Hi guys. Nicola, I love going to the bathroom ("both numbers"), but I must agree with Kristy that it's gross to see somebody else's "duty" in a public toilet. I have seen my friends' "motions," and vice versa, but I always flush after using the toilet, particularly a public one. Seeing your friend's motions and that of a total, anonymous stranger are two completely different things. Jeff A., I hope your wife is eventually able to go in front of you. That would be great! Please give her time, though. Pat, I can't stand it when I wash my hands thoroughly, but there's still a lingering odor on my fingers. I usually carry a little perfume bottle in my purse (handbag) and spray a little on my hands. The smell of the perfume usually covers up any poop smell still on my fingers. A couple of nights ago, I came home from work and made myself a couple of peanut butter sandwiches. I took a nap that evening and woke up around 11:00 pm to go to the bathroom. After going to the bathroom (pee and shit), my shit actually had a peanut butter odor. There was no discoloring or anything, just the smell of what I ate five hours earlier. This was later confirmed when I was lying in bed and let out a fart; the fart also smelled "peanut buttery." Has this happened to anybody else. Love always, Alex :)

Today, I visited someone in the hospital, and later needed to take a dump. So I found the bathrooms near the waiting room. There were two bathrooms (male and female of course :-) ), and they were single occupence (sp?) bathrooms. I went in and decided not to lock the door. I was hoping that someone would "accidentally" :-) catch me - either a cleaning lady, or someone wanting to use it (with, if I was lucky, one of those cute nurses passing by at the time (I'm male)). As it turned out, if someone had opened the door, they would have gotten a rather good view of me :-) but unfortunately, no one did come in. I even stayed in there longer than I had to (to give someone a chance to open the door). Oh well, from my estimation, I would say females are more likely to visit someone in the hospital than males (or is it that males are more likely to be the patients :-) ). On the plus side, I did see some nice looking girls at the hospital (visitors and nurses).

At home I have a school toilet seat. It is thick white plastic, highly contoured with an open front. Very comfortable. In another bathroom I have what is called a Kohler French Curve seat. It is highly contoured also and people (mostly girls and women) comment on it quite often. They've usually never seen one before and many say that it is the most comfortable toilet seat they've ever used. I've tried the padded type and have gotten favorable comments but found that they are not so durable. I love it when girls and women comment on my bathroom, especially how clean it is or when they offer a comment about the toilet seat. Some girls use my bathroom a lot more often than necessary just so they can try my seats. For example, I had three women friends stop by for a visit. They stayed for about three hours and each one used the bathroom at least twice.

Hysterical bore
It's interesting to note the obsession many of us have about not soiling underware. My understanding is that the original purpose of underpants in historical times was to protect the outer clothing from being spoiled or decayed by bodily emissions. This was due to the very high cost of such garments which were hand made. Of course in past times when there was no sanitation to speak of and consequently no ready means of cleaning the anus etc. then staining clothes was highly likely. Apparently women must have been more careful even then of their underwear, since many more of these survive than the equivalent male garments. In modern times it now seems we are just as concerned to protect our pants and panties. Will there be further developments to protect these garments??

I agree with George and Coprologist about toilet seats and I too have experienced the clamping effect of a seat with too small a hole as I have a very big fat arse (butt) being a big ???? girl. I too will sit directly on the rim of the pan having first cleaned it. Of course this problem doesnt arise when doing a motion out of doors. I also use moist wipes and these are medicated so will cleanse the hands if there is no soap and water and also cope with the problem of removing any poo off of the hands if the motion was soft. Harry asks if anyone has "had the shit scared out of them". This is part of the "fight or flight" reflex in animals perhaps some predators are put of by the prey discharging feces and I read once of a woman who saved herself from being raped by shitting her panties which turned the rapist off (lucky for her he wasnt a coprophiliac!). I have once had this unpleasent experience. I was about 16 and was walking home from school one afternnon. I felt the need to do a motion but it wasnt urgent and I could have made it home with no problems in normal circumstances. Unfortunately some younger kids decided to play a trick and jumped out of a concealed entrance way going "boo!" and wearing halloween (trick or treat) masks. This sudden shock shook me up and before I knew it I felt the jobbie slide out into my knickers. Luckily I was wearing my navy blue school knickers which, like the type George described, had tight leg elastics and kept all the poo in so I didnt soil my legs or my skirt. Unlike his cousin Nicky I didnt just do a little hard jobbie but a very big easy one which squashed up in the seat of my underpants. When I got home my mum was very decent and sympathetic about this as "accidents happen" and I had a shower and changed into clean knickers. As I got stripped off I could see the great bulge drooping down in the seat of my panties. I havent had such a scare since then Im glad to say.

