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I only shit my pants once in my entire adolescent/adult life. My parents took me and my brother and sister to Disney World. We live in North Carolina, so it was a pretty long drive. It took two days. The first day, we had eaten lunch at this really nasty diner. I started feeling sick shortly after eating. About an hour later I told my dad I had to go to the bathroom. We started looking for a place. We saw a gas station off the highway. I was getting very desperate. Finally, we pulled into the station and I got out to run to the bathroom. It was locked. I ran inside to get the key and the guy told me it was out of order. He said to use the porta potty next door at the construction site. I started running to the porta potty. I made it about halfway there when I got a sharp pain in my insides. I grabbed my stomach and lost control and diarrhea came rushing out into my pants. I started crying. My mother got out of the car when she realized what had happened. She grabbed me some clean pants and underwear and a towel and we went behind the gas station. My sister held the towel up while my mother used the hose to wash off my butt and legs. I put on my clean clothes and put my dirty clothes in a garbage bag. We were back in the car for just a few minutes before I had to go again. My dad suggested we just stop for the day and check into a hotel and drive the rest of the way the next day. That led to us staying in a much nicer hotel than we were planning! But as soon as my brother and sister and I checked into our room I had to run to the bathroom and shit my brains out again. Luckily, it passed by the time we got to Disney, although one day I did throw up after riding Mission to Mars.

Brandon T

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To: Melissa K it sounds like you really to poop alot I bet you felt great after.

To: AC it sounds like your sister may need to see a doctor to help with her constipation before some real damage is done to her.

To: Crystal great live poop by poop coverage it sounds like it was a good one.

To: Abbie great story as always

To: Ashley it sounds like had a great poop and I bet that ladies room was avoided once that team left and I look forward to your next post thanks and god bless.

Sincerly Brandon T


to oldpoop

@old poop I read one of your earlier post back in 2010 where you said you was at a store and you was farting and had to poop and you were farting on the way to the bathroom. So why do you say you don't do it in public for a long time? I'm sure you have recently. And tell me a time you did a really loud long one in front of your wife. Also what does she say when you rip them by accident? Does she ever comment on them?

MD Dan

Lucky Case of the Poops

Disclaimer: this story is kind of long, so if you're the kind of person that wants to jump right into the action, skip to the 6th or 7th paragraph.

I'm currently in my mid-20's but I have a story I don't think I've ever shared from back when I was 21. I was dating a girl long distance, she went to a college several states away. We'll call her Marie for this post. She was 19 at the time. Brunette with long straight hair, played volleyball and soccer so she had a fit body. Smallish breasts and a medium sized butt, but very tone. She wasn't into bodily functions, especially pooping, but she wasn't incredibly uptight about it. Just more or less indifferent I guess, though she'd get grossed out if anyone talked about any details. Because of this, I was never able to get her to really talk about anything and I sure couldn't bring up my interest in the subject either. I'd always wanted to be around when she took a dump but never really got the opportunity, other than one time at her house I heard several loud plops from her in the bathroom. I couldn't get any closer than 20 feet away though because the floors creaked and she'd have known I was there. I thought that would be the extent of my experience with this gorgeous girl on the toilet...but fate turned in my favor, oddly enough right after we broke up.

I went over to her school one weekend to hang out with her, even though we had broken up she still was in a phase where she wanted to hang out (though not fool around or anything like that). I was obviously still very attracted to her and agreed to see her at her school. I got in late and didn't have anywhere else to sleep so I spent the night in her dorm. This was very much against the rules of her school. It was a Catholic university and all the dorms were broken up by sex. No males were even supposed to be in the building after 7pm, much less spending the night in the one of the girl's rooms. Her roommate happened to be away that weekend too, so no one knew I was there but her. She wanted to go out drinking with her friends but I was so exhausted I just decided to go to bed and told her I'd see her in the morning after her 8am class. She was disappointed but understood. I didn't hear her come in until 3am so she had been out drinking for about 4 hours. This was the start of my good luck, since I knew she only ever drank beer and beer combined with bar food will definitely mess up someone's gut in the morning.

I woke up when she was leaving for her class around 7:45am and just hung around the room so I wouldn't get caught by anyone. Males weren't allowed back in the building until 9am, so I had to wait until then to leave. Around 8:30 my stomach started hurting really bad and I knew I had to poop soon. I had to eat some nasty diner food the night before because I was on the road for so long. It definitely felt like it was going to be a pretty sloppy shit. I thought about my options. I had the choice of holding it until 9am, then going all the way to the bottom floor and across the building to the visitors bathroom, trying to sneak to the visitors bathroom right now, or sneaking into the girls bathroom on that floor about 3 doors down the hall. It was early enough that most people were still asleep so I figured I'd try sneaking to the visitors bathroom, knowing that getting caught there wouldn't be as bad as getting caught in the girls bathroom.

Slowly, I opened the door a crack and listened, no one was making any noise in the hall. I opened the door more and peaked out, no one was in sight. I made sure the door was unlocked and stepped into the hall. I left my shoes off so I wouldn't make any noise, and started creeping to the stairs, in the direction of the girls bathroom. My stomach suddenly churned and I felt like I had to fart. But as soon as I tried, I felt a soft turd trying to get out too so I quickly clenched and stood still. My stomach felt like someone had just stabbed it and my ass felt like it was about to give up, so out of complete reflex I bolted into the girls bathroom, no longer caring if anyone was in there. Fortunately, only one person was in there and she was in a stall all the way at the end. I quietly walked into a stall in the middle, not wanting to get too close to the girl in case she could see my hairy legs. I locked the door and pulled my sweatpants down to my knees. I tucked my feet up into the legs and tried to place my feet closer together to look more like a girl. This sounds absurd now but I thought that was the best thing to do at the time.

