Watching my wife poop

Hey everyone. I have a story to share from a few days ago, about my wife. She is incredibly regular, and poops every morning at the same time. Usually this means she goes in to work early and poops there, but on days when she doesn't work, she poops at home. Saturday was one her days off and we were in bed together, neither of us wanting to leave the warm covers.

But as I said, her bowels move like clockwork, and soon it was time for her morning poop. She got out of bed and put on her slippers, shuffling off to get the newspaper, an integral part of her routine. She returned to our bedroom and headed into the bathroom. Like usual, she didn't close the door. I don't know if she leaves it open so I can watch, knowing that I enjoy it, or if she just doesn't worry about the privacy issue. Either way, I got a good show.

From the bed, I had a side view of her perched on her throne, and if I listened intently, I could hear her too. It was dead quiet that morning, and I could hear the faint tinkling as she peed. I watched as she sat there, reading the paper. I knew when she was pushing out a turd, as I'd see her face wrinkle up for a few seconds, and then sometimes hear a plop. She looked cute sitting there pooping, without a care in the world.

After she had passed a few turds, there was a slight smell present. It's hard to describe the smell, but it wasn't overpowering. It was kind of earthy and somehow pleasing. She sat for about fifteen minutes, every so often pushing out a turd. Then she stayed sitting for a few minutes longer, just finishing the paper, though she had actually finished pooping earlier.

She folded up the paper when she was done, and started wiping herself. She rolled off toilet paper, folded it once, wiped her bottom, then folded and wiped a second time. She rolled off more paper and repeated her folding and wiping, and then stood up, glancing briefly at her load in the toilet (oh how I wish I could see it, but alas...) before closing the lid and flushing it away.


PoopABLE Train Journey!

Hi, This is Anubhab, Male,living in Kolkata(Calcutta),India. am 15 and 5'4" and slim.
i was frequent visitor of this site since last year and its my first story, hope you all will like it.
Now lets go to the story
these are few incidents occured on my train journey to my home town Jalpaiguri, 600kms away from kolkata.
After my selection test for the 10th grade board exams, i decided to take trip to my hometown to pay a visit to family and ex-classmates.
I opted for the Superfast Day service,coz its not so popular and could get a seat in short notice. as per the plans, in 11th december morning i arrived at the Kolkata Terminal. this station is very much clean and rushless unlike its other counterparts in the city.
My reservation was in a Non AC Seater Coach which was 6th from the loco and was quite empty, only 15 passengers including me of its capacity of 108.
Incident 1.
As the train started bang on time at 9.05am i felt hungry. so decided eat my homemade lunch consisted Cooked Rice with Fish Curry. after few mins of eating i fell an urge to go.but i decided to hold it,as i was enjoying the train's rhythmic movements at 110kph!but i could not hold it longer. i rushed to the toilet.after seeing the Western Style loo was already occupied. i went to the squat type one,as soon i squatted an opened my denim jeans. a huge poop of 10" thundered out followed by many farts and other smaller poops, i flushed, wiped my anus and went back to seat.

incident 2, 10-30am
just moments before train was reaching bardhaman station, i felt hungry again. i found a Catering Boy was taking orders, i asked him about items available and opted for the Chicken Biriyani. Which costed 55 Rupees which is about 98 cents. and bought a Medium Size Lays Potato Chips indian masala flavor. by then the cold started to come wand temperature showed 9 degrees Celsius. abou an hour later when the train had already left its next stop Bolpur. i Got the Biriyani and ate it. 30 mins later. i again got an urge. This time i went to the western style. i sat. ad pushed but the poop started to came after a few mins, first one was small of 3 inces. then came 2 large logs of about 10 inches followeed by farts.

incident 3 4pm

after traversing 350kms from start.the train was running nonstop till New Jalpaiguri at full pace, which was 220kms ahead. here i ate Boiled eggs and Sweets followed by Strawberry earlier incident same thing happened and i went to toilet again and blah blah blah,i pooped and found out that some one has broken the fluch. i found ou that it as by a young couple in my compartment who used this toilet for there 'pleasure'. Beacuse after Malda town Station only 3 people and the Coach Attendant was in the compartment including me.

incident 4. 7pm

after leaving New Jalpaiguri station i was only person the compartment. till then the winter was at its best at 3 degrees celcius. few moments before reaching my destination at 7.45pm i felt a bad urge. which i could not control as soon the train stooped at he Platform of my home town, i saw my Girlfriend was waiting for me( i live in calcutta since 2 years only).