On the subject of toilet seats, there has been the mention of wooden ones and plastic ones but has anyone ever heard of the padded,cushiony seats??? This is the seat we have on our toilet at home and it is very comfortable. It's true that plastic seats keep wobbling. I have never tried just sitting on the toilet bowl instead of on the seat. I wonder if it would help the pooping process as it doesn't squeeze the butt cheeks together like toilet seats can do. George, I have never gone back to the toilet at a later time to drop a small leftover turd. Rather, a small turd does often fall into the shower. Drew, I like the idea of frosted glass doors where you can see the outline of the person sitting on the toilet. Jeff A, thank you for your words of encouragement and support and also for having answered the question about the college sketch. Nicola, welcome to the site. Like you, I don't understand why people who find this subject distasteful still come here. I guess it is out of curiosity.

Friday, August 07, 1998

Nice to hear again from Jill. As regards toilet seats, some men such as myself prefer to pee sitting down ( I have posted about this in the past) so toilet seats are as important to me as they are to women. I too prefer wooden seats to the colder plastic ones. I have found however that some seats have too small a hole which can be a problem if like Moira and myself you have a big arse (butt) as the buttocks tend to get squeezed together and this makes it difficult to pass a large fat jobbie. I will often put the seat up in such cases and sit directly on the toilet pan itself as this lets my bum spread more and makes passing a really big fat solid turd far easier. Has anyone else found this effect? I also remember at school that the toilet seats had a cut out at the front I suppose to stop boys peeing on this part when sitting down. The Girls toilets had normal seats that went all the way round just like the one in the toilet at home. In Britain ass gaskets (paper seat covers) are virtually unknown and if the seat is wet or dirty either one wipes it with toilet paper before use or , as I have sometimes done hovered with my bum above the seat and dropped from that position. The story from Crimson reminds me of the time that my cousin Nicky (no relation to the new Nicola who posted here today August 5- though its nice to read her) did a jobbie in her panties. I suppose I was about 8 or so and Nicky was 11 or 12 . We were coming home from school about 4.00pm and Nicky said she needed a jobbie again although she had done a really big whopper at lunchtime in the Girls Toilet at school and had taken much delight in describing it in great detail to myself and her young sister Debbie, then aged about 10. As we walked home she started to fart, dry squeaky smelly farts, and said, "oh that's okey its only wind" then she strained to fart again then went "Oh no, Ive done it in my knickers" Now luckily it was a solid lump and only a relatively small one of about 4 inches long and two inches thick ( what we would call a "mick" in Scotland )so it didn't squash up but merely hung down in the seat of her white cotton interlock school knickers. As these were briefs with quite tight elastic through the leg openings ( I also wore these then and still do), it didnt come out either so when we got home and she lifted up her skirt Debbie and I could observe the bulge hanging down in the seat of her underpants. She stepped out of them in the toilet and we could see that the jobbie was hardly deformed at all and she merely inverted her knickers over the toilet pan and dropped it into the water with a loud "PLOONK!" and there was only a long brown skid mark in the seat of her underpants to show what had happened. No doubt if it had been a bigger jobbie or softer it would squashed up and made a mess, but she was lucky. I suppose this was a small lump left unpassed up her rectum after the really big one she had passed earlier that day possibly a bit that had broken off of the end of it. My wife Moira has had similar experiences of doing a smaller jobbie that has been left behind when she next goes to the toilet after previously passing a very large turd, though she hasn't had an accident in her knickers as a result, all that has happened is that she has thought she only needed a wee wee then "KUPLONK!" she does a jobbie as well. Have any other readers, male and female experienced this?

To Steph: Wow! If you can get yourself clean in only three wipes, I'm jealous. It usually takes me a lot more. I do occasionally have those "ghost dumps" where you do a big one and you wipe and the paper is clean (and like you, I always wipe a second time just to be sure), but those are rare. Usually it takes me at least 5 or 6 wipes to get clean, and I almost always have to flush twice to avoid a clog. Also, I have the same problem you do of getting poop on my hands during messy dumps. No matter how careful I am, I always seem to get some on the palm of my hand, right in the middle of the hand. I wondered whether anyone else had that problem. I also get it on my fingers a lot, particularly when I have to stick the paper into my hole to try to clean it. The other problem I have, and I wonder if anyone else experiences this, is how do you get the poop smell off your fingers? It seems that no matter how hard you try to wash with soap and water, the smell still lingers.! Anyone else have this problem?

In reply to Jill's post about toilet seats. Wooden ones are warm, and they are more solid that plastic ones, but more difficult to clean if you have an accident or bad aim. The very worst kind are the plastic ones that wobble or rattle if you move around. I wriggle a lot while sitting on the pot, and I'm sure a lot of other people do as well, and the seat that moves when you wriggle is a DISASTER. But a couple of years ago, I realized that you can get round this problem by not using a seat at all and sitting on the bare porcelain rim. This is as firm as a rock, and reduces any aim problems for men when they are peeing. So I never use a seat now. Sometimes of course the rim needs a good wipe if the preceding male has lifted the seat but still has bad aim. But for a firm, stable and cool shit, I recommend the rim.

