Melissa K

Pooper bowl Sunday

I broke my toilet with a series of huge turds yesterday. First of all, I hadn't gone poo for four days because I normally get constipated right before my period. On Sunday morning, I woke up and really had to go, so I was happy, as I just hadn't felt the urge before that. I went into the bathroom in my room, sat down and pulled my panties down, and started pooping. I produced one really thick log about 2 1/2 inches thick that dropped from my butt and coiled around the bowl. I broke it up with the toilet brush and flushed, and it took three flushes to go all down.

Round two came after the power came back on at the Super Bowl, which I was watching. I guess all the food I ate made me need to go to the bathroom again, so I excused myself upstairs to my bathroom, as I knew this would be a big one. I turned the fan on and started pooping. With great effort, I pushed out a really thick, curling turd that was also 2 1/2 inches, but this time about 12 inches long. I got up to try to break it up with the toilet brush, but I couldnt hold the rest of my poop so I quickly sat back down and pushed as thick, long, brown sausages fell out of my butt. I sighed in relief and pushed some more and a lumpy turd came out. Then I tried to break it up by taking my toilet brush and smashing all the turds into little pieces. I flushed the toilet, and the water rose up and didn't go down. I had to poo some more, so I sat down (my butt was actually in the water at this point, it felt so wierd) and pushed more poo out. A big, thick floating log came out and I wiped. I tried breaking the poop up until I was sure it would go down. Then I flushed. The water rose up and spilled over the rim, and I ran out of the room in a panic. When I came back in, the floor was awash with water and there were two thick brown turds on the floor with a bunch of brownish toilet paper. I couldn't believe what had just happened.

I went downstairs. My dad said "Feeling better?" I said, "Yeah, but there's kind of an issue with the toilet." He went upstairs and cleaned up the mess, and was amazed at the quantity of poo in the toilet. The "blockage" that was causing the clog was that the big, thick log of poo was jammed into the S-bend, I apparently pushed it in there with the toilet brush. He got it out and flushed it, but the toilet wouldn't flush. He looked at it some more and decided it was broken. So, right now, there's a big chunk of poop wedged in my toilet and I have nowhere to poop (I don't wanna break another toilet in my house) so I'm pooping at school until I get a new toilet, even though I hate it.

Love, Melissa :)


A girl in the men's bathroom. Chaos insues.

So here's a fun bathroom trip I had recently...
So a few weeks ago I was at a Walmart and I suddenly had to take a dump so I went down to the bathroom and (as they always seem to be) the ladies bathroom was being cleaned. A worker there said that they just started and it'd be a while so I should use the men's room.

I went in and a guy was in the stall already so decided to use a urinal for the hell of it before taking a dump. Anyways I lowered my pants a bit and started taking a nice piss before looking over to 2 guys giving me an awkward look who I then explained my situation to.

So after another minute or so the stall was free so I went in and locked the door.
About halfway through my bowel movement I started letting out some nasty farts, at least 6 or 7 and they stank up the room. Shortly after my onslaught of gas I finished and came out of the stall to be greeted by even more awkward stares. I washed my hands and right before leaving the bathroom I intentionally let out another fart and this last one was loud, long, stinky the whole package.

And that there is probably the most fun I've had in a public bathroom before.


Not my survey, but liked the questions.

1. How often do you have to shit? 1 or 2 time a day, Normal formed poop.
2. Are you a folder (you carefully and neatly fold the toilet paper) or a crumpler (you just grab a wad of toilet paper)? folder
3. Are you an inspector? Yes. always check what I have managed to do
4. Are you a stander or sitter? (A stander stands up after defecating so he/she can wipe his/her bottom, a sitter keeps seated for this). Sitter.
5. Are you a double-dipper? (A double-dipper will wipe more than once with the same piece of toilet paper). Yes but depends how messy it was.
6. Do you use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper? Yes I prefer moists to dry toilet paper.
7. Do you read in the toilet? Yes, books or magazines.
8. If so, how often do you read? If I have problems going, it helps me relax.
9. How do you sit when using the toilet? Upright with my hands folded in to the top of my pants to help me, or I'm holding a book.
10. Do you inspect what you've left in the bowl before flushing? Always and in detail
11. How far down do you pull your pants/underwear? Only down to my knees.
12. If you flush but there is still some left, do you flush again until it's all gone? Often my poos are too big to flush away. If i have done it in a public etc toilet I just leave it.

13. To wipe, do you reach your hand between your legs, or do you reach your hand around your backside? Between my legs to dry my vulva round the back to wipe my anus
14. Once you start wiping, do you wipe from front to back, back to front, or some other way? Front to back like most females.
15. Do you usually wipe until you are totally clean, or just until most of it is gone? As clean as possible.
16. Do you try to avoid shitting in public restrooms when other people are there? No this does not bother me at all as long as the toilet is clean.

17. At home, do you usually shit with the latrine door open when somebody else is around? Not normally, but will do if I am round my mate Saras.
18. Do you drop a few squares of toilet paper in the bowl before you start, to stop water/pee from bouncing up into your ass? Never.
19. Do you use air freshener (or light a match) after you go to the toilet? Only if my poo has been very smelly.

Observant Guy

Superbowl (the toilet type)

Hey everyone,

I know its been a while for me. I haven't had much to write about. I haven't been observing any of my neighbors, and I forget to get on here when my wife has a good one.

BUT today, I have a Superbowl observation! I can confirm that I observed a poop by my coworker Amy!

So while at work today, we celebrated superbowl Sunday with the typical lunch and dinner. We had brunch consisting of Bacon, French toast, and semi fried/mashed sweet and regular potatoes mixed together. Amy had 2 plates full at lunch especially the bacon. Then dinner was homemade pizza & wings followed by a halftime snack of pigs in a blanket, & nachos.

So just after half time I noticed Amy rubbing her belly saying she was full. As petite as she is she ate alot of food. As we all went into the TV room for the 3rd quarter, Amy sat in one of the recliners texting. Towards the end of the 3rd, she got up and headed for the bathroom in the TV room. She was gone for about 10 minutes when the door opened and she came back to her seat.

Just then a call for a fire alarm came in and my crew (the ladder company) was off to it. I stopped in that same bathroom to pee and was hit with the light undertone of disinfectant and a heavy overtone of poop. Since Amy had just came out, and was in there quite longer than normal, who do you blame for it? Duh right! It was funky enough that I nearly missed the toilet trying to pee in a hurry.