She saw me and in istant reaction i said run behind me. we ran to my apartment which is a minutes walk from railway station and opened my apartment door and went straight to the toilet while telling parents that i have reached safely through my cell phone at the same time. and i sat in the toilet. then my gf came and she said she also wanted to poop. she started to use the squat style one beside mine. mean while se farted and pushed a 8" inch long turd out of her and i pushed a 6 inch long. then i pushed few small and one 7 inch one, she pushed another three of 5/6 inches. we finished at almost same time , we both wiped. and she said that she loved pooping with me, we did same things later , which i will tell you later.
i made my dinner and slept then, please pardon my spellings, as eanglish is not my communication medium and we follow a mixup british english and indian english

Regards, Anubhab

My wife has some really weird habits. She commonly pees all around the house. I have done it some times but she does it a lot more. I do not complain about it(I admit it turns me on in a odd way). At least 2-3 times a week she will pee some where other then a toilet. She has peed in all our furniture, on the flood, in bed, sinks, on dirty laundry, and even on me(not sexually, more like using me like a toilet more on that later). She said she has done this for several years before I met her(she was 26 and I was 28 when we met).

It was about a month into our relationship that I found out about it. I was at her apartment. We had been drinking and watching movies that night and had just crawled into bed. We were snuggling just got comfortable when she says "Damn it, I should of peed before coming to bed". I was expecting her to get out of bed and go to the bathroom but after about a minute she asked a question I was not prepared for, "Honey how mad would you be if we happened to wake up in a wet bed in the morning?" I never been pee shy. I had seen her in the bathroom already. I didn't know what to say so I said what popped in my mind first "Well its your bed". She just responded with "I love you baby" and fell asleep.I feel asleep shortly later a little curious about what I would wake up to.

I woke up in the morning with a soaked bed. It was getting a little cold but I wasn't really uncomfortable. The only really uncomfortable thing was I had to pee really bad too. I honestly thought of getting up and then figured if the bed was already wet who cares. I pulled her closer to me and just kinda released. It felt really good. When i did it she woke and just laughed. When i stopped I noticed she also released her morning piss into the bed. I'm gonna skip the next section cause this is family friendly and the next section isn't. After that was done she confessed to me that some times she pees in various places around the house, sometimes out of laziness/convenience and sometimes out of wanting to be naughty.

I have seen her watching tv on the couch then just squatting on the floor taking a piss then just sitting on the couch again. I have seen her dancing to music amusing herself(again not sexual just mean being happy dancing) and seeing a trickle slowly leaking out. I have even seen her curled up reading a book sitting in a puddle. My personal favorite is when she it doing something else and walks over pulls down her pants and pees in to a chair, pulls her pants back up and continues doing what ever she was doing.

I have done it occasionally too. Mostly out of laziness for example once in a while watching a football game I will take my thing out and aim it forward and piss a golden arch onto the floor.

Anyone else this open with their peeing? I know Car Mom was getting there but I haven't heard from her in a while as well as a couple other people doing it too. Its nice to know my wife is not some freak(although I do love my little freak) and it is more common then I thought.


Pooping with Autumn

Some comments and replies:

Marissa - That's terrible! I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you--you must have been horrified! I agree with everybody else...a friend would have pulled over rather than leaving you in agony, and a friend wouldn't have embarrassed you by telling others about it. As for her new car needing cleaning, do the right thing...tell her she can pay for it herself!

John H - Thank you for your kind words and I'm glad you enjoyed my story. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed writing it (not to mention living it). :)

Last week, my English teacher assigned a research paper. I'm in an AG English class, and we have four papers we have to write this semester. We chose our own topics (with the teacher's approval), and we had to read and cite at least ten sources to back our facts, so it was obvious we'd have to go to the library at a local university. Also in my English class is a girl named Autumn (name changed to protect the guilty), who is about my height with an average build, and short, dark hair. She's quirky, brash, smart, and probably the most sardonic girl I've ever met. I absolute love her. I bonded with her almost immediately after moving from Wyoming and we soon became best friends. Nothing phases her...she is the most emotionally grounded person I've ever met. We aren't really much alike, but I think that's what adds spice to our friendship. For two friends who spend as much time as we do, it is odd that we've never seen or heard each other poop. Of all the times we've gone to the bathroom together, we only peed. I chalk up my inability to perform to the anxiety and inhibition that was tormenting me earlier in the school year. I'm not sure what her excuse was, if she even had one--she's so different that it wouldn't have surprised me to learn she simply didn't poop.

That trend came to a screeching halt the Sunday before last.

We had some wintery weather the week before that had closed down school half of that Friday, but most of the slush melted by Sunday, so I called that morning to see if she wanted to tackle some of our research. At 2:00, we met out front of the university library. She was wearing a black sweatshirt with a T-shirt underneath, a pair of khakis, and tennis shoes; I was wearing a leather jacket with a white button-up shirt and blue jeans tucked into my cowboy boots. The library was very impressive, it had a main entry area and a tower at least eight stories tall that neatly sliced the Dewey decimal system in a variety of different ways. There weren't that many people there, so it wasn't hard to find a quiet place on one of the floors in the tower to set up our laptops, gather our materials, and compile some notes.

Around 5:30, we decided to pack everything up and go find some dinner. We ended up settling on a Mexican restaurant across the street. The portions were huge but disagreeable, and having grown up closely with several Mexican friends and their families I can say that whatever it was they were serving, it wasn't Mexican. We were starving by that point, though, and so we wolfed it down before our stomachs could notice. I may as well have swallowed a plate of rocks, and when we noticed the sanitation grade of 84 while leaving, it didn't exactly inspire us with confidence. We headed back to the library to set up at our original work area, and by that point there was a group of college-aged girls at a nearby table.

