poop blackmail

Hey guys. This will be my third post. I am in high school now but I am going to share an experience that occurred when I was in junior high. I was in gym class taking a shower. As I was showering, I felt those familiar cramps in my stomach. I was just about to dry myself off and go sit on the toilet when I got a brilliant idea, Why not dump my load right there in the shower. I had always wanted to do this but never had the guts. There was nobody else in the locker room so I decided to give it a go. I unscrewed the cover of the shower drain and positioned my butt over the drain, relaxed and began to push. A semi solid log began to inch out of my butt and went kerplop right down the drain. It was medium length and two different shades of brown. It smelled really funky too. At first I was nervous about what I was doing but it felt so good to poop with the warm water running over me and I was so relieved that I lost all my inhibitions and just let loose. I pushed a few more turds out. One of them didn't quite make it to the drain and I had to push it down with the tip of my foot. I felt kind of naughty about what I was doing. When I was sure all the poop went down, I screwed the top back on the shower drain. I washed my butt off with some water, dried myself off and stepped out of the shower with the towel around me. As I pulled the shower curtain back to walk out, I saw this kid standing by the lockers giving me a dirty look. I started to get nervous. I thought he knew what I had done. The funky smell of my feces was still pretty strong in the shower. What if he went over and smelled the shower? He would know what I did and I would get in trouble. I started getting dressed and the kid got dressed right next to me. He kept giving me a dirty look but didn't say anything. Finally he opened his mouth and said" I know what you did" My face turned hot with embarrassment. What did I do, I said nervously. He said " don't play dumb, you pooped in the shower didn't you? I started panicking and said " no I didn't. He said " I can smell it and i am going to tell everyone." What can I do to make you not tell I asked. He said give me your lunch money for a week. I looked at him and said no way. He said fine than I am going to tell everyone right now. He started yelling FERNANDO POOPS IN THE SHOWER over and over again. I was getting scared that everyone outside the locker room would hear so I said "fine, i'll give you my lunch money for a week. I had to give him my money for the rest of the week so he wouldn't reveal my smelly secret. After a week, I stopped having to give him my lunch money but every time he saw me he made a fart noise with his mouth. I guess this was my karma for doing a dirty deed in the shower. Now I only will crap the shower at home. Never in public.


Work it out

Hey, I'm not sure if any of you remember me, but I used to post here quite a long time ago. Check around the 1720 and 2000 ranges, they all have the same name if you want a fun read. ;)

Anyways, for those that are new here, I'm 23, white, short in size and hair, C cup chest, bubble butt, hair is currently brunette. For those who remember, I'm sort of an exhibitionist when it comes to bathroom habits. Peeing and pooping outside is the greatest, nothing like that feeling of exposing your lower private half in a secluded area and squatting for a good woods clean out.

Thus comes to why I'm posting again. I was at the gym yesterday to unwind after a crazy day at work, so I hit the treadmill and gave my upper body a good workout. Right after my last set of reps, I felt that familiar feeling that I'd need to take a post-workout poop. It wasn't too urgent, so I went to my locker, undressed, and wrapped a towel around myself to get ready for my shower afterwards. The thing that sucks the most about these toilets is that the shit always tends to get stuck to the porcelain in front of the drain, and when I shit in here after a stimulating workout, it's not exactly rock solid either, so it takes about a good 10 flushes to shift the contents, and 20 to get it all down the hole.

I walked in there and while every stall was empty, they were all full of rank loads except for one which had some minor skids. I took that one, locked up, unwrapped the towel and hung it on the hanger, and plopped my ass down. I let out a quick stream of pee first, then leaned forward as my butthole let out a soft snake that felt pretty thick. Then a bunch of smaller turds followed, also soft and making a small brown mount. After not even five minutes, I was done, so I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped a good couple of times. It didn't matter if there was just a tiny bit left, I'd be scrubbing it off in the shower anyways, so I got up and let the auto flush do its thing. As expected, the snake went down but not without leaving some streaks, and the poo mountain didn't budge. I pressed the manual flush button a couple of times, and while progress was being made, I felt like a dumbass for wasting water on this, so I gave up, wrapped up and just hit the showers. I pity the poor janitor that has to clean that up everyday, I bet I'm not the only one complaining!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Buddie Poop great story please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Melissa K as always another great story at least you didnt have a full blown accident and at least you made it to the toilet to let the rest out and I look forward to the conclusion of your story thanks.

To: Ben great story about you seing your friends sister pooping it sounds like she had a good poop and you gained a lasting memory to.

To: Abby as always another great story it sounds like you and that other girl bothh really had to poop and alot from the sound of it and I bet you both felt pretty great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Robert great story about you seeing your girlfriends poop in the toilet it sounds like she really had to and I bet she felt great afterwards to and please post anymore stories you may have about her thanks.

To: Lily-May as always another great story it sounds like you had a rough night but at least Michael and your friends were very understanding and willing to help and food poisoning really sucks and I look forward to reading more of your diarrhea stories thanks.

To: STEVE another great story bout Kyiesha.

To: Anne as always another great story it sounds like you and that other girl both had really good poops her mainly from the the sound of it and I bet she felt like heaven after getting that beast out and thankful to you for helping her out and as always I look forward your next post thanks.

To: Rylee first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you the dump of the year and it sounds like it really cleaned you out to and I bet you felt really great afterwards to and probaly a little lighter and thats one way to break the ice and maybe the sound barrier to lol and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Megan as always another great story it sounds like you and that other girl both had good poops and felt good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

About an hour ago I was at that bookstore and heard a woman poop first she peed then grunted a few times and after one of the grunts I heard 2 quick splashes then she wiped and the later I heard a woman fart after peeing it was loud but muffled then she wiped and flushed.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site.


a couple of comments

Rylee, great story, and well written! Also liked Anne's story about the unexpected companion.


I have lurked on here for over a year but only had the courage to post very occasionally, I'm a 15 year old boy, and I like pooing and discussing all things to do with poo. I haven't really had that many interesting poo stories but maybe I'll post one if something happens along the way.
To Lily May: That story was awesome! I would definitely love to hear more.

