Hot Girl Best Friend

I've never posted here but I finally have a story to tell. So I am a 21 year old white male and this is a story about me and my 21 year old girl best friend. She is incredibly attractive, tan skin, C cup boobs, big butt, and beautiful face, about 5'5". Mostly white.

On Feb 12th, we met up to just chill for a bit as we typically do, and she picked me up at my house and we decided to hit up a Taco Bell. She brought in her large Starbucks coffee and we both got 2 of the new 99 cent Grillers they have. She had one loaded potato and one spicy buffalo. I had already noticed she was killing a large coffee and adding Taco Bell on top of it, but didn't think too much of it since she never has any kind of stomach issues in my presence.

When we were finished, we decided like we felt like drinking, as we also typically do. So we picked up a 12 pack of beer and a bottle of vodka. We headed home to my house and we started drinking away. Now anyone who partakes in beer knows it makes you pee, a LOT. I went into the bathroom and she had gone to pee and noticed it smelled like she had done more than just pee, but I didn't say anything. Now I will admit to enjoying the smell and have gone into the bathroom after I know she's taken a dump.

Now later on that evening we decided to get a little more stuff to make us feel good, and this particular thing makes you have to poop if its good enough. Well on the way, we decided to hit up a Del Taco, and she had a few more tacos. After we got back to my house, we ended up drinking all but 2 beers of what we bought. We went to her car, parked and off, and just talked about EVERYTHING for hours, and somehow, a predominant subject was pooping and farting. I had mentioned how I always hold in my farts around her and she told me to stop because its bad for you(she had a medical background and such.) Eventually during the 3 hour talk, I had to fart. And I told her and she said to just let it go and I did. We just laughed about it. A little later, she CUT what she described as an "egg fart." She then proceeded to tell me she had eaten some kind of dinner that included eggs the night before.

I began to think, that must mean she hadn't taken a shit that day. Anyway, we kept talking for a few more hours, and fairly regularly, we would both be cutting the RAUNCHIEST farts. Now the windows were open because we were smoking cigarettes but our farts were so bad it stunk up the car anyway. My mind was blown that this was happening.

When we finally decided to go back into my house, we went in my tv room, not very big, just a bedroom with a futon and tv setup. We kept talking and the farting continued. The funny thing was every single one of her farts was an SBD, and she would go "Dude, I farted" and proceeded to waft the smell at me with her hands, and I would do the same. This went on for a long while, she even we to pee and she dropped another SBD as she headed to the bathroom. It lingered like a cloud the whole time she was peeing. I was impressed. I went to pee after her and she told me she farted again while she was washing her hands. And it smelled awful. I know she peed because she didn't take long. I was beginning to understand something was definitely brewing in her stomach. I was right. I came back and told her to go take a shit and she said she didn't have to right now.

After a while, she looked at me and said "Bro, I gotta take a shit." And I said "Then go!" while laughing and told me there was no more toilet paper, on the roll or under the stink, and knew where the extras were, on a table not too far from the bathroom. I told her to follow me and I grabbed the roll of TP and joked "Heres your asswipe" and she took it and I followed her to the bathroom. While we were talking in the car, she had told me she would let me in the bathroom while she took a shit. She stopped me at the door and I told her "Dude you said I could" while laughing. And she said "Well maybe some other time when its a normal poop. I don't feel like this one is gonna be solid." I told her I didn't care but I decided to not pursue anymore when she wouldn't give. So I just told her to have fun and said "Thanks man" and shut the door and did NOT turn on the fan. I thought this was awesome haha.

Well my bathroom door is high enough that if you get down on the floor, you can see the shoes of whoever is in there. I quietly got on the floor and since the AC vent is near the door, I IMMEDIATELY smelled what could be described as a much, much worse version of what she had been farting out all night. I stayed for a bit enjoying it before I saw her feet begin to foot and I went back to the TV room. She came back and told me she BLEW up my bathroom and that somehow she had clogged it. I asked her how that was possible if it was loose and she said "I have no idea. Go look!" I got up, and sure enough it was clogged, with a LOT of streaks on the bottom, a lot of particles in the water, and even some no even in the water. I guess the deviled eggs, coffee, burritos, tacos, beer, vodka, and that other thing had all combined to do a number on her stomach and my toilet, even though she didn't even feel sick. I was really cool sight.

We decided to deal with it after we had a cigarette. I shut the door to keep the smell inside and we went out. We came back and she tried flushing it again and it all went down. I couldn't believe my hot best friend had just had diarrhea at my house. We always joke that she has a "golden colon" and I was just beside myself. It was awesome. She left a few hours later to take one of her freinds to work and she came back afterwards and told me she had taken another loose shit back at home and we laughed and brought it up several times throughout the day while we recovered. It was a really awesome experience.

Unknown Dumper

Squat Reply

Yes, I have done squatting. It feels so good to get all that unwanted waste outta your system and it helps support your pelvis and backbone for later in life and it's good really.

When I was 15 and walking on the beach, I had an urge to poop badly. My mother held a plastic shopping bag under my butt and I dropped my pants to my knees and let out my monstrous dookie. I wiped using extra tissues we carried around and I washed my hands with hand-gel.

Anybody ever pooped into a plastic grocery bag? I know I did.


dads farting

Anyone's dads fart loud a lot in public?

to parent:

Squatting is fairly common. What do you use to catch their poop though?


advice to help your sis

To jasmine k : hello therr my name is tawnie n sry to hear your sis is haveing trouble pooping well me n my sister does too n after I taught her wat to do it works for her everytime so iam askin has your sis tried diggging out her poop or try havin her spread Her legs wide n pushin relly hard. If she wants to try diggin that relly works all she has to do is have her sit on the toilet with her pants at her ankels or off n then have her spread her legs wide n go inbetween her legs n dig with her fingers or use tp n dig the pieces out so that way works for me n my sis all the time so let me kno how everything works n if she tries diggin so hope this advice works .... let me kno reply bac


Story from a lurker

So I've been reading this site for many months but have never posted. For some reason right now I decided to post a story about an accident I had because of holding it too long in a car and not stopping since that seems to have been a theme lately.

I'm currently 26 but this happened when I was 21 in college. I lived in an off-campus apartment with my best friend Jill and another couple of girls. One night Jill and I had been out late at the library and then at a party. We lived about 20 minutes away from campus and the party was another 20 minutes away from the other side of campus so after the party we had around a 45 minute drive back to our place. I had to pee before we left the party but didn't want to use their bathroom since we were going to leave soon anyway.

So we got in the car and drove back and my need to pee kept getting stronger because I had been drinking water all night at the library and had a coke at the party and my bladder was more than full. Jill was driving and I asked her to drive faster because I had to pee. She said she wasn't going to get a speeding ticket just so I wouldn't piss myself and we laughed and I had to clench down tight to keep from leaking when I laughed. I told her not to make me laugh or her car seat would get wet. She told me I better not. I crossed my legs and held myself with a hand and held it.

By the time we got within a few miles of our place I was seriously bursting. I told Jill I wasn't sure I could make it back to the apartment and asked her to stop at a gas station or something. She said that we were only like five minutes away - can't I hold it for five minutes? I said ok but hurry. I couldn't remember the last time I had to pee so bad.