Despite the unappealing dinner that was resting delicately as the Titanic in the pit of my stomach, processing of the meal went as smoothly as expected for the first hour. A greasiness in my throat made me belch a few times. Autumn heard them, and the girls at the other table probably did too. She finally looked up at me after the third belch and said, "Well gee, Rylee, can I get you an antacid or something?" in that comical way she's so good at.

"That food's giving my stomach a pounding," I confessed with a short giggle. She nodded in understanding and looked back at her materials.

About an hour into it, I felt my throat clear and my stomach feel a little emptier. I thought it was over, until I felt a rumble in my abdomen. Presumably my poor stomach, realizing that a few burps wasn't going to make things easier, surrendered its noxious contents onto the next unwitting victim--my intestines--as processing changed course southward...and from the feel of it, it seemed to be gaining some kick-ass momentum. I studied my photocopies, hoping to ignore what was brewing down below, and suddenly realized how tight my shirt felt. I'm top-heavy so the top few buttons of my shirt were unfastened, but now the bottom buttons were starting to feel like they were about to blow, and although I pulled on my shirt-tale to try to even things out, it didn't help at all. I got up for about twenty minutes to stretch, get some more materials, and make some copies, but found that moving around only seemed to agitate the fermenting sludge within my gut. After returning to our work area, I had that mild yet unmistakably burning feeling signaling that digestion of my meal was approaching its climax at a rate much faster than expected. What had once been my dinner--a term I use very loosely--was now beating a path through my abused and spastic colon, and would soon become acquainted in a much more feculent state with my unwary rectum. Autumn didn't even look up as I approached the table, and as I sat down, gas pains fired as my intestines stretched and strained uncomfortably in several places, making me wince. I knew I was in for some very heavy shit, and after a few moments of looking over my materials without being able to focus, I felt a fart pushing against my hole.

I looked at Autumn studying her materials, and the strangest thing happened. I still don't know what possessed me--maybe I was testing our boundaries, or I was gauging for approval or disapproval...or perhaps I simply felt that after having burped in front of her it was the natural progression--but with a sense of reckless abandon, I decided to let it rip right then and there. Throwing my last bit of caution to the wind (literally), I bore down gently with a *pffffft* trumpeting the result.

She darted her head upward and I swear she didn't even bat an eyelid. Not one single eyelid. My courage was momentarily gone, and so I did the only cheap thing I could think of--appear shocked and try to reassign the blame. "Did you hear that? I think some girl over there farted," I whispered in fake shock, motioning toward the other table.

"Sure, Rylee," she said with a mild smirk.

"Well, that food wasn't fit to--" I started, and at that exact moment, another fart pushed defiantly out of me, marking its exit with a *pfthpfth-pffFFT* sound that did carry loudly. "--wasn't fit to eat," I finished, self-conscious that the group of college girls did hear that one. Knowing I was probably blushing furiously, I did my best to ignore them.

"Classy, Rylee, very classy."

Over the next few moments, I think I squeezed off three or four more of these farts, and not all of them were voluntary. Some were subtle, some loud and noisy, and she'd look at me with a raised eyebrow and a gentle smirk each time. She didn't appear to be put off or embarrassed, but rather genuine amusement in the only way Autumn expresses it. Sometimes she wrinkled her nose, and at one point, she even picked up some of her photocopies and fanned the air back in my direction. However, after I popped of three or four of them, she stood up, started packing her stuff in her backpack, and said, "I think we're done for tonight."

I was suddenly overwhelmed by a sinking feeling in my stomach and felt the back of my neck become very warm. I panicked, and was about to apologize to her when said something that took me completely aback:

"Come on, let's go. I gotta take a dump...and this may sound crazy, but I'm pretty sure you do too."

I'm still a little fuzzy on how long I watched her hands on her sweatshirt--on her abdomen--like she was feeling out the situation within her own bowels, but I'm pretty sure I spent several moments gawking at her. The idea of her taking a dump--especially with me--stunned me. I could tell from her expression that she was deathly serious, and while I didn't have to pick my jaw up off the floor, I was still speechless. She didn't strike me as shy, but I never imagined she would be so candid with the subject, and I wondered whether she was really that at ease with talking about it...or if she actually shared in my interest. I suddenly noticed her raise an eyebrow at me quizzically and I kicked myself out of the mesmerizing train of thought that had briefly hijacked my brain. "Oh, sorry...I was making sure I hadn't forgotten anything. Sure, I need to take a dump too...I think there's a bathroom near the copiers."

