So maybe like a week ago I was at McDonalds when I my ???? starting like it does when I'm going to have diarrhea. I quickly went to the ladies room and into the closest stall. The toilet was full of toilet paper but I didn't care, I really had to go. I pulled my jeans and panties to above my knees. At this moment I knew I was going to go so I started to sit down. When my ass was like 7 inches above the seat I started shitting. A big gush of thick hot diarrhea gushed out out me and splattered onto the file of wet toilet paper. I could feel my ass covered in it. It was messy cleanup. When I looked at what I done I noticed a slight speckling of diarrhea on the toilet seat.

Like 2 days ago I took an average dump at my house not much to say about it.

Today I got a strong urge to take a dump. I headed towards my bathroom. As soon as I sat down a soft 6" crap easily came out without any pushing. It smelled pretty bad.

That's all for now

So maybe like a week ago I was at McDonalds when I my ???? starting like it does when I'm going to have diarrhea. I quickly went to the ladies room and into the closest stall. The toilet was full of toilet paper but I didn't care, I really had to go. I pulled my jeans and panties to above my knees. At this moment I knew I was going to go so I started to sit down. When my ass was like 7 inches above the seat I started shitting. A big gush of thick hot diarrhea gushed out out me and splattered onto the file of wet toilet paper. I could feel my ass covered in it. It was messy cleanup. When I looked at what I done I noticed a slight speckling of diarrhea on the toilet seat.

Like 2 days ago I took an average dump at my house not much to say about it.

Today I got a strong urge to take a dump. I headed towards my bathroom. As soon as I sat down a soft 6" crap easily came out without any pushing. It smelled pretty bad.

That's all for now

When I was 16 my parents sent me on a missions trip with my church youth group. It was for two weeks to Africa to help renovate a church and teach religion for a very poor town. The whole trip costed less than 1000 dollars, since we slept on the church floor and the town provided food. I was friendly with a few of the kids there and two pastors went as chaperones.

I had to poop on the terribly long flight there, but I held it until we landed. I had an average sized poop at the airport, where the toilets are normal. The town we were working in was very poor and run down and the church needed to be fixed up a lot. We first got settled in to our home for the next two weeks. I shared a queen size air mattress with two of my friends, which wasn't bad.

I had to pee soon and asked where the bathroom was. A man pointed to an entrance covered by a hanging curtain, with the bathroom symbol for both men and women. I moved the curtain and entered the room, which was very dirty and hot. I saw one sink next to me. In front of me were three rectangular tiny foot-tall walls that were open in the back. I walked up and saw that inside the mini-walls were porcelain flooring with a deep hole the size of a baseball in the middle. The concrete mini-walls were about a foot tall on each side and served as a privacy wall, like a partition. You were supposed to squat down over the hole to go to the bathroom.

I was so confused and nervous about using these, I stood there thinking. Do these things have a flusher? Do you put toilet paper in there? I saw one roll of toilet paper on the wall behind the toilet holes which was shared, with a garbage bag under it. I figured out that the dirty toilet paper was thrown in there. I was a little hesitant, but I decided to try out this strange toilet. I pulled my pants and boxers all the way to my ankles so I could squat down, and peed onto the porcelain which led to the hole. While I was squatting I saw that the privacy walls didn't do much, because if someone was using the one next to me, I would be able to see everything. Luckily I was alone.

I told the group about the weird toilets and they all went for a look, and were also confused. We also found out that this one bathroom was shared by boys and girls! Of course, with a major diet change in the food, all our stomachs had reactions. As I learned to poop in the toilet-hole, I missed the hole a few times. I used toilet paper to push it in. I was sometimes alone in the bathroom, but sometimes with other guys in the group. A few times I was even with girls.

I remember a few spacific times. Once I got up in the middle of the night to poop, and found that two younger boys were also using the toilets to poop. They were about 11 or 12 and on opposite sides, so I took the middle. It was weird to be completely naked and relieving ourselves right next to each other in plain sight.

Shitting next to the girls was most awkward. They were much noisier and smellier when they pooped than I thought. Most of them didn't even care, they just let it rip.

A guy

All The Bathrooms Were Locked

I'm a janitor in a high school, and I really like reading some of the stories on this forum about school bathrooms. Anyway... here's a true story that I was involved with:

It was 7:30 AM and all the students were arriving for another school day. There was a small thuderstorm outside, and the electricity in the school suddenly went out. According to the emergency procedure at our school, the assistant principal and I are assigned to "lockdown" all the bathrooms whenever a power failure occurs. It's supposed to be "for the students' safety." I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean, and as you'll soon see, I find it to be very cruel, but I have to do my job.

Anyhow, the bathroom lockdown meant that I had to go to all of the bathrooms in the school (the assistant principal was busy) and get the students out so I could lock them up. I had to go to every bathroom and yell "Is anybody in there" and then close and lock the door. (In my school, the bathroom doors have doorstops to keep them open to discourage smoking and vandalism.) A few students came out of each bathroom I was locking, and I guess you could say they were the lucky ones. By the time students had to be in their classrooms for the 8 AM bell, I had finally locked all eighteen bathrooms (nine boys and nine girls rooms).

The bathroom lockdown meant that over 1000 students and over 40 teachers were without any bathroom facilities whatsoever. Myself and the other janitors had the bathroom in the janitors' room, and the main office has its own bathroom, but that's it. After I was all finished locking the bathrooms, I had to join my colleagues to get some emergency power hooked up.

