Broken toilet

John H- he can poop in front of me but I know he just likes his privacy so I give it to him. Yes both times I was bursting I can't hold my pee very long because I have a weak small bladder. It was a little uncomfortable sitting on him but it was very intimate.

So the other night I was at my sisters house and my boyfriend texted me and told me to make sure I try and use the bathroom because there was something wrong with our toilet and his step dad was on his way over to fix it but he wasn't sure how long it would take. So before I left I went to my sisters bathroom to try and go. I sat on the toilet for a few minutes and managed to get a little tinkle out. When I got home he asked me if I went potty before I left and I told him how I managed to get a little tinkle out. Well about 45 minutes go by and his stepdad is still working on the toilet and I get an urge to go. I pulled my boyfriend aside and whispered to him that I had to go. When I get urges like that I can maybe hold it 10 min at most. He pulled me into our bed room and shut the door. He told me he had to go prett had too. He said he was going to just go in an empty soft drink bottle. I decided I'd just out on a diaper I wear at night since I wet the bed. I took my pants and panties off and pulled out one of my goodnites and slid it on. I started to go as soon as I got the diaper on all the way. I felt it getting warm and a little heavy. It felt so good I had to go so bad. While I was wetting a diaper my boyfriend had pulled out his penis and put it in the top of the bottle and was filling it up. He peed a lot! He has a much larger bladder capacity than me. After I was done I took my wet diaper off and cleaned up. I just put another one on and then put my pjs on because it was close to bed time anyway. His stepdad finished the toilet about an hour and half later. I ended up falling asleep while his stepdad was still working. I woke up when he was leaving and I was bursting again! I asked lync if the toilet was fixed and he said yes. I ran to the bathroom and I started peeing my diaper but finished in the toilet. I'm just glad he was able to fix the toilet in a timely matter!



God my stomach hurts so much. Have not been properly since the 22 Dec,(7 days!) when I had quite a large but easy poo. Unfortunately as well since it has been Christmas, I have eaten far more that I normally do or even should. I do not quite understand what has happened, as I have eaten quite a lot of veg, the usual sprouts etc, so have no idea why I have only managed to squeeze out one or two really hard, solid little lumps. I'm sitting writing this, with only a very slight feeling I need to poop.......although my stomach feels very hard and extended. Am not sure I am looking forward to trying to go either. I think I will be in for a very hard time. I do not normally suffer with constipation. My poo is usually quite easy to push out, the first initial push sometimes makes me grunt but otherwise, I can normally work things out of me without out too much trouble and I am regular going at lest twice a day.

My slight feeling at the moment, since I started writing this, has moved to being aware there is something quite big sitting in my back passage, I just need to feel the urge to evacuate. Was going to go shopping later on today, but will have to see if I have managed to work some of the blockage out. I'm not very good at pooping in a public stall, although if I do, I always try and stay and listen for anyone else having problems going. The best experience I had was when I went to Antigua for a holiday. We had been down on the beach, and decided to go back to our apartment and get ready for the evening. I realised I would not make it back without having a pee. So with my b/f waiting for me I went in to the complexes toilets, they were actually pretty clean because there were looked after by a permanent cleaner, a very big lady. I choose a stall, pulled my pants down and froze. From the stall next door I could hear someone, grunting and groaning, she sounded very unwell. I've never heard anything like it before or since. She was moaning, that her bum was so sore, that she just wanted the pain to stop, and how sick she felt. Every so often she would become quiet and then you would hear an enormous booming fart and her bum would just let rip, tones of runny poop squirting out of her......then she would start the moaning again, repeating how much pain she was in. I left shortly after because I had my friends waiting for me and I had only gone in for a wee and the smell of her shit was getting overpowering................

I would say back to my own problems but I still only seem to have a very slight urge, going to have a long soak and see if relaxing can help things move along. More to come eventually, I hope.