I sat down and tried to hold on as long as possible to wait until the other girl left. I knew by that time I only had about 10 minutes until Marie got back from class, and I knew I'd need most of that time to unleash this monster in my ass. Almost right after I sat down the other girl flushed and left and I was alone. Immediately after hearing the door close I relaxed my ass and a ton of mushy shit poured out instantly and smelled horrid. I flushed the toilet and continued sitting. I was farting off and on for about 5 minutes, feeling like I was going to have another wave any minute when something happened I hadn't considered. All of a sudden I could hear a bunch of girls start talking down the hall and I heard the doors to the stairs start opening and closing. Then a flood of girls started coming into the bathroom. Class was over and everyone who had an early class was returning. I cursed to myself and thought about what to do. I decided to wait for a bit and see if the activity subsided in a few minutes. It didn't.

I sat for another 5 minutes while college girls came in at a steady pace, just about all of them peeing and leaving. One or two plops could be heard and a fart here or there, nothing too interesting and I didn't know what any of them looked like. Then as it started to wind down I heard someone talking to a friend by the showers, about how they were hanging out with Tom until 3am and they felt like shit after class. Instantly I recognized the voice as Marie's. Holy shit, I thought, is she coming in to use the bathroom? There were about 8 empty stalls she could have selected that weren't next to me, but unbelievably she walked over to the stall directly to my right. I knew she wouldn't recognize me as my sweats were nondescript and she didn't even see them since she was gone when I changed the night before. She locked the door, undid her belt, pulled her pants down halfway below her knees and sat. I could see her reflection off the tile wall in the back through the gap and confirmed it was her because she has a distinctive birthmark on her ass.

My heart was in my head, it was so loud. I don't think I was even breathing at this point. She started peeing and went on for about a minute. Then the most amazing thing happened, she let out a tight squeaky fart. Without warning my stomach churned again and the long awaited second wave of my dump poured out of me, ending with a mushy fart. My heart froze, thinking she might hear that and wonder who it was next to her. But as I said before, she was completely indifferent to this stuff so she didn't even stir. She moved her feet forward so they were completely flat on the floor and sighed. In the reflection I could see she leaned back and her butt was all the way back on the seat, obviously settling in for a long dump. Pfffffffft-ploop-sploot She let out some gas and poop at the same time. I was beside myself. The smell in the room instantly turned rotten, like most beer shits do. Then I started hearing what sounded like dollops of cool whip splatting into her toilet at a steady pace of one every 5 seconds or so. She dropped about 8 or 9 of these bombs. We'd both been sitting there about 3 or 4 minutes now. I started worrying that if I didn't do something she'd get suspicious of her neighbor. I pushed pretty hard and managed to let out a crackling soft turd and farted a bit.

I heard her moan almost inaudibly, then "buurooooooooooooo-" she farted for about 5 seconds and before the fart ended her butt released a good amount of solid sounding poop mixed with liquid. Her friend she was talking to by the showers heard this and came over. She said, "Good lord, Marie, you weren't kidding about taking a shit" Marie answered, "Yeah, I told you I had to shit pretty bad." At this point she was done and started wiping. It took her just as long to do that as it did for her to take the shit. Also at this point, there was almost no more traffic in the bathroom and I honestly didn't even realize if anyone else had been coming in during that show. Marie pulled up her pants, flushed (twice), washed her hands and left. I was able to sneak back out of the bathroom, but ran into a girl on her way in as I stepped into the hall. I said "sorry" and she said it was okay and didn't seem to mind. I walked back into the room and Marie was at her computer, looked up at me, and asked where I had been. I decided to be honest and say I was sick and had been in the bathroom for the last half hour. Her face dropped slightly, and she said, "Oh, was that YOU sitting next to me?" I said, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure, were you sick too?" She blushed really badly and said, "Yeah, sorry for blowing up next to you." And did her best to smile like it didn't bother her. I told her it was okay, I wasn't much better. We hung out for the weekend but she was definitely acting very awkward. We actually never hung out again after that. I wasn't too upset about it, just glad I had finally gotten my chance to witness her, though completely by accident.

Sorry for the long post, but I felt I couldn't do this experience justice without going into so much detail.


My sister clogged my toilet

Hi everyone. This is my first post here. I have a story about my sister. My sister is 12 years old, 155cm and 38kg. She is blonde and has hazel eyes. She's fairly skinny but she eats like a horse.

Now for the story. On Saturday, I was making lunch for my sister and I. We had a package of spaghetti that I made. I was kinda hungry so I served myself a big plate full, but my sister ended up eating all of the rest, plus then she had a sandwich after that. I don't know how she can eat all that and not gain any weight. But anyway, she went out to play with her friends and didn't come back until shortly before dinner.

The next morning, I was taking a bath in my private bathroom. I had been relaxing for a while when there was a knock at the door. I pulled the curtain and said for whoever it was to come in. My sister came in and asked if she could use the toilet, because dad was using the main one and she really had to go. I said it was no problem.

I heard her sit down and fart a few times. There was also a lot of plops and splashes over the next several minutes. She flushed the toilet but I could hear her continuing to poop. I'd say fifteen minutes after she had started, she started to wipe. Then she flushed again and a third time. She apologized and explained that she had clogged my toilet. I told her not to worry about it, and she left. I finished my bath and dried off before looking in the toilet.

I had guessed she probably pooped a lot considering how much I had seen her eat, but I couldn't believe the humongous pile I saw in my toilet. And then I remembered that she had actually flushed about halfway through. Who knows how much poop she had done and flushed away? I knew there was nothing I could do about it, so I went to find our dad. I was a bit embarrassed but managed to tell him that the toilet was clogged. I didn't outright say that my sister had done it, but I'm sure he knew, as he didn't even complain. He just went to unclog the toilet.