It was about 8:30 AM when "trouble" started. Most teachers never bothered to read the emergency plan, so they were letting students sign out and take the pass to use the bathrooms as usual. They wound up going back to their classes without getting their necessary relief. It wasn't too long before a girl had diareah in her pants outside one of the girls bathrooms. Guess who had to clean up the mess.

Everyone thought that school would be let out early because of the power failure, but because there had been many snow days earlier in the year, the administration decided that everyone would stay until school ended at 2:30 PM. Most of the students who didn't know that the bathrooms were locked found out when the classes changed at 9:23. (They must have been really "pissed" if you get my drift.) From that point on, there were several incidents of students and teachers going in their pants. The power didn't come back on until 6 that evening, so the bathrooms remained locked throughout the day. Let's just say that I had plenty of messes to clean up because of people who couldn't hold it for 7 hours. This includes the teachers, some of who were embarrassed when they lost control in front of their classes.

Has anyone else ever been in a situation like this? School bathrooms tend to be odd, and I have more stories that I might tell in the future.


To Kelly: Keeping records

I was told some years ago that it might be beneficial to maintain a record of my bowel movements, and I have done so. I think, Kelly, that such a record might help you also: You can test which foods or medicines work for you and which ones work against you or not at all. My doctor suggested such a record to see what effect certain medications would have on my digestion: not only the frequency of my bm's, but consistency, difficulty, size, and other aspects, as well as any other symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, dry mouth at night, or heart palpitations (it was from my heart arrythmia that I got started on several potentially troublesome medicines). My record has been quite helpful to me at times; I have been able to recount symptoms to my doctor that led to changed dosages and even changed medicines. I have been able to note allergies or bad reactions to medicines or foods. I would suggest keeping a good record of your bowel movements or failed attempts to have a bm; note what meds you were taking or what foods you had had that might contribute to a particular result. Of course, digestion is far from an exact science: Each individual has his or her own reactions to things, which can vary from day to day; and meds and foods come in so many combinations (coupled with your own emotional and physical status) that specific relationships are not easy to establish. Even so, you can often note certain things that lead to certain results, so that you can change what you take or what you eat. Good luck on your efforts!


Women in men's rooms

Dug-about your question if I would be ale to take a dump if there were women i waiting to use the stalls. I have done that once or twice. I think it was when I was at a gay club, and the restrooms aren't really gender specific. I mean, guys and girls just use whatever one they want. I went not the women's room, waited n line, and had a quick dump. Lucky, it didn't smell.
And of course I have used the toilet when there were female cleaning women in it. If they look, I know they can see me through the crack in the door, see my briefs and jeans around my ankles, and probably even tell that I stand up to wipe. But I don't think they are looking.

I had a great dump in a doorless stall just the other day. I went to the park, and my bowels were about to burst, I was so full of crap. There were 2 guys at the urinals, and I went over to the toilets and had a quick seat. Unloaded a ton of crap! It was one of those where you have to flush as it comes out, or you might clog the toilet. I flushed, and then more still came out. It felt great, though. And I felt completely cleaned out. One guy was at the sink in front of my stall as I started to lean up. He saw me lift my junk out of the way and wipe from the front. Then I stood up and finished cleaning up. Just a few wipes. I pulled up my nice, new white briefs and gave the guy at the sink a smile and a nod. I've been wearing new tighty whities for the past couple of days and I would hate to get a skid mark on them! Up came my jeans and I was outta there.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Kelly I hope u have a good poop

To: Anon great story about you hearing that woman pooping while you pooped it sounds like was having a good cleanout I bet she good once she was done.

To: Megan it sounds like you had a great poop.

To: Dee it sounds like your having a kinda rough time but at least your kinda regular.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Listening at work

I had a great experience today in ladies' room at my work. It started during lunch break. After eating in the cafeteria, I was getting a full feeling and needed to poop before returning to work. I cleaned up after my lunch and headed off to the closest bathroom. As I was walking, I saw a coworker of mine enter the bathroom just ahead of me. She's fairly new to our office, young, and very pretty. She's petite, but curvy, and has shoulder-length dirty blonde hair.

I have a thing for her, and I was excited to get to hear her on the toilet. I hoped she had to poop as well. So, when I entered the bathroom, one of the three stalls was marked "Out of Order" and I saw her shoes underneath the door of the other. I took the remaining stall, listening to her pee quite fiercely as I pulled down and sat. I heard her rolling off paper as I did my pee, and I was disheartened, thinking that was all she had to do. My pee didn't last nearly as long as hers, nor was it as strong. I started focusing on pooping then, but I noticed that there wasn't a flush and she wasn't standing up either.

We both sat, now I realize, probably unconsciously both waiting for the other to break the ice. As it happened, she started, with a deep bassy fart and a plop. A bit after that, I answered with a loud plop of my own as my first log emerged. I was in Heaven then, just knowing that the attractive woman in the next stall was pooping, and I got the honor of listening to her. She let out a few more splashes over the next few minutes, as did I.