To Rylee: Your story was really really good! I also spent a lot of time hating myself for enjoying poo related stuff, but I think I've come to accept it a lot more now. I have also been quite shy about public pooing, but recently I have been overcoming my embarrassment. You definitely should be a writer some day, I have read so many posts on this site (maybe hundreds haha) and yours is probably one of the best and most well written I have ever read. I would love to hear many more. :)

Bye for now.
- Bill

Friday, January 18, 2013



Rylee - I loved, loved, loved your story, please write more :) You are a brilliant writer, and welcome to the forum.

I'm sure a couple of the regulars can remember me having concerns about pooping in a public bathroom, and I finally conquered my fear, well today I took it one step further, no stalls at all. I'm not the fastest writer so it will either be in this update of posts, or the next.

Jemma x

Lily-May, i`d love to hear more of your diarrhea stories about you, and other female friends. Will post a story later.

To answer your questions, though:

"I was just wondering if people could describe how they feel when they're suffering with a stomach upset?"

I generally never have stomach aches, unless a poop is imminent (even`s a rarity). But...i generally feel a slight bit of cramping low on my stomach, and a heavy feeling in my stomach.

"What consistency is it?"

It`s usually firm (but still soft), 1.5 in thickness, and between 4 - 12 inches long, and maybe 2 or 3 of them.

"How do you fee1
when you sit on the toilet? Do you have cramps?"

Little to no cramping. It`s just the same heavy feeling, i push a lot, but don`t spend a long time in the bathroom.

"when you fart, how does your belly feel like? How much wiping does it normally require, how often do you urgently need the toilet etc. Thankyouu"

My belly tenses when i fart, and feels shaky or whatever, but i usually need a lot of wiping, and i go every 2 days or so, sometimes every day if i change my eating habits slightly.

Rylee- Welcome to the site! What a way to break the ice! I enjoyed your story and it sounds like you really blew the place up! If I'm going to be loud I do get embarrassed about it somewhat, but I know everyone has to go and I've heard plenty of other women doing noisy poos so it's ok! Like you I'm not shy about going and I do enjoy hearing or seeing other girls go to some degree, and you're right, it's nothing to be shy about! Looking forward to more posts from you!

Anne- Great story! I've heard about single use toilets set up like that with more than one toilet deliberately, but I've only ever see them in a club I went to once!

I did a normal poo yesterday so whatever affected me on Monday was only temporary, luckily! I'll post again soon once I'm back at university.


My Aunt Pooping

When I was about five years old me and my parents went to visit my nan and aunty around Christmas time nearly thirty years ago.

All that I can remember is, when I got there I needed a wee but I holded it in. A few hours later after I drank loads of fizzy pop I really needed to go to the toilet, as the last time I went was probably over twelve hours ago because I was picked up from school. The reason why I held my wee in is because I was afraid to use the toilets at school and public.

Anyways my nan had two toilets, one on the ground floor and the other in the bathroom upstairs. So I left the lounge and walked through the hall into the kitchen and went through a glass door down a little corridor and I could hear my aunt peeing on the toilet with the door wide open.

My aunt was early twenties with blonde hair and blue eyes and she looked like Sharon Stone and Madona, anyway she must have heard my footsteps and said "do you need the toilet Anthony", I walked and stood in the doorway and glanced at her beautiful body in a dress with brown boots and knickers round her ankles as she was sat on a english victorian toilet with a high cistern and I said "I need a wee". my aunt finished her stream and began to fart and said that she is pooing and that I could keep her company.

While she was trying to go number 2, she asked how school was and if I had any girlfriends etc etc, and she was kind of grunting during the conversation and letting little plops drop into the pan then she would get another belt of gas and let rip and laugh a couple of times.

I also remember her poo was making a crackling noise as it slid out and made some big splashes. Then she began to fart and fart until they become wet with diarrhea, which stunk really bad. She wiped her behind clean and stood up and let me go in.

The toilet pan was plastered with her poo and when I weed into the pan it stunk. When I finished my aunt was in the corridor and I asked her if she would mind flushing the toilet as I was too short to reach the chain chord. So she pulled the chain and we both watched the toilet water rise nearly to the rim in horror, she had to flush four times. Ever since that day I have always a fetish for ladies pooping and farting on the toilet.



News etc

Hi everyone, Abbie here with an update and some comments.
Megan- thanks for your understanding comments about my last post, in some ways its better when the loos at school are really busy and loads of girls are coming and going, that way if I need to have a poo its a bit less obvious what I'm doing. As you say, its more embarasing if its just you and someone else, luckily when I last posted the girl in the cubicle next to me had a poo as well so it could have been worse.
Natasha- usually I do get less constipated during the school hols but Christmas seems to be the exception, probably because of all the rich food. It sounds like I'm not the only one though, sorry to hear Keira was struggling to poo when she was round your house. You mentioned you were now having a poo every three days or so, I hope that doesn't get any worse otherwise you'll be constipated too. Are you going for a poo at school at all or are you able to hold it till you get home?
I've been quite good at getting into school early and trying for a poo after having breakfast in the canteen, I don't always manage to go then but try to sit for at least 10 minutes and push a bit to see if anything is ready to come out. On the days I can't go at that time I go back to the toilet later in the day, in a free lesson if possible but otherwise at lunchtime, sometimes I'm able to have a poo then which is good and is helping my constipation. Yesterday I tried to go before school but nothing came out, I hadn't been for a poo since Saturday so I knew that I should try to go again after lunch. I queued for a cubicle in the English block loos, by now I could feel a small urge so I was hoping I'd be successful. The queue was moving quite slowly, judging from how long some girls seemed to be in their cubicle and some of the noises I heard between the hand dryers I certaintly wasn't going to be the only one having a poo. I eventually got a cubicle which smelled quite strongly of the last girls poo and locked the door. I lifted my skirt, pulled down my black tights and yellow stripey knickers and sat on the warm seat, I weed for a bit and then started to push. I had two girls either side of me and both of them were pooing, on my left I heard some wet farts and then some runny poo splattering into the bowl, I could see the girls white pants and trousers round her ankles and her pants had a stain in so she obviously hadn't quite made it in time. The girl on the right was quiet after her wee but then I heard some panting followed by a loud plop. By now I'd pushed most of my poo out, it also made a plop as it dropped into the bowl and I felt another log move into place. I pushed out another couple of logs which once again plopped into the loo, the girl on the left was wiping by now but my neighbour to the right kept making plops every few minutes. I felt I was done so I took some toilet paper and started to wipe my bottom. When I'd finished wiping I flushed the loo and pulled up my pants, tights and skirt before unlocking the cubicle to go and wash my hands. Hope you enjoyed this, will post again soon, bye for now!!

buddie poop

i had my friend over for a sleep over, when we were6. and my friend was busting to go to the toilet for a poo but my parents were on both on the toilets.and i had a little brother that wasnt trained yet so he has a potty.i suggested use the potty and she agreed. she went done a pee and a poo. iin the morning my parents who pooped in the potty and i said my friend did.

