To anonymous guy: I am glad you enjoy my posts amigo. Sometimes I myself am amazed by all of the crazy stories I have. I think the reason I have so many is because I poop a lot, enjoy it, and am not embarrassed about it at all. I can poop in public just as easily as I can at home. When you do it in public as much as I do, your going to have stories after awhile.

Now for another post. This happened back when I was a freshman. After lunch when I was a freshman, I always used to take a big dump in the bathroom near the cafeteria. One day after a very enjoyable meal, I walked into the bathroom only to find that a trio of guys were standing at the sink looking in the mirror and combing their hair. I thought to myself, what the hell are these guys doing in the bathroom. Usually there is no one in there, and it is quiet, so I can have a nice peaceful bowel movement. But today pretty boys are here playing beauty parlor. These guys kept spraying their nasty cologne and giving me snotty looks when I came in. They acted mad that someone was coming in to use the bathroom while they were doing their hair. That was the last straw. I decided I would get even with them. I went into the stall directly behind them and pulled my pants down. I am going to show them the power of Fernando, I said to myself. I sat my caboose down on the pot and relaxed. I heard one of the guys say to the other one "dude, how do you like my new cologne?" I laughed because I knew I was about to make my own fragrance for these guys to smell! It wasn't long before a fart burst out of my butt. It was so loud, it echoed throughout the bathroom. I could here the guys outside the stall giggling and one of them said " he's taking a monster shit!" then the other one said " that's disgusting!" This made me mad. I hate it when people are prissy and try to pretend they don't poop or fart. I thought, I'll show them! I pushed a little and my butt released a long solid log. It broke off and plopped in the toilet with a huge splash. My butt was drenched. the smell was so strong it actually made my eyes tear a little. Then I heard the guys outside the stall saying "whoa! he's taking a mean shit! It stinks so bad!" I started silently laughing from inside the stall. Then I heard another guy say " lets leave. I can't take that smell another minute. My eyes are starting to burn." As soon as they left, I started cracking up. I actually stank those pretty boys out of the bathroom! I was like a super hero! After having a good laugh, I began wiping which took a long time because the consistency of the poop was kind of like tar. Finally, I finished and flushed the bowl. The log was so big it almost didn't go down. As I was washing my hands, the janitor came in. He took one whiff of the air in the bathroom and said "phew" then he went back to his cleaning cart and began spraying air freshener all over the bathroom. I just walked away laughing.


To anonymous guy

Getting clean 'down there' isn't always easy, but shaving isn't the answer. Your anus is not normally a hairy part of your body, so if it is not getting clean, your poop must be of a sticky consistency. To get your anus clean, use some Noxzema or other lotion or salve on the last pad of toilet paper, wipe yourself really well, and then, with the paper still on your finger, stick it up into the anal canal and clean that also. If the treated paper has gotten really brown, get some more toilet paper and repeat the process. That should get your anus clean enough to avoid skidmarks in underpants; besides, it should feel really good and cool. The biggest problem I find is pooping away from home; sometimes it is necessary to re-wipe with the salve when I get home.


Helping me poop!

I've been reading posts on here for a long time.

I am literally sitting on the toilet trying to poop as I type this (iPod Touch) but am having trouble. But for some reason, reading these posts is helping me go.
I'll update when I'm done pooping!

Okay so I'm done pooping. It moved really slow and was big and dry and really hurt! I feel much better though!

@Fernando keep the stories coming. They're great. Does it feel good when u poop and do you fart loud in class?


A Stranger's Fart.

When I was Ten,on the spring break of 1990,Me and my family went and took a trip to A space museum in Huntsville Al.Me and my Dad was In a bathroom,and some man bald with a mustache early 40's.Was at a uranal.Then that man let out a loud fart.I thought my Dad did it at first cause it sounded like one of his.Then my Dad goes,WELL I GUESS SOMEONE HAD BEANS TODAY!Then The man goes,Yeah(in a relief matter)

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Amie many peoples bladders react like that to the sound of water its something to do the brain and sounds of liquid it triggers a reaction in the bladder at least that my thoughts.