We finally pulled into the apartment and parked and I had to wait a second to make sure I had full control before I could get out of the car without leaking. Jill just laughed at me like any best friend should. I made it out of the car and doubled over in the parking lot next to the car as another strong wave hit me and that time I felt a small leak and I squealed and Jill asked if I was pissing myself like a little girl. I said no, but almost. She said, well if you do at least you are out of my car, haha.

We lived on the 2nd floor so I had to get up the stairs, holding myself for all I was worth, Jill laughing the whole time, taking the steps one at a time because if I moved any faster I would have started peeing. That didn't stop another few leaks from happening before I got to the 2nd floor and by then I could feel wetness on my fingertips. I said, Jill I'm seriously leaking here. She just laughed and said show me. I pulled my hand away for a quick second and we looked and could see a wet spot the size of an egg on the crotch of my jeans. Jill just laughed and I clenched my legs back shut and grabbed myself and hobbled to the door and begged Jill to open it.

She dropped her keys on purpose once and I bounced up and down and begged her to hurry, and she finally unlocked the door and pushed it open. I pushed passed her, squeezing through the doorway, and headed to our bathroom. Jill yelled mock encouragement to me as I waddled past her.

I made it to our hallway before another huge urge made me stop and double over and this time a full on stream started that I couldn't stop for a couple of seconds. I felt the wetness spread across my crotch and butt and upper thighs. I cursed and started moving again, doubled over, Jill laughing behind me, asking if I was wetting myself yet. I said, a little bit. She just laughed harder and came around the corner just as I made it into the bathroom and slammed the door.

The sight of the toilet was too much and my bladder gave up the fight as soon as I got into the bathroom. The urine flooded into my jeans and down my legs and I screamed "JILLLL! I'm gonna kill you!" as I stood there three feet from the toilet completely pissing myself like a little girl. I could hear Jill in the hallways laughing hysterically saying she was going to pee from laughing so hard.

I must have peed for over a minute. My jeans and shoes were soaked and there was a puddle on the floor. After I finished I wiped up the floor with a towel. I pulled my shoes and jeans and panties off and sat on the toilet and squeezed out a few last drops, then wiped myself as best I could to dry the wettest spots.

I opened the bathroom door carrying my wet clothes (it was no big deal, we all saw each other nude all the time) and found Jill standing there, still laughing, wiping tears from her eyes, standing funny with her legs spread wide. She said, "See, I told you". I looked down and there was a large wet spot on the crotch of her jeans as well - but only about the size of a grapefruit - where she had peed her pants from laughing so hard. I said it served her right for making me wait and piss myself. She said "at least mine was only a little." I said, "it still counts."

She started to push past me to go into the bathroom and I grabbed her and started tickling her. She squealed and tried to pull away but I held on and kept going, wanting only revenge. She begged and said she had to pee and I said good, so do it. She kept trying but I wouldn't stop and after a few more seconds she squealed louder and stopped moving and I heard the hissing sound and looked down and watched the wet stain get bigger and spread down her legs as she completely peed her pants too. she laughed and called me a B**** and I let her go as she finished wetting herself and I said "now we're even". she laughed and said "I guess it is only fair". She took off her shoes and jeans and panties and we took our wet things to the washing machine and tossed them in and then took turns taking a shower to clean up. I at least got to shower first since it was her fault.

We still laugh about that night when we get together these years later.



Encopresis Encopretic Kids


I dealt with encopresis as a kid; although nobody knew what it was called. Are there any other people on here who had enco?

There are a lot of people here who would benefit from your stories.....there are forums and boards that allow parents of enco kids to talk....but nowhere that I know of where the kids themselves (now teens or older of course...) can share their feelings and comments.

What was it like for you? Please share with us.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013



HI All
I am a new poster but have been reading this site for about a year now. i am a 15 year old male, 6ft tall and about 170 pound. I have always been fascinated by people who can openly talk about poop in today's society . I have got some stories to tell but Before I do I have a short survey for anyone but in particular girls/women

1. What is the average size of your big poops? (length, diameter)

2. How often do you poop to make such big dumps? (I mean, do you go everyday, once a day, twice a day; or if by going every other day or once a week, whatever, do they get bigger? I assume if you poop everyday or several times per day that your dumps wouldn't be so big... )

3. What color are these dumps and what texture are they? (firm, hard, knobbly, smooth with cracks, stringy?)

4. What is your load like? (nuggets or balls that fall out like horse poop, long logs, short logs, blobs, carrot shaped turds that taper off at one end, or a combination of these??)

5. What do you (normally) eat that would allow you to poop so big?

6. Do you pass gas/fart when you poop? If so, do you do it before, during or after you poop?

7. Have you ever watched yourself poop in the mirror, taken a picture or video of yourself "in the act", or let someone watch you push out a mega dump?

8. Do you enjoy listening to others poop at home or in public and do you generally poop in public or at home

9. What is your age and gender? (You don't have to state your age if you don't want to)

I will post my first story this week so please come back and read it


Two great posts Tylee and Chris

I rarely post on here but am a regular reader. Two recent posts have impressed me

Rylee a great story and brilliantly written.

Chris, Loved reading about your wifes morning routine, with the paper as well! Wish Mrs G was the same, but for her its a quick in and out and over with in 2 minutes.

Any more tales or women reading on the loo are always welome

After this landslide of the unprintable, think about this for a moment: When a whole bunch of people post what they like, want, or what excites them, etc, in graphic detail, some even with ways to contact them, it makes for a really twisted and creepy read.


Potty Squat

Hi, I'm a Dad of 5 kids, 4 boys and 1 girl. All are potty training age and my wife and I are teaching them to assume a full squat position rather than sit on the potty? Just wondering, has anyone else done this?

Mr. Clogs

Thank goodness for backups

Well it's been a while since I've posted. I have small post to share with you all, and yes it involves peeing in cups. Lets start with me having to get up twice to pee in those cups. The first one I woke up about 2 am and needed to pee. I went to my entertainment rack that I keep my cups at. So I grabbed the one of them and slid my undies a bit so I can relieve myself in it. I peed rather loud into the cup filling about half way. I placed the cup back the rack and went back to bed.

The second time I had to get up to pee again and this time the sense of urgency was even greater than the first time. I got up and grabbed the cup I had previously used and filled it up. While I was peeing I could feel the cup getting heavier and filling up to the brim, so I had to stop my urine about half way since I had more in my bladder to pee out. I grabbed the empty cup that I keep on the rack and finish the rest of my pee in. I filled that cup half way of a 30 oz cup! So all together I've urinated about 45oz of urine which was mostly clear because I drank some water before I went to bed. For a guy I guess you can say I have a large bladder or one of those mega bladder people that use to post here on this site. I miss those posts. Are there any men or women out there with mega bladders like mine or can urinate a large quantity of urine? If so please post your stories.

Just want to shout out Anonymous Guy, John H, Melissa K and to everyone on this site.

desperate to poop: Nice post about pooping at the pub. I hate people that make a lot of nice and talking on their cell phones while handle their business. That's one of many of my pet peeves about using public restrooms.

Timbo: Thanks for sharing your story about your friend Anne and appreciate the details about her poop and pee.

Thomas: Interesting about your wife's 'weird" habits. To each is own.