Melissa K

Minor diarrhea

I had a little diarrhea accident this morning (Jan. 15). Yesterday, I didn't poop, but on Sunday evening I pooped a large and voluminous healthy poop. Yesterday, I had two huge bean burritos for dinner that were giving me a lot of gas throughout the night. When I woke up in the morning, I was very gassy, and felt a bit sick to my stomach. I hoped that I wasn't getting sick. In 2nd hour, I started feeling sick, and felt my guts churn, so I asked to be excused to the bathroom. I was farting a lot on the way there and it was quite smelly! Halfway to the bathroom, I felt a gas cramp, so I stopped, bent over, and farted to relieve the pressure. A deep, bubbling, splattering fart ripped out of my butt, and warm poop the consistency of hot oatmeal came out of my butt. I ran to the bathroom, and surveyed the damage. I had a pretty good brown stain on the back of my panties, with some small bits of the food I had eaten visible. Luckily, my skinny jeans weren't damaged. I decided to throw my panties out, and finish my pooping.
I pushed, and a few chunks of poop jetted out, farted, then farted more and more and some mushy, chunky poop splattered out. I wiped at least 10 times, and flushed. I still felt full and bloated, and I pushed as hard as I could, but nothing would come out. I hope I'm not sick but I will have an update when the rest of my load comes out, which should be big because I barely pooped at all this morning.

Love, Melissa K :)


Saw my friend's sister

I'm 14 years old and recently I stayed the night at my friend's house. My friend has a sister who is 18, and she's smokin' hot. Sometimes I wonder if I spend time with my friend because I actually like him, or just to have chance to see his sister. But anyway...

My friend's family is Mormon and they are very open and relaxed about going to the bathroom and stuff like that. As such, they rarely close the door when using the toilet. On occasion I'd be passing their bathroom and see him or his mom or his dad or even his sisteron the toilet. But during this most recent sleepover something unexpected happened.

I woke up and really had to piss. I went to the bathroom and my friend's sister was sitting on the toilet, wearing only a pink bra and pink panties around her ankles. The rest of her clothes were in a pile in the corner of the bathroom. I looked for a few seconds, but then turned away, apologizing. She told me it was alright, that everyone goes to the toilet. Then as if to prove her point, she cut a huge fart and let out a slight giggle.

I noticed a smell emanating from the bathroom and I knew then that she was taking a shit. I was turned on a lot, but embarrassed about it. She said she was almost done. I heard a faint plop and a bit later two big splashes back to back. She rolled off paper and then said she was finished and I could use the toilet.

I looked and saw that she had taken off her panties and was undoing her bra. I went over to the toilet and started pissing as she got in the shower. Afterwards, I briefly admired her shit. I saw a big turd, easily a foot and a half long, and two others maybe four inches long. I didn't flush, as she was taking a shower.

So that's my experience. I may never have another one like it, but I'll surely cherish this memory forever.


Pooping in the morning

I woke up this morning and went to take a shit. Like I always do. I knocked on the door and my sister was in there and she said that she would be a while because she was taking a big dump. I didn't have time so I just left for school. I was half way there and felt very desperate. I walked into the school and went right to the bathroom. I went in there with with one girl right behind me. She was a senior and I am only a freshman so it was gonna feel weird to poop with her in there too. I sat down and heard her unloading a lot of poop. She said sorry I really have to crap. I said me too. I pushed a little and a lot of poop fell out all at one time. I sat there and farted for a little while and started dropping more poops whole the girl was dropping bombs. I whipped flushed and it got clogged. I had to ignore it or else I would be late for class.


@Lily-May: I want to hear more of you and Dan diarrhea stories lol.


Girlfriend's Leftovers

Hey all, hope you're having a great week and great poops!!

Something unexpected in a good way happened to me last Monday.

I'll tell the story / scenario.

Last Monday my girlfriend met my parents and my brother for the first time. She was really nervous about it all weekend. She lives with her two sisters in an apartment so it's three girls only who live there. Anyway, after work we had some time to kill so I went to her place with her after work. She was alone for most of the afternoon. She let us in and then went to the basement to get some laundry. While alone in the apartment, I had to pee. I went into the bathroom and saw something that took my breath away - I saw poop. Most likely hers. Now, not only was it (most likely) my girlfriend's, but there was ALOT. It looked as if she flushed, and not everything went down, or left tons of 'leftovers'. Sometimes, we get streaks. The odd smudge here or there. In this case, there was a lot, smudged over various parts inside the bowl, and what looked like part of a flat log poking out of the hole. I had my BlackBerry with me and snapped a pic. Also, I was curious to see how big the turd was, or if there was more hidden, so I took a toothbrush I had been planning on discarding (it was a bit old and brought a new one with me) and lightly moved the turd. Upon contact, the thing 'dissolved'! So chances are that her (or one of the other girls) had a HUGE soft dump.
It was exciting to think that her (or one of the others) had pooped so MUCH to leave so many streaks behind. Also, I noticed no toilet paper remained.

I pretended like nothing happened, and meeting the family went really well - everyone got a long and we had an awesome meal at Milestone's. I was still curious about the potential beast of a bowel movement, so I asked her who was home during the day, if she was nervous before meeting them (she said my stomach was doing flips), and when asking her about her weekend, what she'd eaten for lunch etc the same day. Turns out, take-out and she had a smoothie. Hmmm...does that sound like a recipe for a big soft or runny poop?? either way, imagining her on the toilet unloading big time was admittedly a turn on.

I'm still unsure about her bowel habits, etc...we haven't gotten to the bathroom side of things too much yet.

Anyone with experience on 'letting someone in (to the bathroom)' and / or with massive skidmarks, feedback welcome!



hey. This is my second post. I have a few questions for people on this site.