So yeah, that's my story. I think in the future, I may not let my sister use my toilet.

Anonymous Chick

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I should also add that my sister has struggled with constipation and fecal impaction for most of her life. Even her normal" bowel movements take about 30 minutes of straining to pass. Her more difficult movements are very painful. I have helped her a few times when she was desperate, and her boyfriend has also had to help out out plenty of times. She told me a story last year about how he was at work and she was at home, terribly constipated. She tried to give herself a supository, but her rectum was totally blocked by the huge turd. She decided that no matter what, she HAD to get it out- and she pushed as hard as she could. The tip of the poop had poked out but she was very impacted, so little pebbles fell out, but her anus was stuck wide open with the impossibly wide turd just sitting there and not moving. She actually called her boyfriend, explained the situation- and he came over to help. The challenge was that she had to let him in- because the door was locked. So ahw had to remove her pants and waddle to the door with a huge "shit iceberg"poking out of her. She said her boyfriend was so awesome about it. He put on a rubber glove, and with some lube, he gently chipped away at the "pebbles" that were compacted to form the huge hard mass. She is totally cool with asking him for help and he is cool with giving it. I just can't imagine letting my significant other watching me on the toilet. Anyone else have thoughts on that?

Blue Rizla Girl

@ anonymous chick

I think your sister really needs to see a doctor. But I have to say, it sounds as though she simply is not getting enough fluids. Does she get a lot of headaches, by any chance? That is another symptom of dehydration.

A person of average build needs to drink at least 2 litres a day -- that doesn't have to be plain water, it can be almost anything non-alcoholic; fruit juice, water, milk, pop, tea or milky coffee. Strong coffee, meat juices or alcoholic drinks will require extra fluid to digest, though -- they will not quench a thirst by themselves.

NB. I am not a doctor, and this is not medical advice. Consult a properly-qualified medical practitioner if you feel ill.


To Tyler

Thanks, Tyler. I'll share more stories later!


Pooping In A Pringles Can, Mr. Clogs!?!

Mr. Clogs--Do you mean one of those skinny cans that are about as big around as the top of a 16 oz. styrofoam cup and about fifteen inches tall?

I think that would be dangerous unless you always do little bunny rabbit pooplets.

It was a wise move on your part to hover over the toilet instead.

It's my guess that one of those couldn't even contain some of my peeing sessions

A couple of weeks ago, I ended up stopping up the toilet with a poop that was both super large and had managed to become overly firm. While I waited for the toilet to get back to normal again, I would squat over this plastic container that had once held peppermints and peed from time to time, as I was also running short on grannie panties and had to make my supply last until I could afford to get some others.

Therefore, I would squat and pee just about everytime I got the urge. I did light amounts then that probably wouldn't have flooded a Pringles can, but, had I done something such as have a whole pitcher of iced tea during a long, drawn-out visit over dessert as I did that time when I ended up having to pee in this one parking lot, a Pringles can wouldn't have even begun to hold it.

Have you ever had the experience of feeling as if poop were about to explode right out of you but it ends up only coming out a short ways and getting stuck there?

Although it usually isn't part of my pooping routine to deal with constipation or that much difficulty going, there was a time about three weeks ago when it took about four different times of going to the bathroom to get my bowels cleared.

This was because there were several butt plugs holding everything else in. That is, little pieces that had become solid enough that they served to obstruct the process.

They were slow-moving, which meant that one might arrive at the anal opening and be able to be pulled out with pieces of toilet paper shielding my fingers from getting right into it. I'd feel a little bit of relief but would still have the feeling that something up there still needed to come out, but it wouldn't proceed down.

When I finally got to where the last butt plug was and both got it out as well as pushing out a really solid long, I felt sooooooooooo relieved!!

College Kid--If I had done what Drew did, I probably would have ended up squashing the trash can, as I'm one big plus-size lady!

Hi everyone. Thanks for the comments, and to whoever asked if I have had more experiences like that with her, yes I have had a few. Ever since that time I helped her we hung out a lot more and we became comfortable around each other enough to do that kind of stuff. We were more than friends, but I wouldn't say in a relationship. We had sleepovers and stuff. I'll tell you about the next time we had a bathroom experience.

Like I said, we started hanging out a lot, but this didn't happen right away, it was after a few weeks. It was still mid summertime (we were 16 at this time) and Kara's parents went away for their anniversary weekend. Kara was of course not supposed to have anyone over while she stayed there alone but they had no way of knowing, and we planned to take advantage of the weekend. Friday night they left, and she said I could come over. I brought a little liquor, but when I arrived Kara wasn't herself. I asked her what was wrong and she said she didn't feel very well. She said she didn't eat anything all day and she just felt really shitty (no pun intended). I felt bad and said we should just lay down and relax then. I saw her falling asleep and I suggested we go to bed (I already gave my parents a cover story, so I was sleeping over whether she was sick or not). We went up to her bedroom and she stripped down to a t shirt and underwear, and I slept in my boxers. She said her stomach was really hurting and I told her to bring the garbage by the bed just in case. I was not really thrilled about that possibility, but I really did care about her a lot. We dozed off while I had my arm over her and I was positioned right behind her. Bad choice, because I woke up at 2 a.m. from hearing her moaning in her sleep. She was definately still sleeping, and I could hear her stomach gurgling really badly. I wasn't sure what I should do, if I should wake her up or not, but it was too late. I heard a noise that sounded like a mixture of a fart and running water and I knew what happened. She shit the bed right next to me. I rolled away from her and looked. Her underwear had a big spot and was puffy. I pulled the blankets completely off the bed and saw her start pooping more. I shouted for her to wake up and as soon as she did, she could feel what she had done. She said "Oh my God!" and started crying. She apologized left and right but I comforted her. I really wasn't happy about helping her clean it up but I did not want to make her feel bad. First I asked if she had to go more, and she said yes but she can control it now. I knew she shouldn't move a lot so it didnt get everywhere. I went around to her side of the bed and saw that she also pissed herself, which was on the bed. I partially llifted her up so she could stand and we walked to the bathroom. I told her to get in the shower before taking the panties off so it is easy to wash away. She dropped her panties and the poop was nasty, brown liquid that looked like dark mold, and it all fell out onto the shower floor. I used a plastic bag to pick them up and I brought them to the toilet, where I emptied out whatever poop was left. While I was doing that, I heard Kara say "Im so sorry but I can't wait any longer!" I turned and saw her squatting in the shower, and poop out some more disgusting brown fluid. I didn't like to watch that. I threw the panties in the trash can and went over to her. I rubbed her back and noticed that this whole thing was "exciting" me if you know what I mean. Maybe it was just cause she was naked. I had no idea what to do about her pooping in the shower, so I just let her finish. I knew when she was 100 percent done because it was easy to tell she felt much better. I told her to stay in the shower but not near her poop puddle, and I took the removable shower head and sprayed all the poop down the drain. She had poop and pee smeared all over her lady parts, which I was happy to help with. We took a shower together and threw the dirty bed sheets in the wash. I wasn't comfortable with getting intimate with her that night after what had happened, but I was sure to be nice about it and not say that, cause I did not want her to feel bad. I think thats why she likes me so much.