To: Beth as always another great story it sounds like your poop may be a little acidic from your gallbladder its hard to explain it something to do with over production of acid sometimes I think and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Melissa K as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop at that resteraunt and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kathryn I look forward to the results thanks.

To: Jacqueline it sounds like you and your friends all had really great dumps and stunk up that bathroom pretty good to and I bet you all felt pretty great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Sydney as always another great story it sounds like you had a pretty nasty night but at least your freinds were all there to comfort you and thats the sign of true friends when they will be there no matter what and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Megan as always another great poop story it sounds like you and those other women all had good poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kaylee I hope you feel better it sounds like you may have a stomach bug.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your freinds pooping together it sounds like you all had really great poops and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Here are some tales from the bookstore last week I heard a woman poop in the bathroom she sat down then plop plop plop then flush then later I heard a girl grunting on the toilet she sounded constipated then a lil later her mom went in and a gave a simular grunting performance and yesterday I heard a woman have a soft poop first she sat down and let out a wet fart burst then started peeing she left some skidmarks in the bowl and just today I heard a girl pee then a wet fart burst of diarrhea I think so far it was a grat few days.

Well thats all for now.

sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site.


Withholding a dump

Kathryn: I've intentionallygone and sat on a toilet to only poop a little of what's usually a considerable dump; I always have large bowel movements, ever since I was a kid. I'll poop a tiny bit, but save the rest for later because the feeling of easing out a huge dump turns me on like nothing else. My whole body seems to tingle. I get the same feeling from peeing; I won't urinate until I'm very desperate to, like almost on the verge of wetting. The feeling I get, well, down there is amazing. I'm still a virgin so it's the closest to sex I get on a regular basis lol. Yesterday was the first time I took a shit in front of someone other than my sister or Becca, which I'll be sharing soon when I have time.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Fire drill while on the loo!