Question: Has anybody here ever suffered the fate of involuntary evacuation of the bowels, or in other words, had "the shit scared out of you", and I mean literally had it happen? I had read a story some years ago about a person that came close to having it happen when a dog came up behind him and gave him a good scare.

This one time, (more like a week ago) i was working at my little kareoke stand. (i work in an amusement park) and there were 3 girls who came up. They asked the usual (price, what happens here, blah blah...hhehe) and the one girl asked where the bathrooms were. I told her. But she wanted to do the song first , so when she was done she looked pretty desperate. She said she really had to go so when she walked away after she paid, i saw this dark stain in her crotch area.Then later that Day (more like 30 min) i saw here walk by again but this time here whole shorts were soaked...
a very..interesting day

Wednesday, August 05, 1998

2 announcements. 1. Issue Q2 1998 is due in the first week of September. Cover, the dumbing down of America, also Sitting on The Toilet survey results.

2. People with questions and issues. Hollerin ,panicing, and or volume are not solutions. Please read the documentation and instructions. (It is clearly marked and prominantly placed.) See if the answer to your question has been previously addressed. See if there is anything important you need to take note of. If not, read on to identify the proper procedure to get your question or issue resolved. No further space will be taken up on any forum here for responses personally addressed questions in the future.

Here's another one for you. Last winter we were in a bar and Dave went to take a dump. I had to pee but decided to wait until he cleared out of there. He was taking along time and I couldn't wait any longer so I ventured into the restroom. It turned out that he wasn't pooping all that time, but rather he pooped and then was trying to clean up his mistake. He was wearing some insulated snowmbile pants or something (whatever they were, they were like bib-overalls, but insulated). He had dropped them, then took a pleasant dump. When it was time to wipe up, he discovered that the suspender-like upper half of those pants had been in the path of the turd that he had just dropped. I laughed so hard I almost had a pee accident myself. The funniest thing about it was that he was proud of what he had done. You'll understand that after I post a few more stories about him. Hey, has anyone ever been busted by the pee cop? Let's hear it.

I was in a store the other day and went into the men's room and sat down on one of the toilets. After a few minutes a little boy came in and sat down on the other toilet. His dad was standing at the urinal and the little boy said: "This is going to take a while!" He then started straining and I heard a tinkle. Then a few minutes passed. I heard crackling and then a plop. "UGH!!!, this toilet is BIG" he said. A few more minutes passed and then two more plops. I guess it was a big load for a little boy. Then he reached over to get some toilet paper and started wiping. His dad said: "Are you done?" He wiped a couple more times and then they washed their hands and left. I looked into the toilet which they had not flushed, and, yeah, it was a big load for a little boy, about 12" long and 1 1/2" thick. So I pulled the handle and the turd appeared to be hard; it didn't bend, it swirled around the bowl and eventually went down.

Jeff A.
Jodi: Not at all! I'm just afraid of breaking internet etiquette, and coming off sounding wrong sometimes. I'm still working on my wife, little by little. I'll be sure and let you gals know the results firsthand. She said it was ok for me to mention her here. I wanted her permission first. Bridget: the girl from the college, gave me the sketch, plus she did another regular reclining pose of me which was more of a serious piece of art. I loved it!. The girl who drew it, signed it "love, M." (sorry, can't give her name out). I believe I still have it somewhere in my archives of junk. I should also explain how she came to ask me out to begin with: We had gotten into a great discussion about art and drawing, and painting styles, and movies and so on, and we just decided to extend our conversation into a date. She was just the one who did the asking out. We had a real fun time at my apt., and it was such a relief, because there was no sex involved. Just fun. I asked her if she would return the favor by dropping her drawers and sitting on the pot for me while I did a drawing, but she answered with a firm "No way!!", but deep down I really think she got off on it, I could tell. There was just something about the way she was looking at me, and how she wanted me to pose! "strangely" for her in the first place. Also, I feel that more than likely you have nothing to be self-conscious, or insecure about, and I'm sure that you would make a great artist's model! It's what's on the inside that really matters. If it's good on the inside, it shows on the outside. Keep thinking good thoughts. Drew: welcome back!