Happy bathroom trips to all.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lil Girl great story about your friends accident and its true accidents can happen to anyone at anytime.

To: Leah as always another great story it sounds you really had to poop I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Sleepless in STL

Running Stomach

I just stumbled upon this site, and decided to share my experiences tonight. I'm not really into pooping, honestly--unless it's the runs. Every now and then, I eat or drink things to loosen my bowels and give me the runs, especially when I feel backed up. But today, by complete accident, I discovered a new way to get diarrhea.

So I was at Wal-Mart and decided to buy some candy. I saw some Russell Stover's toffee squares and thought "why not?" I bought two bags--or 12 pieces of candy--and left. Over an hour I munched on my candy and easily finished both bags. The bag said they were sugar free, but they didn't taste like it at all, so I thought maybe I could eat these all the time. Wrong.

About an hour later my stomach felt uncomfortably bloated and full. I started cramping and farting and though some of the pressure eased, my belly was still uneasy. I chalked it down to just an upset ????--at least until the runs came.

I felt a rush of water move through my bowels, which were gurgling and rumbling and churning, and all of a sudden I knew I needed a toilet. I pulled down my pants, sat down, and relaxed. And my stomach ran. Mushy, brown diarrhea trickled out of me for 5 minutes as I groaned and rubbed my ????. It was a powerful wave, but the relief was so sweet. It ended, I wiped, I washed up, and I almost left the bathroom--then my stomach lurched again. When that wave ended I went back to my room to figure out why my bowels were loose. I looked at the candy bags to discover that my toffee contained Maltitol. This sugar alcohol causes diarrhea in large amounts, and I had a whopping 92 grams, so now I'm spending a lot of time getting better accquainted with my porcelain throne. I've had mush pour out of me six times already, and it's not over.

So. Don't eat these candies often, but if you're not sensitive to sugar alcohol and you want a good bowel cleansing, eat Russell Stover's sugar free candies. Anyway, I feel more diarrhea coming so I'm ending this post.


To Janna

That was an incredible story! I agree with you that the vulnerable position the man is in makes it extremely intimate. I hope one day I will be able to share in an experience like that with a man, hopefully the man that I watched. It's a shame that he wasn't as into the experience as you were. Please share any more stories you have. They have been great so far and I would love to hear them!

Sunday, February 03, 2013


Poo free day

Yesterday was really strange. Being Sunday I tried to Poo before leaving for church. It was the first Sunday so the service was at a local primary school.When I couldn't go I was a little worried we use the staff toilets of course but having to go there is not my idea of fun.

In fact nothing happened then or in fact any time during the day, Very unusual for me who normally have to go two or even three times in a day.

I tried to go several times but no luck so went to bed about 11PM. I tried to sleep the wife had already gone to sleep and I was afraid of waking her after an hour I decided I would get up and try again so I got up without putting the light on and went quietly into the bathroom and set down. It was a great relief to actually be able to go.

Today I have already been twice and its not 8AM and I have already been twice not counting the one in the early morning I must be making up for yesterday



Not a lot has been happening since my xmas problems. Although I do not seem to going quite as often as I used too. Except for tonight. Been at a friends all day, and had had a bit of a stomach ache for a while. At her house I had attempted to go but although I got to the loo still feeling an urge, all I managed to produce was a few rather 'squeaky' farts, and a massive blast of wee that lasted for at least 5 seconds. (I had turned down her offer for company, as we do sometimes share peeing sessions, but had not wanted her to see me have a problem going. A shame because she would have loved my wee) So I gave up. Got home and by the time I had got upstairs to the loo I had again done a couple of farts, these though were extremely wet sounding, and after taking my jeans off, I could clearly see I had soiled my white panties, which are the 'boy style'. A big yellow/black stain. I pushed them a little way down my thighs, as I find it helps me go if I link my fingers in to them and grip if I have to strain. A few little dribbles of pee, I had had the massive pee at my friends so did not expect very much this time. I wiggled around on the toilet seat a bit to get comfortable and felt the first lump begin to squeeze my hole apart. It felt very good and relatively easy as my earlier wet fart must have lubricated the way. Suddenly another wet fart emerged and it forced several poos out at the same time. UH, I caught my breath. That had hurt. It had been surprisingly hard. I could now feel the next poo working its way down my passage, I was amazed at how much I could feel this one and as it got to my hole, I took a deep breath and moved a bit on the seat, it had felt instantly far too big to come out. A long breath out and an elongated push, nothing - a big breath in, another fidget on the seat - another long grunt and all I got was a fart. I went to breath in and felt the lump sort of pull back. I gripped the top of my pants and tried one long slow push, I could feel my hole trying to open, but I now realised this was a very hard ball and i pushed my hand under me to see if I could feel what was trying to come out. I could not understand why this felt so hard yet I had had all those wet farts before hand. My fingers found a very dilated anus and I could clearly feel a very knobbly, but totally flat lump of poo, stuck right at the opening. Trying very hard not to pull back again, I put my hands back together gripping even harder and pushed.............UHHHHHH. I gasped as a sharp pain ripped through me. Oh........I grunted very loud. At least the poo did not pull back, I grunted a few more times then just had to take a deep breath as another killer pain shot through my bottom. Ouch, tears filled my eyes. I released my pants. I stood just slightly, this had worked before, and pulled my cheeks apart, to try and help my hole open more. This time as I pushed, I also farted again and as I again felt a splitting pain, I felt something move very slightly, I shut my eyes and pushed once,, twice,,,three,, four.......a big grunt. My god, what had caused this to be so hard, I was trying to poo a rock. I let go of my bum and sat back down, breathing hard. Another adjustment on the seat, UHHHHH, another very uncomfortable 4 or 5 pushes tailing off with a long grunt, I think something was starting to move and as I took in a deep breath, I grunted out a little bit more, I could feel my hole was absolutely stretched to its max and was sure I had even ripped a bit, I was still crying as I began to feel a very hard pressure as the big lumpy nugget eased it way out, 5 loud grunty pushes and it finally 'PLUNGES' into the pan, soaking my bum in the process. I sat for a few mins, wiping my eyes and getting my breath back. Strangely I have no more urge to poo which is probably a good thing as I am way to sore and out of breath. I tear off some loo paper, soak a bit of it under the tap as I have a feeling this is going to be painful to wipe, it is also extremely messy. I check what I have just done, 6 round bullets about 1 1/2 inch diam each sit in the bottom I can just about make them out as the water is quite cloudy, and my massive one 3inch wide and standing up well above the water line at 9inches. I decide the easiest thing will be to get in the bath and clean my sore bum with the shower spray. Oh my goodness, that is heaven. Sitting writing this its bringing tears to my eyes thinking about it and not looking forward to my next evacuation, but am if its interesting enough to share as I'm feeling very hot(!) now.

