taking a huge shit in the woods with Amber

I've discovered I'm a bit of an exhibitionist; I LOVE to relieve myself outside. It simply feels so free, so liberating. Yesterday, I even got a friend to get in on it with me. Amber, who I work with, was visiting for the weekend. She's been depressed lately, and mentioned her need to do something spontaneous to lift her spirits a little. Last Thursday night, I asked her if she'd like to come with me into the woods, to my favorite spot, to take a shit with me. She blinked a moment, sort of downcast her eyes for a second, and said that while that wouldn't have been her first idea, she'd try it all the same. She was shy about it, and it was so cute; I had never seen her pee or poop before. She bears a resemblance to Rose McGowan, just with a slightly olive skin tone because she's half Greek. And even though I'm straight, I'll readily admit she's cute. For two days we loaded up on bran muffins, anything with a lot of fiber, to make the walk into the woods worth it. By Saturday morning Amber finally looked a little distressed; she said we'd better get going, because she had a monster shit inside her that needed out. So did I, and we set off. During the walk Amber mentioned she really had to piss, too, cuz she hadn't gone the night before and I was rather desperate to go, too. The walk was taxing because we were so desperate to relieve ourselves; Amber walked ahead of me slightly and I swear she must have smoked half a pack of Virginia Slims on the way to the fallen tree where we'd be doing our business and I was smoking a lot, too; it helped distract me from thinking about how bad I had to take a shit. We finally got to the tree and I slid my jeans and panties down past my knees as I sat on the log with my ass hanging off the end. Amber sat right next to me, hurriedly unzipping and sitting and sighing quite loudly as she began to piss. It was quite loud, and with my stream going at the same time we made quite a puddle. Amber hunched over slightly and bit her lip, and said she was worried it wouldn't come out but she pushed a little and a smooth, thick log spread her asshole open as it slid out; she moaned and immediately apologized, saying it just felt so nice and I was in the middle of pushing out my own shit so I told her not to be sorry. I craned my neck around a little to see if she was done; a long, thick, rope-like turd rested beneath her bottom, and after evacuating one last six inch shit, she was done. I pushed out my third poop, and then I was done too. I felt a relief that was orgasmic in scope, but kept that to myself; it was a big step to even get her to do this because she's normally very shy about her bathroom habits and I didn't want to alienate her. We wiped with napkins and then used hand sanitizer, and giggling Amber exclaimed over my huge load; it looked to be around 21 inches, all told, and her own was no slouch, either. I asked if she felt better and she rolled her eyes at me and said duh, I feel like I just lost fifteen pounds. I really hope she and I do this again soon.


Constipated but using Metamucil instead of laxatives

I haven't had a proper poo for a while (as in a nice easy poop where I didn't have to strain or bleed from my bum). I haven't gone in over a week and have been taking Metamucil and drinking plenty of water. Not just a glass or two. I'm talking about 5 700 ml bottles of water a day if not more. I'm hoping I go soon because my stomach is swollen and I'm miserable and not feeling well. I don't want to take laxatives. Metamucil is safer and can be taken every day. I'm hoping I have a nice big easy poop soon.


another buddy poop

Hi guys, I'm glad people liked my story about helping my old girlfriend in the porta potty. As I mentioned, we were both interested in doing something like that again together. Just a week or two later we decided to buddy poop again.

At first we were a little shy talking about it but it was only a short time before we both opened up. We went to the mall together one night on the weekend to hang out. Ever since that concert, we were fine with seeing each other naked (we were only 16), but we never "did" anything. At the mall, we were eating with a bunch of our friends when she wispered to me that she had to poop. I asked her if she could hold it until I had to go, so we could go together, and she said not for long. Vegetables usuall make me go, and I had some on my plate, so I ate them quickly. Sure enough I had to go after about 15 minutes. By now, Kara (my girlfriend) really had to go. We told our friends our ride came early and we went off to the mall bathrooms. The boys room and girls room are obviously separated, however there are a few single person family bathrooms with locking doors. We went into one of those. We were very excited to buddy poop and got undressed all the way. I sat on the toilet first and scooted way back on the seat. Then Kara sat on the space in front of me, and I wrapped my arms around and held her belly. I started saying how cool it was to do this with her, but she said "Babe I don't mean to ignore you, but I really have to go". I smiled and said okay as she started to pee. I could feel her pushing and looked down to see a thick turd starting to show. She stopped pushing for a second and scooted farther back towards me, and felt my hard on touch her back. On the next push her huge turd slid out fast and splashed. I forgot that I had to go too so I pushed and let out a few small ones. I really didn't poop that much, so I rubbed her belly as she pushed out a few oversized turds. We wiped each other up, and she commented that she beat my poop by far easily. We laughed and got dressed, and waited to leave the bathroom until no one would see us come out together. We left our combination of poops there for whoever would find it :) I will tell the story of our next buddy poop next time

Happiness overload

Weird thing to do

Hi all.
I think that I might be a bit weird, but yesterday, I was at a convention, and needed to access the toilet.
So, I asked my Aunt if she could take me to the toilet sector.
Of course, she did and we skipped all the way, (me being way too happy at the time) and I went in.
I had with me my voicenote apex, so I decided to record my visit.
I don't think that's normal, but who is normal in this world?.
Smile you later, and have as much fun as possible

Lily May- Hey Lily May! I would absolutely love to hear more of your stories, I'm sure everyone else would too! Especially the diarrhea ones please :)
Thanks for reading, from Bill


Abbie- Sorry to hear you're still getting constipated. At least you managed to go at school on Wednesday. You're right, it is pretty awkward when you are pooing alone in the loos and then someone else comes in halfway through pushing out a log! Sounds like you were desperate- glad you were let out ok and got on the loo in time.

