Diarrhea At My Sweet 16

Hey poopers and poopettes! I just wanted to say sorry I don't post often, I am very busy with school and all. Plus, I like to write these at Midnight or something so no one will distract me (but my parents know I'm on this site.) So, my story comes from when I turned 16. I was gonna have a kinda small party with some friends from school. Just me, my friends and my parents (I will give my friends nicknames since I dunno how much they'd like being mentioned on the site.) So we decided to go to this one Sushi Place called "Agi." It's my favorite restaurant, but I usually don't eat there because my stomach and the food don't like each other very much ): . I knew the risks, but I was turning 16 and I wanted to celebrate with a band!... and what a bang I got!

I ordered this Sushi place which had some California Rolls, Cucumber Rolls, Spicy Salmon and Tuna, and an Eel roll which I can't remember the name of. By the end of the meal, my ???? was doing somersaults, and I knew I had to get to a toilet soon, but the came out with a birthday cake that looked so good I had to stay and eat it. My friends and I devoured the cake in minutes, but halfway through, I ripped a really stinky fart that I knew they could smell. I'm pretty sure no one said anything because it was my birthday. By the end of it, we headed back to my house to play some video games and watch some movies. The whole car ride, I was struggling to keep the flood gates closed. I know that I had to poop soon, but I couldn't possibly poop my panties in a car with all my friends (especially diarrhea.) By the end of the car ride, I was so in pain that I walked into our house doubled over. I had to take a poop so bad that I almost just gave up, but I was near the bathroom and I went in immediately.

Our bathroom is really comfee, especially with it's relaxing fishee wallpaper and this little frilly pink toilet cover. I like letting my back against the edges of the seat, so I pulled off my shirt and got ready for the storm. There was just one problem: I didn't lock the door. I could hear everyone outside of the bathroom talking. My friend Melissa said, "Damn... she must be really sick." I'm glad Melissa was worried about me, because my other friends just laughed at me and said things like, "Light a match!" and "Damn! She's really pooping up a storm!" I was. Gassy diarrhea exploded from my tushie at mach speed. I swear I was floating in the air at the force of the diarrhea. At one point, the diarrhea was all liquid-y. I felt like a river was running through me, and the toilet actually sounded like a shower running. The smell was so bad I really started to worry no one could smell it outside. Just then, Sarah and Megan (No their real names, but the first letters are the same) came in to check on me. Melissa stayed outside of the door, and I don't blame her, she's smelled my diarrhea poops before, and she knows how bad they are. Sarah asked me "Syd? Are you feeling all right?" I replied "Does it sound like I'm feeling all right?" Just then I moaned and let our more farty diarrhea (I have no other way to describe it... it was a diarrhea in bubble form. You know your poop is bad if you have to make up a word to describe it.) Poopy was exploding from me, and they just sat their and talked to me. My friends are the best! Few friends would sit with you and talk to you while have a violent case of the sushi poops.

They all shared stories about their cases of diarrhea. Sarah told me about a time she went to McDonalds on a roadtrip and got sick and pooped in her panties half way up the road, and Megan told me about the time she got the poops during a Volleyball game, but she actually made it to the toilet. Melissa even shared a story about the time she ate a bunch of Chips smothered in Olestra, which causes a case of loosy poopies if you eat too much. I'd probably share one too if I wasn't living down a legendary diarrhea story at that very time. They all slept at my house at the night, and each of them dreaded going back into the bathroom since my poop smells were lingering in the bathroom like an imprint in time. I had diarrhea two more times, and I actually squirted some poop into my panties at one point, which wouldn't be awful if I wasn't only wearing a T-Shirt and panties. So yeah, my friends all saw the poop stain, but promised not to tell anyone about it. The next day, they all left and I decided to spend the day in my room. After that day, I didn't really feel like going out much.

So before I leave, does anyone else have an diarrhea stories about having the poops on an important day/event like I did? I'd love to hear them! All right, well see you next time, and remember: DON'T EAT TOO MUCH OLESTRA! ;D



guy farting

When I was in tenth grade this boy named David walked I'm the bathroom and started peeing he then all of a sudden let a nice long loud stank fart out it was wonderful then he said that was him as he announced it proudly. Anyone else have good fart stories about men. Post them please.

I hate pooping at school. No matter how bad i got to go i wont. I hate when i have to fart in class to.

But one time i REALLY had to go i was in agony so i asked the teacher if i could go and when i left i found out that the bathrooms were closed and i had to go to the other side of the building. When i walking i decided to relieve some pressure by farting and luckily it was silent. By the time i got to the bathroom i was running even after the warning from the janitor. When i sat down i laid a 14 inche log and a 10 inche. Then i pushed out a few more and was done. I looked down and it was really big atleast for a 13 year old

Monday, January 28, 2013

Leah- It does feel good when you get to relieve yourself after holding it in for a while, for sure! I must admit I too have found that I do enjoy being desperate to a certain degree, and also seeing others be in the same position. Not sure why!

