Melissa K

Huge poo while skiing

The rest of my burrito came out in dramatic fashion on Saturday at (you guessed it) a ski resort. The same one from my accident in December. Luckily I didn't poop my pants completely this time, although I came close!

I still felt kind of sick for the rest of the week after my mini accident, and I couldn't poo no matter what. I tried eating large quantities of vegetables, fruits, and fiber, but nothing would budge. I didn't want to take a laxative, though. My mom, dad, and I left for a ski resort an hour or two away on Saturday morning, and I had no urge to go whatsoever. I hit the slopes at about noon, and my stomach started hurting. I farted to relieve the pressure, and I was fine for most of the afternoon.

When it got dark, snow came down really hard, and it was hard to see where you were going. Also, gas began building up in my belly, and I knew I should hold it in otherwise I might start pooing. Halfway up the lift, I was in pain, and I put my hand over my butt and let out a soft, continuous hiss of gas from my butt. Now that I knew I wasn't gonna poop, I pushed more gas out. Oh it felt so good! When I got off the lift, I skiied down a hill and got in line to go back on the lift. I felt a bit uneasy, and right when I was next in line to go on the lift, I knew I had to poop right then and there. I asked the attendant if I could leave the line, and he said no that I had to go up the lift. Some guy in his 20s was next to me on the lift, and I was doing everything I could to hold back from totally pooping myself. Even as I squeezed my butt together, a constant hiss of gas came out from my butt hole. My belly started cramping, and then the lift stopped. Of course. I sat down firmly on the lift so nothing could come out too far. When it moved again, I felt a bit better and got off the lift at the top. I skiied really fast down a hill and to the lodge. I got my skis off, put them on the rack, and went into the ladies bathroom. I pulled down my ski gear, and sat on the toilet. A smooth, thick turd oozed from my butt into the toilet, and the relief I had was unbearable. I swear I was on the verge of having an orgasm as the turd came out! It just kept coming, and finally broke off after having curled around the bowl. I wiped and admired my masterpiece. The first turd was 2 inches wide and 8 inches long, and a slightly narrower turd, maybe 1.5 inches, curled around it. I decided to leave my creation for someone else to see ;)

Love, Melissa <3

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Shelly yeah porta potties suck and great story about your poop it sounds it was a pretty good one and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Tina great story its sounds you a nasty time and no TP I hate that and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jas great story about seeing your aunts poop.

Thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site



To Shelly: I certainly sympathize with you about your bad experience with portapotties. The fault, though, is not with the toilets, but with the users. If the persons using the facility had done so properly, there would have been no problem. Men should raise the seat to urinate, just as at home or anywhere else (often there is a separate urinal off to one side; there is no excuse for having a seat spattered with pee, let alone poop). If that is done, any subsequent user can lower the seat, sit to poop or pee, and still leave the seat clean. Obviously, with a big crowd and many users, the tank below the seat will eventually fill, and the place will become smelly; but a bare minimum of thoughtfulness will at least leave the seat usable for the next person. The portapotty itself is merely a tool; it is careless users that are horrendous.

Medium-Size Al
Had the weirdest experience yesterday on a flight. I was just traveling from my old midwestern college to my current hometown, and on the plane, my bowels were feeling really full. But I hate shitting in airplane johns, and I felt like I could hold it. Anyway, I finally got into an airport men's room during the layover. You know that rhyme, "Here I sit, broken-hearted, tried to shit but only farted?" Well, yep. I just cut these machine gun farts into the bowl, but no poop. I felt like something was in my rectum pushing out, but I just could not get it out. This continued all layover--like three times I went into the bathroom, and each time, just PBT-PLP-PRT-BRRT, but no solids. It was so peculiar, as I'm very rarely constipated; normally I poo average size, softish movements once or twice per day, unless I've eaten something that bothers me, in which case I shit a lot more (not watery diarrhea, but big fluffy quick poops). And when I finally pooped, it wasn't hard at all, just my normal load. What the hell, body? Has something like this ever happened to any of you folks?

Also, a few comments.

