Hilarious airplane poop

Hi, I'm Brad and I'm 16 from USA. I just got off a plane earlier today and I have to tell this hilarious story. I slept for a lot of the beginning of the flight but then woke up because I had to poop so bad. It was the kind that actually was hurting my stomach and I knew it wasn't going to be pretty, because of the greasy nasty airport food I ate for breakfast. My family was all asleep so I went to the back of the plane to one of the bathrooms. The toilet was small with a foot pedal to flush, and it was the kind where the pedal opened up the little door in front of the hole to flush. What I'm trying to say is it was a closed bowl until you flushed. I normally would lay down toilet paper but I felt so awful that I just sat down and went. It was pure diarrhea and the very loud kind. For at least 30 straight seconds pure liquid rushed out of my butt and splashed the inside. I was actually worried that it was going to fill up the bowl and reach me. After the 30 seconds it stopped, and I peed a lot. It gave me a chance to take a look. The bowl was half full with the most disgusting diarrhea I have ever done. I felt a little more and farted really loudly and more rushed out. The people sitting nearby heard it all without a doubt. I stood up and got hit with a smell that made me feel sick. I saw the sign that said to throw any toilet paper in the trash and not the toilet, so I dried the liquid shit from my butt and threw it out. I pushed the foot pedal to flush, but nothing happened. I thought I must have to push harder, but still nothing. I held it down, slammed on it, tried everything but the little door would not open to flush it down. I was so embarrassed, because everyone will know who went in the bathroom last and left that nasty smelling diarrhea. I had no choice, so I opened the door and a flight attendant was right there. I told her the toilet wouldnt flush and she gave me a look and said "didn't you read the 'out of order' sign on the door?" I told her there was no sign, which she realized, and got nervous. It turns out the taped-up sign fell on the floor under someones seat so I didnt know the toilet was broken. My diarrhea was smelling up the plane fast and people were giving me angry looks. The flight attendant looked and saw what I did in the toilet and looked like she was going to puke. She said "We can't leave that sitting in there for the rest of the flight" and I was confused. She put her shirt over her nose and we went in to try to flush, but no luck. She looked so upset and ashamed to put on a long rubber glove, reach into my diarrhea, and manually open the flusher door which sucked it all away. She threw the glove out and honestly looked like she was going to cry, I felt bad but was secretly laughing my ass off on the inside. When we landed I had more loud diarrhea in the airport, which was pretty funny too!!

The world may never know

Horrible party experience

Hi, I'm a girl that is 25, brown hair, blue eyes, 5'3, 158 lb, and pretty. Anyway this last week on Christmas Eve I attended a Christmas party with some friends from college. There was about eighteen of us. This party was held at one of those friend's house out in the country about 5 miles from the nearest town. They have a hot tub and a huge bathroom that makes me feel quite uncomfortable becouse it is like an echo chamber. One time I was down by the lake near their house and the door was left open in the bathroom as well as the house and I could hear my friend pooing. Anyway I arrived at about 5:00 pm and at about 6:00 I felt and urge for a poo, I also got a pretty bad stomach ache and felt very uncomfortable. Since I couldn't sit straight on my butt, I had to sit on my side. Everyone was inside and I didn't want them to hear me pooing so I held it. A couple of farts leaked past my hole and through my skinny jeans but they had no odor. At around 8:00 I was pretty desperate to go. Someone had the brilliant idea to go into the hot tub. No one had swimsuits so many just dropped their pants and took off their shirts. This was the perfect chance for my poo. Once everyone was out in the hot run I walked into the bathroom. My boyfriend was just finishing with his poo and we had a light conversation in the doorway.

After about 5 minuets of talking he said he would meet me in the hot tub when I was done. I think he noticed my shifting back in forth. I had slowly developed a strong urge to pee. I closed the door and locked it. A cramp hit me as I turned around and I held my butt cheeks together. I undid my belt and unbuttoned my jeans as I walked over to the toilet. I put the seat down and pulled my jeans down just far enough to go. I immediately blasted the toilet with an explosive fart that sprayed the toilet with wet poop. My pee shot out of my vagina and I immediately started farting. Another wet fart and my pee stopped. There was some dribble from my butthole and I shifted on the seat. I speedster my butt cheeks and that's when it all let loose. Poop sprayed out accompanied by explosive farts and and water. I groaned and a second later someone knocked. More poop was spraying out.
" Are you okay?" my friend asked.
" I'm fine," I replied.
" Do you need me to come in there?" she asked.
" No, I only let people 10 years under my age come in," I said.
She left. The rest of the night I had on and off explosive diarhea. It must of been the peppers had had the night before they tend to give me diarhea. I will be posting again soon.