Hi everyone, I've got a new story for you after some comments.
Megan- Glad all is going OK for you now you're back at university. It certaintly does seem that loads of girls are happy to use the toilets there when they want a poo, from your stories you nearly always have at least one or two neighbours who are pooing as well. I was thinking this might be because of the acommodation arrangements, I guess if your living in a shared house theres already not as much privacy when you're on the loo so you must get used to it and then it doesn't really matter which toilets you use. I suppose that's what's different about being at school, you know if you feel a poo coming that if you can just hold on till the end of the day you can go in the privacy of your own house. At my school a lot of girls don't seem to mind having a poo in the school toilets if they feel the need, however they tend to use certain sets of loos which are the nicest, warmest and cleanest ones like the ones in the English block. Especially at lunch break most people waiting for those loos need to have a poo, the other day I overheard two girls talking in the corridor and one of them said she needed the loo and was going to go to the English block toilets, her friend guessed she wanted a poo because they were really close to the Maths loos at the time which are fine for a quick wee when you can hover over the broken seats but no-one ever poos in them. The other toilets which are popular for those in need of a number two are the canteen ones before school, probably lack of time when getting ready in the morning and maybe only having one loo at home means that some girls who get to school early need to go for a poo straight away and the only loos open first thing are the canteen ones, luckily they're quite pleasant, I should know as I've used them plenty of times! The good thing about all of this is that if you feel a poo coming at school and you use either of the sets of toilets I've just mentioned it would be unlikely that you would be the only one having a poo which automatically reduces the embarasement factor.
Anyway, back to my story. Today I tried to have a poo before school but nothing was happening, so I decided to give up and try again at lunchtime. My constipation hasn't been too bad lately and I'm determined to try to go regularly and not hold it in for any length of time. By lunch break a slight urge was forming and after I'd eaten lunch I went off to the English block loos and waited in the queue. About five minutes later I got a cubicle, there was quite a strong smell of poo in there and there were skidmarks and some dirty paper in the bowl. I lifted my skirt, lowered my black tights and green pants and sat on the warm seat. I had a much needed wee which seemed to go on for ever then I started to push, I let some rather loud farts out which was pretty embarasing but just then my neighbour farted too, I looked over to her cubicle and saw her trousers and yellow spotty pants at her feet. I could feel something moving down inside and then my poo starting to poke out of my bum, it felt like quite a big one and was getting sucked back up when I stopped pushing so I had to maintain the pressure. A few minutes later I'd pushed it out far enough that I could relax a bit between pushes. Just then I had the shock of my life when suddenly the fire bell started to ring, I knew I'd need a few more minutes to finish but that I'd have to get out straight away. I could only hope the girl next to me was in the same position as she'd been sitting for a while too so I guessed she was having a poo. Quickly I took some loo roll, broke off the poo that was poking out and dumped it in the toilet before flushing and pulling up my pants and tights. I came out of my cubicle at the same time as the girl next to me who was a few years younger, she said "Hopefully we'll be allowed back in soon so I can finish off" and I said "Yes, I need to finish too!" I waddled out awkwardly, the log was still pressing at my bumhole and jamming it open, luckily I could see the other girl walking awkwardly too so at least it wasn't just me. We assembled outside only to be told it was a fault, so we were soon allowed back in. I checked the time and saw there was still 10 minutes of lunchtime left so with any luck I'd be able to finish. I made my way back to the English block loos and saw there was a huge queue, just then I saw my next door neighbour who had also been part way through her poo and she said "I'll never get done in time if I have to wait in that queue." I replied "We could try the Maths loos, I know they're pretty gross but I doubt they'll be busy." "Yeah, I guess so" she said and we walked off in that direction. Sure enough when arrived there were two free cubicles next to each other which we took, fortunately mine wasn't too bad, the seat was a bit loose but it could have been worse. I could hear a few other girls having a wee but no-one else was pooing, at least I knew it wouldn't just be me. I pulled my tights and pants down again and heard the girl next door lowering her trousers and knickers, my bum slapped down onto the cold seat and I started to push. By now the girls who had been weeing had left and I was pretty sure it was just the two of us. I was having to push quite hard and couldn't help grunting, I was embarased about the other girl hearing but my poo was really wide and I was having to work hard. A few seconds later I heard her grunting too which made me feel better. We both strained and grunted for another few minutes until I heard a loud plop next door and then a few seconds later my poo dropped and made a similar noise. As I wiped I checked to see how dirty my knickers were, I should have put toilet roll in them but I forgot and they were pretty badly marked. I started to wipe and so did my neighbour, we came out more or less together and just then the bell rang, I said "Just as well we didn't wait in that queue, we would have been really late" and the other girl said "Yes, actually these toilets aren't too bad, maybe next time I need to go I'll avoid the queues and come here."
I hope you enjoyed this story, I'll try to post again soon, bye for now!!

Abbie- Sounds like you were dying for that poo in your last story. Sorry you couldn't quite hold it in long enough and got some marks in your knickers, but like you said it happens to your friends too quite often, and it happens to me too from time to time!

Today I was doing some revision for my next exam in one of the uni buildings. I'd just eaten my lunch and soon I needed to go and find the toilets so I could do a poo. I found the loos and went in behind a tall brunette girl. She took the left cubicle and I took the middle of the three cubicles. I pulled down my jeans and green knickers and sat down and saw her pull down her jeans and white knickers. She didn't wee so I guessed she was needing a poo. I'd just finished my wee when someone took the cubicle on my right. Again I saw her trousers and red knickers appear at her feet under the cubicle as she sat down, so now all of us had our pants around our ankles!
I heard the girl on my right wee and then she did a small plop so I knew she was also doing a poo. This broke the ice and I let out my first log followed by the girl on my left who also farted. Both girls did two more logs while I pushed out my second. The girl on my right also needed to do a fart, and she coughed to try and hide it but failed! We all did another piece and then there was silence for a minute. Then the girl on my left did a couple of final pieces and started wiping herself. I did two more pieces which came out fairly easily and the girl on my right pushed out a few small pieces. The girl on my left flushed the loo, but the flush seemed to be broken! She tried it a few more times, then hurriedly left. The other girl finished and left as I started wiping my bum. I was alone in there so when I had, successfully, flushed my poo I couldn't help but be nosy and sneak a peek at the brunette's loo to see if it had gone down. It hadn't! Her poo was still in the bowl when I opened the lid. There was some paper on top and underneath I could see at least one big thick log of poo and a couple of smaller bits in the water, plus one tiny bit stuck on the side of the bowl! No wonder she was in a hurry to leave, it would have been embarrassing if someone had come in and taken her cubicle or been waiting to go only to find her number two still in the bowl!