Today I went by train to the airport with my friend Becky to see her off visiting some of her family in Greece. We changed trains and got the next train to the airport, which turned out to be a high-speed long distance train that was stopping at the airport. The station staff said it was fine to use my ticket on so we got on and took a seat. A girl got on and sat behind me. A minute after we set off she got up and went into the loo at the front of the carriage. A minute after that another woman got up and went to the loo. When she saw it was occupied she stood waiting impatiently. They must both have needed to go before boarding but either not had time or not wanted to pay at the stupid turnstiles in the station loos! After a couple of minutes she headed off into the next carriage to find another loo. The first girl came out after about 5 minutes, and then the other woman came back after a similar time on the loo, so I guess they both needed to do poos.
After she checked in, she told me she needed the loo. I needed to do a wee by now, so I said I'd go with her. We found the nearest loos and as we went in she said, 'I might be a while. I'm going to try to poo before I get on the plane.' I said 'ok, I'll wait outside.' We both sat down and weed. I saw her pink knickers and jeans at her feet as she started trying for a poo. I wiped myself after my wee and heard her straining, then there was a soft plop. I waited for her outside and she came out 10 minutes later. 'Any luck?' I asked. 'Not really. I did a tiny bit but not much,' she said. 'I'll try again before boarding.'

I saw Becky off, then I went home. That evening I did a small poo of my own, my first since my last story on Wednesday. Nothing much worth reporting, though!

Sorry it's been a while since I last posted. Things have been busy with school starting up again and all. Anyway, I have a quick comment and then I'll share a story.

Abbie: Sorry to hear about our continuing constipation, though at least it's getting a bit better. I was surprised to read that being on break from school didn't help you. It worked well for me, but I am starting to fall back into my routine of only going every three days on average now that school is back on. Also, sounds like you had a close call last week whilst at the shops. A few seconds longer, and you would have fully weed yourself.

So, on to my story. On Thursday, I had to wee with five minutes left in the last lesson of the day. I knew I could hold it until I got home. I met up with Keira, as we had made plans for her to come over. I told her we needed to hurry to get to my house, as I had to wee quite badly. She said she did too, and also thought she might need a poo.

We practically ran to my house, and when we got there, I told Keira she could use the bathroom and I'd go to the toilet in the laundry. I had a very relieving wee that lasted a good while. Then I wiped and went to my room to change out of my school uniform.

Ten minutes later, Keira was still in the bathroom. I was a bit worried, and so I went to check on her. I knocked on the door and she answered that she'd be out soon. I asked if she was having troubles. When she heard it was me, she said yes, and I could come in if I wanted, as it might be a little longer than she had first said.

I went in and closed the door behind me. Keira was clearly pushing hard to get a poo to come out. After a bit it did with a loud splash. She explained that she hadn't been for a poo since Saturday, and had been struggling a lot. She followed up with a few more poos that came a bit easier.

She said she was done and began to wipe. It took a while, as her she said her bum was quite sore after passing that big poo. She flushed, but not all of her poo went down. I could see that even what was left after a flush was quite a lot. Not surprising I guess, since she hadn't been in like five days. She flushed again and it all went down that time.


new poster

Hey guys. I just stumbled onto this site and think its cool. I am a sophomore in high school. I love to poop in school and have had some really interesting experiences. I can't believe how many kids are embarrassed to poop in school. We all do it right? So anyway, there was this one day where I had to poop really bad so I went to the bathroom that was right across from my science class. This bathroom had 4 stalls. I went to the one all the way in the back because it is very wide. I didn't realize that I had forgotten to close the stall door all the way. I pulled my pants down sat on the toilet and began to do my dooty lol. I pushed out a huge,log. It was so stinky that it filled up the whole stall, but I love the smell. It was really long too. I thought it would never stop coming. When I finally pinched it off, I looked in the toilet to see my work. It was the biggest poop I had ever seen and it was almost as brown as me ( i'm Mexican lol). Then I felt some thunderous farts coming on and new that I had more poop too. I pushed a little and heard 2 huge plops go into the water. Then I heard footsteps coming over to the door of the stall I was in. someone was coming over to my stall. Before I knew what happened this kid burst into the stall and got a full view of my fat ass on the pot. He was this tall white kid with blond hair. He was dressed really preppy. I hate preppy metrosexual guys like that. He walked in just as I was pushing out a few more small turds. As soon as he saw me he said "Oh shit. My bad" but he didn't leave. He just stood there frozen and stared at me. I just gave him a look that said "can I help you". He said "sorry" and then walked out. I think he had never seen someone pooping before and was fascinated. I was not embarrassed at all because pooping is totally natural. After he left, I began wiping. Then I flushed and left.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A cheerleader

Poop-based revenge

I used to be a cheerleader back in high school. One time the team was playing an away football game. In the town I used to live, there was three high schools, and one of them had most of the rich kids. And that was the school we were playing at. The whole squad hated the stuck-up girls that were on the other team's cheerleading squad.