P.S. If you can reply to me how many Sitting on the toilet survey questions I answered in this post and what they are, I will give you a free subscription on YouTube just leave account name.

See ya! TWMNK

I haven't posted here in like five years, but I had an great pooping experience while on vacation, and it made me remember this site.

We went to Australia over Christmas break. In case you don't know, although it's December, it's actually summer in Australia. Anyway, we were having a great time and I also ate so much on that trip, especially on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. But I didn't really poop much. I just didn't feel any urge, and was having so much fun, I didn't think about it at all.

Until last Monday, when in the middle of the afternoon, I had to poop in the worst way! I was swimming at the time, and got out of the water, and briefly dried off. I couldn't hold it much longer, so when I was dry enough, I hurried to the bathroom at the beach.

There were seven cubicles, and two of them were available. I went in one and pulled down my bikini bottom and sat down. A huge turd erupted from my anus. It felt so amazing coming out and I wasn't sure it was ever going to stop. I was thinking and I realized then that the last time I'd pooped was about nine days ago, before we left on the trip. No wonder I had to go so bad.

Eventually the turd did stop, and I followed it up with a few more big logs and a lot of mushy poop at the end. I looked in the toilet, and I had totally destroyed it! I'm not really embarrassed about pooping, but I still didn't want anyone to know I had clogged the toilet. I wiped myself a ton, and waited in the stall for a while until there weren't so many people.

Thankfully, that only took a few minutes. I quickly left the stall and escaped without anyone knowing that it was me who had destroyed the toilet.

Later on, we went out to dinner, and I had another big meal. After eating, I had a familiar feeling. I had done a massive toilet clogging load just hours ago, but there was no mistaking this urge - I had to poop again. We paid the check, and I went to the bathroom.

This was a two stall bathroom, and I was alone. I went in the one farthest from the entrance. I began to push out a log. Several smaller ones came out very quickly and then there was a few longer ones. I ended with a huge wet fart and a load of soft poop flew out. When I looked, I saw a pile of poop a little smaller than the one earlier in the day. I chanced to flush this time though.

I guess the restaurant toilets had a powerful flush, as some of my load went down. I flushed again, and then wiped before flushing a third time. One stubborn log wouldn't go down even after three flushes, but that was a lot better than my full load. I left the bathroom feeling much better.

I thought for sure I'd pooped out everything in my system, but amazingly I was wrong. We went home and played a board game and then I went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling bloated, and I let off a lot of smelly farts to relieve the pressure. But I was starting to feel like maybe I had to do more than fart. I didn't want to get out of bed though, so I did a few more farts.

But soon, I knew if I didn't go to the bathroom, I'd ruin my panties. The house we rented for the week had two bathrooms, but we'd been warned that one of the toilets flush very well and given my prior performances I knew I couldn't use that one. Unfortunately for me, that was the one closest to my room.

I went upstairs to use the better bathroom and each step was a nightmare trying to hold in my load. Somehow, I did make it though. I had another large poop. It was just one long thick turds. I wiped but halfway through wiping, I had to go yet again! I sat back down and pooped out a ton of soft mushy poop, and set to wiping again. I was so relieved when the toilet flushed right the first time. I was also glad I'd done my huge clogging loads in public.

Alright, so that's the story. I pooped so much that day, and it was absolutely amazing! Hope you enjoyed it, and also hopefully I'll be back before five more years go by.

Lexi C

Weird dream I had

Hi! I'm an eighteen year old girl from Florida. I'm a natural redhead, with fairly large breasts, and what other people describe as a "great butt". Two nights ago I had a very weird dream. After I woke up, I went on the internet and eventually ended up finding this site.

The dream started out normal, and I didn't even know I was dreaming at first. My friend called me up and we talked for a while, but after we hung up, I flipped on the television and watched a show. Suddenly, it was a completely different show. It was a woman sitting on a stage in front of a table.

A waiter brought her a humongous plate of food and she started digging in. In a matter of minutes, she had devoured the entire plate, and the waiter was quick at hand with another. Each time she finished it, there was more ready. I didn't understand what was going on, but I kept watching.