Watched a man in the forest

Hello everyone, I just came across your site and had something I wished to share with you. This story happened a little while ago.
There is a trail not far from where I live that goes through the woods. It is quite long but fairly flat so it is good exercise! My ex-boyfriend originally pointed it out to me. I jog it once a week on Saturdays. I always used to go in the afternoon. But, one week I decided I would go early in the morning since I had plans that day. As I was just beginning to enter the trail I saw a man who had obviously just finished his jog and was leaving. He was very handsome; he had short cut brown hair, a very short but clean beard, gentle brown eyes, a very sexy tone body, and a charming smile. Needless to say I started jogging in the morning those days instead. I would often see him on the trail, but we never exchanged more than glances or pleasant greetings while crossing paths.
Well, one morning I had been jogging for awhile, and was ready to return home. My legs were sore and I was a little out of breath but I had not yet seen Mr. Handsome, so I figured I would rest for a few moments and hopefully get to see him on my way back. I left the path to sit against a tree and cool off. I had only been resting for a couple minutes when I caught movement on the path out of the corner of my eye. It was Mr. Handsome jogging at a light pace building up a sweat! He was already by me when I started to get up. Unfortunately he did not see me, but that would actually work out in my favor. He had only taken a few steps after passing me before he slowed down to a walk. I thought now might be the perfect chance to approach him and start conversation when he too began to walk off the trail. I stayed kneeling beside a tree so that I could see what he was doing. He had walked a short way off the path and moved behind a tree. He looked both ways along the path to make sure no one was coming, but there is never anyone out here this early in the morning. As he began to reach toward the front of his trousers I knew that he was going to take a piss. I felt a little guilty watching but I felt compelled to stay. He pulled the waistband of his pants down enough to free his penis which was fairly long and thick. He began to forcefully urinate against the base of the tree, one hand on his cock and the other holding his waistband. As he was peeing he let out a cute little fart and then checked his surroundings again to make sure no one was near. I was only more than a dozen feet away but he had not seen me. I was slightly behind and in the shade of another tree. He let out another fart, this one more loud and powerful. His pee began to trickle but another three farts caused it to spurt. I was amused by his flatulence and feeling more than a little aroused. His urine had stopped, and another deep fart had him adjusting his waistband again. I enjoyed the show but was sad to see it end. Instead of pulling his trousers up, he had begun to lower them. I realized that the gas must have been a precursor to an urgent shit. He had lowered his pants enough to pull one foot free and moved into a squatting position with his left hand against the tree and his right on the ground in front of him for support. He had his back to me so that I could see his beautiful, smooth, muscular ass. His penis and balls were still in site too. I was covered in sweat and goosebumps now and was beginning to shake but could not take my eyes off of this spectacle. With one more long low fart his anus had begun to extrude out. I had never watched anyone shit before, much less a man. I saw the tip of his shit begin to emerge as he stayed in his position. It quickly grew in size as it exiting his body. It almost appeared as though he had a brown tail as his shit continued to come out and dangle behind him. It had soon touched the ground and coil on top of itself. I never saw a turd it's length before. As the end of this log separated from his asshole, it had collapsed on top of itself. A wet fart announced the emergence of another log. This one was not as long and fairly thin. It touched the previously log on the ground before it was completely out and then added itself to the pile. There was only one more round poop that would come out which was much closer to the size of what I usually produce. Mr. Handsome remained in his squatting position revealing himself to me in all his glory as he tried to push any remaining fecal mater out. His cock appeared much larger, he must have been at least semi-erect. He succeeded in producing two more cleaner higher pitched sounding farts before he realized his job was finished. He did not have an tissues or toilet paper I had surmised because he just pulled his pants up after standing. He then quickly made his way back on to the trail. It was several minutes before I could regain the strength to stand. I had to make sure that what I had witnessed was reality. So I made my way over to where it all took place. By the base of the tree was a great mound of shit. Several turds coiled and overlapping each other, a dark brown in color. I could not believe what I had just witnessed and walked slowly back home.
I have been thinking about this event constantly since. Searching the internet for something like this is what has led me to this forum. I have not seen that man since although I can't wait to see him again! I haven't been out on the trail because it has been too cold though, I am also unsure as how I will react to him since I feel a little guilty about what I saw. Has anyone else had an experience like this? Please share if you have! And thank you for reading this!

Desperate to poop

Making people wait

I felt a bit bad the other day, I was out shopping and really needed a poo. I'd not been feeling great all day and I got hit with a sudden attack. I hurried off to the 2 unisex and a queue of 5. Mother and Daughter 3 men and a lady in front of me.

The queue went down relatively quickly but there was 3 or 4 behind me. I got in and I really needed to go. I had a hot sludge serving but didn't feel done at all. I kept going for a good few minutes and I could hear comments outside saying what's taking her. At one point someone tried the door with a comment I wonder if someone is actually in there. Der they all saw me go in. I finally felt finished after about 6 minutes (not actually that long for me in some circumstances).