1. Are you embarrassed to poop at school or work? Or do you have no shame like me.

2. Do you fart in public or does this embarrass you?

3. Do you enjoy the smell of farts/poop or is it gross to you.

Now for my experience

I am the king of farting in class. i'm a sophomore in high school and usually, if I have to fart I just hold it. but there are times when the urge is so strong that you just have to let it go.I remember this one time in class when I had to fart really really bad. I was sitting in the back of the classroom and the window was wide open with a nice fresh breeze blowing in. I figured the smell would just blow right out the window and no one would notice. So I relaxed and let go. The fart was really long but it was silent. I could smell it. It was strong and smelly. I enjoyed it but I didn't think anyone else could smell it. However, this pretty girl in my class started sniffing the air and wrinkled up her nose. Then she turned around and looked at me and the other kid sitting in front of me. She looked at both of us trying to decide which one farted. She finally decided it was me because the kid sitting next to me was a preppy pretty boy who looks like his poop smells like roses.So she automatically blamed me, the fat Mexican kid. She looked at me and said Phew! that fart was really stinky. If I were you, I would go to the bathroom! I finally realized she was right. I could feel a big dump coming on. So I asked the teacher for a pass and went to the bathroom. I pulled my pants down sat my big butt on that commode and relaxed. A big fart that sounded like thunder came out followed by a soft, heavy plop. It was really stinky too. It was very enjoyable and relieving. I sat there a few minutes enjoying the smell. Then I flushed.


Diarrhea on Holiday

Hi Bill, thanks for your reply! I have plenty of stories!

Currently my bowels are still not quite right, my poos are very soft and reasonably frequent..I don't think I'm quite rid of this bug yet!

I'll tell you about the time I went to Spain with a few of my friends a couple of years ago. We flew out in the summer for two weeks, landing on the Friday at about 7am. We slept for a couple of hours then headed to the pool and spent the first 6 days doing usually holiday type things. On the evening of the 6th day we went to a new restaurant for dinner where I had something with prawns in it. The others chose chicken/beef type dishes. When we'd eaten we went for a walk then went back to the hotel. I was feeling a bit bloated and full so I took some ????s and headed to the bathroom.

I spread my legs wide and placed my hands on my thighs, getting into a comfortable position. I began to push, and slowly felt the tip of a large turd heading towards my anus. I breathed deeply as I slowly pushed out a large smooth turd which flopped into the toilet, coiled on top of itself. I didn't feel empty but there was nothing more to come out so I cleaned up and went back to join the girls. I still felt a bit ill but the others wanted to go out on the pull (this was before I met Dan, my current boyfriend!) so I agreed to go out with them.

I got talking to a guy in a bar called Michael who was really sweet and kept buying me drinks and chatting to me. I was vaguely aware of some mild stomach cramps but didn't feel too bad. At about 1am, he took me back to his hotel where we 'got busy' haha. We laid there afterwards and I had a horrible crampy feeling in my bowels and felt like I needed the toilet again-NOT the time for it to happen! I ignored it for a while then I realised he'd fallen asleep so I slipped off the bed and tiptoed down the corridor into the bathroom. I knew if he woke up he'd hear me, so I tried to be as quiet as possible.

I pulled my thong and short shorts down then sat on the toilet in just my white vest top. The cramps were getting worse as I strained gently. A wet fart rushed out but luckily it wasn't too noisy. I had three quick waves of mushy loose poo then felt done, so I quickly wiped, flushed and sprayed a load of air freshener because the loose poo smelt really bad. I sighed as I felt my belly churning uncontrollably. I headed back to bed and slipped in just as he woke up.

We talked for a bit, but then whilst we did the deed I started to get severe stomach pains. I gritted my teeth and clenched my bum cheeks and waited until he fell asleep again. As soon as he did, I rushed down the corridor, shut the bathroom door and leaped onto the toilet. Loose poo rushed out of my bum, covering the toilet bowl. It quickly turned into runny diarrhea which just shot out. I moaned quietly, rubbing my belly. I was on the toilet for almost half an hour when I heard Michael tap softly on the door 'Lils are you okay?' he sounded worried, 'you've been gone ages'. Shit. He must've woken up just after I went again.

'Yeah, umm I'm just not feeling too good' I admitted as I tried desperately to hold everything in whilst he was stood there. 'Aww what's wrong?'. 'Er I have a stomach ache' I told him, massaging my belly as I spoke. 'Ohh you have to stay on the toilet I guess?' he asked. 'Umm yes, looks like it atm' I sighed. I groaned loudly as diarrhea splattered out of my bum, I couldn't hold it anymore. I went bright red as I knew he'd heard it. True gentleman that he was, I heard him quietly walk away so he could pretend he hadn't heard.

I released several more waves of diarrhea and eventually cleaned up. I went back to the room almost in tears and told him my stomach felt really bad and I think I had to get back to my hotel urgently. He hugged me and grabbed his car keys, then took me back to my hotel. By this point it was nearly 4am and my stomach felt sooo bad. I had cramps and pains as well as the diarrhea. I also had really bad uncontrollable gas.

Lyndsay was awake when I got back. 'Babe what happened, I thought you were with that guy?' she asked. 'I was..I don't feel very well so I came home' I sighed.'Oh whats wrong?' she asked. 'I have the runs and I need the toilet ALL the time, it's horrible' I replied. 'Ohh hunnii, just go up to the bathroom, I'll come and look after you in a sec' she told me.

I went to the bathroom and brushed the cramps away, sitting on the toilet seat. My belly gurgled madly as I started to poo. A runny stream of liquid poo shot out first followed by a few rounds of loose runny stuff. I was up all night and I was soo ill for nearly 5 days and discovered I had bad food poisoning.I couldn't help but fart a lot and I had a couple of small wet accidents in the back of my shorts.

My friends were so understanding but I could barely leave the hotel because I didn't know when I would need a poo-that's IF I got any warning that it was even coming out!