After she had eaten six plates, she said "Man, I gotta free up some room." and she stood up. She then pushed a button underneath the table and her chair slid into the ground and a toilet slid up in its plate. She removed her jeans and thong and sat on the toilet. A picture-in-picture showed a closeup of her butt, showing me that she was pushing out a sizable log, and my television in the dream had smell-o-vision so I could smell the aroma of her dump.

She kept on shoveling food into her face, and passing huge log after huge log. I watched the remainder of the program. Eventually she did stop eating, saying "Ah. That should get me through until dinner" while finishing off her dump. I woke up at that point, thoroughly confused as to why I had such a bizarre dream.

I don't know if we're allowed to post only about dreams, so I'll add a real life story to this post. Last night was New Year's Eve. I wanted to go out to a party, but I knew my mom would never let me. Instead, I asked if I could sleep over at my friend Emma's house. I packed my backpack with pajamas and a change of clothes, and stuff like that and left.

I did go to Emma's house, but left my backpack in her room and we went to the party together. There was alcohol provided and we both drank some. We knew not to get wasted though, or Emma's mom would find out and tell my mom.

At some point, I had to poop and quite badly. I told Emma and she said she did as well. We went to the bathroom and found a line of six people waiting. We went to the other bathroom, and along the way, we saw several people peeing in the backyard (mostly men, but some women, surprisingly). The other bathroom only had four people in line, so we decided to use that one.

The line moved slowly and we were both in dire need by the time the last person went in. Thankfully, he was just peeing and came out soon. We couldn't wait and went in together. Emma and I sat on the toilet back-to-back and pooped our brains out. She finished first, and wiped standing up. I had the whole toilet to myself as I finished up. I too wiped myself and then flushed the toilet. We washed our hands and left the bathroom together, feeling so much better.


Some Thoughts and a New Year's Wish to all Women and Girls

So this holiday season has been a winter wonderland in our area, and Kyra and I have been enjoying it. It has also been a wonderland of bonding opportunities with Kyra: We are both pregnant, and have increasingly been spending our time together and growing very, intimately close. We have talked about her moving in with us when her baby is close to due: Her mom is none too thrilled she is pregnant, and has been talking of moving away to a warmer climate. Recently she has taken actual steps towards it; it is just a matter of time. When her mom decides to sell the property next door (we live on a country road on wide-spaced farm plots acres apart) Kyra will come live with us. Not that my fiancÚ minds the idea in the slightest. Having two tall, curvy females around, one ten years younger (Kyra at 20) and ten years older (me at 40) both of whom are as open as could be about their bodily functions, is exciting to my Jared to no end.

Lately Kyra has taken to using the bathroom with the door open when he is around. Seeing her beautiful pale fleshy thighs and butt exposed as she sits on the toilet, hearing her tinkle, watching as she stands up, a few pee droplets visible on her curly blonde pubic hair, and shimmies her oft skimpy panties up. Then, as he has told me (I'm OK with him and Kyra getting a little too close for most women's comfort) she will step forward and hug his head against her thighs or lower abdomen and let him savor the "Kyra Aroma" that I have come to love as well. ("One does not need to get sexual about it, just being near her is enough.") It is the result of being most times a few days unwashed (Kyra bathes every 3 or more days; she has dry skin and too frequent washing dries her out) and not wiping after she pees. Get within a short distance of her and you will smell a distinct musky female scent: slightly sweet, cheesy, and lemony at once. It is the kind of body odor most women are aghast at having, but the point I'm trying to make is that it is actually a beautiful thing designed by nature for our enjoyment. Just like poo aroma, it takes a certain kind of person to appreciate it, and Jared and I are those people.

Kyra used to be ashamed of her heavily scented body. But now, after both he and I have taken action to appreciate and reassure her that she does not "stink," she is much more confident and happy, and even joins us in our pastime of lounging around in our underwear. Kyra has taken to making fun of my "granny panties." She says a woman of my beauty should wear fancy ones like she does. "But Kyra, what about the certainty I will poo stain those fancy panties?" "Don't worry about that" she said "I get them in mine too. I just giggle when I pull them down and see a bit of brown amidst floral patterns and lace." I had to admit I found it intriguing. Kyra often wears her panties for days at a time, and I have seen her pull them down to sit for a pee later on after she has had a poo, and seeing the brown mark on her fancy, skimpy panties seemed to make them more beautiful, an accent on an already frilly creation. It just seems right that panties should have a poo stain and some pee yellowing up front; like it is the purpose of our private areas to create these scented, marked fabrics.