Fernando: Back in HS, I was totally the king of farting in class. I just did not give a ????.

Shelly: My god, what a horror story about that porta-potty. I feel like I'd have to try hard to repress laughter if I witnessed that, though. And I know the workout poop well. I swim for fitness (though moving to a new town has not done great things for my exercise schedule) and normally just about my last few laps I start 'blowing bubbles,' if you know what I mean. And I agree about pooping in public or outdoors. There's just something about knowing that there could be witnesses that's so liberating, like 'no, random stranger, I have nothing to hide."

Anthony: Oh, boy, I'm in the same boat regarding a fetish for seeing women on the toilet. For me, it's not really about the bodily function itself, actually, just that the intimacy of seeing such a private moment is a major turn-on for me. My previous GF and I would pee together all the time, but we never breached the poo barrier--mostly because I graduated about 7 weeks after we got together. But that's a whole big pile of metaphorical shit, and this site deals with the literal sort.

Lily-May: Hoo boy, what an embarrassing thing to happen. Talk about bad timing. Michael sounds like he was really sweet about it though.

Megan: Sounds like a very urgent, but relieving poo you had at the shops. I'm also not surprised that the other girl seemed very desperate and had marks in her knickers. I know that a lot of the girls at my school will not poo at school. And if I feel the need after lunch, I usually just hold it as well. Then by the time I get home, I'm very desperate and often have marks in my knickers.

Abbie: Good to hear you're doing well with having a poo fairly regularly. I've been avoiding getting badly constipated, but I certainly wouldn't mind if I could poo more often. Since school is back on, I've fallen back into my usual routine. I try to go for a poo at lunchtime if I feel even the slightest need, but a lot of times the urge comes after lunch. Which, as I said in my comment to Megan, means I have to go very bad by the time I get home after school.

On Friday, I stayed over at Brooke's house. In the evening before bed, we were watching a film. About halfway through, I began to feel a need to poo. I hadn't been in a few days, so I knew it would take me a while. I didn't want to make Brooke wait so I just held it. The need grew stronger but I managed to make it to the end of the film.

As soon as it was over, Brooke said she needed the loo quite badly. I told her I did as well. She put away the film and grabbed her nightie before heading to the bathroom. I grabbed my nightie and followed her. I told her I needed a poo and asked if I could go whilst she changed. She said it was fine.

We went in together and she removed her trousers and lowered her pants as she sat on the toilet. She weed fiercely for a short while, then wiped and flushed. As she began to change, I took off my trousers and lowered my pants and sat on the toilet. I weed briefly and began to poo. Even though I had been desperate, I needed to give a small push before my poo started to come out. Several poos came out quickly and the smell of my poo was quite strong.

I blushed and said sorry. Brooke said it was no problem. I pushed another few pieces and then I was done. I wiped a lot before I felt clean and flushed. By then Brooke was brushing her teeth. I started to change into my nightie as she finished brushing. She left the bathroom and I brushed my teeth before returning to her room for bed.

John H

Comments and an old story

Hey all.
I have just remembered an old story from when I was a child that I'm going to share.
First though some comments.

@Shelly, hey I agree that port-a-potties sure can be disgusting places, especially if they are at a music festival. Sounds like you were better off heading for the woods. I remember one festival I was at a few years ago and a large group of people knocked over one of the toilets while there was a person in it. I felt so sorry for the poor person that was trapped in there. The security kicked the people out that done it as far as I remember. That really sounded like a very enjoyable dump you took. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

@Rylee, Hey and welcome to the site. I just want to say that I really enjoyed your story. It was very well written so you should have a bright future as a writer ahead of you. I'm really looking forward to reading more of your stories.

@Katie, Thanks for your comment. Hope you will post more stories soon.

@Isabelle, Thanks for sharing your story with us. I enjoyed reading it so I didn't mind if it was a repost.

@Anthony, Hey. Really enjoyed the story of you getting to see your aunt on the toilet. Sounds like a memory you will have for a lifetime.

That's all the comments for now I think.