I wiped heavily flushed and left feeling very relieved and happy

Happy Pooping


Squat Pans

No, these squat pans are like potties for children but the child squats over them to poo and pee, rather than sitting. Look up 'Asian child's squat pan'and they should be displayed. Thanks, Provost

Elisabeth s.

At my friends house

Hey to you all. I just had a massive poop at a friends house. We played some board games at the evening and she said she was tired and want's to go to sleep. During the game I had a big urge but didn't want to stop the game and I was a bit shy about the enormous urge. After she brushed her teeth , I went to the bathroom and immediately sat on the toilet and a very big turd went out. A bit pee flowed and then a second smaller turd was pushed by me. while wiping with a lot of toilet paper, I looked at my poo. It was for me very much, because I normaly poop one or two times a day. It was nearly 3 inch wide and kind of 9-12 inch ling, the second 1 inch and 5 long. it was also very soft. I felt a big releaf but it smelt strong. luckily the flush made it. in one time. by the way I'm 14. It would be nice if you could write me a commentar

Just a guy
I haven't posted for a while, but I have been reading and there have been a lot of good stories. Just a few comments:

Desperate to poop - its good to see you'e been posting. I've missed your stories.

Leah - great live post. I look forward to your other stories.

Abby - welcome to the site. It was a great story about you and your sister's dumps. I guess you're poor mom had bad timing in walking into the bathroom though.

Megan - as always, your stories have been great. Regarding the dump you had while out shopping, it sounded like you really needed that. I also felt bad for the store employee - it sounded like she even needed her dump worse. I wonder how long she held that one in waiting for her break- from the sounds of it, it wouldn't have been too comfortable to hold in.

Natasha - I also liked your story - don't worry about the smell - that's what bathrooms are for. I guess though if it was reversed and I took a dump that smelled and an attractive female was waiting, I too would be slightly embarrassed.

I'm back from my holiday at my aunt's house. I really enjoyed it, but I'm also glad to be home now. Not being in school has greatly helped my constipation. I noticed the effect almost right away. I had a poo at lunchtime on Friday, and since then I've been for a poo nearly every day. I also have a few stories to share about me and my cousin.

I guess I'll start at the beginning. Friday the 21st, I stopped at home after school to grab my bags and my mum, my dad, and I headed out to the railway station. In hindsight, I should have weed at home, but I didn't. The train ride took about half an hour, and my aunt met us at the station in Wolverhampton. By then, I was developing a noticeable urge to wee, but I guessed the station toilets would be filthy, and decided I could hold it.

My aunt lives farther away from the station than I remembered and we spent another twenty minutes driving. When we got to the house, I really had to wee quite badly and I practically ran to my cousin Anna's room, where I'd be staying. I felt it was rude that I barely said two words to my cousin before dropping my bags off in her room and bolting to the toilet, but I was on the verge of weeing my pants by that point. I made it just in time and had a very relieving wee.

My three cousins (two twin boys, one girl) are used to being around each other and sharing a bathroom, so they're comfortable seeing each other on the toilet. It was an adjustment as I tend to be more shy. Many times, one of us would be in the shower or bath, or brushing our teeth, whatever, and someone else would come in and have a wee or a poo. I weed openly, but never had to poo when anyone else was around to see me. I don't know if I would have been shy or not around my cousins, but in any case I didn't find out.

The last night we stayed at my aunt's house, all of us went out to dinner at a nice restaurant. We had a great time and all of the girls said they needed the toilet before we left. There was three cubicles, but two of them were taken. My mum went in the remaining cubicle. I could hear her weeing quite fiercely and she came out soon after. The other two ladies seemed both to be pooing. Anna was next in line. She went in and a bit later, another cubicle opened up, allowing me to go in.

I adjusted my dress and lowered my red stripey knickers and sat on the toilet. I weed a bit and though I was feeling like I might be able to poo, nothing was coming out. As my cousin was still going, and my aunt was queueing for a cubicle, I decided to sit and see if I could poo. My cousin in the next cubicle had her green spotty knickers around her ankles, and I guessed she was having a hard time going, as I could hear her straining and grunting softly. The other lady finished up and my aunt went in the cubicle. She weed as well and then the three of us sat in silence, with nobody doing anything. It was quite strange. Eventually, someone broke the silence with a loud splash.