I finished first and began to wipe. I wiped four times and flushed just after she started rolling off toilet paper. I exited my stall and went to wash my hands. I deliberately took my time washing, waiting for her to be done wiping. It seemed like forever, but she flushed and came over the sinks. She flashed me a sort of shy smile, and I finished washing my hands and left the bathroom. I returned to work, but was distracted the rest of the day just replaying the event over and over again in my head.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I am a guy currently in college but every year from kindergarten through my senior year of high school i had one bad experiance with pooping at school. It didn't help that I was and still am mortified to poop in public but once each schoolyaer i was forced to in very unplesunt ways. My Kindergarten story and my first ever public dump happend one day where i hadn't gone to the bathroom in about four days so during class I really had to go as my stomach was cramping up. Sadly the only bathrooms the teacher let the students use were attached to the classroom where they had one boys toilet and a girls toilet. During storytime i had no choice but to ask to go the bahtroom to relieve my aching stomach. She permitted me and I walked over to the bathroom and closed the door. I sat on the toilet really nervoused and embarassed about taking a dump but the cramps became too much, and I just let loose. Long wet logs instantlly started coming out mixed with loud wet farts. Sadly the bathroom was not sound proof and outside the door I heard laughter from the rest of the students and the teacher trying to calm them down. I was sooooo embarassed but I had to just sit there and continue to just let out my poop. I finally finished and the bowl was filled I wiped and flushed and washed my hands, the smell was horrible and I was really hesitant to open the door because it was bad enough having the other kids hear me pooping but smelling it would be even worse. I realized i didn't have a choice and opend the door. My face was burning red and I looked down the whole time while the other kids continued to laugh. The teacher wasn't used to this since not many kids go poop quite as smelly as i had just done. So to my further embarassment we moved into the hallway to let the room air out. It took a LONG time for the other kids to forget about that. Next week I will share my first grade experiance

poopy pants
i am 12 years old.i went to the beach and i had to go poop. so i went far away from the people on the beach. dug a hole and pooped in there and no one notice.


big shopping centre poo

ok i got a story that happened to me the other day, after work i was shopping with my boyfriend, and i had felt the need for a poo most of the afternoon, i was sure i could hold it and i was able to but by the time we had been shopping for a while the need had gotten strong, so i told my boyfreind i had to use the ladies, he said ok, i said i need to do a poo so it will be a while he always does wait for me even tho he knows i will be ages, so i went to the ladies room and it was empty and there was a newpaper in good condition in the stall so i took that one so i would have something to read, so i sat down let out a massive fart that echoed quite loud and then had to let out a big groan as it was a tough one to start, but after a few pushes it started to come out slowly but surely, it kind of hurt but did feel good, after a few more pushes it was about 2 inches wide and 10inches long it broke off and made a loud splash, i rested as i was a bit sore as i was another lady walked in and i did another fart, she said oh nice one, i said thanks i pushed a bit more and got another one started she asked if i was ok i said im fine, its just a really big one is all she only peed however and as she left said good luck i said thanks, so after a few more pushes i got it going again and landed another big log, the next one started straight away and there was about 4 poos in a row landing was a plop plop plop plop were reasonable sized but i did another big one which just slid out, by then i was done but i went to wipe only a small piece of toilet paper was left so i used it but wasnt clean so i had to wipe with the newspaper, i then tried to flush but had blocked the toiler so i quickly washed my hands and ran pout as another lady walked in went into the stall i used i didnt see the reaction , i told my boyfriend i clogged the toilet with a big poo he jus said thats my girl

love mishy

p.s does anyone else get really big poos everyday and its hard to get them out i wouldnt say constipated just takes effort


Back with a 'live' poo and recent story about wetting myself

Hi guys, sorry I haven't posted in a few weeks but I accidentally dropped my laptop and I've only just recently got round to getting a new one. As I haven't been able to post in a while I thought I would do another 'live' poo as you guys seem to enjoy reading them just as much as I enjoy doing them and I've got a feeling this one is going to be a nice one. I've also got a story to post about recently wetting myself; OMG it feels good to be back :)

19:10 - I'm sitting on the toilet right now and Pfffffft(Pfffffft) I've just let out a rather loud fart that echoed in the bowl and has resulted in my poo starting to emerge from my anus. Nnnnnhhhh....It's quite a hard one so I'm having to strain in order for it to come out but gradually it's emerging from my bum....oh; I do love the feeling of it sliding out.

19:11 - It's still making its way out.... but it's got stuck halfway. Nnnnnhhhh.... Nnnnnhhhh.... I'm having to strain really hard to force this one out.... PLOP!!! Phew it's finally dropped into the toilet with a big SPLASH!!! It smells really bad which is expected after holding it for 3 days.

19:13 - Another log is making its way out but this one feels much softer than the first.... It seems the huge log was acting as a cork as a lot of softer poo is coming out.... PLOP.... PLIP. OMG it feels so good.... PLOP.... PLIP. It's shooting out of my bum at the moment.

19:15 - Pfffffftssss, just let out another fart, although this time it was a bit wet towards the end. PLOP.... PLOP.... PLOP; it's started to go a little bit runny.... PLIP.... PLIP.... PLIP

19:16 - PLIP.... PLIP.... PLIP. The runny poo is coming to a stop now. PLIP.... A few droplets of liquid poo are dripping into the toilet at the moment.

19:17 - That's the last of the runny stuff but before I wipe I've got a slight urge for a wee.... A pleasent stream of wee is now flowing from my vagina with a nice hissing sound to it.

19:18 - OMG that's it I finally feel empty. I hadn't been in a few days and it feels good to let it all out. I've just wiped my bum which was filthy from all that sloppy poo that was corked inside me by that huge turd; I also wiped my vagina and now I'm ready to flush.