To make matters worse, the refs made a bad call and ended up costing our team the game. I was so mad and a lot of my friends were mad too. I wanted to do something to get back at the other school, but didn't know what. After the game, we were in the locker room changing out of our uniforms. I was starting to feel an urge to take a shit, and that's when I had my idea.

The locker room had an area with toilet stalls, and there were two stalls. I found three of my friends who also really had to poop. We took our time changing until all of the girls from the other team were gone. Then the four of us went over and each took a stall.

In those days, I was known for taking giant shits, and so were many of the other girls on the squad. We got a great work out by cheerleading so we needed to eat a ton to keep up our energy levels. And all of that food had to go somewhere.

Two of us went in the stalls and pooped huge loads, but didn't flush. Then the other two went in and also pooped large amounts. Considering each of us had many times clogged the toilet just with our own poop, both those toilets were totally out of commission.

In hindsight, I'm not sure what drove me to come up with that idea, or what my friends were thinking going along with it, but damn if it didn't feel so good at the time. In our minds, we were getting revenge against the other team's horrible girls and the refs for making the wrong call.


Friend's big dump

Hey evryone. I wanna tell a story about my BFF Kristen. 2 days ago I was at her house. We were jus hangin out and she said she had to take a dump. She asked me to come with cause she hadn't taken a dump in like four days and wanted to talk to me while she pooped.

We went to the bathroom and she started by pissing for a long time. She farted a bunch. Then she bent forward really far and I could see her butt. She grunted and pushed hard and a thick turd started to come out. I told her to keep pushing, it was coming out. She did and more came out.

When it was like a foot long it broke off. She pushed again and another thick turd come out. It came a lot easier and faster. I bet it was a foot long too. She sat back up more straight and lots of turds came out and splashed loud.

I think there was like ten of them and then she said she was done. She wiped a ton and then flushed. I was amazed the toilet didn't clog, but it didn't. The bathroom was stinking a lot when she was done, so we left in a hurry.


support for jess

To jess : hey sry to hear that your constapated. So is your poop. Very hard and or big n if so have u tried digging it out that works for me alot if u wana try digging your poop out n try this put your pants n underware off or around your ankels. Then spread your legs wide then go inbetween your legs n dig the poop out with your fingers or with some tp ...this may sound gross but it works relly good for me let me kno how it goes jus tryin. To help ... :-)

Embarrased (not as much now)

Constipation in Hospital

Thought I'd share my Hospital experience. Is it just me or do other people have problems pooing in Hospital or places away from home?

Well I did. And was constipated for a few days and my ???? was making noises loudly and was always farting. Now usually I don't mind farting in the privacy of home but couldn't control it and kept apologizing to the nurses who acted very understanding but that didn't alleviate my shame.

They gave me about a shot glass full of this laxative which was sickly sweet. Nurse told me it wouldn't make me feel like I have to run to the toilet. Thank God because I had a catheter in. Try and describe the feeling. Well the stuff eventually went down and I could feel it pushing on something in my bowels. So made my way to the toilet and after some groaning and straining I finally pooped something that sounded like a heavy solid block when it hit the water. Well over the next couple of days I was shitting quite often. Finally my farting died down as well as my gurgling stomach.

The guy next to me in the hospital musta thought I was disgusting. But I was woken up one of the nights where he woke up, finding himself pooping himself. Like he did with my farting I guess, I didn't say anything.

Oh my toilet habits are back to normal thankfully. Since I work outdoors and a toilet isn't always nearby, I brought a change of clothes with me just in case I had an accident... Told my boss of my problems so if I suddenly dash off somewhere they'd know not to make any big deal about it. Thank God, no accidents happened at work.

Medium-Size Al
Long time lurker, first time poster here. I'm posting because I've just had my first accident since I was a kid (I'm 22 at the moment). I was walking home, and without much warning, a vague 'I'm gonna need to poo soon' urge turned into a giant cramp, and I could feel myself slowly squeezing out a turd, never mind how hard I was holding. I hoped that was the end of it, and decided I was a few blocks from home, so I'd just walk fast and clean off.

This was not to be.

A couple blocks later, the urge hit again. I was not, in fact, empty. I speed-walked to a Dunkin Donuts nearby, and made a beeline for the shitter. My sphincter gave way a second time just as I was in the bathroom door. I yanked my pants down and dropped both these preliminary loads on the floor, then sat down on the toilet and continued to shit. Thankfully, I'd only left a small stain on my boxers--my cheeks and crack had taken the brunt of the attack. The stuff on the floor looked like milk duds in beef gravy, and I wiped it up while I groaned and spewed muddy diarrhea into the bowl. At some point during this ordeal, I let out a bubbly fart that seemed to last ages. I had my iPod on at the time, so I couldn't gauge how loud it was over 'Friday I'm In Love.' But I'm pretty sure the customers in line could hear more than I'd like them to have. I wiped down my ass and the back of the seat as thoroughly as I could, and the total shit and cleanup took about four flushes.