A few more splashes followed fairly quickly. By then I could feel my poo moving and gave slight pushes and it started on its way out. It was a long one that kept coming more and more. When it broke off, I felt like that was all I had in me. I wiped my bum five times and flushed, then washed my hands. My aunt and cousin were both in their cubicles as I left. A few minutes later, my aunt came out, followed some time after that by my cousin.

Later in the evening, Anna and I were in her room chatting about things, mostly boys at our schools. At some point, she told me she needed to do a poo. I mentioned that I thought she had just gone after dinner. She said she hadn't been for a poo for several days prior to going at the restaurant, and when she's constipated, she sometimes needs multiple poos before she feels empty. I think she was gone for at least twenty minutes, and she looked very relieved.

Anyway, sorry if this is a large post. I just had a lot of stories I wanted to share with everyone here.

Hey everyone, I'm new here. my name's Ryan. im 15 and a freshman in highschool. i have a friend who is 13 (she's a girl). anyway, she is lactose intolerant and gets sick every so often. the thing is, is that i have a sort of fascination for girls pooping. i sometimes like to try and have conversations with her about her bodily functions. i can tell that shes rather uncomfortable when we talk and i can never really get anything out of her. is there any way i can convince her to be more open and willing to talk? i would really appreciate any help!

Natalie x


For christmas I had the worse dump ever. Basically for christmas eve and day i ate soo much, including a lot of fruit. (Fibre helped pushed all the barrage of food straight to my butt at the same time, it seemed!) I felt it on christmas day in the evening. This bad storm loudly squelched through my intestines, causing me to fart proper bad ones. Loud, smelly and wet ones! I knew this was all leading to a huge dump. I was staying at my nans so I wasn't so ambitious to just take a bad shit in a relatives toilet. Not to mention nearly all my family was there, thats over 20 for a medium size house. So basically there was a que for the bathroom, emergency or not. Let alone needing a poo really bad! The farts were not easing off and after a little while I think some of my cousins knew I needed to go. I told my cousin Holly, she said to not worry, they blame all the bad smells on the boys. I said how it's not just the smell that would draw attention... *we both cringed!!! (When I need a poo really, really really bad I tend to block the toilet)

I needed to act casual, although the only chance of me doing my business without anyone knowing is waiting for about 6 hours, then everyone would be asleep. But unfortunately that was never going to happen. The desperation I was in was dire, I was farting every 10 seconds, quite badly. Every fart would lead to the soft movement in my butt making its way forward whether I wanted it to or not. It was not something I had control over, too many Brussels sprouts I think!!!! There was no way I could hold it for 6 hours let alone one, after that thought, it was barely 20 mins before I absolutely HAD to go. Otherwise my new lovely victorias secret purple panties would be entirely demolished!!!

I said to my mum I didn't feel clean and needed a late shower, so I walked quickly upstairs to the upper bathroom. I was trying not to hold my bum as I went up but wet farts escaped from me, badly. Holly asked me if I was okay and I replied NO, but I'm about to be! She then said omg babe I'll company you. I didn't really want her to but at least I knew she could be trusted, cause I was gonna make noise. Not gonna lie lol because I did...!!!

Made it into the room, locked the door with Holly right in front of me. Soon as I knew the cost was clear, I ripped down my leggings and my panties and fired! I started pooing way too soon as I looked at my clothes near my ankles, they had quite a large smudge on them! It was proper bad. Didn't have time to gasp though, as poo almost literally poured out my butt crack, errrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhh I yelped. Holly said enjoying that? I replied, you don't understand, *fart* I've been *shart* holding this in for *farrrrt* ages! I lifted both my legs in shock and relief as a barrage of soft poo splattered into the pan! It sounded like thunder when my butt exploded, destroying the toilet. After the loud wet poo storm, I looked down and saw skid marks all around the bowl. Not exaggerating!!! Like I literally exploding a poobomb into my nans poor toilet. To be fair this shit was either gonna end up recking my panties or destroying the toilet! I picked wisley. The mess itself was devostating, Holly ended leaving holding her nose. I still sat there on the throne, helplessly dumping violently. Thinking to myself maybe I should of gone before christmas lunch, but then again nothing beats that self satisfaction of making it and unleashing a huge load. Just thank god a made it!