Perhaps that is why we are so secretive about our bodies and undergarments, why so many would never admit they have a personal odor or less than pristine panties: it is ingrained in us that these things have something about them so powerful, so primal, that one cannot help but have a strong reaction to. I've written of this before, and undoubtedly will again, but it needs to be said. Women and girls: your bodies are beautiful. Nature did not make a mistake. Do not obsess over cleanliness, do not fear having odors or stains caused by your pee and poo. Just relax and enjoy going to the bathroom, without fuss or a second thought. It's all good!!!

Happy New Year!

P.S. Katie, I LOVED your acconut of the man pooping in the woods. It's one of the best I have ever read, and I share your feelings. I too would have had my heart racing if I witnessed that! :)

New Groom


I found this forum recently and had to write what I discovered recently. I don't know how else how to share this but had see whether this is a common problem or not.

Here's how my story begins. I was staying over the Christmas Holiday with my new bride's family (we were married last summer). I went to use he bathroom and found a large spoon on the floor behind the toilet. I thought that was odd. Thought maybe someone dropped it and put it in the kitchen dishwasher. A few days later I had to go poop in the bathroom and found my wife's older sister in the bathroom with a plunger and a look on her face. She said don't use it unless you can get that down from your wife. I looked in the toilet and saw the largest poop I've ever seen. It was almost the size of my forearm. I didn't have time and chased her sister out, dropped my pants and pooped. It was smelly because it was above the water on top of my wife's. The plunger didn't work at first but after several attempts and hours later it finally broke apart.

Before we left my wife was uncomfortable and was laying down. I was feeling frisky but she didn't want to fool around because she had, what she said, "Something I haven't done in a few days". The next thing I knew she was in the toilet and had the door locked. After pleading with her she opened the door but was walking very carefully. She had this huge tail sticking out of her but and carefully lowered herself onto the toilet. She leaned forward and handed me a spoon to break it off. It was the size of a soda can with more stuck up there. I used the spoon to break it off and after 30 minutes she got the rest out.

I was later told by her sister that she has "the largest shits I've ever known" and learned some more things about my new bride.

Other that this, she's a loving, petite, beautiful lady and I don't hold it against her. It's just a surprise that was never obvious during our year of dating except I was later able to put together why my toilet never flushed right after she visited me while we were dating.

I'll write more stories as they come up.

Just a guy
Megan - wow that sounded like a great post Christmas dump! My post Christmas dumps are usually not much different, but I go 1-2 times a day and sometimes will even have a 3 dumps in a day, so I guess going frequently, doesn't allow it to build up. I do remember a few years back having a very large post Thanksgiving Day dump. I went the day before in the morning, but had no other dumps and did not get an urge on Thanksgiving. I had a large dinner and still had no urge, but that night before I went to bed, I all of sudden had to go. I was very gassy throughout the whole dump, with some of it being embarrassingly very noisy. I let it out in soft loads with pauses (and gas) between, but after each load I still didn't feel done and probably spent a good 20 minutes on the toilet - it was probably one of my largest dumps. It also was kind of smelly.

Natasha - great stories - you mention that your cousin Anna needs multiple poos before feeling empty after being constipated. Fortunately, I don't get constipated too often, but I'm very much the same way. If I haven't gone for a few days, my first dump is usually hard and takes a long time, but then within an hour or two, I'll have to go again - usually with it being much softer and sometimes, I will get even a third urge, so your cousin isn't alone.


Reply to Kayla

What an interesting story! What type of reactions did people have to each others accidents? Were the girls all upset and crying as or after they had accidents or were they more accepting of the inevitable? I know that, especially as a guy, I would have ran out of the building and into the woods had something like that happened at my school.

Mr. Clogs


Melissa K: Wow that sucks especially when those ski resorts get cold and a soaked pants is not a good thing. Hope all is well thanks for sharing your story.

Jas: I hear you. Myself I like a little privacy and peace and quiet in the house.

John H: Thanks man, keep us posted if anything.

Allie: Interesting about you using the goodnites.

Provost: I kind figured that, but the search engines give you different results. Thanks for the clarification.

Well I got to go now and do a #2 NOW! So I'll catch you all later and Happy 2013 to all of you.

--Mr. Clogs

To Allie

Allie- I really like your stories. You're lucky to have such a supportive boyfriend. Have you always had a small bladder or is there a reason? What kind of diapers do you wear? I've worn some in the past just for fun and they always end up leaking.