That's all for now, have a great day and happy peeing and pooping to all.

--Mr. Clogs


buddy dump years ago

years ago me (age 10) and my friend (age 8) were in the Woods claiming tress and telled me he had to poop and so did i so went out of site of the people walking though as well he pulled down shorts and briefs behind a tree and he telled me to keep a look out and he would do the same for me me when i went after 5Min's of me keeping look out he had left a big pile of poop i give him some kitchen roll i had in my pocket to wipe he pulled up his white briefs and shorts then i went behind anther tree and pulled down my shorts and briefs and he keepted watch for and after 5min i was done and left another big pile of poop after 5 days it had Been inside me for 5 days after i wiped with another piece of kitchen roll i pulled up my black briefs and shorts. we went back to climbing trees

Little Mandi
Hey guys, I have a pee story for you all.

Yesterday my friend Kevin and I went out of town for a concert. It was a 6 hour drive but totally worth it. We stopped twice to go pee and eat lunch.

It was a little after 1:00 when we arrived at the place. When we got there,we both had to go pee again. Me not so much so I didn't say anything about it. Kevin on the other hand must have really had to go cause he decided to go behind a dumpster.

Time went by. We hung by the place cause we're unfamiliar with the area. it was now 5:00,a half hour left till doors opened. By now,I really REALLY had to go pee. I remembered Kevin's dad's friend who lives in the area had mentioned that there were places to eat down the road. I asked if we can try to find them so I can go. We walked down the road,but all we found were office buildings and colleges. I was so desperate it wasn't even funny. It hurt to walk and I was almost in tears. We walked back to the place. When we got back we had 15 minutes left till doors.I stood there doing the pee dance and moaning in my head. I felt bad I kept complaining,but I can't even tell you how badly I had to go. My bladder felt like it was going to explode.

Doors opened and I headed straight to the bathroom. I really didn't want to go at all but there was no way I could wait another second. I went over to the bathroom and opened the door. There were two stalls and a sink. Two girls were inside. Both stalls were open but I couldn't bring myself to go in there. I didn't know what to do. I just stood there kind of biting my nails.

We found the bar inside the venue. There were mostly kids under the age of 21 at this show. I'm 21 so I decided to use the bathroom in the bar for more privacy.

This bathroom had a urinal and a stall. I was just gonna shut and lock the door. Guess what? It wouldn't shut all the way. Kevin said he'd stand guard for me. I walked in the bathroom and guess what else? The stall door wouldn't shut either. Even though I know no one would come in I was extremely paranoid. I couldn't pee like that.

Finally I was down to my last option. You all know I don't like people hearing me in the bathroom but I had no other options and I was ready to like pee my pants. I asked Kevin to come in with me and hold the stall door shut for me. At first he looked at me like I had 10 heads but he said ok. I know him for almost 3 years. He's one of my best friends so if anyone had to hear me pee I rather it be someone I know than a complete stranger. I ripped down my pants and peed a river. Kevin is always joking around with me so he teased me a little bit. I laughed. I peed for like a minute straight. Kevin said you pee a lot. I said I wasn't kidding when I said I had to go badly. Even though I was embarrassed about everything,I felt so much better. I opened the door and thanked Kevin for holding the door for me. I jokingly said lets pretend like this never happened. Of course being his silly self he teased me about it a little bit a little more. When he did I looked at the ground sheepishly and laughed.

I hope I never have to use a concert bathroom again. These were like the worst bathrooms ever.

Monday, February 11, 2013


To Rylee

Hey, I just wanted to say that I loved your story. I'm in high school, and I've had so many friends that seem to never poop, so it was cool to hear that you and your friend broke the no-poo barrier.

Also, I love your style of writing! You have an amazing voice. I hope to read more from you in the future.

Anonymous Guy

So many stories!

Sup everyone! Just squeezed out a couple logs into the toilet bowl and figured it's a good time to visit this site. :) Sorry for the delay, I've been busy with school and homework. However along with all that has come some awesome experiences! I'll share them with you guys in this post.

@oldpoop: Thanks for the great tips. I'm usually a 'wipe with toilet paper only' guy, but if adding a little lotion will help then I'm all for it. As for having hair on the anus, I do have a lot around it so anything that comes out immediately sticks to it. Perhaps I can try trimming and see if that helps too.

@John H: Hey dude you're probably busy but I figured I'd hit you up again. When you get the chance could you do another 'type while pooping' kind of story? I guess you could call it a request. I enjoy your posts and would appreciate it a lot.

@fernando: Ah man, your posts just keep getting better and better! You really know how to draw us readers into your stories and make them entertaining. Can't wait to read your next post. :)

Ok so I'm not even sure where to start lol. Well this past month I've been working out 5 days a week, which has been giving me a HUGE appetite... which has been producing very thick and frequent turds. Kind of reminds me of going through puberty, the constant eating and pooping. Anyway I've had countless bathroom experiences this past week but I'll just post my most memorable ones. Here it goes!

Poop #1: Alright so you know those days that you forget to flush the toilet in your bathroom? And after a long day you come home to this thick musky scent of poop? That's what it smelled like in this public bathroom I was walking in. I really didn't mind the smell since it IS a bathroom after all, but I was still curious where it was coming from. I then took one of the stalls and was greeted by a few stinky logs and toilet paper in the bowl. Now this RARELY happens since we have automatic flush toilets, so I was hesitant before sitting down. I was going to flush it but figured why waste water? I pulled down my pants and let out a huge crackling soft log, adding onto the mound of poop the person had left. It was kind of cool smelling our odors fuse together making the bathroom even more stinky. I looked between my legs to see if I could tell the difference between mine and his. My logs were remarkably longer and thicker, probably due to me eating so much. Or he could've just been a little guy. Anyway I wiped my hole clean(or as clean as I could) and stood up to have it automatically flush. I kinda wish it didn't go down so the next guy can add onto our work of art, my big logs mixed with that guys small logs, but ah well. I cleaned up and left.

Poop #2: Now this story happened during the busiest time at college bathrooms... 10 minutes before class. Everyone is in such a hurry driving to school that I think they forget to take their morning pee. I had a class too but could feel mushy poop working its way down, so I knew I may be a little late. I went in the handicapped stall(it's more roomy) and witnessed hoards of guys rushing in to use the urinals. I don't find pee to be very interesting, but it was funny hearing all the guy's different sighs and moans as they let everything out. Some of their streams were very loud and direct, while others were faint and soft sounding. It actually made me nervous hearing that bathroom door swing open and closed... it was making it harder to push anything out into the toilet. Finally everyone had left to class and it was just me. I let out a nasty fart and slush that echoed out of the toilet bowl. I usually don't prefer pooping alone, but this time it was too relieving to pass up. Just then I heard someone running outside, inching forward and eventually slamming open the door. This guy was late to class but decided that he couldn't hold it in I guess. He took the stall right next to me and frantically tore off some toilet paper to lay on the seat. He then started rustling his belt buckle and jeans in a hurry to pull them down. Then just as he sit his butt down he let out a sloppy wet fart. Following that was constant crackling and plops, from the sounds of it he was desperately trying to push all his waste out. While he was doing this I pushed out a tiny bit of poop out out of my hole, but I was pretty much done. He started aggressively ripping off toilet paper and wiped. I felt bad that he couldn't really relax since he was in a hurry, but you gotta do what you gotta do. He only wiped a couple times before pulling up his pants and rushing off to class.