Marie- Best advice is just to go anyway if someone is there or not! Like you said it's completely normal so you might as well just do it, especially if you're already on the toilet anyway.

Today I had my first exam. Towards the end I could feel a poo on the way, and by the end I needed the loo to take care of it. I didn't want to go in the ones in the exam hall because there were lots of other girls going in there which would mean big queues, so I headed for the students union which was nearby. I went to the loos upstairs which are usually quieter, although they only have two cubicles. As I approached them a Chinese girl went in ahead of me. She took the one free cubicle, since someone was already using the other one. I heard her pull up her skirt and sit on the loo and start weeing. The other girl finished and came out soon after so I went in and sat with my jeans and pink knickers at my feet.
As it turned out the Chinese girl was there for a poo as well. I heard her drop two pieces into the bowl as I weed. Then it was my turn to do one, followed by another two from her. She farted and then did another plop. I pushed out another long turd as she did another few small pieces. I did another one and then she started wiping. After she left I pushed out another two pieces and nobody else came in. I only needed to wipe twice which was a surprise!


Dodgy ????!

Hi guys,
Got the runs so bad. I was at work today when I felt a rumbling in my bowels and proceeded to have diarrhea a few times. Its still very bad now-think I'm going to be up all night with both ends. I need to go now actually.

I'm doing loose wet farts every twenty seconds or so-they smell so bad and I feel like I need to do a lot more diarrhea-my ???? is very crampy. I'm squirming around in my chair trying to hold it because I love the feeling of being desperate to poo when I have a bad stomach. If I fart again Im going to be touching cloth

Ohhhh god. Just followed through badly............


Unexpected weekend fun

Saturday I woke up planning a lazy morning. Boyfriend wasn't here and said he'd call before he came over. So I had some coffee and went into the bathroom to take my morning dump - No beach walk because of the sloppy weather in southern California.

I was wearing just a T-shirt and didn't bother to close the bathroom door because I was alone. I squeezed out a long and large turd to much satisfaction. I was working on a second when I heard the front door open.

In walked BF.

Previously he has brought me things like TP when I was in the bathroom, so he's seen me on the pot before, briefly. But never in the midst of "taking action," and never with the door open for him to just stand there and talk. He's very private about these things, and at first just looked over my head as he talked to me. Gradually he got comfortable seeing me, and he even continued talking to me as I began to wipe. It was a very enjoyable situation for me. I hope for more like it.