This story is one I had totally forgotten about and it only came back to me recently.
When I was a child there was a family that lived next to me and I was always in their house and they were always in mine. There were three girls in the family and one of them was my age with the other two beeing a little older than me. Actually as far as I remember one of my first posts on here was about one of the girls. She would always let me come to the toilet with her and that's partly where my toilet interests began I think.
Anyway One day when I was around 7 or 8 me and the three girls and some other friends were in the shed behind the girl's house. For some reason the oldest girl who would have been 10 or 11 made me and two other guys there pee in a large plastic container, this would have held a lot of liquid. I didn't mind as I thought it was just part of a game. She would ask us if we had to pee, and when we did we would stand around the container and pee in it while the girls watched.
Then the oldest girl gave us water to drink so that we would have to pee again a little while later. As far as I remember her parents found the container almost full of pee in the shed a few days later. She must have had some explaining to do haha.
That's my story, sorry some of the details are not clear in my mind as it was many years ago when this happened.

That's all for now.
Take care all,
John H

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Port-a-Potties are horrendous

We all know about them. Whether it's a certain camping spot, an outdoor concert, a construction site, you name any place with no facilities nearby, you eventually have to deal with them. And are they ever terrible!

Once, when I was at an outdoor concert during the summer, I felt the need to take a piss, so I went to the row of these hideous things. I opened the door and bolted out 5 seconds after what I just saw: piss splattered and shit smeared on the seat, and the urinal filled with used tampons soaked in piss. Flies were hopping all over, so I just said to myself "screw this" and ran out to the woods instead. I wasn't alone as I saw a multitude of squatters and standers, most with puddles underneath, but even a few braved it out and laid some turds. I don't blame them for their lack of privacy; sometimes it's best to expose yourself rather than deal with unsanitary conditions like that.

However, that wasn't the worst that happened during that very day. A few younger kids, about 17-18 or so, were standing outside a porta potty that was actually separate from the line I mentioned earlier, which was actually nearby a booth that sold overpriced bottled water and snacks. They were rocking it back and forth to hassle the poor person that was using it. While security managed to rush toward the scene to kick them out, it was too late. The porta-potty tipped over and hit the ground on its left. The person unlatched the thing, all covered in blue water and liquified human waste, humiliated and completely in tears. It turned out to be another security guard, and from what I heard, the guard riled the boys' attention because he confiscated their alcohol from home. He was immediately walked off to get cleaned up. Truly mortifying.

On a lighter note, I took a really nice, fat shit today. I got home from work with that urge and proceeded to the bathroom. I pulled my black pants and thong down and sat, letting out a moderate pee stream for a few seconds. Then, my ass opened up and let out two thick logs that pleasured my anus and made some quiet splashes due to their length. Probably about 13 inches for the first one and 8 for the second, both slightly over 2 inches wide. Those are the best, and they're the best to show off when pooping in front of friends. Sadly, I did it alone and just flushed the damn thing while spraying some air freshener afterwards.

I hope to let off another big one like that soon. I just know that I'm not doing it in one of those filthy porta potties!


Noisy Soft Poop

I was at the mall with my boyfriend when i felt this cramp in my lower belly. I knew i needed the toilet. My belly rumbled loudly and i stopped walking. He asked me , "whats wrong?". I told him my stomach hurts. He asked where and i rubbed where it hurt. "Do you think you need to poop?" he asked. "Uhhmmm..." i was going to say something but then my belly rumbled again and i felt a big build up of pressure at my butthole. "Yes! ill be right back!" I said and walked off quickly to find the closest toilet. I found the malls bathrooms but they were quiet busy, i got inside and stood in a short line. While i was standing there, my belly moaned loudly and i felt more movement going towards my butthole. I clenched it as tight as i could. I rubbed my rumbling belly as I desperately waited for a stall to open. I felt like i couldnt wait any longer so when the next stall opened up, i just cut infront of two other women and ran straight in and slammed the door. I didnt mean to slam it but at the moment i wasnt paying much attention, i just needed to poop very bad. I pulled now my shorts and panties and sat on the toilet, my cheeks spread so my butthole was now directly over the water ready to release. I finally relaxed and a gassy blast of air came out with the first semi-hard log of poop. After the biggest one was out, i pushed and farted very loudly. It sounded terribly wet and was very smelly. Soft poop started to shoot out of my butthole, making it so dirty around it. I farted again, louder than the first time and i heard people say "ewww" . I didnt care though, i was relieving myself. The wet soft runny poop continued to drop out my now poop covered butthole. I let out one more fart while pushing to check if i had anymore poop. I looked around and there was no toilet paper or toilet cover seats i could wipe my butthole with. My poor butthole was covered in poop and there was nothing i could do about it. I flushed and pulled up my panties and shorts, washed my hands and left.


