using it. There were no marks but there was a faint smell of poo which I assume was from her lengthy visit. I sat down on the warm seat and found my knees were touching the bottom of the sink on the other side of the compartment! I started pushing and unloaded three logs fairly quickly. A fart followed and then two more turds. After two more I wasn't done and I thought after looking in the bowl I should flush now to be safe! It was a proper water flush toilet and it flushed my poo with no problems. I sa back down and did a few more small bits, then wiped which was quite difficult on the swaying train! I had been in there for not quite as long as the girl but had done a substantial dump and felt much better for it!


Post Title (optional) poopy

Hi so my name is Jen and I am 18 and live in San Francisco. So my bf and I went out to dinner with my best friend and her bf we went to a really nice place. So after a couple drinks I felt the urge to pee. I asked my friend if she wanted to go and she said ya. So when we got into the bathrooms they were really nice. They had like 9 stalls and all,the stalls were open besides maybe two. So my friend and I go into the handy Capp stall which at two toilets. So we both go in and she said finally I have been holding in all night, and than she said I like REALLY need to poo she, so I told I just needed to pee. But usually when I have drinks and need to pee and usually end up pooping. So we start talking and she just let's this big wet fart out we both started laughing than I finished peeing and than dropped at 6 foot log tht made a big splash. It felt sooo good. So at this point the bathroom really started to smell. I push a little and poo out like 15 medium sized pieces i felt so good. So my friend said she's gonna be hear for a while so I whipped and stayed sitted on the toilet. Oh yes I forgot that the bathroom was for both male and female. So guess what our bfs come in and ask if we're ok and we say yeah we're fine we just drank something that didn't sit well with us. So than one of them walking into the stall new to us and the other one takes the other stall. We guessed they needed to poop. They did we all were having stomach problems wer all were farting pooping chucks and stuff like that. I guess it was pretty cute us al talking and pooping together


shower peeing

Hey guys, I wanted to get some peoples opinions about the bathrooms at the gym. I am a teenager who goes to the gym almost every day, and I pretty much always take a shower there afterwards. My question is about peeing in the shower. This gym has a big community style shower where they are all in one space. When I first started going to the gym I noticed a lot of guys, mostly my age, pee while in the shower. After seeing a few people do it I figured it was OK, so I started to pee in the shower as well. But when I did it, the others gave me strange looks. So are some people okay with this, and others aren't? I know for a fact I have seen many people do it.

Ok so today I was running in the park and I got the urge to poo. I hadnt pooped in like 5-6 days and I had a lot of coffee before I left so I decided to stop and take a poop. So the bathroom only had two stalls and they both didn't have doors. So when I walk in their are 2 ladies were in the stalls pooping. It smelt really bad and they were dropping a lot of logs. And of cousre they're were to ladies waiting in front of me. At this point I really needed to poop. So thank god the 2 ladies who were pooping finished! So the ladies in front of me went in and one just had to pee and the other had to poop. So the lady finished Peeing and I dashed to the toilet. I put the seat cover on and sat down and let a long log out. It felt so good. So the later next to me said whoa. After like 2 mins she farted and let a couple little chunks out and left. So when I was in the middle of my poop some young lady comes in and seats down and pees than farts and had like 2 big plops and she said sorry and I said its fine, my stomach has been killing me, after than I pooped out another 5-6 inch log. I still felt like something was ther so I wait and pushed and like 5-7 pieces come out of my ass hole. I push some more another 5-7 pieces come out. I love tht feeling when u just push and chuncks come out


First Post :)

Hi, my name is Mavis, and I've been a lurker on this site for at least a year, but have only now decided to post something. I guess I should start by describing myself a little, to kind of give people a better 'image' of what is going on in what I post later. I am an 18 year old girl from Toledo, Ohio, five minutes from crossing the Michigan border. I'm about 5'5, and weigh somewhere around 110 pounds. I have a fairly light skin tone, and have dark hair. I am still a senior at the high school I attend, and have an older brother, named Abel, who attends The University of Toledo but still lives at home, and a younger sister named Shannon (she's only a year younger than I am) who attends the same school that I do. I used to be really into sports, but now I have sort of deviated from them as I got more into my studies, reading and writing, music, and other things. (wow I'm sorry, that was really lengthy for a background O_O.)

Now, on to the story.