More stories to come!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Unknown Dumper
My, my! Lemme tell you, Melissa, it sure felt good after all that defecating. Also, I hope you get your toilet fixed.

Plus, when I was eight, nine or ten, there was a metal dustbin alley where I sometimes used to have a secret whiz. It was nice while it lasted, though. But that was when I moved house with my family.

Anybody have any memories of peeing in secluded places, please let me know.


Poo today at school

Hi everyone, just a quick post from today. I got to school late this morning as I overslept, that was really annoying as I've managed to get into a great routine for going on the loo before lessons start and managing to have a poo about every other day on average. That means I'm not getting too constipated at the moment and also I don't have so many marks in my pants which is a big bonus. Anyway, today I started to feel a poo on the way just before breaktime, I was late for break so I realised I wouldn't have time to use the toilet until lunchtime which was a real pain, I knew by then I'd be really struggling to hold it in and would probably have marks in my pants. As I predicted, in the lesson before lunch I was starting to want a poo really badly to the point where I really had to clench my bum and I couldn't sit still, five minutes before the end of the lesson I told my teacher I was bursting for the loo and she let me go so at least when I arrived at the toilets they were pretty much deserted. I shot into the first cubicle and locked the door, I could feel my poo starting to poke out and so I hooked my thumbs in my skirt, tights and pants all at once and pulled them down together and then sat on the loo and felt my poo coming out. I looked down at my yellow and pink stripy pants and as I predicted they were quite badly marked. I had to push a bit to keep things moving but on the whole it was quite an easy poo. I was done after about 10 minutes, by which time I'd wiped my bottom and pulled up my pants, tights and skirt. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!


Stomach ache

I have a terrible stomach ache...I think diarrhea is going to come on shortly but I'll let you know. Currently having frequent wet gas and abdominal husband has had the runs for a few days.. :/


Abbie- Enjoyed your latest post! Sounds like you were really desperate on the bus but at least you made it to the loo without having an accident.

Rylee- Like you I do wipe the seat down if it needs it, but I don't usually see the need for covering it. I agree, though, if it's somewhere where the toilet is really not clean then I will line it before I sit down, but most places I go (shops, university buildings etc) usually keep them clean anyway so I have no problem going for a poo on them.

I pooed today for the first time since Sunday night. I had to sit through most of a lecture with my need for a poo growing steadily. I knew I would need to go as soon as it finished. Once it was over I went to the loos, being quite urgent for a poo now. I had to wait for the girls occupying the two cubicles to finish weeing and then I got a seat. Another girl took the other cubicle to my left and we both weed. She only needed a wee and she was quickly replaced by another girl who had a full bladder. I eased out my first two turds. Two more girls came and went in the other cubicle. I was getting a little embarrassed because I seemed to be the only one who needed to have a poo and there were still a few girls waiting while the other cubicle was the only one that was opening up for them! I did two more turds and after someone else weed another girl sat down next to me and finally I wasn't the only one pooing! She did two quick turds and farted. two more girls came in and stood waiting. After we both unloaded another log I heard them talking to each other. 'Are they pooing?' one said. 'Yeah I think so,' her friend replied. 'Want to wait or shall we go to the other loos?' They decided to go to the other loos because they only needed to wee. I was nearly done anyway and after one more turd came out I wiped and flushed. Another girl had come in and took my cubicle. She started weeing and I heard a loud explosive fart but no poo coming out! I washed my hands and left them to it!

There are a lot of stories about men who have gone to the mens room and found a que of women waiting to use the stall/stalls. I was wondering what would you do if you were in that situation and you needed to shit? You could just wait to use the stalls in a que behind the women or you could ask them all to leave and use the womens room, of my idea
Is that you could just push in frount of all the women becouse in is the mens room.



Today, I've spent the day with my mates and I've had to poop all day, and when I got home I didn't, but did not even think about it. About 2 hours later, i got the urge, but delayed it until I was seconds away from having an accident, like I always do.

So I sat down immediately and the poop was slowly coming out, and dropped within seconds, but after that the problem came!

Poop was stuck in my bum! It wouldn't budge, it wasn't even hard, if anything it was close to diarrhea, and was just stuck, and no matter how I tried, it wouldn't move. In the end I just had to wipe with it stuck and my hands were covered in poo! It was disgusting, and my bum was covered as well!