Latest news

Megan- sorry to hear you had a loose poo at the shops and ended up farting alot- a bit awkward in public but at least you weren't the only one pooing.
Natasha- glad you're not getting too constipated but also its a pain if you don't feel the urge for a poo until after lunch break is over. I think you're right to go for a poo at lunchtime even if you just have a slight need, I know having a poo at school can be embarasing but its better than holding it in. That said if I start to need a poo during afternoon lessons I usually hold it as well as I'm embarased to ask to use the loo and then be out of class for a while, as you say the trouble with that is by the time I get home I'm bursting and quite often my knickers get marks in them just like that girl Megan mentioned. It makes me feel better to know you get marks in your knickers too, a few times when I've been to the toilet with Ellie and Beth I've noticed their pants have marks as well so I know it happens alot, I guess I just feel I should have grown out of that by now. Glad you were able to have a poo at Brooke's without needing to strain.
I had a sleepover myself round Ellie and Beth's on Friday and I've been meaning to post about what happened but haven't had time until now. Unusually when we got back to their house no-one needed a poo straight away, I could feel an urge building in my belly but I knew I wouldn't be able to go for a while so we changed out of our uniforms and watched telly for a bit. After tea we went back up to Ellie and Beth's room to get ready for bed and watch a film, the meal must have made my urge stronger and as we walked upstairs I rubbed my tight belly and realised I'd need to go for a poo before long. Just then Beth said "I'm bursting for the loo, I'm gonna have to go straight away."
"Is it a wee or a poo?" Ellie asked, and Beth said "Both- I needed to go before tea but I was so hungry I wanted to eat first!"
"Do you mind if I just have a wee really quickly?" said Ellie as we went into the bedroom, "I'm really desperate and mum's in the bath in the main bathroom so we can't use the loo there, I'm gonna wet my knickers if I wait for you to have a poo, you take ages!"
"OK, but be quick!" Beth said, sounding worried. Ellie shot into the bathroom and pulled down her black leggings and white pants, as soon as her bum hit the seat I heard her wee flooding out with a hissing sound and she groaned with releaf. "My poo's starting to poke out of my bum" Beth confessed to me, she took off her jeans and pulled her green pants down a bit. By now Ellie was wiping, she got up off the loo and pulled her pants up, Beth's knickers were already at her knees as she sat down heavily on the toilet and breathed a sigh of releaf, I could see her belly tensing as she started to push. I sat on my heel on the bathroom floor and started squirming around a bit, Beth said between pushes "Do you want the loo?" and I said "Yeah, I'm dying for a poo as well, I was about to say I had to go but you beat me to it!"
"Oh God, sorry, I'll try to be quick," panted Beth, "The trouble is I haven't been for a poo since Monday so I'm a bit constipated."
"Don't worry, I can hold on a bit longer" I said, getting up carefully and keeping my bum tightly clenched, "I'm going to get ready for bed, that'll keep me busy for a bit." I went back into the bedroom and said to Ellie "We might as well get ready for bed." Ellie nodded in agreement and started to take off her tee-shirt and leggings. As she rummaged around for her nightie I saw that she was now wearing pink and yellow stripey pants, she must have weed a bit in the white ones she was wearing and had to change them. I got my nightie out of my bag and pulled my jeans down, I could feel my pants were giving me a wedgie and I pulled them down a bit so they hopefully wouldn't get marked. I was starting to lose the ability to hold my poo in, it was trying to poke out despite my best efforts and I hoped Beth wouldn't be on the toilet too much longer. I put my nightie on and once again sat on the bed on my heel. From the bathroom I heard a loud plop followed by a sigh of releaf, I hoped Beth was done but I heard her grunting again so I knew she had more to push out. I knew that as soon as I stood up and walked across to the bathroom my poo would poke out into my knickers, so I rummaged through my bag trying to find some clean ones I could change into. I silently cursed as I realised I'd forgotten to bring any so I started to check the side pockets and eventually found some pink flowery ones that came from a pack bought years ago, I knew they were going to be way too small but anything was better than dirty ones so I left them in my bag ready to change into after I'd used the loo. Just then Beth made another plop and then I heard her weeing heavily, when her stream died away she started to rip off some toilet paper. I stood up and as I predicted in the four or five steps it took me to walk over to the bathroom my poo had poked out and I could feel it touching my knickers. Beth was wiping her bottom standing up, she said "I'll shift over so you can sit down and I nodded gratefully, I reached up under my nightie, pulled down my pants and sat on the loo, as I'd feared my pants were badly marked and it was even more obvious as they were plain white ones. I caught Beth looking over and I blushed, I said "I couldn't quite hold it in" and Beth said "I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to take so long." I started to push and felt the poo sliding out slowly, it was getting wider and stretching my bum. I bore down hard and grunted slightly which made me blush even more, by now Beth had finished wiping so she pulled up her pants and went back into the bedroom. I kept pushing, trying to keep quiet, and eventually my first log plopped down into the bowl. I pushed out another couple and then felt empty, so I wiped my bum, flushed and washed my hands. I went back into the bedroom, put my dirty pants in my bag and changed into my clean ones, as I feared they were far too small for me but at least they were clean! I hope you enjoyed this story, I'll post again soon, bye for now!!

Marissa: To me that's mostly Amber's fault. You repeatedly told her you had to go urgently. I would not call this person a friend!


Pooped in a trashcan

Yesterday morning, I woke up and had to poop. I went to the bathroom, and my roommate was sitting on the toilet. She was reading the newspaper and the room stunk of her dump. I asked if she'd be done soon. She said she'd try to hurry, but had barely started. I felt like I could hold it for a short while.

Over the next few minutes, there were several splashes and plops as she pooped. I was starting to have to go very badly, and her going right in front of me didn't help. At that point, she said she had just a bit more to go, and would be done as soon as she could. A little longer, and I was on the verge of pooping my pants. It was taking everything I had to hold back the poop.

I heard another splash from her, and then I just couldn't hold it any longer. I don't remember making the conscious decision, but the next thing I knew I was sitting on the trashcan, with my pajama bottoms and panties around my ankles. I pooped out a bunch of turds like rapid fire, and if I thought the bathroom stunk before, well, then it REALLY stank!

My roommate let out two more plops while I was pooping, and then she started to wipe. She finished up and flushed, then washed her hands and left the bathroom. I went a bit more and then I was done. I wiped myself thoroughly and then pulled up my pants. I took the trash bag out to the dumpster and came back in and washed my hands.

I later apologized to my roommate, saying that I was super desperate. She said not to worry about it, could have happened to anyone. It made me feel better that she wasn't upset with me. So, anyway, that's my story.