Poop #3: This story isn't about me pooping, but of someone else instead. There's not much to write about but figured I'd include it in here anyway. It was about 15 minutes before my workout class and I had a heavy urge to go pee. There was a bathroom on my way so I just held it in until I passed by. I barged the door open and took the only urinal in the bathroom. I quickly realized that the bathroom door didn't shut all the way and is always cracked open. So anyone walking by could see me using the urinal! I had no choice though... once I get going it's near impossible to stop(not to mention unhealthy). Just then I heard a huge plop in the toilet water. Then another. Then another. It had been about 30 seconds until I realized someone was using the toilet, and he wasn't being shy at all. I could hear every crackle, every fart, and every grunt. Do some guys enjoy being heard? He could've easily waited for me to finish up, but it seemed like he was putting on a show. What's funny is that once I finished peeing, he started wiping. I waited a few more seconds before washing my hands and heading to class. I still find it strange though, since most guys don't let out their poop unless you're pooping with them.

Poop #4: This was probably one of the best buddy dumps I have experienced so far. I had just gotten off the bus and felt a huge amount of pressure pushing on my rear end. I thought to myself I might as well get it over with, so I headed to one of the bathrooms. Once I got in I took the middle stall(this bathroom is different from the earlier ones) and waited a few minutes to see if anyone would came in. One guy did go in the stall next to me, but he only peed. No one was using the urinals so he was probably just shy, here's the funny part though. Just as he finished up I saw several drops of pee fall on his shoes. I tried not to laugh, but he didn't even seem to notice what he had done. He continued shaking it and more landed on the floor. I thought it was ironic that this guy was trying to get more privacy by peeing in the stall, but it turned out to be the complete opposite. He turned around and (with the pee on his shoe) walked out the bathroom. By now I've been holding my poop in and the pressure was almost unbearable. It was past the point of being pleasurable and I was tempted to just let it all out in the bowl. Just my luck, a guy came rushing in and took the stall next to me in a hurry. I could hear him hang his backpack on the hook so knew he wasn't just going pee. He ripped off a seat cover and simply pushed his pants down. The lighting in this bathroom made it so I could see his butt's shadow sit on the toilet. I don't like to invade people's privacy or anything, but the shadow was right under my feet. It was about 10 or 15 seconds in and I could tell he was trying to get started. Right then a fart released into the toilet and he let out a big sigh. I decided I might as well chime in so I started pushing as well. Right when I could hear his log emerging, I did the same thing. Our poop almost sounded identical... it was the kind that is wet/soft yet not diarrhea. Let's just say it was really noisy. I let out a fart and he finally caught on that I was going poop too. From then on we alternated. He squeezed a little bit out, then I did. If I had to describe the noise it would be like squeezing ketchup out of a ketchup bottle. You know when it makes that wet nasty sound? That's what it was like. The guy continued to push out some poop, then pausing for me to do the same. I have to say, it's unbelievable how much this guy groaned. After EVERY little push or strain, he let out a relieved groan. I tried to follow suit but ended up with one of those shaky groans since I can't concentrate on both at the same time. Towards the end his voice got loud to the point that I wondered if he was even pooping! He then waited to see if I had anything else to push out, to which I strained but didn't, and started wiping and cleaning up. I let him go first so we wouldn't have to awkwardly see each other, although I'm curious what he looked like. When he left I wiped with a smile on my face feeling proud of our bonding experience. I could tell that he was actually engaged in going poop with me since he acknowledged me numerous times. I think I went the whole day after without using a restroom, I was very satisfied with that buddy dump.

Poop #5: This is my last story for now(thank god!) and I think you guys will get a good laugh out of it. I was at an outside mall with some family shopping around. It was a Friday night so the sidewalks were packed, mostly with young people who were around my age. This must've been a nice mall because almost everyone looked like they were rich or had some money. I was looking around in an electronics store when I began feeling very constipated. It wasn't the pleasurable kind, it was the 'how am I going to squeeze this out!' kind. After telling my family where I was off to, I quickly fast-walked towards the bathrooms. There were oddly none on the bottom floor so I had to walk up the stairs(not easy while being constipated) to get to them. The moment I had arrived in the bathroom I knew I was in trouble. All 3 stalls were occupied and they were all taking their precious time. I awkwardly stood by the bathroom sinks while 10-15 guys go in at a time to use the urinals. A few of them gave me a look but ultimately knew why I was standing around. I held my stomach and paced back and forth, hoping that someone would start wiping already. This big black guy comes in now, having the same look that I did! He paced back and forth and nervously looked at the stalls. He then looked at me and said 'you waiting too?'. I said 'yeahh' to which he nodded his head in acknowledgement of my desperateness. We waited for a good minute or 2 when this skinny white teenager(probably a couple years younger than me) came in and desperately looked at the stalls. He actually PEEKED through the cracks to see if anyone is in there, when you could easily see their feet! I felt bad for the kid, he barged open one of the doors only to find a guy sitting on the toilet. He said 'oops sorry' and closed it again. The black guy gave him a look and said 'we're waiting too' probably letting him know that he has to wait his turn. What's odd is that the teenager then goes to a urinal and uses it... was he just extremely shy and wanted to pee in private? Or he could've had to go poop and pee and decided to knock one of them out at least. Finally a guy started wiping and flushed, to which I hurried and shut myself in the stall so no one would take it. I pulled my jeans down to my calves and plopped my bottom on the seat. It took a long time to get things going since crowded restrooms made me nervous. The guy next to me finished up and the black guy hurriedly took the stall. I wasn't sure what to expect since I've never heard a large person take a dump, but wow did it shock me! It literally sounded like a volcano erupted in his toilet. I couldn't tell if it was diarrhea, mushy, or solid, it was unlike anything I've heard before. Once he started wiping I finally got things flowing and a THICK log emerged from my butt. For the first time in awhile it hurt to push out, but I finally squeezed that thick piece of poop out. Now that the tough part was over, I just had a few smaller pieces to push out. Here comes the good part... A hispanic guy(he was speaking spanish) came running into the stall next to me, talking to his friend who was at the urinals. The guy layed some toilet paper on the seat and as he sat down, a hugeeee spurt of pee came flying onto the ground! I'm not kidding, there was a huge puddle in front of his shoes. As he sat down his bladder must've released, shooting out everything before he got to sit down on the toilet. I started busting up in silent laughter, feeling bad for him since he probably knows someone saw it. I didn't hear much after that but figured he was pooping. I started wiping(while holding my unlockable stall door closed) and snuck out the stall when only a couple guys were peeing. I don't know why, but I'm very shy about people seeing me after I poop. I cleaned my hands and went back to my family, still chuckling about that guy who peed on the floor.

This is unbelievably the longest post I've written on here, but I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and that I didn't bore you.

I have a question that's been popping up in my head a lot lately... every time people prepare to poop in a public stall, it's almost always different. Some guys put their bare butts on the toilet seat, some guys wipe it down with toilet paper, some guys lay out toilet paper, some guys lay out a seat protector, and some guys lay out toilet paper AND a seat protector!