Tech Guy

Our lodger Fel and her toilet habits

To Brandon T. I am pleased that you liked my post on page 2248 about the girls' Christmas lunch. The following week, we had an unexpected new arrival at our house, a lodger who has some unusual toilet habits. Here name is Felicity, she is a friend of my wife Julie and we have nicknamed her Funny Friend Fel or 3F for short.

Fel lives a rather unconventional lifestyle. She works on-line as a freelance graphic designer although she struggles to make a living and she is always short of money. Fel lives alone in rented accommodation and she tends to move every few months or so. She doesn't drive and she gets around by bicycle and public transport. Just before Christmas, we knew that Fel was having housing problems and she needed to find somewhere else to live temporarily. Fel doesn't have any close family in the UK and she doesn't have any friends except Julie who had befriended her. Julie said to me, "She's not coming here" and we both agreed.

Then at 2:30 a.m on Christmas morning the phone rang. It was Fel and she had a problem. Her landlord had locked her out of her accommodation (which he had no right to do) and she was in the street with no access to her belongings or money. It was raining and she was cold and wet. Could her friend Julie help her? Julie and I agreed that we would drive to collect her, bring to our house and let her stay in our spare room temporarily. We never had a lodger before and I had never actually met Fel so I didn't know what we were letting ourselves in for.

Julie said that Fel had asked us to bring a toilet roll. We drove to meet Fel and she was so pleased to see us. Julie hugged her but Fel asked her to stop as she needed to go to the toilet rather urgently. Julie suggested that Fel should squat behind a wall but Fel whispered, "It's a bit more serious than that and I'm about to do it in my panties!"

Fel knew that there was some forest nearby so she asked us to drive her there. It took about 5 minutes then I waited in the car while Fel and Julie got out of the car and went into some bushes. They took the toilet roll and a powerful flashlight that I keep in the car. Julie held the flashlight and shone it so that Fel could see what she was doing but as it was winter, the bushes didn't provide much cover. With the bright flashlight, I had a good view of what Fel was doing in the bushes nearby.

Fel stood with her back to me and took her jeans and panties down. She bent forwards and bent her knees slightly but she didn't squat down. They were in a holly bush so I guess it was a bit too prickly to squat. Then I saw Fel doing a brown stream of liquid poo. Then she wiped her self thoroughly and lined the seat of her panties with a thick pad of toilet paper before pulling them up.

Jule and Fel got into the back of the car and we drove home. Then Julie lent Fel some dry clothes, gave her a big hug and got her tucked up nice and cosy in our spare bed. We agreed that Fel could stay in our house rent free for four weeks while she got her accommodation problem sorted out.

On Christmas day, we had invited Julie's mum for lunch but there was plenty of food for Fel as well. After we had eaten turkey with the usual trimmings, Julie served her large home-made Christmas pudding with custard. Fel said that she likes it but it doesn't like her. Then we ate mince pies and cream, Julie drove her mum home leaving Fel and I alone.

Although I had never met Fel until she came to stay with us, we got on rather well and we snuggled up on the sofa together and chatted. Fel's stomach was rumbling and I asked her if she was feeling OK. She said that as she had reached middle age, she had become mildly lactose intolerant and although she can eat a certain amount of milk and dairy products without ill effects, she had eaten too much today, what with the custard and the cream. I asked her what effects it has and she said that it causes gas, bloating and loose stools.

Then Fel said, "Excuse me" and she went upstairs to the toilet. I crept upstairs and listened outside the door. I heard her tear off lots of toilet paper then I heard her slide her panties down and sit on the toilet. There was a loud PLOOOOOT noise followed by another. Then I heard her tear off lots more toilet paper. Then I heard her stand up and I heard the tap running in the wash basin. Then she sat on the toilet again, tore off lots more toilet paper and flushed.

I crept back downstairs then Fel came back down and we snuggled up together again. I stoked her stomach and asked her if she felt better now. She said that she felt less bloated but she would need a few more trips to the toilet. Fel said that a large portion of Christmas pudding makes a pretty good laxative for her at the best of times but combined with too much milk and cream, it had really given her 'the runs'.

Fel and I bonded really well and we liked to hug each other. Julie thought I was being a bit too friendly to her funny friend and she said that we should try to make Fel feel a bit less welcome. Fel had some of strange habits like spending a long time in the toilet two or three times a day. Each toilet visit involved 3 - 4 flushes and she used half a toilet roll each time. She also used to leave puddles of water on the bathroom floor although fortunately, it was clean water not wee. She also used to make puddles on the kitchen floor and she sometimes to let her food boil dry on the stove and burned our pans. We didn't want her to stay too long and on reflection, we wished we had only agreed to let her stay four days rather than four weeks.

Julie challenged Fel about the puddles on the bathroom floor and the amount of toilet paper that she was using. After that, Fel bought her own toilet rolls and kept them in her room but she continued to make puddles on the bathroom floor and she didn't wipe the floor afterwards.

One day, I heard Fel flush the toilet then she came and told me rather sheepishly that she had a confession to make. She had blocked the toilet. I went to investigate. The toilet bowl was full of brownish water almost up to the rim. There was a big plug of toilet paper blocking the outlet of the toilet. After what Julie had said about not making Fel too welcome, I thought I would try to embarrass Fel so I said, "It looks like you've got diarrhea." I went and got a wire hook and pulled the plug of toilet paper out then the water drained away. Then I broke up the wad of toilet paper and flushed the toilet.

I said it looked like she had put a load of paper down the toilet first before doing her poo and I asked her why she did this. She said it avoids making any embarrassing 'plop' noises. There was a puddle on the bathroom floor as usual so I asked, "Do you wash your bum in the wash basin after you've done your poo?" Fel replied "How do you know?"