Hello all. I have come across this site and have completely enjoyed all the past posts. I am a single English girl of 23 , a little on the ???? side. Its great to read that so many other people both enjoy doing a good healthy solid jobbie (I learned this word from a Scot's friend years ago) and hearing someone else doing one or seeing it. I have had this fascination since childhood and my young brother and I often watched each other doing a poo and buddy dumped with each other, and I did likewise with some school friends. For those interested I am quite regular (except during my period when I get a bit constipated) and often pass firm turds of 10 to 12 inches long and 2 inches thick, usually carrot shaped and thus they often stick in the toilet pan. Drew is quite right about UK toilet pans being deeper than US ones and the "Ker-plonk!" sound effects in British loos being so good. I also found the US doorless stalls a bit strange at first when on holiday in the States but as no one else seemed to be bothered I soon got used to it, sitting there with my knickers (panties) at the top of my thighs to give a bit of privacy (as I usually pull them down to my knees in a stall with a door)going a bit red in the face as a big lump slowly slid out of my bum. I suppose its a case of what you are used to but they would never catch on in the UK. I cant understand Kristy's post. Surely this site, quite clearly entitled "The Toilet" is very open about its content and if she is put off by seeing other people's motions in the toilet pan I cant see why she posts to a website where the majority of users have exactly the opposite viewpoint. I have got a buzz, since I was a kid when I see a nice big solid jobbie in the toilet which someone else has done, only a mess of diarrhea turns me off. Regarding wiping after a motion, I suggest using moist wipes these are popular in the UK and are sold under various brand names, "Hakle Moists" being one of the most popular, I assume you can get something similar to these in the states. I use these at home and keep a small supply in my handbag (purse in the USA) for when I use a Public or Works toilet. Like most women I wipe from Vagina to Anus, never the other way, and don't get skid marks in my panties, even if I pass a softer motion than usual. All the best from Nicky.

I thought I ought to write about the subject of loo seats. I suppose it's more of a woman thing, but men do use them sometimes (ie when they are not leaving them in the UP position!). I really love the feel of a wooden loo seat, nicely polished smooth and warm to the bum, even on a cold day. Both of our loos at home have wooden seats, I made sure of that, but in other places.... not so good. I don't often use public loos, other than at work, or in the pub or restaurant, but the seats there are almost invariably of the plastic variety. I use train loos quite a lot, and some of the older trains still have wooden loo seats, but I don't find them very often. It must just be my particular preference, or more people would complain and maybe more places would have those nice comfortable wooden ones. I don't know if I had any influence (I like to think I do!), but a pub that we visit regularly was re-decorating a while back, and I mentioned to the landlord how nice it would be if the ! loos had wooden seats - and hey presto, they do now; so all is not completely lost. Come on toilet connoisseurs, what do you think?

Hi guys! A few quick notes before I rattle off about my weekend. Pat, I "normally" wipe 3-5 times after taking a dump, until there's no more brown stuff on the paper. There are times when I take what I call a "clean" dump- that is, when I've definitely "dropped" something into the toilet, but there's nothing on the paper after I wipe my butt the first time. In these instances, I always wipe a second time, just to make sure. The other extreme is when I take a really wet dump (not to be confused with diahrrea, which for me is usually a 2-3 wipe job), usually after eating spicy foods. I can wipe my butt 10+ times, and have poop all over my hands (yuch!), but there's still stuff on the TP each time I wipe. The only remedy for this is to take a shower and clean my butt with soap and water; I'll admit I never did this daily (while showering) until my friend Alex told me she does it every day. I've started doing it as well- it really helps keep my undies looking and smelling clean. Ok, enough of that... Coprologist, I'm sure you've read about my "position," but I'll enlighten those who don't know. When I take a dump, especially when having trouble going, I'll put my feet into a "tippy toes" position, put my head almost between my knees, and wrap my hands around the backside of my upper legs, all the while tensing up my muscles. I find this (usually) really works. Bridget, I'll try your position of leaning back the next time I have trouble going and let you know how I made out. I live in New England (as many of you may know) and flew out to Michigan last weekend to visit my boyfriend, Tom. I had an AWESOME time [:)!!!] and have a couple of toilet stories to share. We went on an overnight hiking/camping trip in northern Michigan, and both stories of interest happened there. Tom and I were walking when he excused himself to pee in the woods. I resisted the temptation to watch him go , so I stayed on the path while he did his thing. We pitched a tent and slept in a fairly secluded area of the park overnight. At around 3:30 AM, I woke up with a strong urge to take a dump (I hadn't gone in about 2 1/2 days). I fumbled for the flashlight, my backpack (with TP and other personal stuff), and a t-shirt and hiking shorts (I'll admit, for those who are interested, I was in a "semi-nude" state at that point), all the while not trying to wake Tom up. He did wake up; I apologized for waking him, but told him I had to go to the bathroom, really badly. He offered to walk me down to the latrine, about a 10 minute walk away, but I told him I'd be OK on my own. To make a long story short, I did get to the latrine; it wasn't an outhouse, more like a "waterless" bathroom with several stalls. There was electricity, however, so I turned the light on before going in. I went into one of the stalls, sat down, and after a little "straining," let out a couple of thick jobbies. There was some coarse, brown toilet paper in there, but I decided to use the soft white roll of toilet paper I carried in my backpack. I "washed" my hands afterwards with some baby wipes, also in my backpack. After shutting the light off and leaving the bathroom, I walked back to my tent. Whew, was I relieved after that!!! Peace and love to all, Steph

To Matt: I sometimes wet the toilet paper before wiping. Most of the time I use dry toilet paper. If Im In public and had a BM I sometimes spit on the toilet paper to get It moist, If needed.