So I want to know, what do you guys do when pooping in public restrooms? I personally lay out a seat protector, but sometimes will sit my bare butt on it if I think it's clean.

Anyway please feel free to comment on my stories... This took a LONG time to write! Hope you guys have a good Sunday and take care.

-Anonymous Guy

Rylee- Great post about going with your friend! Sounds like you both enjoyed it!

Desperate to poop- I agree, it is annoying when someone is talking on their phone in the toilets, especially if you're trying to concentrate!

This morning I considered weeing in the shower! I was feeling lazy and needed to go after waking up but in the end I just sat on the loo to do it instead. Any other girls here done this before, and would you recommend it or not?

The other day, I had a party and several people came. After it was over, it was just me and a close female friend (I'll call her S, for her privacy) who stayed to help me clean up. When we finished, I asked if she wanted a beer and we drank and talked for a while.

S had been farting a few times silently, but I didn't want to say anything to embarrass her. But then she farted a loud one and giggled, before saying "Oh, excuse me. I have to poop." and headed to the bathroom. About fifteen to twenty minutes passed, when I heard her call out to me. I responded and she said "There's no toilet paper in the bathroom. Do you have any?"

I went and got a roll and knocked on the bathroom door before opening it just a crack and reaching my hand out with the roll. She said, "I can't reach. Can you bring it to me?"

I entered the bathroom and gave her the roll and went to leave, but then she told me, "You can stay if you like." so I stayed. She wiped herself thoroughly and stood up, and I could see a huge sloppy pile of poop in the toilet. I remarked, "Wow! You must have had to go bad." and she replied, "Yeah. I really did."

She flushed the toilet, but then hesitated. She rubbed her stomach and sat back down, saying, "Ooh. Actually I gotta poop some more." I was amazed and didn't really believe it, but I knew it to the true when she started noisily plopping away.

After a few minutes, she announced, "I think I'm done, for real this time." and wiped again. Again, I couldn't resist looking, and she had produced a pile maybe half as big as the huge one from before. She flushed the toilet, leaving tons of streak marks all over the toilet. She washed her hands, and we left the bathroom. I won't say what happened next, but let's just say she didn't go back to her house that night.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jed great story you handled it really good and I bet she was thankful.

To: Lucy it sounds like u had some interesting poops.

To: Pat those flight attendants handled it really well and artiss must have been thankful to.

To: Timbo great story bout hearing your friend anne poop it sounds like she had to go alot.

To: Desperate To Poop great story it sounds like that bathroom was very active with poopers.

Well thats all and to all the ones I wrote bout I look forward to your next posts thanks.


Can i ask how people feel about pooping in pubic toilets?


Big poo after a weekend away

hello my name is michelle but im known more as mishy, im 27 yrs old brunette and 6ft tall quite big built not fat with big boobs and bum, anyway 1st time poster read about this site and its interesting, seems people enjoy pooing as much as i do

anywa got a story recently on a long weekend away with some friends and my boyfriend 6 years younger than me been together 4 years however, the entire time there i managed to not poo which was quite hard given i go everyday sometimes twice, anyways it was a struggled and driving back i was farting heaps my boyfriend asked if i was alright i said yes i just need to do a poo really bad i can wait till we get home however, well i only just was able to i raced in sat on the toilet, my poos are huge ususally daily so i knew this one would be super big, it took a bit of work to get going which is normal for me, but once it started the pleasure was beyond belief and i was not mistaked it was massive i pushed out the 1st one which was a fat foot long one but i was far from done pushed out another big one which took effort aswell then did a big fart and pushed out a 3rd big one i flushed then as i didnt want to block the toilet then a 4th one came just as big then did a few more which came out easy by now the bathroom smelled beyond belief but i wasnt done did one more massive one flushed waited to see if i could do more and i did got 3 more big logs out before i flushed again then got 2 more big ones out, i wiped and was done

boy i felt better after that, it took me nearly an hour to get it all out but i enjoyed it

doing a survey just because i can


1. How often do you have to shit? once a day at least sometimes twice occasionally 3 or 4 times

2. Are you a folder (you carefully and neatly fold the toilet paper) or a crumpler (you just grab a wad of toilet paper)? crumpler

3. Are you an inspector? (An inspector checks the toilet paper after each wipe to examine the faecal content on the sheet to see if further wiping is required). oh yes

4. Are you a stander or sitter? (A stander stands up after defecating so he/she can wipe his/her bottom, a sitter keeps seated for this). always sitting

5. Are you a double-dipper? (A double-dipper will wipe more than once with the same piece of toilet paper) no

6. Do you use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper? not offen
7. Do you read in the latrine? i always take a while so offen yes

8. If so, how often do you read? always at home public i'll play with my phone

9. How do you sit when using the toilet? just like i sit down on a chair tho offen leaning forward

10. Do you inspect what you've left in the bowl before flushing? all the time

11. How far down do you pull your pants/underwear? depends at home i take them all the way off sometimes in public just to my knoees

12. If you flush but there is still some left, do you flush again until it's all gone? yep offen i'll flush during if its big after taking a pak of course

13. To wipe, do you reach your hand between your legs, or do you reach your hand around your backside? round th back

14. Once you start wiping, do you wipe from front to back, back to front, or some other way?front to back

15. Do you usually wipe until you are totally clean, or just until most of it is gone? get it as best i can

16. Do you try to avoid shitting in public restrooms when other people are there? no i go anyway something we all do why be ashemed of it

17. At home, do you usually shit with the latrine door open when somebody else is around? ususlly open growing up we were open bout the toilet habits

18. Do you drop a few squares of toilet paper in the bowl before you start, to stop water/pee from bouncing up into your ass? no my turds are so big the offen dont splash.
19. Do you use air freshener (or light a match) after you go to the latrine? if its available yeah


Pooping my undies

Hi there, I don't know if I should tell everyone this, but here goes:
I'm a 14 year old boy who lives in Australia in a small country town. We live on the outskirts of it and our farm is very large and there are no toilets other than the ones in the house, so if I'm hanging out with my friends outside and we need to pee or poop, we just go in front of each other. We're no shy. Anyway, on the weekend I'd had a large breakfast and went for a walk by myself. I was walking to meet a friend at our dam, which is 30 minutes away, but halfway there, I got a really bad urge to go. I just ignored it and kept walking. Big mistake, because 5 minutes later, the urge hit me and before I could get my pants down and squat, a massive turd slid out of my bum into my undies. By that time I was at the dam and my friend saw my pants bulging and asked what was wrong. I cried as I told him that I'd pooped my pants, but he was really nice about it and offered to poop with me as I still had to go quite a lot. When we were done, I felt a bit better and I managed to hide my dirty undies from my parents and wash them myself. But I really need to know something. Does anyone know why I pooped my pants? Please, I need to know, is something wrong with me? Only young children have accidents, right?


Re: Update

Marissa: Glad to hear that everything went well with your friend having to pay for the car seat. It wasn't your fault in the first. If like peeing your pants, hey go for it! Have you considered peeing in weird places too?