After what seemed like ages, I emerged, walked out there all 'haters gonna hate' and walked the remaining block to my apartment, where I've placed my shitty boxers, and jeans for good measure, in with the laundry I needed to do. Then I hopped in the shower to more thoroughly clean off my asshole and surrounding environs. This is odd for me; I'm normally a pretty regular fellow, bowel-wise. Emergencies are few and far between.

Elisabeth S.

A bit more

T. Brandon- thanks for the comment.
Robert - also thank you, this is a very good question. Maybe it is the bread my mother backed. She bakes some German styled bread. It taste very good, but is heavy.
I hope I did not forget anyone.
Oh there a lot good post here.

Since school started again I pooped every day two times. One in school the other in the evening at home. To the beginning of the school year the toilets where renovated and they are now in good conditions. Now I like them very much. But even if I like them, I try to be quick. Yesterday I went at a break to the toilets and already heard some girls. Mostly the hissing sound of the pee. I went to a random stall closed the door and put my pants and panties to the ankles. I sat down and started to pee, then I pushed a bit and the log started to move. Slowly and with a soft splash it landed in the toilet. I wiped, flushed the toilet and washed my hands. At home that evening I read on the toilet "the hunger games", so I spent there ten minutes, but more than half of the time I already pooped.
Does anyone of you ever used an outhouse. I would love to use one

Friday, January 11, 2013


My experience with norovirus!

Thanks for the responses to my story about my boyfriend's encounter with norovirus-he is now completely better :). It seems you want to hear about my encounter with it also! So here goes-

My boyfriend had just been to the toilet to release yet another wave of sloppy poo when I started to get a strange nauseous feeling in my stomach. I went into the bathroom and knelt in front of the toilet. I must have only been there about a minute when I started to retch a little, and proceeded to throw up three times. I was weak and shivery so I figured I might be coming down with it too. I went to lay on the sofa for a bit and continued to have a churning nauseous sensation in my stomach. My boyfriend came wandering in after a while, 'Are you okay babe?' he noticed how pale I was. 'I've just been sick' I told him miserably. 'Aww baby, is it both ends?' he began to rub my bloated stomach. 'No not yet, I've just been sick, nothing else' I told him. He sat with me for the rest of the evening and by the time I woke up the next morning I felt fine.

I got up, showered and dressed then headed to my office to start work at 9am. When I arrived I really needed to pee so I went to the ladies and took the first cubicle. I pulled my black lacy tights and short tight skirt and thong down, then sat on the toilet. I released a fierce stream of pee then sat for a moment and realised I needed a poo. I strained for a few minutes but could only manage a few farts. I sighed. I felt really bloated but nothing would come out so I wiped, flushed, pulled my clothes up and went to my desk.

As I sat there, the nauseous feeling in my stomach came back, but only a milder version. I still felt like I needed a poo, so at about 11am I took my morning break and headed back to the ladies. I strained for ages, but could only produce 4 small pellets and my stomach still hurt. At about 2pm the feeling in my stomach got worse and I kept letting off small but smelly farts every few minutes. I started to get stomach cramps so I went to the bathrooms and chose the end cubicle, furthest from the door. I pulled my clothes down and placed my bum on the cool seat. This time when I pushed, I immediately let out a long wet sounding fart. A semi solid log rushed through me followed by a few rounds of loose poo. I felt relieved but also anxious that I might have caught my boyfriend's bug. I eventually cleaned up and went back to work. An hour later I had to poo again and knew before I even went that I was going to have diarrhea. My bowels were cramping and in turmoil. My stomach was bloated, I felt sick and was still releasing tons of wet smelly farts.

I hurriedly sat on the toilet and groaned as runny poo squirted out of my bum. I was clutching my belly and moaning with relief and pain as it all came out. I had several waves of diarrhea then spent a while getting myself cleaned up, before going back to my desk to ring Dan. 'Babe could you come and pick me up, I'm having the runs?' I asked him. 'Aww no, I'm so sorry, you must have caught my bug...I'll be there in ten minutes' he promised. I went to tell my boss I had an upset stomach and needed to leave-luckily she suffers with IBS so was very understanding.

I had bad stomach cramps as I waited for him and knew I'd need to be on the toilet again soon. I got into the car: 'Are you okay sweetie?' he asked worriedly. 'Yeah I don't feel too bad, I just know I'll keep needing the toilet now that the flood gates are open!' I laughed. 'Ha tell me about it, I'm still not really back on solids' he admitted.

When we got home I went straight up to the bathroom. Dan gently pulled my tight skirt down and helped me remove my tights and thong. He placed his hand on my bum and kissed me 'It's going to be alright' he promised. I smiled weakly at him, then sat on the seat and leant forwards. I gave a slight push and felt like the world was falling out of my bum. 'Oooowhh' I moaned, holding my belly. Runny diarrhea splattered out, spraying the back of the toilet bowl. Dan was rubbing my back and soothing me as I did it.