Anonymous Guy

Revision of my post

*I noticed my last post didn't get approved, so I'm going to edit it and switch things around more appropriately. Hopefully the mod approves this version because I do put a lot of time into my posts(typically an hour or more). I think my posts come off a little suggestive because I get carried away with details, I'll start toning it down though because that's not my intent. If this doesn't get posted then please just let me know where I went wrong. I'd like to know for future reference and would really appreciate it. :) *

Here it goes...


Sup everyone, sorry I've been quiet for a few days. I've been so busy with Christmas and there's been some family drama that came with it. I'll just be glad when New Years is over and my life will be back to normal. I enjoy seeing family and all, but it gets overwhelming sometimes during the holidays when I can't just be alone.

Anyway since I'm on winter break there's really not much to report here. I did go poop 3 times in one day though which was unusual but satisfying. Well, I did have Christmas dinner(twice) so I suppose that makes sense now. :)

@Esteban: Thanks for sharing your experiences, appreciate it! By BF do you mean your best friend, or boyfriend? I won't judge either way. I could see how it could happen without giving much thought to it though, just doing whatever is most convenient. Is he shy at all with his bowel movements, or can you just walk in the bathroom whenever you want? And does he know about your interest in this kinda stuff?

It seems like there's either guys who are open and comfortable about their movements, or guys who are real private... Doesn't seem like there's an in between. Although I find myself to be really shy at home and really 'outgoing' in public restrooms. Lol maybe I'm just weird.

@Tyler: Oh man I know exactly what you're talking about! I remember having that 'plug' and not knowing what to do. I was so terrified and didn't wanna pass it in fear of bleeding. That's one thing that I really don't miss about having abnormally huge poops as a kid.

@Mr. Clogs: Hey bud I have a quick experience to tell you about... it involves relieving myself in a container. Well, kind of.
So it was probably 1am at night and I was in bed on browsing the internet with the lights off. I was about to fall asleep when this strong urge to pee hit me, at the most inconvenient time as always. It almost came out of nowhere and couldn't help but to do a circular potty dance around my room. I really didn't want to get up and use my bathroom though for some reason. Maybe it was just laziness, but every now and then I don't feel like using the toilet and flushing. So I started searching around my room.. dirty clothes, some more dirty clothes, and oh- a water bottle! I've had plenty experience using a bottle for peeing when I was a kid, so didn't give much thought about it. I unscrewed the cap, lined everything up with the bottle's opening, and carelessly let it all out. I can understand why you'd enjoy doing this. It felt good being able to pee in the comfort of my room in my boxers, and it was relaxing feeling the bottle get warm against my hand as it filled up. The color was medium yellow and was foaming more the longer I peed. 'PSSSSSSS' was the only sound I could hear for awhile, there was also that faint yet strong smell that urine leaves afterwards. It was so loud that I was afraid someone in the other room would hear. But then there was a problem, the bottle was all filled up with pee and I was still going... I painfully stopped the stream from flowing and screwed on the lid. I looked around and saw an empty cereal bowl that I could finish up in, but thought it could spill real easily. So I just put a towel over the pee filled water bottle and went back to bed with a partially filled bladder(that I emptied in the morning). A couple days actually passed and I finally remembered I had to empty that water bottle! So I checked in the hallway to make sure it's clear and snuck it into the bathroom. I screwed off the cap, poured it into the toilet, flushed, and disposed of the bottle. It was sort of entertaining seeing the yellow color mix into the toilet water while pouring it.
All in all I really enjoyed this experience despite not draining my bladder completely. I'm definitely curious about pooping now and how it would differ from peeing. I don't mind the smell of a good bowel movement so it might be nice, just would have to make sure no one's home. Do you usually put a lid on the container when pooping in it? I definitely would like some tips.
Let me know what you think about my story dude, you definitely inspired me to do it. Can't wait to read about your next experience.

I feel something brewing inside me right now so I think it's time for my morning dump and a shower. Take care everyone, hope you guys enjoyed reading.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Hi its John from the UK and Happy New Year to all. To Abbie, Natasha, Natalie and of course Megan congrats on your post festive prolific poos, they made good reading. In answer to your question Megan yes I do take longer to poo during this particular holiday season, say usually 15-20 mins instead of the usual 10 mins, due mainly to the greater output and longer clean up and the same goes for my wife to. In fact Megan her output would not be disimilar to yours and her sitting too would be on a par with yours also, generaly she's a 15 minute performer! Hope you found this interesting? Take care J


Abbie- Sounds like a tough poo in your last post. I hope things get better for you soon! All that Christmas food certainly doesn't help matters, I'm sure!