I was on the toilet for about 10 mins still pooing pretty badly, farts, moans, cramps and growls. It was awful but relieving. Didn't know whether to sigh in embarrassment or relief. Anyway Holly knocked on the door and asked if I'd be much longer, I replied well I think I'm done pooing but the clear up will definitely take a while. I heard her moan under her breath saying ohhh please hurry, I have to go badly too. I asked if she needed a shit. She was silent, then quietly replied yes, quite badly, there was another reason I followed you to the toilet but the smell was unbearable. I just nervously laughed, I heard her wince and say please hurry though, I don't think I can hold much longer. I said looking into the bowl how it can't be worse than mine! She just said, we'll see. I then said ok I'll quickly wipe. Secretly I needed to get it all out of me, so I pushed the final wave. A serious of farts and splashes followed straight after I pushed, then my hole hurt so I stopped, I was still gassy though. It took bloody ages to clean, it was disgusting the first 5 wipes were full of shit. The tp was covered in poo, so gross! So by the end I used quite a lot of tp and the toilet was all brown with tp in it that had turned brown too! I was grossed out even though it came from me. I flushed, the water came up and didn't stop. I was getting worried the water, full of my poo and shit covered tp was up to the brim, wasn't going down at all. I just washed my hands panicking. Holly knocked again, I unlocked and said I'm so sorry, she instantly held her nose, looked into the toilet and shouted omg. I apologized again, she told me to just get out. Last thing I saw was her closing the door with her hand on her stomach.

I couldn't help but listen. She took a very soft dump on the already blocked toilet. Poor girl, I went downstairs feeling very relieved when she was shitting her guts out knowing that the end was gonna cost her. She came out 30 mins late (I guessed she tried to fix it) But it wasn't as I went up there to check and it was a revolting state. Who would of guessed 2 girls produced this mess. No one accused me and Holly but everyone found out about the broken toilet with so much poo in it. So embarrassing, yet funny in a weird way. We have literally ruined that toilet for the next month I'm guessing. I don't think holly will tell, I certainly won't.
Hope you all had a great Christmas, hope it wasn't as crap as mine!

Natalie x

Tom Tit

Happy New Year

Today is 31 December - 6 days since Christmas and I am still waiting to see my Festive Yuletide Log. It should be a good one.
Happy New Year to you all.

Robert- Yes, 7 turds is far from uncommon for me! I only go every few days, so when I do there's usually quite a few turds to push out!

Desperate to Poop- Sounds like you were really needing those poos in your latest stories, and so were those other women! How often do you usually do a poo?

Hi everyone! Hope you've all had a great Christmas! I had my post-Christmas poo on Friday. I thought when I woke up it would come that day because I felt really full and bloated down there. I had eaten tonnes and not been since Saturday so I knew it would be really big when it did come.
I went out to do some shopping in the sales. This was good timing because I thought I would probably clog our toilet if I did it at home! Sure enough while I was out I started to need the loo. Very soon I had a big load knocking hard at my back door so I quickly went to the ladies. The pipes were bigger in these toilets so there was less chance of a clog! I know lots of girls would be embarrassed about having a poo of this size in a public toilet, but I don't mind going in public anymore and besides I was desperate so I had no choice!
There were more than ten cubicles so there wasn't much of a queue. After waiting in a queue of two women for a few minutes I got a cubicle and pulled down my jeans and green knickers and sat on the loo. I weed and then gave a push to start things off. A fairly thick, long turd began to ease out of my bum. A couple of other women were doing poos as well so I wasn't alone. My first turd made a loud plop in the bowl. The second was thicker and took more pushing. It started to stretch my bum and hurt at the widest point when it got stuck. After a few minutes and lots more pushing and straining it came out with an even louder plop. Water splashed up onto my bum- nasty! I pushed out four smaller and easier logs and then there were a few farts which I let out under cover of flushes from other cubicles! Another six pieces of varying sizes were still to come and then I was done, feeling much lighter but with a slightly sore bum from doing so much poo and aching thighs from sitting on the loo in the same position for nearly 25 minutes! When I was done my poo obscured the water completely. I wisely flushed before wiping and got rid of my huge load before I added any paper. It went down ok but I doubt it would have at home! Anyone else got any post-Christmas poos to report on? How long do they usually take you all; longer than normal (like me)or the same sort of time?