I have tons more diarrhea stories. Let me know if you want to hear them :)



A follow up with the story at the mall with Kyiesha

I was going to write this story later, but i have some time..There is actually another story that was funny, but this one involves Kyiesha, as the other one does not. About a few weeks later after the incident in the other post that i just wrote, i was at the mall early agian, before they opened doing some maintance work, when Kyiesha came over and asked if i could help her with something in the ladies room, I was just going to head out to find her to and ask her to open the mens room to releive myself too, i was not feeling all that well, had already taken my morning movement an hour before, but i had spicy fried chicken wings and some chinese food the night before, and something wasnt agreeing with me...So, I said sure, i was just heading that way to find you too! So I followed her and asked her what was wrong,she lead us to the womens room and said the toiletpaper dispenser wasnt working..Now this bathrooom was large, many times the size of the mens room, it had at least 8 stalls, large standing area, etc, So we are in the ladies room, and we head down the row to the stall near the end of the row, and she said she couldnt get the toilet paper dispenser opened..She handed me some strange looking key, so i sat down on the toilet, (with my pants up, LOL) simply because the stall was small, while she was standing there in front of me watching me try and get the dispenser opened. I couldnt get this thing to work for anything either, so i bent over a little more to look at the bottom of the dispenser better, and there is something about sitting on the toilet even with your pants on, and a little fart escaped, (but a larger event was waiting).. but loud enough to be clearly heard! I said, "OH, there must be a mouse around here!", then I chuckled and said "Please excuse me, must be something about sitting in this position!" She started laughing, and said, "I hear ya" then i realized that my body was fooled by this position, telling me that it was ready to go agian, and it didnt feel like it was going to wait to long, so i said to Kyiesha, "I think i need to use the mens room for a minute, can i come back in a minute? She said that she didnt clean it yet, and that i could use the ladies room and that she would lock the door, so i said "OK, thanks", so i closed the stall door, while hearing her walk towards the door, I pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet quickly thinking that she was about through the door, when i heard it lock, and then she asked me if i would mind if she continued cleaning the bathroom..!! Now i was toward the end of about 8 stalls she was at the other end by the door, so at this point i was struggling to hold the load until i heard her go through the door, thinking she was going to lock it from the outside to keep other women out, but that wasnt happening, so i said, "Well,it might not be pretty, i really have to go" she said back in her witty sense "Baby, you and me have already shared those private moments!" I laughed, and said, "OK", so we started to talk while she started cleaning the stalls. Man, i let some softserve out with a bit of gas,hitting the bowl,splashing, etc.. (probably those damn fried chicken wings, they do that most times i eat that shit...anyway, i started talking to her to try and mask some of the noise, and flushed right before to keep the smell down and asked her if she had a family. I was far from done, so i figured if she is not embarrased about being there, talking to her was the best thing to do..she replied and said she was single and divorced. so i continued to talk about her family and asked if she was an only child, she said no, she had 2 sisters..then I changed the subject and appologized and told her the chicken wings were probably making me sick. All the while, she was moving at a good pace down the line cleaning the stalls. I think she was mostly changing toilet paper and wiping the seat, cause it wasnt taking to long, and i was on the bowl didnt seem like very long, maybe 2or 3 minutes at the most..i was getting ready to do some more soft serve, wave two, now i was a bit more gassy and feeling sick, after i agian told her those chicken wings were good going in but not out! She laughed,..i appologized for the noise, she said "ah, i hope you feel better, then i realized that i never got the dispenser open and again had no paper, so i said, "Kyiesha, guess what?" she knew right away what i was talking about, and busted out, and said, "this time you get the whole roll!? she slid the roll under the stall door, she also skipped cleaning the stall next to me on either side... then went back to the far end and went into a stall down the line and closed the this time, i was filling the bowl agian and after the second wave,was taking a breather when Kyiesha said she had to use the toilet, if i wouldnt mind...WTF? what do you say to that given the situation? I said "ok", i would be a few more minutes anyway, she said good, I heard her pee, but that was it...seemed rather uneventful, sat there a minute, wiped, and washed her hands, by this time, i was done, flushed, wiped up, and opened the door, she was standing there near the door getting reading to unlock it, I told her i still couldnt get the dispenser to open, and said i was sorry for the show..she said laughing,"I gave you the ticket!", I was grinning and shaking my head, she than asked, "you feeling better", i said "absolutly" she said fried foods makes her stomach upset too. I gave her the key back for the toilet dispenser, and went back to work, as did she...and we never had another incident like that, although she opened the mens room many times for me over the next months. I think she might have had a desire for a greater relationship, i got the sense, you know a gut feeling, but i never took it any farther then just talking at work...A wild couple of bathroom experience..These happen when your self employed and cruising around a lot..this girl was cool...what a trip...there is one more story surrounding this mens room in this mall that i will write about soon, though it has nothing to do with Kyiesha. Until next time...

Here is a story that happened yrs ago at an outdoor mall that I hinted at from my last post on page 2220, previous linked posts were on page 2208, 1966 and 1522 not page 2008, that was a typo.
I used to go do some maintenance in the morning at the mall before the stores opened up, usually starting around 7am. There was a lady that worked in their in house janitoral department that did lots of things on the property, including the public bathrooms. The girls name was Kyiesha (might be misspelled), this girl was very nice and seemed about my age at the time, mid 30's maybe, we used to see each other all the time while working on the property, and got used to chatting here and there, and was a very personable and memorable day i was working on the escalator early one day..and saw her walk into the courtyard and asked her if i could use the mens room, (they are locked when the mall is closed). I had to go pretty badly, as i always go at least in the AM to start the day...and usually more as my diet is full of fruits and vegtables and fiber, but this day i started a bit early and didnt leave the package at home, so i was ready to leave a good load ASAP. Kyiesha said, sure, let me get the keys, i just got here, i will meet you over there in a i went over to the mens room and waited for her to come back. She came back quickly with the keys..Now this bathroom is small, only two stalls and one urinal and a sink, and a large metal door that is keyed locked on the outside. When the door opens up, it opens up right agianst the inside wallof the bathroon, so you can see right in from the outside corridor as there are no partitions to stop from seeing the stalls or anything else...(that reminds me of another story at this same mall i will write about some other time} so anyway, she said that she hadn't gotten to clean the bathroom yet, i said that it was OK, no problem, so she put the keys in, unlocked the door and pushed it open, as i was standing behind her, holding it open for me to walk in.. So i rushed in past her and thanked her, and went into the first of two stalls in this tiny bathroom, probably only 15 foot long in its entirety from end to end including both stalls, the urinal and the sink if that, and not very deep. So from the door to the first stall was only a few feet. Anyway, i rushed in, closed the stall door, cleaned the sit and sat down in a hurry, and started to unload with no problem. In the AM i usually have no problem filling the bowl normally with good normal movements, so as i am filling the bowl, lots of plips and plops and some gas, i can see through the stall door, and hear Kyiesha fumbling with her keys trying to get the key out of the lock! she ends up pushing the door open until it stops agianst the inside bathroom wall, and still cant get the thing out..I remember thinking wow, this is a trip,,,she said, I am so sorry, but i cant get the key out...i rejoined and said, hold on i will help, then i realized when i went to wipe(a quick wipe, as i was not done and she was still fumbling with the the lock) there was only a cardboard roll in the dispenser! I said your not going to believe this but there is no paper in here! She said OH NO..the rolls are lock up in the storage closet! Right after that she said "Hold on" and she went to the handicap stall next to mine and said "there is paper here" and stated to pull off of the roll, a bunch, way more than i would have, and handed me this huge wad all bunched up under the partition, and again said "I am so sorry, are you OK" I said now with TP i am much better! She chuckled and said take your time, i will wait she left, it took me a minute to wipe up, flush, and wash my hands, i didnt think the odor was to bad, so I opened the door, and she was waiting in the corridor, and agian appologized for everything, i said it wasnt your fault the door broke, and thanked her for the TP, she said that was the first time anything like that happened to her, at the time it was the first time for me too! I grapped and held the knob on the back of the lock, while she wiggled the key for a bit, finally it came out, Kyiesha was like, "Jesus, finally", then i said, please excuse me, but i have some unfinished business to take care of, she chuckled and made a good point and said, "dont forget to use the other stall!" After this incident, we got to know one another better and always chatted when we could, a few weeks after this story, another funny one happened in the same mall with Kyiesha too i will write about soon..she worked there for about a year, and then left, but i will never forget her..until next time...