Replies and Comments

Wow. I was hesitant about posting comments in the meantime since I wasn't sure how my first post would be accepted, but all of you surely can make a girl feel welcome! All of the comments and replies were very sweet, and thank you for reading!

Megan, thank you for the welcome, and I'm glad you liked my post! I've read some of your stories too and I adore the ones with you shopping, since I'm loving going in public restrooms with others around. If I'm in a middle stall with women on each side, that's better...if we're all pooping, that's a bonus. I look forward to reading your next one.

Jemma_R, thank you for the compliment! When I was more shy, toilet paper in the bowl would have been sheer genius, although now it seems I like to be "noisier" with others around. As for your upcoming post, that has to be quite a feat--no stalls at all! Aside from some girl scout camp experiences, I don't think I've ever used a restroom without stalls. I am eager to read about your experience, and I'll try to post some camp stories too.

Bill, thank you for the kind words! I write all the time and love to be as descriptive as I can (which comes in really handy for writing about pooping). One good thing about finding this site is that the stereotype I had (which had caused my earlier grief) have become completely shattered. It seems most people think that guys take out ads on billboards to brag about their poop while we girls burn any trace of evidence it ever happened...and heavens forbid if a girl has any interest in pooping! However, I'm finding more and more that that's *not* the case at all, and that's been more refreshing than I could have possibly imagined. It's nice to see there's a healthy mix, with both guys and gals of all ages and locations and backgrounds who have varying levels of comfort on the subject, some having been in the same boat as you and me and can overcome that embarrassment...and even enjoy it! As for more stories, it's a busy school year, but I will definitely be posting again soon.

Brandon T...thank you, and yes, I don't think I had to go again for several days after that! My dumps are usually somewhat bountiful, but not *that* much so, and nothing of that urgent a nature since then (at least not yet).

PN, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Isabelle and Anne...your posts were a very fun read. I found your accounts of watching your companions' poo coming out to be very intriguing. I've recently fantasized about myself in a situation like that, but with me on--how shall I put it?--the "receiving end" (I must have an exhibitionist streak, even though it's still fantasy at this point as I don't think I have the guts to be *that* brave yet). Also, Isabelle, I love outhouse stories; I've had some opportunities to use outhouses (I was born and raised in Wyoming but moved to the east coast a year ago) and they're always fun. Back when I used them, I too would sometimes go with others was a purely social thing then since I didn't really care about it at the time. Now it would be exciting on a whole new level!

Thanks for the welcome, the comments, and the stories, everyone! I'll post some more as soon as I can. I'll say it again: this site is absolutely wonderful.

Rylee :)


Back to Doorless stalls

(Zip, the bidet was in Rome.) Between a heavy workload, travel and cold weather, I haven't been to my favorite men's room in a while. But today I woke up to beautiful warm weather, and decided to go for a morning walk on the beach.

I pulled into the parking lot, ditched my sweatshirt - it was too warm for anything more than a t-shirt, and headed for the men's room in the corner of the parking lot before heading off on my walk.

There are two doorless stalls and one was taken, very unusual. He was leaning over, head down, arms on his thighs so nothing showed, and he didn't look up when I looked in. A guy was standing and pissing in the other stall - I don't know why they have to piss in the toilet, I don't shit in the urinal. He saw me waiting, but took his time anyway. Finally, he finished fumbling with himself, zipped up and flushed.