This incident occurred about 3 months ago. I was just sitting in 7th period (English), focusing more on the ticks of the clock on the wall than the work in front of me, when I felt a sudden tug that I knew all too well. I found it odd that I had to use the bathroom now of all times, after letting out what I consider a reasonable sized load just this morning. It wasn't terrible, as in I wasn't going to shit my pants if I didn't do anything about it at that exact moment, so I decided to ignore it until 8th period, where I would have an entire free period to release my burden. So, as I sit in my wooden desk, my eyes now crawling across the pages of one of the many novels I carry around week by week, I was again disturbed by my bowels. This time, though, it was a much more intense tug than I had felt last time. I re-adjusted myself in my seat, tugging my sweater down lower over my hips brushing my hair behind my ears. I looked at the clock; there were 10 minutes left in class, meaning that I would most likely not be permitted to take a restroom break until the next period intermission. At that moment of realization, I had a thought that had not once crossed my mind: "what if I don't make it to the bathroom?" I'm gonna tell you right now, that was a scary thought. I've never had an accident in my life, but I have had many close calls. The thought of pooping my pants was something I was unable to comprehend; all I was certain of, though, was that it wasn't gonna feel good. So, as the minutes inched on, I had packed away all of my books and such into my bag, and began to focus entirely on the pressure growing on my hole. I was sitting on my foot by now, my left hand under my chin as I silently prayed for the period to be over. Sweat was cultivating on my brow, my eyes closed in effort to keep my load inside my body and not in my white panties. Finally, after what seemed like an hour, the bell chimed and the other kids in the class filed out of the classroom. I got out of my chair, being careful to keep my cheeks clenched as I grabbed my backpack and bag and slowly walked into the crowded halls. 'Now,' I said to myself, 'all I have to do is get to room 211, sign in, and be on my way to sweet relief.' Unfortunately, my ingenious plan was stomped flat by a sudden cramp that caused me to double over. It felt like my load was gonna burst out of my butt right then and there, but I had to make it to my homeroom. I walked towards my destination in agony, turtleheading the entire way. Suddenly, a mere hallway away from my destination, my body released its burden from beyond my control. The log I had been struggling to resist forcefully pushed itself into my underwear. I could feel my underwear peeling away from my cheecks as I gritted my teeth in pain and shame. Even though I was releiving myself in such an embarassing way, I couldn't stifle a moan that escaped my quivering lips. I had this feeling that people were watching me as I shit myself, but I didn't care; this load was a long time coming, and was greatfully accepting it coming out. Finally, the first turd curled up in the back of my panties, causing my slacks to, what it felt like at least, bulge out considerably. Without hesitation, my load continued as soft, yet still solid crap filled up every space left in my underwear. During my pleasurable expulsion, my bladder released, soaking my pants. If someone didn't know that I had messed myself before, they knew it now. Finally, still releasing my load, I opened my eyes, to see that no one at all had noticed my accident. In fact, no one was in sight in the hallway. How long have I been pooping? I checked my phone. It was 2:38. 7th period let out at 2:33. I had been pooping for a solid five minutes, and no one had noticed and just went along to their classes. I put my phone away and gave myself a second to let it all sink in. I am an 18 year old girl who has just pooped in her pants. In public. And it was solid. I knew I couldn't go to class and sign in, so I figured I would go to the nurse's office. Once I got there, I politely explained to her that I had had an accident. Thankfully, she was polite and very helpful, and e-mailed the attendance desk that I was leaving early due to falling ill. She supplied me with a pair of underwear and a pair of blue scrub pants to wear home after I had cleaned myself up. Let me tell you, cleaning up after that load was a pain. The poo was caked completely to my ass and upper thighs, and my slacks were gone beyond future use. I'm gonna say it right now: it didn't necessarily feel... terrible when I had poop in my pants, as a matter of fact, it was... interesting. I was thinking of trying it again independently to see if I was just delusional or if I really felt it.

Wow, sorry for the super long post! I hope you enjoyed my story as much as I enjoy all of the stories on thi site. Happy pooping!