The other day we went out for fast food and after I ate it I could feel my stomach rumble and that was a sign I would eventually need the toilet. So it continued and so I went to the master bathroom in my room, I pulled my jeans and boxer briefs to my ankles and sat down. I let a rip, chunks of shit, and liquid as well as a long pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffttttt. I Sat for a min then wiped 5 times. It felt so good that I almost clogged the toilet.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hi guys, I'm really enjoying this website and I have a story to contribute, hope you like it. I'm a 17 year old guy from the south (America) and I'm pretty interested in bathroom stuff here.

This story is from last summer when I was 16. I was really excited that I just got my boating license and my dad allowed me to take our boat out by myself. We have a pretty nice boat, 32 ft with a cabin, bedroom, bathroom, and everything, and my dad worked his ass off for it. I just wasn't allowed to go more than a mile offshore in the ocean, which I wouldn't anyway. I noticed a girl tanning on the beach nearby who I actually recently hooked up with at a party (awkward) but hadn't talked to since then. She was my age, had light blond hair, kinda pale skin, and was wearing a blue bikini, and I invited her on the boat (I felt like a big shot on my own boat like that out there). We talked for a while and had some fun, and she swam and hung out with me all afternoon. I cooked hot dogs on the grill for lunch and we swam again afterwards. All of the sudden she stopped talking and looked really pale. She pretended to be fine and gave me one word answers, so I jokingly asked her if she wanted to kiss some more. She said "Actually, does your boat have a bathroom?" I said yeah its right inside. As she swam to the swim ladder and I followed behind her, I realized that if she had to pee, she would have just gone in the water, so she must have to poop. Just as she got to the ladder, I said "Wait- the boat toilet can't take solids, only liquid" nervously, because it was true. The toilet even had a sign on it and my dad would kill me if it came back broken. She turned beet red and stopped midway on the ladder, and said "Oh, well thats okay I just need to stop swimming for a bit." She climbed up one more step on the ladder so she was totally out of the water and almost on the deck, and I was right under her waiting to go next. She suddenly froze and sighed, and I saw her bikini bottom blow up like a balloon. I heard a nasty gurgling noise and I knew what happened. She said "Oh my God!" and climbed up onto the deck. She grabbed her stomach and I quickly jumped up there. She was about to cry and I told her it was okay and to just calm down. I put a hand on her shoulder and the other on her stomach and apologized for not realizing how bad she had to go. She broke down and cried and whispered that she wasn't done- she still had to go more. I wasn't sure what to do and offered to give her my pair of spare shorts until I could take us to the dock. She said no, because her bikini bottom was holding it all tightly, and it wasn't leaking. I went to start the boat but she stopped me and said she couldn't hold it. I suggested that she pooped off the side of the boat, but she got even more upset and said no because there were a hundred other boats around them. I thought quickly and remembered that her bikini held it all without leaking. I told her to finish and push it all out into her bathing suit, since no one could notice anyway, and then we would get in the water to take them off and clean up. She was extremely embarrassed and I told her not to worry about it, and she didn't have many options. She knew that was true and spread her legs out a little bit, and let it loose. I rubbed her belly as I heard some pretty disgusting sloshing noises for a minute or two. Finally she said she was all done. I took her hand and walked her carefully to the ladder. I couldn't believe how full her bathing suit looked, and it wasn't leaking! We got down the ladder slowly and into the water.I helped her get her bottom off and I could see in the water the muddy looking poop start floating up slowly. It was diarrhea but not complete liquid, it was more like mud. There was A LOT. A few shakes of her bottom got the poop out, and she wanted me to see if her "area" was dirty. Of course I agreed and saw that it was. I told her I could clean it up with the bathing suit since it was dirty anyway, and she agreed. I took my time and it was a really intimate experience. She cleaned the bikini off one last time and put it back on for the ride in. We docked the boat and I brought the pair of shorts and a few towels to the dock shower. It was a very private shower and we went in together. You can guess what happened when we went in there together...and we came out nice and clean. I have been hanging out with her a lot lately :)



Thank you everyone so so much for all the encouraging comments. Amber made me feel so horrible about what happened that it is really nice to read all the supportive things you guys have to say and know I'm not alone. I took everyone's advice and told Amber I wouldn't pay for her to clean her car. She insisted it was my fault and told her mom, except she left out the part where I begged her to stop and said I just decided to pee myself. Her mom called my brother (he's my legal guardian because my dad is in the military and my mom passed away when I was little) and told him he needed to pay. I hadn't told my brother what happened because I was embarrassed so he came to ask me about it. When I told him the whole story he was very understanding and was mad at Amber. He called ambers mom and told her the true story and she dropped the whole thing and told Amber to pay herself. Amber still is telling the entire school what happened, but I am slowly getting over my embarrassment. Like you guys said, it could've happened to anyone. I also found out that I kind of like the feeling of peeing my pants; something about the releif and the warm pee running down my legs. Is that weird? I think I'm going to try peeing my pants again in a more private setting and see how I like it. I'll let you guys know how it goes if anyone is interested.


Been Awhile

Been awhile since I've posted here.

Well for the past two weeks I had gotten constipated. Large hard sausage like turds that were wide and around 5 to 6 inches long. They were hard to pass and hurt but they never got stuck. Then I started getting more constipated to where only small rock hard pebble like turds came out. Then one day I woke up with my ???? hurting. I went to my bathroom and with a little bit of strain pushed out a 7 inch long thin crap with really burned my b-hole for some reason. Yesterday I was at a Walgreens when my ???? started hurting again. I headed towards the ladies room. There were stalls one occupied one not and it smelled bad in there. The vacant stall was full of toilet paper and maybe 3 logs. My ???? hurt so I sat down any way. I immediately plopped out mushy poop it sounded like pmpflppmmbmbpflb. I then let out a semi-long wet fart.

Well that's it for now. I'll try to post more often :)

This is my first story so I hope you all enjoy it and for those who missed my first post I'm 28 years old and obviously male.

This happened to me a few weeks ago and is almost to unbelievable to be real but I can assure you it happened unfortunately for me.

So this particular day I had to go into the city for a meeting. The city is about a 1 hour train ride from my house so when I woke up in the morning I went for my morning wee and actually sat down on the toilet instead of standing as I wanted to try and have a poo before I left so I didn't get caught in the train on the way.

I didn't have the urge to poo so all I managed was a few farts even though I was pushing quite hard. So I got ready and left for the city on the train.

As expected about half an hour into the train ride I started to feel a bit of pressure in my bottom and knew I would have to poo when I got off the train.

As we continued along my urge to poo got larger but I couldn't get off the train as it would mean I would be late. As it was peak hour the train was quite packed but I managed to get a seat. I really wanted to let some pressure off by letting a few farts out but there were 3 quite attractive women in there 20's sitting next to me and opposite me so I didn't want to do that as I'm sure they would all know it would have been me so I resisted the urge.

We eventually pulled into the station I needed to get off at but the train was late and so was I. So even though I really had to poo I bypassed the station toilets and went straight to the building which was about a 3 minute walk away. As I walked I knew I was going to have to poo before the meeting started as there was no way I could hold it for an hour and a half.

As I got to the building I went into the lobby and noticed 2 lifts. My meeting was on Level 12 so I had to take the lift up. One of the lifts had a sign on it saying "out of order" so there was only one working.

After waiting about a minute the lift opened up and myself and another lady got in. By now I was seriously turtle heading and my poo wanted out desperately.