Hi my name is Dave I'm 28 from Australia and have long been a reader of this great site and love reading the stories on here particularly from the females about pooping.

I do have many stories of my own which I will share now that Im posting.

To Sandra: Absolutely loved the story of you seeing Shaun in the woods and now finding out you are together. Its great you are open with your bathroom habits like that. You say that you get really turned on when he is desperate to poo have you got any stories of seeing him desperate since you've been together if so I look forward to reading them.



So, today I have diarrhea! :( I woke up with a rumbling and churning in my guts, but thought I'd be okay. Two hours later I was running to the toilet with a desperate urge to poo. I instantly exploded out of my rear end with runny liquid. I know my boyfriend had diarrhea yesterday so it's probably a bug. I went for a lie down and almost soiled the bed because I farted and did't realise how badly I was going to follow through! I've just released another couple of loads of mushy crap but I feel like I need to go again soon!!

To Jordan. regarding buscopan

I've he IBS for 36 years now, and have been given many different kinds of antispasmodic tablets.
Buscopan seem to work better for me than any of the others.
They seem to help with the pain as well as the bowel spasms.
Hope this information is of some use.

Ok I dont know if anyone else has this problem but omg the sound of water aaaalways makes me have to pee. When I go take a shower and turn the water on I have to suddenly pee urgently. Its so weird because I don't feel the need to go til I turn the water on and then suddenly i cant hold it in. So anyways tonight I went to take a shower and turned the water on & yep the desperate need to pee hit me so hard! but I realized I needed to get some more soap out of the cabinet first. I tried to hurry, squirming desperatly and then my bladder started giving out and I started peeing right on the floor! how gross. anyone else have this problem?

Has anyone ever taken buscopan ibs relief? are they any good?


messy and painful poo!

i pooed today, and it was really messy! less than 20 seconds after i sat myself down on the toilet, my poo came out, and although it was relatively soft, it hurt a lot!! after i recovered from the pain, i started wiping my bum, only to find that i couldn't get clean. it wasn't diarhhea or a wet poo or anything, i just could not get it all off. i came home later to find skid marks in my panties, i've never seen that before since i was little. :(



This is about a fart (but a bad one)
I was in my friend's van with him and another friend. They were sitting up front and I was sitting in the back eating a chocolate bar. I let out a fart. My two friends were talking, and about 15 secomds later, the one driving let's out a loud moan, drops his head to the steering wheel, then sticks his head out the window. I LAUGHED LIKE A HYENA FOR ABOUT 5 MINUTES. And here's the clincher. This happened about 35 years ago. And when I think about it today, I still laugh my ass off.

Melissa K

Restaurant poop

My mom, dad and I went to a really nice Italian restaurant earlier this evening and I pooped there. I had two plates of pasta and vegetables there, and midway through my second plate, I felt really full and felt like I had to go to the bathroom. I got up and went into the restroom, which was empty. I sat down in a stall, and pushed as a thick, crackling, sausage like turd slid out of my butt. It fell into the water with a big splash.
I still didn't feel empty, so I grunted and pushed again as another healthy, thick turd slowly moved out with some gas. I felt much better, and I started to wipe when I farted really loud and smelly and another thick turd fell out of my butt. Expecting more, I pushed but all I got was a long, airy fart. The whole bathroom was filled with a strong, but healthy odor of poop. I wiped and looked in the toilet. There were two turds, each almost 2 inches wide, that curled around the bowl and lay across each other, with two shorter turds on top of them and some toilet paper by them. I'd only held this in for a day, too. I flushed the toilet and the water rose dangerously high, but it eventually went down, and left a huge skidmark on the toilet. One of the turds was still floating around with some paper swirling, so I flushed again and it went down. What a satisfying poop! I'll post my next story soon.

Love, Melissa :)

Anonymous Guy

New story

Sup Toilet Stool posters, sorry about the long delay from my last post. As you know us college students have been pretty busy lately. Well I've got some good news, I had the pleasure of taking my first dump at my new campus. Even better, I had some company! I'll tell more about it after a few replies.