Monday, December 31, 2012

Hi everyone it's me Beth again I finally have a poop story
So let's begin on Saturday I had to go into work before work I felt the urge to poo my husband was taking a shower I went in he doesn't care. I sat on the toilet and started to push I farted a turd was starting to come out I pushed ot slid out easily I farted again wiped and got up I looked at my poop it was thick and was green in color. I flushed and left for work when I got to work I had a large coffee and I started my work supriseingly after three hours I still didn't have to pee so I went for my lunch I got a slice of pizza from across the street and ate it I also had a glass water. I went back to work by the time I got to my office I had to pee so bad. I ran to the bathroom there was a wait and no way I could hold it in so I left and hurried back to my office I took my trash can and peed in it I felt so much better I took the bag and threw it in the big trash can in the hall way. About a hour after lunch my stomach started feeling icky. Finally I was able to go home I was all alone my hubby to the kids to visit his sister for the weekend . I rushed in my house my stomach Hurt I had to shit really bad I was about to go to the bathroom when my friend was at the door I let her in she was dropping something off for normal people this would take like 5 minutes but she doesn't shut up so finally she left I knew I wasnt going to make it to the bathroom so I went in my kitchen i pulled down my pants and pushed a bunch of mush came out I pushed again and a small log came out I farted a few times I was about to pull my pants up and finish in the bathroom when I got this huge cramp and liquid shit poured out of my butt it was tooth paste consitancy I pushed and nothing I quickly ran to the bathroom wiped my butt and went back out to the kitchen by this time my stomach was churning and it hurt like hell. I cleaned up as best as I could. I went upsatirs put on my pjs and laid in my bed I felt the urge to go again my stomach was rumbling I sat on the toliet unload some shit I sat there I felt it comming up the other end I grabbed the trash can I started vomiting and as I was vomiting liquid was coming out of my ass I was like this all night. I felt better Sunday and the rest of this week but I have been constipated since then and today I'm feeling a bit sick again I hope it doesn't happen all over.

Does anyone even read my post ??


70th Story

So it's about time I write a story again. I was having a small party at my house with 5 friends Emily, Amanda, Haley, Nate and Sam. Anyways it was past 12:00am and we were watching some movie. We were having a good time all night. You know I blanked out for a moment and didn't realize what was said, it might have been the "water". Anyways a really stupid wager was made that everyone agreed to. Now I didn't know what happened so I was confused. Then Nate went to the bathroom and had a pee with the door open. Still confused. Then Sam did it. What is this? I thought. And then Amanda went pee with the door open and the guys lit up. She acted innocent and finished. So now I knew it was to use the bathroom with the door open for the rest of the night. Then Haley said she would be pooping so mind the smell. We drank to much "water" so we were all wacky. She did that but nothing smelled. She was all polite saying sorry for pooping in the middle of our party. Anyways at 3:00am after numerous pee trips from everyone I had to poo. Everybody was sorta falling asleep and I was certainly very tired. I sat on the toilet and sat but then I apparently fell asleep on the toilet that night. I woke up and the door was shut and the morning sun shining right in. Somebody put a blanket over my exposed body so I wouldn't freeze. I saw I had a poo but it was in 4 pieces 2-4" long, since I probably couldn't push very long involuntarily. It smelled because I'd pooped awhile ago. I took the blanket off. My pants were only down enough to use the toilet. I farted loudly. I wiped but most was all dried up now. I'm glad nobody tried moving me while I was part naked and poo on my bum. I flushed and washed and my sister had gaven me a blanket and shut the door because it stinked. I showered to get rid of the mess and that's it. I'll see if I feel like writing but it does take time. See you later.


After Christmas...

The day after Christmas I had a small poop. Thursday; nothing. This morning I woke up feeling bloated and constipated. Debated a suppository. Had some coffee and squeezed out one tiny turd. About an hour later ???? began to ache. Cranked out a pot full of skinny squishy but the next turd was just stuck; wouldn't move. Sucked it back in and clenched my butt cheeks back together. Ughhh! Debated the suppository but fixed a salad instead. About an hour later had another urge. Planted my butt on the toilet, took a deep breath and began to push. I was making progress. Had to catchy breath several times but it finally splashed into the toilet. 2 in wide and 5 in long; solid. My butt still hurts.