The lady who was in her early 30's I would say pushed for level 9 and I pushed for Level 12. The lift started to go up quite quickly which was good but as we got to just after Level 6 the lift stopped suddenly.

Me and the lady both looked at each other and I said that's a bit strange. We started pushing different button's to get it moving again but it wouldn't budge. What was budging was my poo though. I was desperate and couldn't believe this was happening.

After a few minutes I pulled out my phone and called one of the other guys who I knew would be at the meeting and told him the lift was stuck and asked if he could tell security so they could get someone to fix it.

The lady and I started making small talk and having a joke about the lift and then I said to her I hope they fix this quick I really need to go to the toilet. She laughed and said I'm sure it won't take long.

Another few minutes passed and my friend called me back and told me he had got on to security and they were working on fixing the lift. As I stood there I was increasingly looking uncomfortable and I didn't know how long I could hold my poo in.

The lady looked at me and said you look like you really have to go. I told her I was quite desperate and she was really nice about it and she offered me her drink bottle and said you can use this if you really have to go.

Already embarrased by telling this stranger of my need to use the toilet I was now even more embarrased when I had to say to her that the drink bottle wouldn't suffice for my need. She understood what I meant and said Oh I see.

Another few minutes passed and the head of my poo began poking out of my bottom and I couldn't control it. It actually felt like quite a solid poo considering how desperate I was. I couldn't believe that this was happening in front of this lady and as my poo kept coming out into my briefs I had no choice but to tell her that I was very sorry.

I'm sure she knew what was happening anyway but I thought she is going to smell it so I may as well fess up. It was so embarrassing to have to tell her that I was pooing.

As the poo came out and fell into my briefs it relieved a lot of pressure so I was able to stop the rest of it coming out fortunately.

It didn't smell that bad but I couldn't look at the lady as I was so embarrased. About 2-3 minutes later the lift started moving again and the lady got off at her stop and she said goodbye. I couldn't even summon up the courage to say anything.

I got off at my level went straight into the men's room jumped in the first stall pulled my pants and briefs down and finished having my poo by dropping 3 good sized turds followed by a wave of soft poo. I then had a long wee and proceeded to clean up the mess. As expected my bottom was quite dirty and briefs were a mess. I poured the poo that was in my briefs into the toilet then wiped a consdiderable amount before flushing.

Luckily there was no one else in the toilet so I was able to throw my dirty briefs in the bin without anyone seeing. I had to free ball for the rest of the day though.

I hope I never see that women again as I would have no idea what to say to her and Im sure she wasnt aroused about what she saw as much as I would like to think she was.


To Steven (15 y/o Male)

Hiya Steven.....and welcome to the site. Sorry it took me a while to post this...I saw your intro post the other day and wanted to say hi but got sidetracked....

So; tell us something about yourself! For example.....when was your last bowel movement and what was it like?

Are you "regular" like you tend to go the same time every day?

Have you experienced constipation? Don't be shy....lots of guys your age have issues with that.

Then....tell us what sort of topics here are of particular interest....

Have fun reading...and posting.


Artiss called me tonight she made it to her sister's house all right, but she had a terrible case of the "Oh lords" on the plane and almost shit her pants waiting in line for the lavoratory after take-off then once she was inside she wound up sitting there for a good part of the flight. Naturally the flight attendant was concerned when she didn't come out in a timely manner and she knocked on the door. Artiss unlocked it and asked her to step inside so that she would know exactly what the problem was. When she saw poor Artiss sitting there doubled over with the sounds of massive amounts of liquid diarrhea coming out of her bung-hole and loud gassy explosions, she exited once again spoke with the other flight attendant and they both agreed to explain to the other passengers that lavoratory was closed due to a lady being ill in there. Almost all the passengers were very kind and sympathetic, I guess one guy made some kind of a sarcastic statement, but apparently, there was an elderly pastor across the aisle who looked at him sternly and scowled over the top of his glasses making this guy feel pretty cheap. The flight attendant told Artiss this after she finally came out, then a passenger with a seat right next to the lavoratory very graciously offered to give up his seat so that Artiss could be right there by the toilet door if she needed to go back in. And everybody continued to use only the one other lavoratory so that she could have one reserved and waiting if the cramps came back again.When the flight finally landed, almost all the other passengers wished Artiss well and expressed sympathy for her predicament while travelling. And then one very kind lady stayed with her until she had gotten her baggage and was safely in the cab to her sister's house. Really restores your faith in human beings-there ARE some very nice people out there in the world yet.

Here's a couple of mine and Artiss' favorite tunes we like to sing to each other when either one of us is seated on the toilet, emptying our bowels bladder or both:

"Plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is, fast fast fast!!!"

"Put your elbows on your knees and out comes the rotten cheese."

She always stares at me when I'm sitting there on the toilet my pants and underwear down to just above my knees my bare thighs, penis and testicles hanging out and calls me "her handsome young thing" and always wonder what she did to deserve me. The feeling's mutual I wonder what I did to deserve HER. Every night before we both drop off to sleep she whispers in my ear "I love you Patrick" and squeezes my hand beneath the covers.

To Brandon T: thank you for the welcome back and the well-wishes. Artiss sends her thanks as well.


Peeing/Pooping in dreams

Just a quick question. I know peeing in dreams equals peeing yourself in your sleep. Though I wonder why if you poop in a dream you don't poo yourself while you're asleep. Don't get me wrong... I'm glad that this is the case.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby as alway another great story it sounds like you and Mary both really had to poop you more urgently from the sound of it and it sounds like you had really great cleanouts and felt pretty great afterwards and I bet that toilet was avoided for awhile afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Cletus great story about your friend Dot pooping it sounds like she had a really good poop and I bet she felt prety great afterwards to and please share anymore stories you may have about her thanks.

To: Chris great story you watching your wife poop it sounds like she kinda enjoyed giving you a good and please share anymore stories you may have about her thanks.

To: Anubhab great story about seeing your girlfriend poop please share anymore you may have about her thanks.

To: Thomas great story it sounds like your wife has found something she really enjoys and has she ever pooped by accident while peeing on something and please share more stories about her thanks.

To: Rylee as always another great story it sounds like you and Autum both really great poops and alot of fun to and were brought closer together as friends to and I bet this will the first of many great stories about you both to and as always I look forward to reading thanks.

To: Onthetoiletgal great story it sounds like you really helped that girl out it sounds like she was beyond desperate and I bet she felt great afterwards after getting all that out of her and very grateful to you to for being there to help her out in her time of need and it sounds like you had a good poop yourself and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jasmin K as always another great story it sounds like you and your sister were having a tough time hopefuly your able to get the rest of the poop out soon and hopefuly it wont be a painful one and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Isabelle as always another great story it sounds like you and your sister had a good poops and it sounds like you had to go a bit more the she did and I bet you both felt great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like you had a good poop at school and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Little Mandi
Hey guys,its been a while. I have nothing interesting to post.
I kind of wanna give myself a clean out. I often feel bloated no matter how much I eat and I don't feel like I poop enough. Not that I mind that,but being bloated is uncomfortable. Any suggestions on what I can do to stop being bloated all the time?

Because i'm so bored,I'm gonna do this survey. I don't think I've did this one.