Julie had gone out leaving Fel and I alone. We snuggled up together on the sofa for a cosy chat. Fel said that I seemed to be rather interested in her toilet habits. I admitted that I was and that I would like her to tell me all the details. Fel said that she passes a loose and urgent bowel motion two to three times a day. She also explained that she is rather hairy in that region so she needs to wash her bottom every time she opens her bowels. I asked her if she could try to wash her bottom without making a puddle on the bathroom floor. She said that she would try.

After that, we didn't find any more puddles on the bathroom floor and a week later, Fel and I were having another cuddle and a cosy chat while Julie was out. I thanked her for not making puddles on the bathroom floor and she said that was because she hadn't done a poo for a week. She said that she had bought some lactose-free soya milk and she was being careful to avoid dairy products. It has worked well, a bit too well in fact as she was now constipated. There was a simple solution however so Fel went into the kitchen, poured a large glass of ordinary milk and drank it.

We settled down back on the sofa again and I asked Fel how long it would take before she needed to go to the toilet. She said that after drinking that much milk, it might take an hour or two. Fel told me how her she had been married but her husband left her and she had been living alone for many years. I thought that she needed some affection so I hugged her and she hugged me. About 30 minutes later, Fel's stomach started making noises. Then about half an hour later she whispered, "Excuse me, I need to run to the toilet." I asked her if I could come with her. She said that I could but she asked me if I really wanted to, "It's DIARRHEA!" she whispered, "Explosive diarrhea!"

Fel and I went upstairs to the bathroom. Fel opened the window as she said that that it would be really smelly. She lifted the seat as she said that she never sits on anyone else's toilet seat. Fel asked me to stand behind the toilet so that I only had a back view of her. That suited me fine. Fel tore off some strips of toilet paper and put it on the front of the toilet bowl. Then took her jeans and panties down and sat well forward on the front of the toilet bowl. This gave me a good rear view of what was about to happen. She did a soft poo followed by a loud fart, then she squirted noisy and gassy diarrhea all down the side of the toilet bowl. Fel flushed and sat there for a few minutes until another wave of diarrhea came. After she had finished, she wiped herself thoroughly then she stood up and washed her bum in the wash basin, making a puddle on the bathroom floor. She wiped herself dry with more toilet paper then flushed again. I said I could see how she managed to block the toilet because she uses so much paper.

Soon after that Fel's four week stay with us ended and she found somewhere else to live. We never had a lodger before but I wouldn't mind having another if she lets me go to the toilet with her.

Steven (Male)
Hi, I'm Steven and I've been a long time lurker on here and I like some of the stories that you guys and girls post. I'm 15 years old. Welcome your new member on here and keep the stories coming!

@Fernando so when you poop and do a big fart do u sigh or moan?

Hi guys, thank you for the feedback i got on the buscopan ibs relief tablets!

To Abbie: Your stories are amazing, really thrilling to read! Would love to see you in action.

today i want to ask you whether having a poop fetish is bad? cause ive been worrying for a while now..

Answers would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks guys and keep the good posts coming! :D


waiting for summer

I am anxiously waiting for summer to get here. I am employed in the summertime by local parks to clean facilities. I cannot believe how many women have accidents in their panties! I find at least 5 to 6 pairs every week some with only skidmarks and others with messy loads. The only part that I do not like in my job is that a lot of women do not sit on the toilets. Usually this is when they have the runs and I then have to clean the floor and walls where they spray their bowels. Last summer I was cleaning the boat launch restroom and a lady came in and had totally shit her one piece swimsuit. I left and let her clean herself up and then I had to go back and clean the stall and dispose of her soiled garment. I fin

Natalie x

Out and about

After a night a relief, drink and relaxation. I thought chicken wings were in order. Had them around 1 am after soo much to drink. Thought it would be ok, obviously not. While in the taxi home, I felt some gurgling occur. Boy was I wrong. I was setting up my bed, when all of a sudden I felt wetness in my panties! It was poo, without hesitation I walked tightly to the bathroom, holding on for dear life, even though my crack was caked in soft shit. I farted a couple times while pulling my clothes down. I wouldn't of minded but they were really violent that they made me poo all over the bottom of the tank before I sat down. It stank, I thought shit! Wtf was suppose to do, I let it go as I was about to produce much worse. I sat down, not split seconds later, I rapid wave of poo and gas exited me of such force the back of the pan was covered in it. Was so gross, I remember lifting my legs up in relief and agony as I pooed it all out. After the big wave I was heavily breathing thinking what a relief, I was still sharting badly, just not as ridiculous as before. My panties had poo on them though, it stank, I wiped them with tissue but it didn't seem to do much. I wrapped them in a plastic bag and threw them in the bin. What a terrible poo. Such force, no control. I just thank god no one heard me, was so loud, just releasing the beast was slattering with so many farts, not to mention my constant groaning. Felt awful but wonderful at the same time. So glad I did a poo when I got in and not at work. That would have been dreadful. So messy.

Natalie x


Mom-Son Poop at Walmart

Hi I'm a long time lurker but never posted anything but now I am. I'm a 18 Year old male 5 ft 11 in tall almost 6 ft I weigh 200 Pounds not fat or anything.

About 4 Years ago Me and my mom Where Christmas shopping going from store to store. We where on are way to Walmart and I really had to take a dump. I normally take a dump when I get up in the morning, after I eat a big meal or when I go to bed, so my schedule was kinda messed up I got up at 5:30 AM. So I asked my mom "Mom when we get to Walmart can I use the bathroom I have to poop. She said" Yes that's fine I have to shit too. I could tell because her legs where shaking plus she drank a ton of coffee that day. We walked into walmart walking fast we both had to take a dump so bad we didn't even had time to walk to the nice bathrooms in the back, we walked right to the front bathroom's. my mom said "I will meet you out here okay?" I said Okay so she walked into the women's bathroom and I walked into the men;s bathroom. As soon as I walked in One Stall was taken and the other one was out of order. so the stall that was taken that guy was taking a shit too! witch made me even more desperate. I thought of using the out of order stall but the toilet in it was way busted up, so about 5 mim later the guy walked out of the stall and I walked in and dropped my shorts and my white underwear I sat on the toilet and it was warm from the other guy, witch made me really relax on the toilet. I had a lot of diarrhea and chunks and farted a lot. So After about 7 - 10 Min of that I walked out and washed my hands and met my mom right out side outside the bathroom. I said to my mom "whoof I really had to poop I feel way better" She said
"me too I feel 10 Pounds Lighter if I waited any longer I would have shit my pants" then we continued on with are day.
One Interesting note:
My mom Always wears thongs she still does to this day so if she really did wait any longer she would have really shit her pants! and I did laundry the next day so that day she wore a yellow thong that day I don't know how she felt but I'm sure it must have felt really good.