I opened my backpack and started shoving my materials in it, trying to contain my excitement. However, as we walked down the hallway to the ladies room, I was feeling anxiety build. Since I first came to terms with my newfound interest, I haven't pooped with a friend, and I kept trying to mentally picture that it wasn't different from when I did so when I was younger. It didn't matter then, because "everybody did it," but now it was a different playing field. Emotions are in play now, there's an air of vulnerability, because when it becomes an interest there's more at stake...and the last thing in the world I wanted was to drive any sort of a wedge between us. In this condition, I was fighting anxiety with force, and by the time we finally arrived at the restroom, I was dangerously audacious to the point of recklessness. I had psychologically worked myself into such a state that when I saw her open the door, stop dead in her tracks, and mumble to herself, I barged in saying, "I don't mind, we can go together..." It wasn't until right after I said that and entered the restroom that I immediately saw what had made her stop. The restroom was bare except for a single toilet directly across from the door, a sink next to it, and a chair in the corner across from the sink. The door had a lock and was meant for individual use only. I let the image sink in for a moment, and felt a twinge in my stomach...and not from the bad chow.

I spun around and saw Autumn smile faintly and shrug her shoulders, and before I had a chance to change my previous statement, she--obviously deciding to take me up on my offer--casually turned and locked the door behind us. "Can I go first?" she asked me. "I haven't exactly been popping them off like some people who shall remain nameless."

That did actually take the edge off immensely, and made me start giggling out loud. This caused some more of my gas to escape from between my clenched cheeks in loud, staccato toots, which made us laugh even more. This didn't help with my farting, but it was the first time I've ever seen her truly laugh. It was magic, and it absolutely lit up the room. I was able to regain my composure and stop using my tush as a musical instrument, so I sat in the chair across the sink while Autumn walked toward the toilet. With her back to the door and me with a diagonal view, she dropping her khakis to her thighs, revealing two cream-colored cheeks separated only by the narrow strap of a pitch-black thong. She turned toward the door and yanked them down too, and pulling her sweatshirt and T-shirt up a little for clearance, set her bare bottom upon the seat. "This'll probably stink," she said, more as a warning than an apology.

She obviously had no idea who she was with.

She reached toward her backpack and pulled out her laptop while peed, and we talked for a moment about our papers. That didn't last long, because she soon stopped peeing, squinted her eyes a little, and grunted softly as I started to hear a series of distinct plops. Her butt muscles must have been working efficiently because the curve of the cheek visible to me flattened very slightly and then rounded again as she pinched each one. *plop* *splunk* *plop-plop* *sploonk* I think she lay about six or seven of them with quiet determination, and a rich aroma of decay started to fill the room. As quickly as it had started, she grabbed for the paper, and remaining seated she reached around and wiped herself a couple of times. She then stood up, pulled her thong and khakis back up, and flushed. Looking at me with relief, she said, "I wasn't sure how that would go, but it was a lot easier than I thought."

I said the only thing that popped into my head. "Yeah, well...what friends would we be if we couldn't?"

"Yeah," she said, smiling warmly at me. "Well, go to it girl, you're up."

I was suddenly overcome with nervousness as I stood up and looked at the toilet like it was a nemesis. Suddenly realizing that I was straddling the threshold of bonding with this girl in a way I would never have dreamed possible earlier this weekend, I understood that this life event, more than any other time in recent memory, would leave me simultaneously at my most vulnerable and my most intimate. Five years ago, taking a dump with a friend was routine and commonplace, one of many activities recorded in the annals of youthful indiscretion. Now it had become special to me, and in a very real sense, I almost felt like I was sacrificing a very private part of myself. In the end, though, it was knowing that she herself had taken that same risk with me--putting her bodily functions on display to me and leaving herself open to vulnerability--that made the experience a little easier...and exhilarating.

I remembered the words I had just spoken to her, and so I boldly faced away from the toilet, unbuckled my belt, and slid my jeans and white panties to my thighs. The seat, one of those molded, comfortable models with shapely curves and contours, was still warm from Autumn's average yet very productive ass having shared it just a moment before, and as I gingerly planted my bare cheeks upon it I was aware of the powerful odor of her waste still lingering in the air around me. She stood off to the side at the sink washing her hands as I started peeing. The sink had a sensor in it that shut off the water shortly after she started lathering. At that point, I stopped peeing, took a deep breath, and shed all remaining doubt and reservation. Slowly leaning forward, we could both hear a noise beneath me, that tell-tale sound that one only hears heralding the birth of a blossoming turd hard enough to maintain some of its original shape yet soft enough to give it that distinctive crackling sound. "Mmm--ngggh..." I said with my eyes half opened, grunting softly from an indescribable feeling of satisfaction from finally working on this dump. The sharp, pungent smell of my own excrement permeated from between my slightly parted thighs and mingled with Autumn's to produce a hybrid aroma that made the air in the small room very rank. Despite an uncomfortable tightening from my anus as it instinctively tried to pinch it off, this extraordinarily long turd proved too much, forcing my sphincter opened for the entire process. I turned once to see Autumn frozen in place with soap bubbles still on her hands, her eyes fixed downward toward me (although not at me), as she listened to the soft grunts and sighs of my labors. My long creation continued to worm its way out of me, and the accompaniment from my developing masterpiece played on in a series of pops and crackles until I suddenly felt it slithering faster. "Mmm...uhohhh-WHOA," I said abruptly as the end of it shot out with a *floompf* and a very long and booming cacophony of explosive wind chased after it.