A Poop wirh an Unexpected Companion

Yesterday I was having dinner at a restaurant that I eat at often, (but not the breakfast diner I've written of before) and had an interesting pooping experience. Kyra was off with her mom shopping and having dinner, and Jared was at the gym for the entire afternoon, so I decided to go into the city and visit my friend Dorothy and her daughters. We had a pleasant visit, with all of them being surprised by how much my pregnancy has grown since the last time I saw them. At this point (5 and ½ months) I look like the postcard of pregnancy, my bump is now large enough that I'm finding it getting in the way of me. I used their upstairs bathroom to pee, and sitting on the vanity was a pair of heavily skidmarked girls' cotton panties. I assume they were Marissa's, as it appeared like the kind of poo deposit one gets when pulling them back up after pooping without wiping. (Dorothy has many times lamented to me her daughter's aversion to wiping herself after a poo.) On my way home, I stopped in a "family restaurant" on the highway back to my farm.

I ordered my dinner and ate for two, the portions were huge, but I finished it all. As I sipped at my iced tea after the last few bites were down, I felt some movement in my intestines, and knew I'd better get to the bathroom. I had another fifteen miles back, and didn't want to risk waiting to poop. So I paid my bill and made my way to the restroom. When I got there, a sign hung on the door: "Please pardon our remodeling. Restroom is single-use until further notice." I opened the door, and the stall partitions were gone, the floor torn up, the drop ceiling removed……and sitting on one of the two toilets was the waitress that had just served me my dinner! "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" I exclaimed. "No, it's OK, I forgot to latch the door." (There was a sliding bolt latch attached to the door to offer single-use privacy) "Do you want me to leave?" I asked. "No, I don't care, I'm not shy. It's OK." I then latched the door and put my purse on the double sink vanity. I stepped over to the left toilet (she was on the right one) and pulled my yoga pants and white cotton bikini briefs to my ankles. The waitress had her uniform black slacks and pink thong around her ankles. She was 18 years old and simply gorgeous. Perhaps five foot three and thin but with wide hips and a very curvy butt, dyed black straight hair to her mid-back, and a few facial piercings. She told me of some of her community college classes, I gathered she went to the same one Kyra just got her associate's degree from.

"Unghhhh……Unghhhh….Ohhh" she uttered as her face grew red. Small trickles of pee dripped into the water. I also began to pee and farted as I did so. "Oh I wish I could do that. I've been constipated for almost a week and I'm so full I think I might explode." "I'm sorry, honey" I said. She continued: "I always get packed up when I get my period." I then pushed and a crackle announced my log's exit. She pushed, too, and I heard a soft, tiny fart followed by some very loud crackling. "Oh, it's coming out, finally!" she said in between labored breaths. My log exited fairly easily and in about thirty seconds' time, then I stood up and had a look. It was eight or so inches long, and about one and a half wide., a fairly normal daily poop, slightly on the short side of my average length.

She was clearly in the middle of an epic poop. I could see tears in her eyes and she began to sob a bit. "Its so big it hurts it hurts it hurts!" I looked down and could see a gigantic dark brown tail hanging off her petite yet ???? butt. She leaned all the way forward and was so busy pushing she did not notice or care that I was standing right next to her , looking down at her poop emerging. (I won't lie: at this point, I started to feel very turned on.) The smell of it was incredible. Strong and earthy, yet sweet and pretty. The kind of poop aroma that I have found only a petite, young, constipated girl can produce. I savored every second of it.

There was only one toilet paper roll, directly next to her on the wall. She looked up and said "Oh, I bet you need some TP" and pulled off a length and handed it to me already crumpled up. She handed it to me and I thanked her for it. Then, while still standing next to her and very close, I wiped my butt up through my crack standing up straight, and dropped the paper into my toilet. "Do you need more?" "No, once is enough for me." "hehehe yeah" she giggled at my answer to her question. Then, she exclaimed "Ooooooooo" and her eyes got big, and I heard a splash. "Oh my god, It's out, it's out!" she exclaimed and then unexpectedly hugged me around the waist. Her cheek brushed against my pubic hair and thigh, but she didn't seem the least bit concerned or awkward about it. "Wow, I feel so much better" she chirped, and seemed almost giddy.

She stood up and turned around, and made a wad of paper. Looking down, she said "I don't know how all of that came out of little me." It was a log at least eighteen inches long, curled around the bowl, and as wide as I've ever seen, perhaps 2.5 inches." She wiped her hairless vagina, then reached around and wiped her bottom standing up, then folded it over and wiped again. She dropped it in the toilet and made another wad, then wiped a third time. The paper came away only faintly brown and she dropped it in the toilet and pulled her panties and pants up. I did the same. Then we washed our hands at the same time. She was all rosy, and thanked me for my company. I asked her if she would like to come and hang out sometime, and she agreed and we exchanged cell phone numbers. She said she would text me soon, and would love to go riding with Kyra and I soon.

