An Airport Adventure

I haven't posted here in over a year but something happened a few days ago that I wanted to share. I doubt if many people remember me, but I'm an older guy with cerebral palsy and I've posted here (mostly as MikeyPee or MikeyP) from time to time over the last twelve or so years
about various bathroom topics related to me and my disability. Moreover, I've had a life long
fascination with "bathroom stuff" and so this is one of my favorite web sites.

Before I launch into my story, I wanted to say that I retired from my job last January (after 39 years) and except for a few short trips away from home, I've been at home most of the time since and most of my bathroom use has been pretty mundane, to say the least. Hence the lack of posting. Ironically, I thought I'd be posting here more often but alas not.

So, as I've posted many times in the past, I've struggled with paruresis (or "bashful bladder") for most of my lifetime. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the term, it's generally an
inability to urinate in a public restroom. I've always struggled with this and in fact it could be related to my cerebral palsy. For anyone who is interested, if you search this site you can read
my previous posts about this.

My sister, wife and I visited my brother and his family over Christmas and we flew to and from our destination. We returned on Wednesday and to make a long story short, our flight was delayed by two hours due to weather conditions on the east coast. Shortly after the delay was announced, we were further advised of an airport gate change. While we did not have to go far for the new gate, we passed a men's room and I thought that I might as well pay a visit since we had plenty of time.

I use a wheelchair when we travel and so obviously I wheeled myself into the men's room and went to one of the urinals. The bathroom wasn't very crowded and I really didn't anticipate any difficulties emptying my bladder. But as I stood up at the urinal and got ready to pee, I couldn't produce a urine stream. I didn't have an urgent need to pee but I knew that I needed to go.

At that point I decided to sit back down in my wheelchair, go to a stall and sit on the toilet to urinate. This has been my strategy of choice for dealing with my "bashful bladder" issues and
in other venues (even at home) I have frequently sat on to toilet to pee. I was going to use an ordinary stall and just "park" my wheelchair outside of the stall as I'm able to ambulate from my wheelchair to get onto the toilet. However, there was an older gentleman (apparently an airport employee) working in the men's room, and before I could do anything on my own, he began assisting me in using the wheelchair accessible stall. The stall wasn't really that big and I needed to actually fold my wheelchair in order to close the stall door. Again, this kind fellow helped me and I finally got situated on the toilet, undid my clothes, and was finally able to urinate.

After getting off the toilet and fixing my clothing, I then had to figure out how I was going to reverse things and get out of the stall. Once again this gentleman came to my assistance and
helped get me and the wheelchair out my the stall. As I got ready to depart the men's room I was a little embarrassed as I didn't know whether or not to give this fellow a tip. I felt a little awkward although I was grateful for his help, but I simply didn't know what to do at this point. So I simply thanked him for his help and went on my way wondering if I had handled this the right way. I might add that I usually don't require or receive this kind of help in a public bathroom and so this probably accounts for not knowing what to do.

As a postscript to this story, it turns out that it was a good thing that I went to the bathroom when I did. The flight boarded at the rescheduled time, but we sat on the tarmac for almost an hour
before we were able to takeoff. Had I not gone to the bathroom when I did I would have been in great distress and possibly would have had an accident

Every time that I've posted about my bashful bladder" issues, I've always wanted to ask the following question: Do women have this issue? Anytime this has been discussed here, it always seems to be discussed by men and I've often wondered if and how woman deal with this.

Finally, I'd like to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year and thank the moderators for the great job they do.

John H

a question, comments and some Christmas poops

Hey all. Hope everyone had a good Christmas.
First off I have a question. I'm not sure if it has been asked on here before as I have never seen any posts about it. Its to do with peeing in the shower. I would like to know if many people on here pee in the shower or bath? If so how often and would you only pee in your own shower or others, friends or public showers for example. I would be interested to hear from both men and women and if anyone has any stories about this it would be nice to hear them also. As for myself I do pee in the shower but only my own. I like to get in and let my pee flow before turning on the water. I find it relaxing to just let it out and not worry about where it goes as the water will wash it all down the drain.

Now for some comments.
@Abby, sounds like you and your sister were really desperate for the toilet. Your sister must have been even more desperate than you seen as she was back on the toilet after her shower. I would have liked to have gotten a smell of the bathroom after both of you had finished. It must have been bad for you're mum to comment on it. Good you both can share though. Do stories like this happen often for you?