I love it when me and my mom both have to take a dump I have many other stories if you want to hear.

I have one Question for the girls on this site. Do you wear thongs? Or what panties do you wear?


Clogged a hotel toilet

Last week, I was away on a business trip for a couple days. I was meeting with some business contacts and afterwords, it was late and I decided to go to a restaurant. They served huge portions at the restaurant but I was hungry enough that I ate it all. I had a small desert as well. Then I returned to my hotel and went to bed a bit early.

The next morning I wasn't exactly eager to get up, but I had another meeting. I was feeling some pressure in my belly, but all I could do was fart a few times. I hadn't had a shit in a few days, so I knew a good shit was in my future. I showered and went to my meeting. By the halfway point when we had a break, my urge to shit was fairly strong. Unfortunately, there were a ton of other ladies who also need the bathroom, most it seemed for a poop. The line was really long, and I just decided I could hold it, as I'd be waiting probably twenty minutes or more for a stall.

Then once the meeting ended, the situation was pretty much the same as earlier. It was far quicker to drive to my hotel and shit there, then wait in the crazy long line. So that's what I did.

I got to the hotel and went straight up to my room. My urge was really strong by that point, so I went to the bathroom, without even changing my clothes first. I sat on the toilet and immediately was pushing out a thick turd. I felt my anus stretch wide and it actually felt really good. It kept coming out of me and I felt it touch the toilet bowl and start to curl around. It eventually broke off and I felt more in me. A short time later, another turd emerged. It too was fairly thick and long.

When that one ended, there was a few very short turds and then I was empty. I had to look at my dump before wiping. I saw two thick brown sausages curled up together with some pieces floating in the bowl around them. One of the sausages was about fourteen inches and the other maybe sixteen inches. I wiped but only needed four wipes, then I tried to flush the toilet. It was completely clogged with my huge shit. I got the plunger and was able to unclog it.

Alright, that's my story. Hope you liked it. Bye!

Hi everyone,

It's been a long time since I posted, and I thought that everyone might wish to know how everything is going with me and Artiss. We're engaged!!! This lovely ???? gray-haired beauty who is more than old enough to be my grandmother has accepted my proposal to take her hand in marriage. And it all started because she had shit her pants in public and in her hurry and shame, accidentally ducked into the men's toilet to clean herself up where I, Prince Charming himself turned the key and opened the door to find this elderly damsel in distress, with shit in her shoes, in spite of the diaper she was wearing. Every night as we lay together in bed, I thank my lucky stars for the grace that brought us together, courtesy of her irritable bowels. And as she rolls over and puts her arms around me, she does the same. We are very much in love with one another.

Yesterday, I was taking a shower after coming home early. Artiss was out of the house when I arrived home, and so I stripped in our bedroom and walked into the bathroom next door, closing it's folding door behind me. I turned on the shower, adjusted it, and got in. This shower has a clear plastic curtain on it. I was enjoying a nice long leisurly shower when suddenly the folding door comes open and here comes Artiss, her thumbs already hooked in the waistband of her pull-down slacks. She slid them and her control-top briefs underneath down to just past her knees slid the door shut behind herself, and sat her plushy bottom down on the seat.

She had to go both-very badly, as she leaned forward on the seat, she relesead Niagra Falls, the Hoover, Grand Coulee, and Aswan High dams from between her thighs with the loud hiss of urine under pressure being released. "OH!!! AAAAHH!!! WHEW!!! she moaned as she closed her eyes behind her glasses and her lips verbalized the sounds of pure relief. She was in sweet bliss at that moment, and I let her enjoy it before speaking.

"Out shopping dear?" I asked, turning the shower volume down so that we could talk. "Yes sweetheart", she said, as she leaned even farther forward on the seat as the sounds of her swollen bladder died down. "And I should have gone to the toilet at the store, I almost peed my pants in the car. And I've got a......big one.......inside of me, ready to come out. By "Big One" I knew that she meant one of her huge, elephant-sized solid dumps, in stark contrast to the "Oh Lords" of her nasty liquid diarrhea attacks.

She sighed deeply, then her stomach muscles contracted suddenly and her face scrunched up twisted contortions as she began to push. Oh lord it.......comes. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! UUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!! she grunted as he held her lower belly below the navel and leaned so far forward on the seat that all I could see was the top of her gray head as she stared down at the floor. "It hurts, Patrick, it hurts!!!!" The celluite of her thighs quivered with the exertion of the push, her face was beet-red, and the turd was only halfway out. Harder she pushed, harder, deep breaths, groaning, then "SPLASH!!!" as the first log hit the water beneath her. She let out a looooooong exhale of air after that, then prepared herself for the next push. Once again, her low voice, croaking like a frog, leaning so far as to be bent double on the seat, the red face, teeth gritted in her mouth, the groans, and finally the loud "SPLASH" again, this time, followed by a long, loud series of quick splashes in a row as the cork came of the bottle and the champagne flowed from between her buttocks.

"I've got to see this", she said as she stood up and turned around, the red ring from the toilet seat visible on her wide bottom. "Look, Patrick-Oh my!!!!"

There in the yellow pee-filed water were two of the LARGEST (and I mean LARGEST) redwood-sized brown logs with a huge pile of smaller but still large logs and a mound of soft-serve poop beside that. I couldn't see any way how anyone could have humanly passed that much waste in one bowel movement. But she had.

"Well dear" she finally said, "I'd better wipe myself, and then move over and make some room in that shower for me." That said, she kicked of her shoes, slid her slacks and underwear off her ankles, stepping out of them before unravelling the roll of toilet paper, wiping first the urine from her crotch area, then reaching around between her cheeks, where it took several wipes before the paper became clean. THen after washing her hands in the sink, she unbuttoned her blouse and undressed the rest of the way before climbing into the shower with her "handsome young man of a partner" as she calls me, leaving the toilet unflushed with the monster load still sitting in the bowl and the smell of her poop heavy in the air.


A bug going round

Ever since I went back to work in January it seems like someone has been off with stomach problems. It seems to have affected both students and staff and on many occasions I've picked up calls from parents who have fully described the intimate details of their child's diarrhoea. Not that I'm complaining.