Autumn finished rinsing off her hands and turned to look at me. "Feel better?" she asked.

"Thank God," I mumbled, eyes still closed, as I squeezed out a final couple of farts. I reached for the paper and wiped myself several times, making sure I was clean, and then flushed while still seated so as to hide my work (I wasn't ready to take things quite to *that* level yet). I pulled my pants back up, walked to the sink, and looked in the mirror to talk to Autumn (who had moved close to the door) while I washed my hands. However, I noticed during the process that with the mirror's position and the angle from the sink (and due to the toilet being tankless), one had a clear rear-perspective view of the toilet seat, and I suddenly thought back to when Autumn was looking downward but not exactly at me. I can't be sure, but I wonder if she was looking at my shit actually coming out of me. Maybe she was only studying my curves like I had studied hers...but it really makes me wonder. I had leaned forward during the process so it was certainly possible and perhaps even probable...and that adds, at least for me, an additional level of excitement to an already overcharged experience.

We had time to kill before our rides would pick us up, so we walked to a gelato shop nearby. We continued our conversation about our papers, without a mention about what had just happened. She didn't seem eager to bring it up, and I didn't want to look like I was obsessing...but I could barely concentrate on any aspect of our conversation. I felt like a live wire, and I spent most of that night wide awake, replaying the whole scenario in my head.

I will definitely be looking for opportunities to dump with Autumn again, but I don't know if any of them will ever top that one. I don't know if she shares my fascination in this subject, and I'm eager to find out, but at the same time, I don't want to scare her off. I've read some posts on here about buddy dumps, but I don't remember reading many, if any, that dealt much with actually approaching the subject with the buddy. Maybe someday we'll be able to talk about it's hoping, anyway. :)

Thanks for the wonderful posts everyone, and take care.



little girls desperation

a week or two ago, i was shopping after University with my mum. I got bored and decided to sit on a sofa and watch the big TVs until she was finished shopping.

a girl of about 10 or 11 years old walked past with her Dad. She was wearing a grey skirt and long socks so was obviously just out of school and her dad had dragged her to the shops.

she plonked herself down on the sofa next to me and watched TV. Around 10 minutes passed and i noticed that she was squeezing her hands between her legs and began to make stressed faces. she was also moving her legs around alot therefore I decided to ask her what was wrong. "Oh.. I just need the loo" she said before further adding "I need a number2". I told her where it was but she just shook her head and explained to me that she doesn't like using public toilets by herself. she further told me that when she is with her mum, they take turns of the toilet in the same cubicle however she was with her dad that day and she didnt want him to see her on the toilet."I sit on it and worry that someone is going to look over or knock the door and i get so nervous that no pee/poo comes out.

When she was telling me this, I heard and slightly smelled her farting but i didnt say anything. I felt that the honourable thing to do was offer to go with her. by now she was desperate. "are you sure you would want to come in a cubicle with me" she said. I told her that it was no problem because I know what its like to need a poo. she strainfully said "Wow thanks but I need to go NOW" so we walked towards the toilet.

She was walking with her legs clinched together an all of a sudden she stopped and her eyes filled with tears "OH NO" she screeched as she clutched her bum with her hands. I knew that she was going to poop herself right there and I felt soo bad. A horrible farting noise came from her bum but she then sobbingly said to me "that wasn't it but it was wattery" and we went into the toilet.

we picked a cubicle. I locked the door and kneeled down across from the toilet bowl with my legs together however it was tight as her knees were touching my face almost. She very quickly pulled down her underwear(which had a tiny tiny bit of poo on them) and pulled her skirt upwards.

she never said a word and sat on the toilet in a strange way, her legs were hanging off the seat and only her bum was on the toilet. Her bum pooped like a tap. unfortunately because of my position, I could see the stream of brown water go into the bowl. she kept doing this for ages and wattery farts went with it. 5 minutes or so later, she sat back on the toilet abit more and a few more solid pieces of poo came out. "ive been holding this in all day" she said to me "OMG youve seen me on the loo, pooping and smelled it, you must think im disgusting" I just said that I have done some nasty poos before as well. By this time I kinda needed this funny thing that only I get, I think?(do any other girls get this?) I knew i had to sit on the toilet but wasn't quite sure if it was a poo or pee that I needed. Before she started wiping her undoubtedly messy bottom, I said that i would do my business in the next cubicle. She pretty much begged me to stay though and complemented how nice tights made my legs look and stuff. So i just stayed as I had allready seen some disgusting stuff. She had wiped and inspected the toilet roll twice and I all of a sudden rasped a fart. I made a face preparing for her laughing at me. She didnt say anything though and i asked her if she did. She said "of course but Youve seen me poop my guts out and fart several times so I didnt mention it". Suddenly she dropped her skirt down and altered her socks abit, I thought"I wish when I stood up from the toilet, I just dropped my skirt down and left, like I did at school because now im always wearing tights or Leggings".