1. How often do you have to shit?
I don't poop very often. Maybe every 3 days or so. It depends.

2. Are you a folder (you carefully and neatly fold the toilet paper) or a crumpler (you just grab a wad of toilet paper)?
I'm a crumpler.

3. Are you an inspector?
Yes. I always look in the toilet.

4. Are you a stander or sitter? (A stander stands up after defecating so he/she can wipe his/her bottom, a sitter keeps seated for this)
I'm a sitter.

5. Are you a double-dipper? (A double-dipper will wipe more than once with the same piece of toilet paper).

6. Do you use moist wipes or wet your toilet paper?

7. Do you read in the toilet?

8. If so, how often do you read?
I don't read.

9. How do you sit when using the toilet?
I usually sit with my hands in my lap or arounf my stomach. If I'm having a hard time,i'll squeeze the wall in front of me.

10. Do you inspect what you've left in the bowl before flushing?

11. How far down do you pull your pants/underwear?
To my knees or ankles.

12. If you flush but there is still some left, do you flush again until it's all gone?
Yes. I always make sure its all gone.

13. To wipe, do you reach your hand between your legs, or do you reach your hand around your backside?
Usually i reach around my back.

14. Once you start wiping, do you wipe from front to back, back to front, or some other way?
Front to back

15. Do you usually wipe until you are totally clean, or just until most of it is gone?
I make sure I'm completely clean.

16. Do you try to avoid shitting in public restrooms when other people are there? No this does not bother me at all as long as the toilet is clean.

17. At home, do you usually shit with the latrine door open when somebody else is around?
I always close the door no matter what. I like my privacy.

18. Do you drop a few squares of toilet paper in the bowl before you start, to stop water/pee from bouncing up into your ass?

19. Do you use air freshener (or light a match) after you go to the toilet?
I always spray after I'm done. I hate stinking up the bathroom.



So my friend Anne came over and we were gonna go hang out and before we got ready to head out to the movies she said she needed to use my bathroom and freshen up a little as well as use the toilet. She went in and shut the door but as I was waiting the door didn't shut all the way and there was a small crack so ya could see what was going on, she stood in front of the mirror and did up her hair a little and then she undid her jeans. She opened the toilet and pulled down her jeans and bikini briefs and sat down on the toilet, she pushed and did a long wet fart then pooped out alot of liguid poop and peed then did a big long pfffffffffffftttttttttt then she stood up to wipe her bottom about 5 times. She flushed then pulled her undies and jeans and washed up and we left.

Friday, February 08, 2013

desperate to poop

Pooping now

Hi All

Last post didn't get posted, will try and resubmit but it was quite long. Probably a bit too erotic, sorry

Anyway been farting like crazy and having a poop on the loo. I can feel a big one as I haven't been for a couple of days. Posting it via my phone as I'm in the toilet pub. It's inching out, it feels pretty big and is being accompanied by more squeeky farts. It's about 5 inches and is slowly working its way out. Feels good coming out though. I can feel it maybe about 8 inches now, been on for about 2 minutes now letting it takes it time.

Someone else is peeing next door and on their mobile chatting, very annoying spoilt the peace.

Ahhhh dropped a nice log, I can feel a bit more up there though, will wait a bit longer.

Few mins later now and the girl has left, someone has hurried in, looks like they're having a slightly wet shit.

Another log easing out about 5 inches it feels now and is ready to drop, Ahhhhh it's finished time to wipe so I'll leave it there

Happy Pooping all


Biggest dump of my life

Yesterday in school I had experienced the worst dump in my life. I was in class doing a project with my friend Mary and some really bad poop hit me. I started gripping my stomach. Mary asked what was wrong and I told her I really have to take a dump. She said she did too. I asked to go to the bathroom while Mary waited for me to get back. I walked as fast as I could and I finally got there. Three stalls were taking. One girl was pooping. It just happens to be my sister. I quickly sat down and diarreah poured out of my butt. It just kept on coming out with lots of farting. I was sitting there for 10 minutes while wet poop kept falling out. My sister left quickly and the other two were complaining about the smell so they left quick too. I tried to flush but it wouldn't go down. I ignored it. When I came back Mary was looking very bad. I could tell she had to shit bad. I told her to use the first stall and clog the toilet even more. When she came back she said the toilet is clogged up good. I just pushed out a bunch of logs. We both felt so much better.



Hey Yall

My name is Cletus and i'm from southern Alabama. I nearly fell outta my chair laughing when I found this site. A site dedicated entirely to poop. Whod've thunk it. But seriously, I think this site is great and yall have some good stories. I'd like to share a story with you too. One time I was on a bus trip to go visit my cousin Jake. The driver of this bus was a very nice African American woman named Dotty. Everbody liked old dotty. She was real funny and nice. I have always had a thing for dark women too. Dotty was heavy but not obese or fat. She was colored brown and had real clear skin and pretty face. But the best part of her was..... you guessed it, that huge "poop factory" (butt) she had. It was soooo big and ????, you couldn't help but stare at it. On the trip, we stopped at a rest stop off the highway so all the passengers could get lunch. Dot got off the bus with us and went in for lunch. There was a food court in the rest stop that had a popeyes restaurant. I saw Dot standing in line at popeyes and I decided to eat there too. We had a friendly conversation on line and then ordered our food. Dot ordered fried chicken, red beans and rice and some biscuits. That gal can eat! I ordered the same. Then we sat down to eat. After we had chowed down, I went to visit the terlet. To my surprise, their was only one bathroom in service. It only had one toilet and was for men and women. It seems the other restrooms were out of order. I just went in and pissed then came out. When I was coming out the door, Dot walks over real fast with a pained expression on her face. I asked her what was wrong and she said: wooo! lawd, I think I have to have a bowel movement, but I don't want to go in this bathroom. I told her that the feeling she had might be just a fart, but dot assured me it was more. She told me she didn't want to use that bathroom because the lock on the door was broken and anyone could just walk in. I told her I would stand outside and make sure no one came in. Dot looked at me with her pretty face and said: You'd do that for me? Thank ya baby. I said: you bet I would, now go have a nice poo. She smiled and went in. I listened at the door and heard her pull down her britches and plop her big self onto the commode. Then I heard a fart and the beautiful sounds of logs dropping into the pot. I heard dot say whooo lawd as the logs were plopping out. They were coming out really fast. I don't think it was diarrhea but they sounded soft. Then I heard the toilet flush so I thought dot was done. But then, another round of turds splashed into the toilet. Wahooo! I thought, old dot is havin a good dump!She must have pooped for a good seven or so minutes. When I heard the commode flush the first time, it was just a courtesy flush. Finally, I heard the toilet flush again and the sound of water running out of the sink. Dot washed her hands and came out. She said wooo, I feel better now. I looked at her and said " I bet you do, that sounded like a good one. She laughed and said " hell yes it was, lets go get back on the bus now baby." After dot was outta site, I snuck into the rest room to check things out. The pong she left in their was like a slap in the gosh darn face. Phew! I said as I walked in. Then I inspected the bowl to see if dot had left anything in their. The poop she took sounded really big so I figured it may not have gone down. But there was no turds left in the bowl. But there were some brown skid marks in the bowl. That must have been one good shit!

later yall

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