In fact during the first two weeks back I seemed to spend more time covering for absent colleagues in the front office than actually in my own little office. It certainly seemed that whatever bug it was that was going round it seemed to strike with very little warning and in fact several members of staff actually came into work feeling fine but then had to go home unwell later in the day. The first time they realised they had a problem was when they suddenly had to rush to the loo.

Now the ladies loo in the admin block only has 2 cubicles, side by side and with gaps at the top and bottom of the partitions so absolutely no soundproofing whatsoever which means that you can hear everything that's going on in the cubicle next to you. On several occasions lately I've happened to be in one of the cubicles whilst the other one has been occupied by someone who subsequently had to go home.

The first time I had just sat down on the loo and was beginning to pee and was trying to decide if I needed a poo or not and deciding that I thought I did when I heard someone enter the bathroom. I was then thinking about the obvious sound of having a poo that the other person would hear me. However it was still quite a while to lunchtime and I hadn't been that morning before work so I realised whatever I would have to go ahead and have a poo.

I suddenly realised that the person who had entered the bathroom was now entering the cubicle next to me in quite a hurry and I heard clothing being rapidly undone and she sat down rather quickly. Almost immediately I heard her fart noisily followed by what sounded like a very loose bowel movement indeed. I decided that from the sound of what I could hear she wasn't going to be bothered by me pooing next door so started to push my own poo out. My own poo was somewhat on the soft side but nothing to what it sounded like was happening next door.

I sat there for a few moments enjoying my own poo and the sounds and smells coming from the next cubicle. After a couple of minutes I wiped up and exited my cubicle. The woman next door seemed to be still in full flow with no sign of stopping. There was quite a pungent aroma in the bathroom, a mixture of my poo and the other woman's diarrhoea.

Having washed my hands I left the bathroom not knowing who was in the other cubicle. However I found out later on when I was asked to go and help out in the main office as X had had to go home unwell.

The second time was about a week later. I had just sat myself on the loo and was aware that I definitely needed a poo. I hadn't been for a couple of days, which is quite unusual for me but I could feel things starting to move so thought I'd better see what happened. As I started to push I could feel the end of my poo beginning to emerge slowly. It felt like it was quite hard and I thought it might take a while. Once again I heard the bathroom door open and someone rush into the other cubicle. I could hear them moaning slightly as what was obviously a very loose poo exploded into the toilet bowl.

I sat back in my cubicle and waited as my poo slowly pushed its way out whilst listening to what was going on next door. I was right about my poo being hard and it stretched my hole as it came out and whilst I normally prefer something softer it wasn't unpleasant, although this may have been helped by what was going on around me.

I thought I heard the door to the bathroom open and thought that whoever it was was going to have a bit of a wait as I didn't think either of us would be leaving our cubicle very soon. I wasn't sure if someone was waiting or whether they'd just come in to put something in the bin and gone out again.

Below me a long snake of poo gradually slid down into the water and curled round the bowl. Eventually it broke off and was followed by a couple of bits of softer poo before I decided I was done and wiped up and flushed. The woman next door was still exploding into the toilet. As I flushed I thought I heard a noise from outside the cubicle and realised that someone was waiting.

As I came out of the cubicle I saw it was one of the Science staff waiting. She looked relived that a cubicle was now free and rushed in almost as I came out. Once in the cubicle she wasted no time and as I washed my hands I could hear her exploding into the loo. There was an interesting smell in the ladies to say the least.

I don't know who the other person was as it wasn't anyone from Admin. Any way on the Friday we had snow and school was closed. The following week it seemed like things were back to normal. I appeared to have managed to avoid the bug. However last Sunday I wasn't so sure. Just after lunch I felt a strange feeling in my stomach and headed for the loo as a matter of urgency where what can only be described as an extremely loose poo exploded into the toilet bowl. My stomach felt a little delicate for the rest of the day but in fact I didn't get any more loose motions.

That is until today almost a week later. I woke up this morning with an urgent need for a poo which turned out to be definitely loose. In fact I think if I'd stayed in bed any longer I probably wouldn't have got there in time.

Since then I've had several more loose poos which are definitely becoming more liquid as time goes by. In fact the last one really was just a brown sludge. My stomach is making interesting noises and flipping around so I don't think I'm finished yet.

Lil Girl

Comments for the ROAD

Comment for Marissa: No, it is not your fault at all and Amber should have stopped for you, you would have stopped for her. Anyone would have an accident if they were forced to hold it long enough.

I remember a time when I was driving for a long time on a trip with my best friend and she told me that she really had to pee and poop. There was no where to stop and I kept offering to pull over and let her go on the side of the road but she was afraid of a cop seeing her. i offered to let her use a container I had in the back seat of the car and she didn't wanna use that either. It was like bumper to bumper traffic and at that point it would have taken an effort to even get to the shoulder so i COULD pull over.

She was really having a hard time. She was breathing heavy and squirming and kept saying "I am going to go on myself. You have no idea how bad I have to go. " and I felt bad because it wasn't her fault and there was nothing i could do. I just told her "do the best you can and if you have an accident, it's not the end of the world."

Finally I got off and we saw a gas station and she ran in before I even stopped the car but there was no bathroom or it was locked. She got back in my car and before I even pulled back on the road...she just lost it and peed for like 5 minutes. I just rubbed her back while she peed and told her it was okay and that accidents happen. And then she was like "I am gonna lose control of my bowels too." I kept driving, looking for anything that was open and she was breathing heavy...trying not to poop her pants but we were back in traffic and her stomach cramped real and she just lost that battle too.

Your "friend" def should have stopped for you.