@Allie, Hey I enjoyed reading your story about peeing in the sink. You must have really been bursting. It was nice of your boyfriend to let you pee between his legs when you got home also. I know you said that he was shy in the bathroom but it sounds to me like he might be getting over it if he didn't mind you doing that. Did you enjoy sharing the toilet with him? I know my girlfriend wouldn't do that unless she really had to go and even then I still don't think she would do it.

@Leah, Hey thanks for sharing your live story. That was a very large poop. It must have felt great on the way out. I'm not a fan of the water splashing up on me though haha. Hope your panties weren't stained and looking forward to reading your new stories.

@Mr. Clogs, I will let you know when I get to try it but prob wont be for a while yet.

@Anonymous Guy, Hey I enjoyed your last story. It sure is worse when you have to pee and poo at the same time. Sounded like a very enjoyable dump all the same. I am not a major fan of very runny poop myself. Shame that guy next to you was having a messy clearout. The slit in the toilet door was interesting. Was that the way the door was made or was it because the door had been damaged? I agree with Mr. Clogs on the poster buddies idea. Its nice how you and him always write back to a question or a comment. Re sitting to wipe what you are doing sounds the same as what I do. It would be hard to get totally clean without leaning a bit to one side. I must try sitting the other way around on the toilet also to see what that would be like. There is really something very relaxing and pleasurable about passing a thick log and I agree with you that its not a sexuality thing as I am not gay but I do enjoy the feelings I get when this happens.
That's all the comments for now as I don't want to bore people if the post is getting too long.

I have been having two poops each day since Christmas Eve thanks to all the extra food that I have been eating. They all have been large and solid apart from one on Christmas day. That one was runny and took a lot of pushing and farting to get out. I find that when I push a poop out before I really need to go then it tends to be thicker and more enjoyable. Normally I wait until I am desperate but maybe this way is better. As a test I have been holding in a poop since this morning to see if it will be well formed or not. I will post about it in my next post.
That's all for now. Looking forward to reading about everyone's post Christmas ulogs.
Take care all,
John H


Post-Christmas dumps

I've had three big dumps already in the past 24 hours, but I somehow still feel full and I expect I'll have another dump in the morning. It started Christmas Eve. We had a good sized dinner, but then come Christmas morning, it didn't feel my normal urge for a morning dump. The day passed and I had no urges to go, but didn't think anything of it. At Christmas dinner I enjoyed all the great food and stuffed myself.

Later that evening, a need to poop hit me quite suddenly. I rushed to the bathroom and pushed out a large turd. I followed it with two more large turds. I looked in the pan once I finished, and I saw three turds, each probably a foot long and half an inch thick. I wiped myself and flushed the toilet.

When I woke up in the morning, I had to take a dump again. This urge was more mild than the one the night before. I went to my bathroom and sat down. A very thick turd curled out slowly. I'd guess it was two inches thick and at least a foot long. It took two flushes before the beast went down the drain.

I was surprised when I got the feeling of needing another dump in the late afternoon. But I knew my body's signals and headed to the bathroom. That time I passed seven smaller turds. I don't think any of them were longer than four inches.

I don't remember pooping this much after Christmas ever before. I know I ate far too much at Christmas dinner, though no more than is my "normal" for the once-a-year feast. I suppose the difference must be that I didn't poop prior to the huge meal, so I had extra digested food waiting to be pooped out.

Mr. Clogs


Shane (femaile): Enjoyed your story about pooping at Walmart while being constipated.

Annie: WOW! You really plugged up your toilet! It's a good thing it went down the drain.

Anonymous Guy: Thanks again for the feedback man and liking my posts. It would be nice to have that 'poster buddies' here. Again thanks man for the feedback.

I missed those posts about people especially the women posters about relieving themselves in dressing rooms. Anyone have any posts please post them, also anyone have any relieving themselves into a container I miss too, especially from both the men and women here. Also lets not forget the holiday bathroom posts too.

That's all for now, take care.