So I gave up wiping, and just got in the shower and cleaned up in there, which tbh was easier! But as I got out the shower, my stomach rumbled and had to sit on the toilet immediately and let out wave after wave of diarrheA. I was there for 20 mins! It wasn't good, and since then I've had terrible stomach cramps but no poo!

So my question is, how could i be badly constipated, and then 10 mins later, having diarrhea?


She stank the Car out

Last Wednesday afternoon we went to a friends house for a music practice at which another couple joined us,
As we were attending a church fellowship that evening my wife and I stayed for tea. I am not sure of her thinking but my wife had a jacket potato and baked beans, I don't like baked beans so had something different.
After the meal we drove to the fellowship which was at the home of an elderly gentleman and his son.
I was soon aware as the meeting started that my wife was uncomfortable she whispered she had wind. Now I know she will not fart in public and she held out for a good hour and a half. On one occasion she had to stand still in the hall way whilst going into the kitchen to help with the refreshments. I asked her why she had not gone upstairs to the bathroom but she said it would have stunk the room out.. She could have thought of going out to the car to collect something but didn't.

After saying goodnight we walked to the car and from then till we reached home 20 miles late she farted and farted till the car absolutely stank . She was in great pain and even the next morning could still feel the effects.
When we got home her first port of call was the bathroom, I do not think she will be having baked beans like that again

eves dropper

My first experience

Hi. First I wanted to say that this site is verry interesting and enjoyable. For one thing I now know i'm not alone. I've always loved hearing girls on the toilet. Right back to when i was 4 or 5 I used to hope that i'd be able to hear a girl peeing. God knows how a 5 year old thinks of these things but thats how it was. If my sister had one of her friends over i'd always try to listen. My bedroom was right next to the toilet, but I hardly ever heard anything as there was always music on or something and I never dared go out of the door to get closer in case i got caught. So I knew there was something bad about it but I couldn't help it. I went to mixed boarding schools as a child and occasionally i would get to hear a girl pee, but I wanted to tell about the first time I heard a girl pooing. Apart from my sister and mum who i'm sure I had heard but I was never interested in that. Anyhow, I must have been about 8 or 9, and I was staying at a friends house. He had a sister Liz who was maybe 3 years older. Of course it had crossed my mind that I might hear her or her mum on the toilet, but the bathroom was a big one and a long way from the bedroom. Anyway, on the second morning I was there I left my mate in his room to go to the bathroom for a wee and a quick wash and clean my teeth etc. I did my stuff, and then i got dressed and came out. Just as i opened the door, Liz came walking up, almost as if she'd been waiting. My friend and his sister didn't get on verry well and I kind of didn't like her, although I think that was more to do with backing my mate up. Boys will be gits and all.. Anyway she usually spoke to us quite nastily. But as she walked up to me she said "hia" quite quietly. I said hi back. Then she said "Are you finished in there?" I said I was. She said "ok, i'm just going to the toilet." Even at the time I thought it was a bit odd that shee was telling me, but now I think back I think she was maybe letting me know because she wanted to make sure i'd go away. I started to walk away, and I heard her walk in to the bathroom and close the door. The door had a lock that turned with a key from the inside. I'd already got halfway back to my mate's room buy this time, but before I knew what was happening i'd turned round. I didn't go right to the door, but stopped about 2 feet away. I was scared and excited all at once. I heard her pants come down, and I waited for the pee to come. Nothing happened for afew seconds. I'm not sure why, but i'd never even thought that she might poo, it just hadn't crossed my mind. But sure enough, she started to breath heavily. I'd never heard a girl do this, and at first I thought she was unwell. I was even more scared by this time, when suddenly I heard a plop. It wasn't a deep one, quite light, but loud if that makes sense. I can't explain how it made me feel. To me it sounded like one of the nicest things i'd ever heard. I was turned on I guess but a bit too young to know what that was. I was listening real hard now. She let out a sigh, and then continued to breath heavy and regularly, almost like she was asleep. This went on for another 30 seconds or so, then there was another plop. It was verry similar to the first, but maybe smaller. I remember wishing I could have been in there with her, and all at once she seemed like a much nicer person. I heard her pull paper from the roll and begin to wipe herself. At that point I realised she would soon come out, and I snapped out of my wierd trance. I started back to the bedroom and was there and through the door when i heard her flush. After i got back in the bedroom I started to feel guilty, knowing i'd heard something i shouldn't. I ended up saying "I just heard liz on the toilet." I didn't tell him i'd deliberately listened or that she'd had a poo. He just said "Oh" in an uninterested voice. I didn't say any more about it. I hoped to hear her again, but it never happened. There was a part of me that wanted to tell her, but i'm pretty sure she would have told her mum. Anyhow, thats my story. I've been lucky to hear lots of girls peeing, and a few pooing. Most of them didn't know I was listening which I feel bad about, but a couple have let me watch them. No girl i've ever met ever seemed inserested in seeing a guy poo, but then i've never asked. I think it's an english thing that nobody would ever dare mention. Anyhow, i'd like to tell you some other experiences but i'll be off for now. Hope people enjoy this post, and keep up the good work folks.

Melissa K

Giant turd

Ive been eating a lot for the past few days, and the size of my poos have reflected that. In fact, I had a mini accident last night.

I was taking a shower and I hadn't had to go for a few days, and I felt a buildup of gas coming. Or at least I thought it was gas. I farted a few times, and tried to fart really loud. I pushed really hard and this GIANT turd fell out of my butt into the bathtub. Whoops! I turned the water off, and thought about putting it in the toilet, but it wasn't working, so I had to put it in the trash can. I turned the shower back on, washed my butt off, and then turned the water off and dried off. As soon as I got out, I had this killer urge to poop some more so I quickly grabbed the trash can and pooped a bunch of sausage turds into it. The smell in the room was unbelievable. I took the trash bag filled with poo, and dropped it out my window. This morning, I went outside, found it, and threw it in the dumpster. Guess I got more than I bargained for that time!