Sick Girlfriend

I am a 15 year old guy. I walked my girlfriend home late the other night. She lives in a different neighborhood but only about a 15 minute walk away. The whole reason she wanted to go home was because she didn't feel good. The whole walk she was complaining her stomach hurt and she felt sick, and I was worried for her. When we got to her house she was locked out and no one was home. She started getting very upset saying she felt sick and needed a bathroom as soon as possible. I suggested we went back to my house but she said she wouldnt make it. I asked her if she needed to vomit or poop, and she said she needed to poop immediately but she didn't know if she was going to vomit. I promised I would help. The fence to the backyard was locked so I suggested we could hop it, so she could have more privacy to do her business behind the fence. She said if she did that she would lose control. I decided to jump the fence myself. I found a plastic flower pot about a foot tall back there and brought it back over to her. I told her she needed to get in the corner of the fence and house and squat over the pot to do her business. Luckily she was wearing a skirt so she just had to take off her thong. She put her back to the corner and bent slightly while I held the flower pot under her. A bunch of muddy poop sloshed into the container very noisily. It was kind of gross to me at first but it felt nice to help her. She also peed a little bit. When she stopped having her diarrhea after a minute, I looked in the flower pot and saw some very nasty liquidy poop. The smell was undescribable. I saw her put her hand up to her mouth and I knew what was going to happen. I lifted the container up to her face and she vomited right into her diarrhea. She grabbed the pot but I held onto it also, since I didn't want her to drop it. Her vomiting lasted for another minute, which again was absolutely disgusting, but I was glad to help. The flower pot was full of a diarrhea puke soup and she was very embarrassed, but I was there for her. As I was comforting her a car pulled into the driveway, and it was her mother. I explained everything and she was very nice and thankful that I helped, and couldn't care less about the ruined flower pot. She brought her daughter and the pot inside for the night.


cute boy made a BIG POOP!

My name is Sarah and I am in college. I am originally from England and just moved to America. I go to a big college and it is very diverse. There are people from all different countries that go here. There is this club called international club that is meant to bring together people from all different backgrounds. I joined this club because you meet a lot of interesting people. One night, they had an orientation for new members. I went in and sat down and noticed a really hansom black guy sitting in the meeting. He was from Africa. He was medium height, with chocolate skin and dimples. he looked almost exactly like the singer usher. He introduced himself to the other group members and told us his name was Ronald, where he was from and what his major was. Than he sat down. I couldn't help staring at him while everyone else was talking. A few minutes into the meeting, I looked over at Ronald and his face was wrinkled up and he was holding his stomach. I thought: He must have some gas. Than he excused himself from the meeting and went to the bathroom down the hallway. He was gone for about 7 minutes and I realized he must be pooping. A few seconds later, I felt the need to piss and take a dump. I excused my self from the meeting and went to the bathroom. The bathroom was for men and women and Ronald was still in there. I listened outside the door and heard grunts and toilet paper ripping off the role. Then, I heard water running like he was washing his hands and finally coming out. Suddenly, the door opened and Ronald walked out. As soon as he saw me standing there he said "sorry." I didn't know what he was talking about until I went in and looked in the toilet. There was a HUGE and I mean HUGE log in there! It stretched from one side of the bowl to the next. I just stood there hypnotized by it. I had never seen a poop so big before. It didn't even smell that bad. It just had that healthy poop smell. It was too big to go down the toilet which is why I didn't hear Ronald flush. I still had to pee and poo a little, so I sat down on the same toilet that Ronald's hansom rump had been on a few minutes earlier and tinkled. then I let out some soft chunks right on top of Ronald's poop. Then I washed my hands and left thinking " the janitor is going to have to call roto rooter for this one. Ronald said sorry before, because he thought I was going to be grossed out by what he had done. But I like it when guys take nice healthy shits. I hope to see him again sometime.



To Tyler and Some Questions For All

Tyler: They ask whenever randomly, there's no time range.

This is for everyone to answer:

1. What's the longest you've been constipated?

2. How long can you hold your pee/poop? (Do you have good control holding yourself when you have to go?)

3. What foods give you gas?

4. Would you wait in a long line to use the bathroom or go someone else to find another bathroom?

5. If you were stranded outside, would you go behind a bush or on a tree, or in your pants?

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Preparing to shit

I've not been here lately, but have just been reading the great posts since my last visit. Anonymous Guy reports some great sessions in public toilets overhearing another guy plopping, and once alternating his plops with the guy in the next cubicle - perfect male bonding!
As for preparing to use a public toilet, in Britain we don't have 'seat protectors' as some guys in the US use, so if we want to clean the seat before sitting on we make use of toilet paper. I personally like to spit on the seat then wipe it clean with toilet paper, and saliva is apparently a good antibiotic, so I was told once on a first aid course, although I wouldn't want to make contact with someone else's saliva! I then sit on the seat, and often like to wait until I hear another guy sit on a neighbouring toilet so we can both hear each other shitting. A few weeks ago I was sitting on a toilet with no urgent need to shit, but I knew I could do with having one. I then heard a guy enter the cubicle two doors away, and very soon after the clunk of his bum on the toilet seat I heard him drop a very loud plop. I imagined his bum getting a good soaking from the splashback! He then dropped three more loud plops, then sat for a while, as I listened intently for any more, but he was finished. He then wiped his bum carefully quite a few times, then tried to flush, but the toilet wouldn't respond, although he wasn't giving up. This guy tried again and again until eventually after about twenty attempts, it finally flushed. I then stood washing my hands at the sinks so I'd see who it was when he came out. He was probably in his twenties, wearing light blue jeans, and was just as thorough washing his hands as he had been wiping his quite muscular bum. I then went and sat on the toilet he'd just been sitting on, immediately enjoying the warmth on the toilet seat where his fit bare bum had been sitting and shitting, but I didn't want to bother with wiping the seat - it was great to sit on it exactly as he'd left it - warm and clean. I then had a good shit myself, an experience heightened by knowing I was having a sequential 'buddy dump' and I just hoped he'd enjoyed his shit as much as I now was!



I love your bold approach to using open stalls.

It's gotten quiet around here for guys who don't mind (and may even enjoy) being display.

Hope to have some new adventures of my own soon...


Soft poop

I wrote about my huge poop yesterday. I went again a few minutes ago after my stomach had cramps. I decided to sit on the toilet to see if anything wanted to come out. I only had to sit there for about 5 minutes and push a little before a soft log and some soft stuff came out. I pooped out a soft turd about 6 inches long and a pile of mush underneath it. My stomach doesn't hurt so much anymore but it doesn't feel like I'm done either. Maybe I'll be able to go again before bed and when I get up I will make coffee and drink a bottle of water so I can poop again.


reply to tee tee

Tee Tee. I wasn't sure if your post was directed toward me, but it had my name over it so I will answer your question. When I fart in class, I usually do not say excuse me. As for your second question, I always claim my farts because I am not embarrassed. Most people don't realize that holding in your farts makes them stink more. If you let go every once in a while, they will not smell as bad. I let my farts go a lot so usually, they don't smell that bad. however, don't forget that I am Mexican and eat a lot of spicy foods so sometimes I can really rip it rotten. When I know that my fart is going to be abnormally stinky, I hold it in and let it out in private. I don't want to kill anyone with the smell, unless of course I want to punish an enemy or liven up a boring class(hee hee)Anyway, things have been slow in the pooping world but I hope to have more stories soon.


Saturday morning poop

Had a very pleasurable poop this morning. Really good size, about 14 inches and very firm comming out. Felt so good, and it was a floater !!!


Survey for Tyler

(1) From this moment; when was your last BM. Was it "normal"? It's been three full days since my last bowel movement. It was normal for me, a very solid, bumpy log.

(2) Typically....are you "regular"? Have BM's pretty much the same time each day or interval? I am definitely not regular I have constipation a lot. my BM times vary, I usually hold my poop until I am able to really relax and enjoy letting it out

(3) Have you ever had an enema, suppository or laxative given to you to help you go to the bathroom? I had fiber given to me most often as a kid, and laxatives a few times. Enemas and suppositories never, my parents were too squeamish i guess.

(4) Over your life....has a parent ever questioned you about your BM's....or asked you not to flush so they could be observed? They always asked if I pooped once they knew I was holding. I just lied and said I pooped. They always got mad when I clogged the toilet so I learned to just poop at school usually once a week or less.

(5) If you miss a day or the eventual BM longer, wider, or both? Harder or not? I am almost always going at least two days between BMs so I cant say what it would be like if I didnt hold it. But the longer I go without a movement, I definitely notice it usually gets harder and more dry. Fatter and a LOT longer.

(6) Do you typically think about your BM's? ie: Do you keep track of at "trying" if you notice you haven't gone for a while....or is it just natural and "let nature take care of it"? I usually just let nature take care of it.....i dont ever force myself to go. I just hold it until the urge becomes too strong to ignore. this can take three to five days usually.