--Mr. Clogs


HUGE poop

Yesterday night I was sitting in my room watching tv when I got a really bad cramp in my lower stomach. I had had the urge to poop for two days and was just reminded of it. I got up and walked into the bathroom. I closed the door locked it and walked over to the toilet. I put up the cover and sat down pulling my pants to my knees. I immediately farted twice and the tip emerged. It did not feel good. I pushed and it started coming out slowly with a silent fart. Than it all came out followed by about 20 seconds of poop just curling out of my butthole. Near the end of it there was a lump that stretched my butthole and than it was done. I spread my legs and looked at my poop. It was huge and a lot of it was out of the water. Since my butt was so messy I just decided to hop into the shower to clean up.
I had to take out the plunger.


Open Stalls

Has anyone used an open stall? (Stalls/cubicles without any doors on them) and if so, can you please write about your experience?



Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby great story about you and your sisters big poops it sounds like you both really had to go alot

To: Allie great pee story

To: Leah great live poop story it sounds like you had a good poop.

To: Arthur good catch.

To: Ashley Ashley great story it sounds you and your friend really had to poop mainly her from the sound of it.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

@Anon: Hey thanks for the advice and concern ^_^

@Brandon T: Omg! That's exactly what my friend said! See story below..

Hey peeps! Shy girl here, and I've got a story for you! Hehe. So last night I was at my bestie's for a sleepover with a bunch of friends. I had this urge to poop all day while all were at the mall but since I hadn't been home since that morning I didn't get to :( We had a big dinner at my friend's (we'll call her Christina) house which didn't help matters either :/ Then we all went to her room and played truth or dare and by this time I was fidgeting and really uncomfortable. I finally couldn't take it anymore and decided to go use her downstairs bathroom (figured I could turn the shower on and since it was downstairs no one could hear me).

But then Christina said, "Wait! Truth or dare before you go."

I was almost bursting at this point but I went ahead and said "Dare! Just wait for me to get back."

She smiled and said, "I don't have to, because I dare you to take a dump in my little trash bucket!"

I was in such shock! I couldn't believe she would do this to me! I was also paralyzed with fear because I knew there'd be no backing out now.. I slowly walked over to the bucket she set there for me and then I began to cry.

Christina came over and put her hand on my shoulder and said, "Look sweetie, you see what this is doing to you? It's stressing you out so bad. I'm doing this as a favor to you so you can become more comfortable with this. Just don't think about, just let it go, and you'll be fine. Trust me, I do some pretty hardcore nasty, unladylike type poos myself." Everyone laughed and nodded their heads in agreement.

I nodded and pulled back the tears. I slowly pulled down my pj bottoms and sweats and sat on the little bucket. We all just paused there for what seemed like forever, then Christina said, "Just go for it." I don't know what came over me in that instant but I suddenly just pushed as hard as I could. PLEPALOPLAOP. It sounded and felt so gross coming out into the bucket like that! D= everyone was laughing. But their laughter was more of an "encouraging, with-me" type rather than a "Mean, at-me" type laugh. I thought they'd all be gagging and running outta the room! It smelled so bad and was still coming out in spurts. Then I don't know why but I started to laugh to! When I was done Christina got me some tp and since it was my turn I dared her to take care of the bucket I had pooped in (which she did). "See? Was that really all that bad?" I kinda laughed and smiled. Then I continued on the rest of the night with my friends and my newly found self-confidence!

Hehe so yeah, that's my story! I'm so glad I can feel more comfortable about pooping with them now. Don't get me wrong, I pray I NEVER have to do the bucket thing again. But that helped me realized that it's not all that bad, and we all do it, so yeah! Hehe ^_^

Shy girl

Saturday, December 29, 2012

To Tyler: so have u ever had to dig out your poop befour if u have wat position have u had to use when u dug it out like how was your legs n did u go In between your legs n dig with your fingers n such so let me kno ?

And any other females that have had to dig let me kno I wana kno if I'm the only female who has to dig so any other females that had to dig let me kno how u dig ? When I dig I have my pants Around my ankles n I spread my legs n I go inbetween my legs n dig with my fingers with my face all stunched up n red so any other females that hav had to dig also let me kno ....