No plumbing vent, if the problem just started your main sewer is probably blocked. The bubbling in the toilet is the air being displaced as the pipes fill with the water you poured in. If you are on a septic tank, you might have a full tank. If you are on a city sewer, the line may be blocked, or collapsed. A good plumber (not one of the big chain outfits) should be able to rod the line and or point you in the right direction.


Midway walk to school

I am 42 years old and was only 8 years old at the time this happened to me.I was walking to school with my brother Ben (10 years old at the time). We lived in dessert country where there is few trees or bushes around. It was about a 2 and a half mile walk to school.That day i was in a skirt & that came down to just above my knees. About half way to school i felt quite an urgent need to pee & poop. I told my 10 yr old brother Ben of my most desperately urgent need to both pee & poop & that i couldn't hold it in very much longer. He told me that he could stand close to me with his back facing my face while i would kneel down to relieve myself.So i bent down taking off my panties while Ben stood blocking the view of me from others that might pass by. I then started a most powerful long stream of Piss. About half way though my pissing i start to drop a long & large log of poop (followed by 8 more long large logs). I then realize that i had nothing to wipe my but with so i told Ben. Ben told me that he had some tissue in his pack that i could use. Then took it out as he turned around to hand it to me he could see the large puddle of pee & large pile of poo i left on the ground. Ben said WOW he couldn't believe how very much i had peed & pooped & said WOW U
truly did need to go very badly didn't you & i nodded my head (as i side of such relieve)& said yes i did. I then wiped my but & left the tissue on the ground as i put back on my panties & stood up.Then told Ben that as embarrassing as it was for me that i was so very grateful that he was there & willing to help me out in my time of need and thanked him most graciously.

@Marissa: You shouldn't feel like anything's your fault in that situation. She could've stopped the car to let you relieve yourself but refused to. Also don't feel so embarrassed about it, accidents happen. I've had accidents myself, where i had nowhere to go and had to let go in fear of just going outside and being caught. If Amber can't be understanding about the situation you were in then she's not a friend.

P.S. I don't think you should pay for the car seat either. Her fault for being stubborn

John H

some quick comments

Hey all, just a few quick comments for this post.

@Marissa, hey. That was not your fault that you peed in the car so tri not to feel bad about it.
That girl should have stopped to let you out to pee. It would only have taken a minute. She doesn't sound like much of a friend so you would be better off not hanging out with her. It was also mean of her to tell everyone else about it. You shouldn't have to pay to get her car cleaned because she should have let you out. You asked her several times so there was nothing more you could do. It sounds to me like she wanted you to pee in the car. Hope this helps a little.

@Janna, Hey really enjoyed your storey. Sounds like a very enjoyable poop you had in the mens room and that man put on a nice show also. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

That's all for now.
Take care all,
John H

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Timee it sounds like you had a good but nasty cleanout.

To: AshleyAshley I look forward to the result.

To: Marissa wc to the site and great story.

To: Janna it sounds like u really had to go and just made it.

To: Megan great story as always.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

It Should Run Downhill...
No Plumbing Vent...

Are you on a city sewer system, or your own private septic system?

If you've checked the venting, there should be at least a 3-inch stack vent through the roof (stinkpipe) that would normally come down in the toilet/bathroom area to vent the fixtures there. Has this been a problem ever since you got the place? did you get an inspection before you bought it? There could be a blockage in the lateral (line going outside) that could be the cause.If a septic, is the tank full/drainfield blocked?

I would get a professional plumber and have it looked at ASAP, a blocked line is bad enough, but a blocked or missing vent can expose you and your family to sewer gases, The problem can range from an just an odor to dangerous levels of methane and other health-risking gases!

Get it looked at ASAP!!!

Marie (mexican girl)

back at school, poo or not poo?

Hello there! it's a long time since my last post ^^ I love reading this forum once in a while, like I said so many times I love the stories of pooping with another people in public stalls.

Well, I'm back at school again after two and a half months of vacations, I'm glad I'm back...but it's going to be a rough semester D:

Anyways, through holidays I have experienced some constipation...not severe but it was getting harder for me to poo, I realized it maybe was because of me holding it too much, I don't know even why, because I keep eating as normal as always and that never had been a problem, so I thought it may be for being sitting too much time, hopefully I came back to my beloved ballet so I get to do a little bit more of exercise.

I knew this "almost-constipated-problem" was going to cause some trouble because I spent a little less than twelve hours at school, and holdinng it will cause me to be more constipated. I can easly go into one of the campus toilets but still I am just too shy to do it .-.

more than once I have been decided to do it because the pressure on my bum and on my stomach is just huge, but when I'm decided to start it at empty toilets someone has to get in .-. I realized again about the almost always empty toilets at one building...I want to go there but...ajkhsjkdasd I'm scared of someone hearing me .-. what can I do? I know it's absolutely normal but stills freaks me out .-.