I stepped in, dropped the toilet seat, wiped it down with my antibacterial wipes and sat down. There was water on the floor so I could only drop my shorts and blue-gray boxer briefs just past my knees. I'm not shy, but I didn't want wet pants. I knew I had to go, I could feel it, but it was a struggle to get started, so I pushed hard and grunted a couple of times while guys walked in to piss. I was in the stall nearest the door so they all walked by me. Some looked into my stall, especially when all the urinals were taken. No one said anything; this isn't junior high anymore.

One guy in a white t-shirt and long pants walked by, saw the stalls taken and walked back toward the door. I assumed he headed for another men's room. I finished up with a couple of last pushes. I wiped from behind because with my shorts at my knees I couldn't spread my legs to get in from the front, my preferred method.

I stood up, looked to see several smallish turds in the water, none of them big, but there were several there. I buttoned the fly on my cargo shorts, and as I exited the stall, white t-shirt guy was still there. He rushed into the stall, sat down without wiping the seat or spreading paper and there was an immediate sound of gas and splash. The guy had to go! Too bad he didn't say anything. I could have hurried. (The first guy was still there.) I washed my hands, turned on my music and headed out into the sunshine.

John H

live poop after a night out

Hey all I decided to do a live post as I haven't anything out of the ordinary to post. This dump was taken after a night out with lots of alcohol and takeaway food consumed so I expected a messy dump but it turned out a little different. I had been letting out soft smelly farts all day and after my dinner I could feel the pressure building so I headed for my bathroom.

Sitting on the toilet. There is strong pressure on my hole. I'm enjoying holding the load back. It is probly going to be very soft.
Its pressing to get out now.
I'm relaxing my hole.
I can feel it coming it is opening my hole and coming out slowly. Its not as soft as I thought it was going to be. There is some crackling noises. Its getting very wide. The first part broke and splashed into the toilet. The next log is already on the way out its slowing down now as I can feel it getting even wider than the first log. Its stretching my hole and feels so good as it is starting to move quicker now. The largest part is out and its getting softer as it comes out. The second log splashed into the water and the third one is coming out. Its very soft. Pushing the last of it out now. Relaxing for a minute I can feel more poop inside. Going to push a bit, I can feel it coming.
My hole is opening as there is wet sounding farts coming out and some very soft poo follows. I'm still pushing hard now to make sure its all coming out. I can feel some soft poop around my hole. Its going to be a messy clean up. Pushing again more farts and soft poop coming out. There is a strong smell of poop in the bathroom now. I think that's the last of it. It took five large bits of toilet paper to get myself cleaned up.

Feel a lot better after getting that out.
Sorry if it is not that well written I was typing fast as I wanted to write everything down as it was happening.
That's all for now.
Take care all,
John H



Hello again everyone! I read some of the great stories you all have posted. I wanted to respond to a few of you as well.

To John H: Thank you! I am glad to be here. I really did enjoy the show and I think you might be right on not mentioning anything to him.

To Anne: Thank you for the sweet words and I am glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.

To Janna: Thanks for reading my story! As to the size of his movement; the first log was impossibly long! I would say it had to be well over a foot, possible two feet! The second was about a foot long and the final only a few inches.
I certainly do want to break the ice with him next time I see him. Unfortunately I haven't been to the trail in some time, maybe I will go again soon once the weather warms up.
And please try to post your story again. I would love to read that as well as any other stories you might have!

To Sandra: I read over your story as well. A few times honestly. It is a wonderful story and I am glad to see that I am not the only one who has had this kind of experience. It sounded like Sean had to go as urgently as the man I watched! And he was fortunate enough to have something to wipe with, as I think about the man I watched I wonder how he felt to leave without any kind of clean up. I also have to say I am quite envious as you had the courage to look him in the face and smile at him afterwards. That is a really great story and I thank you for sharing it with us!