Just a guy- Yes, I think she'd been holding it in for quite a while judging by how she was acting, and she'd been waiting long enough for it to become urgent. Those are the worst- having to hold a poo because you're not allowed to go or you can't get to a toilet. She made it ok, though, but it must have been close!

Desperate to poop- Sounds like another urgent poo you did! 6 minutes really isn't that long for a poo, especially if it includes wiping etc. I know lots of people who take longer, including me!

Desperate to poop

Diarreoh troubles

I went down with something post new year and on my first day back had some bad diarreoh. At first when I rushed to the loo I didn't want to do it in the ladies so decided to use the disabled. Alas it was taken and someone was taking there time so I had to dash into the ladies instead. Thankfully a toilet was free and I unloaded wet diarreoh for half an hour.

Some ladies came and went whilst I was in and one lady had a five minute poop in the cucible next to me. I was quite windy alongside the pooping so was quite audible.

I had to go two more times, once at lunchtime for another twenty minutes and once in the afternoon for another fifteen minutes. I had a couple of poopers in with me during my stints but mainly ladies peeing or changing tampons

Happy Pooping

Melissa K

Skiing disaster

Melissa is BACK! and I have a story about a poop I took over break (last Thursday). My family and I were skiing, and I really had to poop bad, I hadn't been to the bathroom since the 22nd. And on top of that, I ate huge Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals which were making me really gassy. My stomach was bulging from all the poo trapped inside me, but I didn't feel a serious need to go until we were on the slopes, of course. I decided I could hold it back until in the evening, but man was I wrong! Right as we were getting on the lift, I started farting uncontrollably. The guy next to me on the lift (he looked to be my age) didn't hear it, but he smelled it and asked if I was farting. I was obviously really embarrassed, and I apologized. Right then the wind started to blow pretty hard, so I started farting more and the wind blew the smell away from the lift. About 3/4 of the way up the hill, I felt another fart coming with a large urge, so I pushed and a loud, bubbly, splattering fart came out. The guy looked over and I apologized profusely for the smell. He said it was okay and I actually think he was kind of turned on by it. When we got off the lift, I started going down an easy hill, because I really had to go and didn't want to fall and lose it in my pants. There were barely any people on the hill, and I felt a massive cramp. I stopped and had a huge fart with poop in it. I panicked because I couldn't stop going and there was a huge log sliding out into my panties. I started skiing some more, but the pain was too much and I had to stop again. The thick log oozed out more and more, stretching my butthole, and the warmth against my butt gave me all kinds of wonderful sensations. I went down the hill more in a panic, and saw a person coming. I sped up so they wouldn't catch up with me, poop still sliding out. I got really scared and started peeing, but when I tried to stop the pee, the pressure from poop got unbearable, and I had to let go. By the time I got to the bottom of the hill, my panties and pants were completely soaked and filled with poop, but luckily it wasn't showing through my snowpants. I took my skis off and ran, more or less, into the lodge nearby, poop squishing against my butt and oozing into my panties. I ran into the bathroom (thankfully empty) and went into a stall, took off my jacket and snowpants and boots. I sat down on the toilet and just exploded with poop in orgasmic relief. I didn't even have time to get my pants down, and figured it would be messy if I did. The poop oozed out, making a huge bulge and I was peeing like crazy. It smelled so bad, too! Eventually, I figured I was done and pulled down my pants and panties (badly stained) and dumped the melon-sized lump of poo in the toilet! I left my panties in the toilet, as they were beyond repair. My yoga pants, at least, were only wet and had minimal poop on them. I wiped my butt off with toilet paper, and used half the roll. After I was cleaned up, I had to poop again, and I pushed out a huge pile of soft poo on top of the already devastated toilet, wiped, and put my snowgear back on. I went out, and my parents asked where I had been for the past half hour? I told them I went to the bathroom, and then got something to eat. She believed me, and I spent the rest of the day skiing in intestinal peace. When we got home later that evening (the ski resort wasn't far from my house) me and my parents watched a movie, and halfway through it, I started farting and felt the familiar urge. Eventually, I had to excuse myself to the bathroom, and my mom asked if I had to poop again today. I said I did, and went to the bathroom. I pooped a large, long, thick log, and a pile of softer poo that felt amazing coming out! It got clogged, and I started plunging it, and my mom knocked and asked if I was okay. I said the toilet was clogged, and she came in and was amazed by the size of my poop! And I had already gone earlier in the day, a lot! (She didnt know about the accident). She asked if I was constipated, and I told her I hadn't gone for five days. She said if that's what was normal for me, it was okay, but recommended that I get a fiber supplement (as if I didn't eat enough fiber already!) I bought some stuff called Metamucil to help me be more regular in pooping. I can poop every other day naturally, but I hold it just to see how big it can be (which my mom doesn't know). Anyway, what an event! I'm excited to start trying the fiber also cause ive heard it makes you have huge dumps daily.