Love Melissa K :)

The other day I had to pee really badly and was fidgeting about all kinds. I then started to wonder why doing the pee dance helps. You would think that holding still would put less movement on the bladder and therefore help hold it. I tried just holding still but found I couldn't because I naturally just started moving. When I concentrated on standing still, I ended up peeing my pants. Any thoughts?

anonymous chick
My sister continues to have at least 3-4 enormous, constipated poops every few weeks. They are like, 3 inches wide and they take FOREVER to pass. Last week I was at her house and she had been struggling for about 45 minutes unsucessfully to pass this huge crap. Thr problem was that it was stuck- and sticking out about an inch. It wouldn't come out, but it also wouldn't go back in. No amount of pushing would dislodge it. Her boyfriend came home and used some vaseline and massaged and pushed around her anus while she continued straining and skrieking in pain as the massive turd inched out. It took about an hour and a half but finally it came out. Her anus and perineum were extremely swollen and sore afterwards- she had to use cold compresses for a little while. Anyone else go through this or have to assist someone who literally cant shit on their own??


Comments and survey

Megan - I love your stories! And I'm with you--while it's probably not the safest thing to do, I don't usually line the toilet seat when I poop in public unless I really feel I have to. I might sometimes wipe it down, but for the most part I'll just sit right on the seat. It does depend on appearance, venue, and how often I think it's been school, the library, or even at our local mall (which actually has nice restrooms), I am more prone to sit "raw", whereas at a gas station, I'll almost always line it. Desperation doesn't have much to do with it for me; for example, at the doctor's office from the first story I posted, I wouldn't have lined the seat even if I wasn't about to explode! Maybe it's country upbringing and the experience of roughing it (and years of scout camps), as I've pooped in a wide range of facilities in my life--outhouses, latrines, even squatting in the woods (and I'll be honest, I would feel silly lining an outhouse seat, but that's probably just me). :-)

Daisy - Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the read, and you're right--it does seem some girls our age make this natural act out to be a complete taboo. But not everyone. I don't know if Autumn would have been so forward about pooping together had I not already farted for several minutes in front of her, so I guess somebody has to take the initial risk...but it was well worth it. I absolutely adore this site and will definitely be sharing more experiences.

To Gordonzola, Brandon T, and John H - Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)

I'm working on some story about my camping experiences when I was younger, so bear with me (school can get busy, and I tend to take my time writing the stories I post here). So for now, I figured I'd do one of the surveys (thanks Ryan, and welcome!).

1. What is the average size of your big poops? (length, diameter) Usually I poop average size turds (see #2) but when I don't go for a couple of days or more they can be huge! In those cases, I tend to drop several turds that are usually around 1-1/2 maybe 2 inches wide (I think my record was over 2 inches and probably closer to 2-1/2 inches...anything over 2 inches starts to get painful). The lengths vary, but typically go up to 5 to 6 inches long, so altogether probably 10 to 18 inches total, on average, slightly more with the really big ones.

2. How often do you poop to make such big dumps? (I mean, do you go everyday, once a day, twice a day; or if by going every other day or once a week, whatever, do they get bigger? I assume if you poop everyday or several times per day that your dumps wouldn't be so big... ) I usually poop at least twice a usually coincides with once at school and once at home (twice at school if I'm really lucky)...for the big dumps, though, I've usually held it for over a day.

3. What color are these dumps and what texture are they? (firm, hard, knobbly, smooth with cracks, stringy?) Usually, they're firm, and really easy to pass. They do tend to be smooth, but sometimes they look knobby. They usually aren't too hard or knobby unless I'm constipated.

4. What is your load like? (nuggets or balls that fall out like horse poop, long logs, short logs, blobs, carrot shaped turds that taper off at one end, or a combination of these??) The big dumps are usually several big, long logs.

5. What do you (normally) eat that would allow you to poop so big? Just the normal foods teenagers eat, I guess...I do try to keep it healthy, so I get plenty of roughage, which no doubt helps.

6. Do you pass gas/fart when you poop? If so, do you do it before, during or after you poop? I almost always fart after I poop. Sometimes I'll fart before. If I drop multiple ones (which I usually do) there's usually a fart or two after each individual one. I can be a pretty gassy girl. :-)

7. Have you ever watched yourself poop in the mirror, taken a picture or video of yourself "in the act", or let someone watch you push out a mega dump? I haven't watched or recorded myself, but others have watched me poop (they just haven't seen it actually pushing out...well, except maybe for Autumn in the most recent story, but that's yet unconfirmed). When I was younger and at camp, a group of girls did actually see my turds drop without seeing them coming out of my butt (I know that sounds confusing...I promise I'll write about that later...)

8. Do you enjoy listening to others poop at home or in public and do you generally poop in public or at home? I love pooping in public, and will choose that over home if possible. And while I enjoy listening to others, I especially enjoy it when they can hear me. ;-)

9. What is your age and gender? (You don't have to state your age if you don't want to) 14, Female


Band Desperation (My First Story)

Hi, I have a story to share about me in band that happened this year.