I love being desperate...

... to both pee and shit. Over the last month and a half I've discovered how much I enjoy holding it all in until the very last minute. And how much of a thrill I get from going in public restrooms. Yesterday, after school, I decided towalk home instead of catching a ride with Becca (it's just a mile) because I had to pee and poop so bad that I knew I would be forced to use some public restroom on the way. I was about three quarters of the way home when my stomach did a huge roll and I knew I would need to take a huge shit soon, to say nothing of my poor bladder; I had to pee so bad my lower stomach started to feel numb. I noticed a gas station and walked very, very gingerly toward it; I was an inch from shitting my pants and I had shoved a hand down my crotch without even being fully aware of it. I asked for the key to the unisex bathroom and thanked the sweet old man behind the counter profusely as I made my way to the toilet. The bathroom was clean, another bonus. I ripped down my pants and thong and sat hard on the toilet. After a few seconds of a thoroughly unpleasant shooting pain in my vagina I began to piss, and it was so relieving I moaned, quite loudly, cupping one hand over my mouth to stifle it. I urinated for a solid 30 seconds, and then relaxed a little, glad to be freed of that burden. I leaned forward slightly as a thick, smooth shit slid into the toilet; my poor butthole was stretched to its absolute minute and I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out in pain, although I felt like I was almost having one hell of an orgasm. My turd broke off with a loud splash and then another was on its way, feeling just as big. It thudded onto the first poop and after wiping, I stood and looked at what I had produced. The water was quite yellow with my piss, and there had to be, total, a 26 inch shit half in, half out of the water. I do think it was the most monstrous shit I had ever taken. I tried to flush it, but the water began to rise. There was no plunger and I was too embarrassed to have the attendant come back and unclog it, so I waited until the water went back down, lowered the lid, and wiped before leaving.

Friday, January 25, 2013

I have some diareeah tonight. I made jerk chicken, ribs and potato salad. I spiced them up with various red spices and I ate and ate. Well, I am paying for it. The last few days, my bowels have been chunky. I've been taking Vit. C to prevent the flu. That loosened me. I've been eating fruits, along with my meats, fish, poultry and vegetables. I like cheese, but too much constipates me, if I do not have roughage. Tonight, I went 3x after dinner. This morning and the last few mornings, I released a thick brown and yellow muddy chunky movement. It stood up in the water. Plus, I stunk the bathroom. It is cold here. The heat in this house is good. I just renewed the plant in this bldg. I installed internet for all the residents. I return to school next week and I graduate in May. I had some stories on my flash drive but they got wiped out. I have to recover them.

Ashley Ashley


Haven't taken a dump in a few days and trying to hold this one for a long time. I've gotten some urges to go but if I hold it off for long enough they subside. I'll post again when I eventually take a dump!

Hi everyone my name is Marissa and I am 16 years old. I found this site while searching online about something embarrassing that happened to me and I thought posting the story on here and hearing similar stories might make me feel better. Here it goes:
This past weekend my friend Amber and I had a three day weekend from school so we decided to take a road trip in Ambers new car. We went camping at a site about five hours from our houses. The trip up there was fine. We had a lot of fun camping and started the drive home Monday evening. We stopped about two hours into the trip for some dinner. I had a lot of soda to drink and knew I should pee before I left, but the bathrooms were really busy and I didn't feel like waiting in line. I didn't really have to go and since amber didn't pee either, I figured we would stop again at some point. So we left the resturant and continued the drive home. About thirty minutes into it, the soda hit me and I realized I really had to pee.
"Hey Amber can we pull over at the next place we see. I really have to pee."
"You should've peed back during dinner. I don't want to stop again so quickly." I decided not to argue with her and figured she would have to go soon enough. Besides, it wasn't THAT bad. Another thirty minutes later and I was dying. My bladder felt like it weighed a million pounds. I again told Amber my problem and asked if we could stop. I knew soon we would pass all the restaurants and rest stops and there would be nothing but a long stretch of road which meant nowhere to stop. Amber told me she still didn't feel like stopping. I tried arguing with her but it was no use. Soon we past the last rest stop and I wanted to cry. I had my legs crossed for sometime now but it wasn't enough. I unbuttoned my pants and put my hands in my crotch. Amber saw and told me to stop holding myself because it was gross. I responded I couldn't help it and I was about to pee my pants.
"Amber seriously I'm going to pee myself."
"No you're not. You're 16. Only babies per themselves."
"Seriously I've never had to go this bad in my life. Just pull over. I'll pop a squat."
"No way there might be police hiding. You'll just have to hold it."
" do you have a bottle I can pee in? Or a towel? Anything?"
"Nope, just hold it." With that amber turned up the radio, signaling she was done discussing the matter.
Another half hour or so went by, which meant we still had about an hour and a half until we were home. I was doing anything I could think of to take my mind off my bladder but it was no use. Every bump in the road made it even worse. I moved my hand away for a second to fix my hair and as soon as I did, a felt a squirt escape. I quickly put my hand back and regained control but I knew it was a lost cause. Another squirt came out and I felt dampness on my fingers. My crotch was throbbing and with each throb came a squirt of pee. I was throbbing so often that I was basically peeing, just little bits at a time.
"Amber, I'm peeling."
"No you aren't!" Amber shouted."not in my car."
I yelled at her to pull over then, but knew even if she did I could never make it out of the car without totally losing it. At that moment I was so mad at Amber and in so much pain, I decided to just let go. I removed my hands and opened my legs and instantly pee began pouring out. I peed and peed and peed, all the whole Amber yelling at me to stop. When I was done my pants and her car were soaked and she was furious. We road the rest of the way in silence. At one point I had to pee again from holding it so long, so again I peed my pants. I was already so wet it made no difference.
Amber dropped me off and I went in and showered. At school on Tuesday, she told everyone and everyone is laughing at me now. She left out the part where she wouldn't stop and says it is my own fault for not being able to hold it. Also, she wants me to pay for her car to be cleaned. I'm very upset by all this and don't think it is my fault, but I'm starting to think it is. Sharing this story helped, thank you for reading. Does anyone have any similar stories to share? Maine reading about how others handled these situations will make me feel better.