She bent down beside me and both of us were in this position now. she said "Ill be a good friend and keep you company on the toilet as you did to me" I didnt feel intirely comfortable with this but I know it made her feel better because I saw her doing it. I pulled my knee length skirt to my knees along with my tights and lastly I pulled down my thong to my thighs. I placed my bum and thighs on the warm toilet seat. As I said, I wasnt quite sure what I needed so I pushed both ends and a stream of pee came out for about 30 seconds. After it I thought, "oh no, i need a poo but i might just do it at home because i dont want her to see me pooing" as i hesitated, she said to me "you need one too dont you haha" I just thought to Hell with it and told her that I did kinda. I focused my eyes on the door and tryed not to make a face as i pushed out a small log, another one quickly followed. As i was on the toilet, she said my legs were nice, I was soo happy. I told her that hers are like mine when i was her age, They were actually. I stand up to wipe and I did so but I faced my bum over the toilet so she didnt see it. she got a view of my v****a though :/. I pulled up my thong and sorted it then my tights before placing my skirt on my lower thighs. she had never worn a thong before and she asked if it get poo on it sometimes. I said "only if you have a bad fart or dont wipe correctly" I flushed the toilet and noticed she had red marks on the back of her thighs. I told her and decided to offer her my tights (she was tall for her age and im small) because my skirt covered where my thighs touched the seat(Just!)I told her an easy way to get the tights up and we both washed our hands

Mikey D.
Hey people. I don't usually post on poop websites but I have a question since everyone here seems knowledgable about fecal matters. Has anyone ever seen anyone publicly pooping in a foreign country ? I hear they do this a lot in india. I am traveling to Africa next week. A friend of mine who already went there said he saw some African dude pull his pants down, squatt and drop some turdletts right in the street. Does anyone know in what specific places they do this? I would pay to see that.


To the person who asked if I sigh or moan after pooping or farting, the answer is yes. A good fart/poo feels really good and often makes me sigh or moan with relief. After a fart or dump, if I have a stomach ache, it usually goes away and I feel great!
Yesterday, I went to the mall with some friends. After shopping for a while, we ate in the food court. I had a huge burger, fries and a drink. After we ate we walked around a little more and my stomach started to rumble. I felt pressure building up in my bowels. I felt the need to fart so I just let go right there in the mall! A sharp, short crack sound came out, and I sighed with relief. The fart was kind of loud and stunk. My friend Sandro said: Whew, somebodies got to take a dump. I told him I thought it was just a fart. We kept walking and the urge to fart struck me again. I crouched down and let loose again. This time, it was a little longer and made a loud phfffff sound. The smell hit us like a ton of bricks. Sandro said: "That wasn't just a fart,you have to go caca." By this time, I could feel a heavy load trying to force its way out. So me, Sandro and my other friend Robert walked to the bathrooms on the other side of the mall. When we got in, no one was in their except a white guy taking a piss at the urinal. I went into a stall and plopped my big can onto the bowl. First, I peed a long stream,and let out a booming fart. I could here Sandro and Robert giggling outside the stall and talking in Spanish. After the big fart, I pushed a little. My butt hole opened up and 3 or four long,fat logs came out and dropped into the bowl with a splash. They were light brown in color and had a nice, healthy shit smell. I couldn't help but say ahhhh because it felt sooooo good! I had a big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, which has tons of fiber in it, so it made those logs come out real smooth and easy. I wiped, and then flushed. Just as I was coming out of the stall, I saw Sandro holding his stomach. He said " I have to caca too! He went into the stall really fast, pulled down his jeans and sat on the bowl. Robert and I listened at the door and heard pee dripping into the bowl. Then we heard small farts and a few plops. Sandro kept saying "yeah man, that's the stuff!' He was having a really good poop. The smell was really strong. Sandro wiped himself and flushed. By this time, the stench we made in the bathroom was really strong. There was a can of air freshener on the floor of one of the stalls so Sandro sprayed it a few times in both our stalls. Robert said " Now it smells like you pooped in a field of flowers." We all started laughing. Then washed our hands and left.