I was on the toilet for ages, but eventually I felt finished and quite empty so I chanced it, cleaned up and left the bathroom. We laid on the bed-my stomach was making strange noises and I was trying to hold my farts in. I accidently let one slip out. I cringed. 'Sorry' I rubbed my belly. 'Its fine babe, it's normal to fart lots when you have the squits' he reassured me. I soon felt like I needed to poo again so we went back to the bathroom where I sat on the toilet and crapped my guts out for 30 minutes. I had to go another 12 times that day, and I was up all night with both ends.

I woke up at 7am feeling full, bloated and desperate for a poo. I jumped out of bed and ran to the toilet. I was clenching my bum muscles with all my might to stop myself having a messy accident. I sat down and exploded-the clean up took SO long. When I emerged from the bathroom, my boyfriend was waiting for me. He put his arms round me and his hands firmly on my bum. He began to massage my sore cheeks in circles. Even through my tight denim skinny jeans, I could still feel the careful trace of his fingers as he rubbed my bum. I did a loud sloppy wet fart whilst he was doing it which was so embarrassing! He rubbed my bloated belly and all round my bum and hole.

I didn't feel empty but I decided to go back to bed. I had a couple more days of running to the toilet every few hours, then my stomach started to need to go less frequently. When I went back to work, I still had the runs but felt okay apart from that. I'd had a couple of loose poos before I went so I thought I'd be okay. By the time I got to the office I was majorly uncomfortable trying to hold it in. I ran to the toilet to release some diarrhea, then spent the rest of the day going to the loo every few hours. Although it had become less frequent, it was still frequent enough!

When I got home that night, my boyfriend was on the toilet with his own problems. I hugged him as he released several waves of runny liquid. 'Babe I really need to go too' I told him desperately. 'Here' he spread his legs apart and motioned for me to sit between them. He let out several gushes of runny poo, then I started having some diarrhea of my own. He held me as we both emptied our dodgy bowels. The next day, Dan asked if I'd go to the bathroom with him so I did. He sat on the toilet and pushed out a semi solid golden brown log. Later that day I went with him again and he managed to proudce a solid, darker log. He smiled with the pleasure of having a proper solid bowel movement!

I still have a mild case of the runs but I'm a lot better than before. In answer to the questions-yes I love having bowel movement. My favourite is when you have diarrhea, and are really uncomfortable holding everything in, then you finally make it to the toilet in time and just explode your bum into the toilet-AMAZING relief! I like a good solid poo now and again, but diarrhea is more my thing!

I have tons of stories of diarrhea-both mine, Dan's and other peoples' if anyone would like to hear any, just let me know :) I would be interested to hear other peoples' too! :)

- Lily-May x

!I've been suffering badly from a good dose of the runs today :( feel so sorry for my toilet! My bum really hurts and I feel desperate all the time. Daredn't fart 'cos I'll follow through.

I was just wondering if people could describe how they feel when they're suffering with a stomach upset? What consistency is it? How do you fee1lwhen yousit on the toilet? Do you have cramps? when you fart, how hdoes your belly feel like? How much wiping does it normally require, how often do you urgently need the toilet etc. Thankyouu

The Crank
Hi Jess, yes, a suppository is a good idea if you have been constipated for ten days. By any chance have you tried drinking a huge glass of prune juice followed by lots of warm water? That could help as well.

Hi im jenna. Im a 21 year old female turned on by watching peeingand pooping videos. I have a story to share. My parents and i were walking around venice beach and looking at the houses when suddenly i had to poop. Bad. But there were no bathrooms around so i had to hold it in until we got back to the car. I couldnt. Next thing you know my pants were filling up with diarrhea. You could smell it too. We drove around looking for a resturaunt whose bathroom i could use. I tried to hold it in but to no avail. I pooped all over the seat. We still have the souvenir lol. We got to a strip mall but a lot of the resturaunts didnt have bathrooms. I was running around like a madwoman trying to find a resturaunt with a bathroom. It was for customers only but they were nice enough to let it. I sat down and sprayed poop all over the toilet. I wiped and washed my hands. We went back to our hotel and took a shower. I felt bad because my mom was disappointed and i wanted it to be a nice trip, but it definitely made it more eventful lol.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Unknown Person great story about you seeing your friends girlfriend poop it sounds like she really had to go I hope shes feeling better.

To: Gatorade great story about you helping your girlfriend poop it sounds like it brought you both closer together.

To: AshleyAshley and Ashley great poop stories as always.

To: Abbie and Megan great poop stories to.

To: Shortie great buddy poop story it sounds u made a new friend and she helped u out alot and I bet u both felt great afterwards to.
SI. Brandon T

Reply to jess (12 january)

If it's been ten days since you've done a shit, you need to take an enema not a suppository. And probably get a doctor's appointment after that.
Long gaps between bowel movements are dangerous - intestinal autointoxication and all that.
I'm surprised you managed to get into this state - after all you have the same sort of medical history as me. And that earlier message of yours (mid December) indicated that your mother is still surveying your bodily functions in adulthood. (Which I don't really approve of btw).