The Bathrooms Were Locked

Hey everyone my name's Kayla and at one point back in 1998 to be exact I worked at a high school. In 1998 girls wore relaxed jeans ( bootcut was mainly for khakis where I lived ) and the internet was slow. I remember this incident to this day. Here's my memory! ( And that little bit was just to set the mood )

Note: Before 1st period even started they were selling coffees at half price in the cafeteria so of course literally the whole school loaded up on them. The "perfect" storm.

So the day started like any other, I woke up, straightened my hair, and put on my black turtleneck with my heels and bootcut khakis. It was around mid January and I expected this to be just another normal day. I got to the school at around 7:15 as the school day started at 8. Since I had everything ready I relaxed and sipped at my coffee until the students started coming in. ( I was teaching 11th grade ).

Note: The reason no guys ( at least that I saw ) had this problem was because they were peeing behind staircases ( the janitors said that they were cleaning it up YUCK! ) and such, something many girls will not do.

Once the students came in I began teaching the class as I normally would, however this was about to change. At around 8:25 a girl asked to use the bathroom and I gave her the pass, as she was walking out an announcement came over the loud speaker telling us not to let anyone use the bathrooms because they had been locked due to a water problem. I told the girl to come back and another girl heckled something along the lines of "don't pee those white jeans!" and the class laughed. Little did they know that this situation affected all of them.

The bell rang at the end of class and after everyone left the girl who'd asked to use the restroom asked me when they'd be open again and I explained that I wasn't sure. She left although I could tell that if the bathrooms weren't opened soon there'd be trouble. I only had to go a little bit and I knew they were required by law to leave a bathroom open. ( to bad for the students that it was for the teachers/staff only but there was only 1 since the others were closed ) Soon my next class came in and I began doing my job and teaching the lesson. Of course a few girls asked to use the bathroom but I wasn't able to give out any passes and had to refuse everyone. I felt bad because one of the girls who asked was shifting around in her seat but there was absolutely nothing I could do. By now it had been a few hours since anyone used the restroom and I knew things would only get worse. I had 3rd period as a period to plan out my lessons so I went looking for a restroom. The only one that had been left open for teachers ( the janitors and staff had another one ) was crowded and the toilet was being worked on by a janitor as to not flood. Since this was my only break ( I ate lunch during a study hall I "taught" ) I'd have to wait to use the restroom. As I was headed to the room where some papers I needed to retrieve where located I saw the girl from first period who asked to go walking down the hallway and I saw that she had just wet her pants. I didn't like wear the day was heading and it could only get worse, to make things even more problematic if you didn't have gym that day it would be near impossible to get gym clothes. As a teacher I was feeling extremely bad for the students who were unable to get a ride home or leave the school.

Well 4th period came and by now my need for a restroom was getting worse. In the desks at least 10 girls couldn't stop moving and were trying to avoid the inevitable. There was nothing I could do however and the whole situation was just a wreck. A few of the girls actually had wet spots on their pants only about halfway through the class. I was feeling really bad for the girls who'd worn the other trend in my area ( bootcut khakis, white button down, and heels ) as there would be no way to hide an accident. Eventually the class came to an end and one girl peed her khakis right in the doorway to the classroom. I was afraid I'd suffer the same fate if I didn't get to a bathroom. By now 5th period is here and this class was literally all guys for some reason. I had to pee worse than before now and was crossing my legs under the desk. This was getting to the point of being downright crazy so I called for another teacher to come watch but they couldn't find anyone. I just had to either hold it or pee my khakis. The class was tough to get through but I managed to make it until the end of class. Everyone exited the class room and as I looked out in the hallway and saw that at least 10 girls were wearing their gym sweatpants / shorts, 4 were wearing wet jeans and many others were doing the pee pee dance.

There were 9 periods in the day so I'll skip past periods 6, 7, and 8 real quick. In 6th period one girl peed her jeans in the classroom and a few girls had already wet themselves. In 7th period about 8 girls walked in with noticeable pee stains on their jeans / khakis. By 8th period I was shifting behind my desk and trying a full effort to not pee my pants. It was horrible, and a bunch of girls were shaking in their seats and such. There was no way anyone was paying attention to what was being taught. I ended up making it through 8th period but I can't say the same for all the girls in the class.