Tuesday, August 04, 1998

Hi. Just a quick message to Jeff A. You didn't offend me at all and I hope my questioning you (about walking in on your ex-girlfriend) wasn't taken too personally. I hope your wife does have the courage to "go" in front of you; my friends and I would LOVE to read about it! LOL, Jodi

Hi, just another quick note (sorry I didn't think of this the first time I posted today). I inaccurately said that my sister was the only one I watched go to the bathroom (prior to my "buddy dumping" with Alex and Steph). Remember when I posted last winter about jogging with my friend Christine? She was unable to hold it, so she asked me to come into the woods with her and stand guard (in case anyone came into the area). She had to pull down her sweats and panties and then discharged what must have been a 15 second stream of liquid diahrrea (she's lactose intolerant, as I am, though more severely so). Before anyone asks, I did not get a rise out of this at all; I felt sorry that such a close friend (or indeed anyone) had to go in the woods. Christine came to visit over the weekend, and reminded me of this incident. Jodi

After reading a suggestion here a few days ago, I tried the idea of holding a dump in longer than when I originally needed to go...I had taken my last dump on Wednesday of this past week...The next day, I felt as though I needed to go again, but held back from doing so, and waited until this morning, and went to the park restroom like I had done last Wednesday...It sure felt good to get rid of the load after holding it in for 5 days, with each day waking up feeling like I needed to get rid of it then...I think the person who posted that is right, in my case anyway, the one I did this morning was more massive than usual, and it totally covered the opening in the bottom of the bowl...But, oh the feeling of relief to get rid of it, talk about getting a "load off a person's mind", to coin a phrase...It was very welcome...In fact, right now, I feel another movement coming on, but I am going to hold it in and see what happens...

I have just returned from a trip to my native Britain and have been catching up on all the postings. Jeff A, great stories in recent weeks. Keep them coming! Redneck, we share the same fantasy about taking a good dump with someone in their early 20's. Pat, in response to the tp issue, I keep on wiping until I get a completely clean piece of tp. Eric, don't be nervous about pooping in the dorm restrooms. You'll soon get used to it and remember every other guy is in the same situation. Until I was about 16, I avoided using public toilets, especially at school, and like you would hold it until I got home. Then I moved to a new school where a lot more guys were actually using the stalls to take a dump in. So I started using them on an almost daily basis. Today, I take about 90% of my dumps in public restrooms. Do you have any good after school pooping stories about you and your friends to share with us? A couple of major differences between British and North American toilets: British toilet pans are a lot deeper and therefore the sound effects are much better as a turd has a longer way to fall. I heard more plopping sounds in four weeks than I've heard all year here. You can even hear a guy five or six stalls away from your stall! The actual toilet stalls in Britain are also different. The stall walls either go all the way to the floor or just a couple of inches above it, so it is impossible or very difficult to see the shoes of the guy in the next stall. The stall doors when closed give complete privacy; there is no gap for you to observe who else is in the bathroom or for someone to peek in. I visited a couple of public toilets where they had frosted glass windows the length of the stall door. I thought they were great because you could see the figure of someone sitting on the toilet and then of course, wiping themselves. Many guys used to stick tp all over the glass to give themselves more privacy. Anyway, the two places I knew of like this have replaced these doors with ordinary ones since last year. Pity! I'll tell some more trip related stories later.

You know what I hate?? When people are too lazy to flush the toilet after they pee or poo and they leave the toilet lid open for other peeps to see! I think it is really disgusting and stupid for anyone(even you guys)to do that. Who wants to see what other people produced from their bodies?? I sure the hell don't.

I am another "thorough wiper" who keeps wiping vigorously until there's no brown left on the paper. Unfortunately, some dumps are so messy that all the wiping in the world doesn't seem to get it clean. Pat's idea of putting soap on the paper works well when you're in your own private bathroom, but it's sometimes difficult in a public or work restroom. If I think about it before I go into the stall in a public bathroom, I'll take some toilet paper or a paper towel, put some water on it and squirt some soap on it and then take it into the stall with me in case I need it. If I forget to do this, or there's other people in the room and I don't want to do it in front of them, I have another technique I use when I need a little moisture on the paper but can't get to soap or a faucet. This may sound gross, but trust me it really isn't. If I still see brown on the paper after several wipes, I will stick the middle finger of my left hand (the hand not involved in the wiping) in my mouth and cover it in saliva. Then I carefully take the saliva and rub it gently over the surface of my butt hole. This sounds gross but it really isn't. After I've rubbed the saliva on the hole, I go back to wiping gently with paper (using my right hand again), and the moisture usually helps pick up any remaining brown stuff. If I need more saliva, I do it again using a different finger on my left hand (once my finger touches the hole I won't put it in my mouth again due to germs). Usually, I need do this only once or twice, and the moisture is enough that there's no more brown on the paper after a couple of wipes. Try it! It works pretty well.

pooping girl
When I am finished going top the toilet I wipe my fanny from front to back and I use regular toilet paper for the first wipe, I then use wet wipes to wipe myself followed by dry toilet paper to make sure I am all cleaned up. I kep the wet wipes on top of the toilet tank for visitors to use also. I also have a small carrying case of them that I take with me if I have to use the public toilet for a jobbie.