Hey, Lily-May. Just wondering what you were like with the Norovirus. Just that some of the people I know have had it and I was jus wondering what it is like.


desperate times

So, i am constipated again and i havent gone in 10 days. i am thinking about giving myself a suppository but i dont know if i want to yet. what do you think?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Musician it sounds like she not sure if she enjoys peeing herself or not.

To: ElmoDucj great story about your girlfriend it sounds she was having a rough time and she is lucky you were there to help and care for her.

To: Anne as always another great story it sounds like you and Kyra had good poops and I bet you both felt great afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now and my last post showed up thats good.

Sincerl Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Unknown person


I was going out for the evenng with my friend and his girlfrind and we were going to pick up my gf also. They were at my place and I was finishing up getting ready when his gf said she was fine just had a stomach cramp and needed the toilet. I was going to leave and she said to stay and she already have her pants down and her white panties at her ankles and just sat on the toilet. She let a big pffft then lots of loose poop,then while peeing more loose poop came out then she farted a few more times then wiped 8 times. Pulled panties up so they were in her crack and buckled her pants and we left.

Lily May - Loved your story about helping your boyfriend while he was sick with diarrhea. He is lucky to have you!
Molly - That was awesome how you got to help Austin take a shit in the woods while he was constipated. Pretty cool that he let you be so "hands on" even though you said he was a shy pooper.
Katie - That was an incredible story about watching Mr. Handsome's dump in the woods. Any idea on what the size of his logs were? They sounded quite big! I think you ought to work up the courage to talk to him. And you shouldn't feel guilty about what you saw, he was the one who took a crap in public. Make sure to tell us if anything happens! And thanks for sharing that great experience!

I have a few experiences of my own that I would like to share. I tried to post one about listening to a business man take a shit in the men's bathroom, but it must not have gone through. If you would like me to post these and if I get a chance, I will share with you.

Lilly- May please post the story when you were sick with the flu.

To Zip. about bidets.

Last time I was in France just over a year ago, I noticed that many of the modern hotels are being built without bidets in the bathroom.
I don't know if it's to save space or not.
Like many people, I have a delicate butt hole, and if I need to crap away from home, I like to get washed straight after, as the urea from the poo can make you sore even if the paper is clean.
I used to love the idea of being able to wash your butt after pooing.
Older hotels still have these, and provide separate butt drying towels.
Because I have IBS and get diarrhea several time s a week, I liked being able to clean my butthole without wiping too much.
Italian hotels still use them.


My son poop

A year ago I went with my son of 3 years old to a restaurant and in the middle of the dinner he told me that he have to poop urgently. In those days he was using diapers or briefs underware and this time I dress him before we go to eat using briefs underware. When we got to the bathroom both were full and I told him to wait a moment and told him to wait for me because I was going to ask the manager of
the restaurant if they had a bathroom for employees. The manager told me that they were the bathroom they had on the place.
When I got back my son was in a corner in front of the bathroom with his pants and briefs down to his ankels pooping a big turd on the floor, so I wait for him to finish poopig thanking god that no one saw him doing it. I took a napking from my purse, I clean his but with it and threw it in a trash can and went back to our table to continue with our dinner.


Pooping with a friend

I am 18 years old but when I was 12 years old my best friend stay with me in my bedroom for the night and my parents were sleeping in their bedroom it was 2:00 a.m. in the morning and my friend woke me up and told me that he want to go to the bathroom to poop but he was afraid of waking up my parents because the bathroom was in there master bedroom and the other bathroom was being remodelated and was out of toilet so the only toilet available was in my parents bedroom. After my friend told me that I started to have the urge to poop because we aet dinner at 8:00 p.m. and it was 2:00 a.m. and I did not wanted either to wake up my parents. So I had a great idea I went and brought a newspaper, a roll a paper towell and a plastic bag. I told my best friend that my wild idea to resolve our problem was to poop on the floor of my bedroom both of us at the same time, so I put some pages of the newspaper on the floor and I locked my bedroom door. We got naked and a the same time we poop on top of the newspapers, I clean my best friends asshole after we finish pooping and he cleaned my asshole too with paper towels and put the dirty towels inside the plastic bag, closed the plastic bag, we dressed back ourselves, I unlocked my bedroom door and returned to my bed to get to sleep again. That was a poop to remember.


helped my girl go

Hi, I read two posts that I can relate to with a story from last year. Someone posted about helping their girlfriend with the runs in a porta potty and someone posted about how pooping with someone else or "buddy pooping" is such an intimate and close thing to do with someone. Just thought you guys would be interested in my story.

This happened two summers ago when me and my girlfriend were 16. We went to a concert together with our two friends who were also a couple. It was the first time we went somewhere like this without parents and it was exciting. This was a country concert (no shame in being a redneck) at a stage with a bunch of porta potties for bathrooms. About mid way through the concert we were jamming out having fun, when I noticed my girlfriend got quiet and wasn't dancing with me. I asked her what was wrong a few times but she kept saying nothing, until finally she told me she didn't feel good. I suggested that she went to the bathroom to see if she felt better. She was very hesitant and I kept on telling her not to be embarrassed so she finally agreed, and I walked her over there.