@John H: Hey man I've enjoyed all of the posts you've been submitting, I especially liked the detailed one that you typed while you were pooping. It sounds like you enjoyed every bit of the process. Keep it up 'cause you've definitely got me hooked.

@Mr Clogs: Whats up Clogs? Just checkin in and hope all is good.

@PPG: Hey there, haven't seen you around here... Welcome! What a great story about you bonding with another guy and mutually alternating your plops. Those are the best dump buddies. Keep us posted if anything new happens and hope to hear more from you :)

@fernando: Glad to see another new fellow guy poster. It amazes me how many crazy stories you have, I wouldn't be able to poop in a public shower or urinal like you have. Anywho, I'm curious what your next post will be about and if you can top off your previous ones. Great work.

Now that I got that out of the way, onto my story!
It was the first day of this semester with my new schedule on a new campus. I felt eager while riding on the bus, I couldn't wait to meet new people and to finally be busy again. But there was one thought that got me real pumped up... New bathrooms. It may sound dumb to be excited about such a thing, but these bathrooms have multiple stalls instead of one(something I'm not used to). As the bus rode on, I felt a load of poop coming down my gut and was feeling desperate. My seat was constantly shaking and moving up and down which didn't help much either. It felt a bit awkward since there were people sitting all around me, but I just pretended they weren't there. Finally I reached my destination and got off. WOW there were a lot of people on campus... I was seriously amazed at how crowed the sidewalks were. I took a quick look at the map and started heading to the nearest men's bathroom to do my business. I walked in and had to decide which stall to take since there were 4. I took the 2nd. Right as I was rustling the toilet seat protector a guy walked in while on the phone. I'm guessing he was just talking to a bud from how casual and laid back he sounded. I don't remember the conversation word for word, but he threw around a couple cuss words. After entering and closing the stall at the very end, he said 'later' to his friend. Immediately he tore out a seat protector(from what I could hear) and laid it down. I heard a little ruckus and then his bottom hit the seat. It was kind of cool to hear how he is with friends, only to hear him in his most private moment right after. We both made a couple normal bodily noises(sniffing, coughing, clearing our throat) before breaking the silence and letting it go. I started off pushing a good sized log out while his sounded more like an eruption(you know, the ones that echo loudly in the toilet bowl). Just then another guy came in and took the very first stall right by me. By now I was almost in shock! I've never pooped with 2 other guys so it was all new to me. The new guy tore off some toilet paper to lay on the seat, unbuckled his belt/jeans, pulled them down to his ankles, and sat down. I was surprised he pulled them so low since it's more common to go down to the knees. After looking at what kind of shoes he has on, I went back to taking my dump. As I was pushing it out I heard some crackling from his stall. I think it's pretty neat how our turds were emerging out at the same time. I heard a few farts and plops from both guys(including myself) and I gotta say, it felt awesome. It was like we were in harmony and came to this place to relieve ourselves together. And you wouldn't believe it, we all started wiping at the same time! For a good 30 seconds all you could hear is toilet paper being torn off. If you listen carefully you could even hear the wiping process. I'm assuming we all liked to be clean as it took awhile... Either that or we were waiting to see who would flush and wash his hands first. The guy in the farthest stall was the first to flush, then me, then the guy next to me. Shockingly we all came out at the same time, looking at the ground so there was no eye contact. I noticed that a larger guy came in and took the stall next to me. Imagine if he came in a few minutes earlier so that all the stalls were occupied? That would've been an awesome experience! I was satisfied enough though with my buddy dump and continued to wash my hands then headed to class. All in all this was a great experience and I wonder if the traffic will be this heavy next time in the bathroom. All I know is that this should be a fun semester. :)

Now I need some advice real quick from you guys. It's been awhile since I've trimmed anything 'down there' and I've noticed it's getting harder and harder to wipe clean. Is there a solution for this? No matter how hard I try, I can't get clean without taking a shower. I don't want to mess with the hair because it's too much maintenance. Appreciate any help.