Just before I go I'll tell you about an accident I had on Monday while I was on my way home from school. I had been feeling a slight urge for a wee during the last lesson of the day and as it was only a minor urge I decided to go straight home once the lesson had finished rather than use the school toilets. Unfortunately on my way home it started to rain quite heavily and I don't know if it was just a coincidence or whether the rain was playing tricks with my bladder but I soon started to become desperate and my bladder felt like it was going to burst. I wanted to pull my trousers and knickers down and go behind a bush but I just didn't have the confidence to do so and besides there were a few kids from my school nearby so it would have been embarrassing. I gradually become more desperate and I soon started leaking a little bit into my knickers and I had to hold my crotch to help keep control. I knew I had to get home quickly but I was struggling to hold it and soon my knickers were more than a little bit damp. The rain was still pouring down and I struggled to hold it in and soon I began to flood my knickers despite holding my crotch tightly. Wee was soon running through my fingers which was quite a nice feeling as it warmed my cold hands up and by the time I had emptied my bladder I was completely soaked down to my socks. Luckily as it was raining it wasn't that noticeable and I eventually made my way home, opened the front door and went straight up to the bathroom. I had to peel my wet trousers and knickers off as they were stuck to me; I had a quick bath and stuck my wet clothes in the airing cupboard until my parents got back from work and then I hid them under my bed for them to dry.... There still a little damp at the moment and they smell quite bad lol.

To Megan - Hi, I too hate having to use the toilet on the train. It's bad enough when you need a wee as the rocking of the train makes it harder to hold in but I don't even want to image what it must be like to need a poo on there. I'm glad you were finally able to have a poo in the toilets at the station but it's a shame you had to pay 30p just to go to the toilet; no one should be charged to go to the loo and if you had no money then you probably would have pood yourself and judging by how desperate you were it would have been quite messy.

Take care and enjoy your next visit to the toilet... BYE XXX


Thank You For Advice And Officially Constipated Last Week

I wanted to thank everyone for all of the wonderful advice I received. I think I need to start a diary or something to note when I actually poop and how much to see how hydration and diet affect me. I think my average is every other day. As for people's suggestions: A lot of the things that are considered traditional sources of fiber, such as whole wheat, I can't eat due to food allergies, so I would have to stick to the beans, fruits, and vegetables route, which I know are all very healthy. As for speaking with my doctor, I know it's been suggested by him to take Magnesium supplements, and I think part of the reason is so it stimulates my bowels to move properly. I know I need to watch my hydration better too.

Last week, after posting here, worried about being constipated, I truly was. I couldn't go no matter what around Valentine's Day and was finally able to do a small amount. In the days where I wasn't able to go, I was afraid that I was going to have the liquid type come around the mass, as I think sometimes happens to small children, and I was having a small amount of gas. I was finally able to go a larger amount the next day. Right now, I have a lot of fullness/pressure in my intestines/lower abdomen, but so far, it hasn't translated into any feeling that I need to go at all in my rectum. So, I guess it's not time for me to go yet, maybe after eating dinner I can go into the bathroom and try to poop.


woman on the phone

Hello all, this is my first time posting. I'm seventeen, brown hair, average weight and height.

A few weeks ago, I was in a home improvement store, walking around. My family and I are getting our upstairs bathroom redone, and my mom had asked me to get some paint, a doorknob, and handles for the drawers. I have a really irregular poo schedule, but I noticed that it had been a few days since my last movement. Sure enough, as I was walking to the paint section, I started feeling a bit uncomfortable and decided to make my way to the bathroom. There are several in the store, but the closest one had three stalls, two of which were occupied by women who seemed to be peeing. So I settled down in the middle. Nearly as soon as I sat down, I let out a quiet fart. I let out a few more as the other women finished and washed up, so by the time I was getting to business, I was alone. Now that I had started pushing, I was becoming increasingly gassier and the farts were louder. After a few minutes, a log began to crinkle out, landing in the water with a rewarding splash. Still, I knew I was far from done.
I was in round two of the gas passing when the door opened and a pair of grey tennis shoes entered. The owner walked quickly into the stall on my right, farthest from the door. Her breathing was labored and she sat down on the toilet with a tired grunt. But after that, there was silence from her stall. I continued to pass more gas as I attempted to get movement on my second log.
A few minutes later, I could hear buttons being pressed on a phone, like someone was dialing a number. Then silence continued before the woman said, "Hey babe." From her voice, she sounded middle-aged and what the conversation was about sort of confirmed it. "I'm going to need you to pick up the kids from practice." A few seconds silence. "I'm stuck in the bathroom... I can't keep walking around like this... No, I'm out shopping, but I'm not leaving until I get relief." At that point, I could vaguely hear a man speaking (so I assume it was her husband), and I took the opportunity to continue passing gas as I felt movement down below. "Well, I tried coffee this morning. Might help," she continued. "But just like I said, my stomach feels like rock to touch and I look pregnant again... No, no way I'll be out of here any time soon... thanks... love you, too... bye."
For the next few minutes, she worked on shuffling her feet to get in a comfortable position. The floor was recently shined, so I could somewhat make out her reflection. She was leaning far forward. I could then hear her straining, letting out quiet grunts about every ten seconds. Meanwhile, I pushed out a few pebbles and more gas. It went on like that for about five minutes, before she got more vocal. She was now all-out grunting and groaning, feet wiggling and digging into the floor. She fell silent, panting. As she attempted to catch her breath, I let out a noisy fart and dropped my second log before feeling my stomach cramp a bit. Normally I only pass two or three in a sitting, but I knew today was going to be different, so I remained sitting. After a few minutes of dead silence, she gave a long groan, culminated in a loud fart. It was stale and I couldn't imagine how long it had been held up inside her. She strained again for what must have been about thirty seconds before releasing another on, louder and smellier than the first. She tried straining again, but when she was not rewarded with another fart, she let out a sigh of frustration. I considered going and letting her have her privacy, but the way my stomach felt, I thought it best I stay.
For about five minutes, nothing was coming out from either stall. I was pushing lightly, but letting it come at my own pace. She, on the other hand, was constantly repositioning herself, grunting and pushing and straining. Soon, my stomach gave a little gurgle and a few looser pieces fell into the toilet. I waited around for a few more minutes before feeling finished. I wiped, though it wasn't all too messy, and left the woman to try to get her relief.
I had been walking around for about ten or fifteen minutes when I started to feel uncomfortable again. Apparently, I was not done after all. I sat my items down and quickly made my way over to the bathroom again, walking into the stall on the left. The grey tennis shoes were still squirming about in the far stall. I had only just reseated when I heard the familiar dialing of a phone and then, "Hi again, babe... three pebbles! Thirty minutes in here and three pebbles..." She stopped talking to strain loudly, gasping for breath. "I can't remember the last time I was... this... constipated!" She didn't speak again for a few minutes, just grunting and moaning loudly. "No, no I'm not leaving to take a laxative... I can't move like this... I'm not leaving until I get relief... go pick up the girls... wish me luck." At that point, she must have hung up, but I didn't pay attention as several more loose stools splashed into the water. I rubbed my stomach, still feeling a bit uncomfortable. Guess I had been more backed up than I thought, had a lot to get out. Thankfully, not as much as her.
I was in there for another ten minutes, dropping a little bit every three or four minutes. I probably could have been quicker if I pushed, but it felt good letting my body take its course and the woman was providing plenty of entertainment. She was probably the loudest I have ever heard anyone be, straining for twenty to thirty seconds, groaning and sighing loudly. I was just contemplating standing up when I heard her cry out "OH GOD," slamming her feat against the ground. She was straining so loudly, they must have been able to hear her in nearby isles. "NnnnnnnnAH! NnnnnnnnAH!" In the brief breaks between her straining and crying out, she was panting heavily. "OH GAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Over her panting I could hear crinkling, though it seemed to be coming out slowly. I dropped another round, stomach cramping up again as I did, and it was still coming. "NNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAH!" She let out a cry and I could hear the tail end of whatever monster was inside of her splash into the bowl. She let out a loud sigh of relief, panting as she tried to catch her breath. Her relief was short lived, however, as only seconds later, she ripped a loud, wet fart. She gasped for breath, which turned into a grunt, and I could hear more crackling. This one came out faster, though, and splashed into the bowel within thirty seconds. Those two large logs must have acted as corks inside her, though, for she scarcely had time to sigh when what sounded like pure liquid poo began to pour out of her. She moaned loudly and I heard the toilet seat creak as if she was leaning forward, gasping for breath. At least, I thought, she was finally getting her relief.
About five minutes later, I dropped one final, log, longer and more solid. As it fell, my cramp subsided and I felt really and truly empty. The grey tennis shoes woman had barely had a break since her cascade began and I imagined she must have been in a great deal of agony, so I quickly wiped and left the bathroom to let her take her dump in peace.