Jasmin K

More Constipation and other poo related posts

Hi everyone
It's been a while since I've had anything to post about as Ive managed to avoid getting badly Constipated although Ive had some really bad ???? aches and long sits on the toilet but managing to do some really big poos at school and at home. My run of good luck ended in the middle of last week and I am still very constipated now, so much so that I stayed home from school today to make it come out. If I cant get it out today I will have to cancel going out this evening as my bum and belly hurts so I thought I would post something before I go for another hour sit on the toilet.
I think this constipation is probably due to several interruptions to my daily routine over the last few weeks as my morning sit on the toilet at school has been disrupted on a few days sometimes having to go to lessons without me having enough time to do a poo.
My Mum has changed jobs and needs to start work earlier so now I have to take my sister who is 11 to school with me at the earlier time that I go in at. I have to make sure she tries to do a poo at school which if she is constipated or withholding can be a problem in the time available but I have to say she is not shy about straining when other girls are around or discussing what she is doing, like telling me 'its coming' or Jas I'm constipated I cant do it' which is the sign I will have to meet up with her at lunch. I make sure she gets a cubicle first and I take the next nearest cubicle which is usually opposite or next to her and can hear her and reply to her which can be a bit awkward if I am having to strain hard at the time. When she is constipated or has withheld for a couple of days she will refuse to sit on the toilet saying she doesn't need to go or she has already been which from experience means she has done it in her knickers on the way to school so I have to lift her skirt and pull her knickers down which is what my mum does at home as she can be very difficult at these times. I then have to stay in her cubicle to make sure she keeps straining as has to still sit on the toilet and try to poo to teach her she cant do it in her knickers. When she does a poo it is about 8 -10 inches long, quite thick and lumpy. I have to see what she does and tell my mum.
I knew she soils her knickers but I didn't realise it was most days even when she is not constipated. Quite often when she is constipated or withholding she wears special knickers to school that have a plastic membrane inside so when she soils it doesn't come through, no wonder my mum gets frustrated with her. She doesn't seem concerned when her knickers are soiled, She will sit on the toilet oblivious to the mess in her knickers and just wipe and pull them up when she is done. When she has the special knickers on I have noticed that they will be quite marked on the morning and when I meet up with her at lunch and go to the toilet with her they are literally plastered in poo in the crotch and although she denies it I have said to her that she has done a whole poo in them during lessons. She says no she does'nt feel it leaking out. She does poo in her knickers at home sometimes and used to do it when she was in junior and middle school. There was 1 time when she was really badly constipated after staying at my aunties, she hadn't been for like 5 days, she had even been on the toilet that morning at home. She was fussing and complaining in the car and when we were dropped off she was making a real fuss and kept stopping and wanting to sit down on the benches. When we got to the toilets I went in to her cubicle with her and she said she couldn't go. When I lifted her skirt it was like a pole pushing the back of her knickers out. I pulled them back and got them down and she had like a solid tail sticking out of her bum. Eventually she sat down and strained and strained but it wouldn't move out or go back up. I asked her what she wanted to do and she said 'Ill pull my Knicks up and sit on it', I said no and took some paper and whilst she was sitting on the toilet I grabbed hold of it and pulled and broke it off. It was a piece about 4 inches long, although there was still a little bit poking out of her bum. She just pulled her knickers up and washed her hands and went to lessons.

Well after 1 hour of sitting on the toilet in my high heels to raise my legs up and straining so hard I went dizzy Ive done 1 log of hard knobbly poo and a few pebbles. There is still a lot to come out so will go back again later.

If anyone has any advice on dealing with the situation I am in with my sister please write.

Wish me luck
Jas K

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Melissa K as always another great story it sounds like you had 2 great poops on sunday it sounds like you had to go alot to and I bet you felt really great and a little lighter to afterwards that cant be said for your toilet lol and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: MarsApple great story it sounds like you really had to go and had alot of fun doing I bet those guys wont forget that show and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Observant Guy as always another great story it sounds like Amy really had to poop bad and really stunk up the bathroom to and I bet she felt alot better afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Dee as always another great story it sounds like you had a really rough time and sometimes big poops like that happen not sure why and it sounds like once you got that giant monster out you felt alot better and hopefully the next one wont be as bad and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tech Guy as always another great story it sounds like Fel gave you quite a few good shows and it sounds like she really had to alot to and I be she felt great after that big poop she took and at least she konws how to cure constipation fast and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Richard it sounds like you may have some good stories.

To: Natalie X as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty nasty night and luckly nobody around to disturb you so you can have you privacy and I hope your feeling better now and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: SonicGamer great story.

To: Sharon great story it sounds like you had really great and big poop I bet you felt really great after getting all that out and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pat first welcome back and congrats on the engagement to you both and as always another great story it sounds like Artiss had a really great poop and I bet she felt like heaven afterwards and it all started with you helping her after her accident its true love can spring up in the most intersting ways and as always I look forward to your next post and I also wish you both alot of happiness together since love knows no age limit I should know im 26 and my girlfriend G I'll call her is 43 and we really love eachother maybe I will have some stories about her soon thanks.

To: BM great story it sounds like you guys are being hit by a nasty stomach bug and they can be very nasty I should know and hopefuly everyone made it in time it sounds like that one woman was just seconds away from having an accident and it sounds like your imune system finaly lost the battle to the nasty bug which sounds determined to win and I hope you feel better soon and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Pooping experience with my sister

Yesterday I met my sister for lunch at a fast food place. We ate and talked and had a great time. Then when we were done, I told my sister that I needed to hit the bathroom before we left. She said she did as well, so we headed to the bathroom.

The bathroom had two single-user toilets, one for women and one for men. I'd wait outside, and she could go first. She replied that she wasn't shy and I could come in with her. She went in first, then I did, and I closed and locked the door behind me. When I turned around, my sister was already sitting on the toilet and had her skirt hitched up around her waist and her panties around her thighs.