OK so the house i live in is over a hundred years old. My wife and i have lived here for a year with no plumbing problems. Now the toilet is slow. Here's what I've done. Plunged, snaked, and even removed the toilet and ran a sock through the trap and all is clean in there. I dumped a 5 gallon bucket of water down the toilet several times in the last hour, about 2 times it swallowed all the water. The rest of the times is just filled up and slowly drained. I proceeded to dump 5 gallons of water down every drain in the house. Every time i did so it gurgled up the toilet. I have one kitchen sink one tub and one bathroom sink in the house. The kitchen sink has an in line vent in it. That's the only vent in the house.. what should i do to get the toilet right? Will adding an in line vent in the bathroom help anything?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Observant Guy great catch

To: Melissa K great story about your big desperate poop it sounds it was a good one.

To: Natasha great story about you and Brooke it sounds like you both really had to go.

Well thats all for now .

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


pooping reader

hi im a dude thats never posted before i just feel like doing it now for some reason as i sit here on my throne... the only time i come on here is when im poopin, sometimes it takes me a while to go so i need some good reading material and what better than this site. right? im takin a poop right now, and its a good one. its takin a while but its a good while cause every few minutes i get a good one to exit, not too big, not too small, just right. of course a few farts in there too. and i suppose u would like to know how it smells... it smells like green plums haha


Going in the Mens Room

I'll start with my most recent experience. Due to my job, I often travel to other offices. The office I was at on this day was a fairly small professional workplace with a mostly male staff. As I was getting started and speaking with some of the employees, I felt some movement in my bowels signalling my morning dump was imminent. I politely asked one of the workers where the restroom was, and she told me that the Ladies' Room on this floor was out of order, but that there was another restroom in service on the second floor. As she pointed toward the closed first floor restroom, I couldn't help but notice that the Men's Room did not have the same "Out Of Order" sign on the door. I decided to make this interesting.