Love, Melissa :)

bama guy
Beth: I read your story about being sick and having to shit in the kitchen. It sounds like it must have sucked to have to do, but great story. I hope you feel better soon and I would love to read more about you pooping :)


When I hate Poopin

I always hate poopin at home when my Brother's Girlfriend is over at my house.They both stay in his room most of the time.When I go in the bathroom I always try to make it quick.And I hose it down with the air freshener when im done.But luckily she never goes in there or hafta go after me or during when i'm in there.
But nothing really happened during Christmas.


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Hi everyone, sorry I haven't managed to post in a while, finally managed to get time now Christmas is over and just before new year celebrations kick off!
Megan- sorry to hear someone was rude enough to draw attention to the fact that you were taking a long time on the loo when you were at the shops. Like you I don't really get that embarased any more about using a public toilet when I need a poo, its certainly better than holding it in and risking dirty knickers, but I am a bit self concious of how long I spend on the loo sometimes, from your story it sounded like you were having to strain a bit to get your poo out which is bad enough without someone commenting on how long you've been on the toilet! At least the girl next to you took a while as well so it wasn't just you.
Natasha- Likewise it must have been embarasing for you when that cute guy followed you into the toilet after you'd had a poo but as you say, in a situation like that you know you'll probably never see the other person again. Also I know what you mean about feeling embarased when you walked in on Bethany's sister when she was on the loo. A while ago that happened to me with one of my sister's friends, I'd come home, thought I was on my own in the house and just walked into the bathroom to find one of my sister's friends on the toilet, it was doubly embarasing as she was quite clearly having a poo and I had been into my bedroom and taken off my school uniform so I was just in my bra and knickers! Hope you have had a good Christmas and managed to stay constipation free, unlike me.
I was really releaved when school finished because if I'm constipated that normally sorts me out, the fact that I can go for a poo straight away instead of having to keep it in until I have a break is usually enough to make things a bit easier. The only trouble with Christmas is that what with all the food, none of which is particularly healthy, I'm still finding it a bit of a struggle which is annoying. Yesterday I managed to have my first poo since Christmas Eve, so I'm feeling a bit better today which is something. My friend Lucy was round for a sleepover, I don't see her that much these days as we don't go to the same school any more, so I was looking forward to spending some time with her. We were the only ones at home, my parents and sister were out, so we ate loads of leftovers and then took a box of chocolates up to my room to eat while we watched a film. I could feel the urge for a poo building steadily, Lucy and I are fine about going to the toilet in front of each other, we've done it loads in the past and have helped each other through hard poos as Lucy sometimes gets constipated too, so I didn't have to try to hold it in. "My jeans are digging in me, I'm going to have to take them off" said Lucy when we got up to my room, she unbuttoned them and pulled them down then sat on my bed. "Yeah, mine are pretty tight too" I replied, starting to unbutton and unzip them. By now I was wanting a poo quite badly and I could feel that my knickers were giving me a bit of a wedgie, as I pulled my jeans down I realised I was wearing plain white knickers which would really show up any skidmarks so I freed my wedgie and pulled them down away from my bum. "I really need a poo" I said to Lucy, "Come in with me and keep chatting, its going to take me a while, I haven't been for a few days."
As I walked over to my ensuite I could feel my poo starting to poke out and was glad I'd pulled my knickers down a bit, even though I could feel the top of my bum showing! Luckily Lucy was the same, after I'd dropped my knickers to my knees and sat on the loo she turned her back to me to get a drink from the tap and I could see her bum showing above her yellow knickers. Lucy sat on the floor and kept talking to me while I started to push. I weed for a bit then I could feel the tip of a massive log starting to make its way out, I took a deep breath, bore down and pushed for as long and as hard as I could, the poo slid out really slowly and was stretching my bumhole to the limit. I kept straining and could feel I was going a bit red, after about 10 minutes I thought I'd probably pushed half of the massive fat log out, by now it definatley wasn't going to get sucked back up so I had a bit of a breather. "Don't worry, I know the feeling, I still get constipated quite a bit" said Lucy sympathetically, "Actually I'd better try to go when your done, I haven't had a poo for a while either."
I started pushing again and a few minutes later I could feel that the widest part was out, it sped up now and shortly after splashed down into the bowl and I caught my breath. I did a long fart and then pushed out a few more pieces which must have taken another 10 minutes and then took some toilet paper and wiped my bottom. I flushed and pulled up my knickers then went to wash my hands, by the time I'd turned back round Lucy was on the loo having a wee. She did a couple of loud farts and we both giggled. After a few seconds her wee stream trickled to a stop and she started to push, it looked like she was going to have a pretty hard time too so I started to chat about all sorts of stuff to distract her. After about 10 minutes of straining and going red she gasped "Its nearly out," shortly after I heard a splosh as her log dropped and she moaned with releaf. She stayed sitting so I guessed she needed to do some more, shortly after she farted again and then I heard a couple of loud plops. She then reached for the loo roll and started to wipe her bum. When she'd flushed and washed her hands we both went back into my room and got ready for bed, then watched a film. Hope you liked this story, will post again soon, bye for now!