She peed for at least a minute, farting a few times while peeing. Then she gave a short grunt and a bit later I heard a floomp sound. She wiped, but needed a lot of toilet paper as it was very low quality paper. As she stood up to flush, I caught a glimpse of her turd. A well formed, foot long, inch-thick sausage lay floating in the bowl. She flushed it away and adjusted her clothes.

Initially, I had only needed to pee and not that badly either, but watching her poop made me feel like I could poop if I tried. I pulled down my jeans and panties to my ankles and sat down on the nicely warmed seat. I began with a short pee and sat for a while, letting my poop come out when it was ready. It didn't take too long, maybe two minutes before I was pushing out a well formed log. It splashed as it hit the water and then I followed it with two others very similar.

I too needed a lot of paper before I felt clean, and then I stood up to look at my dump. My turds had formed a nice sized pile at the back of the toilet. I flushed my load away and then I washed my hands and we left the bathroom, both feeling much better.


To Melissa K

I always find that overflowing toilets was funny,except if it happens to you after you use it at home.I know one time When I was 15 I gone in my bathroom and after I flushed,It made a bluck sound,Then I noticed the water was rising up,So I alerted my mom and then she got a jar to catch on what didn't go down.She said I put to much toilet paper in it.
And that next year me and my friend was at a little gym,and in the mens'locker room,there was one toilet,and it had a log in it.I flushed it and it still floated,I flushed it again,And it keeped rising and the turd got to the toilet ring and made a stain on it,but then it went all the way down.

your name Batfinch

Post Title (optional) Multitasking

They always say men cannot multitask but I believe I just did so.

In our bath room we have an electric shaver socket with is positioned at the edge of the adjoining wall on which we have a full width mirror.
On the wall opposite the morrow but close to the wall containing the socket is hung the toilet.

Well sitting on the toilet you can see clearly into the mirror so I have just sat on the toilet having a poo and shaving at the sametime.

So there ladies proof a man really can multitask

Anatomy student

To Dee

In regards to your odd visit, I thought I'd explain why you had wet farts with dry poo. In the bowels, the body produces mucus to lube the poop. You had a large one that was pushing the lube with it. Such a mass of fiber and bacteria (poop) produces more gas than average. The mucus is just nature. Something that will help in the future is glycerine enemas. They turn your butt into a slip'n'slide. My ex had the same issues all the time.

Melissa K, what your father needs to do is get a toilet snake. Any substantial hardware or plumbing store will know what one is. They go deep enough into the plumbing to deal with anything stuck in the S. The sewer pipes below are bigger, anything that goes through the toilet shouldn't have a problem farther on down.

Abbie- Yes, most girls here seem ok with pooing in the uni toilets,and a lot of them do. Certainly far more do than ever would at school given the choice, myself included. What you said about living arrangements is true for a lot of students and that must certainly affect their willingness, having heard others in their houses going whenever. Also lectures often last until 5 or even 6pm, so you'd have to hold on for a lot longer than at school if you needed a poo and wanted to go home for it!
I enjoyed your fire alarm story- that happened to me once, although at uni rather than school. Glad you both managed to finish your poos ok.

Today I was in lectures and needed to do a poo, my first for nearly 5 days. I held it in but by the end I really needed to make a stop at the nearest loo to take care of my business which was becoming very urgent! When I got there I found both cubicles taken but nobody else waiting, luckily. I was desperate to poo now and it was trying hard to come out but I clenched my cheeks tightly and held on. After a minute or two one girl, having just needed a wee, came out of the left cubicle. I quickly went in and pulled down my jeans and red knickers and sat.
My first poo immediately began crackling out of my bum and made a loud plop as it hit the water. I could relax now that I had made it and was sitting on the loo! Two more turds followed quite quickly. The other girl did a plop then, too. After a few minutes I had done another piece and then my neighbour left. I still had a fair bit left to do, though. A couple of minutes passed and I did two more pieces and then someone came in for a quick wee and left again. I did two more pieces of poo and then I was done. I was surprised when I only needed to wipe my bum 3 times!

Hi everyone,

It feels good to be back here, not much time to write this morning, but I thought I'd share the surprise that I'm working on for Artiss. She's going away to her sister's house for a couple of weeks, and when she comes home, she's going to have an all-new deluxe throne room to sit in. I'm going to start with a fancy new high-cistern toilet with a pull chain. It's going to have a VERY soft plush seat for milady to sit her bottom on during her grueling attacks of the "Oh lords", complete with an electric seat warmer to keep her ample buttocks nice and warm as she sits. Right next to it I'm going to get a bidet installed so that she can cleanse her private areas with nice fancy scents and soaps that will be readily available on a little vanity that will be right there. The tub and shower will remain the same but I'll have plenty of bubble bath soap handy for her so that she can bathe in comfort with her (and our) nice long soaks. Add to all this all-new wallaper and plush carpeting as well as a surround stereo system that she can listen to her favorite soft music on as she has one of her frequent poops throughout the day and tends to other private affairs of her body. She spends a lot of time on the toilet and in the bathroom in general, so I want her to be as comfortable as possible while she's in there-it will ber her own private "retreat" area in which to defecate and urinate in with the utmost comfort.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

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