Jeff A, that must have made for a very interesting date when you posed for her sitting on the toilet. Do you know what she did with the sketch afterwards??? I guess it is flattering to pose nude, especially if you're proud and confident about your body. Personally, posing nude is the last thing I would do because I am very self-conscious and insecure about my body.

Does anyone here ever wet the Toilet Paper before wiping? I never use dry toilet paper to wipe my ass. It feels so nasty and it feels as if there is still more residue shit just waiting to produce skidmarks on my underwear.

Here's a little incident from my early years: I was at a schoolfriend's house. We must have been about eight or nine, his sister Sara was about six or seven. We were playing in the garden, when Sara stood still for a moment, and walked nonchalantly, although a little awkwardly over to where her mother Nicky was sitting. Quite matter-of-factly, she announced "I've done a poo". Nicky took her by the hand and led her into the outside toilet without closing the door. Sara stood next to the toilet facing the wall, Nicky pulled open the elastic waistband of her shorts and had a look inside. With her other hand, Nicky reached into Sara's clothes and took out a firm poo and dropped it down the toilet. Then she pulled Sara's shorts down and wiped her bottom and the seat of her undies, pulled them back up, patted Sara on the bottom and sent her out to play. Nicky flushed the toilet and went back to whatever she was doing. The whole thing took about 30 seconds, and was done with such indifference that I suspect it was a common occurrence. Two minutes later Sara got up,went back to the toilet, and had a look in it. "The poo's still in the toilet, mummy" she shouted. "Flush it again" Nicky called back. Sara flushed, and watched carefully. "It's not going down, mummy" was her verdict. "Don't worry, we'll try later" replied Nicky. Of course, I suddenly needed to go, and as I approached the toilet Nicky apologised "It's not very efficient, sometimes things don't flush away, but don't worry it's only one of Sara's!" So I had my first buddy dump, and when I flushed, everything went down first time. I wanted to tell Sara that I had managed to dispose of her poo, but felt it would be impolite to say so in front of her brother. I believe this was one of the events which set me on the quest for inventing superior loos, and I've always wondered why Sara didn't need to sit for a tinkle after har accident.... I'd tell you another story, except my diaper's leaking (I've been sitting here for hours) and it's past my bedtime. Laters Crimson

Monday, August 03, 1998

Dave, (Canada), You didn't site a single reference, generalized, steryotyped, and we have a mountain of evidence to the contrary. That's called libel.

I did the biggest and smelliest turd of my life on Wednesday. I had to go visit my auntie in the Sun Bay Lovers retirement village. I got to reception and the woman at the counter told me that my aunt would be fifteen to twenty minutes as she was finishing off some cards day they have. I took a seat but I was having strong bowel movements and although I could wait, I really felt like a dump. I noticed there were toilets near the reception desk. They were uni sex toilets (probably there for the incontinent old farts that come in and can't wait). There were actually only two cubicles. I sat on the seat and it came out straight away, at leat 20 inches long. I sighed with ecstasy. I thought it would never finish coming out my arsehole. It landed loudly and stunk the whole bathroom out. It was no doubt a trophy turd. I wished I had a camera to show my mate who's always bragging about the size of his turds. Thinking no one would be in here for ages, I decided not to flush the button. I walked back out and took a seat. Less than a minute later, about twenty old farts came into the reception area, led by a tour guide. They were obviously thinking of moving into the retirement village. The tour guide explained to them that this was the last section of the tour and that there were toilets next to the reception desk if anyone needed to use them. About four of them (all women) went into the bathroom. I had to try and keep a straight face as I imagined them walking in and seeing a mammoth turd floating and taking in the stench. It smelt like a rotten piece of meat. My aunt then came and I never got a chance to see them come out....that's if they survived the stench.

Redneck,your right that producing a good batch of turds is an acomplishment. The farting that preceeds the event is great.As the farts get closer together and the smells get stronger and stronger as they have to slide by more and more turds that are building up waiting to exit.You feel the turds pushing down the shoot until they are just ready to touch your cloth.Then you go in the bathroom and squat over the bowl(now comes the good part,if you have a medicine cabinet with a mirrored front that slides)You take one door out of the track and rest it on the toilet where the seat and top meet. Now as you squat and the turds start to slide out and that familiar crackling noice can be heard you can watch your pink hole open up and produce those trophys.If you lucky you will have a very,very ,very,long crackling turd that will reach from your hole all the way down to the water befor it lets go and it will curl up into a round high pile,that is a sight to behold.It make you wonder sometimes where all of it was stored in your body.This is the ultimate shit and doen,t happen often, but when it does it is worth the wait and effort to produce it.