Ashley Ashley

Random Thoughts

I've always wanted to poop in a plane bathroom.
One time I googled "Colon Cleanse Results" and omfg it looked nightmarish.
Why is bird crap white?
What's it like getting bad dumpage from mexican food? I could eat a ton of it and it wont change a thing.
I've never pooped in a porta-potty but I kinda want to.
Where do you wash your hands after using a porta-potty?

Anonymous Guy

Quick post before some errands

Sup everyone, me again. This post will be pretty short since it's mainly a reply... But I do have a unique experience coming up so keep your eyes out. :) Also I noticed my previous post didn't get published yet, so be sure to scroll down and read that first.

@John H: Funny you bring up that subject dude, I was wondering the other day about other's peeing habits in the shower. I'm definitely like you. If I could choose between using a toilet or shower drain, I'd pick the shower any day. I just love the freedom of not having to aim anywhere and watching that yellow stream mix with the swirling warm water. I can't really describe it but it feels very liberating. Kind of an odd question, but do you ever get creative and aim it somewhere else? I find that it's pretty fun feeling the warm stream on my feet/calves/thighs or even on my hands. It's not like urine is loaded with bacteria (unlike poop), so I figure it's safe.

Oh and glad you enjoyed my last story, I try my best to make them interesting. :) About the slit... it wasn't damaged, just the way the door was made. I was still shocked though at how little privacy it offered. I've seen guys in similar stalls and could literally see their entire thighs and butt cheek. But it's definitely better privacy than no doors at all!

I think I'll try the different sitting position as well, perhaps we can share how it goes (kinda like with our wiping positions). And yeah, there's nothing that compares to ripping a nice fart or passing a thick log. If I had to choose between a good bowel movement or sexual pleasure for the rest of my life, I think I just might choose the first. I'm barely in my 20s but this past year I've really come to enjoying the act of pooping. If I dare say, I think I've developed a hobby of using a toilet whenever I can.

One last thing to add- you said 'I find that when I push a poop out before I really need to go then it tends to be thicker and more enjoyable'. That's actually the complete opposite with me. I love waiting til that last moment where my hard log desperately tries pushing out. I find that it gives me much more pleasure than if I try to prematurely squeeze it out. Sometimes I won't even feel anything if I poop when I'm not ready, so I try to avoid that.

Well I hope that wasn't too long or boring for you! Sorry, I tend to get caught up sometimes when typing. I'm really looking forward to reading your next post about holding in your poop. Should be a cool experience.

Anywho gotta go take a dump then head to the store... Hope it's a thick one. Peace!


Reply to John H.

I like to pee in the shower, too. An ex-girlfriend taught me the habit. Usually I start the water running first and wash it down the drain that way. I find it relaxing, too. Usually I only do it at home, but a few times I've also done it while visiting other people. I've never peed in a public shower-- too worried about getting caught, I guess. Usually I stay standing up, but sometimes I squat down in the tub just to be different.

Beth, sounds like not much fun being so sick.

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