I do have a couple more stories to tell, but I'll save those for another time since I've been typing for nearly an hour. I hope you guys enjoyed my story and looking forward to the next update on this site.

Take care!


To Red and Marie

Manual extraction of constipated doo is a risky process even when a trained doctor or nurse does it.

If you ever feel it's necessary to do it again - look up how it's done on a medical site. You have to stimulate your shitter with, usually, a two-fingered-"internal massage", and try to induce the muscles to contract and do the doo a little further out. That's the point where you pull.

I have experience of this and it's not something I recommend pepole to try at any time. Really, it's easier to take a suppository, a mini-enema or even a soapstick suppository when you're painfully constipated.

As for Marie - overcoming a fear, or severe embarrassment, about doing the doo in a public toilet is never easy, it takes years (I should know). But try - select an appropriate time (when it's unlikely to be busy) to make your excuses from whatever you're doing, and head for the toilet block. Judging from what you're saying - you're straining more and doing less - you should probably take a mini-enema while you're there.

Yesterday , I had an interesting experience. I was sitting in English class after lunch and I felt a rumbling in my stomach and cramps. I knew it was time to release those 4 tacos I had for lunch. I could feel a lot of pressure building up in my butt hole and knew that I had to fart. Normally, I just fart in class because I am not easily embarrassed. However, This was no ordinary fart. I could tell it was going to be super stinky and I didn't want to be responsible for the death of those around me who had to smell it. so I asked for a pass to El bano. As soon as I stepped into the hallway, I released a loud fart. It smelled so foul I thought the paint would peel off the walls. I went to the nearest bathroom. This bathroom had stalls where the doors were very low to the ground. Anyone walking in could look over and see you doing your business. I always wanted to poop in one of these stalls but never had the guts. Today, I decided to go for it. I boldly went into the stall, pulled my pants down and plopped my butt onto the toilet. I ripped one huge fart and then released a sloppy, smelly pile of poop. It wasn't diarrhea but still pretty soft and man did it stink. I sat their for a little longer pushing more little poops out. Then, two loud guys came in to use the bathroom. As soon as they came in, one of them sniffed the air and said: woo! someone blew this place up! The other guy said: Did they flush? Then one of them looked over my stall and said: someone is in here taking a crap! The other kid said: that's awesome! Then they started talking to me as I was pooping. They told me their names were Zack and Brian and they thought it was cool that I wasn't afraid to do my business right there where everyone could see. I said to them: why should I be embarrassed? everyone poops. As we were talking and joking around, I was still pushing out more poop. Every time the poop came out and hit the water, Zack and Brian would say:"I bet that felt good." Then I felt a real strong cramp. I farted a little and prepared myself for the mother load. I looked at Zack and Brian and said: brace yourself amigos here comes the mother load. Zack and Brian said: "go for it man, let it all out! I pushed and unleashed a noisy flood of soft poop. It was brownish yellow and looked like peanut butter. It formed into a nice neat pile in the bowl and really funked up the stall. Then I lifted my butt slightly off the seat to give Zack and Brian a view of my load. They said "damn dude! What did you eat? We laughed and talked a few more minutes. Then Zack and Brian put there hands over there noses and said: "Okay dude, it was nice talking to you but you really stink so were going to leave now. I laughed and said goodbye. Then I wiped really well and flushed.


Pee Accident in the Shower

Formerly embarrassed

I hate it when it seems that a full bladder kind of just sneaks up on you. I had to go, but not too bad and needed a shower before I went to work. To save time, I turned on the shower and then got dressed. When down to my underwear, I suddenly felt my bladder was full and lost control and started peeing. Quickly thinking, I jumped into the shower and continued peeing. I felt a little ashamed but as the pee trickled down my leg, and hit the shower floor, it felt relieving and strangely wrong but good.

Marissa: You shouldn't be the one to feel bad. YOu warned her verbally and non-verbally often enough.

Lynn: Wow... Never think I'd ever go in a trashcan. But never say never, Hey?

Janna: What a show you must've got.