Thank you again to everyone and I hope to have more experiences in the future that I might share with you all!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Isobelle as always another great story it sounds like you and your friend both had a great pee and poop in that outhouse i bet you both felt pretty good afterwards to and even if this is a repeat story its still a great story and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: AshleyAshley as always another great story it sounds like you had a really good poop even though it was kinda messy I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kayla B first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a nasty time but it might end a good thing from the sound of it between you and your crush it kinda brought you closer together which may lead somewhere and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Ciara first welcome back and great story as always I look forward to reading any news ones you will have thanks.

To: Shelly first welcome back and great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop in the gym bathroom and it sounds like the toilets are low flow or have a presure problem and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anthony great story about seeing your aunt pooping it sounds like she really had to go and enjoyed having your company as well please share anymore like that if you have any thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story it sounds like you and those other women all really had to poop and I bet you all felt pretty good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site


For Anthony

That was a nice story.When I was around five,I remember when my aunt and uncle and two cousins came over,one was a boy and the other a girl.Well that day I walked in the hallway and the bathroom door was open and I saw the girl cousin on the toilet with her dress pulled up(she was around five also)She saw me,and made the AHEM at me,So I just walked on.She wasn't very much to look at at that time.Any way after I walked past the bathroom,I heard pshh,and another pshh.
She left the bathroom without flushing,and I went in there and saw a log and a little broken peice.the turds where brown and soft looking.


Questions for fernando

Fernando I have two questions for you. The first one is did you pee too in the shower of your school and the second one is did you poo in the urinal as I did one time in the bathroom of my school?
Thank you for your answers fernando.

Rylee- Welcome to the site! What a way to break the ice! I enjoyed your story and it sounds like you really blew the place up! If I'm going to be loud I do get embarrassed about it somewhat, but I know everyone has to go and I've heard plenty of other women doing noisy poos so it's ok! Like you I'm not shy about going and I do enjoy hearing or seeing other girls go to some degree, and you're right, it's nothing to be shy about! Looking forward to more posts from you!

Anne- Great story! I've heard about single use toilets set up like that with more than one toilet deliberately, but I've only ever see them in a club I went to once!

I did a normal poo yesterday so whatever affected me on Monday was only temporary, luckily! I'll post again soon once I'm back at university.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Pooped with a friend

I may have posted this a long time ago, but I think it's a new story. If it's a repeat, then sorry.

This story happened several years ago, when I was 16. I used to have a friend who lived on a ranch owned by her family. Their ranch was a bit out in the country, compared to the inner city where we lived, so we didn't see each other a lot. We tried to get together at least every two months or so.

Anyway, one day my parents took me out to my friend's ranch for me to stay the night, and they'd drive me back the next day. My friend and I were really excited to see each other. When I got there, she was in the middle of doing her afternoon chores, so I helped her and then we went off for a horse ride.

We rode for half an hour, and by then I was noticing a need to pee and poop. I figured that if we stopped riding, we wouldn't get to go again that day, so I ignored my needs. After another half hour, we were about done riding. We took the horses back to the stable, and then my friend said she had to pee and poop, very badly. I said I did too, and that I had been holding it for most of the ride. She laughed and told me that she'd also been holding it, since I got there.

Since we both had to go badly, and we weren't sure if we could make it to the house (and also her family only had one toilet anyway), she said we'd use the outhouse. She had showed me the outhouse previously, telling me all about how this ranch had been in her family for generations, and her ancestors didn't have indoor plumbing, and this was all they had. But this was the first time we'd ever used it.

I asked if it was okay to use it, and she said of course. She uses it sometimes if she has to go and can't make it back to the house. As we were walking, she was telling me about how she usually poops after her afternoon chores, but because I was there, she didn't want to make me wait while she pooped.

So, we got to the outhouse, and she opened the door. I saw two holes cut in the wood, for two people to use it at the same time. There was no privacy for anyone using the outhouse, but we weren't shy about pooping in front of each other anyway. I sat on one hole and she on the other and we both peed fierce streams.