I finally was headed off to teach my 9th period class and by now I was nearly bursting. I walked past at least 10 girls in the hallway who had peed their pants and it only made things worse. By now I had arrived at 9th period and my class contained 28 people. ( 5 guys and 23 girls ) As the students arrived I noticed what will probably not be a shock, about 13 girls were wearing their gym shorts / sweatpants and 5 more had visible stains on their pants. Out of the 5 girls left over 3 of them were moving a little bit, however the 2 other girls were squirming in their khakis. Almost no girls had been able to keep their pants dry and I don't know how I didn't pee my pants by this time. I taught the class and kept my legs crossed behind the desk as to not pee my khakis. The 2 girls in khakis were both shaking a lot halfway through the class and one of them had a wet stain on her leg. Finally we reached the end of the class and by now the girl who had the wet stain on her khakis had pee all over her inner thighs. I let everyone get to the door as we were about to end the school day and I heard a "yelp" sound as the one girl full blown peed her khakis. The other girl who was wearing the same outfit was crossing her legs by the door and had her hands on the front of her khakis. She couldn't stop moving and neither could I because I needed the restroom and it sucked. Long story short the students were dismissed and I was able to use the one bathroom that was left open for school staff.

When I went to the store later at night I heard a "hi" behind me and it was the girl who was from my 9th period class ( the one who was doing the pee dance at the end but made it out without without peeing her pants / she was the girl wearing khakis who didn't have an accident ). I was only 22 years old at the time so the girls in the school liked to talk to me. The girl jokingly said "I made it home" and we both laughed, she then said "so many girls..." I cut her off and said "I don't need to know the details, I was there". She apologized and walked away.

Anyone else have any thing like this happen to them?


constipated boyfriend :(

hi my name is molly im 19 and my boyfriend austin is 21 and is a pretty shy pooper for a guy. we recently were on a long weekend away with my parents at our cabin, and i knew austin was nervous about using the bathroom around my parents and since our cabin is only 1 bathroom, its pretty noticeable if someone is pooping depending on how long they are in there. we had been there for a couple days and austin admitted to me that he hadnt pooped but needed to and didnt want to go in the cabin because he knew he would probably clog the toilet. so the next day after dinner i told him lets go for a walk in the woods so you can poop. we told my parents we were going for a walk and would be back later. i grabbed a roll of toilet paper and some soap and we headed out. not long after we found a nice secluded spot in the woods and i asked austin if he was ready and he said sure. he pulled his jeans and boxers off and squatted down in front of me. we have watched each other poop before so it was no big deal for him. he took a couple of deep breaths and started to push. i was standing behind him to make sure nobody was around, and i could see his cute little butthole stretching out as he pushed. pretty soon the tip of a very big and hard turd started to poke out but when he stopped pushing it would go back in hi\ in the face with each push. this went on for about 5 or 10 minutes when he turned to me and said "moll, its too big and hurting to come out"! i just told him "take your time sweetie, keep pushing", and got down next to him and held his hand. he pushed and pushed but his poop wouldnt budge. "molly i dont think i can go, its too hard" panted austin inbetween pushes. "just relax" i told him, "i have an idea". "whats that" he asked. i told him i could put some soap that we brought in his butt to try and lube up his poor overstretched hole. he was hesitant at first but then agreed and said "i dont think we have a choice, i have to poop so bad!" i told him i would be gentle. i got a bunch of soap on my finger and gently inserted it into his butt. the feeling of his hard poop made me cringe. i worked the soap around for a minute and took my finger out. i told austin to push as hard as he could and i held his butt open. austin pushed again and the turd poked out again. when he couldnt push anymore and had to take a breath, the turd stayed out a little bit. he bore down again and began to moan in pain as the turd moved out about an inch. he strained and pushed and finally the turd started to move a little faster. it was very fat and made up of a bunch of hard pebbles stuck together. he pushed again and again for about 10 minutes until his turd hit the ground with a loud thud. it was about 15" long. he rested for a minute and then pushed again. another log started coming out hard at first but then sped up and dropped to the ground. it was about 10" long. austin said he was done and he let me wipe his throbbing butt. "good job sweetie, im proud of u" i told him and gave him a hug and kiss. he thanked me for my help and we walked back to the cabin for the night. i promised him that when i had to go he could watch me so we would be even. ill post that when i have to go. hope u all enjoyed my story!

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