When I got home, I told Kyra and Jared about this, and they seemed excited to have her over sometime. It turns out the girl was already a "sort of friend" of Kyra's from school.

A Small World it is, Indeed!


Icebreaker (first post)

Hi everyone! I've been reading this site for several weeks now, but this is my first time posting. My name's Rylee, I'm a female, 14 (freshman), 5'3", and weigh about 165 pounds (most of it in my top and bottom so I still look somewhat well proportioned), and have long, auburn brown hair that goes down to the middle of my back. I wear glasses and have been told I'm very pretty.

It's been a nice transition but I spent the first few months of this school year almost in a state of depression. You see, I've never been shy about pooping, and I just never really cared about it. I felt since we all do it, it can't be that big a deal. However, earlier this school year, I found I actually don't only care, but felt a genuine interest in bathroom habits...especially the prospect of being in situations where others might see or hear me taking a dump. I spent a few months anxious and frightened that there might be something wrong with me, and I started to get depressed...until I stumbled across this site. After reading a lot of the other posts--some from people even younger than me--it made me realize it's just a simple, natural process, so I should celebrate it. Besides, I write all the time and am aspiring to be a writer one day, so what better place than where I can satisfy both of my interests? :)

Since I'm finally posting for the first time, I'll tell an interesting story that happened to me a few months ago when I was still wrestling with my newfound interest. I currently live on the east coast but I was born and raised in Wyoming, and I've been riding horses since I was a little girl. Earlier this school year I sprained myself riding and the doc said I had tendonitis. My mom dropped me off at a followup appointment when I felt like I needed to take a dump. It didn't feel urgent, but I had been battling some sort of stomach bug over the past few days and knew my pooping urges would start small but come suddenly and violently. At any rate, I wasn't taking any chances, so I told the receptionist I'd be in the restroom. The office was a suite in a bigger building, and the restroom was in the outer hallway, and the moment I walked out of the doc's office and closed the door behind me, my ???? churned twice and my bowels clamped down hard. I literally froze for several seconds, and after the wave passed, I quickly hurried down the hallway ("galloped" is probably more accurate, and since I was wearing my usual cowboy boots and the floor in the hallway wasn't carpeted, I did actually sound like a trotting horse). I got there right as another girl about my age--skinnier than me and wearing jeans, a white blouse, and sandals--was walking in, and so I followed her in. The restroom had three stalls, with only the middle one empty--unfortunately, I had been about two seconds too slow and the girl in front of me took that one.

With growing desperation, I began calculating how long it would take to hunt down another restroom in that building, and whether or not I'd make it. I might, but it'd be risky. I looked at the feet under the stall doors to look for anything that might indicate someone was about to leave. The person in the farthest stall was wearing jeans and tennis shoes, the nearest stall was wearing sandals and shorts...and neither appeared to be doing much of anything. They weren't even peeing. My condition started to worsen as my ???? clamped down hard again, and I felt a sudden pressure on my rectum. I froze every muscle in my body as the wave came and went. Suddenly (blessed relief!) I heard music to my ears: the sound of a toilet paper dispenser being used. Amazingly, it was from the unlikeliest occupant: the girl who had beat me to the bathroom only had to pee, so she was already wrapping things up. In what felt like ages, she wiped, pulled her pants up, and flushed. At that psychological moment, another wave hit and I moaned out loud, the pain and pressure becoming almost unbearable. My ???? felt like a pressure cooker about to explode--and I wasn't looking forward to what was roasting.

She walked out of the stall and looked over toward me, smiling for a moment. I think I was still frozen like a deer in headlights, wondering if my present state made it safe for me to move a single muscle in my entire body. I think I managed a smile back at her while I was trying to come up with the answer.

Armed with the knowledge that I was about to make the days of the other two ladies much more interesting (at my expense, of course), and knowing full well I was way past operating on borrowed time, I "trotted" into the middle stall as fast as I felt I could safely move and slammed the door shut. I found out when I left later that I hadn't even locked it. I turned around to face the door, and suddenly remembered I was wearing jean short overalls. Damned double fasteners. I clumsily worked on one, and while the wave grew steadily weaker throughout the process, I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it back should it suddenly resurface. My hands seemed to conspire against me as I worked the other fastener...uncoordinated movements born from sheer panic. I finally got it free, and in a single motion I swear I wouldn't be able to redo even if I carefully choreographed it, I pulled the overalls down to my knees, hooking my panties (white, at least for the moment) downward as my thumbs passed them, and squarely planted my healthy bottom onto the toilet seat that my smiling acquaintance at the sink had kindly warmed for me just a moment before.


The wave had passed at the exact moment my ass hit the bare seat, and the pressure in my tush subsided enough to buy me some time--at least until the next wave hit. It was then that I realized how self-conscious my situation had become...the girl at the sink walked out of the restroom and there was absolute silence. No fan, no speakers with music, no sound at all from the neighbors in the two stalls beside me. A mild toe movement, a rhythmic tapping, was the only evidence I had of life in the other two stalls. It was almost creepy. I was flirting with this newfound interest in public pooping...but let's face it, I was starting to have reservations about doing it in this situation, especially with the load I was carrying and the strangeness of my environment. I was split 50/50: part of me wanted to, well, "put on a show," and the other part was starting to feel embarrassment at the prospect of suddenly breaking this deafening silence with the sound of my own waste functions.

My body of course had other ideas.

Without any warning whatsoever, I found any will power I once had was now gone as the last wave viciously hit me. Insurmountable pressure dropped once again into my rectum. My cheeks, which had been able to clench together to hold back the fruit of my bowels during the previous waves, were now spread apart on the hole of the toilet seat, and were no match to offer any sort of help now. I moaned one last time as I helplessly felt my anus dilate against the load that was plowing out of me.