Clogging my aunt's toilet

On Tuesday, I was babysitting for my aunt. She had to drive all the way to San Francisco to visit a friend who'd been in a serious car accident and was recovering. I was watching my cousin Nathan, who's four; I wouldn't take any money because I absolutely love the little guy. He's mute, and just the sweetest kid. I've been able to draw him out of his shell a bit, and he never wants to be separated from me while I'm with him. We colored, played outside and after I made him lunch we watched some TV. I hadn't taken a shit since morning of the previous day and it was almost time to go again. I had to pee, too. I kept crossing my legs and finally I couldn't hold it anymore and got up to use the bathroom. I took Nathan by the hand and brought him in with me (like I said, he's very attached to me, as I am to him). I slid down my jeans and thong and sat on the toilet, being sure to cross my arms to cover my vagina and as I began to pee a thick, loud stream he held his hand out to me, which is how he says he wants to hold my hand. And I just melted, such a darling. I took it and squeezed it gently. "I'm just tinkling, sweetie, I really had to go" I say as the stream began to trickle off; I had pissed for nearly a minute and I was very horny from it, but kept composed. I ruffled his hair and leaned forward slightly as I began to poop, it felt very thick and it seemed to coil around the bowl before it snapped off. It was one of those turds that just never ends and I felt so insanely turned on, it was tough to stay quiet. Nathan wrinkled his nose slightly and I laughed, giving him a hug and saying "Girls need to poop too, honey, even ones who look like Hayden Panettiere" (My aunt has a few seasons of Heroes on DVD and one day Nathan saw the actress on the back cover and brought it up to me, pointed at her, then at me). I kissed his cheek and said "Sweetie, I need you to wait just outside the door so I can wipe, okay? I'll be only a minute, promise" and he went out to the hall as I wiped. I had pushed out a massive shit, looked to be eighteen inches long and about an inch thick. I tried flushing but the huge log wouldn't goand I tried it a second time but the toilet began to back up so I used the rim of the plunger's suction cup to chop it up best I could, and finally it vanished. I washed my hands and went out to scoop up Nathan cuz it was time for his nap. I read to him and tucked him in and was about to leave when he held his arms out; he wanted me to hold him. He falls asleep quickly when I do that, so I did and even fell asleep myself.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abbie great story it sounds like you and that other girl both had good poops.

To: Megan great story about u and those other girls pooping together it sounds like you all had good poops.

To: Katie it sounds you had a rough day I hope your feeling better stomach bugs suck.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Hey Amigos

First, I will answer the questions posted by teetee. You asked if it feels good when I poop. Hell yeah it feels good! Pooping is one of my favorite activities in the world, after a few other things of course. I just love sitting on my throne, relaxing, and pushing a nice long smelly log out of my butt. Especially after a good meal. I love the smell,the sound of the logs hitting the bowl and then the sound of the toilet flushing. It is so relieving!I also like to hold my load in for a while before I dump it. That is such a good feeling. To answer your second question, Most of the time when I fart in class, it is silent but deadly. However, there have been a few times when I have ripped loud ones in class. One time during English class, I ripped one that sounded like a lawn mower starting up. It stank like a mother F?????. It had that raunchy, rotten egg smell. All the other kids in the class were gasping for air but none of them knew that I did it. However, when I left the class, my English teacher looked at me with a smirk and said:" that was your fart wasn't it?" I said yeah with pride. Than he said " damn,i'm gonna tie a box of air freshener to your butt!" I laughed real loud because my history teacher has a can of pine scented air freshener that she sprays in class whenever someone farts. In history class, most of the kids know its me that farts, so they call the air freshener "Fernando freshener." I am famous for my butt fumes. LOL!

Adios amigos


to Kathy

I enjoyed your story about your long pee at the mall. Does that happen often when you really have to go? I wouldn't feel embarassed about it; some people have larger bladders than others.

You asked about the longest/largest amount people have peed. I'm pretty sure I've broken the 2 minute barrier before. I've timed myself at 1:47 before, but I know I've done longer on occasions I haven't timed (once seemed a lot longer, onto a tree when I was out camping for a weekend). I've also filled a 2 liter bottle 2/3 full before, which works out to 1.3L or so.

I'm interested to hear others' responses.

Zeppelin Fan
Hi all, just want to say there are some great stories on here. It i especially liberating to hear some of the ladies enjoying a dump so much!! I always thought it was a man thing. So tell me girls, do you ever have a dump so big it hurts? And how satisfying do you find such a lovely shit?!


College Buddy dumping for anonymous guy

Hey Anon G, glad you're back.

When I was in college the dorm had two identical men's rooms on each floor with the usual showers, sinks, urinals and two stalls each. So we got used to taking a dump next to other guys pretty quickly. And because many of the guys were also there to shower, they were in various states of undress.

My sophomore year I was on a floor also intended for handicapped guys (although I don't think there were any). That bathroom had a regular stall and a deeper handicapped stall right next to it. The problem was the door on the handicapped stall opened outwards and there was no lock. I still haven't figured out why there was no lock... Because the stall was deep, you couldn't see feet from the outside, so I got to see plenty of guys on the throne, and I got looked at a lot.

Looking back I think what a great opportunity. But having experienced humiliation shitting in high school and jr high, I was just embarrassed. In fact, it took joining this forum to get me past it. So I'm glad you're enjoying your college buddy dumps.

PS As for cleaning (I'm not very hairy, but) I keep a pack of unscented, flushable baby wipes in the bathroom for that final clean-up after wiping with TP. I often even carry a little travel-pack with me. Especially useful for those messy poos when you can't just jump in the shower.


Morning poop !!!

Had a good morning poop today - a couple of firm 10 incher's :)
One was a floater and one sank - ever wonder why that happens ?!!

Friday, February 01, 2013

fictionnaire again

Couldn't Hold it Anymore

Well it's 3:15 am and the bladder let go. Off the carpet and to the toilet I went but by the time of reaching the toilet, I was full on pissing so grabbed a tea towel, first thing I put my hand on in the linen closet as to stop peeing all over the floor and leaving a messy trail to clean up.

Well the underwear, my shorts, the tea-towel were soaked in urine. Tried to see if I stopped but unfortunately in attempting to do so I somehow shit myself as well. I did need to do a shit earlier but didn't because I knew if I did, I'd pee as well. So underwear is messy with poo and urine and the tea towel was failing to soak up excess pee so it ran down my leg as well.

Just got out of the shower, binned my dirty undies and tea towel. Had to mop some of the bathroom floor as well. WHAT A MESS! LOL. Don't think I'd be doing that again. About 12 odd hours seems to be my limit in amount of time of not peeing.

Wow, it's after midnight now and have come close to emptying my bladder on several occasions but have managed to stop myself. Though, a little dampness has told me I haven't been totally successful. As typing this, getting that strong urge again and almost seizing up. But one thing is constant though, the constant urge to urinate.

Tried a little experiment. Is it just psychological that the urge to urinate intensifies when you approach the toilet? Sure seems the case. Anyone else seeing how long they can hold it?