Hope you enjoyed! :)

Mr. Clogs

Interesting place where I had to go to the bathroom

This past week I was at a client's site and setting up their computer. The computer to be setup was in the basement. I was conversating with the customer about the setup and asked where the restroom was. They said follow me and pointed to where the laundry room was. It had a washing machine, dryer, double laundry sink and a furnace. This room also had a toilet that was elevated on a concrete platform. The client went upstairs and I went to handle my business in the toilet. Since I only had to pee, I got on that platform, undid my belt, opened my pants, slid my underwear a bit, pull out the woody and peed into the toilet. Remarkably the toilet was very clean and so was the Laundry/furnace/restroom. I finished peeing, dressed myself back up, washed my hands and dried my hands and went back to work on the client's setup.

Alicia: Nice post about your encounter with Aiden.

P-Princess: Interesting post about peeing into those floor grates. Yeah it sucks getting caught but at least you got a chance to pee into them grates. As far as pooping into those shapes you've mentioned. It all the depends how the crap flows out of me and how it makes its way into the toilet. So keep the posts coming I look forward to reading them.

Caroline: Indeed a surprise, I'm sure you and your husband hand a interesting evening afterwords. Thanks for sharing.

That's all for now. Take care everyone and Happy Peeing and Pooping.

--Mr. Clogs

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Alicia great poop story it sounds like he may be just use to waliking into the bathroom.

To: P-Princess great story ive had funny shaped ones to like a mini jaba the hut.

To: Caroline I bet your husband really enjoyed it.

To: Annie yeah I bet u feel better without that beast in you.

To: Desperate To Poop great story it sounds like you had a great poop.

Sincerly Brandon T

Unknown Dumper
P-Princess - That's a very nice story. It's times when we are all tempted to pee or poop in places other than the toilet.

Alicia - Cute story. A cute 'bonding' story. Love to hear more from you soon; also, have you taken the survey? I have and I reccomend it to anyone.


Poop After Mexican

Went to eat at the local Mexican restaurant earlier, had a chimichanga and a beef burrito with some chips and salsa. Well I had to poop after about 15 minutes of eating, I'm in a Arby' bathroom pooping right now, first turd came out quick and kinda soft and broke in half, after that it seemed almost liquid but not liquid with horrible sounds and I peed while I am on the toilet, now my stomach is making funny sounds and I can feel my stomach churning, hope I'm alright.Took eight wipes to clean up.

desperate to poop

Filthy toilets

somone asked a while back about where womens toilets worse than gents and the general state. All I can say is I've been in some really dirty and stinky toilets

I'd probably categorise them as follows

1) very full toilets - probably not much you can do if y ou've done a whoper as it won't flush, but some leave it for admiration and others may poop on top without flushing first

2) Diarreoh where they've missed and not bothered to clean up. Can be very smelly and gross but I've squatted in some before as needs must. Surely people would at least try and clean up (unless it was already not very nice)

3) Toilet full of things other than pee or poop. Tampons etc. If there are sanitary bins that's just inexcusable in my view.