It wasn't exactly diarrhea, but it was damned close. Within a split second, my dung was crackling noisily as I began violently unloading into the bowl. I blasted various farts throughout the process--some very wet sounding, others deep and resounding in the bowl. In the midst of these sounds was one plop after another in rapid fire--if you could call the splash a turd makes hitting the water at the speed of sound a "plop." I remember hopelessly trying to reposition my cheeks to minimize the disgusting sounds of the turds making their way out of help there. I felt my mind's eye experiencing tunnel vision as I lost all conscious predicament, the other women next to me, the noises I was making, the sensations of cold water backsplashing against my if my brain were shutting down all but the most primal thought processes in order to handle the deluge of shit firing from my anus with rapid succession into the bowl. Eyes clenched, mouth grimaced, pain soon gave way to relief as I sat there...gasping, sighing, moaning. A couple of times, and once at the end of my ordeal, pockets of gases which had uncomfortably inflated my intestines during the previous waves forced their way through my rectum with such intensity that my feet went flying right off the floor and out in front of me as they evacuated, giving rise to the deepest, loudest, and longest farts in my recent memory, which were only amplified by the toilet bowl with which I was gripping with my hands for dear life. A couple of times, I even cried out loud while passing this explosive gas...the pressure was extraordinary. I'm convinced that I could be heard even out to the hallway.

And then as suddenly as it had come it was over. Exhausted and still getting my bearings, I squeezed out a couple of more farts and pinched a final loaf or two, but other than that, I was finished. I closed my eyes, sighed contently, and deciding that my neighbors in the other stalls had suffered enough for one day, I turned around to yank the handle down to do a courtesy flush. It was one of those powerful, tankless, industrial toilets, which efficiently flushed my creation out of sight and out of mind. I sat for another moment to gain my composure...and then the strangest thing happened.

The other two started pooping at almost exactly the same time.

I just sat there for a moment, clearly amused, and realized they were thinking like I had been and neither of them had wanted to be the first to poop. I grabbed some paper, wiped (despite the intensity of my dump, it was rather clean and only needed three wipes), stood up, and flushed. I raised my panties, re-fastened my overalls, and washed my hands at the sink. As I walked out of the restroom to head back to the doctor's office, they sounded like they were finishing up.

I returned to the doc's office, my ???? feeling much better. After about five minutes, I saw a woman walk in who was wearing jeans and the same brand of tennis shoes I remember being in the next stall of the restroom. She looked to be in her forties, slender, and pretty with blonde hair. She sat down in a seat across from me, looked around for a moment, and then I saw her shooting a glance at my cowboy boots. Since not many people where I now live wear cowboy boots, I'm pretty sure she was putting two and two together and realized I was the icebreaker who was in the next stall. I had a magazine open and was reading it, pretending not to notice and trying to look very cool like nothing had happened, but I could see her watching me every now and then. She knew. I did look up from the magazine once and caught her looking at me. I smiled, and she smiled back, and I hate to brag but she almost seemed impressed at me. I went back to my magazine and waited another five minutes before being called, but I was excited at the idea that she was now seeing me, all of me, cool and calm like nothing had happened...when only five minutes earlier she had experienced me unleashing armageddon into a toilet bowl only five feet from her with me gasping, grunting, and crying out from all the pain and pressure of my dump.

Oh yeah, one more thing--the doc asked me during the appointment how my gut was holding up. Apparently, the pain medication can cause diarrhea. I never even read the side effects, but it didn't matter, since the tendonitis was healing up enough that I didn't have to take it anymore. Not that I was upset over it (what an experience!) but it would pay to be better prepared in the future before something like that happened again...

Has anybody else ever been excited from being "recognized" like this, or is it just me? Or been split on whether to go or whether to hold back when dumping in public?

Anyway, that's all for now, but I'll post more later. Thanks for the posts, everyone...I love this site. Take care!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bethany as always another great story it sounds like you and Amber both had really great poops outside and it sounds like you both had to go alot to mainly Amber and I bet you both felt really good and refreshed afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie hopefuly you are able to poop soon I look forward to reading about it thanks.

To: Gatorade great story about you and Karas buddy dump it sounds like she really had to alot and you gained a great memory as well I look forward to anymore posts like that thanks.

To: Megan great story as always hopefuly you both had good poops later on and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natasha as always another great story it sounds like Keira had a pretty great poop and i bet she felt pretty good when she was done and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: A Cheerleader great story about you and your firends cloging the rival schools toilets with your big poops I bet they werent to happy to find that surprise and I bet you all felt great afterwards and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Hillary great story about your friend Kristens big poop it sounds like she really had to go and alot toluckily that toilet could handle it and I bet she felt pretty great afterwards and maybe a little lighter to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Elisabeth S as always another great story it sounds like you had a good poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lily-May as always another great story and that sucks you got the norovirus diarrhea and vomiting are no fun at all at least your boyfriend was there to help you out and I hope your feeling better now and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jenna first weclome to the site and great story it sounds like you were having a rough day it happens to everyone at some point I hope your feeling better now and please post anymore stories you maty have thanks.

A couple of day ago I was at that bookstore again and a woman went in and started peeing then hher phone rang she answered it and told her friend she was peeing then blah blah blah then she said this number 1 just turned into a number 2 I will call you back later and it was a quick poop to and yesterday I heard a woman grunting and pushing in the bathroom.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today I had to poo while I was out shopping. Unusually for me it was quite loose and soft- not sure why! I was looking round a shop when I felt the urge. Very soon it was urgent and I needed to find a loo right away. I went to the ladies which were nearby. There were three cubicles and two girls waiting. One was about my age and one of about 15 was wearing school uniform and must have headed to the shopping centre after school to use their loos which I imagine were cleaner and less embarrassing to use! I guessed she was holding a poo, otherwise she would have probably gone at school. After a minute a cubicle became free and the first girl went in. Another woman joined the queue behind me. A minute after that the other two cubicles opened. The schoolgirl took the centre one and I took the one to her left. I saw her drop her tights and blue knickers and hitch up her skirt as she sat on the loo. I sat down with my pink knickers and jeans at my feet too. We both weed and then I let a fart slip out, followed by some loose poo. My stomach felt kind of weird and I knew I'd be there for a while.
The schoolgirl trumped too, loudly, and then dropped a log, confirming my guess that she'd been holding in her poo rather than go in the school loos! We both did a few more pieces and farts. I felt really gassy and farted quite a few times while sitting there. The schoolgirl was straining to get the rest of her poo out by now. I noticed her knickers had a slight brown stain on them and wondered how desperate she had been for her poo by the end of the school day! She grunted and there was a big plop. Then she wiped, flushed and left. I pushed out a few more soft pieces and then decide I was done. I wiped thoroughly and left feeling much better!


to cheerleader

So just how full were the toilets and do u have any other buddy dump stories.

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