We had to wait on line and I saw she was really not feeling good, so I tried to comfort her, and she whispered "Are you sure your okay with going in there and helping me? And your not gonna be grossed out or laugh?" I didn't think she actually wanted me to go in the porta potty with her, but I couldn't tell her that, it would only make her upset. So I just nodded my head while I thought about it to be sure. When we got to the front of the line I decided that I needed to help her and it wouldn't be weird. I never did get excited by the thought of doing this at first. We got into the porta potty and it was very dark and smelled awful. She lined toilet paper on the seat and her stomach made a really loud noise, and she groaned and held her belly. I told her it was going to be okay and unbuttoned her jeans for her, and she took off her pants. She pulled her underwear to her knees, and this was the first time I saw her naked. It got me a little excited. She sat down and I held her hand while I rubbed her back and I could hear her peeing loudly. She let out a wet sounding very loud fart, the kind that you knew for sure meant diarrhea. At first, I thought she was just peeing for extra long, but then I realized the noise was her liquid poop falling into the toilet. She would stop quickly and then let it out again which I could tell she didn't want to be loud and embarrassing in front of me. I bent down and told her its fine and not to be embarrassed, just let it all out, and she looked like she was crying. I rubbed her belly while she unleashed her bowels and it was one horrendous diarrhea wave. When she started to slow down, I asked her if she felt better, and she nervously said "not very much". I asked her if she felt like she had to throw up but she said she wasn't sure. I told her to turn around just in case and she did. I saw that her butt was very dirty as she was leaning over. Only a few seconds later she spun back around very fast to sit down again, and had another wave of diarrhea. I felt really bad for her, but it was also turning me on to help her like this. After the second wave, she sighed and said she felt much better, just like nothing ever happened. She was happy to feel normal again but I suggested she stayed on the toilet for another minute just in case. She couldn't stop apologizing, and thanked me non stop. I kept comforting her and she could tell I was okay with it all. She was all done and was wiping, and she said "wow, it was so much i can barely wipe it all off". I was going out on a limb here, but I nervously asked if she wanted me to help. She said "Well at this point, you've seen it all, so I guess you can" and smiled. I pulled off some toilet paper and she bent her little butt at me. I cleaned up her butt hole with just a few wipes and she commented how easy it is when someone else does it. She asked if I needed to go before we left the stall. I got very nervous because she had never seen my parts before, and I was afraid it was small. I decided to say yes and I had to pee. I pulled my jeans down a little and she watched me pee into the toilet. When I was done and ready to go, we made out in the porta potty. I got a hard on pretty fast and it brushed up on her, and she smiled. We left the porta potty and talked about helping each other go again some time :)

Ashley Ashley
A few days ago I was on the computer when I accidentally farted. It smelled bad so I knew I would have to shit soon. About 15 minutes later by ???? started hurting the kind of way when your about to have soft mushy crap or a lot of gas. I headed towards my bathroom. I pulled my jeans and white panties right below my knees and sat down. The moment my butt made contact I started crowning. I decided to not push at all with this one. The shit slowly started sliding coming out. A piece broke off and it continued coming out. Then it was over. It felt so good as it came out. I looked in the toilet and there was two pieces both were like an inch thick one was 3 inches long the other around 6 inches. It took a lot of wiping to get clean and there was surprisingly no gas or mushy poop.

As I was writing this I felt the urge to go and I feel a little bloated. The urge has passed so maybe I can hold it in for a few more days!


Response to Imogen's question

I usually mostly wipe the surface, but sometimes I will dig in a bit, especially if it was a bit mushy or there was a lot.

The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me was about ten years ago when my wife invited me along on her girls' night out with her friends. Once a month or so they went on Fridays or Saturdays to dinner and then a bar or club and stayed out all night. I usually went out with my buddies or enjoyed the time to myself.

One night I was in a rather lousy mood and had nothing to do so my wife's friends suggested I come along with them. They were all my friends as well so I thought what the hell. So, we went out to dinner and while my food tasted fine, it didn't sit well. Afterward we got in the car and the woman driving suggested we go to a night club she knew. I got in the passenger seat and my wife and the other two got in the back.

We had been driving for about ten minutes down a fairly desolate wooded road when my bowels cramped up fiercely. I groaned and leaned forward. My guts were churning and gurgling like a volcano about to erupt. I yelled, "Oh, God! Stop! Stop! Stop!"

She pulled to the side of the road and stopped and I started to get out of the car. I had barely got the door open and taken one step away from the car when I lost control and shit my pants. In about two seconds everything in my bowels came blasting out of my ass with a huge wet fart. I groaned and almost fell down, but managed to stumble to the closest bush. It was still fairly light out so I could see. I hoped to hell the shit had somehow managed to stay in my underwear, but no such luck. My pants were totally smeared with it all down the back of my thighs.