4) Very stinky ones. Unfortunately sometimes poops are extremely but when you gotta go you gotta go and unless there's air freshner around, not much you can do

5) Dirty Portaloo's, but these can get very hot and stinky. Not usually a lot you can do but sometimes again people in either desperation or not realising miss the whole!

Happy Pooping all

Monday, February 25, 2013

Abbie- Sorry you missed your chance to poo before class the other day. At least you had an easy poo though. Glad your routine is working out and that you've been going more regularly recently. Looking forward to your next post!

Yesterday I went to London to visit my friend who works there. I took the train which took a couple of hours. Halfway there I was really needing a wee and knew I had to go to the loo before long. A while later the Chinese girl next to me got up to go to the loo. I waited a couple of minutes and then got up to go there myself. It was in the next carriage and walking there I started to get a slight need for a poo too. I really don't like using train toilets at all, especially not for a poo, so I decided I would try to hold my poo if I could. I went in after the Chinese girl who had been in the loo for five minutes so I guessed she had done a poo, although there was no evidence in the bowl. I waited (ages!) for the door to close once I pressed the button, and then perched on the seat, steadying myself against the rocking of the train. I did a wee for a minute and realised that my need for a poo wasn't too bad so I decided to hold on until we got there. After I wiped myself I didn't even need to poo anymore so I went back to my seat.
An hour passed and we were nearly there when I started needing the loo again for my poo, and it wasn't going to go away this time. Quickly it became quite urgent but I wasn't going to go on the train. I held my poo in until we arrived, but it was getting more and more desperate.
Finally we arrived and I quickly went to the ladies loos. I had to pay 30p for the priviledge of relieving myself, which was annoying, but I had to pay because I was nowhere near sny other free toilets and I was bursting to poo! Although it had been uncomfortable holding in my poo it was better than going on the train because it was a more comfortable toilet, not rocking from side to side, and I could take my time and not worry about making people wait because there were 20 or more cubicles. It was really busy though, and there were only a couple free, but because a lot of people were only weeing lots of cubicles were opening up pretty quickly. I got one right away and pulled down my jeans and pink knickers and sat. I quickly unloaded two fairly soft turds which felt really good to let out after holding on for an hour! Another turd followed and then I let out a soft fart.
Although most of the women were only weeing, plenty were doing their number twos as well, presumably after holding them in while on the train. When there wasn't too much noise from hand dryers I could hear lots of farts and plops, including some runny poo from the woman in the cubicle next to me. I would hate to have had to hold in a load of loose poo or diarrhea for a train journey- holding in a solid one is bad enough! I did three more logs before I was done. I felt much better and I'm sure all the other people who were finally pooing after holding it in during a long train journey did too!



Ive been doing very strange poos recently, been finding I have to go about twice a day and get quite an intense feeling I have to poo there and then. So going every day, you would think I could pass them easily or they would not be that big, but no. I get the intense, very full feeling, then when I get comfortable on the pan, I start to feel constipated. I have to do quite a few hard grunts, then feel the first lump move in place, it feels very large and and I can feel my hole opening very wide, as it begins to ease its self out, I do more noisy grunting, but do not seem to have to push hard, so I can not be constipated. The first 2 or 3 I do seem to come out of me very slowly and make me grunt really loud, then a few smaller bits, I pee and that's it. Not sure why my poo habits have changed, but at least I seem to be able to go regularly.

Unknown Dumper
My latest trip to the lav happened to me.

You see, I have a pile (haemorrhoid) and it makes wiping my backside hard for me sometimes. After I finished wiping my butt (and dipping some loo paper in water like a wet-wipe), I put on the cream, but inside my crack, there was still some poop inside me, so I quickly washed my finger and went back to wiping my butt.

Embarrasing it may be or may sound, I know it's also downright prepostorous but it just happened...unexpectedly. I'm sure some may have this kind of trouble like me.

Well, that's all from me for now. I'm about to relax and unwind after all this.

Hello. I'm a 17 year old girl. I have brown eyes and long blonde hair which stretches about halfway down my back. I consider myself to have above average sized breasts, and I notice people staring sometimes. I also babysit people who live in the area for extra money.

So last week, I was babysitting a three year old boy named Aiden. About 4:00, I started to need to poop. I hadn't pooped in several days, so I knew it was a big one, and I didn't want to leave him alone for twenty minutes or more. I figured I'd just hold it for an hour until his mom got home. But about 4:30, I started feeling the urge more intensely and knew I wouldn't be able to hold it for half an hour more. I set up a DVD for him to watch and told him I needed to 'go potty' and I'd be back soon. He said okay, and off I went.

I kept the door open just the slightest crack so I could hear if something bad happened, and sat down to poop. I was plopping away and really stinking up the bathroom. When I had a brief pause, I got up and turned on the fan to help the smell. After I'd say five minutes, the bathroom door opened and Aiden came in. He said he had to go potty, and walked over to his potty in the corner. I told him that he needed to knock the next time, that it wasn't polite to just come in when someone else is in the bathroom.

I was still trying to poop while talking to him, so my was strained at parts. He peed in his potty and got up to wash his hands. He stayed around after though, and asked if I was 'doing a poo-poo'. I said yes, and told him that if he was done, he needed to leave. He did, but left the door wide open. Oh well. At least no one else was home to see me. Or so I thought, because I heard the front door open just then and Aiden greeting his mother.