Hi guys. Pat, I always wipe my butt vigorously after taking a shit, especially if it's later in the day and I've already showered. I usually poop first thing in the morning, before taking a shower, so I also clean my butt in the shower. I've never stuck my finger into my anus (except for the few times I've had to take supposotories, but that's another story), but I do make sure the surface, plus both "butt cheeks" are clean. This is mainly because I can't stand "skid marks" on my panties. I'm also fairly vigorous in wiping my vagina after peeing. Christine (Jodi's friend) came up to visit Jodi for a couple of nights, and I got to meet her. She is so cool, and though 90% of our conversations were not about the bathroom, the inevitable "toilet topics" came up. She shared quite a few stories about accidents and "near misses%

Pat, I, too, tend ro be quite meticulous when I wipe myself. I do not go as far as using soap, but I do wipe until there are no more traces of brown on the paper. Usually, I just wipe at the surface but I do probe a little deeper in the instaces where I have done a messy poop which smears a lot.

The other day I posted about my dumping experiences in Peru. Has anyone else here had any similar outdoor experiences in countries where people are very open about their bodily functions? Just curious.

Pat, in response to your quetion on thourough wiping, I do the same thing after I take a dump. I keep wiping until there is no dirt seen on the TP. Usually when I sit, I spread the butt cheeks out so it comes straight out of the hole into the water without touching the sides.
I may have told this story before but don't remeber. A friend and I had to take a leak in the Wal Mart bathroom and there was a father standing outside fo the stall while the boy had to take a shit. The father asked the boy if he was finished and the boy said, "My butt is still dirty" and the father smiled and we three all looked at each other and smiled. After we got out of the bathroom, we started to laugh and my wife was waiting outside. We had to tell her the story since sh wondered why we were laughing.

Pat, I hope you don't mind hearing from a man. My wiping technique is similar to yours. Though I don't have the "front to back" requirement, I also try to make sure my anus is very clean, going to the trouble of slipping my finger (covered with several layers of TP) into my anus to make sure there is nothing that will creep out over the next few minutes/hours and leave nasty skid marks. I do this after scribbing the outside. But I don't bother to either wet the TP or use soap (there isn't any soap available in the toilets at work where I do half my #2s). I also do a good job of scrubbing my crack in the shower. I discovered it is very convenient to do so after lathering my hair. I figure hair shampoo is not so strong and won't irritate the delicate tissue around my anus. ...fluidity

your name (optional)Ross
Hey Movie Fan! That's a great point about how movies rarely make references to women pooping. I can't think of any other examples than the ones mentioned. I'm sure there ARE other movies where it's mentioned, but I can't think of any. I CAN think of a couple of TV shows with references to this subject. "Absolutely Fabulous" had an episode where the daughter, Saffy, made fun of her mother getting a weekly "colonic irrigation". She has a line where she says to her mother, "Why can't you just go to the toilet like everyone else!" The more explicit example is an episode of "LA Law" several years ago where the lady lawyer, Ann Kelsey, is out camping with her husband. She has to poop, and when she's done she asks her husband where he put the toilet paper. When he tells her he forgot to bring it, she says "Well what am I supposed to use?" He says to use some leaves, so she does that, and, of course, ends up getting poison ivy on her butt. That's was pretty funny, and the fact that there was a female poop mention at all was VERY unusual. There was also an episode of "Roseanne" where the older daughter was said to have farted while giving a speech at school, but that wasn't a poop reference per se. Does anyone know of any other TV shows or movies where there has been a reference to a female character pooping?

Jeff A.
Bridget: you're my shinin' light, and I love you to death, but I never thought of myself as "exposing". I really loved those modelling sessions because mainly, these were really young artists who were forming themselves, and one of their tasks were to sketch/paint a nude male. I enjoyed being illustrated by so many talented individuals, that I was flattered. But, for you, as a P.S,agirl from that school who asked me out on a date did that:ased me to pose for her "strangely" and I suggested sitting on the toilet. I really did it, and pooped hard, and stank horrible, embarassing her and myself. Oh well. Redneck: I'm an Oregonian, and the college in question dosen't really matter, because I also modeled at every major college in Oregon for nearly 6 years. I've also pooped in front of many of these young dudes so many times that it became habit. Nonetheless, it still was exciting. I agree with you 100%. It's just a great experience. I'm not gay myself, but I do have a love affair with the male body. It's the most beautiful thing ever!!! My wife knows how strongly I feel about males, and she agrees! We watched "The Full Monty " together, and my main compplaint was, they did 't show the guys nude from the front! What a rip!!! Anyway, this is what I love best about this site: the honesty, and truthfulness about what we think and feel. To Jodi again: I suspect that maybe I didn't ask my question well at all. My apologies if I offended you. Trust me, I'd rather take a beating than offend you, or your friends. We're all here together, and I'd sure hate to come off wrong. I'm just a curious guy who hasn't quite learned to pick his words right. All my love, Jeff. P.S.: my wife read one of my last posts about how turned I get toward her in the potty, and I think she's ready to talk about it! If she lets me watch, then as gorgeous as she is, and given the green light to post it, will I ever have a story for you folks!!!! -J.