I kicked off my shoes, pulled off my pants and underwear and crouched behind the bush, bottomless except for my socks, as even more diarrhea oozed out. Finally, my wife approached the bush and asked if I was okay. I said no, I just shit my pants. She went back to the car and amazingly the woman who was driving had a case of water, wet wipes, paper towels and even a beach towel in her trunk. My wife came back with all this and I spent the next fifteen or so minutes washing off my ass and legs with the water, paper towels and wet naps. I kicked my shit filled pants and boxers under the bush, put my sneakers back on and wrapped the towel around my waist.

We went back to the car and I apologized for ruining everyone's night. They were all very nice about it, patting my shoulder and saying it's okay, it happens to everyone. So, they dropped my wife and I off and left. I took it as an omen that girls night out means GIRLS night out.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


ex girlfriends habits

So I lived with my ex for about 3 1/2 years, needless to say I got to know her pretty well. She's had a lot of accidents (which has been very entertaining for me) but she has one little quirk that I just don't understand. Almost every night when she goes to brush her teeth, she'll turn the water on, start brushing and then she'll start to pee in her panties a little bit and she'll start flipping out, hurry to get her pants and panties down, and sit on the toilet. Now, this isn't a once a year occurrence, this literally happened at least twice a week! Sometimes it's just a little spot on her panties and sometimes it turns into a full blown accident! I'm starting to wonder if she gets a thrill out of peeing herself, or holding it for a long time. Last night I was chatting with her and she told me she had peed herself 4 times in the last week! FOUR TIMES! I mean, she isn't incontinent, she doesn't pee when she sneezes or laughs, she's never wet the bed, even when she's been very very drunk. So she either has very bad planning, or she must enjoy it a little bit. I even asked her if she kind of enjoyed it when we were chatting, and she said "I mean . . . I don't know. Maybe" Should I take that as a yes?

Hope ya'll enjoyed the story! I can post more, I have a lot of her pee stories

John H

old comments and new stories

Hey all. Its been a while since I posted.
My last post didn't make it, it must be in the same place as Brandon T's post along with his lost keys and socks haha.
This post will be a repost of comments and some new stories. Will prob end up being a long post but I will try not to go on too long.

Thanks to all who wrote back to my peeing in the shower question.
@Allie Hey and thanks for commenting. Glad you found it to be an intimate experience. It is something I would like to do with my partner but I don't know if she would be relaxed enough to do it. Enjoying all your stories by the way, keep them coming.

@Katie hey and welcome. That was a very nice first post. Sounds like you really enjoyed the show. If you happen to meet that guy again don't mention anything as he hasn't a clue you seen him in action. Hope you post more stories.

@PN, Hey thanks for the reply. Glad you enjoy a pee in the shower also. I sometimes stand or squat down like you have mentioned. Have never peed in anyone else's shower or in a public one either. I would be afraid to get in trouble though I'm sure many people do risk it.

@Anonymous Guy, yeah a door with a slit is a lot better than no door at all. I'm glad you like to relax and let your pee flow in the shower. Like you I don't mind if the pee goes on my feet or legs. It's a nice warm feeling and it won't do any harm as I wash my body after peeing. Funny that you were thinking about shower peeing to, great minds think a like haha.
Normally I like to hold my poop back but after Christmas when I done that they were always runny and messy apart from the ones I pushed out. It must just have been all the extra food I had over the Christmas because I'm having nice solid movements again. I am holding one back as I type this. Will be heading for the toilet as soon as I finish as I can feel a log pushing on my hole.
Enjoyed your peeing in a bottle story, will have to try that as soon as I can. I tried sitting the other way around on the toilet so read the story below and looking forward to hearing about you sitting the other way around. Thanks for your comments man.

That's all the comments for this post. Will get to more in the next one.
Last Saturday I was relaxing at home enjoying the last few days off before starting back to college. In the evening I felt that strong sensation of a log making its way down so I headed to the bathroom. I dropped my trousers and boxers and sat on the toilet. I was just about to relax my hole when I remembered to try sitting the other way around on the toilet. I stood up and took my trousers and boxers off so that I could open my legs wider. Then I sat on the toilet facing the cistern. Surprisingly the seat felt nicer to sit on this way around than the standard way. I leaned forward and rested my arms on the cistern lid and relaxed as I felt the tip of a log slowly moving out. There was some crackling sounds and after a few seconds I leaned back and could see the log hanging out of my hole. The smell drifted up to my nose but it wasn't to strong. The log splashed into the toilet and was followed up with another one which was slightly smaller. Then I pushed out a small amount of poop before standing to wipe. Overall a very enjoyable experience that anyone interested should try.

Yesterday I was at a friend's house for a few hours just hanging out. After a while my friend said that she needed a pee. She went into the bathroom and I could hear her dropping her clothes. Then I heard a loud gush of pee flowing. She finished up and flushed the toilet. When she came out she said that there was no toilet paper left. I asked her what did she do and she said "I will just have to let it drip dry". We laughed and then the conversation moved on to something else.

That's all for now.
Take care all,
John H

To everyone who has sent us questions in the last week or so, please read the FAQ. Everything has already been covered there.

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