John H

results of my little experament

Hey all.
Just a quick update on my last post.
Shortly after I submitted my last post here I began to let out a lot of strong smelling farts and I could feel the poop pushing to get out. I went to the bathroom and as soon as I sat on the toilet my hole began to open. I reached down and felt a wide but soft tip slowly making its way out. There was a lot of soft farts and mushing crackling sounds as it came out. The log was soft so it broke into several large lumps that splashed into the toilet loudly and as the log made its way out I began to release a long pee. It was a relief to get it all out. There were some more farts and a small amount of poop before I felt empty and cleaned up. It took six wipes to get clean. Today I had another poop that was of the same consistency. I am back to one large poop a day so my body has nearly dealt with all the extra food that I had over the last few days.
So the results of my little experiment is to try to poop before the need gets very strong in future as I hope this will lead to more solid logs.
That's all for now.
Take care all,
John H

1 litre deletion

Hi all.

I was feeling really constipated for about 2 days.

So, I decided to drink a 1 litre bottle of water.

The effect was instant. I flew to the toilet, shut the 2 doors, pull down my black shorts and underpants, and fell onto the toilet.

Diarrhoea exploded out of my exit hatch, along with some wet farts that sounded like fwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarhrhrhrhrhrhrfwfw.

Anyway, I finished about 15 minutes later, and now I'm feeling far too great.

Oh well, that was my experience at 7:44 pm.

Mr. Clogs


Shane (femaile): Enjoyed your story about pooping at Walmart while being constipated.

Annie: WOW! You really plugged up your toilet! It's a good thing it went down the drain.

Anonymous Guy: Thanks again for the feedback man and liking my posts. It would be nice to have that 'poster buddies' here. Again thanks man for the feedback.

I missed those posts about people especially the women posters about relieving themselves in dressing rooms. Anyone have any posts please post them, also anyone have any relieving themselves into a container I miss too, especially from both the men and women here. Also lets not forget the holiday bathroom posts too.

That's all for now, take care.

--Mr. Clogs

1 when usin the bathroom are your pants around your ankles or where? ankles, usually. sometimes shins, knees or to my thighs, if I want to cover my cat. I like my pants around my ankles. It gives me freedom and I like to show my nice undie panties.

2 do u have your legs spread or wat ? spread, usually. or slightly apart.
3 when goin poop have u made plopping sounds or tell wat sounds have u made? plopping, plooping, wet farts, dry farts, splashes, crackles, explosions, stomach growls.

4 when goin poop how hard have u had to push on a scale 1-10 ? 10, if constipated. 1-4, if I am loose or firm. It usually comes out with ease.

5 if u have to push hard do u strunch up your face n get red ? I can't get red. I am black. I do scrunch up my face, if I am constipated.

6 when pooping at public bathrooms eather at school or wher ever have u seen your neighbors next door to your stall have u seen ther pants around ther ankles n ther feet pressing hard to the floor n hear grunts plops ka plunks or splashes or wat ? Yes, many times. When I was in elementary school and high school, girls would be on their tip-toes and I would hear those noises. Some had diarreah or just loose noisy bowels like mine sometimes. Most of us were in there to pee. You could tell who had to pee real bad. The peed loud and long. You should hear the women at church and school. Iv'e been in parks, libraries and dept. stores and hotels. Some old ladies have the gall to talk about me and they make the most niose and stink. Then, there are the ones who are constipated. I like to hear them grunt. That is because they have gas and are constipated. Only thing, they stink up the place. I also see their undies.

7 when poopig have u ever had to dig befour cause. Your poop was to hard or big to come out if u have had to dig explain how n wat position u use to dig or tell me how u get hat poop that is to hard or big or stuck to come out ? NO! I am not nasty. That is nasty.

Tim's survey
How many times a day do u go for a pee? 3, 5-7x. It was murder in school because of security restrictions.

How long do u pee for? If I wake up in t


Me and my older sister

I woke up this morning and felt a nice shit coming. I went to the bathroom and older sister was walking into the bathroom like I was doing. She was up holding her stomach and said please let me go first. I need to shit so bad. I said okay because she looked awfully desperate. I walked in with her and sat on the ground to wait for her to finish. She pulled down her pajama bottoms and dropped some poop before her butt even touched the seat. She was moaning a lot and dropping a lot of poop. I asked her if she could please hurry because my stomach was really started to hurt. She then wiped which took forever and started the shower. The bathroom stunk so bad. I quickly pulled down my bottoms and started to drop some good size poops. They came out so easily because they were soft and very smelly. I then sat there and farted till my sister finished her shower. When she got out I went in the shower and she sat back down on the toilet. She was farting a lot and dropping more poop. When it was all done my mom walked in and said oh my god what did you girls do in here!


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