(7) Other than the actual "urge" you feel just prior to evacuation....can you feel your bowels at all? If you miss a few you feel "full" or uncomfortable in any way? I feel the urge usually for a day or two before I release. I just ignore it. I like the full feeling so its not uncomfortable for me. I just let the poop log sit in my butt and grow bigger and harder so it feels better when it comes out.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Megan it sound you had an interesting time with your friends.

To: Katie it sounds you had a great poop outside and I bet you felt refreshed after.

To: Annie yeah I bet you felt really great after that big one.

To: Adelle it sounds like you had a great poop and so did that other woman from the sound of it.

Well thats all now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS I love this site


Men Farting and Pooping

Does anyone have a dad or husband farting loud and long story? Or dump poop story?

John H)

some comments

Hey all.
Just some comments for this post but I have an experience to share in my next post.
On a side note I have had to make three trips to the bathroom today and each time I dropped out several soft logs and lots of farts. I have been eating lots of spicy food over the last week so I suspect that is the cause of my extra pooping.
I enjoy both eating and pooping though so I'm not complaining haha.

@Megan, Hey and welcome. I remember that film and it was very long so you can't be blamed for drifting off. It was lucky that you had a pullup on as you would have drenched yourself otherwise.
Did the pullup hold your poo okay as I didn't know they were made to hold any poop?
Also did any of your cousin's pee in their pullups over night after drinking a lot of liquids during the film? Do you still wet the bed or did you grow out of it? If you don't want to answer that question I understand.
Looking forward to hearing more of your stories.

@bus accident, Hey and that must have been an offal experience for you as you were so young and alone. Its good that your parents didn't make an issue of it.

@Katie, Hey I enjoyed your pooping in the woods storey. I haven't pooped outside many times but I enjoy it when ever I get the chance. It would be good to hear some more of your outdoor pooping experiences.

@Imogen, Hey and thanks for commenting back. Glad you liked that and its good that you have found this site at a younger age than I did. When I was 14 I used to wonder if I was the only person who was interested in toilet related matters. I would have loved to have found this site then but better late than never I suppose.
How long do you normally hold your poo in for and what age did you start holding it in?
We have all let some poo out thinking it would be a fart. I posted about this the last time it happened to me a few months ago and It happend me again just the other night which I plan to share in my next post.

In regards to dribbling pee in your knickers how often does this happen?
I wouldn't worry about it by the way as it happens most people from time to time.
Do you like to hold your pee also?
Hope you don't mind me asking these questions and looking forward to reading more of your stories.

That's all for now.
Take care all,

John H.


Parents/grandparents discussing bowel movements

After that survey I thought I should start this discussion on this board.

I'm sure we all remember from childhood our parents starting embarrassing conversations - in pharmacies or among relatives - about our bowel problems, and about enema/supository usage.

Some time ago I was shocked to hear my dad discussing my daughter's bowel problems with my uncle on the phone. Perhaps I shouldn't have been shocked - mum and dad both used to discuss mine with any and all relatives. And goodness knows I write enough about it online. But it still felt like an invasion of privacy to hear him say "today Melanie actually did her daily do without any suppository"

It turned out to be the first of many such incidents.
We'd both been having difficulty "doing" - and I should probably have known that my parents would never quite kick the "official toilet monitor" habit. But I didn't expect my dad to say, out of nowhere, "are you getting constipated? 'Cause I've got an `arsenal' of cures right now - senokot, vegilax, glycerin...And the strongest are (odd hesitation here) the dulcolaxes that go up the rectum - if you don't stay near the toilet they could make you could do a messy do in your trousers..."
And then before I can even say anything, mum chips in and says "and what about Melanie? Has she done a do today - I could help out by putting one of those things in her..."
At which point I finally got the words out - "I've got my own medication. And you know I keep an eye on Mel - and that if and when she needs help, that's my responsibility. Let's be clear on that!"
A while later it happened again. My dad suddenly came in from the supermarket, where evidently he'd been to the chemist as he had his heart medicatin and a box of suppositories. And as he was sorting it all out on the kitchen table, he said again: "plenty of suppositories in stock if any of you are having do troubles!" and then not knowing when to stop "Mel's been constipated again, hasn't she - I could put one in her, for you..." I said "No, that's my job, I'm the one who monitors her bowels - and mine!"
Obviously they've found a way to annoy me and are going to milk it. Still living at home at my age would be miserable anyway, but it's made worse when I have this to worry about.

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