Then we concentrated on pooping. I let off a few big turds and then I was done. There was a roll of toilet paper in the outhouse for me to wipe with, which my friend must have brought out on a previous trip. She wasn't done though, so I stayed seated and we kept talking. She took several minutes longer and at one point, she leaned far forward and I couldn't help but catch a glance of her butthole, opened wide with a huge turd sticking out several inches. Soon it broke off and then she started to wipe. We left the outhouse together and returned to the house.

Ashley Ashley

This Mornings Dump

I woke up with my stomach in knots and strong urge to take a dump. I went to the bathroom and pulled my pajama bottoms and panties to right below my knees. I let out a long airy fart. I then peed. I then started to quickly push out a really soft log. It came out very fast. I then pushed out some melted milkshake like diarrhea that gurgled and echoed in the bowl. I thought they're would might be more so I waited a few minutes but there was just a tiny squirt more. I peeked in the bowl and there was a 5 to 6 inch log greenish in color with dark brown diarrhea poured on it. Surprisingly it didn't take much wipes to get clean.

Kayla B
Hi I'm Kayla B new here I'm 14 freshman in high school I have shoulder length hair that dirty blonde and brown eyes I have a great body :) I often get diarrhea I love having diarrhea and taking big poops it's so gratifying having big poops lol anyways I thought I would share with you a story so here it goes

This just happened a few days Tuesday to be exact so when I woke up that morning I sort of felt kinda off but I just shook off the feeling I did my normal routine in the morning except I didn't eat breakfast but I did have a big glass of milk so I got to school and during my third class my last one before lunch I got this horrible cramp I new I had to poop so I Asked to go to the bathroom. As soon as I got up my stomach rumbled I clenched my butt and made a mad dash to the bathroom there was another girl there but I had to go so I took the farthest one up against the wall and sat down pulled down my skirt and stockings. I farted it was silent but wet and smelled awful I pushed and a soft long turd fell from my butt I pushed again and sharted a bunch of liquid it sprayed the bowl I pushed and a bunch of soft small chunks fell from my butt I felt so much better after that. So I wiped my messy bum and pulled up my stockings and left oh and my poop looked like a bunch of brown soft mud. Class was over when I got back it was time for lunch since I had felt better I ate Some salad and drunk some ice tea and ate my Sloppy joes which I probably shouldn't have but I was Hungary anyways we had this program in the afternoon and the whole freshman class had to go we were sitting in the auditorium and my stomach Hurt so bad so I farted though I would release some pressure I could feel a little bit of liquid squirt In my pants I quickly got and rushed to the bathroom the girls bathroom is all the way down on the other side of school so I had no choice but to use the boys ohh the horror I ran in luckily no guys where in there so I went in the stall and exploded I sat there maybe had like three waves of hot liquidly diarrhea I finally was done felt so much better and empty I walked out and there was a guy in there my crush actually and he screamed I stood there my face was red he asked me if I knew this was the boys bathroom I told him ya I know but I felt sick and needed a bathroom and this wad the closest he then asked if I was ok and if I needed to go to the nurse. I said ya he took me to the nurse made sure o was okay he was very sweet and said he won't tell anyone that I was in the boys bathroom he was like it's ok it happens to everyone lol :)


To Katie

Katie great story about your witness account in the woods. Please check out my story from Page 1934. very similar experience. let me know what you think.


I'm Back!

Hello, everyone! It has been a LONG time since I've posted something on here, but I would like to share a story that happened today:
This morning, my mom and I drove to the hospital for her doctor's appointment. While we were waiting for her doctor, I decide to go to the restroom to pee. The restroom I went to was a single-use restroom and the lock did not work properly. There was also a large mirror on the wall across from the toilet so you could see yourself using the restroom. I quickly peed while looking down to avoid seeing myself on the toilet, wiped, and flushed. As I was washing my hands, I heard the door open slowly. When the woman realized I was in there, she quickly apologized and closed the door. I sincerely hoped that she didn't think that I intentionally left the door unlocked. When I went back to the waiting room, the woman gave me a really weird look. I could only imagine how embarrassing it would have been if she walked in while I was ON the toilet!

The End

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