We were going back to the school after a football game and the trip back was maybe 45 minutes to an 1 hour. Right before we left, a band student used the bathroom and we were on the bus waiting for him to return. Once he returned, we left. I had to pee really bad but I said nothing. So, I had to hold it for the entire trip back. Once we made it back, I went to the restrooms and there were some band members and some cheerleaders waiting to use the restrooms. Eventually, it was my turn to go and I made it. (The only restrooms that were open in the school were 2 single restrooms, one for the boys and one for the girls. I think one of the restrooms was locked so we might have had to take turns using one single restroom)


Latest update

Hi Abbie here with my latest news, sorry I haven't posted in a while.
Megan- thanks for your reply, I didn't realise sometimes lectures go on till 5 or 6 o'clock, as you say trying to hold your poo that long would be a nightmare! Glad you managed to get a cubicle without having to wait too long the other day when you were desperate for a poo.
Jas K- good to hear from you again, its been a while since your last post. Sorry that things are so tricky with your sister, it must be hard trying to keep an eye on her at school and to make sure she goes for a poo. Sorry also that your routine has been disrupted and that your constipation is getting bad again. I try to follow the same routine as you and go for a poo at school before lessons start, this seems to be the best way to releave my constipation and like you if that routine gets interrupted at all I end up really struggling to poo. I really hope you are able to have your morning sit on the toilet to give you chance to have a poo before class, theres nothing worse than running out of time and having to go off to lessons feeling uncomfy and then having to hold it till lunch, sometimes that happens to me as well and by the time I get to lunchbreak I have really bad belly ache and also marks in my knickers from where my poo has been poking out. If you run out of time for a poo before class are you able to try again at break or lunch or isn't there enough time?
On Friday I went out shopping with Lucy, I've got more time to see her now its school holidays. As we were in the queue in the shopping centre I started to feel a poo coming, it wasn't too desperate so I decided to hold on until we got back to Lucy's house which is only a short bus journey from the town centre. My need grew stronger as we waited at the bus stop, I shuffled around a bit and Lucy asked if I was OK so I admitted I was starting to want a poo pretty urgently. Luckily just then a bus turned up, once we'd got on I sat on my heel and started to clench my bum as I could feel a massive log in immanent danger of poking out into my knickers. When we got to our stop I walked stiffly off the bus, it was embarasing as I think pretty much the whole bus could see how desperate I was. When we got to Lucy's house I stood squirming on the doorstep, I said "I can't hold it much longer, its starting to come out in my knickers" and as soon as Lucy had opened the door I shot upstairs to the bathroom, tugged down my black leggings and yellow pants and plonked myself down on the toilet. Lucy came in a few seconds later by which time I was moaning as a massive hard turd was sliding out slowly, stretching my bumhole. I looked down at my pants to see how badly marked they were and blushed as I saw a massive poo stain, I knew Lucy would have seen too as they had got all bunched up with my leggings and were practically turned inside out so it was even more noticable. I could feel the log getting wider and slowing down so I took a deep breath and bore down hard, finishing up with a slight grunt. I gave a few more pushes and tried not to grunt too loud but I was having to strain quite hard so that was easier said than done. Lucy was sitting on the bathroom floor with her knees drawn up to her chin, she was starting to jiggle around herself and said "Are you going to be much longer Abs only I'm starting to need a poo myself?"
"Nearly done now" I panted as I felt the widest part of my log slide through and it started to speed up, not longer after I felt it start to break up and I made a loud plop followed by two more close together as my turd finally dropped. I realised I needed a wee too so I set my stream going and about 30 seconds later I was done. I took some toilet paper, quickly wiped my front and then started to wipe my bottom, it only took three wipes for it to be clean and then I flushed. As I pulled up my pants and leggings I looked round to see Lucy with her blue jeans and pink flowery knickers already at her knees, I noticed she had skidmarks too which made me feel better. She shuffled over to the toilet and sat on it and shortly after I heard a strong stream of wee hissing and splashing into the bowl, it went on for ages before finally dribbling to a stop. As she started to push she said "God, I only just made it in time, if you'd been another 10 seconds I think I would have wet and pooed myself!" A few minutes went by as Lucy strained to pass what was obviously a large poo, she started to go red with the effort and I kept chatting to her to take her mind off it. Eventually she gasped "Its nearly out now" and shortly after there was a splash as her log dropped. She wiped her bum and then flushed before pulling up her pants and jeans. We went back into Lucy's room and there was a big pile of socks, pants and bras on her bed. "Oh, Mum's finally done the washing," she said, "Thank God I've got some clean pants I can put on." She pulled her jeans and pants down and took them off then took a pair of pink knickers from the pile on her bed and put them on before putting her jeans back on. "You can borrow some if you need to change yours", she said, I nodded gratefully as I dropped my own leggings and knickers and swopped them with an orange pair from the pile on Lucy's bed. I hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!



So; ASHAMED.....what are you ashamed of?

If you grew up with encopresis.....that certainly is nothing to be ashamed of. If you have told stories here before...I must have missed them.

So....sure.....lets hear your memories/experiences.

And; any other encopresis folks.....if you had issues with enco as a kid and want to tell about it.....I'm sure that it would help a lot of people.

It's a very misunderstood issue. The Parents of enco kids have their forums.....but it would be great if the kids themselves (now teens or older...) could post and share their stories/feelings.....

Mr. Clogs

Almost pooped into a Pringles can.

Hello everybody, I'll keep this post short. This morning, which is Monday 2/18/2013, I had finished my first cup of coffee and needed to take a dump. I was contemplating on pooping into the old Pringles can, I feel like the can wouldn't hold up. I decided to to my business in the bathroom over the toilet. I took off my pajama pants and underwear off and sat on the toilet. My bowels made this loud gurgling sound then followed some pffffffffffttt sounds and turds plopping into the toilet bowl. Wasn't much but none the less but some relief. I wiped, washed my hands and flushed the toilet and left the bathroom.


college kid: Interesting post about your roommate using the plastic garbage can as a make-shift toilet. Indeed geniuses, hope you all studying engineering or something like that. Anyways great post.

beach pooper: It's a creative way to take a dump at the beach so to speak.