I walked back towards the restroom and paused in front of the closed Ladies' sign, and then looked around like I was at a loss. I then made my way over to the Men's Room. I partially opened the door to peak inside before knocking and asking if anyone was in there. Unfortunately it was empty. I still had to answer nature's call so I went inside. There were two urinals, and two stalls, the last being a handicap. The bathroom looked very clean but there was a faint poop smell lingering from a previous user. I went back to the handicap stall and arranged some tissue on the seat before lowering my pants and sitting. I began to pee first. I then let out an airy fart and slowly allowed my poop to ease it's way out of me. I wanted to take my time hoping some nice business man would be joining me soon. I had let out two logs and then a little more pee. I was finished and quite relieved, so I wiped and flushed but remained seated for a few minutes longer just in case I had company. It was then that I heard the muffled voices of two men speaking outside the door. The restroom door opened but from the sound of it only one of the men was coming in. He began walking towards me and as the door closed his pace seemed to quicken. I was in luck as he opened the stall door right next to me. I don't believe he saw my pumps on the floor in his haste. He unrolled some toilet paper and must have wiped off the seat before unbuckling his belt and letting his slacks slide down to his shoes. He then turned and sat on the toilet seat and immediately let off a high pressured fart. His piss started first and he let out a sigh. It soon slowed to a trickle. I then heard the sound of a newspaper being being opened. Then a wet sounding fart. I heard my neighbor exhale a slight groan that was greeted by another wet sounding fart. After another push I heard the unmistakable crackle sound of his first shit on its way and then a small splash. I assumed it was a large one that had already been mostly submerged in the water. He turned the page of his paper, then grunted again. Another turd started to make its way out with a moist fart and then more crackling. Ploop. Another long one. Then more crackling and a splash as it must have been smaller than his previous efforts. After that was silence for a few minutes with the occasional crinkle of pages being turned. I took the opportunity to lean forward and see what I could make out from under the stall. Black dress shoes, black slacks, with a black belt and white boxers. He must not be one for excitement. As I was peering under the stall he shuffled his feet in closer and let out a louder grunt as he began bearing down. He then let out what had to be a ten second long sputtering wet fart. It was music to my ears. Another shart. And then more crackling started with some farts mixed in. The smell was becoming very ripe. His shit must have become much softer as it sounded like his poop was breaking apart as it came out. He strained again but this time only farts. They still sounded a little wet. He then began to unroll a great amount of toilet paper. I believe he wiped about 10 times. Sounded like he must have had a pretty dirty asshole. He then got up pulling his slacks back up, buckled his belt and flushed the toilet. As he left the stall and started towards the sinks I thought it might be a good time to make my presence known. I quickly stood up and pulled up my pants and tucked my blouse in. I flushed the toilet to announce myself and opened up the stall door. At the sinks was a man in his early 30s, clean shaven with styled brown hair and brown eyes that looked at me in shock as I approached. As I came up beside him I said "Good morning!". He blushed and lowered his head replying "Good morning." as he was washing his hands. I turned on my faucet and told him the Ladies' Room was closed and I hoped he didn't mind that I was in there. He shook his sweet red face and told me that it wasn't a problem. When he was drying his hands I could detect a bit of his scent still lingering on his clothing. He then made a hasty exit, obviously embarrassed. I saw him a few more times throughout my time there and he always seemed a little embarrassed when he returned my glances.

I will some of my other experiences when I get a chance. Hope you enjoyed this one.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Natasha- Lots of girls held in their poo at my school too, but I think the boys would have been surprised at how many didn't! Sounds like you had a relieving poo at your friends.

Melissa K- Sounds like an urgent poo you had while skiing! I wish there was a ski resort an hour's drive from me!

I'm back at university now and studying for my exams which start soon. Today I went to one of the study rooms to do some revision. I took some sandwiches which I ate while I was working. After eating I needed to go do a poo, my first since Sunday. I made my way to the loos which were near the cafe and so quite busy, especially just after lunch. The two cubicles were taken and just as I arrived one opened up and a girl went in, leaving one girl waiting who I joined. She was wearing a skirt and looked like she had to go. By now I did too, my poo was pushing quite hard. After waiting for a minute another girl joined the queue behind me. As it turned out we were all waiting to do our number twos. The girl who I had seen go in came out after weeing and the girl ahead of me went in, but the other girl was pooing too and taking her time.
I heard the other girl pull up her skirt and sit on the loo. She farted and I heard three quick plops from her. The other girl was quiet. Five minutes passed with a few plops from both girls and me and the other waiting girl getting more urgent to go! The first girl came out a minute later and I went in. There were still a couple of stains from her poo in the bowl. I pulled down my jeans and green knickers and sat down. Next to me the other girl was still pooing. I saw her white knickers were halfway down her legs and she had hitched her skirt up. I pushed out my first two pieces as she wiped herself and flushed. The other girl went in and I saw her lower her jeans and red knickers to her feet. She did a wee and then we both puhed out a piece together. Another followed from her and I did a fourth. A few minutes passed and I produced two more turds and she did three. By now someone else was waiting so I quickly wiped my bum and left to get back to studying!


Dropping turds next door to another guy doing the same

Like Anonymous guy, I too love the sensation of working on a firm thick log and all the pleasure it gives me. Especially good to have a guy sitting in the next cubicle and knowing that both of us can hear each other's loud plops! I remember once sitting on a toilet wanting to shit, but I knew there was another guy in the next cubicle who was not making any sounds. There was some vehicle outside the toilets with its engine running, and I wanted to wait till it had gone before I began plopping. The vehicle went, and it was all quiet in the toilets, so I began plopping. The guy next door started to do his own shit, and it was as if both of us were alternating, one plopping, then the other guy. It was great! Unfortunately, although I tried to time so that we both flushed at the same time afterwards and see each other as we left our cubicles, he was that bit ahead of me and so I don't know who he was. Anyway, it was a nice male bonding of the most intimate form as both of us just sat on our toilets dropping our turds in full knowledge of what each other was doing.