I thought tonight I'd actually see how long I can hold my pee. It's now almost 10pm and haven't had a pee since getting home from work at about 3 pm. At moment it feels like I need to go but not urgent. Even though there were a couple of times where I almost went but managed to stifle any by holding back.

Will update as time goes on.


The First Time

Thanks for the responses to my story. I was asked when I first learned that watching men shit turned me on. I've always been an ass girl, I think it grew from there. I am also a little into domination. So it could be a combination of those two. I will share my first experience of watching a guy take a dump, because that is what really started it.

After high school and before I went to college I used to work in a retail store. There was a guy I worked with who I kind of liked and would sometimes fool around with. Let's call him Jon. One night when we were both working a closing shift, Jon told me that he had booze in his car. He said that we could drink it outside of the store after it had closed. I agreed. We clocked out after we were done working and waited in his car until the manager locked the store and left. There was an area next to the store with a park bench, so we went over there with Jon's bottle of vodka. I don't remember the name of the vodka, but it was the really cheap stuff. It was the kind of stuff that smelled, and probably tasted, like nail polish remover. But we were young at the time so it was hard to get anything better. After some time of drinking, flirting, and making out, I had started feeling a bit tipsy. I'm pretty sure Jon was drunk because he was drinking a lot faster than I was. After awhile, Jon started to look uncomfortable. It was then that Jon told me he really needed to go to the bathroom! I felt like I could pee, so I said "Me too!" and waved for him to come on. The store was closed so I knew we would have to go out here. I thought this could be fun. So I walked a couple feet from the bench. Far enough so that I was in the grass, but still close to the light above the exit door so Jon would be able to see. We were still wearing our uniforms. I pulled my pants and panties down to my knees, and squatted facing him. From the look on his face he must have forgotten his urge and was just focusing on the show I was putting on for him. It took a few seconds, but I had started a trickle that soon developed into a full-blown stream of piss that arched out between my feet and into the grass. I went full steam for about 20 seconds before slowing to a stop. We had no toilet paper, so I bounced a couple times to shake a couple drips off into the puddle below me, and then wiped my vagina and ass with my hand before slowly pulling everything back up again.
I stayed standing over my puddle so Jon keep thinking about what he had just witnessed. As I was buttoning up my pants I said "Your turn. Come on whip that thing out!". Jon was snapped out of his trance by my demand, and then started to fumble for his zipper. Then he stopped and looked up at me and said "I can't!". So I shot back that he has to because he had just watched me. That is when he sheepishly mumbled "I don't have to pee. I need to take a shit." My heart raced. I felt like I could not miss out on this opportunity, and it also looked like Jon was in dire need. He was standing slightly hunched over with one hand on his stomach. I told him that the store was locked up, as was the nearby mall. There were probably no open restrooms for several blocks and it would take a while to get to those. Jon looked defeated. I told him to come next to me and pull down his pants. He complied. He faced me as he started undoing his trousers. I told him he needed to turn around as I wanted to watch. His already blushing face turned a deeper shade of red as he faced the other way. As his pants made their way down I checked out his ass and saw that there was a small brown smear across his butt cheeks. He really did have to go! As he began to hunker down I saw that the turtle's head was already out and he must have been clenching it in this whole time. There was a ring of brown around his asshole. I was in ecstasy. Jon was in his squatting position with nothing happening and his head was down low in shame. I squatted down myself to get a closer view and could see his balls hanging in front and Jon's hand must have been around his dick in case he started to piss. After a few seconds there was movement. Jon's poop started exiting his anus with the snap and crackle sound of Rice Krispies in milk. Jon's pink anus domed out to accommodate for protruding turd. It started coming out fairly slowly and then picked up speed light a freight train. The head of the turd was smashed together by Jon's asscheeks to form the shape of a spear, but the rest of it was long and straight like a snake's body. It was only second before the turd touched the ground. The remainder immediately fell from Jon's ass and landed on top of itself. All was silent, including me as I don't think I had even exhaled since before this all started, so the fart that Jon pushed out sounded as loud as a shotgun blast. It made me flinch. Jon's anus had winked at me with the fart, but it now began to pucker again as more poop was on the way. The rest of Jon's movement was very soft as I think it was affected by the alcohol. It came out in a steady stream of soft serve that splatted on top of his only solid log that I would estimate was about 10 inches or so. Jon was letting out wet splattering farts with this wave of creamy shit. It was streaming out very fast and was over in a matter of seconds. In fact the whole dump was probably only about a minute long. It is just etched in my mind so vividly and the experience was so fascinating it seemed like time slowed to a stop.
Jon had turned around to look at me when he was finished to ask if I had anything to wipe with. I shook my head no but was still kind of lost in the moment. Then Jon kicked off a shoe and started to remove his pants. I wasn't sure what he was doing then realized he was going to wipe up with his light blue boxers. It was then I noticed that there was a small spot of brown on the back due to Jon's desperation. He removed his boxers and wiped his asshole a few times with a sawing motion. I could see there was still a few traces of poop caught in the hairs around his asshole but I still must have been speechless.
I was very strongly aroused afterward and gave Jon his award for a job well done in the back seat of his car.
I think the experience was humiliating for Jon as he tried to avoid contact with me the rest of our time at the store. I think it was the fact that he was embarrassed and very vulnerable that made the situation so special. Please tell me what you think! And I do have a few other stories I will share.

Old Fart

Plumbing Vent

The problem is not the vent. If you pour water in elsewhere and here gurgling from the bathroom the issue is in the drainlines. If you are on a septic tank it needs be checked first. If on city sewer you likely need the mainline snaked. This requires a large professional machine. Unless you have the training with them call a plumber as they can cause serious injury if you don't know the hazards. They rip out roots that get into the lines and can easily break both wrists. Go with a plumber/ draincleaner that has a camera that can be run down the line and watch the screen as it does. You will pay extra but will be able to see exactly what is the problem. If you are told you need replace the entire line say you will need think on it and post that. I'll get back to you.

Plumber since 1976


What's the longest or largest amount you've ever peed? Today I had to go so bad and by the time I was finally able to find a restroom I peed FOREVER. About a minute and a half of full blast. It was a little bit awkward because there was someone in the stall next to me (I was at the mall) who just peed a soft little trickle, while I was just peeing non-stop and very loudly. :/ When I was finally finished I went to wash my hands the girl who overheard me gave me a weird look. I was kinda embarrassed! Maybe I have a freaky large bladder idk.

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