Well got to go now and do round #2 now.

--Mr. Clogs

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: DanceGirl your friend is a true friend helping you out thats very good.

To: TG it sounds like Juanita was beyond desperate atleast she made it.

To: Tina it sounds like your intestions reached there limit and just had to let it out or if your body is use to pooping at certain times it may have passed the time and your body knew it idk hard to say.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Really gotta poop

I'm a 16 year old girl and I kind of have to poop right now, but I want to do a live post. I'll leave this page open, and in a few hours once my parents are asleep, I'll take my computer to the bathroom. Be back later.

Okay, they're sound asleep and now I really gotta poop. It got hard to hold it for a bit and I was afraid I'd have to go, but I made it. I'm sitting on the toilet now, and my pants and panties are off.

Plop. My first turd just came out. Splash. Peeing a little now. Sploosh. Floomp. Plop plop plop. A lot of small turds right now. I feel a big one coming though. Brrrrrrt. Just let off a loud fart. Pffffffffffffft. A long but nearly silent one. Nnh Nhhh This turd's a fat one, I'm pushing it out. Nnnhhhh. Sploosh! Wow that felt good. Really stinks in here though.

I just turned on the bathroom fan so that should help. Peeing some more. Splip plop. Sploomp. Braaart. Brrt Ploop Pffft Sploosh. I got a lot of gas tonight, and be glad you can't smell it. Nhhh Another kinda fat one. Nnnhh. Actually feels good coming out though. Peeing a bit more while the turd is coming out. It's pretty long too. Still growing. It broke off now, didn't make a noise either. Splash. The rest of the turd fell into the toilet.

I think I might be done. I'll sit for a while and find out. Yep, that's about it. I'll send this post off and then wipe myself. Bye everyone.


Here is more

Well here is one time that Me and my dad was camping at this one place.It wasn't a real campground it just had alot of campers.Well it was dark and we was walking to our tent.We was around all kinds of RVs and camper trailers with people in them.My Dad then let a loud Bubbling fart.
I told him,CAN YOU FART ANY LOUDER,I DON'T THINK THEY HEARD YOU!He then said,that the genorator was going and they could't hear it.I then saw an old man stuck his head out of an RV Door looking at us.
I meant to put this one in my last post,but it sliped my mind.

Hi Kelly

To Kelly - seems you've had a lot of responses to your post asking for advice. As someone with a background in healthcare I would summarise as follows:-

1) Agree that it seems as though a lack of fibre is probably a factor especially if you don't tend to eat much. Fruit and veg are a good source of fibre especially pears, prunes, dates, dried apricots, broccoli (broccoli can cause gas), carrots, peas, lentils and any sort of beans e.g. baked beans, butter beans and kidney beans. Agree that grains e.g. bran, oats and those found in wholegrain bread also help.

If you don't want to increase your food intake or change your diet then a fiber supplement (bulk-forming laxative)could be helpful. One containing isphagula husk e.g. fybogel ?metamucil in the USA. It's probably best to avoid stimulant laxatives such as senna etc. on a regular basis.

Be aware that it's best to increase your fibre intake gradually otherwise you can get bloating/intestinal gas which can cause discomfort.

2) It's very important to maintain a good fluid intake to prevent constipation. Also, increasing fibre content without drinking enough fluids can actually make constipation worse. Plain water is best - you can flavour it if you wish. Tea/coffee is ok but they can make you pee more thereby lessening the hydrating effect. Try to drink at least eight 8oz glasses a day - more in hot weather or if you are sweating due to illness e.g. flu etc. Sometimes a couple of glasses of warm water in the morning will help stimulate your bowels.

Have a look at a chart called the "Bristol Stool Scale" devised by a doctor in Bristol, England. It sounds as though your poop is of type 1 or 2 which is typical of constipation. I'd suggest adjusting your fibre/water intake so that you do poop typical of type 3 or 4 - type 4 is ideal. You'll probably find that when you do go that there will be more poop to pass or that you may have to go more often - don't let that be of concern to you. Your fibre/fluid intake needs to be maintained otherwise the effect will be lost.

I wouldn't advise "digging" poop out - that could be harmful. Hopefully the above measures will work. Glycerin suppositories have a lubricating effect that can help if you anticipate having a difficult hard bowel movement but are not a substitute for enough fibre/fluid intake.

By the way does your constipation get worse/better/no change when you're on your period? - some women notice a difference. If you'd rather not answer the question then that's ok. If you notice blood in your poop or lose weight/appetite then I'd suggest you see your doctor. Let us know how you get on - if you want to...


to Teetee

I do not try to fart in my wife's hearing, but in well over 40 years of marriage it has happened from time to time; same goes for her when near me. We usually say "Excuse me" or the like. Sometimes my gas is loud and can be heard in the next room if the house is quiet. Normally my farts comes fairly soon before a bowel movement, which usually happens at home, so it has been quite a long time since I had an audible fart in public; the last one I remember was at work several years ago. A public bathroom doesn't count; a lot of people do it there, so it is nothing unusual.


To Dancegirl

Yeah, it happens more than you might think, especially when your sick with a stomach virus. Your friend showed you what true friendship is all about. It's nice that she was there to help and comfort you. I hope you're feeling better. I know this sounds counter intuitive, but try to drink water to try and keep yourself hydrated. Yes, it's likely that you will throw some of it back up, but if you plug away at just a few sips at a time, it's likely that you'll keep more of it than you'll lose.


I'm Back!

Hey it's Kayla again. Anyway I'm the one who ppsted the story about school bathrooms on page 2251 so don't get me confused with anyone else. Just letting you guys now, I haven't had much to post lately and last time my post didn't appear for some reason, probably a glitch. Anyway I still have that post up if anyone wants to read it. That's all for now!

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