Observant Guy

Left a Surprise

Hello everyone,

I have another story about my neighbors. I got a treat yesterday, being that my wife had to work late yesterday. well today I was expecting her home at dinner time. I got home around 430pm and I didn't see Evelyn or Adrianna's cars in the lot. I kept a periodic lookout for Evelyn so that I might have a chance to listen to her pooping again.
I must have had the TV up too loud because I didn't hear Evelyn's car horn signaling the arming, however I did hear the door slam. I muted the TV as soon as I heard the slam…
When I started to track the footsteps, I thought they would be headed to the master bathroom, but they stopped short. They stopped in the hallway bathroom. I looked at my watch knowing that Adrianna arrives home at about the same time. I thought to myself that this time I was gonna have another listen to Adrianna.
She lifted up the lid. which I now realize is kept that way to keep her dog out. The downstairs neighbors started to argue, there was a heavy bassy voice, but it didn't block out the pitter patter of pee splashing into the toilet. The arguing commenced and the bathroom next door got quiet. Then I heard Adrianna sigh and grunt. There was a little bit of a very muffled plop. I listened with more intrigue and as I heard Adrinna getting the toilet paper she needed off the roll. Sounded like she used alot.
The couple downstairs stopped arguing, and the toilet flushed. Adrianna left the bathroom after washing her hands.
Right after Adriana left her bathroom, I left my I decided to get some fresh air and take the trash out. When I got outside, I looked around the parking lot. To my left outside the door was Evelyn's car. I looked down the rest of the lot and did not see Adrianna's car…
NO f'n way I thought... Evelyn must have had to go really bad, because she just pooped in Adrianna's bathroom. I tried to look again. But as I was walking to my car, I saw Adrianna pulling into the lot. She pulled up right next to my car and she got out and said hello. We talked for a second and headed inside. I proceeded to my bathroom when I got back in my apartment. I couldn't take up any more time because my wife came home.
She headed straight for our master bathroom and proceeded to take her evening poop. I saw the skidmarks later when I went to pee.
All I could think about was the funk that Adrianna must have walked into. Other than the obvious, I wonder why Evelyn pooped in Adrianna's bathroom?
what a surprise that must have been to smell that.

Happy pooping for all.

Observant Guy

Hey everyone. First to answer the questions posted by Jhonny: The time I crapped in the shower during gym class, I did not pee. I only pooped. As for your second question, yes I have pooped in the urinal before. I have done this twice. I love it. It feels naughty because you know someone could walk in and you'd get in trouble. One time I did this as a freshmen in high school. I had been holding in a huge poop all day and wanted to let it out but I wanted to have fun doing it. I hung out in the hallway and waited until everyone was in class and no one was in the hallway. Then I went to the bathroom. I felt nervous but also excited as I pulled my pants down and squatted my big Mexican butt over the urinal. I farted a few times and then slowly plopped out several mushy logs. I stopped being nervous and started to relax. I waited a few minutes to see if there was any more poop. I pushed and a little more came out. Then I quickly ran into the stall to wipe my butt. After I was done, I pulled my pants up, walked out of the stall and went back to the urinal to admire my work. There was a big stinky brown load just sitting there in the urinal. I kept wondering what the janitor would think when he saw it.


To Katie

Katie, I hope you get to run into this man again. as It turns out Sean and I have been together for two years now, I still have not told him My witness account of him in the woods but have seen him in the bathroom many times since as we are very open about our bathroom habits. it really turns me on when he has to desperately take a shit. Try to get to know this man as it may turn out to be something much more than you bargained for!


Shift work

Ugh. Part time hourly shift work is the worst, when it comes to constipation. If you have to take a dump on the clock, too effing bad. And the schedule varies wildly from day to day, so establishing a routine is impossible, not to mention the fact that I don't get to drink enough water on the clock.

In a nutshell, I'm constipated! I haven't pooped in about 4 days, which was normal for me once upon a time, but for the past few years any longer than 2 was unusual. I was finally able to pass a couple of small, very hard turds just a few minutes ago, but it was very difficult even being in a squatting position. I was nude, squatting on the toilet, and pushing harder than I care to. I felt my anus opening to a painful diameter as a thick, nobbly turd began to sloooowly come out. And every time I stopped pushing, back in it went. Finally I wrapped some toilet paper around my hand, pushed, and gently grabbed a hold of the end of the shit and slowly pulled. Eventually I got it out, and it was disappointingly small. I pushed for another couple of minutes only to drop a similarly small shit. I wiped (clean! I do love a no-wiper), flushed, and got off the toilet.

So unsatisfying. I know there's a ton more where that came from, but I'm hoping that maybe having unblocked the end, the rest will be easier to push out later in the evening. One can always hope, right?

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