I was nearly done by then, so I quickly pushed out the last of my poop and was able to get up and close the door before she had a chance to see me on the toilet. I sat back down and wiped myself, flushed the toilet, washed my hands and left the bathroom. I returned to the living room, and had a talk with Aiden's mom. I started to apologize for leaving him alone, but she interrupted me and told me not to feel guilty about it. Everyone has to go the bathroom, after all.


I Passed A Teacup Alligator!!!

Unknown Dumper--How's this for a secluded spot?

When I was a preschooler, I had at least a couple of favorite secluded spots.

One spot was for my potty chair when I was downstairs. When I was upstairs, my potty chair was in my playroom.

Where I was set up was under our old upright piano. It was semi-private but still open enough to the rest of the living room that I could look out on it while I was sitting there doing my business.

The other spot had to do with peeing after I'd graduated from the potty chair to the grown-up toilet.

We had three toilets in our house: one half-bath downstairs in the hallway, one half-bath upstairs between my folks room and our guest room, and a full bath upstairs at the west end of the hallway.

One evening when I was around five or six years old, I was watching a favorite TV program. I can't remember which one, but it was probably The Flintstones.

I begin to feel as if I'd better get to the bathroom to pee, but I didn't want to miss any of my TV show.

That's when I noticed the register grate in the floor behind one of the armchairs and sheltered on the west side by the living room sofa.

I went over, pulled down my panties, pulled up my skirt, and squatted over it. It was sometime during the cooler part of the year when we ran our furnace.

As I squatted there releasing pee, the warm air coming from the register and blowing onto me felt really pleasant and comforting.

I decided to do this intentionally from now on when I was in the living room.

I was able to do this until my dad caught me one evening and told me that I was to pee in the toilet instead of down the register from now on. He explained that doing this might damage our furnace, so, although I was disappointed, I quit using the register to pee into.

The BM I had yesterday afternoon was an interesting one.

It came out in sections of various shapes and sizes, and I decided to examine it to see how it looked.

Most of it was a kind of dark-medium-brown, but what captured my attention was how some of the pieces had assembled themselves in the front of the bowl not far from the water line to where they looked like a tiny (formation was about five or six inches long, tops) alligator basking in the sun on the shore next to the water's edge.

Has anybody else noticed his or her poop looking like something else besides poop? Obvious answers would be snakes, worms, and logs. but have any/some/all of you passed something that resulted in a shape that's more unconventional such as mine depicting a teacup alligator?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: A Girl great story it sounds like you had a rough start to a fun vacation and your mom and sister handled it well and were very helpful and understanding at least it didnt ruin your fun at disney world.

To: MD Dan great story it sounds like you got a really great show and it sounds like she really had to poop bad at least she hadled the situation well and I bet that memory will be with you forever.

To: Myranda first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like your sister really pooped alot and as the saying goes eat big poop big or eat alot poop alot lol and I bet she felt pretty great afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Anonymous Chick it sounds like your sister is lucky to have someone so caring as a boyfriend to help her out and I lokk forward to your next post thanks.

To: P-Princess great story.

To: Jed great story it sounds like she may have had a stomach bug and you handled it in a good and really helped her out and I bet she was very thankful to you for being so kind and I look forward to anymore stories like that thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great poop story it sounds like you had a great poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Coco that sucks hopefully it wont be to bad and I look forward to hearing bout it thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like you and that other girl both had good poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Batfinch great story it sounds like bake bean really afect her bad in the way of gas at least now she knows.

To: Eves Dropper great story.

I was at that bookstore on monday and was inline for the bathroom a woman entered first and sat on the toilet and becan having mild explosive she let out bunch with wet farts then peed the one last blast then she flushed and came out and I went in I could smell it but it wasnt to bad and there were some skidmarks in the bowl I did my quick poop and left and today friday I heard a woman let a loud kinda wet fart but no poop just a quick pee.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

anonymous chick
Regarding my sister- she eats a lot of fiber and drinks tons of water. She has been to the doctor for her constipation issues but they can't find anything wrong with her.


Valentine's day surprise

Last week on Valentine's Day, I arranged a good surprise for my husband. He has a thing for girls pooping, and I've let him watch me on many occasions. But I wanted to put on a special show for the big day. I held it in all day to go especially for him. It was difficult at several points, I managed to make it through the day.

When I got home from work, I had about an hour until he arrived to get everything ready. I put on a nice sexy outfit and dressed the bedroom for him. He got home and found my signs leading him up to the bedroom. I had to poop really bad when he walked in, but I tried to pretend to be relaxed. We talked for like five minutes before I whispered in his ear, "I have to take a dump so bad." and led him to our ensuite bathroom.

I slid down my pants and my black lacy panties and daintily sat on the toilet. I'd been concentrating on holding back my poop so much that I hadn't realized I had to pee as well. I spread my legs to give him the best view and peed for at least two minutes nonstop. Then I got ready for the big show. As soon as I released my hold, a turd began to worm out of my anus.

It grew and grew, touching the bottom of the bowl and curling around. It felt so amazing having a long brown tail like that. I just relaxed and let it keep coming out. When it did break off, I stood up so we could get a look. We saw a good-sized turd that must have been two feet long or more. It curled all the way around the outside of the toilet bowl and started on a second loop. I could hardly believe that I had produced that masterpiece. My husband gently wiped my butt, and I flushed the toilet. After a second flush, my turd actually went down.

The night didn't end there, but the part of my story that's appropriate for here does...