Pooping in Stall toilets: I'm ashamed of my bodily noises in public so I tend not to use public toilets unless desperate. Hate the thought of strangers hearing my farts, poo plops and straining. Also hated going for a poo in hospital when getting over constipation. Boy did I let go of some gas. Was embarassed at the thought of the nurses or the other patient and his wife hearing my loud farts as I struggled to empty my bowels.

Hi Sandra,
It's wonderful that you and Sean have such a close relationship. I really do wish I could be that close with someone. If it wasn't for this snow and cold weather I would go out today and see if I could run into that guy and maybe spark something. Can I ask, was it seeing Sean in the woods that got you interested and turned on by watching men go, or was it something that you've always known?

Janna - That was a really great story! It sounds like you really enjoyed being in there to witness that too. I'd love to hear your other stories as well. I'd also like to know how you found out you were interested in such a thing too.

I too love holding my poop until the absolute last second. I don't really like holding my pee in like you do though. But sometimes when I'm holding back a poop and I have to pee too, and I know if I let myself pee then I'll also poop.
One thing I really like to do is to wait until I'm super desperate, then I'll go to the toilet, but I'll let out just a small bit of my dump. I go just enough that I can hold in the rest. That way I get to hold it again and be bursting to go again a few hours later. Do you ever do that?

Well, it's Saturday today, and the last time I took a dump was on Monday at lunchtime. The urges to go have been getting stronger and harder to ignore lately. I might have to go later tonight, or maybe tomorrow. Whenever I poop, I'll be sure to post about it. Bye for now!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lynn great story it sounds you and your both really had to poop.

To: Sara first welcome to the site and great story about your desperate pee and poop when u were young.

To: Marie I hope your able to poop soon.

To: Leah great story about your desperate pee and poop it sounds like you really had go alot.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Enjoyed that short story

@Lynn: I enjoy reading that story! Keep on pooping!


Taking a dump with my best friends

On saturday i was at a mall with my 3 best friends lily ally and ari. we are all in 8th grade. after a couple hours of looking through stores we ate lunch. we went to subway and got subs. after we ate, somehow we all had to poop. we walked over to the bathroom where there were 20 stalls on each side. it was pretty crowded but there was not a line. we grabbed 4 stalls in a row and sat down. i was in between lily and ari and ally was down another stall. everyone except me had their pants around their ankles so i did it too. it was much more comfortable. right when i sat down i farted and soon after ari farted. i could hear her poop coming out and after it was done she farted again. she said it was long. my poops are usually healthy and this time was no different. after i farted my poop started coming out. it was about 1.5 inches wide and about a foot and a half long. it stunk up my stall and pretty soon everyone else noticed. lilys poop smelled bad too. she said it was like a snake and was floating on top. i didnt hear much of allys. by this time, we had stunk up the bathroom pretty bad. i wiped and flushed. my poop k]left a lot of skidmarks so it was embarassing. i checked the other 3 stalls and we all had left skidmarks. just another healthy poop.

Mr. Clogs

Comments and a question.

Hello everyone, I'm back, well just want to making some comments. Nothing new going on with me in toilet land, just regular peeing and pooping.

Lynn: I enjoyed your post about having to poop into the trashcan while your roommate was pooping in the bathroom. Just curious, are you and your roommate a college students that shares a dorm or apartment? Thanks for sharing your story and I look forward to more stories from you. Thanks.

Anon: I agree with your response to Marissa about friendship.

To no plumbing vent: You need a plumber to check out that problem.

Leah: I really enjoyed your story about using the bathroom at the gas station. It's really satisfying (if you know what I mean) taking a good hard dump.

It's really cold outside in the north east of the United States in particularly NY and NJ area. How does the cold weather have an effect on your bowels? Do you get constipated or have a hard time taking a dump when it's really cold outside or your house or apt is really cold? Also does this cold weather have an effect when you have to pee?

That's all I have for now for comments. If anything of interest, I'll post something.

Mr. Clogs

Marissa: OMG! Your friend was so mean to you. Don't feel bad you couldn't hold it any longer! It would happen to anyone and at least you tried to make it. Your friend should be sorry for what she did to you! The same thing almost happened to me once on a road trip... I had to go soooooooo bad!!! but thankfully she finally stopped for me and I made it JUST IN TIME.

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