Speaking of Kevin L's post about Port-o-pottys. Do Port-o-pottys have Urinals In them. What Is that thing usally on left hand side of the port-o-potty? A urinal? Is Any one familar with those oval shaped bins that we guys pee In. I belive these things are old fashioned or something. What are these called? By the way I am a 17 year old male.

I found an interesting bit in the book "Anita and Me" by Meera Syal (ISBN 0-00-654876-8, Page 139) which I thought I'd share with you.... the book's about a girl growing up in Birmingham, England, in the 60s. ..."Anita finally got round to explaining what those lyrics meant after the peeing competition we held one day when we were bored and feeling bad. It had started when Karl had declared he was 'dying for a widdle' and had picked his way through the nettles to find a convenient spot. Anita put her finger on her lipss and beckoned the whole gang of us to follow him. I saw Karl holding what looked like a button mushroom in his right hand and aiming a streaming jet of pee at a clump of clover, making their purple leonine heads bend and dance. I squealed, Karl turned round and promptly sprayed Anita's dog (I never called him by name), who must have thought his luck was in and attached himself to Karl's leg, humping with unabashed gratitude. Kevin boasted he could hit the clover patch from ten feet and performed so impressively that we had to take shelter in the pigsty, marvelling at how versatile these boys' mushrooms were. I did not feel embarassed at all; I had known for ages that whatever boys had 'down there' was big trouble and not to be approached, but after seeing Karl and Kevin's vegeterian-friendly offerings, I felt relieved and somewhat cheated. Kevin was about to claim his prize of a remaining penny chew in our sweet hoard when Anita said 'Ay! Us wenches haven't had a go yet, have we?' Susan and I exchanged horrified glances; she was shy enough in normal circumstances and I reckoned the trauma of pulling her knickers down in mixed company could push her over the edge. Susan sidled off nervously, mumbling something like, 'Me mom's calling me, honest!' and scampered through the undergrowth without a backwards glance. Anita called after her 'Chicken chicken! You better not come back again Susan Archer!' and roused us all into a half-hearted chorus of clucking which only served to make Susan run faster. Anita looked round at us mockingly. 'I'm gooing fust. I ain't bothered.' In one fluid motion she whipped off her panties, I caught a flash of smooth white thigh underr her dress, and through them at Tracey, who held them gingerly between a thumb and forefinger, unsure whether she was proud or mortified by her older sister. Anita squatted down near the clover patch and let out a little grunt before emitting a fireman's hosefull of pee, which, by arching her back and hips, she managed to direct squarely on target, laughing in triumph. 'You're nearer than I woz!' shouted Kevin indignantly. 'Well! I'm a girl! I'm allowed!' said Anita, as if referring to paragraph three, section two of the Official Handbook of Mixed Pissing Etiquette, acutely aware that she had just defied nature gravity as well as saving on a visit to the toilet. Karl and Kevin shook their heads in reluctant admiration, hands in pockets as they reassured their mushrooms that not all girls would show them up like this. Anita slipped her knickers back on and pushed tracey forward. 'Your go, our Trace.' Tracey snuffled quietly, 'I've got trousers on, nita...' 'Well, tek um off then!' yelled Anita, tugging at the wasteband. Don't show us up!' Trace backed away and began fumbling with her buttons, trying to control the trembling of her lower lip. She opened the top and edged her trousers down, the top of her legs looked like sticks of lard, thin without muscle tone, neglected. I shifted uncomfortably, I wanted to say, leave it, leaver her alone, but she wasn't my sister, was she? Tracey turned her back on the boys as she bent over to tug her trousers down further, and then Kevin and Karl began giggling manically, nudging each other and pointing. 'What?' called Anita, sniffing blood. 'What?' 'Her's got a poo stripe!' yelled Karl. 'Her's got kak round her bum!' Tracey spun around, a faint but visible skid mark neatly outlining the crack of her cheeks. 'I ain't!' she whispered. 'Stop it!' I ain't!' The boys glanced at Anita, wondering if they had gone too far, picking on the sister of their leader. Anita smiled at them and started the chant 'Poo stripe! Poo stripe!'....." Not sure of copyright on submitting this.....

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