For eves dropper

I was like that too when I was little.Sometimes I would like to do that to listen to be funny or if some young woman would come over and then use the bathroom,I would peek through the keyhole on the bathroom door,and only see their buttcheek,when they pee.
And one time around 1987 when I was 7,On every sunday evening when my Grandpa is at church,he brings my Grandma at my house and my parents would fix her coffee.When church was over with my grandpa would pick her up,Before they left my Grandma needed to pee,When she was in the bathroom,I got near the dood and 10 secs I heard beeeeeurrrrrrewwww.I got away from the door laughing.My parents and Grandpa was in the livivng room talking.And I was going GRANDMA FARTED!GRANDMA FARTED!But they ignored me.A minute later she came out of the bathroom.


to MD Dan

You're a good writer! All of the background information that you included helped make your story interesting. I liked all the details in your story, even though I prefer pee stories. Do you have any elaborate, detailed pee stories?

Mr. Clogs

My reply to P-Princess

Hello P-Princess, thank you for your response. Yep that kind of can, as far as peeing in it, it all depends. I never peed into a Pringles can yet, I might give it a try. P-Princess do you have a large bladder capacity? If so than no I doubt it would contain all the urine output that you might produce. I decided not to take a dump in it because I had a lot of poop in me and didn't feel like squatting over the mouth of the Pringles can or a cup that matter, I decided to do my #1 and #2 business in the bathroom over the toilet. I felt a large amount of poop inside me so I took care of it in the bathroom. Do you pee and poop in other places or things other than the toilet? Plus it's hard on my knees too when I squat and poop into a container, granted that I'm a few pounds(I've lost some weight) and don't do this often. I have pooped into those 18 oz size Dixie party cups. I had to elevate the cup so I can put the mouth up to where thee poop comes out and poop into it. Yes I have a big butt too and I squat over the mouth of the cup to a point I'm practically sitting on top of it, well my butt cheeks surround the opening of it! Depending how much you poop you may need more. I much prefer wide mouth containers for big poops. Since I'm eating a bit healthier, I'm much more regular and poop a good quantity of poop. You've mentioned granny panties, are you pooping in them too? Have you pooped in other styles of panties other than granny panties? Do you keep a stash of containers for such emergency when your toilet get's clogged?

You've asked if I've experienced of feeling as if poop were about to explode right out of you but it ends up only coming out a short ways and getting stuck there? Well to a point of pooping in my underwear yes. I end up stopping myself from pooping in them because it's messy to clean up poop out of your underwear. I have several favorite kinds of underwear I don't want to mess up with poop in it, let alone leave stains in them. Yes I do wipe after I poop whether using the toilet and pooping into a container. You can find my past posts on this site for your reading pleasure. Well I hope I've answered your questions and feel free to ask me questions and share your posts about pooping and peeing into containers.

--Mr. Clogs


Comments and Questions ???

To: A Girl, Good Story, was there any one else around that saw your accident at the gas station?

To: Tyler, How does Encopresis affect your school life?

To: Jed, You and Kara make a good couple if you ever date.

To: Melissa K, Did you ever have to wait in line at school to use the bathroom?

To: Brandon T, Are you the owner of this site? (Just Wondering)


Finally pooped!

I've been constipated for about a week and a half and have been miserable. I bought prune juice the other day and have been drinking it warm for the past couple of days in hopes to get it out. All I managed to get out were tiny little hard pieces. But when I got up today I made a strong cup of coffee with sugar and milk and had a bowl of oatmeal and that finally made my bowels move.

I went to the bathroom and had to push only a little and this massive turd stretched my hole. When I was done, I stood up and saw this HUGE turd, about 1 or 1.5 feet long! I guess I really had a lot in me. My stomach is softer now and I don't feel sick anymore. From now on I guess the answer is lots of water, fiber, and strong coffee to get my bowels going :) All I can say is holy shit-literally-to the size of my dump. I guess that's what happens when you don't go for over a week.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

desperate to poop

Dept Store Poop

I had another relieving poop in town today. Been doing various bits of shopping and stopped for a coffee at my favourite dept store as I like t use the toilets there.

Enjoyed a nice cake and a coffee and then headed off as I decided to go there as I knew I needed a poop.

As usual a queue this time 4 people waiting, 1 Gent at the front and 3 ladies all in their late 40's, 50's it appeared. For a couple of minutes there was no movement then a gent came out of the end cubicle and the other gent went in. Shortly after a lady with a baby came out of the 1st unisex cubicle and the first lady went in. She only needed a pee and soon after came out. This allowed the next lady in. Shortly after the gent came out who I expect given the 4-5 minutes he was in had pooped (or something else who knows). This allowed the lady in front of me in who was going to poop as I had smelt a fart she let off.

I was know in front waiting and 3 ladies had joined behind me waiting. We all had to wait another 3 minutes, with a some getting impatient. I finally replaced a blond lady in her 50's and nestled down on a warm seat and a pungent poop smell. I felt a large log easing it's way out and over the next few minutes I got 10-12" log out. I felt a few more poops up there and spent another few minutes getting them out. The feeling was wonderful as they eased themselves out.

I finally felt finished had a second small pee, wiped a messy back and a very moist front and left very relieved.

Happy Pooping


My huge poo

hey everyone, i was driving back from work yesterday when i had huge pain in belly baring in mind never been for a poo for 3 days and i normally go everyday, i was farting lots and it smelt good :) anyway i got home and sat on toilet was sottin there about 2 mins then turtle head popped out crackling and slowly cumin out, i was there for about ten mins with this poo hanging out my bum it finally dropped i looked in bowl and it was about 12 inches of solid poo, one huge log.. about 3 inch thick, i was really wanting yo measure it aswell what you think i should of done? anyone else had this experience? from craig

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